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  1. ChaosKaiz

    Tune in and Tune up - Ninth Division

    Renchi watched as the pipe flew through the air from being thrown and Nariko move slightly to avoid the lead coming at her. "Well, at least ya lasted longer than the last few." Renchi honestly spoke those words mainly for herself as she rolled her neck, ignoring what ever Nariko was saying. She watched as Nariko rush forward, faster than she thought the little urchin could move, and gave a smirk when she heard the Bakudo being used. [1] Slowly she lowered her posture slightly as both of her arms were placed behind her back. She appeared to struggle a bit to get her arms free and once Nariko was only a short distance away, Renchi swung one leg forward using the momentum of her leg. She had timed it as best she could to allow her foot to connect with the soft pallet under the chin of Nariko. [2] While propelling herself in this manner, Renchi would pull both arms free from behind her with the binds broken from he right arm. [3/4*] Assuming that the attack is not interrupted, whether Renchi successfully landed the attack or Nariko did not deliver a counter attack after avoiding the kick, Renchi would land and pull out her Zanpakuto, "Start up and Burn Out, Akai Joō!" As she pulled the blade from the sheath, a large grinding sound could be heard from metal on metal as the assumed katana would change form similar to a broadsword with a lever upon the handle. With a twist of her wrist, the sound of an engine roaring. WC - 515 TWC - 1459 - Combat Stats - Actions - Abilities - End of Combat Stats
  2. ChaosKaiz

    Tune in and Tune up - Ninth Division

    Renchi continued to work on the details of her bike, focusing on the features of her engine since she was working on upgrading the air filtration and seeing if she can alter the Reishi Injection. Jonetsu took note of the young woman that made her way into the room but did not pull away from taking another sip from his cup. "Uhm, excuse me, Lieutenant Kuranku, Captain Jonetsu." Jonetsu turned to look over at Renchi who was focused in her vehicle and smiled as he placed his tea down next to his pot. He made his way across the room. Once he made it to the stereo, he gently turned the dial to reduce the sound of the music. "Who the fuck-" She turned from her bike to see the young woman standing in front of her. She started to blow a bubble as she looked at the frail little girl, "Dafuck ya want?" Renchi crossed her arms as Jonetsu made his way back to his seat. "I'm Nariko Mizushima, current 19th Seat of this Division. Sorry to bother you, but..." "Settle." Jonetsu spoke in response to seeing Renchi open her mouth for another outburst. She scoffed in his direction before giving Nariko her attention. "I've come to issue a challenge for your seat. Unorthodox, I know, a 19th Seat, but I'm liking the thought of being Vice Captain a little bit more and more the longer I think about it. What'd you say?" Renchi continued to chew her gum as she proceeded to take off all of her spare equipment and untangled herself from the cables. She walked towards Nariko with her eyes fixed into the distance. Although she appeared that she was going to walk into Nariko, she stepped to the side and started to dig through a pile of junk. "Where are ya at?" She asked as she started to throw the items across the garage until finally she was able to locate a katana covered in oil and tangled in wires. "Aye, there ya is." With a smile she walked out of the garage with Jonetsu calmly walking towards Nariko, "Best if we follow." He continued to walk with his pot of tea in his right hand still steaming and his cup balanced on a small plate in his left hand holding the rim of the plate. Eventually, a short distance away, Renchi would stop in a small clearing surrounded by plenty of junk metal and parts. Jonetsu would walk along the surface of a large pile and make his way to the top and take a seat with a leg dangling off. Renchi turned to face Nariko as she proceeded to blow a bubble and pop it before chewing some more. "Ya got some grit ya do, coming into my work space." She gave a smirk, "So if you want my badge," She reached her free right hand to her left should and pressed firmly as it made a click sound. Once her hand was removed, the shoulder kind split open to reveal the Lieutenant's Badge inserted in the space. "Ya best be willing to rip my arm out." [ 1 ] With that, she picked up a lead pipe from the ground nearby. Slowly and lightly she moved it around to test the weight before throwing it at Nariko, whether or not she was prepared. WC - 606 TWC - 944 Combat Stats Actions
  3. ChaosKaiz

    Current Events

    CHARACTER| ORIRU RYUKA KUSHO CURRENT EVENTS| Oriru, originally from the slums of the Rukongai, had joined the Gotei 13 by assignment from Central 46 as an Administration Officer. Eventually he was able to earn the promotion that he worked so hard to claim, Senior Administration Officer of the Administration Department with the First Division. During this time, he had become a well known and well respected member of the Soul Society. He had taken the time to know every person and every activity that has been documented and processed through his department which allowed him to strengthen bonds with nearly every Officer, Citizen, and Affiliate. Within the Administration Department, Oriru has been able to do some good, but he has decided that he needs a position of obvious power to really help improve the operations of the Soul Society and as such as set his eyes on the 13th Division. The only thing holding back is an untapped potential...
  4. OOC | This is to control the NPC for Nariko's (The Eml) Attempt to Claim VC In the corner of the Ninth Division is where "Renchi's Workshop" is located, closest to the Fifth Division and adjacent to the Academy Grounds. The building is not secluded, but it is well enough away from any residential sections or other operations that may be bothered by what happens in the workshop. This was part of the deal Renchi worked out with the Captain during the promotion process, as it was important for Renchi to still have a workshop to continue working from. It had became an office as well and the clear debris that was scattered in front of the building caused many concerns for people who approached. Heaps of metal, wires, strange constructs that would appear to watch you as you walked through the "Iron Graveyard", a term made by the rest of the Division to describe the scene outside of the workshop. The main door was a large steel roll up to allow the larger items to fit, and it was typically open during the day and only closed when the sun was away. At the current moment, Renchi was busy working on what appeared to be a motorcycle of sorts with loud metal music playing through a speaker in the corner. Across from the speaker on the other side of the room would be an older gentleman with a calm and simple nature sipping on tea. His silver hair giving a gentle glow under the harsh light of the garage matching the bright blue eyes. Next to him, on a table covered in spare parts, was a small space where a tea pot matching the design of his tea cup. This was the way meetings were held for the two of them, Captain and Lieutenant, as Renchi worked on what ever it was that she desired the Captain would calmly converse with her. Each of them enjoying what brought peace to their day, especially since it allow Renchi to avoid the discomfort of the traditional design of the barracks her Captain insists on maintaining. Captain Jonetsu and Lieutenant Renchi Kuranku WC - 338
  5. ChaosKaiz

    A Momentary Rest

    Oriru took another drink as he looked between the two of them. "Sadly, it appears it is my time to depart for the night." His eyes seemed to have traced across the room for a moment before returning to the table. Assuming that Nariko gave him the space to clear from the table, he would step free and provide a smile, "I have already covered the price of tonight's festivities, so stay as long as you wish and order anything else you'd like. " He reached into his pocket and handed each of the two a business card, with his information on the front and his division representation on the back. "You can reach out to me whenever you like, or just come by my office." With that, he grabbed his coat and Odachi and made his way out, "I have to finish mastering my Bankai anyway." With a wave, he was out of the door. OOC: Leaving Thread
  6. Name | Oriru Ryuka Kusho Race | Vaizard Number | 2911
  7. ChaosKaiz

    Role-Play Community Reiatsu Ranking

    Character Name: Oriru Ryuka Kusho Week: 08.24 Total WC: 2511
  8. ChaosKaiz

    A New Chapter

    ~ 70 years after, but a single minute before ~ The amount of time passed felt like several years when Oriru Rykua Kusho finally opened his eyes to see the new location that he was placed in. His mind was stuck on that strange area he was in with the Kido Corp, a place that he had all but forgotten about until this moment. Something was stirring inside of him that he could not manage to understand or get a full grasp on. His head was giving him the similar sensation of being stuck in a vice grip, something akin to a hangover. Which is something that he had not experience in quite some time, his ability to handle alcohol earned him a significant placement as a tank in the bar scene. Slowly his eyes scanned the room in order to gain a better understanding of his current situation, taking a moment to breath seeing the gentle colors of a beige wallpaper. The sweet aroma of lavender with a hint of vanilla was a soothing sensation on his nose, and even the rest of his body. It took a moment, but the details of the room were a bit of a challenge to gather, and then it dawned on him that he did not have his glasses. Panic consumed him as he tried to look around from them, launching himself from the bed, and scanned the nearby table before sweeping through the isolated room. He went through any draws that he could find, cabinets, and containers but had no luck. “You should really be in bed.” The voice from one end of the room spooked Oriru a little bit as he turned to see a man in all white robes and a special head garb that obscured his face. He took note of the flap of his right sleeve that was folded and sealed shut instead of an arm. “You are recovering from quite an incident.” Oriru listened to the man speak from behind the mask as he motioned with his left hand back to the bed nearby. “So, might I have you take your place on the bed?” Oriru took a moment to think about it as he scanned the man, realizing that he was in a medical room, potentially within the Fourth Division Infirmary. He thought about the last thing that he was doing and recalled feeling a little weak after completing all the old reports that were not touched yet. He had done that right after the incident at the eleventh division, when he was part of the Proving where he accessed his Zanpakuto. The moments followed continued to have his connection to his Zanpakuto deepen rapidly before his body finally gave out. “I am fine. It was a bit of exhaustion from the lack of sleep and lack of food.” The man released a chuckle, “Had that been the case, you would have been given the required treatment and released and I wouldn’t have needed to show up and prevent everyone from seeing the truth.” Oriru looked at him with confusion, “I assume since I saw the damage at the office and the residue and smoke coming from your body that the seal broke once more. “Seal?” He looked at the man in confusion, the details of his fever dream coming back slowly, “Residue and smoke?” The memories of the night 70 years ago came back. “The seal originally was intended to last at least one hundred years, and it lasted thirty instead. When we attempted the seal again, only twenty years was enough. The third attempt reached about a single decade. It continued until this one failed to last more than a few months.” As the man spoke Oriru only stared in shock trying to understand what was being said to him. The memories of each of these instances started to flood his mind. “That can’t be…” The image of the beast that he had to face the first time after watching that portion of the Kido Corp get eliminated before his eyes. Then again of the time that he was dispatched to handle hollows with the Thirteenth Division and the smoke consumed his vision. Again, when he was patrolling the Rukongai with the Third Division when the darkness took over. Every time he was placed in combat stress and accessed his Zanpakuto, it triggered. “Yes, that is the same expression you made the last time that you recalled the truth. At least, that was the one I was at to witness.” The man spoke calmly as he motioned to the bed once more, to which Oriru would respond with a slow nod and sit on the bed. “We thought that it could be sealed inside of a resilient soul and contained, when that proved in effective we attempted to rip the soul apart-“ “You tried to rip my soul apart!?” Oriru exclaimed as he turned to face this man with the clear anger in his eyes and the smoke slowly coming from his mouth, “Because of your mistakes!?” The smoke slowly began to grow in thickness and intensity. “When you almost killed your own mother, you begged for me to do it.” That sentence caused the smoke to stop, but it caused Oriru to feel the weight of the world on his body as his eyes drew cold. “But it didn’t work, the seal had cracked, and the souls were bound beyond what I created.” The man took a few steps closer, “When we, or more so I, tried the last time there was an attempt to eradicate your soul but it came to protect you.” “It?” Oriru inquired. “Your passenger…” There was a moment of silence, “So, is this the moment that you seal it again and a few weeks later it is set free again?” Oriru released a defeated sigh, a bit of the white smoke flowing from his breath. “That would be the case, before the seal breaks completely. The only reason no one has bothered us is because of the barrier I placed obscures your power so no one would know.” He turned to Oriru as he took a few steps back, “Lay back.” Something clicked in Oriru as a large cloud of white smoke exploded from his mouth, “Shit!” The veiled one shouted realizing what was about to happen. “Bakudo Number 63, Sajo Sabaku!” Massive golden ropes shout forward and wrapped around the torso of Oriru as the smoke began to solidify on his face. “Bakudo Transition, Nine Dragon Seal.” Instantly the golden rope turned a deep black and started to bleed a white light. The man approached and placed his hand on the face of Oriru, “Cascade.” Immediately Oriru’s eyes turned a full black with tears rolling down his face of pure light. Slowly the man pulled out a pair of glasses from his shirt pocket and slid them on the face of Oriru as the smoke faded once more. Oriru slowly began to calm down a bit as he laid back out of breath. “I remember… So, the seal didn’t work…” Oriru spoke between labored breaths. The man let out a sigh keeping Oriru restrained, “It worked. The seal will remain for 9 more days, best case scenario, or 4 more days, worst case scenario.” Neither looked at each other as the man faced down the wall across from him and Oriru remained fixed on the ceiling. “There is no point attempting to keep sealing you and your memories over and over…” He stayed on the edge of the bed next to Oriru, “Instead I think we need to dedicate our time to train you to handle your passenger when it comes time.” Oriru sat up, though with a bit of a struggle. “Oh.” The man released the Bakudo as Oriru moved around a bit now that he was not bound. “You have been around these last 70 years to help me…” Oriru spoke with hesitation, “Even though you were literally the worst person in that room…” Slowly the man stood up and made his way to the door, “Why?” The man faced Oriru, and his eyes gave the hint that there was a smile under that mask, “Because you remind me of my son.” There was a moment before the man motioned for Oriru to come closer, “So shall we be on our way to training?” Oriru slowly would rise from his seated position and make his way towards the man. “All these years, and I do not think that once I ever got your name.” The man tapped the door and a glow happened from the frame before he opened it and revealed a massive desert, “You can call me Hiko.” With that, the both went through the door closing it behind them. Moments later the door opened to reveal one of the Medics for the Infirmary with a clipboard in hard coming from a hallway. “Oriru Ryuka Kusho?” Learned Bakudō Number 63 | Sajō Sabaku [Locking Bondage Stripes] - 1,500 words [ Achieved ] The practitioner, raising his/her palm up to the target, closes his/her hand into a fist. The user calls forth yellow energy, taking a form of very thick rope, which ensnares the opponent, similar to Bakudō #4 but much stronger, instead binding the upper body of the target. WC | 1567 TWC | 1567 OWC | 1567 This Thread is Complete.
  9. ChaosKaiz

    A Momentary Rest

    Oriru took note of Nariko's suggestion for the Nameless One to take the opportunity to pursue the Captain's spot for the Fourth Division, to which he would nod in agreement to her statement supporting the new Vice Captain in such an objective. His ideas were based in a strong foundation and his records have proven that he was a capable individual and would be fit for a leadership role with enough training to refine his talents. Combined, these two both provided a lot of insight into the individuals that make their respective divisions it brought a warm smile to his face. Then, from the midst of a giggle from Nariko, came a inquiry that caught Oriru off guard a moment. There was a desire to unlocking a Shikai, the first stage of power for the Zanpakuto. Oriru chuckled as he responded, "Honestly, my circumstances in regards to my Shikai are a bit complicated and unorthodox. Considering I don't actually use the full power of my Shikai." He laughed as he downed more shots. "Though if you go with the common method, I am more than willing to work with you in Spiritual Energy Control. My primary studies in the Spiritual Arts Academy was Kido Arts and Refined Spiritual Energy Manipulation was my Graduate Report." WC | x TWC | x OWC | x
  10. ChaosKaiz

    A New Chapter

    ~ A time 70 years before, but not a minute after ~ Oriru found himself slowly escaping the darkness of his own mind as what was used to keep him under was starting to wear off slowly but surely. As his eyes opened to reveal his surroundings, a moment of mild panic consumed his thoughts as he took the time to note the absence of people in thew room. Both of his hands and feet were bound to a table that kept him parallel to the ground leaving him little to no room to move around. He attempted to struggle, but as he did he could see the shimmering light from between the leather straps, "Bound by the straps infused with kido, they reinforced the straps?" He understood what was going to happen and what may be the result, but for what reason that they left him alone and enhance his binds he could not determine. There was a moment where he was curious about the potential possibility that everything was already complete and he was able to survive it but he did not feel any different and expected people to be around; or at least a single person. Once more he attempt to pull at each of the straps with all of the forced that he could manage, but it just was not enough. The amount of forced that was being applied by these straps were too great for his own strength, but then he considered. "Ye lord, mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man. Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath-" "Perhaps you shouldn't unleash a kido in this contained room with the other subject." A voice spoke from the other side of the room and caused Oriru to halt in his words and attempt to see who it was, but his position did not allow such a thing. "Especially not a destructive one such as Blue Fire Crash Down which could cause tremendous complications if it caused the subject to become stronger or, Soul King forbid, be released." Oriru resigned to his tabled with a defeated sigh as the sound of footsteps echoed throughout the room, slowly with the source growing closer to him. "I suggest you take the time to enjoy the peace and quite, because soon enough you will have the rest of your life to deal with the constant company..." The man paused when he finally got to the table and looked down at Oriru from behind his veil, the mark of the Kido Corp clearly marked on his mask. "Or you will not live long enough to have another problem." Despite the mask covering his face, Oriru was able to feel the smug face being made by the Kido Corpsman and it caused a note of irritation. He wanted to react, to respond in some manner, be he dejected to simply turn his face away from the annoying corpsman as other people started to enter the room. "Are you bothering the containment subject again?" Another voice spoke out from the other side of the room, "Because the last thing we need is for him to be all riled up before receiving the subject and then we have a volatile containment on our hands." "I was simply advising the containment subject, who was prepared to drop a Blue Fire Crash Down, how ill advised it would have been to be so destructive." The man spoke with a smooth retort, realizing that he was wrong in the interaction, but his details were solid enough to defend himself. Oriru found no reason to speak against his claim and point out his constant pestering and left himself to staring at the wall opposite of the annoyance. "I wouldn't dare cause our containment subject any discomfort... Physically." The echo of several footsteps could be heard, meaning that several people had entered the room at this time and were gathering around the space. "Well if you are done annoying me, I would like to proceed with the containment." That elderly man always seemed to be in charge as Oriru turned to see him approach a table that was shrouded in shadows from the soft light that was focused more on himself. "And it appears that subject is still in stasis." A light was generated above the location of the elderly leader and revealed something, in small detail, that was placed upon that table. It appeared to be a man of sorts, but there was definitely something wrong with him. The first sign was the bone structure on his head with horns extended up and, from the angle Oriru was at, a strange black spot near his solar plexus. "This creature has proven to be a challenge to control, and this man has already been too infected to save." It became to great of a strain to maintain his head to keep look at what was going on and Oriru allowed his head to fall back on the table and simply allow the moments to pass. "If we can understand how this injection works, we may be able to save others that have been afflicted with it." He continued on, the obvious pain in his voice, "A single hollow had the ability to breed, and spread hollowfication and if we don't figure this out, then we may be too late." "What we know for sure is that the process first tries to claim the body, and if it is too weak then the hollowfication becomes violent creating another mindless beast. If it is able to resist, then the process will attempt to corrupt the Zanpakuto and feed off of the strength of the soul until the body is unable to generate a defense to it." This one was of a woman in the distance, "If we apply this to the containment subject, and they are able to resist it he could potentially produce the antibodies to fight the virus and prevent others from being turned into mindless hollows." Suddenly a person appeared for Oriru and revealed their face with a smile with the strange of red hair poking through, "I am sorry that they continue to call you a containment subject Oriru." He had been called everything but his name by these people, and at first it bothered him, but the rude one explained that it is easier to separate themselves from the subjects to avoid being too attached and deciding not to follow through for fear of what might happen and more so to avoid a greater feeling of loss when it all fails. It was moment of genuine sincerity, and only a moment since that man had not shown a single second after. "I promise that I will be there for you to make sure that you make it through all of this." "Extracting the Virus Core." "What is going on with the core?" "The stasis wasn't stable!" "Thanks for the nap; play time." Suddenly an explosion was triggered nearby as Oriru attempted to lift up and see what was going on only to see one of the Corpsman get launched across the room with a hard smack against the wall. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens." The rude scientist started to chant the incantation as other members of the corps swarmed the location of the infected individual, but with so many people it became impossible to see what was actually going on. "Please let me free, I can help." Oriru spoke to the woman who had been so kind but all she could do was look at him a she slowly backed away and out of his view. "Don't leave me here!" He tried to look over as he saw the massive force of the Twin Lotus Blue Fire Crash Down surge from the rude corpsman. "Call my name." He could hear the woman speaking out to him from the darkness beyond his view, "Please just call my name Oriru!" He was confused by this, as if he just knew her name because she revealed her face to him a few times. "You know my name, I just need you to call out to me and I can be by your side." Oriru started to panic as he thrashed around watching as blood flew around and splattered on his body. "Oriru Ryuka Kusho, in the nights you spent alone you spoke out to me because your mother said I would answer back and now I just need you to say the name of that person, that person you spoke to." "What are you talking about!?" He was getting angry at this point, unable to understand why she was being so enigmatic about this with what was going on, "Mother told me to speak out to the universe and it may speak out to me. I was told to acknowledge a name for the Universe so it new me personally by name too." "Yes, Oriru. I know you by name and you know me by the name as well. Who did you acknowledge as the universe?" "Well, this was supposed to be my potential new home?" Oriru turned to see the demonic looking presence approaching him as other members of the Kido Corps, that were still live, made their best effort to stop him, "I might need to do some renovations." A smile so wide formed as smoke would flow heavily from the mouth of the beast. "Please tell me that you can hear me, Ginga." Suddenly, from the darkness, a black orb rushed through the air and collided with the creature sending it through the air. Two more orbs, one that appeared silver and another that was a light blue, appeared and create a thread between them that formed under the straps. With enough force of the orbs pulling and him trying to free his arm, it finally snapped and the process was repeated when seven more orbs appeared and assisted in releasing Oriru. He jumped from the table and planted on the floor facing the direction of the creature in the depths of the darkness. "He is too strong to hurt, but if you can contain him long enough..." From behind him, the rude corpsman appeared with a missing left arm and blood staining his clothes. "I can force the containment..." The man spoke through labored breathing. "I will contain it within me and then I need you to destroy my body entirely." Suddenly the beast rushed forward from the darkness as a few of the orbs made their approach with strings being tethered between them. Suddenly the beast hit a wall of golden energy, "Bakudo 61, do you know it containment subject?" Oriru could only manage a soft nod. "Only in theory..." Admitted he studied it, but he had not been able to use it in full practical applications. "That will be enough." The best attempted to get around the barrier, but it continued to reform with the help of other orbs to slow it down. The rude corpsman placed his hand on the back of Oriru, "We shall do it together, but I need to channel it through you because my body will not be able to sustain the amount of strain of that level." Once more Oriru gave a solemn nod. "Carriage of thunder, Bridge of a Spinning Wheel. With light, divide this into six!" Each of their bodies would give off a glow, with the rude corpsman having a gentle purple glow and Oriru a more traditionally based green. Their energy began to merge as Oriru pointed his finger at the beast approaching after passing the last barrier between it and them. "Bakudo Number 61, Rikujōkōrō - Six Rods Prison of Light!" From that moment a golden beam of energy shot forth and collided with the beast. "You can not hurt me with that trivial attack!" The demented creature made it about one more meter before his body stopped suddenly and five more beams struck him. "Damn you, I will break out of this too!" The rude corpsman approached the beast with a solemn look with Oriru closely behind. "Nature of the beast, eye of the storm. Charge forth and pull the soul, moments pass and break the cycle!" The rude Corpsman raised his hand as best he could, "Torimazeru!" Suddenly a dark green ball form from the hole of the beast and an arc of energy would make its way towards the rude Corpsman. Just as it was about to reach him, Oriru shoved him to the side as the beam connected with his body, "Oriru, no!" The moment it connected, the creature began to dissolve into dust and flow through the stream. Once it was all gone, the beam condensed upon the body of Oriru giving him a dark green glow that slowly turned purple. Immediately his body began to generate a large amount of smoke, "What is going on!?" His body started to experience a massive amount of pain, "What is happening!?" He spoke as he fell to the ground and began to vomit profusely, this white fluid burning as it ejected from his body. "Make it stop!" He could only yell in pain as his bones made the sounds of snapping and he began to contort violently, blood leaking from various parts of his body mixed with this fluid. Suddenly each of the ten orbs shattered into dust from an Odachi fell in front of Oriru. The pain stopped, but the burning remained. He laid on the floor in tears from the experience, "Oriru..." The rude corpsman made his way to Oriru as best he could and reached for him. "You are now bonded to that being... As long as you live, so does it." He let out a sigh as he attempted to comfort Oriru, "You are not allowed to bring out your power, because the more you use it the strong it will become and one day it may be enough to consume you from the inside out..." Oriru continued to cry in pain as the burning continued, "The burning sensation you have will persist, and other symptoms as long as you live until it completely bonds to you." "Kill me..." "I won't-" "Kill me." "I can't-" "Kill me!" Oriru perched up to his feet with a dark look, "I will set you free..." There was a moment as the man rose to his feet and placed his hands on Oriru's forehead, "Kyakka Suru." A lavender glow appeared at the palm of his hand, "You truth will be locked away, and may the time it takes for the truth to come back be enough to bring peace to the storm that is your soul." He watched as Oriru's eyes went blank and his body collapsed to the ground. He looked around and saw the death all around him, leaving just these two as the survivors, "I think your mother would have been vary proud Oriru..." Learned Bakudō Number 61 | Rikujōkōrō [Six Rods Prison of Light] - 1,380 words [ Achieved ] The practitioner points his/her index finger at the target, generating a spark of yellow energy in front of the user, which summons six thin, wide beams of light that shoot from the spark and towards target's midsection from six different directions to hold them in place. The target is unable to move any part of their body, including the parts which were not struck by the beams. If one beam hits, the other five lock on. WC | 2640 TWC | 7021 OWC | 10550
  11. ChaosKaiz

    A Momentary Rest

    Oriru could not help but give a smile from the response given by Nariko regarding his own reasons about his glasses, which was like the one he gets from most people. Plenty of people have inquired about his glasses, and curious about their purpose when unique situations occur, and it has always been the same response. It truly has been used to help him resist his smoking problem which truly is better for everyone. Though his smile was a bit dismissed when the waitress and the nameless one had a little interaction regarding his stamp and it only just became apparent to Oriru that it was different between the two of them. He had not noticed that detail earlier and wondered why Haruko gave him a different stamp; being that he legitimately had a concern for the age or concern of health concerns for the Nameless one, he had an inclination against the Nameless One, or perhaps an honest mistake from being distracted. It appears that Nariko took note of the confusion and capitalized with her own humored comment of how she doesn’t have a stamp. It was clear that the waitress was prepared to deal with people with stamps that vary, like the inclusive stamp of Oriru or the restricted stamp of the Nameless One. She was not prepared to deal with an individual who did not have a stamp, or perhaps was advised that those without the stamps are not to be bothered. Luckily the Nameless One did not decide to make a scene and was respectful about the rules of the establishment and it made Oriru feel comfortable in this moment and an increased respect for the healing comrade with a friendly smile. “I’m trying to bring a more combative role to the Restoration Corps.” That was an interesting comment as Oriru allowed his mind to flow through the details of the statement and recalled that there was a select amount of the Restoration Corp that have been classified as Combat Medics which actually includes the current Captain Elevander Jecht. “It is an interesting plan, to bring a more combative role, something that Captain Jecht has brought forth as a plan but I am unsure if he decided it was not a good idea or if he realized the amount of paperwork involved and opted to avoid the work involved.” He laughed as he continued to indulge his desire for more drinks, pouring more for any of those interested in more. He even focused his attention in front of the Nameless One and whispered, “Tazansho.” Suddenly several small blue line would draw in front of the man and create an inverted pyramid with no surface the size of a small up. He motioned that he would pour into the newly formed cup if the Nameless One desired. “Well,” Oriru motioned towards Nariko, “I think the desire to explore is perhaps the best plan of all.” He chuckled as he indulged in yet another drink. “Next time I have to visit to visit the World of the Living, you are more than welcome to be a part of the escort team,” He raised his glass towards the both of them, “Either of you.” He offered another toast with that before he let another drink go down his throat. He lost count, but realized he was pretty far down but the benefit was that it was also helping prevent his desire to smoke. WC | 584 TWC | 3064 OWC | 7910
  12. ChaosKaiz

    A Momentary Rest

    Oriru found a great comfort in being able to relax, take a moment to be out of the office with people that he did not also work with. There is a certain level of guarded you must maintain when being out with people that you work with, especially if they happen to be your subordinates. The benefit with these two were that they were not in direct relation to his work, aside from the fact that has seen the details of their files extensively and any report that has been delivered was processed through his eyes at some point. Nariko went on to describe her affinity towards the Kido Arts, something that Oriru took note of for his own interest in the Kido arts was distinctly on his resume. She went on to explain the nature of Kyakko, a Bakudo which has been Oriru’s specialty and even his field of study during the Spiritual Arts Academy for his Soul Reaper courses. She made a note of how the person needs to be considerably stronger than the caster in order to perceive beyond the Bakudo which cause him off guard. He could only muster a chuckle as he shifted his glasses high on his face. “Well.” Luckily, she decided to continue the conversation between the three of them and Oriru, remaining a tad bit awkward since he was literally in a corner, listened to her explanation of how she came across the name Casper and sparked a light heartfelt tone with him. “I have worked with the Ninth Division several times myself, as they tend to be the only ones willing to assist the Administration Department for our travels to the World of the Living, and sometimes just throughout the Rukongai visits.” He smiled as the waitress brought over the food that was order by the Nameless One, more alcoholic beverages, and a platter of sample dishes. She left shortly after leaving the trio to their conversations, as Oriru would pour another round of drinks for them to share. “Funny thing about these glasses actually,” He had downed the first shot quite quickly and already settled on pouring another, and generously doing the same for any other that decided to keep pace with him. “The glasses actually aren’t meant to improve my ability to see anything,” With a laugh he held the next drink up to his eye level with arm extended, “They are a special prescription to help with my own ailment and helped me quit smoking.” With that, he took a drink and set the glass on the table. “Oh, I keep rambling and forgot a bit of my manners during the earlier formality. Name is Oriru Ryūka Kushō.” WC | 460 TWC | 2480 OWC | 7326
  13. ChaosKaiz

    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    CHARACTER NAME| Oriru Ryuka Kusho Shinigami - 86,000 Reiatsu - [12FP at Re-Surge ] [Hollowfication - Vaizard|3 FP] - Major Puchase 1 / 2 [High Speed Regeneration|2 FP] - Minor Purchase Final Balance | 7 FP
  14. ChaosKaiz

    A Momentary Rest

    Oriru watched as the young woman, who had cleverly found a way to obscure her appearance with the use of a Kido, one that he was all too familiar with, enter the establishment without the aid of the stamp. The details of how she was able to bypass the entrance was beyond him, but found it quite interesting that she was able to do so but found no reason to turn away the eye of the curious wanderer and thus offering a seat and a drink seemed to be the only appropriate response. The great part was that she was willing to take part in the offer and enjoy a drink with the two in comradery. “And to the behind the scenes heroes.” That statement, by the Nameless One, was nice one to hear as it was tribute to the people like Oriru who are no widely known for great acts like Elevander Jecht, Mikoto Shuu, or Xarius Kaeru but still they are know far and wide for their involvement in the basic functions of the Soul Society. Of course, he would not miss the chance to take a second drink, especially one in is honor. So with a second drink down for each of them, seeing that the young female would allow herself to indulge. “Nariko Mizushima…” First the name came to his mind, going through the dozens of files that he had been processing and recalled her acceptance forms on his desk for the new class from the Spiritual Arts Academy. The sign of her recently placed division came to mind clearly. “Ninth Division’s Nineteenth Seat…” That was a solid placement for such a newly accepted individual, but he ability in the academy was impressive. Nothing that warranted the accolades of a prodigy by any means, but still impressive all the same. “Lieutenant Casper…” Oriru was able to hold himself from a response as the name given to the Nameless One, as he had heard the name a few times during his interactions with individuals but never had he made the connection that it was too the person that he was sharing a booth with. It was a shame to have a designation, but perhaps the man would hold himself with self-satirical appreciation. Though shortly after, Nariko inquired his own identity much along the inquiry brought by the Nameless One. “Formally, I am Senior Administration Officer of the Administration Department, sub department of the First Division placing me as the ranked Twentieth Seat of the First Division…” He paused for a moment, “For now.” He smiled as he said he two words, his eyes reaching across the room at another individual closer to the main bar who wore his lieutenant badge on his left arm, ‘Thirteen Division’ was clearly visible. “I honestly am not too sure how long I have been the head of Administration,” There was a playful tone with a hint of frustration, “Since I still report to the current Director of Administrative Affairs as well as the Captain of the First Division and the Chief Administrative Officer from Central 46, I am more of the hand of Administration handling all of the actual details.” Oriru poured another drink for each of the three, giving them the chance to prepare for the shot or mix it however they would desire. The goal was not to show more over one or the other but have a nice time out. With a smile and a gesture to signal another drink with a silent toast to knock glasses, Oriru would take another drink with ease, “But once I learn to become a better fighter, I think I might go for a Captain and restructure the way that Administrative Affairs operate.” He let out a laugh at the jest in his words before he would pour another drink for himself and offer to pour more for the other’s if they would like to continue. Considering the size of the bottle, this would be the last shot of this specific drink. “The things you learn in Administration,” A smirk developed, “The challenges of keeping the worst secrets imaginable.” With that, he offered another silent toast with, or without, the rest of the group with joyous enthusiasm; despite his ominous choice of words. WC | 711 TWC | 2020 OWC | 6866
  15. ChaosKaiz

    A Momentary Rest

    Oriru smiled as the Nameless One spoke at his preparation to order the meal and drinks. “The best part about this place, is the unique design for the ordering.” Oriru pulled up his menu and placed a finger on one of the options, an order of Sake. His finger created a gentle green glow before fading away and removing his finger from the menu. “The owner used what he learned being in the Fifth Division to apply his Kido craft into the establishment, something he left the division to pursue.” A moment was given to allow both him and the Nameless One to take in the ambiance of the establishment. “A single press and a firm focus are all it takes to order, and they know which table to deliver the selection to.” After that, Oriru rose from the booth to remove his coat and fold it before hanging it on a small hook next to the booth. Once up, he reached into the breast pocket of the coat to pull out a small cloth. He took a slow deep breath before removing his glasses and taking the moment to clean them. Though he continued to clean his glasses his eyes seemed to survey the room of people. At one point he made eye contact, or as much as he could manage with his poor vision, with the waitress he was aware of serving his section and made a gesture of three fingers. Once he was happy with what he had done with his glasses, he put the cloth back and took his seat. This time, he sat all the way against the wall. Not a few moments later did the waitress come by and set a small bottle of sake on the table with three individual serving cups and an additional menu on the table. She respectfully poured into each of the three cups, “If you need anything, just let me know otherwise your orders will be right out.” With that, she made her way back to the kitchen area. “Well, might I start us off with a toast to your promotion?” He spoke with a smile as he grabbed one of the glasses in order to toast, “And you are more than welcome to grab a glass and join us.” He made a look towards off the table at nothing with a smirk and a wink before bringing his eyes back to the Nameless One. “To the new Vice Captain of the Fourth Division.” Oriru would knock glasses with those that would join in and relax for a night of enjoyment starting with his first glass for the evening. WC | 442 TWC | 1309 OWC | 6155