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  1. Grimm the Ripper

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    fantastic beast: crimes of grindlwald. meg. goosbumps 2
  2. Grimm the Ripper

    Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    It had now been four weeks and yamashiro wounds had finally healed up all the way. As he laid on his bed of webbing he went through his head on what there was that he could do next. He had already taken over all the adjuchas lairs so now he just needed to take out the few vosto hide outs before he even thought about trying to pick a fight with the arrancars. While he was being bored laying about he heard a large explosion at the front of the cave, yamashiro had a grin spread across his face cause if it was a enemy hollow he might be able to have some fun. yamashiro jumped from his Webb and just as his feet touched the ground he used sonido and disappeared before he landed out side seconds later. Another explosion could be heard and thanks to the sand blowing up from the impact he was able to quickly locate the beast. This would be the biggest hollow that yamashiro had ever seen, it was the size of two school buses stacked onto one another. It resembled a koala bear with wood spikes coming out of it's back. " Wow you sure are one big creature, I bet you would give me one hell of a fight what do you say." The hollow just looked at him with a confused look and a mad one as he suddenly threw a punch at yamashiro. It took a few seconds for the dust to clear but when it did yamashiro was standing on the hollows fist. The hollow noticed him so he pulled back his arm and threw another punch to the ground which was meant to smash him so using his quickness he made his way up to the hollows shoulder. With a chuckle he tapped the koala on the cheek and he then turned to look at yamashiro. It was very much confused cause it looked from him to his hand back to him. Laughing yamashiro planted his fist as hard as he could into the hollows face, the impact of the punch sent the towering menace toppling over into the side of the mountain side. As the hollow went forward yamashiro leaped from the hollows shoulder and gently landed on the Sandy ground. " To be such a massive beast I was hoping to have better sport from you, so I do hope that we can have some fun out of this." Just then the big hollow swung his fist towards yamashiro as he went for a back hand strike. But this was a good chance to test the hollows strength so putting his hands up yamashiro was ready to block the attack. As the back of his fist connect with yamashiro hands he thought that he had stopped the attack but just then he noticed that his feet was slowly sliding back on the sand, with one final push the large hollow was able to over power yamashiro sending him flying back like a rocket. He was not able to stop his momentum as he went crashing into a largh Boulder, dust went up into the air and all over the spot where yamashiro landed so it was hard to see what had happened to him until the dust decided to clear up. Standing up he looked at the hollow with a happy look on his face, it had been a while since he had been able to have a decent fight and it not be against a vosto or arrancar. Just then he noticed that there was something speeding in his direction and he had no idea what it could be unless it was a ability from the hollow, yamashiro used his webbing to make two katana as he cut the in coming projectiles into half's, the two pieces which was one each went on either side of yamashiro and landed on the sand behind him. Looking back he looked at what had flew at him to see that it was just wood, which meant that this hollows ability had something to do with wood. The fight had just started so he had no idea just how strong this hollow was but the only way to find out is by attacking and finding out. Using sonido yamashiro vanished from where he was standing and appeared seconds later behind the big hollow, taking his swords he thrusted them into the hollows back but unfortunately the blades suddenly snapped as they made contact. Using sonido once more yamashiro decided to get some distance between his self and the hollow so he could try to think of some way to Pearce the hollows skin. " Hahahahah puny hollow you need try better if you wish to cut me." Yamashiro was surprised that the Hugh beast actually had the intelligence to speak, but that was good cause that meant the hollow was capable of thinking which might make the fight less boring. " You say I need to try better, fine I think I can arrange that." Yamashiro powered up as weird marking began to spread across his body, next he spat out some webbing as he molded it into a large compound bow then he made a arrow that had a spiled tip making it more powerful then one of his normal arrows. Pulling back on the string he could feel the pressure of the cord tightening as he brought it farther back, then when he unleashed it the arrow flew forward like a speeding missiles and it struck the hollow in the leg. Unfortunately it did not go all the way through and to top that it did not even look like it faze him cause he just reached Down and yanked it from his leg then tossed it to the side. Just then the large hollow suddenly disappeared from his sight, he began to search the battlefield for him but he was not able to find him, well that was until he was suddenly smashed into the ground from a big fist from behind. If yamashiro had not been lucky enough to see the attack coming at the last minute then he would be a pancake, luckily he managed to left his arms above his head so the impact was blocked if only by a little bit. " Oh my that actually caused my arm to tingle this may be a better fight then I expected, but if you are gonna kill me then I advise that you up your game big guy." " Arrrrrrrrr, you shall die puny hollow. I am gonna squash you into a tiny ball then eat your mangled body." Raising both his arms the hollow put both his hands together he plunged his fists down towards yamashiro, but by using two hands together it caused his speed to downgrade a lot so he used sonido to vanish then landed on a boulder that sat behind the large beast. Yamashiro began to pick his ear as he blew the dust off letting out a heavy sigh of bordom the hollow got mad as it began to charge a large cero, tho no matter how big something is means nothing if it dose not have the reiyoku to back the punch up. The cero was now fully charged then with a bellowing roar the hollow shot the cero out, yamashiro could tell that even if the cero hit him it would do little to no damage tho he was in the mood to show off so lifting his arm up he caught the cero as it hit the palm of his hand. He would then fire a cero of his own which would slice though the bear hollow cero as his and his own cero smashed into the large beast, this caused the beast to lift off the ground five feet and went flying back. Yamashiro did not give the hollow time to hit the ground as he spit out a sticky net as it trapped the hollow within, grabbing a hold of the string he started to spin around and around before releasing it making the hollow smashing I to a mountain side. " Soooo are you still alive over there cause I'm kinda getting bored over here." Yamashiro gave off a yawn as he stood there waiting to see if the hollow was gonna stand back up or not, so far the hollow was just laying there not even moving his toes but then all of a sudden it began to wiggle. That was when he noticed that those wooden things that stuck out from it's back was stuck In some rocks from the mountain side it crashed In to so it did not seem as if he was going any where no time soon. Yamashiro got on to the top of the hollows chest as he walked over to where it's head was, opening his mouth yamashiro began to make a bow then after a extra strong arrow. " I bed you a good by it's time our fight ends, I'm bored so this is the end." Drawing his string of the bow back he aimed for the hollows head, then by releasing the arrow it struck the hollows head but refused to go all the way though so he fired another arrow into the first which managed to go into the hollows mask. The mask started to crack open as the little black lines spread all over then all of a sudden the mask shattered as the hollow despersed into a black mist before he was gone and the only thing left was the Carnage from the battle. Wc: 1,617
  3. Grimm the Ripper

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Equalizer 2 Fantastic beast and where to find them. Harry Potter 1/2/3. Your highness.
  4. Grimm the Ripper

    Ryu,s first day in squad 3

    Ryu and niomi walked up as the teacher was finishing up his speech and from the look that he gave the two of them as they arrived told him that he had no intention of repeating him self. " It's nice to see that some around here could find the time to show up on time, but as I was saying you shall all be tested in four different categories. Shunpo,hand to hand combat,kido and lastly zanjutsu the way of the sword. Now you should all be familiar with each class since you learned them all while in the academy. So when I call your name you shall step up and demonstrate the appropriate skill in which we are testing in. First shall be hand to hand, after kido after that zanjutsu and lastly shunpo." One after another the Shinigami was paird up to spar and wouldn't you know it Ryu was unlucky to to have to go up against a gaint. " Do not worry little man I will not hurt you at least I shall try not to but when my opponent is as small as you I some times get carried away hahahah."
  5. Grimm the Ripper

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Baywatch. Django Pitch black Ridick Baby driver Tekken.
  6. Grimm the Ripper

    Ryu,s first day in squad 3

    It was Ryu first day in squad three along with his friend niomi shinada who was a year ahead of Ryu in the soul reaper academy, but he was smart enough to graduate early. He was supposed to head over to the large hall to listen to some entrance speech but he did not feel up to it for it was just a drag. He already knew what they was gonna say and he was not to excited like most to know what his rank would be, if they wanted to put him in a high possession then he would rather earn it. So climbing up into a tree he laid down on a branch while he read his latest issue of monthly jump as he listened to what was being said inside the hall. It was about thirty minutes into the meeting when he heard a girl's voice from the bottom of the tree so looking down he noticed that it was his friend niomi tho she did not look very happy. " You idiot how can you be missing the big speech on your first day, I know your all smart and stuff Ryu but come on at least behive today of all days. So let's go and we should be able to make it to the tests where they put us in our proper ranks." With a large sigh Ryu got down from the tree as he brushed the pine needles off his kimono. " I'm only doing this to shut you up so let's get going niomi." The two of them made there way over to the squad 3 training field where other members was already lined up in a military line.
  7. First name: Ryu Middle name(s): Surname: takanuchi Age: 10'000 but looks 23 Date of birth: December 10th Race: Shinigami Gender: Male. Sexuality: Straight Current residence: the squad 3 barracks Relationship status: single Social status: squad 3 member Physical Appearance Height: 5"11 Weight: 195 Eye color: silver Skin color: lightly tanned Shape of face: hansome Distinguishing features: has a band-aid on the bridge of his nose. He has a small scar over his right eye. Build of body:skinny but not to muscled tho he is not weak. Hair color: black Hair style: short,slicked back tho spiked back. Typical clothing: the Shinigami black robes. He has a necklace which looks like two dragon twisting around each other. Personality Likes: rainy nights. snow.cats.dogs.training. Dislikes: spicy foods. Being looked down on. Senseless fighting. Bully's. Education: the soul reaper academy. . Fears: spiders. Hollows. Not being able to prove his self. Personal goals: to protect the soul society. To one day reach the rank of captain. General attitude: Easy going most of the time. A little self adsorbed. He is smart but some times can miss what's right in front of him. General intelligence: Good Ryu knows he is smart and some times dose not know when to stop bragging General sociability: decent Health: great Illnesses (if any): nope Allergies (if any): to bullshit Sleeping habits: decent Energy level: High Eating habits: above normal Memory: decent Any unhealthy habits: will at times use a Ally as a test idea. Relationships Parents: dead Siblings: sister( dead) Nemesis: nope Children: nope Friends: 1 Niomi shinada Best friend(s): Important friends/relatives (explain): no Love interest (if there is one):none Combat Peaceful or violent: peaceful Weapon :Zanpakuto Style of fighting: one handed with kido Flash step: he might not be physically strong but he has a faster shunpo then most vice captains. Kido master: in the academy Ryu got top marks in all his kido classes so he trained to become a kido master. Hakuda: he is not the best at fighting up close unless he has no choice. Spiritual power: Ryu was pushed hard to raise his spiritual power so to use the higher level kido. His spiritual power equal that of a vice captain. Barrier expert: not liking to fight hand to hand Ryu like to use barrier for blocking trapping or conseling. Others Occupation:Shinigami, squad 3 member. Current home: squad 3 barracks Favorite food: ramen soba noodles with three slices of pork. Favorite drink: Dr pepper Hobbies/past times: Reading and collecting manga. Practice his kido. Loves to cook. Pets: a hairless Chinese cat. Talents: Kido arts. Quick learner. Cooking Favorite colours: silver, blue and black. Favorite type of music: All kinds it's all got to do with how he is feeling at the time. Shikai name Rinjoku Realease command: Clash When Ryu enters shikai his sword transforms into a pair of elbow length armor gaunlets. In shikai his zanpakto helps to strengthen his kido arts as well as allows him to make energy barrier. Not only do they increase his kido power but if used the right way he can even boost his physical attacks by using his spiritual power. Bankai Name: Oni Rinjoku Appearance: not achived yet Element: enhancement. Zanpakto spirit In shikai his spirit takes on the form of a fighting monk and is the complete opposite of Ryu. He stands six feet tall and wears the same black kimono that the Shinigami have. Around his neck there is a necklace that consese of large wooden beads. He has short black hair that comes down to his eyes and he Carry's a long staff. Inner world. The inner world of the spirit was that of a large Forrest, there was a monks building in the center of the woods where a lake surrounded the building. Reiatsu appearance: silver with hints of red.
  8. Grimm the Ripper

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Jumanji the second one. Escape plan 2 Hades Just getting started Pacific rim two upraising.
  9. Grimm the Ripper

    Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    The war was over and the day was done, the hollows that was wounded beyond help was put down like a dog. After the soldier would place all the courpses of the dead in a big pile before lighting them on fire. The smell to yamashiro was like a sweet aroma that filled his nose and lungs with the smoke from the burning body's. Before leaving his new base camp yamashiro made sure to leave some men behind to make sure to watch over it, and since now he did have a new base camp he could use it to house any new hollows that decided to join his army. It took them roughly three days of walking before they managed to make it back to his main base and he could not have been more happy to see it, he might have a lot of stamina but that did not stop the fact that his feet was killing him and he could not wait to get inside so he could kick his feet up and go to sleep. Once inside he got a bite to eat before heading towards his room and once there he kicked back and got comfortable before he slowly dozed off into a hard sleep a sleep so deep he began to dream of when he was a human. " Ok hon I'm going to work now, tell the boy I will see him after I get home and I should be able to help him with his homework." Even when he was human the hollow still went by yamashiro gazami, he was a middle aged man around thirty to forty years old. He was roughly six foot take or give a few inches, and he was a very slinder man. He had blue eyes but his glasses made them look as if they was some what green blue. " Ok sweetie shall do, also what would you like for dinner tonight." His wife said as she came around the corner as she gave her husband a big hug and kiss as he was leaving. " Well you know me I can never seem to make up my mind so I will let you decide for tonight." He said as he was walking out the door to his Toyota range roller as he got in and just as he began to pull out it started raining. He was about halfway to his place of work before his phone started ringing, normally he would have just ignored it then called back later but when he looked down he saw it was from his work place so reaching down he picked up the phone and answered it. But before he could ever say any thing the person on the other end began yelling. " Yamashiro we seem to have a major problem sir, the test spider number 666 has been reported missing from it's cage. We are looking every where as I speak but no luck yet finding it." Yamashiro was about to speak but just at that moment he felt a sharp pain like something bit him on his neck, he was going to smack it but that was he noticed that he could not move speak or do any thing. Some how the test spider had got into the Dr car, but since he could not move he was not able to speak and tell his friend that the spider was there with him, but then yamashiro car ran head on with a tractor trailer truck and that was all he knew cause the next thing he realized he was waking back up. Looking down he could see his dead body or at least what was left of his body, that was when he noticed a chain was stuck to his chest. Just then yamashiro woke up from the dream he was having, his face was drenched in sweat from the dream tho to him what he saw did not seem like a dream but more like what happened to him as a human. He did not know that a hollow could still remember things like that but guess that just shows there are still plenty of things that you learn all the time. Wc: 705
  10. Grimm the Ripper

    Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    The vosto lorde known as niko finished his assault by grabbing yamashiro by the back of his head as he took his knee and slammed it up into his face, this caused yamashiro to go tumbling back before landing on his back looking up at a blurry view. As he laid there all he could hear was the hollow laughing and the sound of the battle which was still raging on out side the cave. Yamashiro was not sure how long the poison in side of him would last so he hoped that if he just laid there he could let the effect dull down some, if that did not work then he would have to find another way to get the poison toxin out of his bloodstream. "Hey no just laying there playing dead we both know your just stalling for time so my poison effect wears off, unfortunately I shall not allow you to have that much time." The next thing that yamashiro knew there was suddenly a knee planted deep into his stomach , yamashiro coughed up some blood before he was kicked in the side of his ribs. He was sent flying into a boulder and seconds later he would be hit by a cero tho it was not that powerful so he was able to withstand it with out no major damage received.But that still did not help the fact that he was getting his ass handed to him but that would be for any one that had already fought three fights before this one and they was not easy by a long shot. As niko came in for his attack yamashiro noticed something, tho he could not see far cause of the toxin in his blood that did not seem to stop his close vision either that or his poison was starting to lose its strength. So to test that he would need to try to catch one of his limbs when he attacks cause then even if he was blind there was no way he could dodge Yamashiro attacks, so as something came into his view he quickly threw up his hand as he was lucky enough to grab something. From the feel of it, it would seem that he was able to catch his tail. Niko seemed to be thinking of injecting yamashiro once more with some kind of poison but with his tail in a vice grip there was no way that niko would be able to get away. " I'm done..I'm done letting you have your fun, I'm threw with letting you kick me around. I think it's high time I had some fun alwith" with the vosto tail in hand yamashiro began to spin around and around then with one good yank he ripped the hollows tail clean off its body. " ahhhhhhh god damn it you basterd, well if it's any consolation that hurt like hell but let me ask you, do you have any idea how long it's gonna take me to regrow my tail. " yamashiro looked at him when he said that with a puzzled expression cause the last he remembered only the arrancar was able to use high speed regeneration. "What now?" Yamashiro said as he tilted his head to the side. Just then the tail that he ripped off grew suddenly back onto the hollow. " I'm sorry that was a trick question but now we can have more fun. " Yamashiro suddenly noticed that he could see clearly once more, and in that case it was about time the vosto lorde took his payback ass kicking, first thing's first he would need to get rid of that tail once again so that there was no chance of being poisoned cause that shit was bull crap. Using sonido Yamashiro landed behind him as he tapped the vosto on his shoulder, before the hollow could turn around yamashiro took the tip of his elbow and slammed it into his neck which dropped his ass to the floor. From there yamashiro slammed his foot into the back of the hollows head as his head hit the ground making a imprint of his face, then he placed his foot on the hollows back as he reached down grabbing the tail and pulled it off his body once more and this time he would not be growing it back. Just to make sure that the hollow would have a hard time fighting he reached down and grabbed both of the vosto lorde arms as he placed his foot in the center of his back he tugged so hard that you could hear the breaking of his shoulder joints. The hollows arms was now useless which just gave the hollow his legs and his cero to fight with. After the hollow laid there screaming and yelling he jumped up and opened his mouth with a cero almost ready to fire, the hollow started laughing like he thinks that he just won but with a big grin yamashiro reached up and grabbed niko by the jaws right as the cero was about to fire as he fired a weak small cero of his own which caused a chain reaction. The vosto body began to glow a bright red,and slowly the body began to get bigger inch by inch until it decided to explode leaving just the head which was still gripped in yamashiro hand. Yamashiro gut suddenly made a big snarl and he did not blame it, since he had not eat any thing now for at least two days seeing as he has probably been fighting for some time now so taking the head of the vosto lorde he took bites off it until he devoured it completely, the only thing left to do was to finish off the army which remained or see if they was gonna join his army. Now that he thought about it he should have probably kept the head to show he beat there leader, so looking around he searched around to see if there was any thing he could use. Luckily he noticed the tail which he had ripped off was still laying there so grabbing it he used sonido to vanish from where he was and he quickly made his way to a point over looking the battle but with all the noise it would be hard to get there attention so firing a cero into the middle of the battlefield he yelled at the top of his lungs which made every one stop what they was doing to look up at him. " all look at what's left of your leader, you can either join me or you can die where you stand it's your choice but I do hope you choose wisely. " Yamashiro tossed the tail to the ground showing all that there boss was dead, one by one along with his own the hollows began to get onto one knee to show there allegiance to there new boss Wc: 1,176 Twc: 4,554
  11. Grimm the Ripper

    Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    The two hollows starred one another down neither one wanting to break eye contact cause the moment one does it meant death, he would have to keep his guard up with this hollow cause unlike his last opponent he was now dealing with a fully evolved vosto lorde and not some adjuchas level arrancar that decided to rip his mask off to early. It was kind of funny when he thought about, he was a scorpion while yamashiro was a spider each a predator which leached off of weaker pray but at the same time wanted nothing more then a good fight. In this fight it would be decided who was the better warrior the adjuchas who is close to being a vosto or the vosto lorde him self, only time could tell the out come tho with neither moving it could possibly take a while. "So are you gonna make a move ahhh I'm sorry I do not know your name mines yamashiro gazami." Out of respect yamashiro introduce him self as to also buy a little more time, in his mouth he had his back teeth chewing some web in means to trap the hollow. " your right where are my manners, the names niko niko Vladimir, and no I do insist you go first comrad. " Yamashiro chuckled under his breath, so it would seem that Niko was trying the same tactic to buy more time tho yamashiro could not keep stalling. With the webbing finished yamashiro spit it out as it fired towards the hollow like a arrow, unfortunately the vosto was smart enough as well as quick enough to step to the side then using a sonido niko was now standing by yamashiro right side. "That was a nice trick there but I have some of my own up the sleeve so allow me to show you one." The vosto lorde took his pointed tail and quickly thrusted it at him so bringing up his right arm he pushed his tail away tho the stinger still managed to get his arm which lucky for him was not a fetal position,once he did that he took his left fist and punched the hollow in the gut sending him flying across the room before he had managed to save his self by planting his tail into the ground. "Not much of a skill you have seems pretty simple but if your just trying to bluff then at least know how to do it first." Yamashiro lunges forward as he started throwing punch after punch, some missed while others managed to hit home but besides dodging the hollow was not doing any thing. "What's wrong Niko get scared well I can't blame ya I some times scare my self b..." Just then a weird feeling suddenly ran down yamashiro body as if he had been struck by lightning , his legs began to feel weak and his vision was starting to blur. But how and when. Just then yamashiro understood what was wrong, some how when niko stinger stuck his arm he injected him with some kind of toxin. "I see my gift that I gave you is finally deciding to take effect, it seemed to have taken a little longer to fully kick in since you are much stronger then my previous opponents. I will give you one hint which is that none of my poisons are deadly they just help give me a edge in battle a little like this." Yamashiro could not very good now so when niko threw a punch he thought he had moved out of the way but not enough as niko began hitting yamashiro all over and he had no idea when he would stop Wc625 Twc 3,378
  12. Grimm the Ripper

    Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    As the arrancar announced the words for his resurrection a black sphere of energy enveloped him making it impossible to see what was going on inside, tho from what he could feel now that was a different story. He could feel the power steadily growing ever more as the seconds rolled on and time it's self seemed as if it stopped or it seemed as if it had rolled by him. Just then the ball of blackness shattered as if it was no more then thin glass, standing there the arrancar looked completely different than what he was. His medium length dark hair grew down to his shoulder and his face was now fully covered by his white hollow mask except for the two holes for his eyes, his outfit went from being a white to all black and he now has a long black cape that was fluttering behind him. Around his waist he had two leather straps going down his legs in both side diagonally, then in the center he had a pendant of some kind that looked like a deamons head. He carried a long staff and on the top it had a crescent moon that has three spikes on different parts around the crescent then in the center of that looked to be a blue gem floating there. "Now how about we continue on where we left off why don't we." The hollow said to yamashiro before vanishing once more but he was not dumb enough to be fooled again by the same trick so yamashiro got up high enough so that he could see all around him. But just then he felt something grab him as he was flung into a boulder tho he was not done yet for the arrancar grabbed him by his arms and started to spin around and around tell he let go which sent yamashiro right into a rock wall. It was bad enough to fight him when his attacks was phasing though the man but now he had to deal with invisibly which from his point of view was no easier. The only option he had left was a attempt to capture him some how, if he could just see him he could hopefully hit him with some of his sticky web which would give yamashiro the chance he needed to end the fight the arrancar but if he missed he might not get another opportunity at it. Doing the only thing he knew left to do yamashiro jumped up onto the ceiling and fired a cero at the ground, he did not care if he hit the arrancar at first cause the cero was just to make a smokescreen so that he could find his shadow in the smoke to fire at. Just as he planned the smoke managed to locate where the arrancar was standing and it was lucky for him that the arrancar could not see from all the dust everywhere. Forming a bow yamashiro would pull back the string of the weapon, he could feel the string tighten as it went back further. He was now ready as he took careful aim before letting loose of the arrow, it bolted forth like a rocket slamming hard in to the leg of the arrancar pinning him down like a wooden chair. "I would say your time is up arrancar good by." Pulling back on the string once more yamashiro fired two arrows in to the chest of the hollow, but even that did not seem to fully put the arrancar in deaths embrace tho from the looks of things it would not be very far away. His breathing was starting to become heavy and weak and he could no longer keep up the strength to stand any more so he fell with a heavy thud to his knees. Yamashiro would walk up to the arrancar as he looked into the eyes of a dying man,even tho he was a arrancar he was just one of the lower ranked gillains and no where near what the espada hold on power. But to have been able to beat a arrancar and only coming out of it with some minuscule wounds shows that yamashiro had grown a lot since he first set foot in hueco mundo, so to give the dying man a warrior death he would put him down so he pulled the string back once more as he shot a arrow into the arrancar skull killing him once and for all. He then turned to the vosto which for this whole time just watched on from the side lines Wc 773 Twc 2,753
  13. Grimm the Ripper

    Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    Yamashiro watched as the hollows body hit the ground after being hit by its own attack,so now that he was done having to deal with the current situation at hand he could carry on to the main chamber so that he could kill the main boss. He was walking by the dead body when all of a sudden a hand reached out and grabbed his leg stopping him from moving on, looking down he saw that the hollow was not dead yet but he was very close to deaths embrace. "I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...I'm not the only one left to beat before you reach out boss, we have a visitor here today and you must fight him first before you can even think of fighting our leader. Tho I doubt you can beat either of them for the visitor is stronger then our boss is." With the hollows last words spoken his hand heavily hit the ground as its body slowly became dust then vanished like sparks from a fire in the night sky, he began to wonder just who this hollow which he spoke of was. But it did not matter Yamashiro still had plenty of stamina to spear and energy for days so he continued on down the path ahead of him as he made his way to the next room so he could fight the next hollow, the closer he made it to the next room he could feel a strong spiritual pressure emitting from down the ways. It was too low to be a arrancar but at the same time it was why to high to just be a low ranking adjuchas so that just left the vost o lorde and if that was the case then he would surely have his hands full with his next confrontation. He entered the next part of the cave to see a small humanoid like hollow laying on his side as he watched yamashiro enter, he was roughly about five foot in height and he had a long spiky tail that looked like a scorpion stinger. " ah welcome Mr gazami it's nice to see that you was finally able to reach my inner sanctuary for that you have my respect, but we seem to have a problem. You see I am so busy I normally do not have to time to fight people my self so allow me to introduce your opponent. " the hollow raised his hand signaling for the other person to show them selfs, as he did a person walked in that was wearing all white like some kind of priest, but of all the things the one thing he noticed the most was the sword hanging loosely by this man's side. From what he understood about these types was that out of all the different looks that hollows turn into the only ones which look like the soul reapers where the arrancar. But what would a arrancar be doing here and why, normally they stay in the confide of the los nochas castle or in the world of the living. " I see you are puzzled as to why he is here, you see i recently found out what you was doing and I told my friend. He told me that if I or him kill you then I shall become a arrancar plus there is the good fortune of serving the Lord of hueco mundo as his right hand man. Now go and kill him or at least wear him down so it's easy for me to finish him. " The new person would bow in respect to the vost o before turning his attention towards yamashiro. He would have to keep his eyes on his opponent cause since this was the first time fighting a arrancar he had no idea what he would have up his sleeve. Both fighters would spring forth like snakes as the clashed into each other, the arrancar and him both had there hands pushing against one another. The hollow suddenly threw a knee up but yamashiro saw this coming so taking his third arm he was able to block it. Unfortunately he did not see the other leg coming up so yamashiro ribs got hit really hard and luckily he managed to place his arm around his leg in time before he was able to pull it back so now both fighters were in a stand still neither able to move or attack. Lucky for yamashiro he still had his legs to move so jumping up into the air yamashiro would start to spin as he then tossed the arrancar down onto the ground,the pressure and force behind the impact a crater would be formed under where the person landed. To put salt on the wound yamashiro would fire a cero down onto the arrancar, but for some reason the attack was not hitting the ground but instead it stopped just inches away from him. Opening his mouth the arrancar would pull the cero in as if he eat it but then seconds later he spit it out tho it felt much stronger then what yamashiro had fired which meant that he had shot a cero of his own mixing it with yamashiro cero. As fast as it was coming at him there was no way of dodging it so taking a defensive stance he let the cero hit, luckily it only burnt his forearm and not that bad either. The only problem he had now was the fact that he had lost sight with where the arrancar was, scanning the room yamashiro quickly looked around to try and find where the arrancar was hiding at cause as soon as he found him he was not loosing track of him again. But now that he thought about it he could not even sense the arrancar spiritual pressure which meant he was masking it some how tho he could not think of many ways of doing it unless this was one of his abilities if so he would have to be very careful cause if not he could be dead like all those before him who's death came at his hands. Unbeknownst to yamashiro the arrancar had actually murged with the ground as he was able to freely move about with out being spotted or sensed which honestly was kinda cool, the arrancar reached up from within the ground and he grabbed yamashiro by the legs pulling them down so that they would be stuck in the earth. Yamashiro attempted to get his legs unstuck but to no avail unfortunately, the arrancar would then come up out the ground laughing as he walked up to yamashiro. He tried to punch him but he just moved back a inch cause since his feet was stuck yamashiro could not move, the arrancar grabbed yamashiro by the arm which he just threw out and caused it to get stuck as well as his feet and just like before he could not seem to get out of it. The hollow then grabbed yamashiro by the back of his head then gave him a knee to the bridge of his nose breaking it, from there the arrancar decided to have a little fun as he started punching him in the face as fast as he could. As the arrancar was busy yamashiro would make a knife with his special Webb, when yamashiro noticed a small opening he flung his arm out trying to cut the arrancar but he just stepped back so the blade just nearly missed him as it just cut his cloths, so as his hand was still in motion he took the knife with his index and second finger then tossed it at the arrancar. Yamashiro knew that his tactic threw him off his timing which meant his attack would hit, the blade was now just inches from hitting but the arrancar suddenly had a big grin cross his face and just as he did the knife went though him as if the arrancar was nothing but some kind of phantom. " ha ha ha ha ha ha oh your so unfortunate if I was any one else you would have just wounded me but you did not and you never will. So how about we go ahead and end this shall we. " step by step the arrancar slowly made his way over to yamashiro,with each of his steps that he took he reached down towards his sword and he slowly pulled it out from his sheath to above his head. Yamashiro was defiantly not going to be taken out this easy I mean just the thought that he would be best so easy like the weakling he hates pissed him off to no means so opening his hand under the ground he fired off a hugh cero which managed to blast him free from his restraint and allowed him to push his enemy away from him giving him some space to be able to think. Yamashiro had been wondering about the arrancar ability to traverse the ground like water for some time, but he could not think of any thing. He had some ideas he wished to try to see if any worked and if they did then he thinks he might have found the ability weakness. So having some of his webbing enter his hand though the glands he made some small throwing knifes as he quickly threw them, just as before the was arrancar was able to let the attack phase right though him like a ghost. Yamashiro knows that every ability has its weakness as well as limitations on what it do, so he just needed to find out what limitations this hollow ability had. "That is one interesting aspect your ability has, I bet it makes entering and leaving places very easy. What else can you do I would love to see it." Yamashiro had a grin as he spoke as he did not hide the fact he was trying to get the hollow to talk tho he has hopes that he will say something which would give him some clue at how he could beat him. " you can not get me to slip up so easy Mr gazami if I was that dumb you would have already found a way but since you have not I see no reason to help you yet. So attack all you want for no attack can hit me. " He might not have noticed it but the arrancar just told him his weakness, if single attacks do not work then he should hit him more then just once. Using sonido Yamashiro landed behind the hollow as he threw a punch which just as he presumed the first of his attacks went though him, the arrancar did not notice the second blow as it struck him in the stomach. The arrancar would suddenly bend over clutching his stomach as he was spitting up blood, he had a look of shock on his face which told him that this was probably the first time he had been hit in a long time. So while the arrancar was dazed yamashiro punched him again right in the center of his chest, this sent the hollow flying back and he crashed into a boulder shattering it into tiny and big chunks which all fell on him. " just cause I'm a adjuchas it's not wise to take me lightly arrancar. " He must have really made the arrancar and cause the next moment a hugh amount of energy exploded where the arrancar was which made all the rubble go flying or vaporized. " oh you have so made me mad, I am now gonna kill so watch adjuchas of this power which very few ever get to see. Now disappear phantom el disaverda " wc 1,980
  14. Grimm the Ripper

    Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    Pitch darkness was the only thing which yamashiro could see in front of him as he made his way down the tunnel. It seemed like it was taking forever to reach the end cause he was starting to itch for a good fight where he would be able to put his true skills to the test, always having to fight weaklings was just making his muscle and skills get rusty. With each step he could tell that he was getting closer to the exit but no matter how much he walks he still has had no sight of the end which was starting to get very annoying, but finally after what seemed like forever yamashiro could now start to see the light at the end of this ridicules long tunnel.As he walked out of darkness and into the light he noticed a hollow standing in the center of the room. "I do hope you had a enjoying walk down the path of darkness, you know it's funny in the dark thinks such as strength speed or even sight becomes nothing. It's now your turn to see the light in that of darkness for to see you must not see but to not see makes you blind to that in front of you." Looking at the hollow with a puzzled expression he tried to understand what his words meant, but then again they could also not mean any thing but the rambling of a stupid weakling well which ever it was yamashiro did not care cause no matter which it is the only thing he did care for was that this hollow was blocking his path forward. The hollow looked like a creature which lived in the human world, the humans called them owls and they mostly are active at night. Tho giving the fact that here in hueco mundo it's always night it's a idealistic place for such a hollow to live but that would not stop him from destroying this hollow. " look hollow in only after your boss so I give you two options to choose from, A you can step aside and allow me to go fight your leader or B i break you apart piece by piece until your dead and then I will fight your leader. Oh please I hope you chose option two it would do much more fun that way" the hollow just stood there not moving or saying any thing, the room tho would suddenly turn black and he could not see any thing around him. So it would seem that the hollow went with option B, in a split second he could have sworn that he felt something cut his arm and at that same moment he thought he saw the hollow beside him, but that was hard to believe cause he could not even see his hands in front of his face. When the darkness faded the hollow was behind him and looking at his arm he noticed a small cut, it was not very deep thanks to his thick skin but he did not need to just be letting the hollow cut him either. Yamashiro did not wish to give the hollow another chance to repeat his actions so using sonido he quickly got behind the enemy as he threw a strong straight punch aimed for his back. Unfortunately just as his blow managed to hit home the room went dark and he felt as his fist hit the ground, but even if he just hit the ground his punch was strong enough to make a decent sized hole in the ground which caused shards to go flying in all directions. As the room became visible again the hollow was a good ways away from where yamashiro was standing, from the looks of it some of the shards managed to cut the hollow all over its body. " getting into a close range fight with you is not a good idea so instead I shall kill you from afar so good by yamashiro gazami maybe we can meet again in your next life. " the hollow said to yamashiro before placing his hands close together like a cage. The next thing he knew a large amount of energy began to build in the center of the hollows two hands, from the looks of it the attack looked a lot like a miniature black hole. Second by second the hollows attack became larger and before long the move was ready to fire, rearing back the hollow threw the black hole like a baseball which was another one of those human things. Reaching out yamashiro caught the attack with his hand but at a price, tho he was able to toss it back before he lost the list the hole hand, he watched as the hollow was devoured by his own attack which is always a lame way to go but he did not care for he had other matters to deal with besides this weak hollow. Wc 834 Twc 2,355
  15. It was finally time that he finished his war on hueco mundo and brought every one together as one big United front. But before he could move on into act three he would have to first reach the strange of vosto lorde and then from there he would become a arrancar which is the strongest hollows in there realm, if he had to compare them to any one it would have to be that of the captain's from soul society.Tho in the mean time he would focus his time and energy into his current mission, after stepping out from behind his throne yamashiro gazed out at his army for they was there to help conquer and unify all within hueco mundo domain. " welcome all my brothers and sisters, today marks the end of the battle which has been fought for so long but it's also the start of the war which looms on the horizons. Today your mission is to crush the last remaining enemy base well at least the one which is not being protected by a espada. Continuing one, there base is located five clicks north west now this will place is close to los notches but that's a risk in which must be taken. Now go forth with strength and crush the enemy, I shall not be far behind and when I join you the battle will be ours. " he watched as the black hoard of hollows ran out of the entrance of the cave and on to there deaths, he already calculated that not every one would make it out of the battle alive. Tho it's a necessary loss for he dose not wish to have any weaklings dragging his army down, weaklings are nothing more then food for the beast that he must slay. Once he was ready yamashiro slowly made his way out of the dark looming cave and into the basking glow of the moon. Yamashiro used his sonido to quickly move from point A to point B, he stopped not far from where the battle was taking place at as he stood on a rocky point over looking the ruthless carnage which was taking place just below him. Yamashiro decided to fire a few cero down onto the battlefield just for laughs, if no one could survive that weak energy blast then they was not worth keeping or recruiting. If he really wanted to end the battle the fastest way would be to cut the head off of there leader then hold it up high to show that there king was dead. With all the fighting going on he did see the cero as it smashed into the Rocky point which he was standing on, this caused the side of the hill to break apart sending yamashiro falling down into a pile of rubble. Quickly getting to his feet yamashiro began to make his way towards the enemy base, on the way he would have to kill some hollows, a little bit here a little bit there it was all in a good days work for a person on a crusade. He was now at the entrance to the cave and already he could sense a dark and powerful spiritual pressure, tho lucky enough the power level was not much higher then his own so if he happened to run into that hollow he would have to be careful but at the same time he would have a good fight on his hands. Wc 582 Twc: 1,521