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  1. ChaosKaiz

    Noble House: Kaeru

    The speed of the technique launched with a tremendous amount of velocity behind it, the force of his Kido started to become more and more impressive with each use. As the training continued, Ginga grew increasingly excited about having a chance to fight and the more that she gave for Lieutenant General Kusho the more that she would get in return. Each time that the Captain decided to push a little further, Oriru was backed further into a corner and that meant that he would have to fight even harder. Her words, her feelings, and her ideas continued to flow through the body of her partner as the unity between them strengthened. The planets The switch of the technique was quick enough to catch the Captain and strong enough to restrain him temporarily and that proved to be enough time for Oriru, as well as Ginga, to make the decision for their next action. Oriru focused on the Captain as he found a way to break through the bakudo by true and pure force which caused the Lieutenant General a momentary cause of concern to know see someone who could just literally flex their way out of a kido. There was a reason that the Captain was who he was, the Commander of the entire Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Then, in a rush of speed the Captain went for an assault upon Oriru that caught the young Lieutenant General off guard. "Ido." He spoke the words as the Captain stopped a short distance away. Unsure of what the Captain was doing as Nepture and Uranus broke the pattern of the orbit, the continuous flow much like the electrons dancing around the nucleus, and hovered in front of Oriru within the field of the Event Horizon. Oriru was only alerted by a moment as the free blade of the Captain Commander entered the one meter field of the Event Horizon. 'A misdirection...' There was little to no time to react and Oriru knew that he could not move fast enough to avoid the attack and even attempting a Kido would take too much time even without the fact he does not need to use the incantation. "Setsuzoku." For the quickest moment, both Neptune and Uranus was consumed by a radiant golden glow before a stream of golden energy formed and tethered the two of them together. The thread formed between the two of them as the blade come down. The force was tremendous but the thread did not give and the planets did not move. Almost as a reaction, acting faster than even Oriru could anticipate like a second nature or muscle memory, a white rod formed in the air just above Oriru before suddenly turning black and duplicating one hundred times over. Just as they duplicated, "Fortify." as the words slid from his lips the one hundred black rods turned a radiant golden color before raining down Bakudo number 62, Hyapporankan upon Captain Kaeru at close range. Simultaneous to this, Lieutenant General generated five small balls of white light that shifted black. With a snap of his finger the orbs disappeared. Moments later five tall thick black pillars connected by chains would descend from the sky upon the position of the Captain providing a secondary sealing technique of Bakudo number 75, Gochūtekkan. As the assault of Bakudo was launched another planet, Venus, grew to match the size of the previous planets leaving three marbles still and seven orbs in orbit around the Lieutenant General. Through all that, the most alarming detail was the amount of energy being generated by Oriru as it appeared that his body was absorbing the actual environment as small specs of dirt, water, and debris would seem to dissolve within his field and create an aura around his body. WC | Too lazy to count Stats (Current Natural Stat) (ND: 8,811) Abilities Used / In Effect Combat Details Ending Stats (ND: 8,811)
  2. ChaosKaiz

    Noble House: Kaeru

    Oriru watched as his Sokatsui launched forth upon the Captain, a bit of surprise at his own power observing the potential that Ginga held from him. It quickly became clear that the amount of untapped energy sealed within her was kept from him until he was ready to truly utilize it. The sense of appreciation finally came upon him at this moment and the understanding of combat that he avoided for so long shifted sharply. There was a willingness in him to fight, to challenge the opposition that may come towards him and the determination to discover the full limits of Ginga reached a new level of its own. His focus was brought back to the training when the Captain took note of the tactic Oriru displayed, the use of the Sokatsui to force the Captain to increase the immediate distance between the two followed by the reactive creation of Tozansho to ensure the distance remains at a fixed minimum. "I spent countless hours studying." He responded with a smile preparing for the Captain's next action. The barrier was already formed, and Ginga's essence guided Oriru to understand that the need for defence was key in order to maintain the preservation and the attempt for an offence was just a matter of time. "Fortify." With those words, the black barrier formed from the unique nature of Oriru and Ginga's altered energy signature shifted to a more golden color. More than that, for those with a keen eye, it would appear that the barrier itself had a way to distort reality a few inches around it causing minor ripples in the air that seemed like matter was being consumed to enhance the barrier. This was done just moments after the Captain Commander unleashed his own assault of a Hado and a wave of energy from the Zanpakuto that he was wielding. The Byakurai struck firmly against the barrier but seemed to do little to the actually Bakudo which settled Oriru a little, because he held the concern his own barrier being incapable to stand against a low-level Hado, even it was from a Captain Class Soul Reaper. What Oriru was not prepared for was the third attack that had come from his rear side, but only able to recognize it the moment that it struck his barrier. The initial wave of energy that came in front of him, the black lightning generated by the Captain struck the barrier and it caused a distortion in the barrier which caused it to appear to glitch for a moment as a white flame consumed the weakened barrier almost eating away at it. Suddenly the barrier shattered, leaving Oriru standing there in the open air once more with yet another new orb grew much like the previous adding the Earth orb into the list. Although the fire consumed the barrier and disperse and the electrical energy cackled into nothingness, it appeared that the forces were enough to eat away at Oriru's energy. The lack of connection with Ginga prevented the barrier from protecting him from the force of the barrier itself breaking, something that wouldn't normally happen to a Soul Reaper utilizing Bakudo. "Well, that is inconvenient." Oriru generated a small amount of golden light energy in his left hand before clenching his fist tightly and pointing two fingers at Xarius. As he performed this action, a single stream of golden light wrapped around his fingers and turned a bright white. Lieutenant General Kusho pointed his fingers at the Captain as the white light shifted black instantly before launching forward towards the Captain, the design and pattern of the black energy a clear indication of Bakudo number four, Hainawa. As the black energy launched forward, Oriru prepared a response for the Captain's actions to follow. Whether or not the attempt is successful with the low-level Bakudo, the black energy would change and grow in size before releasing five other strands of black light energy. The moment the Captain makes a move to avoid or decides to take the Bakudo directly, the Hainawa would transition into Bakudo number Sixty-One, Rikujōkōrō. One of Oriru's proudest discoveries was the Evolution Kido Technique. Studying various Kido techniques taught him that many of the higher level Kido are extensions of the lower-level ones, and when used correctly one could shift a technique into another. The most prominent example in his studies was Bakudo Four to Sixty-One because the Energy Manipulation from both are duplicate light generation and as such allow for the transfer from one technique to another. Six planets continued to orbit Oriru at their full size whilst four more remained in marble size in a smaller orbit around him. WC | 785 Stats (Current Natural Stat) (ND: 8,999) Abilities Used / In Effect Combat Details Ending Stats (ND: 8,811) OOC - Allow Oriru to take the remaining damage to his ND, but won't apply the effects of the techniques to Oriru since it applied to his barrier.
  3. ChaosKaiz

    Canvas of the misfortune

    You are redeemed, certainly. You are truly making a mark as a legend for BSE
  4. ChaosKaiz

    Origami Garden

    - Work in Progress - ~ Learned Hado Number 63 | Raikōhō [Thunder Roar Sear] - 1450 Words Required [ Achieved ]Description: A lighting-type attack.The practitioner, generating yellow spiritual energy into his/her hand, forms an orb, which is fired at the target with a massive concentrated strike of energy. The effect has devastatingly destructive results.Incantation: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!" WC | 1614
  5. ChaosKaiz

    Origami Garden

    ~ When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it ~ Lieutenant General Oriru Ryuka Kusho stood in the middle of his Sanctuary, feeling the residual effects of his recent experiment still bearing down on him. The sins of his past decision seem to have left quite the trail behind for him to follow without a clear sign of how to escape the pain or the memories. His eyes were fixed on his hand, looking at the reminder that he was given as a gift from an unwanted companion. It is this exact mark that he would hold closely as a key, a chance to determine the potential that is hidden within. The amount of focus that he placed upon his hand lead to him being totally aware of the recent visitor that found their way into the place of peace established by the Lieutenant General. He was so drawn in by the recent events and the mark that it left that Oriru found himself in a state of a trance, constantly spiraling further in a thought that he could not quite catch but remained consistent in the path of travel through his mind. A train of thought following the tracks of discontent passing through the multiple stops of decision and increasing the speed of decline without hesitation. Slowly, Oriru finally found the will to break free from his own thoughts enough to lower his hand and come back to the physical world where his body was or, more literally, the spiritual world were his vessel was. The power he attempted to tame seemed to be greater than he expected and lead him to a state of dissociation, but to a degree where his own existence started to feel like a fleeting memory of a life that he had only read about. His own experiences seemed to dissolve away into recollection of stories being told as opposed to occurrences in which he was involved in. So when the words, “How’s it going Lieutenant General?” were spoken but a few feet beside him by a voice that should have felt familiar but felt like a stranger shouting from across the world, Oriru was startled and felt a bit of shock as the world started to spin for a few seconds. It stopped the moment that he made eye contact with the individual who was providing a look of partial concern partnered with an expression of soothing happiness. There, before the Lieutenant General stood the Lieutenant of the Fifth Division, Kazukan Azimaru, one of the Kido Specialist of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads within the Court of Pure Souls. Only a specific list of people could be considered premiere level Kido Specialist within the Thirteen Court Guard Squads since most others would be absorbed into the Kido Corps within the moment of being considered a prodigy level within that skill set. Kazukan Azimaru was a different case since he denied the access into the Kido Corps to remain within the Fifth Division with Captain Regashi Hokori. There was apparently a history between the two, being that Kazukan had recognized Regashi from the Rukongai. This was always a curious point since little to no information existed in regards to Hokori’s time within the Rukongai prior to becoming a member of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads aside from the fact that he had acquired a Zanpakuto prior to joining the Spiritual Arts Academy and successfully attuning to a new Adachi becoming a Dual Zanpakuto wielder. Despite that, these two remained the humblest of members of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads even though the pair of them were experts in the Kido Arts. “Sorry Lieutenant Azimaru, I was preoccupied in thought and had not managed to recognize your arrival.” Oriru shook his head of the thoughts the best he could as Lieutenant Azimaru shook his head with a chuckle, “No worries Lieutenant General Kusho. I am just glad to be included in your recruitment training, always nice to get out and interact with other divisions and not have to deal with the paperwork personally.” He laughed to which Oriru shared in the response, noting that this entire recruitment training was filed by Oriru from top to bottom which mean that each of the trainers simply had to sign that they would be part of the assistant coordination team. The demeanor of Lieutenant Kazukan Azimaru was one of cavalier, a casual air surrounded him which complimented his Captain's style well. They both tend to look on the brighter side of how life is and like to play things by the hip, but despite their free will nature would tend to ensure that the rules are followed as accurately as possible. Aside from potentially the Captain of the Tenth Division, Captain of the Second Division, and the Captain Commander himself, Captain of the Fifth Division Regashi and his Lieutenant were the most well versed in the rules and bylaws of the Court of Pure Souls and the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. "Of course." Oriru provided a softer gaze to his comrade paired with a friendly smile, "The simple promise of no paperwork required was the selling point, not the small incentive attached to working the additional hours with inter divisional training for both the financial advantage and the quarterly required collaborative measures." Oriru delivered his wit as dry as ever, but it hit Kazukan with the clear and obvious intention. "Oh, Lieutenant General," Kazukan placed his hands over his chest clenching tightly in a dramatic fashion, "you wound me with such hurtful words." He reached out a hand mockingly extending for support, "Could I not decide to assist from the goodness of my heart?" "Not if you could avoid it." Instantly Kazukan ceased his theatrical performance in front of the Lieutenant General and laughed, "Fine, you got me." With a shrug and a quick smirk Kazukan adjusted his gauntlet and sash around his belt. "This helps reduces my necessary hours that you requested out of the Lieutenants, and that is more than enough of a cause for this." With a slow shrug he turned away from Lieutenant General Kusho and faced towards the exit door, "Curious, which one are you going to use for the assessment?" His arms lifted and crossed over his chest. "I was actually going to leave the decision to you in this case, I would prefer that the evaluation be as authentic as possible and you determine the most effective technique for it." Lieutenant General Kusho took a few steps so that he would stand side by side with his comrade, "I would prefer any technique that has not be taught in the primary academy courses, so that they can reveal their determination to study the arts beyond the regular studies of the spiritual arts or their ability to expand the potential grasp of relatively energy control and manipulation." Kazukan tilted his head and lifted his right hand to his chin as if entering a deep and tumultuous thought, "That is a difficult one to select..." He paused for a moment, "Perhaps I can work on their grasp of Hado Number Fifty Eight, Tenran." With that statement, he brought his right hand from his face down to his side while reaching his left hand across his body to grip his Zanpakuto. "Orchid Sky is a good one because it allows someone to focus their energy exclusively with their Zanpakuto which gives a strong leverage to manage the technique, and it requires a relatively strong grasp on kido arts as well as the natural stillness of the air." He pulled his Zanpakuto from the sheath and held the blade in front of him with the steel pointing down. "You are familiar with this one, yes?" He spoke with a friendly tone of humorous mocking as he tapped the handle in his hand and pulled back to allow the Zanpakuto to spin in the air of its own design. "Yes, I am well versed in the technique." Lieutenant General Kusho observed as the blade continued to spin and listened intently to the incantation being provided by the Lieutenant of the Fifth Division. Kazukan griped the blade firmly, "Hado Number Fifty Eight, Tenran." From the blade ceased in motion released a controlled torrent of air the caused the doors to blow open from the Origami Garden sanctuary as he started to take a few steps. "Hado Fifty Eight, Tenran." A second gust of wind followed behind Lieutenant Azimaru carrying with it a heavy, yet gentle, breeze along the path. He turned to see Oriru with his left palm pointed towards the open doorway and a smirk on his face. "Very well versed." Kazukan Azimaru gave a smile in return, "So you are." With that he made his way outside and loudly shouted, "Alright, who is ready for some more educational torture!" Oriru gave a slight frown, aware that Osore Shinsei and Kazukan Azimaru can be a very intense pair but decidedly the best combination to give the recruits a truly intense experience. Slowly the doors closed behind the Lieutenant of the Fifth Division leaving Lieutenant General Kusho to his own devices once more. Kazukan Azimaru Learned Hado Number 58 | Tenran [Orchid Sky] - 1450 Words Required [ Achieved ]Description: The practitioner, levitating their Zanpakutō, lightly hits one end, causing it to spin like a fan. The practitioner, stopping it, creates a widening tornado-like blast, which is fired forward toward the target.A hand is usable as a catalyst of the spell if the Zanpakutō is not available.Incantation: "Unknown" WC | 1614
  6. ChaosKaiz

    Origami Garden

    Lieutenant General Oriru Ryuka Kusho sat there against the wall reeling in pain from the experience. He entered the experiment with so much confidence in his ability to properly coordinate the amount of power and make it to the end of the process. His mind was still, aside from the ringing in his ears, as none of the world seemed to register to him. His vision had bee partially damaged leaving him in a state of almost perpetual darkness and his hearing was all but blown. He took a moment to try and adjust himself and realized that his right arm had fallen entirely numb and his legs were too weak to support his body. Instead he simply remained fixed to the wall in utter defeat wondering if this was to be his new state. He attempted to control powers he did not fully understand, and his punishment would be suffering the consequences of his ignorance, or his hubris. Oriru attempt to let out a sigh but only managed to violently cough until he was finally able to clear his throat and spit out the mouth full of blood. It had not even occurred to him the internal damage that he had obtained during that process. He forced himself to get a better leverage against the wall using every part of his body only to feel the hard snap of a rib that was probably already fragile or mostly fracture from the experience. Originally, he considered that he made a miscalculation and caused some damages that would take time to heal, but he was starting to believe that he caused more damage than he thought. The external wounds had been healed, but the memories of the wounds had been burned into his muscles; his very nerves recall every single injury that impacted him, and they seemed unable to discern the truth. Worse than that, his body had been so impacted that it had turned his body frail and prone to injury for a simple movement. “A shame…” He spoke and felt his throat scrape against every syllable which only made him realize how much pain he was in for simply breathing. The power that he attempted to control only seemed to become more potent the more he came to realize the affects after his failure. Each breath revealed more issues, every thought seemed to highlight more concern, every second was a torture of his decisions. This went on for what felt like hours, in which his body was being dragged through the jagged edges of hell scorched in eternal flames. Suddenly, it was over. All the pain, all the injuries, and all the afflictions. Each one was removed from his body instantly leaving the memory of what happened and nothing else. Slowly he lifted himself to his feet and began to assess his body scanning every part of him. Quickly he checked his rib and felt no pain from applying light pressure, but after pushing harder to check the only pain was from him poking a little to hard but that was more of a mild discomfort compared to the previous condition. It was then that he realized that the world was a bit brighter, as the darkness that once consumed his eyes had depart from him as well. “I… healed?” He was doing his best to understand what it was that just happened when he connected the fact that he could hear himself clearly without the ringing in his head beating upon his ear drums like a war chief. All the concerns he had, as well as the conditions, appeared to have been removed. A smile came over his face, “Not anytime soon, but I must investigate further and determine how to push it to the limit and successfully harness that technique.” The amount of relief that hit him was truly the greatest feeling he had knowing that he was free from that prison of his own body but more so enlightened of the fact that there was a way he may be able to harness it. The truth was, he was unsure if he was correct in his assumption but there would be a chance that they very technique that caused him so much pain and trauma may have also been the same thing that brought him back from the edge of living death. To harness a power of that level was something that he had placed as his mission, albeit a minor goal in comparison to other details. Though, his constant training and meeting with other people of a greater level of power and the book that he started reading when he got his first promotion to the Senior Administration Officer started to come full circle. There was a power inside of him that he could no longer ignore, no longer pretend that it is not in there. Something was calling him to greater things, and he had pushed so hard for Ginga to stay back so that he could work on it. Now he wonders, “If I gather her blessing, truly allow her to be herself… I may be able to gather enough power to generate and control the technique.” He took a moment to look over the room before bringing the palm of his right hand into his view in front of his face. In the center of his hand was a small dot, about the size of a marble like the original size of the orb when it first formed. The rest of his body seemed to have recovered, except for that single spot. Even if he wanted to move on, he could not. The technique had become a being of its own, an entity that started calling out to Oriru. He could do his best to ignore it and drown out the sounds of the sweet siren song, but there was too much that he could gain. Not so much to have such a power, but there was a need to prove to himself that he could do it. WC | 1006
  7. ChaosKaiz

    Origami Garden

    After several more rounds of this evaluation, the applicants were all visibly exhausted from the process going well over twenty rounds of attempting to save more than forty Shinoda copies each round. They all attempted to stand before Oriru, but their bodies were visibly worn. “You all seem pretty exhausted. Are you ready to quit?” There was a moment where all of the applicants look at one another, and it was clear that none of them wanted to stop attempting to maintain their resolve but eventually one of them finally broke. “I… I can’t do it anymore…” The young man spoke with such a defeated tone as he fell to his knees on the ground. “I have nothing left to give…” It was clear that he hated the fact that he was giving in, but he had obviously reached his limit. “Anyone else reached their limit?” Lieutenant General Kusho spoke firmly as he surveyed the group before him, and one by one they each raised their hand, or at least most of them attempted to, revealing that the entire group were unable to continue. “Excellent, then you have all passed the initial evaluation process.” Startled, they glanced at Oriru as Shinoda approached him with a smug expression. “Before you comment, it may be important to give your all when you are on the field for you, your team, and your duty but it is important to know your limits so that you do not turn from a battlefield asset to a combat liability.” He gave a nod, “There is a line to be understood, the line between total effort and complete exhaustion and the path to success is to walk along that line carefully with precision and certainty.” From the left of Lieutenant General Kusho appeared Eleventh Lieutenant Osore Shinsei with a smirk on his face. “So, are these the victims?” He smiled as he looked at each one. “Yes, this are the applicants,” He stressed the word to ensure that Lieutenant Shinsei would at least attempt some restraint before directing his words to the group, “Next course will be your Hakuda and Zanjutsu evaluation. This will be led by Lieutenant of the Eleventh Division Osore Shinsei and Lieutenant of the Thirteenth Division Nina Shinoda.” With a nod to both Lieutenants, Oriru turned towards his Sanctuary. “Let me know when you are satisfied with their results and remember; we need to push them to their limits.” With a nod to his two friends and comrades, he left to collect some of his paperwork before entering the sanctuary just as he heard Lieutenant Shinsei speak, “Alright, who is ready to bleed?” … Lieutenant General Oriru Ryuka Kusho secured himself in the Sanctuary and took a moment to himself before entering the center of the room. There, in the center of the place he found comfort, he was able to gather himself enough and focus on his spiritual energy. His mind went over all the details that he had been studying and wanted to take the time to assess where his place was. Slowly he lifted his right hand in front of him with the palm facing up. The goal was to have his hand be comfortably extended and line up with his chest before he began. Slowly he focused all his attention on the palm of his hand, taking the time to inspect every single moment and remove any mental distractions as he moved forward. His energy began to generate softly with a single orb of pure white energy no larger than the size of his thumbnail. He paid close attention to the orb as it began to spin clockwise absorbing the energy that he was producing as well as the ambient energy within the air particles. This continued as the world felt as if it was slowing down, the swirl of energy growing in detail as particles became more and more tangible forms of matter being consumed by this ever-growing orb. The key was to maintain the focus and allow no stray thoughts to enter his mind, and thus nothing but this energy was within his mind. Every moment was dedicated to this marble, now multiple times its original size but still growing. It was a slow process, but it would take time to truly understand this technique and the ability it can hold within. The goal was to eventually perfect it, but that was not something he would consider now. Nothing could distract him as the orb continued to consume and continued to grow. Although the orb amassed a large collection of energy it would constant absorb and then condense to less than half of its size before growing again. This process had repeated nearly a dozen times in this run through bringing a terribly dense orb of raw energy forming in the palm of his hand. It continued to grow, expand, and condense. After the twentieth cycle of this process the amount of power in the orb started to generate a level of mass and spiritual pressure greater than Oriru anticipated. At this point, his focus was so locked in that he could not stop even if he wanted to. The orb was self-sustained at this point feeding on every bit of spiritual energy that it could gather causing Oriru to feel his own power being drained at a rate greater than he anticipated. It started to get to the point that the orb was able to start syphoning from Ginga and leech from her power as well. There came a moment where Oriru became stuck in a trance from the power being created in the palm of his hand, especially after the thirty-ninth cycle completed of the process. It was starting to cause a massive amount of strain on his body, his spiritual essence, and even Ginga as he felt his clothes start to burn from the amount of pressure being generated. At the end of the fortieth cycle, his skin started to generate burns form the palm of his hand and spreading along his arm. For a moment a voice could be heard in the back of his mind, but he immediately pushed it away to focus on the orb. Eventually the end of the forty-ninth cycle came and his body started being ripped from the torrent air being pulled and shredding every inch of his form. There was so much power, and it was starting to overwhelm him. The end of the fifty-sixth cycle caused all his wounds to start to bleed profusely, destroy most of the skin from his arm, and his vision to become more than sixty percent degraded into darkness. The fifty-eighth cycle arrived and Oriru started to become so dizzy from the pressure that he started to vomit and so painfully that he could not maintain the concentration and lost control of the arm. There was a moment when the orb stopped spinning and instantly reversed its direction and started to release all the generated power that it had gathered. The process started to reverse all of the damage that it had done, but not without making Oriru experience each of the steps in full force causing wounds to close and hurt twice as much as being afflicted with them. When he finally reached the first cycle once more the orb detonated with a small blast that launched Oriru into the wall behind him. Slowly he slid down the wall and sat against it feeling all of the pain that he incurred over the course of nearly sixty cycles of his body being devastated. “Not even close…” He spoke through strained breath. “But I will get it…” He took the time to relax and just let his body suffer until the pain faded, if it ever will but he will survive. WC | 1300
  8. ChaosKaiz

    Origami Garden

    In the middle of the Origami Garden, Oriru stood firmly with his arms crossed over his chest and head hung low as his eyes remain closed. His posture was solid as he remained standing tall and feeling his own spiritual pressure gently flowing from his body as he enjoyed the open air in front of the building of his Sanctuary. Around him swirled a plethora of papers, books, and other documents with a bountiful amount of information being absorbed by him. He maintained this focus in his work, studying and occasionally using the few writing utensils in the paper storm to update the information on some of the reports. Although he was no longer the one specifically responsible for the Administrative Affairs, the role of Director of Command within the Thirteen Court Guard Squads still maintained a high influx of paperwork that required his attention. Captain Commander Xarius Kaeru was not one to shy away from the paperwork required for the job, which was a respectable detail that Oriru appreciated but he could not help himself but work on some of the work that the Captain had offered to assist with. There was a momentary joke that Oriru did not believe that Captain Kaeru could do it correctly, but they both understood that Oriru was just a bit more efficient with his speed and processing capability when it came to day to day operation activity reports. These little moments of softer interactions between the two of them strengthened the bond between the Captain and the Lieutenant and their combined efficiency lead to a stronger collaborative effort throughout many of the divisions. Obviously, the benefit was that there was a clear sense of leadership now, not disregarding Captain of the Second Division Shuu Mikoto and his ability to lead, but it was clear the role and responsibilities of Captain Commander was both shove into his hand and unwanted. Oriru had made it through the bulk of his documents when he could sense an individual approaching based on their spiritual pressure, but it quickly increased as several instances of spiritual pressure could be identified getting closer. With the potential interruption to his work, the Lieutenant took the time to sort his paperwork into neat piles and store them within the various folders and binders around him so that he could pick up where he left off. Slowly the Lieutenant lifted his head to look in front of him and lay eyes on several individuals, roughly eight or nine of them, all standing in front of him in their traditional Soul Reaper uniform. Most of them were not easily identifiable while a few seemed recognizable but Oriru had no direct frame of reference leading him to believe he only encountered these individuals by reading over their files and a few of them included images for reference. It had only just dawned on Oriru that he potentially lost track of time and had forgotten that he was scheduled to have a dedicated training session with a few select members of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. These individuals were selected from various divisions with special skills, potential, or knowledge and was selected by the Captain or Lieutenant of their respective divisions to meet with Oriru. “It is safe to assume that each of you were selected by your respective divisional leadership.” Although the phrase was made as a question, it was clear that it was more of a statement that he was presenting to the group. “Each of you were selected by your divisional leadership because there happens to be a belief that you have potential to deliver something to the entirety of the Court of Pure Souls in a greater capacity. This is typically reflected in your effective combat skills, understanding of the Kido arts, capabilities within your effective high-speed movement, and overall compatibility with your Zanpakuto.” As he spoke, each of the officers stood firmly at attention showing their training was thoroughly covered but he also was sure that the Lieutenants of their divisions advised them to be on their best behavior otherwise Oriru would have to have a discussion with the leadership. “I want to highlight that this is an educational experience as much as it is a performance review.” With a firm nod he continued, “Each of you will be expected to display your proficiency with Zankensoki highlighting all four categories, and once that has been established, we will move onto stage two of the performance review.” There was a slight pause before he would proceed, “Depending on how effective you are doing the performance review, some of you shall be returned to your division with your results delivered to your divisional leadership. The others shall be moving forward onto the final portion of the evaluation for consideration of the First Division.” There was a moment of clamor with that statement, as it was clearly stated that these individuals had expressed interest in the transfer to the First Division and Oriru decided to take the time to acknowledge the requests and assess them, with the approval of the Captain, before bringing the final results by Xarius. Lieutenant Kusho gave them group a moment to settle down from the news, as they were not aware that this was going to be an evaluation for the promotion that they all applied for previously. “First we have to determine if you are capable of the full range of potential for Hoho, and Lieutenant Nina Shinoda of the Thirteenth Division has volunteered to assist with that today.” With a nod he fixed his gaze on the near distance which caused the group to turn and face that direction laying their eyes on nothing. As they turned back, they all say a woman in the traditional uniform with a decently sized Afro wearing a red gauntlet on her left arm and a spike cauldron on her right shoulder. She gave a smile as the light reflected off her lip piercing. “Shall we begin?” Oriru would only respond with a nod as she vanished and suddenly appeared in more than twenty different locations throughout the clearing. “The first stage of the Hoho evaluation is simple.” Oriru slowly lowered both hands to his side which caused the ground to shake lightly at first before the ground began to crack. He lifted his hands until they were about shoulder height and dozens of boulders lifted from the ground. “Do not allow your fellow comrade suffer any injuries.” Oriru pushed his arms outward immediately as all the boulders scattered and launched themselves at the various locations that Lieutenant Shinoda happened to be. Instantly three of the group used Shunpo to move, while the others seemed to be caught by the shock value of the action of sending boulders at an ally but some of them realized they needed to act. “Daichi Tenyo, the Upturned Earth Dance. Hado number fifty-seven.” Oriru watched as each of the applicants attempted to rush towards Shinoda or the boulders, observing their tactics of grabbing Shinoda and pulling her out of the way, attacking the boulders to prevent the impact as best they could, or creating barriers to assist with protection. As this occurred, more than thirty versions of Shinoda appeared on top of the twenty or more as Oriru repeated his action of launching boulders at the copies of Shinoda. This process was repeated a total of five times as the locations were scattered, the boulders moved faster, and the durability of each one was increased each time. By the third time, several of them unleashed their Zanpakuto in order to use their abilities to assist them finding it increasingly difficult with a few Shinoda’s getting crushed. Eventually Oriru ceased sending boulders as each saved Shinoda seemed to fade into dust. Standing next to Oriru was the Lieutenant of the Thirteenth Division with her arms crossed watching as the applicants all gathered themselves before Oriru. It was clear that they were pushed on their limits to move and react with minimal time and Oriru nodded to assure them that the evaluation was complete. The crushed Shinoda would then fade into dust as well, “Well, it appears that we were unable to prevent casualties on the battlefield.” “That was unfair, there was no way that we could have saved them all.” “Correct.” Oriru spoke sharply and cold. “There was absolutely no way that you were going to be able to save them all, and that is the first lesson of your educational experience; casualties are unavoidable, but we must do our best to minimize them.” Each of them looked at Oriru with a soft and pained expression, “You will try as you might, to push with everything that you have, but it just will not be enough to save everyone. Even still, there will never be an excuse to not give your all to try. So, you,” Lieutenant Kusho pointed at the man who spoke up, “You knew there was no way that you were going to save them all, so you hesitated then decided to stop trying by the third round.” “Like you said, we were not meant to save them all.” “Despite that, I said that you must give your all to try. Consider your application denied and you may return to your division.” There was moment of dead air as all the applicants decided to turn away from the rejected individual. “That’s ridiculous!” Although annoyed, the man decided to depart without further incident. Once the man left them, Oriru continued. “Now the remaining eight of you; I assume you are all pretty exhausted from the first evaluation?” There was a moment of silence as a small group of them spoke in unison, “No sir.” Lieutenant General Kusho and Thirteenth Lieutenant Shinoda smiled, “Then we shall do it again.” Instantly more than forty copies of Shinoda appeared throughout the area as Oriru began to use Daichi Tenyo once more to assault Shinoda. Nina Shinoda Learned Hado Number 57 | Daichi Tenyō [Upturned Earth Dance] - 1425 Words Required [ Achieved ]Description: The practitioner thrusts their hands outward, causing objects around them to levitate and throwing them toward the destination which the wielder chooses. The technique is precise enough to counter opposing flying objects.Incantation: "Unknown" WC | 1713 Art for Nina Shinoda is credited to Mizael Tengu (Thanks Rash!)
  9. ChaosKaiz

    Noble House: Kaeru

    Everything was so fast, and honestly Oriru could not keep up with the Captain’s movement. The only reason he was able to attempt to deflect the first attack was because of the position of his Zanpakuto, and the response of his attack was only after he had realized that he was cut by the Captain’s Zanpakuto seconds later. His response times were lacking, and it was causing serious issues for him. Oriru had spent countless hours studying and training with various officers and it seems compared to a Captain class Soul Reaper none of that could amount to a similar level. Suddenly a force of energy would blast forth from the Captain as Xarius spoke the command dedicate to his Zanpakuto release. The spiritual energy from that release alone was enough to dismantle his own Hado and cause a blowback striking Oriru on his right side forcing him to stumble a few steps to his left. Suddenly Oriru realized that Xarius was elevated above him roughly 5 meters in the air, and he only recognized this after the fact with his coat falling upon the ground without contacting Xarius. There was a moment of appreciation as Oriru gazed upon the actual form of his Captain’s Shikai, something that he had only read reports about with the minimum amount of details provided. Of course, Oriru felt the respect of the Captain deciding not to hold back – at least not entirely – to help the Lieutenant expand his ability and connection with Ginga. That, paired with the fact that the Captain took the time to highlight the fighting style of Oriru, was something that brought a bit of pride for his own ability but realized that he could not perform as he desired without the support of Ginga. It was curious, the fact that the Captain took note of the relative spiritual pressure differences between the two because Oriru was not aware of the difference. Although Oriru could sense the level of most individuals with ease, there was something… familiar about the level that the Captain Commander was operating at. With a shift in the moment, Xarius revealed the fact that Oriru would be laying witness to the capabilities of his Captain’s Zanpakuto which was something that only the other Captain’s have been able to see. The next moments happened so fast that Oriru did not even recognize what happened until after his blood fell to the ground. His right shoulder was the first sensation of pain that he was able to experience, followed by the sharp pain in his back before he staggered from the wounds inflicted upon the back of both of his legs. The pain was quick, but the lingering effects were slowly increasing. It did not even occur to him how fast the Captain was, but then it became clear that this dark essence surrounding him was the negative spiritual pressure that he was struck by when Xarius released his Zanpakuto. ~ Internal ~ His body felt… heavier, both physically and spiritually, and he could feel the pressure impact him greater as the blood fell from his wounds. The second drop fell from his back and dripped upon the ground with the sound of the bit of blood echoed in his ears and everything froze for a moment, and there in front of him was a figure in a black shadowy cloak with specks of white scattered upon the garment. “Well.” It spoke with a soft feminine voice, almost a whisper, that echoed beautifully in his ears. “That pain… It is authentic and beautiful.” She slowly approached; inches covered in what felt like minutes as Oriru remained fixed in his place. “The nature of battle, the contest of forces beyond comprehension much like the universe. Moving forward, unphased by the details of what lives or dies, continuously progressing…” What felt like an hour had passed before the cloaked figure finally stood face to face with Oriru. ~ Reality ~ In a burst of raw force Oriru’s spiritual pressure began to escalate slowly, elevating to levels never seen from Oriru before. So much so that his spiritual pressure became tangible as a glowing white aura started to consume his body. This was the power that Oriru held deep within him, and the unique detail of this white spiritual energy was that it was truly the raw energy from Oriru, contrasting that field around his body that was a blend of his and Ginga. Ginga slowly began to pull herself from her sheath, a radiant white light shimmering from the steel as the blade became free. Oriru never actually pulled Ginga from her sheath since he was not efficient with her in Zanjutsu and she was too selfish to allow her power to be released in the few times he allows his eyes to glance upon the steel blade. The white steel, once released from the cage of the sheath, was planted into the ground firmly of its own design. ~ Internal ~ The cloaked figure stood face to face with Oriru, but he could see nothing but glowing golden orbs from under the shadow of the good, a visage of death itself if ever there needed a description. “You have provided me an interest in this moment, so in return I shall give you more than a taste of my power.” Oriru kept his eyes fixed on hers, a momentary pause for them both. “Reach beyond the heavens, descend further than hell, discover what life delivers, and relish in the fact that death denies your existence.” The figure brought her arms towards her hood, hands clad in raw darkness, and pulled away the hood to reveal nothing. The cloak opened and rushed Oriru and consuming him in absolute darkness. Every part of him sharply turning numb. The pain of the wounds of his shoulder, back, and legs became nothing but a memory. Suddenly specks of light shimmered in the darkness like stars in the night sky, “From a single moment, where nothing was, everything became. The void of space itself was but a piece of dust and now we are eternal, and we continue to…” ~ Reality ~ Oriru reached out and gripped the handle of Ginga with his left hand as his white Reiatsu instantly was consumed in darkness turning it pitch black purging the negative spiritual pressure from his body. The temperature around Oriru became cold, the air slowly thinned out, and small debris, water and blood droplets began to defy gravity ever so slightly. “Expand… Ginga.” Suddenly the Tsuba shattered as ten small marbles floated around Oriru, each one a different color resembling a planet and a single golden one shining brightly. Nepture, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter all dramatically grew being comparable to the size of a basketball. “Ginga, she promised to give me a taste of her true power…” Oriru released his Zanpakuto and smiled as he turned to face Xarius, “But she wants me to push even further to earn her blessing. So, I will go all out, Captain, if you do not mind.” Oriru pointed his left hand at Xarius and instantly a massive burst of blue energy erupted from his hand that quickly shifted white in color before turning black matching this void like aura generated by the blended spiritual energy of Oriru and Ginga. Almost instantly after the Sokatsui was launched form his hand, Oriru’s location was surrounded by a Tozansho without an incantation or name once more. Much like his Sokatsui, the Tozansho formed the normal color before shifting white mid formation and finally becoming a black, but transparent, barrier approximately 3 meters in height and 3 meters across. From inside the barrier, it can be seen that Mars grew much like the previous four planets around Oriru. WC | 1291 Stats (Current Natural Stat) (ND: 9,264) Abilities Used / In Effect Combat Details Ending Stats (ND: 8,999)
  10. ChaosKaiz

    Noble House: Kaeru

    Oriru was able to take some comfort in the fact that Xarius would be able to understand the troubles dealing with a temperamental Zanpakuto. That would prove just as vital in this training as a mutual relatability could highlight the necessity to appease the mood of a stubborn partner. Luckily, Xarius also decided to respect the wishes of Oriru and allow himself to push the limits and as he pushed it became apparent that Xarius was allowing his own Spiritual Pressure to match the level that Oriru was expressing. That was a fair move so not to overwhelm Oriru so much that he would be unable to act, to begin with. Shortly after, Xarius would push his power to a greater level as he initiated the training. The moment his first word slipped from his mouth, Ginga started to spin in mid-air aggressively. The red ball of energy was launched in the air towards Oriru, and his understanding of Xarius Kaeru’s combat tactics he is known to pair his long-range Kido attacks with a close-range melee attack. It was less of a distraction and more of an attack on two fronts to throw the opponent off. Even with his understanding of his Captain’s tactics, it does not change the fact that he was unable to see them as they came his way. Luckily, he would not have to see the Hado as his Zanpakuto created Enkosen without a single command from him to protect him from the attack. Granted, even with all of his might put into the barrier, it cracked under the pressure and some of the force and heat struck him. His focus was so settled on that attack, and the Captain had moved so fast, that Oriru had not even realized that the Captain was on his right side and sliced through his rib cage. It was not a deep wound, but it was certainly a painful experience nonetheless as his Reiatsu spiked for a moment. There were only a few seconds to react and Oriru took the chance and used the advantage that no one knew of his ability. From the point on his ribs where he was slashed, yellow energy would radiate until a full forced Okasen, with a wide arc of about a meter, would be launched at close range. There was not an incantation spoken and the noticeable detail was that Oriru never once looked away from directly in front of him. There was little else that he could do but his coat appeared to be pulled from his body and thrown towards Xarius to force him to increase the distance between the two of them. WC | 522 TWC | 1703 Stats (Current Natural Stat) (ND: 9,520) Reiatsu – 44,000 Perception – 51 Stamina – 84 Speed – 18 - Reiryoku – 84 * Reiroku Speed - 70 - Strength – 28 * Throwing Speed - 26 Abilities Used / In Effect (Passive) Event Horizon - Ginga creates a field of approximately 1 meter that grants Ryūka the ability to see anything within that field with perfect clarity at any given moment. This does not improve his vision in any way but does always provide a 360-degree field of vision [ Maintained while in Reduced Power ] - [ ??? ] Singularity - Within the field created by the Event Horizon, Ginga provides Ryūka the ability to manipulate anything within the area with his “Hands” which is done by focusing his Reiryoku on the object in order to manipulate. [ Minor Feature used ] - [ ??? ] Silence – Ryūka will focus his words and speak them to Tsuba who holds tightly to what has been told to her, as her words are all spoken at once when she decides to speak. Because of this connection, a word never needs to be wasted when using a Kido. All that is needed is the intent and the Kido will be used at the greatest power the level could achieve from any point of his body. [Removes Incantations for Kido] - [+5 Reiryoku Speed to Hado] - [ ??? ] Enkosen, Full Power = 84 (Prepared) Okasen, Full Power = 84 / 70 + 5 Speed Singularity, Coat Throw = 70 Speed --- Shakkaho vs. Enkosen (91 - 84 = 7) x 2 = 14 ND Horizontal Slash DIRECT HIT 121 x 2 = 242 ND Total Damage = 256 ND Ending Stats (ND: 9,264) Reiatsu – 44,000 (Reiatsu Spike - Peaked 68,000) Perception – 51 Stamina – 84 Speed – 18 - Reiryoku – 84 * Reiroku Speed - 70 - Strength – 28 * Throwing Speed - 26
  11. ChaosKaiz

    Noble House: Kaeru

    “Yes, she has settled in nicely and thanks you for allowing me time to help her out.” It was a small gesture but the fact that the Captain Commander took a hint of an interest into the personal life of Oriru and his mother meant more than he could explain. He kept a calm expression on his face with the gentle undertone of comfort and friendliness, something that most people do not get to see enough of with his stern expression when he is engaged in work. As Ank walked by, literally drenched in defeat, he wished a bit of luck towards his Lieutenant with the Captain before departing completely from the area. Once they were clearly alone, Xarius began to detail the environment which was interesting to Oriru. The fact that an expansive pocket space of five miles existed beneath his own home, one capable of housing multiple terrains and containing Reiatsu to prevent any bleeding of the Spiritual Pressure upon the outside world was impressive. Not so much that it was unheard of but growing up Oriru had a space under his house too, but that space was mostly where the rats would wait to eat the scraps that fell from his table during his dinner time. “Perhaps, to really push the process to the limits, it would be best if we dive right into the training with the most intensity you can provide?” Although it was a question, it was clear in his expression and in his demeaner that it was more of a statement that he expected his Captain to provide him the respect of providing. “I can tell you that Ginga has been upset with me because I have not allowed her to experience battle, to truly manifest her power although I have spent plenty of time with her.” Oriru would pull his Zanpakuto in front of him, horizontally, and stare at it for a moment before releasing his grip observing as Ginga hovered before him. “Her request is that I push myself until my limits or my body breaks, but I needed someone capable of pushing me enough to appease her while at the same time I need someone who can handle what happens…” With a sigh, “When she takes over…” As those words slid from his lips. Oriru attempted to push, with all his might, every bit of his power to the limits as the ceiling of his potential could be felt. “Captain, where shall we begin?” WC | 1181 Stats (Current Natural Stat) Abilities Used / In Effect
  12. ChaosKaiz


    Aiden was making his way towards the Nest, the place where he and his uncle had considered to be the safest location for them both. It allowed them to continue their operation without being bothered by the average citizen. After the night that he had, it would be a moment of paradise to be settled on the couch of the nest and take a moment to breathe. It became an impossible request as he landed on the following roof giving him a view of the building on fire. The glowing sign, Careful Clockworks was being consumed in fire from the inside. He could hear the local response team, meaning that the CERT members were too far. Not every situation required them to react, but he could not help his urge to jump in and help even if it was a selfish reason to run in and check on the equipment. Suddenly the red flames sparked blue for a moment and caused the people nearby to get further behind cover. For Aiden, it was a clear sign provided by his uncle. The blue flame was a signature trait of his crafting technique, and he recalled that they agreed to burn the nest down in the fires of the forge should it ever be compromised. “Uncle… Are you okay?” The response signal was dead, not a single word was given in response and the sudden ringing noise meant that he was not going to be able to reach him either. They would have to remain in radio silence from one another, but that was not a good sign with everything that happened. Sadly, Aiden would have to allow that emotion to fade away and believe that his uncle was more than capable of taking care of himself enough to get to somewhere safe for the time being. With a sigh, Aiden turned and prepare to turn towards his house when a thought occurred to him. If the Nest had been compromised just when he was prepared to meet his uncles there meant that there could be people following him and his uncle besides the ones that he met at the bar. Potentially it could have been those people that made it here before making their way to him. To prevent any potential targets on his immediate home he made a detour in order to determine if here was being tracked. He rushed along the rooftops, focused on his path with each movement dedicated to changing his elevation. Occasionally dropping to the street level and taking hidden shortcuts. The cover of darkness was his friend and knew that vey few people would be able to keep track of him. Eventually, after an extended run to get to a better position, Aiden found himself in a storage facility with dozens of units. He took a moment to notice the security officer that was positioned at the front of the facility doing his rounds. With his backpack secured to his shoulder, he made his way to the gate and entered the pin in order to gain access to the storage yard. He continued down this path until he reached the specific unit he was hoping for. With an exhale Aiden placed his bag on the ground and kneeled in front of it in order to grab a keyset and used a single key to unlock the door rolling it open slowly to prevent too much loud noise. As the gate rolled up Aiden took a few steps in and pulled on the metal string that turned on the single light bulb to illuminate the small space revealing something akin to a workshop. Scattered throughout the space was metal parts, wires, scattered wood, and computer components. In the back of the space was a desk that was, compared to the rest of the room, in an immaculate shape with barely any dust on it. The desk had several tools on it, such as a screwdriver, hot glue gun, hammer, and other items, but on the center was currently parts that resembled portions of his current left arm. He noticed a single note that was pinned to the wall above the desk with plain words, Take hold of your future Akihiko WC | 704
  13. ChaosKaiz

    Origami Garden

    ~ There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect. ~ Hours had passed since the students from the Spiritual Academy came by to visit Oriru and learn a thing or two, and he was quite certain that he may have bored them to no end with all the information. For the few in that group that might have still been interested, there might be a chance, but he was sure that Esu was going to still attempt to make his way into the First Division for the prestige that comes with such position. Truth be told, being a seated member in the First Division is almost on par of being a Fifth Seat in most of the other divisions no matter how low the number was. This was partially since the number of members were limited as each one was meant for a specific task. Now he remained in his personal paradise alone, finally, but with a mild hesitation to enter his little sanctuary as his hands pressed on the doorway. “You feel it, don’t you?” He could hear the soft and sweet voice of Ginga speaking to him with that hollow echo within her voice. He turned his head and he could see her form, or the form she revealed when manifested enough to interact with him outside of her world. The figure in a black cloak that hides all her features with scattered fragments of glitter along the flowing fabric. The hood turned towards him and revealed a gentle golden glow from underneath where eyes would be. “That pressure starting to build up is started to become too much to handle.” As she spoke, a golden streak would appear where her mouth would be. “I found it curious when you resorted to reduce the amount of time you spent meditating with me, assuming that you felt you held no need to call on me but the truth was that fear had started to consume you, has it not? The constant urge of the power calling you to reach out and take hold as it reaches back into your chest.” The word came from her mouth and caused his chest to feel as if it was being clenched by a giant who would not let go. “You feel that? That pounding in your chest that reminds you that you can keep fighting… That is death stuck in a prison beating against the wall of the cell attempting continuously to break free…” For a moment it stopped, the beating stop and he felt his heart halt, “Death has never failed to escape.” The pressure that was starting to over come him, caused a bit of blood to leak from his nose. “You do everything that you can in order to avoid reaching into the power that is hidden within this bond of ours, and each moment you waste only increases that connection. Though your time spent on research and expanding your own power tips the scales in my favor. I once stood by your side, in the best way that I could, but the potential I once saw in you seems to have been a fleeting memory.” The air seemed to slip from his lungs as he stood there, and his muscles locked under the pressure and the confusion turned sharply into clarity. “Yes, that spiritual pressure bearing down upon you is a level of power that I have. The potential that you have continued to shy away from, all because you preferred the life of the simple design. You worked hard for a standard living, but the universe has decided that there is more to you than what you desire. Eventually the power will continue to grow, without or without you, and reach a point greater than your body can maintain and death will escape your chest in the form of a single breath, your last breath.” Suddenly the world felt like it stabilized as the pressure stopped and the sensation to vomit ceased. Oriru took a step forward for no reason other than to be able to. The panic caused him to breath rapidly before it finally settled and allowed him to take long, slow, deep breaths to gather himself. He looked around for Ginga but there was no sign of her now. “When the world feels as if it had been falling apart, you look towards me for guidance. When you need a bit of leverage for your professional performance, you reach towards me for assistance. The power you have gained will no longer be permitted without something in return, for a price will need to be paid.” There was a sense of silence as the words were spoken with a universal echo filling the air. “Train as you wish, see if the Captain Commander will bend to your request to allow you to train, but the moment that you achieve the powers that you seek I demand you use the gift… If you earn it.” Slowly the world began to grow colder around him. “My existence may have only felt actualized by your ability to reach for me, but my truth exists long before that and long after you. You will be expected to uphold your duties as a Soul Reaper and as such a culling is required of the beasts that feed upon the defenseless.” It continued to grow cold as his very breath became visible. “So, allow me to test you here and now. Prove to me that you deserve to walk into my world, prove to me that you deserve to live with my power.” There was a radiating darkness about Ginga, and this was what he was worried about when he first achieved a connection to her powers. Once more this figure cloaked in black stood across from him with the world feeling a sense of freezing cold and the setting sun revealing darkness right around the corner. “I have given you the power to see everything that you will ever need to, the power to absorb untold amounts of information and use it as you please.” She extended her right arm to her side and slowly a blade began to extend from the opening. It continued until a blade, well over 100 centimeters in length took form with a blade of pure gold was seen. Slowly Oriru removed his Odachi from its sheath, the blade as black as night. “Show me. Show me your potential.” … Darkness... Oriru stood with his blade in front of him, firmly planted on the ground facing the form of Ginga with a stoic expression. Though it shifted when the blood began to run from the gash created in his chest, as he became aware of the wound that was created the blade in his hand faded away into darkness as the fragments disappeared. “How pathetic, to think that you held so much promise but continued to squander the gift that I have attempted to provide you.” “I did not ask for you to be bound to me, forced to be in the hands of a man who turns away from battle for the sake of his own existence. Tortured by settling within the form of a prison titled a Zanpakuto and never released to the full potential for there existed not a single reason to do such a thing. Never had a request slipped from my lips to force another to suffer for my passions of simplicity and profound comfort. My mind created the vision of achieving a career worth merit and the pride of my mother’s blessing, but there was never a second that a weapon of war to be placed in my hands.” “Time has provided me constant battles for survival, and as I wished for something to bring me the chance to turn it all around there was not a single one where my request was to claim revenge or punish those that brought my suffering to the light.” Instantly Oriru was held up by his throat gripped firmly by Ginga, although there was not a hand to see but darkness reaching from underneath the cloak. He struggled to get free as the golden orbs of Ginga’s eyes kept a view on him. His glasses fell off his face and landed upon the ground beneath the two of them before being crushed by the immediate Spiritual Pressure of Ginga. “You may not agree with my methods, but I have been training with everything that I have so that when it comes to fight… No one will have to worry about losing their life…” There was a moment where the grip that Ginga held softened before it came back with a greater level of intensity. “You know… You know my life, my history…” Oriru attempted to speak although he could feel the pressure on his body as much as on his neck, “Then you recall the words of my mother when I was first denied access to the academy.” “All words spoken since your days of the academy are mind, and memories that you have shared become part of mine.” With both hands placed upon the arm of Ginga, Oriru made a request, “Then tell me those words. Speak them with authority.” “With doubt and dismay you are smitten, you think there’s no chance for you, son?” She paused for a moment after those words holding Oriru firmly in her hands. “What purpose would that-“ “All of it.” He interjected, “You provide an infinite library of information within memories, so show me the collection and repeat the entirety of what was said.” Ginga seemed to have scoffed at the request but brought her focus sharply to his eyes, “Why, the best books haven’t been written, the best race hasn’t been run, the best score hasn’t been made yet, the best song hasn’t been sung, the best tune hasn’t been played yet. Cheer up, for the world is young.” There was cold stare for an extended moment. “Then my response was simple; no chance…” He felt the grip loosen, although lightly. “She went on to tell me…” “No chance? Why the world is just eager for things that you ought to create, it’s store of true wealth is still meager, it’s needs are incessant and great. It yearns for more power and beauty, more laughter and love and romance, more loyalty, labor and duty. No chance? Why there’s nothing but chance!” Her words gained a bit of earthy tone to them, no more so harsh a guttural. “For the best verse hasn’t been rhymed yet, the best house hasn’t been planned, the highest peak hasn’t been climbed yet, the mightiest rivers aren’t spanned.” “Ginga… What if my chance has already passed and-“ “Don’t worry and fret, faint hearted, the chances have just begun. For the best jobs haven’t been started, the best work hasn’t been done.” She said the last statement with a sharp interjection, providing a level of enthusiasm for Oriru as her grip reached a point enough to allow him to fall back down to his feet. “When you first entered my life, you were quiet for so long. Providing a false name and false energy so that you would not have to actually deal with me and my life.” He attempted to rub his throat feeling the tension from her grip. “The first time you had an honest conversation with me, you told me that you were so bored and wanted anything to give you something to do. Urging for something out of the ordinary, and as you heard the stories of where I grew up you continued to pine for the adventures of a struggling child who was bullied daily.” He lifted his head to face Ginga feeling the blood still dripping from the wound, “I found no easy option to help you get the need of your energy to be satiated, the urge of violence constantly calling you and in turn… Calling me. You were the part of me that was nurtured in the environment that brought be a sense of despair daily, and all I wanted was to be as far away as possible from that truth, from that false reality.” There was a moment where they both looked at each other, a cold minute passed without a single sound or motion from either of the two parties in this moment. Each of them shrouded by a strange dark aura that consumed the immediate space of them both. Finally it was Oriru who broke the silence, “I will not promise that I will be able to provide you an experience worth your time, but I can promise that I will continue to live by my goal to build a better life for my mother and protect my friends in the Soul Society.” They looked at one another, the soft brown eyes of Oriru contrasted the radiant golden eyes of Ginga. “I do not understand where you come to believe that such a sentimental promise means anything to me. I could care less what happens in this world, to your friends, to your family. Their existence could be wiped from the face of the universe and nothing would change for me.” There was a dark chuckle from Ginga, “The point remains that you have squandered my gift and I do not believe you deserve any redemption.” She took a few steps away from him and turned sharply, “Allow me to teach you a lesson in power.” Instantly a massive black beam of energy was launched from her right hand and attempted to consume Oriru in a wave of darkness. Though the attack seemed to contact a barrier dwarfing the attack coming his way. “I understand that you provide me power, but you need to understand that I do not sit aimlessly. While you spend your time ignoring me, settling within your own little space of perfection judging me and my decisions I have been learning. I may not be the most capable warrior, but I am the most proficient student of academics.” Ginga attempted to barrage Oriru with a myriad of attacks from various Kido Techniques that Oriru was more than aware of. “I have learned Kido beyond the standard level, and practical uses beyond what you provide. I admit you are the reason I have developed a potent amount of power to overwhelm others, but even with minimal effort and minor support I have developed a mastery of Kido Arts.” With a smile, he finished, “Take note.” From the palm of his hand a white orb began to form from radiant energy until it was the size capable of fitting in the palm of his hand. “This will be my future…” Instantly it turned black and was crushed within the palm of his hand. Both of his hands pushed open the door to his little sanctuary as he looked over his shoulder. “Yeah, I do.” A smile spread across his face as he closed the door behind him. Learned Bakudo Number 81 | Danku [Splitting Void] - 2400 Words Required [ Achieved ]Description: A defensive wall is created to protect against an enemy's attack.The practitioner creates a translucent barrier in the form of a large rectangular wall. According to Byakuya it is capable of stopping Kidō-based attacks with power up to level 89.Incantation: "Unknown" WC | 2583 TWC | 4219
  14. ChaosKaiz

    Noble House: Kaeru

    Oriru realized that he was a little behind schedule as he departed from his mother’s house in the 17th South Rukongai District. He spent some time helping his mother move closer to the Court of Pure Souls although he offered continuously to get her a place within the walls. No matter how much he insisted, she was settled with living within the Rukongai but a compromise was for her to at least be closer within the districts. Despite his new role in leadership, she still looked at her son like the child that he was and would reem him for attempting to use that voice of authority on her. Through all the challenges that they face together, there was enough love for each other to get over the meaningless disputes that they had. Still, he had to leave his mother once more in order to make it to his meeting with the Captain. Captain Commander Kaeru agreed to help Oriru train and harness his power, which was something that he was truly hoping that would lead to a better sense of control. He had once tapped into the power of his Bankai, but he was not even sure that he had a full grasp on his Shikai. Hence the need for the training. Oriru, sadly, was not one that could move at speeds that most of his subordinates could and that lead to more than enough complications for him. He had to plan his meetings to arrive early in order to avoid the fact that he could not get around as fast as everyone else. Although he left a but later than he had planned, he was able to make good time by getting a lift from one of his friends who was heading along the path leading towards the family property of the Kaeru Clan. He made his way up the slight path with his Odachi held in his left hand, grip lightly on the sheath, with a stern look on his face. Although he spent much of his time with people of a higher status, included the few noble families, this would be the first time that he would personally be on the property of an individual’s home with such prestige. Though he would be stopped in thought as well as his steps as two humanoid frogs forced Oriru to halt. Though they would take note of the badge that was stitched to the coat pocket of Oriru and acknowledge his rank. With a quick glance to one another, the one to the left of Oriru motioned for him to follow as he made his way towards a specific portion of the property. The Lieutenant took a moment to look at the design of the property and mixed emotions started to hit him. It was a beautiful place to be, but it reminded Oriru of his time spent in the slums of the Rukongai. He had to break into the Academy in order to study and gain access because he could not afford the funding to attend, and even then, could barely afford to leave the outer districts. That was behind him, at least that was what he told himself as he made his way through the pathway and was directed to follow a set of stairs. With a respectful nod, he watched as the guard disappeared from the area and left Oriru with a strong sense of curiosity as he made his way down the steps. As he made it to the bottom of the steps, he was immediately caught off guard by the vast swampy landscape that stood before him. It was truly impressive to see something like a new world in front of him. His gaze shifted quickly from the landscape to a specific pair that he noticed, Captain Commander Kaeru and the Seventh Seat Ank Kaeru, who were both apparently practicing with one another. Oriru did not want to be rude and interrupt, but he thought it would be best to announce himself so that they would be aware that he had arrived. So he continued forward to close the distance a bit before speaking, “Commander.” He spoke plainly, “Seventh Seat Ank.” He politely added, “I am sorry for the delay but I am ready.” WC | 711
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