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  1. just realised your still somewere in the lost village sorry we left you behind

  2. because he is starting to get on alot of peoples nerves and last time you were the only one who could talk some sense into him

  3. your brother thinks he is god and that is starting to tick me off

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    im trying to make a new account and it keeps saying something about my ip address. little help?
  5. hello im finally on the forum

  6. lol brotha from anotha motha hunh fine by me

  7. ma brotha from another motha

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    across from the house he could hear the man's screams for help. he hesitated, but then ran to the house door and kicked it open. the zombies surrounding jade's hideout turned around and came toward suriyu.then he noticed the mob of zombies coming from the man's way in the other direction as well. suriyu thought he was over. then he noticed the opened cellar entrance next to him."stay there!!!" he plummeted through the entrance, down the stairs, and onto the cellar floor. then he saw them. there were guns. lots of them. and crates full of ammo. suriyu grabbed a shotgun off the wall and loaded it. "im not really trained in long distance combat, but this'll work. he saw the first zombie coming at him, and shot the gun. "BANG. ONE DOWN!" then he shot over and over until he had finished them all. then he made it up the stairs and came to the man. "follow me." then he came back over to the house on the other side, hoping for jade to let hime in.
  9. ... bye take care of yourself meh

  10. ... bye take care of yourself meh

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    "this isn't real. this isn't happening." suriyu was hiding in the alley ways all day long. trying to figure out what was happening. he started the day off in his high school following the normal routine, but then........ it happened. it first started with one of them, but then it spread. all over the school. but then he realized it wasn't just the school anymore. it was the whole country."i need a weapon of some sort. something that can keep me alive." "NO, NO PLEASE.!!!" terrifying sounds of bones and flesh being crushed were heard from a distant man. suriyu went towards the screams and found it was too late to save him. then he saw what he was looking for. "a bat!" he waited until they left and grabbed the baseball bat. good. now i just need to find somewhere safe." then, more of them appeared. the sounds of the now gone man attracted more of them. "...... no. i can't fight them. they're innocent people." it was at that moment that suriyu realized something. "no.... they aren't humans anymore....... they aren't here anymore........ THEY AREN'T ALIVE ANYMORE!!!!" after his fight with them, suriyu was fatigued. he came past a house and glanced inside one of the windows. he saw someone he knew better than anyone. jade.