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    Name: cfour
    Race: Shinigami
    Division: 11
  1. cfour120

    Squad 11 Alliances

    yep ~ ever since my last dead, I haven't been able to recover ~ can't afford to die another time.
  2. cfour120

    Squad 11 Alliances

    ah~ got it ~ i set it off =) so ill be save throughout the training right ? XD
  3. cfour120

    Squad 11 Alliances

    Right ~ how did you do that ? I don't see any option to opt out of pvp =(
  4. cfour120

    Squad 11 Attack History

    im back ! XD just wanna check with you guys ~ is Ryjo hostile to us?
  5. cfour120

    Squad 11 Alliances

    Now this got me a lil worry ~ since there's no alliance till further notice ~ will it be dangerous to train at D3 ? having some arrancarss lurking around the area =X
  6. cfour120

    Donations - What's It All About?

    What kind of perks does donor get to enjoy ? and what's your definition of donors ? donate 1CAD consider donor too ? =X
  7. Hey, I don't know why but my post count is zero even I've been posting stuff on squad 11 forum for so long. Any idea guys ? Oh my ~ I got the answer already. Posting stuff on Squad 11 forum won't increase my post count unless I post on other non Role playing forum huh ? How to delete this topic then ?