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  1. Dante Hirako

    Aurora Picture Awesomeness

    As for second picture. Rage for Vengeance? Fury unleashed? Or Fury's calling
  2. Dante Hirako

    Aurora Picture Awesomeness

    Read my post and you will feel the pressure. Had a friend read it and said it gave him chills. Also like the name.
  3. Dante Hirako

    Aurora Picture Awesomeness

  4. More awesomeness from Aurora
  5. Dante Hirako

    Aurora vs Marik (The Test)

    Awesome, Love it
  6. Dante Hirako

    Cell-2 Spa

    Dante heard Aurora enter the water he kept his eyes closed as he was trying to stay objective and not make her feel uncomfortable. He just remained quiet as they both sat in the water regenerating reiatsu. After a few hours past Dante slowly opened his eyes he was feeling dizzy from the hot water not having used his ice to cool it down a bit. He struggled about before getting out of the water and taking some cold water from the bar and drinking it. He looked over to Aurora. Are you feeling any better? You should be fully healed and restored by know. I think we are ready for another round of training now. Dante smiled waiting for Aurora.
  7. Dante Hirako

    Cell-2 Spa

    Dante walks into the spa with Aurora. He turns to her and with a gesture of his hand. There is the change room for ladies and there is for the men. Now get changed and into the water so you can recover. That's an order. He smiled gently and then went into the men's changing room. He stood at a locker changing into a yukata and then walked out towards the hot spring. He was first as expected Aurora was injured after all. He decided to get into the water first moving over towards a rock and placing his back on it breathing deeply. The water was hot and burning but he felt relaxed as he sat looking up at the the starry sky above him. He was thinking about the days training and especially Aurora and her injuries. He was wondering if he pushed her to hard given her drive to keep going even though it hurts. The feeling of his reiatsu slowly restoring made him close his eyes and relax even more.
  8. Dante Hirako

    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Dante watches Aurora push her self beyond her limits. She displayed tremendous perseverance even after getting so hurt. She finally used the Way of Onmitsu on him. She really did come a long way and he felt very proud of her as she moved around him leaving a few after images before standing back to back with him. He pressed himself off the rock and flash stepped in front of her with a smile on his face. You really did your best today. I am very proud of you, Aurora. Dante looked Aurora over her uniform was torn and dirty and dried blood was covering it all over. He knew she would not likely accept his help so he remained standing in front of her with a smile on his face. Now. We need to have you get healed up and restore your spiritual power. I know just the place. The smile was now gone from his face as he looked more serious as if his eyes was telling her no more for today. Right. Time for you to experience one of Cell 2's best solutions to pain and reiatsu regeneration. The Spa. Off we go. I need it just as much as you do. I might be getting old. He jokingly said to try and hide his worried expression.
  9. Dante Hirako

    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Dante stood up from the rock and walked over to Aurora. Well done. You have mastered the flash step and flash blossom. You now have an understanding of the advantages and risks of using this techniques. Now we go on to a more advance technique called. Way of Onmitsu. This is a movement within flash step that is so fast that it leaves an afterimage behind. This technique can even make it seem like the afterimage took damage like bleeding. It's primary use is to be used to fool an opponent into making mistakes or thinking they have seceded with and attack leaving them open or off guard. Now I will demonstrate it for you. Dante gathers a lot of reiatsu under his feet before moving around Aurora at even more speed than before. He was leaving afterimage's placed around her looking as if they were going to attack her. The copies remained there for a few split seconds before vanishing looking as if they flash stepped forward. Dante stopped next to Aurora while some of the afterimages was still there and touched her on her shoulder. This is the real me. All the afterimages disappeared one after another before only Dante remained. Crazy technique right. Even I have not mastered it to its completion yet. It takes a massive amount of reiatsu to maintain and took me a long time to get to this level. Im pretty capable in it though. A good way to keep increasing your speed so don't worry if its not on the same level as mine. One or two afterimages is you goal. Then just keep practicing and over time you will see it increase. Dante had a few drops of sweat formed on his forehead and cheeks as he turned around and walked back to the rock taking a seat on it looking at Aurora.
  10. Dante Hirako

    Urp Visoreds Info And Character App

    CHARACTER NAME: Dante Hirako Race: Vizard Weapon name: Shikai name : TÅketsu tengoku (freezing heaven) : Bankai name : Ame, tÅketsu tengoku (rain, freezing heaven) Affiliation: Cell 2 Position: Commander of Cell 2 Back Story: Introduction: Appearance: Personality: General Breakdown of Abilities: Shikai: Bankai: Hollow and Story: Bankai with Hollow Mask and Abilities: Unofficial Role Play Cell 2 Insignia:
  11. Dante Hirako

    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Dante sits on the rock behind Aurora looking at her. He used flash step to get there and masked his aura. He looked at her swinging her sword admiring her technique. He felt it was good for her to warm up a but before he would speak. Aurora... He smiled wide knowing she did not know he was there as he masked his spiritual pressure. He got of the rock and walked over to her standing beside her. Now. Today I am going to help you with your flash step. we need to increase your speed as much as possible since you also dont posses any normal kiddo techniques this will be the best form of managing those situations when the threat of attack is close. This technique to me is the most important one of all, it allows you to manage and dictate a fight in a way that can be to your advantage. The technique can be used to move behind enemies, show off speed, get away from a fight, or straight up end a fight before a sword is even drawn. Dante looked Aurora in the eyes with a serious look on his face. Now the technique as such is very powerful but it has a big limitation. You cant avoid things in your way easily or change direction. With some practice you can make small adjustments or move your body but its still not a guarantee things will go as you want. So in addition to gaining the flash step we will also work on what I call accelerated flash correction. A new technique I have been thinking about based on flash step. But more on that later. Now first let start with a demonstration. Dante gathers reiatsu on the bottom of his feet. He starts by flash stepping around the area at incredible speed. He moves around Aurora before stopping at the place he first stood. This is a basic flash step. The ability to move very fast. You might notice my movements are in one direction before arriving at a set destination before moving on to the next position. There is a delay after each time I arrive at one destination as you can seriously injure yourself if you try moving out of the normal line between point A the start and point B the end of a single movement before arriving at my destination. This is something you know now its to increase its speed and then the distance in a single movement. Then the amount of times you can do it keeping the same speed with out tiring out. This is a more advance technique after you master the basic flash step. In a blink of the eye he was behind Aurora having touched her with the back of his sword on the upper part of her chest just below her neck and then her back as he stood behind her. That is called Senka ( Flash Blossom) its an advance form of the normal flash step and something you will achieve with precision over time. This allows you to directly attack ones "Saketsu" or the Chain of Fate, it is what binds a soul to a living body. and "Hakusui" the source of a Shinigami's spiritual pressure in one, swift strike. Now let us Practice these before advancing to more techniques involving flash step. Dante moved to the rock and took a seat on it watching Aurora.
  12. Dante Hirako

    Cell-2 Mansion

    Dante stands up from the table and takes a piece of toast looking at Alia and Youta. I better go as well, see you all later. He places the piece of toast in his mouth and runs after Aurora with a bag and a flask that was waiting on the chair near the door. Off to the training ground. Page 11.
  13. Dante Hirako

    Cell-2 Mansion

    Good morning you two. Your up and about nice and early. Take a seat and have some breakfast with us. Dante points with his hand over to the empty seats on the table. To answer your question Yoa. Yes was going to train Aurora some more. We still have a lot to get done. But for now a good breakfast is the best thing. So please join us and have a good meal. Dante miles gently over to the pair. Oh and Yoa thanks for helping me get to bed last night. I really don't do well with having a drinks after all. Dante bows slightly to Youta before continuing with his breakfast.
  14. Dante Hirako

    Cell-2 Mansion

    Morning, Aurora. Hope you slept well. Lets go get something to eat. Dante smiled wide looking happy as he waited for Aurora before they headed down to the dinning room. A butler stood waiting the food and drinks ready and waiting the aroma of which was filling the room. He waited for Aurora to take a seat before he took his seat and then poured himself some tea into a cup. So... dig in... We have some good training ahead of us today if you are up for it? Dante Smiled again as he lifted his cup looking at Aurora and took a sip from it. We got to get you stronger than me. I wont have anything else. Dante fills his plate with some cooked vegetables and poached egg before starting to eat.
  15. Dante Hirako

    Cell-2 Mansion

    Dante woke up the next morning. He had a slight headache and had no idea how he got in his room. The sun was up and creeping closer and closer to his face. He got up and took out a new kimono from his closet and a scarf before he wore it and tied his hair. He then placed his zanpakuto on his side and grabbed his haori and walked out of the room. He stood a while wondering what to do before he walked to Aurora's room and stood in front of the door before knocking. Aurora? Are you awake? ... Want to come have some breakfast with me before training? Dante stood waiting for an answer. He felt nervous and a warm feeling in his chest but he made up his mind.