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  1. Shiba Isshin

    Canvas of the misfortune

    haha this is fanfuckingtastic probably gonna get this turned into a print and hang it over my bed #corruptingartistsisahobbyofmine
  2. Shiba Isshin

    Canvas of the misfortune

    Isshin is nothing if not a pusher of inappropriateness xD
  3. Shiba Isshin

    Canvas of the misfortune

    Just when I was gonna request a shirtless Isshin with Yuzu and Karin clinging to each leg.. You know.. conan-esque.. heheh.. Fantastic artwork, truly a pleasure to see some of these writings come to life, so to say. Make that money!
  4. Current donation goal is to keep the site running for the remainder of the year. RPG bonus promo run at xmas is still valid!

  5. Shiba Isshin

    Can't make a Account

    i'll have a look and see what's up. if you're using wifi on the same network at your brother, it's possible that it see's it as the same ip.. but nonetheless i'll check into it
  6. Considering Selling BSE..... -ponders-

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    2. Shiba Isshin

      Shiba Isshin

      Tis true.. i mean ideally if I were to give it up, it would be to someone who would continue here..

      I doubt it'll happen because the valuation of the site coupled with all the source code, etc.. it might be more than anyone is willing to pay..

      Just a thought I'm kicking around is mostly all..

    3. CaptainOHistuguya


      Get that bag Isshin

    4. Cpt.Lonewolf


      do what you got to do

  7. Shiba Isshin

    Zanpaktou Name Issue

    try again to name it, no commas also make sure to "get" your weapon again.. as it currently shows you don't have anything
  8. Shiba Isshin

    Stamina Regen

    let me know if it's still happening.. i made some changes to the script
  9. So it's been a minute eh? Just wanna bring a little holiday cheer to those who are still around playing the game with a little credit sale. All purchases will receive minimum, double the amount of credits! In addition to that anyone spending $50 in a single transaction will receive 2.5x the credits. Anyone who spends $100 in a single transaction will be upgraded immediately to Lifetime VIP (normally a $250 value) a savings of 40%, and 2.5x credits! Anyone who spends $200 in a single transaction will be upgraded immediately to Ultimate VIP (normally a $500 value) a savings of 40%, and 3x credits! ** **Anyone who opts for the Ultimate VIP option, can give 1 other player the gift of standard Donor status. Just message me with the details.
  10. Finally on Christmas break from work until the new year; with that some extra time to catch up on work here. I'm thinking of running a holiday credit sale for the game. And hopefully making some improvements/updates along the way. Help to start 2019 off right.

    1. gfab2000


      A holiday credit sale sounds splendid!  

    2. Ruroki


      Your status was so long you baited me to click your profile to read the rest. Is this how you bait profile views? Ingenious.

    3. Shiba Isshin
  11. Shiba Isshin

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Equalizer 2.. Denzel's a bad bad man
  12. Shiba Isshin

    Menos Grand

    i've removed the accent off the é.. let's hope that fixes things.. whenever they make php version changes it can really screw things up for the coding..
  13. Fixed the URL redirect from the original site to the new server.. you can log in on the old page and it'll just do the magic behind the scenes of logging you into the right place.. no new urls to remember


  14. Bleach live action movie trailer..

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    2. Rash ラシュ

      Rash ラシュ

      Yeah it's weird, anime seems like it would be a lot easier to pull off, anyway. I feel like they're too obsessed with this live action ass-looking CGI stuff, atm.

    3. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      Every live action adaptation of manga will be bad, the question is just if it'll be bad in a hilarious way or just a sad way.

    4. Shiba Isshin

      Shiba Isshin

      that said.. as awkward as FMA's LA movie was.. I still enjoyed it.. and Bleach will probably fall into the same category for me.. at least it's not Hollywood's take on Dragonball.. also for another LA adaptation that was pretty awesome.. watch Blade of the Immortal

  15. Shiba Isshin

    Menos Grande

    I'll have a look.