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    Alexander slid his thumb along the palm of his hand towards his middle finger as Gonzalez spoke about the events that transpired or at least the way that the report was going to reflect what happened. Once his thumb flicked over his ring, a black flame would spread from his ring and start to consume his hand. Though Alexander was not given a chance to act as a rain of bullets would flow from many of the armed guards and blast down upon his body. There stood nothing for him to do as the bullets would pierce his body from every direction leaving nothing left but a lifeless body. The corpse of Alexander would topple over in the puddle of his blood before it would be consumed by a black flame, "Well isn't that a nice trick." Gonzalez was impressed by the fact that Alexander's body would be turning to ash before his very eyes although the fire remained after several moments. "Somebody put that fire out." Quickly some of the guards ran to get the fire extinguisher in order to put the fire out, but that proved pointless as it did no such thing. Every few minutes the fire would spread a few centimeters and several attempts to put it out did nothing. So the flames continued to grow as Gonzalez attempted to contain the flame the best that he could manage. SEVEN DAYS LATER... The base remained stable with the growing flame as they created a large containment area and sealing off the original training room. It became a containment field in order to defend against the terrorist act of Alexander, the suicide bomber that used an unidentified chemical fire to destroy the base. At least, this was the report that was submitted by Gonzalez. Though today was a day different than the others, as in the middle of the black flame Alexander would rise. "What the hell..." Slowly he turned his head around to gaze around the room as a sharp tugging sensation on his chest. His eyes sharply looked down to notice a chain attached to his chest that was rapidly eating itself. Alexander could not understand what was going on, but the pain was very real and easy to understand as it felt like his body was falling apart. Eventually, that chain would reach the point that it entered his chest and once more his body was consumed in a black flame. This fire burned so much but it never seemed to stop and even soften in the intensity. Darkness... Anger... Revenge... "Pride!" A roar like that of a lion would echo throughout the room, but distorted like that of a demon. Though this roar would soon be joined by the deafening cries of help and screams of pain. So the Prideful King was born...
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    New In Town

    Time starts to accelerate as Alexander continued to traverse through the files that have been compiled on his desk. Information regarding the Daemons, which are identified as Hollows to other cultures, as well as Soul Reapers, the Vampires which are referred to as Bounts, and even detailed reports on the endangered Quincy. There was so much information for him to go through, but eventually, he was capable of getting through all of the data and sat there in a strange haze over the information that he went through. Before he had a chance to fully absorb all of the information, there was a solid knock on the door. "Come on in." Slowly the door opens to reveal an individual wearing the typical uniform of the armed guard of the base that he was located on with a look of distress on his face. The man held a look of distress as he continued to stare directly at Alexander. Alexander had not broken the locked expression of anticipation as he hoped that the man would say something at some point but after a full minute of silence he realized that it was to fall upon him to speak up. "You are welcome to speak, take a seat, or simply walk away but I would love for you to not just stand in my doorway." The man seemed finally able to gather himself as he took a step into the office of Alexander with his hat respectfully in his hands. "My apologies sir." It appears that this man was a new recruit, or relatively so, and was nervous to be addressing one of the administrative staff so directly. "Commander Gonzalez told me to inform you that you are required to come to the training room as to discuss your earlier indiscretions." He appeared nervous at the fact of the words that he was informed to speak, feeling that speaking poorly on someone that authorizes his checks could potentially cause complications. "I was told not to leave your office, or your presence until you are en route and promptly arrived at the training room." "Ah, so you are to deliver me." He would release a chuckle from his lips as he closed the remaining documents that were on his desk and lifting himself from his table. "Well, it would be smart not to leave the commander waiting." With that, he made his way out of the office with the armed guard following closely behind along the many corridors that lead to the desired location. Eventually, they passed through a large set of metal double doors that caused a massive sound of metal grinding and shifting as two guards would proceed to open it for him. Upon doing so revealed a very large fitness room that displayed roughly 3 dozen men and women completing various fitness activities such as pull-ups, laps, weightlifting, and others that involved cardio or strength training. In the midst of all of those performing the physical activities stood a single man dressed in black and grey camouflage fatigues who turned to face Alexander. "Glad that you could join us." Alexander took a moment to stare at the bald head of the Hispanic talking to him before pointing at the man that had followed him to this point, "I felt that I had an obligation to be here as promptly as possible." He would then turn his focus back to Commander Gonzalez with a shrug and a relaxed smile, "But what do I owe the pleasure of this request of my presence?" "Well, how about we first focus on the fact that you discharged your weapon knowing full well that we only use arms in critical operations or necessary self-defense." It was obvious in the tone of the Commander that he was not in the mood for this situation in the slightest or even dealing with Alexander, but that was not one of the concerns that Alexander would even remotely have. "Then, once again, deciding to go with your own plans and entering through the visiting entrance causing my men to hesitate on their duties when I have given you access to an administrative entrance." He took a moment after those words as Alexander was preparing his response. Though he would not be given as much, "More so, deciding to use MY Artificial Intelligence Device for your own unnecessary activities and indiscretions." It was at this point that Alexander realized that making a joke was, perhaps, not the best decision at the moment and refrained from doing so thus leaving them both in a moment of silence. "Your job here, while located in Karakura Town, is simply information management unless ordered otherwise or provided deployment details." Gonzalez would have his focus entirely on the people in the room training, "As such, I will not release any of your weapons until I see fit to allow you to have them to prove you are capable of upholding the image for this company and my management of the people below me." A few moments would pass as one could hear the tension growing in his voice, "The only reason I am not having you arrested and sitting in jail is that someone likes you enough to prevent me from punishing you like the low-level trash that you are behaving like." Alexander could only manage a shrug as he turned away from Gonzalez, preparing to depart before he paused his movement and his thoughts. Almost instantly, Alexander turned to face Gonzalez aiming to point his left hand, "Actually-" Though the moment he turned he would see Gonzalez holding a gun pointed directly at him with a stern and serious look with his sights training sharply. "It appears that Alexander King has not only threatened me, he has also threatened to destroy this building." Several of the guards would stop their training and start heading towards their service equipment. "He has appeared stressed from his work and has been becoming more volatile with erratic and dangerous behaviors." More and more of the guard members started arming themselves and causing Alexander to become slightly nervous and defensive. "I tried my best in order to calm him down, but he started shouting incoherent things and become violent. Unsure if I was able to subdue him efficiently, I took the initiative to ensure that the dangerous threat was dealt with efficiently." Several members of the guard had already armed themselves and also aimed at Alexander with other ones blocking the exits. "Well, Fuck." WC: 1,085
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    New In Town

    Aside from the minor detour that he had to take, Alexander was able to make it work on time with a few minutes to spare. After passing through the guarded gate that leads to the eastern edge where several buildings were located and guarded by many armed individuals. He would approach the gate as instructed and make his way through the entranceway for people that were approaching on foot or that have arrived on a bicycle. Once through he would follow the appropriate protocol by removing his shoes, belt, glasses, and any metal that was on his person including his weapons. With the recent establishment of this base of operations, there is a constant rotation of guards in order to finally settle on specific people and the most proficient establishment for their location. So these people were not aware of the amount of equipment that Alexander has on him as he removes the handgun from his waist, the two small knives from his sock straps, the telescopic baton from the forearm strap, and the collapsible Black Badger - ideally a custom built Honey Badger modeled after the AR-15 with integrated suppression - pulled from the harness under his clothes as he placed them all on the table to be examined. Once they were all removed, he made his way through the metal detector ignoring the amount of sideways looks that he received. Once he passed through the entranceway of the short tunnel that is used as the full body scan. Once he stood in there, the machine would start whirring loudly before a red glow would extend and grow with a soft alarm that could be heard in the tunnel and the neighboring rooms. "You forgot to remove your ring." One of the guards would speak through the intercom through the tunnel, to which Alexander would chuckle. "Yeah, I did not forget. It just cannot come off." He lifted up his left hand to reveal the tungsten steel black ring that was on his middle finger with a smile on his face. "Been stuck for quite some time, kind of just let it be." This happens to be the truth with the simple fact that it was stuck with the point that removing it could cause some explosive complications in case of removal. "Trust me though, been managing this place enough that I can safely say that this little ring is not capable of causing any harm and I have no plans to enter any area that this ring could cause complications." There would be a moment of silence to which Alexander would assume was nothing more than the foot soldiers deciding exactly what they are going to do. Alexander stood there with his arms crossed and a smile on his face as he was used to this. As it happens at least once a week when they do the rotation and it causes a momentary confusion with the fact that he would never remove his ring. "Move on." This voice belonged to a familiar female entity which causes the smile on his face to slip away as he would pass through the now unlocked second door to see a Hispanic female standing before him. Her expression was not one that showed a sense of amusement. "Mr. King, why do you insist on doing this when you have access to the administrative corridor?" All that he could manage would be a shrug at the statement and make his way down toward his office. "I mean, of course, I could do that but why would I miss out on my morning laugh." He would release laughter from his lips as he reached his office and looked back at the woman who held a stern expression on her face looking at Alexander. "Come on Alexa, you need to relax a little." He would open his door, "Or have someone down in IT download a chill pill or something." With that, he would close the door behind him and ignore the woman - though only technically speaking - as he would make his way to his desk and take a seat. The moment he was situated, he would take note of the many stacks of papers on his desk. His eyes would glaze over the first document, "Sey... Ray... Tay...?" Doing his best to sound out the word with his knowledge of Japanese as he would start to read up on all of these documents. WC: 783 TWC: 2,477
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    New In Town

    The sun would start its climb over the horizon, blessing the day with a gentle kiss of light as the soft colors of autumn leaves would dance throughout the sky. Many birds would take to the sky and speak into the air as people would already begin their morning routines during this work day for many. Most days were like any other, in which people would wake up, perform their morning tasks, and make their way to work. Such would be the same for Security Account Manager Alexander King, who has been up for more than an hour now in his home tending to his morning tasks. "Alexa, what is the weather going to be like?" Alexander would speak up as he would get up from the floor, covered in sweat, and put some of his weights back on their respective racks in the corner of his living room area. "It is going to be clear skies with highs of 76 with lows of 71." Alexa would respond as Alexander would head towards the bathroom to clean himself off before going to work. After turning on the shower as to give it time to warm up, he would turn his gaze towards the mirror for a moment and pause to stare back at himself. A Black man in Karakura Town is not a common thing, but it is the facts that he stands to live with especially being one that manages part of a huge company overseas from America. It took time for him to adjust to the way things were over here, but he has become pretty acclimated for the most part. Although his mind would stop going down the thoughts of his adjustment to living in Japan as his green eyes would start to change color slightly as a silvery tint would start to appear. He would blink quickly and once he opened them, the green would return without a hint of the silver that had just existed. Realizing that he would be late for work if he did not get ready, he would have to rush to get into the shower and get ready for the day. Once he made it out his house, he would make his way towards work on foot. He always preferred walking to work so that he could keep himself in shape but also enjoy the sights as he made his way across the district. Some people told him to get a bike so that he could get around a little faster, but he was one that enjoyed the slower pace of things in order to really get to enjoy the time he has to himself when walking. So wearing his nice dress clothes, minus a vest or a coat, with his work satchel on his side, he would be making his way across Karakura Town towards work taking note of various details around him. This, however, was cut extremely short as there was a loud scream nearby followed by a crashing sound. Quickly he would make his way towards the sound, ditching any idea of getting to work on time as this sound took precedence over work at the moment. He knew that was not the sound of some sort of demolition, especially with him being aware of any upcoming demolition coming up - it pays to know some people in some high places - and therefore warranting concern. Eventually, he would make it down to the area in time to see some of the dust clearing revealing a man standing there in black robes holding what appears to be a katana. "A samurai... in Karakura Town?" Alexander was certainly confused at what he was seeing, but that was not the end of it for him. There seemed to be nothing else outside of this man and the rubble from a building nearby, but that was enough for Alexander to deal with it. He would approach the man who facing the opposite direction, watching as the man would place the weapon into the sheath on his left hip. Once he performed that action, Alexander would proceed with his protocol by pulling out his weapon from the holster on his side hidden underneath his pants. "Put your hands in the air and turn around slowly!" His weapon was focused clearly on the man before him who seemed startled for a moment as he did as he was told. "Good, now throw your weapon to the side." Slightly confused, the man would respond, "You... You can see me?" This caused a slight hesitation and confusion in Alexander although he kept his sights trained on the armed man. "But how?" "I will not ask again. Throw your weapon to the side." Alexander spoke with more conviction and a bit more determination in his voice. The man stood there and turned around to walk away, but quickly Alexander would pull back on the trigger as a bullet would fly through the air. Though it would appear the man was able to respond fast enough to release his weapon, turn around and deflect the bullet. "That... That isn't possible..." The man would only chuckle in response, "Got to admire the dedication to your job kid," 'Kid... This man is hardly older than I am...' He thought to himself as he put the gun back into the holster. "But I got better things to deal with." With that, the man would turn around once more preparing to walk away. Alexander was not going to stand for that as he touched the ring he had placed on his left middle finger and rotated the mechanism that was on it. As he did so, a black flame would start to spread on his hands for a moment before fading away and revealing a black glove on each hand. He would extend he hand forward and would pull back on his right hand. As he did, a black bow that appeared like black flames would appear as an arrow would form from him pulling. Once it was fully drawn, he would release his right hand and watch as the black arrow would soar through the air and pierce the man through his back and out of his chest before fading away into nothing. Though the damage was done as he fell over from the impact, to which Alexander quickly would approach the body as his bow would disperse as well. He would pull out his gun once more and point it at the man's back as he kicked to roll him over. The man showed an expression of both fear and confusion at what had just happened. "I said I wasn't going to ask again." He would pull the trigger aiming between the eyes as the bullet would give a strong glow although coated with a black flame. With that done, he would reach for the weapon but before he could he watch it, along with the man, would start to fade away. "Hm... Like those creatures..." A sigh would slide from his lips as he pulled out his work phone and dialed someone. He would wait a moment as it rang a few times, "Hello Mr. King, how may I be of assistance?" The voice belonged to a female on the other side. "Had to deal with an individual who resisted arrest. Escalated to Dark Archer and he seemed to have disappeared like the Daemons." There was a momentary pause before the woman spoke again, "Send the coordinates when possible. A dossier of information will be sent to your office to review... There is much to learn." A click and the phone call was terminated. He released a sigh before he sent the coordinates on his phone and made his way back on the path to work. Though there was quite a bit that confused him on the moments that transpired but a few minutes prior. He was curious as to who that man was, for all of his life dealing with unique events and activities, never has he had to face a humanoid with a bladed weapon. He recalls all of the Daemons with the white masks and the few times that he was sent to dispatch vampires. "I wonder..." He spoke aloud, "Was I sent to this location to deal with a new form of Daemon... Or even a new threat altogether?" WC: 1,694 Learned Black Sanrei Glove Basic Reishi Arrow
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    The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    A moment would pass and darkness would spread for his vision, unable to maintain his focus. It was this point that his power seemed to have reached the end of its limits, where his potential has yet to break through his own threshold. At least support was able to arrive in time and take him away...
  9. ChaosKaiz

    The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    Just before the impact of his own attack against the Arachnid as he would see in the distance what could only be understood as the Human flying through the air after being struck by the Cero. There was a concern, even a hope, that the human would survive the attack but at the same time, he would hold the desire that the impact was enough to knock the man unconscious and allow Regashi to deal with the Hollow without interference. The hollow was able to avoid the initial punch that was being delivered by stepping back, the extension of the Zanpakuto would reach out and deliver a massive strike against the body of the large Arachnid. The force of the attack was savage as it would crush into the Hollow and send him flying into a building in the distance. "This is..." Regashi had a strained look on his face as he lifted himself up after the punch attempting to catch his breath. "Harder than I thought..." He would look towards the building that he sent the hollow into but could not see beyond the debris and dust that had formed, "Good. Allow the Darkness to consume you." Regashi would hear the words echoing within his head while adjusting his posture. "You must balance your mind..." Slowly, Regashi would start to lower his posture and allow his focus to enter the field of his Eight Trigram Realm of Divinity. His single eye would be focused on the building attempting to see if the creature was going to move. His chains, heavy, dangling upon his arms and other parts of his body feeling as if he was being weighed down. With little time left, he would take note of the quick movement of the hollow that would circle around him. It fast, almost too fast, but Regashi was able to maintain a visual on him. Though he would notice two strange objects flying at him he considered his options and realized that he was limited on decisions and limited on reserves to maintain this power. So quickly Regashi would turn on his right foot in order to completely face the Hollow and step forward with the momentum to deliver a jumping roundhouse kick towards the left side of the creature. Unsure of how the Hollow would react he would feel one of the two attacks pierce into his right leg stabbing his thigh from the second set of arrows. Another solid attack, one he could not ignore this time, as the pain would sting his leg but the attack was already sent. As his kick ould go through, so would the shadow trailing behind again as another attack would cut his right calf of the first set of arrows from the building. "Revel in the pain." ------------------------- WC | 563 Battle Information Stats Stamina | 41 -> 37 -> 29 Speed | 42 -> 38 -> 30 Perception | 42 -> 38 -> 30 Strength & Reiryoku | 60 -> 56 Reiryoku Speed | 50 Abilities Used / In Effect Kajiya (鍛冶屋, lit. "Blacksmith" or "Metallurgy") - Shikai Feature Tenkai (展開, lit. "Expansion") - Kakuchō (拡張, lit. "Extension")
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    The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    "Just let me play." Regashi would watch as the human would be forced to fall down the hole which would be enough to remove him from the battle, even if temporarily, as his Hado would fly towards the Arachnid with tremendous force from a low-level spell. There was a rush from engaging in a battle, but more so would be the fact that Regashi had been a part of pointless sparring matches in order to test his skills over and over. This would be the first time that he was in the middle of a real combat situation and the problem was that his basic Shikai was doing nothing against direct confrontation. Perhaps if the human was not around, or even would have decided to work with the Soul Reaper, but in this case, there would be no such luxury. "We could have so much more fun together." The kido would seem to cause a good amount of damage to the hand of the hollow, but the beast was able to deflect the focus of the attack and force it to crash nearby and cause a small cloud of dust. "In most cases, I would be against releasing the extent of this release..." Regashi would have no idea what was fully occurring within the small amount of dust, but he would observe the human making his way out of the hole and even directing his discontent towards Regashi's actions that would seem to interfere with the human's desires. The bullets fired from the spirit attack being a sufficient message to his intent to not allow the Soul Reaper to go without being checked as he would step back a good distance to avoid the attack not aware of the warning shots. "But perhaps it stands to increase your survival..." Regashi would decide on the spot for what his actions may bring, the repercussions in totality, but grateful that there stands no other bystanders and no one else to observe what he was about to reveal. As the human was deciding to make his attack, Regashi would decide to make his as well. "So shall we make this little game fun?" In a burst, Regashi would make his way towards the pair as he would reach towards his back where his Tanto settled upon the back of his hip taking his right hand on the handle of the horizontal blade. "Repent..." The blade would start to slide from the sheath smoothly as the heat from Regashi would start to fade, slowly at first with a rapid decrease in temperature until it would meet a stable calm level. "So it shall be..." Smoke that would come from his back would grow rapidly from his body as if he was on fire. "So it has been." "Musuba Reta Tetsu Senshi..." The blade would be released entirely from the sheath as these words were spoken as the blade would shatter into six different pieces. These individual fragments would attach to each of his wrists, his ankles, to the back of his neck and finally his tailbone. From these fragments would they start to grow and spread creating chains that would wrap around his wrists, ankles, torso, and neck with the ends extending out behind his body about three feet. The chains around his wrists and ankles would have a bright blue color while the two that would be on his torso and neck would start to turn ashen grey. At the moment of the chains formation would the Arachnid unleash four claws from the same webbing as before as simultaneously, using his other hand, unleashed a Cero after avoiding the attack of the human. Though Regashi would take no care for the attacks itself, as he would only have so much time to utilize this power before it would overwhelm him. "Just give in." Regashi knew he only had so much power in him and controlling this would be difficult, but as long as he maintained his focus he would not have to use it for too long. "It will only take a few strikes," Regashi said as he would pull his right arm back with his fist clenched as if he was preparing for a punch. The claws would fly through the air, two of which striking him in his chest where his Zanpakuto would cover his body and allow him to protect against the attack, but one was able to fly lower and strike his abdomen and even pierce into his right side, and the other one was able to graze his left cheek just below the eye patch strap. His right hand would fly forward as he launched himself towards the Arachnid, feeling the pain of the claw in his abdomen. As he aimed his fist at the ribs of the large creature, the danger would be from the chain attached to his right arm. As he swung, almost like a shadow, would be a large dark arm whose hand was about the size of Regashi's body (6 Feet and 1 Inch) from edge of the pinky to the edge of the index finger. It was trailing his movement by but a few seconds behind, but its force was just a quick with the size as an amplification. It is a figure that is easily seen by those that could match Regashi's power, but those that fall behind would see only the smoke from his body massing together behind his movements. WC | 910 TWC | 4,593 OWC | 8,352 ------------------------- Battle Information Stats Stamina | 41 -> 37 -> 29 Speed | 42 -> 38 -> 30 Perception | 42 -> 38 -> 30 Strength & Reiryoku | 60 -> 56 Reiryoku Speed | 50 Abilities Used / In Effect Kajiya (鍛冶屋, lit. "Blacksmith" or "Metallurgy") - Shikai Feature Tenkai (展開, lit. "Expansion") - Kakuchō (拡張, lit. "Extension")
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    The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    The force of the arrow was not one to be taken lightly, but it was not something that could not be managed with his Zanpakuto in an almost complete Shikai. There was a moment that he was concerned with the human, however, unsure if that display of energy would actually be a mark of power, potential, or simply a show of overcompensation. He would watch as the human was able to deflect the arrow with both of his weapons in order to effectively defend himself. That was a quick motion and an even quicker reaction in order achieve that and Regashi was sure that the human had some potential, but that did not mean that there was an obvious placement of caution removed. Soon after the attack and defense by both Genm and himself, he was again able to witness a change in power and an altered flow of energy from the body of the human as a reaction to the attack, so much so that it began to consume the area within an entire block. This energy gave a strange sensation that Regashi could only equate with when he used to work out for too long and become exhausted. This feeling, which was a powerful one indeed, could only make sense based on the power from the human. He could not understand how a human could exert so much power, to the point that he would create such an overwhelming level of spiritual pressure. His action following that would be a change of tactics as the human would make a mad dash for the Hollow after speaking towards the Arachnid about how he was an attempt to observe the power that Regashi was unleashing. "This human... Is he trying to research us...?" Such a concept would not make sense, for a human would not have been able to comprehend the beings that stood before him, but his comments to this point have displayed a pretty extensive about of information of both Soul Reapers and Hollows, but perhaps no real interaction with one so directly. Although, Regashi was nothing but an unseated officer and thus would not be so privy to the information that is gathered by the seated members and their higher level officers. Still, there would not be much time to delve into thought as the man once more changed forms, this time stepping away from the demonic appearance and now becoming a beetle-like form still maintaining the humanoid form in its entirety. Still, he had to do something and perhaps the best idea finally came to REgashi on how to approach this situation. The human would seem to have some kind of power, meaning that he could resist some standard damage and thus meant that if he could potentially incapacitate the human, then Regashi could deal with the Hollow himself. "So, will we finally use our power in active combat?" Tetsu would speak to him, unsure of his plans but her curiosity would always become a verbal question. Regashi would approach the two as fast as he could, but it soon became something apparent that he could not move as fast as he once could. His body was starting to feel heavier than before as if he was wearing a weighted vest. More than that, everything seemed to be a little blurry every few seconds before being able to refocus. He was not sure as to what was going on, but he could not allow it to prevent him from saving the human and defeating the Adjuchas - or in the least hold it off until Kuja and Izual can return with reinforcements. He was not able to get there before the human was able to and had to watch as the human would bring down his attack upon the hollow, but it would appear that the Arachnid was able to respond but it was noticeable that his movement was slower than it was earlier seeming that he too was under the effects of this strange sensation that has weakened him. Still, the Arachnid was able to deflect the attack with his bow but only to avoid the initial dangerous attack and cause it to strike him in the shoulder and cause a small cut but nothing that seemed to even phase him. "How can the creature ignore a sword slashing through his shoulder, flesh wound or not." Truly Regashi was considerably out of his league but, be it adrenaline or duty, he persisted as he would approach them both still stopping but a meter away and reaching his left hand down hard on the ground and slamming it on the surface. "Collapse, Hado Number Four." The words were not necessary for the technique the initial technique, but he had found comfort in speaking his desired outcome so that he would not misdirect his power by distracting himself. This was a potential outcome with his powers, that if he did not focus on his desired action then the distraction could potentially occur as well and that could be dangerous. Suddenly there would be the smallest quake as he lifted his right hand and pointed his index and middle finger at the Arachnid Adjuchas, "Byakurai." The quake would cause the ground directly beneath Genm to literally cave beneath him and create a pit about 13 feet deep. It was just enough to cause him to fall without being able to simply climb his way out as the pit would be smooth on the walls leaving no way for him to climb out and Regashi was sure that no human could do a standing jump over six feet up, and left only enough room for his body to stand. Simultaneous to the pit hole, his right hand would generate a visible flow of an electrical current that would be unleashed from the point of his fingers towards the hollow with an aim at the center mass as the greatest point of focus leaving less chance for a miss hoping that it would cause enough damage to either incapacitate the hollow as well, doubtfully, or cause the Hollow to step back in the least and give Regashi time to pursue an assault to hold the Arachnid for a few minutes. ------------------------ WC | 1,045 TWC | 3,683 OWC | 7,442 ------------------------- Battle Information Stats Stamina | 41 -> 37 -> 29 Speed | 42 -> 38 -> 30 Perception | 42 -> 38 -> 30 Strength & Reiryoku | 60 -> 56 Reiryoku Speed | 50 Abilities Used / In Effect Kajiya (鍛冶屋, lit. "Blacksmith" or "Metallurgy") - Shikai Feature - Everyone in the area will have all stats reduced by 4 due to the increasing temperatures Kata (型, lit. "Mold" or "Bend") - Shikai Ability - 1 use per Post - Pit Creation = Reiryoku Speed Hado Number 4: Byakurai - Pale Lightning - Split Focus: Reiryoku Damage = 40 - Speed of Lightning Bolt = Reiryoku Speed
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    The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    Regashi was unsure on what he was going to do against an Adjuchas, such a powerful level of a Hollow, and more so there was the concern on the fact that he would have to try and protect this human that would have no idea the danger that he was in. As it was understood, there were humans that were spiritually aware and that would make sense as to the fact that this man was able to act towards the hollow but he had no idea the dangers that he was actually in. Though as the moment would start to clear and the remaining fragments of the Cero would dissolve into light blue particles his eye would be focused on the Arachnid before him. It would be the moment of shock, or perhaps a just pure surprise, as the hollow would speak to Regashi but with a coherent speech, stating the dangers that he was in based on the fact that he was aiming to protect this human. "Between a rock and a hard place." These words would ring in his ears, as he would agree to the fact that he had no idea what he was getting himself into. "I could not agree more." Suddenly Regashi would take note of the fact that the human was starting to step back which would be a good sign, meaning that Regashi would have one less concern. He would glance over at his comrades in the distance that seemed to still be in shock at the fact that Regashi was able to defend against a point-blank Cero, and not only live but effectively destroy the attack. He would nod his head ever so slightly hoping that they understood that he would hold the ground, as best he could, while they go get the backup seeing as they were too afraid to engage even with their odds increased if together. "This is why partners are not the best option." They would respond accordingly and depart from the area as quickly as they possibly could. From behind Regashi would be a voice to which he would look back in order to see and realize that the human had not actually left like Regashi would have hoped. Though the problem would not be the fact that the man had remained behind, but more so the words that he spoke along with the way that he spoke them. His inquisition into the concept of Spiritual Pressure and ability to point out the names of his own profession and the creature that stood across from them both. It would be the final portion that left a bit of a knot in the gut of Regashi... "A little fun?" He could only imagine what mental affliction that this human must be suffering from to not be running as far away as possible but it left Regashi now cautious of the man. He would witness as the man would pull a strange device from his hoodie and attached it to his waist, a belt, which would be strange as a fashion change would not be the immediate concern given the situation. The situation would only pursue the definition of strange with full tenacity as the human would start to focus towards his hands, and Regashi was certain that he witnessed a manipulation of Reiatsu taking place as the man formed a card out of thin air. "Game?" For his first time in the World of the Living, it is beyond what anyone had ever explained to him. The man would place the card inside of the belt device and instantly there would be a swirling of black energy increasing the amount of Reiatsu that was being created. "A human with the ability to manipulate Reiatsu to this degree cannot be possible!?" Of course, they could observe it and even influence it by means of spiritual 'magic' but this magnitude is beyond basic human capabilities. The black energy would consume the man and just as quickly did it wrap him up would it disperse and reveal a creature that could no longer be considered human. It was an armored being that could be mistaken for a humanoid hollow if Regashi did not just see a human come from that same position. Even his movements made no sense, like a creature who had lost its own mind, but it would provide a name; one that Regashi would not forget. "Genm." Another display of a unique talent would be when Genm was able to generate two weapons from mid-air, two sickles which meant a direct confrontation. Regashi was not too sure, but he had a feeling that this being had no desire for allies and saw only two opposing forces. Above all would be the strange sensation that Regashi was starting to feel after the change of the man, something he could not quite understand but there was a slight sluggishness to his body. Almost seemingly as a response would the Arachnid decide to increase his own power and exert his own spiritual pressure and increase his own Reiatsu, a power that actually gave Regashi a slight pause and increases the amount of regret for deciding to intervene. The dark red energy starting to swirl around his body giving the impression that he was not planning to play nice or gently. Then the creature would pull some strange substance from its mouth and start to... mold it... forming something from the substance that would soon resemble a bow and even formed two arrows from the same method. "I know you wish to not reveal your power..." He could hear Tetsu speaking to him and knew all too well that this was not the time nor the place to suddenly keep his power on reserve for secrecy. "Besides, Kuja and Izual have left." "Prepare for War, Tetsu Tanzo." For the first time, in front of any other person, the name of his Zanpakuto was spoken in totality which caused an interesting effect. There was no glamorous display of power or an explosive amount of energy. Regashi would simply start to generate a large amount of heat within a small distance from his body. It was enough to heat to cause a heat wave to roll in and from his shoulder blades would emit two smoke clouds. Though the smoke was not too thick and would fade after drifting less than a foot from his body, these details were noticeable. "I do hope that no other humans wander." The heat, though not enough to cause a major effect to those around him, could be a problem for a standard human. He would see the creature launch the arrows with impressive skill, being able to shoot both simultaneously but not both of them were aiming for Regashi. One was heading towards him and the other towards the human, and although this man was strange Regashi could not allow any harm to humans. As far as he was aware, he was still meant to protect him, but he had to focus on his own problem. The arrow was apparently making its way for his legs, rather than any true vital area on the rest of his body. It would appear that this hollow was aiming to disable his opponents and leave them easier to take care of. He considered an attempt to avoid the arrow entirely, but it was moving a little too fast and he wasn't too sure the exact angle of the attack and decided to step forward and attempt to block the attack with his right arm. As the arrow struck his arm it would feel harder than he expected, but not more than he could handle as the arrow would start to melt a little before catching fire, engulfed by a blue flame, and then turning into smoke that would flow into the metallic arms of Regashi. It caused a subtle change, as the smoke on his back would sputter before continuing. He would turn his gaze to the human to see the outcome for him and be hoping that he was as capable as his confidence formed, but there was this feeling that Regashi would have to subdue the human as much as the Hollow all while attempting to keep the damage to the area to a minimum. All while an annoying pain would happen in his left eye, hidden behind the patch, but completely ignorable to focus on the battle before him. WC | 1,469 TWC | 2,638 OWC | 6,397 -----------
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    The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    Before the Arrival... ----------------------------------- So they would be making their way through the Senkaimon to arrive at the Karakura Park, and the world would look so strange to Regashi as he would mentally absorb the image that was before him before Kuja would direct his vision towards the devastation that was caused by a large blast. It had torn through a good portion of the park and surveying the park revealed a large creature. It had the lower body of a spider, the legs and all but more demented in features. Especially with the upper body of a man with a large muscular feature. It was shocking in the least but what was more shocking was the response that Kuja said, "That is not a normal hollow..." There was a look of confusion from Regashi but Izual seemed to understand the statement, "Adjuchas." The word caught a string with Regashi as he thought about the Adjuchas class hollow, on the Menos level that is dealt with by Lieutenants at the least but typically Captains to quickly deal with them. The three of them, 18th and 19th seated with an unseated officer as well. "On the ground... It's Natu." Izual would point out as they would all see the Arachnid Adjuchas holding his body limp in his hand. "We will need to call back for the Captain or something." There was an obvious hint of fear in his voice as he stood there in the air stuck in place. "But, the hollow is confronting a human and we have to help." Regashi would interject watching as a random man was deciding to approach the Hollow as if he could see the beast, but that would matter little as the creature would kill the man within seconds if they wait. Kuja would raise his hand to command the other two to hold, "We do not engage until backup arrives. That is an order." "Fuck you." Regashi would respond as he made a mad dash towards the Hollow and the human. "Engage, Tetsu." Quickly he would pull his Ninjato from his back, deciding that waiting to transition would not be good for him. The glow would spread across his upper body as his arms, chest, and entire back would be consumed as the light would shatter revealing the black steel that has replaced the light. His timing was perfect, almost as if fate or some higher power had written his arrival to be at this very moment. The creature would charge a massive amount of energy in its hand, "A cero?" Another thing that he had only really read about but had not the fullest understanding of what it was with his first encounter being with a random hollow that was identifiable as young, newborn even. With little time to think, or properly react, Regashi would step in front of the attack as the Cero was unleashed and with all of his focus he would swing his right hand forward with a solid right hook. No time for a technique developed strike, just a quick punch directly into the attack. His one eye, closed he would feel the force of the impact push him along the ground a few inches as he would shatter the attack. He would open his eye to see particles of the attack fading away and the tear in the ground that was made by the cero. He would look forward at the creature before him, with an energy made either by confidence or by adrenaline and made a smile. "I will not allow you to harm this human you Hollow." He had no idea why he was talking to this creature, something that is believed to be a rare occurrence of pure hollow power beyond a Menos Grande. Especially since they are nothing but mindless creatures. He considered unleashing the full power of his Zanpakuto, but he could see Kuja and Izual in the distance looking in on the action and couldn't risk allowing them to see his power. Even more so, he was not sure the effect his Zanpakuto would have on the human behind him and thought it would be best to simply wait. WC | 1,169 TWC | 4,928 Reiatsu | 41k Stamina | 41 Speed | 42 Perception | 42 Strength & Reiryoku | 60
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    From Student to Soldier

    The road to becoming a soul reaper was a long one indeed, especially for Regashi, who was of the few that had come from the outermost districts of the Rukongai and made it to the ranks of the top of the class individuals. His name, his being, was now one with a select group which would include the current captain of the Eleventh Division, Kenpachi, and his lieutenant, Yachiru, who were also from the outer districts but not the same one or even same direction. Today, Regashi would be waking up as a member of the Fifth Division under captain Sosuke Aizen. Something that he would not have expected when he first met the man back during the entrance exams, but it would appear there were many good words spoken about Regashi that held an impression on the Captain as well as the Lieutenant, Momo Hinamori, as well. Though he could be a member of the division, he was still considered a simple front-line soldier in combat or a supportive individual throughout the squad because unseated members had all the menial tasks of cleaning, maintaining, supporting, and working under the seated members. Still, this was just another step on his journey and, unlike his comrades that were also unseated, he had no problem with his position because he had no goal like some of the others. Many wanted to one day be a captain of their own division, or be granted some special recognition for their accomplishments. No, Regashi simply wanted to be the best at what he did and be known for his capability to perform and not his abilities to shine. This mentality is what leads to many good remarks about his behavior, which was humorous to him and the few friends that he had gathered in the division. Although he would be one to work hard when given a task, he was known to be lazy and taking a nap under a tree in the shade to pass by time so that he would not have to do any real work. There have been plenty of times when one of the seated members were frantically sending other unseated officers to look for Regashi because there was some job that they wanted him to do. Time had changed his behavior to not be as persistent in his studies, but so much more focus on his abilities. Regashi had taken time to harness his talents with Hakuda and Hoho, becoming one of the most proficient members of the unseated level within his Squad and among many other’s as well. So much so that there have been countless times that the Eleventh Division would have members sparring with Regashi just to test themselves. Though his Kido proficiency was not one to be noted as he had been slacking on much of his reading, although he was fully aware of how to channel his Reiryoku properly. Aside from what was already known would be the few secrets that he has kept from most everyone, being that he has mastered his Shikai (which was obvious due to part of the reason he left the academy) but that his Shikai powers and what he reveals to them are limited. There is a great power in him when he unleashes his Zanpakuto and the armor consumes both of his arms, chest, and entire back. The ability to use his skills with Hakuda is only amplified by the tungsten armaments. Regashi is identified as a Melee-Type with his Zanpakuto simply giving him “Arms of Iron” as some would refer to, with the name he calls of his Zanpakuto, “Tetsu.” The truth of his powers remains a secret, to everyone in his squad which includes the captain. Even the academy was not aware of the powers that he had as he maintained the hidden portion of his powers. There was no clear reason outside of the fact that he would not wish to deal with the hassle and questions regarding the extent of his powers. Though when in private he would practice with the ability to increase his skills, but other than that there would be revealing it. His changes over time also included his appearance, as he had decided towards the end of his time at the Academy that the mass that he called hair was annoying and decided to cut most of it all off and left nothing but the portion on top that he would tie into a bun at the end proving to be an improvement in his appearance but also for his combat abilities. He would even request, instead of wearing the traditional uniform of a Soul Reaper, he would request a shirt that would hold firmly to his body and without sleeves. Mainly because of the comfort that it brings, but also because in any instance that he would release his Shikai, it would become complicated to effectively utilize his techniques. The other reason being that fully releasing his Shikai would burn away his clothing, and attempting to explain that he attempted a Kido and it backfired was becoming annoying. Today, Regashi would find himself in the Eleventh Division Barracks walking slowly towards one of the training areas entirely based on the request from one of the seated members of the division. There was a momentary thought of denying the request and simply taking a nap for the rest of the day, but he had to get some of his training in for the day. Although there was little work that he wanted to do, there was a technique that he had wanted to perfect if not efficiently perform. It would honestly seem like the better decision and thus the reason he was making this walk. Also, it allowed him to have a reason to be excused from non-priority tasks from his own seated officers. Since sparring session is an actual important asset to the Eleventh Division functions. Eventually, he would make the turn down the last hallway into a large opening that would reveal a stage like an area that was set outside in the light with a handful of people all gathered around. Many of which were practicing their sword techniques and Regashi would recall that not all individuals who became members of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads can release their Shikai although they could communicate with their Zanpakuto. He would shrug at the thought as if he was in the middle of a conversation with someone. “Hey, Regashi!” Someone would shout from the right of him and some distance away, but he would take note of the man running towards him. Someone that he had interacted with several times but cannot seem to recall his name, and honestly his existence did seem to skip the mind of Regashi from time to time. Either way, he would wave halfheartedly at the man to show that he acknowledged him before the man approached and engaged in conversations. “So glad that you could make it because we got a few of the unseated members of all of the divisions to come down for a little battle to see who has the strongest members in the divisions.” It did seem like an interesting idea at the way he put it, and it was in that moment that Regashi realized that was the reason some of the people were not easy to recognize because he was attempting to remember all the people that were in the Eleventh Division but many of them were from other Divisions apart from the First, Second, Fourth, Sixth, and Twelfth Divisions, but for obvious reasons. The first division is full of people who must set an example, the discipline for those in the second division would not allow such a frivolous waste of time, the fourth was not combat proficient as the others, the sixth just had sticks too far in their rears, and the twelfth division was mostly full of researchers. The man would move towards the stage as he would make his way up, and upon seeing this many of the others would do the same. As they would approach the stage, Regashi would be able to count on a good 30 or 35 men and women that were making their way to the stage. As they would all make their way up, the man would be speaking, addressing everyone. “Simple. Last one on the stage… and conscious,” He had to add that last part just to make it very clear to the gathered crowd, “Will be declared the winner. All weapons and skills allowed, but no killing or maiming.” That would seem clear, but Regashi knew that not all individuals that enjoyed combat also held restraint and could be able to take it a little too far from time to time. Not that it mattered to Regashi as he was not too worried about receiving such damage from anyone anyway, but he still would have to be cautious. Though there was nothing else to say as the next second would bring a rush of activity as people would start to aim for the advantage and throw a few people off the stage to remove immediate competition. Regashi would not be a target for that rush since he was closer to the center, but that would make him and a few others the target for rush attacks to knock them out. It was all too obvious and the person that was aiming for him couldn’t have seen more than training combat in his life and it was comical. The form and technique were flawless as he came at Regashi with a swift sweep kick, but with a quick lift of his forward foot, he could lift himself, spin slightly, and deliver a quick leaping back kick to the face of the young man who would collapse immediately. Within seconds there stood perhaps 10 or 12 people left on the stage as a few people would leave the fact that they were already eliminated, but it would be the same people who wouldn’t have lasted in direct combat as well. Of the remaining off stage, they would take the time to come on the stage and move some of the bodies, which was only allowed because of the remaining people all kind of stopped to plan their next moves. Many of the first strikes lead to them being eliminated instead except for maybe a third of the remaining combatants. Regashi was not expecting this kind of spar session but it seemed a bit… Lame. In either event, he was not one to lose a contest in most cases and it would prove interesting to see what these individuals that remained were capable of and being in the thick of it would provide the most amount of information possible. His position in the group was almost center, with two people taking that position, and him on the left side of the center with a few people on the outer end of his left side. This lead to him realizing that his Eight Trigrams Technique would not effectively operate and his Wing Chun would be compromised by the potential sneak attacks. This meant that he would revert to his base of Kenpo and maintain a surveillance of his surroundings. The first thing that he noticed would be that most of them hadn’t even touched their weapons, all remaining sheathed, and the individual who did have a weapon had a whip meaning that he had released his Zanpakuto. A few moments later, another rush would take place as everyone would attempt to target a single person. Not a single person had decided to go for Regashi, the one-eyed warrior, and that would prove to be disappointing for the larger individual would grab him and start charging towards the edge of the area. Apparently, this large man decided that he would be taking the chance to throw Regashi from the stage by running him to the end and even lifting him off the ground. Quickly he would take his free arms and clap them on the ears of the man with a pocket in his palm to force a large amount of air pressure to enter the ear canal. It obviously did prove to disorientate the charging man but not enough to cause him to stop. Still, with the fact that the man was shaken a little bit would be all Regashi would need as he would strike his right hand, two fingers, into the muscle of the man’s neck next to the jugular before placing his left hand into the deltoid muscle and striking at it had with another precise attack. His following motion would be to brace his feet on the abdomen of the man as his right arm would wrap around his head. The attacks would sting and leave his arms weaker and his focus broken as he dropped all his weight backward and feeling his momentum shift both in the air temporarily. Using the force of all that charging momentum he would continue until he could feel the ground across his back and kicked the man from the stage before rolling to his own feet. Regashi would dust himself off as he would make his way back towards the center seeing a few more people on the ground and even a few flying off the stage as well with one voluntarily walking off with a limp. There would be four members left on the stage, Regashi included, and each of the three would look at one another with a smile. Yes, they were all from the same Division. This had become very clear as each of them began to move around Regashi attempting to circle him. This would be their mistake, as Regashi would relax his stance and lower his posture with his body moving slowly but smoothly. His eye would scan as he would move in a small circular pattern within the center. His position made it clear that he would be unable to be removed from the stage meaning that they would go for the knockout. Regashi would wonder why he was the only member of the Fifth Division that would be here and wondered if there would be a different outcome if he had collaborated up like they have but that thought would drift from his mind as soon as it arrived. Quickly they would all remove their Zanpakuto and release their weapons. His eye would scan each release taking note of the design and way that they each handled the weapons. All their forms seemed to be combat ready, meaning the base would be melee but he was not sure of anything else about them that he should be aware of. So, he would pull his Zanpakuto from his back and speak, “Engage, Tetsu.” Quickly the glow would change like the others and light would consume his upper body, save his abdomen, and would shatter revealing the black metal that would be his Zanpakuto. Many of the fresh unseated individuals in the crowd was excited to see the release of their comrades and the power that was behind them. Although Regashi would be keeping his power suppressed a bit to keep this entertaining and to not exert himself too far and accidentally let his power out. The man with the hammer would strike first with a leaping strike at Regashi. Regashi would quickly be able to sidestep the strike and in the motion, was able to push his right hand into the armpit of the man wielding a two-handed hammer just as another individual came at him with a short sword. It was a quick motion, faster than Regashi to dodge and so he would take the blade as it was being lunged with the palm of his left hand. He would then sidestep to the left and force the blade to move towards the man with the hammer. Though their coordination was impressive because it would be that moment that he sides stepped that he would recognize the third individual had thrown what appears to be a boomerang at him, aiming for the space between his two comrades. Quickly Regashi would smack the straight sword up to deflect the boomerang with his left hand while entering a squatted position. Like a spring he would lift and deliver an open palm attack on the chin of the hammer wielder. There was enough force to lift the man off the ground. As he followed with the leap, Regashi would grab the boomerang with his left hand that was in the air and throw it at the swordsman. He would grip the hammer wielder with his right hand by the collar and launch him down at the swordsman as well, pulling the hammer from his hands. Using the momentum of the air and channeling the slightest amount of his Reiryoku he could alter his position and launch the hammer at the boomerang holder. The speed his actions were impressive as he could incapacitate each of the three in a sequence of rapid actions with a roar of excitement from the crowd. Just as he landed he would hear the voice of what sounded to be Momo cutting through the cheers.… “Regashi Hokori.” The way that she spoke was a bit intimidating to the others who were fully aware of her skills with a weapon, and more so her proficiency with Kido was nearly unmatched as the seated member of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Due to that respect formed, everyone would fall silent as she would approach the stage as Regashi would seal his Zanpakuto and place it inside of his sheath upon his back. “Yes, Lieutenant Hinamori.” He would respond with a firm stance and a slight bow because of any time that he heard his name said like that, he was about to have to clean the entire barracks with the other troublemakers. Though this time that would not appear to be the case as a smile would appear on his face, “First, let me say very impressive.” He had not expected that response but would say nothing to ensure that he did not put his own foot in his mouth. “I have not seen you engaged in actual combat, but I would say that would be pretty close.” There was a slight boost to his ego, but not one that he would visibly show as a few members in the crowd would agree, slightly inaudibly so, based on his performance. “In either case, you have a mission with Kuja and Izual in the World of the Living.” This was even more surprising than the change of tone from Momo, for Regashi had never been to the world of the living up to this point and only knew about it from his studies. There was an actual sense of excitement about it overall. “Meet Kuja, who will lead the team, at the Senkaimon,” With that, she would move him towards the direction that the Senkaimon was and he would obey the order but not before she said one last thing. “Way to prove that the Fifth Division is best.” ------------------------------------------------------------ TL; DR | Regashi spent time reflecting on his time in the Fifth Division and his own development from Academy to Unseated Officer. Everything from his appearance down to his disposition in general. He was invited by a friend from the Eleventh Division to engage in a special training session with other Unseated Officers from other Divisions. Regashi was effective in his ability and could take the victory just as Lieutenant Momo Hinamori would arrive to see the conclusion and inform Regashi of his first mission in the World of the Living. WC | 3,300 TWC | 3,759
  15. ChaosKaiz

    From Student to Soldier

    There is much knowledge in having power, but there is more power to be gained through obtaining knowledge. The Academy is a place that takes time to harness, control, and enhance the potential that exists within a Soul of the Soul Society. Regashi is one to be granted the opportunity to experience this and truly he would be one to prove the fact that the academy is capable of truly changing his way. Each class he was meant to take and the design between the years that they were meant to establish inside of him would be most interesting. Zanjutsu The class had designed a goal to enforce the use of the Zanpakuto, which is almost universally a traditional katana, and each person was tasked to master a style of swordsmanship with a focus on the basics of Kendo. Regashi had not had the pleasure of having a katana like everyone else, and although he would learn the style that they had provided to him. Still, he would dive further into the two weapons provided by him and would enhance the style of dual wielding leading to his ability to become ambidextrous. Kido A focus on the natural flow of Reiryoku and channel into the powers known as Kido, a unique spell casting method that was developed long before his time and continues to grow every few decades further. Regashi was natural proficient with the ways and art of Kido, but over the course of his time in the academy, there as a lost interest in pursuing the depth of his studies and the ideally useless techniques to him to delve further. THough he was more interested in the control of Reiryoku and would develop his own method of manipulating the power properly. Hakudo Not all moments will allow for someone to have their weapons readily available, and as such one will learn to fight with their bare hands. Perhaps, more specifically, the ability to fight without a weapon within their hands. Regashi took to this class above all of the other classes and would be considered top of his class with this. Except for the fact that his ability with his legs and kicks were not as efficient with his arms. Hoho This class would be dedicated on effective movement and Regashi would not be the most proficient, but he would be effective enough. So much so that his early years he learned Shunpo before even leaving the academy. Eventually Regashi would be able to graduate from the academy and even be accepted into the Fifth Division under Captain Sosuke Aizen as an unseated officer with high marks of recommendations from all of his teachers. So now, his journey really begins... WC: Don't even matter Time Skip Complete