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    [REMAINING ND| 11,380 - 1400 = 9980] FOG OF WAR... is the appropriate term for this moment, the uncertainty in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations. The term seeks to capture the uncertainty regarding one's own capability, adversary capability, and adversary intent during an engagement. Yet, the moment was more severe in the fact that the fog had become almost literally as the mist continued to claw at their beings attempting to consume their existence but all they could maintain was their sense of self. Oriru focused his entire attention on defending the comrades that he could manage to get to, the human Hizorashi and the seated officer San Salvatore, but there was a clear problem that they were unable to coordinate properly as the efforts of the seated officer contrasted the actions of the human as the physical assault was intersecting the generation of the death fog notoriously connected to the seated officer. Although it was a poor execution, it proved to do something to Lady Tomoe but of course it was more of an inconvenience rather than a proper assault. [1] There wasn't enough time for Oriru to react and unleash his own assault before Lady Tomoe capitalized on the opportunity and unleashed a torrent of the mist in the form of mist sprites, beings darker than the mist in the form of small balls of mist with blue fiery eyes. They would first wash over the two assault targets, but their range being so close to Lady Tomoe proved to be a saving grace it appeared as a mass of them continued forward and swarmed Oriru with a massive amount of aggression. The misty masses shift into claws reminiscent of the arm of his target and others turned into the gnashing jaws aiming to tear at Oriru. "Hakido Variation, Hanpatsu Suiryoku." With the words spoken with the mist arriving Oriru shift his flat stance used for combat surveillance into a defensive stance similar to the design of Aikido as his arms and legs became consumed in a unique white aura. His orbs had broken the tether's that bound them together and drifted through the mist away from Oriru. The first action he did was slam his open palm into the mist mass that was closest to him and upon impact there was an explosive amount of force that dispersed the wraith, but the range of the explosive strike caused a couple more behind it to follow the pattern. In response another wave of the masses attempted to claw at Oriru and his reaction speed allowed him to use his other arm to swing the elbow which generated a wave of force to be expelled and dispersed the attempt by the wraiths. It became clear very quickly that Oriru was not going to be struck again with the mist attacking in portions after he dispatched a total of 10 of them and as such the remaining 50 of them assaulted aggressively. Every part of his body that they attempted to attack was met with the small blue orb of a familiar bakudo, and upon impact a visible layer of vibrant white energy could be seen defending Oriru. Although not specializing in physical combat, Oriru has come a long way with his training as he began to dance through the swarm in a rhythmical fashion, "One, and two, and three..." He mumbled the count to himself, the way that he was taught to perform the art of capoeira, using the beat counts to keep track of his movements. It was not the most graceful, but it was effective as every time his hands or legs touched a surface there was an explosive force that caused parts of the mist to disperse. He planted his hand on the ground and kicked his legs out to perform a windmill on the ground as he concluded with a cyclone of explosive energy before pushing himself back to his feet in time to see Masato dealing with the attacks of Tomoe. She had kept Oriru occupied with the larger of the swarm and it gave the chance to attack his other comrades without his immediate chance to defend them. For Oriru their actions were slower to his eyes, but it was quickly apparent their intentions from their movements and more passive tactics compared to the initial assault they performed. As Hizorashi and San both found different ways to maneuver a chance to contain their target, Oriru took hold of his blade and pulled it from the sheath revealing the golden glow that consumed his blade, it too black like the orbs but [1] with a unique white glow that was emanating from the hilt as he held it. He rushed forward in the final moments of the grappling techniques of his comrades, his blade held in his right hand held with the blade tip to the left across his body. "Hado 78, Zangerin." The words left his mouth as he moved the blade across his torso in front of him, and anyone who knew the Kido knew that it was a wide arc that could possibly strike and cleave all three of them, but nothing happened. Lady Tomoe had seen both Hizorashi and Salvatore make their way to constrain her and Oriru appeared to have launched with his full speed to unleash a false Kido, but the danger came from the attack faster than even Oriru could manage as his blade came across his body and the words left his mouth the assault began. [1] From directly behind his target (I) launched through the air from slightly above and aimed to collide directly with the back of her skull with a slightly downward angle while [2] from between the legs of Oriru came (II) which made the attempt to strike Tomoe directly under her chin which meant moving forward or backwards would cause impact by one of, if not both of the initial orbs. In the event that she was unable to be properly restrained or found a way to maneuver out of both (I) and (II), [3] from just behind Hizorashi (III) would fly over his shoulder, avoiding any obstacles that may be presented such as an attempt to use Hizorashi or Salvatore's attempts as a deflection and attempting to collide with her shoulder of the bone arm attempting to break the limb while [4] from the right side of Salvatore, and slightly behind Tomoe, (IV) spiraled around the chain and maneuvered around the attack and shadow with the full intention of smashing into the side of her face as (V) appeared to hover just behind Oriru [2] with (VI) forming next to it prepared to respond to any reaction while his blade was held in front of him readied. Through it all, the talisman had been activated and the world seemed still for a moment as Oriru activated his sequence and each orb prepared to shift to ensure a true strike; a sense of Clarity. _____________________________ Statistical Notes Spiritual Pressure - 160,000 + 10 = 170,000 Stamina | 218 + 10 = 228 Speed | 200 + 10 = (210) Perception | 200 + 10 = (210) Reiryoku | 220 + 10 = 230 |--> Speed | 216 + 10 = 226 Strength | 88 + 10 = 98 |--> Speed | 110.4 + 10 = 124.4 Reactions [1] Auto Damage from Salir - XXX | XXX | -400ND Actions [1] Sento Strike | Downward Angled Impact tothe Back of Tomoe's Head | Orb Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Orb Speed [226] 1 Attack [2] Sento Strike | Upward Angled Impact to the Base of Tomoe's Chin | Orb Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Orb Speed [226] 1 Attack [3] Sento Strike | Follow up Impact to the Shoulder of Tomoe's Arm | Orb Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Orb Speed [226] 1 Attack [4] Sento Strike | Follow up Impact to the side of Tomoe's Face | Orb Strength [230 Reiryoku] | Orb Speed [226] 1 Attack Bonus Actions [1] Activating Talisman (Clarity) It grants unclouded clarity, clearness of mind, and wards off illusions and confusion. | - [1/3 Uses | 5 Turn Cooldown | 2 Turn Duration] -1000ND [2] Orb Formation (VI) Battle Notes
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    The battle for the night continued, it raged on with more an more intensity by the moment. The seated officer watched as his blade covered in smog erupted, however he didn’t account for his comrades getting in close. Sure enough the human named Masato closed in on the devilish lady, just as the cloud erupted causing him as well as the lady to be hit. The seated Officers eyes widened as he felt instantly regret and stupidity. It was a horrible choice he had made, he should of known better to use such an ability In this situation with allies involved.[1]He would therefore deactivate the fog,turning to nothing but reiatsu streams. As for his Shadow its sneak attack led to no outcome, no outcome worth noting. The shadow was easily destroyed by another one of lady Tomoe’s claws of mist attack. The claws shred threw the shadow an disperse the fog back towards his human comrade. The claws would twist around the beast after shredding the shadow an start hurling towards San. The speed at which they moved were incredibly fast, as they were before. [2] San could do nothing but try an block, however they broke right threw his defense easily. The razor sharp mist blades would cut into the Seated Officer along his face, chest, abdomen, and thighs. Resulting in ½ inch wide lacerations along the hit areas. This would happen obscuring Sans view of what happened between her an the human(Masato). Salvatore would be remain in place as the mist blades sliced threw his flesh, he would open his free hand an his zanpaktu the shadow had would manifest within it. An just in time. Wraiths would now appear from the mist eyes would appear in the dozens, no atleast a hundred would now hurl at the three. San would begin to spin his zanpktus at his sides, just as the wraiths went from eyes to talons an an mouths trying to attack the three. San would begin to spin while throwing an retracting and spinning his zapaktus cutting down as many as he could.Meanwhile the Captain would disperse a majority of them and Masato would take a large portion as well. The seated officer was shocked that he was only able to manage to fend off ten before the rest were dealt with. Feeling the pure shock of how “in over his head” he was he had no reason to hold back, he had to use it, even though young an not fully mastered he had no option. As they wraiths were dealt with, Lady Tomoe had returned flying skillfully slightly above the mist towards the group of three.Masato would call to San but only to be interrupted by the women having cleared the distance in such speed.However the fifth seat hopefully had the same idea he did. This time San could not allow the Captain to protect him, had they wanted to end the night, he would be needed to engage the devilish lady. Not be forced to protect the weak, Sans pride an sense of the greater good would not allow it a second time. Should he fall here tonight he could only hope it wasn’t in vain. He would look to the Captain while his spiritual pressure began to rise, his body glowing with pinkish reiatsu, shaking his head to the Captain. Hoping he knew it meant to not help him. Two mist blades would erupt from the charging beast, San would watch as they didn’t act the one she charged at, yet they went around. “ Engulf an Plague the Earth, Yami No O, Shiba No Joo…..Bankai…… As the words left his lips his spiritual pressure exploded in a radius of ten feet around the seated officer[3]. This would blind him to the fact that Masato managed to deflect one of the claws, but would cause the second to slam into the wall of the surging reiatsu that surrounded Salvatore. Dispersing the mist to nothingness. The surging reiatsu from the release would disperse as well on contact from the mist blades into harmless streams of pink an purple energy. San would be revealed in his Bankai form, taking on the resemblance to a living shadow, with golden eyes an golden razor sharp teeth for a smile, the rest was darkness.He now stood almost seven feet tall,almost a foot an half taller then before. However the seated Officer wasted no time, after activating Bankai he rushed Lady Tomoe with his speed at its maximum.He took off as the mist claws an his bankai release clashed. He would glide threw the air like a shadow. He would use flash step to close the gap even faster appearing at her side, opposite of Masato who was in the process of trying to bind her. Salvatore would appear out of flash step on one knee, he wielded two pink energy zanpaktus, both with chains. He would of appeared with one stabbed in the ground an he would instantly leap upwards allowing the chain to loose an extra as he lept upwards.[3] As he leap upwards a shadow would leap from his person onto her torso, like a bear hug.The shadows arms would wrap around her waistline, avoiding the humans placement of his fullbring on her opposite side.His shadow moved as fast as he so hopefully at such close range an Masatos actions it could latch on. What was different about this shadow then before pink barbs covered its entirety, like a cactus. If latched on or touched the lady she would be poisoned again. [4,5] As the shadow leaped into her San delivered two quick, one upwards an instantly back downwards slash as he passed over her shoulders. With the same sword as the other was still imbedded into the ground. The attacks were aimed for cutting into her free from Masatos arm to shoulder an back down,hoping to cleave her arm off, which was highly unexpected. [6] As he passed her head he would spin around an pull tightly on the chain causing it to lasso around her from the knee to her shoulders only making two an half circles. The chain would wrap around her opposite knee of Masatos fullbring to her hip,where the shadow was then up to the shoulder area on the side San was.Hopefully wrapping around the shadow as well adding to the binding effect. With Sans shadow an chain wrapping around as well as Masatos binds she would be temporarily immobile enough for the Captain to strike. Sans action would be completed as he spun an held tightly on the chain, pulling with all his might ,wrapping the chain around his forearm as tight as he could. San actions ended and he was about ten feet above an opposite side of the human ally. OOC: WC:1,142 STATS:
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    Masato could feel the aura of a being who, at some point in his chase, began to follow him. Their Reiatsu too, was considerably high compared to the average human’s. Despite this, even with his back to them, the cyan clad Fullbringer did not feel threated by their arrival. Perhaps his over confidence was a byproduct of obtaining his Complete Fullbring, and the power that it came with. He elected not to move or speak before his stalker did. When dealing with other potentially spiritually aware humans, Masato practiced caution in order to not overshare, or worse, overreact. It was only recently upon being promoted, that the hostile tensions between Fullbringer factions in Karakura was made known to him. And while he hadn’t any intentions to participate in their squabbles for dominance, he would protect himself and his employees from the others that sought to do them harm. “Is he alright?” The now presumed male inquired, referring of course to the man Masato had wrapped in cyan cloth. His question conveyed his concern for the unconscious man, and swayed Masato to treat his new company as an ally, and fellow protector of Karakura. Besides, if he was ill intentioned and planned to attack, it would’ve been earlier when his target was more preoccupied. Masato turned around to face the curious individual, making sure the uncovered and resting face of the man was clear to see. Looking up to his right in the direction of the cocooned civilian’s face, Masato replied with a hint of worry in his voice. “I’m not sure, do you know how to check for vitals?” as he answered the man’s question with one of his own, he unwrapped the body slowly while placing it gently on the cold ground between himself and the second stranger. WC: 295
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    Layla invited Arthur to her office once again and he sat himself down comfortably,’A new mission?’ She nodded in response,’And a dangerous one at that. According to the reiatsu levels it is a Vasto Lorde.’ She said quite gravely as they both understood the implications of this. Arthur was able to kill an Adjuchas level Hollow on his own before, well he did receive minor help from Iris but he still did 95% of the workload so he counted that as by himself. However, a Vasto Lorde will be even stronger than that. He was not entirely confident that he would be able to kill it himself,’Tell me more.’ Layla nodded and spoke,’Vasto Lorde class Hollows are the top of the Hollow race, excluding Arrancars which is an evolution of a Hollow. As you already noticed, Adjuchas class Hollows generally aren’t much bigger than normal human height while Vasto Lorde are normally human sized but still with Hollow features. The worrying part is that they are said to be even stronger than a Shinigami at Captain level.’ He could tell that she was concerned for him and Arthur wasn’t really keen on dying, especially after the recent events that he has been through. The reason he will be going alone is that everyone else was unavailable and naturally Layla had to stay here to look after the base. ‘However…’ she continued and he raised his eyebrows in interest,’What is it?’ She let out a sigh and showed him her monitor,’This one is a bit weird. Its signal disappears very fast, much too fast. It would be like entering the room and then leaving it straight away. It’s really hard to track.’ On her computer Layla had a software that was able to track down Hollows, or at least give their location and strength level. Apparently, it was something similar to what the Shinigami use but as it was hard to program only she had access to it. She re-winded the record to the previous night. He could see a dot flashing and moving about before it quickly disappeared but then it appeared again several hours later only to disappear just as fast. This continued for some time but there didn’t seem to be a trend in the interval between its appearances,’What is it doing?’ She shook her head,’I can’t answer that.’ Obviously, this didn’t seem to be within the norm,’Any victims?' She couldn’t answer that either it seems as she shook her head,’There hasn’t been any news reports about any bodies found but a Vasto Lorde has much more intelligence than a normal Hollow so it must have some sort of purpose. Perhaps, this one emerges from a Garganta and takes its victim to Hueco Mundo to eat before coming back.’ He got up from his seat,’Anything else you need to tell me?’ She smiled sympathetically,’I would like to but unfortunately I don’t have much to go on.’ They could theorise all night long and still not get anywhere so the best solution was to simply go and find out yourself. Arthur had some preparations to make beforehand, both physically and mentally. He quickly sent a message to both Iris and Alice telling them that he will be fighting. It was something that he started after his fight with the Adjuchas since Alice yelled at him for it. So here he was, in the area it was last spotted but he didn’t really know what he was looking for. Since the system couldn’t pick up the Hollow’s reiatsu he wasn’t doing any better job trying to sense it himself. Perhaps that was the innate of the ability of the Hollow. The only thing he could do was to physically go street to street in hopes of finding a human sized Hollow, well maybe hope wasn’t the right word since he’d rather be at home in his own bed. Obviously, this kind of footwork didn’t provide much in the way of results, so he was ready to give up. Besides, it wasn’t like he had to kill it today and could receive back up on a different day but at the same time what if there were victims? He didn’t want to be responsible for that number increasing because of his laziness. Arthur kept up the search until he saw 2 people whizzing past him above. No normal humans would be able to easily jump between roofs and such long distances. However, from one of those people he felt a Hollow like reiatsu and the person chasing it also had a considerable reiatsu as well, but the flash of cyan most likely indicated another Fullbringer as Shinigami were known for wearing black kimono thingies. He immediately gave chase by using Bringer Light and caught up to the two with a slight delay. When he got there, he saw a cyan cocoon covering the face of a man before being completed. The Hollow reiatsu couldn’t be sensed anymore and he was sure that the person was an ordinary human, an innocent human. Besides if it was a Hollow surely a battle would have lasted longer but there were no signs of battle and neither was there any blood spray. For now, Arthur decided to give the Fullbringer the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn’t kill the man so he would ask,’Is he alright?’ However, he was still very careful of his actions as Layla told him about the conflict between different Fullbringer factions and so he didn’t know how this man would react. For all he knew, Arthur might end up in a similar cocoon. Word Count: 935
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    ND: 7140(7340-200) Talisman of Karma Activated: 6140(7140-1000) Masato was more frustrated than words could convey. The blunder of blocking San’s attack for their shared enemy was entirely his own fault. In the panic of trying to capitalize on Tomoe’s position, he made a simple but devastating mistake. Had he went for the back of her neck with his scythe, her chances of evasion would’ve have been much more limited. And a direct hit would’ve been guaranteed. Instead, she freely glided backwards to avoid his attack and San’s. What’s more, for the first time ever, his fullbring was completely cut through with a single slash of her mist blades, and to add insult to injury, the thrown blade of San released a dark gaseous substance that he hadn’t the time to avoid. It was harmless for the most part, leaving a lingering sensation of slight numbness. Equally annoying were the wraiths created by Tomoe’s spin, before she escaped into the bed of mist. Masato would reflexively raise his left arm in front of his face for defense against the blue-eyed blotches of mist. From the left shoulder area of his coat, a large cyan arm would emerge and mirror the movements of his left arm. Standing on its thumb and pointing finger, the cyan hand was large enough to completely block the shrieking blotches, which had turned to claws and pairs of teeth. Some of the made their way over and around the cyan barrier, but could cause little harm by their lonesome. To get rid of the gnawing and scratching horde, Masato cupped his hand and pushed the swarm of claws and teeth back, then up into the air. His hand then turned counter clockwise and palm side down before slamming its palm, and the wraiths by extension, into the misty floor. But as he raised his cyan hand to retrieve it into his coat, nothing remained of the blotches. The theory of their re-assimilation into the mist was not a hard one to believe. As San too, fought off a horde of wraiths, Masato judged that he wasn’t too preoccupied to listen to a proposal. “We’re too slow. We need to…” Masato was mid statement when the attention of Tomoe suddenly set upon him. She ran lowly and gained on her target quickly, preparing her clawed right arm for the swift onslaught. Masato kept his attention on her claws as they appeared to be the source of her strongest attacks. [11-12]The first two blades of mist, of which the Fullbringer had grown accustomed to, had clearly been targeted towards San, based on their distance apart and trajectory. Masato was confident enough in his own defensive capabilities; as such, he didn’t mind blocking the left blade with the hardened backhand of the last cyan arm he created. But that was the most he could do for his blue ally. San or Captain Kusho would have to handle the blade rushing to San’s right shoulder. [13]Once Tomoe came into melee range of Masato, she would initiate the first swing of her claw at his left shin. His ample time to react and the much telegraphed movement of her swing made the necessary defense simple. A hardened cyan slab would protrude from the bottom of his coat and bury itself into the ground, completely blocking against Tomoe's first low slash. [14]Despite the first swing’s interception, Tomoe did not lose momentum; rather her speed increased as she spun in place again; threatening to claw across his abdomen. Masato twisted his, already raised, left arm clockwise at the elbow. He hadn’t the speed to build another shield, so simply hardening the sleeve of his coat was all he could do to reinforce his block. As her claws and the bottom side of his forearm connected, the force of her swing pushed his arm slightly counter clockwise. [15]Lastly, Tomoe performed a second spin in front of Masato, elevating her center of gravity with it. The claw was now targeting his forehead. But the predictable and same attack from the same direction was making Masato’s counters progressively easier. The sleeve of his right arm stretched over his right hand, coating it with hardened protective material. He then stretched his right hand across his forehead and leveled his palm with Tomoe’s strike, quickly blocking. [1]As his palm and her claw connected, the harden coat around his hand wrapped along hers, successfully binding his and hers right hands. [2]As he linked their right arms, Masato shrunk the left cyan hand he used to block into a scarf like appendage, and quickly wrapped it behind Tomoe and around left her ankle. Performing a second binding to assure the others had more time to react. The responsibility of attacking was beyond his own capabilities. But with the flexibility of his coat, he could most certainly create openings for the others to attack. [16-17-18]From the corner of his eye, just pass Tomoe’s left arm, Masato could see more incoming mist blades originating from the same point. He refused to let their precious opportunities to attack go to waste evading and blocking. With all the speed he could muster, he whipped his tail horizontally in front of the incoming blades, blocking them one at a time. Masato exhausted all his efforts into providing his allies with opportunities to attack. Knowing Tomoe’s pattern of spinning to safety, Should his efforts prove futile and she some how manage to escape his grasp, it could mean taking the beating of a life time at the jaws and claws of her smoky wraiths, and more importantly, his ego. _____________________ WC: 925 REMAINING ND: 4795 (6140-1345) -ACTIONS- -STATS-
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    Hollow ((虚 (ホロウ), Horō): are a race of creatures which are born from Human souls who, for various reasons, do not cross over to Soul Society after their death and stay in the Human World for too long. They are corrupt spirits with supernatural powers which devour the souls of both living and deceased Humans. Hollows settle in Hueco Mundo, but can cross over to the Human World and Soul Society. Hollows are the opposite of Humans. Hollow Templates Hollow Hollow Evolution/Releases Hollow Evolution/Release Paths: Hollow Duality "Dual-Nature Zanpakutō" Resurrección: Segunda Etapa Hōgyoku Fusion Hollow Race Abilities/Techniques Cero/Bala -----
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    BATTLE OF THE DEGENERATES On a chilling cold knight above the rooftops of Karakura, a cyan clad Masato followed the trail of an infamous hollow with haste. The mission of finding and eliminating this corrupted spirit was assigned by none other than his teacher Azami. The acts of stalking in the night and hunting dangerous predators were what he accepted when he agreed to learn under her. Normally he blindly followed and trusted the instructions of his mentors, but the details, and lack thereof, made Masato hesitate to immediately use lethal force on the victim of his pursuit. To any incapable of perceiving Reiatsu, the shadowy figure in Masato’s crosshairs was a normal human, but the Reiatsu signature and the booming technique it used to travel at blistering speeds were unmistakably those of a hollow. Despite the hollow’s efforts, if he wanted to, Masato could catch up to him with ease. However, against the teachings of his Azami and his better judgement, the Fullbringer waited and observed for any signs of aggression from the fleeing hollow. In his head, Masato replayed his given instructions and the vagueness that came with them. -2 days ago, after returning from his training- Azami sat, legs crossed, on a sofa in their group’s warehouse. She smoked a cigarette through her right hand while resting her right elbow above the back of her left hand. She inhaled a large puff of her cigarette before exhaling to speak. “Listen up, since you’ve completed your Fullbring, I have the perfect mission for you. I misjudged a hollow and let him off the hook.” “What do you mean? Since when did we let hollows live?” Azami let out a heavy sigh and scratch her head in search for her next words, as they would seem contradictory to what her student, now boss, was led to believe. “This sounds strange, but there are innocent and well intentioned hollows out there. No spirit chooses to turn corrupt, and they don’t all consume other spirits. When I was babysitting Reina, I thought he was just a pitiful hollow, struggling to survive. ‘Had no Idea he was the worst of the worst.” “What did he do to change your mind?” “Uh, don’t worry about it. Trust me this guy is scum.” Azami replied before sharing the last known location of the target Masato was to eliminate. -Back to present- Masato lost his patience with his fleeing target. Was this hollow harmless or a threat? After apprehending the runner, he would find out for himself. Fortunately the apprehension wouldn’t take long, as the opportunity to secure his prey’s footing came when the hollow leapt high to reach the next rooftop. Masato slowed his pace as he twisted his torso to the right and raised his right arm. He would then mimic a throwing motion with it, causing a wire like appendage to stretch from within his right sleeve. It quickly and precisely latched onto the leading leg the hollow intended to land on; stopping its jumping momentum in the process. The fleeing figure’s sudden halt came before it swung backwards and into the brick wall off the building he had just jumped from. A tiny black blur fell from the suspect’s hoodie just before Masato raised him back onto the rooftop. Masato observed the body and was certain he was too late. The man before him was unconscious, and no longer produced the high Reiatsu signature he sensed before. -2 days ago- “He’s a parasite type. Small, scummy, pathetic, weaselly, ugly, gross, piece of shit. That’s it, A worm of shit is the best way I can describe him. He can possess humans and spirits to do his bidding. So be careful handling his host’s bodies, you don’t want to seriously injure innocent civilians. I should also mention that because of how pathetic he is, tracking his Reiatsu is virtually impossible. But once he possess a host, they will gain a huge boost in strength. Still, it shouldn’t be too much for you, as you are now.” -Back to present- “Crap.” Masato stooped to the head of the former host and checked his neck for a pulse. It wasn’t abnormal, and save for the bruises sustained from crashing into the wall, the man roughly in his mid-20s was unharmed. The Fullbringer sighed heavily with relief. He used the wrapping already around the man’s leg and increased its size to form a cocoon to carry him in. had it not been so late, he would’ve continued the pursuit. But giving the size and color of his target, searching dark alleys and corners would probably prove futile. Furthermore he had a certain repulsive employee, who was far better suited for finding well-hidden things in Karakura. ___________ WC: 790
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    The other Fullbringer watched Arthur perform his medical examination but did not seem to make further moves, whether positive or negative. This also included not calling for an ambulance. Despite his previous concerned tone perhaps he did not care that much. Arthur could not say that he was surprised about this as not many people were willing to help a complete stranger. However, protecting citizens was just as much his responsibility as killing Hollows. That’s what it means to be part of Duality. To fight for those who can’t fight themselves. Besides, his moral compass didn’t allow him to leave someone just like that. With the examination finished, before putting away the phone into his pocket he quickly called for an ambulance and then approached the stranger to tell him of the result and question him about the Hollow. He confirmed Arthur’s suspicions and shed some light on the situation as well. This Hollow was apparently a parasite which jumped from host to host which adds up with the info he was given from Layla’s briefing. This explained why he was so hard to track and why the signal would irregularly disappear and appear. However, the Fullbringer’s next comment did not add up with his current theory. Vasto Lorde class Hollow’s were supposed to be human sized but from his description it seemed to be much smaller than that. Perhaps, because of its parasitic nature it did not grow properly? Either way, with this Hollow being able to take control of living humans it was definitely an abnormal one. Though he could not say that he saw every type of Hollow out there, but the ability itself was definitely a rare one. Arthur thought about what his next action should be and came to a decision,’It seems that we are after the same Hollow then. I do not mind which one of us kills it as long as the job gets done, but like you said this guy is a slippery one. How about we join forces? If we split up, we can cover more ground and if one of us finds it first send a signal to let the other know. Deal?’ He put out his hand for a handshake and awaited the Fullbringer’s decision. If he agreed, he would speak,’You can go ahead and start. I’ll pass this guy to the ambulance and start searching as well,’ he pointed at the unconscious man as he said so. If he declined, as long as he wasn’t hostile towards him Arthur wouldn’t keep him here either and let him get on with his search as it was in their best interest to get rid of this Hollow. Word Count: 447
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    Masato’s mouth frowned as his eye brows raised with curious admiration of the stranger’s rush and commitment to checking for what he presumed to be minor bruises. He was doubtful the unconscious man had any serious injuries worth calling an ambulance, since he himself had assessed the former host’s condition and determined that the only thing he was currently in danger of, was perhaps freezing to death. In fact, the only reason Masato inquired about “checking vitals”, was to distract his unwanted company and leave him responsible for the sleeper. However seeing how serious the stranger took the medical examination planted seeds of doubt in Masato. “Did I overlook something?” he wondered to himself while awaiting the examiners conclusion. The examiner stood straight before turning his mobile light off, signaling the completion of his task. Masato listened to his analysis intently. “Internal bleeding, just from that? We humans can be pretty fragile,” were the words he would’ve said had the stranger not continued with a statement that signified just how in the know he actually was. “You were chasing a Hollow…” Masato’s nonchalant expression switched to a sterner one as the topic of Hollows was not one he took lightly. “That is correct, it was a hollow you saw me chasing. It hops from host to host like a parasite, leeching from their spiritual energy and being an overall nuisance. This poor guy,” he gestured with a slight nod of his head, “was his latest victim. Had he not jumped ship, I would’ve had him begging for forgiveness as we speak. You seem like a capable person but I would still practice caution. He’s small, and only noticeable once he’s already taken a host. ” WC: 280
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    ENW 22: The Harrowing Recess: Battle Of Egriffiend PRT 3 ___________________  [1]... RYŪNOSUKE dislodged his bat from the ground and watched Tomoe gracefully twirl through the air and released her mist wraiths and made her retreat once more. This time they swarmed him and his partner by the hundreds. Ryūnosuke's expression was visibly impassive, almost bored with the monotonous arrangement. "What, is she all out of moves?", he wondered. Was biding her time with these droves of wraith fodder the best Lady Tomoe could do against them? Ryūnosuke recounted all that had happened so far, everything that led up to this point. The Night of Wailing, the Wailers, his own possession. All the loss and suffering, it was all caused by Tomoe. Of course, Sanetoki was the undisputed mastermind behind it, but that didn't change that Lady Tomoe was at the very heart of the Night of Wailing. The Night of Wailing was hers, not even Sanetoki was safe from her powers once they reached him. It was a perplexing realization, Ryūnosuke couldn't help but feel bitterness, annoyance, and --strangest of all-- pity for Tomoe as she wailed and fled. He didn't dwell on those thoughts for long, however. As rapidly approaching cloud of wraiths blanketed over the teenager, he was brought back into the present. "Here we go again.", the teenager muttered as he widened his stance and twirled his bat with a sudden flare of his Reiatsu as he stomped his right foot; solidifying his position and resolve. The down-reaching canopy of talons and maws lashed and snapped at him threateningly and the teenager answered it with wide sweeping swings of his bat. Each swing broke the formation of the wraith cloud, deformed it around the force of his swings as the mist creatures were sprinkled about, set ablaze, and dispersed. [2-3] Then came the towering waves of mist claws that rose and collapsed over the teenager's location. Ryūnosuke chose to block the first one, but it fell with greater force than he'd anticipated and one of the serrated edges cut into his left shoulder. "STRIKE ONE!" Lumpu announced at a very inopportune moment, hovering around Ryūnosuke's head and almost obstructing his view. "I know, dammit!" The teenager spat angrily, if his hands weren't occupied he surely would have thrown the obnoxious little blob as far away as he could. Still, Ryūnosuke was able to push back against the Mist claw and simply glided around the others, dodging them as they fell. He quickly glanced to his side in search of Connor, but in that moment he was unable to spot his partner. He had no need to worry about Connor's well-being, still believing his comrade was more than capable on his own. Ideally, he'd have confirmed Connor's location so they could coordinate another attack but simply stating his intentions aloud would have to suffice for now. "I'm going after her!", Ryūnosuke shouted as he rocketed through the air towards Tomoe, who was still in combat with Hizorashi. [4] However, a sudden thrust of force collided with him, rather, it collided with a transparent shield of energy that surrounded him. The teenager noted the flicker of light that emanated from the o-fuda on his bat. "Nifty!" Ryūnosuke remarked internally. Tomoe seemed to be on the move again after her brief interaction with Hizorashi, Oriru, and San. She again left them to fend off a horde of wraiths in her escape. [5-6-7] Ryūnosuke quickly glanced back at Connor who would have been done with the annoyances on his end. There was a a weird feeling to the mist as it's level rose and its color changed to a horrid purple. Instinctively, Ryūnosuke knew the mist was now poisonous to the touch but given its nature there was no way to avoid it. "Not good.", Ryūnosuke muttered through his left sleeve as he rose it to cover his mouth. For what little good he figured it would do, he still felt the alternative of breathing in the smog was not a choice he'd make willingly. He could already feel the faint effects of poison on his body, although thankfully his own unique ability to power through such ailments activated naturally without the teenager ever being aware. [8] However, the Infection would quickly become a non-factor as the pillar attacks sprung upwards. The nature of the attacks allowed for minimal time and space to evade them, even at the teenager's absurd speed. Ryūnosuke used to Bringer's Light to propel himself forward as the first pillar shot up behind him. [9] He promptly landed several meters away on a square energy platform. Second Base. However, the base had not materialized fast enough to fully activate its defensive capabilities. "SAFE!" Lumpu announced as the very instant that the pillar rocketed skywards and twisted beside the teenager's left arm. Ryūnosuke felt the pull of the twisting mist as it latched onto the material of his sleeve immediately followed by a wet shredding sound and the splatter of blood across the ground. [10] Instantly recognizing the danger he was should he chose to remain on the base, Ryūnosuke moved, completely disregarding the simultaneous numbness and burning in his left shoulder and the significant amount of blood that was pouring down his arm. He leapt upwards and swung downward, clashing his bat with the mist pillar and dissipating it. Returning to the ground, Ryūnosuke took a moment to examine the gravity of his injury. The skin and muscle tissue of his left shoulder was terribly scrapped, almost as if it had been filed down, exposing a large blooding mess that sizzled and bubbled with purple ooze and some solid barbs could be seen crystallizing on the surface of the wound. The teenager grunted faintly as he almost touched the wound then quickly decided against it. "Fuck, this.", he muttered, wincing as he marched a few feet forwards. He gave some brief words to his comrade as he approached his target. Not Tomoe. The Demi-Hollow was currently doing all she could to avoid the pair. "Don't worry about me! Get Tomoe!" [11] Ryūnosuke took a few more steps forwards and grinned as he heard the metallic rattling of a chain being dragged across the ground. The teenager reached down for the chain with his bat and curled it tightly around the base of the barrel. "I'll show you exactly where she is!" Ryūnosuke declared as he suddenly rocketed himself into the air once more. A tail of mist rose from where he'd just stood. and Tomoe's Chain of Fate rose with him. Like a fishing line, the other end was beneath the mist and moved as Tomoe did. Ryūnosuke yanked the chain upwards, intended to pull Tomoe out of the mist and into the air. "She's all yours, Connor!" Hopefully, with Tomoe fully exposed, his partner would be able to do enough damage to finish Tomoe once and for all. While the two fought, Ryūnosuke would simply hold the chain from above at a length of about ten yards. [12] He wouldn't move again until Connor completed whatever combo of attacks he executed against Tomoe. At which point Ryūnosuke would pull the Chain of Fate one final time before launching himself downwards directly over Tomoe. He was slightly to her left with his bat winded back in his right hand. He led with his left side in the path of any potential attacks from Tomoe's deadly Hollowfied arm. [13] Two two were collide twenty feet above the ground as Ryūnosuke swung downwards directly across the middle of Tomoe's face. The teenager then veered off to the right and rotated once through the air to look back at Tomoe. Maintaining his flight, he observed what had become of the Demi-Hollow. Hopefully, they'd done enough to bring this nightmare to an end... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [BATTING STAGE #1] Direct/Critical Hits To Prime Soul Buster (霊・バスター, Rei Basutā): 6/2 3 Soul Busters Strikes Ready.|| Hits To Prime Brute Sub-Class "Devastating Blow" 4/4 Salir Damage. [ND Cost: 400] || [New ND: 4,045] 1/3 Strikes To Stage Switch. Lady Tomoe's Assimilation Wave. [ND Cost: 1,000] || [New ND: 3,045] Rito Poisoned Mist. Infected x1 [-3 To All Stats] Jōnetsu Passive Activated. Infect Reduced To [-1 To All Stats] Tengu no Sokumen Passive Activated Infect Speed Reduction: [-0 Speed] Full Dodge (208 SPD) Lady Tomoe's El Elogio #1 (200 REI - 220 SPD). [ND Cost: 200] || [New ND: 2,845] Partial Dodge + [BASE - ADVANCE] (208 SPD) Lady Tomoe's El Elogio #2 (200 REI - 220 SPD) Infected x1 [-1 To All Stats But Speed]. [ND Cost: 300] || [New ND: 2,545] Clashed (203 STR) Lady Tomoe's El Elogio #3 (200 REI - 220 SPD). LOSS [ND Cost: -350 Ryūnosuke ||-203 To Lady Tomoe] || [1/4 Attack Moves] || [New ND: 2,195] Pull Of Lady Tomoe's Chain of Fate x1 [Strength: 203 STR] [Speed: 207] || [2/4 Attack Moves] Pull Of Lady Tomoe's Chain of Fate x2 [Strength: 203 STR] [Speed: 207] || [3/4 Attack Moves] Downwards Bat Swing Into Lady Tomoe's Face. [Damage: 203 STR] [Speed: 207] || [4/4 Attack Moves] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 2,195 ______________________________ WC|1,285 -----
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    Live Changes 01/18/2020 - ND Changes "It's Gonna Sting" ND Changes Dubbed The "San Patch" Locked In...Kinda...?: So, after testing it out Live for a bit. The San patch seems to have fixed a few of the problems we were having with Clashes. Hits were hurting just a tiny bit too much, which was having a ripple effect elsewhere, not unlike the San Patch as a whole. But overall, the changes all look great. And with the damage multipliers tweak just a tiny bit we're in a good spot. Just so you know what all to look at: Direct Hits (x4) - Counter Class Direct Hits (x5) - Visionary Reduced Critical Hits VS Tanks (x5) - Critical Hits (x6) - Visionary Class Critical Hits (x7) - Broken Shield/Barrier (x5 Difference) - Clashes Brute/Genius Class Combat Skill Update: The San Patch Hit Clashing as a defensive option for the Classes that are supposed to excel at it pretty hard. Especially with the increased net value of Attacks. The argument can be made that Brutes/Genius as the Power Classes should be more focused on using their resources to attack anyway. As it stands with the, changes in most cases Brute/Genius lose more from Clashing than the other classes. To meet somewhere in the middle ground "Brutes/Genius Get 1 Free Defensive Clash. It will always default to a Tied Clash when possible. If the Brute/Genius is weaker it registers as a Normal Loss Clash." Natural Defense Thread SEALS & GRAPPLING mechanics are going to officially be added to the ND System soon. A General rundown. - Fatigue Mechanic "Thought This Was Already Up, Honestly" "Fatigue" sets in when a character uses the maximum capability of their stats without having sufficient Stamina to do so. An example of this would be an Agile frequently using 200 Speed while having only 100 Stamina. The General Rule is that characters can use their maximum stats for the duration of battle as long as they have the appropriate Stamina. Fatigue Cost ND = Value of Stat Used Per Action. 11-20 Point Difference: Mild Fatigue. You get 16 actions using the insufficient stat. After that Fatigue Cost kicks in for every instance that Stat is used at an amount higher than your Stamina. 21-30 Point Difference: Moderate Fatigue. You get 8 actions using the insufficient stats. After that Fatigue Cost kicks in for every instance that Stat is used at an amount higher than your Stamina. 31+ Point Difference: Major Fatigue. You get 4 actions using the insufficient stats. After that Fatigue Cost kicks in for every instance that Stat is used at an amount higher than your Stamina. Fatigue Added To ND Thread - Visionary "Mind's Eye" Update: "Mind's Eye Strike": With the changes to the Brute/Genius Combat Skill. Mind's Eye needs a rework. Currently it grants a Free Clash which is kinda cool but not really in line with the Class. The Perk should complement the Class Skill which for Visionary is Critical Hits. "After Landing Three Critical Hits the Visionary can attempt a Mind's Eye Strike. Mind's Eye Strike Hits For Attack Value (x8)." - Hollow Race Changes Are Live Hollow Race Thread Hollow Race Techs System Updated - Shinigami/Vaizard Race Changes Shunko Is Up. Full Vaizard under works Mukyu Shunko under works - Fate Point Shop Update Following Items Changed To Majors: [3 POINTS] SHUNKO: [Shinigami Exclusive] (CANNOT be purchased if your character has Hollowfication: VAIZARD.) [3 POINTS] Hollowfication - VAIZARD: (CANNOT be purchased if your character has SHUNKO.) [4 POINTS] Resurrección - SEGUNDA ETAPA: [Arrancar Exclusive] [3 POINTS] REISHI HEISŌ: [Quincy Exclusive] [3 POINTS] POWER TRANSFERENCE: [Fullbring Exclusive] (CANNOT be purchased if your character has Duality.) Following Items Changed To Minors: [10 POINTS] Shinigami - MUKYŪ SHUNKŌ: [Shinigami Exclusive] W.I.P [Ultimate] [10 POINTS] Vaizard - FULL HOLLOW FORM: [VAIZARD Extension] W.I.P [Ultimate] [9 POINTS] Hollow - HŌGYOKU FUSION: [Hollow Exclusive] W.I.P [Ultimate] [10 POINTS] Fullbringer - AWAKENED: [Fullbringer Exclusive] W.I.P [Ultimate] [4 POINTS] ENHANCED HIGH-SPEED REGENERATION: [Hollow Exclusive] (Only Hollows Who Evolved To Arrancar From Vasto Lorde) [4 POINTS] ENHANCED HIERRO: [Hollow Exclusive] (Only Hollows Who Evolved To Arrancar From Vasto Lorde) [7 POINTS] REIRYOKU SPECIALIST TRAIT - Talisman Updates "San Patch Did Some Stuff, Yada Yada Yada" Talisman of Might: "This o-fuda is inscribed with the word 'might'. It imbues its bearer with incredible power." [Prevents Connor's Attacks from being Clashed for 1 Turn.] [Cost: 1000 ND - 5 Turn Cooldown - 3 Uses Per Battle] Owner: Connor Knight★ Talisman of Karma: "This o-fuda is inscribed with the word 'karma'. The bearer of this talisman is bestowed karmic favor and will reap the swift rewards for the transgressions of others upon them." [Enemy Loses 210 ND for every Attack issued against Masato for 1 Turn.] [Cost: 1000 ND - 5 Turn Cooldown - 3 Uses Per Battle] Owner: Masato Hizorashi Talisman of Clarity: "This o-fuda is inscribed with the word 'clarity'. It grants unclouded clarity, clearness of mind, and wards off illusions and confusion." [Oriru's next attack to land on an enemy within the next 2 turns is counted as an (Attack Value)x7 Critical Hit regardless of where it lands. Applies to Partials as well. If the attack lands on true Critical Hit Zone (neck and above) the next attack afterwards will also be an (Attack Value)x8 Critical Hit.] [Cost: 1000 ND - 5 Turn Cooldown - 3 Uses Per Battle] Owner: Oriru Kusho★ Talisman of Dominance: "This o-fuda is inscribed with the word 'dominance'. It imbues its bearer with unrivaled might." [Prevents Ryūnosuke's attacks from being Full Blocked/Partially Blocked for 1 Turn. His attacks will break shields and barriers to hit their target.] [Cost: 1000 ND - 5 Turn Cooldown - 3 Uses Per Battle] Owner: Tamura Ryūnosuke★ Talisman of Vitality: "This o-fuda is inscribed with the word 'vitality'. It imbues its bearer with great youthful vigor and tenacity." [Allows San to gain 300 ND for each of his attacks that Partially Hit. 600 ND for each of his attacks that Critical Hits/Direct Hits. (ND Gain Caps at 2,100). For the next 2 turns.] [Cost: 1000 ND - 5 Turn Cooldown - 3 Uses Per Battle] Owner: San Salvatore - Character Kits That Could Use Some TLC Kaeru Xarius★: Minor Tweaks Connor Knight★: Minor Tweaks Yamashiro Gamazi: Full Rework - Clarification For Equipment Item Fate Points Price Ranges. The Maximum amount of FP an Equipment Item can cost is 5 Fate Points. The Equipment Item itself can cost anything from 1-4 FP based on the strength of the item. If the Equipment Item costs less than 5FP there are other features that can be bought as augments. 1 FP: Insurance #1 "Indestructibility" (Cannot Be Destroyed Upon Defeat) 1 FP: Insurance #2 "Anti-Theft" (Cannot Be Stolen Upon Defeat) 1 FP: Trade/Gift (Can Be Traded or Gifted To Another Player) 1 FP: +10 ??? Stat (Adds +10 To A Single Stat - Limited To 1 Per Item) Note: This is the system for grading and pricing Personal Equipment Items purchased from the Fate Points Shop. May not necessarily apply to Equipment Items from Events or loot from NPCs.
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    It was clear that this other Fullbringer was also cautious of him as he did not make any unnecessary movements or even speak until Arthur questioned him about the state of the victim. The man turned to face him, and he turned out to be young, maybe a bit younger than himself. He looked towards the cocoon and replied that he wasn’t able to tell with a voiced worry and instead asked him to do it, if he was qualified of course. Arthur nodded,’I can check if he’s not in immediate danger, but I can’t give any treatment myself so his best chances would be an ambulance,’ he said and crouched to one knee in front of the cocoon. He got out his phone and turned on the flashlight to increase his visibility. The only reason he was able to do this was that Liz showed him how to do minor first aid and then there was also Iris whose experience as a medical student also taught him a few things. First, Arthur checked the man’s pulse which was normal for an unconscious person. Then he raised the man’s eye lid and shone the light into it and the result was that the pupil constricted, meaning there was no brain damage. Next, he brought his ear to the man's nose and listened to his breathing, it was a bit shallow as he was unconscious, but he couldn’t hear any irregularities that would indicate lung damage either. Arthur also opened the man’s mouth to take a smell, but there were no signs of alcohol. He also noticed that there was bruising on the left side of his face but there was nothing he could do about that. Lastly, there were no traces of high reiatsu coming from the man, so he was simply your average Joe. Concluding the examination, he got up and turned off the flashlight on his phone and put it back in his pocket. Arthur turned back to the Fullbringer, who he expected to call an ambulance in that time, and informed him of his analysis,’He doesn’t seem to be in immediate danger based on outward appearance and neither does he seem wounded too heavily. However, the impact which caused the bruising on his head might have caused internal bleeding, which I can’t solve.’ If the Fullbringer was hesitant to call for an ambulance, Arthur would do it himself and give their current address and any other details. While they would wait, he would question the man further,’You were chasing a Hollow, but this guy is a normal human and not enough time passed between you stopping and me catching up to you for a fight to have happened. What happened?’ He had to know as if the Fullbringer didn’t kill it then a Vasto Lorde class Hollow was still out there and there may be more victims. Word Count: 481
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    “Jo-Bojitsu style: Bitch Slap” the Captain screams as he delivers a powerful backhand that instantly beheads the incoming hollow. His Vice and Tsukishima from a distance look on in annoyance. They ranged in various sizes and shapes, each with one common goal in mind: Kill anything that moves. “Do you have to give your moves such ridiculous names? They are utterly stupid and you aren’t impressing anyone with that.” His Vice-Captain says as she quickly destroys a hollow. The Shinigami Captain stops what he was doing and stands with mouth agape for a few seconds before attacking a nearby hollow with renewed vigor. Each punch dealt with much more force than the last. The poor hollow receiving the beating disintegrated under the pure power behind those shots. “Jo-Bojitsu is a way of life. My attack names are awesome. Don’t you start hating, you little shit.” “More like they are just shit.” She mumbles with a smirk on her face. She knew that he would get upset if she decided to poke fun at his fight style and in turn, he would fight harder. The more serious he took the fight, the sooner they would be done with this errand. From the previous horde, there remained only one hollow left. It was a small humanoid hollow who was more preoccupied with mindless destruction to realize that it was the only one left. The two of them glanced towards one another and nodded, both taking off towards it at blinding speed. Jo-Jo reached the target first, peppering it with a barrage of punches, kicks, and strikes from his metallic stick. Each hit left a deeper and deeper indentation on the hollow’s body and mask, nearly caving it in. With the final hit, Jo-Jo delivered an impressive uppercut, lifting the creature from its feet and sending it high in the air. Quickly turning around, Jo-Jo extended both of his hands as a platform for Tsukiumi to stand on as he launched her in the air with all of his strength. As she charges in the air towards the hollow, she reaches for her sword sheathed to her right-hand side. Quickly pulling it out, she gets into the perfect position and prepares her attack. “Inin”, she says calmly. With one slash, she bisects the hollow, sheathing her sword once more before she lands safely on the ground. “That was shit!” Jo-Jo yells from a distance, a late jab for her earlier comment. She knew his reasons and disregarded it as nothing more than senseless prattle as she went back to discuss their next plan of attack. As the two near one another, booming footsteps begin to shake the area. They both stand on guard as the source of the footsteps emerges from behind the ruined buildings. A massive construct of what looked to be bones, blood, and flesh in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus, towered over the building as it unleashed a primal roar. Hundreds of razor-sharp teeth lined the inside of its mouth with a lone eye in the back of its throat darting back and forth. Both Captain and Vice stood in amazement of the hollow beast before quickly coming to their senses and running away. The Primera smirks at this as he realizes the origin of the new massive construct. This was the result of one of the many experiments Tsukishima and Haschwald made deep within the bowels of Hueco Mundo. As the two Shinigami dart down a narrow alley with the beast in hot pursuit, eventually getting the creature off their trail for a moment as they went inside a building. “What the hell is that?!” Tsukiumi whispers in a loud tone, trying to stay low. “No fucking idea. That shit is insane.” The Captain mumbles to himself. This was completely unexpected. He figured it would be just a simple and routine mission. Kill some hollows, smack a few bitches around, the usual stuff. He never expected a beast like this to appear and he knew that in the back of his mind, there were probably many more like it. “Do you have a plan?” Tsukiumi asks. “Could you distract it for a moment? Twenty-five to thirty seconds tops?” Jo-Jo says in a surprisingly serious tone. The power of this rudimentary construct was impressive and something that should not be taken lightly. The vice-captain nods in agreement as Jo-Jo continues on with his plan. “If you can do that, I can bind it with Bakudō and finish it with Kidō. We only have one shot so we’ll have to be quick about it.” Jo-Jo stands up, cracking his knuckles and beginning to walk outside as he sees the hollowed creature fire a massive green cero towards the mountainous area behind them. Upon impact, the ground shakes by the tremendous force. “If it fails, then I can trust you to set it up for the finish.” She sighs briefly but complies, getting up and darting outside towards the beast. As Tsukiumi runs down an alleyway, she charges up a Kidō in her hand before firing it at the beast to get its attention. The blast does little to the beast as a whole but the desired effect of getting it to notice her works. As it turns its attention from mindless destruction to the complete destruction of the Vice-Captain, she continues to charge forward, releasing her Zanpakutō. “Purify, Mizu no Tsurugi!” Her blade takes on a blue hue as she begins to count down the required thirty seconds in her head. One... She runs at an increased speed towards the hollowed creature, dodging an initial strike with its tail as she runs up its back. She knew that she had to be quick and precise. There was little room for error. Once she reached the middle of its back, she leaped up, her blade alight with blue reishi. "Mizuiwai" she utters as a large torrent of water emerges from her blade. The sheer force and volume of the water are enough to send the hollow reeling back once hit, slamming it into a nearby building. The beast quickly rises up from the wreckage, charging towards Tsukiumi as a cero forms within its mouth. The beast leaps up in the air, releasing the fully charged cero downward in an attempt to cause as much destruction as possible. This was the norm for mindless beasts such as this. Fifteen... Knowing that her speed alone would not be enough to dodge the blast, she fires another torrent of water towards the ground to boost her overall speed. Narrowly she escapes the blast range, as the cero touches down, incinerating each building that had the unfortunate displeasure of being caught in the area. She lands atop a building, a good distance away, seeing the hollowed beast already charging towards her. “It doesn’t give up.” She exclaims in her head before turning to lead it away. As she turns, she winches in pain. She looks at her leg, only now realizing that it is a bloody mess. She had not fully escaped the blast radius. The adrenaline allowed her to ignore the pain temporarily, she needed to take advantage of this and continue to move while she could. She takes a quick glance in the area where Jo-Jo was, hoping that he would finish his Kidō by now. Their survival rested in his hands. One mistake, one screw up and it would be all over. Thirty... Coming out from the area, the Shinigami Captain sees a fleeing Tsukiumi followed closely by the beast. She was injured and it was gaining on her. Now was the perfect time to strike, to finish this once and for all. Holding his palms away from him, he quickly clasps them together with his fingers intertwined intricately. “Bakudō Number 99, Part 1, Kin!” The buildings around the hollowed beast begin to break down into its base reishi components, quickly reforming as a spiritual fabric that wraps around it. More and more fabric, now accompanied by iron shafts wrap around the beast, eventually pinning it down. Tsukiumi, now able to momentarily catch her breath, looks on in amazement. He was maintaining control for now but she knew that she had to get out of there. Things were about to worsen. The hollowed beast roars with anger, attempting to wiggle free of its binds. Some of the fabric begins to tear and the iron shafts start to crumble with its sheer brute strength. “What a monster.” She whispers before glancing towards Jo-Jo who seemed to be in control. With a silent nod towards her Captain, she leaves the area, leaving the two of them alone. Once Jo-Jo knows she is out of the area, he proceeds with the second part of his strategy. “Bakudō Number 99, Part 2, Bankin! Prologue - Halting Wraps” The Kidō Captain slams his fingers into the ground and releases white spiritual energy, which coalesces into a thick white fabric. The white fabric wraps tightly around the beast, strengthening the bonds around it. “Refrain - Serial Hundred Bolts” The Captain yells as hundreds of metal bolts rain down from the sky, impaling the beast. Blood oozes down from the wounds as the beast lets out a pained cry, still trying to wiggle its way free. “What an amazing creature. I’m almost sad I have to kill it” Jo-Jo mutters. As the Captain moves to finish off the captured creature, he suddenly finds himself unable to move. Time around them seemed to stand still. Tsukishima's cane could be heard echoing throughout the area as the Primera appears beside the hollowed creature. “I understand now why Tesla decided to unleash this beast upon you. Your power is most impressive. Perhaps even above my own in some ways. There is a pretty good chance that, even within this purgatory, that I'd lose a fight against you. I must admit, I am glad you are no longer among the living. Throughout these sequences, I've managed to gain a handle on what I can do. Stopping you like this is child's play.” The Primera moves closer towards the Shinigami, the smile on his face widening. Black miasma begins to seep out as his form begins to shift into that of his released form. The dark red light within his eye sockets begins to flare outward. “Who the fuck are you?!” the Shinigami manages to etch out. “I am your better.” The Espada grabs the Shinigami's head as miasma covers them both, a terrified scream echoing. WC: 1,757 2,593/1,000
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    Part IV: The Idiot Captain The deathly wails echo throughout the night sky; the citizens of District 65 flee in terror. A small horde of hollow begin their attack, leaving a trail of blood and destruction. Their bodies move on pure instinct alone, pushing and clawing their way ahead. Tsukishima walks through the horde with a smile on his face. This brought back fond memories of the past. Memories when he would launch offensives on the weak purely for the fun of it. As he wonders just who he would discover this time, he sees it. A young boy, perhaps no more than 5 years old, taking shelter underneath a fallen fence and starts to cry. His sobs attract the attention of one of the nearby hollows who begins to stalk its prey. It licks its teeth in anticipation, eagerly awaiting the chance to consume the flesh. The boy sees the shadow of his approaching attacker on the ground and begins to cry louder, not wanting to meet death’s hand again so soon. The hollow removes the fence up with the greatest of ease and glares down at the boy, teeth bared and ready to strike. As he moves down to take a bite, a metallic silver stick is jammed through his throat from behind. The hollow begins to choke, shaking violently before succumbing to his wounds and disintegrating into nothing. With tears in his eyes, the boy looks up to see a Shinigami Captain standing above him, furiously wiping the blood from his metallic stick with a cloth. “Should have whacked the bitch on the head instead of stabbing it. Blood is so hard to get out this damn thing.” A frown spreads across Tsukishima's face as he instantly recognizes the man in front of him, Jo-Jo Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. A man who was just as ridiculous as his name suggests. He became Captain of the Kidō Corps shortly before Kaname fell in battle against the Tris Andre. While Tsukishima did not have any direct contact with him, he knew of his exploits. Incredibly powerful yet overwhelmingly stupid. The Shinigami looks downward at the young boy as he finishes cleaning, sticking the weapon back in place behind him. “Little mofucka, you almost died. When the shit goes down, you got to stand and fight. You gotta be a man and become stronger.” “Don’t tell him that. You’ll get him killed” A voice rings out behind him. The Vice-Captain of the division, Tsukiumi, appears behind Jo-Jo with two Kidō Corps officers and a scowl on her face. She was, as she typically was, annoyed with her Captain at the moment as she smacked him upside the head for the comment before going towards the little boy. “Don’t worry little one, you are safe now. Go with these two gentlemen and they’ll take you away from this.” The boy smiles and wipes the tears from his eyes as he goes to depart with the two officers. As he turns to leave, he stops and looks back at Jo-Jo. “Thank you for saving me mister and thank you for the advice. I’ll do my best. I promise!” Jo-Jo gives the boy a thumbs up as he departs, turning to look at the other hollows attacking buildings in the distance. “There is a shit ton of them today.” “I don’t even see why we are doing this. This is obviously a job for the main branch of the Soul Society or even the Onmitsukidō.” Jo-Jo sighed and nodded his head as Tsukiumi had a point though he hated to admit it. There were rumors of an individual performing illegal hollow experiments in the Soul Society. The individual was last sighted within this district. It was pretty straight forward, bring it back alive or dead. “Yeah, that’s true. I owed the head bitch in the Onmitsukidō a favor for overlooking some of the shit I did during that party I threw last week. Think they blamed it on a hollow attack. Anyway, this was her mission but she had some appointment today so here we are.” Tsukiumi sneered in annoyance, rolling her eyes as she walked towards the hollows in the distance. “So all of this is because you are a drunken dumb ass? Lovely, let’s get this over with please?” Jo-Jo rubbed his head and smiled as he ran forward to catch up to her, both charging in as they went to combat the hollow threat. Off in the distance, a cloaked figure watched. His eyes narrowed at the sight of Jo-Jo, inquisitively watching the Captain work. “So it’s not Commander Cain who came after me. I’ll have to tweak a few of my surprises but that’s fine. This bumbling idiot does not frighten me at all.” Tsukishima notices the cloaked figure and instantly recognizes who it is. “Tesla? So this is what he was doing after Kaname fell against the Tris Andre. This will be interesting after all.” With a smile on his face, Tsukishima follows the Captain and his Vice, eager to draw him to his cause. WC: 836 836/1,000
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    At last the time of night had befallen the medical camp and Yuroshima looked up to the star dotted sky in despair, moving the rest of his expansion into Nahgistahd was already going to prove irritating and tiresome enough without the contribution of a lack of sleep. His men returned from their tents and seemed to have made good use of the little time they had been allotted to prepare. Team Yuro then approaches team San and the Lieutenant himself steps forth handing the officer a copy of the map he had shown him earlier detailing the locations of the camps and lakes, and various environmental vantage points which surrounded both. “The camps aren’t very close, but they also aren’t extremely far either.” The Restoration specialist states. “If for any reason you should need help or back up fire the largest Shakkaho you can manage into the air, I have squads of lower level but more plentiful shinigami that will move to you for back up if need be.” And indeed the camps were a little bit of a distance away, positioned more by District 48 which still went by its “District Name” and rested south of Naghistahd which was formerly District 49. These were the easy days and the veiled one dreaded the soon to come days that they would venture even further out from the Seireitei. Rukognai had changed drastically since the disaster event that shaped the new world. Team Yuro then departed. Yuroshima leads his team which consisted of Jim, Izo and Ikenzo through the waist high tall grass under the ivory spotlight of the moon, they had began departing from San and his squad at an angle some time ago and were now very far apart from them in the field, Sans team beginning to move into the forest to get a better entry point for the lake camps, indeed they were beginning to draw near the lake. Yuroshima’s glossy gray eyes pierce through the darkness in the direction of the 7th Division Officer who now led his subordinates as they drew closer and closer to the lake. “Good luck to you.” Yuroshima mumbles under his breath before refocusing his attention forward. San and his team would move with swiftness, using the forest to close in on the camps along the lake…… Finally exiting the tall grass field which acted as a makeshift border between the districts the four are submerged in the even deeper darkness of the dense forested areas starting with their mission commander, one by one the leapt into the trees as to move with even less chance of detection and to avoid trip wires if the members of these camps were more clever than they had anticipated. Hopping branch to branch, tree top to tree top , using shunpo to quicken the process. At last the Lieutenant comes to a stop, evoking his subordinates to halt in various positions, above below and behind him. “Do you see it? In the distance?” He poses the question to Jim. “That feint Orange glow?” The Bandana Badass replies, “Yeah, I see it.” In the distance, one could make out a soft orange light obscured by the trees and thick brush which littered the area. “That must be the first camp.” They venture closer in the same fashion, now perched above their target. 6 tents surrounded one large roaring fire, there were three sleeping mats on the ground as well hinting at even more troops than the tents could hold. One man lay on one of them mats. Three men stood on alert forming a triangular parameter around the camp yet out of leisurely purposes stood close to that which they guarded as to still hold random conversation with those who were not using their time to sleep. Beyond that only four men could be seen, they sat around the camp fire and held their own conversation which had to do with matters like uprisings and rights and distrust of the Shinigami. There was only one true way to do this quickly and with little to no casualties to either party. The three subordinates who had accompanied Yuroshima knew the plan and would now wait on their mission Commander to make the first move. He waits only a moment before deeming no information of value would come from listening to the enemies conversation before aiming his palm at their fire. He waits a moment as his subordinates shield their eyes, some with their hands and some with the crooks of their arms as to have their sight adjusted beforehand. Yuro too closes his eyes after fixating his palm in the correct position and waits a few moments before building the power he would use for this spell. He had never attempted Tenran before, he could have used Sho but saw this lower level mission as a chance to gain some amount of practice with the technique he wished to learn. His eyes still shut yet arm unmoved he calls chants the name in an attempt to evoke the power, “Tenran!” His voice calls out, causing some of the guards to jump out of startlement. The powerful blast of wind chaotically rushes towards the large fire in a rough and rather horrid spinning motion before slamming into the flames and putting them out. The Lieutenant could feel that the kido had been fired imperfectly but resolved that next time he would have it for sure. Black splashed across the Veiled Ones eyes, replacing the vibrant and flickering orange which had been there prior and instantly he opens them and leaps from his perch downward firing a Sai upon his landing and immediately disabling one of the combatants another stands and unsheathes his thick brutish sword, slashing it towards Yuro’s head before he ducks and shoves the attacker with great strength in the direction of Izo who began to subdue him. Jim and Ikenzo as well began their own respective fights with the three guards, disabling the enemy with their own preferred Bakudo, so far no lives had to be spent and the Restoration Specialist had hoped to keep that trend flowing. This left the remaining two men to the Veiled Vice Captain who after shoving the man to Izo had rushed forth attempting to knock one of his adversaries unconscious with a strong Hakudo style strike to the head. The man however had sharper reflex than the Lieutenant had counted on and ducked and rolled beneath the blow. The second had seen this as an opportunity and rushed forth, club raised. Yuroshima responds by taking a step backward and uses the momentum to send a stern back kick into the man’s gut. The Veiled one pushes hard after the initial strike, shoving the bandit back a distance, causing him to stumble and fall back against the log he was sitting on. He had to be careful and play this smart, these were very murky lines separating his actions from Illegality and the more Rukognai citizens he could avoid killing the better. Suddenly one by one two men burst from two of the tents facing opposite each other and rushed for their weapons, one letting out a war cry and rushing in the direction of Jim and Ikenzo who were still subduing their own enemies. Izo quickly tackles this assailant down and the two begin wrestling over his weapon. The Second begins to rush Yuroshima who was still locked in his two on one. Yuro quickly pulls the thick strong sheathed sword from his waist and springs forth towards his first attacked holding the sheathed Zanpakuto up sternly and blocking the mans strike with ease he quickly grabs the Bandits wrist and elbow, digging his foot into the ground he leaps backward taking the man with him before spinning and using the enemies body levers which he had a hold of to redirect his position behind the Lieutenant. The Second attack swung his club not realizing Yuroshima’s maneuver and smacks his friend upside the head with the hard wood weapon. The man drops to the ground unconscious before the club wielding bandits arms are forced at his side with a golden Hainawa the Lieutenant had fired directly after the strike. The one who had rushed from his tent had already grabbed his weapon and was rushing towards Yuroshima with almost no time in between his arrival and the defeat of his two comrades. Letting out a bellowing yell he swing his large claymore style sword down towards the Veiled Shinigami who now grips his Sheathed Zan with both hands raising it up in an angled swing style block in order to perform a parry. The weapon clashes against the black sheathe and is knocked fiercely upward. In one motion Yuroshima resheathes his Zan and rushes forth, using his right arm to wrap around the man’s throat while using a half spin on his heel to lock in place behind him. The lieutenant then sends a hard kick to the back of one of the enemies legs before falling backward. Upon landing on the ground with the enemy on top of him he begins to tighten his hold to attempt and force him to pass out due to lack of oxygen. But the enemy’s physical strength is truly impressive even by shinigam standards, as man of the bandits in the new worlds spirutal and physical strength were. The man thrashes about, his neck tense and thick and he was not losing consciousness as fast as Yuro had hoped. The Veiled shinigami struggles to hold onto the man with one arm while holding the wrist of hand which held his weapon with the other for he had started to swing it around.. before he tightens both grips and pushes off the ground with one of his legs rolling over once and then using the momentum to roll over two more times with the man in his grasp. Upon the end of the third roll he throws the man’s hand which clutched his sword down onto the smoldering firewood, burning the back of it severely and both forcing him to release it and breaking his rage and concentration. Quickly Yuroshima uses this opportunity to tight his hold once more, instantly cutting off the mans oxygen he falls asleep in mere seconds with a pained gurgling noise before he too is bound by Bakudo. The unconscious bodies are dragged and formed into a pile so the lieutenant may paralyze them for a while with Geki while they go and repeat this seige at the other camp until Yuroshima notices something. “One of them is missing.” He states. “What do you mean? How?” Ikenzo asks, confusion forming in his expression. “He must have slipped away, but the one I had bounded in Sai when we first dropped is not in that pile.” Yuro replies before raising his palm and casting the bright red Bakudo over the group of enemies, wondering what the implications of this snag would be. Moments prior - Bojuma runs through the forest as quickly as he could with his hands bound behind his back by this seemingly unbreakable energy which glowed gold behind him. He dashes like crazy in what he hopes in the right direction, fear pumping through his heart before he finally spots who he had hoped to see. “Jamire!” He shouts out in a rasped whisper. The black haired Bandit, holding two armfuls of firewood halts in his advance at the calling of his name. “Hello?” He whispers loudly back. “Is someone there?” He squints through the darkness before seeing the feint golden glow rushing towards him, he is startled and drops the wood before realizing it was his closest friend and tent mate in the rebellion. “Bojuma?” he asks, voice now louder. “Shhh!” The Bound bandit snaps at him. “Our camp just got attacked, I’m sure it was taken down, I rolled into the brush during the struggle and began running in the direction I thought I had seen you walk.” An expression of fear plasters across Jamires face as he begins to look back and forth, now afraid and unsure of himself in the dark, “Well what do we do about it?” He asks. “We have to get to the next closest camp and warn them, hopefully they haven’t already been assaulted too.” His friend replies before turning around. “Can you get me out of this?” He asks showing the gleaming Bakudo which bound his hands. “Oh man I wouldn’t know how..” He begins before Bojuma cuts him off, “Just try please.” He states evoking his comrade to draw his short thick machete style blade. He gives the Bakudo a few strikes before realizing no normal weapon could ever break such a thing. The two share a concerned glance realizing one of them would have absolutely no combat capability before the two take off quickly in the direction of the second camp. WC(Tenran) - 836 TWC – 2,158
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    [1] Lady Tomoe could feel the faint return of her power as whatever impoverished attempt at poisoning her set on by the seated officer's measly smog wore of. The entire affair of it weighed scarcely in the grand scheme of things, but the one named San would receive her retaliation for his offense. [2] However, it seemed these wanderers were not done taunting Lady Tomoe as they spat in the face of her kindness and good will. She first felt it on Hizorashi and then on Oriru; the presence of Sanetoki. Tomoe's visible features suddenly twisted with rage as she drifted to Masato's right. "Unforgivable..." She hissed under her breath as all the objects and debris suspended in the air with her power began to fall into the mist below. The rubble could be heard rapidly shifting across the ground and all around the combatants. "Unforgivable...", Tomoe muttered again. "HOW DARE YOU!" As she shouted a wave of mist would slam into each of the enemies, attempting to assimilate them all once more. But they were each suddenly protected by a flashing pulse of energy that originated from the Talismans they all possessed. A light appeared in the transforming kanjis as a transparent cloak of Reiatsu surrounded them. The artificial counter to her mist possession. This only infuriated Tomoe further. "NOOOOOOOO!" She wailed. [3] She bit her bottom lip and scowled as her right claw was ensnared by Masato's transforming cyan overcoat. A temporary inconvenience she was forced to endure due to not having sufficient knowledge of the Fullbringer's capabilities. But, a third time, she would not be caught off guard. [4-5] "UNFORGIVABLE!" Tomoe screamed as Masato's left scarf-like tendril looped around her right side, moving at a speed very much within her means to effortlessly follow. Tomoe jerked her head to the right and glared at the curving cyan contraption, her silky black hair flared outwards as a pillar of mist rose in the the midst of the tendril and shot almost seven feet into the air. The pillar instantly twisted upon itself and writhed upwards nearly doubling in height with Masato's tendril likely twisted into it's form like a cyan ribbon untidily wrought around a standing needle of gray clay. The mist needle formation did not appear to be in motion but a keen eye would notice that the mist it was comprised of continued to rotate at an almost completely negligible pace. This ongoing rotation insured Masato's left appendage would remain tethered to the needle until he forcibly dislodged it. [6] Immediately afterwards a second Mist pillar erupted from where the seated officer appeared as Tomoe grunted loudly. It seemed that the Shinigami was able to avoid the attack as it sprung up in the wake of his jump. Extremely aggravating. But not entirely unfortunate. [7] While the Shinigami escaped, the same could not be said for his shadow minion or the sword he abandoned, both of which were twisted into the form of the wrought mist needle. The shadow beast maimed into oblivion and dispersed. [8] San's blade, simply struck and perhaps --though unlikely-- twisted out of form. In either case, Tomoe suspected that blade would no be moving any time soon. [9-10] Alas, for the act of temporarily disarming the Shinigami cretin, the two poison-laced attacks she sustained in the immediate aftermath were a hefty price to pay. There were a few things she noted in that very moment, the burn of the two cuts in her arm and the likelihood that she'd yet again been poisoned, but with slightly more intensity. "So, that's how it works?" Tomoe had just begun to move poised to land the finishing blow on the seated officer, when the voice of the Captain announced the name of a destructive Kido spell and startled her. Her gaze instinctively shot towards the Oriru and she realized her mistake almost instantly, as that moment of fear and hesitation was all it took for San's chains to circle her. [11] There was no avoiding the chains now, but Tomoe was far from being completely neutralized. [12-13] Just as San landed, an El Elogio mist pillar shot up from under his left foot. The pillar quickly writhed upon itself, set to potentially obliterate the Seated Officer's entire left foreleg from ankle-to-knee like a twisted wet towel. Moving to the left would place his arm and torso further into the pillar at the time of its deformation. [14-15] Moving to his right was also not advised, as Tomoe, frightened by the Captain's engagement, prematurely sprung her next attack. The Fullbringer was suddenly beset by a wave of debris that shot up out of the mist to his right, striking the cyan bindings and also Masato himself. The Fullbringer may or may not have been able to avoid being struck by the bones, stones, and chips of wood that bulleted towards him, but Tomoe's hand was freed. [16-17-18] She began to unravel the chains around her body as the first two of the Captain's orbs struck her. The first hit her from behind and jerked her head forwards as the second uppercut her chin. [19-20] "ENOUGH!" she shouted as she was hit with the third orb in her right shoulder while raising her arms to protect her face. There was a loud crack as the white bone plate of her shoulder was terribly dented inwards and fragmented shards of bone-like matter shot out from where the orb had momentarily burrowed itself a centimeter deep into her shoulder. The last orb ricocheted of her right forearms and Tomoe suddenly howled as she fell backwards into the mist. [21] Casting her Salir wraiths at the same time that the mist level suddenly rose to 3 feet above the ground. ----- [22-23] The mist also changed. It took on a sickly purple hue, similar to that of the seated officer's smog. Barbs that oozed with flowing acidic liquid began to crystallize on the surfaces of objects and out of thin air. The single sakura tree withered and decayed within seconds right before their eyes. "I will never forgive you!", her voice echoed angrily from the ocean of mist that now reached near chest level. "None of you are worthy of my salvation!" It was clear that she was darting throughout the farthest reaches of the Recess, hoping to avoid Connor and Ryūnosuke at all cost. Tomoe could feel her power dwindling, she was no longer able to defeat them in a direct confrontation. Tomoe could sense she was nearing the end of the line. [24-25] The most she could accomplish now was to keep her distant and attack them with El Elogio. If she was lucky, she could hold out until San's poison weakened them enough for her to finish them off. Three El Elogio pillars would shoot up from beneath the two Fullbringers at random as they attempted to pursue her. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Battle Type: ------------------------ ------------------------ [ACTIONS] SWAP OUT GROUP B [Masato + San + Oriru] ATTACKING GROUP A [Connor + Ryūnosuke] ------ INFECT x1 Has Worn Off. + [-840 ND From Karma Talisman] [Remaining ND: 7,930] Lady Tomoe Enters Enraged State. [Damage: -1,000 ND to Ryūnosuke, Connor and San.] [1/4 Turns] Right Hand Caught by Masato's Kōtingu (242) [Binding Power: 242] El Elogio #1 (210 REI) Deflected Masato's second Masato's Kōtingu (172) [-190 ND to Masato] El Elogio #1 (210 REI) Trapped Masato's left Kōtingu appendage. [Binding: 210] [Speed: 230] El Elogio #2 (210 REI) Won Clash San's Shadow Minion Attack(72). [ND COST: 72 ||-360 To Shadow Catalyst (144 ND) = -216 ND] [Remaining ND: 7,858] San's Shadow Catalyst Loses Clash and is Destroyed. [-216 ND to San] El Elogio #2 (210 REI) Trapped San's Abandoned Sword. [Binding: 210] Direct Hit With San's Upwards Slash (72). Infected x1. [ND COST: 360] [Remaining ND: 7,498] [Effect: -5 To All Stats In Tomoe's Next Turn] Direct Hit With San's Downwards Slash (72). Infected x1. [ND COST: 360] [Remaining ND: 7,138] [Effect: -5 To All Stats In Tomoe's Next Turn] Caught by San's Chains (72) [Binding Power: 72] El Elogio #3 (210 REI) Upwards at Descending San. [Damage: 210 REI] [Speed: 230] El Elogio #3 (210 REI) Upwards at Midair San about to land if it lands. [Binding: 210] [Speed: 230] Launched Debris x3 (330 STR) Broke out of Masato's Kōtingu (242) [-440 ND to Masato] Launched Debris 4 At Masato's right side. [Damage: 110 STR] [Speed: 230] Critical Hit With Oriru's Sento Strike #1 - Talisman Critical(x9). [ND COST: 2,070] [Remaining ND: 5,068] Critical Hit With Oriru's Sento Strike #2. [ND COST: 1,610] [Remaining ND: 3,458] (110 STR) Broke out of San's Chains (72) [-190 ND to San] Direct Hit By Oriru's Sento Strike #3. [ND COST: 1,150] [Remaining ND: 2,308] Partial Block (210 REI) Oriru's Sento Strike #4. [ND COST: 480] [Remaining ND: 1,828] Salir: [Swap Trigger Action] Swapping out Masato, San, and Oriru. [Damage: 400] [Visionary Perception Cancels out Salir ND Damage to group. Cosmetic Effect: Oriru/Connor can knock the exorcise the wraiths in single strikes. They still show up, but are dealt with even faster.] Rito Activated. Mist Has Death Fog Properties. Infect x1 [-5 To All Stats for San, Masato] [-3 To All Stats for Connor, Ryunosuke, Oriru] -- Infect x2 Activated: -10 To All Stats From This Point -- El Elogio #4-5-6 (200 REI) From Beneath Connor tracking his movement. Will Apply Infect x1 if it lands (Critical Hits, Direct Hits, Partials) [Damage: 200 REI] [Speed: 220] El Elogio #7-8-9 (200 REI) From Beneath Ryūnosuke tracking his movement. Will Apply Infect x1 if it lands (Critical Hits, Direct Hits, Partials) [Damage: 200 REI] [Speed: 220] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] [Afflicted with INFECT x2] ND| 1,828 ____________________
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    The man takes a leap back, creating some distance between himself and the elder being he saw in front of him. The energy radiating from the man was monstrous, unlike anything Makoto had ever experienced. It seemed familiar almost as if it was like his own. He had to be one of the Arrancar Makoto had heard about. While he knew they were stronger than the average hollow, this level of power was asinine. His heart began to race and his hair stood on end. He was terrified. Just being near this man caused a primordial fear to emerge from within him. Every nerve in his body screamed the same thing. Get the hell out of there. The Primera quickly picked up on this fear and smiled, the man was in the palm of his hands. “Dear boy, there is no need to be afraid. I mean you no harm. I'm only here to talk and to give you an opportunity to be something more than what you have resigned yourself to. Even in death, you can't possibly want to exist in this purgatory forever...” The Primera was many things but a liar he was not. The man could tell that there was truth to his words and slowly began to relax. Instinctively, he fidgeted with the golden ring on his finger just in case things got hairy. “Who are you and what did you mean by what I really am?” A booming sound could be heard as Tsukishima quickly appears by the trash can fire as he hovers his hands above it. “He's mocking me...” the man thought to himself as he slowly descends towards the ground. “What you've been told about the origin of your power is only half correct. The truth is much more disturbing. You, much like the rest of your kind, are a mistake. A cardinal sin due to the Shinigami's machinations. The Shinigami's God, the Soul King, was brought into existence long ago. His creation was a response to regulate the hollows who sought to disrupt the cycle of souls. While he completed his task, he was a glutton and could not stop killing. He continued to kill and kill until 'they' had to deal with him. This is where it gets disturbing. His body was violated and mutilated by those he sought to protect. What remained of him was crystallized and installed as the foundation of the dimensions. The rest of the pieces, or fragments, were scattered. For whatever reason, certain individuals came to inherit these fragments. Some of the age, others while still in the womb. Hollows, either drawn to the fragment or likely seeking revenge against the Soul King, attacked those who possessed such a fragment. That encounter acted as a catalyst to activate the power within them thus creating what you all refer to as Fullbringers.” Makoto struggled to process the information that had been revealed to him. He had some knowledge of the Shinigami as he encountered them a few times during his past. They seemed to be benevolent individuals who were dead set on protecting the weak. He had even become friends with a few of them. This seemed...highly unlike them. “You are wrong. I know a few Shinigami. I was even friends with a few. They would never do anything like that.” Makoto yells as he moves towards the Primera Espada. “Your friends? Is that what you believe they are?” Tsukishima sighs as he removes his hands from above the fire, letting them freely dangle at his sides. Another booming sound could be heard as he appears mere inches in front of the man's face. Makoto goes to move backward but finds himself unable due to the Primera's overwhelming spiritual pressure. The Espada raises his hand as if preparing to strike but instead rips at the air beside them. The area around where he ripped begins to distort before shattering away and revealing three Shinigami, Makoto's friends. Makoto's eyes widen when he sees them as the Primera's voice echoed inside his head. “Your 'friends' kept tabs on you constantly. Either they knew the truth of what you are or they were simply afraid of your power. The Shinigami fear what they don't understand or what they cannot control. Boy, I wonder. How did you die? Was it in a fight? Or was it from behind? An unknown assailant? I do believe the Shinigami have a stealth force for such jobs. I believe they operate under the control of the Second Division's Captain.” The man drops to his knees as he hears this, staring blankly at his friends in front of him. During their conversations, one of them mentioned that they were from the Second Division. All this time, they were watching him. Was everything all just an elaborate lie? The man's sadness slowly turns to rage as tears stream down his face. Tsukishima places a hand on Makoto's shoulder as a smile forms. “We are kindred spirits boy. Perhaps it's the hollow that you've incorporated into your being? Perhaps it's the simple fact that we have both been manipulated by the Shinigami? Join me. Join with me and let us create a world where this does not happen. No more betrayal. No more pain. No more fear. A paradise without the oppressive rule of the Shinigami or even their Soul King. A place where those kids you sought to protect will never have to worry again.” Tsukishima extends his hand as the man quickly grabs it, a bright white light enveloping them both. WC: 928 2,083/1,000
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    PART III: The Spider A light strikes against the darkness as a cigarette begins to burn. A man takes hold and takes in a long drag, his lungs filling in with the toxic substance. He goes to exhale, letting the smoke escape from both his mouth and nostrils. The drag sent a warming sensation throughout his body, a godsend with this frigid cold. “We hate it when you do that,” a few kids around him say. The man looks at them and smiles, quickly inhaling and exhaling another drag. They settle in around the trash can fire, hovering their arms in order to get warm and comfortable. “You guys have all the fire. I have to keep warm somehow.” “Storytime!!” The kids all giggle and turn their attention towards the man, who puts out his cigarette after a few more drags. He looks around at all the destruction caused earlier this month, wondering just why all these natural disasters have occurred. They were near the epicenter on this cold and dreary afternoon. None of the kids here had a stable home and most usually huddled together with other giving families in order to survive. He was the only thing keeping them out of jail or worse. This “story time” as they called it, gave them something to look forward to. It was the one good thing in their lives that was constant. The man settled in near the fire, rubbing his hands together to warm them from the numbing cold. “Alright, do you guys remember what I told you about Fullbringers the last time? The supernatural beings that were attacked by those hollow creatures before they were born? Well, this is the story of one such Fullbringer in particular. An interesting story you guys will probably like and it’s supposedly based on a true story. This is the story of Makoto Nagano. Now you see Makoto’s life was pretty ordinary as far as ordinary goes of course. While he was still inside of his mother, they were attacked by a powerful hollow. They both survived but their lives would be forever changed by that. The boy was imbued with some of the hollow’s power. For most of his life, he was just as normal as you guys before all the natural disasters happened. Living life free of care and worry. It wasn’t until he was sixteen years old that he began to change. The hollow’s power that lied dormant within him began to awaken. It gave him unimaginable power, which he eventually mastered. A golden ring his mother gave him served as the focus for this power. With this great power, he began protecting those around him from whatever tried to endanger them. However, on his twentieth birthday, his life was forever changed yet again. The hollow that attacked but he and his mother all those years ago wanted to finish the job. The man, who had since mastered his abilities, went to confront this threat. The two met in an epic clash, all like what you would see in anime all those years back. It was bloody and brutal but after a long fight, the man came out the victor. But the man went down for the final blow, something amazing happened.” The man took a short pause with his story to glance at the kids, all of whom were at the edge of their seats. They listened to every word he spoke, imagining the battle taking place right in front of them. Each move the man in the story made, they mimicked. Each strike he took, they took in stride, giggling as they did so. The man gave off a slight chuckle and decided to finish his story off with a twist, a stark contrast to the happy endings he usually did. They would understand, besides they all wanted a change in the stories anyway. “Since the creature he fought was the same one who gave him his powers, their energies began to resonate. The energy of one began to call to the energy of the other, urging it to become whole again. There was a bright light that flashed then…. Nothing. The hollow was gone and Makoto felt different, almost empowered. The hollow had fused with him. Mind, body, the soul had all merged in one perfect union. The man wondered if it was just his powers that had changed or if he had changed as well. He had become one with a powerful beast, which can take a lot out of a man. He vowed to find the line that truly separated man from beast.” The kids all clapped as the story came to an end, the story-teller taking a quick bow and briefly smiling. They had been entertained for the day, his good deed was done. One of the kids perks up and speaks to the man, a question burning in his mind. “So whatever happened to him? Did he ever find the line?” “Well, that’s the unfortunate part. He gives in to the urges inside every now and then. Sometimes, when he activated his full powers, he can’t control himself. It’s his gift and also his curse.” The kids understand the meaning of the story and thank him for telling it. An hour had passed since the beginning of the story. The sky was beginning to darken even more; parents were calling their kids inside. This town was dangerous before, but even more so now at night. As the kids all began to depart, collectively, they turned around. There was something on their mind, a question they had been dying to ask for quite a long time. “Hey, Mister. You never told us your real name. Calling you mister all the time is lame. We want to know.” The story-teller eases back for a moment, taking a sharp glance towards the fire which reflected in his eyes. The body was rigid but had a calming stillness to him. He had not told them for a reason, but since he was leaving, it wouldn’t hurt. “My name you asked? It’s Makoto.” All the kids seem happy with their answer and turn to leave, only then do they realize that the name of the man in the story is identical to his. Was the story truly about him? As the majority of them turn to ask, they find that he has disappeared. They call and search for him but eventually give up and return home. The man, now identified as Makoto, hovers above them with a solemn look on his face. He did not want to leave them but knew it was for the best. As he turns to leave, Tsukishima's voice stops him. “Riveting story but seems to be lacking details to no fault of your own. You've been spun a lie. A lie to cover up a rather grim truth. Tell me, boy, would you like to know what you really are?” WC: 1,155 1,155/1,000
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    “Where had it all gone?” Akira asks as he sits in a darkened cell, alone. His plan had gone perfectly, every bit of it was in place. Every thought, every action, had been carried out to the letter. So why? Why did it not end as planned? The only logical explanation? The King. He hadn’t foreseen that the King had been playing him for a fool this entire time. It was all a trick, a set-up that he fell for perfectly. He could sense the other Wandenreich members departing for their dual front of both Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society. Even the King himself had gone to participate in the invasions. This would have been the perfect time to strike, however, he was more or less powerless. The attack from the King still bled, his body still weakened. Even the weakest of the Sternritter could have their way with him right now. His laboratory had been inspected and destroyed. The only pieces of it left was the mainframe he carried within his locket and two tubes he planned to use to at a later date. He hunches over and stares out into the darkness, reflecting on what brought the once heir to the Wandenreich to this pitiful state as Tsukishima patiently stands in the corner. This Quincy amused him to no end. A few months had passed since the last meeting with the King, all was quiet within the Wandenreich headquarters. Their king slept peacefully, his power steadily arising. Nothing would wake him, the absolute perfect time to strike. Akira's body tensed with anticipation, relishing the chance to claim what he considered his. Years of planning, years of training, all came down to this moment. He stood in front of the door to the King's quarters, his heart pounding out of his chest. He wasn’t afraid nor nervous, he just wanted to claim what was his. It was finally at his fingertips. Slowly, he reached for the door when he glanced up to see two shadows looming overhead. He sighed then chuckled, turning around to who he expected to see. Jürgen and his “little buddy” Rosuto beside him. “I know what you are planning to do Akira. I won’t allow that.” “Won’t you now?” Akira chuckles. He had known Jürgen had been on his trail for quite some time now, each waiting for the other to make a move. He could see a lot of himself in Jürgen, one who craved the power and drive to be King. However, they both had different methods to go about it. Jürgen preferred to work his way up the ladder and patiently wait. Akira wasn’t that type of person. The other one, Rosuto, was just a leach. Kissing up to the strong in order to prove himself. Trivial. “I thought Jugo was pulling my leg when he said what you were doing but boy was I wrong. That’s lame Aki. Really lame. Now we gotta take you in so the King can pass his judgment.” A smile forms across Akira’s face as he completely turns around, facing both Jürgen and Rosuto. Mindless drones following their leader. “You expect me to give up all I have worked for, all I have accomplished? I’m done following orders and protocol from the old man. I’m done playing the mindless patsy who does what he is told. There isn’t such a thing as a hero. You two have become addicted to the illusion of what a “hero” really is. If I have to cut you two down and use you as stepping stones to accomplish my goals then so be it.” Jürgen quickly summons his weapon and Rosuto immerses himself in ice. Both of these are things they would use if pushed far enough in battle but both of them respect the power of Akira. He didn’t gain the Schrift of B for show. They’d soon find that out. He quickly removes two guns from underneath his jacket, aiming them at their heads. They were twin guns, everything about the elegantly adorned guns were the exact same, aside from the color. One was an Ivory while the other was Jet-Black. A bead of sweat dripped off Rosuto's face. In a blink of an eye, all three disappeared. They reappeared a good distance away, already locked in combat. Their attacks were dazzling, blast after blast, and strike after strike. The tide wasn’t in anyone’s favor, however, Akira sought to change that. A large explosion rocketed off in the distance, distracting all but Akira who knew of the source. Those loyal to him had begun their attack, the perfect time to get rid of an unwanted guest. Using the peaks of his Hirenkyaku, he appears directly in front of Rosuto, catching him off guard with a fully charged shot from his guns, severely wounding him. “One down 'Jugo'. I wonder how many more will fall before I claim what is rightfully mine.” The Sternritter said nothing, merely continued his assault, their battle once again moving. It raged for what seemed to be hours, members of each side falling with each passing second. In the end, it came down to only two, fighting at where it all began. It was at this point that his memory began to fade. It was fuzzy. At one moment, he seemed to be on the verge of victory. The final blow seems to be in sight. The next, he lay on his knees, blood dripping from a wound created by none other than the King himself. “Did you really think it possible that I would not know what went on within my own domain? That I would simply just allow your attempted Coup to go both unnoticed and unchallenged? This brings a great deal of pain to my heart, Akira. That I would have to bring my down my sword on one of my own, the once heir to my throne.” Jürgen spoke, asking his Lord if it was time to deliver the finishing blow. Akira tried to move, tried to finish his plan since his target was so close. His body just felt numb. Was this the true power of the King at his fullest? He could only watch as a few Sternritter approached from behind, fastening his hands and feet with special equipment made specifically to block its wearer from manipulating the reishi. The King looked on with a stern look, though a hint of sadness in his eyes. “He’s mocking me…” Akira says, the prolonged flashback now over. Alarms begin to ring outward, the footsteps of numerous soldiers marching to their place echo. Akira still sits within his cell, head down. He knew what this alarm was for, the invasion of the Soul Society had begun. Soldat and Sternritter were preparing to make their arrivals. He hoped they failed, fall on their faces. Perhaps then, it’d serve him some enjoyment. “It could have been you out there.” A voice says out in the distance. Akira instantly recognizes the voice, his blood beginning to boil. “Have you come to revel in your victory? I never pegged you for such a type, Jürgen” The Sternritter emerges from the darkness, showing that he’d been promoted to “B” as Akira assumed. It didn’t matter, rankings meant nothing anyway. “I did not come to gloat, only to ask why? Was it really all worth it?” “You come down here and pander to the lowly prisoner with a question like that? Was it worth it? I can see it in your eyes, we are a lot alike. Our goals are the same, our ambitions are similar. Tell me, with the power you possess, with the ideals you truly harbor, how are you able to let yourself be ruled by him?” “Is that what you believe? How interesting.” Jürgen chuckles to himself and leaves to exit the room, presumably to join the rest in their invasion. He ascends to the top of the stairwell and stands, glancing back towards Akira who had already begun to rid himself of the memory of their conversation. “His Majesty will deal with you once we’ve reclaimed what is rightfully ours.” An hour passed, the battle on both fronts had already begun. The causalities were on both sides, the Shinigami taking most of the brunt. Although Akira despised Shinigami as much as any full-blooded Quincy who knew of their past, it felt empty to feel their lives depleting. He struggled with the thought of actually helping them, take down a greater evil, only to stab them in the back later on. However, as long as he was within this cell, he’d be of no trouble nor help to anyone. Lamenting, Akira resided to his fate, slumping up against the wall with head down. However, Tsukishima chuckles, echoing throughout the cell. “So the great Akira has been reduced to this? An empire that was almost placed upon your lap turned against you. The same empire which is currently burning any and all bridges you may have had to help you. And here you are. Sat with your head down, sniveling like a whiny baby. You could be so much more.” Akira glances over towards Tsukishima, shooting the Arrancar a telling glance. “So, you aren't just a figment of my imagination. I suppose the voices I heard earlier were correct. I am dead. Are you the one they spoke of?” “I am. You are an interesting individual Akira. Like myself, you've seen the truth. The truth of the World and the dirty little secret the Shinigami have hidden. You wished to destroy it and create a world in your own image. Admirable but destined to fail. Join me. Join us and we will grant all your desires. In death, everyone will know your name. Or don't and rot in the purgatory you've resigned yourself to. It's your decision.” The Arrancar holds his hand out, beckoning the Quincy to accept his plan. In an instant, the Quincy stands up and places his hand upon Tsukishima's shoulder. “Let us replace this world with a better one.” A bright light engulfs the two as Tsukishima finds himself transported yet again. Two down, nine to go. WC: 1,700 2,522/1,000
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    Masato returned to the hizorashi household with his father kosuke, and spent the night there with the rest of his immediate family. That night was the second in a roll of rowdy binge drinking and little sleep as they all celebrated Kosuke’s temporary return. The intentions to take Masato on his next business trip was protested a lot less by Fuyumi Hizorashi than either of the father and son duo expected. Perhaps she was more lenient because of the bonding opportunities she felt Masato missed out on, as of all her children, kosuke was absent the most from his upbringing. She assumed amidst the horrible hand life had dealt her only son, fatherly wisdom would help Masato through it all. If only she knew all the turmoil Kosuke’s fatherly wisdom would bring him in the following days. Masato would somehow escape the shackles of his drunk family, and leave for his apartment to pack and rest up, as suggested by his father. “I haven’t the faintest Idea what Mrs. Azami has planned for you! I would be cautious and bring extra everything to be safe, especially water and toilet paper!” the words of his father repeated in his head as he filled two suitcases of clothing, a first aid kit, his cyan coat, and of course, lots of water and toilet paper. _________________ Kosuke wandered into a quiet and seemingly abandoned market strip of Karakura. He turned to his right and looked at the silver garage gate of his old acquaintance’s shop. From the small creak beneath the aluminum gate, he could see the peeping of an orange light, signaling that there was someone present. He walked closer to the gate and listened. Through it, he could hear three separate voices, two male and one female. They were all familiar to him, and the reason he too left the Hizorashi household following his son. He knocked three times gently on the aluminum as to not disturb the… stray cats. “Who is it?!” the female voice asked aloud from behind the shops gate. Kosuke wouldn’t reply as his being there was intended to be a surprise. Instead he waited silently, knowing the nature of the female, she wouldn’t make him wait for long. The gates rattled open and the women, roughly in her mid-30’s spoke dismissively to her visitor before caring to see who it was. “We’ve been out of business for years now. What do you want...” she finally looked up and gasped at the sight of a grinning Kosuke, who placed his pointing finger over his perked lips and whispered mischievously, “Shh.” The shop Kosuke’s old friends inhabited once belonged to an old women, who gave fortune telling’s and warded off bad omens to pay her bills. In his youth, Kosuke used to visit her frequently after the mysterious recovery of his mother’s declining health. The two males inside were his best friends, one of which was married to the old shop owner’s granddaughter Reika, the female who was present. While catching up with all his friends were Kosuke’s intentions, on this specific night he came for the second male. Who wept and drank at the shops front counter. From outside the shop, Kosuke could hear the two others trying to counsel the man who endlessly cried. Seeing just how bad the man was, Kosuke elected to not perform his juvenile prank. Rather he let his presence be known by clearing his throat aloud. “Boss?” The husband of Reika, Tadashi instantly recognized the voice and stood from the bar to greet his old friend. “It’s been ages!” Tadashi smile gleefully as he shook hands with and hugged Kosuke firmly. He turned to the back of the still weeping man, who hadn’t flinched at the news of Kosuke’s arrival. For a second he had forgotten just how bittersweet the trio’s reunion was. The ordeal that brought them all to their old hangout spot. Kosuke walked to the man’s left, where Tadashi had just stood from, and sighed before taking his seat. He downed the half full cup of sake on the bar's counter before saying anything to the father of Asuna. After a silent wait that felt like ages to Tadashi and Reika, Kosuke finally initiated a conversation. “Genta, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect her.” The soft apology finally caught the man’s attention. “I can’t do anything to bring her back. But I swear to you…” as Kosuke paused, the shop gradually began to shake erratically. The sound of various small objects clanking and some glass breaking filled the shop’s silence as an enraged Kosuke struggled to continue. “I swear to you… that whatever attacked our Asuna, will not go easily!” two thin streams of tears poured from the outer ends of his eyes, over the reddening complexion of his face; on which, his pulsating veins were highlighted. _________________ Morning- 5:00AM Masato only had time to rest for 6 hours. His prepacked luggage meant that the 20 minutes to wash up was all he needed before he was ready to go. The arrangement was for his father to meet him downstairs at 5:30, so masato stood and watched through his window for any signs of his father’s arrival. At 5:15 he would finally see the tiny figure of a man all the way down the road, across from his building, the large distance made discerning the amount kosuke packed hard to determine, but using his frame as a reference, the giant camouflage bag he carried almost doubled his body in size, and Hizorashi Kosuke was anything but small. He would eventually make it to Masato’s apartment building just before 5:30. By then, Masato was already down stairs and waiting with the two suitcases of his own. The route was discussed as they walked to one of the final landmarks signaling the end of Karakura’s bounds; the meeting place where they would meet Azami. She was fashionably early, and used mobile video games and smoking to keep herself occupied awaiting the Hizorashi's. “Good morning!” Kosuke called from a few feet away. Neither he nor Masato could clearly make out her expression as she sat directly in front of the rising sun. “Good morning Sensei.” Masato would follow his father with his own greeting and a faint smile. He held a hand horizontally against his forehead to block some of the sun's intense brightness. As he and Kosuke came closer, her wrinkled and exhausted face would set the tone for how they would deal with her. “Uh, Azami, are you sure you’re up to this? We can reschedule if you’d like.” Masato spoke gently. The understanding and compromising approach hurt the ego the least. If ever she wanted to give up and save face, now would be her best chance. Azami however, was a special brand of stubborn. “No, Seito’s been swamped with police stuff, and I promised him I could finish this task. Papa Hizorashi’s time will also be wasted if we don’t hurry up.” She replied after closing her flip phone and standing up straight. “Oh, don’t mind me! I have nothing but time on my hands!” now even Kosuke extended the olive branch. If she refused now, she’ll have no more excuses for rescheduling. But that didn’t stop her. “I said I’m fine guys. I’m just a little impatient that our ride hasn’t arrived yet. Are you sure you called the Uber before you left the house? She asked while wiping sweat from her forehead and looking around the barren desert outskirts of Karakura. Her question was met with an uncomfortable silence. She refused to accept what her mind had already guessed. But her concerns were too worrisome to not confirm for certain. She turned around to face Kosuke again. “Don’t tell me you expect us to get their by foot? In this heat?!” she questioned the brutish man who stood unremorseful and indifferent to her nagging. “In the many trips I've taken, I can say for certain that walking the way will take us a week! If we run at full speed, it should take only a day and a half! I don’t own a car and with no more lucky teeth, I can’t afford to spend recklessly!” Kosuke explained and justified his own decisions proudly, sealing his words with a passionate thumbs up. Masato was also surprised to hear the journey would’ve been taken by foot. However, the tedious morning runs Azami put him through every day and afternoon gave him some much needed confidence. With his jogging sneakers on, he tapped the tips of his feet on the ground one at a time, making sure his footwear were tight and secure. He followed up with stretches to wake his body fully up in preparation for his longest run. In that time, Azami came up with a great idea to not quit, while simultaneously not running at her top speed for a two days straight. “Actually, this all works out in the end. The first step to completing your Fullbring is complete exhaustion. When your body depletes itself of Reiryoku, it becomes sensitive to other spiritual signatures, like the souls of objects. That is the best time to attempt to fully bring out the potential of your coat. Your first assignment starts here. Release a steady flow of Reiatsu as you run to drain yourself. Cardio isn't enough of a challenge. So you'll be carrying your father's things too. There is to be no assistance from your coat. You’ll wear, and keep it activated. But you'll be only using you raw physical strength.” she exclaimed, pointing to the camouflage bag. “Oh and my suitcase too,” she added as she walked up to her disciple and placed her suitcase in his hands. Masato was somehow more worried about her small suitcase, than Kosuke’s giant bag. Did it magically weigh tons? He was hesitant to accept it in his hands, but was pleasantly surprised when he finally did. His expectations failed greatly; the case was rather extremely light. This would normally only raised more suspicions but Masato could only be glad that his burden was less heavy than he predicted. He managed to find space in his father’s bag for all of the trio’s luggage; this made carrying it all much more convenient with his limited amount of hands. With the bag strapped on his back, and his father by his side, Masato was all set to run. There was just one problem, “aren't you coming with?” He turned to and ask Azami, who was making her way back to karakura and, unbeknownst to him, her bed. “I’ll catch up to you guys in a heartbeat, 'might even make it there before you. I just forgot I left the warehouse unlocked, those delinquents have a sixth sense for unprotected property.” Masato and Kosuke both stared blankly and unconvinced by her excuse. Their uncomfortable silence compelled her to find another lie, hopefully a more convincing one. “Crap, I left the electric stove running from this morning when I made breakfast. I wanted to make sure I was satiated for this crazy run." kosuke noticed and prepared to catch her in the lie she had just told, but his son would quickly interject before he could speak, “Alright, see you there.” He too noticed the glaring flaw in her story, but every second they stood chatting, was a second his shoulders and back cried for relief. Unsurprisingly, kosuke’s bag was the heaviest one, weighing easily over half a ton. kosuke’s sharp eyes were perceptive and got the message Masato was making. “Try not to get lost on your own in this desert!” he advised her before turning in the general direction of the route he memorized by heart. “LET’S GO!” and with those final words, the father and son duo took off on their journey to train in the green mountains. 5 Days Later Masato swayed left to right with his strides, which bordered on just regular walking. The duo were both drenched in their own sweat. To escape the direct rays of the bright and yellow midday sun, Masato’s coat was sufficient; and kosuke’s tan explorer’s fedora kept him safe as he seemingly jogged in place, at Masato’s right side. He could’ve long since arrived at their intended destination alone, but abandoning his son was absolutely not an option. Against his fatherly desire to ease his son’s pain, he understood the importance of fulfilling and staying true to one’s own commitments. His help would sour his son’s taste of victory and pride of surpassing his limits. Instead he provided words of encouragement to his boy, whose head dangled atop his severely bruised neck and shoulders. “Look son, you can see the green mountains ahead! We are very close! Should we end this on a high note?!” he asked Masato, who hadn’t spoken in at least 2 hours. “Son?!” Masato would finally reply, but not at all how his father expected, “zzzz, zzzz, zzzz!” “Gahahaha! What a riot! Wake up boy, we’ve probably kept Miss Azami waiting long enough!” Kosuke laughed and exclaimed while using his left hand to shake the large bag his sleeping son still carried. The sudden jerking motion successfully awoke Masato. “Huh?” his half-awake response satisfied kosuke enough for him to stop the shaking. “Your tank’s supposed to be empty! Take care of that before we arrive!” “Right.” Masato stopped walking before he removed the group’s luggage from his back. With his eyes now closed, he took his deepest inhale through his nose and held it for roughly 10 seconds. While he held it he turned to his father and peeked with an expression that said, “are you sure you don’t want to back up?” kosuke was too excited to see how his son progressed to care for his own safety. Masato’s reminder snapped him into reality. “Oh right, I’ll take the bags too!” he spoke as he grabbed his large bag and rushed some 20 meters away. He used their luggage as a barrier of protection from what they had been routinely doing for the past 5 days. In truth, their journey should've taken them only 24 hours, possibly less. But Kosuke thought it would be a waste to not take advantage of the vastness of the desert. Since departing, they stopped every 5 hours to allow Masato to flare his Reiatsu at its max, until he was completely exhausted. In addition, he would complete 500 reps of pushups and sit ups, while still baring the weight of the luggage. At first, only 15 minutes of excreting his energy was all it took to render Masato unconscious. Five hours ago, he lasted for 7 hours. Taking into account he hadn’t fully replenished his Reiatsu, one could only imagine his endurance once fully fed and rested. Upon seeing his father at a presumably safe distance, Masato would exhale with a loud roar. From the ground beneath his feet, suddenly burst a black flame-like energy with purple accents. The initial eruption easily pushed and uninitiated Kosuke, and the shield he hid behind. The direction of the purple flames circled slowly around Masato’s body; but as time progressed, the circular movement gradually ceased. What remained was a smooth, thin, semitransparent pillar of Reiatsu that snake-danced from the ground up; eventually tampering at the top. The sun had completely set and the roaring of his bursting energy was no more. He was completing the weighted exercise and conversing with his father while maintaining the constant flow of Reiatsu, almost effortlessly. “I don’t… see myself… tiring any time soon.” He paused to inhale deeply before proceeding. “Should we… just head to the forest?” Masato asked his father by the fire place, as he performed and neared the completion of his final reps. “I guess this isn’t much of a challenge for you anymore! I can’t think of a reason why we shouldn’t!” Kosuke replied while also doing pushups. He then raised his body with a single burpee and kicked a heap of sand into their campfire. ”If you actually run at your top speed, you should make it there in a few hours.” Masato would also stand straight and question his father’s statement. “You’re not coming? Don’t tell me you left the stove on too.” Masato quipped with a faint smirk. “Gahaha, that’s not it! I just don’t want you carrying all that for much longer! You don’t need me slowing you down, I’ll be right behind ya!” Kosuke reassured his son with his iconic, passionate thumbs up and charismatic smile. Masato looked at his father with a soft expression that conveyed more than words could do, how grateful and appreciative he was for the five days of one on one bonding they shared. He would then approach his father and share a tight and genuine hug. “Thanks dad.” “Don’t mention it.” After they broke away from their hug, Masato turned away to the direction of the forest. He could only see the black of the night, as his eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to the natural light of the moon. Even still, the mountains in the distance appeared to be nothing but a mass of black terrain, barely discernible from the earth’s horizon. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot.” Masato exclaimed, before leaping into the air, as his body began to naturally fall under the immense weight of everything he carried, he leapt again. As if skipping in the air, Masato had learnt to utilize bringer light to semi-fly. There was a bit of confusion on Kosuke’s part as he wasn’t sure what Masato could’ve forgotten. Suddenly he felt a tight grip upon his waist, which instantly drew his attention. “Hmm?!” before he could fully register the events, He was snatched into the air by the tail of Masato. This was his first time seeing his son’s Fullbring. “This is pretty incredible! But weren’t you told to not use it?!” Kosuke asked aloud while gripping the cyan tail with his left hand and holding his fedora in place with his right. Masato would shout back to assure that his voice was still heard through all the whistling of strong wind. “We’re late and this is much faster! Besides you’ve never been flying before!” “Fair enough!” Kosuke replied with a grin and some laughter, while taking notice of how high from the ground they were. Deep into the forest, Azami sat with her back against the stone base of a mountain, in front of a campfire of her own. Its flickering orange light illuminated her surroundings from which, many stories of battle could be read by the conditions of the terrain. Broken and scarred trees, suspiciously shattered surfaces, a few brown stains of long since dried blood. Azami was sure their agreed upon meeting point, wherein she currently resided, was the former living courters of Masato’s father. Most likely where he battled many Hollows. The thought that she was currently sitting out in the open, on the battle grounds that could attract even more hollows, never bothered her. In fact, it never crossed her mind that she could be the one in danger, when her disciple had kept her waiting for 4 days. She could sense his and his father’s presence approaching by foot, but was too exhausted to give them the earful she wanted to. The sound of their footsteps and rustling through various bushes gradually increased until both parties could finally see one another. The purple Reiatsu dancing from Masato had thinned slightly since he took off flying with his father. From its consistently smooth and controlled flow, Azami could easily discern that more than running had occurred on their way to her location. It was less work for her, and she couldn’t resist feeling proud for her student's progress. But despite it all, she felt nothing but resentment. Her mixed feelings about Masato’s arrival would simmer her initial words. But for what reason did she have to be angry? There had to be a good reason. Azami was the first to speak, in a disgruntled tone no less. “Took you both long enough. You have any Idea how long I’ve been waiting for you?” In his approach closer to Azami, Masato replied while removing their luggage from his back, “Sorry. We would’ve rushed over had we knew you were actually coming. We couldn’t sense your Reiatsu until we were already 4 days late. Why didn’t you call us? Actually, how did you even get here?” Azami drained her phone battery on her first day of a rival. How else would she kill time as she waited for, what was supposed to be, a single day. As for how she got there… Day of departure from Karakura, Azami’s apartment “Aye Yuuto, how have you been… I'm doing great thanks, I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time… great, I need to borrow your Senkaimon… Yeah it’s very important…“ Yuuto’s side of the phone call “I’m sorry, that’s too far out of my jurisdiction… yeah but they record and log opening gates, especially ones to the world of the living, you know this… that lie isn’t very convincing, sigh, I’ll see what I can pull off. But you owe me big time for this.” Present Azami was for the most part, uninterested in answering how she cheated her way to the forest, and much less so, how the plan backfired horribly. Her priorities, and the real origin of her sour mood, was in the suitcase she left with Masato, and expected to reunite with on that very same day. She grunted with irritation before replying to Masato’s inquiries, “doesn’t matter, just give me my case please.” Masato had forgotten about it to the point that a sense of understanding overcame him, and he genuinely felt sorry. He wouldn’t have wanted to be without the suitcase of his valuables for 5 days too. But recalling just how light it was, he wondered just what was it that could have such a negative effect on her, should she go without it. After removing Azami’s case from the camouflage bag, he popped it open to have a peek at its contents. Curiosity from the initial peek compelled him to open it fully. His discovery and worst fears were realized, causing his face to cringe with disgust and disappointment. “What is it?!” Noticing the displeasure in his son’s face, Kosuke walked over to inspect the contents as well. And there he saw it, stuffed with no space to spare, a suitcase filled to the brim with cigarette packets. His knee jerk reaction was eerily similar to Masato's, only instead of having his back to Azami, Kosuke let her see just how little respect he now had for her with his expression. Azami felt ashamed and acknowledged her smoking addiction for the first time. “STOP ACTING SURPRISED! YOU KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM!” she exclaimed while trying her best to avoid eye contact. The trio would banter and share a meal over Azami’s campfire, all while Masato expelled Reiatsu. He would then be tasked with collecting wood while the others rested. The mission was to drain his energy to the point where his body was forced to take from his coat. Thus pulling its full potential. To arrive at that level of exhaustion, his physical body would also need to be exhausted. For all the help his training did in the desert, the additional volume and control of his raw Reiatsu made the act of depleting him much harder. Thankfully with her month supply of smokes, Azami was willing to wait out the clock. They occasionally sparred in their wait, wherein Masato had bested her in most occasions. Even her speed was beginning to lose its edge. But the more he gained on her, the more determined she was to push him further. Masato wasn’t sure why. Azami wasn’t the jealous type, but to be this motivated for his progress; it certainly wasn't her regular level of enthusiasm. In the end, Kosuke and Azami’s efforts took another week of time before Masato was in the condition necessary to ascend to a complete Fullbringer. Masato laid on his stomach, panting heavily while drenched in his own sweat. His hair was understandably more untidy than usual, compiling that was it's greyish tone from all the dirt it held. His body was absolutely sore and he could barely move an inch. From his sunken face, stomach, and ribs, one could easily discern that he was in a very deep state of starvation. Somehow however, that was the least of his worries. Azami stood above him, levitating in the air. In her hand was her folding fan. She held it over her shoulder in preparation for a devastating attack; a gust of wind fast enough to cut through flesh, as demonstrated by the many fresh scratches all over Masato. One would mistake the predicament the young man was in as unwanted abuse, but they would be wrong. Masato willingly accepted the ludicrous proposal and voluntarily signed up for what was essentially torture. What would drive someone to this level of sacrifice and depravity? What purpose did Masato have, that drove him to willingly destroy the very vessel he had tirelessly honed since his first meeting with Seito. To find that answer, Masato would have to reopen a wound that had only just begun to recover. This was of course, not of the physical nature, but the spiritual and psychological. _________________ “Hey, we haven’t spoken in a while. That would normally mean good news, but you’re here on purpose. Why?” a familiar deep voice spoke from Behind Masato. The human was confident in Identifying who the disembodied speaker was. An old friendly animal, whose guidance turned the tide of his battle with the Hollow Charles. “It’s been a while Useless Bundle.” Masato turned around, looking up and expecting to see the giant purple wolf creature that once was. But his eyes gazed upon nothing, for the furious and intimidating wolf was now naught but a docile and harmless pup. “What happened to you?” Masato asked while looking down upon his friend. “Well, you haven’t given me the fire I needed to sustain my old existence. Our relationship is give and take. I still think I’m getting the short end of the stick.” the pup replied, it’s still deep resonating voice betraying its small and innocent appearance. Masato contemplated the words of "give and take" that the pup used to describe their partnership. “You’ve clearly given me strength when I needed you the most. But what have I given you in return?” he asked, unable to decipher his companion’s words. “The need!” With those two words, the weight of the air grew intense quickly. Masato’s inner world, so to speak, was a blank white room, but with the intensity of the atmosphere, the walls turned jet black and robbed Masato of his senses, save for hearing and seeing. But until there was anything to hear or see, Masato became breathless in a panic. The serenity of his internal universe was no more. Compared to this timeless nightmare, Masato would’ve much preferred Azami and his father’s torture. “This is your moment. Dig deep for a reason I should lend you more. You’ve lost the fire that created me. The void that brought you to me has since been filled with a small and loving supportive group.” The deep voice finally spoke, images of the ones that Masato was closest to flashed around him. Seito, Azami, his mother, Daughter, siblings, all appeared to remind him of his blessings. People still in his life to cherish and protect. The voice would add, “You’ve even had an addition to that support group.” A large and bright image of his father, grinning from ear to ear, appeared in front of Masato. His panic had slowed before, but seeing his father put an end to it entirely. “With your current strength, you can protect them all. What reason do you have for more?” The room went silent and dark again. Masato rested on all fours, searching for reasons. What reason… What reason? He clenched his fist tight enough for his palms to bleed, tough as they were. Had he grit his teeth any harder they might’ve shattered. His mind scrabbled as his eyes swelled up with tears of rage. The reason he started this journey, accepted this torture, and pushed his every limit. He needed only remember the words Seito spoke that night, “She was... gonna come back man." Following that memory, an image of the severed limbs of Asuna always followed. The indignity of how her remains rot in some alley on her way to him. Why would the being who shared his every memory, pretend to not understand? His chest was heavy and in his anger, he had stopped breathing. The negative emotions and memories suppressed and ignored were once again coming to the surface. The desire to lash out wasn't easy to endure, but through remembering the death of his wife, the only target of his rage was also remembered, The Quarterer. His fist unbuckled slowly and began to regain a steady breathing pattern. He wiped his tears and stood to his feet to speak softly to the abyss. "Since you share my thoughts and memories, you know my answer." The black room was suddenly set ablaze with the black and purple energy of which he was accustomed to. Normally he was protected by its presence, but now the flames engulfed himself too. From his feet to the tip of his head, the purple flames consumed all but his eyes and ears, so he could see the giant and fiendish yellow eyes, as well as hear the final words they spoke. “I'm sorry for letting you down, Asuna.” _________________ Azami could easily sense the sudden brewing Reiatsu from the exhausted Masato. It was the sign she needed to tell he was beginning to pull the residual energy of his coat, completing the task they came for. “Here it comes, get back. It’s more than I expected… Further!... SHIT!” _________________ Masato’s awoke from the inner conversation he had. The last thing he could remember was the useless bundle’s apology. The sun rising as opposed to setting gave him an estimate of the amount of time passed. After he rubbed his eyes, his vision cleared enough to notice all the drastic changes in his surroundings. The mountain, surrounding trees, their campsite, everything had been replaced with a humongous crater, in which he was centered. The eerie total silence of the forest was the only thing more worrisome than his missing father and Azami. He stood up and immediately began to Search for his peers. To leave the crater he resided, he elected to blink to its edge with the use of Bringers light. Following the brief green flicker from beneath his feet, Masato noticed he covered the distance much faster than usual, and upon arriving where he intended, he was given an unpleasant surprise. “Ah!” he shouted as he felt the bones of his right landing leg fracture. He hypothesized that the new increase in strength and speed was too high for even his well-trained vessel to manage. As such, he would have to walk in his search for his father and Azami; lest he suffer more injuries. On the topic of injuries, all the ones he had sustained from yesterday’s torture had been healed. "If only my stomach was full too." He thought while observing the still starved condition of his body. As much as he wanted to find the company he trained with, he needed to eat first. Fish was on the menu for his breakfast, so Masato walked his way over and through the hard rocks and moist moos of the forest. His destination for now was the shallow river he usually fished from, but barefooted and without his cyan coat, though cupped hands he still called for Azami and his father. The otherwise silent forest replied only with the chirps of birds and a songs of Japanese cicadas. _________________ WC: 5360 -Complete Fullbring achieved Hizorashi Kosuke
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    The Lieutenant would get the map from one of his subordinates, Salvatore would walk closer looking over the map. The officer and his team would be taking the two camps on the lake. The camps were on opposite side, therefore a possible alert to the other was possible. First thought was too split his team into two men group however as the Lieutenant mentioned the lake was large. As long as they took the first with minimum effort they would have no real worry as to alerting the second. In the end San would keep his team together. The four man team including himself had a better chance at resolving the camp that way. As well as allowing the least possible chances of something going wrong if he was with his team. Allowing full control of the situation at hand. The Lieutenant and his team would take the two camps dug into the foot of the hill that led to the lake. His team would also have to move with speed and stealth because they could also alert the lake side camps. However the reports of the camps were minimal bandits so the task at hand was more then likely would go flawlessly. San would motion for his team to gather around, "Ok team we will attack the camps one at a time to ensure nothing goes awry. We will surround the camp, one man on each far side. Myself and Kami will take the middle. We will move in unison. Keep your spiritual pressure concealed. Strike to knockout, not to kill unless provoked. We are doing this to gain further intelligence and to heed the progression of the bandits. Meaning we need to have survivors. Once all within the camp are neutralized we will restrain and move to the next camp, understood. Salvatore's team would all reply in unison "Yes Sir', the Officer nodding in acceptance. "As for the next camp we will use the lake, as means to infiltrate. We will move now in groups of two. Coming from the lake should provide us with surprise, the bandits more then likely not guarding it as it faces there other encampment.As the details were laid out San felt reassured of his team and the plan. He would look to the Veiled Lieutenant. "Ready to move out" Night had begun to take over the sky, the sun had set, the time was upon them. NIGHTFALL" San and his team would move with swiftness, using the forest to close in on the camps along the lake. Once within proximity the team of four would split. One would go to the right, far side of the camp along the lake. The other would position himself within trees on the opposite side. San and Kami would take place dead middle of the camp along the forest line,twenty yards between the two, fifty yards between them and there comrades. Seeing them would almost be impossible unless you knew there exact positions. This allowed them to signal to one another, when the time to strike was upon them. They would remain motionless for some time allowing them to take in the camps features, as well as target or access the bandits within. As reports noted these camps were fairly small but definitely growing. The camp consisted of four tents one seemed to house the bandits, the other supplies and arms. The other two were unknown, more then likely place for more men or planning or even there bandits leaders to meet. Due to it being nightfall multiple fire lanterns were scattered along the "walls" of the camp or what would be walls if they had any. Within the camp was a main fire, were two men were seen eating and conversing. One bandit was seen entering the supply tent and exiting with what appeared to be tent gear. Two other men had been seen entering and exiting the tent of the unknown tent. After some time watching no others bandits were seen but this did not mean that there werent any within the tents. San would motion for his team to move. "Kami you and i take out the ones by the fire... She would nod her head as the attack began. Along the lake was a massive bonfire, not lite, there signal to the other camps. This was something that had to ensure the bandits did not get too. OOC: would of finished but didnt want to hold you up WC:
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    Part II: Sternritter B - The Bombardment The Primera walks through the ice-encrusted city, his cane echoing throughout the area. Thunder roars in the distance, a creepy stillness is present throughout the dimension. Tsukishima knew exactly where he was and who he had come to see, though he'd never met the individual. During his time, he heard rumors of an extremely powerful Quincy who had mysteriously come from another dimension. This particular Quincy was foretold to have unparalleled power. Tsukishima had always longed to meet this individual and sway him to his cause but never could. It was this failure that led him to forge an alliance with Haschwald instead. At any rate, he was sure that this meeting would prove to be beneficial. Before long, Tsukishima found himself outside the base of operations for this dimension, the Silbern. Heading inside, the Espada could hear sounds and decided to investigate. A group of soldiers, known as the Soldat, marched in order towards the grand ballroom. They take their spots and began to chatter among themselves, trying to figure out why they were all assembled here. Two of them, however, did not say a word. They stand beside each other near the throne at the end of the room, remaining quiet for different reasons. For one, it is out of respect for the Emperor. He has no time for useless side chatter. If the Emperor requested their presence, then he received that. No questions asked. He was Sternritter C; Jürgen. The other one, however, remained quiet out of spite. He had plans in motion, things that needed to be carried out to the letter with the greatest of efficiency. Every detail needed to be laid out. He was the one Tsukishima sought. His name was Akira Otomo, Sternritter B. The rank is due to power alone, secretly, he had no admission towards the Emperor. He wanted power, he felt as if he deserved it. It was his birthright. All of this was just a means to an end. A way to bide his time before he could accomplish what he desired. Each of the other people in the room, he considered trash. None of them could stand up to his might. Gentle footsteps could be heard echoing down the hallway, all talk immediately came to a halt. They stand upright as a figure walks among them, stern-faced and focused. He was the King of the Wandenreich, the father of the Quincy. He made his way past Jürgen and Akira, taking a seat upon the throne with a small yet sharp sigh. He hadn’t yet regained his immense power; it was beginning to weigh on him. The opening that Akira wanted was approaching. “I do not like to give monotonous speeches. It serves no purpose in the end so let us get down to business. The twenty-three of you were all called here because your immense potential allowed you to stand out among the other soldiers. You have all have earned the privilege to join both Akira and Jürgen as members of the Sternritter.” Instant pride appears on their faces. The joy to directly serve under their Emperor was overwhelming. The chance to even fight alongside him in battle once the fateful day arrived. Akira looked at them all in disgust. How foolish they had to be. There was no joy in serving someone who would eventually die off anyway. Their joy was meaningless. One by one each of the newly crowned Sternritter drank the blood of the Emperor to earn their Schrift. One by one they received their power. D all the way through to Z. It wasn’t long before the Emperor sent them all on their way, leaving only Akira and Jürgen behind. The transference of power had weakened him greatly; it wasn’t long before it was time for him to rest once more. “It is almost time for the Auswählen. Every mixed-blood Quincy will give their lives to their King as per the Kaiser Gesang. After that, it won’t be much longer until we regain the world. Each of the races will fall and we shall stand victorious. Akira, Jürgen, I leave things in your hands for the time being. Although I will be asleep, the full effects will not take place until much later, before we begin our crusade. Until the time comes, I leave the Wandenreich in your capable hands.” He bids the two farewell as he prepares, both Jürgen and Akira leaving in opposite directions. In that brief moment, Akira knew that he would be sorely outmatched if he tried anything this early. The Emperor was weak but currently still more than enough. No, he’d have to be a bit more cunning than that. He needed to be at his best to cripple an Empire from within. A smile spreads across Tsukishima's face as he continues to follow Akira. He was content to see how this ordeal played out before he made his move. WC: 822 822/1000
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    007: The Akihiko 'Aiden' Kaine Job __________ [1]... Jin got shot. Aiden still ain't shit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jin Got Shot. He ded --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] Don't Matter, Jin Got Shot ND|000 ____________________ WC|Shot, Just Like Jin Was.
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    Tsukishima stares up towards the immense Bankai with a grin on his face. It had been quite some time since he last experienced it. The true form of Kaname's Zanpakuto spirit. While its power was indeed impressive, nothing could compare to his own power. White energy begins to form around the construct's sword as it lifts the weapon high above its head. “Go to hell Tsukishima! Kokutō Kogetsu!” Kaname screams as the construct swings its sword and sends a large crescent wave of energy barreling toward the Primera. The crescent wave explodes as it nears Tsukishima, covering the entire area in smoke. From within the construct, Kaname drops to a knee as he struggles to catch his breath. “Enjoy hell you son of a bitch..” he mutters. “You know as well as I that the Gates of Hell would not be able to contain me.” To Kaname's horror, he sees Tsukishima standing within the construct beside him, completely unharmed by the last attack. He goes to strike the Arrancar but finds himself unable to move. “Vessel. Have you learned anything during our time together? Such parlor tricks will not be able to defeat me. Allow me to give you another small glimpse of my true power. Erode, Senescencia." Black miasma rapidly escapes from the Primera's body as he is engulfed by dark violet energy. The miasma quickly spreads throughout the construct as it begins to dissipate. In a matter of moments, the immense construct is destroyed as the energy around Tsukishima slowly recedes. Standing in his pre-released state once more, he begins to address the defeated Kaname. “Do you finally understand, Vessel? No matter what you do, it will never be enough.” The Shinigami finally makes it to his feet and withdraws his sword, conceding his defeat. His Zanpakuto, Kokutō, manifests her physical form beside him with a begrudging sign of respect. “Why? Why can't I kill you? After all this, you still continue to toy with me. All I've ever wanted was to have a good life. To be free. Why me?” “You misunderstand, vessel. All I tried to do was give you the life you sought. As you have said, I have watched you throughout your entire existence. I wanted to show you how cruel this world really is. For instance, do you know the truth about your master, Gotetsu? Do you truly know how he died that faithful day?” Kaname perked up at the mention of his master. He wanted to believe that this was just another one of Tsukishima's mind games but these words sounded so sincere. “Gotetsu was a powerful man, so much so that I even made a point not to challenge him directly. I wanted the entirety of the Soul Society under my thumb before I even dared to best him. A testament to his power as you know how much I despise your kind. As revered as his strength was, he was mainly sought after for his knowledge. He knew the truth of the world, the secret behind that Soul King. The other Shinigami knew of his knowledge and sought to learn it for themselves to gain a measure of political power. As the righteous man that he was, he immediately refused. They, obviously, did not appreciate that. The trash fear what they cannot control so they decided to dispose of him. Using your feebleness as bait, they were able to catch him off guard. Eventually creating the scene that you witnessed so long ago. The man who murdered him was acting under the command of the then Captain-Commander, an ignorant woman who knew nothing of the truth. They killed your master purely for not joining them. This is the true nature of the Gotei 13. The story they fed you of it being the work of a rival was a lie. A lie to keep from you going down the path of revenge against the entire organization. A lie to keep you in line as they want everyone to be. When they realized they could not keep the wool over your eyes, they abandoned you. You see that no one helped you during the Tris Andre invasion. They allowed you to die alone and miserable. I have been the only one to not lead you astray. Come vessel. Come and help me create a world where there are no lies. No more death. No more pain. Come obtain all of your desires.” Tsukishima holds out his hand in support as the man thinks for a moment before turning around, his mind racing with this new information. His growing rage was beginning to overtake him. All of this, everything that had happened in his life, wasn’t due to Tsukishima and his machinations but the Shinigami and the Soul King they protected. They had set all this in motion. They had killed the closest thing he had to a father in cold blood. They would be the ones to repay this debt in their own blood. They would know true pain as their entire world crumbled around his feet. Kaname glanced at Tsukishima in disgust before grabbing his hand as a show of unification. A bright light illuminates them both as Tsukishima finds himself transported in a small city. Taking in his surroundings, Tsukishima walks forward with anticipation. Just who would be next in the line of Kazuma Kuwabara? WC:896 2,564/1,000 Completed
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    Standing before the masses of the Forty-Six Chambers members Kaeru waited patiently for all the murmuring to stop. Today was the official review and application of all his training up until this point on whether or not they would formerly accept him back as the Captain Commander or go in another direction. Within the room with him was acting Captain Commander of the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads and Second Division Captain Mikoto Shuu and Sif Barkuz Third Seat of the First Division the former Captain of the same squad. Shuu was here by request of the Central Forty-Six chambers and Sif was granted special entry by request of the captain of the first division. "Today we are here to review and get updated on your progress Xarius Kaeru," One of the six main judges spoke up cutting through all the murmurs drawing the start of the meeting to session. This was a different judge than the previous two times he was allowed entry into the Central Forty-Six Chambers. " The last time you were here we tasked you with being the Vice-Captain of the First Division and a goal to work your way back up through the ranks." Sif takes this opportunity to step forward handing a stack of papers to the new Administration Assistant and Seventh seated officer of the First Division Tinzauzid Zobyakemzu a young human looking male with straight black hair and gray eyes. Tinzauzid distributes the papers to each of the members within the Central Forty-Six members. "According to the files we have received before today and this new information you have been quite busy," The judge says after reviewing the information that was just handed to her, "You have promoted to Captain of the First Division, you have promoted Oriru Ryūka Kushō to your Vice-Captain, Demoted Sif Barkuz to Third Seat but still Director of the Administration Department. Let's start with your time as a Vice-Captain, talk about your almost death at the hands of the Rukongai citizen that many call 'Khan Möröödögch' which you were barely survived." "As documented I took the time to scout out the districts he has infested, studied his troops, and mapped out his base of operations in the steppes," Kaeru states informatively as he steps forward to address the talking point, "I decided that approaching Möröödögch was the best course of action in order to learn what we were dealing with. As documented he some how got a hold of a asauchi which immediately split into dual zanpakutos in which he had an unreal control over the power they produced." Within his mind the replay of the battle and events before or after that happened. "So, you decided to engage a known problem on your own without any backups or discussing with your Captain?" the judge quickly pointing out his miscalculations, "A bit irrational considering how bold the moves this Möröödögch has been moving towards the outer distrcts." Taking a moment to pause thinking about how he wanted to reply, "Correct. I have made a few decisions and miscalculated my recovery time since returning. During the fight I was able to assess the power potential of Möröödögch and the real level of threat that could be assessed. That file's cliff notes can be found on the handouts." "Interesting, since becoming Captain you have spent a lot of time conversing with the other Captains and discussing the overall processes of the Gotei Thirteen," the judge speaks aloud continuing on, "We have a lot of concerns around your departure, return, and time as a Vice-Captain. But you won a majority vote of Seven to Five from the Captains of the Gotei Thirteen, all the proper paperwork from the Administration Division, and Mikoto Shuu has presented information that you have almost returned back to your previous power levels." There is a long drawn out sigh as the judge states, "we will now hold an official vote." Standing there Kaeru held his position with Shuu crossing his arms in the background waiting for the first hand to raise up. In the far back a couple hands shoot up then a trickling of others start to lift up. Once there seemed to be no more hands raising up the count happened. The count is handed to the judge that had been speaking so far this meeting, "Looks like a majority vote of twenty-seven to nineteen. Welcome back to the rank fo Captain Commander Xarius Kaeru. Try not to lose yourself this time around." "Thank you," Kaeru speaks up with appreciation now that his title had officially returned to him, "Then I shall get right to business. The new Administration and Operation proposal by Vice-Captain Oriru Ryūka Kushō will be immediately implemented, I will hold a captains meeting within the week to assess the current state of the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads, and my last order of business here today is Vaizards." All of the words were pretty standard for a Captain of any division to speak about, especially for a Captain Commander. The last part caused a great disruption and murmurs. "What about them?" the judge asked as the murmurs quieted down once again. "I was starting the process before I left, but their acceptance as members within the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads will be allowed. That process is now established for them to be treated like any other member trying to join the Gotei Thirteen. As long as they go through the proper channels and tests as any other soul has to do for entry then they will be accepted." "What about those that have an issue working alongside a hollow infected individual?" the judge inquired with a hint of intrigue in her voice. "They can come find me and voice their shortsighted concerns. We have a lot of work to do around here, short staffing ourselves or having members afraid of being themselves will not benefit our growth as an organization. We need to be able to use all our resources for the challenges ahead," Kaeru replied with no hesitation in his voice. The next few hours were filled with conversation between the new Captain Commander and Central Forty-Six. [WC: 1,031] [Claimed title of Captain-Commander]