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  1. ChaosKaiz


    Aiden continued to make his way along the roof of the buildings near the location of his old storage, considering his options that were available there was little that he could imagine that he could do. Who ever these people were, it was clear that they were resourceful enough to obtain his general location, the location of his safe house, and even track down the storage facility. There as not a doubt in his mind that his home was probably being carefully watched much like the rest of his normal life. His mind traced the potential of their reach and determined that there was nowhere that he could actually turn too. In all of this time, Aiden had yet to check his phone depending on his main communication device that was connected to his phone. There he saw the fact that his screen had turned black jumping to his text messages on its own opening the conversation between him and Taka. _ Be Aware. They Know Where You Are. I Will Save You. _ _ Taka _ _ Leave me alone. _ _ ... _ There was a moment of frustration from the response that he received, as this Taka has been helpful in some ways but mostly has been this strange voice reaching out to him and only occurred during the time of all of this calamity that has been happening and ultimately it was hard to separate the fact that he considered the cause of this to be the stranger who keeps reaching out to him and providing some sudden assistance every single time that more problems arise. Finally he reached a considerable distance away from his storage unit and dropped down onto the street level just as a several blacked out vehicles all rolled up to his location. Quickly he turned to try and run but the moment that he did a single bullet struck the wall in the direction that he was prepared to run towards. Slowly he turned around and placed his hands in the air with the hope that he would be able to assess the situation and plan an escape, but when he was able to count more than a dozen individuals with more appearing all armed with automatic weapons dressed in all black suits and with nothing on their vehicles to identify them it became increasingly clear to Aiden that he was outmatched and there was not going to be an escape from this. Slowly two of the goons approached him with their guns trained much like others in the distance but he was prepared to do what ever it took. Although he would not be given the chance when a sudden pain in the side of his neck caught his focus which caused him to reach the left side of his neck with his right hand and remove the clear tranquilizer dart. "Fuck." It would be the only thing that he could manage to speak before everything turned dark for him. ------------ Location: Unknown Time of Day: Unknown COLD... That was the only thing that would run through his mind as Aiden would be hit with a surge of panic in that moment feeling the sensation of the cold water splash on his face and upper torso. It struck his skin fresh with even some ice hitting his body to remind him how cold it actually was. The room was freezing as he gathered himself and his senses first taking note of the man in a full black suit with a mask on his face slowly placing a bucket, the only Aiden could only assumed contained the water used to wake him, on the floor against the wall. This solid concrete wall that would be matched by the same wall on either his left or right of this small room which was dimly lit by the single light bulb that was dangling a few feet above his head. He noticed that there were two more people against the wall in front of him on either side of the individual bucket man. Slowly Bucket Man would take his steps back and go against the wall. Aiden attempted to move his arms and felt the hard plastic of the zip tie holding his right arm behind him to the chair and his gaze turned to his left arm only to take a painful glance at the mortifying fact that his arm was missing. It was clear that they removed the arm, but at least they had been somewhat delicate as the amount of blood that was coming from his shoulder was less than he expected had they simply removed the arm by force. They had to have applied a strong sedative to keep him under long enough for such a procedure. He continued to obtained his bearings as he took note of the fact that he was sitting the chair with his legs also bound to the legs of the chair via zip ties as well. The feel of the cold cement floor under his feet was a clear sign, as well as the fact that the rest of his clothes was missing, that they had ensured to remove anything that might have been considered a tool in his hands... hand... but maintained the decency of letting him keep his underwear on. Suddenly the sound of weak, yet heavy, metal could be heard from behind Aiden with the sound of a loud slam reminiscent of a door. He attempted to look behind him as best he could to get a better understanding of the room and verify if it was a door but he was unable to get a solid enough look. Though he was able to catch the figure of fourth individual who was walking around his right side as the sounds of his shoes echoed in this contained space. This man was dressed different than the others, as the three lesser established individuals were in solid black suits, white shirts, and black ties, this man had personality with his clothes. His dark blue pinstripe pants were the first thing he could notice based on his eye line and the shoes were a dark brown snake skin pattern. As the man circled around to his front his lavender colored shirt with a dark brown checker pattern tie was decorating his torso as he began to remove his suit coat that matched his pants. He passed the coat to the Bucket Man before proceeding to remove his tie and speaking German, from what Aiden could gather, as he caught the face of the man of a fair complexion and piercing blue eyes before he turned to face the Bucket Man. "Hat er schon was gesagt?" Aiden watched as the man shook his head to which the Suited Man gave a disgruntled sigh and turned to face Aiden. "Ausgezeichnet. Ich werde sehen, wie weit ich ihn schieben kann." Slowly the man took a few steps forward and stood directly in front of Aiden before he would squat to be closer to his eye level, "I will give you one chance. Just one, to give me the answers that I need." He lowered himself a little more and looked Aiden directly in his eyes with a stern expression. "Where is the Crest?" They looked at each other for a moment before Aiden gave a nod and prepared to answers. "The Crest... Have you checked up his ass?" Aiden said with a straight face as he looked over at Bucket Man. The Suited man slowly lifted himself up from the ground, delivered a soft sigh, then with a full force delivered a strong punch to the side of Aiden's face. Aiden held his head over the side of his shoulder for a moment before bringing himself back to looking at the man. "You know, you look like you needed that. Sometimes it is good to have an outlet for those negative emotions." The Suited man once more delivered a swing with his other hand this time to the abdomen of Aiden and placed his other hand on the back of his head to pull him back up. "Oh don't do that, are you trying to get me aroused?" Aiden simply gave the man a smile and a wink before the man delivered another strong hook to the other side of Aiden's face so hard that the chair fell over. Quickly the two men from either side rushed over to pick the chair up. "Where is the Crest?" Slowly the Suited man proceeded to remove his vest and roll up the sleeves of his shirt. Aiden spit up some blood on the floor with some of it landing on the shoes of the Suited man. "I told you, check up his ass. While you're up there, mind pulling the stick out too?" This time Aiden ended his sentence with a smirk and a chuckle as he looked at the Bucket man and they made eye contact. Though the next moment came quickly as the Suited man shuffled his feet and performed a devastating side kick to the face of Aiden causing him to fall back onto the floor. It was clear that this strike definitely hurt, but Aiden had spent years in the military and was trained to resist the process of interrogation. Laying on the floor he considered the crest that the man was talking about and started to laugh in between spitting some of the blood out of his mouth; because he honestly had no idea what the man was talking about. He was prepared for the other guys to come pick him up off of the ground again, but when they didn't he decided to speak up, "Hey, c'mon guys. Give me a hand and help him up." He laughed at his own joke as he used his eyes to motion towards the fact that his left arm was missing, "Wow, tough crowd." Laying there he heard the Suited man speak once more, in German, "Holen Sie sich die Position des Wappens von ihm." As Aiden remained on the ground he could see the feet of the man walking by him and saw the Suited man putting on his coat as he watched him go out of the metal door behind him. He paid attention to the details of the space on the other side of the door before coming back to the room. He could hear noise outside of the door as it closed but then the sound was made silent. Finally the two men helped Aiden get back to his neutral position. "See. I knew you two were gentleman." As soon as the words left his mouth, the Bucket man delivered a series of strikes to his torso. Through labored breathing Aiden spoke, "Isn't this therapeutic? I mean, it won't help the stick up your ass-" He wouldn't be able to get another word out before the beatings continued until finally Aiden blacked out from the experience, hearing a new voice. "Koko de shinudeshou." ----------------- Once more he stood with his master in a location all too familiar to him (back to this again?) as they both stood in the archery range together. His master was holding a uniquely designed bow as he prepared an arrow for the targets down the range. The student stood directly behind him on the level of the archery range for the archers to practice their shots, he took with his unique bow and an arrow prepared to be released (another vision of Uncle Kento training with... his master?). "We hold firmly the bow in our hand, forged by our own nature, then we reach out for the quiver to deliver an arrow to be released. To maintain the distance required both for our safety and for the speed of tactical elimination." With that, both the Student and the Master start to glow with a soft blue light as the bow and arrow share in the glow as well. Slowly the energy that would glow around their body would be concentrated on the arrow before it was released. Not even a full moment later, both the Student and the Master raised their hands to the air. Slowly the process would repeat itself as a soft blue glow would consume each of them separately. Slowly they took the energy that was flowing around them and processed it into their hands and formed an arrow from the energy alone before placing it upon the bow and firing the arrow. Quickly they released the bow from their grip and for the third time, allowed the energy to consume the both of them. This time, they used the energy to form a bow in their original gripped hands and created a new arrow same as before just as they launched their arrows. "Always remember to break down the particles that you feel in the air and shape with unmatched desire. With a clear vision of your goals, you will always gather the resources required and fire straight and true." The Master smiled as he faced his Student, "That is how we channel the Heilig Pfeil, the Spirit Arrow, through our Heilig Bogen, Spirit Bow. Though you will learn, you are not limited to the archaic tools of war and will discover that the potential of a Quincy Spirit Weapon is as bountiful as the will of the wielder." (Alright... Spirit Weapons... I will try my best, Uncle Kento, to follow your journey...) ---------------------- DARKNESS... Eventually it would all come back to him as he found himself still in the room with his body in pain from the beatings that he had been receiving for an unknown amount of time. They would beat him until he would pass out, take the time to mend his more critical wounds so that they can continue. It was clear to Aiden that they were determined to receive the information in regards to this crest, but he knew that his body could only take so much of all of this exposure to shock and hoped that his uncle would lead him to where he needed to go. Slowly he regained full consciousness and saw that there were only two guards in front of him but could not see any other individuals and he would make eye contact with one of them. They looked at one another and one on the left spoke up, "Informieren Sie ihn, dass er wach ist." The one on the right nodded in response and made his way to the door leaving Aiden alone with the one man. Aiden slowly closed his eyes and focused on the room. It was cold, that much he could feel physically, but there was another detail of this room that he had not recognized earlier. It was not until this moment that he was able to find the right word to describe it, heavy, and based on the things that he could remember from his own teachings with his uncle and the visions being shared that was the essence of Reishi, Reiryoku, or some kind of Spiritual Energy as it was described. This energy operated like a unique frequency that people were able to attune themselves in order to manipulate it. That was the concept behind these Spiritual Weapons that Quincy were able to manifest and use at their disposal. So with the focus that he needed to do this or die, as that being against his desires, slowly he allowed the sensation of the heavy air in the room to concentrate on his position and specifically around his right hand. Slowly he could feel the density of he matter generating in his hand feeling like a thousand pins and needles being gripped in the palm of his hand. The sensation was actually painful and could only imagine how much training it must have taken to tolerate the sensation to use this technique multiple times but he was hard pressed to keep that train of thought as he needed to do this now or never. Slowly he could feel the forming of an object that he could not see but feel in his right hand. He needed something small and sharp enough to cut himself free and felt the object in his hand. Aiden would move the object in his hand until he could get it in the right position and slide it through the zip tie that bound his wrist to the chair feeling it cut into his own arm in the process. He clenched his jaw as tight as he could to prevent any obvious reaction to cutting his arm and started to pull on the object. Between the pain of holding the object the carving into his arm, he was surprised he managed to maintain composure long enough to feel the snap of the zip tie. Quickly he released a cough at the same time of the tie breaking and spit blood to the side in order to prevent the guard from approaching. "I will tell you where the Crest is..." He spoke with a clear sign of being defeated in his tone, "But I will only tell you." He looked at the man who took a moment and motioned for Aiden to response, "My mouth is a bit bloody, mind coming closer so I don't have to yell..." He gave a sigh of his own as he coughed to highlight the pain in his mouth caused a bit of trouble for his throat. The guard approached, annoyed, but maintained a short distance from Aiden as he leaned slightly to listen. The next moment happened so quickly as Aiden launched his right hand forward and stabbed the blue energy object into the neck of the man and watched as it pierced clean into his throat. Instantly the man stumbled back holding the wound and attempting to prevent the bleeding as Aiden used the object to break the zip ties around his legs. He knew that there wasn't much time left and rushed for the door to find it locked. "Fuck me." With very little time to figure out his next step he got the body of the guard and placed him in the chair, and after a moment, started to strip the man of some of his clothes. Aiden quickly put on the pants and the shoes as best he could, feeling like back when he first lost his arm and thinking back to the struggles he once had putting on his pants. He pushed the memories out of his mind and made sure that they guard was fixed to the chair and placed himself behind the door so when it opened, it opened towards him. It would only be a few more minutes before the door would open. "Nathan?" The second goon who left rushed he room to check on his friend. "Kare wa doko ni imasu ka?" That second voice was familiar to the Bucket Man and Aiden had to act fast. He throw the small object as hard as he could as it pierced through the back of the man in his shoulder blades. Simultaneously to the throw, Aiden turned around the door and jumped in the air delivering a drop kick to the chest of the Bucket Man sending him flying backwards. Aiden fell down to the ground quickly and looked up from the ground to see the guard still standing and struggling to remove the object from his back before noticing Aiden on the ground. The goon decided to take care of Aiden now and went to rush him, and Aiden quickly attempted to nip up but forgot for a full second that he did not have his left arm and his right arm failed to support him. The guard went to curb stomp Aiden as he rolled to the side and used the momentum and the width of the hallway to perform a quick windmill in order to sweep the legs of the man and get to his feet. Before he had time for his next action, the Bucket Man rushed forward for a Full Nelson grip only to realize his mistake. With Aiden's right arm stuck, he still had the freedom of the fact that he had no left arm and jumped to his right side kicking off of the wall to spin around the man and free his arm. The moment he did, he instantly pushed Bucket Man towards the other Guard as they collided with one another. Quickly he delivered a side kick with his left leg on the Bucket man to cause them both to stumble over one another. Keep his left leg up in the air, Aiden focused the same way he did to manifest the arrow but to form the bow. Slowly he would gather the energy in his left leg with it bent until a large amount of it was generated at his leg. With his right hand, he reached towards his foot and pulled on the blue energy as a blue arrow of energy formed. He waited until the both of the guys stood up and released the arrow with his right hand. The moment he did, the bow slid off of his foot and the arrow shot above the head of the two guys who looked more shocked by the fact that the weapon formed magically instead of the fact that he missed. Quickly Aiden grabbed the bow with his right hand and chucked it at the guys before turning around and running. He continued rushing through this maze of a place until a strange sensation started to cause a burning feeling on his left shoulder. It was almost as if something was pulling on his arm that wasn't there, a Phantom Pain, and he followed that sensation until he reached a room where his arm was sitting on a table with blood from where he assumed they pulled it from his body. Slowly he approached the arm and took it in his right hand, "Kikou..." Slowly he brought the arm to his shoulder and the cables that were attached would force themselves into his body and allow the arm to connect on its arm as he fought against the urge to scream in pan. Once it was secured to his body a guard entered the room. Aiden reacted quickly and rushed the man with a swift punch to the man's throat with his right hand before grabbing his face with his left and slamming him through the table in the middle of the room. Aiden rushed out of the room and continued to navigate the maze of a building spotting guards at almost every corner and avoiding them as best as he could. The one's he came across met a quick fate of death and eventually Aiden found some of his gear, at least the ones that had not been stripped by their teams, including his original tactical gear that he presumes that they found from his house. Eventually Aiden found himself on the roof of the building to see a helicopter preparing to leave. Aiden rushed as fast as he could but it started to get away before he made it close enough and he made eye contact with the Suited Man. Aiden watched as the Helicopter continued to fly away and pointed his left hard at the chopper as the blue energy formed once more preparing for the bow, "That is not going to be enough. I need to be sure I will not miss..." Almost as if his arm was listening, black liquid began to flow out of the arm like water and form a shape that began to solidify into a modified tactical marksman rifle. He quickly dropped to a knee and focused down his scopes at the chopper. He allowed a single moment of exhale and when his lungs were empty he paused his breathing and calmly pulled the trigger. The bullet soared through the air and struck the rotter showing the signs of fire and smoke as the chopper lost control. Aiden watched as the chopper was going down in the outskirts of the city and rushed forward. Without thinking Aiden jumped off of the building of the multistory warehouse as his gun seemed to melt back into his arm, the same arm that grew claws and dug into the side of the building allowing him to slowly his descent until he touched the ground. Instantly he turned and went on a full sprint towards the location where the chopper went down as his arm formed another weapon, this time an assault rifle. As he made his way closer, he noticed a few guards were roaming the area where the chopper went down. As he made his way through, he ensured to pick them off one at a time with his silenced weapon until he located the chopper. As he approached the first thing that he could see was a trail of blood through the mud with the pilot stuck in the falling chopper. It was a short trip to find the Suited man leaning against a tree holding his wounds tightly. "How...?" Aiden simply approached the man and gripped him by his collar and lifted him up against the tree with his left arm. As he did this, the small blue energy source in his shoulder socket could be seen and the man laughed, "Kento placed the crest in your arm." Aiden noticed the glowing too and knew that his mother's charm was placed in there as safe keeping, a momento of his mother. "He put Nina's damn crest in your arm." He continued to laugh for a moment, "Doesn't matter, the Karasu will find you. They will claim their heirloom. Sie werden dich zerstören." The man did something strange with his mouth before Aiden heard a loud crunch and seconds later the man began to foam at the mouth. He released the corpse as it fell to the ground. "Karasu... My family?" Aiden stared at him for a while before walking away forming a few weapons to deal with whatever he may come across. He paused for a second, realizing that he needed answer, and pulled out his phone. _ Be Aware. They Know Where You Are. I Will Save You. _ _ Taka _ _ Leave me alone. _ _ ... _ _ We need to talk _ _ I Agree. _ He secured his phone in his pocket and made his way through the forest and the rest of the enemy squad just as the plane finally exploded in the outskirts, with no survivors remaining. WC | 4450
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    ORP COMMUNITY 500K EVENT: Info/Sign-Up/Questions

    Akihiko "Aiden" Kaine Quincy 0001
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] - Inactive[REMAINING ND| 11,840] - Recovered "Are you sure that you can save her..." Although it was asked by the former commander, there was a moment where Oriru had to ask himself softly within his own thoughts, fearful for the fact that his answer would be denying the potential of saving her. Oriru knew that Hitsuyona was referencing Lady Tomoe and the ability to save her soul before it is too far gone, but each word that he considered was placed more on the person that he wanted to personally bring back. "In the end, all I have is hope." Oriru was pulled out of his own thoughts as the sounds of the wailer seemed to echo violently wishing to bring the members upon the Shrine Grounds to a sense of paradise, this false fantasy that has been developed. Almost as if in response to the call being made, a collective would break free from the main building of the Shrine grounds and make their way towards the mist. Some of the members were Soul Reapers that Oriru, and even Tenzaimon, had recognized but it was clear to Oriru that these individuals had made their decision to lay down their sword rather than raise their shields and as such were welcome to the fate that they approached. It was clear to Oriru that there was a strong feeling being held within the bodies of his two seated comrades, but he took pride in the fact that they were able to stand against the fear and remain ready to fight; although their drive against fear seemed to have been misdirected already. Still, there was promise based on their heart and that was the key to getting through this night alive. From the building, a survivor who had not decided to join the rest of the suicidal collective would call out to the agitated group to approach and introduced himself; "Captain Kusho-" He paused for a moment and switched his intentions, "Oriru." As he shook the hand of the inviting man and made his way into the small area of salvation, the Sanctuary. Among the survivors, a single collective stood out the most to the Captain as members of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads could be seen gathered close to one another but there was a small divide between them. It was clear that some of them were not as secure in themselves as the others, and certainly no where near as much as Kazuko or Tenzaimon and Oriru gave a soft sigh. "I can only imagine the way that they have suffered..." With the two recently acquired seated officers, Oriru made his way to the rest of his comrades unsure and unconcerned if Hitsuyona would follow knowing that the former commander would find better use of his time gathering information from the other members of this gathering. Approaching the Resolute Shinigami Group and Broken-willed Shinigami Group Slowly the captain made his way towards people of a familiar face, taking note of the members that stood in front of him. Each of them couldn't have been more than a mid tier seated officer of their respective squads. Oriru started to think back to the members of the Soul Society and connected the images of their faces to the people before him and the files that he read over the decades and recalled each and every single one of these people. Some of them noticed the Captain as he approached and showed the proper respect of a Captain as they should but Oriru immediately dismissed the formalities aware that at this point ranks mean little in truth. Survival starts to blur the lines of a hierarchy and Oriru was never one to become fond of the role of a leader of soldiers, different than the manager of administrative employees. "Shinigami." Oriru could see the look in their eyes and the desires of their minds wanting something to make sense of everything, "I want to first say this; I am proud of you." The Captain had no idea what he was going to say but knew they look of people hungry for hope. "You have endured the events within the mist, your have kept each other safe, you have remained strong this far for the people that have come before you, that stand by you, and those that fell short of this point." He gave a moment of respect, a bit of spite for the Captain Commander for choosing him, Oriru, to be his lieutenant and pushing him up through the ranks. Oriru argued constantly that he was not fit to be a leader, that was not a skill that he could manage to harness. "You have earned a moment to rest, but soon we have a decision to make. Some of you may decide you are not ready to face what is outside in the mist, and I will not judge you. I will, however, feel sorry for you because you will sit here waiting for some conclusion of this nightmare. Some of you, however, will stand by my side as we face the nightmare directly. Those that are able to carry a sword should not be afraid to wield it against injustice, those that are able to lift a shield should not be afraid to guard against evil, and those that are able to speak should not be afraid to echo their virtue against corruption. Whether you sit by and wait, or you stand and fight; some of you will not survive this night. The difference is the more that stand, the more of a chance we have to end this nightmare for the people in this room, the people we have lost from this mist, and to prevent the nightmare for the future to face." Oriru took hold of his Zanpakuto and, for the first time in a long time, remove the blade from the sheath revealing the unique black steel of his blade with white specks that moved around like starts in the night sky. Bathed in a golden glow, he held the sword in front of him with the blade pointed slightly upward, "With my last breath, I wield my blade against this mist to ensure no other needs to sacrifice. I ask this of you, who else will carry their blade alongside me?" WC | 1061
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    Role-Play Community Reiatsu Ranking

    Character Name: Oriru Kushō ★ Week: Dec/07 Total WC: 5070
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    The man who has been established as Hizorashi made the first inquiry after Oriru delivered his brief upon his theory pertaining the mist and the situations that has been a greater part of their evening, and potentially their night - since Oriru has been unable to determine an appropriate way to measure the passage of time despite his ability to observe the world in a finer detail. Oriru allowed his mind to absorb the question, "Could an average hollow managed to perform the actions the mist had thus far? Doubtfully." He considered the words in his mind and thought back to his best friend once more and was certain of her unique spiritual pressure, which meant her assimilation should not have been done so easily. "It would take a high threat level hollow to perform this level of atrocity, an adjuchas is possible and a Vasto Lorde level would certainly be capable of performing such a level of power..." His mind wandered for a moment to the other possibilities, "A human could perform the tasks as well; a Fullbring is capable of manipulating souls on a base level, historically Bounts are known to alter the state of a soul and bend the utility of them, and Quincy are notorious for their ability to break down reishi for various actions." His mind shifted to his honest concern, "This, however, does not dismiss the ability of a Soul Reaper with a unique Zanpakuto to perform something of this level if their mind had been twisted violently." In the end, Oriru came to a conclusion on the answer and prepared his acknowledgement that, "An average hollow would be incapable of such a level of power, or any being of any average level. The truth is more daunting, that whatever is capable of is not based on what they were but more specifically what more are they capable of doing..." A dozen thoughts occurred in a matter of a single second, but before Oriru could muster his response, his companion the former Commander Hitsuyona spoke his ideology in regards to Hizorashi's response. Initially, it was clear that his comrade was pulling from personal history to develop his response which meant that there was a strong value to what was being spoken, presumably. There was a shift in the information, declaring a fact that Hollows typically would feed on the soul for power and then turns his thoughts towards the fact that it is a stated limit or restriction on their behavior towards souls which sadly is not true. Then again, Oriru has spent nearly a century of his life studying everything that he could manage more than actually engaging in the activities. He may not have actually faced a hollow in battle the way that Hitsuyona has, Oriru has read thousands of texts depicting the nature and abilities of a Hollow and it does not dismiss their ability or desire to manipulate souls. Some, although few, have been known to spare souls from being consumed while others, in a larger division, decide to toy with their souls before consuming them. Ideally, a hollow is primal in most cases and as such the idea of using souls in order to capture more is a powerful instinct meant for only a powerful being. Not necessarily a Hollow, but certainly does not dismiss the fact a Hollow could be the culprit behind all of this. Truth be told, it could be worse than that. Hitsuyona allowed a moment of a brief pass of time allowing the Zanpakuto of Genshi to be passed from the former commander to the Captain, a sign of respect and a momento of a loss comrade. Oriru allowed the weapon to come into his hands, taking hold of the memories of his friend which pulled his mind from his thoughts and prevented him from speaking on his thoughts locking his mind on the memories of his friend. Though before he could dive into the maximum amount of despair and allow his grief to settle a familiar voice rang from the mist. Tenzaimon, the juggernaut of a Soul Reaper, spoke up with a tone of utter distrust and more aggressive than he would have liked and Oriru quickly noticed his companion; the more sensible Kazuko. Although sensible was quickly thrown out of the window when the man added to the accusatory nature of his large comrade. Still, Oriru wanted to hear what they had to say despite his discomfort in the tone. The situation quickly began to devolve as the humans showed their dislike of being accused especially in such an aggressive and forceful manner, which is something that the Captain could understand in full acceptance. Tenzaimon made sense, being a bit aggressive in his approach, but Kazuko should have known better. In the case of his words being true, and these humans were susceptible to the mist in order to become a potential risk to them all there remains a dozen ways to approach the situation that does not involve literally prodding the targets of their concerns openly. This could cause a conflict which would lead to a potential skirmish in the middle of the mist while everything else is occurring and the sound of the wailers in the distance was further evidence that the two Soul Reapers that arrived revealed nothing but the ignorance that so many of the Shinigami show. As the tempers continued to rise, Oriru brought his attention back to the Zanpakuto of his comrade and allowed a slow exhale. "All that remains of you is your Zanpakuto..." He allowed the words to flow through his thoughts holding firmly to the Zanpakuto of his dear friend, trying his best to hold his composure as Genshi's notebook began to float from his coat and turn through pages near his own notebook. "There shouldn't be anything left of you... Not if you were consumed by a Hollow or a Bount, not if you were destroyed by a fellow Shinigami, not if you were manipulated by the nature of a Human, Quincy or Fullbring..." The pages turned faster than many would be able to keep track of as the content of the pages were being absorbed in a way none understood possible. Suddenly he was snapped back into focus when even Hizorashi and the Tengu removed their weapons and prepared for the conflict. Of course, the Shinigami that recently arrived decided that they were more than ready to face a trio of humans and they possibly had their confidence boosted by the fact that they had a Captain and the former Commander within their ranks. It was a shame that the small puppy will bark the loudest when the full grown dog stands by its side while the sound of a burst of lightning will cause it to cower. "Enough." Oriru spoke sharply, not so much of him yelling but a stern voice that carried a large force of volume based on the depth of his natural voice. It was the first moment that he spoke although his focus was on the Zanpakuto in his hand still. "Tenzaimon, Kazuko; both of you will stand down and that is a direct order." He turned his gaze upon them with that look, one that would be too much of a challenge to explain but the two Shinigami knew that it meant their best course of action would be to listen and follow orders without question. "As for you three," He turned his gaze onto the humans but with a clearly softer look, almost apologetically. "Allow me to apologize, on behalf of these two, for their aggressive behavior and forceful accusations. I wish not to allow the idea that the Shinigami are above empathy and understanding of others." There was a moment that Oriru brought his look back to Tenzaimon, aware that his big mouth was ready to speak in protest, but it was quickly quelled as Oriru looked back to the humans. "My comrade," Motioning over to Hitsuyona, "and myself encountered two humans who appeared to have been controlled by the mist but after dismissing the control their bodies became lifeless. This means, in my understanding, that despite the fact that there may have been a point that this Lady Tomoe obtained a control over their bodies, it was not sustained. These individuals have a strong will present in their spiritual pressure," This being directed more towards the bothered Shinigami, "Which means they have resisted thus far, and have yet to give me a reason to doubt their desire to fight against the control, fight against the mist, because they too fight for something greater than themselves." Oriru have a half nod, a clear question asking Tenzaimon and Kazuko subtly 'Do you understand?' Both of them provided a nod, "We have all lost too many already," Oriru squeeze tight on the Zanpakuto of his fallen friend as he dropped his head, "So we all have a purpose to collaborate with one another, not generate further confrontation, not while the mist continues to feed on the bodies of us Soul Reapers and aims to tear the souls from the mortal forms. Especially not from the being that is Lady Tomoe, because it has become clear what threat we face when it comes to her..." Both Tenzaimon and Kazuko sharply turned their gaze upon the Captain in confusion. "Is it not clear for you both? Or perhaps you have not heard the voice of a lost soul reaching out." Oriru made a soft smile, mostly upset with himself for how long it took for him to figure it out. "We are not facing anything that resembles the nature of a Shinigami," Before anyone else could jump on the opportunity Oriru pushed further, "Truthfully this is not something caused by a Hollow either." Both Tenzaimon and Kazuko were prepared to leap on the opportunity to prove it was the humans and Oriru brought his hands up to request everyone to allow him to finish, "Do not misunderstand my words, because this was not caused by a human of any kind, be they a Fullbring like I assume our friends here are," He hoped they caught the word friends as it was an attempt at the olive branch, "or even a Quincy or a Bount. No we are dealing with someone who has also lost her mortal form like the other humans that call this place home, but unlike the many before her and similar to the others around; she has been stuck here, bound to the cemetery. After death, no one came to send her soul to the Soul Society, no Hollow had been able to claim her as a meal, and over time the land in which people came to grief became a place where none could leave." With a sigh he concluded, "We are dealing with a deceased soul that has yet to be purified and sent to the soul society, a soul with a chain bound to this cemetery and so strongly secured that it will not leave this cursed land. Beyond the existence of the mortal body, but not forced to become a spirit of the Soul Society or Hueco Mundo; a Jibakurei, an Earth Bound Spirit." His gaze came back towards the main shrine of the shrine grounds, "Lady Tomoe is a lost soul, who consumes souls not out of malicious intent but simply because she was scared and alone. Time went on and I can only assume no one came to see her, no one spent the time to sincerely show their grief at losing her. Her sadness consumed her and brought a dark nature to her, consuming souls so that they too could be stuck with her, so that she wouldn't have to be alone. Collectively pulling souls so that she will always have company, for all of eternity. She gains souls that will stay by her side, but she will continue to devolve and turn into a Hollow and it is inevitable... She will consume these souls she has collected and they will be gone forever. Slowly she is becoming more and more powerful, she is growing further and further from her original self, but I promise you, Lady Tomoe, I will find you. Lady Tomoe, I will mourn your loss and ensure you will never be alone. Lady Tomoe, I will save you. " Genshi's Zanpakuto would float to his back and latch on, "So, can we put aside this and focus on the task at hand... There is a woman who needs our help." As he said that he turned and allowed his eyes to look upon the woman being held by the Tengu although his words were meant for three different people involved. WC | 2125
  6. ChaosKaiz

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] - Inactive. [REMAINING ND| 11,175] PAIN... was the only sensation that seemed to resonate with the Captain at this moment, thinking back to the events that transpired only moments prior. Of course, he stood here meeting with a teenager who obviously had the marks of a battle in his posture, but it was more so the marks of a man who lost something close. He was held low in his own body as he clung to the body of a woman and the more that Oriru allowed the both of them to be focused on his vision it became increasingly clear what condition she was in. It caused him to wonder, if only for a moment, if this woman that this man held on to suffered a fate similar to Genshi. Moments ago the Captain watched as the bride and groom have their bodies fall limp as the mist seemed to consume their will to live and move entirely as if it was bringing their souls out of their body. Sadly Genshi had no body to be drained and instead her entire body was consumed by the mist. The mist is constantly feeding on the souls of beings that entire, consuming the Reishi that they are composed of or contain within them which made it worse. In the end, Genshi was worse than dead but all around him as have been an unknown amount of humans and dozens of Soul Reapers that have entered this cemetery years prior and this night as well. Not too long would pass before another individual, a second human, would appear from the mist and come into view following a thread that is seemingly connected to the young masked teenager. This was the man that held no ability to contain his natural spiritual pressure from spiking uncontrollably and showing great signs of power. This was one that had to be focused on intently, because there are few things more dangerous than a man with more power than he knows how to manage. Catching the arrival of the potential hazard of a human distracted the Captain from noticing the third individual, yet another human, who arrived as part of this potential trio based on the way that they were connected, literally. The Captain recalled seeing these humans near the gate where the main established Forward Operating Based was located outside of the Cemetery gates and found it curious that they were able to make it through. His curiosity slowly devolved into anger at the fact that these humans, no matter how strong they may have been, were able to make it this far and survive while his own best friend fell victim to this damned mist. The humans proceeded to exchange a few words before something of the conversation caused a spark in his own thoughts, "She's... my girlfriend. She's in the mist now." Now the Captain watched as Genshi was literally torn to shreds by the mist followed by her sudden sounds of wailing joining the symphony of suffering that is the mist's call. Her voice was joined by other people that Oriru was able to recognize, including Nyujin, the Tactical Commander for this years Task Force, as well as a few others. When observing the humans he recently interacted with, the bride and the groom, who performed in a way different than the more lifeless and decayed corpses from earlier. The initial creatures were decrepit in their form, and clearly bodies that had been exhumed in some method but the married couple... Those two acted with greater coordination, planned behaviors, and with a mile sense of self preservation compared to the mob that surrounded the Captain and former Commander. In the end, the mist pulled from them the artificial life as they had become lifeless but their bodies were without a soul and not exposed to a prolonged death. This woman that the masked teenager held was clearly mentioned to be in the mist and her condition was similar to that of the man and the woman, lifeless but potentially not... dead? "You poor things... Misguided and stranded... lost and afraid... why do you fight? Why do you struggle? Don't you understand, there is no escape from the Niebla Nefasta. Your efforts are wasted. You need not tire or fear... embrace the mist... accept your fate and I will comfort you to the end of your days." The words seemed to echo within the mind of Oriru, contained within his Event Horizon, as the hazard human spoke further on the subject. He provided a name, "Lady Tomoe..." He allowed the name to settle into his mind and once more be contained within the Event Horizon, never to be forgotten. The Niebla Nefasta is the way this woman named the mist that assimilated the beings that are within, so much so that even the Captain felt it slowly eating at his being. The humans had to have felt a different sensation, as the mist has to get into the body and consume it but the mist absorbs the existence of a Shinigami by breaking it down. Potentially the mist allows all of the spiritual energy of the consumed to become acclimated and redistributed into the vessels that decorate the cemetery, meaning that part of Genshi may very well be placed into the mindless creatures or used to manipulate or more stable physical form such as the bride, the groom, or the masked teenager's girlfriend. Through the course of the conversation being held, pulling in the information being consumed as they spoke, the Captain held a fixed gaze down the path that lead further towards the shrine. All around were the sounds of the wailer from the bodies that are scattered through the broken land, but none seem to approach any closer and none seem to be coming from the Shrine itself. There remained so many possibilities as to why that was, or why any of this is the way that it has been, but it all brought him back to one solid question, "Who, or what, is in this shrine..." So many answers very well may be provided inside of the shrine, or it could be the end for the Captain, and that brought the pain back. As much as he wanted to bring Genshi back, or even be reunited with her, he thought back to Osore and realized that he could not leave him like that. As much as a tough guy that he tried to be, he was an emotional man and Osore would be broken over losing Oriru and he could realized he was in a torn mental place. The pain of losing too much and it triggered a switch in his brain as his notebook drifted into the air with a pen and started to take notes a few inches from him. Simultaneously, of the spheres that maintain a micro orbit around the Captain, three of the marbles seemed to shift to a white color as a golden thread connected them all to each other and position themselves just above his head similar to a halo. There was a needed sense of clarity in this moment, and this was the way that he was going to achieve it. Doing so brought his sense of awareness to a greater level to prepare for what ever may come next, but also to allow himself to study many more details in a faster amount of time. Eventually the humans decided to interact with the Captain, the Hazardous Human to be precise, with a simple question of his opinion. The Captain would not move his focus away from the shrine but his ability allowed him look upon the people that were in his company; Hitsuyona, Tengu (and his lifeless girlfriend), Hizorashi, and the Hazardous Human. The natural instinct of the Captain would be not to engage in prolonged conversation with humans, as it is against protocol to discuss any details of usually anything with humans whether or not they are spiritually aware. The role of a Soul Reaper is to performed direct tasks with efficiency and not to engage humans in anyway that may alter their natural behavior within their environment. Although that was the case, already he had to act out of his ordinary procedure when he was required to remove the Captain's Limitation Seal in order to engage the mob after the loss of Genshi. There was also the unsettling fact that the Tengu was aware and acknowledged the fact that his girlfriend is in the mist now, and the Captain was curious on how exactly the human was able to obtain this knowledge. The Captain could not let go of the fact that the only way that even he was aware was watching his best friend being torn and consumed by the vortex and hearing her voice echo through the mist, but that was spirit and this was a human. Even with the bride and groom, Oriru was only capable of assuming that they were in the mist as well based on their body composition but that remained an assumption. There was too much certainty and acceptance of a truth in the Tengu's words. Perhaps it would be best to allow them all to collaborate enough to avoid any complications or confrontations, and although there was a sense of caution that settled in his mind it would be overwritten by the fact that survival is important and the mission was clear, "End this nightmare." "I am not one hundred percent certain but, based on what I have seen, this mist appears to feed on spiritual energy." There was clear wince from his words as he thought back to the image of Genshi crying in fear calling his name and reaching out for him before being consumed. His eyes watered slightly but he held back the actual tears from falling, "If this lady Tomoe is behind this in someway, she pulls the souls from the bodies of humans as well and uses the mist to somehow animate and manipulate the bodies that have been drained of life. Their souls blend and become one with the mist, unable to escape and therefore unable to pass own eternally stuck to the mist and this cemetery..." He took a moment to consider his thoughts, mostly to assure himself of his own conclusion, "If that is the case, then the idea is by removing the source of this mist then the souls will be released and be allowed to move on or..." He turned his gaze towards the Tengu specifically, "Potentially return the souls to their original source or form, meaning spirits assimilated may return and bodies may regain their soul to become one of the living." It was an attempt at being sincere knowing that most people prefer a sense of hope, "Only if we deal with the source quickly, lest we become assimilated and your bodies become puppets for the unlucky few in the future to roam this cemetery." He turned his gaze back towards the Shrine, "Hopefully other Shinigami gathered more information to validate my theory." With those words, the a fourth white orb would fly through the air forward and make its way closer to the shrine to gather more information. WC | 1884
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    Ability Approval Thread

    Character Name: Akihiko (Aiden) Kaine Race: Quincy Reiatsu: 42k Desired Release Approval: Black Sanrei Glove Application Link:
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    Aiden stood there for a moment reading the words, trying to understand the cryptic message that might be hidden under the words written. The more that he looked at it, the more it became clear that there was going to be no greater message hidden from him; all he was able to discover was the dried tears that mark the page with what appeared to be a bloody stain where his uncle held his finger before finishing this short message. In the end, it was a light message delivered in a rushed moment to tell Aiden what he already knew... He was all alone. "Damn it..." It was clear that it bothered him as he punched his fist down on the table and squeezed his eyes as tight as his fist was. Suddenly the sound of running water brought his attention to the table as he saw fragments of the metal on the table melting and flowing aggressively along his left arm. "What the hell!?" He shouted as he stepped back and attempted to fling the strange material off but it prove worthless as the liquid continued to consume the arm before flowing in through the cracks. He considered for a moment to remove his arm before a sudden vision of memories flashed before his eyes. There he stood in front of his master (This is not my memory...) who held a small silver tube in his hand with an intricate designed carved into the tube. Slowly the master would remove the cap that sealed the contents of the tube, "This is the base for Ginto. A small portion of your power can go a long way when rationed properly for delivery." The young student approached the master closely to observe the contents only to see it full a shimmering blue liquid. Slowly the master would step back and start to turn the tube over (Who is this man?) As the liquid dropped from the tube the master spoke a single word, "Wolke!" and with it a small concentrated explosion occurred- There he stood in front of the desk, with the paper written for Aiden on the desk. "Hopefully this works Aiden, and you can see what I have." (What is going on?) "I know you are wondering what is happening and without wasting too many words," His hands began to work with the materials on the table while pouring a shimmering green liquid from a tube similar to the previous vision, "But you are seeing my memories as they happened. Even though I will not be alive much longer to teach you, this does not mean I will be unable to provide you everything I know." The metallic stuff on the table temporarily turned into a black liquid before solidifying again. His hand reached for a broken piece of metal and pulled it to his face, the metal so finely polished that he could see himself. "It will come in pieces, but you will learn from the same masters that I have. You will learn of Ginto, the fine liquid reiryoku and how it works so that you too can become a master." "Ah, Kento. I am not surprised to see a rat hiding away in his garbage." He turned to see a dark figure before- Aiden was thrown out of the unit and into the main space of the storage area. Quickly he got up to see several lights in the distance from flashlights and a single one of them was closer than the others, fully dressed in a black suit like the guys from earlier. "Shit." He rushed back into the storage and attempted to close the door and noticed that the hinge was damaged and seemed to broken when he opened it. He realized that he was going to be unable to secure the location and started to grab all of the materials that he could manage as quickly as he could. Slowly he noticed that his left arm would absorb the metal, first by turning it into a fine molten liquid that would be assimilated and then the arm would return to normal as if nothing happened. He stared at his hand for a moment as he pointed his hand towards the ground and recalled the liquid from the vision. "Ginto?" Slowly, like blood from an open wound, liquid metal would drip from his arm onto the ground before stopping suddenly and healing up. "I think I see something." Aiden realized that they had gotten close and rushed out of the unit and jumped onto the surface where his left arm formed a claw. It shocked him because usually he would have to generate the claws by extending them entirely but his hand actually turned into a claw. He had little time to think about it and launched himself on top of the unit and jumped across the way and looked back at the unit covering on the roof of the nearby structure. He could see several of the goons going in and looking through stuff. Aiden increased his earpiece volume and attempted to listen, "We miss the kid, but at least we found their stash." "Yeah, and the old man is good as dead so we can just wait out the kid." Frustration consumed him as he clenched his left fist, "What the hell? Is that tar on the floor?" Aiden was confused and then realized he meant the strange molten metal and realized that it was not hot to him and it was simply thick liquid metal. Then the thought of the vision from earlier came by and with a sense of curiosity and disbelief he said the words, "Wolke." Suddenly in a burst of Raw energy the liquid started to glow and exploded sending the unit up in flames and destroying part of the units nearby. His vision made him believe that the technique would be harmless in use but this was larger than he expected as he watched the flame consume the entirety of the unit and not a single person seemed to run out of the flames. Normally he would be the one called to come assist with this, but perhaps this is the one time he would willingly allow the official fire response team handle it and turned away. He took his steps with the remains of his family in flames, but from those ashes he allowed a new desire to ignite. WC | 1073 Wolke Learned
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    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Akihiko (Aiden) Kaine Maximum Fate Point Balance | 3 - Reiatsu Benchmark 30k [3] Current Purchases | 0 NA Ending Fate Point Balance | 3 NA Legend Point Balance | 0
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    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND][REMAINING ND| 11,175] There was a moment after securing the bodies in which Oriru considered that perhaps annihilating this entire location would be best served as his course of action, it would consume his thoughts as he went over the process of submitting the request for a Geographical Purge for the benefit of society as a whole but determined that the ability of getting that approved would be considerably longer than he would have liked to admit. With that thought pushed out of his mind and his comrade, the former Commander, walking behind him there was a sense of urgency as they made their way through the Sakura Garden along the only viable path at the moment. Eventually the two of them came across a path that broke away from the garden that continued up a elevated direction while the other path continued to maintain a position within the garden. It was clear based on the sounds of the wailing that the only location that was safe from their current approaching enemies would be to follow the path that was leading up towards a potential area of safety, even if only temporarily. As they continued along this path, the Shrine Gate became visible. Upon following the marbled steps that lead into a unique different locations than the others, an individual actually came into view. After the events that transpired, there was a moment where Oriru considered immediately destroying the person before him but allowed that urge to settle before moving forward. He was unsure if it was the mist of the events that transpired recently, but a dark urge continued to warp his thoughts with every passing step. The individual, a younger male individual based on figure, but obscured by the mask he was wearing which appeared to be pretty damaged at this moment. The young man provided an upwards nod, which was an honest good sign since most beings that Oriru had encountered up to this point simply wailed and assaulted. In response, Oriru would give a respectful downwards nod. An acknowledgement that he too is one seperate from the beings that wander the lands consumed in the mist. It was not until this moment, as Oriru acknowledged another seemingly healthy individual and took a slow inhale, that he realized he was away from the strange sensation of the mist. ----------- WC | 1025 + 400 = 1425
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    Passing the Torch

    "There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect." ---------- FIRST ACT... In nature, there is a strong inclination of creatures to strive for self preservation, which guides every decision that is made almost indiscriminately against the obstacles that threaten the principle of sustaining the their own life. This is the reason that animals hunt in order to satiate the hunger in order to avoid starvation, the reason that creatures that are prey become aware of their own placement upon the hierarchy and attempt to defend themselves, and ultimately the reason that most animals strive to avoid dangerous situations that threaten their life. This uncontrollable desire to survive comes not from the need to sustain the personal state of living, but to preserve the nature of their existence for the sake of their species so they can continue to grow their family and the need for it to continue on. Though the ability to survive and the desire to survive do not equate in most cases, for the desire to survive may push beyond any conceivable notion while the ability to do so is minuscule in comparison. In the end, the challenge is not a matter of maintaining life that has been granted but placing a value on the lives that currently exist without measuring against the previous beings that may have existed to this point while avoiding the pressures of understanding that what strives beyond our life is depending on our own decisions and actions taken in this moment. Constrained to the darkness settles the truth, or the collection of truths, that the mind wishes to keep obscured for the sake of self preservation. To know the truth of things brings forth the completion of a search unknown to the masses that they had held deep within their desires, an insatiable urge to understand what is unclear and to bring acknowledgement of what was once hidden. To know that life has no mean at the point of death brings the end of passion and the surge of relentless desire for a new quest. Some may cling to life hoping to find answers in their own anguish in order to spread the mystery once more, other quickly realize that their lives hold no meaning in the long term and wish to determine the validity that their souls exist in frailty of established mannerism devoured by uncontrollable fear, while the remaining realize that life has always been based on time which, although seemingly endless, is indeed finite and the most practical use of it is recklessly although calculated. So when the darkness consumes the mind, when silence sings a symphony of self destructive tenancies, as the shadows encroach upon the vision of the tactical gaze, along the thousands of shocks the eliminate the sensation of an embrace, all that remains is a single truth; nothing matter. Such a pitiful path of thought that flows, endlessly and carelessly before the sounds echo through the halls of our own extinction. The echo that sounds like the drums of war although the truth is the hard sole of a well decorated show is placing the pressure of an aggressive mannerism along the metallic floor leading to the home of the destroyed soul, or at least the disintegrating being that was once the vessel for the mind of a soul. When in the darkness, none of it made sense but the truth remained that nothing made sense any, at least not any more than it did a few seconds prior but surely it held more clarity than the moments that were soon to transpire. Though, there was no clear way to determine what path that the strings of fate may bind the following actions as they braid the actions of many beings upon one another. Moving from the left to the right, the right over the center, and the center back into place; all of it was constantly being woven together but a single decision to deviate would through everything of exponentially down the line and when the errors stack there comes a point when life fades so far from the light that darkness becomes the only sun that the skin may soak in. That sound. The sound of the metal finally giving to the world around it, constrained to the archway of stone and finally released from the shackles of the reality designed for it although temporarily. Then again, is anything truly free when the actions of others do not release the beings that they attempt to pardon but simply restructure the designed tasks to fit the new desires of the new reality. This metal was once a mineral of the earth taken and reforged into steel to be used for a project of sorts. It settled lightly in the soil beneath before being stolen from its home to be fashioned as a seal along a passage way. Then, when the options were just as infinite as time believed itself to be the life of the mineral become forced to stand at this point to move only a few feet a single direction before being placed in the same position as before and as such as long as time permits or the actions of another decides a preferred alternative. That is the nature of life, to constantly be redesigned in another image until finally evisceration comes to secure our being from the plane of immortal torture. Words. They can be heard but not understood, the potential ability to communicate a single point through a series of sounds that have since been agreed upon to have meaning by combining multiple sounds into words and from them become sentences that have a intrinsic value. Words, become a currency of communication but that is the false ideology that placed upon those that believe that they have found a way to evolve beyond the simplicity of nature; for the wolf will howl at the moon for reasons we assume when the truth could be a simple state of boredom, love, or rage all focused with such intensity that it becomes a natural behavior for them all. Just as if a man decided that he wanted to commit murder, then the rest of the room followed in his actions, a room full will typically decided that they shall not murder each other so long as there remains others that will refuse to join in the new ritual. That is the true nature of self preservation, not simply surviving the conditions provided to you but to become the single greatest force within the moment of existence and typically the preferred method is through elimination; but that is natural only to the state of mortality being understood. As the animals do not believe that they will die from living, but that is the truth of a natural death; death by life. "Ẃ̸̧̻̣̏h̵͇̹͚̹̄͋e̵̥͓̰̯̳͛ṅ̶̠̙̠͎̇̅͛ ̴̡̛̣̣̙͇̐̅̍͝t̶̢̢̜͊̚ḥ̵͋̽͆͝͝ē̴̬͖͔̤͗ ̵̨̹͍͙̐̈́͜w̶͇̾a̵̘͓̗̒̿̓r̵̢̯̈̍ ̴̰̻̎̕ő̶͓f̵̠̙̖̍͠ ̵̗͒̆̿̕͝t̷͈̭̲̜͍̅̅h̴̛̼̳͝ḛ̴̛ ̴͈̟̟͈͌̓̔̓͘b̴̲̳͍̦͚̄͐e̸̦͑̌͛̈́͜ạ̴̯͖̺̏ş̶̰̄t̵̫̙̖̠̐̓̓s̵̰̄̈̚ ̷̡̮͑̈́̓b̴̬̗̟̑̅̀͋͝ŕ̶͕̙͈̜̂͗̅ị̷̛n̸̑͊̋̎̚͜g̵̗̪͇̱̱̿̎̎s̶̯̰͑̓͝ ̸̬͉̞̙̊a̴̧̠͌b̶̹̦̋ö̴̗́̋̀̕u̷̢̟̜̤͋͗̄͝t̵̤̜͉̀̐̎̚ ̵̨̜̗̀̄t̷̖̂̐̓h̷͔̞̼̠͈̽̊̓͂̇ę̶̥̙̠̔̀̅̃͊ ̵̜͋̑ẘ̶̢͚͙̹̈́̀̍͌ȍ̵̘̲̺̓r̶̮͖̰̘̬͑̃͛l̸̝͇̝̎̅d̸̹̭̻̻̈͌̇'̴͎̑͋s̷̄͑̂̒̕ͅ ̶̢͇̭͉̄è̶̜̑̐̄͠ń̶̢̺̜͗̈ḓ̶̎̑̍̾̉.̸̡̪̀.̴͎̌̾͛̋͌.̶̨̗̀̂ ̶͓̾͐/̵̳̲̺̞̻̾̈́͋̈́ ̷͙̹̔͂̑̕T̵͎̆̃̾̋͠h̶̳̃̍̋̃e̷͇̝̝̕ ̶͍̥̤̽̓̈́͝g̷̡̰̖̜͐̍͒̐̚ȯ̶̟̋̕d̸̘̮̗̦̪͗d̸̞̒ẽ̴̖̬̃̚͝ṣ̸̥̜̂̔s̷̢̞̳̥̝̔ ̴͉̬̙̆̽̎͋̐ď̶̜͙̠̱̯̒͋̏͘ȩ̷̛͆̏͊s̶̢̞̙̈c̴̗̻̻̟̓̾͂͝e̴̳̺̓̓̋ṅ̶̝̫̼͙d̴̞͎̻̤̼̅̀̈s̸̱̺̽͂̈́̾ ̴̢̓͋͑͠f̴̲̬̙̌̃̀͘r̶͖̦͙̫͓̋̂̌̓ò̶̞m̶̡̖̗͕̠̾̒̀͝ ̷̢̠̀ṯ̵̼̳͎͕͊̂h̸̬̗͔̯̏ẹ̴̫́ ̴̘͋͒̒s̸̺̗͓̿̀̅́͜k̴̹̮̈̈́̌ÿ̸̢̧̜̝́̓.̸̝͊.̸̮̥͖́̾̈́.̵̫̫̝̽͒͛͠ ̴̭̪̈́́̒͌͐/̵̡̧̱̣̩̽̃ ̴̰̭͉͕̅͜W̶̡͙̗̙̩͑͝í̷̘͝n̶̢̛͔̗̯͋́ͅḡ̷̫́̀̌̽ṡ̵̨̢̳̇͑̑͜ ̴̛̺̻͌̇̚o̶̥̜̊́̅f̸̼̖̯̘͑ ̸͖̦̊̃l̵̡̠̦͍͆͗͐͜i̶̗̹͛͜͠ǵ̶̡̖͖͖h̵̠͇̐ẗ̷̟̦͓̗̩́ ̷̛̦̘̬͋̚a̷̢̙̤̥̪͛̀̊n̸̘̘̑́͒͋ḋ̴̜̻͝ ̴̞̤̼͇̳̚d̴̨̢̛̲̱̀̐a̷͎͚̓͜͠ŕ̸͓̳͉̼̭̀ķ̶̛̹̩̲̅͋̀ ̸̛̭̝̱̃̿́s̴̨͉̻̹̈̊͝p̵̛͖̻̳͇̑͛̓͘r̵̨͛̏̈͠ė̴̪a̷̧̟̮͚̔̈͘͝͝ḋ̷͔̼ ̷̢̛̭̪̈́̚̚͝a̵̝̭̹͉͙͋f̴̧̜̗̌́a̴̦͎̝̦͆̿̔r̵̫̳̠͘.̶̡̣̪̔̏.̴͚͎͈̯͒͒̓.̵̻̓͐̒̀ ̶̠̲̯̣̽͜/̶̼͇͖̖̱̀͋̽ ̵̪̏̏͋͊ͅS̵̥̻͉̳̰̋h̵̛̥̹̠͇͎̏ẽ̴͓̥͙̬͎̀̑̚ ̴̡̨̛͓̥͋͊̽ͅg̸̰̓̾͑͗͝ṵ̷̡̈́̂̕i̵̛̺̓d̸̨̖͔̀͘͠e̶͉̙̳̱͒̓̀͘s̶̙̼͇͓͒̕͝ͅ ̷̕ͅu̶̢̠̻̼̲͗́͐͑͝s̸̨̹̘̩̿̓̐ ̸̱͚̲̒̏͆̈́͌t̴̢͛̚o̸̬̖̱̼̬͛́͒͆̚ ̶̡̟̱͓͒̏̿͠͝ḇ̷̪̜̼͖̆͐͑͝l̶͍̹͙̦̉͝i̵̟͈͚͌̈́͝s̷͍͎̫͖͈͋̐́̒s̸̨͇͑̐̌,̶̛͎̰̳̤̉̓͜͠ ̷̩̖̼̠͆̅̉͜h̴̯̠́é̶̢̝̂̋r̸̳̗̅͂͋͂̽ ̴͇̓̃̔̅͜͝g̸̡͕̀̔̽̽͜ĩ̶̮͚̦̠͜f̷̬̞̿̆̕t̵̗̠̲͌͑͒̉͊ ̶̥̖͓̑̌́͝e̷̗̤̔̊v̸͚̝̙̑̈ȩ̴̪̃r̵͖̫͎̘͘ļ̴͍͕̺̇͆̀a̸͙̬͖͂̾s̶̥͓̦͈̝̓̇́̓̚t̵̤̬͌͗̏͝i̸͔̰̊̀̈́̆n̶̤̅g̸͍̀̚.̵̻̠̂̏" It is truly a pity that these minds around me, although I can not lay my eyes upon them, are unable to hear the truth that I share with them. The knowledge that I know, or perhaps it is more a shame that I can not share the news with others that there exists a being within this corpse although it still breathes life and still has a heart that beats to a rhythm I no longer recognize. "Ẃ̸̧̻̣̏h̵͇̹͚̹̄͋e̵̥͓̰̯̳͛ṅ̶̠̙̠͎̇̅͛ ̴̡̛̣̣̙͇̐̅̍͝t̶̢̢̜͊̚ḥ̵͋̽͆͝͝ē̴̬͖͔̤͗ ̵̨̹͍͙̐̈́͜w̶͇̾a̵̘͓̗̒̿̓r̵̢̯̈̍ ̴̰̻̎̕ő̶͓f̵̠̙̖̍͠ ̵̗͒̆̿̕͝t̷͈̭̲̜͍̅̅h̴̛̼̳͝ḛ̴̛ ̴͈̟̟͈͌̓̔̓͘b̴̲̳͍̦͚̄͐e̸̦͑̌͛̈́͜ạ̴̯͖̺̏ş̶̰̄t̵̫̙̖̠̐̓̓s̵̰̄̈̚ ̷̡̮͑̈́̓b̴̬̗̟̑̅̀͋͝ŕ̶͕̙͈̜̂͗̅ị̷̛n̸̑͊̋̎̚͜g̵̗̪͇̱̱̿̎̎s̶̯̰͑̓͝ ̸̬͉̞̙̊a̴̧̠͌b̶̹̦̋ö̴̗́̋̀̕u̷̢̟̜̤͋͗̄͝t̵̤̜͉̀̐̎̚ ̵̨̜̗̀̄t̷̖̂̐̓h̷͔̞̼̠͈̽̊̓͂̇ę̶̥̙̠̔̀̅̃͊ ̵̜͋̑ẘ̶̢͚͙̹̈́̀̍͌ȍ̵̘̲̺̓r̶̮͖̰̘̬͑̃͛l̸̝͇̝̎̅d̸̹̭̻̻̈͌̇'̴͎̑͋s̷̄͑̂̒̕ͅ ̶̢͇̭͉̄è̶̜̑̐̄͠ń̶̢̺̜͗̈ḓ̶̎̑̍̾̉.̸̡̪̀.̴͎̌̾͛̋͌.̶̨̗̀̂ ̶͓̾͐" Why is it that when I wish to speak, my body decides that the words it wishes to speak are not the ones that I have decided to use? I know that there are people in this room, I can feel the room increase in temperature from the freezing levels that they placed upon me and yet they continue to speak among themselves. " ̷͙̹̔͂̑̕T̵͎̆̃̾̋͠h̶̳̃̍̋̃e̷͇̝̝̕ ̶͍̥̤̽̓̈́͝g̷̡̰̖̜͐̍͒̐̚ȯ̶̟̋̕d̸̘̮̗̦̪͗d̸̞̒ẽ̴̖̬̃̚͝ṣ̸̥̜̂̔s̷̢̞̳̥̝̔ ̴͉̬̙̆̽̎͋̐ď̶̜͙̠̱̯̒͋̏͘ȩ̷̛͆̏͊s̶̢̞̙̈c̴̗̻̻̟̓̾͂͝e̴̳̺̓̓̋ṅ̶̝̫̼͙d̴̞͎̻̤̼̅̀̈s̸̱̺̽͂̈́̾ ̴̢̓͋͑͠f̴̲̬̙̌̃̀͘r̶͖̦͙̫͓̋̂̌̓ò̶̞m̶̡̖̗͕̠̾̒̀͝ ̷̢̠̀ṯ̵̼̳͎͕͊̂h̸̬̗͔̯̏ẹ̴̫́ ̴̘͋͒̒s̸̺̗͓̿̀̅́͜k̴̹̮̈̈́̌ÿ̸̢̧̜̝́̓." The room has three people in here with me, a man with incredible power and that much is too obvious to me. It is impossible form anyone to miss the amount of power that he holds within his feeble form and perhaps if he allowed the darkness inside out for even a moment he could become a god, potentially a god that would eradicate everything from the face of existence; a god nonetheless. ".̸̮̥͖́̾̈́.̵̫̫̝̽͒͛͠ ̴̭̪̈́́̒͌͐/̵̡̧̱̣̩̽̃ ̴̰̭͉͕̅͜W̶̡͙̗̙̩͑͝í̷̘͝n̶̢̛͔̗̯͋́ͅḡ̷̫́̀̌̽ṡ̵̨̢̳̇͑̑͜ ̴̛̺̻͌̇̚o̶̥̜̊́̅f̸̼̖̯̘͑ ̸͖̦̊̃l̵̡̠̦͍͆͗͐͜i̶̗̹͛͜͠ǵ̶̡̖͖͖h̵̠͇̐ẗ̷̟̦͓̗̩́ ̷̛̦̘̬͋̚a̷̢̙̤̥̪͛̀̊n̸̘̘̑́͒͋ḋ̴̜̻͝ ̴̞̤̼͇̳̚d̴̨̢̛̲̱̀̐a̷͎͚̓͜͠ŕ̸͓̳͉̼̭̀ķ̶̛̹̩̲̅͋̀ ̸̛̭̝̱̃̿́s̴̨͉̻̹̈̊͝p̵̛͖̻̳͇̑͛̓͘r̵̨͛̏̈͠ė̴̪a̷̧̟̮͚̔̈͘͝͝ḋ̷͔̼ ̷̢̛̭̪̈́̚̚͝a̵̝̭̹͉͙͋f̴̧̜̗̌́a̴̦͎̝̦͆̿̔r̵̫̳̠͘.̶̡̣̪̔̏.̴͚͎͈̯͒͒̓." With him is a young woman, I can feel her presence is unique and tethered specifically to the man that settled with the crumbs of a god versus the feast of eternal power. Her existence is actually a contradiction to reality, as she should not be capable of such a manifested form but after the knowledge that I have acquired; nothing is real. " ̵̪̏̏͋͊ͅS̵̥̻͉̳̰̋h̵̛̥̹̠͇͎̏ẽ̴͓̥͙̬͎̀̑̚ ̴̡̨̛͓̥͋͊̽ͅg̸̰̓̾͑͗͝ṵ̷̡̈́̂̕i̵̛̺̓d̸̨̖͔̀͘͠e̶͉̙̳̱͒̓̀͘s̶̙̼͇͓͒̕͝ͅ ̷̕ͅu̶̢̠̻̼̲͗́͐͑͝s̸̨̹̘̩̿̓̐ ̸̱͚̲̒̏͆̈́͌t̴̢͛̚o̸̬̖̱̼̬͛́͒͆̚ ̶̡̟̱͓͒̏̿͠͝ḇ̷̪̜̼͖̆͐͑͝l̶͍̹͙̦̉͝i̵̟͈͚͌̈́͝s̷͍͎̫͖͈͋̐́̒s̸̨͇͑̐̌,̶̛͎̰̳̤̉̓͜͠ ̷̩̖̼̠͆̅̉͜h̴̯̠́é̶̢̝̂̋r̸̳̗̅͂͋͂̽ ̴͇̓̃̔̅͜͝g̸̡͕̀̔̽̽͜ĩ̶̮͚̦̠͜f̷̬̞̿̆̕t̵̗̠̲͌͑͒̉͊ ̶̥̖͓̑̌́͝e̷̗̤̔̊v̸͚̝̙̑̈ȩ̴̪̃r̵͖̫͎̘͘ļ̴͍͕̺̇͆̀a̸͙̬͖͂̾s̶̥͓̦͈̝̓̇́̓̚t̵̤̬͌͗̏͝i̸͔̰̊̀̈́̆n̶̤̅g̸͍̀̚." The third is the man who stands outside of my mineral prison. No... My mineral salvation. Yes... My mineral suffering. He attempts to provide me sustinence to sustain my existence, but I have transcended the need for that body... I have transcended the ability to return to my body... I have descended from the nature of a body. That body continues to repeat the same lines over and over... "When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end..." There is no rhyme or reason in these words being spoken, although I continue to waste my time attempting to bring a purpose to the vessel that I once inhabited, there is no reality to which that truth comes to be. "The goddess descends from the sky..." It continues to ramble on about things that do not make sense, speaking words that were sung down in the dark depths of the forgotten belly of hell itself and yet it sounds too much like where I deserve to be, need to be, want to be. "Wings of light and dark spread afar..." These conversations of what to do with me, the Commander of the Kido Corp, start to become both a depressing story to listen to but a proclamation of my potential to be in the state that I am in. "She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting." One day I will return to the place where things made more sense, but for now I must deal with the incessant rambling of a body that resembles me in which the room can only be felt as the mind has long lost the connection with reality. ------------- SECOND ACT... "Ḯ̸̢͉͂̓͝͠n̵̨̳̪̑̔̏́͜f̸̥̬͍̖̞̾̄̈́̏͝i̶̝̩͛̔̃͒̓ṇ̵̪͗́̄̎̃i̸̮͎͉̙̹͗̆̽͝ţ̵͕͂̀̇e̴̛̗̩͆̑̑̀͜ ̸̘͑̾̾i̶̛͖͙͋̚n̴͍͑̈́̑͑̚ ̶̳̝̠͠ṁ̵̪̊͘y̷̰̮̖̮̥͂̽̒̐͠s̷̱̹̪̭͈͒̓̑̓̕ţ̷̹̂̀ͅȇ̸̛̱͈̺̀̌̇ͅr̷̡̧̹̖̱͌y̵̢̪͓͙̣͌̀͛̍ ̴̨͕̤̀͛̆͝i̶̖̦̩̇͊̓͠s̷̗̄ ̵̡̺̄͜t̵̲̳͈̾ḫ̶́͆͜e̵̹̗̭̍͊͘ ̴̻̉̓̔̄͊ǵ̵̫̲̟̄͒̅͆i̴̼̣̖̠͔̐f̸̡̡͉̘̳̓̎̽̊t̷̢͉̄̑̂̅̚ ̸̝̍̓͝ő̴̬̬̣̺̯̈̎f̷̝͉̙̭̕ ̵̦̭̹͋͐̃̾͝ẗ̵̖̮͖͂͋̓͝h̵̹͂̄ẻ̵̛̗̲̀̚ ̶͙͓͖̳̘̿̿͒Ġ̴̱̈́͑̌ȯ̸̧̮͎d̵̯̎̿d̶͙̲͍̓̈́͊̚ë̸͇̯͚̒̊̔͘s̶̮̙̪͎͔̍̓s̷̲̼̪̿̈́̿.̶̯̼͐͛͘.̸̮̼̱̱̈͑̅.̸͉͎̘̞̌̿̔̅/̶͕̌ ̴̧̡͇̝̇͋̕Ẃ̷̙̥̠̬̉̀e̸̱̗̘͂̑̈ ̶̧̹̟̬̊͛͌̉̈́s̴͇̥̤̜̈́͆̆͘͝e̸̜̽͐e̶̺̪̜̙̾k̵̦͕͖̠̰̉̆̓̉̚ ̶͉͇̎̎̚i̷̳̖̐͐̈͆t̵̛̰̳́̀̾̚ ̵͚̦̓̿̽ͅt̶̠̩̩̝͆́̾͝h̵̛̭̣͖̽͝ư̷̯̼̤̄̋̍ş̸̮̯͕̫̈̑͆͠,̸̔͂͂̒̕ͅ ̶͙̱͙͎͑͗͌͐̕ă̷̤͓̫͂n̵̞̪̤̞͇͑̑͝d̷̼̗̲̘̝̈́͊̌̚ ̶̭̦̏t̵͙͇̼͇̞̑̊̈̅a̶̢̨͌ķ̶̧̟̠͌̉̂̚ͅë̴̙̤͖̤̔̓̈ ̷͎̣͇͕͖̒̉͐t̷̪̼̃͐ǫ̷̨͙̤͉̈́̅̓̈́͐ ̷̨͚͎̳̏t̸̪͙́ḥ̵̍͆͂̕͜͠e̵͉͔͇̓̌̔͜ ̷̺͉̏s̵̤̝͚͙̅̔̀̚k̶̨̛͕͈̞͍y̶̡͙̰͔̣͂̇̾.̴͍͉̟̅̊͜.̴̠̊̄.̷͇̽̌͘͠/̷̃̊̇̕͝ͅ ̵͚̦̈́͝R̷̗̲̖͋͐i̷̳͙̎͜p̷̖̯̱̈́̀̊̌p̸̢̛͓̲̏́̑̈ͅl̵̻̮̯̬̎̈̈́̎ę̴̳͓͙̂̅s̴̡̯̤̓̔̑́̑ͅͅ ̷̈̉͒ͅf̵̗̗͘ở̴̛͍̝͚̙͝͝r̴̥͎̒͝m̸̙̙̠̚͜ ̷̰͓̠̄ͅͅȯ̸̖̞͙͊͘n̴͖̜͓̎͘ ̸̨̼̝͎͉̊̕͠t̷̙̆̈́̓̆̅h̴̢̻̙͓̳͒͋͐̑è̵̙ ̴̣̘̦͑͊ͅw̴͍̼̪̃̿͛͜a̵͇͈̻̋̀̈́̚͜͝t̵̛̺̬͑̏͂͝e̸̬͝ř̵͙̍'̷̩̈́͋̚s̸̟̫̺͋̑̏̏͝ ̶̰͚̩̞̦̎̎̕s̶̨̥͓͊ũ̶̫̯͙̹̋̐͑r̷̙͍̓͛͂̇ͅf̵̨͎̰̘̈á̶̬́c̷̯̯̽̍͘ḛ̸̈́́͂͘.̶̟̥̾.̷̛̟͖̳̈́́͝.̵̧̦̮̂̚͠/̵͇̑͗͗̂ ̵̨͊͊́̏͠T̸͈͛̓h̸̤͎͙͑̔̑e̷̩̹͑ ̶͚͓̹̩́̄͝w̸̜̭̳̐ḁ̷͚̥͇͉̃͝n̴̬̣͔̖̫̅͋̀͘͝d̷̛̙͚̔̈́̀͘ͅe̴͇̤͎͊̆̓́͒͜r̸̘̉͐̔͘i̶̱̟̅͛͜n̵̡͚͙͙̆͐̓ġ̵͖͍ ̶̟͖͒̃̆́͘s̶̛̲̫̈́́̄̔ŏ̸̬͉̲́̂u̵͇̯͓̘̞͋l̸̡̡̮̪̈̀̾͗͠ ̴̝̬̫͇̈́ͅk̸̨̡̩̱͚̃̑n̵̥̩̩̭̒͐ổ̷̢̧͕̥̙͒w̴̖͚͎̒̂͐͐͒ͅs̴̢̲͚͖̓̽̎̕͜ ̷̨̛͍͚̭̇̎͛̽ņ̴̘̟̦́̑̀͠ò̵̡̰̟̹̌̇͝ ̸̨͍̦̩̲͐̈́͝r̶̞̻̗̮̥͐̈́e̶̺̠̽̾́͠ͅs̸̘̀́͗͝ţ̴̮̟̙̍͆.̴̺̥̣̜̘̄̂̀̑" Oriru looked at the Kido Corp Officer as they stood between the metal doorway of containment room, located partially inside of Sokyoku Hill but also sealed away in a small pocket dimension in order to avoid any potential release upon the Soul Society. Genshi sat with her legs crossed in front of a figure of a person wrapped entirely in white bandages from head to toe leaving nothing to be revealed. This figure was sitting in a kneeling position with both hands on their knees and a calm posture. She looked at him with a massive intensity as he continued to ramble once more. "Ḯ̸̢͉͂̓͝͠n̵̨̳̪̑̔̏́͜f̸̥̬͍̖̞̾̄̈́̏͝i̶̝̩͛̔̃͒̓ṇ̵̪͗́̄̎̃i̸̮͎͉̙̹͗̆̽͝ţ̵͕͂̀̇e̴̛̗̩͆̑̑̀͜ ̸̘͑̾̾i̶̛͖͙͋̚n̴͍͑̈́̑͑̚ ̶̳̝̠͠ṁ̵̪̊͘y̷̰̮̖̮̥͂̽̒̐͠s̷̱̹̪̭͈͒̓̑̓̕ţ̷̹̂̀ͅȇ̸̛̱͈̺̀̌̇ͅr̷̡̧̹̖̱͌y̵̢̪͓͙̣͌̀͛̍ ̴̨͕̤̀͛̆͝i̶̖̦̩̇͊̓͠s̷̗̄ ̵̡̺̄͜t̵̲̳͈̾ḫ̶́͆͜e̵̹̗̭̍͊͘ ̴̻̉̓̔̄͊ǵ̵̫̲̟̄͒̅͆i̴̼̣̖̠͔̐f̸̡̡͉̘̳̓̎̽̊t̷̢͉̄̑̂̅̚ ̸̝̍̓͝ő̴̬̬̣̺̯̈̎f̷̝͉̙̭̕ ̵̦̭̹͋͐̃̾͝ẗ̵̖̮͖͂͋̓͝h̵̹͂̄ẻ̵̛̗̲̀̚ ̶͙͓͖̳̘̿̿͒Ġ̴̱̈́͑̌ȯ̸̧̮͎d̵̯̎̿d̶͙̲͍̓̈́͊̚ë̸͇̯͚̒̊̔͘s̶̮̙̪͎͔̍̓s̷̲̼̪̿̈́̿.̶̯̼͐͛͘.̸̮̼̱̱̈͑̅.̸͉͎̘̞̌̿̔̅/̶͕̌ ̴̧̡͇̝̇͋̕Ẃ̷̙̥̠̬̉̀e̸̱̗̘͂̑̈ ̶̧̹̟̬̊͛͌̉̈́s̴͇̥̤̜̈́͆̆͘͝e̸̜̽͐e̶̺̪̜̙̾k̵̦͕͖̠̰̉̆̓̉̚ ̶͉͇̎̎̚i̷̳̖̐͐̈͆t̵̛̰̳́̀̾̚ ̵͚̦̓̿̽ͅt̶̠̩̩̝͆́̾͝h̵̛̭̣͖̽͝ư̷̯̼̤̄̋̍ş̸̮̯͕̫̈̑͆͠,̸̔͂͂̒̕ͅ ̶͙̱͙͎͑͗͌͐̕ă̷̤͓̫͂n̵̞̪̤̞͇͑̑͝d̷̼̗̲̘̝̈́͊̌̚ ̶̭̦̏t̵͙͇̼͇̞̑̊̈̅a̶̢̨͌ķ̶̧̟̠͌̉̂̚ͅë̴̙̤͖̤̔̓̈ ̷͎̣͇͕͖̒̉͐t̷̪̼̃͐ǫ̷̨͙̤͉̈́̅̓̈́͐ ̷̨͚͎̳̏t̸̪͙́ḥ̵̍͆͂̕͜͠e̵͉͔͇̓̌̔͜ ̷̺͉̏s̵̤̝͚͙̅̔̀̚k̶̨̛͕͈̞͍y̶̡͙̰͔̣͂̇̾.̴͍͉̟̅̊͜.̴̠̊̄.̷͇̽̌͘͠/̷̃̊̇̕͝ͅ ̵͚̦̈́͝R̷̗̲̖͋͐i̷̳͙̎͜p̷̖̯̱̈́̀̊̌p̸̢̛͓̲̏́̑̈ͅl̵̻̮̯̬̎̈̈́̎ę̴̳͓͙̂̅s̴̡̯̤̓̔̑́̑ͅͅ ̷̈̉͒ͅf̵̗̗͘ở̴̛͍̝͚̙͝͝r̴̥͎̒͝m̸̙̙̠̚͜ ̷̰͓̠̄ͅͅȯ̸̖̞͙͊͘n̴͖̜͓̎͘ ̸̨̼̝͎͉̊̕͠t̷̙̆̈́̓̆̅h̴̢̻̙͓̳͒͋͐̑è̵̙ ̴̣̘̦͑͊ͅw̴͍̼̪̃̿͛͜a̵͇͈̻̋̀̈́̚͜͝t̵̛̺̬͑̏͂͝e̸̬͝ř̵͙̍'̷̩̈́͋̚s̸̟̫̺͋̑̏̏͝ ̶̰͚̩̞̦̎̎̕s̶̨̥͓͊ũ̶̫̯͙̹̋̐͑r̷̙͍̓͛͂̇ͅf̵̨͎̰̘̈á̶̬́c̷̯̯̽̍͘ḛ̸̈́́͂͘.̶̟̥̾.̷̛̟͖̳̈́́͝.̵̧̦̮̂̚͠/̵͇̑͗͗̂ ̵̨͊͊́̏͠T̸͈͛̓h̸̤͎͙͑̔̑e̷̩̹͑ ̶͚͓̹̩́̄͝w̸̜̭̳̐ḁ̷͚̥͇͉̃͝n̴̬̣͔̖̫̅͋̀͘͝d̷̛̙͚̔̈́̀͘ͅe̴͇̤͎͊̆̓́͒͜r̸̘̉͐̔͘i̶̱̟̅͛͜n̵̡͚͙͙̆͐̓ġ̵͖͍ ̶̟͖͒̃̆́͘s̶̛̲̫̈́́̄̔ŏ̸̬͉̲́̂u̵͇̯͓̘̞͋l̸̡̡̮̪̈̀̾͗͠ ̴̝̬̫͇̈́ͅk̸̨̡̩̱͚̃̑n̵̥̩̩̭̒͐ổ̷̢̧͕̥̙͒w̴̖͚͎̒̂͐͐͒ͅs̴̢̲͚͖̓̽̎̕͜ ̷̨̛͍͚̭̇̎͛̽ņ̴̘̟̦́̑̀͠ò̵̡̰̟̹̌̇͝ ̸̨͍̦̩̲͐̈́͝r̶̞̻̗̮̥͐̈́e̶̺̠̽̾́͠ͅs̸̘̀́͗͝ţ̴̮̟̙̍͆.̴̺̥̣̜̘̄̂̀̑" She took a moment and began to write something in the notebook that she held in front of her as Oriru and the Kido Corp officer continued to discuss details that meant little to nothing to her at this moment. She was aware that the being was held securely by a unique kido that was placed to keep their soul intact while they attempt to undo what had been done. Slowly Genshi leaned in closer in order to whisper into the ear of the figure, "Ḳ̷̘̉́n̴͚̚o̵̡̺͘̕w̷̧͂̋ ̴̗͉̈́̊t̵̟̫̊̎ḫ̶̃a̷͚͎̓̑ṱ̸̏̐ ̸͎̟̓I̵͈͆̔ ̸͈͠c̸̡͝ä̷͎ń̵̮͇ ̷̩̽͊ḧ̷͍́͛é̵̦͝ä̷̬̥́r̸̰̄ ̴̮͂͠ẏ̵̼o̸͍͂͋ų̴͇̎̽r̶̫̫͋̓ ̴̧̩̏c̴̛̺͚̕r̷͚̹̎͝i̵͍͖͋ȩ̶̖͊s̸͉̩̅,̵̲̳́̕ ̸̦̊̎y̶̬͑́ȏ̵̡̓ú̴̪̮r̷̪͌ ̴͍̄p̵̲̑l̶̩̹̂̀e̸̲͙͠ȁ̸͜ ̷̪͗f̶͐̒͜ȍ̷̳̍r̶̥̐ ̵͇̼̊̈s̶̯͎͝ȧ̸̘l̷͈̮̎v̷̼̑ȁ̵͇̿t̶̯̙́̄ĩ̴̙͝o̵̹̘̎̎n̶͜͝ ̸͈̄̽f̵̣̘̐r̵͉̟̓͘ô̴̰͜ṁ̷̺ ̴̘̄͆ŷ̵̡ọ̶̪̀̒ụ̷̆r̵̲̄ ̷̫̽o̸̰͆̋w̴̼͜͝n̸̮͙̈́ ̵̎̂͜d̶̗̀̓e̴̱͂c̷͒͜i̶̺̭̅͒s̷͓͑ï̵͍͔͘o̴̬̻̐n̶̘͈̔s̸̩͉͌.̷̥̃ ̶̘́T̴̻͎͗h̸̤̊̏e̸̮̽ ̶̝͍̂͒n̵̰̈́̓a̸̬̯͊̌t̴̤̎͂ů̸̬͐͜r̸̤͉̾͒e̶̙͔͐ ̷͚̼̆ọ̵͇̓̾f̷̧͖̌́ ̵̱̾y̵̹͉͐̃o̶͉͔͌͐u̸͇͊̇ŗ̶̉̒ ̷̣̿͘f̶̦̙̋̂a̷̪͆ů̷̼̈l̴̰̦̂͠t̴͔̄ṡ̸͍͌ ̸̢̜̔̑ã̴͖r̶̙̣͊ě̸͕ ̵̦͈̕n̶̨̙̍͘o̵̬̭̐t̶̬͘ ̶̝̺̇̉w̷͉̥̓̉i̶͔̠͝t̵̖͗h̸̓̀͜í̷̯n̷̡̪̊ ̸̬̿͂y̸̡̫̏̄o̸̭̱͛̐u̸̬̫͊̓r̶̹̒̚ͅ ̸͉̮̾͆c̷̖̒͘o̴̙͑n̵̼̜͂t̴̢̆ṟ̸̑̌ö̶͖̗l̶͍̩̿͂,̴̙͗ ̴̳͍́̕b̷͕̐ͅu̷̙͆͝t̵͖̕ ̴̖̘̈̕t̷̮̍̓h̶̘̬̊e̴̢̍ ̸̛̻̑ṉ̴͎̈́̚a̴̭̭̒t̸̻̥̕͘ǘ̷͈r̷̮͂͝ȅ̵̜̞̕ ̵̱̋o̷͙̓͋f̶̯͂ ̷̰̰̋̚ŷ̶̱̱͑ö̸̼͋u̴̦̩͋̔r̵̡̔ ̶̻̐p̶̙̣͑ù̵̬̙́n̶̨͛i̴̪͓̿͝š̴͉̰ĥ̷͈̾m̴̖̔ê̶͕n̶̠̟̒t̸̰̎̽ ̵̠̈́i̶̟̓̏s̷̞̐̕ ̶͕̺̓p̸͙̆u̷̙͆̚r̷̟̙̈e̶̻͛l̶̺̤̈́́y̷̙͌̋ ̶̙͎͊̒ọ̶͍̈̕f̶̨̊́ ̷̭̻̄̄y̶̫͋̈͜o̶͎̦͂͛ử̷͔̩ȓ̶̨͝ ̵̣̒c̶̈̒ͅr̵͖̂̃e̴̛͈̩̾a̴̲̪͠t̸̮͔͂́ḯ̸̙̟ō̴̫͝n̸̲̈́͜.̵̺̪͂." Oriru and the officer were dedicated to their conversation and remained completely unaware of the event occurring only a few meters away as Genshi settled back into her original position. There was calm smile about her as she looked at this figure as she continued to take meticulous notes without breaking eye contact. The truth always shines brighter than one can realize for the moments in the darkest of nights, even a candle miles away is reminiscent of the sun shining the radiant glow for the masses that transgress against the day assuming that the night will hide their suffering and mistakes enough. To illuminate the truth is the greatest path to salvation, and to be shown such fault reveals the errors and humiliates the soul into fear and thus becoming a creature that feeds on the happiness of those that have yet to dive into the darkness of the mind's desires. As such a woman, tied to another man in a way different than many would expect and bound to a life of freedom aside from him. That is the method in which the truth is attained, not attempting to break free from the darkness that consumed them but by realizing that the darkness is a path that leads to destinations that have yet to be revealed. "I can feel my being fading, tirelessly attempting to consume itself and this process is only prolonging the inevitable." Perhaps there is a chance to change the outcome of my being, but that would not be likely. The painful truth is more in the realm of my mistakes will allow for another to benefit from the fall of a simple exploration of ideology. I could not determine the value of my actions, but perhaps they will bring forth a bountiful harvest for the one that follows. "I̷̛̼̹͒ ̴̖̀͘c̶̼̑a̴̗̅͗n̷̡̐ ̵̧͉̑̒f̷̧̣̒̏ȩ̷̯̊̓e̸̢̞͋͗ĺ̷͓ ̵̬̌̉m̸̨̅y̵̬̌͜ ̵̥̬̂̂b̷͙̯̒͝e̷̥͊̉i̴͓͆́n̵͈͕̍g̶̟̹̾ ̶̦̅̚f̷̟̾̿a̷̭͕͂̇d̴͚̣̄̑i̷̺͉͒̒n̵̲̐͝g̴̟̿,̵͖͈̀͝ ̵͔̜̍t̵̡̿ĭ̸̤̎r̵̲̣̈́e̷̫̐̽͜ĺ̶̮̟͘ë̵̼̟́s̷͚̪͊s̷̜͖̒l̶̘͝y̶̟͘ ̸͔̈a̷̹̲̿̌t̵͇͆̐t̵͎͋e̶̟͆m̷̮͔͒p̵̭̽t̶̝̩͌i̴̭̦̓͆ń̵̘̪̐g̸̼̊̋ ̷̢̻̀ẗ̵̩̠́ȯ̶̤͔ ̶̙̈́c̶̺̟͗̅o̵̻̐n̵̡̩̒s̷̻͕̈́̋u̶̮̎̕m̷͔̆̑e̴̙͋́ ̸̭̈͆ͅĭ̵̧̟͆t̶̗̺̔̈ś̴̛͉ė̴̱̱͗l̸̜̄͗f̶̧̹͌̽ ̷͙͗̅a̶̻͖̐n̴͈͌d̷̯̤͗ ̶̡́ṫ̵͔h̴̦͉͊̍ị̶͂̊s̴͚̄ ̴͇̉p̶̖͎̽͆ṛ̷͘o̴̗̓c̵̨̗̄̚e̷̗̺̕s̷͇͋̀s̵̼̣̅ ̸̻͂͜ì̶͉̽s̵̻͊ ̸̬͉̚͝o̵̖̯̊n̵̜̗̊̓l̸͍̑ỹ̴̠̊ ̶͍̽͜p̸͖̔r̴̙̋̔o̷͔͆l̸̡͕̉o̸̙̥͠ṉ̵͎̇͐g̴̫̉̎i̵̪̠͋n̶̛̳̊g̴̮̩̽ ̴̹̩̍ṯ̶̻͂̕h̵̢͕͑e̸̹̗͌͝ ̴̖͎͝í̸͈̬n̸̙̝̈́̊ë̴͜v̶͙̋͝ȉ̷̻͚ẗ̷̬̦́͘a̶̘͆͂b̷̥͛̈́ḻ̶̈́e̷̪͋.̸̯́̈." Genshi took a moment to listen to the muffled distorted ramblings of the figure as the white bandages began to soak red where the mouth and eyes would be, clearly highlighting the concerns of the figure and their speech on the inevitable decay of its existence. "T̶̖̤̋h̷̨̎̆í̶̱̮̕s̵̜̓̓ ̶̝͋i̴̜̚͠s̴̛̯̺̏ ̵̘͙͛̒ạ̸͗ ̴͕̮̍̔f̴̭̬̀o̵͔͉͋r̶̬̬͑b̸̡͍́i̷̞͊̕d̶̳̚d̶̲̮͗̕e̸̠͕͝n̸̻̦͊ ̷̟̓ẗ̴̢̮́̄e̴̦͠c̶̢̭̆̅ḧ̴͚́̅n̵̰̒͋ī̸ͅq̸̫̪͊̒ů̵̳̲͋e̵̪̅̍.̷͍͍͊.̴̘̈́.̷̠̠̑̃." There was a momentary pause between the two of them where neither spoke a word and seemed to stare at one another. "Oriru." Without breaking a moment of eye contact with the bleeding figure she poke the name of her friend who, without finishing his statement with the Kido Corps Officer, turned and approached her taking note of the signs of bleeding from the head of the figure. "This is for you." She raised her notebook with her right hand with a the page recently marked up with many notes, most of which was too foreign for Oriru to comprehend but took note of the portion that was written clearly and in a language he understood. "This is the only possibility available to you with what limited time we have been presented with." Oriru removed the book from her hand as she brought her arm down and sat in a similar fashion to the figure before her with a more mournful expression. ------------- FINAL ACT... "Have no fear, no cause for concern, of my condition for this is my personal affliction caused by my addiction to increase my own knowledge." Pain has always been the hardest concept to manage, because the idea of pain is in opposition to anything that we wish to accrue in life. Pain is the loss of, or the accumulation of fear towards, the things that we desire most. The threat of it being taken away, or worse, never becoming attainable is a constantly reminder of the frailty of the human condition and even as a being not tied to natural mortality the concept of loss still continues to hang upon our every breath. Our existence is proof that life continues to flow without us and eventually we will be assimilated into existence itself and reformed as something else with portions of who we were but never again to become ourselves. "This technique will certainly kill him." Oriru spoke out, not in protest but as a request for confirmation. In unity Genshi and the figure would nod their head to affirm the statement made, although it was not a question Oriru desired a response towards. "Genshi... Are you sure that this technique will work and not bring me to this level of dissociation?" Once more Genshi and the figure made a unified nod towards one another without a moment of hesitation or doubt in her expression. "I understand." With that, Oriru took a step forward and handed the notebook back to Genshi, who removed it from his possession without breaking her connection with the figure. Slowly the Captain made his way around the figure and stood directly behind him slowly bringing both of his hands to the side of the figures head. "T̸̘͋h̷͖́ȩ̵͍̈r̴͔̗̓̚e̴͈̳̾ ̵͈̭͛̊ì̶̩̯͠s̷̞̆͆ ̵̥̹̆͝n̴͍̍ô̴̠͚ ̷̢̫̍̊h̴̜͐ą̵̇͝t̸͙͗͘e̴̦͑,̷̯͔̉ ̸̯̎o̸̦͘͘n̸̛̻̙l̴̖̔͝y̵̫̿̕ ̵͍̦̔͝j̶͍̝̿o̴͚͆͊y̴͉̍.̴̝͐̕.̵̹̠̆̾.̷̙̳̅͌/̶͇́̍ ̶̩͕̃F̸̛̞͙̊ȍ̴͖̕r̵̨͇̾ ̵̙͙̏̐ȳ̶͕o̸͈̓̕u̴̝̱̿̓ ̷̺̬̕ȧ̴͎̗r̵͚̎͒e̵̯̘͛̌ ̵͖͑b̷̰̂ȇ̵̘l̴̲̜͝o̴̪̝͆͠v̴̹̺͐̀ḛ̶͔͐d̷̩̿͝ ̷͈̖̃b̶͕̥͊̾ÿ̵̛̙ ̸̭̇̀t̶̫͑h̴͙̰͂̄e̵̡͙̕ ̶͚̪̚g̸͓͗̚o̴̬̎́d̸̫̂͘d̷̪͑̏ȅ̸̥s̵̝̳̈̾s̷̳͌.̸͉̌.̴͈̪͗.̵̪̀̃/̷̛̟̈́ ̴͕̇H̵̟͔̓̾e̸͚̋r̴̬̚ǫ̷͎͂̑ ̷̖̒͊o̵̬̞͝f̶̤̀̔ ̸͓̀͋ṭ̸͍̆ḧ̶̞́ė̵͉̯ ̵̧͑d̷͈͛a̵̞̯̚w̴͍͒n̸̘̽,̴̧͊͑ ̸̰͋̉H̴͈̋ę̵͎̒̌a̵̧͈̿̊l̵̮̈́̆e̵̜̓͠r̴̟̉ ̵͉̋ȏ̸͇̼f̸͓̗͗͐ ̸̨͚͗w̷̙̣̐͑o̵͓̎r̸͓͠ĺ̸̡̀d̸̦͆s̶̜̚.̸̹̟̈́̿.̴̢̣̊͘.̴͕̱͑/̷̞̥͋̅ ̶̱̏̍D̷͈̐r̷̪͚͗ḛ̸̂͘ḁ̵̱̃̓m̷͔̄͠ṣ̸̕ ̸̧̹̚͘ó̴̧́f̷̖͐ ̶̝̥̂t̷̛̫h̴̝̒ȅ̵̡̔ ̸͙̟́m̶̜̟̈́o̵̦͉͋ṟ̷͖̈́̇r̶̩̆ͅo̵̺̔w̶͕̹̄ ̶̞̪͊h̸̞̮͋͘ä̴̧̖́̽t̵͈͊h̸̢̍̀ ̸̼̟̈́t̸̼̿́ͅh̵̨̆͘e̷̞͛͝ ̸͉̰͊s̸͎͋h̶̢̟̋à̴̮̈t̶̬̉͝t̸̨̽̋e̶̘͂r̴̙̰͋͊e̶̹̍d̸̡͙͂̃ ̷̗̏ś̷͎̔ǫ̷̫͗̔ư̸̮̦͐l̴͎̞͗ ̴̤̌P̸̖͐ȑ̷͓̅i̸̘̥̍͠d̴̲̚ė̵̢̤́ ̵̘͒̑ï̶̘̻s̶̜̥̆͌ ̵̼͇̀̈́l̷̼̪͘o̷̪̓s̷̠͒t̶̬̐.̶͍͛̋͜.̸̠͈̀͑.̶̯̩̓͆/̶̖̣͒͂ ̴̗͌W̷̻͌̕i̸̬̹͒́ṅ̷̥́ġ̸̦̍ş̵̈́͗ ̵̥͈̌s̵̲͍͛t̶̛̯͊r̷̼͍̐ḯ̵̱͓p̶̠̊p̴̱̲̋e̶̢̟͊͂ḓ̶̈́̅ ̴̻̮͛͘a̸̩̖̕w̴̥͔̿͝a̷̳͌ỷ̶̺̳,̵̤́͘ ̴̙̝̅t̵̩͑͝h̵͚̬̎e̴̗̩̐͘ ̸̘͒͗e̶͇̗͆n̶̛̤͉̕d̶͈́ ̸̖̦̂̓ḯ̶̲s̸̰̀͂ ̷̺͖̑̈n̸̢̮̈́î̸̘͙g̴̖͖̈́h̸̛̪.̵̬̌.̶̩̻͊.̶̘̓͝ͅ ̵̦͚̂|̸̗̭̀̇ ̷̥͗̉.̶̰̈.̶̦̳̈́.̵̻̀ͅ ̸̢͗Ṁ̵̡̎y̸̠̟̎ ̵̗̄f̵͇͆r̸̡̝͂ĩ̴̡̕ȩ̴̈͂n̴̽͜d̴̠̈́͠,̵͉͇̓ ̷̝̒d̸̎͜o̷̺͒̆ ̷̢̐̓ẏ̶̦o̸̭̮̾͝u̴͇͐̉ ̵̙̳̒̽f̵̙͐ļ̶͠y̵̮̐̕ ̷̰̍ḁ̶̧̛w̴̠͠ḁ̵̌̅y̶͈̗̔ ̸̺̂n̴͍̽ȏ̷̮̺́w̵̜͂?̵̓ͅ.̵͉̜̈́.̵̻͂̕.̵̖͇͋/̸̺̈ ̶̧̰̅̅Ṱ̴̐͂ơ̴̙ ̵͚̖̇a̴̛͇̒ ̷̯͈̐w̵̗̅͋o̶̜͊͗ŕ̸̖͝l̶̘͆d̶̠͇̓ ̴̭͗t̷̝̦͊͐ḫ̷͎͛a̴̳͙̍͆t̸̡̪͐̓ ̷̙̹̓a̴̢̼̋͊b̸̦̀̓h̶͎̙́̕o̴̗̒͝r̷̤̾̓s̴̪̩̓ ̷̛̤̯̒ŷ̷̢͠ǫ̶̎ŭ̸̩̰ ̸̧͈̆̌ạ̵̊́ṇ̴̄̒d̴̬̟̂ ̷̫̓Ĩ̶̲̦?̵̨̤̌̈.̶͚͈͊̈́.̸̦̱̌̃.̸̘͚̈́̚/̸̦̓ ̵̣̥͘A̴̹͖̍l̶̤̟̂̕l̵̺̩͗ ̸̧̌̐t̴̢͍̄ḧ̸̨̳́ȃ̵̩͈̒t̴͚̖̾̌ ̶̫̚ḁ̴͙̚w̷̜̹̽͛ā̵͇ỉ̵̟t̵̻̓s̶̰̱͗ ̸̩̈́y̵̩̳͛ǒ̷̖͝ũ̵͉ ̴̨̤̅̋į̶̼̊s̸̼͓̓̑ ̴̖̆̀ä̴̳́ ̵̬̫͑́s̵͉͍͝ö̴͙͎́m̸̦̥̀b̸̩̌͌ẹ̸͎̐̇r̵̹̉ ̶̫͗̀m̶̪̌͆ô̶̟̔r̷̳͑r̶͉͙̕ō̵̰w̵̢̐͘.̶̻͎̓.̶̺̼̀̅.̸̡̆͠/̸̧̊ ̷̲̿Ń̷̄ͅö̸͖͓ ̷̮̯̇͘m̷̝̒̊a̴͍͊ť̶̤̱t̵̲́e̸̖̹̿͂r̴̦̜̔̈́ ̴̟̐ẉ̸̃̕h̴̜̟̓̍e̸͕̊̃r̶̜͎͋͝e̸͓͘͘ ̶͕̦̉̌ṯ̵̀͌h̷͙̹̑̂ȅ̵̤ ̸̫͂w̴̙̣͑i̷͍͚͋n̷̳̊d̵̛̖̘̑ṡ̴̤̞͆ ̷̌̂ͅm̸̜̀a̶̽̉͜y̸͙͑ ̴̼̟̈́̚b̷͈̟̍l̷̹̮͑̀ő̸͙w̶̗̾͋.̶̭̓̈́.̷̺́͝.̸͔̱̂͂/̵͔̔ ̷̢̞͘͝M̸̡̺̂y̸̨̾ ̴͈͂͜f̷̱̿ͅr̶̩̈́͑ǐ̶͔̀e̶̦͕͂͘n̸͙̣̈d̵̨͓͠,̶͕͓͋͐ ̸̼̠̆͝y̶͍̰̑̀o̶̮͂u̴͓̐r̷̛̙̹ ̴̞̃d̸̤͂̒e̸̯͛͆s̷̹̉į̵̑r̴̘͊ẹ̸͂.̶̠̍̔.̸̥̈́̅.̴̢̠͐/̴̖͝͝ ̸̜̃̓Ī̸̜̒s̵̬̉̑ ̸̧̨͐̅t̸̨̼̓̀h̶̹͠ę̷̩̉͊ ̵͍͎̏b̶̥̰͌r̵̗͛͠i̵͕̓͠n̶̬͊g̵̢̤̈́e̷̪̿r̷̹̝͗̃ ̵̢̾o̷̭͉̽̿f̷̻̿ ̷̝̈̈ḽ̵̌̚í̷̝͙f̷̥͎͗̍e̵̛̩͠,̶̖̀̔ ̵̹͎̽t̴̛͜h̶͖̏e̴̙͊̑ ̵̦̜͂͋g̴̘̒i̸̗̰̿̿f̵̥̼͂t̴̛͔̘̃ ̴̥̑ỏ̶͓f̷̼̾ͅ ̵̲̳̈́ṯ̴̭̑̾h̷̜͂e̴̬͋̉ ̵̘̠̓̈́g̵̞͋͝o̷̝͌̊d̸͖̗̿d̷̺́͑͜ě̶̻͒ś̵͓͍̒s̶͕̾.̴̘̩̂͠.̴̢̜̊̊.̵̖̀/̶̩̇͛ ̷͖̒̆Ḛ̴́̽ͅv̷͈̰̿͛e̶͓̤̾n̴̮͍̔͊ ̷̡̈́į̷̜̓f̴̹̈͋ ̵̳̑̽ẗ̷̡́́͜h̴̙̟͐e̴̠̠͛ ̴̬̻͊m̸̳͗̇o̷̥̾̌r̵̺̆r̴̳̒͝o̵̪̥̍̕w̶̟̃͘ ̴̥͒̈́ị̴͚̕s̴̪͓̏ ̵̖͌b̴̭̥͋̌a̶̰̓͠r̵̩̹̃r̷̟̫̉̊ȩ̴̱̔̏ṋ̸͝ ̴͔̝͋̅ő̸͐ͅf̶̻̼͒ ̶̣͔̋p̷̛̮̿͜ŕ̷̳̟o̸̱̐̍m̴̲̄̚ī̷̭s̵͈͘ê̷̺̣s̵̩̓̂.̶̪̩̅͊.̶̺̗̔.̶̛̺/̷̪̀̆ ̶̹̗͆N̸͓͎̒o̷̮̿̂ẗ̶̞̜́h̵̭̜̀͝i̴͚̾n̸̝̊̇g̵͋͐͜ ̸̗̟́̓s̵̠̯͘h̶̬̉a̷̛̹͠l̶̫̓l̷̟͑̽͜ ̸̠͇͑͐f̸̱̈́ö̷̬͇̽r̶̥̎e̸̗̦̓͝s̴̱̐͌t̵̻̃̈́a̷̦̿l̸̛͈̯ḽ̷̤͝ ̷͖͘̚m̸̮̐̑y̶̹͝ ̴̼͓͘r̸͙̰̄̊ë̴͖͇́t̵̨̨͗̈́u̴̥͙̍͒r̷̖̖͑n̸̗̚.̸̘͑͠.̴͎̜͐.̸̜̥̊̀ ̵̼̾͘|̷͙̫͊ ̵͚̾.̵̞̞̽̑.̴̩̬͒̚.̷̦̙̏͝ ̷̹̫͂̌M̸̫̾̎y̷̖͇͂̐ ̶̜̑f̴̛̳̗̌r̶̬̹̎̽ĭ̷̼͂e̶͖͉̐n̸̞̱̕d̵̺͒̓ͅ,̵̛͓͂ ̸͎̈t̴͍͎̊͌h̶̝̒ë̶̳̻̀ ̶̢̖̃͑f̴͈̋͊a̵͚͌̂ẗ̴̙́͌e̸̻̚͝s̴̻̬̔ ̷̠͓͌̅ǎ̷̗͘r̶͉̳͒̊e̶̠͗̿ ̶̫̩͋̐c̴̲̺̀͆ṟ̷̟̏͒ù̵̟̑e̷̟̍͘͜l̵̠͑.̸͖͛.̷̫͋.̴̘́̔ͅ/̶̪̈́ ̸̪̬̇T̷̛͇̺̑h̸̥͌ẹ̸͒r̶̙̜͊͝ẹ̴̤̐ ̶̜̗̽̈́ä̶̫̝́r̴̥̄e̸̤͐̈́ ̴̤̣̾n̸̩̜̓̓o̷͚͛̔ ̴̬̄d̶̟̑r̸͓̼̽͑ĕ̶̡̓a̶̝̝͒͝m̵̗̗̃s̵̫̽̈́,̸̩͑ ̸̩̌̇n̵̻̾̈͜o̷̖͔̅͋ ̵̡͆͊h̴̹͛̂o̷̼̅n̷̼̂ŏ̵̯̗r̷̨̦͌ ̷̮̻̏r̶̻͖̈́̀e̵̻͗m̷̻̺͛͘ă̸̯i̸̦̣͛͘ṅ̷̻̈s̸͎̀͝.̸̩͌͑.̶̰̾.̵̤̑/̵̺͌̊ ̵̢̧̿͝T̷̲̿͜h̶͎̎ė̸̖͜ ̶̻̣̊̇a̶̢͆r̷̮͎̈́ŕ̶̩̗͒o̵̡̜͘ẅ̴̮͓́̚ ̴̖͙͠h̸̭͔̓̌a̵̡̭̅ş̶̲͝ ̴̯͓͌l̸̫̀e̵͙̪͆͘f̶̼̂̎t̷̥̎ ̸̮͠t̴̲̩́h̴̠͌̍ͅê̷͔͈͊ ̴̖̀̃b̸͓̆̂ọ̷͔̅̕w̶̳̤̓́ ̴͚͋̓o̷͈͂̋͜f̸̠̈́̕ ̵̱͊t̷̫͇̂h̷͕̑ẽ̵̯̹̔ ̴͓̕g̸̥̱͠o̸̪̾d̸̠̔̓d̷́̈́͜e̷̳͑͋ş̸͑s̸̮̽͘.̷̺͐͝.̸̱̋ͅ.̴̠̀͠/̶̡̙̌ ̷̬̙̎̏M̶͙̀y̷͖͇̽̐ ̷̠̿̽ś̴̪̲o̷͇̿ū̶͓̐l̵̝͚̈͠,̴̋͜ͅ ̴̨̰́c̶̻̼̿ó̸̗̯̌r̸̻̆̀r̴͕̮̓̍u̷̧̯͠ṕ̴͍͘t̶̟̅e̶̡͂͜d̷̺̍͛ͅ ̵̯̰͘b̴̥͙̓y̴̖̫̔ ̶̢̬́͆v̴͉̌̐ȅ̷̢̳͂ņ̷́́g̶͙̓͝ḛ̶̉͐ä̸͇́n̸̯̯͘c̸̲̅͒e̷̠̚.̶̭̜̒͝.̶͉͙͐.̴̦̌͠/̶̫͔̚ ̵͖͔͒Ḧ̸̨͖́ă̶̧̎t̶͖͗̊h̵̘̑͗ ̵̯͎̐̈́ė̴̝̺̈ň̴̿͜d̴͓̱͠u̷̪̫̔͠r̴̘̊e̴̤̖͆d̷͙̄̈́ ̷͔̚t̴̎͛ͅo̵̩͗r̸̺͑ḿ̸͔̆e̵̬̰͛̚n̸̨̄t̸̫̣̉,̵̖́ ̶̧͊ṫ̵̢͆o̸͖͈͝ ̸̤̭̇f̴̘̅ḯ̶͎̹n̴͓̈d̴͓̊̉ ̶̲͈̓t̸͈̞̏̂h̵͚̕ë̶͚͆ ̶̧̘̿͒e̸͔̪̓̾n̷̤͆̊d̸͕̞̾ ̷̖̻̎o̷͔̅̄f̸̮͕̐͝ ̵̤̇ṱ̶̒̎͜ḧ̸͍̥́ê̶̢̗͋ ̵̧̛̫̑j̴̭͖̊o̶̺͠u̵͈͒́r̸̬̐n̴̜̊ẽ̵̠̦̅y̴̘͑͌.̸͔͇̈́.̷̗̤͝.̸̤̏/̵͚̈́ ̷͇͊̈́I̴̖̥͒n̷͓̩̂ ̸̩̭͒͂m̶̧̭̌y̶͖̿̕ ̸͕̐̽o̸͉̅w̴̬̌͘n̵̼͋̄ ̵̟̚s̸̤͗ả̷̠l̶̖̺̅̌v̸̯͚̈́̕a̷̼̎̎t̸̫͘ỉ̴͕̙ơ̶͔ͅn̶̺̆̋.̵͍͉̐̋.̵͖̗̽.̸̱̍͘ͅ/̵̱̗̏ ̸͚̍̽A̸̖͆̃ṇ̸̾̚ḍ̷̨̾͋ ̶̲͕̇ý̶͍͙̿ò̶̯̙͝u̵̧̲̍́r̵̮̀ ̷̠̗̐e̷̮̙̓͠t̶̮͐̈́ě̸̡̡̀ŗ̸̑n̷̻̈́͗a̴̲͎͑l̶̿ͅ ̵͚̰͝s̶̠͍̈́l̶̥͑u̷͙̕m̴̨͕̏́b̷̡͝ȇ̷͎̚ͅr̶̜͑̈́.̵̼̽̈.̷͓̯̋̆.̴͇̗̒͠/̶̻̈́͑ ̸̮͍͝L̴̨̓e̶̞̯͗̕g̶̞͛è̵̜̟n̵͚͊̈́d̵͍̉͋ ̸̱͕̌s̸̻̦̃̍ẖ̸͎͝à̵̞̟͠l̷̨̦̋l̴̝͐͐ ̵̫̰̋̍s̷̗̝̈̚p̵̣̀̌e̵͗̕͜ạ̷̦̇k̵͈͊.̸̡̀̓.̵̦͌͝.̴̠̄͝/̵͖̜͋ ̸͔̳̓Ỏ̸̲̈́f̷̤͙͋̈ ̴̤̈́̽s̶̨̾a̴̗̞͘c̸̥̬͗r̴̹̎i̷͔͇̋f̷̨̨̒ḯ̸̮̻c̶͈̃e̶̼͇͛͝ ̸͖̄̕a̶̙̚t̴̝͌͝ ̴̪̥͌̂ẁ̶̹͉͒ō̷̹r̴̝͇̿͋l̴̖̱̓d̷̪̠͊'̴͇̲̏͠s̵͕̥͂ ̶̜̈́̐͜e̷̳͝n̷͓̑̕d̵̪̓̕.̶̯̙́͛.̶̰̯͋.̴̫̈́͐/̷̲͍̑̚ ̴̥͂T̶̢̳̿ḧ̴̩̱̑e̸̥͊̀ ̴̧̞̓ẇ̶͕͘i̶̥͑ń̸̻d̵̪͒ ̵̘̔̍s̷̫̆̈́a̴͎̽ì̶͕̚l̷͕̭̿͠s̶̙͉̒͗ ̶͉̠̑̓o̵̼͛v̴̨̥̊̋e̴͉͇̾͌r̷̩̮̅ ̶̩͍̆̇t̴̛̳̆ĥ̵̤̫͊e̸͔͠ ̶̺̉̐w̴͎͋a̷͇̐̀t̵͕̺̆ȇ̶̜̯r̶͚͛͝'̸̦͗s̴͈͌͆ ̷̞͋s̷̞͚̕u̶͍͉͝r̷͔͂͘f̴͖̀͐a̵̡̓͝c̵̙̖͠ê̷̜͔.̵͖̔͠.̷̖̤̀͒.̴̳͑/̸̟̈́̄ ̷̨͆Q̶̺̖̔u̷̙͐̉i̶̦͛̏e̶̘̟͆t̴̛̩̓l̷̼̕͝y̴̮͈̍,̴̗̋̃ ̸̡͘b̵̮̎̏͜u̴̘̤̔̓ẗ̴͖̬́̍ ̷͓̺̈̿s̵̰̹͘͝u̵̹̍r̶̮̈ë̵͎́l̸̘͉̾̅y̵̧̑" Although he spoke the words in a simple manner, the words themselves become severely distorted to the point that no other person could comprehend the sounds being made, let alone understand the words that were spoken. "There is no hate, only joy.../ For you are beloved by the goddess.../ Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds.../ Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul.../ Pride is lost.../ Wings stripped away, the end is nigh... | ... My friend, do you fly away now?.../ To a world that abhors you and I?.../ All that awaits you is a somber morrow.../ No matter where the winds may blow.../ My friend, your desire.../ Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess.../ Even if the morrow is barren of promises.../ Nothing shall forestall my return... | ... My friend, the fates are cruel.../ There are no dreams, no honor remains.../ The arrow has left the bow of the goddess.../ My soul, corrupted by vengeance.../ Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey.../ In my own salvation.../ And your eternal slumber.../ Legend shall speak.../ Of sacrifice at world's end.../ The wind sails over the water's surface.../ Quietly, but surely..." With this I give you permission to carry on any part of my existence with you so long as your soul remains yours, even through the end of your life and alterations of your being shall I be tethered to you in a manner similar yet different than your companion. "Ị̵͕̓ ̸̫̓ơ̴̩͔f̴̙̀f̴̧̱̀e̴̠͓̾ŗ̵̖̌͝ ̷͎͎̆̇ẗ̶̰́h̴̜͆e̶̢̍e̸̯͔̊͗ ̶̨̃͜t̶͎͎͂ĥ̶͇i̷̙͌s̸̢͉̕ ̵̡́̈š̶̟̠ĩ̷̧̤l̷̟̫̅̍ê̶̞̕n̴̦͗͠t̵̪̎͊ ̸͖͠s̷̳̅ā̸̮͎͒c̸̢̞̆̈́r̶̩͝i̵̜͉̅̆f̵̀̚ͅỉ̸͓̯͘c̴̘̔e̶̩̅" The final words were spoken by Oriru as the figure between his hands was consumed in a golden fire instantly and the screams of pain could be heard as an infinite echo and Genshi would surrender a single tear as burns started to appear on her body. The screams continued but it was not the screams of the figure but of Oriru as he attempted to maintain the hold on the body as the flames slowly became darker and darker. "Bahakaido number .̷̪̖͐;̷̫̞͗'̴͎̒.̵̞̃͐, Kioku Dōka (Memory Assimilation)" Eventually the figure was consumed in a massive black flame before turning entirely into a golden ash. Slowly Oriru attempted to gather his bearings before the ash rushed his body and entered through every possible manner as a golden glow would radiate from his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Instantly it all stopped as all that remained was the two members of the Soul Society and a single golden feather that fell upon the ground. Oriru fell to the ground next to the feather in exhaustion as the memories that were once sealed were stripped from the very soul of the man and destroyed his remains, but with so much power even the Kido officer was destroyed in the process. "Even if the morrow is barren of promises nothing shall forestall my return." This moment painted Oriru as the foremost master on all things Kido establishing his right as the Kido Corp Commander. WC | 3550 Mastered all Kido Arts and officially claimed Kido Corp Commander
  12. ChaosKaiz

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND][REMAINING ND| 11,325 - 150 = 11,175] The lost of his lieutenant, and best friend, still maintained a heavyweight on his soul as he felt it was his duty to protect her although she constantly reminded him that she was able to handle herself. After ensuring that he was able to settle the frenzied individual, Captain Kusho brought his feet to the ground and looked at the body of the naked individual and released a slow exhale. From the nearby distance, his orbs were bringing the body of the female that he had been successful at stopping upon a modified barrier and set her body next to the man. "Genshi would have been able to at least fashion some clothes for them..." A golden glow would start to appear in his right hand as he brought it in front of him, "Bakaido Number #̷̧̟̻̿͛̈́̑#̶̧̯͙̜̓, Yasashī Hikari." Suddenly a golden light would consume both of the bodies and fill partway with a golden fluid slowly healing their physical forms. Oriru was unsure if the containment would protect them from the mist, but their bodies shall be fine when Oriru finds a way to free them. "You poor things... Misguided and stranded... lost and afraid... why do you fight? Why do you struggle? Don't you understand, there is no escape from the Niebla Nefasta. Your efforts are wasted. You need not tire or fear... embrace the mist... accept your fate and I will comfort you to the end of your days." The voice, as if every piece of the mist was delivering the message, spoke as if the origin was whispering directly into his ear for him to listen. This voice, so clearly spoken, became the focus of his frustration for it now stood as the only source of why Genshi was taken from him. Slowly Oriru turned his attention away from his patients, for if they were being tended to by the pods, and allow his ears to listen for the constant wailing of the tortured bodies of the inhabitants of this place. With a matched sigh, Oriru was able to recognize the detail that was missing. Towards the northwest of his current location there was a void of sound, either because the wailing corpses decided that was not a place for them to go or the mob of bodies was attempting to herd the Captain and former Commander to a preferred location. No matter what the case was, the Captain was prepared to do what it meant in order to ensure this would be the last night of the mist and to do justice for his best friend. Without making a single turn of focus towards his comrade, Hitsuyona, the Captain made his way through the Sakura garden heading uphill towards the gap in sounds as his orbs sealed themselves back into his Tsuba. He was unsure of what he was going to face as he continued further, but he maintained control over his spiritual pressure despite removing the Captain's limitations that were placed on him. WC | 510 + 515 = 1025
  13. ChaosKaiz

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND][REMAINING ND| 11,475 - 150 = 11,325] Oriru watched as the woman attempted to avoid the barrage of the black rods from the Bakudo and the moment that one made the collision spelled the completion of the technique. Though the moment that the modified hado was prepared, the woman found the last bit of her effort to take the single black rod that she caught, literally gnawed it into a makeshift spear, and launched it at Oriru with all of her available energy. The moment that the spear reached within a single meter of Oriru, it would also disintegrate into ash and reform as a black disk like a barrier in front of him to protect him from the shockwave that came from his devastating attack. The moment that the smoke cleared and the dust settled, although the mist was undisturbed in comparison, revealed a helpless form of the woman lifelessly on the ground. "Hopefully there is salvation for your soul." His head turned just in time to see the other individual, the potential groom of the defeated bridge, moving around on his four limbs as Hitsuyona attempted to deal with his objective. In the distance, Oriru considered the fact that the other creatures of the cemetery may be drawn to the conflict and he needed to get all of these people to somewhere save. "Bakudo Number 79, Kuyō Shibari." Simultaneous to Hitsuyona throwing his rope around the tree in order to secure Kanadam Oriru would launch eight black orbs of raw energy with a purple glow that surrounded Kanada before te ninth one would attempt to form at the location of Kanada's chest. This Bakudo would use the power of increased gravity to secure him to his location. In a burst of raw speed, Oriru would launch himself in the air above the location of groom and took hold of his zanpakuto, still placed within the sheath, and held it parallel to the ground similar to how he angled his body. With a soft tap, he allowed his Zanpakuto to spin in a circular pattern as the weapon started to be consumed in a golden glow. "Hado number #̷̧̟̻̿͛̈́̑#̶̧̯͙̜̓, Bōseki Resshō." The actual number that he spoke seemed distorted to the ears of those not trained in the extent of Kido that Oriru has attained. Oriru gripped his Zanpakuto ceasing the spiral and instantly a golden tornado would form and consume a focused area upon the location of Kanada. This technique would generate a razor wind that would shred everything trapped within the spiral. WC | 510 Bonus Action Bakudo 79 - Kuyō Shibari (Nine Sunlight Traps) - 205 Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Bride Defensive Action Genius Subclass Skill - Spiritual Wit - Negate Damage | Vs. Metal Spear (Manipulated Hyapporankan) Actions Modified Hado - Bōseki Resshō (Spinning Laceration) [2 Attacks Stacked] - Hado 58 - Tenran (Orchid Sky) 205 Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Kanada - Hado 78 - Zangerin (Cutting Flower Ring) 205 Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Kanada Free Actions (VIII) Octimus (Primed) forms end of post Notes (I) Primis (Recovery) (II) Secundus (Primed) (III) Tirtium (Primed) (IV) Quartum (Primed) (V) Quintus (Primed) (VI) Sextus (Primed) (VII) Septimus (Primed) (Primed) - Full Durability (Critical) - Low Durability (Recovery) - Restoring Durability Shikai Release ND [Applied] ---------- Personal Statistical Values Spiritual Pressure - 138,000 + 10,000 = 148,000 (532) Captain Limits Removed [Includes Custom Release] (Complete) Natural Stats ★(Main)Stamina | 5 + (1.5 x 130) = 200 + 10 + 10 = 220 (Focused) Maneuverability | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 (Focused) Spacial Awareness | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 Potential Power Output | 10 + 138 = 148 ★(Sub)Reiatsu Proficiency | 1.25 x 148 = 185 + 10 + 10 = 205 Reiatsu Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (185 x 0.8 = [148]) = 182 + 10 + 10 = 202 Physical Capabilities | 0.5 x 148 = 74 + 10 + 10 = 94 Physical Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (74 x 0.8 = [59.2]) = 93.2 + 10 + 10 = 113.2
  14. ChaosKaiz

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Frenzied Baleful Breath: -350 ND] [REMAINING ND| 12,210 - 150 - 350 - 235 = 11,475] DECISIONS... Captain Kusho watched as the bride moved out of the way of the sealing Bakudo, giving him the knowledge that his attempt to lock her down in a position to knock her out was going to be harder than he anticipated. Through the extent of this confrontation, Oriru had slowly allowed his own nature to settle down and bring his natural spiritual energy to a calm level. Though his eyes were clearly still triggered by the nature of his Kido state, he was able to focus on the task at hand understanding that remaining in a single location within this cemetery would bring nothing but worse news. Oriru watched as the bride found a way to maneuver with the Primus and use it as a shield to prevent the main force of the attack from hitting her directly. "Now or never." He spoke softly under his breath as he started to softly speak, "Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky." There was a moment where he had to pause as the bridge actually dug her hand into the pillar and removed a shard like it was bark from a tree and launched the improvised weapon with tremendous velocity. "Danku." He sharply paused his incantation to generate the translucent black barrier to defend against the attack but the force of the spear was enough to shatter the barrier. Luckily it was dense enough to divert the spear enough for it to barely cut his shoulder. "The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired." This time his words came faster and with a unique echo created by his Event Horizon. Just as he finished the rushed incantation, he watched as the bridge literally ripped the entire pillar from the ground and launched it at Oriru. His response was to rush down the bride as soon as she picked it up, "Hyapporankan." In the middle of his rush a hundred steel black rods formed around Oriru and at close range assaulted the bridge at an angle in order to pin her down to the ground with more than a fraction of the amount of rods. Tthe launched the pillar collided with Oriru but the pillar simply stopped and disintegrated entirely as Oriru jumped in to the air, "Hado number 91 Variation 2, Zenmetsu!" As soon as the modified kido name was called, a total of twenty energy points formed in the air, half of them pitch black as if absorbing light itself and the other half a radiant blinding white as if the light absorb is being projected upon these points. They all formed a dome like structure around the bride, their pattern from a sky view reminiscent of yin-yang before colliding on her and just as they launched the orb that she held shattered and returned to the tsuba to recover. Bonus Action Bakudo 62 - Hyapporankan (Hundred Steps Fence) - 205 Power / 212 Speed | Targeting Bride Defensive Action Bakudo 81 - Danku (Splitting Void) - 205 Power / 212 Speed | Vs Metal Spear (205 + 15 x 2 = 235 ND) Tank Class Skill - Ironclad - Negate Damage | Vs. Metal Pillar Genius Subclass Skill - Spiritual Wit - (Prepared) Actions Modified Hado 91 Zenmetsu (Imperfect Annihilation - "Annihilationism") [2 Attacks Stacked] - Hado 91- Senjū Kōten Taihō (Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear) 205 Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Bride - Hado 91- Senjū Kōten Taihō (Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear) 205 Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Bride Free Actions (VII) Septimus (Primed) forms end of post Notes (I) Primis (Critical) - (Recovery) (II) Secundus (Primed) (III) Tirtium (Primed) (IV) Quartum (Primed) (V) Quintus (Primed) (VI) Sextus (Primed) (Primed) - Full Durability (Critical) - Low Durability (Recovery) - Restoring Durability Shikai Release ND [Applied] ---------- Personal Statistical Values Spiritual Pressure - 138,000 + 10,000 = 148,000 (532) Captain Limits Removed [Includes Custom Release] (Complete) Natural Stats ★(Main)Stamina | 5 + (1.5 x 130) = 200 + 10 + 10 = 220 (Focused) Maneuverability | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 (Focused) Spacial Awareness | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 Potential Power Output | 10 + 138 = 148 ★(Sub)Reiatsu Proficiency | 1.25 x 148 = 185 + 10 + 10 = 205 Reiatsu Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (185 x 0.8 = [148]) = 182 + 10 + 10 = 202 Physical Capabilities | 0.5 x 148 = 74 + 10 + 10 = 94 Physical Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (74 x 0.8 = [59.2]) = 93.2 + 10 + 10 = 113.2
  15. ChaosKaiz

    Egriffiend's Night of Wailing [Event Arc]

    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Frenzied Baleful Breath: -350 ND] [Failed Block (x2): -400 ND] [REMAINING ND| 12,910 - 150 - 350 - 200 - 200 = 12,210] The moment that the orbs were dispatched to attack the pair of enemies that were encroaching on the position of the pair, Captain Kusho and former Commander Hitsuyona, Oriru prepared himself to launch another sealing technique upon the woman as to subdue her enough to prevent any possible movement. It came as a shock when the woman was able to break free from the black tendrils that restrained her torso and as she continued her charge, and so Oriru quickly brought both hands together and made a deafening clap as five streams of black energy drifted from his hands and into the air, "Walls of iron sand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end." Adding to the surprise, the woman was able to catch Primus in her bare hand but Oriru could see the force push sharply on the shoulder meaning that this woman was stronger than he realized. "Danku." Instantly a translucent black barrier form in front of Oriru to prevent the woman from getting closer while jumping back to the left to increase the distance. Simultaneous to the barrier, Primus pushed against the grip of the woman attempting to get free and altering her jump direction towards the right of Oriru. Granted, her power was still greater than he anticipated as the orb was unable to break free straining Oriru and still she was strong enough to break through the Danku. "Bakudo number 75, Gochūtekkan." As the words left his mouth Oriru prepared his next action with a hint of remorse in his mind, but not an inch of hesitation. From above the woman descended five massive black metal bound to one another by bright white chains in the pattern of a hexagon. Although the woman was not lying on the ground, the preferred method for using this technique, the size of the objects and the minimal space between them would leave little room to avoid at least one if not several of them from colliding with her body. This technique was considerably stronger than his previous one, being a higher number as well as reinforced with the incantation to increase the strength above the normal level. As the columns made their decent, Oriru would raise both of his hands in front of him at an angle with the palm up. Just an inch of above each hand would form two bright white orbs above the size of a baseball as they began to spin around each other in each hand. The orbs were spinning in opposite directions but circling each other grow in size until suddenly they turned a sharp black color. "Modified Hado number 73." He knew that this had to be done, and reserved an apology for the woman as he pointed both palms at her, "Yosumi Sōren Sōkatsui (Four Corner Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down)." Four massive waves of black energy spiraled around one another forming a drill aiming for the woman. Bonus Action Bakudo 75 - 205 Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Bride Actions Modified Hado 73 - Yosumi Sōren Sōkatsui (Four Corner Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down) 205 (+205) Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Bride - Two Combined Sōren Sōkatsui Free Actions (VI) Sextus (Primed) forms end of post Notes (I) Primis (Primed) (II) Secundus (Primed) (III) Tirtium (Primed) (IV) Quartum (Primed) (V) Quintus (Primed) (Primed) - Full Durability Shikai Release ND [Applied] ---------- Personal Statistical Values Spiritual Pressure - 138,000 + 10,000 = 148,000 (532) Captain Limits Removed [Includes Custom Release] (Complete) Natural Stats ★(Main)Stamina | 5 + (1.5 x 130) = 200 + 10 + 10 = 220 (Focused) Maneuverability | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 (Focused) Spacial Awareness | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 Potential Power Output | 10 + 138 = 148 ★(Sub)Reiatsu Proficiency | 1.25 x 148 = 185 + 10 + 10 = 205 Reiatsu Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (185 x 0.8 = [148]) = 182 + 10 + 10 = 202 Physical Capabilities | 0.5 x 148 = 74 + 10 + 10 = 94 Physical Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (74 x 0.8 = [59.2]) = 93.2 + 10 + 10 = 113.2