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  1. Waking up saizo suddenly sat up as if coming out of a horrific nightmare, his breathing was heavy like he had a horse setting on his chest. He was drenched in sweat and not just a little, he was looking around cause the last thing he remembered was being beaten by that arrancar. Just the idea of the hollow beating him and allowing him to keep breathing it was just unforgivable, this just put him into a very bad mood. Tho he was in the squad 4 medical center with bandages on his shoulder and going down his chest. He needed to get out of this building and to come up with a counter plan against this new enemy, even tho he told him who he was he just could place his finger on it. (Grumble) saizo had been so lost in thought that he completely overlooked the fact that he had not had a bite to eat in what seemed liked days, so getting out of bed he stealthily made his way towards the food storeroom where they kept all the food for squad four barracks. After getting into the room saizo looked around and almost could not believe his eyes at how much food was there, there was plenty enough to get his reiyoku back to what it was at before he had to fight that arrancar. With out much thought Mishima got down to chowing down,after he eat almost all the food in the storage he stood up and walked out of the squad four barracks. Ooc. Leaving thread.
  2. Unfortunately for shinfu he was unable to get any sleep that night, he had so much on his mind between being the new captain of squad 12 but its research facility. Not only that but he had recently got word from one of his many informer's that they might have seen his missing brother, whether it was accurate or not was still to be seen, at least until he went to the spot where he was said to be seen. Pushing up his glasses shinfu exited the squad 12 barracks in what seemed like weeks, when the light from out side his lab hit his silver eyes he had to close them due to it being so bright. Once he got adjusted to the light again he placed a large round hat on to the top of his head, he pressed a button on the hat and a cloak feel down onto shinfu's shoulder. Using flash step shinfu made his way over to the outer edges of the seritei where you enter the soul reapers domain, since his speed was not that great it took him 20 minutes before he arrived to the spot. He did not want to stand out while scanning the surrounding area so shinfu walked over to this wayside restraunt and got his self some BBQ dumplings, he then walked over to a seat as he began to search.
  3. The next few minutes was odd for at moments it seemed like the arrancar blew past him like a blur as if he was part of the wind. Other times he was moving in slow motion but he was still getting his ass whooped. By this time saizo had almost ran out of spirit energy, so he was trying his best to dodge but unfortunately he kept getting hit. It seems that when a hollow transform s into a arrancar from vosto they gain a humongous power increase, so much of one that this being was now stronger then saizo. Tho he has not used bankai yet he dose not want to just yet cause a trump card is always saved for times when you have no choice, saizo had turned his wires into a whip then he managed to smack the shit right out of the soul reaper wanna be. Tho when the hollow was hit he grabbed a hold of the wire then yanged real hard which caused saizo to go flying towards the hollow. The hollow then brought his arm back then smashed saizo head into the ground, saizo then blacked out and the next thing he knows there was members from both squad 2 and 4. Ooc leaving thread.
  4. The energy that the man was charging in his hand was slowly beginning to grow bigger and bigger until it was the size of a watermelon and continued to grow. " hehehe here it comes. Cero." The big red ball of energy shot towards him, it moved much faster then he expected it to. The man said that the attack was called cero but that could not be right for that was a hollow attack and this man did not look like no hollow. Taking his hand saizo grabbed his zanpakto and thrust the sword straight into the incoming beam, he was able to block the attack but got burned on the forearm. " if I was you Mr I would start talking unless you wish to die, just how can you use cero, your surely no hollow and your no soul reaper." " Oh Saizo how disappointed I am with you but I guess it can,t be helped seeing as how the last time you saw me I was just a pathetic vosto lorde. I am now a arranger so now that you know my little secret its time you die like the bug you are squad two captain. "
  5. The clouds in the sky was a dark gray and looked like it was gonna snow any minute now, this made shinfu very happy cause he waits to see the soul societys first snow fall of the year. So to bide his time tell it happened shinfu reached into his hakasho and pulled out a small book and began reading. This would end his week on a very good high note for he was just made the captain of squad 12, just as he reached the second chapter in his book he felt a snow flake hit his hand so looking up he saw the snow begin to float down from the sky. " such a beautiful sight indeed, I always love this time of year." A hour later the sky let up for the soul society yearly winter fireworks, now that he watched what he came for shinfu decided that it was probably best to leave not only that but he was starting to feel cold.
  6. First name: shinfu Middle name(s): Surname: shiba Age: 1,000 Date of birth: December 10 Race: shinigami Gender: male Sexuality: straight Current residence: Shiba manner Relationship status: single Social status: popular among the lady's, and teachers. Squad 12 captain. Physical Appearance Height: 6 foot Weight: 148 Eye color: silver Skin color: white Shape of face: hansom Distinguishing features: wears glasses, and has a small scar on his chin. Build of body: skinny but toned Hair color: purple Hair style: medium and comes to the top of his shoulders. Typical clothing: the shinigami outfit,with the captains hiori. More - ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ZanpakutÅ Name: katetsu shinigami Bankai Name: tenshi-no katetsu shinigami Element: paper tags
  7. Well I have only played one ps4 game which was dbz xenovorse 2. I love the fact that you can go ss3 and the frizza race has there own transformations. But I would like to hear about the other cool games for the ps4
  8. Gotham arrow flash ghost adventures those are just some that I have recently got into
  9. "Well it dose not matter any way, you are gonna be dead here soon so try not to worry to much about it." The man stood about six feet tall with shoulder length turquoise colored hair, the whole time he stood there he could feel the man before continued to leak out his spiritual pressure like a idiot, if he was not careful he would attract more hollows to him from being so reckless. He could not tell if they was the same strength by just looking at him so saizo just stood there as he analyzed this person who looked like a soul reaper but did not look like one. Just then the enemy suddenly appeared from no where tho he was just looking at him just seconds beforehand, looking to the spot where he just saw him standing he was no longer there so with his hand already resting on the handle of his sword, with swift thinking and fast reflexes saizo brought his blade up and managed to block the enemy's first attack. " good move but not good enough." Reaching around saizo placed his hand onto the hilt of the enemy's sword as he sunk the blade into the ground. Going onto all fours saizo bought his leg up catching him right under the chin which sent the fighter flying up into the air. "Strangle them to death izoho shinsingumi." Using flash step saizo landed behind the man as he attempted his dancing leaf shadow but something happened which he did not see coming. The enemy opened his hand and as he did his finger nails suddenly shot forward s, he did not see the attack coming in time so all five nails struck him some where in the upper body area. Using his ability to control wire saizo quickly stitched up the holes then turned his attention back to his opponent, the enemy now raised his hand as he pointed the palm of his hand towards saizo and started giggling and not in a nice way more like I am about to kill you while laughing giggle he then charged up a red ball of energy tho he knew that signature from some where he just could not place it at that moment.
  10. saizo and his squad arrived at the edge of the woods right out side the priameters of the enemy cap, you could see dark smoke boiling up into the sky,as it was blocking the sun like cloads. if you listened in real good you could hear people speaking, it was not to load but they was still having a hard time understanding what they was saying, so taking his hand he signled for the squad to move forwards silently. creeping quiently into the camp saizo had them all stop suddenly, looking around he noticed three men standing guard real close so saizo and two other soul reapers creeped up behind the men and then ended there life in a instant. with no one else there in that area saizo snooped around to try and find any thing useful to use later on, but unfourgently there was nothing there so they moved on since they was not finished scouting the whole camp. moving deeper into the camp they came to a spot that looked like there was just recently a scruffle, tho since he dose not see any bodys laying around there just two things that could have happened. first the opponent got blasted so badly that all that was lift of them was the black mark on the ground, or two the fight ended with a tie and this was just the aftermath of what went down. luckly enough for them saizo and his team managed to find some nice little toys, they found lots of boxes and in each box was probably around 20 shock callors which coming from rin there was no surprise there. " hello squad nine this is the newly appointed captain of squad 2 saizo mishuma, i need a few men to come to my location to pick up some evadince for this case i am working. just head towards the northern woods and i shall leave behind a squad 2 member behind to help you find the spot so over and out." saizo said as he reached up with his right hand and pressed a button on his communication device, now that they covered this camp he needed to meet up with the second team to get a update from them. using flash step saizo and his squadron left the camp as they headed for team two for back up and to see if the people from camp one moved to one of the other two camps which he and his squad manage to find. since saizo was much faster then every one else in his squad he managed to arrive before every one else, he noticed before he even arrived that there was clashes of spiritual pressures, and as he arrived he noticed mist and his squad defending off the attacks of three weaker hollows and one adjuchas class hollow. for the weaker ones he was a little disappointed that his men was having such a hard time with them seeing as they was ranked in the 10th seat and up, but he could see how they was having a hard time with the adjuchas since they had the skill to keep up with even captains like his self. " strangle them to death izoho shensingumi" with those words he activated his shikai, as soon as he did saizo brought his arm up, as he did he suddenly slung his arm out. as he did three wires struck the three weaker hollows in the center of there heads, with one last yell the hollows mask first cracked like a spider web then shattered like a mirror which just hit the ground and broke. " pathetic all of you, are you telling me that you can not do any thing with out your captain being around. well that is just not gonna work, for where is the squad i remember when i first joined cause i can tell you one thing, the squad from back them would wipe the floor with you all so if you do not wish to bring dishonor to the name of squad two then shape up and get your asses in gear." he knows he might have gone a little to far but by looking into the eyes of his men now he can see that he let a fire inside them, that was actually a good thing for that is just gonna make this fight a little more interesting. " the captain is right men we have been slacking lately, if we do not wish to be left in the captains dust we should get ahead and lets start by taking down this beast." this whole time now while his men was talking saizo had been sizing up his enemy, from the data so far from just looking at it was that it specialized in defense, the form which the hollow had was like that of the ancient dinosaur that had round rock like tails for bashing there enemys. the hollow stood maybe 6 foot but he was round and his arms was long so the beast always looked like it was bowing over. from the way the hollow was standing and his posture he could tell that this hollow also had a decent amount of strength, he did not want to think of his men as weak but when it came to this hollow he did not think they would be able to win unless he helped out. using flash step saizo landed gently about ten feet away from the hollows back side hopeing that cause of that big body it would have a hard time noticing him from behind him, slinging his hands to in front of him he had his wires fly forwards and they wrapped the hollow up good, the hollow would start to get fisty but he was unable to escape saizos wire grab technique. " now men attack." one by one the five men there each shot off a kido and since his wires was wrapped around the hollow he had the perfect kido for these kinds of moments. Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws hado number 33 sokatsui." " Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!" Hadō # 31: Shakkahō " Hadō # 4: Byakurai " " hado number 1 sho" hado number 32 okasen." lastly saizo was up so while his hands was up he muttered the spell to the kido. " Hadō # 11: Tsuzuri Raiden" a surge of electistisity shot forth though the wires and he watched as it hit the hollow and it started shaking. the other kido which the other shinigami fired landed a derict hit but something was off, since he had the hollow trapped with his wires he could tell wither or not he was dead, which he was not that was what he thought was wired. the dust started to slowly fade from around the hollow and now it was back in sight, tho the squad was completely shocked when the hollow was unhurt and with not even a single scratch on its body. saizo now saw that the defensive capability's of this hollow was higher then he first thought, but he still had the hollow withen his grasp as his wires was still holding the hollow in place and not once has he ever seen a hollow escape this ability. so saizo decided that he would end this battle right here and now so he closed his hands which made the wires start to constrict and tighten like a snake when its choking its pray to death. just then the hollow began to laugh like a mad man and ended by chuckling, saizo was not sure why he would start laughing before death but who was he to decide how a person was to act when at deaths door, just then his wires suddenly snapped off the hollow one by one tell he was free from saizos grasp, saizo just stood there unfazed as he looked upon what had went down as he put it all into his head. retracting his wires back into his gloves by the press of a button on the wrist of his weapon, since that ability did not work he would need to try and think of one that would, luckly he still had two more up his sleeve and if it came down to it then he always had bankai to use but he was not fully able to use it while in combat so its still incomplete. but he has a long time to make this bankai his own, but in a tight spot he can at least know that he had it just in case. " ha ha ha ha, you stupid naïve soul reaper, it seems to me that your underestimating me. and if that was the case then i think you need to start thinking other wise cause i really hate it when soul reapers think little of me cause of how my form looks especially captains captain of squad 2." the hollow turned and as he did he swung his large tail which had that round wicking ball attached to the tip, the only way saizo was gonna be able to tell how strong he was, was if he blocked it so taking his right hand saizo placed his arm at a angle in front of him. the ball came down onto saizos hand, the pressure was immense to such a dagree that it caused saizo's feet to crack the ground. tho the power was not enough to make saizo give in as he stood his ground but neither did the hollow as he continued to push down onto saizo. second after second saizo could feel his feet begain to make craters in the ground, now all he had to do was try to find a way around the hollows deffence cause no matter how good a shield may be there are always a way around it, you just have to find a way to it. so taking his free hand saizo placed it onto the tail and made sure that he had a good grip, from there saizo used all his strength to power the big man up off his feet, he then slammed the huge hollow onto his back even tho he knows that wont hurt him he had more to the plan then just slamming him, using his wires he made restraint then with the help of his knifes he strapped the hollow down where he could not move, true his shell was so hard that his wires was not able to cut him and instead snapped, that is why he is just restraining him so that he could attack his belly where it was not so hard to cut. flash stepping into the air right above the hollow saizo came falling down towards the hollow, using his ability to controle his wires freely as he likes saizo formed a spiked boxing glove onto his hand. but just then saizo sensed danger so looking behind him he saw the hollows tail trying to hit him, with a deep sigh saizo now realized that he forgot to strap the tail down along with the body, but oh well he would just have to figure out something soon so using a technique that he learned a while back called ghosting saizo was able to completely invade the enemys attack, so instead the hollow managed to hit his self in the face thus cracking his mask which in turn would now make it easier on his part. so using his reiutsu saizo kicked off the air and went dive bombing towards the hollow, since he was knocked out he did not see saizo's fist coming down onto his face, as he made contact his spikes entered the hollows mask then seconds later the hollow vanished from sight. after he finished the battle he ordered his men to scout the area to see if they could find any thing useful, after they could not find any thing there at that camp they all headed up and headed out to camp three, he just hoped that goken was having a better time then his self, so before heading out his self saizo contacted squad 2 and squad 9 and told them to secure the spot they just took. using flash step saizo and his team moved out from where they where, as saizo was making his way towards goken he could feel a very large and terrifying power at the same spot, saizo was not even sure that he would be able to stop him. saizo and his team landed on what looked like the battle field but just then he saw what looked like a shinigami but he did not have the black hakasho which all soul reapers wear, looking down at the mans feet saizo noticed that goken was laying at his feet, but at farther looking he saw that all of team 3 had been wiped out. he was not all to sure who the man was but he has this strange feeling like he had meet that before, but as to where he just simply could put his finger on it, but it looked like goken was just barely breathing so if there was any shot at getting him any medical help they would have to do it fast. " oh why hello there saizo its so nice to meet you once more, i see you have been promoted to the rank of captain i congratulate you." this person spoke to saizo as if they had meet once before, tho saizo was really good at keeping a detailed log in his head for each person that he knows but he did not know him. it could be that he meet this man once before when he was younger or it could have even been in the academy. " thank you sir, but could you tell me your name and where we meet, i am deeply sorry i seem to be having a slight loss of memory." maybe once the person told him where they meet it could help him place the person back into said memory. wc: 2,432 twc: 2,432
  11. as saizo was was walking back into the squad 2 barracks from squad 9 he noticed goken and mist walking towards saizo, but he could tell from the looks on there faces that they was there on buesness. if saizo had to guess they was probably there to see how he knows rin and why he kidnapped them, he knew that this was gonna come some day. " hey vice captain sir permission to be able to speak freely." it was odd to see those two acting so formal so he now knows what this whole thing was about, so saizo nodded his head which told him it was ok. " sir i do not wish to question your loyalty or any thing like but as your closest commanding officers i think that we at least deserve some answers as to what happened yesterday." taking a deep saigh saizo walked towards his office and signed for the other two to follow him, reaching the door he opened it as he welcomed the two soul reapers in. once he was in saizo got a small table ready with some chairs, he then grabbed three saki glasses and a bottle of saki. setting down he poured them all a drink before they started, as he finished pouring he placed the bottle at the center of the table. " ok to start things off i need to start out from the end then go back to the start and work my way back to the end. the man who kidnapped you yesterday is known as rin sasukimaru and he leads a gang of assassins, that man is.....i mean was my former boss. but i would not have been with him unless i did not have a reason, when i was small my distanct was attacked by hollows and men together.my parents was killed by a person but at the time i had no idea who it was, a few days later rin found me and decided to raise me and teach me the skills of the assains. years later he sent me to become stronger so he sent me here to get training. contently just recently i found out that rin was the one which killed my parants so now i have made it my mission to make rins life a living hell." he could see that they was taking there time at processing what saizo told them, so saizo poured another cup of saki. just then mist jumped up and punched saizo in the face and since it caught him off guard making him flip all the way backwards and he hit the back of his head on the wall. saizo looked up at mist with a face full of shock and surprise but he could see the hurt but also anger in mist face. " that was for lieing to us all this time, but how dear you think that your gonna do this all on your own. you have me and goken here to help you, there is also the whole squad and if you can not see that then you need to leave the gotei as rouge and go at it solo." mist reached down as he offered his hand to saizo for help up so he gladly reached up and took the hand, once he was up he came to understand what he meant for if he was gonna go after rin then he needed to use the side of justice and this squad to help, but he could also use that to his advantage some times also. " thank you guys i guess i needed that, and your right we shall bring rin and his higher commanding officers to justice so i want you to send out scouting partys out with these instructions." writing some things down about rin and his people on some paper then had mist hand those out to all members of squad 2 and squad 9 cause they was the police of the soul reaper so he would need them on his side if he was gonna go after some one like rin. after some more drinks talking and laughing they decided that it was probably best to get the mission started, so standing up the three of them took some men headed to three spots where he knows that rin buys items for the guild so by disrupting that chain of supply's that it might hinder rins efforts but then again this whole mission was probably a total waste of time tho they had to do it if they wished to bring rin to justice. as he walked up to the front gate he saw his men standing there, it looked like goken was holding something white in his arms so he began to wonder what it was. " vice captain sir, we just got a letter from the higher ups, congrats sir for you have been promoted to the rank of captan for squad 2." saizo took the captains jacket and slid It over hs shoulders, it was such a great honer to have been made the captain of squad 2 and so he shall not let his men down. wc:864 twc: 1,743 gained rank of squad 2 captain.
  12. saizo sat there at his desk as he took a drink from his saki bottle and was just looking up towards the sky though the open window that was by his desk, he was thinking about how its been a whil since he learned his last kido. he dose not use the kido skills much but some times he has come to see that they come in hand every once in a while when stuck in sticky cercimstases. the only one which he knows of that can use high level kido was lilly but at the moment he did no know where she was and the last time he saw her was back at the medical bay yesterday, the only onther place he could think of was over at the squad nine barracks so he decided that he would head over there and see if she was there. so using flash step saizo hurried over there so before he knew it he was landing in front of the squad nine barracks, walking forwards he went inside the front office and went up to the reseption desk. " hello i am looking for lilly, could you tell me where she is" saizo asked the person behind the desk , but they did not look very happy about something but he really did not care for he was here to see if lilly would teach him a new kido and hopefully it was another one which would fit his fighting style. " ah yes lilly, wait one moment please i shall inform her that she has a guest." the lady stood up and went away then a few moments later she was back and she had lilly with her, you could see that from the look on her face that she was happy to see saizo . " i see your doing better now saizo, so what can i help you with. i am not wanting to be rude but i was given a mission so what ever it is its gonna have to be quick." he could understand that, so all he would need for her to do was show him how to preform the technique and he could train his self from there. " well i was wondering if you could show me a new kido to learn, i understand you need to go soon so all you would have to do is show me and i can do the rest." he could see the gears turning around in her head, it was actually pretty funny but he could not bring his self to show it so he just kept it in as he kept a calm face. it took her for ever to think of a answer either that or she was trying very hard to think of a kido to teach, but he was not a mind reader so until she told him what she was thinking all he could do was just guess. " yeah i think i have one thats not to hard to pull off so it should be a good one for, its called Bakudō # 26: Kyakko and what it dose is hides you from sight and sense. this bakudo can also work on items that you are wishing to hide, oh but the down side to the move is that you can not use it in battle so you would have to deactivate before fighting. so i guess follow me i have this spot around here that i like learning and practicing my kido at." saizo followed behind lilly until they arrived behind the barracks, where there was a small arena which looked like the perfect place to do training. " now this is gonna have to be quick cause like i said i have a mission and they placed me in charge. now watch closely for i am only gonna show this once so you pay close attaion, bakudo number 26 kyakko." looking very close he could see that lilly was channaling her reiyoku into her hand and then reached out like she was grabbing a hold of the air, from there she pulled the air around her like it was just a blanket sheet and he could see that she was hidden. but since he was a lot stronger then she was so he could still see though the kido. " thank you lilly i should be able to get it down from watching that. so since your in a hurry i shall catch you later." with that saizo went into a flash step then landed out of it in the squad 2 forrest that was close to where the stealth force resides, now that he was alone he could get to learning bakudo 26. saizo closed his eyes as he concentrated on gathering his reiyoku into his right hand, once he got that down he attempted it as he reached out like he was grabbing for the air in front of him. " bakudo number 26 kyakko" grasping the air in front of him he pulled the cloak of energy around his body and he could feel as if he had just walked into a new realm from which he was just in, deactivating it he thought that this kido was his easiest one so far but at least now he had a better technique that can help him with recon and sneaking around missions. wc: 909 learned bakudo 26 kyakko 909/600 words
  13. he was not sure how long he was out but he opened his eyes once to see a squad four member standing above him. " oh god this is bad, please we need to hurry back to the squad four barracks as quickly as possible but try not to make so many bumbs will you." he could hear that it was a womans voice that was talking but as to who she was talking about he was not sure. " you know lady you sure pull a hard barggen to just be from squad four but what the hell we can not afford to lose that man." even tho it was really faint he could tell that it was mist speaking from his tone of voice. he did not remember much but he blacked out once again and was out for a good bit cause when he opened his eyes he was laying on the table and he was surrounded by other shinigami and he could hear them speaking. " i need oxygen over here stat the patient is running very low." " no we need 4 pinets of blood, if he looses any more he could go brain damaged." it seemed that he was in a very bad state, it was not really the best place for a vice captain to be cause he needed to be out there making sure his squad was opparating fluidly for with out leadership every one wants to rule and usually its the strong bullying the weak. " it would seem our patient is starting to wake up, i need another dose of morphine quickly." the next thing he felt was a small prick and he was out cold like a light. when he finally came to he was laying in a hospital bed and standing beside his bed was the doctor and lilly, it looked as if they was discussing things but then the doctor noticed that saizo had woken up. "why hello there vice captain sir, i am doctor himmiro and i see you already know the lovely Lilly. now if i can i would like to go over your charts, it looks like you have four holes in your upper part of your body and as well as one stab wound which i suppose was a sword from the way the pattern is. you also lost a dangerous amount of blood as well as have 3 broken ribs. i do recommend staying here for at least a week so the stitches have time to heal properly and so do you. now if you will excuse me i have other patients to tend to, i shall be back later to check on you and if you need any thing do not hesitate to ask a nurse." the doctor then left the room and he could not wait, she was about to drive him crazy with all the talking she was doing. but now it looked like he was alone with lilly. lilly sat down on a chair and sat next to saizo. " i hear that you can use bankai saizo that is cool, i quess that means you will soon be a captain which would be great for the soul society. tho i also heard what happened on the battlefield, next time do not act so rash cause next time you might not be so lucky." it looked like lilly was both happy for him and worried at the same time, but she did not understand and he was gonna keep it like that..at least for a while longer any way. " yes i have learned to use bankai but it is still incomplete so i shall have to train much harder from now on, and do not worry so much little it puts stress winkles on your face." saizo said with a chuckle to make her think that he was joking tho he was not. but it just sucked that he would have to stay there for a whole week, that really put a damper on his training plans. the days went by one after the other, lilly would come visit every day and would bring some kind of food for him to eat. lilly told him that eating a lot can help his body stay strong for it constantly gives the body what it needs. soon the days turned to the end of the week as the doctor came into his room, but he could tell right away that they have bad news. " i am sorry to inform you sir but the labs came back and it was not good so we are gonna have to keep you for yet another week." turning around the doctor left again and he could not believe that he was gonna have to stay there yet another week, unforcedly his wounds have yet to heal good enough to start working out again so he would have to stay there until he was better. " that sucks saizo i how you have been waiting for the week to be up so you could leave, but hey just think of it like this. lets say you was let out today you would just go and start training again, but if your body has not recovered fully you could just end up back here before you know it. so honestly its better this way cause this way you know for sure that your body is ready to start working out again and wind up here from injuring your self farther." lilly had a point, at least this way he knows for sure that he is fully healed up. " its all good lilly i actually decided a few days ago i would stay here a while longer tell i know i am healed fully." that was not true but it was better then nothing to keep lilly happy. day after day went by again and all he could do was lay in bed all day while listening to lilly rambling on about her drama that she had with another girl, but before he knew it the week was over and he was feeling much better, in fact he was feeling so good that he felt like he could leave that day. but again later that day he found out that there was something wrong with his blood so they needed him to stay one more week, he was starting to go bat shit crazy and just leave out the window while no one was watching. but unforcedly he had lilly there 24/7 keeping a eye on him, yeah on one hand it seemed sweet but then on the other hand it was kinda creepy. suddenly out of no where the door to his med bay room flew open and the docter slid in on his knees. " i am very sorry sir, it seems we had a mix up in labs and mixed up your charts with some one elses. sir you are fully healed now and can leave this medbay when ever is in your best time sir." that was actually kinda funny which just saved that doctors life. " well doctor since you actually made me laugh i shall not kill you today." saizo got in real close to the doctor. " but if you ever make a stupid mistake like that again i shall kill you my self." grabbing his things saizo turned around and walked out of the med bay, he could not belive that they could end up making such a stupid mistake. he knows one thing and that was he planned on going to squad 2 barracks to check up on goken and mist then from there he was thinking of making a small trip to karakura town for it had been a while since he had been there and who knows he might actually have fun. using flash step saizo hurried off towards his barracks and got there in almost no time at all, he can actually remember when he first got here and his speed was not much and neither was any of his other skills. but after training for hours on end he was able to build on those skills making them stronger and something which only saizo could use. walking though the front gate saizo asked the nerest person around where he might find goken and mist at this time of day, and he found out that they was out back in the training field. so it looks like they have figured out there weaknesses and are trying to grow stronger because of that. walking up to the training area he noticed the two of them training so he did not want to bug them just yet, so instead he just stood there as he watched his 3rd seat and 4rth seat duke it out between one another. that was until they noticed saizo watching them from the shadows, so when they noticed they stopped training and walked over to where saizo was. " sir are you ok." goken asked him. " yeah i mean should you be standing yet." mist had asked, tho it was a funny thing since he had come here to cheeck on them but now here they are seeing how he was. " funny i could have sworn that i was the one which saved you so who are you two doing i should be asking. " saizo said as he looked the two men in the eyes. " sir we was wondering, could you show us your bankai one more time." mist and goken asked and it was a good idea so instead of just showing his bankai to them he would gather all the members of squad 2 and demonstrate his new power to the team. " that sounds like a awesome idea how about you guys go gather the whole squad and i shall then show it." nodding the two quickly vanished as they began to gather up the members of squad 2 one after the another after another until they was all standing in front of him. " hello squad two i am saizo mishuma and i am your squads vice captain, i have recently been granted bankai and so i thought it best to show you all my squad what my power was. now bankai." !!!!!" as saizo activates his bankai a black smoke exits his hands and wrist then covers the area as well as saizo keeping him out of sight. his bankai gives him new clothes which makes him look even more like a assassain, he has a black hood which covers his head with a point going down the nose. his pants and shirt get a little tighter and he gets shoulder pad on his right shoulder with a strap going down connecting with his belt. he has two knee pads which has steel supperters leading to his boots. besides his gloves now around his wist he has four blades the size of knifes, two on the side one on top and one on bottom. they are kept under his wrist guards for surprise attacks. " Izoho shenzingumi jaha" the whole squad went silent as they did not make a single sound. after that he deactivated his bankai and sheathed back his blade. " well i am tired so i plan to go lay down so see you all later." it would seem that going bankai just yet was not a good idea, entering his office saizo grabbed a bottle of sake and sat down on the couch and smoked his peace pipe and relaxed. wc: 1,945 twc:17,467
  14. coming out from flash step saizo landed at the entrance to the squad two barracks and walked in, since he has not been back for at least a week he thought it best to go see goken and mist and get updated on what was happening. but the first thing which he saw when entering the compound was fellow soul reapers running around as if there head was missing, so getting to a high point saizo began to speak loud enough to where people could hear him, he was hopeing that he could get them to calm down long enough to tell him what the hell was going on cause he was starting to get a bad feeling since he did not see goken or mist around. " listen all and shut up, i am your vice captain saizo mishuma, now if you all i ask that you calm down and tell me what is happening to make you all act stupid." saizo asked them all, luckily they had calmed down enough to where he could get some answers from them. out of the crowed walked a tall slender woman with long blonde hair and bouncy double Ds. " earlier today sir we got a letter from a person calling his self Rin of the assassin's, he said that he has captured goken and mist and if you wanted him back then you are gonna have to come take them back by force. he said that if you wish to find them then come out into northern forest" it was just as he had feared Rin had found out that he might be leaving or this was just a training test but he was never able to understand what went on inside his head, but he had no choice he would have to go find them. " ok i want every one from 10th seat down to 5th seat to gather by the front entrance in 30 minutes, you ten shall commbeny me to the spot and give support when needed now thats all your relieved until further notice." descending from ontop of the roof saizo went into the vice captains quarters and sat down at his chair, he just could not believe what was going though the leaders head. was he trying to get saizo's covered blown either that or rin knows that saizo found out that he was responsible for killing his parents and if that was the case this whole thing could all be nothing but a big trap to capture him, well no matter what it is he is gonna have to go just in case he actually had goken and mist. after thirty minutes saizo was standing out front at the entrance as he waited for the rest of the battalion which was coming along with him, before long the members of the team arrived so now that all the team members was there they could finally get going. signaling to the other members saizo then went into a flash step and went towards the northern forests where rin was supposed to be waiting for saizo with goken and mist being held captive. it did not take long before saizo and his team had made it close to where they was to meet up with rin so they stopped for a few moments so that they could start coming up with some kind of strategy. " ok men listen up today we shall be fighting a very powerful opponent today so the formation shall go like this, first those that excel in hand to hand i want you to be in front then those that are good at kido i want you to stay behind the fighters while you defend them and me from the enemy. now kido users mask your teams with a bakudo and do not start attacking until i give the signal understood." with that said saizo moved forwards on his own with a swift flash step that would put most shinigami to shame, seconds later saizo walked out from the edge of the forest border to see rin setting happily on a chair but he was some what shocked to see him surrounded by hollows off all levels and strengths. " saizo get out of here its a tra..." mist yelled out in the back of the crowed but was stopped short by a hollow as it punched him in the gut. " shut up you damn shinigami no one said you could speak." the hollow said in a tiny kind of voice which just caused saizo to burst out laughing tho not at his comrade being hurt but due to that hollows small voice which was coming out of such a big body. tho rin suddenly spoke up which made all the hollows go quite, hell it even made saizo stop laughing like crazy but after living with some one for hundreds of years you kinda get a understanding about a person and rin was never one for unnessasery fights or augments. " why hello there saizo how good it is to see you, i can tell from setting all the way back here that you have gotten much much stronger. i would like to see that power first hand so if you wish to save your friends my dear boy then you are gonna have to fight in a gantlet of fights, starting with the basic hollow up to the vosto class. if you happen to beat all these enemys then you shall get to fight me, so it leaves you with two options to go with. option 1 you fight tell you give up and die, or option 2 you manage to win face me and walk out of here with your friends thus being the big hero. the choices are yours but i hope you do choose wisely." he was not being very fair but there was nothing that he could really do about it with this many hollows around, so he coulld always take out those weaker ones then call for his battalion to attack rin then attempt to capture him and take him back to the stealth force so they could interrogate him and get any info that would be useful out of him. while he was at it he could also try to get the reason why he destroyed his district and parents, so taking a few more moments to think of some ideas before answering saizo nodded his head agreeing to Rins little offer. rin waved his hand and the next thing that he knows a basic but pretty decent sized hollow walked up and let out one ear splitting roar that was really annoying, tho the hollow had really bad smelling breath that could gag a hippo. " hey ass hole if you plan on yelling at a person with that bad breath then do me a favor and turn around why don't ya. " saizo said and he pinched his nose shut and was waving his hand around his head trying to get the smell away. this just managed to make the hollow pissed and he came yelling towards saizo, the hollow could make his claws extend out like giant blades on his hands, the claws suddenly impaled saizo and the hollow started laughing, well that was until the hollow split in half on the ground dead. now that saizo had achieved bankai he was able to to activate it with out haveing to say any thing. " well thats one down whos next." as saizo was speaking the body which every one thought was saizo vanished a few seconds after being stabbed, saizo could hear rin telling the others to bring it in then the next thing he knows one of the higher ranked hollows yelled out loud. soon after the hollow let out the bellowing holler there was heavy foot steps that was so heavy it made the very ground its self to shake under his feet. from out of the woods a menos grande was being led to the battlefield by another hollow being used as bait, but saizo did not even give the hollow time to even get started as he slung his hand out throwing five wires from his fingertips that would wrap around the large tall hollow. saizo quickly clasped his hand shut and as he did the hollow was cut into tiny little pieces and fell to the ground like hail in a blood rain storm, with two hollows now out of the way the real fight starts now for a adjuchas is strong enough to fight on par with captain class fighters and even stronger. it was also rumored around the academy that there was a hollow class above a vosto which can fight with a captain commander class fighters which are few in numbers, in fact as for right now there was no one that strong and for those that was captain class well you could count the number with just one hand. his next opponent walked forwrds and he even looked like he would be tough to beat, it had the upper body of a silver back gorilla, the legs of a Chita and had a long snake as a tail. this hollow was basicly a chimera so he would need to keep calm and watch every move which he makes, since these class of hollows can fight with captains he was thinking that it would propoly be best to go bankai and test how well it works in battle, tho then again he might be able to beat the hollow as he was and the only way he was gonna be able to find that out was if he went up against the beast as he was now then go bankai if needed and keep it tucked back as his ace up the sleeve. " oh how long its been since i have fought some one oh boy oh boy its like its my birthday hehehehe if i had one, tho being able to destroy a soul reaper shall really make my day." the hollow said while clapping his hands. ( thats rights hollow just keep thinking that this is gonna be a easy fight and this shall become your last also.) saizo thought. saizo got into a defensive stance but just as he did the hollow had used sonido to vanish then reappear behind him, well he was defiantly fast and telling from the way he moves his body he has strength also which means it would probbly be best to try blocking this incoming attack. after analyzing the enemy saizo turned around and attempted to block it, luckly he was able to get his arms up and blocked the attack tho he was not able to stop his self from flying back by the fource of the attack. he tried to use wire grab to stop his momentum but he was flying back so fast that the wires just cut though every thing which it grabbed a held of, after slamming though some tree's then slaming into a rock side saizo finaly was able to stop flying back. after looking at his power he can see now that he has to go bankai if he wishes to survive this battle, so using flash step saizo landed back to where that adjuchas was thinking he had won. " do not be getting ahead of your self now monkey brains we do not need to see your head get any bigger then it already is. but now watch this for it should make you much more happy big man....BANKAI!!!!!" as saizo activates his bankai a black smoke exits his hands and wrist then covers the area as well as saizo keeping him out of sight. his bankai gives him new clothes which makes him look even more like a assassain, he has a black hood which covers his head with a point going down the nose. his pants and shirt get a little tighter and he gets shoulder pad on his right shoulder with a strap going down connecting with his belt. he has two knee pads which has steel supporters leading to his boots. besides his gloves now around his wist he has four blades the size of knifes, two on the side one on top and one on bottom. they are kept under his wrist guards for surprise attacks or to just plain out kill his enemy. every one around him could tell what just happened for most of the weaker ones was being pushed down onto the ground from his new found spiritual pressure that was coming off of him after activating his new untested bankai. he needed to be careful cause if not then he could ruin the plan he had since all the members below him was not that strong, but just like is chess every piece has its usefulness so saizo started walking straight towards the hollow in front of him. the hollow did not know know how to act so he just started throwing punches like crazy and every fighter knows that once you lose your cool then its all over for you so raising his hand he caught the hand of the giant ape, from there saizo spun around and as he came back around he unsheathed the blades in side his wrist guard and then sliced right thought the hollows arm which detached it from the elbow down. " see you have been disarmed so do you still intend to fight or do you give up for just this once i shall be nice and let you leave " he was actually being sarcastic and not gonna let him leave for he had injected him with one of his homing needles when he cut his arm off and so far he did not notice it which will give him the effect of surprise. but the hollow did not look like he was thinking of giving up just yet as he was smilling and laughing, what kind of person laughs after getting there arm cut off unless he had some kind of technique which requires his arm being cut off. just then he raised his arm that was cut and a large red ball of energy formed where the hole was, just then he fired the cero and so he had to think fast so he used his new ability that he learned before coming here. he wanted to make sure how to use his new weapon or else he might get killed caused he missed up, so using his wires with both hands he quickly formed a wall large enough to block the incoming cero and so when it hit against his wire shield it caused him to be pushed back a few feet. so it would seem this hollow is decent at a few category's so he would have to keep his eye on this hollow for any tricks, the hollow began laughing again so he wondered what he was gonna do next. the hollow started to shake all over and his face looked like he was trying to take a crap, all of a sudden a new arm burst forth from where his last arm was. this was fucking crazy but if he could regenerate his arm like that just think what else he could heal and if that was the case then this was going to be a very long fight. the hollow came running towards saizo so pulling back his shield saizo used flash step just as the big ass gorrila landed a punch into the ground and cracking the ground in a fifty foot radius but when the monkey looked around for saizo he just could not seem to find him. that was cause saizo was landing on top of the hollows shoulders, saizo then came down and bought both hands down onto the top of the hollows head which caused him to become dizzy. so jumping down saizo walked over and stuck the hollow from under the chin sending a knife straight into the hollows head but unforcedly for the hollow that blade had a special type of blade which had gunpowder in the tips so when the blade enterd the skull it exploded which sent the skull and brains of the hollow splattering every where. now there was just one more hollow to go and he will have beaten them all then he can end up fighting rin, but first he will have to beat the vosto lorde before that so he began to get his head into the next fight. he watched rin signal for some one behind him then a few seconds later a humanoid figure walked over to where saizo was and faced saizo down. saizo had no idea what this hollow could do so he would need to test the hollows ability and strengths, so saizo created some kuni and throwing starts out of his wire by compressing the wire tell he could make the wire take the fourm and shape of the weapon he wanted to use. taking the throwing weapons he threw them all towards the hollow, the hollow was all black and its mask was a medium sized horn and eye guard which was connected. he was probably 5:8 6 foot and had a three spiked tail, as the weapons came in the hollow made some kind of club come out of its hand and used it to block the ones which would hit him. the ones which did not hit continued to fly past the hollow so now this was his chance so moving his fingers he was able to pull the remaining throwing stars back towards the hollow by using his wires to yank them back, but as he came in close the hollow just used his tail to smack them away as he gave saizo a glear that could burn a hole into him. " really i do hope that is not every thing you process cause if so this fight shall be very boring. so now its my turn so i hope your ready cause you are gonna need it. " the hollow rushed in towards saizo and swung the gaint club so saizo quickly made a sword and brought it to his side then placed his forarm to it for more support, unfortenly this hollow's strength was much stronger then what his own was so he would have to find a way around that by using something that heavy hitters normly was missing. normaly that would be speed but this hollow also had the speed facture working in his favor then what...what was it that this hollow was missing that he could use to his advantage. just then the hollow appeared above saizo and this time his weapon looked to be a spear, the hollow would then thrust the spear down towards saizos heart. but he was able to dodge by kicking off of the spear at the last second and flipped back while he skidded five feet before coming to a stop, just then he felt something suddenly stab him in the ribs so looking down he noticed that the hollows tail had punctured a hole in his side so taking a hold of the hollows tail he took one of his blades and came down onto the tail with his weapon but nothing happened instead it just sounded like he had hit something metal. " you dumb soul reaper this here is my proud tail and the reason i call it my proud tail is cause it can not be cut or damaged. so because you was foolish you shall lose your life soul reaper." the hollow whipped his tail which sent saizo flying away but not fast more like he was just tossed away like he was made of trash which kinda made saizo mad, but he did not have to much pride to not use help when he had it to use. before he could signal to his men to start the attack the hollow raised his hand and pointed it towards saizo then the next thing that he knows the vosto lorde had charged up a strong cero and so the only way to have any shot at surviving that blast was if he hit it with a kido of his own so he began to chant the incantasion in his head so to not let the hollow know what he was doing. Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!. he managed to complete the chant just in time for the hollow suddenly fired the cero but it turned out to be faster then what he expected, but he made sure to wait until the very last second until he knew the attack was about to hit then fire the kido thus lessening the power behind the attack. " hado number thirty one shakkaho" just as the cero was about to hit saizo fired the kido so the explosion caused the cero to lose some of its speed and power behind it, saizo fell to the ground after being hit by that strong cero but it was now time to give the signal to his men so they could help him. just then his battalion came out of hiding and went on the offensive, first the zanjutsu skilled fighters went in first and attacked the hollow. the hollow tried to impale one of the hollows but two of them managed to slide in to block the attack for him, so now while they was distracting the hollow the kido users was busy gathering there energy that was needed to attack or bind him. once they was ready the kido users fired a binding kido that binned the enemys arms and legs which caused the hollow to fall onto his knees, pointing his hand towards the hollow he pointed his index finger at the vosto with his thumb up like his hand was a gun. saizo then fired a homing needle into the chest of the hollow, he knows now that there was no way that his next attack would not miss its mark. so closing his hand into a fist the four knifes that hides in his wrist guards popped out, they fired out from his wrist and they all stuck into the hollows chest and whent chest deep then exploded with a very large explosion. he was not sure writher or not that the attack worked successfully but even if it did not he knew for sure that there would be damage taken. the dust was starting to fade and though the smoke he saw a shadow of the vosto lorde kneeling down so he assumed that he was badly injured, but turned out to be exactly the other way around but he did have the holes where his knifes stuck into him. but besides from that the hollow looked just fine unless maybe there was unseen damage that he could not see, the hollow began to dust his self off and started walking towards him. saizo was not gonna go out with out a fight so using his wire skill he created two katana's then ran forwards as he began his assault on the hollow. deciding to use his speed against the hollow first that was why he made the two then katana blade which gave him swift and fluid motion that worked best with his fighting style. but no matter how fast he made his self go for some reason he was not able to land a single hit cause his tail kept getting in his way, the vosto lorde was mostly using his tail to defend the attacks off but it was still annoying especially since he worked so hard just to achive this power and bankai. but even after all of this saizo was being toyed with by this vosto lorde and it was making him angry which is something that he would normally not get. so backing off saizo placed his two katana's together and created a larger blade called a claymore and this weapon was easy for saizo to weld no matter what size it becomes, so now with his big sword in hand saizo rushed in towards the monster and swung side ways. when the hollow brought his tail around to protect its front side from the incoming attack saizo suddenly went into flash step med swing then appeared behind the vosto as he finished the swing side ways and managed to cut a large gash into he hollows back. the hollow then fell to the ground and so raising his sword saizo came down once more and managed to put enough strength into that he was able to cut the vosto lorde's tail clean off, now that he had the tail out of the way it was now time to take off the head of the beast so raising his claymore above his head once more he prepared to come down and cleaving the hollows head straight off his body. " Hold it saizo that is good enough i give you this match and as promised you can have your friends back alive and slightly unharmed, but now saizo i whish to test this power that you call bankai so prepure for i shall be coming. " taking off his shirt and picking up his sword that he goes every where with which is weird seeing as he never really remembered him using a sword in the past but this could be to test him so that could be why. but saizo was suddenly overwhelmed by rin's speed but seeing as he was the leader of the assassins but he could just keep up so if he tried to look a few moves ahead of what he was already looking at then he might be able to at least hold him off, unforcedly so far all he had been able to do was defend off his attacks by using his large blade he made eairler. suddenly rin managed to knock his big sword out of his hads and away from where they was, rin suddenly stabbed the sword into the ground and swiftly grabbed saizo by the throat and lifted him up by one hand. taking the other hand rin would thrust his hand forwards impaling saizo in three places on his upper body tho he made sure not to hit any fatal orgens areas, letting go rin dropped saizo onto the ground then kicked some dirt onto saizo. saizo now lay there with three holes punctured into him, a pool of blood was already beginning to form under him but rin knew that there was soul reapers there to get him to the medical squad. " well saizo i see how strong you are now but its no where how i expected it to be, i must say i am sourly disappointed but do come find me saizo if you ever wish to challenge this power again. oh and one last thing i forgot to tell you, geko told me to give you his best regards and try not to avenge him to bad." saizo could not belive it, they had found out about geko and killed him. those bastereds i shall kill them all. saizo thought and the next thing he knows his spiritual pressure was going though the roof and as he stood it could be seen that the holes bleeding had been closed off for the moment. " YOU BASTARD I SHALL KILL YOU." saizo already badly damaged rushes in and attempts to strike down rin with more of his power being released but how he was not sure, tho all rin had to do was stab saizo in the center of the chest with his sword. this time the spiritual pressure which was booming off saizo suddenly stopped and he fell to the ground once more but this time he was not moving instead he just lay there with out moving a single muscle. " i told you already have i not, you dear boy are not strong enough to face me. once you get that though your head the better we shall all be off, now i have places to be and no time to spare on you." saizo could just barely able to watch rin walk off into the distance for his vision was fading fast, he could hear every one yelling and screaming but he could not hear what they was saying. but every now and then he could hear parts of what people was saying. wc: 4,824 twc: 15,522
  15. turning geko started walking off ahead of him, so standing up quickly he caught up with him. but hell don't tell a person to follow then head off before them, how are they supposed to be able to find the spot unless he takes them. saizo just shook his head while he followed behind geko to this spot that he wanted to show him but as they got closer he started to wonder just what kind of place did he want to show him in a place like this. it was not much farther until geko stopped so walking up beside him saizo was shocked by what he was seeing. there was a large hot springs that looked very inviting, tho how he was able to make a hot springs down here he was not sure. " are you wanting me to take a bath geko or is there another motive behind this hot springs which i do not know of. " saizo asked as he leaned up against the stone wall and looked over at geko with his arms crossed in front of his chest. geko just began laughing as he heard saizo ask that, so geko suddenly grabbed his blade so saizo quickly grabbed the handle of his zanpakto, but geko raised his hand to stop saizo as geko then took his blade and cut the side of his arm. geko would then place his wounded arm into the water from the hot springs, saizo was not sure what geko was doing but he soon found out. the cut on his arm slowly healed completely up and then geko looked at saizo as he was still laughing. after seeing what the water did saizo was now the one laughing, it was basically a training room where no matter what injury you might have it instantly heals. that means you could just stay down here and train forever, unforcedly unless he could pass his bankai training then he would never get to see that day or time. after taking a dip in the hot springs his skin had absorbed to much water and so it was now all wiggly, so after eating a meal it was now morning which meant that it was now time to presume his bankai training and just hope that he manages to survive this time around or even pass tho he knows that will not happen. standing up with his zanpacktou in hand saizo walked over to the fighting dummy as he suddenly trusted his sword straight into the dolls chest then all at once he released a massive amounts of spiritual energy into the fighting doll. when the dust cleared enough to see what was in front of him, saizo noticed his zanpakto spirit shinzengumi just standing there and from where he was standing it almost looked like she was asleep. " hey shinzengumi are you awake or thinking of stupid way of trying to scare me." saizo asked her all sarcastically as there was a sleep bubble hanging from her nose. just as he had said that the bubble popped and she opened her eyes to see saizo and geko staring at her and then she noticed the drool as she then started to panic. " i..i..i was not sleeping, i was just meditating on a way to scar you...thats all, now if your ready then how about we start over where we left off last time." she became so funny when she is caught off guard like that, reaching down saizo picked up the nearest weapon that he could find and then got into a defensive stance. but the bad side to that is after she has a very bad temper because of it which makes fighting her even that much more harder. " so if your ready saizo then come at me when ever you are ready." when he reached down to pick up a blade from the ground he also grabbed some pebbles and sand, so quickly swapping his weapon from one hand to another he took the hand which had the sand and pebbles in it and he tossed it into her eyes which would hopefully blind her long enough to where he can try to finish this in one move. after making his first move saizo used flash step and vanished from where he was was standing then before you knew it he was behind her and was swinging his arm towards her back. if it worked then she would have a blade impaling her from behind. unfutenly she was still able to dodge it by just sound alone which saizo would make sure to add next time he attacked her, so as his arm came back she twisted some then grabbed him by the arm and was hanging on like a monkey. the next thing he knows there was a terrible pain in his arm, with the force which was being applied he could swear that his arm was about to break. using flash step saizo landed by a large boulder, mustering the strength he needed saizo took the arm which she was hanging on and then slammed her into it. the slam was strong enough to crack the rock but he was not able to to break it nor was he able to get the litte ninja off his arm, so bringing his arm back saizo struck her back into the boulder as hard as he could. this time around he was able to break the large stone and at the same time he was finally able to get that monkey off of his arm, as soon as he did he flash stepped 10 feet away so he could get a little space between the two of them. he needed to come up with a plan or some sort of stradagy and stop attacking blindly, but she did not allow him much time for thinking for she went straight back to attacking. she vanished from where she was standing which meant that she used flash step but now he started scanning the area for any trace of what she might try next. just then she appeared behind him with twin blades at the ready, turning saizo was able to block the first and second blade strikes but then by twisting real fast she kicked saizo in the center of the chest that sent him flying back and he crashed into a large boulder which decided to crumble as he hit the surface of the rock. letting out a powerful blast of spiritual pressure saizo was able to clear all the rocks off him, but before he was ready izoho was already in front of him. she came down and a attempt to sweep his feet out from beneath him, but he was ready for this and jumped up and as he did he flipped and brought the heel of his feft foot down onto the top of her head which caused her to look as if she was bowing to him for forgiveness. but he was not finished yet, so as his right foot touched the ground he used all the strength in that right leg and brought it up right as his left foot made contact so she did not have time to counter. the second kick made izoho to go flying up into the air so using flash step saizo landed right above her with both hands coming down with a axe handle to the back of her head which caused her to go flying down like a rocket into the ground so a large dust cloud rose up around her so being able to see her just vanished for the moment. now that he had a moment to spare he started looking around for some weapon to use, luckily he found a small blade which looked like his small katana so at least he would be using one he was with. just as he picked up the blade a large and scary energy could be felt raising up from where izoho had landed, as each second ticked by the force of the energy continued to rise. it seemed that with that last hit he landed on izoho she was not taking it very well, but they also say that a zanpakto is like a mirror of there master which means since saizo was calm and collected she was starting to get mad and unstable, which in his case could either be a bad thing or a good thing depending on how he played his cards. all of a sudden the energy stopped and izoho zoomed out of the smoke and began her assault on saizo, unfortunately all saizo could really do at the moment was defend the attacks coming at him. it would seem that she has lost her cool so bad that she would be willing to kill him in just a split second so he now had three choices that he could try. first is plan A, he could try talking her back to the person he began this fight with. plan B beat her ass senseless until she came back to her senses. Or third and last plan C, he could keep defending off her attacks and try to wait it out tell the time limit expires and she returns to to doll. but no matter what path he chooses he is gonna have to fight her to gain bankai which just ment that he would have to try plan D which was all of the above. so when she came in with a thrust with her blade in hand saizo side stepped to where the blade would just dodge him by inches, well actually he was cut a little but that was only a graze. so from there saizo grabbed her by the wrist and yanked down then taking his knee he would smack izoho in the head as hard as he could, that would make her stumble back some but since saizo still had her held by the wrist she was unable to get away. using her momentum from going back saizo would pull back and at the same time he would bring his right leg up ready to strike like a snake, so as she came in saizo kicked the bloody hell out of her in her gut that sent her flying back and just like him landed into a plate as it came crumbling down around her onto her. he was not that great with kido but he was gonna give one a try any way since she would not expect that, seeing as she knows all his fighting moves it made sense to use a move which she knows he dose not use much cause he did not have a very good nack at it. so saizo would raise both hands out in front of his body with his palms facing the enemy, from there saizo would begain to gather up the reiyoku needed for the spell to be strong enough to actually do some damage, that was when he remembered that if he recited the incantasion then the spell would become even stronger. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!" Hadō # 31: Shakkahō. the energy that he had gathered up now ran from his whole body and traveled into his arms then into his palms as a large red ball of reiyoku, making a trigger in his mind he would pull the trigger which helped him push the kido towards izoho. the kido hit the pile of rocks and made a large explosion, but that was cause izoho had sliced right though the kido makig it turn into two parts. this caused a dissruption in the flow of energy which caused the explosion to be larger then normal, shinzengumi was now just standing there with her back to the flames and facing saizo. " izoho shinzengumi answer me, are you ok. are you back to your normal self or are you still out there in the head some where." it was hard to see her facial expression for most of it was covered in shadow, but when he saw the glow of the deep red eyes he knew that all he really did was end up pissing her off even more then what she already was. so saizo went ahead and flash stepped away to try and come up with a good idea to use, he knows now that attacking her head on was just gonna be a death wish. but with the way in which she was going on a rampage it would not take long before she finaly found him out which meant that he would need to think of something fast. so while he was hiding beind a boulder he reached down and picked up three decent sized rocks then with fast speed he would toss those stones around the corner as they all managed to hit there target. one hit her right in the temple, the second landed between her ribs, then the last one hit the joint in her knee joint. she quickly spun around looking in the deriction which the stones came from but by the time she looked over there saizo was already behind her with his hand lifted high above her neck. since she was acting on mostly rage this is what allowed him to get so close with out her noticing him, so taking his hand saizo chopped her in the side of the neck as hard as he could which would cause her to lose her balance, so from there saizo kicked her legs out from under her and she began to fall down. so twisting around to gain some momentum saizo would land his elbow right into the meddle of her chest then bowed her into the ground, standing up saizo stood over her body as she laied there. raising his hands up he pointed them at izoho, saizo knows that at this range there was no way for her to dodge so it was gonna sting. even tho her eyes was closed saizo was not gonna take the chance for her to get back up so he started to gather the energy that he would need for the spell, besides he was suppose to beat her up enough so that she gave up and gave up the power of bankai to him. saizo was now finally done with gathering the energy so he was ready to deliver the attack on her at point blank range. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!". just as he was about to deliver the final attack izoho shinzingumi suddenly vanished back into the doll forum which meant that day two was over, but that meant he only has one day left to gain bankai or else his like was over. but since he knew he was done fighting for a while and had time to relax saizo would lay back onto the ground and fall asleep some, he was probably not sleep long or so thats what it felt like. he was being awoken by his uncle geko who looked like he had been out, once saizo was on his feet he noticed that geko had been out gathering food for when saizo was done fighting. " oh man this looks awesome geko thanks, now lets dig in for i am starving." saizo said and then he and geko began to chow down on the food before them as if it was there last meal on earth. soon they was finished eating and what always goes great after a awesome meal but a awesome bath in the hot spring which was in there underground training facility. after saizo had taken his bath and regained his lost stamina it was time to do a little work out to burn off the food he eat but to also be limbered up for when he started fighting izoho again. first he started out by running the whole length of the underground area then after that he did 1,300 pushups 1000 setups, 500 sqrats then finished off by doing mental training with a technique which he learned a while back. it was called image training its where one meditates so hard that he can actually look back onto fights they have already done to be able to replay not only there own techniques but there enemys also. " i see your training is going well saizo, your even stronger today then when we fought yesterday hehehe." well if izoho was there that just meant it was time to resume there training for bankai, but since it was his last day to achieve bankai he was gonna have to pull out all the stops if he wished to win today. " why thank you izoho you also seem less destructive today, so do you plan on wigging out today also or what." saizo asked her being sarcastic, but he was also being truthful he needed to know if she would be like that again this time around. if so he might not have a shot at surviving to the end of the training excurses. " oh you silly thing no, see if you have not noticed yet i have been making my self slowly get stronger and stronger each battle we had. since this our last fight i shall be giving you all my power i have so you better be ready for it unless you want to perish today." saizo was not afraid of death cause if he was then he would not make a very good assassin now would he, so he just chuckled as he stood up from where he was standing then reached over and picked up a weapon that was laying near by. as soon as saizo did that a burst of energy suddenly erupted from izoho and he could feel her power slowly continuing to grow more and more as the seconds roll on. after about 3 minutes her energy stopped growing and remained stable at one point which meant she was ready to attack at any second so he would need to keep his guard up. izoho cracked a wide smile upon her face as she let out a chuckle that sent shivers down his spine, he was not sure how she was gonna decide on how to attack but he would have to be prepared for any thing just in case for she would be fighting him at full strength now so unless he did the same then he would wind up dead soon. so looking deep down saizo would pull forth all his power for the final show down of the third day of fighting, but it now seemed as if izoho was ready to fight. " i hope your ready saizo cause i do not plan on holding back any longer. but hey do me a favor and do not die before i can start having fun." in the blink of a eye izoho was standing in front of him and was coming forwards with a punch that landed right in the center of his sternum, but saizo stood his ground and retaliated by landing a strong punch to her face which caused her to slide back a few feet. so taking this chance saizo rushed in as he began to throw punch after punch each one pushing her back a few inches, the last punch tho which saizo throws izoho catches it then taking a hold of the arm she suddenly picks saizo up into the air then very hardly slams him into the ground with extreme force. he had to basicly climb up from out of a hole she slammed him to the ground so hard, as he stood up she thought that she was gonna be able to kick his head off but saizo grabbed her angle right before her leg made contact with his head. the pressure which came from the kick caused saizos hair to wildly blow about as if he had been hit by a hurricane. once he had a hold of her leg saizo took his elbow and brought it down right in the center of her kneecap and he could feel it as the leg broke on contact, he was not wanting to do this but he wanted this bankai and he would pull out all tricks he has to accrue it even if it meant having to be brutle to get it. letting go he watched her as she attempted to limp back, he could tell that this fight was basically over tho could she tell that or would she attempt to continue to fight on with just a bad leg. " saizo answer me this first before i make my final decision, why do you fight so hard for the power of bankai when you are not strong enough for it." saizo took a moment to think about it and she had some truth behind her words, and after a while of thinking hard on it he was able to come up with a answer which he was happy with. " you ask me why i fight so hard to gain bankai, well my answer is this. i fight for those who are no longer here and those who came before me, i want the power to protect those that are close to me and those who i shall meet later on in life. and if i must i shall continue to fight you if you do not like my answer." saizo got into a defensive stance as he was now ready for any thing, but instead she just kneeled down and was smiling which made saizo wonder what she was thinking. " saizo though out these fights we have had you have shown great progression so i am happy to tell you i summit you shall be granted the power of bankai. now please take my hands and you shall be granted a power which very few ever manage to get." reaching down saizo grabbed a hold of her hands and suddenly she began to glow a red and black, then her energy flowed into his body and he could feel his self grow with power. the power which izoho gave him surrounded his body and it became a cloak, from there his shikai suddenly activated again...or so he thought thats what had happened. but that was when two wrist guards appeared which had knifes all the way around it. his vice captain vest which he custom made changed to black and it got longer in the coat tails, his shinigami out fit shrunk down. looking down at his hands he opened them then closed them, he could feel the power swelling up inside him and he could not belive it. the doll which had the spirit in it fell to the ground with a thud, geko walked over to where saizo was and shook his hand. saizo explained to geko that he had to get back to his squad for he had responsibility to his duty's, after a final good by saizo deactivated his bankai and then sheathed his blade before using flash step to leave the area and headed back to the squad 2 barracks. wc: 3,958 twc: 10,698 bankai training complete: 7,685/1500 ooc: leaving thread