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  1. Kaylain (Arina)

    ~A Thief With No Name~

    Chapter II: Their first meeting. ------------------------- Kaylain's Pov: The days of the torture were finally finished however, the woman was now completely broken mentally. She felt nothing, no sadness, no horror just a complete lack of emotion. Her body is now horrifically bleeding with open wounds inches deep across her body and she was given no medical treatment just thrown back in her room and needed to tend to her own wounds using rags of other inmates. The woman no longer cared about anything anymore, every time she did something she was punished and she even got a young girl killed because of it. The woman had completely closed her heart to the world outside seamlessly never to be opened up again. Days went past as fast as a snail race, the woman just laid in bed and ate when ordered to. Once the woman's scars finally healed completely the slaver kicked open the door to her room and told her to stand up which the woman did obediently knowing there was no reason to refuse all the woman thought of was her natural instincts to survive and thus followed his every command. The slaver told the woman she would be a punching bag for new slaves today all the woman could do was a nod. She was then tied up and dragged by the hair to an open area where slaves who were being trained to be soldiers were training and was hung up. The slaver stood next to her and spoke at the top of his lungs. “Listen up! This bitch is your new punching bag today. She broke the rules and must be punished.” The slaver then walks to a nearby pillar and watches as the emotionless woman was battered around reopening old wounds which haven’t fully healed. This went on till everyone was asleep but the woman was left hanging there as it started to rain. The raindrops hit her face acting like the tears she could not bring out. The tears of years of torment. This moment lasted for what seemed like an eternity before the woman passed out. The next morning dawned and her slaver woke her up and cut her ties that was binding her and punched her knocking her out cold and carried her outside of the base to where there were some carts that were heading to the main town. A few moments flew by as they were traveling and then there was a sudden stop which caused the woman to wake up. They had reached the main town of the district. The slaver kicked the woman out of the cart and told her that she has to collect money if she wanted to live to see tomorrow laying on the ground still battered she all she could do was just nod and the cart left her and she slowly started to stand up but was struggling to do so but the thought of survival overpowered the feeling of pain and she was able to stand but was struggling to move correctly limping quite commonly. The woman was wearing almost nothing at this point she had just barely enough clothes to cover her privates. Meanwhile, the slaver on the way back to base laughed as he knew that she wouldn’t be able to gather any money in the state she is in as this was all a plan to get rid of her. The woman walked through the town getting stared at by the locals because of how scarred, battered and bloody her body was this proved that the slaver knew what he was doing to get rid of her by making her the focus of attention. Moments pass by as the woman walks around the town while being stared at by the locals as if she was a freak or a prostitute who was into kinky stuff. The woman giving off the smell of blood which surrounded her blood drops followed behind her. Hours pass by and the sun started to set in the distance the woman hadn’t been able to collect anything. She knew she was going to die but wasn’t scared she was ready to die to end her miserable life. Behind her in the distance there was a loud explosion and tons of screams could be heard. The woman with nothing to lose walked towards the sound. It wasn’t long before she figured out what the sound was though her blood on the ground lured in an impressively sized hollow. The woman did not scream and did not cry. The hollow stopped and looked complexed and in a deep growling voice asked her a simple question. “Why do you not run?” The woman looked towards the hollow with lifeless eyes and spoke with horrific depressive tone “Why would I?” The hollow even though lacking a heart seemed saddened by this one woman. “Do you wish for me to help you?.” The woman just simply nodded. The hollow then sighed and then gave off a horrible scream “This will only hurt a moment” The hollow then went to eat the woman. Uther's Pov: The building was complete Uther rubbed his sweat off his forehead and smiled at his newly created masterpiece. A beautiful log cabin complete with furniture and a fireplace and reasonably sized farm on the side to grow food to sell. “A work of art I tell you.” Uther then spun around to head to the main town to buy some food for dinner. The trip didn’t take very long and he entered the town and it looked like it was thriving Uther couldn’t believe his eyes why was this town look so great yet every other town in the district look so poor there had to be something behind the scenes but Uther put it in the back of his mind he has a mission to complete to have homemade ramen for dinner and was determined to have it!. Uther walking the street notices everyone looking super cautious about something but didn’t know what until he heard a drunk male in a bar start yelling “That bitch stole my money!!” Uther looked confused there was no-one else around but him the store owners and the drunkard. Uther just thought of it as the customer trying to get out of paying. Uther then went to the local everything under the sun store and collected all the items needed but when he went to pay for the items his wallet was gone he couldn’t understand how that was possible he looked towards the owner embarrassedly “I’m sorry, I think I forgot my wallet at home..” The owner laughed. “It’s alright friend, It’s on the house today think of it as a new customer deal since there has been a lot of pickpocketing around lately” Uther laughed “So that's why I don’t have my wallet. Thank you for the deal.” The owner nodded and handed the items to Uther as he walked out the store. When he exited the store he saw a young body lying in blood and ran over quickly. “Hey, hold on!” Uther reaches the body and bends down to check a pulse there was none. The girl was only a few years in age looked like a newcomer to the spirit world without a family. Her neck was sliced open from what seemed like a small knife. “Poor girl, I hope you get reincarnated into a nice, fulfilling life in the future.” Uther then looked at the girl's hands and notices his wallet covered in blood “Were you my pickpocketer?” Uther took hold of the wallet and noticed that there was a stronger spiritual signature on it than the girl's who was murdered. “I see, you were given it by the pickpocketer…I’m sorry.” Uther then stood up and walked away as he did the body begin to fade into spirit particles. The day was ending uther was now back at his expertly built home. “Now… Let’s begin” Uther rolled up his sleeves and began to cook like a professional chef. Few an hour later and he had finished cooking the ramen and it looked fantastic. “Now to dig in.” Suddenly there was a knock on his door. Uther looking unimpressed stood up and walked towards the door. “Uther it’s me open up!” Uther opened up the door to show best white beard in soul society and his left eyebrow started twitching. “What do you want Merlin?” Merlin in a serious tone unlike his usual joking happy tone spoke to Uther “The gotei 13 are looking for you…” Uther laughed and put his hand on Merlin's shoulder “So they finally started.. Here” Uther took his wedding ring of and damaged it and cut his finger open slightly and covered some of the ring in blood. “Take this to them and tell them that you took care of the ‘traitor’". Merlin smiled and laughed. “you really did have a plan huh?” Uther nodded and then closed the door while yelling at the top of his lungs “Now leave me alone! I’m trying to eat!” Uther then finally was able to eat his ramen which has become cold. This cause Uther to tear up with sadness. “Why…” Few days pass Uther was getting used to the normal life. Uther went to the town like usual this new day but today was different Uther could sense something wrong people looked like they saw something or someone disgusting walk past. Uther then looked around for his usual store but noticed a trail of blood on the ground. He remembered the spiritual signature it was the same as the one that was on his wallet when he found it was a lot stronger than he thought but it felt wrong like if it was being forced out as if someone was using it to try and stay alive. Uther followed it and suddenly next to him the was a loud bang. Uther looked towards the sound and saw a hollow jump out of the smoke of a now smashed building. The hollow seemed to be drawn to the source of the blood. Uther started running after it but then threw up slowing him down. “I shouldn’t have drunk so much saki last night…” Uther finally caught up to see the hollow going to eat the woman and quickly went to save her. Uther used his zanpakuto to quickly slice the hollow in half then stabbed it through the mask. Uther then looked towards the woman she fell to her knees crying but showed no emotion while doing so. Uther kneeled before the woman and checked if she was responsive then noticed her attire and how damaged her body was. “You poor thing… I knew something was wrong here.” Uther picked up the woman and moved quickly to his house to give her medical treatment. “It’s okay, I’ll save you.” Meanwhile in the shadows, one of the slaver’s lackeys calls in “Sir, we have a problem.” ------------------------- Wc: 1863 Twc: 3,521 Occ: Another great phone post... I really need to start writing on my desktop. Colour coding is killing me also thank god for the new autosave.
  2. Kaylain (Arina)

    ~A Thief With No Name~

    ~A thief with no name~ ---------------------- Prelude: District 62, Chains, Whips and screams these are the sounds the residents of the district know too well. Adults, Teenagers, and even children live in constant fear knowing they will never get help to resolve the issues from the gotei thirteen as they always seem to never visit the district unless there was a sighting of a hollow, however, to the locals being eaten by hollow is freedom from the everyday horrors of district 62. An old man from the Gotei didn’t like how they were dealing with the district basically ignoring it acting like it doesn’t exist, he goes out to try to make the life for people in District 62 somewhat bearable as he wasn’t high enough in the leadership to truly do anything from a political standpoint. This old man looked like he had been in his fair share of battles with scars scattered all over his chiseled body which he gained from years of training. He wore a damaged Shihakusho which his buster-like sword on his back as it was almost in its release form. This is a story about this old man's journey which ended up in him finding family in a district ravaged by crime and a story of a rescue of a young woman who would go on to be his prodigy. Chapter I: Trying to make a difference and survival. Uther’s Pov: “This is Bullshit!” A battle damaged hand slams on a table. “Enough Uther, There is a reason we don’t help that district.” Uther clearly enraged steps back from the table which now has a visible hand imprint etched into the fine lines of the expensive mahogany wood in which it was created from. “People lives are being lost! We should help them!, The children are being sold as slaves, the adults are being sold as chained up miners people want to be eaten by hollows we both know that’s wrong it’ll even breed more hollows for us to deal with!” The figure on the other end of the table stands up and walks into the light revealing that of a member of Central 46. This guy also had a very punchable face. “Listen, We get it. Your wife who you married was from that district before it went to shit. We get that you want to help it because of your emotions but we can’t let you do that. We’re sorry that district is beyond our contro-” Suddenly Uther punches the member of central 46 and then was held back but two other Shinigami “Don’t bring my wife into this!” The central 46 member just waved his hand to signal to get Uther kick him out. Uther now thrown out of the building of central 46 stands up and dusts himself off and spits in disgust of the member of central 46. Uther heads back to his squad's barracks and is greeted by an old friend of his that he met back in the academy. This man had the most majestic white hair and beard you have ever seen. Many people believe he was the one to have caused the stories of Merlin to be true and was the inspiration for Gandalf the gray in the lord of the rings books and films. This man no longer went by his old name for he loved the stories written about his looks that he adopted the name of Merlin. Uther noticed Merlin running and waving his hands, Uther just shook his head. Merlin finally catches up with Uther and casually asks how did the meeting go but Uther just sighed and continued walking Merlin continued walking with Uther until they reached his room where Uther started to pack his things. “What are you doing Uther?” Uther looks at Merlin and finishes packing. “I’m leaving… Tell the captain that I’ll return if they ever decide to help district 62.” Uther then walks past Merlin saying nothing more with a face which showed he was holding back tears. Merlin couldn’t say anything seeing Uther’s face all he could was stay silent and let Uther walk out of the building then suddenly Merlin turns around after dealing with the sight of Uther’s face and spoke as loud as he could in hopes Uther would reconsider. “Uther if you do this you’ll be considered a…” Uther opens his mouth and just with a wavering voice speaks. “I-I know.” Uther then flashed stepped away without looking back. Uther reaches district 62 and changes into broken down rags to make it seem like he a local and heads into the woods outside of the main town of the district and looks around and finds a small clearing and smiles. “Perfect” The man then takes his word and start chopping down wood from nearby trees. Kaylain’s Pov: On the edge of the largest town of the district a buff and large man is standing behind a young looking woman who looks like they are battered and torn up. The young girl had beautiful teal hair and eyes a blue and the daylight sky. Her whole body which was athletically toned was covered from neck to toes in horrific scars most of which is covered up by bandages. “Get to work girl!” The tall man commanded the young woman as he lifted her up by her hair and kicked her into the streets. “Y-yes…” The man faded and the young woman walked into the crowded streets and started pick-pocketing unnoticing victims “one… two… sixty-three.” The day was now almost over and most people had now headed home but the drunks, prostitutes and clubs. Unknowing to the young woman she didn’t know she was being watched by her captives. The young girl knowing she had collected enough heads to the back exit of the town and is greeted by one of the slavers who captured her when she was still a child. “How much did you collect this time?” The woman while looking scared held up her bag which contained the wallets of two hundred people. “That’s a good girl” The slaver put his hand on her head and rubbed it roughly “You can have a extra piece of meat tonight.” The woman smiles slightly to show fake appreciation “Thank you…” A few days later the young woman was taken to the town again however, today was different. Throughout the day the woman continued as usual pick pocketing new victims however, there was a young girl which caught the woman's eye the girl was no younger than she was when she was kidnapped. The woman walks up to the young girls and smiled warmly not to scare her way in hopes to talk to her. “Hey there, why are you alone you know it’s not safe to walk around the streets alone someone might snatch you. Are your parents around?” The young girl just shakes her head and starts to tear up “They’re gone and never coming back” The woman’s heart just sank and then reached into her bag to take out one of the wallets she stole. “Here this should help. Make sure you find somewhere safe to sleep with this okay?” The young girl runs off but was suddenly stopped by a slaver and had her throat suddenly sliced open. The girl now unconscious from the blood loss is now on the ground twitching and slowly dying. “What the fuck!” The woman’s eyes met with the slavers as if she was about to attack him. The slaver clicked his fingers and two lackeys pinned the woman to the ground. “You disappoint me girl…” The woman was then dragged back out of town by her hair with her hands tied behind her back so she couldn’t get out their grip. “You bastards, I’ll kill you! She was just a little girl!” The slaver walked next to her and punched her across the face knocking her out. “Shut up, you’ll be receiving punishment when we get back to the base. Once they arrived back at base the woman was locked in a room fill with chains and torture devices and was locked up with her clothes off hanging of a wall back facing away from the wall. The woman wakes up from the smell of metal heating up and the smell of alcohol. “Wake up sunshine! It’s time for your punishment.” The woman was then whipped with a red hot chain covered with barbed wires the pain was unbearable then whenever she was about to pass out she was covered with alcohol the stinging was so bad it woke her back up and the whipping continued the torturer worked the chain expertly just as if it was a normal leather whip. This punishment continued every night for 5 nights straight. The punishment was hell screaming and yelling was heard constantly during the nights and throughout the day she only received the minimal amount of food to be healthy. Every night slowly broke her spirit making her realize how bad her life was and how she could never escape the captivity of those who stole her and killed her whole village so there was nothing to go back to anyway. On the night of the 5th day during the torture she became emotionless and stopped reacting to the pain she was receiving. -------------------------------------------- Wc: 1558 Ooc: Colour coding on a phone is super annoying.
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    ORP Reset Announcement!

    Sign me up!!! Where is the white van!?
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    ORP Reset Announcement!

    I heard there will be candy... So like here I am
  6. Hey everyone longtime no see just showing up to say hi and see how everyone is doing.

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      Kaylain (Arina)

      Yeah, I'm doing alright yoshi good to see you again. Also Holland I'll send you a way to contact me via pms :)

  7. The site looking more fancy since i was last here... I like it! Oh and i'm currently in Canada!

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      Hey Yoshi and Kai !!! Also I got over here with a plane I just covered the window next to me so I didn't know I was in the air yet ;) However I'm leaving in a few days to singapore.

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      Well, seems you're all good, which is great, we may chat again some bit when you happen to have some time.~

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    Welcome to the site. I hope you have many great memories here and make many friends even when they become a little weird.
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    Hey everyone I'm just here to say sorry for all the stupid immature things I have done on this site I am sorry for any wrongs I have done on this site. I'm sorry for being bitchy for things I know I shouldn't be bitchy at. I'm sorry for everything. Over the past two month I've been in hospital due to me being sick and still am... Yes I know sick "again" but it's times like this that make me think about my actions and how I acted towards people for the past month I have been pretty much alone except for a few emails here and there. Because of this I would like to say some public sorries to different people. Metabee: I'm sorry that I didnt make it seem that you were that close to me and I'm sorry you are one of the closest friends I have on here you stick with me through thick and thin and you are always there to talk to I thank for that. Yuroshima: I might be one of the only people on here to say sorry too you but none the less I'm sorry for fighting with you so much in the past before you forgot who I was and started becoming friendly with me. I am also sorry for hating you for so long but that's because I hold grudges oh and yeah sorry that I hated your op characters. Aiden: You I need to apologise to as Well. I'm sorry I'm a hypocrite I know that and I'm working on it slowly. I'm also sorry for all the fights I've had with you whether it was due to little things or massive things I'm sorry. I'm also sorry that I hardly listen to reason but that's due to my stubborn nature I was raised to never back down from an argument and that has broken our friendship even more and I am sorry. Haku: I don't know if we have any major beef between us but I'm sorry if we do but you will always be an awesome person to talk too. Angel: Sorry for hating on your characters. Ruroki: I'm sorry for always laughing to hard at your memes and other pictures. Dandy: sorry I was against some of your idea but still liked your stat system sorry it didn't work out. AIvito: ..... Vad: Sorry I forgot you lol. Everyone: I'm sorry for being a shit roleplayer leaving in the middle of roleplays and randomly Joining with random posts. I know I might of missed a few but I just woke up so I'll add more to this for today if I remember any more. Anyway after today I will be leaving this site due to my health being shitty constantly making me go inactive a lot so I resign from any leadership spots I hold in the urp and I might be back every month just to say hi to friends but not roleplay I hope you all have a great time and year and just know that I love you all even after all of our fights and good bye. Also if I had forgotten anyone just reply under this post and if I get around to it on one of my visits I'll edit my post with a sorry to you too.
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    Hello Everyone!

    If you are interested about roleplay here we have two types. Official Roleplay: Pretty much this has order. Moderators to keep the Roleplay clean and fun without much trouble with rules and regulations. Which I will be joining in the future. Unofficial Roleplay: Throws everything about the Official out the window and burns it creating chaos, and Loads of arguments. Basically there are no rules. My personal recommendation that would be the official. Welcome
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    Battle Of Dragons

    1. I posted in my spare time which i had very little time hence why my posts are small. 2. Holy shit! you were talking about that far back with you and yuro ? i thought you were talking about more recent times lol. my mistake. 3. Just for thinking I did it for attention and calling me Incompetent here is another Stupid post which you hate so much. Hi, This is the daily ant show closing of this thread. Have a good night or day where ever you live and stay safe !! Now I shall leave <3
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    Hello Everyone!

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    Battle Of Dragons

    Lol, I wouldn't be surprised if people become mad at me I know I do stupid disrespectful shit and I take credit for that. I know I'm probably the least innocent of this then anyone here. Hell I know I've been worse then both Ben and Haley put together. If someone points me out on it good on them. It teaches me to not do it next time.(not including my Random ant posts you can't stop that sorry.) Yeah I can't speak for Robons I also didn't like that dimension thing as well. Plus For the Random ass post I did, If you didn't block me on all forms of contact then you would of listened to why I did it. But no I gave up that due to the block most likely still in place. Also why the pardon my french fuck are you bring outside disrespectful accounts in a thread in which has nothing to do with this thread. If you are going to argue about something use the information we are talking about at the time don't bring in information that has happened in other threads. We are talking about this one not any others if you want to bitch and moan about other disrespectful acts that have happened in other threads make a new thread talking about it or talk about it during the time that it is happening. This Thread's Arguments is purely about what has happened in this thread. Like I said want to bitch and moan about other disrespectful things that have happened outside this thread then do so away from the main arrangement in question. Thank you. Also About the Who fighting over the Primera spot. The hell are you talking about Sure enough you are right I took it so people couldn't fight over it. But let me ask you this who are the two you are speaking of that were fighting for it? Plus I wrote many times now which Seems to be ignored quite a lot whenever I argue manly because people are like TL;DR but I've stated that I would gladly step down from that spot and let anyone take it as I am to Inactive to do anything with it. Before joining the thread I told Haley that I won't be in the fight I'll just be watching because I would be to busy studying for exams to post on time. I Even told Hexic this so he wouldn't involve me in the fight. So no I did not run away as I was never going to be in the fight in the first place as both Hexic and Haley both said that they wouldn't involve me. So next time you write that my character "ran away" Get your facts straight before Bitching to me about my character and me being there in the first place. Granted I like your edit. Love you long time - The one who goes by many names <3