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  1. Menos Grande

    I'll have a look.
  2. Karakura Town Travel Issue.

    Caught up with that and fixed the problem.. also people should be seeing some stamina regen.. i dunno why it wasn't working to begin with
  3. The RPG Lives Again

    short and long of that answer.. is yes.
  4. The RPG Lives Again

    So some news for everyone.. The RPG is back up, sort of. I've got it back to where it was before it went offline because of the changes to PHP. I'll be working in the background doing some things, and hoping to make the transition easier for everyone. There may be some links that point in the wrong place. Because in the end i've split the RPG and Forum onto 2 different servers. You wont yet see the updates that are planned, but they're coming, if you've got an itch for some F5 mashing then by all means here's the link. http://bserpg.x10.mx/
  5. Up in da club

    Show me love!
  6. Working on getting the rpg back up, aiming for very soon, and hoping it's with a full ...reset :o i know right?

    But we'll see.. hoping some folks around here still love us enough to help out with server costs, otherwise it'd be for naught and the whole place goes down the drain. Every little bit helps.

    1. Miccro


      This is an interesting development :teehee:

  7. Heading out on a road trip for a few weeks, so I wont be around to disperse credits.. if anyone buys any while i'm gone, if they're cool waiting for 'em until im back i'll double the amount received. :) 

  8. Sorry for having not been around much lately.. a family member passed away recently and it's been very difficult to deal with.. I do check in from time to time, but things've been kinda hectic.. so just a heads up as to why I haven't been around.

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    2. Ruroki


      A bit late but I'm sorry for your loss, dude.

    3. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      I'm so sorry to hear about it Isshin, as with Ruroki I'm a bit late on the ball.

    4. Kitsune


      I am so sorry for your loss Isshin, I hope better tomorrows for you. Cherish the warm memories and take your time.

  9. security question

    just message me directly with your player id# and email and i'll get it to you.
  10. A server move is in the works to try and keep BSE from fading into the eternal abyss.. hopefully the site isn't affected too negatively..

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    2. XxKetskaxX


      Try putting more ads in the website for the hosting fees

    3. Grimm the Ripper

      Grimm the Ripper

      Once I get a PayPal card I would donate some.

    4. XxKetskaxX


      Must be nice being an adult :lol:

  11. Gonna run a purge tomorrow.

  12. Just a heads up. Due to the financial climate (aka lack of money) December will likely be the last month that I'll have BSE running, at least for a little while. That's not to say that everything on our forums and stuff will be lost.. just that it'll be in temporary hiatus mode.

    I'll look at alternatives, including moving back to a free server for the time being. If that's a possibility then perhaps there wont be any interruptions.


    1. Your Waifu

      Your Waifu

      Sad that this day was bound to come with the manga and anime both having ended. I'll definitely stick around if you plan to move to a free server or want to change the site and bring the community in another direction.

    2. Otter Aiden

      Otter Aiden

      Agreed. Honestly, it may actually be a good thing to move a free server, especially since the pressure of actually paying for it will be removed. 

  13. Click the STORE tab at the top of the forum for new RP perks. Now those of you who RP have perks and buffs you can buy to enhance your RPing experience. From bonus Duality/Segunda/HSR rolls to boosted passing percentages of various rolls. Check it out!

  14. Cant login to the game

    it was due to a change made when doing a forum update. had to switch, and then switch back php versions to get the back working again.
  15. Pokémon Go

    I know this isn't really a Nintendo kinda post, but you gotta know they're making a buck or two off of the launch of Pokémon Go. Just wondering how many people here on BSE are playing PGo? I've made a site specifically for it, in case you missed it. http://thepokemon-go.club Check it out!