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    NATURAL DEFENSE STAT [ND] NATURAL DEFENSE [ND] is a new defensive combat stat that reflects how long your character can stay in a fight. It comes into effect in most situations where damage is being taken or mitigated and serves as the defensive power that is keeping your character from being fatally injured at any point in a fight UNTIL your ND hits zero. At which point the next attack to hit you character will likely be fatal, considering that even the current lowest level of damage in either Power Stat is enough to kill someone, if the attack is well-placed. ND Calculation Agile / Brute / Eagle-Eye / Genius / Prodigy Classes: 5% Reiatsu Tank Class: 8% Reiatsu [10% with FOCUS Fate Points Purchase] Tank Sub-Class: 6.5% Reiastu [7.5% with FOCUS Fate Points Purchase] ----- Releases Give A Flat ND Boost: First Releases: 600 ND Shikai | Adjuchas Rage | Sanrei Glove | Incomplete Fullbring | Manifested Doll / Doll Manifestation Final Releases: 1,200 ND Bankai | Resurrección | Sanrei Glove- Advanced Bow / Quincy: Vollständig| Complete Fullbring | Mastered Doll/Doll Fusion [Release ND Boosts do not stack. Example: If you go into Shikai you get 600 ND. If you following up by using Bankai you get just another 600 ND and not 1,200.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ND COMBAT USE This next section will cover all the Defense Mechanics of RP combat. Basically, all the instances in which ND comes into play. ------------------------- EVADING --------------- BLOCKING --------------- CLASHING --------------- TAKING DAMAGE --------------- WHEN YOUR ND REACHES ZERO: You will have no option but to fully Evade or CLASH/BLOCK incoming attacks. If you cannot it is possible to be fatally wounded by an attack far weaker than your own. It basically becomes a question of where the next attack lands. Ultimately, it is up to the parties involved to decide whether or not reaching Zero ND will result in the death of the character or if they will be forced to retreat, etc. --------------------------------------------- For a full look of how ND works in actual RP Combat try giving these threads a read: Blunt Trauma [ND Calculations Updated] Noble House: Kaeru [ND Calculations Not Updated Yet]
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    with the frequency at which you've posted, you deserve no less. please continue to provide us with your original take on Japanese rip-off of Power Rangers, dont @ me.
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    The Long Clan In the World of the Living exists several Fullbringers, this is a general term for any human who develops supernatural powers and make up a minority of the countless more spiritually aware humans. Spiritually aware humans are people who are like any other person, but have a heightened sensitivity to Spiritual beings. This allows them to see Spirits, Hollows, Shinigami, and the products of their power. Factions where such people gather came to exist. In ancient times cults, clans, sects, and various other types of groups that had a certain amount of status and influence over those who didn’t. Shamans, Mediums, Priests, Magicians, and basically any commonly seen mysterious profession in modern times can be traced back to a time where people were making use of their supernatural feats to accomplish these things. An example of this is Christianity, the most common religion in the world. The simple feats recorded in the Bible were mere child’s play before the truly skilled, but it was these simple feats and the knowledge of a few men that allowed them to create a religion with a massive following for many years to come. The truly monstrous feats and unbelievable things that the Stronger Fullbringers were able to accomplish throughout the years were only able to be passed down on a much more minor scale due to the growing excessive beliefs of the common people. As the majority of humanity could only compare themselves to the normal people, the possibilities for the truth were limited. The canyon forming and mountain leveling events that took place could only be lost in history, people who spoke of such things were called crazy and eventually forgotten. The groups that were gatherings for those Supernatural existences could only integrate into society. Cults and religions that were focused on the various spiritual beings were prone to collapse and became less common as the doubts towards such things grew. In the end only deeply rooted religions survived, unable to reflect the true potential of powerful Fullbringers. It could be said that with the information age arriving it became more difficult for such beings to operate outside of the law. Even then, it wasn’t impossible for Fullbringers to trickle into Police Forces and the Military to help keep them in check. Among these factions was the ancient Long Clan. They existed ever since the earliest days of Ancient China in the shadows supporting and influencing the Emperors. They pioneered their own heritage techniques throughout the long years, understood countless things about Fullbrings through trial and error. They were also able to understand the method to awaken more Fullbringers and birth more powerful ones. They forced their family members to march into dangers for the chance to gain or increase their own personal power, and by extension boost the family’s power. These extreme practices caused the Long Family to be extremely powerful at their peak, but they also caused the decline of the family. In the end, gambling with their lives for power had come back to haunt them as their strength slowly waned. The result was that more and more members were unable to protect themselves from the Hollow threat while being the most attractive dinner for them. It was also more difficult to continue brutal and extreme practices as the times changed. Before their power had vanished completely they claimed a stake in the world of Fullbringers as faction with a seat among The Council of Power. Each faction among the council functioned differently and had different beliefs. Certain terms and understandings were becoming standardized among them, but the internal operations differed greatly between some. The Long Clan had always been focused on a Family Inheritance based on Martial arts and techniques that could support than such as weapon forging. In the past strength and bloodline were important in deciding leadership in the family. Marriage and childbirth were planned in order to breed stronger generations, but in the case of Fullbrings it was difficult to truly pass on talent. It led to there being countless who were simply Spiritually Aware without any combat potential appearing adding to the numbers that easily become meals for Hollows. It was only when their strength started to weaken that they transitioned into raising students and adopting those with talent instead of stubbornly continuing. The Long Clan all the way up to the generation of Connor’s Teacher decided their Family Head and Council Representative through the Spear of the Long that was passed down since the beginning of the family. It was a unique power which brought together unique aspects of countless Fullbrings and distilled them into the true inheritance of the clan. The continued existence relied entirely on this power that could turn a simple spiritually aware person into a powerful Fullbringer. With Connor being the first outsider to inherit the Spear it can be said that the Long Clan had already fallen and existed in name at most. The unique techniques had been mostly lost due to the countless years of death and decline, only a few remnants remained but weren’t passed down to Connor. What he received from the final Head of the Long was experience and the growth of his Fullbring without the potentially outdated techniques. Some unique items still exist among their assets that were formed through those techniques, but Connor wasn’t aware of what they were or their purpose and couldn’t take any for himself. His few experiences with such items and techniques were when his Spear was forged, and when he was sealed by his Teacher. What this meant for the Long Clan was that the current “Head” only possessed the final heritage in the Form of the Spear of the Long that had yet to awaken slumbering within the unknowing young man. Most Council factions were based within Karakura Town in this generation. It was necessary for them to claim at least a certain amount of territory within the town where the strongest spiritual beings gathered. The exact reason for this place becoming to gathering hub for all things Supernatural was unknown, but not having a territory was a sign of decline and weakness that no Faction was willing to display. Unfortunately, that was precisely what the Long Clan showed in recent years with only a single man forcefully maintaining his position. The old man who trained Connor wasn’t a competent leader, and was too eccentric to remain in that environment where you never knew what was lurking in the shadows. The result was a complete loss of territory for the clan, and it only due to the overwhelming strength the old man possessed were they able to maintain their seat on the Council. Connor was unaware of the difficulties that he could potentially face being a young foreigner that was completely unknown to the powerhouses present. He was completely in the dark about his own circumstances relating to the Council, and would have likely cursed his Teacher for pushing such a complicated issue onto him. He had no idea that he was going there not as a Fullbringer, but as the leader of a faction with what should be an exalted position among Fullbringers. Part of him wanted to make this trip to seek the help of the Council to find his Teacher, but truthfully, he primarily wanted to test his powers and continue to grow in order to live freely without harming those around him. According to both his teacher and the years of records that were in his home, Karakura Town had been the hub for people like himself for several years and it was likely the only place that he could grow to his full potential. His path wasn’t one that he could retreat on, and it would only take him to this one place to find answers and achieve his goals. _______________________________________ Japan, Chofu Airport “...What do you mean by that?! There’s no way I’m an international terrorist!” Connor was flabbergasted at this moment. What awaited him the moment he stepped down from the plane were several Japanese Special Defense Forces fully geared in similar uniforms and equipment that hid their identities aiming assault rifles directly at him. He had learned Japanese for this trip, but immediately defaulted to English due to the sudden inexplicable occurrence. “This is your final warning!! Make no sudden movements, or we WILL open fire! Lay down on the ground and and keep your hands where we can see them! If you do not comply then we will retaliate with deadly force!!” The booming voice of a man speaking english came from behind the shield wall with countless gun barrels poking through the gaps aimed directly at Connor who was standing just below the steps of the Jet that he just exited. “...Okay…” At this moment Connor was enraged. He wasn’t in any danger due to the guns pointed at him, and had nearly reflexively unleashed an attack due to this murderous intent directed at him. It was in that final moment that he sensed their levels and realized that only a few of them were spiritually aware with the strongest one who was also the one leading the group being only at roughly half his Reiatsu in level. It was suspicious to see someone at that level serving as the captain of a small squad in the military, but his mind was too preoccupied to consider this further. He had the ability to easily use countless methods to leave at this moment, but Connor ultimately chose to give in to their demands. He did so because he quickly realized there was the possibility that his actions could deepen the misunderstanding and escalate it to involve his family members. Just as Connor complied and slowly lowered himself into a kneeling position he suddenly sensed a stronger than average Reiatsu in the direction of the Airport building comparable to the Captain of the squad. Before lowering himself to lay flat he made a point to focus his senses on the building. As he focused he was able to see an average looking middle-aged Japanese man standing on the roof of the building with a slight smile on his face, and surprise reflected in the man’s eyes as their gazes met from a distance away. The two had made eye contact, and in the next moment Connor willed a lightning bolt to strike the roof to the left of the man. Hidden within that flash was a nearly imperceptible thread of reiryoku that he attached to the man. From the man’s perspective, by the time the flash faded Connor had already followed the instructions and was being detained. Connor didn’t bother to observe whatever reaction that man had, but in the spot that the bolt struck were blackened words that read ‘I will remember you’ expressing all that he felt at that moment. Connor was smart enough to understand after noticing his observer that someone was targeting him, but had no intention to endure passively. Connor was confident in his strength, and had no fear towards people who couldn’t hope to match his strength. After this short interaction, Connor was searched thoroughly before being loaded up and taken to be interrogated in an armored vehicle surrounded by members of the JSDF while bound in chains. To these soldiers, the most confusing thing was the consistent slight smile that remained on Connor’s face ever since the seemingly random bolt of lightning struck moments before. ________________________________________ Perspective of the Observer “...Seems like that old monster went and sent an interesting guy here. Make a point to hold him for a while, but don’t agitate him too much. If someone like him has an outburst then it can only end badly.” “Someone like him? You’re making a mountain out of a molehill if you think he can cause any problems for us with the Council. I could barely feel his presence when he was right in front of us, so all of this wasn’t necessary. If you had wanted, I could have taken care of this quietly on my own!” “What do you know? You just aren’t able to sense someone of his caliber. From my perspective, his strength is at the level of that Old Demon from the Long. Also… That guy that you are going to take care of left a message for me here...with lightning.” “That’s impossible! If he’s that strong then why would someone like that go quietly with us? It’s not like we could stop him if he wanted to leave.” “Different people have different circumstances. Just because he has monstrous strength doesn’t mean that he will act like one. Just do as I said, that should be enough for him to understand his situation.” The middle aged man didn’t wait for any further replies and hung up the phone call with one of the few spiritually aware JSDF members who was in a car separate from the others following the vehicle that Connor was currently detained in. He couldn’t prevent cold sweat from filling his palms as he observed the line of hiragana that under different circumstances he would never expect to have been written by a bolt of lightning. “Hmph, It’s not like you’re the only monster in this town. I just hope you don’t get in our way...” By saying this the man comforted himself while denying his fear for Connor as he made his way to the exit of the rooftop. ___________________________________________ “You’re making a mistake.” Connor left this single line for the person currently searching his body and any hidden observers. He had been patted down and searched for any weapons previously, but they were currently searching him again to the extent of stripping him of his clothes. The person in charge of doing so had taken mugshots of him and made a point to photograph the “seal” of a dragon on his chest as part of the process. Things like tattoos were good distinguishing features for criminals, and if possible they would be recorded in a file for future reference. What that soldier didn’t know was that this particular tattoo was well known among the secretive Council who were behind Connor’s current situation. He also didn’t know that the picture that was uploaded to the digital file would soon change the situation drastically. “Ah, don’t you dare put your hands anywhere near my ass…” Standing there in only his underwear Connor couldn’t help but remember that a cavity search was extremely likely to follow as he clenched the cheeks of his bottocks tightly to prevent anything from coming near. Unfortunately, that guard didn’t seem to pay any attention to his wishes as he tried to pry Connor’s last line of defense down. “Like hell you will!” At this moment, Connor who had calmly followed instructions and allowed himself to be searched acted wildly. He moved violently and prevented the man from getting a good grip on his underwear. If things kept up in this manner Connor would be stripped of his dignity because of the plot of someone he hadn’t met before, so he decided to employ his skills at this moment. His hands were currently cuffed chained to the floor in front of him limiting his movements, but he still had enough freedom to transmit force through his body and bump into the soldier with his side causing him to retreat several steps and fall over. The man was entirely confused how a slight bump had staggered him in such a way. He had no way of knowing that it was as easy as breathing for Connor to read his balance and apply force in a way that a regular man would be knocked away. He had understood what Connor had been saying in english previously, but he didn’t believe that he could skip that step that was uncomfortable for him as well. It was at that moment that he heard the voice of the restrained young man speaking a different language, the language that the man was accustomed to. “Go fuck yourself!” This was the intention behind the words, but at this moment the man was torn between confusion and anger as he looked at Connor. That was clearly Japanese, but it was spoken so poorly that you would think that it was read straight from a book by a tourist. He had no way of knowing that Connor was essentially doing that as he recalled it at this moment thinking that the man may not know English. By the time that the man collected his thoughts and the anger overtook the confusion he heard the nearby phone on the wall ring causing him to pause as he was about to march towards Connor now that he was back on his feet. Instead, he went to the phone and picked it up from the base in order to answer it. “Stop what you’re doing now! Orders came down that this was a false alarm. You are to immediately release that man and escort him out!” The man answering the phone intended to reply, but before he could the call had ended. His previous anger had been dispelled and now confusion overtook him once more as he turned to look at the nearly naked young man who had the calm, seemingly mocking, slight smile on his face. The man knew at that moment that the young man had clearly heard what was said to him moments ago. “I said it from the start, you were making a mistake.” Connor spoke in English at this moment as he had no reason to cater to the needs of people who were in the wrong to begin with. It was somewhat strange that they suddenly acknowledged their mistakes, but that was good for him. He didn’t have any intention of staying here longer than necessary as he had made some plans with someone earlier that he had no intention of missing. It was an awkwardly quiet few minutes as was released from his restraints and allowed to dress himself. The man who had been searching him previously now stood silently next to the door waiting for Connor to finish getting dressed. Connor didn’t intend to give the guy a hard time as he was clearly a normal human without any spiritual awareness and only doing his job previously. He couldn’t fault the man for that, even if he had no intention of allowing the man to complete his job. “Well, let’s go. I don’t have any intention to stay here now that I can leave.” Connor spoke to the man calmly, as if he hadn’t just been a prisoner as he stepped towards the door. With that prompt the soldier opened the door and quietly led the way out of the facility. Outside the building wasn’t a downtown area where one may see a police department, but a military base belonging to the JSDF. Connor vaguely understood that this Japanese Self Defense Force was a military, but also restrained due to the World War previously. It was difficult for these soldiers to see action due to the actions of their predecessors. It was almost a waste of manpower from his perspective, but he didn’t intend to consider it too deeply. Instead, he focused on his surroundings and took note of a Fullbringer hiding in the shadows nearby. Connor didn’t doubt that this person was a stealth expert based on how tracelessly the person blended in and observed him. Unfortunately, they had encountered Connor who is a direct counter to people such as them. With a bit of focus it was a simple task to keep track of whoever was stalking him from a distance. No one attempted to apologize to Connor for their mistakes as Connor was silently sent off from the facility on foot with a basic map to help him navigate his way to the nearby Karakura town from the JSDF Fuchu Air Base that was closest. Most of the day was gone by this point, but the moment Connor was out of sight from the soldiers and civilians he would be able to move at much faster speeds and arrive shortly. He quickly cut into a deserted alleyway and calmly looked around for a moment with a growing smile before looking directly at the distant shadow that hid his pursuer. He waved his left hand slightly and mouthed the word ‘Bye’ at whoever was currently watching him before moving at full speed towards a particular direction, leaving only an afterimage and befuddled stalker nearby. _______________________________________ “I’m sorry Sir, I lost sight of the target. He could tell that I was following him…” It was a woman’s voice being transmitted through the phone at this moment. The person receiving this call was the very same one who had previously been observing Connor from the top of the Airport. It was his order that caused Connor’s release to be sped up after seeing the file being updated with information from his phone. The tattoo on Connor’s chest had shocked him as he was clear what it represented. It was outside of his expectations that the young man couldn’t be followed, but that didn’t surprise him as much as this revelation did. “That’s alright, we’re dealing with a monster so it’s only normal that you couldn’t-” The man found himself unable to speak in the middle of his sentence as the young man that was just reported to have been lost sight of appeared in his car like a ghost. Only the distinct sound of the door opening caused the man to notice a third presence in the car. “-I got to go.” With that, he ended the call and looked at the young man smiling in such a calm and carefree manner. He thought he had a grasp on Connor’s ability at the Airport, but this experience made it painfully obvious that he wasn’t qualified to judge this young man. Thankfully, the bodyguard driving the car was calm and recognized the glance given to him in the mirror to keep driving. “This is quite the coincidence, seeing you here like this.” Connor who was leisurely sitting next to the man he assumed to be behind the previous situation acted as if this was completely normal. The electronic locks of the car had been easily bypassed with a slight bit of effort from his fullbring, so he had been essentially unhindered. He spoke the way he did intentionally in order to get under the man’s skin using one of the few skills he developed before awakening his powers, irritating people. “Who would have thought that old man would pass the Long Clan to a kid, he must be going senile.” The man didn’t hesitate to strike back in a similar manner as he also had a sharp tongue due to his political background. “So you know him? I guess that makes you someone from the Council if you know about an old demon like him. That old bastard didn’t tell me about any of this bullshit though…” Connor was speaking out loud, seemingly carelessly with the intention of baiting information from the man. “Makes me someone from the Council? Are you telling me that you came here without knowing that you are already a member yourself?” The man was thrown off by this revelation, but not more than Connor was. “Eh? When did I sign up to be some shitty politician? FUCK! Fuck! Fuck. He did it again, pushing problems on to me without explaining a damn thing…” Connor wanted nothing more than to curse the old man day and night at this moment, but didn’t realize he had almost naturally accepted the responsibility all while feeling this way. That could be attributed to the strange trust that he had developed for the old man, despite his growing desire to fight him. “What is this nonsense?” The man asked this question to himself as Connor cursed away, but the only answer he received was a helpless glance from the driver who had started to drive around the same few blocks shortly after Connor arrived. “Hey, you. Why did you target me?” After a minute of cursing Connor snapped back to the conversation with a more threatening tone after a moment. Both the men in the car felt like they were being eyed by a predator at that moment as cold sweat began to form. Still, neither spoke at that moment. There were still things in their lives that they feared more than death. “Fine, I will change the question. Do you know where my bastard Teacher is?” He was quick on the uptake and didn’t intend to force answers out of the unwilling. If the pressure he emitted wasn’t enough, then his only options were things that he wasn’t willing to resort to. “...No…” It was a single word reply, but it took the most effort that the man had ever needed to simply speak. He was thankful that the pressure had receded as he gave that reply. “Okay, tell me more about my role in the Council.” This was Connor’s most pressing concern as it could cause the coming days to be much more difficult if he was unaware. “You...You’re the Head of the Long Clan. The tattoo on your chest is the symbol of that, and any member of the Council who has a certain amount of status is aware of that fact.” The man paused for a moment to see if that was sufficient, but Connor’s gaze ordered him to continue. “I don’t know the details, but your Teacher was the previous head and Fifth Seat on the Council of Power. A few years back, he left Japan causing the Long Clan to lose all their territory and power. All that remains is the seat that couldn’t be claimed due to him being too strong.” “So, you’re telling me that I am the Leader of absolutely nothing with not a damn thing to my name?” Connor asked this one question after hearing this information. “You can look at it that way. Despite traditionally being the leader, you will have to get at least one other faction leader to recognize you before reclaiming any territory…” The man wasn’t under any pressure, but still felt a bit jittery at that moment. The confidence he had to face Connor at the Airport was nowhere to be found and could only be described as baseless. Even if he died at this moment, it would most definitely be covered up due to the relation to the Council that he had. This forced him to comply, on the off chance that the young man were to do something drastic. “Hmm, well I know you aren’t a leader, you’re too pathetic to be one. Instead, you can tell your boss that I will visit him soon. Everything my shitty teacher lost will soon be reclaimed with interest.” Leaving those words behind Connor left the vehicle as easily as he entered, not caring for the speed that the car moved at. He didn’t care for the threatening tone he used towards the person behind the man’s actions as they were already targeting his teacher, and by extension himself. What Connor did next wasn’t frantically search for that leader, instead he returned for his luggage that was left behind at the airport and proceed to find a hotel to rest for today. Word Count: 4,588 OOC: Claiming the Fifth Council "Aide" Position as Acting Leader of the Long Clan.
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    “Hmm, is that where you are hiding?” High up in the night sky, black clothes blending into the darkness, Connor stood on empty air. With his excessive training it was a simple task to suppress the glow associated with his fullbring allowing him to avoid drawing attention. At the height that he stood it would be impossible for a normal person to see him, and even Fullbringers would struggle to spot him if they were made aware. On the other hand, Connor could see distances that were difficult for the average Fullbringer with ease. His posture was as relaxed as possible for someone standing far above the ground in a place that could only be described as the domain of birds. He was an anomaly gazing down at Karakura with curiosity, unable to hide his amazement at the concentration of spiritual beings present in this relatively small place. It was to the extent that without coming into contact with a particular reiatsu it would be difficult to pick any particular one from the crowd. There were sure to be people similar to him that were able to suppress it their energy, some likely to exceed him in the ability to do so. Not to mention that there were still traces of reiatsu produced by those who weren’t spiritually aware. Still, it was apparent that the quality of the reiatsu in this town was many levels above that of the place where he stayed with his teacher. His focus had been on the man that he had met previously that was marked with his own energy. That trace acted like a beacon for him to follow that wouldn’t be noticed by anyone that wasn’t similar to him in strength or an excellent sensory type Fullbringer. Basically all the time that he wasn’t in the inn was spent watching this man from an unnoticeable distance in order to follow him to the leader of the Council Faction targeting him. By letting that man know his intentions, Connor made it obvious that things wouldn’t be settled easily in order to force the man to make certain decisions in his favor. It didn’t seem that the man feared Connor enough to turn on his leader, but with the pressure received he would want to report to that leader soon enough. The reason for that was simple. This man was the only one that Connor knew to have contact with the leader, so it was possible for him to be targeted again. Having already experienced Connor’s ability to easily approach someone at his level, someone like that man would seek shelter. That’s why he would personally report to that member of the Council. A phone call would suffice if it were solely for the benefit of the leader, but by going in person he would physically put himself in a safer position that was closer to the leader and strong Fullbringers that protected him. At the very least, this is what Connor predicted based on the little bit of interaction they had. The man was the scheming sort who became drunk on power. When things were in that man’s favor he would be ruthless, but if he were to be on the losing end then his cowardice would quickly affect his actions. Connor wasn’t the type to scheme against others from the shadows. He preferred doing things in a straightforward manner, but that didn’t mean that it was impossible for him to do so. Manipulation would typically be considered an underhanded tactic, but from his perspective it was preferable to torturing someone over this. Deep down, although it didn’t show outwardly, Connor was angry at him and his Teacher being targeted. Whatever guilt he may have had in a normal situation wasn’t present as he hoped to use the fear of death against the people who were trying to harm him. The result was exactly as he expected, leading him to a location where other Fullbringers were present. As Connor approached and focused on this place he could sense a gathering of mixed reiatsu. It was hard to separate them, but collectively there was the potential to threaten his life if he were careless. Careless meaning that Connor would allow everyone to freely attack him, or catch him off guard. Unfortunately for the unknowing people gathered, Connor wouldn’t ever throw his life away in such a way even on his worst day. With his powerful senses and instincts towards combat that were honed by his teacher, even if he were asleep when they attacked he would quickly awaken and react in a sub-conscious manner. Another perspective for the threat to him was that while their group was a threat to him, on his own Connor could threaten the entire group. “I think it’s time to set things straight...” Connor spoke lightly at this moment in a way that only he could hear as he released to footing that he stood on and began to free fall in the same position he had been standing in to observe. He was physically unfazed, but didn’t bother to control his clothes allowing air to flow into them causing them to flutter. A bit more than ten seconds went by before Connor reached terminal velocity and was unable to accelerate natural any further. His expressionless face grew to a slight smile in the process, and widened ever so slightly when he started to accelerate himself even further changing his straight downward descent to arc towards the building that he had been focused on before at his maximum speed. __________________________________________________ With a loud crash the building shook as Connor smashed his way inside, charging directly towards the area where multiple reiatsus were gathering. One was the man that he met previously, the other was the bodyguard who accompanied him, and three were unknown. With each wall he could tell that this warehouse had been remodeled to have more rooms than expected. It seemed almost like an office building inside, but was only an abandoned warehouse externally. It puzzled Connor, but it didn’t slow his steps at all. Each wall broke like paper as he smashed it with the back of his fist swinging outwards. A plume of dust followed him as he finally appeared in a larger room that was the only one not emptied. A table like one would expect for a meeting at a company was present with four people sitting and one standing. Connor instantly recognized the man who he had marked and the bodyguard who had been driving him that were looking in his direction with confusion. They clearly couldn’t see through the dust that flooded the room behind him. The three that remained were a man similar to the one he followed and two identical young men who were looking at Connor expressionlessly with curiosity glimmering in their eyes. Apparently their vision wasn’t being hindered like the man before and his bodyguard. That didn’t prevent Connor from standing there calmly as the dust seemed to directly avoid him for other directions. One of the identical young men lightly waved his arm at the moment in Connor’s direction producing a gust that almost immediately emptied the room, all the while remaining completely expressionless as if this were a normal occurrence. Connor didn’t pay attention to the two that were visibly paling at his revealed appearance and focused on the three that he considered relevant. The young identical men were dressed almost identically in the same jeans and shoes with the primary difference being the similarly design hoodies that had a large start on the chest being one white with a black star and the other black with a white star. Their hair was slightly long at three to four inches and unkempt curling to the left for the black star and right from the white star, almost as if they had just recently woke up. They looked to be slightly younger than Connor with their most striking feature being their matching green eyes that looked like emeralds. Their other features were roughly what you would expect from the average Japanese young man, but their lack of expression struck Connor as strange due to the clear curiosity reflected in their gaze. Sitting at the head of the table with the twins in the seats on his left and right was a man dressed in a similar suit to the one he had met previously that was watching Connor with a smile, as if he had found his newest form of entertainment. He visibly didn’t seem threatened at all by Connor’s appearance. To Connor he looked slightly different than the man from the airport, apparently the example that the other used to model himself after. That caused Connor to assume that the person who led him here was likely to be an attendant of some sort to this man. Connor couldn’t help but feel that the appearance of the bodyguard was the most out of place, seeming like a large Yakuza member also dressed in a suit wearing his sunglasses. “You’re probably the leader, right?” Connor’s attention had returned to the man at the head of the table once more and finally spoke in English to break the silence. “I’m here...to declare war.” Connor paused for a moment as he spoke. He didn’t do that for dramatic effect, or any other reason. He simply hadn’t considered what he would say, or what his goal actually was until this moment. He even sounded unsure as he spoke, but his reiatsu that instantly weighed on the entire area was a clear indicator of the threat he represented. It would have also been extremely awkward if the man didn’t understand English. The smiling man had to take Connor serious at this moment as he found it difficult to breathe. That seriousness caused the smile to fade from his face as he replied with a single word in english. “War?” “You targeted my Long Clan, and as the new leader I can’t stand for that.” The relief he felt at being able to talk in english at this moment hid the awkwardness that he felt calling himself the leader of the Long Clan. It wasn’t even because he was forced into this position, but due to the fact that he was the lone member of the Long Clan causing it to sound like a shameless excuse. “You mean the faction that’s about to be replaced?” The man spoke revealing some new information to Connor that left him stunned. His surprised expression contrasted strongly with the pressure his reiatsu had on those present. The following moments of awkward silence felt like hell for the two weaker members present where they could barely breathe and were quickly being covered in sweat. “I would like to see someone try to replace me.” When all else failed, Connor chose to take a page from his teacher’s book and be completely shameless while relying on his strength. He was aware that there were accepted customs for the succession of council positions, but acknowledging that would be placing himself at a disadvantage. “Replace you? You haven’t even been recognized for the Seat, so there’s nothing to replace.” The man was going back to his smiling expression as he felt that he was slowly claiming the superior position between himself and Connor. “I don’t need your recognition. My shitty Teacher’s approval is worth all of yours combined. If you are unwilling to accept, then I will just beat you until you accept it. Approval or not; from this moment forth I, Connor Knight, am the one and only Fifth Seat on the Council and leader of the Long Clan.” With each word he spoke, Connor became more forceful as lightning danced across his body. Slowly, it expanded to the air around him giving off a different murderous pressure than the reiatsu. “No one will accept that.” The man remained calm to an unsettling extent in the face of Connor’s power, even denying his claim. “Can’t you feel it? The eyes that are on us and this building. The moment that I caused a ruckus here they made a point to watch from the sidelines. I’m sure that each seated member has their own information channels and are aware of who I represent. If they know that much and see me come and go unhindered, do you really think that they are going to oppose me like you have?” Connor was forceful at this moment as his strength was completely unleashed in an unrestrained manner. At this moment he was intentionally broadcasting the level he had reached across Karakura Town, so that everyone would be aware of his presence. Anyone at the appropriate level would become aware of him and have their attention drawn towards him at the outskirts of Karakura in this Semi-abandoned warehouse. "The fact that they aren't intervening means that they are accepting this." The man had no reply to Connor’s statement as it was impossible to deny the weight of his actions. It was at that moment that he became aware of energy gathering above. He couldn’t see it, but what it formed was very apparent at that moment. The Chinese word that the knowledgeable Fullbringers knew was Long that represented the Fifth Council faction with large kanji for the number five below it were formed of lightning directly above the warehouse for anyone spiritually aware to see in the night sky while remaining hidden from those who aren’t. Radiating from the lightning was the same reiatsu that Connor displayed making everyone aware that this was a concise announcement of his strength and position. It caused that calm to finally disappear as the man fumed at the fact that he was helpless to prevent it. All of his effort to have a more seats for his faction was disappearing with Connor’s appearance. “Just for today, I will be letting you all go. This is both a warning and an announcement. If you dare to act against the Long Clan, then I will crush you and whoever is backing you. And for the matters of my Long Clan, no outsider is qualified to take a single thing from us or influence us. My teacher gave me this position, and that’s final. You should hope that you won’t see me again any time soon…” Connor said all that he felt necessary before finally reigning in his reiatsu and reiryoku as he turned to leave without waiting for a reply. He didn’t rush out at full speed, but instead left slowly through the destruction that he caused, as if to further show that he could leave whenever he wanted. “You think you can leave whenever you want after doing something like this?” Anger seeped into the man’s voice as he spoke. It wasn’t very loud, almost as if it wasn’t intended for Connor to hear. If he didn’t have such strong hearing then it would be unlikely for Connor to have heard it as clearly as he did. “I do.” As these two nonchalantly spoken words traveled across the room Connor continued forward without hesitation, despite two figures abruptly appearing in front of him to hinder his path at this moment. Word Count: 2,542 OOC: Officially claiming the Fifth Council Seat as the true leader of the Long Clan.
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    Fullbringers (完現術者 (フルブリンガー), Furuburingā; Japanese for Full Manifestation Artist are spiritually-aware Humans born with the eponymous ability Fullbring, which allows them to manipulate the souls that reside in all physical matter. Their powers are constituted by Hollows. Fullbringer Templates Fullbringer Fullbringer Releases Fullbring Release Path: Fullbring Duality "Augmentation-Type" Fullbringer Abilities/Techniques LEARNABLE GAFU / PORIPUTIKU TECHINIQUES
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    The word "Ido" could be heard from Oriru as Kearu had stopped a short distance away. Most of the vice-captains abilities did not require spoken activation if the kido arts were an indication of how the fight was going to be going, but this caused two of the larger marbles to break the pattern of the orbit around the lower ranked shinigami to hover in front within the field of awareness. That is when a second word could be heard in "Setsuzoku" resulting in the same two larger balls starting to glow with a golden radiance forming a string between the two of them. This thread blocked his incoming string with the hovering Yang. So they can move out of the circling motion and can interact with one another making seemingly unbreakable threads. The defenses he has are higher than previous reported, he thought to himself as he motioned for his flying Yang zanpakuto to head back towards him. At this moment a white rod formed in the air just above Oriru, but like the others the color would change to black before duplicating one hundred times for Bakudo number sixty-two, Hyapporankan. This was not good and he knew that dodging even partially was going to be next to impossible, especially at close range. At the same time he could faintly see five small balls of white light that turned to black as well that disappeared with a snap. Glancing up Kaeru noticed the massive pillars of Bakudo number seventy-five, Gochūtekkan descending towards him. This was a reality of just not being fast enough or strong enough to deal with the kido onslaught. He needed to get closer and flip the advantage around if he was going to get through this part of the battle. He still had techniques and abilities he had not used, most because the point was not to kill Oriru but rather to push him. "Kawa no fu no nangan," he says coating his Yin zanpakuto in a black negative reiatsu before a flying Yang rips across the sky with a white positive reiatsu over it's blade, "Kawa no sei no kitagishi." These two zanpakutos work in tandem to each release waves of power to meet the falling pillars but he takes the brunt of the Hyapporankan. This drives Kaeru downward planting him against a large boulder between two ponds. Glancing through the wreckage sealing technique another marble had grew to match the size of the previous ones leaving three marbles left. There was almost a counter going on here, but he was not exactly sure what that meant. Both of his zanpakutos were stabbed into the ground currently nearby. What was next in the grand scheme of Ginga? he wondered to himself as faint images of both of his zanpakuto spirits appeared near him where he could seem them only. You have noticed right? Yang asks in an inquisitive tone looking out at the situation. Of course he has. He stopped fighting Oriru a while ago, the fool has no battle awareness and would of died ten times over if not for his zanpakuto, Yin interjected to answer in an annoyed tone. They were focused on the abruptness of the battle and how there were two factors not working in tandem, more one doing all of the work and the others just being used as a place holder. To the frog captain he could see that there was still a discrepancy between the zanpakuto spirit and the wielder, not that Oriru needed to understand the upper reaches of his power he had already matched the captain commander in raw spiritual power. Neither of them had even released a bankai yet, which he was sure the vice-captain was capable of and would of already used this had other captains not told him to restrain himself. Yeah, Kaeru replied to his zanpakutos as he started to try and power through the Hyapporankan as well. This was not going to be easy, but he did have a few tricks up his sleeve before he would have to use a trump card like bankai or his shunko abilities. The repetitive question now was how to get through these shields, barriers, and seals to get to Oriru and force him to actually have to connect on a deeper level. [WC: 719] Current Stats [ND: 7,116/7,520] Abilities Combat Details Ending Stats [ND: 6,866/7,620]
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