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  1. Hey everyone longtime no see just showing up to say hi and see how everyone is doing.

    1. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

      Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

      Hiya, it's been far to long. Hope you are doing well:yes:

    2. Kirito Gekko (Holland)

      Kirito Gekko (Holland)

      You need to find a way to talk to me more D= Its no fun if you never around anymore :P

    3. Kaylain (Arina)

      Kaylain (Arina)

      Yeah, I'm doing alright yoshi good to see you again. Also Holland I'll send you a way to contact me via pms :)

  2. The site looking more fancy since i was last here... I like it! Oh and i'm currently in Canada!

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    2. Kaylain (Arina)

      Kaylain (Arina)

      Hey Yoshi and Kai !!! Also I got over here with a plane I just covered the window next to me so I didn't know I was in the air yet ;) However I'm leaving in a few days to singapore.

    3. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)
    4. Kishikage Kaihri

      Kishikage Kaihri

      And yet I thought you'd found out a way to teleport...
      Well, seems you're all good, which is great, we may chat again some bit when you happen to have some time.~

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!!!!!!!! :3 <3

  4. Welcome to the site. I hope you have many great memories here and make many friends even when they become a little weird.
  5. Hey everyone I'm just here to say sorry for all the stupid immature things I have done on this site I am sorry for any wrongs I have done on this site. I'm sorry for being bitchy for things I know I shouldn't be bitchy at. I'm sorry for everything. Over the past two month I've been in hospital due to me being sick and still am... Yes I know sick "again" but it's times like this that make me think about my actions and how I acted towards people for the past month I have been pretty much alone except for a few emails here and there. Because of this I would like to say some public sorries to different people. Metabee: I'm sorry that I didnt make it seem that you were that close to me and I'm sorry you are one of the closest friends I have on here you stick with me through thick and thin and you are always there to talk to I thank for that. Yuroshima: I might be one of the only people on here to say sorry too you but none the less I'm sorry for fighting with you so much in the past before you forgot who I was and started becoming friendly with me. I am also sorry for hating you for so long but that's because I hold grudges oh and yeah sorry that I hated your op characters. Aiden: You I need to apologise to as Well. I'm sorry I'm a hypocrite I know that and I'm working on it slowly. I'm also sorry for all the fights I've had with you whether it was due to little things or massive things I'm sorry. I'm also sorry that I hardly listen to reason but that's due to my stubborn nature I was raised to never back down from an argument and that has broken our friendship even more and I am sorry. Haku: I don't know if we have any major beef between us but I'm sorry if we do but you will always be an awesome person to talk too. Angel: Sorry for hating on your characters. Ruroki: I'm sorry for always laughing to hard at your memes and other pictures. Dandy: sorry I was against some of your idea but still liked your stat system sorry it didn't work out. AIvito: ..... Vad: Sorry I forgot you lol. Everyone: I'm sorry for being a shit roleplayer leaving in the middle of roleplays and randomly Joining with random posts. I know I might of missed a few but I just woke up so I'll add more to this for today if I remember any more. Anyway after today I will be leaving this site due to my health being shitty constantly making me go inactive a lot so I resign from any leadership spots I hold in the urp and I might be back every month just to say hi to friends but not roleplay I hope you all have a great time and year and just know that I love you all even after all of our fights and good bye. Also if I had forgotten anyone just reply under this post and if I get around to it on one of my visits I'll edit my post with a sorry to you too.
  6. If you are interested about roleplay here we have two types. Official Roleplay: Pretty much this has order. Moderators to keep the Roleplay clean and fun without much trouble with rules and regulations. Which I will be joining in the future. Unofficial Roleplay: Throws everything about the Official out the window and burns it creating chaos, and Loads of arguments. Basically there are no rules. My personal recommendation that would be the official. Welcome
  7. 1. I posted in my spare time which i had very little time hence why my posts are small. 2. Holy shit! you were talking about that far back with you and yuro ? i thought you were talking about more recent times lol. my mistake. 3. Just for thinking I did it for attention and calling me Incompetent here is another Stupid post which you hate so much. Hi, This is the daily ant show closing of this thread. Have a good night or day where ever you live and stay safe !! Now I shall leave <3
  8. Lol, I wouldn't be surprised if people become mad at me I know I do stupid disrespectful shit and I take credit for that. I know I'm probably the least innocent of this then anyone here. Hell I know I've been worse then both Ben and Haley put together. If someone points me out on it good on them. It teaches me to not do it next time.(not including my Random ant posts you can't stop that sorry.) Yeah I can't speak for Robons I also didn't like that dimension thing as well. Plus For the Random ass post I did, If you didn't block me on all forms of contact then you would of listened to why I did it. But no I gave up that due to the block most likely still in place. Also why the pardon my french fuck are you bring outside disrespectful accounts in a thread in which has nothing to do with this thread. If you are going to argue about something use the information we are talking about at the time don't bring in information that has happened in other threads. We are talking about this one not any others if you want to bitch and moan about other disrespectful acts that have happened in other threads make a new thread talking about it or talk about it during the time that it is happening. This Thread's Arguments is purely about what has happened in this thread. Like I said want to bitch and moan about other disrespectful things that have happened outside this thread then do so away from the main arrangement in question. Thank you. Also About the Who fighting over the Primera spot. The hell are you talking about Sure enough you are right I took it so people couldn't fight over it. But let me ask you this who are the two you are speaking of that were fighting for it? Plus I wrote many times now which Seems to be ignored quite a lot whenever I argue manly because people are like TL;DR but I've stated that I would gladly step down from that spot and let anyone take it as I am to Inactive to do anything with it. Before joining the thread I told Haley that I won't be in the fight I'll just be watching because I would be to busy studying for exams to post on time. I Even told Hexic this so he wouldn't involve me in the fight. So no I did not run away as I was never going to be in the fight in the first place as both Hexic and Haley both said that they wouldn't involve me. So next time you write that my character "ran away" Get your facts straight before Bitching to me about my character and me being there in the first place. Granted I like your edit. Love you long time - The one who goes by many names <3
  9. This is basically a thread where I will mainly do Solo Role plays or Role plays with people I invite. Picture of the home: (Above Ground) Current Permanent Residents: - Althalos - Eliz - Flame Honorary Residents: - Aliza - Akito - When even I decide to unbury him Temporary Residents: - None currently
  10. Ooc: And it's also disgraceful when people join a Invite only thread without being invited. Sure Haley made a mistake on her tags "All invited" but even so she corrected herself so people should of respected her wishes and left so the way I see it is like I told Hexic "Uninvitedness vs Auto-escape" on a scale they are both disgraceful but no-one seems to care that hexic joined in uninvited and didn't leave when Haley corrected herself. so in my eyes Haley should have the right to leave when ever she wants. Granted Auto-escaping is wrong I say it's fine in this case as 'Two wrongs make a right' - Yes I changed that whole saying around <3 Short story short: They are both in the wrong so DON'T just be mad at Haley. My 5 cents. <3
  11. Meanwhile on the top of bleach Las Noches, There stood and small but frighting monster. He's name you ask ? Johnny the 10th. He is a small Ant no bigger then a pebble. He was no ordinary ant. You see he was a bullet ant (Side note they fucking hurt T.T). There Johnny looked over and watched the others fight. A man approaching the 2 hollows at and increasing speed the green haired on firing off a ball of some sort and another a... i mean Hollow who was on the receiving end. Johnny jumped off the edge the pillar he was on and came crushing down with intense force once landing creates a sizable crater which caused the pillar behind him to come crushing down behind him. "Oops that wasn't supposed to happen.." Johnny just shook his head and looked towards the two hollows and the incoming shinigami "well looks like some competition is coming..." A few moments later the shinigami arrives and starts his attack. "For Our kingdom !!!!" Next minute millions of ants arrive from behind Las Noches start charging forward for battle. Halfway to the battlefield with battle cries that would reach through to the world of the living a sudden flame erupts from beneath then setting a flame to all the ants and the flame spreads like wildfire from the ants running and hitting to each other. A few moments later all the ants were dead burnt to a crisp. Johnny the soul survivor looks back at his comrades and sheds a tear as he sees all of his comrades dead but are in a shape of a dragon. After a moment of silence Johnny turns back around and sees a foot coming towards him. "shit." Johnny is then squashed under the foot of a 6ft male Arrancar who had bright red hair and was wearing that of clothing from the world of the living. "You guys are making to much racket..." The Arrancar then has flames slowly come out of his mouth. "Soar and burn, Dragón de fuego" The red headed Arrancar then grew scales across his whole body and a tail with the bonus of wings which were made out of fire. "Time for me to leave my job here is done..." The red headed Arrancar flew and opened a garganta back to the world of the living to report is progress. This ladies and gentlemen was the true battle of dragons.
  12. Alora leaves with Althalos. "It's become to crowed here Althalos... Let's go have tea else where...". Left Thread as it's kinda ruined with all the Ooc and incoming Arguments.
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