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  1. These are the events that took place during the Reaper's encounter in the Forest of Menos before searching for the Primera Espada. Welcome to Hell --- “Hollows hidden in the shadows would provide him no more time to ponder the potential power that he contained as the combination of the hunger for a satisfying meal and the chance to claim vengeance upon the scourge of their existence was too great. Though many of the menos class hollows had long departed leaving nothing but the Adjuchas Class hollows attempting their chance at this target…” The dozens of eyes peered through the darkness with a fixed gaze upon the target of their aggression and passions of their hunger. Before them was a member of the Soul Society which has collectively hunted the beings that called this land home without discrimination and relentlessly. Now they have gained the chance of having one of them alone within their realm, away from the comrades that they collectively had been able to acquire. Even after watching this being destroy a random human on their land, but that meant little to those that wanted revenge as much as a satisfactory meal. The first one that would make their approach would be one of the larger pair of eyes coming through the darkness of the forest, although pairs of eyes lingered well above them peering down. The Gillian class were spectators awaiting the scraps of the events to transpire but the clear visage of the protruding face of the evolved being could be seen. The nose and long mouth of the beast’s mask was clearly visible as they continued through the space of the forest before the size became clear. Standing over eight feet in height while still on all fours and even in a lowered posture, this being was most resembled to the Canis Lupis, or grey wolf. It continued to make its approached towards the Reaper, “A foolish Soul Reaper in the wrong realm.” He spoke with a snarl in every word with the saliva slowly sliding from his mouth giving off a cloud of steam, the bright shimmering blue fluid running along his jaw. Eventually a single drop fell from his mouth and descended upon the ground and instantly caused the sound of something sizzling and grains of the sand dissolving. “Now you have ended up served for eatin’.” The beast held his gaze upon the reaper with his head held at an angle directed as the vibrant red eyes seemed to glow brighter in anticipation. The Reaper would respond with a few steps forward of his own, the energy of his body still consumed in the galactic energy and held a fixed gaze on the eyes. The two of them continued to maintain their position as the fog settled back in the area and several of the other hollows would bring themselves closer prepared to gather whatever scraps may be left behind. These beasts were all at the peak of their regression and were determined to consume to stave off their fears and thus the Reaper was a salvation they could all see. “Then come you pitiful creature.” WC: 526
  2. Truth be told, the doctor had no idea how the hollow would ultimately respond to him and his recourse but it proved to be quite the experience thus far as he was engaging in a direct conversation with a one in a way different than previous experiences. He was aware that some of the creatures of the white desert had more of a tender approach to things, some even despising the fact that they were such beings but it had been awhile since he encountered one so engrossed in the act of having a civil conversation and it was delightful as much as it was educational for him. Each passing second his mind was collecting the information and gathering a series of notes on the behavior and nature of their kind for future ventures that he would desire to pursue. At being referred to entirely by his family name, and without the appropriate formal title, he actually smiled with a nod to allow it as such when it most cases he would take the time to remind the other humans; than again they knew the concept of him being a doctor and refused the formality because he appeared to be so young. "Formalities are for transactions, we are beyond that point." He watched as the form of Yuki shifted from the lowered position and lifted to stand and proceeded to stretch before closing the distance between the two of them and took a seat closer showing her equal sign of respect and trust in the moment. "Fascinating that your personal memory holds no recollection of the soul reapers, but an instinctual imprint from shared collective experiences." Yuki then gave a yawn which would be appropriate since Yoake had just approached and potentially disturbed her nap but she then gave a response to another of the statements given. Her response truly being a related concept on how the bleak nature of the endless white desert would drain the joy from most people and it was not a place that held much in the expression of affirmative emotion. His intrigue shifted from the wild curiosity to a focused consideration. Still, Yuki found a reason to laugh and that showed that the dominant personality of her being must be the most human of them all to be such an opposing nature of her reality and it was refreshing to say the least. Then a deep question was provided that he was not prepared for, nor had he ever been prepared to answer, "What do I desire most..." He brought his right hand to his chin as he held his head dropping to the ground in a seated position with his legs cross and pondered, "That is a tough question. Originally I wanted to become a doctor so that I could help people, make a difference for the thousands of people that get sick and die. Use the finite amount of time in my life to bring the most amount of good to the world, but then I discovered my reality as nearly immortal and beings of a spiritual nature and I have never really discovered what keeps me going." As he spoke his green colored traits began to shift to black with the entirety of his eyes and hair turning black further with each word. Suddenly he lifted his head, "I got it!" In a flash his eye color turned to a rose pink much like the tips of his hair just had done and spread to half the length of his hair. "Nothing has changed!" He gave the response with a big smile showing his sharp canine teeth, "People will always need help, no matter who or what they are, and I will be there to provide that till the end of time. That is why I swore by the Hippocratic Oath." He gave a smug glance, "And, although I am not a fan of simply returning questions back you have made me quite curious myself; what are you hoping to get out of life Yuki?" WC: 674 TWC: 2781
  3. Hinode made his way through the city, as he always does, and took the time to enjoy the scenery of the city, as he always has. Today was no different that almost any other day as he took the gentle route through the night that lead him to the place that he found comfort in most of his days. The distance grew close as the great mansion was brought forth to his vision with the great Victorian gates coming into clear view. Upon arriving at the gate his attention was brought to the intercom device next to the walkway path and, after looking over at the roadway where the vehicle entrance was, brought his hand to the system pressing a series of buttons. A few seconds later a buzzing sound was heard and the tall gate made a clicking noise and released from the frame of the entrance slightly. He pushed forward moving the door but being sure to close it behind him before he continued along the walkway. It was always an enjoyable journey going through the manor field in front and simply taking in the gentle vegetation that had grown and been tended to by the landscaping company. This was the place that he had the chance to call a home away from home, despite the fact that he had his main place of residence be attached to the clinic, this was the location where he would gather most of his essentials. Upon reaching the door he brought his hand to knock on the old, yet certainly restored, wooden door. A few second passed before the door opened to reveal an elderly male in full formal tux with his white gloved hand extended in a formal stance. "Ah, Master Yoake." He turned to give space for Hinode to enter the mansion, "Good to see you Therion. I assume Rachel is here then?" Therion closed the door behind Hinode and gently secured the door, "Yes, Madam Rachel is currently meeting with Lord Gahdrazzar." Hinode simply nodded as he turned to face Therion with a puzzled glance, "If you would like, you may wait in the study and I shall bring you something to refresh yourself." With a smile, Hinode nodded, "That would be great." "I will inform Lord Gahdrazzar that you have arrived." Both of them went separate directions with Hinode heading towards the study glancing at the pictures along the wall that holds various people that he recognized with Gahdrazzar being scattered around throughout various decades and, by some that are certainly recreations as opposed to pictures, centuries as well. The many lives that Hinode lived pale in comparison to the value that Gahdrazzar had accumulated and there was a certain amount of respect that he obtained. It is one thing to simply live as long as he has being that their kind do not face death through time, but to have gone through so many conflicts with the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and even the humans of the world of the living and remain a survivor. To predate the existence of Vlad Tepes, who was believed to have been the first of their kind, is a feat all on its own. He arrived in the study, a gently decorated space with chairs and musical instruments all around. As soon as he took a seat in one of the chairs, "Here you are Master Yoake." Therion stood besides Hinode with an intricate black goblet with a white raven jewel embedded into the cup upon a silver platter. The young doctor provided a nod, "Thank you Therion." He took the cup and took note of the shimmering green color of the fluid inside, "This is a sample from Madam Rachel's personal collection; a human with hollowed nature, although incomplete to add the imperfection to the flavor." "Nothing pure?" He jested, "I could acquire one of the pure samples, but I would require permission to serve such a taste for a guest of the manor." "I was only kidding Therion, this is fine. I am not one to divulge deeply in the consumption too much. I do appreciate this." With that he took a decent drink from his glass as his body gave a faint jade green glow for a moment before fading. "Excellent Sir, if there is nothing else you require I shall return to Madam Rachel." Hinode gave a nod and Therion departed from the room. "Fun guy." Hinode took another drink from his glass, "This is really good." WC: 751 Soul Charge: +1 (1)
  4. His curiosity was superior to any of the natural human instincts of survival that most experience when they are in the presence of a Hollow. To no fault of their own, the beings that inhabit Hueco Mundo radiate an air of despair and dread even in the greatest of circumstances. Nonetheless, Hinode was not one to waiver in the presence of overwhelming dread or power for any reason especially with his decades of tending to the wounds of titans of power. This being, although powerful to their own right, was not one of considerable strength compared to many other beings or even himself which brought even more curiosity to his sensations. Much to his surprise, the Hollow presented a response to his statement with information that brought a sense of joy to his mind for it meant that there would be much to explore and learn about this process. This hollow, much like others, would need to consume souls to sustain themselves to avoid regressing back into a towering gillian in which another personality may consume them. The adjuchas is constantly haunted by the dozens of souls that they had evolved from and they each fight for control over the body that they all share and this one who spoke was the victor claiming the right to be the champion of their shared existence. The difference between this one and the others is the fact that with appropriate sleep they stave off the regression but his own train of thought was interrupted by an inquiry of untoward him an found their intrigue and curiosity to be blissfully enjoyable. "The metabolic rate of a Hollow is incredible and the fact that sleep can stall the regression process and symptoms is remarkable, meaning you can feed and store more energy than most hollows and potentially accelerate your evolutionary growth." The intrigue and excitement could be seen clearly as his eyes shifted from the blue early to a bright emerald green changing the tips of his hair to match this color. "But to your inquiry, no, I am quite far from being an ordinary human. My spiritual nature aside, ordinary is the least applicable description of me." With a friend smile he nodded while taking a few steps closer while keeping a respectful distance of a few feet between them. "Soul Reapers classify me, and my kind, as Bounts while the Humans generally have considered us Vampires. I much prefer to be considered an extraordinary human who is known as Hinode. Doctor Hinode Yoake." Taking note of the size of the being he could determine that a hand shake, although decent in some formalities, was mostly out of the question and resorted to the preferred method of a respectful bow. With that initial pleasantry provided he continued, "Welcome to the World of the Living, as they call it, but I am curious as to what reason that you would venture to this realm when you would find better sustenance in Hueco Mundo from other Hollows and would not be at the mercy of a potential Soul Reaper coming to make a name for themselves taking on a Hollow of your stature." WC: 528 TWC: 2107
  5. Doctor Hinode Yoake made his way out of the clinic for after a decent start to his day, several people had made their way for medical care but this doctor had the need for lunch. He considered grabbing his bag but decided that he would have no time to review his case files. His attention was brought closer to enjoying what it would be that the world would offer him for this break and departed from the street that held his clinic. A few individuals noticed and recognized the young doctor and gave a friendly wave or similar gestures and, as a show of respect, the Doctor would acknowledge them all with a smile before continuing on his path. Eventually he made it out of the district that held his clinic and became less recognizable as most people who go to his clinic would know the other Doctor, Nikoli, since she is the one who handles most of the actually logistics and management of the location. His mind wandered as his feet continued to guide his body until he stopped by a older vendor on the street that happened to be selling fruit. "Hello young man, fresh fruit with plenty more being sold at the farmer's market." Hinode glanced at the man with a smile before scanning over the fruit selection as his eyes locked on the apple stand with red and green options. "We also have home made sugar candy made with fruit." He continued on attempting to convince Hinode to purchase something but the young man was already sold long before the man continued to speak on his inventory. "I'd like some of the apples, and if any of the candy are apple based I would love those too." The vendor gave a smile as he gathered some of the items, "We have hard candy and soft taffy as well. Which would you prefer?" Hinode brought his gaze to the man, "Why not both?" He smiled as the elderly man collected the goods and packaged them. Before the man could say his next phrase Hinode pulled out a bundle of money and handed a decent stack. "Will this cover it?" "Oh my, that is more than enough. It is too much!" He quickly pulled up his hands and shook his head, "No, it is fine. Honestly. Thank you so much." With that Hinode took hold of the package and set the cash on the table of the Vendor and pushed forward along his path with a green apple in his hand. With a great smile he took a bite out of the apple and savored the delightful experience of a fresh apple and held such joy in the moment. Suddenly a pure white raven appeared on his shoulder with what appeared to be black vein like structures along its body and vibrantly colored eyes shifting between multiple shades before matching the red of Hinode. "Of course I got a treat for you." He reached into his package and pulled out a small piece of the hard candy and held it up in his left hand. The Raven picked at it before putting it all in its mouth before disappearing in a small cloud of black and white smoke. A smile was made in response when suddenly the air shifted and brought the discomfort of the moment, "A hollow?" It was not abnormal for a hollow presence to be detected, but he had not expected one to be so close to a general populace and decided that he would go investigate if for nothing else but to satisfy his own curiosity. Truth be told, he was quite fond of their kind but the sound of a Garganta always caused a strange sensation for him and it could be the fact that it was a crude method of tearing through the realms and the sound of things tearing were typically not a good sound for a doctor to hear. Still, he continued along this path towards the sound of the mouth of Hueco Mundo and eventually came across a usual sight of a small hollow making its approach upon a plus, a spirit left behind yet to be soul buried but not yet burdened enough to have become a hollow themselves. Now, Hinode was not against hollows and their need to feed to sustain themselves for the simple fact that he could relate but he was not fond of the fact that they consumed souls entirely. A conflict always came about when he saw these moments because one would not intervene upon the lion stalking the gazelle then what place would he have stopping the Hollow. Nature, however, is the only thing that can interrupt the actions of nature as a larger Hollow landed upon the previous creature with such a ruthless grace that Hinode could only manage to observe in total awe. He was curious about the interaction watching as a hollow that had found a harmless soul to consume was now being consumed but a larger predator. The laws of nature remain true in the world of Hollows as much as it does in the world of the physical animal kingdoms. The young plus had swiftly departed the area presumably in fear of the circumstances that had just occurred. "Would you mind keeping an eye on that large one for me?" Suddenly. his shoulder was once more the perch of the white Raven that manifested the same way it dispersed; in a cloud of black and white smoke. With a nod of acknowledgement the raven had jumped from the shoulder and proceeded to fly off in the direction trailing the hollow. Hinode made his way toward another direction following the pulse at a slightly hurried pace as he followed the path they young one took. His speed was greater than the small spirit so catching up was not a challenge as the little one kept looking over their shoulder, so much so that they were unaware of Hinode in front of them and ran into him. "Don't be afraid little one." He knelt in front of the little one with a tender gaze as they covered themselves on the ground. "Hey, it's okay. The big monster is gone." The kid slowly uncovered themselves and look at Hinode and saw gentle blue eyes and the blue tips of his hair bringing a strange sense of comfort. "Here." He reached into his package and pulled out one of the soft candies as small amounts of spiritual energy could be seen flowing through it. The kid was hesitant at first but reached out, "You can have it." And the young child took the candy in their hand, surprised that they were able to actually place their hands on it and quickly put it in their mouth to enjoy the taste of it. "Since you were lucky enough to escape, and have yet to become one, maybe the natural course of your existence would be to pass on through purification." The young child was a bit confused by the doctor's words but was so attentive to the candy that they could not manage a focus. "A friend on mine, wearing a black bath robe, will show up soon and take you somewhere safe. How does that sound?" The kid nodded softly focused on the candy as Hinode sat down on the ground across from the kid eating his apple. Not too much longer before a Soul Reaper dropped down on the ground next to them with his hand on his Zanpakuto, "That isn't necessary. The plus is ready to pass on." With that, he got up from the ground with the apple core in his hand. The kid quickly got up and hugged Hinode tightly to which he responded in kind before kneeling and looking the soul in their eyes, "This nice man is going to take you to a place where you will be safer and there you will be able to eat food again and maybe even make friends." With that the Soul Reaper approached and knelt next to Hinode and gently placed the butt of his Zanpakuto to the forehead of the plus as it faded away with a smile leaving the two by themselves. Hinode got up and turned away from the reaper and proceeded to walk away, "Take care Reaper." and tossed the core in his direction vanishing in a flock of white ravens. A short while later Hinode found himself near a bridge with a white raven upon one of the telephone poles nearby as they glanced at one another. The raven pointed it's beak towards the underside of the bridge before disappearing in the smoke once more. Hinode made his way along the path until he discovered the location of the large hollow from before apparently sleeping under the bridge. "This hollow is remarkably aware of itself, a menos class. Adjuchas, it appears." He continued to observe and take mental notes as he approached until he was a few feet away. He considered waking the hollow up, but was both unaware of how heavy a sleeper they were and whether they would become hostile immediately based on the display that he had just witnessed not too long ago. "I honestly had no idea that hollows, pre-arrancarization, actually slept." He spoke a bit louder as he approached only stopping in the event that the being woke or reacted in anyway to his presence. WC; 1,577
  6. Total Word Count --> 1,557 "Well, I commend the effort towards growth in coming here at a request although not required to do so and I appreciate anyone that understands the value of a proper education for their potential." With a smile he continued, "I wanted to get a better grasp on your intentions since the initial exercise is not necessary for you due to the exhibition we displayed earlier. The rest of the lecture will be proceed shortly."He turned his head for a moment when he noticed a pair of students that were performing various kido techniques different than what they were instructed to conduct. "Do you two wish to explain why it is that you are not following the instructions?" The younger of the pair, with blond hair, stepped forward with a smug look and a clear expression of arrogance, "Because these basic Academy level Kido are pointless. We came to learn something helpful." There was a pause for a moment as Oriru kept his gaze on the one speaking and turned his head towards the second student who was not so outspoken. "And you, do you agree with his sentiment?" The second student held his eyes away from the Captain for a moment before finally looking at him and nodding hesitantly, "We expected to learn some of those advanced techniques you displayed." The Captain could only manage to shake his head before addressing the rest of the room, "Who else shares this opinion?" A few moments later a small collection of the students either raised their hands or softly voiced their thoughts. "I see." He lowered his head, "Since you have such a strong opinion and concept of Kido Arts," He motioned towards the vocal student, "I can only assume that you have a strong understanding of Sokatsui, Horin, or even more advanced techniques?" The young man smirked, "I have mastered Hado up to Number 63 and Bakudo up to 44." The Captain gave a smile in response, "Show me." The young man was startled by the statement but the Captain repeated himself, "Show me." "Fine, what is the target?" The Captain simply extended his arms to reveal his full form. "You're serious?" "Very, I will not move an inch nor will I react. Show me every Hado you have and target me." "Every Hado?" "Every. Single. One. From number One to number Sixty Three." "Sure." They stood across from one another, "Hado number 1, Sho." With a flash of light the force was sent forward as the clothes of the Captain seemed to have been hit with a soft draft but the Captain remained still. "Next, and please use your full power." That line was not intended to be an insult but the young student reacted negatively and proceeded, "Hado Number 2..." This continued for several minutes of the young student using a higher level Hado with more and more force but leaving no actual affect on the Captain. Eventually the young student was visibly exhausted as he was panting and dripping in sweat clearly straining under the pressure as he pointed his right hand, "Hado number Thirty One... Shakkaho..." After so many spells that seemed to be potent he had been waning on the recent numbers until this one where a small red spark left his hand and fizzled before he fell to one knee. "Is that all you can manage?" The room was silent as the young student brought his head up to look at the Captain. "Kido are powerful but they are extremely taxing when used and thus have limited uses, however, by instead of focusing on increased power you focused on maximized capacity for usage then you will, be default, increase your capacity for power." The Captain pointed his right hand forward with his index and used his left hand to have all of the students clear space. Then, in a series of phrases, the Captain fired a Hado one after another starting from Hado Number One and stopping at Hado Number 73 without decreasing his power while simultanously he used his left hand to release a barrage of Bakudo from the first all the way to Bakudo number 81, only avoiding devastating or large scale techniques that require specific targets. The speed and power he had cast the spells was incredible as he made each one collide with the one prior and containing it all in the later stages of the the Bakudos. "Just because you can perform the technique does not mean that you have mastered anything," With that he pointed his right hand at the Danku that he formed, "Hado Number 1, Sho." Suddenly a force of energy launched and caused a massive crash upon the barrier and he performed it four more times before the barrier broke. He instantly created another barrier and sent another rush of five consecutive Sho to break it. He did this eighteen more times before bringing his hands back to his side. "Unless you can perform the technique relentless then you are simply a practitioner. Sho." He performed a wave of his finger upward as a small amount of force tapped under the chin of the student and brought him back to his feet, "Sho." He pointed at the door as it gently opened, "Sho." He pointed at himself as a force of energy struck him and pushed him forward, "Sho." He pointed at the student as a force tapped him in the back and brought him closer to the Captain. "Sho." The force turned the young man around to face his training partner. "Now, practice using Seki and Sho until you have reached twenty times each." The young man, clearly shaken, nodded in response and to his partner who prepared a Sho. "All of you, I want twenty each and if you aren't exhausted then do twenty more. Limits can only be broken when limits have been reached." Suddenly the blond young student fell back as the Sho hit his Seki. "You have reached your limit. Now rest until the next part and we shall enter the advanced training." With a nod he turned towards Zenaku, "You will take his spot with his partner."
  7. Oriru took his steps through the Garganta, the mouth that forms between the realms tearing the fabric that is carefully woven as a separation, and there was the break in his mental hesitation as he felt secure in his decision placing himself within the gauntlet of fate with the passing moments. Had his best friend Genshi been aware of his interaction with this portal, had his life partner Osore had knowledge of his interaction with an Arrancar, had his mentor and Captain Commander Xarius seen the approach towards his own life, then maybe someone would have advised him against such actions but he had none of them and they would be nowhere to be found in this moment. Oriru Kusho, previous Vice Captain of the First Division and Former Captain of the Kido Corps, walked through the darkness alongside the rival of his race without fear or even a hint of ill intent. The last chance for escape slipped away as the mouth sealed itself behind and swallowed them entirely. They each walked through the darkness without a word, nor a sound, that escaped between them and barely a single thought passed through the mind of the Reaper through this dark pilgrimage; this is my test. Then, almost as if triggered by his thoughts, the sound of glass shattering could be heard echoing as light, if it could be described as such, began to pierce the abyss and revealing a world beyond his original imagination of the place. He had expected a place of absolute tyranny and corruption, evil incarnate scattered throughout the suffering of beasts living like wild animals starved for food and vying for a life of value. Hueco Mundo was oddly... beautiful. The crystal like trees were scattered throughout the area, pulling him from one forest of vegetation and placing him within one of mineral composites. The gentle light would reflect softly off of the sheen of some of the minerals that had gathered and it was blanketed by the thin sheet of a fog holding softly to the world. His first step secured him on the ground and his feet, revealed to have become bare from the use of his technique, allowed him to feel the sand of the ground. With a quick wiggle of his toes, Oriru was able to burrow slightly into the ground and feel the hardened surface of the earth beneath the soft sand but even then it proved that more layers settled beneath. Grrr. His adventurous attention was absorbed by the sounds of the growl that was nearby, and quickly his focus was gathered and sharpened to realize that it was a plethora of growls and various snarls throughout the immediate area. It had not occurred to him earlier but this place was dense, not so much in the natural space that was provided but by the radiant energy that was left as residue from sources he could not determine. Death. No matter the world, no matter the being, and no matter the circumstances the spiritual pressure of death remained the same upon the beings comprised of energy itself. The mark of battles, lives lost, lives reclaimed, and survival was scattered throughout the area both physically and spiritually. This is Hueco Mundo. Oriru would not look back towards the Arrancar as he spoke the words but could hear the sounds of the rift closing much like it had when he stood in the forest of the World of the Living, but the presence of the Espada was being slowly sealed away meaning that he had not stepped out of the mouth like the Reaper had. The Espada had, however, left a bit of clear exposition for the Reaper to consume; this was a place where many beings would love to either consume the power he held or simply kill him for what his existence meant to them. When the Reaper felt satisfied he was provided a singular location to head towards; The Ivory Palace. Smile. That is what could be clearly seen from the Captain as his spiritual pressure slowly began to surge from his body starting from only half of his full potential. Even at half of his power it was enough to bring the aura around his body as his coated his upper torso revealed by the removed clothing and the sand beneath his feet compressed with several grains beginning to float from the anti pressure of his power. His toes wiggled in the sand as he rolled his fingers cracking his knuckles slightly with a deafening echo. A voice... Slowly Oriru finally turned around to face the voice of a new presence, although the energy was seemingly familiar. This being was cloaked in white, similar to other beings that he recalled and the blue energy that swarmed the form of the figure made it narrow down the idea of the being. Then, to provide the answer clearly, the figure formed a bow made of reishi in his hand and the smile grew upon Oriru. Hueco Mundo was similar to the Soul Society being comprised of Reishi particles that could be modified with refined control better than anything that could be achieved in the world of the living. "Even in the Soul Society, during my training, I was not allowed to used my full power..." His power spike exponentially just shy of the cap that he placed on himself and limited his maximum potential for a moment. "The truth is that my Zanpakuto is even banned from being used at full power." With a smile he concluded, "But I am genuinely excited to see how far I can push my body." Once more his spiritual pressure released to a level that was greater than he achieved back when he was in the forest in the World of the Living. He took hold of his Zanpakuto in his left hand and took hold of the handle within his right hand. Slowly he exhaled as he pulled the blade from the sheath and rotated the blade in his hand to hold it in a reverse grip above his head with the blade perpendicular to the ground. Forcefully he slammed the blade down into the ground and more than two feet of the blade became embedded into the ground and the sand hardened around the blade. The sheath appeared to shatter into white specks as the entire area became slightly darker than normal and the specks became much like stars forming upon the night sky. The Quincy quickly set up his bow and knocked an arrow generated by Reishi and pointed directly at the form of Oriru and released four arrows consecutively, the rapid rush of the arrows were enough to create a small wind vortex picking up a small concentration of sand and creating a hole through the fog. Oriru responded to the first of the arrows with his left hand swinging with a back hand to deflect the arrow then shifted his weight upon his left side and snatched the second arrow right out of the air with his right hand. Using the momentum of his weight shift he spun on his left leg and lowered his posture allowing himself to duck under the third arrow until he completed his full spin and released the arrow he held and launched it back at the fourth arrow as they collided and caused a small explosion of energy. A tree behind him was pierced through cleanly with the arrow but the deflected arrow carved through the side of a tree and dismantled the integrity of the structure thus creating the sound of the base of the tree cracking. The crack attempted to hold the tree together but it struggled as the crack gave and the tree began to crumble and the top of the tree began to rain down. In a blur both the Quincy and the Reaper vanished from the immediate area and appeared on separate pieces of debris as the barrage of arrows continued while the Reaper continued to dance by moving through the debris and gracefully avoid as much of the attacks as possible until the Quincy decided to unleash a sudden engorged arrow. It was more than six times the size of the arrows that he had been using up to this point and the Reaper could not manage to move in enough time to avoid the attack. "Easy." The arrow connected causing a massive explosion of energy that was concentrated on the location of the Reaper which added more debris and dust to the already visibility hindering fog. With a unique sight, the Quincy was able to see that the Reaper remained standing in the same position with his arms in an 'X' formation in front of him. In a swift movement he swung his arms to his side and, with a rush of spiritual energy, the dust cloud and a bit of the fog was cleared to clearly reveal the Reaper unharmed aside from the slight singe marks of his arms. "Don't hold back." Time was not wasted as the Quincy proceeded to continue his barrage upon the Reaper with the full force of his blue arrows without any regard for restraint. The Reaper was being consumed by his naturally formed spiritual energy, and instead of the green color that he attributed to himself it evolved becoming darker with each passing moment. This continued until his energy was entirely altered and became pitch black and danced like his body was consumed in black flame leaving a trail of fire and steam with each movement. Even the Quincy believed that the Reaper was consumed in fire until his arrow swept through and pierced the flame gently revealing that it was not black flame but his raw spiritual energy being unleashed and breathing without limitation. A smile swept across the hidden visage of the Quincy at the sight of such potential being displayed by his opponent, a power that had not been witnessed in quite sometime by many beings. The Reaper was slowly releasing the seals that he placed on his body piece by piece in this encounter until another massive arrow was shot and the Reaper stopped, "Almost there." With a charged fist of radiant energy he swung his fist as it shifted to a golden energy and struck the arrow causing an explosive blow back in all directions. The debris clears after nearly a minute to reveal the Reaper standing there with a smile as his hair remained released from the hair tie and levitated from his own energy as the Quincy became enveloped in his own blue energy. "My, oh my. You truly are a being of immeasurable power." The energy began to leak from the body of the Quincy as the red eyes began to peer through the darkness observing the collision of the forces, "It is clear that I will not claim victory in this encounter but I shall ensure that you break your limit." He took grip of the handle of the bow with both of his hands held palm side down and it was clear he strained attempting to bring his hands together. Slowly a vibrant white glow began to radiate from between his hands as the sounds of cracking could be heard. The light was so bright and daunting that some of the eyes disappeared while some grew closer. With a booming SNAP the bow broke from the center as a wave of light rushed over the area so bright and potent that even Oriru had to shield his eyes and brace his feet to not be blown back. Even with his might holding him down he was unable to lock himself down and slid along the surface of the sandy forest floor. "A Vollstandig?" It was the only logical assumption that he could gather, aware that Quincy are capable of wondrous powers when provided enough Reishi to manipulate and thus it makes sense that in a realm comprised almost entirely of such that the Quincy would achieve a power bounds above the previous encounters of the Reaper. The form of the being was hard to describe but the spiritual wings that extended from the back of the Quincy was clear that there was so much power in his body that it manifested in such a tremendous manner. In both of his hands he held identical blades but that was a diversion from the threat created by his wings. With a single flap a barrage of small arrows that appeared more like senbon needles assault the location of the Reaper. Quickly he raised his left hand as he concentrated on the pure light barrier of Danku aiming to protect himself but the moment that he was able to bring up the barrier he felt the sharp pain of a blade piercing through his back. The blade made it about centimeter through his lower back before he expelled a massive surge of energy from his back and launched himself forward shattering his own barrier. The moment that he got a short distance away he planted both feet on the ground sliding along the sand before gripping the ground with his right hand in order to slow his movement. Before he was able to stop his momentum he felt the sharp edge of a blade horizontally against his shoulder blade. Once more he surged a massive explosion of his own spiritual energy from his back and launched his form into the ground and launching a massive amount of sand in the air. With his toes driving into the ground and his right hand burrowed into the ground, the Reaper surged forward like a bullet and started a rotation and upon his gaze upwards upon the sky there he saw the Quincy coming down upon his position with his blade pointed downward. As he took a deep inhale, he put the wrist of both hands together and pointed his palms towards the Quincy charging a massive surge of energy and unleashing a massive wave of energy that consumed the Quincy and tore through the forest top without discrimination. The force compared with his presence off of the ground sent him crashing into the ground causing a small crater where he landed. Though he maintained the force of the blast and chose not to stop the attack aiming to obliterate his target for nearly a twelve complete seconds. Exhale. Slowly his vision began to focus again as he stared at the sky above. "Well, that was a close one." He laughed softly to himself as his arms fell to his side and he started to relax. The next moment was more surprising than painful as the blade of the Quincy impaled his left hand through to the ground below. The other blade was making for the center of his chest as he rolled over his left arm towards the initial blade as the second one stabbed through the ground of right at his back and that is when he heard the sound of the small arrows ripping through the air once more as he turned his head to the right witnessing the rain of senbon upon his location. There above him was the form of the winged Quincy with his body shielded behind damaged and cracked wings. His right hand reached up and, with the force of his left hand pushing, removed the blade from the ground and his hand as the arrows all disintegrated a meter from hitting him. He reached his left hand across to pull the second blade from the ground. Inhale. His body slowly became darker in form with a hint of white spikes and various other colors that matched the design of the galaxy being viewed from a clear sky of no light pollution. An explosion of force created another crater at his feet as he launched at the Quincy who could only manage a smile. "There it is." The Reaper's form had become fully consumed by the black spiritual energy and turned his body into a piece of the night sky with the blades held across his body as he whipped by the Quincy and hovered in the air with each blade extended at his side. Time had paused for a moment. Exhale. The Quincy had a radiation of light appear at his waist line all around his body as it slowly began to separate before dissolving into white light. A few moments later and the white energy turned into a black mass and vanished from his view as his body fell towards the ground. He landed on the ground as the blades seemed to fade away in blue energy leaving him staring at the wound of his left hand seeing as it slowly closed. Though he would not have the chance to focus further on the wound as the few dozen eyes, which were in the hundreds earlier, all were but a few meters from his current location as his energy was reaching a peak limit. "So..." He observed is galactic like form with a bit of aw, "This is the potential of my Shunko..." He knew there was more that held within, but he was starting to reach the final seal that contained his power and held a bit of curiosity on what is possible when the final limit is broken. Hollows hidden in the shadows would provide him no more time to ponder the potential power that he contained as the combination of the hunger for a satisfying meal and the chance to claim vengeance upon the scourge of their existence was too great. Though many of the menos class hollows had long departed leaving nothing but the Adjuchas Class hollows attempting their chance at this target. Some time later the Reaper stood face to face with the last remaining Adjuchas angry and desperate against this formidable opponent. It rushed the Reaper who swiftly turned around and gripped the blade of his Zanpakuto from the ground and removed it from the placement before spinning the rest of the way in a fluid movement and held the blade tip forward piercing the forehead of the Hollow, watching as it dissolved peacefully. His galactic form started to fade away as he held out his left hand reforming his sheath in his hand and placing his blade back where it once started. With a solemn glance to the area that was covered in impact points and blood from various beings he released a satisfied breath before fading from view. Moments later. The Reaper stood before the front of the Ivory Palace and considered the best method of calling out to the Espada to advise him that he was there. With a casual approach he raised his right hand as he concentrated a small surge of energy and pushed his hand forward. With tremendous forced charged in his hand and the full intention of his desires it was a simple way to alert the Primera that he was present. He knocked. WC: 3,171
  8. Total Word Count --> 526 "Becoming a Soul Reaper initially out of spite." The Captain settled on that concept for a moment, for he had gathered hundreds of reasons that people had become a member of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads and spite is actually more common that he would like to admit. Although, out of spite against a parent from the member of a Noble Family happens to be a bit of an irregularity. "But remaining as such out of the personal passion that is held within the actions of a Soul Reaper; commendable despite the origin of the intentions." He watched as Zenaku took a drag on his cigarette and he could not help but sigh at the action being taken. "Well, you have the resources of your noble family or at least the benefit of pulling the weight of such to garner any training or power that you wish from nearly any person within the Court of Pure Souls. Tell me, what purpose do you have to come to my course?"
  9. "That was an excellent display of skill Zenaku, consider me impressed." With that, the rods that held the young soul reaper in place dispersed into spirit particles and allowed the young man to be freed from his restraints. Slowly the Captain approached the brave student and held out his hand to shake, "You were not only able to stand your ground against a Captain Level Soul Reaper, you have to take pride in the fact that you decided to unlike the fellow classmates in this room." After shaking the hand of the student, or even without that, the Captain would turn away from Zenaku and motion for him to take a step back but without getting back into the circle. "If you are in this room, it is because you understand the importance of studying the Kido Arts as much as it key to studying the art of Zanjutsu, Hakuda, or Hoho." He slowly allowed his spiritual pressure to increase to the point that it could be felt by the students in the room but not to the point that it would become overbearing or unmanageable for them. "Understanding all aspects of being a Soul Reaper within the Thirteen Court Guard Squads is key to reaching a level of power that is absolutely devastating..." He paused as his spiritual pressure began to compress into his hands with a unique purple glow, "Hado 54; Haien." He launched the purple oblong energy forward, "Bakudo 81; Danku." Instantly a transparent blue barrier formed several feet in front of him as the blast collided with the barrier and caused a massive force of energy and wind to roar from the impact as the smoke and barrier faded away. "Balance of force and protection is key. Everyone partner up, practice using Sho as an attack and Seki to defend. Back and forth." With a clap and bow the students all began to partner up, "Zenaku, you're with me." Once the young Shinigami approached Oriru waved his hand, "I have a different request of you. Tell me, why are you a Soul Reaper? What do you hope to accomplish?"
  10. The final words of a comrade that he never had the pleasure of honestly getting to meet, but the tales of the members that once ran his division would flow through his mind. There was a strong amount of respect that was held in the moment that he was provided such a praise from a man who once walked his steps. Though it was solemn in the words as Oriru had been, in this moment, a man who departed from the duties of his role. There was a slow exhale as the energy of his body continued to cackle with the energy of his Shunko as he started at the Espada with a focused glare, or as best that he could manage through the thickness of the Miasma. A torrent of violet energy surged from the location of the Espada before that, and the Miasma faded away and left behind the natural visage of the Espada and the twenty-foot radius of death and decay that consumed the immediate area. The Espada was curious and poised a desire; a request to observe the potential of what is capable by the apparent Captain of the Kido Corps. The Espada tapped his cane upon the ground as the mouth of the white desert opened behind him. He looked upon the Garganta for a moment and this was the moment that he had been waiting for; this would be the moment that would allow him to prove he was capable of beating his father. Oriru would have to push his limits to the end so that he could reach the core of his power, break the bond between him and his father, and unite the final layer of his power. The radiation of green energy shifted to a golden color and faded away leaving behind Oriru in his natural state. Each of his orbs shattered into dust as he held out his right hand. The Odachi came from the ground and connected to his hand as he shifted it over to his left hand. "Alright then, unchallenged Lord of Hueco Mundo, allow us to enter the place of your home." He nodded towards the Espada as he continued to walk and passed him with his eyes fixed on the portal before him as he relaxed his spiritual pressure. "You will be the first to see the full extent of my power." With that he continued forward, expecting the Espada to follow behind. Oriru remained aware that he had no means to return if not by the grace of a Hollow but this was the trial that he needed. If he proved himself worthy, he would find his way back home.
  11. WC --> 3200 + 600 --> 3800 The first reaction that Oriru was able to gather came not from the Espada but from the resurrected False Reaper and spoke sharply on the nature of the ability that Oriru had revealed to them. Shunko, a technique that Oriru first encountered during his training with the Captain Commander Kaeru and eventually became more refined through his interaction with the Captain of the Second Division Shuu and the Captain of the Third Division Shinsei. The combined knowledge of them, with his mastery over all of the Kido Arts, it was only a matter of time that he was able to reach the limit of power to use this technique. The False Reaper made a final point on his level of power, all in a mannerism that bothered Oriru but nothing visible. The Espada spoke a bit more on his plan regarding this concept of the Great Campaign which was an attempt at generating a Utopia. It was a great idea to do something of that nature, but there was a certainty that the method was one to lead into a leadership under the nation developed by the Arrancar and that would be the major level of disagreement. Though the next moment showed a level of power that he was not prepared for; the peak of the Espada techniques of the Cero. [1] The Miasma remained although the Espada stated that he was losing time on his form. [2-3] The potent Cero techniques were unleashed from the combined direction of the Esapda and the False Reaper based on the colors of the energy as his previously formed black barrier moved in front of the technique that held the most power while one of the golden spheres he created expanded to a disk and moved in front of the attack blocking the damage. "Admittedly, I have not used the full extent of my power since simply because it is too powerful to be used in the Soul Society or the World of the Living but allow me to show you a piece of what is possible." With what little time he personally had in his own form, Oriru charged an incredible amount of raw energy into the palm of his hands before clenching both hands into fists. [4] As he performed that action there was a booming sound much like glass shattering before he swung his right hand with all of his might towards the False Reaper without moving an inch closer. There was not a wave of energy, an arc of power, or some flashy show of his power. Instead there was a soft gust of wind that would flow through the air and should it collide with the False Reaper, a barrier, or even if it missed and stuck another surface, they would face the force of the immense pressure of a massive explosion of energy in the shape of a three meter sphere of pure force carving through the environment upon impact. [5] Though it would be only a split second as the second would be sent from the left hand with another punch sending the explosive punch towards the False Reaper. He cold have targeted the Espada, but there was a personal issue with the fact that a comrade was being used in such a way and he would rather end the False Reaper's existence than allow him to continue being subservient in such a manner. [6-8] Oriru followed it up with two more punches with his right then a left and finally a powerful right in such a flurry of blows that he left burst of explosive green flames from his back ignited by the speed and force being projected. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
  12. WC --> 2400 + 800 --> 3200 The first two bala were managed without too much concern and his goal of using the energy of his own Kido to eliminate his resurrected ally but the man was prepared with that similar violet barrier that is key to the Espada. This proved to be a challenge attempting to land a solid blow on the Espada and, though he could feel the power difference, the amount of skill that the Espada had proved his ability in combat to be more proficient than his own experience. [1] The Miasma continued to grow in thickness around the trio in the location bringing an increased challenge for him to observe the Espada with his natural vision, but there was the benefit of his unique Event Horizon to aid his momentary reactions. Still, the nature of the Miasma was intense and the environment was continuing down the road of degradation and beyond the point of revitalization. The Espada took the time to reveal his feelings towards the interaction of the two of them and the nature of their current relationship as enemies. Though the Miasma shifted slightly to give room for the attacks of his opponent. [2] "Danku." Instantly a bright blue barrier formed in front of himself just as the attacks made their way through the air with the first one striking the barrier and causing a crack in the barrier. [3] The second one collided with the barrier with enough speed to shatter the barrier while dissipating but leaving the chance for the third Bala to continue through the air towards Oriru. [4] With the third one free to barrel towards Oriru, he was given a small window to react as he tracked the attack, "Enkosen." A soft yellow string of energy formed in front of him and began to spin at an incredible speed forming a spinning yellow disk just as the Bala connected with the attack but it quickly became clear that the danger he was facing had been far from over. He took note of the False Reaper taking the chance to unleash his Bankai during the same time that Oriru was preoccupied with the techniques coming at him and, taking advantage of the moment, two golden streaks of energy streamed from the ground towards Oriru. [5] "Tozansho." The blue lines formed in the air around his being with a small distance to react to the attack getting too close and felt the pressure of the interaction between him and the Espada as the first stream of energy struck the shield and shattered it. He knew that he could sustain an extended level of survival, but there was the problem that he would eventually exhaust himself constantly being on the defensive and he was bound to eventually make a mistake and become overwhelmed by the forces of the Espada. [6] With an explosive force of energy, Oriru unleashed the forces of his power to another threshold while still holding back the final limit of his power. The golden energy that he normally radiated all shifted to a dark green color that began to overwhelm the violet energy that was emitted by the Espada. [7] There was only a moment to react as Oriru slammed his fist into the ground launching his spiritual energy through the ground surging through the earth and consuming the energy created by the False Reaper in a nearly explosive force. It would last only a moment, but the explosive force was enough to soften the mist enough to reveal the form of Oriru with his unique technique. His body has become almost ethereal in nature with black skin radiating a dark green aura of energy that cackled on his skin like fire. His eyes had turned pitch black with the radiating green energy and any portion of his body that held hair had turned into this dark green fire. "You say we are kindred spirits thus I feel I show disrespect not using my true power, so you will be one of few to see this form; one born of a mastery of Kido." His voice held a softly distorted tone as if speaking from the depths of a tunnel with the echo, "We are the products of our ancestor's decisions, and perhaps we can severe that connection to the history that formed us so that we may exist independent of the past." Oriru kept his focus on the direction that the Espada was as (VI), (VII), and (VIII) shifted from their black colors of the Sento to pure white of the Kanshi. The three of them were threaded together by a golden string of energy and they shrunk in size above his head like a halo giving him the extended range of the Event Horizon. OK#3 [Bakudōn't Do It! (2): [Oriru Kusho★ Exclusive] Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
  13. Welcome to the PANZER Clinic! WC --> 2700 + 1180 --> 3880 "I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant: I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow." Dr. Yoake spoke out loud sitting next to Teien at the reception desk as he leaned back in the chair, eyes out of focus gazing at the ceiling. "Since you are studying to become a physician yourself, you know what that is right Teien?" He would not alter his posture as he asked the question but Teien took a moment to realize that he was being addressed but attempted to maintain his focus on helping one of the patients fill out part of the intake paperwork at the counter. "Well, that is the introductory statement of the Hippocratic oath." In response, the Doctor sighed and brought himself to a properly seated posture, "Almost. That is the introductory statement of the modernized Hippocratic oath." Teien smirked at the retort from the Doctor who proceeded to take piece of paper from the printer on the desk and started to scribble something on it. "I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures that are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism." He continued to write something and, with a bit of excitement Teien spoke, "I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug." Dr. Yoake turned his head towards Teien with an impressed grin before diving back into his sheet of paper. "I will not be ashamed to say 'I know not,' nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient's recovery." "Yet I have never heard you say you don't know to anything." Dr. Nikoli walks from the back of the examination rooms through the hallway approaching the desk, "And you continuously avoid calling in assistance." She made her way around them towards her office with a smirk, "Because I haven't encountered something I don't know, and therefore I have no need for assistance." Eventually she landed within her office, "You best pay close attention to the next section Dr. Yoake." With that, she closed he door. "I don't remember the next portion too well, but I know it is important. Something along the lines of 'do the best to respect the control over life and death, all while remembering not to play God' or something like that." Dr. Yoake paused what he was doing and took a deep breath before releasing it slowly, "I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty." He made the effort to look Teien in the eyes, "Above all, I must not play at God." A moment passed as another person approached the desk and Teien proceeded to help them out as Dr. Yoake returned to his paper, "I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick." "Nathan?" Teien spoke up towards the waiting room as an American male approached the desk and, with efficient English, Teien prepared the man to head into an examination room for his appointment leaving the Doctor alone at the reception desk. "I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure." He was so focused on his paper he had not realized that someone had approached the desk, "I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm." "Excuse me?" A young man spoke up towards the Doctor who finally removed himself from the paper to glance at the man who could clearly be discerned with some affliction. "I made an appointment-" "I don't handle that but would you happen to know the last section of the Hippocratic Oath?" The young man looked at him confused, but there was that look of embarrassment in his eyes as he stared at the doctor. "No? But I am just here about a..." The young man leaned a little closer and lowered his voice, "situation." Almost as if nothing was just said he continued on while looking at the man, "If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help." He smiled as he said the last word, "Did you know that the phrase, 'I will do no harm' is not even actually mentioned once in the Modern Hippocratic Oath? Even in the classical form the only mention of the word 'harm' is in the line 'I will keep them from harm and injustice' which I find interesting in terms of 'injustice' and the applications of the language." The man remained confused, almost dumbfounded as Teien returned, "I am sorry about that, how can we help you?" The man looked at the Doctor for a moment, who returned to his paper, and focused on Teien, "Uh, yeah. I made an appointment about a medical examination." "No need." The Doctor took the piece of paper, folded it in half three times, and handed it to the young man. "Thank you for coming." With that, he started to gather a few items from the desk. Confused the man opened the paper and started to read. "Are you serious?" Dr. Yoake packed up his satchel that he stashed under the desk and stared at the man, "That is my diagnosis." He leaned a little closer and lowered his voice, "Take that to any pharmacy and they should give you two Azithromycin. Avoid dairy, or any calcium, for the rest of the day and within a week you should be cured and clean again." With a smile, "Abstinence is the best way to avoid this, but don't have any shame in it." He walked around the counter into the main waiting area standing next to the young man who still several inches above the doctor but he made sure to whisper to the man. "Chlamydia is more common than you think." With that, the Doctor made his way out of the clinic. "Going out for lunch Teien."
  14. WC --> 1860 + 540 --> 2400 Oriru observed, although slightly obscured by the dark miasma, the movement of the False Reaper with a graceful nature avoiding the force of the technique that was befalling his location but it didn't matter. Although this being was the visage of the former Kido Corps Captain, he was nothing compared to the power nor knowledge that Oriru had obtained in his time in the same position and eventually he would fall like he once had before. The False Reaper made his approach once more on the location of Oriru in conjunction with a pair of the energy based techniques unleashed by the Espada, the Bala, as they maintained their speed with each other. Oriru was prepared for both of the Bala, as he held his own spherical techniques to combat these, but the curiosity of Oriru was perked at the statement of something big being planned after receiving praise from his predecessor. Suddenly the man stopped and the words of a familiar technique was spoken, and Oriru decided the fate of the False Reaper was sealed in this moment. [1] Still, the Miasma weighed heavy upon the body of Oriru although he showed no real signs of it's effects but the nature of the fight brought out a side of Oriru that brought him... joy? As such, his spiritual pressure spiked once more reaching another plateau as the golden energy that was flowing from his body began to grow dense forming an aura around his body. [2-3] Each of the two Bala found their way through the miasma to approach Oriru as (V) and (VI) flew through the air and collided with the two attacks and while they dealt with that, it was the nature of the Kido that he dealt with personally. [4-5] The moment the words left the lips of the False Reaper, Oriru responded instantly; "Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō." The cackle of the energy roared like a bolt of lightning splitting a mountain unleashed from directly in front of Oriru but the devastation of the technique was not the power behind it but the seconds before it would have made contact with the Kido. Like the previous Cero, this kido dissolved into radiant golden energy and condensed to form another golden sphere that floated around Oriru with the initial one. What was once about to be a collision of forces quickly became the rampant force of Oriru's Kido mastery aiming to consume the entirety of his predecessor. Oriru had hoped that this would be enough to deal with the False Reaper, but prepared for the situation that it would not be. The Espada had proven to be formidable, so much so that Oriru was approaching a threshold in his own power that he had not reached in quite some time. Two golden spheres floated around his body like the inner shell of an atom, four black orbs remained connected for the black barrier, two away from his immediate presence, and a seventh orb remained near to his body and it was only a matter of time before the eighth came into form. He was unsure what other tricks that the Espada would attempt, but Oriru felt the fire in his chest realizing that he would not be able to contain his power for much longer. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
  15. WC --> 1,100 + 760 --> 1860 Oriru remained fixed in front of the Black Coffin, his own barrier standing in front of him as the only thing separating his body from the natural pressure of the Kido that he used. There wasn't an assumption that the technique would eliminate the target based surely upon the amount of power being released by his opponent, but he wondered how such a being would handle themselves with such a tremendous technique. Much to his surprise, and intrigue, Oriru witnessed his technique crumble away and broken like the glass of a window revealing the form of his opponent, although obscured slightly via the miasma, unfazed. Not only was the being seemingly untouched by the technique, he managed to deflect the orb that had shot from behind him. "Impressive." It was the most accurate way to describe what transpired as the being continued his steps forward and Oriru would do the same placing himself no more than three feet from this being. Suddenly, after a moment of words spoken, the being before him started to expel an intense amount of spiritual pressure as the violet colored energy of his form would flow with a gentle elegance matched only by the dark nature of the forces. The being shifted his form into something new, something considerably more raw in comparison of what he just was. Before was the Resurrection but this was something different, this was something more powerful. Curiosity allowed the Captain to stand there and watch the being transform while resolute numbness of his own life secured him to his placement without a single moment of hesitation, flinching, or diverting his attention. "Not any Espada, but thee Espada." His studies explained to him the general structure that had been utilized by the Hollows, or rather Arrancar, that inhabit Hueco Mundo. Many of their kind are isolationists but some, not many, gather towards Las Noches and formulate the structure within the Espada. Although the official structure was merely conjuncture but the theory stipulates that they rank themselves by the number designation, meaning the Primera was indeed the strongest; logically making his claim as the unchallenged Lord of Hueco Mundo probable. "Former Commander of the Kido Corp." Oriru added at the end of the Primera's statement, less towards the Espada but more for himself solidifying the fact of his departure. Black energy began to form into a concentrated mass generated from the Primera until he interacted with the substance and it shifted into a figure. There was a moment when he considered this to be related to the nature of his father and his powers, but the energy signature was different. This was a key note; his father based his research and altered hollowfication on the nature of this Lord of Hueco Mundo and his powers. His thoughts were snapped away when the symbol of the Kido Corps was seen on the coat of the now formed figure. The next moment was a strange interaction but clearly the being was not an illusion or a fabrication of thought but somehow a recreation of the original figure. One that the Primera appears capable of keeping under some sort of control; despicable. This being spoke of the ill nature of the Soul Society but yet here the being refuses to let the soul of a lost one rest. Jo-Jo made his effort to assault Oriru and with a fixed gaze upon the Primera, he prepared as his body released more of his spiritual pressure to match that of his opponent as his own golden energy seemed to blend and fight against the violet energy of his foe. [1] The miasma seemed to feed off of the energy as the density could be observed, but Oriru made no response or reaction. [2-3] Jo-Jo appeared in the air slightly above Oriru and unleashed two consecutive attacks two which Oriru responded with both (V) and the newly formed (VI) colliding with each of the attacks head on emitting a small burst of his spiritual energy. The Primera took the chance to react personally as well, [4] another of his Cero techniques and still without moving the Cero seemed to dissolve into a golden energy forming a golden sphere waiting to be used. [5] As the golden sphere was formed from the energy of the Cero, Oriru spoke, "Senjū Kōten Taihō." Instantly ten large pink concentrations of raw spiritual energy formed and launched itself at the fabricated Kido Corps Captain with the culmination of a small nuke. All without Oriru moving an inch from his spot. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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