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  1. Zenaku listened to what the captain had to say and he could tell that the captain did not seem to like him smoking cause even tho he did not say any thing zenaku could see on his face but he was not the one having to smoke them so he did not really care but out of respect for the captain he did not blow any of the smoke in his direction. The captain seemed under the impression that zenaku was able to get who ever he wanted to train him in the curt guard squads but honestly it just seemed that him showing up to places got him that. The captain would then ask him what he had wished to get from coming to the captains training course. " Well my third seat had got a letter telling him to send his best members to come here for your class so they sent me. I also came cause i wish to grow stronger and getting a class from a captain i thought would help with that very well, i also am a perfectionist so i need to become more powerful in order to become more perfect." Zenaku would tell the captain, in all honesty zenaku had actually thought of joining the kido corps but at the last minute decided to join the squad ten a squad that his family has been a part of for generations and he did not wish to fuck that up. The young soul reaper looked over to the clock on the wall and noticed what time it was and then he remembered that he has not had any thing to eat sense early this morning before he came here and he was starting to get really hungry now so he hoped that the captains class was not gonna last to much longer. He decided that for lunch he would head over to the rugonkai section and find a nice raman shop to have some good noodles and after that he would get back to his training or see if the squad ten had any thing for him to do. All the time he was thinking of this he was also paying attention to any thing that the captain would say to him for he was pretty food at multi tasking which being a soul reaper you need to have that skill for in a a battle you shall have to listen to the enemy rant on and be able to dodge or attack all while listening to them blabber on. wc: 425 twc: 1,202
  2. The battle between his self the captain of the kido corps was now to a end as zenaku would watch as the bakudo 62 dispersed into lots of small spirit particles, zenaku listened to the captain complement him on facing a captain level soul reaper and he should take pride in that fact cause unlike the other students in this room zenaku actually stepped forwards. Zenaku could hear the other students talking in a low mumble so to not let him or the captain hear but if they was gonna be silent then they should probably practice using more quite voices cause he could surly hear them but he just ignored them and continued to listen to the captain in front of him. Zenaku watched as the captain walked over to zenaku and he reached out his hand in a attempt to shake his hand, normally zenaku did not shake hands cause he just found it to be weird but in a show of respect for a captain he reached up and shook the captains hand. The captain then turned around and walked a few feet away and with a hand sign asked for zenaku to back up some so backing up he watched as the captain of the kido corps fired off hado 54 which collided with the bakudo which when that happened it all vanished from view. Zenaku was very impressed in that showing cause he has not meet many people in the soul society yet that could use such high level kido so to be able to see that was a great honer. The captain would then say that if a person was in this room then it was cause they showed a great importance in learning of the skills to zanjutsu hoho and hakuda and it was true the reason why zenaku came to this event was not only cause he was given a letter to join but also cause he wished to grow stronger. Just then as the captain was talking he could feel that the captain was slowly raising his spiritual pressure so much in fact that it felt like many weights had suddenly been attached to his body and it was weighing him down. He could see why the captain was a captain cause he was strong smart and knew how to finely control his spiritual pressure to a fine degree. He then said that the key to protection and force was key to becoming devastating which zenaku could not agree with more being balanced is the best way to go about combat cause you can be as strong as you wish in one or two aspects but that then leaves you lacking in other aspects so if you was balanced then fights become easier. The captain then asked for the other students to go pair up and practice using sho and seki but then he looked over to zenaku and said that he had another task for him so they went off to them selfs where he asked zenaku why was he a soul reaper and what did he wish to accomplish while in the thirteen curt guard squads. " Honestly captain i became a soul reaper cause my father did not wish for me to become one. On one hand i did it prove my dad wrong and show that i would become a shinigami even against his wishes. But on the other hand i have always looked up to the soul reapers and all the things they do. I wanted to become a shinigami so that i could become stronger by my own hands and have the shiba clans name get back to good graces after what my great grand father did many many years ago. As for what i wish to accomplish im not fully sure just yet i know i wish to fulfill my dead friends wishes and raise up though the ranks and become a great shinigami that helps to protect those that can not help them selfs." Zenaku would say to the captain but as for what he wanted to do he was not sure really he was mostly just going with the flow, reaching into his kimono he grabbed his golden case that had the shiba clan mark on the front of it, he opened it up and grabbed a small white cigarette from inside it as he placed it to his mouth as he lit and pulled in a large puff of smoke before blowing it back out. He was not sure what else the captain would wish to know so he stood there and waited for the captain to reply back. wc: 777
  3. Zenaku and gang just stood there as they could not take there eyes off of the beast that was standing before them, one of the members of the squad could not seem to handle seeing a person being ripped in half so he tossed up his gut which zenaku found to be very unbecoming of a soul reaper. If you could not even handle something like a person dying how are you supposed to be able to save people who are being killed but he would not have to worry about it for to much longer cause the hollow tossed down the broken and eaten remains of the poor soul as he started sniffing the air around him. " I thought they would send some better tasting food my way if i continued to kill off there people." The hollow said as he chuckled before he turned and looked right towards where zenaku and the others was hiding. " There is no need to hide from me soul reaper, my nose is very keen and i know just where you are. I am the king of these forest as nothing can escape from my presence ha ha ha ha. Now how about you come out so we can meet each other properly." The four soul reapers stepped out from behind the high grass that they was using to hide there selfs and walked out into the open but they managed to stay a good ways away from the hollow cause he was not sure just what this beast was capable of and they did not wish to risk any thing by getting to close to it. " Why have you been causing trouble hollow. We would not have even knew about a aduchjuas level hollow here in the forest if you had just laid low so why attract attention to your self now." Shizune had asked the hollow as she reached down and pulled out two zanpakto from her side, one was a longer normal looking katana but the other one was a little shorter and if zenaku knew his knowledge on swords it was what was called a wikashi which is longer then a short sword but shorter then a normal standard sword that the academy gives you when first starting. Sense Shizune was drawing her blade Zenaku drew his also and got to the ready to fire a kido spell if he needed to and as they did that the others also drew there swords also and got into a fighting stance. " Ha ha ha ha, i always knew that soul reapers was dense as fuck but boy you are stupid, i just said that i wanted better tasting food and from the smell coming off of you trash i would say that you shall make for a decent meal." Getting a better look at this beast zenaku noticed that he had different parts of animals on him, his head and torso was that of a lion. His legs was that of a bull and his arms was of some kind of reptile cause they was covered with scales, he also noticed that the beast had some horns coming out of his head. The lions mane was twisted into braids which all went back to behind his head. " So your only reason for killing these poor souls was cause you wanted better food....that is the worst thing i have ever heard a hollow utter in my whole life. I shall kill you and make you pay you bastard." The fourth seat shizune did not have any words to speak as she quickly went into flash step then as she got close to the hollow she brought both of her swords down from above her head as she tried to end the fight swiftly but the hollow saw this coming and with one quick motion brought a two sided battle axe up which he used to block her attack. " Im disappointed in you soul reaper, i would have expected a lot more from a high ranking member of the curt guard squads." Just then the hollow took his free arm and he smashed his fish into the midsection of the forth seat shinune and she was sent flying back, she then smashed into the ground and a large dust cloud formed around where she was so he was not able to see if she was dead or how bad she was hurt. " Ha ha ha, trash the lot of ya. I hope you fellows put up more of a fight then she did." the hollow said as he gazed at them with those eyes that burned with hunger and the thought of a good fight also, zenaku could already see that this fight was gonna be a very hard one cause for him to be able to hit there forth seat away like that he had some good perception and strength but there had to be some way for them to handle this hollow with out ending up like shizune. " Every one i need you to distract that beast long enough for me to do something, it should only take a few seconds but if he sees it then the tactic i have in mind will fail." zenaku said to the other two as he thought about which kido art spell he would need to use, this adjuchas was very strong it was clear on that but even a strong being as this hollow would have a hard time getting back up from a high powered kido spell. The other two nodded there heads as one went in front of him while the second one went behind him. He was not sure how well this idea of his would work but he needed to do two things in this fight, the first was to some how by enough time for forth seat to recover enough energy to get back into the fight, while the second was to gather up enough energy to fire off a very power kido that would hopefully take a arm or leg from this hollow he just hoped that he did not have high speed regeneration. But from what he learned in the academy was that it was mostly the higher evolved hollows like the vosto lorde that had that powerful technique but they could never know what these monsters was able to do. Raising his right arm he pointed the palm of his hand towards the menotar looking hollow and a yellowish golden orb of energy formed in his hand. "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!" Hadō # 63: Raikōhō" Just then a beam of yellow energy fired out from his hand as it made its way towards the adujchuas hollow as lightning sparkled around the beam. The hollow must have seen the attack heading his way as he back handed one member of the squad then kicked the other before bringing his large battle axe down as he managed to cut the hado spell in half and each part went past him and they exploded behind him. " Ha ha ha ha ha, lowly soul reaper your tactic was to easily predicted if your gonna get me then you shall have to do a lot better then that. But i shall at least give you points for your attempt cause you actually made my hand tingle." The hollow said as he continued laughing as the three soul reapers gathered back together to figure out a new plan. wc: 1,277 twc: 2,491
  4. Zenakus head laid firmly on the pillow as he was sleeping but he was slowly waking up cause every day he always woke up around six am which meant that it was getting real close to that time. Just then there was a large bang on his door so zenaku shot up from his bed and rushed over to his door and opened it to see the 4th seat of his squad standing there with a note pad in hand. " Zenaku Shiba correct." The fourth seat to his squad was a very slender but beautiful woman who went by the odd name of the ogre shzune shinamuri, she had short pink and purple hair that came down to about here eye brows. She had fusha colored eyes and for some reason always looked like she was giving people evil looks. " Yes mam i am zenaku shiba tenth seat officer of squad ten third platoon." Zenaku said as he raised his hand up to his head as he saluted her, he was not really sure what was going on cause this almost never happened unless they was doing a practice drill but there was something different about this one that told the young soul reaper that there was something happening." All high ranking officers in squad ten from tenth seat up is being called in for a emergency meeting, you are to report to the vice captains room by no later then 9 am, sense the vice captain and captain are currently not here the third seat shall be in charge." Once she was done talking she wrote down something in her note pad then walked away as she headed towards the room of there ninth seat officer of squad ten. Zenaku closed the door to his room and pondered just what it could be that was going on to have the highest ranking members of the squad having to meet. Normally that dose not happen unless there was a war happening or a great threat was needed to be taken out but in that last case would't they just send there stronger fighters out why bother with zenaku who was only the tenth seat and even then he was just the tenth cause he could use shikai and he was good at using kido. So still having time before the big meeting zenaku decided to go take a shower then after that he got dressed but it normally took him a while to make his self look perfect that by the time he was finished he looked at the clock and noticed that it was already 8:30 so he needed to get moving or else he would be late to the meeting. He did not wish to be late to the party seeing as he wanted to make a good impression to the other high ranking members of the squad and being late was not a good start. after leaving his room and locking it zenaku used flash step to quickly make it from where his room was to being now in front of the vice captains quarters so opening the door he walked in only to find that he was still the last one to arrive to the meeting so he went and got in line with every one else. " Welcome members of squad ten, the reason i have called you all in here is cause we have found three threats inside of the forests, there are two adjuchas level hollows and they must be first found observed then taken out and that is why i have called you ten fighters in here today. I shall be making two teams to go out there and deal with them, first our two team leaders for this mission. They are me the third seat, shizune the fourth sea now when i call out your name you shall step forward and i will tell you which team your going with. First is our 5th seat Mizuki shabana, she shall be with me on this mission, and next is our 6th seat gaizo nobu." When Iknair spoke his name a large built man walked fowards he had one half of his soul reaper out fit missing on the top half and he had long black hair which he had in a pony tail." Gaizo you shall be in team one with me, next 7th seat Rin abarai." this time a woman walked forwards that had golden hair that was meduim length and she had on some kind of knee and elbow pads on. " Rin you shall be in the second company with shizune. Next can i have 8th seat haei come forward." The next person to step forwards was a smaller boy looking soul reaper that had dark spiky hair that pointed up almost as if he had been struck by lightning. " Heai you shall be in second company with Mizuki, next is fukaku kaiba. 9th seat" this time a boy not much taller then heai stepped forward that had short spiky hair that was deep blue. " Fukaku you shall come with me and lastly we have Zenaku shiba tenth seat, you shall go with our forth seat shizune. Now we do not have any idea what these hollows can do which is why i ask that you look on and analyze them first before you go in for the kill cause i do not wish to have any deaths in my squad at least not until our vice captain and captain return but really do not die on me." iknari said as the two teams formed up and used flash step to vanish from where they was, zenakus team exited the gates that lead into the rukongai districts then kept going until they reached the edge of the forest. From what the report said that the team was handed the hollow that they was looking for was some where in this area but as to the exact location they was not a hundred percent sure which was why this team was formed so that they could go out and deal with the threat that was wreaking havoc around these parts. " Ahhhhhhhh" Out of no where the squad heard the sound of a beast yell out with a fierce scream, either it was something like a bear or tiger that was suddenly attacked or it was the hollow that they was out looking for and in which case the squad needed to go and check out what it was even if it was nothing more then a false alert. Zenaku looked over to where shizune was to see what her orders was sense she was the one leading this exposition, she raised her hand and gave the signal to head out so with out a second thought the three soul reapers went in to flash step as they rushed towards the area where they heard the sound. As they approached the area they saw a tall patch of grass so they all hid and noticed that it was indeed a hollow that had made the yell but he was not alone as he had a person in his hands and he was ripping them apart as he was eating them like pieces of chicken wings. wc: 1,214
  5. Zenaku could now tell that he was over thinking his own abilities to think he could ever beat the captain as he was putting so much energy to just dodge the captains attacks while the captain was easily able to stop his attacks. The bakudo that zenaku used on the captain vanished and turned into a black mist and he wondered how he did that at first but he needed to pay attention to his other moves if he did not wish to be impaled on one of those dang pens of the captain. It was just his luck that the captain tossed his pen towards him and so the only thing he could think of was to fire a kido so raising his hand he used hado 33 sokatsuri. as he did a wave of blue energy that looked like a sea of blue flames smashed though the captains pen and chain and caused them to move away from zenaku, he noticed that after he did that a purple ball of energy fired from the chain that was smacked away by his kido and it smashed into the roof of the academy building. just then a bunch of rods came hurdling towards him but he was not able to dodge them so they struck all around him pinning him to where he stood as his arms was raised to his side. " That was a good spar captain but i summit defeat. i am smart enough to know when i am out classed." Zenaku said as he smiled knowing that he at least gave it his all to this fight. He could tell that he was gonna need to train like hell after this so that he could be better suited for when he had to fight a captain again, he was not sure how long it was gonna be but he was sure that if he continued on his path he would be made the vice captain but he knew that he was gonna need a lot more training first. wc: 341
  6. the few arrancar that stood in yamashiro way was quickly dealt with and once he was done he looked over to where the primira was and he noticed that there was a much taller figure standing behind him, but it would seem that these two seemed to know each other so yamashiro did not need to take actions. just then he watched as the new lord of hueco mundo swiped his hand in the air as a black void appeared then as soon as the void showed it selfs the two arrancar vanished into it, so now yamashiro was left standing in a pile of corpsy area as the body's of many dead arrancar lay before his feet. the site alone had yamashiro bemiring with a grin that spread from ear to ear, sense he no longer had to fight any one yamashiro revorted back to his base form as he let out a large breath, taking on his segunda septema form really took a lot out of him. " Fang get your ass in here all ready why dont you." Yamashiro said and as soon as he said that a arrancar with red hair and a pair of white horns appeared before his side. " Yes cero how may i be of assistance to you." The arrancar said as he looked around the room which meant he could tell what yamashiro was gonna say next. " I assume you can all ready tell but i need you to clean up this damn miss, i shall head to my chambers for a good rest after such a nice fight then i need to change my clothes." Yamashio said and then seconds later vanished with a boom as he used sonido to leave the area as he headed towards his chambers to rest before he had to meet back up with the Primea to finish off the red scabbards. wc: 316 {exited thread}
  7. Yamashiro has not used his segunda etepa before in battle so he was still new to its massive damage out put so he needed to figure out a way to deal with the primea useless attacks as he could now see just what he was made of. The espada caused two javalines which was made of those orbs to come flying towards him so taking his own spear in hand yamashiro threw it as it crashed though the orb like thing and headed towards the primea, the spear would probably not be as fast or strong sense it just crashed into the attack but at least the espada would now have a attack which he would have to deal with. The second one was still coming towards him so yamashiro used sonido and dodged the in coming attack as he just moved a few inches to the side as the attack cashed into the ground. Yamashiro looked up towards the espada and again the espada raised his hand as white orbs circled around his finger so raising his hand up to his mouth yamashito slashed his finger across his pincer as he charged up a gran ray cero, this time around tho yamashiro knew what would happen and knowing the Primea he was gonna use that stupid exploding factor. so when a bunch of cero started raining down on to yamashiro he raised his arm and fired the gran ray cero towards the enemy oncoming cero as his cero clashed with the other espada, tho in the end yamashiro gran ray cero won as it hurdled towards the Primea espada and sense he was still standing in side of the mist his attack did not lose any speed or power like in his last attempts to understand this mist. he did have to deal with the explosion that came after the cero which was annoying but with his stamina and tank like toughness he was able to with stand it with nothing more then one of his arms being burnt from the attack. nothing that he could not seem to handle, but now it was time for things to change and yamashiro was going to go on the offensive so using sonido yamashiro vanished as he used a web sonido that increased his speed so now he was standing mere inches away from the espada as he had his fingers pointed at the espada as he fire off two web bullets one was aimed for the espada head and the other his chest. sense he was still in the mist he knew that this time his attacks was not gonna be slowed down and unless this espada had enough perception then he was gonna be badly hurt from yamashiro next attack cause he was tired of being looked down on as he was the strongest espada in hueco mundo and he would show that even if it cost him his life. wc: 491 twc: 1,529
  8. As yamashiro was behind the primea standing on the ceiling of the cave he noticed that he had got into range of the espada black fog but for some reason he did not feel any effect from the mist but what he did notice was that the attack he fired off at him from out side of the mist had decided that it was gonna slow down to almost nothing and so the espada was able to easily block it using a herro which made yamashiro mad that his attack was swiped aside so easily. His second attack was stopped by a large black oozing like orb which sucked his attack up, now that orb of his was something that yamashiro needed to keep his eyes on cause he could feel a very bad aura from that attack. But he did notice that his other attack did not seem to get slowed down so he thought to his self for a moment and noticed to his self that this black mist did nothing more then slow down attacks that would be fired from out side of it which was why he had the time to dodge his gran ray cero like he did cause no normal person would have been able to do that if not for some kind of ability like this primea had. yamashiro could not help but to laugh at this as he now felt stupid for not seeing this until now, it would seem that he was to caught up in trying to show his strength to his fellow espada that he had lost track of trying to beat him, and there was no way he would be able to beat the espada if all he did was simple attacks and just fucked around so this would mean he needed to up his game. As yamashiro was about to go on the counter he heard the espada ask him if this was the best he could do and if he could go further in release a state above the normal Resurrection and he was surprised that his fellow espada had knowledge of that but seeing as he was such a old arramcar it was not to surprising that he would know of that. Just then they had to be interrupted by the scabbards which made yamashiro mad cause these guys did not seem to take a hint that they was not gonna take back over even if yamashiro had to destroy every last one of them him self. They had a good timing at getting in his way every time and he was starting to get pissed off by this. But before he could deal with these arrancar the espada decided that he was gonna throw a dead arrancar body at him, tho he was headed at him much more faster then what he knew the espada could throw at which meant he shot the arrancar at him using either a bala or some kind of ability but yamashiro had no tolerance for people underistimating him so yamashiro used sondo and with a booming sound he landed in front of one of the scabbards and with one swipe of his hand yamashiro ripped the arrancars head clean off of the mans body and there on his shoulder was the number 8. " Fool our 8th espada would have been able to deal with you with just his right arm, pathetic and you guys think you can take over the espada and reclaim the thone. on one hand i feel sorry for you with what happened to you guys but at the same time i can not allow a person to love after they look to take my life." Yamashiro said as he tossed the dead body at the espada as a way of pay back for doing the same thing to him. Yamashiro was done playing around and he decided that it was time that he needed to show every one here just what he could do so his spiritual pressure began raising more and more until it reached his max level and his body was oozing off with spiritual reishi. " death to all Jurogumo exima." Yamashiro said and when he did his body was suddenly covered in another vial of web as he went into his ress to his new form and this one should hopefully show every one his true power. When yamashiro goes into his second resserection he looses his clothes and he goes back to being five feet tall. He looses his two horns and third eye instead he has one curved horn in the center of his head and he now has eight eyes, his three sets of arms went from being on his side to now being on his back as he still has his normal arms on his side where they are supposed to be. his brownish color gets darker, his purple hair is now down to the bend of his knees and around his mouth he has two pincers like a spider. Yamashiro looked around as he cracked his neck cause this was the first time he had used this form in real battle and so he did not know how to hold back. Yamashiro had a idea so he placed the palms of his hands together and when he brought them back apart he had webbing stuck to his hands so he formed it into a spear staff that he decided to use to fight these scabbards and once they was dealt with he could look back to his fight with the espada so taking the spear he did one quick slash and he managed to cut off two more of the arrancars in half so now there was a total of four of them dead so if they could finish off those guys and take out there leader plus he gets the chance to finish his fight with the espada all before this form runs out of power then he would be doing good, he had noticed that in this fight just cause you was stronger then some one did not mean you was gonna win and so this showed him a good life lesson. wc: 1,038 gained 1 LP
  9. Yamashiro was having a hard time getting this idea though his head, he knows that he is stronger then his fellow espada which he is fighting but for some reason he was the one being pushed past his limits and he was the first to have to go in to his released form. Even now when he fired his strongest cero the gran ray cero the espada was able to easily dodge it and now was on the offensive once more, so now he would need to think of a way out of what he was dealing with cause if he could not then he was gonna have one hell of a problem. Lucky for him tho the espada only came at him with three attacks this time which gave yamashiro a good idea of what he could do but he would need to do it fast or else he was gonna get stuck in a sticky spot. He had one ability that he knew would help him to get in a better fight but he really hated to use it unless he really needed it cause it stopped him from having such a fun time but he was getting tired of sitting around being pushed back further and further in this fight. but first before he could think of getting a come back he would need to invade these attacks that he saw the espada launch at him. First yamashiro used one of his speed type of skills which would hopefully give him enough advantage to get out as he used sonido to completely invade the cero at the ground as it tried to get him from under his feet. He landed 10 feet back from where he was standing and looking up he saw two bala hurdling towards him and he luckily he had enough time to block both of those attacks, he used his herrio and they shattered like glass across his chest but now he would need to think of other ways to get out of attacks cause he used up all his power for his herrio. He listened to what the Primea said as it seemed that yamashiro had not shown him any thing good enough to have him use any thing else besides cero and bala, but if he wanted a good fight he was about to get it. Reaching into his mouth he pulled out a lot of brown web that he molded into a large bow he then took aim at the espada and unleashed a spiral shot that flew though the air at great speeds, right after he fired the first shot which was aimed at the espada chest and or shoulder area he then used sonido to get to above the espada but was still about 10 feet away as he hung from the top ceiling of the castle and fired web bullet shot which was aimed at the espada lower back. He was not sure how this was gonna work but he now had two attacks to deal with and he hopped this fight did not end just yet. wc: 519 twc:1,163 Gained 1 LP( 2LP) Stamina 200+12=212 Power 124+12=136 (strength 155+12=167+8=175 ) (reiyoku 62+12=74) Speed 134+12=146+6=152 Perception 140+12+8=160 ND: 10,830-270=10,560 Rei speed: 77 throw speed: 169+15=184
  10. Yamashiro could feel his own spiritual pressure still climb as he watched his bullets wiz though the air towards the Primea espada, he was kinda dissapointed when he watched as a large shield of reiyoku raise up as it blocked his first two bullets but the third one managed to graze the side of his head. he watched as the blood ran down from the wound he made as the espada made a speech about how in the old days espada ranked forth and up was not allowed to go in to there release cause they could destroy the while castle of las notchas but he could tell that the cero espada yamashiro could seem to handle his own power. yamashiro was not expecting it but he knew that it was gonna come to this soon as he heard the Pirmea espada enter his release command. He felt the espada spiritual pressure spike up and then slowly the old mans skin started to fall off of his body to show a skeletal figure void of any skin at all. As the espada showed his new form a cloud of black mist began to seep out from around his body and yamashiro did not trust this stuff but he soon would find that he had much bigger fish to fry as that same sound he heard before sounded out and he knew exactly what was about to happen which meant that damn espada decided to use his same old tricks and fired some bala once more. " Is that the only trick you seem to know Pirmea is how to fire bala and cero." Yamashiro asked as he needed to think fast at how to avoid those bala cause even tho he was using the same trick his energy attacks was very fast. He had a idea but he was not sure how well it would work so knowing that there was two bala heading his way from behind him yamashiro twisted his body so that instead of the bala heading for the back of his head it was now the side so he threw up his arm and used his web bullets to block two of the incoming bala then throwing up his other arm he used a herro to block the third bala coming at him then extorting his power he watched as the fourth one vanished from sight as if it was never there. Now that those had been dealt with he needed to find a way to actually do some damage to the Primea espada cause the way he was going he would be surprised if he could actually get his grove going on. He knew one thing and that was he needed to stay away from the fog that seemed to be creeping in the time he used to stop the bala. Lucky for him yamashiro was not in the range of the fog so he used sonido to back up a few feet before he cut his finger mixing the blood of his into a cero creating a very dangerous cero that would hopefully hurt the espada hiding in the mist. He was not sure really what this mist can do but he was not gonna take any chances so he watched as the black cero turned into a silver and black cero that shot off with great force and speed behind it. No matter how good the Primea is there was no way he was gonna be able to block this attack or fully invade it either so he stood there as he made sure that the mist did not come any closer as the gran ray cero blasted towards the espada and took away his mist to boot tho he was not sure if it was gonna come back so he kept his guard up just in case. wc: 644
  11. Zenaku stood up as he was still smoking on his caucasian cigarette and he heard the captain speak about fighting stronger people was seen as a leader, he would then use a very powerful kido that placed the two of them inside of a barrier of some kind. Zenaku was a reiyoku user his self and liked using kido so when he used the kido that he did not know yet he was jealous but he would ask the captain if he could teach him the kido after there spar. After that it would seem that the captain was ready for a fight as he went into a speech then he pulled out some palled point pens, zenaku was not sure what the captain was gonna do with those but he now saw what he was gonna do as he tossed the pens right at zenaku. Hadō #32: Ōkasen" Raising his arm zenaku fired off a wide arc of energy that managed to destroy all of the pens and the remaining energy went right for the captain, while the energy was heading for the captain he spoke a incantation for his next kido that was about to use. "Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!" Zenaku would then land beside the captain on where he would move to or if he staid there and had his hand out in front of him to the right of him. Bakudō # 61: Rikujōkōrō" A flash of yellow energy could be seen as six rods of energy shot out and headed for the captain of the kido division but sense he was fighting at a much lower level for the spar there was a chance that this attack would land. Either way zenaku would make sure to put the captain in a bind so he would have to either lose by giving up or lose by going back on his word and using more of his power then he said he would and either case it was a win win case for him. wc: 348 Stats KIdo used:
  12. It seemed that the Pimira was more skilled then yamashiro first thought about him as he was able to easily dodge yamashiro bala, he had used bala first to see just how the espada would move and react. The espada tried to vanish from view but the Cero espada was able to easily keep track of his movements but what came next was faster then what he was expecting and that he did not like. First a bala fired at the back of his head but he managed to at the very last moment move his head a few inches so the bala burnt off his left ear. the pain he did not like as he could feel the stinging sensation as it was sizzling on his head, the smell of burnt flesh was going into yamashiro nose and he almost wanted to smile but he had to keep his head in the game cause next a bala was fired some how towards his chest so using Herriro he hardened his chest as the bala bashed into his chest and scattered about. Yamashiro managed to turn around just in time to see that the Pirmea was about to fire off a huge cero so as he was turning around he was lucky enough to think ahead by forming some web in his hands to create some throwing stars and knifes so as he fired off his cero yamashiro instantly at the same time he raised his arms threw his weapons which clashed with the cero. Unfortunately tho even tho he was able to stop the cero its self he was caught in a explosion that really stung and it burnt his skin and took half his uniform along with it. Yamashiro was now mad but at the same time he was very exited and because of that he wanted to show this espada he was facing a strong fighter so he took his sword and chanted his release phase cause he was tired of going on the losing end. "String them up Juragumo" The smoke that was caused from the explosion began to form into a cocoon of energy around yamashiro as he began his change into his release phase. The cocoon vanished to show yamashiro in his new form, his body was back to being at 5 feet tall and his skin went from white to dark brown. Sense he lost his top have of his clothes any way he did not have to worry. Dark black hair become light brown and it grew down the center of his back, in the center of his head he grew a third eye and he had two horns grow and once he was done he looked like a spider oni demon. " Im surprised that you managed to push me to this point Primea so i hope your ready." Yamashiro did not have to move as he took his hands and held them up like guns as he pushed his hands fowards and fired 3 web bullets at the espada. One was aimed at the espada's heart one was aimed for the espada's right thigh and the third was aimed for the espada head. Lucky for yamashiro he noticed that when he went into his release he had healed from the damage he got from the last attack on him from the espada. His attack was fast and even he did not see them move towards the espada cause the throwing speed was faster then what his perception was. Else where. " Sir the true espada's have all been gathered together and we are ready for our departure." A former espada said as he was knelled down before the leader of the red scabbards who was standing at the front of the cave. " Today is the day my espada, today we take back what was always ours. Some of us might not make it out alive today but we shall at least take back our home from which we was kick out of." The leader would say to his Previon espada who stood behind him as they was now ready to fight for what they wanted for. wc: 1,017 Gained 1 LP {went into release} Abilities used
  13. Yamashiro sat on his throne in his room as he could not get over the fact that the red scabbards would be so disrespectful that they would send there lack;y instead of facing yamashiro face to face like real hollows. As his thoughts was wondering on what he should do he could feel the all but recognizable spiritual pressure of the primia espada as yamashiro could feel that he was making his way towards his chamber. Just then the door of his room opened up and there walked in the older looking man as he slammed down his cane and started talking about helping yamashiro out on taking care of the enemys of hueco mundo the red scabbards. but before they would do that the leader of hueco mundo wanted to test his power to see if he could hang with the primia but he already knew he could. Tho the primia seemed stronger now then when they last met he could tell that he still had the upper hand so yamashiro stood up and cracked his knuckles and neck as a big grin would spread across his face. " You sure about this Primeia cause i do not know how to hold back when im fighting such a interesting opponent just do not feel bad if you lose or worse dye." Yamashiro said as he started letting his spiritual pressure leak from his body as it boiled off of him in a brown and black mix. Yamashiro did not know of what the espadas skills was so the best bet was to test him out with a bala so he used sonido and vanished before landing behind the espada as he had his bala already in hand as he blasted it out at the espada. He was not sure how the espada would react but he would figure out his next move after seeing what the Primeia would do. wc: 320 Stats:
  14. The captain seemed to already have a idea of who he was which made things even better, so while he was sitting he reached in to his kimono and pulled out a golden cigarette case and he grabbed a small white tube filled with tobacco as he placed it in his mouth. He putt that away then grabbed his silver bick lighter as he lighted up one of those little death sticks as he inhaled the smoke then blew it back out in a large puff of smoke that covered a 3 foot area. One by one students or other members of squad's started to gather in the class and before long about 20 of them showed up for the class. There might be more to come later on but the captain wanted to get things moving along so he called every one up and had them stand in a circle. Once they all gathered around the captain he started a speech that lasted a good bit but he ended it on a nice little bit as he said that there was gonna be a spar and asked the students or they should be students compared to a captain but no body came forth and said any thing. Zenaku was not dumb enough to know he would stand a chance but if he was asking small seated people from squads to a spar that meant he would at least be suppressing his spiritual pressure. So zenaku stepped forward as he blew out another puff of smoke as his silver eyes glistened though the smoke as he looked at the captain. " I guess if no body else is gonna step up i might as well get my balls moving." Zenaku said, he really did not like saying much or talking but some times he would just to show respect to people and for a captain he was his higher up so he must at least show the captain all the respect he could. Reaching down zenaku pulled out his zanpakto as he took a decent zanjutsu stance even tho kido was his better weapon of choice he did not think that unleashing a kido right off the bat was gonna help him any stamina wise against a captain level fighter so he would wait to see what this captain would do first. wc: 392 twc: 3,504
  15. Zenaku had returned to his squad barracks but before he could even get in to his room, the 5th seat to his squad ran up to him and he could see that she had a letter in her hand and he started to wonder what she had that for. " Zenaku this here is for you, its a letter that has been signed off from both the captain and vice captain and so i was told to deliver this right to you." Reaching forward zenaku grabbed the note and as he opened it his mouth opened up as he read it, it would seem that the captain of the kido corps decided to have a one day training session for promising officers in squads all over soul society. " Thank you i guess i should head over so im not holding the captain up." Zenaku said as he handed the letter back then using flash step he vanished from where he was standing, he did not think that he would be back to the academy so soon but when he landed on the grounds of the school the first thing he did was search for the highest trace of spiritual pressure cause around here he knew all the other traces so he would just look for the ones that he did not know of. It was not long and zenaku had the captains signature so using flash step once more he arrived at the front of the class where he could feel the captain in side, opening up the school he walked in side the room and looked around. standing towards the center of the room was the captain, so he walked over to the captain" Hello i am Zenaku Shiba 10th seath from ssquad 10 reporting like the letter said." Zenaku said as he then took a seat and waited to see if any one else was gonna come in to this class. wc: 322 twc: 3,112
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