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  1. CaptianHitsugaya

    Squad 10 Seatlist

    sorry guys I haven't been in a while I've been in the hospital I'm trying to get my account back if not I guess I have to make another one.
  2. CaptianHitsugaya

    Can't Login

    I can't login, I haven't been on in awhile because I've been in the hospital. Not sure if my account got deleted if so please let me know so I can make another one.
  3. CaptianHitsugaya

    Squad 10 Raids

    Im back!!!!
  4. CaptianHitsugaya

    Captain's Office

    What happened to all of our members?
  5. CaptianHitsugaya

    Squad 10 Raids

    We did amazing, hope more people join the raid
  6. CaptianHitsugaya

    Vice-Captain's Office

    Ok I'm back guys sorry I got sick and was in the hospital for a while oh and by the way to let every body know the kiddo corps are taking all of our members
  7. CaptianHitsugaya

    Need Help

    Thanks I give it a try
  8. CaptianHitsugaya

    Need Help

    Some one sent me an PM and when I'm viewing my profile it says that I have one message but when I click the inbox there's nothing in there.
  9. CaptianHitsugaya


    yea my brother said that he hated beacuase he was being logged off every 5 min and dieing so he deleted it so i dont know i u need to put my account on 1 ans not multimplys if u can it be great it not thats fine with me too thnxs
  10. CaptianHitsugaya


    Thanks alot
  11. CaptianHitsugaya


    Im in the same situation my little brother wants to play. Player ID#: 77653 CaptianHitsugaya