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  1. Kuchiki halertje

    Cell-2 Rules

    its looks awesome
  2. Kuchiki halertje

    Cell-4 Commander's Office

    the people who randomly visit here sometimes *waves*
  3. Kuchiki halertje

    Guess who is back (again)

    Well i finnaly remembered my name and pass, so just wondering if there are still people around who remember me
  4. Kuchiki halertje

    League Of Legends

    i used gyazo
  5. Kuchiki halertje

    League Of Legends

  6. Kuchiki halertje

    League Of Legends

    haven't logged in yet gonne watch now
  7. Kuchiki halertje

    League Of Legends

    Hey blaze i was on the stream, did u see me
  8. Kuchiki halertje


    can't join i am a vaizard, i am sorry
  9. Kuchiki halertje

    League Of Legends

    then pay me
  10. Kuchiki halertje

    League Of Legends

    Wait there is a BSE team on EUW Name is Jonasu of Bleach if you can still use me
  11. Kuchiki halertje

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    hammerfall hector's hymn
  12. Kuchiki halertje

    Returning! I Think....

    I forgot 99% of the people who were here only remember a few
  13. Kuchiki halertje

    Hall Of Fame Squad 13

    Someone call lance tankai wants on the list
  14. Kuchiki halertje

    Cell-2 Positions

    night how are you haven't heard of you in awhile (mostly because i was busy)
  15. I am bakc from the dead, oh and i got a new pc :)

    1. Ryu Nakamura

      Ryu Nakamura

      welcome back Kuchiki hal. And congrats on getting the new pc.

    2. Fabled (Renoka)
    3. Blaze