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  1. Are you still no.1 in the game?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mr. Aizen

      Mr. Aizen

      liezzzzz, I ish strongest!!! will smash people again to proof it *throws tantrum like a five year old*

    3. Psychologist Asch

      Psychologist Asch

      im the strongest ._.


    4. Ascendant


      I remember you, Aizen. You PK'd me all the time.


  2. Where's the bloody chat? Am I that stupid? 

    Don't bother answering the second question.

  3. What's with chat?

  4. I have ascended!




  5. It's been years since I've been here. From what I can see, people are not active. Is it worth donating and staying here?

    1. Sanosuke Himura

      Sanosuke Himura

      its all up to you he's(The Admin) away now so you get double of what you pay when he returns so itll take a while to recieve credits, and I pop in every now and then was just taking a brief break the more people who come back it tends to peak the interest of the wanderers like me.

  6. Hope you had a swell Birthday. Also hope you're also enjoying the Military.

    1. Ascendant


      Enjoying might not be the real term, but, thank you.

  7. Lost on the way, no one to blame (:

  8. It's okay. But, where are you? You could at least message me on facebook or something. I miss you :(

    1. Amemiya Natsuki

      Amemiya Natsuki

      i cant acccess facebook anymore..im in china now..the country banned it for some weird reason..sorry... =(

  9. a late happy birthday =) sry...wasnt paying attention lately <~<

    1. Res


      late happy bday from me tooo!!!

    2. Ascendant


      Why thank you :3 (also very late reply)