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  1. senji sana (kazuka)

    The Ban Game

    Banned for not knowing that barragan made me a donator
  2. senji sana (kazuka)

    The Ban Game

    banned for having genkaku as your sig....
  3. senji sana (kazuka)

    Play Station Network Gamer I.ds

    am i the only one having problems with psn?
  4. senji sana (kazuka)

    Play Station Network Gamer I.ds

  5. happy birthday man...... get on some time.

  6. RASH-SAN!!!!!! happy birthday!!

  7. senji sana (kazuka)

    As The Red Petals Fall

    Kazuka was resting under a tree on what had seemed to be a regular day. He had been residing under the comfort, and shade of the tree. Then the screeching of a bell could be heard through all of the soul society. INTRUDER ALERT!!" "Well, that can't be.........." Kazuka then felt three horribly powerful and large reiatsu that almost surpassed his own. "What the hell?" Kazuka then shunpoed over to where the three were coming from, and it was then that he saw it. There were thousands of mutilated bodies on the ground and blood and guts covered the streets. But from all those bodies on the ground, he could see..... that one of them was his only friend. Kazuka's eyes widened and he stared at the monsters. "YOU ***** ARE GONNA PAY!!!" [1] Kazuka unsheathed his zanpaktou and held it out straight forward. "Brink of the end, Gogetsu!!" Kazuka had entered his shikai, and now was running at the bunny looking hollow at full speed coming at him with a slash to the throat. Reiatsu : 105k (shikai) HP: 73,500 Stamina:73,500 Speed:63,000 power:13,650 [1] basics attack 200 stam 13,650 power End stats: Reiatsu : 105k (shikai) HP: 73,500 Stamina:73,500 Speed:62,800 power:13,650
  8. Happy birthday! Hop you have the best birthday ever!

  9. senji sana (kazuka)

    Zombies Attack The Seireitei

    Senji saw the fight in action and decided to cut in, because it seemed like gen needed help. "Time to help out" Senji shunpoed over to the fight and stabbed at the soul reaper attacking gen