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  1. The morning sun slowly crept over the mountains giving light to the window frame and flooding the room with light. Dante stood watching the light slowly make its way over the carpet placed in his new room after having being promoted to 20th seat of the 10th division. Dante felt the weight of his new responsibility and relished the chance he had been given knowing he was one step closer to achieving his goal he set himself. I better get going, standing here doing nothing won't accomplish anything. You have a lot of time left being a busy body won't make you reach your goals any faster you know. Tōketsu Tengoku no surprise to hear your voice this early in the morning. Dante lets go of a big sigh as he grabs hold of an apple on the table and makes his way out of his room towards the training grounds for his morning meditation and workout. Well then being a little grumpy there sweety? I have told you once and I am going to tell you again you really should let go and relax a little. This little up and down game of yours is even affecting my resting habits. I have repeatedly asked you to stop calling me sweety. Dante had a slowly pulsing vein in his forehead as he said the word, sweety, out loud and felt overwhelmingly angry as he kept on walking. Ah, you always get held up on that word and never listen to the rest of the conversation. Why do you feel the need to keep on pushing yourself like this you are a shinigami after all. Not like you won't be alive for thousands of years and have all the time needed to do whatever you wanted to do. You seem to only have your own interests in mind and as such, I have no need to listen to you. Dante finally arrived at the training ground and quietly took a seat on the huge rock at the end of the training ground before starting his meditation. Dante sat with legs crossed under him and his Zanpakuto held in both hand rested on his lap. There was a nice breeze in the air taking hold of his long scarf and stretching it out behind his back. Dante remained in this position for a few hours before he felt a strange feeling brewing inside him before rising up and taking hold of him as he felt himself falling through the sky. What is this feeling? What is happening to me? Dante opened his eyes he was no longer seated on the rock in the training ground but rather falling endlessly looking up at the dark sky passing the clouds stacked in many layers. Dante looked to his side and saw the sun on the horizon and felt its heat on his face and the incredible cold on his back as he fell. Many thoughts ran through his head as he fell trying to work out what had happened to him when suddenly a voice came from the void below him. I see you decided to finally visit me here, my dear Dante. Tōketsu Tengoku what are you doing? What do you mean by here? This is your inner world or should I say my world. A childish laugh filled the wind that flew past Dante as he fell. This is but a part of our world Dante is it not just breathtakingly beautiful? Dante felt overwhelmed by the situation but he did not feel fear and calmy gathered his thoughts. So this is it you say? I can see why you would like. So what happens next Tōketsu Tengoku? My dear Dante, you really aren't one for small talk. Having come to visit me I guess I will have to show you my true form. Dante continued to fall through the clouds when suddenly a he felt a hand at his back. Continued laughter passed on the winds streaming past Dante as the pale girl with pure white hair streaming away from the direction the wind was pushing made her presence known to Dante. The lifeless cold eyes on display were unnerving as much as the smile stuck to her face. Dante felt immense cold streaming from the girl freezing the air passing around him. With every breath he took the cold seemed to cling to his lungs and burning when he exhaled. So this is you? Tōketsu Tengoku..... Yes, Dante we finally meet. I didn't expect you to make it here so fast seems your relentless meditation and training sessions finally paid off. But to think you would have made it here in such a short time is something scary in its own right. Guess we should have a talk right. Dante suddenly found himself surrounded by snow as if he fell into it with great force. He slowly made his way to the top and climbed out of it and walked through the snow towards the big shinning crystal illuminating the darkness. Dante noticed the wind blowing mildly over the snow sweeping it up playfully into the air spreading it out before the darkness swallowed the light they held and vanishing. What is this world? Nothing here seems to be tied to the rules that govern the real world. Dante noticed huge spherical crystals the closer he got to the crystal, each of the crystals filled with immense spiritual pressure that seemed to almost give them life as it swirled beneath the ice. Dante slowly walked toward the crystal the light now so bright it stung his eyes and made it difficult to walk through the snow and keep his balance but he persisted having made it this far. Dante soon found himself within arms reach of the crystal as he stood covered in its light before reaching out and touching it with his bare hand before suddenly retracting his hand and letting out a scream of pain. Dante's fingers at the moment of touch completely froze and the pain and cold streamed through his hand up to his arm. His hand had an unnatural blue and silver marking running around it and up to his arm and he completely lost feeling and movement of his hand. I see even you can be baited into being curious Dante. I don't blame you for wanting to touch the crystal as you have but unfortunately, it comes with a price as with most things of this world and the other one you come from. Her voice echoed around the darkness almost as if it was underground or in a cavern but Dante felt as if it was open due to the way the wind affected and pulled at his body. Given the way, it all played out it might even have been an illusion. Then again trusting your ears and vision in such a place is something dangerous but still intriguing he thought to himself. Are you toying with me Tōketsu Tengoku? I know you like your games but I thought you said we are going to talk? Well, I guess you have a point, Dante. The pale girl now appeared in front of Dante holding a staff in her hand playfully swinging it around before smashing it to the ground lighting up the darkness. The sudden spark of light pushed and torn into the darkness as if it were natural light fighting the darkness for control. Dante stood his ground and stared at the girl without saying anything but studying her movement if a response was needed. Dante took hold of his zanpakuto with his now remaining functioning hand not knowing what would happen next. My dear Dante, Why the hostility? In here holding on to that little thing won't buy you any time or change that which cant be avoided. The pale girl vanished in an instant before reappearing in the exact same spot as if she never left. The instant she vanished Dante pulled at his sword but he was left with nothing but the pain in his hand as blood slowly trickled down it onto the snow. Dante kept his gaze fixed on the laughing girl standing in front of him with his Zanpakuto in her grasp. The pain in his hand was enough information to make him not look at his hand but keeping his eyes fixed on her. Dante instinctively knew he was no matched for an opponent of her speed skill nor skill. I see you finally have a grasp of the situation you find yourself in Dante. You might think highly of your skill and quick improvement but you are still far from reaching this level of power. I guess if anything I have shown you the limitation of your current abilities meaning unfortunately for me you will probably train even harder and cause me more frustration. Then again if you want to have my power you will need to push yourself harder than you ever have. The condescending way she said all of this really took hold of Dante knowing that monsters like her were something this world had to offer in abundance, be it the captains the legions of hollows and the unknown mysteries he had read about in reports and whispers from squadmates. Dante found himself torn between focusing on the threat in front of him and his mind running amok. I guess I have had my fun for now. The girl suddenly held on to Dante's shoulder her dead lifeless eyes piercing his soul as their eyes locked. I will send you back now Dante. I hope you remember all of this and that taking my power will at the very least have a price you will have to pay. The pale girl turned around and giggled relentlessly before Dante found himself sitting on the rock with sweat running down his face. I guess I have a lot of ground to make. That was made painfully clear to me. Dante stood up from the rock unsheathing his Zanpakuto and pointing it out in front of him with a slight smirk on his face. I will come for you Tōketsu Tengoku your power will be mine eventually. Dante its time for our duties get going or we will be late. Dante quickly jumped from the rock sheathing his Zanpakuto before running towards the entrance. WC = 1732
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    Character Name: Dante Hirako Shinigami: Current (45 000 Reiatsu) After Fate Point boost (50 000) Fate Points: 3 [1 POINT] 1 TIME REIATSU BOOST: Gain a 1 time Reiatsu Boost of 5K. Remaining Fate Points: 2
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    Cell-4 Commander's Office

    Good to have you back.
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    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Dante..... Wake up... How long do you plan to remain in the snow like that? Dante heard the voice it was strange it felt familiar but also strange. He opened his eyes the broken blade was still in his hand and the first thing his blurry eyes good focus on. He looked up and what the unknown figure stood looking back at him. Who are you? Well, now I guess my appearance is something strange to you. I find it hard to accept it also. The truth is this is the combination of Yuki-Shi and my powers fused as together. You finally freed me, Dante. I dare say it took you long enough idiot. Dante remained quite before turning on his back and staring up at the sky. I see so I managed to survive in the end. Just bearly you hotheaded fool. Could you spare me your insults? Well, I think its a side effect of my change. This is new to me. She looked her self over and held the strange scythe by two hands out in front of her. What is up with the scythe? Oh, this? Mmmmm I guess you never knew this is the true form of your unlocked power. She swings the scythe round her dancing in the snow before the scythe crashed down on the hilts tip in Dante's hand before the hilt shattered. There you go. A small smile covered her face. The blade was restored and glowed in Dante's hand as if it never shattered at all. Dante, you never completely mastered my powers. You see Yuki-Shi was right your power was incomplete. I know you could feel it deep down, could you not? Are we playing a game again? I am really not feeling up to it. The smile faded from her face as she stood firm. Once an idiot, always an idiot. Dante coughed, drenched in sweat and wounds. So what do I call you? Mmmmm, I wonder about that. She stood looking up in thought at the snow raining down on them. How about Ame, Yuki-shi..... Yes, I like the combination. Rain, snow death. Fits me don't you think? You always had a weird name before. I guess this one is no different. She stood with an angry puffy face looking down at Dante. I see even a near-death experience is not enough to change your rudeness. I guess not. Dante closed his eyes and placed his arm over his face. So what happens now? I can't feel much of my body. What is going on? I managed to buy you some time. Your body in the real world is frozen in crystal ice to keep you from dying after you nearly killed yourself. Well, I had a plan. And it worked in the end. You mean you winged it, just like you always do. Now get up Dante. Do you think I was lying when I said I could not feel my body? You got to get up. You will die if you don't. So get up. Dante slowly rolled and moved his hands under him pushing himself up trying to get on his feet. He finally manages to get himself up and stood taking heavy breaths looking like he was pulled through a meat grinder. Ame, Yuki-shi threw the scythe towards Dante, he barely managed to catch it using it to keep himself from falling over. Now, Dante, that is not a walking stick. Dante felt the incredible power from the scythe grasped in his hand burning his touch the cold traveling up his bleeding arm felt like there was no stopping it. Do you feel the difference now? Not the same as before. Does it burn? Does the endless cold grip at your heart? Dante did not answer he was so focused on trying to control the overflowing power with the little power he could force himself to use. He took hold of the scythe with both hands his feet buckling under him. What is wrong Dante? This is your power why do you shake and fear it so much. This is what you wanted. Focus your mind, Dante, feel the power and make peace with it let it flow through you and stop resisting it. The less you resist it the faster this will go. Dante loosened his grip and slowly let the power raign free to move into him. The power was so powerful it felt as if every pulse of it crushed him with its weight. He felt like he had no control over it at all a feeling he hated and that hatred was holding him back. Let go Dante. Let it all go!!!!! Do it now!!!!!! Dante's eyes turned red with a blue glow circling his outer eyes. He fell to his knees and screamed out violently as the blinding blue and white light surrounded him. He was on laying on the snow with the scythe held in his hand bearly conscious. Ame, Yuki-Shi walked closer and stood over him before moving her face closer to his. Well done Dante. You managed to pull through. Now rest........
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    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Dante was still seated on the rock lost in his inner world training he was now so closed off to the outside world he had lost touch with time. Inside the battle raged on with Yuki-Shi as she stood within the center of a raging storm facing Dante. Her Anger was boiling over at Dante's disregard to head her warnings and continual pressure to make her give him his true power. The white blade grasped in both their hands was still shining brightly out into the dark sky the only beacons of light for as far as the eye could see. Frost was formed all over Dante's kimono hanging from every piece of cloth exposed to its touch, He stood firm in the raging blizzard still just as eager to defeat Yuki-Shi and take his true power and ready himself for the upcoming war. I won't stop Yuki-Shi. I won't let you keep it from me. Are you really that scared that my power would finally exceded yours? The frost seems to have clouded your judgment, Dante. You have lost yourself in this quest for power. Well then, I think I will be the judge of that myself. I don't need you to keep looking after me like I am some child that needs to be saved or protected. Dante released more of his spiritual pressure forcing it up to its upper limits extending his sword out towards Yuki-Shi. Spiritual pressure swirled at its tip as a cero formed mixing with the ice gathering at its core growing larger and larger warping the world with its power. What are you doing Dante, that won't work on me. You seem to be misunderstanding, Yuki-Shi. No, you can't.... Have you completely lost your mind. Yuki-Shi lowered her sword and placed her open hand towards Dante. She shifted her weight and her eyes grew wide as if she knew exactly what Dante was up to. Dante. She called out to him. Stop this now!!!!!! The cero fusion was out of control at this point. The sheer weight of it turning around growing larger and more powerful with every second. Dante was no longer visible behind it and the screech coming from it was overwhelming with its intensity. Dante was breathing heavily, the toll of constant fighting was weighing heavily on him. He forced every ounce of strength into this last attack a gamble to end it all. He knew the risks and he felt terrible for once again having to resort to such means even though he knew that it could end in nothing but disaster. He completed the attack and closed his eyes taking what exhausted breaths he could trying to keep the power under control, shaking, feeling crushed under its force. Time to end this. We will finally find out which one of us has the right to rule. Dante had a painful smile on his face. He gathered what power he could under his feet before flash stepping forwards toward Yuki-Shi the cero fusion shot from the blade as he arrived within striking distance before exploding engulfing them both as he closed his eyes at the last second. The pain and screams followed the explosion outwards before the pain covered his whole body burning, freezing and ripping his kimono and body. He fell from the air as the white blade shattered into pieces leaving a trail behind him as he crashed down into the snow below. Dante opened his eyes slightly having no feeling or control over his bloodied body covered in snow and ice. The hilt of the sword still grasped in his hand in front of him as he looked at what little remained of it. his eyes stopped glowing his attempt to shield himself using his wings had little effect as he recalled the last few seconds of battle. He drifted off into a dream as he lost consciousness. Back in the real world, the reiatsu spread out from his body creating a shock wave with everything near Dante freezing the rock he was sitting on vanished only a crater left in its place and him lying in it bloody and frozen almost completely covered in a frozen crystal. His skin was blue and dark mixed with the blood covering parts of him behind the ice.
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    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Dante felt his reiatsu stabilizing after he finished the drink and placed the cup onto the hard rock he was seated on. He bowed his head in thanks to Aurora as he watched her noticing a change in her reiatsu a more powerful feeling bubbling inside of her. He took comfort in the fact that her training was going well when blue and white reiatsu started flowing out from him disturbing the cup next to him as it swirled around his body violently. He stabilized the overflowing energy, focused on the task laid out before him when he closed his eyes once more. Returning to the soft snow covered inner world was now no longer a comfort or warmth to him this time. He walked forward drawing his zanpakuto from his side gripped tightly in his hand exposing the blade to the cold wind moving across from him. Yuki-Shi!!!! Show yourself!!!!...... He stood with his zanpakuto held in front of him, his reiatsu pushing outward moving the snow away from him in all directions. Ban-Kai!!!!!....Ame, TÅketsu Tengoku... Wings of ice slowly took form over his back, his blade extending and turning into a bright shining white as the snow he stood on. The strands of indigo hair turning white, the red glow fighting his normally blue eyes changing them to its glowing red form. The snow near him took flight outward with his reiatsu moving around him as if enraged. Back again after you left so quickly? The pale girl drifted closer towards him from the sky the snowflakes drifting up into the sky parted by her immense power. She landed gently in front of Dante their reiatsu colliding fighting for space. Dante looked Yuki-Shi dead in the eyes. You caught me off guard before. I won't let that be the case this time. Yuki-Shi giggled sticking her tongue out at Dante. Do you think anything will change this time? Yuki-Shi vanished from Dante's sight, he turned his blade to his side before he moved it over his back blocking her hand placed over the blade. She was drifting upside down behind him. I can see you. Dante slowly turns before flash stepping behind her swing his blade down towards her back. Yuki-Shi vanished again just before the edge of the blade made contact with her exposed back reappearing on the ground where Dante stood. Her voice changed as she began to speak, her dead eyes covered by a mask with black frozen blood running down her cheeks. I like the fire and determination coming from you Dante. I wonder though, Did you think that was my full speed? Yuki-Shi vanishes as Dante swings his blade back over his shoulder in front of him. The blade hit nothing but air as a small line of blood sprayed out from Dante's shoulder instantly freezing in the air with part of his shoulder. Dante quickly switches the sword to his other hand before the ice crawled down to his hand. He swung the sword hitting his frozen arm bloodstained ice falling from the kimono sleeve down to the snow below. Yuki-Shi drifted inches from the snow, Her smile was taunting, her face intimidating, staring up at Dante with a sword held in her small pale hand dragging in the snow below her. Do you still feel confident, reassured of your success in beating me. You might have gotten stronger my dear Dante but I have not just been hanging back looking on all this time. I won't let you have this power, you can try and try and try as you want, you're just not ready. Dante took hold of his sword in both hands glaring back at Yuki-Shi in silence. Words he knew had no effect on her only having her play more games and distracting him clouding his mind. He gathered more reiatsu into his feet flash stepping towards her as their blades clashed sparks of light lit up the darkness. Dante removed his hand from his sword while the other gripped it tightly, his palm glowed brightly as a cero shot out from it covering Yuki-Shi and blasting into the snow, melted snow and steam rushing past his face as he squinted his eyes. The debris soon cleared as no trace of Yuki-Shi remained, Dante remained on guard his glowing eyes scanning the surroundings in search of her. The darkness lit up when a beam flew towards him, he had just enough time to swing himself out of the way before it passed by him. He looked back at the direction the beam came from before he felt a cold chill instantly turning around a beam brushing his kimono sleeve. Dante dropped down to the snow and pushed his reiatsu out closing his eyes focused on the flow of reiatsu flowing through the snow on the ground and in the air. He determined Yuki-Shi's position and held his palm out in the direction she was firing lances of ice out in a circle. The sound of it hitting its target made him rush towards it at speed but arriving there he found nothing. He focused once more he had multiple traces around him. Dante............. came from behind him. Dante..........Now in front........Dante.......above him this time...... You cant hope to track me like that. I know all your techniques and all your weaknesses. Dante opened his eyes waiting for the next attack to come from any direction. A sudden touch on his back made him move forward, ice slowly spreading from it. Dante turned in haste, a kick hitting him in the stomach he managed to block it just in time only moving a few feet back using all his strength to stop. Yuki-Shi was slightly surprised at Dante being able to stop the full force kick, he swung his sword in her direction as ice parted from the blade flying off it towards her at speed. She swings her self round in the air but some of the ice still managed to hit her in on the leg. She lost the grin on her face looking visibly angry at Dante. You're really making me angry now Dante. I'm done playing games. Stop this childish tantrum and give up on this. I won't hold back anymore if you continue. To be continued
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    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Dante grips at his sword placed within his hands looking slightly up at Aurora her feelings made it known through her wildly fluctuating reiatsu. Dante remained seated the wind moving between them as his eyes met her's and smiled brightly to reassure her of him having returned to his normal self before he softly spoke to her. I need to return...... I have unfinished business waiting for me. Renewed sparks of light, reflecting his determination lit up the gentle blue of his wide open eyes.
  8. Dante Hirako

    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Dante snapped back with Aurora shaking him back to reality and opened his eyes taking a big breath and moving his arm up to his face wiping the blood from his mouth. A look of shock filled his eyes the memories of what took place was still fresh in his mind as he took hold of his shoulder the wound felt so real but was not there. The pain he felt was as real as it gets though. He looks towards Aurora as the memories replay in his mind. Thank You, I was a bit surprised...
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    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Dante sat in a meditative manner facing Aurora and cleared his mind of all thought. He focused on the blade held within his grasp and opened his mind. He now stood in the cold snow covered inner world as snow covered everything in its wake. The freezing wind touched his open face covered by his long white scarf stretching down his back. He felt at home in these conditions having endured it on long trips of training deep within the mountains he secluded himself on when training. The feeling of warmth was interrupted as the pale girl made herself know to him walking in the snow towards him with a grin on display drawing attention to her face. The paleness of her skin akin to those left frozen fighting to keep themselves alive but inevitably giving in to there situation and having there life force frozen in place. Dante was so lost in thought observing her she managed to close the distance and now stood face to face with him. He found it strange that she did not say a word or giggled as he was growing accustomed to since she took over a part of his soul and absorbed TÅketsu Tengoku merging with him. He noticed her dead looking eyes filled with hate and despair but also lusting for more power to send chills down his spine like never before. She walked around him slowly as the long cloths on her forearms moved behind her the only indication she was still moving before she stopped in front of him again and looked deeply in his eyes once more. So are you not going to say anything? she giggled finally. I was expecting some sort of reaction but here you stand as if the cat got your tongue. Yuki-Shi...I know you know why I am here. My dear Dante. I know everything there is to know about you. But a girl still needs to hear the words uttered. I might be the one in submission, although certainly, we can have a decent conversation could we not? The freezing cold swirled around her and even made him with his resistance to it feel its cold touch. He stood firm a serious look still on his face as he stared back at her. I know you are hiding more from me and I think its about time. I'm not interested in playing games, I don't have the time to just sit around idly. She giggled again as she turned around as if she was hiding her face from him. My dear Dante, you are not ready to have this power yet. Even I had difficulty controlling TÅketsu Tengoku. He is a lot like you in his obvious attempts to try and force himself through any obstacle he might encounter. I must say having you two around with your constant problematic emotion and rage is really invigorating. I wonder what those close to you would be like if they had to see the real you hiding behind that soft and gentle smile you use so often. Even now just looking at you it burns my desire to have you unleash that part of you. I have no desire in becoming your plaything Yuki-Shi. Stop playing with me. Dante, Dante, Dante. She said in a calm condescending tone of voice. You really want to just force your way through. She giggled this time almost shaking trying to keep her composure. This power comes with a risk, one you might not be able to overcome so easily as before. Especially if the risk to those near you is the same as your own. Your silly attachment to others you hold dear is your worst enemy in attaining your full potential. I don't care what you say. I believe power can still be wielded without abandoning one's care for others. Yuki-Shi turned around and reached out to Dante's cheek touching it slightly. The touch of her palm on his face burned, the cold of it freezing him almost to his core in that instant as he stepped away from her touch rubbing at his cheek. He was shocked his eyes wide as he looked at Yuki-Shi still standing her hand remaining in the air where his face was before. You see what your power truly is Dante. No matter how hard you fight or how much power you gain it will always force those close to you away. Do you still want to proceed having seen it for yourself? This will change you, you might not like the person you become after gaining this power for your own. Did you think my appearance to you here in this world was the real me? You are wrong, I was affected by TÅketsu Tengoku my appearance only this way because he is now inside me. Dante looked on, still in shock at the revelation of Yuki-Shi's words now entering his thoughts. He regained his composure and stepped forward, his cheek once more placed on the palm of her hand. The cold quickly filled his body draining life and color from his face and hands the rest hidden under his kimono. He always took pride in the fact that he loved the cold weather and the cold itself his resistance to it, but this was something more. He wanted to scream out in pain, gritting his teeth and narrowing his eyes. He had known this feeling before having found himself loosing color after using Bankai and using his hollow powers thinking it was her power. This was much more intense than that, he knew that for sure and then he through the pain hardly able to think it dawned on him. She was restraining this power, holding him back from it, he knew fighting was no longer a possibility if he had felt like this during his fights. And this no less from only a mere touch on the cheek. You surprise me, Dante. Willing to just jump on back and risk yourself buckling under this power. You really are a fool..... Yuki-Shi raised her leg from the snow before kicking Dante sending him sliding in the snow. He curled up into a ball as the pain of the cold he felt from her palm combined with the pain from her kick. He laid in the snow feeling as if every bone in his body shattered to pieces, he gasped for air trying to catch a breath with his eyes closed and blood dripping down on the snow from his mouth. This unbearable pain was something he had never experienced before even though the torture he had received. His body twitching involuntarily in the snow. Yuki-Shi appeared next to him looking down at him as he opened his eyes still curled on the snow before she kicking him in the face, he tried to block the attack but his reactions were so slow he could not manage it in time. He slid over the snow slowly digging into it as he moved over it. He held on to his face and stomach screaming out in pain. Yuki-Shi appeared before him again still looking down with her cold dead eyes locked on him. You come here demanding power from me...You defy logic and keep pushing further even though I tell you not to. Do you see now what consequences your actions have? Do you feel it as you lay there in pain unable to move Dante? Dante removed his hand from his face barely able to see out of one eye the other now closed his face bruised and cut from the kick he received. He looked Yuki-Shi in her eyes trying to get words out of his bleeding mouth. You..... will teach...Me!!!!!!!!....... Yuki-Shi seemed even more angered by his words as a spear of ice took form in her hand extending into the snow. She lifted it up the edge pointed at Dante's face. You still defy me. You seem to not comprehend anything I say or do. This should open up your mind to my warnings then. She thrust the spear of ice down piercing right through Dante's shoulder into the ice under him. Blood streamed from the wound mixing with snow turning it red with him struggling, screaming out and clenching the ice spear with his hand. Yuki-Shi bent down and took hold of his kimono just under his neck lifting him from the snow up into the air above her face. Blood from Dante's forward hanging face dropping onto her cheeks freezing solidly as she turned her head looking out into the world noticing it grew darker and distant. You are close to death my dear Dante. I can see it slowly closing in on you. What a strange feeling knowing each breath you take could be your last. You're hopelessly clinging to life is admirable Dante. You must be surprised by my actions thus far, not even giving you a chance to draw your Zanpakuto in defense against me. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Dante raised his head slowly reaching out towards Yuki-Shi when she moved her hand across her chest now covered in ice cutting Dante's arm in a single instant as it dropped to his side motionless and partially frozen. Back in the training ground Dante remained seated with his eyes closed and a pained expression upon his face his reiatsu leaking out wildly and uncontrolled from him, blood was now running from his closed mouth down his jaw and neck merging with his black kimono staining it.
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    Cell-2 Training Ground

    Dante walked onto the training ground the afternoon sun slightly covered by the clouds as if embracing it. He looked to his side at Aurora walking confidently at his side as they made there way back to the rock Dante liked to sit on. Once they arrived at it he took a slight jump and sat in a comfortable meditative state upon the huge rock. He beckoned to Aurora to take a seat before he started his lecture. Aurora, this part of your training requires you to make contact with your spirit in order to receive training specific to you. Draw your zanpakuto and place it down on your lap and hold placed in your hands at both ends and considerate. Make you spirit learn you new techniques and listen carefully to its instruction. I know you are ready for it now. Dante looked forward and slowly closed his eyes as they sat in silence only the wind moving over the grass and their hair as if gently embracing them with its will to move them forwards with their training.
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    Cell-2 Spa

    Dante Waited for Aurora. She finally revealed herself looking much better with her wounds healed and reiatsu now restored. The silently walked next to each other making there way back to the training grounds to continue there training. Back to training grounds page 11
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    Aurora Picture Awesomeness

    As for second picture. Rage for Vengeance? Fury unleashed? Or Fury's calling
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    Aurora Picture Awesomeness

    Read my post and you will feel the pressure. Had a friend read it and said it gave him chills. Also like the name.
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    Aurora Picture Awesomeness

  15. More awesomeness from Aurora