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  1. the people who randomly visit here sometimes *waves*
  2. Well i finnaly remembered my name and pass, so just wondering if there are still people around who remember me
  3. https://gyazo.com/3899756eaf00fbec62aefed3350db453
  4. Hey blaze i was on the stream, did u see me
  5. Kuchiki halertje


    can't join i am a vaizard, i am sorry
  6. Wait there is a BSE team on EUW Name is Jonasu of Bleach if you can still use me
  7. I forgot 99% of the people who were here only remember a few
  8. Someone call lance tankai wants on the list
  9. night how are you haven't heard of you in awhile (mostly because i was busy)
  10. I am bakc from the dead, oh and i got a new pc :)

    1. Ryu Nakamura

      Ryu Nakamura

      welcome back Kuchiki hal. And congrats on getting the new pc.

    2. Fabled (Renoka)
    3. Blaze
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