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    ORP COMMUNITY 500K EVENT: Info/Sign-Up/Questions

    Name: Yamashiro Gazami Race: Hollow/ Arrancar Number: 666
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    Raising to Power in a land of death.

    Things was going well as he was able to fight and beat the last two hollows that he was supposed to do as a test, and now there just remained 1 more to have to fight and kill before he could grab that mushroom that stood before the dragon. " So who shall be my next pray, im ready to enjoy our game." Yamashiro said as he stood there waiting to see what or who his next opponent would be. Yamashiro noticed that he sensed a presence as the shadowy figure descended down from the ceiling above and landed before him. " He he he he he, i am ubuji and i shall be your next opponent and your last but when i say last i mean your last fight ever." This small hollow was very confident on his abilities but yamashiro was not so sure that this hollow was all that strong, he looked humanoid which meant that he must have been a vosto lorde. He was about four feet tall as he had a white mask and his head was pointy like horns but more like what a bug had on his head, on his back side he had a long town that had some kind of stinger to it. Since he did not think this hollow would be any stronger then the arrancar he just fought yamashiro used sonido to get in close as he swung his fist at the hollow as he attempted to take its head off but as his fist got close to the hollow he was suddenly gone. He looked around but he could not see him well that was until he looked on top of his arm where the hollow was hanging on by the end of its tail like some kind of monkey. Just then the little monkey ass shit flipped around his arm and kicked him under his chin but it was almost like he did not kick yamashiro at all, the strength behind his attack was so lame he barely felt his foot make contact with his face which meant this hollow focused on speed more then brute force. The hollow was now standing back as he was laughing which he was wondering what in the world he could be laughing at. Just then he felt a odd feeling in his body like he had been dosed with something or he had just been drinking to much, which he knew could not bee the case sense he had not had any thing to drink alcoalic in many of days now which meant one thing and that was that the hollow before him had injected him some kind of poison. Yamashiro knew that it normally took poison a while before it activated fully so that meant he would need to end this fight quick before it had time to become fully active in side his body, yamashiro used sonido to quickly get behind the hollow and he threw a punch which the hollow before him was able to easily dodged. The hollow was now behind him as the hollow took his fist and punched yamashiro in the back but again he felt no pain or any pressure from the fist, yamashiro swung around as he attemped to take the hollows head off with a back hand but this damn vosto lorde was just to fast and so he was not able to hit him. It was like this hollow speed was even more advance then even those of the espada or even that of the soul reaper captains meaning he would have to find a way to get faster then him or some how manage to find a way to use his speed against him. There was also the option of going into his released state which if he did that then he should be able to catch him fairly easy but he told him self back when he first started that he would not release his sword but it has come to a point that he might have to. The mini vosto lorde managed to fly up into air as yamashiro did not know that the hollow could fly but he guessed that if it was bug type then it would have the skill to fly or even hover to some degree. As the hollow rose into the air he raised one of his arms so that it pointed at yamashiro as he started charging a cero. Once he had it charged the small figure fired off the cero as it came towards yamashiro so taking some reiyoku into his fist he hit the cero with all his might which sent the cero flying back at the hollow who was very shocked that yamashiro did that as the cero hit the hollow and he lost of his wings so he quickly hit the ground since he was no longer able to fly around. " You little bastard how dare you do that to my wing, i shall make you pay for that." The hollow said as he began to power up, yamashiro could feel the hollows spiritual pressure began to raise up until suddenly he was no longer his small self any more but instead he was standing at 6 feet tall and his wings was back and his tail was even longer then before. He could tell that if he wished to be able to beat him now he would have no choice but to release his sword and use his Resurrection, so taking his two index fingers yamashiro ran it across the flat part of his sword and it began to glow. " String them up Juregumo" When he releases his zanpakto his appearance looks much like his vosto lorde form but with some differences. he no longer has the top part of his cloths and his skin turns a brown. His face dones a white mask that has two horns and a third eye in the center of it. Now that he was transformed his spiritual pressure was even stronger then that of this hollow before him, but cause of this odd turn of events yamashiro was no longer sure if this hollow was considered a vosto lorde or a arrancar. Yamashiro used his sonido to quickly appear in front of the hollow as he punched forwards and this time around his attack actually landed which sent the hollow skidding back five feet back, it was weird cause when the hollow was in his smaller form yamashiro could not even touch him but now it was like he gave up his strength or he allowed yamashiro to hit him so that he could measure how strong his strength was. " That was a good punch arrancar but after seeing that attack then i dear say that you have no way of beating me. If you wish to try then bring it on." The hollow was even saying that his strength in his released state was not up for the challange then maybe he should go to his segunda etepa but first he needed to see how strong his skills would be against this odd hollow that was claiming to be stronger then a espada. Out of all of the battles that yamashiro has fought so far this hollow has been the most longest fight yet, but yamashiro was actually having fun of which he has not had in what seems forever. The hollow rushed in towards yamashiro as he threw a straight punch so yamashiro decided to do the same thing and so there attacks collided with one another. Yamashiro did not think that the hollow had any more strength then what he had in fact he would say that his strength was less them his. On the other hand tho his defense was better then most espada that he had fought which was surprisingly great which was why the hollow said that his strength was not very good. The hollow had a very good heiro which made a arrancar skin as strong as steel and if used right the person could use it as a weapon. Just then the tail of the hollow came rushing in towards yamashiro and he tried to dodge them and he was able to dodge most of them but the last one he tried to dodge he was unable to and the stinger pairced into yamashiro hard skin and he felt the hollow inject him something but he was not sure what it was, but he would not know until later tho if he managed to beat him first then maybe what he placed in him would not have the time to activate. Yamashiro was not gonna allow this hollow to win so he decided that if he wanted to beat this guy he was gonna have to go into his second release the one thing he hated to do but he hated losing or dying even more so spreading some silk web around him like a cocoon he waited for the transformation to start. When yamashiro goes into his second Resurrection he looses his clothes and he goes back to being five feet tall. He looses his two horns and third eye instead he has one curved horn in the center of his head and he now has eight eyes, his three sets of arms went from being on his side to now being on his back as he still has his normal arms on his side where they are supposed to be. his brownish color gets darker, his purple hair is now down to the bend of his knees and around his mouth he has two pincers like a spider. " I do believe its time for a pest control to stomp out some bugs what do you say hollow." Yamashiro said even tho oddly enough he looked like a bug him self so not making much sense on that one he blamed it on what ever toxins that the hollow injected him with before, but he did not care cause now that he went and turned into his second form the segunda etepa there should be no way that this hollow could be able to fight him on even grounds now. The hollow dashed in using a sonido towards yamashiro as he attempted to stab yamashiro again with his tail but yamashiro saw this coming so he managed to dodge it and then reached up with his right hand and grabbed the hollow by the tail. " How about we play a game, i have a perfect one in mind." Yamashiro said as he began to slam the hollow by the tail as he went from one side to the other, each slam would crack the ground as its body made contact. After he slammed the hollow into the ground yamashiro began to swing the hollow around and around until he decided to let him go which sent the hollow flying off until he smashed into a pile of rocks and they all came down onto the hollow. " i guess your not really all as strong as you thought you was now are you." Yamashiro said as he charged up a cero and then fired it at the pile of rocks, the cero hit the rock pile and a small explosion sweep'ed the pile and the hollow up into the big boom. Yamashiro stood there as he fixed his gaze onto the pile of rocks seeing if he had beat the enemy yet, all the while the toxin that was injected in his body was finally taking effect. Yamashiro body was starting to feel numb and his vision was getting hazy but he had to fight though it cause he had to beat the hollow if he wished to get that mushroom and then head to karakura town to pick up the other ingredients that Bakura needs but before he can do that he first needs to beat the hollow first. just then the hollow burst out from the pile of rocks but he looked like he had seen better days, knowing that this was gonna happen sooner or later yamashiro had a strong arrow formed as he fired it at the hollow and he was shocked and surprised that his attack actually managed to pierce the hollows skin. Tho when the arrow struck him the hole he had given the vosto lorde had healed up which meant that he also had high speed regeneration like he had but his did not seem to work as well as his. This was also good cause he could do more damage to the hollow and have to worry about killing him off to quickly, But that was when yamashiro had a great idea so taking his webs he compressed them into what looked like clones but they where actually puppets that he could control by using silk threads on his fingers that helped him move the puppets around. The hollow looked at yamashiro and the puppets and was shocked cause he could not figure out which was was yamashiro and which one was the puppets, using his fingers yamashiro placed the two puppets on either side of him then he went and put his self in front of the hollow, he then went and made puppets speak in unison with yamashiro so that it seemed more realistic that he was one of the puppets or vice versa. " So hollow do you wish to give us or you want to continue this pointless battle." Yamashiro asked him as all three figures asked him while they had him surrounded but the hollow just began to laugh at him, yamashiro was not sure what he said that was so funny cause he knows that he did not tell no joke. " your kidding right me give up. Instead i would rather fight until i die but i think you have a better shot at dying before me. Just a heads up tho the toxins which i put in your body will not vanish just cause i die, you would have to find a great scientist that could find a antitoxin that could break down what i used." This was not what he wanted to hear, but this also meant that he would need to kill this guy faster then what he was gonna do it at, then reach bakura fast and hope that he would have what he needed. This new's made yamashiro very pissed off so he moved his fingers in such a way that his web figures rushed in and grabbed the hollow by both his arms, yamashiro then made a sword using his web as he used sonido and quickly moved past the hollow as he now had the hollows head dangling in his hand. He then had the two puppets rip the hollows body in half as they tossed them to the side before unraveling into nothing more then silk threads that was laying on the ground. " Congratulations young espada you have passed all three of my tests, you can now grab the mushroom you came here to get, but be warned that this mushroom holds great power and any who is not worthy shall die." Yamashiro did not care really what the big ass hollow dragon said as he walked forwards while he placed his form back into his sword then grabbed the mushroom before he vanished and made his way back towards bakura lab. It was about two hours before he reached it and as he walked into bakura room he suddenly caught a vile as it was tossed at him. " Take that its a antitoxin for the poison that the hollow they had you fight. Do not ask how i knew just take it before you die i now need to tell you the other two items that i need for you to get me. These items are in karakura town and the first is a tusk off a rare elephant tiger and the last is a vile of holy water that is kept in the headquarters of the Quincy order, now that one is very hard and you might not make it back so be warned as you go for that one. " Yamashiro was happy what he said about that vile of water cause a whole order of people that was strong as fuck which meant that he would have so much fun out of them. wc: 2,746 twc: 5,393 left thread
  3. Ryu Nakamura

    Raising to Power in a land of death.

    Yamashiro was surprised that was able to get so much fun out of this fight it was so fun in fact that he started laughing which made the arrancar look at him as if he had lost his mind, the last time that he could remember having so much fun was back when he was still a lowly hollow one of which was not even a gillain class. Oh how he missed those days some times, not having to deal with weaklings and not having to go on stupid scavenger hunts for mushrooms that he had no idea what they was used for. The arrancar woman decided that it was time to get the fight started again as she used sonido and as she did he hid her self from yamashiro sight. 'so we are playing hide and seek now ha, this should at least by some time to have some fun before i get bored again." Yamashiro thought to his self as he began to sense out her traces of spiritual pressure, smell or sound so that he could figure out just where she was hiding from him at, it did not take long before he was able to find her so turning around he raised a hand and fired a cero towards her direction as the cero crashed into a stone slab which she was hiding behind. Again she used sonido to vanish as she went and hid her self from him, but now yamashiro was getting annoyed cause if she had been tying to attack him as well as then he would have liked to continue playing. Using sonido him self yamashiro landed behind her as he managed to find and catch her, he then grabbed her by the back of the head and slammed her face into the ground before he started to path a way in the ground walking and sliding her head into the ground also. He would grind her face into the ground some more before he would pick her ass from the ground as he tossed her into some rock slabs as they fell down on top of her. As she was under them yamashiro created a bow with his webs then right after that he made a arrow that was stronger then steel, he placed the arrow onto the string as he pulled it back and he aimed it at the arrancar and patiently waited until she came back up from under the pile of stones. When she finally decided to come up from being under them to long she had a water trident in her hand as she threw it at yamashiro, at the same time tho yamashiro let go of the arrow which flung forwards with enough speed and force to stop a tank in its tracks and blow it up. The trident and the arrow clashed but the arrow was much stronger so it went right though it as if the trident was made of hot butter or water as the arrow pierced the arrancar in the head killing her on the spot as she fell down onto the ground. that was now two tests down and one more to go before he could acquire the mushroom that was sent to get. wc:544 twc: 2,647
  4. Ryu Nakamura

    Raising to Power in a land of death.

    The lady arrancar decided to start things off by attacking first, she placed her hands together and placed them to her side and as she did she began to gather energy. If yamashiro looked close he could see that the energy looked a whole hell of a lot like that of water, he was not sure what she had planned but it looked to him like she was gathing energy into her hands to be able to fire a water beam. So have time to dodge that blast cause he did not have a clue on how fast it would be yamashiro raised his arm up in front of him, he would then begin to charge up a cero which he would use to test how strong this attack would be. So when the woman fired her water beam of energy yamashiro unleashed his cero and watched as the two beams of energy collided into one another, they pushed against one another like they was playing tug of war but in the end the lady's energy beam was able to over power his cero and began to make its way towards yamashiro. Knowing that the strength difference in there reyoku was to far apart yamashiro used sonido to get out of the way before it was able to reach him, he then landed beside her as he brought his arm out and smacked the hell out of her. The power of just a simple back hand of yamashiro was strong enough to almost take her head off as it sent her flying back. " How dear you hit a lady like my self, i think its time you learned a lesson." The arrancar said as she used sonido to appear behind yamashiro and he attempted to hit him but using his extra arm yamashiro grabbed her arm then flung her back to in front of him, he did not like people attacking him from behind unless he was the one doing it, yeah he could see that as double standards but he really did not care. The hollow was able to stop her self by stabbing her hand into the ground which was a good idea cause if she had not done that then she would have slammed into a stone wall. " AAHhhhhhhhh" The lady arrancar seemed very mad, yamashiro has doubts that she has ever been manhandled like this in fact if he had to guess he would say that she was the one always winning in the fights. Yamashiro did not care about that he only wanted that damn mushroom so he could get bakura to allow him into the restricted area of the Library so using sonido he landed in front of her and grabbed her by her face as his hand grasped over her face and he smashed her into the ground and started pounding her head into the earth over and over until she was able to escape but she was grabbing the back of her head cause she was in pain. " Don;t you know its not nice to mistreat a lady like this." Yamashiro started laughing at what the arrancar said, she must have been out of her mind cause he did not see any lady before him instead he saw a arrancar that he was trying to kill. " Thats funny bitch, when you actually see a lady let me know. Honestly i am here to kill every one who gets in my way so im sorry to tell you but your gonna die today and there is no stopping that." She really did not like what he said as her spiritual pressure began to raise again, the water she uses enveloped her body as it created a suit of water armor that then froze into ice. This was something interesting, either she had one ability that let her freeze things or she had two elements that she could use but he was not sure on either all he knew was that he was killing her. The arrancar rose both her arms above her head and as she did there was medium sized spikes of ice was made as she sent them flying at him, Yamashiro created a spear from his web and started to spin it around and around as he shattered the spikes unfortentlay one of the spikes found its way though the spear as it went right though his shoulder blade. There was now a good sized hole there but yamashiro did not really feel any pain from it. " How do you like that ass hole, now you can not use your arm." Yamashiro looked down at the hole then back at her and he made his spiritual pressure go up, as he did that she watched as the hole she made slowly but at a quick pase closed its self up as he rotated his arm and every thing seemed good and was working just fine. " Ha ha ha ha ha, its gonna take more then that woman if you wish to deal any good damage to me. so lets try again why don't we." wc: 857 twc: 2,103
  5. Ryu Nakamura

    Raising to Power in a land of death.

    Yamashiro managed to beat one of those hollows which the dragon sent his way so he stood there looking at the large beast waiting to see what hollow he decided to send his way next, there was a rumbling sound coming from the lake as the next moment something rushed out of the lake and was now standing in front of him soaking wet from its head all the way to its feet." Hellow arrancar, it would seem that i am to be your next opponent. My name is shiva and i do hope you at least last longer then that last arrancar which was sent our way." From the way she was talking it was if he was not the only hollow that bakaura had sent there way, it would also seem that he really wanted that mushroom so much so that he would be willing to sacrifice any one and any thing to get it. " Its a honer to meet you shiva, i am yamashiro. I do hope you are funner to fight then that giant pile of bones back there was." Yamashiro had said to the woman arrancar, he was not sure what kind of response he would get but it seemed that he would get none at all. Either she had no emotions or she did not care for that hollow before her, but from what yamashiro has come to learn about there kind was that unless it had to do with them or there cause they never bothered with others. As for what her abilities was he would take a stab in the dark and say it had something to do with water seeing as she emerged from under the lake like she did, if that was the case he would have to be careful cause if he was right she would be much stronger then the bone hollow that he had fought previously in his last fight. The woman arrancar did not take any time to doddle around and decided to come straight for yamashiro, she started by bringing her left leg up as if she was gonna kick his head off but as yamashiro had brought his arm up to block she pulled her kuck as she spun around and kicked him in the gut. This kick was so strong that it was actually able to have yamashiro slid back on the ground a few feet which was a decent feat for many hollows that lived in hueco mundo, so far it had been a while since he has been able to find a fighter that came close to his power or even succeeded it. " That was not bad Shiva i see we are gonna have some fun in this fight." Taking his webbing yamashiro formed it into a samurai sword where he rushed in to where the hollow was and began to attack her with every thing he had, he wanted to end this fight as soon as he could so that he could begin to fight the last person in his little test so he could grab that mushroom and return it to Bakura. From there he would get to visit karakura town again, a place that he has not been to in what seemed like it was over a decade ago. But he should not be thinking of what he WAS gonna do but instead he needed to keep his focus on the fight in front of him or he could find his self in trouble, Yamashiro swung the blade side ways at the hollow attempting to decapitate her but as he got close she raised her arm and a shield of water formed and was able to block his attack on her. " Please do tell me that is not all you have cause if it is sweetie then this fight is gonna be such a boring one, so do bring your A game honey or this fight shall be over before you know it." Yamashiro just smiled and began laughing as he heard the words that the arrancae lady said, if only she knew what he had in store for her she would not be asking for him to bring his A game. For as it stands now he was not even using 40% of his current power so if she really wanted a test of strength he would now be using 60% of his power then lets see whats boring. Yamashiro used sonido to disappear from the arrancar's view as he reappeared beside her with a cero already in hand as he smashed it into her face then unleashed the power, the beam of energy started at her head then as it got bigger it enveloped her entire body then it blasted her into a pillar that was inside the cave. " I hope that is not two boring for ya babe but if you wish for more then just let me know i can still go stronger" Yamashiro said as he started laughing at the arrancar who from the looks of it was more pissed that she was attacked then she was about being blasted into a pillar cause there was only a few scratches on her so its not like his attack did all that much damage. If he had wanted to do more damage then he did he would have attacked her with his web sword but he was not done having fun yet and he really did not wish to go into his released state yet cause then the fight would be over to soon that way. " Wash way salipia" As the arrancar said those words a large ball of water surrounded her and he could feel as her spiritual pressure start to grow higher and higher, guess his attack had made her more mad then he first thought if she was dissipate enough to go into her released state so soon after the fight started. The water suddenly shot out in all directions like small half moon blades, yamashiro was able to dodge them as he looked on at the new form that the arrancar was wearing. Her hair was a jet ink black and came down to her ankles, her arrancar white suit was now a blue scaled dress that went really well with her blue scales on her arms and legs. She was grinning and you could see that her teeth was now sharp and pointy like a sharks would be, this told yamashiro that she was some kind of sea creature hollow and her power was more then just water once she was in her released state but he could not be a 100% sure on that until the fight was over. Over the coarse of the last few months yamashiro has noticed a large increase on his power, it all started back when he just turned into a arrancar and he fought those arrancar twins and beat them, and ever since then his power has continued to grow like there was no tomorrow. In all honesty he did not see any way that this hollow before him even in her released state would have any chance against him, but he was not one to get caught up in the fight and lose track of his enemy's power cause he learned a long time ago that if you do that then there would be hell to pay for the one who was not paying attention. wc: 1,246
  6. Ryu Nakamura

    Raising to Power in a land of death.

    Yamashiro sat in his throne as he contemplated his options, three days was not very long to come up with a decision that meant either giving up his seat as a espada or giving up his life. There was just one problem and that was he really had no idea who these priveion espada was, so standing up the Espada made his way towards the los notches library so he could look up any info on these people trying to ruin him. Yamashiro had used sonido to reach the place sooner so once he got to the building which was located near the octavia espada chambers, opening the door's he walked in and for as far as the eyes could see was shelves of books stacked as high as the ceiling. Yamashiro walked down each aisle as he looked at the books, there was books on cooking hollows to books on fighting but so far he had found nothing on the priveion espada. That was when he came cross a part of the Library that had a restricted sign on it, and so he wondered since he was a espada if he would be able to get in so he walked around tell he found a person who seemed like they knew what they was doing there. " Hey Lady why is this door here locked." He said as he pointed to the door behind him with the sign that sid restricted, she just looked at the sign and then back to yamashiro. " Well unless you have permission from Bakura the eighth espada im sorry to say but no one is allowed in not even you my dear cero espada, come back once you have a written slip that says you can enter, once that is done i can open the door for you." This just sucked now he would have to see the one espada he wished he would never have to see, all that arrancar dose is set in his dusty old lab now and days doing research on stuff. Well he needed the info on the priveion espada so it would seem like he had no choice but to visit bakura so using sonido yamashiro vanished from the library and landed in front of the espada chamber room. With out even knocking yamashiro walked in and as he did he looked around at all the stuff he just had laying about, there was Needles and vile's laying around every where and paper work spread out over all the tables in the room. There standing at one of the many tables was Bakura him self wearing the gear that the arrancar done's, he was fairly tall with long straight black hair. " Hello fellow espada how may i help you today." Yamashiro looked around to see if there was any one else cause he had not even turned around to see who it was, and how he knew who it was' was even more surprising. " I need to get into the restricted are in the Library but i was tol...." Yamashiro was suddenly cut off by Bakura as he raised his hand. " The answer is No, i do not just allow any one in that area even if they are a espada, so unless there is something you can exchange in order to get me to change my mind the answer is No and shall continue to stay that way." So it seemed he had nothing to give the espada so getting into the area was immposible but even so he needed to keep tring, there must have been something that the espada wanted and if that was the case maybe he could find it for him. " Well i have nothing to give you at the moment but if there is something your looking for but do not have the time your self to find it maybe we can come to some kind of deal." Yamashiro was trying to play off of the espada nature as a scientist so he made a deal which he thought had at least a 60% chance of the espada taking the bait. " Actually your right i am looking for three ingredients, one can be found here in hueco mundo, its called the yamanaka mushroom, its located in the far east and is in a cave, the other two ingredients or found in the town of Karakura town, so once you find me the yamanaka mushroom i shall tell you about the other two items im looking for." Yamashiro had no problem with that, hell he was the one who came up with the idea in the first place. Using sonido yamashiro left the place and headed for the cave that was off in the desert, he was not sure how long this trip would take but he made sure he was prepared by getting some stuff together before he left. He made sure to grab some food and water and any thing else he might need for his long trip. Once he had every thing he needed he went off to find this yamanaka mushroom, oddly enough this was some kind of plant that he has never heard of before. Tho he needed to find this plan if he wanted to get inside that restricted area of the Library so he could learn about the priveion espada, for as long as he has been alive he has only just learned of the espada and the arrancar after becoming a vosto lorde. But that happened only two months before so honestly there was still so much that he needed to learn about not only his home land but its history. Once he had the stuff yamashiro walked out of the los notchas castle and made his long and tedious walk though the vast hueco mundo desert. It had been four hours since he left the castle and so far he had yet to come across any signs of life let alone a cave or mountain that he could look in, a hour later he finally found a small cave which seemed to lead towards underground. So knowing that he needed to enter the cave yamashiro began his journey into the deep dark cave, he had no idea where it could lead to but if he wanted to find that mushroom which the Octavia espada bakura asked for then he really had no choice. It was a good thing that he managed to train his eyes back when he was in the Forest of meno"s cause this cave was just as dark and no matter how far down he walked it did not seem as if he was getting any where. Before long yamashiro reached the end of the tunnel and he could not bealive his eyes on what he saw, it was almost as if there was a small city created beneath the sands that had been forgotten for ages now. For as far as he could see there was bones of fallen warriors scattered every where, the large stones comprised most of the small huts but the place must have been abandoned cause he could not feel any presence of any ones spiritual pressure . He searched around the place and could not find any one and it had not seemed like any one had been there for many many years, in the center of the place there was a large lake which he had no idea how it would have even got there but he did not care seeing as he found the mushroom he had been looking for. Yamashiro walked towards the mushroom but as he got close to it he heard a large roar from a hollow, it would seem that there was a being in the place but he did not know what kind of beast he would be dealing with. He might be dealing with a simple hollow that just had a big mouth, the other idea was that he was dealing with a level of gillain be it a adjuchas or vosto lorde but no matter what he was dealing with nothing would stop him from taking that mushroom. Just then from the center of the large lake a beast which he had never seen before raised up from under the water as it looked down at yamashiro then scanned the room but with out moving its head, he was not sure if Bakura knew about this the whole thing could have been a test and he knew exactly what he was dealing with. " Why are you here Espada, your kind has not been in these halls for many of years, but be warned i am no mere hollow arrancar so be weary of what you say." Scanning the hollow up and down he would have to guess that it was taking the form of the great Dragon of legends that the humans always talked about, it was standing on four legs as its tail was whipping behind it. Its wings was folded up so he had no idea how long they where but the water sparked off its scales like a light show. He was not really sure what to say to the hollow cause if he said he was here for the Mushroom he might think he was here to steal his treasure but he could not think of any thing else to say so he might as well tell the truth. " I was sent here hollow to take that Mushroom before you, i really have no idea why they wanted it but it was the only way to get something i wanted. So if you do not mind i shall be taking that plant and be going on my way." Yamashiro began to walk forward to grab the Mushroom but before he could take more then two steps the hollow blasted a Cero in front of his feet to warn him not to come any closer, looking at the dragon hollow he grinned at him as smoke was boiling out his mouth. " So that damn Espada Bakura sent another victim my way ha, that tricky basted i already told him he could not have this mushroom but no matter how many times i kill his message rs he continues to send you my way. Well like all the rest Arrancar you must pass a fighting test three times if you wish to get this Mushroom so lets begin why don't we." The hollow let out a large yell which was so loud that it hurt his ears, he was not sure who this hollow was calling but if it was a fighting test he wanted then that was what he would get, this hollow had no idea that he was a Espada so this test should hopefully be as easy as killing a new Born. Just then the sound of large foot steps could be heard echoing though out the cave so yamashiro began scanning the room looking to see where the noise was coming from, just then a large hollow that looked like a skeletal figure but he did not have any skin. " This shall be your first opponent Arrancar but do not be fooled by his apprance this hollow is very strong, he has taken out hollows as strong as Adjuchas level so he has skill in killing fools." The hollow began to attack yamashiro with a bone club but he was unable to hit him, yamashiro was easily dodging the attacks as he was side stepping the attacks and the more he did that the more the large Hollow was getting the mad. " whats up bonny is there a problem with your aim, keep doing that and your gonna be out of stamina in no time." The hollows bone club suddenly turned in into a sword as he began to swing it at yamashiro before he came down with it onto his head, yamashiro as smart enough to bring his arm up as he grabbed the sword with nothing but his hand. He pulled the sword out of the hollows hand then bashed the skeleton Hollow with his own weapon as he fell apart and turned to dust. " So whats next drako man." Yamashiro said as he smirked at the hollow being happy about his first win. wc: 2,059 twc: 5,093
  7. Ryu Nakamura

    Raising to Power in a land of death.

    Sitting in a throne like chair in his camber room yamashiro watched as the numaros walked around doing every thing they could to please yamashiro, Jindrax walked over to him as he got down onto one knee bowing to him. " Jindrax did you get those holes patched up like i asked." "Yes sir every thing has been done like you asked, i know the walls needed fixing sir but if i may ask why rush the process." Jindrax asked as he was still kneeling before him, yamashiro was nor sure if he should tell him but he knew that he could trust him so he went ahead and told him why. " well that reason is cause i do not wish to have to face the Lord of these lands...Draka the Lord of Hueco mundo, he has not been seen for many years now but there is rumors that he hides his self in side his chambers only to come out when something happens to the castle of los notches. I would rather not be the reason to have to see him, i shall one day see him but today is not that day." " I see, that is a good reason, well sir i shall leave you for now to finish i shall report back when we finish." Jindrax walked away as he returned to him work, the thing that yamashiro did not tell him was that one day when he was stronger he planned to take out the lord of hueco mundo and become the lord of these lands his self then he could plan a assult on those soul reapers who see them selfs as god's, the reason was cause it would be one hell of a game, the hollows vs the humans and soul reapers. It made him wonder who it would be that would win that war. Just then yamashiro vision began to blur and that was when he saw a smoke in the room, but as he saw it the effects was already in effect as he passed out but before he saw two people walk into the room. They was probably the ones that put yamashiro and all those that was in the room asleep, he just kept wondering what they wanted with him. He knew one thing tho and thats these people was gonna pay dearly for kidnapping the espada. Yamashiro was starting to wake up, his vision was still spotty and he could not hear real well either since all that he could hear was muffled noises. instead of there being two people now there was only one. He was still not sure what they wanted with him, now that he was coming too he noticed that his hands was tied behind him and he had a gag in his mouth which was probably a way to keep him from talking or so that he could not use his Resurrection release which was a smart move. " Hello Yamashiro Gazami Or should i just call you Cero Espada. I am known as umi and i have been sent to snag you by my master's cause one of them wishes to speak to you. Ok Master you can enter now." The door to the room creaked open as a person walked though, odd enough he wear the same attire that the arrancar did which at least told him that he was dealing with a arrancar, but why he was doing this to a espada he had no idea. " Hello Fellow espada, tho i guess i am no longer a espada since i was demoted long ago. The reason i have kidnapped you is to make a deal with you, see i wish to become a espada once more and well you are a espada so the deal is pretty simple. You are to drop down as the cero espada and then give the spot over to me, i shall give you exactly three days to think this deal over cause im a nice guy. But be warned i am only giving you this deal cause you was able to take out the former espada of the cero position, but if you do not return my answer in three days i shall hunt you down and kill you. This is also the answer for all the other former demoted espada also cause once i become a espada the reign of the strongest espada shall return to rule over hueco mundo once more." Just then the cloud of smoke entered the room once more and as it got around his face his consensus began to fade, it was taking every thing that yamashio had to fight off passing out but it was too strong and as his head hit his chest he passed out into a deep sleep. When he woke back up he had to wait tell his vision returned cause this seemed to happen every time, once he could see again he noticed that he was in the desert and was a few miles away from the los notches castle, it was not like that was a problem since using Sonido he could get back in no time at all. So using sonido yamashiro vanished from where he was standing as he made his way back to the castle. wc: 887 twc: 3,034
  8. Ryu Nakamura

    Raising to Power in a land of death.

    The white castle known as los notches was very quite as yamashiro woke up, today was the day he told him self as he got up from his bed and got something to eat. Once he had eat he took a long shower and got any thing else he needed to complete finished, he would soon be taking on the Cero espada as he planed on taking his seat either by killing the espada or by just making him submit his position. With every thing finished yamashiro used sonido to vanish from where he was currently standing as he quickly traveled to the front door of the espada chamber door, he did not bother knocking or giving him any fair warning so taking his foot he kicked down the door to see the espada laying in a string bed. He had heard of these kinds from the human world but never saw one in person before, he walked in but the espada did not seem to care for he did not move or even yell. " Espada i challenge you to a fight in mortal kombat for your position of Cero espada, if you accept then meet me out side in thirty minutes but if you do not show then i shall take that as you forfeit and i shall take it by force. I shall see you soon.." Turning around yamashiro left the room and went out side to wait for the espada to show, The thirty minutes had come and gone and so far the espada had yet to show his self which to him showed a tone of disrespect towards yamashiro power. This sign of disrespect caused yamashiro to get angry so he stormed into the castle as he headed back towards the espada's chamber room where he found the espada just sleeping away, being pissed off yamashiro walked over to the espada as he landed a punch so hard that it caused the espada to fly forth from his bed, slammed though the castle walls and landed out side the castle walls as he landed on the sands of hueco mundo. He was now awake as he was looking around wondering what just happened, he then saw yamashiro walk out from withen then the hole and he could see a puzzled look on the espada face. " I see your finally awake espada, i also see that your wondering what just happened. You decided to fall back to sleep after i issued a challenge for your espada seat, you decided to not show after the designated time so i came back and punched you out side where you shall now fight me for your espada seat." Standing up the espada dusted his self off as he watched the sand flow off of his cloths and into the air, The espada then reached down as he drew his sword then vanished. Knowing that the espada used sonido yamashiro concentrated real hard on any sign of the Arrancar, the sound of foot steps in the sand, the smell that illuminated off the arrancar, to even that of traces of his spiritual pressure. Using all this to his sensing out the espada yamashiro turned around as he unsheathed his blade and blocked the attack that befell from behind him. " I never really wanted to be espada, i only agreed cause of the time there was no leaders to get hueco mundo under control. Ah this is such a drag, i might not wish to be the espada but im also not just gonna give it up to some one until i know they can beat me. So if you wish to become the espada in my place you must show that your worthy of the title of espada, cause this is not something to take lightly." Yamashiro noticed that he was not able to push the espada off his sword which made him realize that the espada was no slouch in the power deportment so if he wanted to win he would need to either elevate his own power or find another way to fight the espada. Then it came to him, as the hollow was pushing down on his sword he would suddenly side step the power and get behind him, as he did that the Arrancar fell forward as if he lost his balance. As he was falling forward yamashiro caught the espada in the medsection and using all his strength would send the espada flying into the white castle of los notchas. "So do you give up yet espada, i would hate to have to kill you. I could really use a man like you in my ranks." Just then a large burst of spiritual pressure could be felt erupting from under the rubble where the espada was laying. 'I guess not' Yamashiro thought to his self as the espada came forth looking much different then what he did before, His red hair was now much longer as it came to the middle of his back, his legs now looked like a animals. If he had to guess he would say that it was that of a goat or a deer, as it was completely covered in hair with the hooves in total. His eyes now was slit like a cats and he had a tail that looked like a snake, tho he really did not seem that much stronger then he did before he used his Resurrection, so before he used his own he would test the limits of what he could do, that way he would know which of his two releases that he should go to for battling him. Yamashiro charged up a cero in his hand as he then fired a red beam of condensed energy at the enemy, the Espada just reached out as he grabbed the cero with his hand as it was now a red ball of energy instead of a beam of energy. Reaching back the espada threw the ball of energy at yamashiro as if he was throwing a baseball at a pitcher. Easily able to see it coming at him yamashiro side stepped the cero as it hurdled past him, but that was just a distraction as the espada was now behind him and he planted a knee right into yamashiro back, this also caused him to go flying across the desert some. As he hit the ground he would tumble and roll then bounce as he did this for at least the size of half a foot ball field and for some reason he just could not seem to catch his balance. Taking out his sword yamashiro stabbed it into the ground which seemed to help him slow down some but seeing as it was sand he was on it did not stop him from sliding cause he had nothing solid to stab his blade into, but he now had the perfect chance to do something since he was no longer boucehing around. Taking his index fingers yamashiro ran them down the flat part of his blade as he muttered some words before he suddenly changed into his resurrection form, with that he was finally able to catch his bearings and was now facing the espada again as equals. " That was not bad Espada, tho all this time i have known you i never caught your name, so before i kill you what is your name Espada." The espada fiddled around with his Bared on his chin as he seemed complex ed in giving his name up to yamashiro, but it did not take long before he decided to answer yamashiro question. " You can just call me Jindrax, but you should worry less on what my name is and more on what his going on behind you." Jindrax spoke as if yamashiro had no idea what was happening behind him, but he could sense the presence of another behind him now this whole time that the arrancar was buying time with his silent tretment all while he could have just spoke up. Taking of his extra arms yamashiro threw some throwing stars made from his webing as it shattered up the sand that the arrancar made behind him, it would take more then foolish tricks like that to catch yamashiro off guard. Yamashiro was getting tired of fighting the espada, it did not seem as fun as it was at the start of the fight so yamashiro unleashed his second release which was known as segunda etepa and as he did his spiritual pressure was so high that it even had the espada backing up from the shere power it gave off. As he looked down at the espada he could tell that he had lost all fighting spirit so using sonido he landed right behind the Arrancar and placed his hand on his shoulder. This almost gave the arrancar a heart attack that was if hollows even had hearts, he jumped back like he was shot and could not believe that yamashiro had got behind him so quickly. " Jindrax i give you the option one last time, join me as my fraccion or die here and now, i hate boring fights and to be honest i would hate to kill a good sparing partner, so what do you say." Jindrax just stood there for a moment thinking his options out, but in the end he dropped to his knees and bowed his head to yamashiro. He then burned off the tattoo he had of the number zero off of his chest and as he did he gave yamashiro a tattoo of the number zero on his right shoulder. " I shall work for you my espada, all hail the new Cero Espada." Yamashiro smiled as he had finally made it, but now he needed to fix the places that got destroyed in battle. " Jindrax as your first order as my new Fraccion i need you to order some one to fix up this mess that was made from our fight." Jindrax bowed his head and nodded showing that he understood his order. wc: 1,686 twc: 2,147 ( Claimed Cero espada seat)
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    Bad day for Yamashiro-worst day for those around.

    The dark illuminated the area as if time its self was stopped, thus made seeing almost near impossible. Under ground had no way of producing light so yamashiro had to focus real hard so to allow his eyes time to adjust, with octopus arm in hand he was finishing off his mean all while looking around keeping his guard up against any and all who would seek to attack him. There was some hollow's he has come to find out that had no regard to one's life and would blindly attack before seeing how strong there foe was which would gain in there death. His eye's was finally able to fully see what lay before him in this large but very dark domain that was the menos grande forest of meno's. The tree's climbed all the way from the ground of the forest and penetrated the ceiling as it made its way to the out side, beside almost every pillar you could see the tall silhouette of the meno's grande strolling along the sandy and rocky ground. Yamashiro did not care for all that but instead he looked for a way out from this dump of a area so he could get back to his room at the los notches castle, there he had a few things he needed to get done. The first was to get some food, even tho he just eat he was hungering for something that tasted better then these weak ass creatures he had been. The second was to get a good rest, he had been traveling these roads for a while now...12 hours to be more precise so he was beginning to become weary so he would like to lay his head on a soft pillow instead of these hard rocks. The third was to take over the Cero espada seat cause well hell he never did like having to obey others, this would also allow him to change a few things that he saw wrong with hueco mundo as a whole. After another 3 hours of walking now that he could actually see he was able to find a path that lead to the out side of the meno's forest. Walking out side he finally had the light of the full moon shinning onto his body, it might not be the sun that those lowly humans always have but he always liked the mood light of hueco mundo. It just made hueco mundo look so majestic and beautiful. Yamashiro did not wish to stay there for much longer so he used sonido to quickly get out of the area as he headed for the los notches castle so he could finish what he needed to do. wc: 461 ( Left thread)
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