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  1. I really need to stop leaving XD

    1. Molestia
    2. DaGr8Toshiba


      Or just stay gone...welcome back

    3. HavocReaper


      Yeah, you do. Your leaving really isn't helping my abandonement issue problems either


  3. Happy Birthday, Jadeling! Have a great one.

  4. im back after a year. wow

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    2. Alvito Jack Sequeira

      Alvito Jack Sequeira

      Strangers..........strangers everywhere o.o

    3. Chibi Vegeta (Sai Ryuuaku)

      Chibi Vegeta (Sai Ryuuaku)

      welcome back enjoy your time with new people and make new friends :)

    4. Kishikage Kaihri

      Kishikage Kaihri

      Welcome back whoever you are (I'm late I know)

      Nice Revi-Picture btw~

  5. banned for not being on when I am D:
  6. Cookies, they are everyones medicine 8D

  7. Rose smirked and stood there in dragoon form. "not much of a fight, oh well, and btw, I was only using 30 percent of my power"
  8. (ooc:meh ) Rose smirked and flew up and tossed her blade at him. "ASTRAL BLADE!" (takes your health and absorbs it)
  9. Rose dodged the attack barely as she smirked and held the orb to her. "Looks like its time to try. POWER OF THE DRAGOON SPIRIT OF DARKNESS!"
  10. Rose smirked at him and took out another item. "I am Rose, a dragoon"
  11. Rose managed to dodge 3 of the strikes but was hit by the last one. Flinching a bit at it, she growled and took out a item tossing it at him. "MAGMA ROCK!" she said as fire surrounded him doing like almost no damage cause shes darkness not fire... so she wasted a turn XP.
  12. Banned for being huggable
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