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  1. Have patience young Padawan. Answers come to those who wait.
  2. As a collector of key chains and a fan of DBZ you have doubly caught my attention ( although it still took me a week to notice ) I don't really need the credits but hey, I'll take the key chains, give the credits to someone random.
  3. Although it is clear that you are trying to be helpful, please check the dates of posts before replying to them, both posts you have replied to are over 5 years old. If you do see a post that you think you can help with then by all means answer it but try not to go for posts that are more than a few months old.
  4. This topic is almost 6 years old
  5. It may not answer all of your questions but you can have a look at this FAQ i wrote a while ago, if you have anymore questions to ask just ask them in there and if I know the answers I will let you know. http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php/topic/12513-new-player-faq/
  6. The FAQ is still under development and as for the calculator, if you are talking about the calculator I think you're talking about, it became in accurate and was taken down by the creator.
  7. Miccro


  8. Miccro

    Seat List

    I'm red XD, if you don't mind I'm gunna stick around for a while
  9. Miccro


    Honestly i didn't mind paying, at first there seemed to be quite a decent amount of interest, I mean we ended up with 13 names on the whitelist but no body ever seemed to actually go on, but yeah there were some interesting builds and I did want to see how some of your guys' bases progressed but hey I'm not made of money... yet.
  10. It's about damn time Kuroko no Basket season 3 started

  11. Season 3 has started, been waiting ages, the manga finished a while ago but they are now releasing a short special manga but definitely been looking forward to this next season of the anime, i hope they run it now until the end of the manga because there will be some epic showdowns to see (obviously not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the manga but trust me when I say you will not want to miss an episode) It's starting off right where the last anime finished with Kise's match that I mentioned previously, you will not want to miss this match... trust me (obviously if you have read the manga then you know what I'm talking about )
  12. Miccro


    Ok, with the next bill due in a couple of weeks and the serious lack of activity I've decided to take the server offline. If someone else is willing to pay for a server then I still have the world saved on my computer but I don't see the point in paying over £40 a month for a server that rarely sees more than 1 player every few days, I can quite easily play a single player game for free. Like I said, I still have the world on my computer so if anyone who played the game wants the world to play in single player just let me know and I can send it to you or like I said if someone else is willing to pay then i can send the world to them and they can re upload it.
  13. You can't have a named weapon when you are a hollow, you need to become an Arrancar, if you have become an Arrancar but it still isn't letting you name your weapon then that's probably because you clicked on 'Get your weapon' when you were a hollow, if so then all you have to do is click that same link again and it should give you the option to name your weapon again. Also try not to revive years dead topics
  14. Woah .. for a minute there, I wasn't sure if we were going to make it. :3
  15. Miccro


    Ok, I'm out.... just had the biggest 'almost' heart attack I've ever had on minecraft. Running along the path in the nether from my base to the spawns portal, you'll only know the area I'm talking about if you've played recently (which is basically no body -.- where are you all?) any way, just running along casually. safe from ghasts because of the bridge I built and I run straight through the iron doors I placed by the little area I sealed off around the spawn portal to protect the portal from ghast fire, again you'll only know this area if you have played, I run through the doors (there are pressure plates by them) and there's a fricken ghast inside that area right by the spawn portal..... WTF ... the area is so small, only like 3 blocks high. It shoots a fireball at me, my heart skips a beat and I'm literally there for about 10 seconds just thinking "WTF just happened?" it didn't kill me but still. Moral of the story : you are never safe in Minecraft . . . . i hate ghasts
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