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  1. ChaosKaiz

    Higher Learning

    WC: 681 Kido Corps Commander issued the challenge which was more of a dedicated training for a single individual but the thought of facing the Captain seemed to be so daunting that not a single person initially stepped up. There was a disappointed sigh that slid from his lips as Oriru looked around the room seeing the faces of concern, fear, hesitation, and only a pair that seemed curious but not with a single ounce of desire to step forth. Compared to his comrades, it had not been that long since he was in the academy but he could recall that when it was provided a chance to face someone stronger than him he would avoid it avidly. However, after his graduation from the Academy Oriru became willing to take a challenge when provided even with the fear and concerns. These people before him were graduates of the academy and should not have developed such a concern for battling a stronger foe in training, especially as Oriru recalled shortly after becoming part of the the actually Thirteen Court Guard Squads he trained with Captain's almost regularly. From one of the students words finally were spoken and one accepting the opportunity to train with the Captain and Oriru turned to face the individual to lay eyes on the first student to arrive, "Delightful. The first proof of a leader is one willing to step forward when everyone else seems unable to do so." The praise was clear and direct but there was definitely the sting of criticism upon the rest of the students in attendance. The Captain pointed at the placement on the ground as he took a few steps to the side to generate a traditional space for combat before snapping his fingers of his right hand and the room shifted slightly generating a typical training mat used in most martial arts. "First, I will show you all one of my personal favorite Bakudo which will also assist in setting up the appropriate battle conditions. Bakudo Number 73 Tozansho." With the words spoken, four bright blue glowing lights formed above the pair as lines drew to connect them in a way creating a square just as each one caused a line to be formed from them towards the ground at an angle before appearing to stop. "The Inverted Mountain Crystal, capable of becoming a powerful barrier to protect as much as it is capable of containing something, or someone." With his final word the space between the drawn shapes was filled with a transparent blue light. "The first training I received with a Captain was simple one, but the achieve it was not as simple. We are both contained within this decently sized barrier Shiba, Zenaku, and your task is to land one strike on me." The Captain removed his Zanpakuto from his back and held the handle of the blade although he kept it sheathed. "Do not be afraid to use your full power, best techniques, nor the edge of your blade and have no qualms with attempting to deal a lethal strike." [1] Oriru pulled a few pens from his pocket and threw one directly at the chest of Zenaku [2] followed by another one aimed at his forehead. After the first pair were launched he aligned another pair from his coat into his hands [3] launching one at the join of Zenaku's right shoulder [4] then the final pen at the left knee of Zenaku. Although they were just pens, they were thrown pretty hard and capable of doing some damage if they were not dealt with properly. ---------- Statistical Values --> Sealed to 40% / Permanent Shikai + 600ND Spiritual Pressure - 168,000 (67,000) --> ND | (5,960) Stamina | 230 (92)Speed | 200 (80)Perception | 200 (80) Reiryoku | 230 (92) --> Speed | 224 (89)Strength | 138 (55) --> Speed | 150 (60) Actions [1] - Ballpoint Pen [Strength | 55] at Chest of Zenaku [Throwing Speed | 60] [2] - Ballpoint Pen [Strength | 55] at Forehead of Zenaku [Throwing Speed | 60] [3] - Ballpoint Pen [Strength | 55] at Right Shoulder Join of Zenaku [Throwing Speed | 60] [4] - Ballpoint Pen [Strength | 55] at Left Knee of Zenaku [Throwing Speed | 60]
  2. ChaosKaiz

    Higher Learning

    Kido Corps Commander Oriru Kusho had taken the time to really feel the room out and get a decent understanding of the room as best as he could, as it was important to him that he know the extent of what the room had to offer. This entire academy was a soft spot for the Kido Commander as he took a deep breath and smiled scanning some of the scrolls in the room before pulling out his notebook and reading over his own notes. After several minutes of going over his notes he recognize the time was approaching for the potential students to be arriving and prepared himself, still maintaining the minimal amount of spiritual pressure possible which meant he could not even tap into his Event Horizon passively without potential repercussions on the students outside of the hall. Eventually, however, the first student would arrive with his spiked red hair being the first noticeable feature about the young man. Following that was the scar that was over his right eye, which was not abnormal but it was a curious detail that the Commander had not recalled from the initial reading of the man's report. "Zenaku, head of the Shiba Clan if I recall accurately." Oriru responded to the young man as he took a seated and not too long after a handful of students began to pile into the room equaling to just shy of twenty students. They all made their way into the room and Oriru motioned around the space to gather them in a circular formation around him at the center of the group. Once the collective seemed to have been spaced out in the room appropriately and it appeared that no one else was going to be arriving. "I believe this will be the entirety of the class for now. Other's may arrive later." He took a moment to spin slowly and acknowledge each of the students in the room, many of which he could recognize from their reports based on missions they have done while others are vague based entirely on the academy records of recent graduates. It was clear that most of the students were individuals who had been out of the Academy for a short time compared to most of the seated officers, which is what he expected as his student base. There were, however, at least two that have been out of the Academy for quite some time which was surprising and promising. "Welcome everyone to the Graduate Training Program here at the Spiritual Arts Academy. For those that do not know of me directly, I am the current Kido Corps Commander Oriru Kusho, former Lieutenant General under the current Captain Commander Xarius Kaeru. You have all been selected by recommendation of your respective leadership, be it Captain or Vice Captain if not both, and as such are considered some of the more promising new recruits to your divisions within the Thirteen Court Guard Squads." He nodded for a moment so that they could accept and acknowledge the fact the he highlighted the prestige that each person in the room just claimed, "As such you will all be a part of a this one day training program conducted by myself in the attempt to harness your current skills, expand on your other abilities, and potentially diminish the shortcomings you may have." Another pause was given to be sure that each person was listening so that nothing would be missed, "My traditional approach towards today would have been to just provide reading materials and work through that, but that is my specialty and is not something that most other's like to utilize as their learning tool, which is no problem. So I will lean into the methods that were taught to me during my growth after the Academy. Before that, are there any questions for me?" "What was it like working under Commander Kaeru?" One of the students inquired first. "Honestly, probably the most rewarding and humbling experience of my existence. Working with him taught me new skills in Hakudo and Zanjutsu and it was through our training sessions that I was able to achieve my Bankai. Aside from that, he had become a friend to me but that is his nature in a way. As strict as he is and tough he seems, he has a kind heart and dedicates his time to provide individual attention for the members of his division and the Soul Society as a whole." With a smile he nodded to the student. "Any others?" There were a few questions about how to get promoted, Oriru's experience after the academy, and several attempts to learn what his Zanpakuto does or looks like but he would never reveal much about his Zanpakuto no matter how many times they would ask or change their wording. Once questions were provided and answered he would move forward with his plan. "The methods I was taught after the academy was a forceful training, spent with seated officers with other divisions in between my hours of reading and studying. Some of my later training included the Captain of the Second Division, Shuu; Captain of the Fourth Division, Jecht; Captain of the Fifth Division, Hokori; as well as several other Captain's and their vice captains. That is because the number one rule to becoming better is to constantly challenge yourself. With that said, let's start of with a challenge much like Jecht offered me when I first asked him to train me. A spar." There was a low murmur with torn feelings as some were excited by the concept and other's were clearly nervous and hesitant. "Only after the spar will we dive into the deeper understanding of combat, skills, and even additional Kido techniques that are considered advanced level. So, who shall step up for the chance to challenge themselves?"
  3. ChaosKaiz

    Higher Learning

    The Kido Corp Commander had made his way to the Academy with the sun breaking fresh over the horizon. His zanpakuto was strapped to his back, unlike his normal style of allowing to hover nearby, as he had to keep his spiritual pressure reduced to a much lower amount with the Academy Students all around. He had spent some time teaching a few classes from time to time, but today was different than the assisting that he would provide to the Academy. Today, Oriru was initiating the beginning of the Graduate Program at the Academy. A chance for those that have already left the Academy and joined the Kido Corps, Thirteen Court Guard Squads, or the Omnitsukido to return and learn advance skills to increase their chances at promotion during their down time. The idea was that people are capable of training themselves, but this will help them focus their training on their skills to accelerate their growth effectively. This would be the first year of the new Graduate program and today was the concept application for only a select few students that decided to sign up. Oriru saw the room that he was expected to enter and took in the sight of the space. It was relatively early in the morning and not too many classes were taking place which allowed him to be granted a decent space for training. The notice was sent out to the Captain's of of each of the divisions to try and provide promising students from their squad to take place on the one day training with the Kido Corp Commander to get trained in various techniques and Oriru honestly did not expect many to show up the first day but he was still excited to get the process going for this graduate program to get started and today was all about proving the effectiveness of his training.
  4. ChaosKaiz

    The Sleepless Night

    The Sleepless Night - Part 3 "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." WC | 1860 --------- STARS SHINE BRIGHTEST... during the night is an obvious statement to say the least, but when posed in such a manner it means that they remain shining during the times not considered night and such a thought it is a curious one. Never has a person considered the thought about the starts that shine during the day and the divide between its other half. Even when the sun is at a full force, the stars still shine just as bright and we get to personally experience the power of that star compared to the majestic value of the others when the darkness spreads across the sky and such the shimmering sparks of energy give a decorative visual above. "What are you even talking about?" Aimi inquired, clearly confused by the statement provided by Ginger but also shocked by the force of the Captain and Commander facing off against one another. "There is no way that the Kido Corps Commander Kusho, the man that is having a fight with such power, as a warm up no less, is weaker than you." Her voice was truly against the information provided, "No offense." "None taken. From the view of the ranks, and certainly raw power, Oriru is definitely leagues above me." Oriru slowly got to his feet, with a smile on his face as he clenched his fists observing Osore do the same with a mild amount of strain. "The simple fact of the matter is, although Oriru is capable and determined, he still lacks the practical experience to really be a combative force." With a wild smile, Osore would stretch his hand out as his nails appeared to sharpen and blacken. His body would start to radiate a mist of sorts, vapor of energy, as a soft spike in his Reiatsu washed over the area with a strange calming sensation. "He is capable of withstanding a massive amount of punishment, and enough grasp of Kido to be a force to be reckoned with; but perhaps his greatest weakness is that he is still too scared to use his real power." With the first wave of Osore's power flowing through the area, a second one came but this one was less calming and more as if a torrential rush of water exploded from his body and for a moment Aimi stumbled as she fought to maintain balance. Meanwhile, both Genshi and Oriru both remained fixed in their spots unwavering. "As long as he remains scared to use his real power, the full power of his Zanpakuto, then he will always be a single step behind me." The wave of power finally started to fade revealing Osore with his eyes having a deep red radiant glow and even his Kido Veins sharing this distorted energy flowing through his body. It was so potent that some of his natural veins started to radiate and it appeared that his skin started to crack from the power flowing, "Come on Ryuka. Let's turn it up a notch." Osore had a distorted voice that held a hollow tone to it but although the rush of power was clear, there was a soft tranquility to the rage infused power. "You are telling me that this, this power that the Captain is displaying that causes Commander Kusho to not even flinch, is still inferior to you?" Aimi said with the obvious criticism. "Of course not, Osore's Shunko is remarkable and I could never compare to that. It is strictly about Oriru, but he could explain it better. You should ask him about his Zanpakuto, it is quite fascinating when you learn the truth." Aimi took a moment to look Ginger up and down before scoffing at the absurdity that she had been spewing, "I will never believe that you measure to this." She motioned over to the pair as Oriru's nature remained calm and fixed on Osore. "Dai Enkai, the unique technique developed and descended from the variation of the Shunko skill Kantan'na Shokuji, something that the Jonetsu family take pride in." Osore revealed a smile as it showed most of his teeth had sharpened at this point, "You spend so much time reading, but let's see how much it has taught you." Osore leaned forward for a moment as Oriru crouched down in a low settled stance before they both vanished without a trace. Aimi and Ginger both remained a close distance to where they once saw the pair and seconds went by without a sound nor a sight of the two. "Where... Did they go?" She asked looking around for a moment as the calm night revealed nothing and the only sound heard was the soft gentle breeze rolling through and the rhythmical pounding of her own heartbeat. Ginger smiled, "They didn't go anywhere really, they are still over there." She pointed in the direction that they were both standing, "Like, invisible?" Ginger couldn't help but laugh at the question, "No, of course not. They just are getting really intense, and it looks like Oriru is finally taking the session a little serious." "What are you talking-" Before the rest of her sentence could be made, the sudden sight of a dust coming from the ground followed by the sound of the impact itself revealed a momentary spark of light between the deep red color of Osore and a new vibrant aquamarine color. Sudden crashes began to happen all over the area following the first creating a dust storm. This continued for nearly a minute, with each successive crashing coming faster than the previous. Ginger quickly got up and took hold of Aimi and in a rush of speed carried her several meters away, "Why did-" the sudden crash the happened at the place that they pair of them were standing was the answer to the question. The force of the final collision plus the force of their Reiatsu pushed all of the dust from the surface of their little spare. "Thanks." She took a moment to gather herself, "That was a close one. Their power is incredible." "Yes, my son and his friend are quite impressive indeed." From behind Aimi and Ginger appeared an a familiar face to one, "Show him the power of a Kusho my son!" He shouted, claiming the attention of Oriru and Osore as they both stared down the man standing behind them. "Nisshoku." Instantly they both prepared to rush down the man before a figure stood in front of them. His long black hair over his bare torso as the black bones covered parts of his body, a gift from Nisshoku. The form of the horns appearing as a clear sign that Oriru would recognize, and upon seeing his face it became clear. "Whoa, come on cousin." "Tsubi." Oriru said between gritted teeth as he stood next to a feral form Osore. "It's Tsubusu." Oriru held a strained face, "You were put in prison." Tsubusu simply let out a chuckle as he shrugged, "I was, but uncle Nisshoku was so kind as to let me out so I could stretch me legs a bit. Get a little fresh air as well." Osore rushed forth, "Down boy." He raised his right hand forward and an orb of black energy formed as he whipped it forward and a wave of energy consumed in a red glow was fired at Osore. "Danku!" The clear barrier formed between Osore and the blast as Oriru rushed forward to grab him and move to the side as the blast shattered the barrier after a second of resistance and continued forward into the air. "Oh cousin, you have learned a skill or two since the days in the Rukongai days." He laughed, "The little coward who would get bullied all of the time, calling out to me," He started in a mocking tone, "Cousin Tsubi. They beat me up and stole my books." Slowly he made his way towards them to close the distance once more, "So I took care of them, and they never bullied you again." "You killed them!" "Because we are family!" As he shouted, a wave of energy come from his body. "I made sure that no one would ever mess with our family, and you denied my offer to join the family venture in the Rukongai... Because you wanted to be a Soul Reaper. You wanted to join the Academy." Tsubusu stopped a few feet in front of the pair, "The only person who even came to visit me in the nest was your father, him and my father, until you showed up in his life. Then you became his obsession and he stopped coming to see me." His power began to spike violently, "Then you decided to kill him, my father Hiko." Oriru turned his head away in guilt, "He was trying to kill me... He wanted to kill me to stop him from being set free." "No excuses." "Let them go." Osore snarled towards both Tsubusu and Nisshoku, "Oh no, I think they will remain right here with me." He placed a hand on each of their shoulders with a smile, as they attempted to run but their bodies could only manage small twitches under the pressure of the man. "You will not survive. You are in the center of the Court of Pure Souls, the forces of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads will arrive any minute thanks to your idiot nephews little flare." "Yeah, assuming you both survive the Captain and the Commander." Nisshoku release a light chuckle, "A feisty duo you are, but enough from you both." With a slight amount of pressure they both buckled to the ground. "Aimi." "Genshi." Each of them made the glance over to their weapons and rushed over towards them, "I don't think so." Tsubusu dashed in front of them as Nisshoku appeared next to the garments and Zanpakuto. Tsubusu got in the way of Oriru but Osore made it around only to be halted by the approaching Nisshoku. Simultaneous to the movements appeared a strange bone like dome around the weapons and garments. "Cuz, let me put it in simple terms for you. This is your last chance to join the family venture, become part of something great, or I end your life myself." Oriru gritted his teeth as he lowered his stance, the aura surrounding him contrasting the deep red aura of his cousin. "We are no longer family." "Shame... I would give the mercy of a quick death for family." There was a pause as Tsubusu pulled his Zanpakuto from his sheath holding the blade in his right hand as Oriru glanced over to notice Oriru attempting to battle Nisshoku just as Tsubusu appeared in front of him, "Focus on me!" Collision of power caused an eruption of energy to surge into the sky and for a moment even the stars disappeared from sight unable and unwilling to shine so bright upon the events of this night. --------------
  5. ChaosKaiz

    The Sleepless Night

    The Sleepless Night - Part 2 "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." WC | 1305 --------- THE NIGHT HAS... always been one of the most curious moments in life as it has the ability to hide the truth from the light of day but yet finds a way to illuminate the faults in reality and determine the actuality that is hidden. A false promise of protection is offered every time that the moon decides to appear but the light of the moon is nothing but the stolen property of the sun that hides upon the next horizon; this making the moon nothing more than thief and a liar becoming the greatest patron of the night. "Come on Ryuka, you aren't starting to get tired on me are you?" Osore blurted out as he panted a few meters across from his opponent and partner, a few bruises appearing on his body from the session that had been going on for what appeared to be quite some time. He took a moment to posture up back into a casual stance keeping his eyes fixed on Oriru just in case the moment returned to the session. "You of all people know the depth of my stamina." Oriru retorted with the clear tone of his intentions that was paired with a charming smirk and followed with a soft laugh. "But it appears that you might be the one to tap out soon." He too took a moment to posture up, a few less noticeable bruises added to the collection of scars that consume his body. It was not as clear as it was with Osore, but Oriru was having subtle labored breathing as they each kept their eyes upon one another. "I have yet to tap out once, and today is not about to be any different." Osore slyly responded as a soft veil of smoke could be seen forming around his body, the gentle ashen grey color enveloping his form and dancing like the remains of a freshly burned incense. "I think we have had a decent warm up at this point though Ryuka." A smirk upon his face revealed his white teeth and the noticeable feature of his canines extending. Oriru could not help but give a tender smile as he shook his head, taking note of the change in the eyes of Osore with the iris shifting from the traditional circle to a more diamond shape. "Oh, is that the way that you want to go, Reisui?" Almost as if it was a trigger, upon the name spoken, the thin veil that was forming around Osore shifted darker in color with the immediate area growing in temperature. With a flash of light Osore was gone and the only thing that was seen next was Oriru with his arms crossed over his chest in an 'X' formation as he slid back several feet along the ground. Flashes of light would occur all over the place as Oriru would only respond with moments of a shift in position just before a massive impact. With each flash of light an intense sound of thunder could be heard seconds after, after nearly three flashes of light cause a lapse in synchronicity for many. "They-they really aren't holding back." Aimi, now standing to her feet watching the intense battle taking place before her, or watching as much as she could manage to watch. The intense power displayed would be overwhelming if not for the refinement at which they were both performing with that potentially made it more magnificent. "Actually," Ginger remained in a seated position next to Aimi with her book in her lap and arms slightly behind her as a base, "They still have yet to actually get going." "You are kidding!? There is no way that this is still a warm up session for them." Genshi could only manage a soft shrug paired with a nod for affirmation, "This amount of power is remarkable, I do not believe that they are at least using a major part of their power." Aimi kept her focus on the two as best she could, being mostly the fact that she could only see Oriru shifting his position in small bits as the flash of light continued to appear around him. "I mean think about it, they say a Captain's base power is more than ten times any seated officer using their full potential." Ginger took a moment to smile, "You are impressed by the display that you see, yet neither one of them have even touched their Zanpakuto." That was the moment that dawned on Aimi as she glanced over at the piles of clothes and the respective Zanpakutos of their owners, "They haven't... This is their own natural base power on display." "Exactly. Because if they were to actually use any of their real power we honestly would not be able to be within range of nor even see a moment of their encounter." A chuckle slipped from her lips, "And I still remember meeting young Oriru when he was still fresh in the academy unable to manifest his own Reiryoku for a basic kido and now..." In a burst of power, almost to finish the sentence, Oriru caused a massive explosion of black energy from his body the moment that a flash of light appeared next to him and both he and Osore were blasted away from one another. They would soar through the air before colliding with the ground bouncing several meters as they established their feet underneath one another and vanish once more. "Ginger..." Aimi held her fists clenched in excitement as she continued to watch, "Let's train." Her focus was set on the battle that she could not even witness occurring before her as Ginger turned her head and locked on to Aimi with a curious gaze. "We may not be able to reach the level of the Captain and the Commander, but we can do right by them and prove ourselves capable." A momentary crack in her excitement revealed the inch of angst underneath, "We can grow powerful too, and be recognized for the talent that we have." Her right hand came down to grip the sheath of her weapon for a second, "Who knows, we may even be able to surpass them one day." She turned towards Ginger, ready with her sheath gripped firmly within her right hand as she pulled it away from her body. They looked at each other for a long moment as Aimi's expression grew more excited and Ginger gave a smile, "Pass." Before laying back down on the ground and looking up at the sky and allowing her eyes to close. Aimi, however, was not as relaxed as another massive explosion could be heard nearby moments after a collision of light occurred far to her side now. "What do you mean pass?" There was clear sign of confusion, "I mean I will pass on training, but you are more than welcome to do whatever it is you please." "Why would you pass?" "Because, technically speaking, no matter how much I train I can't get any better." She smirked, "Besides, there is no way that I could ever surpass Oriru." With a slow exhale, "Since he is still weaker than me." Another explosion occurred and this time high in the sky as both of their bodies fell from above and collided with a major impact into the ground. Oriru and Osore remained on the ground bruised and with a bit of blood next to each other laughing. "Alright. Alright." Oriru said catching his breath. "You finally give up?" Osore attempted to respond with heavy breathing, "Nope. I think the warm up is finally done." --------------
  6. The Sleepless Night - Part 1 "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." WC | 1575 --------- ONE OF THE... simplest factors of life is the fact that all beings that exist, have once existed or shall one day exist, share only a single truth among all of them and it remains impossible to replace, hide from, or deny as an absolute certainty. "We all have something we fear." The Kido Corps Commander, Oriru Ryuka Kusho, stood across from his dear friend, his loving partner, and his current sparring partner; The current standing Captain of the Third Division Osore Shinsei smirked at the response of the Corps Commander. Each one stood across from one another removed from most of their gear and clothes as they stood within the open air at the top of Sokyoku Hill towards the end of a day. Both the Captain and Corps Commander had their shirts and Haori off to the side folded nicely in separate piles, at the request and effort of the Corps Commander, with their Zanpakuto gently placed on top of each designated pile. In the near distance, a short walk from the pile of clothes sat the Kido Corps Chief Ginger Genshi and the Third Division Lieutenant Aimi Amagawa who were disinterested in the activities of their formal superiors and informal friends. "They seem to be having fun at least." Ginger commented as she turned the page of her book which, at a further glance, became noticeably a graphic novel as opposed to her typical research texts. "Yeah, at least Osore isn't skulking around anymore." Aimi added as she too turned the page of her graphic novel, one of a more lewd nature, "Which is great, so Oriru isn't making those annoying deep sighs in his office." Each one chuckled as they both happened to lean back on the ground engrossed in their reading. "Are you about to try and get philosophical on me?" Osore couldn't help but smirk as he proceeds to roll his right arm stretching his shoulder as the beads of sweat continued to fall down his body. His Kido Veins having the streams of light blue reishi flowing through his body keeping him from falling ill once more. "Because this is not a Kido lesson here." Oriru made a soft sigh. "Of course, my apologies." He nodded with his apology as he started to perform a side lunge while reaching down towards the ground. "You know my instincts, but you are right. This is your training session." As he lifted back to his standing position, Osore gave a nod in agreement but Oriru still added, "Still, my statement remains true." Suddenly Osore vanished from his position in a blur and appeared less than a meter from Oriru in a low crouched stance reaching his left hand across his body on the ground and spinning his body counter-clockwise sliding his right leg along the ground leaning close to sweeping Oriru's leading left leg. It was a quick movement, but it was a gentle attack compared to what Oriru was prepared for which gave him the chance to lift his leading foot off the ground less than a foot but enough to avoid the leg as it approached. Once Osore had completed most of, he was able to use his planted hand to leverage his momentum and lift his body into a handstand with his leg lifting up towards the chin of Oriru. This attack, although more elaborate, was still within the expectations of Oriru regarding Osore and his style of dance combat. His own response was simply to generate distance and would have enough leverage to leap back even with only one foot on the ground. As he pushed back off of his single-foot Osore responded with a quick lurch of his free hand to grab the foot of Oriru which was something that was less expected as both feet were now removed from the ground. Osore took the moment for his advantage and pushed off with his one based hand and pulled with his gripped hand while bending at his knees and launched himself at the chest of Oriru. Oriru could see the attack as it came, but he could not manage a way out of it in time as he placed his arms in front of him across his chest to block the knees as they collided upon his guard and brought the impact through and drove him into the ground. Osore used the momentum to carry himself as he released the leg and continued the circular rotation landing upon his back and rolling to his feet. Osore took a few steps to the side of Oriru before putting one leg over him and posed over him. "You have to stop thinking so much." He reached his right hand down prepared to help Oriru back to his feet, "Spend too much time in your head, you start to lose time in the moment." Oriru let a sigh that shifted to a smile as he gripped the forearm presented with his own right hand as he was assisted back to his feet and stood directly in front of Osore. "Now who is getting philosophical?" He smirked as Osore released the grip and pushed Oriru away but Oriru was able to respond fast enough this time to grip the elbow with his left hand and pulled Osore close placing a quick kiss. "I was not expecting-" Mid statement Oriru took his left knee to the right knee of Osore and used the placement of his hand on his elbow and reached under his arm for leverage before sweeping him towards the ground. He brought his right hand to the chest of Osore to maintain control and open his stance and brought him to the ground with his grip maintained. With a smile, Oriru winked at Osore, "Spend too much time in your head, you start to lose time in the moment." He quickly jumped back a few feet, which was a perfect instinct, as Osore quickly shifted his position as his body generated a small amount of grey smoke and he based himself to windmill back to his feet. "Now that, that was clever." With a smirk, "You sneaky little shit." Oriru gave only a shrug in return, "Just being in the moment." Once more Osore rushed forward to continue their session, "How much longer do we expect them to be at this?" Aimi inquired to Ginger as her own book remained rested upon her chest, arms crossed behind her head, and gaze fixed on the decorated night sky scattered with stars. "Honestly, I can never tell with these two." Ginger continued with the reading of her book as she held it firmly in one hand and the other was crossed behind her head. "Sometimes it is a quick session, and other times they will go at it until the sun rises." Aimi, startled by the response, turned her head towards Genshi with a look of confusion, "Yeah. See, Oriru comes from the 57th district of the Rukongai and had little to no money or recognizable spiritual pressure when he joined the Spiritual Arts Academy and your Captain, Osore, he comes from the shadow of his father always labeled as the heir to the Jonestsu clan." She paused a moment as she turned the page and placed her hand back behind her head, "Oriru came from nothing and has made his way to Kido Corps Commander but still wants to prove to himself that he can be better, proof for the Captain Commander, proof against his father, and proof for his mother. Osore, on the other hand, wants to prove to everyone that he can be great on his own." Aimi brought her gaze back into the stars, "I mean, they are always training with each other and other Captains all of the time. I wasn't expecting to be chosen as his Lieutenant, I am not nearly as dedicated as they seem to be." Ginger chuckled, "Osore would not have chosen you if he didn't see a fire similar to his in you." She finally closed the book and set it down next to her. "You also come from a noble family, which you aren't too keen on sharing." Aimi sharply turned back towards Ginger prepared to speak before Ginger interjected, "I don't plan to tell anyone, it is my job to know a little bit of everything. A specialty of working with Oriru is the plethora of knowledge. Sadly the only thing he doesn't know too well is how to have an actual social interaction with people, which is potentially the hardest part of my job." There was a moment where Aimi was about to speak once more when a loud crash was heard where both Oriru and Osore were training. She sat up and turned her head to see in the distance a large plume of dist from the ground which was mixed with the smoke reminiscent of her Captain. "They are making quite the noise." Suddenly both Oriru and Osore appeared in the sky above the smoke and rushed each other in such a speed that Aimi could not perceive but she saw the massive spark of light from their collision and a few seconds later the sound of the impact like thunder. "Oh, they are barely getting warmed up Aimi." --------------
  7. ChaosKaiz

    The Harrowing Recess

    [REMAINING ND| 11,380 - 1400 = 9980] FOG OF WAR... is the appropriate term for this moment, the uncertainty in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations. The term seeks to capture the uncertainty regarding one's own capability, adversary capability, and adversary intent during an engagement. Yet, the moment was more severe in the fact that the fog had become almost literally as the mist continued to claw at their beings attempting to consume their existence but all they could maintain was their sense of self. Oriru focused his entire attention on defending the comrades that he could manage to get to, the human Hizorashi and the seated officer San Salvatore, but there was a clear problem that they were unable to coordinate properly as the efforts of the seated officer contrasted the actions of the human as the physical assault was intersecting the generation of the death fog notoriously connected to the seated officer. Although it was a poor execution, it proved to do something to Lady Tomoe but of course it was more of an inconvenience rather than a proper assault. [1] There wasn't enough time for Oriru to react and unleash his own assault before Lady Tomoe capitalized on the opportunity and unleashed a torrent of the mist in the form of mist sprites, beings darker than the mist in the form of small balls of mist with blue fiery eyes. They would first wash over the two assault targets, but their range being so close to Lady Tomoe proved to be a saving grace it appeared as a mass of them continued forward and swarmed Oriru with a massive amount of aggression. The misty masses shift into claws reminiscent of the arm of his target and others turned into the gnashing jaws aiming to tear at Oriru. "Hakido Variation, Hanpatsu Suiryoku." With the words spoken with the mist arriving Oriru shift his flat stance used for combat surveillance into a defensive stance similar to the design of Aikido as his arms and legs became consumed in a unique white aura. His orbs had broken the tether's that bound them together and drifted through the mist away from Oriru. The first action he did was slam his open palm into the mist mass that was closest to him and upon impact there was an explosive amount of force that dispersed the wraith, but the range of the explosive strike caused a couple more behind it to follow the pattern. In response another wave of the masses attempted to claw at Oriru and his reaction speed allowed him to use his other arm to swing the elbow which generated a wave of force to be expelled and dispersed the attempt by the wraiths. It became clear very quickly that Oriru was not going to be struck again with the mist attacking in portions after he dispatched a total of 10 of them and as such the remaining 50 of them assaulted aggressively. Every part of his body that they attempted to attack was met with the small blue orb of a familiar bakudo, and upon impact a visible layer of vibrant white energy could be seen defending Oriru. Although not specializing in physical combat, Oriru has come a long way with his training as he began to dance through the swarm in a rhythmical fashion, "One, and two, and three..." He mumbled the count to himself, the way that he was taught to perform the art of capoeira, using the beat counts to keep track of his movements. It was not the most graceful, but it was effective as every time his hands or legs touched a surface there was an explosive force that caused parts of the mist to disperse. He planted his hand on the ground and kicked his legs out to perform a windmill on the ground as he concluded with a cyclone of explosive energy before pushing himself back to his feet in time to see Masato dealing with the attacks of Tomoe. She had kept Oriru occupied with the larger of the swarm and it gave the chance to attack his other comrades without his immediate chance to defend them. For Oriru their actions were slower to his eyes, but it was quickly apparent their intentions from their movements and more passive tactics compared to the initial assault they performed. As Hizorashi and San both found different ways to maneuver a chance to contain their target, Oriru took hold of his blade and pulled it from the sheath revealing the golden glow that consumed his blade, it too black like the orbs but [1] with a unique white glow that was emanating from the hilt as he held it. He rushed forward in the final moments of the grappling techniques of his comrades, his blade held in his right hand held with the blade tip to the left across his body. "Hado 78, Zangerin." The words left his mouth as he moved the blade across his torso in front of him, and anyone who knew the Kido knew that it was a wide arc that could possibly strike and cleave all three of them, but nothing happened. Lady Tomoe had seen both Hizorashi and Salvatore make their way to constrain her and Oriru appeared to have launched with his full speed to unleash a false Kido, but the danger came from the attack faster than even Oriru could manage as his blade came across his body and the words left his mouth the assault began. [1] From directly behind his target (I) launched through the air from slightly above and aimed to collide directly with the back of her skull with a slightly downward angle while [2] from between the legs of Oriru came (II) which made the attempt to strike Tomoe directly under her chin which meant moving forward or backwards would cause impact by one of, if not both of the initial orbs. In the event that she was unable to be properly restrained or found a way to maneuver out of both (I) and (II), [3] from just behind Hizorashi (III) would fly over his shoulder, avoiding any obstacles that may be presented such as an attempt to use Hizorashi or Salvatore's attempts as a deflection and attempting to collide with her shoulder of the bone arm attempting to break the limb while [4] from the right side of Salvatore, and slightly behind Tomoe, (IV) spiraled around the chain and maneuvered around the attack and shadow with the full intention of smashing into the side of her face as (V) appeared to hover just behind Oriru [2] with (VI) forming next to it prepared to respond to any reaction while his blade was held in front of him readied. Through it all, the talisman had been activated and the world seemed still for a moment as Oriru activated his sequence and each orb prepared to shift to ensure a true strike; a sense of Clarity. _____________________________ Statistical Notes Spiritual Pressure - 160,000 + 10 = 170,000 Stamina | 218 + 10 = 228 Speed | 200 + 10 = (210) Perception | 200 + 10 = (210) Reiryoku | 220 + 10 = 230 |--> Speed | 216 + 10 = 226 Strength | 88 + 10 = 98 |--> Speed | 110.4 + 10 = 124.4 Reactions [1] Auto Damage from Salir - XXX | XXX | -400ND Actions [1] Sento Strike | Downward Angled Impact tothe Back of Tomoe's Head | Orb Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Orb Speed [226] 1 Attack [2] Sento Strike | Upward Angled Impact to the Base of Tomoe's Chin | Orb Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Orb Speed [226] 1 Attack [3] Sento Strike | Follow up Impact to the Shoulder of Tomoe's Arm | Orb Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Orb Speed [226] 1 Attack [4] Sento Strike | Follow up Impact to the side of Tomoe's Face | Orb Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Orb Speed [226] 1 Attack Bonus Actions [1] Activating Talisman (Clarity) It grants unclouded clarity, clearness of mind, and wards off illusions and confusion. | - [1/3 Uses | 5 Turn Cooldown | 2 Turn Duration] -1000ND [2] Orb Formation (VI) Battle Notes
  8. ChaosKaiz

    The Harrowing Recess

    [REMAINING ND| 12,400 - 1,020 = 11,380] THE CALM BEFORE... the storm, or at least that is how they would describe the moments before total chaos in every book that Oriru had ever read in his life. It was not until these fleeting seconds that the term really resonated with him as the soft sounds of darkness would echo in the barren air that filled his lungs with each breath. They made their way through the horde and found themselves standing before a vortex beyond the magnitude of anything that they have encountered thus far and all that the Captain could manage to allow flow through his mind was a soft phrase, "We have arrived..." The pressure was violently pulling upon them as the took a moment to recall the last time he faced a swirling vortex and the sight of Genshi's silent plea for salvation in her face would echo. Though it had changed in his mind, for it was no longer that fleeting pain that caused him to panic with each breath, this time there was a surmountable weight that carried his body gently with each step. This was their final obstacle, almost poetic as the seconds passed with the sight of the remains for this graveyard decorating the vortex. The moment that they stepped through, it was clear how strong the force of wind it truly was as the debris continuously threatened to push them into the vortex to be consumed like the dozen others. Through the roar of the vortex, the sound of Ito screaming pierced the ears of the Captain but he held firm to his approach through the barrier that stood between them and the end of this night. Kazuko attempted to keep close with the rest of them but he too could not avoid the nature of the mist as his body would be taken from the ground and pulled into the vortex. They were reaching the end but a moment later caused even the heavy Tenzaimon to be consumed and pulled into the mist, but not before pushing his last bit of hope and faith into the Captain. "We can do this... we'll save them all, Oriru!" The young Tengu shouted, and there wasn't an ounce of doubt within the fibers of the Captain the validity of that statement; at least that was the hope he held as firmly as the beat of his heart. Both Connor and Ryun were able to maintain their momentum and charge through the mist before the other's could follow, and the Captain noticed that San and Hizprashi were both within range of him and still pushing through as well. San was closer to himself than the Cyan Human as they finally made their way through the barrier behind the other two in time to see Lady Tomoe engaged by the human pair, Connor elegantly using his spear with a unique grace as Ryun assaulted with a sense of refined rage against Lady Tomoe. Though it was a matter of moments as the mist reacted to the actions and will of Lady Tomoe to push against them before she quickly shifted her attention. Once they were clear of the barrier, four black orbs formed around Oriru each one with a golden Roman numeral of (I) through (IV) and his zanpakuto free from his grip floating right in front of him perpendicular to the ground. [1] The Zanpakuto appeared to glow for a moment as each of his orbs and body was consumed in a soft golden glow before this golden glow would blend with black energy creating a dark metallic aura around him as the very fabric of reality would contort within a meter from his position distorted like the view of a black hole. This occurred just as Lady Tomoe made her assault on their position with a swipe of her right hand twice forming a blade of mist, [1 + 2] the four orbs drifted through the air in front of the attacks and almost immediately (I) and (II) formed a verticle golden thread between the two of them while (III) and (IV) would do the same [1 + 2] diverting the initial two attacks before they could strike San. A third attack came upon San [3] and (I) threaded to (III) creating a horizontal thread [3] blocking the third attack against San. Oriru used the time his Orbs had defending San to position himself between Hizorashi and his own comrade to ensure their safety and ease his defensive efforts, "You worry about attacking." Though he had little time to react to the next attack as Lady Tomoe appeared near Hizorashi towards his left, [4] "Haien." purple energy quickly generated from his left hand that instantly turned black before it was launched at Lady Tomoe as she attacked to prevent him any harm. Lady Tomoe would not relent on her assault and Oriru maintained his position as an immediate guard on Hizorashi as a massive hand formation would sweep through the mist [5 + 6] colliding with the side of his first thread but still continuing around before striking the second thread giving each a chance to maneuver. The hand would shift and attempt to collide with the three of them [7] as San was defended by the horizontal barrier formed by the third thread Oriru simply pushed Hizorashi out of the way "Attack." [8] remaining fixed as the mist hand struck down. The Captain hoped that the two of them would focus on the lady Tomoe but anyone who saw the Captain would see his body remained unphased with the (V) orb floating around him. _____________________________ Statistical Notes Spiritual Pressure - 160,000 + 10 = 170,000 Stamina | 218 + 10 = 228 Speed | 200 + 10 = (210) Perception | 200 + 10 = (210) Reiryoku | 220 + 10 = 230 |--> Speed | 216 + 10 = 226 Strength | 88 + 10 = 98 |--> Speed | 110.4 + 10 = 124.4 Reactions [1] BLOCK WITH BARRIER TECHNIQUE - 3 Durability | Thread [160 Rei] vs Lamento Tajada Blades 1 [160 Rei] = 0 [Successful Block] | -160ND [2] BLOCK WITH BARRIER TECHNIQUE - 3 Durability | Thread [160 Rei] vs Lamento Tajada Blades 2 [160 Rei] = 0 [Successful Block] | -160ND [3] BLOCK WITH BARRIER TECHNIQUE - 3 Durability | Thread [100 Rei] vs Skeletal Arm Downward [100 Str] = 0 [Successful Block] | -100ND [4] CLASH | Haien [124 Rei] vs Skeletal Arm Slash [100 Str] = 24 [Won Clash] | -100 ND [5] BLOCK WITH BARRIER TECHNIQUE - 3 Durability | Thread [160 Rei] vs Lamento Tajada Sweep 1 [160 Rei] = 0 [Successful Block] | -160ND [6] BLOCK WITH BARRIER TECHNIQUE - 3 Durability | Thread [160 Rei] vs Lamento Tajada Sweep 2 [160 Rei] = 0 [Successful Block] | -160ND [7] BLOCK WITH BARRIER TECHNIQUE - 4 Durability | Thread [180 Rei] vs Lamento Tajada Crush 1 [180 Rei] = 0 [Successful Block] | -180ND [8] RACIAL PERK [Black Hole] "Tank - Ironclad" | Negate Lamento Tajada Crush 2 [160 Rei] = 0 [Successful Negation] Actions [1] Setsuzoku | Threading (I) and (II) | Thread Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Threading Speed [226] 1 Attack [2] Setsuzoku | Threading (IV) and (III) | Thread Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Threading Speed [226] 1 Attack [3] Setsuzoku | Threading (I) and (III) | Thread Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Threading Speed [226] 1 Attack [4] Hado 54: Haien | Clashing Action 11 [Skeletal Arm Slash] [124 Reiryoku] | Attack Speed [226?] 1 Attack Bonus Actions [1] Special Release - Collapsing Star Description | The nature of Oriru and Ginga has found a way to become so synergized that the upper limits of their power can be attained at any given moment without restraint. Oriru has his natural energy can be pure white, but by triggering the synergy of their combined power his aura becomes a pitch-black void capable of altering his own Kido in the same manner. [10k Release] Battle Notes
  9. ChaosKaiz

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: Disabled with Talisman] [REMAINING ND| 12,800 + 600 - 1000 = 12,400] ___________________ PAIN IS TOXIC... as it could turn a champion of the people into a monster of the world within a matter of moments and without a second of hesitation. The nature of pain is to twist and turn the greatest of lights into the most painful of moments illuminated for all of eternity. There is no way to avoid pain, and the outcome is never something that a person would wish to claim as reality. As such would be true for every being that existed, mortal flesh or otherwise because none would wish to admit that their own suffering allowed them to rationalize their dark nature that hides within. Logical thinking becomes twisted, instead of finding the truth at the end of evidence one will use the evidence to justify their own truth. As one would perform an act of evil, it justifies the same. Deciding to use life as leverage for the life of another makes no one better than the other, equally, they have tasted the fruit of sinful decisions and yet contest that the other has done worse. Commander of the Kido Corps, Oriru Ryuka Kusho, placed as the most well-read member of the entire Soul Society had become the most senior officer of this operation to end the Night of Wailing discovering more demons in himself than the world had ever been able to craft. His blade swung with the force of his right arm clenching the handle so hard that the bruising had begun to form, holding tight to his weapon as hard as he wished he could have held onto Genshi before her departure from his life. The loss of so many people in such a short time, the memories of his mother, and the angst of his lover all pile on giving him more fear than he could manage to control. The blade cut through the mist so effortlessly before meeting the obstruction of a body, a rotted wailer, but that proved to be a negligible obstacle of his swing as the body became released of the burden's placed by the mist and the efforts of Lady Tomoe. These people; Kazuko, Tenzaimon, and Ito all depend on the Captain to help them - to lead them - and the Commander could not manage to understand what his next thought would be let alone the best course of action for the group of them. Thousands of books he has read, hundreds of reports have been recorded, millions of conversations have been stored and none of them have quite prepared him for the truth of what the world is capable of crafting in the form of trials and tribulations. Placing failure as the only option so that one may learn, but the truth is that the recovery of failure may never allow a man to become whole ever again as his being becomes fragmented with each failure leaving nothing more than a mirror of the creatures that surround him; a lifeless vessel. "The truth is, my son, you are more like me than you realize." These words sat in his mind as he carved his way through the bodies of the wailers, feeling that his only desire was to bring Genshi back no matter what. Although he held the urge to help and protect his comrades, the truth was he was more than willing to sacrifice them in order to bring Genshi back. She had been the only person who remained by his side when he was first out of the Academy when he was assisting the Kido Corp as a young teen and always remained around every time he needed her. "It will be the bonds that you made that will be the end of your life." His father constantly echoing in his mind, the words that he spoke to prove a point of control over his son, but the Commander felt he had to do whatever needed to be done to avoid the facts that were spoken. Sadly, it is in the same breath of that decision that he had become more like his father. This was the legacy that he could not avoid and came to a crossroads of decision when one of the human fullbringers arrived in front of his comrades with one held as a hostage. "How dare you..." The Commander thought to himself as he prepared to approach the man, Connor, only to realize that the same statement could be said unto himself. Tenzaimon held the body of the woman that the Tengu held and they had grabbed the body with the decision to take her to the mist. There was the hope that the body could be possessed by one of the Shinigami and they would be able to find Lady Tomoe, but perhaps the problem is that the Commander held a hope that he had not considered. Though this man, Connor, attempted to make a bargain but then proceeded to add a threat on top of it all. The Commander would not agree to any terms that this man if he was so willing to take a hostage and then proceed to threaten them all collectively then there was no certainty that this man would not still decide to attempt harm upon Oguto or the others. The Commander was already in a problematic situation when the sudden arrival of a second human, the Tengu, brought his concerns to light and quickly he prepared his blade as he faced the Tengu. A momentary observation revealed a blob of flames that took out wailers on this end much like Connor dealing with wailers on his side. While they remained still, any Wailer that approached from either side of the Shinigami group would slowly disintegrate once they reached within thirty meters of the Commander. At this moment, they were allowed to pause, not rest, and decide the fate the night of wailing between them all as a collective. Though the Commander remained prepared, for the Tengu remained within the field of danger and there would be no hesitation to enact the purification protocol at this point. "It's Captain Oriru Kusho, correct?" The young man approached with confidence and fire about him, so much so that Oriru allowed his own spiritual pressure to spike higher both in contrast to Connor's and refined in a way to hold it away from influencing the rest of his comrades who were more than aware that they would be unable to progress further. The unique radiant white glow would emanate from Oriru's eyes matching his aura as he stared down the Tengu. Finally, the young man presented his name, "Tamura Ryūnosuke" to which Oriru would decide to commit to memory. There was still much anger in the young man which would not ease the energy of Oriru as a few more orbs began to form and surround his position with a gentle orbit. It appeared, however, that Tamura had more to say than his comrade Connor and there was the clear sign that he was attempting to keep his speech away from the confrontation that was brewing. "... We can save her." It struck harder than anything that happened this night, of all the things that could get to Oriru it was the unspoken reference to the one person he cared for most right now. Tamura spoke as if he knew more of Tomoe and of the nature of the mist and the fact that Oriru was certain that Tamura was a frenzied wailer only a short time ago, the truth was the outcome that the shinigami was hoping to obtain had occurred. The goal was to get the spirit of an aware spirit into the body of a mortal vessel so that they could direct them to Tomoe, and that was the case here. Tamura was connected to the mist, conceivably entirely, but now he was in control of his body and thus the truth revealed. There was no need to use this body. The rest of the truth was clear too, as the Shinigami had spent their entire time looking down on the humans; Oriru included, since the moment they arrived before the mist formed. The humans were dismissed, believed to be the enemy, and the Shinigami were willing to sacrifice the humans because they believed they could handle the mist on their own. Two years the Shinigami have failed, and perhaps the human efforts to help also fell short, but this year could potentially be the true difference. "So, what's it gonna be, Captain Oriru?" The Shinigami all glanced over at the Captain with the same question in their eyes, and it all rested on this moment for Oriru. "The reason I chose you to be my Vice Captain, despite your lack of field experience, is your desire to improve. You have so much potential with the willingness to reach it and the ability to obtain it." This was the moment that the Captain Commander had always spoken about, the moment when a leader is honestly formed. All of the reading, studying, and research pales in comparison to being in the middle of a situation that would compress all of the information into a single moment. "Ryuka. Jibun ni Shinsetsudearu Koto o Kesshite Wasurenai." His mother always had to remind him, this simple phrase became a mantra for him and he had long forgotten it on his search for his father... "Never Forget to Just Be Kind to Yourself." He blamed himself for the loss of Genshi, the suffering of those around him, and he never gave himself the chance to forgive himself for any of it. Today would not be the day, but it would be the beginning hopefully. The grip on his Zanpakuto loosened as the sheath drifted around him and slid upon the sword as his spike in Reiatsu finally softened. "You are right." Honestly, he had no idea what to say but to be sincere as his experience dealing with people had not always been the best. "Pain is toxic. It causes even the most rational to lose their sense of reason, and no one is immune to it." He let out a sigh as the clear expression of hurt was on his face, "This is bigger than me, bigger than us. This needs to end." His eyes glanced at Genshi's Zanpakuto that was strapped to his own and he held a moment to restrain the tears, "It will never end if we don't work together." Oriru turned towards his comrades, "You have the Shinigami by your side." Kazuko, Tenzaimon, and Ito all gave a nod in agreement as Tenzaimon adjusted the body of the woman into a fireman carry. "Whateva yah say, Captain." "The woman will remain unharmed," Oriru made sure he was able to look at Connor, "So if you wouldn't mind letting Oguto go." Tenzaimon prepared to deliver the woman to either Connor or Tamura, depending on whichever made the first move for the exchange. Tenzaimon was also prepared to keep the woman safe with him, fully aware that there were three more capable people to actually deal with the threat. Oriru brought his focus back to Tamura once the decision of possession of the woman was determined, "So, Tamura. What's next?" WC | 1900
  10. ChaosKaiz

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    Base ND 12,800 (2025 Lost / 2200 Gained) | +600 Shikai Current ND 13,400 IT WAS POINTLESS... as Captain Oriru approached the man who settled on his own space, potentially to be left to his own devices, but there were answers that the Captain wanted to acquire to better prepare for what may happen next or, more importantly, gather details on what his next step would be faced in this situation of the mist and the shrine. Sadly he was given next to nothing but a bothered and apprehensive point towards the praying group. The same group that the young man, the foreigner, had approached and the one that Oriru maintained surveillance on being a group of interest and took not of the o-fuda that stood framed before them. The Kanji of it was strange in the fact that it constantly shuffled, refraining from being decipherable no matter how many times he attempted for the letters moved and shuffled and the moments that he had revealed next to nothing in terms of translation. The Captain had studied almost every modern language and ancient Japanese language as well and none of this made sense to him. Realizing that there was nothing left to get from the man outside of a soft directed guidance towards the praying group, Oriru gave a respectful bow to the man and departed from his immediate vicinity and was intercepted by one of the Shinigami from his group. "By the way, Captain, here is a Talisman for you." The Captain looked at the young Shinigami, who was holding a soft smile on his face which was inspired by the speech or potentially just the presence of his comrades and it brought a tender smile to the Captain's face as he took the talisman and nodded to the young Shinigami. Though his ears perked up at the information being shared within the room, his Event Horizon gathering all of the sounds being made within the room and delivering them to him, as a single man among the praying group had been singled out as the one involved with the shrine and the talisman and the air in the room shifted as the collective survivors aware of the nature of the mist realized the target. The next moments happened in a rush as the Tengu used his ability, Bringer's Light based on what Oriru had studied, and forced the door to the administration building open while taking the protective talisman and burning it to ash. This human single handedly doomed the people within this building by removing the one item that kept them safe from the dangers that were outside as the Tengu turned towards the target man and with a recognizably distorted voice he shouted at the man from the pale lips of his complexion. Though the following seconds were critical as the man seemed to react the moment the Tengu opened his mouth with a surge of reiryoku flooding his body and unleashed it upon the room and even Oriru could not manage a barrier in enough time as darkness consumed him paired with the mist. ---------- THE CAPTAIN SLOWLY... came back to his senses after the concussive force of the blast sent him flying and gave him a momentary lapse in consciousness. It was only a few moments that passed as his vision came back slowly with dark tint but his ears remained ringing from the force of the magenta blast. He slowly made it to his feet leaning on some of the debris around him for leverage to base himself as his eyes immediately scanned the room realizing that his orbs had been destroyed as well. He took a moment to recall that his orbs dispersed to try and protect as many people as he could manage the moment the energy formed, but he could not manage to defend everyone as he looked over at the humans on the ground that were not moving but noticed two of them still retained life. He had done his best as he noticed his vision was cracked and removed his glasses as his hair fell down to the sides, the thread that contained his hair had broken during the attack and his Captain's Haori was mostly burned and covered in blood as he watched as the Tengu, who was undoubtably a frenzied wailer at this point and the Captain could not help but blame himself for not seeing this sooner as the elderly gentleman snatched the Tengu by his throat and slammed him into the ground. There was so much going on at this moment as the Captain caught a glimpse of the Shinigami who handed him the Talisman on the ground bleeding and not moving, his form slowly fading slightly revealing the loss of life for him. The man spoke something that was hard for him to hear natural and without the aid of his event Horizon but he proceeded to head towards another area as the Tengu attempted to get up. Some of the other Shinigami were starting to get to their senses and assessing the situation as well; Tenzaimon, Kazuko, Ito, and two other Shinigami seemed to have survived although not without their share of injuries from the incident and working with each other to get settled. The Captain was driven back to the man and the Tengu as a magenta fist of energy slammed down to pin the Tengu back into the ground with so much force that the ground seemed to crack slightly under the pressure alone. Wailing... The talisman that protected the shrine was gone, hell the shrine itself was basically gone at this point and now there stood nothing to prevent the wailers from colliding on their location and time was running out. "Do something..." He yelled to himself but not a single word was able to come out, his body was experiencing shock, "Do something." He attempted to speak again but nothing, but then he realized he had no idea who he was talking to. "Do something!" Still he could not manage an audible word but he lifted his left hand and attempted to fire a Bakudo at the man, at HIM, but it proved to do nothing but vanish. The wailers had begun converging and there was not enough time to deal with that man, because he was at least right that the mist had to be dealt with now before it became too late. Ito called out to the Captain, explaining that the talismans works and it allows for them to sever the connection of the mist and souls to the bodies that they inhabit meaning that they could sweep through the bodies easier than before and avoid further confrontation with each body. Tenzaimon held the body of the woman that the Tengu held, and released, and were currently part of the charge towards a vortex in the near distance. "The vortex." The plan was to potentially put a human in the vortex with the chance of having a Shinigami take control of the body and they could guide them to the location of Tomoe since their spirits could not be assimilated like others and simply imprisoned within the shackles of the spiraling mist. The Tengu shouted towards the Shinigami for his friend, the woman, as his voice seemed to generate a massive shockwave like the other wailers had done before proving that he was lost like the bride and groom that were contained in the Sakura Garden of the cemetery. "What do I do?" The Captain was that only by title, he had not earned the right to be in charge of soldiers who trained to fight on the field of war like his comrades. He specialized in administrative duties and found himself out of his league. So man people have died because of the Captain's inability to decide and react, his first thought was the loss of Nyujin who was actually in charge of the task force this year and the fact that Oriru was here to support his mission and failed to protect the man in charge. He thought back to the Shinigami that was with him at the gate and how they were all but gone as well Hitsuyona. The man who reached out to an old friend and the Captain shunned him based on the rules and regulations set forth by the Soul Society. They were not in the soul society anymore, they were in the human world were the rules are different and they are flexible and not his friend is under the debris potentially lost like... "Genshi." The one person who stood by his side since his days in the academy, since the lost of his loved ones, through all of his struggles she was there. Now, in this mist, he lost her in a few minutes because he could not react. All of the people that doubted his ability to be a leader, doubted his ability to be a fighter, even Arashi. His supervisor, then manager, when he was part of the Administration Department, had declared often that Oriru did not even deserve to be a Soul Reaper and that was the case here. Failure. Loser. Worthless. Yet all of the other Shinigami looked at him, depended on him, and he had done nothing but let them down constantly. Even after all of his mistakes, inability to act, they still looked at him for hope and support. The Captain could not save the civilians, his comrades, or his friends and proved to be nothing more than a genius with no practical ability; which made him more than any regular idiot. "Yes... Feed into the fear..." A voice would echo in his mind, so softly that he could hear it but just soft enough to become ignored in the panic of the situation. His subordinates were on a mission to deliver the body to the vortex so that they may find Tomoe, they were. The Captain was not able to determine that outcome, Ito was, and that proved that he was not only incapable of being a soldier he was also not the smartest man in the room. These five Shinigami decided that they needed to act and rushed towards the mist with the body of the young woman, willing to react to actions while the Captain lived in hypotheticals and theories on what could happen based on actions. That was the difference as the humans faced against one of their friends, instead of thinking and theorizing; They Act. "Tenzuka. Oguto. San." The Captain spoke the names of the other two Shinigami and the additional support of Salvatore as he rushed towards them, "You two remain with the humans and help them. The wailers are closing in and they need to focus on saving their friend before he is lost." His words were firm, as he did not have time to deal with them questioning why he wanted to help the humans and would hope that they would listen. There was little that he could understand in his own decision himself, but those three humans were not normal and the Captain knew that he would need their help to end this nightmare. As he moved towards the Shinigami he removed his Zanpakuto from the sheathe as the standard Odachi held a standard look, "Expand, Ginga." Instantly the blade would turn a solid black color with white shimmering marks along the blade that moved like the night sky with his blade and body all consumed in a golden glow. There was a surge of power that was unseen before. ---------- THE ASSAULT BEGAN... with the Captain stepping in front of the Shinigami and holding his blade in his right hand across his body to the left, "Zangerin." He swung the blade from left to right horizontally as the golden glow upon his blade solidified and fired an arc of energy that carved through the first of the enemies that stood in their way. As the golden arc soared through the enemies, his orbs immediately began to collide with as many of the wailers that they could. "Horin." The golden glow from his body launched and connected with each of his orbs as they created a chain that began to coral the bodies of the wailers together. "Tsuzuri Raiden." The golden thread that connected from his body to each of the orbs was overwhelmed by the golden charge of electrical energy that caused the immediate mass of wailers to become shocked and drop to the ground and convulse. "Hyapporankan." From the sky descended a rain of black steel rods consumed in the golden glow upon the immediate area of the Shinigami clearing the path for them as fast as he could before jumping up into the air just above the group seeing that the numbers that were coming from all sides started to become too great, "Tenran." Two of the orbs spun in a circle around the Captain and the group before stopping suddenly and causing a micro tornado that sent wailers flying through the air before the tornado dissipated and the Shinigami continued their charge. It was clear that the number of the wailers was becoming too great to handle and there was the fear that they wold not make it. "I will not lose another ally today." The Captain started to push the limits of his power, feeling the surge the same way that he had when he trained against the Captain Commander but this was a price that he was going to pay without hesitation, without thinking, and without failure. He released the blade of his weapon and released a soft sight as he condensed his Reiatsu all on the edge of his blade as the group of Shinigami continued to carve their way through. The amount of Reiatsu generated at the edge of his blade began to vibrate and create the sound of a screeching sound as a vague aura of a dragon's head formed around the Captain. "Ura Hadō: Sannodō — Teppūsatsu." His blade was brought in front of him and thrusted forward as the dragon head unleashed a deafening roar that created a massive force of wind that tore through the area in front of Kazuko in a cone. As violent as the wave of wind was, the Captain held back much of his power for this technique, as it tore through the bodies of the wailers in front of them for a considerable distance, nearly two hundred meters just shy of the vortex. Although it tore through the wailers, the Captain's refined control f Kido and his Reityoku allowed him to leave minimal damage to the grounds themselves. The path was relatively clear for a distance as other wailers attempted close in. The group continued forward as the Captain fell to the ground on a knee, which Ito saw, 'Do not stop!" As he watched his subordinates continue on dealing with minimal confrontation, the Captain remained a small distance behind to fight off the coming waves of wailers that were growing more and more relentless. His blade was consumed in the soft glow of the golden aura he generated as blood began to drip from his nose and, with a pained spit, more blood come from his mouth. He could not tell if the blood was from the earlier blast, or the use of the technique, but that did not matter. The Captain ensured not a single wailer would approach his comrades from the rear in any form as he dashed across the cemetery slicing every opponent he could manage. It was only a matter of time before they reached the vortex... WC: 2600
  11. ChaosKaiz

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    Orriu listened intently to the Shinigami explain his theory, and there was much to be said within the information proposed. Yet, through all of the details provided, Oriru only considered the fact that Genshi was still trapped in a mist but contained within the vortex from earlier. Since her soul is not assimilated and consumed, there is a chance to release her from the mist. If not to her original state, then at least back into the cycle and that would be better than most any other possible outcome. These Shinigami were all bringing themselves closer to figure this out and determine the best way out, and each of them stood prepared to follow the orders and commands of Oriru and this was the moment that hit him; the fact that he was a leader to these soldiers. This was not the position that he wanted, not the responsibility that he desired, not the life that he dreamed. He spent his time studying, learning, and applying himself and it proved to be more than he thought. Learning all of the kidos, studying the history and social structure of the soul society, all while being given the gift of a Zanpakuto with so much more power than he deserved. "We do our best to understand the nature of the talismans, use their latent powers and the source of their creation to deal with the mist and Lady Tomoe. We have two clear missions; first we end this night of wailing and second is to ensure the survival of as many humans as possible." It was sad, truly, but Oriru had no idea how to lead these people and could only curse the Captain Commander for putting so much faith in him. "Work with and support the humans." With that, Oriru departed them with a nod and approached one of the men who happen to be on his own, and slowly attempted a friendly wave. "Hello." He spoke softly, "My name is Oriru, and yours?" He had hoped that opening with a simply line of dialogue would allow the man to feel comfortable enough to trust Oriru with a conversation. Short of the man becoming hostile or aggressive about being left alone, Oriru would lead with his question. "I was wondering if you would mind telling me of your experience with the mist. I am hoping to get as much information as possible... Find a way to end this nightmare and undo the chaos it has caused."
  12. ChaosKaiz

    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Hemion Vespassi Maximum Fate Point Balance | 4 - Reiatsu Benchmark 30k [3] - Achievements [1] Current Purchases | 4 (4) Duality - Soul Split Ending Fate Point Balance | 0 (1) THREE IS A CROWD - Hemion, Yamashiro, and Tsukishima gather for future plans. | Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 2 other Role-Players. Legend Point Balance | 0
  13. ChaosKaiz

    Fate by Design

    Chapter One - Fate by DesignPart Seven - A Change of Fate "It is what a man thinks of himself that really determines his fate." FATE IS INTRICATE... in the way that it manages to allow itself to move around the world changing the factors that affect the inhabitants of life and the details that generate the occurrence that one will face throughout time and the passage of cycles formed through till death. Through all of the years that have passed through the sands of the Desert Wasteland of Hueco Mundo, there had not been a moment where things were more convoluted than this instance in which both the Primera and Cero Espada paid him a visit personally and engaged in a conversation with one another as well as himself. As memory would serve, there had not been a single instance that he could recall that would even remotely be relative to this situation and left him with little idea on how to best manage the situation but with the sincere honest that he could manage to deliver. "Hey big bird..." The words spoken by the Cero Espada, Yamashiro, would settle in the mind of Hemion as he looked towards the Espada. Hemion attempted to understand the point of constantly referring to him as an avian creature of a large stature, especially since his appearance was more comparable to a dragon but that was the mentality of Yamashiro. It perhaps had much to do with his personality type, the easiest way to manage a memory is a simple comparison to a basic concept and truth be told the combination of stature and creature is mnemonic enough to recall his appearance. "-become strong enough to make that wish come true..." He had to settle on those words in his mind, attempting to understand the point there. No matter how strong that he would become, there would always be the problem that people would find the desire to worship his power. If he constantly got stronger and continued to elevate his power levels, then it would certainly become harder to get the peace he desired, or the modicum of behavior that he wished to have with the companionship of allies as opposed to followers or individuals claiming sovereignty over him. The Primera Espada, Tsukishima, had taken the moment to highlight his understanding of Hemion's feelings and words spoken from his own experiences. It was a moment of relation between the two of them, finding a common ground if even for a moment as Tsukishima highlighted the exact feelings that constantly consume and haunt the young adjuchas each and every day that he clings to this damnation of life. The sound of the cane tapping would almost blend with the sounds of the other instruments that were generated and echoing throughout the cave, a second sign of the kindred spirits as the ability to synchronize the sounds of the instruments was a sign of honesty and integrity to Hemion even if others knew not the depth of the sounds that are formed. "-Great Campaign..." He continued on to speak of breaking down the barriers between the three dimensions and unite it all under a singular rule; under the rule of the hollows. There was a mission that he held within his mind but his words carried the value of his intention along the waves of the sound. A shift in the words brought a curious thought upon Hemion as Tsukishima proceeded to offer his line of respect for Hemion should he desire to remain fixed within this cavern that he had called home up to this point and held that to a point of the adjuchas' power without objection. Among the build up of the instrumental music that was generated, the Espada would draw a line through the air and bring forth a shattering sound that broke the music and even fragmented reality generating a Garganta near the entrance of the cavern from which he originally arrived from. Then he offered the second half of his point being made, providing an opportunity that was away from the solitude of this cavern and among others that would unite among one another, "-brethren..." It was a tantalizing offer to say the least, and one that seemed to have more weight than he initially let on with the value of his actions used to support his words so that it is more than an empty statement of glory or honor. There would be nothing but a slowly appreciative nod, one of acknowledgement of the offer but not acceptance. There was much to consider and much has occurred in a matter of moments that measure greater than the months, perhaps years, he remained in this cavern undisturbed. He watched as Tsukishima departed completely leaving Hemion with Yamashiro as the adjuchas turned his head towards his left and took not of the lizard adjuchas in the same knelt position but there was a clear difference about her as he released a sigh. The spiritual pressure of the beings that entered the cavern seemed to much for her body as the blood would be seen running down her face from her mouth and nose, proof that there was no way that she was able to maintain her life. "Death comes for all that surround me..." Slowly he turned his gaze towards Yamashiro and pondered what more might this Espada wanted, since his original desire to come was to track the identity of the Divine Hollow that was presented to him by the voices of the hollows throughout Hueco Mundo. Tsukishima and Yamashiro made it clear their desires for the Hollow and Hemion assumed there would be little left to discuss and finally allowed for his wings to expand to their full length. Hemion provided a respectful nod to the Espada before launching off and flew around the cavern once and suddenly shifted his position and fly full speed towards a wall. As he flew his body seemed to distort, almost becoming a blur as he phased through the wall and disappeared. There was something he had to tend to and it would require a moment of exploration and a departure from his home but it would be for the best. He would appear high in the sky over the cavern as his followers laid eyes on their Divine Royal out of the temple that they have ordained as such and observed him flying away from them all. "Perhaps fate may be flexible..." The sounds of his sweet symphony would depart from the area leaving most in silence or the whispers of the voices around them, held with several emotions but not a single one would remain relevant to the thoughts of the Divine Royal, Hemion Vespassi. WC | 1130 WWC | 3450 + 1130 = 4,580 TWC | 8990 + 1130 = 10,120
  14. ChaosKaiz

    A Savage Hunt

    RE-006: The Akihiko 'Aiden' Kaine Job (WC | 1650 + 290 = 1940) _____________________________________ THINGS GOT COMPLICATED... as Jin (0) returned fire on the last two arrows that were unleashed the bullets seemed to connect with the arrows and dissipate the force that he placed in them. This would prove to be a problem with the fact that either he, himself, was losing power or somehow this Jin was getting stronger meaning that there was more power in this Hitman than Aiden was aware of. With that apparent increase in power or with an ability to neutralize his attacks, Aiden watched as Jin continued his approach which, had he not prepared for this animal to give chase, would have been a serious issue as Aiden focused his reiryoku in a massive amount generating a soft blue glow around his body. Aiden knew that he only had a fraction of a moment to respond and released the weapon with his left hand and (1) generated a magazine within the palm of his hand as the Hitman placed himself literally upon the barrel of the weapon and this was the moment that the mind of Aiden seemed to accelerate. (2) Without a single moment of hesitation Aiden would pull the trigger unleashing another arrow aware that his reaction speed is still faster than the Hitman. This was simultaneous to the moment that the Hitman pulled his trigger and (1) the bullets would seemed to fire through the body of Aiden as his form would disperse into Reishi behind Jin and Aiden would appear back on the edge of the roof with his scope fixed on Jin (3) as he loaded the magazine and (4) then fired the first bullet of his magazine charged with a golden glow of energy aimed at Jin's fourth cervical vertebrae. Defensive Actions (0) Clash (Tied) = Refer to Jin's Actions = 200 ND x 2 (1) Dodge (Agile 'Ghosting' Class Skill) = Dodging Initial / Total Gunfire = 0 ND Standard Actions (1) Generate a Magazine | 1 Attack (2) Fire a Quincy Arrow into Jin's Shoulder - [Quincy Arrow| 60 Reiryoku] | 1 Attack (3) Load a Magazine - 4 Bullets Remaining | 1 Attack (4) Fire a Resource (+5) Round at the Fourth Cervical Vertebrae - [Bullet| 65 Reiryoku / 61 Speed] | 1 Attack Statistics Spiritual Pressure - 47,000 | [ND 2,650 - 400 = 2,250] Stamina | 23 (Main) Maneuverability | 65 (Sub) Spacial Awareness | 50 Power | 80 [Balanced | 75%/75%] Reiryoku | 60 Strength | 60 Attack Speed | 61 Combat Notes
  15. ChaosKaiz

    A Savage Hunt

    RE-005: The Akihiko 'Aiden' Kaine Job (WC | 1370 + 280 = 1650) _____________________________________ TARGET WAS ACQUIRED... and the hitman was an aggressive individual indeed showing how he would not flinch at the bullets that were sent in his direction after deflecting off of his pistol rounds. It was clear that this man was nothing like the ones that Aiden had dealt with up to this point, and that would have been a problem if Aiden hadn't spent most of his adult life in the armed forces facing men with less to lose. The Hitman continued to move forward towards the edge of the rooftop and Aiden was waiting for the moment that he had set up, the following seconds would have a massive weight on who touches the ground in what condition. Before the hitman jumped to follow, he fired two shots consecutively with a lower trajectory that became clear what mental state this man was in; fucked. (0) Aiden released the magazine of his weapon and allowed it to drop. (1, 2, 3, 4) Aiden took the chance to gain the advantage of his target coming closer to him at the speed that he was moving and knowing that he would have little time to react and even less of a window to actually react. For a moment blue energy would flow around the barrel of his weapon and protrude left and right which made his sniper appear like a crossbow. Four arrows were fired in rapid succession of one another, two of which collided with the two bullets that were coming in his direction towards his grown while the following two would be fired at the center mass at the center of the Umbilical region of the hitman's abdomen and his mouth respectively. Defensive Actions (1) Clash (First Shot) = Refer to Standard Actions = 0 ND (2) Clash (Second Shot) = Refer to Standard Actions = 0 ND Standard Actions (0) Magazine Discharged - 0 Bullets Remaining (1) (Clash) Fire a Quincy Arrow against First Fang Shot - [Quincy Arrow| 60 Reiryoku] | 1 Attack (2) (Clash) Fire a Quincy Arrow against Second Fang Shot - [Quincy Arrow| 60 Reiryoku] | 1 Attack (3) Fire a Quincy Arrow at the Umbilical Region - [Quincy Arrow| 60 Reiryoku] | 1 Attack (4) Fire a Quincy Arrow at the Jin's Mouth - [Quincy Arrow| 60 Reiryoku] | 1 Attack Statistics Spiritual Pressure - 47,000 | [ND 2,650] Stamina | 23 (Main) Maneuverability | 65 (Sub) Spacial Awareness | 50 Power | 80 [Balanced | 75%/75%] Reiryoku | 60 Strength | 60 Attack Speed | 61 Combat Notes