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    Live Changes 03/28/2020 - STFAH Update: In light of all the crazy stuff going on (we hope you all are staying safe and indoors) figured it was as good a time as any to make the grind a bit easier and promote some activity with all the time being spent in quarantine. What better way to spend your time than RP'ing, amirite. Also, huge welcome to all the newcomers, we're glad to have you! STFAH Reiatsu Gaining Rates: Legendary Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiastu Cap: 2k | WC Requirement: 1,700 WC STFAH Rate: 1,275 WC Immense Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiatsu Cap: 2k | WC Requirement: 1,500 WC STFAH Rate: 1,125 WC Great Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiatsu Cap: 6k | WC Requirement: 1,200 WC STFAH Rate: 900 WC High Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiatsu Cap: 10k | WC Requirement: 1,000 WC STFAH Rate: 750 WC Legend Points: Legend Points WC Requirement: 1,000 WC STFAH Rate: 800 WC STFAH Race Technique Learning Limitations: 1 Technique every 3 days (irl days). 1 Technique Daily If your character has the Reiatsu Specialist Trait 2 Techniques Daily with a bonus 30% WC slash if you're teaching/learning the technique in a Co-op thread. - Quincy Race Update: Kaeru and Rash are currently working on the long-awaited and overdue Quincy Update. Expect everyone's favorite Destruction Monks to be very destructive. If you're learning the currently available Quincy Race Techniques and you're worried about them being shifted/removed rest assured your work isn't going to waste. Keep learning those techniques for now and the you'll have access to the new ones based on how they translate over with the updates. - Personal Abilities: Rash will be working on Personal Abilities for new characters when he gets the time. Don't forget to post a request to have your stuff looked at [Here].
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    "Oh my god is that a lion?!" Ah yes, that old statement. At first it never bothered Mototada as naturally some of the denizens of Rukongai have never encountered or even believed in such things as therianthropy. The ones who have entertained the idea usually only ever heard of lycanthropy as well, often never considering there being other types of such a thing. Weregorillas, weresharks and, in Mototada's specific case, werelions. This alongside his family's self-induced exile for their "shameful display" had originally rendered the young soul as being more patient and understanding to reactions concerning him. While he still is to an extent, even he had his limits with hearing the same exclamations over and over and over again. 'Oh my god is that a lion?! Is that a lion-man over there? Is that dude mixed with a lion?' It's always the same thing! Every. Single. Time. Honestly, would it kill to at least think of something different to say? Like 'Oh shit, a lion!' or 'Good god look at him!' or something along those lines. Anything but those same, tired lines he keeps hearing every time someone who has never seen a werelion says. Didn't help that the frequency of them increases to every "better" district he goes to. With his meager residence belonging to District 72, Mototada noted that only a few people there actually commented on his appearance. Sure many still stared and spoke about him with his back-turned, but the grand majority primarily didn't care. More than likely stemming from how downright terrible it is to even live there. Mototada, musing to himself regarding this, remembered where he was. He was currently traversing District 50 of all places, thanks to his growing curiosity of the other districts and generally just being rather bored. He had heard at the all the districts become progressively less impoverished the smaller their number is and just wanted to see if it was true. So far, it seemed, what Mototada heard was just about right. So many people wore actual clothes rather than the dirty rags and patched-up garbage he was so used to seeing his home district. Not to mention, so many people wore shoes. Big sandals, little sandals, new, worn-out. Not even Mototada, who managed to acquire actually decent clothing by himself, wore any sort of footwear. To say that the tall lion-man was jealous would be a bit of an understatement. Regardless, Mototada want his exploring to go to waste. He was in an entirely new district for crying out loud! So many services that aren't available in 72 and so many new faces that lacked scars or looks of complete and utter despair! It was refreshing, to say the least. The question is, though, what to do? He didn't have much kan on him and pretty much everything here was vastly more expensive than anything that could found in any district over 65. He let out a sigh as he took off his glasses, using his haori to clean their lens as he continued to walk down the dirt road of district 50. With his eyes cast down and ignoring the looks some gave him, Mototada simply pondered to himself as to what could be there for him here. WC: 543
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    Thwack! A blade would drive itself into the bark of a tree, one of many in the forested area just outside of District 52, the shimmering metal repeatedly attempting to cut into the thick body of life with each strike. The guard and handle for the blade both vibrated from each blow, the hands attached feeling an uncomfortable shaking force transmitted into the palms, a rough rubbing leaving blisters behind. It had been a few days since that situation in District 54 where Shin had stolen the weapon and made his escape. He still finds himself shaking somewhat from that situation, from how close to willing he was to possibly even kill the shop-keeper in order to get what he needed. Before then he was just a thief, someone that would cowardly wait until a target is in a situation where they can't pay attention and rob them blind. He wasn't ever anyone that felt even remotely okay with actually causing violence and yet it just came from within him. At first the feeling wasn't all too apparent for him, as he would only be concerned with finding his brother and maybe even getting his shoes back, but close to a day after he had finally left that district he soon found himself confused. 'Do I really have it in me to use this?' Thunk! The edge drove itself into the wood, getting stuck between the two sides of tree trunk weighing down on it. Shin panicked slightly, completely unsure as to whether or not he has just ruined the weapon he had attained. Holding tightly onto the handle of the blade Shin would plant one of his feet onto the side of the tree, pulling with his hands and pushing with his foot. At first it wouldn't budge however with some wriggling he could finally free it from the small cut that had bound it, sending the young spirit careening backwards, only saving himself via catching his balance before he could fall. The palms of his hands burned as if they were peppered from slamming them against concrete or stone, the wrapped handle rested within the grip of his left, however, with his right running against the side of the edge until he felt the skin get caught slightly. Around the mid-section would be a roll along the edge, enough of one for him to fit a nail underneath. He fucked up. Cursing himself, he would have no choice but to stop his training for now. It had already been an hour deep into it so it wasn't as if he hadn't gotten much out of it, though the idea of permanently messing up the gift he was given wasn't exactly a good one. He would have to give both his hands and himself a rest. He was just outside of the 52nd District of Rukongai, so the best idea would be to go there. He could find some more money for later into his journey and could even perhaps find someone that can care for the blade as well. Besides, secluded woods wasn't the safest place to be, especially as the appearing and disappearing sun had already went past noon, the beams causing shadows to slowly begin to rise in the east and the sunspots created by the openings between tree branches beginning to move sluggishly along the forest floor as well. wc 564
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    Kikyō sat along a tree branch with a smile on her face, her legs swinging back and forth. Her strawberry blonde hair gently flowed in the wind as she stares out at the blue sky above her. A piercing ringing sound could be heard as she digs in her pocket and pulls out a bright pink phone. “What’s up Jin? You want me to do what? How much we talking? Deal. I’ll find him.” Yusei sped down the streets of Karakura Town on his motorcycle without a sense of worry, picking off the occasional Hollow. He might not have shown it, but inwardly he couldn't have been happier. He had felt like he'd finally found a purpose and a way to finally protect those that he cared about. As he grips the throttle, he glances down at the Wandenreich emblem emblazoned on his gloves and thinks back to when he received them. It was shortly after Jin had told him of the existence of the Quincy Emperor. “Emperor of...all Quincy?” Yusei muttered as he grabs Jin's extended hand. Jin pulls him up and pats him on the shoulder before turning his gaze towards the center of the room. “As I mentioned, his name is Haschwald. His Majesty was acquainted with the Father of the Quincy before he...passed on. Once he did, the title of Emperor was transferred to him. He is now the leader of the Wandenreich which is a collection of us Quincy. I am the head of his Imperial Guard. Before you say anything, you are correct. His Majesty was not in the books I gave you to study on. That was deliberate on my part. His Majesty and the Wandenreich are not something to be read about but rather experienced. At any rate, its about time you meet him.” With a sudden increase in reiatsu, Jin manifests his shadow in front of him which quickly expands outward. “Come...” Jin replies as he walks through the shadow. Yusei, still taken aback by the display, pauses for a moment before entering as well. The two walk through the darkness in silence as Yusei's mind races with all of this information. If this Emperor was as important as Jin says, why would he meet someone like him? There was something off but for the life of him, he could not put his finger on it. As he continues to ponder these thoughts, a frigid chill stirs him. Yusei glances around as the two step out of the shadow in front of an ice-encrusted building in the middle of an ice-encrusted city. Yusei stands in awe of the building in front of him as Jin beckons him forward. “Welcome to Wandenreich City. His Majesty is inside.” Stepping inside the massive building, Yusei could see multiple soldiers in white marching down the hall. Rhythmically, their footsteps echoed throughout the area, drowning out all thoughts. Yusei could only follow the departing Jin who navigated the area with startling familiarity. “I see you finally brought him...” a voice rings out behind them. Yusei turns around to see a blonde woman clad in white standing behind them. Her piercing red eyes stuck out as Yusei continued to stare. “Where have I seen her before?” Yusei thinks as the woman and Jin begin to converse. “Hey Frieda. Yeah, I think he's finally ready to learn. Crazy that it took even this long given that he's ready stronger than half the Sternritter here, you included. He hasn't even unlocked his true powers yet.” “Not my fault he's a prodigy. That's just Mr. Kinoshita for you.” “Mr. Kinoshita...Oh its you!” Yusei shouts as the two turn to face him. “You...you work at Noir! You work with Ayumi. Why the hell are you here?” The woman flashes a quick smile before following the rest of the marching soldiers. “It's about time you noticed me sir. We'll talk later!” Jin's snickering could be heard as an enraged Yusei turns to face him. “Why is she here? Have you been using her to spy on me?” “Nah. I'm much too lazy for that. Yeah, Frieda is a friend of mine but her working for your company is purely coincidental. She probably could tell you were a Quincy and likely just wanted to be around those like her. That's why she joined the Wandenreich. Come on, its almost time.” He grumbled but resigned to keep following for the moment. Folding his arms, he slowly follows as the two make their way into a large ballroom. The soldiers split off and line up alongside a long black rug that leads to an ivory throne at the back of the ballroom. Atop the throne, a lone figure dressed in gray sits. The figure's blonde hair hid his facial features as he lazily dangles his right arm off the side of the throne. Each soldier takes a knee as the room gradually darkens. Jin, walking up the base of the throne, kneels down as well. “Your Majesty...I bring to you the one I spoke of earlier, Yusei Kinoshita.” Jin beckons Yusei to come forward as Yusei awkwardly moves beside him. As he glances up towards the Quincy Emperor, he could feel an overwhelming sense of power radiating from him. The power felt as if it had no beginning and no end but radiated a warm and calming sensation. “God...” Yusei mutters as he stands bewildered at the majestic presence before him. The Emperor flashes a small smile as he shifts his position, his three pupils focusing on Yusei. “How familiar. You are of the old blood. Of his Blood. The Left and the Right.... To think they would both be within you. That they would find their way back home.” He snaps his fingers as one of the soldiers quickly rush to his side and present him with a small rectangular box. The soldier opens the box and reveals a pair of black gloves with a symbol emblazoned on them. “You want the power to protect those you care about? The power to discover your way? I can grant you that. We can grant you that. You are very special Yusei, more so than what you can possibly imagine. If you join us, join me, I can grant you what you desire and more. I will not lead you astray. All you'll have to do is accept my gift.” WC: 1,064 [1,064 / 2,000]
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    Two figures in front of the weapon shop, one the shop-keep, the other a certain angered large man, his tunic looking cleaner than the average Rukongai spirit around the 54th District, the tapping sound of his sandal expressing impatience as he waited. The aged male waltzed up to the counter, lazily leaning over it as he his self-satisfaction consumed him. Ukon did it, he found a valuable thing to trade with, to finally close down this shithole of a shop over. He would celebrate, but first he had to get rid of the trash in the back and the asshole before him, someone from the higher districts that came down to see what it was like. Apparently, he was too stupid to realize he'd get robbed blind first second he gets. Oh well, that is his problem, and Ukon's profit. "Can I help you, sir?" "Of course you can! I got your stupid ticket, an assignment to the 14th District, just like you asked!" A ticket was slammed onto the counter, causing some of the surrounding weapons to shake slightly from the force of the action. Ukon himself hungrily grabbed for it, eagerly wanting it in his hands, only for a meaty hand to tightly wrap itself around the outstretched wrist of Ukon's. "Not yet. You know what I came here for. I want my money back." The shop-keep withdrew himself from the prize he greedily desired, instead looking back at his annoyed customer. His smile faded temporarily until he bowed, forcing it to come back as he led his cohort to the backroom. 'I can't believe I'm so close to gone. Thank you, alley trash! Thank you thank you thank you!' He said as he opened the door for his customer, standing aside so he may enter the room. He would be taken off-guard however as the man returned, glaring at Ukon with hatred directed towards him instead. "Are you scamming me?!" Ukon, confused, rushed inside the backroom, looking around and seeing nothing but wreckage around him. "Where..?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shin, blade in hand, would balance himself on the desk, the remaining pieces of chair placed together to make a rickety little platform. From there he balanced on top of it, using the blade to help as the window was just within arms' reach. He could make it out, He could! He would bend his knee slightly, preparing to jump. He heard yelling from the other side of the door and a slamming noise, knowing for a fact he had no choice but to make this work now! As he bent down, he would with one hand grab the window tightly, opening it where immediately he lunged, thrusting the blade through the opening first and holding onto it tightly. From there, he would place his weight in the opposite side, feet scrambling on the wall until they planted themselves, where he was able to finally climb his way through the window, falling out on the other side. He was free. Immediately he scrambled away as the door opened, leaving with his new possession, feet stomping one after another, eagerly claiming the dirt path underneath as he would make his escape out of the alleys and back onto the street. He was free, and with deep, heavy breaths, he would let relief wash over him, comforting him and ensuring him that he was going to get away and with a new weapon, to boot. "Take that, you old bastard!" He screamed behind him, laughing. He couldn't believe he made it out just like that, and left the shop-keep with what he hoped would be an extremely pissed off customer. With that, the pink-haired spirit triumphantly walked away, satisfied that he can continue his journey to his brother. wc 625 twc 6374 [End Thread]
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    His eyes opened to reveal what seemed like some sort of bed greeting him, the blanket of which enveloped his legs and some larger figure sitting nearby, her female form leaning over near him. He looked around only to realize it wasn't just her and the bed that were larger, but everything in-general. It seemed once more he was but a child, though this time in a room covered in toys and trinkets, pictures with some scratchy material covering it, constantly jittering about. The female form accompanied by a face seemingly erased with an eraser very sloppily. It held a book, open to a page with words he cannot make out. A soothing voice washed over him as he stared blankly at the page. "..The monk asks, “Where are you going?”. To which the man replies, “I don’t know, ask the horse!” and rides away." The figure exclaimed, making weird galloping sounds as she bounced up and down. "Who are you?" Shin thought he asked, but instead his mouth formed to make laughter come out. It wasn't going to obey him, it wouldn't let him ask questions of the thing that watched over him. Instead he would attempt to move his hands, hoping to get out of the bed and leave, only instead of them obeying him they moved over to a glass of water on the nearby nightstand, grabbing it and eagerly drinking it before putting it back. It would not obey his will. He instead looked around, hoping to find something that would help him call for help, only to find wherever he looked or searched would be nothing but a void, a void of which only leaves when he no longer sees it. He would be trapped within a cage, one which help him as a captive audience as the child he would be stuck within played with the stranger, watched as it tucked him in, and even delivered what can only be assumed to be a kiss on his forehead. It didn't leave him, however, even as the lights went out and the door closed by itself, slamming shut. The faint noises of screaming and a struggle happened outside, though he could do nothing to help as the blank space stared at him. "Ask the horse." The no-face said, the void enveloping them both in perpetual darkness. Shin awoke, his head pulsing as he groaned and sat up, holding it. He looked around only to find himself within the same room as before, with the broken shelf still standing tall, though un-climbable, and the shards of broken chair around him. The window was still above him, almost as if it were mocking him. "I am still up here, you are still down there." All Shin could do was sigh, instead focusing on the major headache he now has from the fall. He couldn't believe he was still here, still stuck with no way out, a victim to what will probably be a brutal beat-down when that man comes. "Ask the horse." He mouthed unwillingly, and just then, he realized that rather than try and take the reigns, he should instead allow what he feels to take over. The feelings within him swirled as his eyes closed, and he could hear conversation outside, but not what it was exactly. The clock was ticking until he would be too late. He only hoped what he was feeling would be the solution to his problem. wc 576 twc 5749
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    Shin knew he lost the advantage of the public-eye watching over him, and he was almost positive the shop-keep knew this as well. The backroom only had a singular high up, almost hitting the ceiling, and the space was small enough for once person, let alone two. He however appeared to entertain whatever it was the pink-haired spirit desired. Whether it was the idea of the information offered being an intriguing trade or just the inner-playfulness of his just wanting to mess around with someone, it would be clear something about the offer caught his intrigue enough for Shin to have the opportunity to find a lead. He was almost elated from this. "Have you seen a boy? One that looks somewhat younger than myself. 'Would've been running away from the Hollow attack a few days ago?" Eagerly he asked while taking a step towards the old man, almost forgetting the scowl that threatened him, almost as if it were saying "Take one more and your body is dumped." As soon as Shin backed away deeper into the room, the shop-keep's face softened as he was humored by the question, even chuckling between words. "You seriously want to trade your shoes for a missing person? You're risking getting cut up for that?!" He began to laugh, holding his sides as Shin's face began twisting, contorting his eyebrows and mouth as he bared his teeth in anger. "That person is my fucking brother!" He growled, almost losing his temper from the diminishing of value being placed on his siblings life. He fought to regain his composure however when the laughing stopped, and he was stared out more with a scowl equaling his. "I don't know where your "brother" is and I haven't seen any other trash around. You know what I did see, though?" Before Shin could stop him, the door slammed, breaking him into the realization that he had been trapped inside the small room alone, with his captor on the other side. Ctchink! The door was locked audibly, leaving Shin to immediately begin slamming his hands onto it, trying to open it. "Let me out, old man! Th-This isn't apart of the trade!" He stammered, panicking further. "What was that? You want to find those nice gentlemen that were helping you through the alley yesterday? Well oookay they should be passing through here anytime now!" Fuck. Shin wasn't sure that the small group that followed him initially would actually be that devoted to one mark, but the man he robbed definitely would. He heart raced even more as he began to panic. He had to examine he surroundings. He went silent, leaving his naive mind to instead force itself onto the room itself. The window was out of reach. A desk and chair along with the blade from earlier would be within the room, but outside of that and a barren shelf there was nothing Shin could find that would be useful. He tried scaling the smooth wall to no avail, instead just falling down each time. He even tried using the chair, only for the weathered wood underneath to break, making him land on the floor once again with a thud amidst the shattering sound of wood breaking. He got an idea, however: The shelf. Climbing it, Shin could hear the wood creak and crack beneath his weight, though he was already a solid few feet above the ground, he could possibly make it if he can just jump! Curling himself up, he would plant his feet upon the edges of the shelf and, with a deep breath, would push off as hard as he can, not expecting the shelf itself to break against his fee, the wooden boards giving way as he pushed, leaving him in mid-air with no force carrying him, falling and landing on his back and head, immobile and knocked out. wc 647 twc 5173
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    A hand was held up, the poncho draped over his arm, his green yukata revealed underneath it and two fingers stretched out towards the shop-keep. "Two shoes, two things. You owe me for my.. "donation."" Shin explained, holding his ground as he kept his eyes trained on the man, wondering if he was going to hear him out or try to shoo him away. Should it be the latter, he should work on how to grab the weapon closest to him before the man could act. His eyes darted from the walls back to the shop-keep, attempting to keep track of the man as his brow furrowed and a smirk appeared on his face, a humored short laugh escaping his mouth. The offer of a trade where one side already gave their goods was definitely an idea that confused him. Shin still held to his proposal though, ridiculous as it may be. He spotted a short club that could be just within arm's reach. If he could jump over the counter, he could grab it and use it to swiftly attack the owner. "Buddy, I already have the shoes. There's no trade going on here, and there won't be. If you want to barter go bring me something that I don't have, but 'till then.." He slowly began drawing the blade. "..fuck off." Shin still held his ground, his heart beginning to race. He still had to give this a shot. Just because someone says no the first time around doesn't mean they aren't open to the idea of it at all, it just means they need some more negotiating. He can do that, he could speak to the guy, appeal to him somehow, or at least distract him enough for an opening to appear. He wasn't going to leave here empty-handed, that's for sure. It would either be through trade or violence that he will get what he needs. "No. Two things! You're wearing the shoes right now, and I took nothing from your home, either. I just want two small things from you in return, one of which is information, and another is a gift, right from your shop." Shin responded, still un-moving as the shop-keep barged up the the counter, blade fully drawn though kept hidden behind the counter so attention wouldn't be drawn to them. His mouth shaped into a scowl as he stared the young spirit down. He seemed to look Shin over and over again, just like inside his home. He was weighing his chances against him, how fast he could deal with him so he can get back to his business. Shin watched his eyes glance behind the male and towards the rest of the street, to what he could only assume were passerby and loiterers. "Tch. Fine, come, follow." He hissed as he gestured for him to follow him, sheathing the blade he held onto, moving deeper into the shop until the two reached a door. He fumbled with a key and opened, grabbing Shin by the sleeve and bringing him inside with him. From there, he would eye the male down once more. "What do you want?" wc 526 twc 4526
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    The sun was fully out at this point, having become morning entirely. Shin still laid there, however, un-moving. He had calmed down an hour ago and his stomach grumbled but for all he cared he back to being a corpse. That was a rough morning on him, one that left him more confused and frustrated than rested, though as his feet rubbed against the stone foundation, he remembered that he had to continue his travels right away. He needed to hasten his path to the center so he can get the power needed to find Akio. Time was of the essence! Having been reminded of why he was left shoe-less in the first place, he would scramble to his feet, stretching to help loosen his aching limbs before emerging from the ally fully, rubbing his eyes as they adjusted to the life around them. "Oh these? They were donated to me, can you believe it? For free!" He overheard an all-too-familiar voice exclaim nearby. It had peaked his interest enough for Shin to go and investigate who it belonged to. His feet moved on their own, traveling and making its way towards the source of the noise. "Yeah! They're a little worn out, but these old bones'll take anything to give them a little bit of comfort." It rang closer than before, Shin's feet hungrily consuming distance as his tired form slouched from shop to shop, trying to find out which of them it belonged to. Soon enough they stopped, with him standing before what looked like a weapons store. The walls were littered with crudely-made axes and swords, clubs and knives. All of them were hastily made with the metal beaten and heat-treated with not as much care as they must've been given upon creation. Odd patterns were stained onto them, with them looking anywhere from your average weapon to metal littered with the circular wavy patterns of the heat-treat. "Oh! There he is! The one that willingly "donated" his shoes to me!" The smiling face of the crotchety old man from before emerged from some sort of backroom, sheathed blade in-hand while what could only be assumed to be a customer holding a set of tools appeared as well, clearly bartering them for the blade. As they two traded their items, the old man would keep his eye on Shin, his smile welcoming while his gaze was roused with suspicion, almost as if they were daring him to try to take any of his wares. "What're you doing here? You want your shoes back? If so..." His voice trailed off as he fiddled with a blade, unsheathing it from its hilt for a few moments before grabbing it, scabbard and all. "We might have a problem." Shin swallowed, clearing his throat as he eyed the weapon. He did want his shoes back badly, but he also didn't wish to start a fight in the middle of the street, especially when he is unarmed against a shop-keep surrounded by weapons. He knew his sandals were gone forever, placed just out of reach by a man that didn't deserve to wear them and place himself inherently above others living among him. He'd love nothing more than to deck the old man, to knock him down and steal his shoes back before running away, but chances are he'd be left worse for wear doing such a thing. No, instead, he delegated to instead do something else with the one that had left him with a grudge. He would make a trade, just like everyone else in this shitty district. wc 598 twc 4000
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    The dew-ridden long grass rustled as a younger Shin sprinted through them. He dodged and weaved between trees, a grin on his face as he would explore his surroundings, enjoying the serenity of the surrounding forest. Thick wooden towers of life stretched into the sky leaving scattered spots of sunlight decorating the overgrown ground He scampered about, climbing trees to get a better view of the lake he normally escaped everyday life to visit. Each time he would climb up to heights far too dangerous for a child he would swell with excitement as he neared his destination. He loved visiting the lack nearby, to get away from the stress inherently placed onto him every time he remained home. His ___ disapproved, of course. Things like exploration took away from ____ and left him with stupid ideas in his head. No, it wouldn't be allowed normally, to disobey ____ so easily. Every thought on the consequences for this would make his head hurt, the world around him fuzzing up almost as if he couldn't bring the sheer ideas to mind. Instead, he wouldn't think about such things, instead delegating his thoughts to his visiting the water once more. Scurrying, he could almost see it; the wall of trees he must pass through, a strong wall of nature guarding itself from the murky pool besieging it. His heartbeat ran almost as fast as he did, excited to his being able to go swimming and catch fish again. He shoes trampled grass and flowers beneath, small gnats swarmed him, confused by this new animal running through their home, irritated from its intruding on their own slumber. He made one final push, leaving the insects and the grass behind, the trampled flowers left to either rise again or to be replaced, the trees rushing towards him until he burst by, jumping the border and landing right before the small dip before the water, his feet landing upon the edge, where he stood there. His grin slowly drained and his eyebrows raised in confusion. He was left curious, and yet confused. There would already be a shadowy creature staring back at him, a figure that silhouetted itself from the child's sight. He couldn't make out who this was, or what it even was. It had the shape of a person, and yet didn't look like the part. Not a single person he had met ever had such an appearance or lack thereof, and none could stand so far out on the lake like that. The two met the gaze of the other, and while Shin was left confused by the sight of the being, the things glowing orbs for eyes would quiver until he began thrashing around like a wild animal caught in a trap. Shin grew concerned for the thing, even going as far as trying to go into the water so he may help it, his hand outstretched so it could possibly reach out and grab it, only for it to go from slowly thrashing to outright trying to run in the other direction. The more he reached, the more it struggled to get away, until eventually it would force itself entirely under the water again, leaving the boy for some reason tearing up. He awoke, screaming from his small hiding place, striking his hand against the wall next to him and rubbing some skin off his knuckled. His heart raced as he sat there, holding his hand as the sun slowly rose. Deep breaths, in and out, slowing of the heart. He was okay, he was safe. a headache and a slightly injured hand were all that came of whatever that was. He was back to present-day. As he calmed himself, he would outstretch his body slowly, laying down half-exposed to the alley he occupied, looking up at the cloudy sky above with half-lidded eyes. "....fuck." wc 642 twc 3402
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    Updates: Bount, Fullbringer, Hollow, Quincy, Shinigami Area of Effect and Multi-targeting - In an effort to help the mods keep the forum a bit cleaner and track of the actual active characters we have add the Important warning to the Bount, Fullbringer, Hollow, Quincy, Shinigami threads in their respective reiryoku ability sections, ask the mod team for any clarifications; (shinigami example below) IMPORTANT! Area of Effect or Multiple target Kidō: Each kido has an area that effects it or mentions being able to target more than one target. In order to target more than the initial target you may spend another Combat Action per additional Target. Captain Level Kido automatically targets up to 2 as they require a minimum of 2 combat actions. So the max targets can be 4 (unless you gain additional combat actions) if all combat actions are used, each of those targets have to deal with the effects as if they were the only one targeted. Example: Oriru uses Hado #99 to target 4 people by giving up 4 combat moves (2 for the captain level kido +2 more for 2 additional targets). Each one will have to deal with Hado 99 as if it was directed to only them individually. ------------------------------------ Upcoming updates: Clarification on slots for racial techniques/custom kido updates to other races Non-release abilities/skills (quincy and bount possibly are next) continued rule clarification and updates.
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    The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the room as Yusei eases into a chair. It had been a few weeks since he began his training with Jin. In order to maximize his training, Yusei had temporarily moved into one of the many spare bedrooms Jin had in his mansion. Ayumi would occasionally stop by to visit but was mostly preoccupied with running the day to day operations at Noir. During his training, Yusei's spiritual pressure had increased dramatically since he started, his power being unrecognizable compared to before. For the moment, he was taking a well deserved break to relax and reflect. After taking a sip of the warm beverage to his side, he begins to read a book given to him by Jin. This book contained all of the knowledge Jin had on the supernatural entities of the world. From Shinigami to Hollow, every race and what they could accomplish was covered. Yusei methodical scanned the Quincy sections hoping to see if he could find something that would help him shake that feeling he got when he fought. Every time he fired his bow, he felt...wrong. This fighting style was wrong for him at least. He did come across a primitive ability the Quincy used called Letzt Stil, but even that would not be beneficial to him. “There has to be another way...” Yusei thought to himself. As the Quincy continues to lose himself in the book, he is startled by approaching footsteps. The footsteps, gradually becoming a sprint, becomes louder before they stop at the entrance. Glancing upward, Yusei sees Jin's butler standing in front of him, completely out of breath. “Master Kinoshita, We are in need of your assistance.” “What is it?” “Sir, it's Master Jin. He has gotten into some trouble downstairs in his training room. He was creating an experiment to help the both of you do some training. This experiment had elements of hollow as well as Quincy. However, the experiment broke out before he could finish it. It took him by surprise and knocking him out cold. Before he was rendered unconscious, he managed to trap it inside. You must help the young master.” Yusei sighs as he rises up from his chair, placing the book on the nightstand beside him. “That fool. Why would he make something like that? Now he is at the mercy of his own creations? Poetic Justice. As much as I would love to relish this, I suppose I should help.” Picking up his jacket, Yusei slips it on and calmly walks out of the room. His footsteps echo as he walks throughout the long hallway, eventually stopping in front of a candle hanging on the wall. Pulling the candle down, a secret passageway opens and grants him passage inside. The Quincy begins to descend the long stairwell in front of him, the light getting dimmer and dimmer with each step. Upon his nearing the middle of the stairs, a large explosion could be heard. Finally deciding that time is of the essence, Yusei sprints down the bottom of the steps eventually coming to the large door. From the cracks of the door, smoke could be seen billowing, a clear sign something bad was going on. Mentally preparing himself, Yusei heads inside as smoke engulfs him. The smoke began to clear as Yusei spots Jin laying against the rubble. Running up to him, he began to inspect the seriousness of his injuries. A few cuts and bruises and a couple of broken ribs but he would be fine. The smoke began to thicken once more prompting Yusei to turn on the ventilation. As the smoke finally settled, Yusei took that opportunity to examine the room. Broken glass and machinery lay askew on the ground, but oddly enough there was no sign of the experiment. His ears perked up as he heard a loud crash follow by a slow methodical screeching. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard, slowly getting louder and closer. Turning around, Yusei finds himself staring face to face with an approaching figure. A golden humanoid sized figure lumbering towards him, his footsteps now booming. Beaming red eyes staring directly through Yusei as if he wasn't even there. As Yusei stood up, he sees that the creature in front of him was near double his size. The Quincy glared back, his heart pounding out of his chest. The creature stops in front of Yusei staring at him inquisitively. “You must be the other. Get out of my way Quincy. The creator draws his last breath today.” “So this one is sentient. Well, as much as I may want it, I can't let you kill him. Not yet at least.” “You have no idea what I am capable of. If you won't move then you will die along with him.” The creature's hand begins to glow as it clutches Yusei's throat. With its immense strength, it tosses Yusei across the room with ease. The Quincy lands against the wall with a sickening thud, slumping down to the floor below. The creature returns his attention towards the unconscious Jin, his hand glowing once more. As he reaches for Jin's limp body, an arrow knocks it away. The creature turns around to see Yusei standing, bow drawn and trained to his head. “I'll say this once more. Step away from Jin. Your fight is with me now.” The creature's red eyes began to glow a darker shade as it turns to face its next victim. Its eyes began to drift, the same energy that surrounds its hand quickly surrounding its entire person. It lurched towards Yusei, the energy spiraling and growing more chaotic. As it walks, the right arm begins to bubble and bulge. Gradually, the arm begins to warp as it fashions into a golden cannon. It stops its forward movement, the golden energy around it finally bristling outward. It was at the very moment where Yusei finally felt it. This entire time, he never felt even the slightest spiritual pressure from it. It was as if the creature was not even there, nothing came from him. Now all at once, he felt the overwhelming power the creature gave off. Was it just him suppressing his power or was the gap between them really that far? The sheer power from it was almost enough to bring the Quincy to his knees. It felt as if his entire being was being compressed and crushed by the power of an entire ocean above him. However, with all of this power, it seemed rather familiar. It was at that moment, Yusei had figured it out. The power he felt was none other than Jin's. How did this creature have Jin's spiritual pressure and why was it so dense? There seemed to be something else mingled within Jin's spiritual pressure, that of the hollow from before as well as Yusei's own. “I see you have finally noticed what my power is. I can absorb and replicate any and all abilities in the world. Any powers I see can and will be mine. Right down to the spiritual pressure that makes it up. That is what the creator wished for me...but it's not enough. Why should I be subjected to follow his orders if my powers overshadow his own. That's when I decided to revolt and terminate the creator. Then I would be able to reign free and find my purpose. You are in the way of that and as such you must be terminated as well.” The creature raises its hand, the golden energy radiating from it. “Now...remove yourself from my presence.” In that instant, the creature releases a powerful wave of energy in Yusei's direction. The Quincy barely has time to react as he leaps upward and narrowly avoids it. “Damn, its fast. This is going to be more trouble than I anticipated.” Turning around, Yusei fires off a powerful volley of arrows, all aimed at the creature's head. Instead of avoiding or making any type of bodily movement, the creature just stares at the incoming arrows. Its eyes soon glow a brighter red as its cannon-like arm moves up, aiming directly towards the arrows. In a bright flash of gold, the cannon fires off an array of arrows much like Yusei's own. Each arrow hits one another, eventually canceling out the lot of them. “What the hell? You fire arrows now?” “You are dense I take it? As I mentioned before, I can absorb and replicate any abilities. For the small sample of reiatsu I acquired from you and the large amount I got from the creator, I know all of your techniques.” Undeterred by this, Yusei fires off another volley of arrows, these meeting the same fate as before. “I already said this was a pitiful attempt and a waste of your powers. At your current level of power you would not even begin to make a dent even if I chose not to cancel them.” The Quincy smirks a bit as he lands down along the ground. “Not at my current power level huh? Perhaps it's time I stop holding back.” With a grunt, Yusei releases the full extent of his spiritual pressure, a light blue aura surrounding him. “You held back quite a bit of power. An impressive feat but it is of minimal concern to me. As mentioned before I...” The creature is cut off by a nick forming across its face. Black liquid drips down from the wound as the creature lightly touches its face. Staring intently at the liquid on its hand, it glances at Yusei. “Your speed has increased by more than I originally calculated. A slight adjustment and that will be corrected. Count your blessings that your attack has struck me, it shall not do so again.” Giving a light chuckle, Yusei disappears using Hirenkyaku, reappearing near the creature's side. His bow disappears as he quickly pulls out a training weapon given to him by Jin, the Seele Schneider. He sends some of his energy into the weapon as it forms a small blade. Angling it perfectly, the Quincy proceeds to deliver a downward strike on the creature's attempting to take it by surprise. It leaps backwards at the last second, showing a testament to its speed. “So you've decided to abandon the traditional method for a more direct approach? As you wish, though the results will still be the same.” The golden energy coats the creature once more as its cannon arm begins to change its shape. A humming sound soon echoes throughout the area as the cannon has changed to that of an exact copy of a Seele Schneider. The creature fades from sight, appearing towards Yusei's side delivering a horizontal slash. The Quincy narrowly dodges the strike, a slight portion of his hair being cut in the process. The two charge towards one another, the resulting clash from their weapons sends a shock-wave across the room. They stood at a dead stalemate, neither one of them giving an inch of resistance. The creature lifts its arm up, the golden energy swirling around it before firing off a concussion blast. The attack hits Yusei in the chest, sending him flying backwards into the adjacent wall. Yusei holds his chest in pain as the creature lurches forward, dragging his blade against the ground. “This building will be your resting ground. I will grant you and the creator death's release.” WC: 1,912 1,500/1,912 [Seele Schneider Obtained]
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    The songs of insets and birds complemented Masato’s humming as he stood knee deep in the rocky, shallow river of the forest. In his right hand was a durable yet flexible twig, which he picked from one of the many trees he passed on his way. With it, he intended to catch some fish, in quite the unorthodox way. His aching bones and growling stomach hadn’t the patience to fish conventionally, rather, he planned to use the twig as a whip to swat any aquatic creature he deemed appetizing. It didn’t take long for his prey to present itself; a pike feeding close to the creek’s bank. With the twig raised over his left shoulder, readied to strike, Masato would walk diligently and cease his humming as to not scare off his breakfast. With a concentrated swing of the twig, he struck the pike just near its gills. Ideally, the fish’s meat would remain intact from the hit, but with a gross miscalculation of his own strength, Masato would accidentally whip his prey’s head clean off. His eyes halved with disappointment from his lack of control. “Of course.” He muttered before picking up what remained of his pike. He would resume his humming as he left the river and walked closer to his campsite. With each of Masato’s barefoot steps into the wet mossy ground, his new catch dangled slightly. Despite the toughness of Masato soles, there was still a painful discomfort of stepping onto the wrong object, perhaps a splinter or some thorns, so the majority of his attention was placed on the ground just ahead of him. “Hmm.” Masato would temporarily halt his humming again, as he noticed the sudden silence of the forest he sung with. He paused to observe his surroundings. And after a brief period of complete silence, the forest’s songs returned, and so too did his walking, At his new chosen campsite which, as of now, was merely some flatten dirt, Masato made a fire using the Ferro rod he brought in his backpack. He couldn’t find his father’s large bag with all their shared cooking tools, so he resorted to simple grill after filleting his pike. As he ate his breakfast, he contemplated the type of shelter he’d make. The thought of returning to Karakura had crossed his mind the moment he woke up, but if Azami and his father left him in here, he assumed there was at least a decent reason why. With that in mind, he prepared and planned for the long term, with the possibility that he might be staying in this forest for weeks, if not months. Despite the myriad of tasks he mentally listed for himself, Masato was of clear mind to break things into smaller manageable bites. This meant starting with a simple shelter, then building upon it later, as he saw fit. Masato tidied his campsite by clearing more of the debris in the flat areas he intended to sleep on. Then he ventured for wooden logs to serve as poles, rolled up bundles of moos, and dead tree branches nearby. The pole would make up the framing to his Wicki-up. The moos blocked the wind and rain, and formed a bedding. And the branches prevented the moos from sliding down the poles. By digging a hole nearby the river, the earth would naturally filter the water to make it drinkable, Though Masato still decided to boil the water and let it cool before consuming it. With those basic necessities covered, Masato could rest easy, and focus on the true reason he came to the forest. He resumed the consistent training regimen of his father, by steadily releasing a concentrated stream of his own Reiatsu to practice control. Meditating, working out, or hunting, he was always practicing control of his strength, rather than increasing it. To Be Continued WC: 640
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    Hinode made his way through the city, as he always does, and took the time to enjoy the scenery of the city, as he always has. Today was no different that almost any other day as he took the gentle route through the night that lead him to the place that he found comfort in most of his days. The distance grew close as the great mansion was brought forth to his vision with the great Victorian gates coming into clear view. Upon arriving at the gate his attention was brought to the intercom device next to the walkway path and, after looking over at the roadway where the vehicle entrance was, brought his hand to the system pressing a series of buttons. A few seconds later a buzzing sound was heard and the tall gate made a clicking noise and released from the frame of the entrance slightly. He pushed forward moving the door but being sure to close it behind him before he continued along the walkway. It was always an enjoyable journey going through the manor field in front and simply taking in the gentle vegetation that had grown and been tended to by the landscaping company. This was the place that he had the chance to call a home away from home, despite the fact that he had his main place of residence be attached to the clinic, this was the location where he would gather most of his essentials. Upon reaching the door he brought his hand to knock on the old, yet certainly restored, wooden door. A few second passed before the door opened to reveal an elderly male in full formal tux with his white gloved hand extended in a formal stance. "Ah, Master Yoake." He turned to give space for Hinode to enter the mansion, "Good to see you Therion. I assume Rachel is here then?" Therion closed the door behind Hinode and gently secured the door, "Yes, Madam Rachel is currently meeting with Lord Gahdrazzar." Hinode simply nodded as he turned to face Therion with a puzzled glance, "If you would like, you may wait in the study and I shall bring you something to refresh yourself." With a smile, Hinode nodded, "That would be great." "I will inform Lord Gahdrazzar that you have arrived." Both of them went separate directions with Hinode heading towards the study glancing at the pictures along the wall that holds various people that he recognized with Gahdrazzar being scattered around throughout various decades and, by some that are certainly recreations as opposed to pictures, centuries as well. The many lives that Hinode lived pale in comparison to the value that Gahdrazzar had accumulated and there was a certain amount of respect that he obtained. It is one thing to simply live as long as he has being that their kind do not face death through time, but to have gone through so many conflicts with the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and even the humans of the world of the living and remain a survivor. To predate the existence of Vlad Tepes, who was believed to have been the first of their kind, is a feat all on its own. He arrived in the study, a gently decorated space with chairs and musical instruments all around. As soon as he took a seat in one of the chairs, "Here you are Master Yoake." Therion stood besides Hinode with an intricate black goblet with a white raven jewel embedded into the cup upon a silver platter. The young doctor provided a nod, "Thank you Therion." He took the cup and took note of the shimmering green color of the fluid inside, "This is a sample from Madam Rachel's personal collection; a human with hollowed nature, although incomplete to add the imperfection to the flavor." "Nothing pure?" He jested, "I could acquire one of the pure samples, but I would require permission to serve such a taste for a guest of the manor." "I was only kidding Therion, this is fine. I am not one to divulge deeply in the consumption too much. I do appreciate this." With that he took a decent drink from his glass as his body gave a faint jade green glow for a moment before fading. "Excellent Sir, if there is nothing else you require I shall return to Madam Rachel." Hinode gave a nod and Therion departed from the room. "Fun guy." Hinode took another drink from his glass, "This is really good." WC: 751 Soul Charge: +1 (1)
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    Welcome to the PANZER Clinic! WC --> 2700 The sun had just started to break over the horizon to start the day and it was a wonderful introduction of the day as the young Shifuku Teien as he rode his bike through the streets of Karakura Town. He rode with a clear sign of enthusiasm while his headphones remain fixed upon his head blasting a recent artist that dropped. Quickly he pulled on the breaks as he hit a sharp turn with his bike tilting at a ridiculous angle shifting around the corner out of a familiar habit before pushing off the ground with his gloved hand to shift him back into the appropriate posture. There was a determined focus as he continued to accelerate with a smile on his face. His golden-brown hair was visible under his helmet due to the medium length as he finally let up on his speed and pulled up in front of a small storefront location. The clear sigh on the front brought a smile to his face as he got off his bike, "PanZer Clinic" and removed his helmet as he secured his bike to the small bike rack to the right of the face of the building. The banner hanging beneath the sign just about the door was gently flowing in the wind, "Natural Medicine, Spiritual Healing" as he approached the front door with his bag slung over his shoulder and keys ready. He took the time to unlock the door and take the signs tucked behind the front entrance and placed them outside. Most of them explaining that the clinic offers expanses health care and accepts all cases, no matter the situation. Also, other promotional materials were displayed before he entered the main area to see a small waiting room with a few chairs. He took the time to place all of the appropriate reading materials and placed them throughout the receptionist area before going through the door leading to the back area. Teien was meticulous in double-checking that all of the medical tools were available and prepared for the day before making his way to the receptionist's desk. His finger pressed the power button on the monitor to activate the system and while the display was getting power, he took the time to set up space the way that he liked it. Several minutes went by as Teien continued to prepare the clinic as the front door opened signified by the sound of the bell ringing above the door. Teien brought his attention to the door while speaking, "So sorry, the clinic isn't-" He stopped mid-speech as he saw the blond woman wearing her professional clothing while carrying her personal bag. "Oh, Doctor Nikoli, didn't expect you for at least another thirty minutes." He smiled as he spoke to her. "I wanted to review some files I left here last night, but carry on Teien." She continued through the front area through the back and made her way through one of the doors with a name tag seemingly set on by tape, "Ashley Nikoli" before she closed the door behind her. It was an immaculate office with a bookshelf full of medical research, her file cabinet for all files she wanted to refer to, not to mention the organized desk with her paperwork, writing utensils, and other office supplies along with the picture of her family; her husband and daughter. The next thirty minutes were simple as Nikoli continued to go through her case files and Teien completed his morning set up and had enough time to bring out his textbook from school which was focused on medical studies. Once more the bell rang this morning, and Teien glanced over with a smile and a warm speech, "Welcome to the PanZer Clinic." A woman made her way through the door with her N95 mask on, "Good morning Ms. Takishima, punctual as always." Although it was not clearly visible it was clear that she was smiling beneath the mask, "Go ahead and fill this out real quick and I will let Dr. Nikoli know that you are here." She nodded taking the clipboard from the young man and made her way to sit down with pen in hand. He lifted up from the desk and approached Nikoli's office, "Doctor?" He proceeded to knock with three raps. "Yes, Teien?" "Ms. Takishima is here for her appointment." "Punctual as always. Set her up in the first examination room and I will be there shortly." He left her door and went back to his desk just as Ms. Takishima was approaching with her paperwork. "Perfect. If you make your way back here I will take you to your examination room." She nodded as she made her way to the door and Teien proceeded to escort her to the examination room, a simple yet elegant room, "Dr. Nikoli will be with you shortly." With a smile, he closed the door, turned the dial on the room from Vacant to Occupied and placed her medical board in the dock by the door and returned to the reception desk. When he got there the room held another occupant that was holding his left arm to his right bicep and it was clear that he was bleeding. "Sir!" Teien quickly got around the doorway and approached him, "You need to go to a hospital." The man shook his head, "A hospital won't be enough." Teien shook his head in disbelief, "I assure you that a hospital will be more than enough." "Listen, are you a doctor?" There was a pause as Teien shook his head again, "No, I'm the nurse but I can-" "Then get me a doctor to talk to." The man was clearly in pain yet his face showed the remorse, "Please. I heard the doctor here can work miracles." Teien took a moment, "Besides, doesn't the clinic accept all cases no matter the situation?" Teien nodded, "One moment." Then left to head to the back area and noticed that Nikoli's office was open but she was not in there. He turned down the hall and saw that she was approaching Ms. Takishima's room, "Dr. Nikoli." She paused and glanced over, "Yes Teien?" He took a moment to compose the thoughts for an appropriate description of the situation, "There is a man with what appears to be a laceration on his right arm, and from I was able to see it appears to be pretty severe due to the depth and potential arterial nick." "Well advise him to head to the hospital, this is not an emergency room." "I did, but he was adamant about seeing a doctor here." She sighed, "We have a clear and concise operation, appointments take priority so I will take care of Ms. Takishima, so see if Dr. Yoake is available." She turned to enter the room, "You want me to bother Dr. Yoake...?" There was a clear hesitation. "If he is so determined to see a Doctor here, he has to follow the steps. He will fill out the new patient form, you will take him to one of the available rooms, and then drop his case with Dr. Yoake. I have another appointment showing up soon if they aren't already arriving, so I don't have time to divert today because Dr. Yoake wants to remain in his office." With that, she opened the door, "Good morning Ms. Takishima, how are the antibiotics working." She closed the door behind her leaving Teien on his own. He went back to the reception area to see the man still sitting there and a second male in the area staring at the bleeding man. "Mr. Ikanawa?" The second man was snapped out of his trance and brought his attention to Teien, "Yes." He stood up and approached the desk, "Is that man okay?" Teien gave a playful frown, "Ikanawa, you know that we can't talk about other patients." He placed the paperwork on the desk, "Fill these out." He handed Ikanawa the paperwork, "Sir?" The bleeding man looked up and nodded as he struggled to get up and approached the desk. "I stand by my advisement that you should go to the emergency room of the Hospital." "I stand by my desire to speak with a Doctor of this Clinic." With a sigh, "Fill out this New Patient form then. The Doctor will be unable to see you without you registering as a patient with us." The man gave a look of disbelief, "The doctor made it clear, otherwise, I will remind you that the Hospital is prepared to receive emergency cases such as this." The man took the paperwork, "I honestly doubt they are prepared for a case such as this." He sat down and proceeded to fill out the paperwork, but it was clear that it was going to be a challenge since he appeared to be dominantly right-handed. Teien took the time to hop on his computer and check the criminal database and see if this man was registered under any system which seemed to be the logical reason that he would refuse a hospital. The wound was not a gunshot wound, so there wouldn't be a need to report the incident to the police but still. After some deep research, he was unable to connect the man to any criminal database as he approached with a paper filled out with poor penmanship and bloody drips and fingerprints scattered across the parchment. "May I see a doctor now?" Teien took a moment to look the paperwork over, "Yes Mr. Kanado." He motioned towards the door and moved to open it so that Kanado would not get any blood on the door handle and escorted him to a vacant room. "Have a seat and Dr. Yoake will be with you shortly." With that, he switched the door from Vacant to Occupied, placed the initial document in the rack, and made his way down the hall stopping at a door with the words "Doctor Hinode Yoake" carved crudely into the wood of the door. He took the medical information provided and set it in the rack of the Doctor by the door and turned around. Not a second after his body completed the spin had the door opened slightly, the sound of the rack being hit before the paperwork was pulled and Teien turned to see the cracked door, "What is it?" His tone was certainly disappointed with the air of sadness and perhaps boredom. Teien simply responded, "Dr. Nikoli told me to advise you." He paused for a moment before a tattooed hand appeared from the crack of the door and waved him off. Moments later the room of Kanado opened, "Finally a Doc-" His words stopped at the sight of the five-foot-three young man that stepped into the room wearing a black short sleeve Changshan variation and without a shirt underneath revealing the tattoos all along his arms and torso. The mostly black hair with silver tips was matching the soft grey color of his eyes. At first glance, this small lean man appeared to be a child. "This has to be a joke." "The only joke is the fact that I have a Quincy walk into my clinic, disturb my nurse attendant." The man was started as the look of surprise came across his face. The young man continued, obviously annoyed at the fact that he was in the room, "You were foolish enough to try and fight a hollow at such a low skill level and you bit off more than you can chew, or I guess the hollow bit off more than you thought." He continued to speak as he went to sanitize his hands, put on gloves and set up the medical examination room. "Now Teien will have to clean the blood you left in my waiting room-" "Your waiting room?" The young doctor got his stethoscope and proceed to place it on the man's back, "Deep breaths. Yes, my waiting room. I am Dr. Hinode Yoake, owner and head medical professional at PanZer Clinic." He continued to move the stethoscope before grabbing a light and plier. "I don't understand-" His words were interrupted when Dr. Yoake forced a plier like tool to grip the tongue of Kanado and pulled while using his light. "No, you don't understand. That is why you are here because I do." Following that, he turned the head of Kanado forcefully and used his light to check the ears of the man. "Otherwise you would be standing here investigating the health of an idiot." "I'm not an-" Dr. Yoake placed his hand on the mouth of the man and pulled his face closer while placing the light at his eyes, "You are. Trust me. I'm a Doctor." He released the man, "If you went to the hospital the moment you got the injury, they could have treated the wound and THEN I could have salvaged the arm." "What?" "I just checked your ears, you aren't deaf. Your arm is infected and it has spread pretty bad. As a Quincy, your spiritual energy is degrading and because of that, your body can't physically fight the infection which means you are likely to die. So I will remove the arm." "You ca-" His mouth was stuffed with a small bundle of gloves as vines appeared from his right hand and secured the man to the bench. A sweet aroma filled the air as the man struggled for a few moments before passing out. "Much better." With the man no longer moving, Dr. Yoake formed a small knife-like tool in his left hand that appeared like a diamond in structure. He cut into the wound and used his right hand to form root-like structures that dug into the open wound. He moved his right fingers like he was controlling a puppet as the body of the man started to convulse. "Aye, don't die on me." The roots continued to move through the body of the man causing them to bulge slightly from his skin. The wound slowly began to leak a dark green fluid as a small diamond bowl formed on the ground to catch the fluid. A few more minutes later the roots began to recede back to his right hand and attached to the unique wooden bracelet on his right hand. He placed his left hand on the wound as crystals appeared using the blood of the wound to seal it. The crystals cracked and shattered revealing a closed wound with a fresh scar as the crystals and diamonds returned to his left hand and concentrated on the jewel of his ring on his middle finger. Slowly he leaned over, "Now for payment." He leaned closer to the man and did a slow inhale as the natural energy of the man seemed to manifest as a stream that was being inhaled by the Doctor. He pulled away as his eyes shifted to vibrant red color and the grey of his hair darkened so only the tips remained colored. He used his pink to reach into his teeth revealing his sharp canine as it started to retreat back into a standard canine tooth. Suddenly the man jumped up in a fit of panic. "What the hell?" The Doctor released his lips and shrugged, "Infection is gone, the arm is still there." He turned around and proceeded to leave, "Check in with Teien to schedule a follow-up." He departed the room and went down the hallway. Dr. Nikoli noticed Dr. Yoake as he walked through the hallway, "How was the patient?" Dr. Yoake smiled as he opened his office and turned to look at her, "Not bad, a little bland in terms of flavor but just as filling." He closed the door behind him, "I never know what that man is talking about." She noticed the man walking out of the room just as Teien turned to see the man a little confused but grateful as he approached Teien, "I see the Doctor worked another one of his miracles."
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    "Anything to say for yourself?" Shin asked the fallen district leader. A part of him still wanted him to spare the man, even after what had happened. It didn't want him to lose the innocence he would lose from his very first murder with his own hands. He could see it still, the him he was inside that flashback, that beaten child. He could see him cling to The Speaker as he glared up at his executioner. He stared into his own eyes, seeing the terrified gaze of his younger self meet him. The one next to him, The Speaker, breathed in and our slowly. "You'd make a fine Shinigami." With that, Shin blocked up the portion of him that wanted to spare The Speaker. He flinched for but a moment as his younger self stepped in front of the fallen spirit, as if you use himself as a shield. Shin slashed upwards, cutting through his innocence, dragging his blade through the bloodied yellow robes of his enemy, ending his existence in Rukongai and freeing the 52nd District from his cult. The body of the cult leader fell into the pit, falling deeper into the abyss as Shin watched on, only to hear the yelping of what sounded like some sort of animal from below. "Yotami!" He yelled, snapping out of his trance, immediately panicking as he hurried his way down below. He had to go and rescue his friend right away, to let him know they had won and that they can all leave this place together. They can go find somewhere better to live than this district. Shin as his eagerly navigated his way down the rocks thought about living with Yotami and his brother after his brother recovers fully. They all four can live far away in peace, where they cannot be hurt anymore. They won't have to be chained to anything anymore, or suffer from anyone else. Shin could finally get his friend and actually have a shot at a happy ending! His hopes were dashed when he reached the bottom of the pit. There he would find Yotami, buried under the un-moving body of his mutilated brother, the impaled and broken body of The Speaker on top of him. Shin immediately felt the strength drain from his body as pain and fatigue took its place, tears beginning to stream down from his eyes as he gazed the grizzly sight. "No.. I wasn't fast enough." He said, collapsing to his knees. He had lost yet another person he had grown to care for, yet another Akio from evil he can't protect him from. He was a failure. "Boy.." He heard a weak voice call for him, seeing Yotami had moved his head slightly, his teeth closed and his eyes tired. Immediately Shin tried scrambling to his feet, running over to his heavily injured friend, only to fall down to all fours. He would still crawl, dragging himself foot by foot to the pile, where he would immediately begin to try to lift the two bodies off of him. To his surprise, however, Yotami's incapacitated brother immediately tried to bite as Shin, making the younger spirit fall back and scramble for his blade. "Don't worry Yotami, I'll save you!" He exclaimed, grabbing his blade and turning towards his friend. "No, I don't want to be saved. I just want to rest, to be at peace with my brother." As he spoke, three small silhouettes appeared, approaching the two dying spirits. Now Shin wasn't the only one to see them, those alley kids from across the street, with painted masks and chest plates made from stolen wooden signs. Shin could hear his friend give a gurgled chortle. "It's real, the folklore. When you see death after death, you can see three small spirits, ready to guide you into the next life. My time comes, boy. Please.. give my brother some peace." "Yotami? Yotami?!" Shin called out for his friend to no avail. There would be no response as the corpse of his friend further slumped over the still-living brother. The 3 spirits stepped closer, almost in touching distance of Yotami's brother. Shin, silently watching the 3, immediately understood. It was his turn. With considerable effort, the young spirit would get to the injured spirit, holding the whining remains of what was once a person on his lap. There would be no biting, no lashing out. It was calm and all Shin could take from that was that it understood what was coming. when he raised his blade, the beast tried lashing out, though Shin repeated the same thing Yotami did, shushing him calmly, brushing a hand along the top of his head. When he quieted down, Shin pierced his blade into the back of the creature's neck, severing his spin completely. Yotami's brother rested, un-moving, while Shin himself watched the 3 spirits return to the darkness, leaving him completely alone in a pit of dead friends and enemies. It would be a few weeks after the fight occurred. Shin had managed to climb his way out of the pit, leaving the others behind, where he was able to receive medical care back in town. Thankfully the two guards refused to speak about what had happened, instead claiming they were attacked by bandits. Shin didn't know why they would do that for him, but was thankful nonetheless. The only thing he had to do in exchange was leave the first second he was better. He held up his own end of the bargain a day after being discharged, immediately making his way out of the 52nd District. He would take one look back and silently vow to never come back to this place before making his way onward, continuing his search for his brother, and his journey to the Gotei 13. wc 972 twc 11,381 [end thread]
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    Shin could see The Speaker's face twist with anger as he drew his own blade. The two once again began to circle each other, though now on more equal footing than before. It was obvious Shin had the stronger spiritual presence of the two, and yet was far less experienced with the blade. The blows that were meant to be lethal on the two guards only left them wounded and incapacitated, for example. The Speaker had the weaker presence, and yet was far more experienced. "You know, boy, you shouldn't get confident. Before I took over this dump and made it start to get better I was an unseated officer of the Gotei 13. That's right, I was trained to know how to fight with a sword. You don't have a chance, even if you learned how a blade works recently." "Shut up!" Shin immediately demanded, charging in and locking blades with the elder spirit. He was sick of the talk, the cruelty, the admission to desertion because he was power hungry. Shin was sick of seeing this trash further make himself irredeemable. The lock immediately went against his favor, however, as The Speaker immediately placed his weight towards Shin, using his height to his advantage, leaving the physically weaker spirit having to press up towards the leader. Shin tried narrowing the lock, attempting to lean his blade more towards his enemy. If he can even just nick the shoulder of The Speaker, the small tinge of pain should hopefully knock him off guard. Unfortunately, as Shin rotated his blade, his enemy immediately slid it along the edge, attempting to cut Shin right as his hands and fingers. Thankfully it was stopped by the guard just long enough for the younger spirit to retreat back. "When you came up by yourself, does that mean the smith died? I sure hope so." Again the two closed in, swinging and parrying the attacks of the other, only for The Speaker to lightly cut Shin on his thigh before Shin could use his greater agility to back away again. He could feel the anger within him grow from the taunt, though he was able to steel himself again. "Did he recognize his precious brother? Y'know, I went after him first because he was so ugly." The enemy taunted once more, prompting Shin to charge in again, swinging his blade sloppily overhead to attempt to strike The Speaker in the skull. Thankfully, however, at the last moment Shin stepped just before it happened, seemingly flickering in front of The Speaker, where he returned to place after his blade didn't connect, allowing Shin to land a direct blow directly on the robed torso of the con, his large belt cut away and a larger tear on the yellow robe exposing the wound underneath. "How dare you!" The enemy was driven into a frenzy, immediately responding with heavy yet fast swings from different directions, furiously striking Shin's blade with another force to cause the handle to rub against the inside of his hands. "You dare strike me! Me?! You should be jumping into that fucking pit when I tell you to. You should-" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "-be thanking God you're even allowed to breathe around me. You fucking little shit! I'm going to beat you with that fucking stick until you bleed!" A large faceless person in casual short-sleeved shirt and jeans would slowly approach the young boy, his faceless head peering down at Shin with fury untold. The young boy only had his stick to fend off the monster with, and as a result tried his best to, swinging it wildly at the beast of a man with fear in his eyes as he would slowly back away. Unfortunately for Shin, the game's over. Immediately the large hand would wrap around his thin neck, carrying him high up into the air and then slamming him down with full force. The child laid there, the feeling of blood in the back of his throat as he looked helplessly up towards the stranger, the stolen branch lifted over his head. He swung it down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Immediately the pink-haired spirit rolled away from the blade driving itself into the dirt where he once was, where he immediately got to his feet, sword in hand. He was dazed, though he still kept his guard up. The Speaker once again went for a swing, only for Shin to meet his blow, locking blades once more. "I hope your brother is alive. After you're gone, when he comes looking for you, I'm going to feed him to my Hollow. I'll make sure to tell him it was you that did this to him too." With that, Shin's senses returned to normal, a roar released as he broke the lock between him and The Speaker, where he began aggressively swinging at the older spirit, closing in distance while The Speak attempted to fend off the frenzy. "No more!" He declared as after a specific block he immediately went and cut the left arm of his enemy, causing him to yelp in pain as he fought with only one hand. "No more threats! No more taunts!" He further continued his swinging, his arms burning as his lungs began begging him to breathe. Still though, he persisted, even delivering a swift kick to The Speaker's knee just like how he struck Shin's back at the home, sending his enemy to the ground before the pit. "No more tormenting Yotami!" With that, he disarmed the villain, leaving him at the mercy of a the blade belonging to Shin, that same blade that rolled from trees refused to roll from defying this monster. The Speaker has been defeated, they had won. wc 951 twc 10,409
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    Shin looked from the creature to Yotami, confused. How can a Hollow look just like him?! It had to be a Hollow, right? Why would there be white spikes sticking out all over his body like that? Why was he feasting on other spirits? Looking back at the creature, Shin couldn't stand it any longer. With a shaky hand, he picked up the blade again, waving it in front of him towards this abomination. The creature responded with a scream; one loud enough to make Shin immediately drop his blade again, holding his hands to his ears just so he can keep some semblance of the noise out. His eyes closed and then he felt himself get pulled away before something crashed against the rocky wall behind them. Opening his eyes as the scream ended, Shin could see the spiked monster was on top of Yotami, biting into the arm of the blacksmith as he held the creature by the neck and head, looking at the younger spirit with empty eyes. "He was my brother. I would do anything for the little bald bastard just like you would for yours." He would tighten his hold on the false Hollow. "That monster came into town one day, and my brother disappeared. I learned about the Hollow a year later, was told he was forming some kind of militia to fight the Hollow, so I gave them all the weapons and scrap metal I could. I thought that thing ate him, ate the last thing I loved in this world. Instead.." His voice trailed off as his mutilated brother struggled against him, some of the painted metal poking Yotami, stabbing him and causing him to groan deeply, refusing to let go. "He showed me "The Hollow," said I would find out eventually anyway, and if I ever shared the truth, I'll be the next "Hollow."" The creature started a low growl that mixed itself with a whine, almost as if it were trying to both call for help and threaten the one that held it. Yotami brushed one hand over the top of his head, silently shushing him. "Please, boy. Kill that monster, before he does anything else. Send him to Hell." The pink-haired spirit looked solemnly at the two, his gaze un-breaking as he nodded. He could no longer spare humanity for the one that did this, that had the capacity to torture others so deeply and yet be inside the Soul Society. Shin had to move past the conflict he held inside before and be the first thief to bring justice. He had to kill The Speaker. The Speaker and his two guards waited silently around the pit, waiting for a victory call. If it was the smith and the boy, they would seal the hole, leaving them to starve or to eat one another. The survivor can always become the next Hollow after spending some time in the dark with nothing to eat but their friend. The cycle continues over again, and life goes on. The broken home can just be attributed to those weird masked kids that hang out in the alleys. They can just hunt them down and punish them for once, and The Speaker can return as if nothing even happened. Should the monster win, then the same result, same difference. A bloodcurdling scream can be heard from the pit, the same one which claim all the others sent down into that hellhole. That would be confirmation. Time to drop some spare food scraps down there and seal up the hole again. The Speaker motioned for the two guards to grab the large wooden platform that would be placed over the hole. As the two did, however, The Speaker had to do a double-take as someone was launched out of the pit, landing on the platform. The two guards immediately began pulling their weapons, only for the boy to pierce one of them in the leg, delivering a second slash directly to the chest and leaving the militia-man scrambling along the ground for a few moments before passing out from shock. The next locked blades with the boy, even traded blows, only for the blade to bury itself into the armpit of him, where the boy withdrew the blade, cutting the armpit and leaving the guard attempting to stop the bleeding before it got out of control. With that, the scarred face of the pink-haired figure pointed his blade towards The Speaker, having the audacity to raise a weapon towards him once again. "No one else is going to be killed by you. Not ever again." wc 770 twc 9458
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    It seemed like seconds had passed before Shin had came to his senses. He could feel the rushed hands move him around, wipe off his face, blurry figures scurrying about in the background. Everything would slowly return to normal, with Shin sitting against some sort of bench, back resting against the pole from before, the sign missing once again. He blinked madly as he looked around, remaining strings of panic and fear being plucked inside as he checked to make sure he wasn't caught by those monsters from before. No one but him and the smith in-sight. Immediately his shoulders would droop as he leaned forward, hands resting his forehead as he sighed, relief washing over him. "So, you saw it too, then. The thing those monsters do?" He heard the familiar voice ask him, causing the younger spirit to look at the worried expression on the smith's face, fear showing even on a large man like that. "You see why I can't make weapons in this hellhole anymore. You see why you have to leave." "L-Leave?" Shin questioned as he slowly rose to his feet, struggling at first though regaining his balance shortly after he grew accustomed to not barfing every five seconds. "Yeah, kid. Leave. Get the fuck out before they make you into another thing to give to that! You have to before that crazed priest comes back and kidnaps you, makes you like the others!" "No no no, I can't leave. YOU have to fix my swor-" The smith would slam his hand against the table previously knocked over, angrily smashing it, breaking it in half. "Dammit! Forget the fucking sword! This isn't worth your life!" He roared as he came from behind his forge, grabbing Shin by his poncho. "You will die, kid. I can't let another one die, not from what I helped make." Tears welled in the larger man's eyes as he kept his grip on the younger male, holding him there as he began losing his composure, his mouth remaining slightly opened as he began looking down and away from Shin. "There's no reason for you to be another one fed to what I made. There's no reason why you all have to keep reminding me.." Shin was confused by what the smith said. Could it be the weapons he gave to the militia are being used to capture newcomers? Why did he claim he made the Hollow? The more he looked at the now crying spirit, the more determined and angry he felt. With his own hands on the collar of the large man, Shin would close in, coming face-to-face with him, eye-to-eye. "My brother could be that thing, for all I know. I can't turn back from that possibility. I can't let him suffer as one of those things." The two stared at one another, sharing no words for a few moments longer before the smith would reach under the poncho, grabbing Shins blade and taking it. "Fine, I'll help you. My last blade restored forever and my final job in this place. Take a seat, it'll take at least until after midnight." With that, Shin would get himself comfortable, readying himself mentally for confronting The Speaker about this and finally getting the answers the leader promised him from before and then some. wc 553 twc 5868
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    First, having been in similar situations just before, Shin would take advantage of this one and look through the more easily accessible window to the far side. He would see no one but an empty alley, giving him in immediate way to escape. The blacksmith wouldn't like it if he had just decided to stay inside a home the entire time waiting until after the ceremony to speak to the leader, not to mention The Speaker himself gave the young spirit vibes somewhat similar to the kind the likes of Ukon had. They were that of a liar, an individual that had far more sinister goals in-mind than he had previously displayed. He shouldn't assume the nature of someone based off of a single impression, though the fact he was heading in the direction of the Night of Devouring further peaked his interest. At least, it peaked it enough for the window to open slightly, and for a young Shin to jump out, continuing his fast-paced sprint towards the supposed field where it would take place. "When you reach just outside of the southern exit of home, go left and run. Keep running until the Great Pit is in sight.." Shin would be further confused, though would obey. Immediately he would run as fast as possible once more, feeling some light fatigue already a few minutes into the sprint. At first all he saw would be a field messily set up between the weak makeshift walls of the district and the forest ahead, though soon enough the forest began to clear, and the homes began to cease appearing. All around him would be an sea of crops as harvesting season neared, the height of some of them even reaching above Shin's. He would keep running straight, just as the pamphlet demanded, and had done so for what felt like a while. But then the crops would break, revealing a large emptied wasteland of nothing in the middle, shaped in a circle. In the far distance, right in the center, would be a large collection of torches stretched outwards along the opening. What seemed to be some sort of sinkhole would be dead in the middle, a makeshift stage crafted just before it, close enough that should one fall while on-stage they may even fall into the hole accidentally. Using his poncho to disguise his face, the young spirit would begin inching closer, spotting The Speaker standing atop the stage with two guards standing to the sides. Beneath him and around it and the hole would be a large number of spirits, all painted and covered in ceremonial decorations. He had to inch closer, even lowering himself to his knees in order to do so without being spotted. From there he could overhear the leader. "..every year we all come gathered here on this holy ground to perform our sacred ritual. We have us a chosen one, a champion to defeat the monster in the Great Below, or to be devoured and give us a years' worth of fertility and growth once more. We stand here to celebrate and honor the brave soul, a spirit that wished to become one of us fully. We have prepared him throughout the year, even making him second only to the district leader in status in power. It is time to repay the debt! To free us from the evil Hollow! Deliver us, honored one!" Shin couldn't see the chosen one from where he was, enticing him to move closer, even getting up to his feet again just to get a peak. It wouldn't be until just before the torchlight touched him would he finally be able to see it; a male like him dressed head to toe in poorly painted wooden planks, given a crude staff. There he was pushed towards the edge of the hole and, when it seemed as though he would back out, he would be pushed in, screaming a blood-curdling scream until everything suddenly went silent. Then a second, near-inhuman scream occurred. It would be one that, like the one during the attack on him and his brother, would shake Shin to his very core. He froze up, terrified as the disembodied voice continued drowning out screams of pain and terror coming from that hole, matching it and more with its own roars and shrieks. Everything would go silent, and then, after what seemed like an eternity, the disembodied voice cried its own version of victory. He couldn't take it anymore as he heard the cheers of the onlookers. Rushing to his feet so quickly everything went dizzy, the young spirit would turn and run back into the field, where he kept running and running, rushing his way back to the only safe haven in this whole insane world. wc 799 twc 4794
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    Darkness began to envelop the 52nd District of Rukongai, sweeping in like a wave. Within its shroud would be a man, appearing around 40 in age with some wrinkles adorning his face. They were tales of past stress and age etched on his face and body, with light amounts of makeup and a long draping robe of various colors and jewelry to cover them. His hair was left to go wild, the black mane of this man enveloping his head and face, a beard making the presence of himself all the more noticeable. Beneath his robes would be a wakizashi; a short blade, ordained with various trinkets and decor. He did everything within his power to make sure he stood out even on the day of festivities where most of the district would be decorated and painted. Among men, he was a leader, and among a community, he was a prophet. The Speaker, a man that would have the ability to calm the great Hollows below the surface and keep the District safe from danger. He had to make sure the importance of this title was known once a year every year, a single night where he becomes more than just someone that leads over a collection of poor people. He wanted to feel like a God. Shin would be sprinting down the eerily deserted dirt paths. His feet didn't even register the course texture of the ground beneath him as he ran. Before he knew it building after building would fly on past, surprising even him in the midst of his huffing and puffing. He actually tried to think of how fast he was moving, of the possibility that this festival could be something extremely dark, and of how odd these streets were now. The last most of all, for the signs of there being a festival were all but gone, deserting the emptied food stands of savory meals, of door-frames and poles of string decorations combining them to one another, of the masked and painted denizens the once populated this town, talking, laughing, and playing around on what should've been a day of celebration. It almost looked as though a festival didn't happen, as if there were no Night of Devouring or festival at all. The only remaining traces of it would be the occasional discarded decoration on the ground out of the way and the lingering smell of festival food riding along the whipping breezes of air blowing itself into Shin's face and bouncing pink hair. What could be the Night of Devouring? Some sort of ceremonial feast that the community does in order to unite in solidarity? An excuse to have free food? Shin was confused by the ominous mask of a Hollow on the pamphlet. Hollows weren't something to be celebrated and it would be a while off before Halloween could even be considered. It just didn't make any sense whatsoever for spirits to be celebrating something with such an odd symbol attached to it. Before Shin could weed out what it could be, however, he would be forcefully stopped in his tracks slamming at full-force into a heavily-robed stranger, causing the young spirit to be left on the ground, temporarily disoriented. "Oh? Who may this be?" The stranger inquired as he held a hand out to Shin. He would accept it, getting aid to stand up and take in the full view of the heavily-accessorized spirit entirely. He wore a long robe of gold and white, priestly decorations littering it anywhere from a large belt with another set of brown and red fabrics draping out of it or the ribbon-like decorations draping off of his neck brace. He wore a gold and red crown in front of his wild hair, looking like an ugly flower with black petals. Those brown eyes he had which reflected the nearby torchlight would seemingly look through Shin, their near-lifeless gaze nearly not registering him until the man blinked, focusing his entire focus on the pink-haired spirit. "Are you by any chance a newcomer? I don't recall seeing you anywhere before." Shin refused to answer at first, the gaze of his newest acquaintance making the back of his neck tense as hairs stood up. He nearly lost his tongue until the man and his two guards looked closer at the young spirit. "Y-Yes. My name is Kai." He responded, offering a false name for the sake of self-preservation. Something about this man made him look important, too important to be given a true name. "Kai? Well, I am The Speaker; spiritual guide of this district. Its.. de-facto leader. A pleasure, young Kai. Is there anything I may be able to help you with?" The leader attempted to offer Shin a reassuring smile after extending his hand, offering a handshake. Cautiously, Shin took it, attempting to steel his nerves. "I-I'm actually looking for someone. He looks younger than me, is traveling alone, could be hurt. We were attacked by a Hollow and I've been trying to find him since." Suddenly, The Speaker placed both hands on Shin's shoulders, shaking the younger spirit lightly before raising a hand into the air. "See, my children! This is why we must hurry! Attacks are already beginning!" Looking back at the him, The Speaker would lightly nudge Shin to go with one of the guards, whom of which began walking towards a home down the street. "It's a good thing you came to me, my boy. I will show you where your brother may be, but only after I do something. Please, please, accompany my friend here. He will take you to my residence where we may be able to speak further." Before he knew it, Shin would be guided by the guard, guided towards the home of the district leader; a small home alongside all the others, but made of wood, where he would be allowed within. Shin was confused, yet almost reassured in that moment. He would almost forget why he was sprinting until the door slid behind him, closing with a hard thud and knocking him out of the partial trance he was in. He had a ceremony to crash. wc 1029 twc 3995
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    Upon receiving the answers Shizuka provided, Masato could tell that Arthur wasn't completely satisfied, and understandably so. After all they went through, half answers were unacceptable. What’s more, Shizuka's repulsive presence made even Masato feel unwelcome. "I guess that’s case closed? I’ll be leaving then." Arthur announced, his tone conveying little to no enthusiasm. Before demanding Shizuka to let him out, he would extend his help to Masato in the future. It wasn't an offer Masato sought to use, as he was comfortable managing his small team and working missions alone, but having access to some emergency backup never hurt. "Likewise, feel free to contact us if we're ever needed." "Speak for yourself." Shizuka quipped lowly to herself, but loud enough for others to hear. The same jaws that swallowed Arthur in the rest room would do the same here, only Arthur was less worried now as he understood their functions and purpose. Shizuka turned to and observed through her monitors, Arthur leaving the school through the bathroom’s window. She sighed with relief, knowing she could let her hair down now that only Masato and a, soon to be dead, hollow were in her presence. “Seems like that’s over with. You can stop playing Mr. goodie goodie and kill this hollow. We have no use for him.” Masato was observing the monitors surveilling the school himself, this distraction caused him to miss her comment. She elected to call for his name aloud in hopes of now catching his attention, “Ma~sato!” He faced her before replying plainly, “What is it?” Shizuka then extended her right hand outwards, palm side up, with the tip of her fingers pointing towards the parasite hollow, still in a takeout box. “Can you give me that hollow so we can be done with him?” “I was serious when I said I wouldn’t kill him.” Masato replied after he turned his back to her and began to walk away. "..." “Wha… Why?!” Shizuka was initially perplexed as to how her boss suddenly became compassionate towards the creatures he loathed. Rather than answering her, Masato remained silent and kept walking. Though their relationship was fairly new, Shizuka and Masato had an equal understanding of how to enrage one another; and seeing how her boss was ignoring her, she would resort to taunting him to force an answer. “I guess Tomoe must’ve turned you into a hollow sympathizer.” Just as Shizuka finished speaking, the air pressure in her pocket dimension suddenly grew heavy, forcing her flat to the ground. Subsequently, the various monitors she watched Karakura through began to crack, then shatter into small particles of Reiatsu. “Nooo, please stop!” Though Masato ceased his walking, he still kept his back to her, and allowed his spiritual pressure to destroy even more of her monitors. “PLEASE!” tears began to pour from the corners of her eyes, and formed a small puddle on the ground, where her face was firmly planted, despite her attempts to resist the pressure. She relied on those screens, conjured from her Fullbring, and the secret room she hid in to protect herself from what she feared the most, reality. Even while physically disconnected from the material world, she only felt secure being absolutely aware of her surroundings. And now, shatter after shatter, Masato was eliminating that security. Following a brief pause, he broke his silence with reply a to his subordinate. “If you’re supposed to be the smart one, Shizuka…” He turned his head back to eye her, gasping for air as he slowly let up his spiritual pressure. “Then get the hint that I’ve had enough of you for one night, and send me home.” A familiar mouth would emerge from beneath Masato and bring him into the ground, leaving Shizuka whimpering as she tried to collect the broken shards of her Fullbring. _____________________________________________________ In Masato’s apartment, the parasite hollow was finally released from the box Arthur placed him in… and put into a glass container. “Uh, is this really necessary?” the hollow questioned through the glass, as Masato was taking off his cyan coat, and hanging it behind his door. “For now. Just because you’re innocent, doesn’t mean I trust you. Prove to me that sealing the container isn’t necessary by being there when I wake up.” Masato replied as he switched the lights of his apartment off and laid on his futon. “Ahem, since you’re keeping me alive, I guess I should tell you my name, its Cagada. It was given to me by some Vasto lordes back in Hueco Mundo. Is it okay if I just call you Masato?” “Sure, just go to sleep. It’s already late.” “Actually, Hollows don't really need sleep.” “Well humans do. Please be quiet." “Right, sorry.” Later that night, Cagada stared at the blue night sky through the open window of the apartment. The act of staying put with nothing to do was as boring as it sounded, but as of current, Masato was the only reason he remained alive, Thus Cagada felt he owed it to the human to do as he was told. “So you’re really not going to escape? Lame.” A masculine voice spoke behind the wall which had the apartment’s only window. Upon hearing the voice, Cagada was overcome with panic as he recognized it as non-other than Arrancar spy Shizuka spoke of. Cagada contemplated running for his life, but there was no place safer than right next to Masato. Perhaps he should wake the human up for his protection. “Don’t even think about it. I’m not here to kill you, but if you wake my boss up, I might just snap!” The mysterious Arrancar paused his words with a snap of his left fingers, revealing their sharp black nails in the window frame. “…and kill the both of you.” “Its hard for me to take you word seriously, after you've gone back on it so many times already.” “That’s fair. Though since you’ll be working with us, I was hoping we could at least build a little trust.” “…” “You’ve proven to be quite resilient, and with the protection of our human friend there, you might prove to be more of an asset than liability.” “I don’t want anything to do with your operations” The Arrancar chuckled, “You don’t have a choice. You think he’s keeping you alive out of the goodness of his heart? Shizuka’s told me all about him. He’s going to use you…” The Arrancar’s head suddenly popped into the window frame, though the back light of a full moon managed to shade his facial features. “…most likely to enter Hueco Mundo. He has some personal business with Einarr.” “Why are you telling me this?” “Well, I want you to know that as long as you don’t transport him to Hueco Mundo, you’ll be safe from me and Shizuka.” “What if he forces me?” “Don’t ask questions you know the answers to. Say, do you think he’d ever protect me the same way he does you, if I end up getting chased out of Hueco Mundo?” “Maybe not, how many humans have you eaten to reach where you are?” “Oh… You’re probably right. I guess I should be making my way back, before my absence is noticed. For both our sake’s, let’s not meet ever again, Cagada.” Wc: 1210 OOC: Thread completed
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    Shin neglected to ignore the thieves. A thief chasing a thief for stealing would be about as ironic as a blacksmith that can't forge weapons. It could be said Shin was beginning to seriously dislike the smith for that rule as well, but he delegated to hold his tongue on saying anything about that. He still needed the mans service. After that THEN could he call him an asshole. After the two walked back underneath the net Shin would wait a while, silently letting the smith work his work while he just silently stared, waiting for what seemed like a half an hour until the large man looked over his shoulder, giving the young spirit a passing glance before returning to his duties. "I'm not changing my mind, no matter how long you stand there like a creep." The gruff voice of his said. "Can you at least tell me why you won't? I seriously need this before the day is out." Shin responded impatiently, wanting to just continue on his path. He had a limited amount of time to find Akio, and he couldn't just waste more of it trying to find another smith in the entirety of this district, not with the sun setting already! He knew some sort of festival was happening today, something unknown to him. If it were like any other festival though chances are this stubborn pile of lard is the only one in the whole district that isn't taking the day off or working on something else. He couldn't afford to go against that assumption at that point. He felt hopeful that he would at least get an answer when he heard a sigh come from the smith, one that was almost that of defeat. The flames of the forge died down slowly as the sun began to set, and the cooled metal was now attached to a wooden handle already pre-prepared. It was a sickle, a tool for farming. Setting the tool aside, the large man would move towards the young spirit, stopping next to a table where a pamphlet would lie. "It is already that day of the year, again." Shin listened to the large spirit as he would pick up the folded pamphlet, approaching the boy with it, where he would hand it to him. "If you really wish to learn why I don't work on weapons anymore, the pamphlet will give your answer. You'll see both why I no longer make or repair weapons, let alone participate in this damned festival." Shin was curious now. Could a piece of paper really explain the reason why? A piece of paper that was folded up to fit in the palm of his hand supposedly held the answer to why he would be screwed out of a weapon to defend himself. He looked at it, curiosity slowly rising within him, but there was something else tied to it. He felt something sinister, almost as though he was about to enter into a situation he wasn't ready to face. He knew however that in order to convince the smith to help him, he would have to open the pamphlet, to ignore his instincts that were demanding he leave and get the hell out of the district as soon as possible. He knew he based on his refusal to be rejected alone would have to see the contents within. When he opened it, however, he would cover his mouth with his free hand. The contents of the pamphlet would be a poorly-drawn mask of a Hollow. In large, bold letters with enough ink bled into the paper to have it appear on the other side: "Night of Devouring" with directions underneath it to where it would take place. Shin would look towards the smith, whose back was now turned towards him. "Thank you, smith. I'll go." With that, he began to run out of the forge, sprinting down the streets of the 52nd District of Rukongai towards the setting sun. Deep down he couldn't help but hope he would return. wc 676 twc 2966
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    "W-Wait, you're a blacksmith, right?" Shin asked as he looked at the damaged blade, relief at previously discovering the forge replaced with panic at the idea that he really is about to be left with a big dull mistake in the form of an edge on the only piece of protection he has. The smith would turn around, looking down at him, the first semblance of eyelids somehow rolling over the bulging eyes, the tiny pupils gazing down and through the pink-haired spirit. "Yeah, and?" He huffed. Shin was left at a loss for words, his own mouth open in disbelief as his panic complimented the frustration slowly growing. He held the blade back up to the smith once more, this time more aggressively than before. "Then fix it!" "Nope." "Why?!" "Because." He began as he went back to work, slowly shaping some recently-heated metal. "I could go ahead and pull out the old strop, polish and straighten that roll out. I could take kan or even accept a trade for it and get to work right away! Be done really fast and everything. You didn't pay attention, though. I assumed you could read when you first walked in. Didn't you see the sign on that pole there?" He explained as if he were speaking to someone on why they can't just take whatever they want from a store. A thick meaty finger would stretch itself out, pointing towards the left corner pole facing towards the busy streets. Shin would hurry out towards the pole, circling around it. His eyes scanned the rough darkened wood up and down to no avail. There was no sign here at all. No words whatsoever were even painted right on the pole. It was as barren as any of the four propping up the shade. He'd look back at the smith, confused, with a shrug. "You STILL don't see it?!" The round man would come stomping out from his work-space with heavy feet stretching far apart from one another with each step. He emerged from beneath the shade with a shining round head from the sweat, looking at the same pole Shin did, even running his hand up and down it. The two heard stifled laughter behind them, causing them to look to the source only to see the stolen sign now made into a makeshift chest plate via a loose rope and bad paint job over the front. The masked child would begin running away, accompanied by 3 others, into the alleys. "..Dammit, that was the third one this week." He muttered as he went back to the forge. Wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, he would reach for another thin square of wood, a hammer, and a nail which he held between his exposed teeth. Once again, he trampled his way back outside, using his newly-acquired tools to once again hammer the sign into the wood. "No weapons." wc 489 twc 2290
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    Updates: ORP Forums/Subforums Cleanup and Improvements - We have changed unused or added new forums in the ORP. The list of changes are as follows; Helheim Forum change to World of the Living - Created to hold the world outside of Karakura Town and the Events subforum. Helheim was not being used in the current BSE storylines. Change Sea of Trees to Events - Removing Helheim meant sea of trees could go, Events is the one stop shop for whenever Mods put on events in world of the living to happen. if you are looking for any of the Night of Wailing, holloween event, or Sanetoki threads they have already been moved to the events subforum. Detele subforums Houri Creek & forgotten ruins - No longer needed. Urahara's Shop changed to Noir in Karakura Town - Urahara shop was not being used, being replaced by the quincy tech company Noir. Kaz's Noir thread was moved to this subforum. add subforum Residential Karakura to Karakura Town - Created so that people could make posts around their home or in surrounding residential areas. Moved Sibylle Opie threads to this location Moved Blunt Trauma (Ryun's thread) to this forum. add subforum WILD's headquarters to Karakura Town - Created for the organization known as the "Wild's" to have a home base. Moved welcome to the wild's to this forum. add subforum Quincy Headquarters to Karakura Town - Created for the quincy's to use in karakura town. For any other threads that need to be moved to one of these subforums please let myself or another mod know was we can make sure your threads are being placed in the correct locations. Rule Clarification Learning All Kido Arts Exception - Technique Exchange Rule #8 now reads as "Can give up 2 Technique or 4 non-release slot to start with all academy level kido (except for Kaido) and 1 passive kido ability. This applies to other racial reiryoku equivalent techniques." ------------------------------------ Upcoming updates: Clarification on slots for racial techniques/custom kido updates to other races Non-release abilities/skills (quincy and bount possibly are next) continued rule clarification and updates.
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    It was clear that Shizuka wanted to show off more by the expression on her face, but Masato quickly halted that and told her to get on with the answers. However, contrary to how she wanted to show off there was not much she could tell them about the current attack as it was outside of her area. Furthermore, she was treating Arthur’s battle with Hollow as mere training for Masato which annoyed him as both of them were at risk at the time. Either way, the parasite Hollow was pretty unrelated to Tsukishima’s threat but at least he was useful to Shizuka and her spying so sparing him was probably the right decision,’I guess that’s case closed? I’ll be leaving then.’ One case might be closed but that did not mean that it was the end. There were 3 attacks and surely there would be more until this Tsukishima gets what he wants,’I’m not going to rush to my death, but I will participate in the battles that I can. So, if you need my help with anything you know where to find me. Now, let me out.’ After being returned to the girls’ toilet, Arthur sneaked out through the window and went to the rooftop. He took out his phone to check the time and saw that it was already past midnight. His breath turned into vapour as he felt the cold February breeze through his ripped clothing. Like he told Masato before, his first stop was to get his wounds properly treated so he looked around and once he had the direction, he travelled through the air using Bringer Light. Arthur arrived at Liz’s house and woke her up so that she could begin her magic. In the beginning, she used to be very grumpy about this, but she got used to it by now. She said it herself that she’d rather lose a bit of sleep than let him walk about injured. He used this time constructively and called Layla to tell her of the conclusion and situation. It was clear that they should be on guard more against Tsukishima’s movements. Furthermore, this event had shown them how their intel gathering was lacking so it was probably high time to build up on that. While he didn’t return with what could be called ‘concrete’ evidence, but it also made sense that the big Boss wouldn’t be showing himself until everything was set. These attacks won’t be small scale forever and eventually the whole of Karakura Town might get involved. What could they do to prepare themselves? There probably wasn’t much currently but if there were more groups Like Masato’s who were aware of Tsukishima’s intention then they wouldn’t be alone. It wasn’t like Shinigami would sit by and watch either, or so he hoped as he didn’t know their intentions either. Once his treatment was over, Arthur could finally return home after what felt like two long days. In the house, everything was dark and quiet, and he too tried to be as quiet as possible. He took off his shoes and coat and headed to his and Iris’ room. As soon as he stepped through the door, she spoke to him,’Welcome back.’ Arthur always told her that she shouldn’t wait since he didn’t know what time he would come back, but it always ended like this anyway. She simply worried about him and didn’t want to be asleep in case something happened,’Yea, I’m back,’ he said and started undressing,’I finished up the case and got my wounds treated so we can rest easy.’ Arthur then got into bed embraced Iris and both of them soundly fell asleep in preparation for the next day. Word Count: 618 Attempting to leave thread
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    The looks were getting too common among a few locals of the district when Shin walked past a common eating area, with a few tables looking towards the prospective mark. He honestly didn't wish to get targeted on his way out, especially so soon after what happened. It wouldn't exactly be preferable for him to get ganged up on and left with next to nothing and even more bruises and cuts than before. Instead of risking it further, the pink-haired spirit had began thinking up a plan. Hastening his pace, he would begin searching with his eyes, seeking out a place to turn off of. Soon enough, he would find a left turn into the alleyway, and just in time as well, as he could recognize at least one of the lookers from before now getting up, following him from a distance. He knew others would follow, and immediately right as Shin began to walk past the entryway into the alley, his path towards escape, he would make a break for it. Immediately his feet turned, his right leg swinging around and slamming onto the dirt path, following by his left foot. He broke into a full-on sprint into the alley, yells erupting behind him as he was almost completely sure they would follow behind. Before he entered the alley fully, he made sure to shove a passerby to the ground using the full weight of his body, hoping they would get up and stand in the entrance of the alley, an obstacle for his pursuers. He would focus on his breathing, attempting to control it as he sprinted, immediately shooting for the exit. To his disappointment the other end would already have the spirit he pick-pocketed from earlier blocking it. "Give my shit back you thief!" He bellowed, his larger form lugging on towards him. Shin looked towards the branching path going deeper into the alley, his previous distraction not working as he heard the group earlier just rush past unimpeded. "Think, think, think THINK." He hissed to himself, looking around frantically for something to use, something to help him gain some more of the slowly closing distance between himself and what would most likely be a painful beating. Another turn to the left with an immediate weave to the right, Shin huffing and puffing gasps of air as he would frantically take the closest turn, knocking over anything from discarded wood to bins intended to contain garbage. He would yank down clothing lines, straining the strings holding them, attempting to have them slow down his pursuers as he turned once more. That was when he saw it: an open window, one he can fit through. Without thinking he would immediately attempt to climb through, closing the window and hiding underneath as he heard the trampling stampede of six sets of feet stomp by, pushing on past and continuing their warpath deeper into the alleyways. He breathed a sigh of relief, finding safety in the lit interior among dishes and silverware he had knocked off of the counter he stammered over. After he catches his breath, he can leave, peacefully continuing on his way. He waited patiently as the boisterous noises faded away, a calming silence overwhelming life once more with nothing more than the faint sounds of conversations taking place outside as the locals made their way from place to place. The heavy breathing softened by a feeling of safety as Shin would slowly get to his feet, rustling dust and dirt out of his hair with his hands before taking a step out of what seemed to be some sort of kitchen. He was taken off-guard as he hadn't expected a home with a few rooms to exist this deep into Rukongai. Perhaps it was an ignorant amount of knowledge in regards to homes, as he and Akio normally would sleep under the stars, though he wouldn't expect such boons from people with no shoes. He entered another room, seeing it as somewhat empty save for what looked like a few decorative weapons, some furniture against the walls, and a table with some mats in the middle, leaving only so much space between for navigating through the room. The door leading outside was just across the table, available for him to reach with just a few more steps. He couldn't take those few steps however, as his body froze up when he heard something clear its throat. It appears he didn't get completely lucky, the owner of the home would be staring directly at him from across the room. wc 762 twc 2148
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    Yusei quickly moves out of the way, dashing behind an overturned object to catch his breath. Though he knows full well the object would not stop the creature's attack, it would provide him a small safe haven for the moment. Its footsteps echo throughout the room, gradually getting closer and closer. The blade of its sword scrapes along the ground. “Resistance is futile, Quincy. Accept your fate." The creature raises his sword arm upward, preparing to slice right through the object. Taking a deep breath, Yusei dashes from behind his momentary safe haven, slyly leaving a Gintō Capsule behind. The creature's blade slices through the object like a hot knife on butter, narrowly missing the capsule. Running backwards, Yusei places his hands into formation and begins the chant. “A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed – Gritz!" The capsule explodes outward, quickly engulfing the creature's bladed arm along the left side of its body. Seeing this as his chance, Yusei runs forward as blue lines appear along his body. He leaps up and delivers a powerful kick to the back of the creature's, breaking it. Its limp head slumps to the side, Yusei gasping for breath as he lands a good distance away. “So you've resorted to Gintō techniques? You are versatile but this is futile. My power is near limitless, such weak attacks have no effect on me.” With its free hand, the creature pops its neck back into place, the damage repaired instantly. “It fixed itself? Just what in the hell is this thing? It took a full force kick to the neck and shook it off like it was nothing.” Yusei thought to himself as he started to move. The golden energy begins to surround the creature once more, becoming more and more unstable by the second. The ground begins to shake as the silver substance that comprises the Gintō spell begins to break down. Turning around, the creature stares directly at Yusei his unstable reiatsu steadily growing. With a powerful and bestial roar, the creature radiates energy out in waves, engulfing the entire room in an instant. Yusei braces himself for the incoming attack as he is launched across the room. His body crashes into the ground with a sickening thud. The creature appears near Yusei's side, picking his limp body from the ground by his neck. The Quincy hazily opens his eyes, staring directly into the red abyss that is the creature's eyes. Noticing that the nick on the creature's cheek was still there, Yusei begins to chuckle. “Laughing in the face of death? You humans are such an odd species. I'll be sure to study your kind more before wiping them all out.” “I'm sorry but I couldn't help it. You played yourself...” Slowly moving his arms into position, Yusei's reiatsu begins to spike. “Did you not learn the last time? Your binding techniques will not work.” Yusei smirks as his reiatsu continues to spike, light blue energy surrounding both him and the creature. “Who said I was using that Gintō spell? Remember that cut I inflicted on you earlier? That arrow was tipped with a small Gintō capsule which is now within that wound. You've been screwed from the beginning.” The creature quickly releases Yusei from its grip in an attempt to remove the small capsule but it is already too late. “Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice – Heizen!" The transparent rectangular extends from the creature's head, completely obliterating it. Black liquid rains down on the ground as the headless body collapses to the floor. "Congratulations Yusei. You passed the test." Yusei hazily looks up to see Jin coming in from the door in perfect health. Glancing over to the side, he is surprised to see what looks like Jin underneath the rubble. "How in the hell are you in two places?” “Oh that over there? That is what's called a Gigai. I got a couple from a shop-dealer not far from here. A Gigai allows spiritual beings to contact with normal humans. They can appear normal to them and take any form they please. A remarkable little object it is. And a damn good actor to boot.” The Quincy slowly makes his way up, using the wall for leverage. “You mean to tell me this was all some bullshit test? That this thing was never really a danger?” “Not quite. Every bit of what it said was true. It actually did catch me off guard and wanted to kill me. I easily could have taken it out but I figured it would be best if you got a crack at it.” Yusei clutches his ribs as he flips Jin off, slumping back down on the ground to rest. “I suppose I do deserve that but that little test served one more purpose. I've noticed that the discord you've been feeling when it comes to using your powers. It all seems unnatural and foreign to you. There is a way you can fight how you want with no restraints. There is a catch though. You'll have to meet him first.” “Him?” Yusei says as his interest is piqued. Jin sighs and walks over towards Yusei, extending his hand out to help him up. “Haschwald, the Emperor of all Quincy.” WC: 882 882/850 [Learned Heizen]
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    Yusei and Jin step inside, revealing a large silver room. The room itself dwarfing anything in comparison to Yusei had ever seen before. A suspicious blue circle peers from overhead, showing the floors reflection inside. “This is my Training Room or Danger Room if you want to call it that. I'm a big comic book fan so I modeled it based on the X-Men's own Danger Room. Works just like it as well. I'm sure you can imagine the cost of building and installing this as well as outfitting it with Soul-synthesized silver and glass. A lot of hard work and effort but well worth it.” Yusei gives the room a once over look, silently admiring the handiwork. It was things like this that would amaze the technological part of his brain. His inner techno-geek was beginning to show but he knew that now was not the time for that. “It's an impressive room, I'll give you that much. Unfortunately, we have work to do.” “Ah...you are correct. It's time to begin. You will start out by learning the spell Gritz. When using Gritz, a human sized Quincy Cross will appear and envelope your target. Although, it has no other abilities, its binding properties will benefit you greatly. Some of the higher abilities take time in preparing. With Gritz, you can have all the time you need. 'A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed.' That's the incantation, remember it.” Walking towards a console in the middle, Jin reaches in and pulls out several Gintō capsules. Tossing a few in Yusei's direction, he begins to type away at a keyboard. “During this training session, you'll only use your natural abilities. The Gintō capsules you have are filled with your reishi. Best to not ask how I got it. During battle, particularly the ones you will be engaged in after this is over, your own reishi will be a rarity. You will have to learn how to manipulate and control the reishi of other things in order to reach your full potential. The primary power of the Quincy is not reishi subjugation or reishi control but reishi dominance. To dominate the reishi in all possible ways. To have a deeper and more natural control over it than those fail-bring people that walk around. That is the true power of the Quincy and what you will learn once you leave these doors.” Yusei cracks his knuckles and removes his jacket, tossing it aside as he waits for the training to begin. “Eager as ever I see. Good, you'll need it in this first lesson.” With a press of a button, a small section of the floor begins to open up, something large beginning to rise. Within seconds, a cage appears from the hole with an all too familiar face peering from inside. “Kimchi!!!!!! I get to have my snack after all.” “Shit...this thing again?!” Jin smiles as he leaps upward through an open window at the top which quickly closes behind him. “You have exactly 10 minutes to learn and perform Gritz in order to subdue the target. I believe you are acquainted with your opponent for this lesson. Don't worry he will not kill you, that is if you finish the lesson within the time limit. I do hope you can come from this intact, he's quite hungry.” A large sound rings throughout the room as a time limit is plastered above the room. Yusei braces himself, quickly summoning his bow to his side. The door to the cage drops as the creature leaps out as pink energy envelopes it. With a child-like howl, it charges towards Yusei who readies himself. Quickly moving to the side, Yusei dodges the creature's initial charge, his heart pounding through his chest. A slight nick appears across his cheek, blood dripping freely from it. With his thumb, the Quincy wipes away the blood, flinging it away. “So it's gotten faster since the last time. No...it's finally using its true power. Damn, I need to go all out just to survive.” With a grunt, Yusei's spiritual pressure takes a dramatic increase. “Oh, it's this again? Last time I not ready but this time different. I eat you Kimchi” The creature charges towards Yusei with pink reiatsu swirling around its fist. “Not this time!” The Quincy points his bow towards the creature once more, this time firing off a small volley of arrows towards it. The attack catches it off guard, hitting the creature directly in the chest. It flies backwards, rolling across the ground before eventually regaining its footing. Clutching onto his bow, Yusei stares coldly at the child-like beast. The creature rubs the spot on its chest where the arrows hit, tilting its head to the side. “Pointy things hurt. Stop FIRING!” Ignoring the ignorant pleas, Yusei continues to fire off volley after volley of arrows, each one stronger than the next. The creature takes the majority of the attacks head on, cuts appearing all over its body. As the volley ends, the creature drops to its knees covering in blood. Bow in hand, Yusei reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Gintō capsule. “I suppose I should try out this binding attack now. I might be able to finish this little test quicker than expected.” Glancing up at the clock, he sees only three minutes have passed, before tossing the capsule towards the beast. Yusei places his hands in the same position as Jin did previously and prepared himself for the spell. The creature, finally coming back to its senses, glances up just in time to see the Gintō Capsule flying towards it. Opening its mouth, its teeth crushes down around the capsule, the reiatsu spilling down its throat. Pink reiatsu begins to spin violently around it as its wounds slowly heal. “What the hell just happened? There was no way that thing could heal after that.” “It was the reishi. Pure reishi such as that is a delicacy for beings such as him.” Yusei looks up at Jin talking from the room above, a sinister smile plastered on his face. “Hey hollow! His “pointy things” as you call them are created of the same energy as you just ate. They might be tasty.” “REALLY?! YUMMY!!!!!!!” The creature charges towards Yusei once again with renewed passion as the Quincy narrowly dodges. Evading the beast, he looks up and begins to shout at Jin. “Why in the hell would you tell him that? The fuck are you thinking?!” The mysterious Quincy smiles as he relaxes in his chair, before talking to Yusei once more. “We Quincy have to adapt to our surroundings as well as our opponents. If your main weapon is neutralized, you have have to find other means to defeat them. You have five minutes remaining. Good Luck.” Yusei runs back and begins to circle the beast as he prepares for an attack. “As long as I avoid that mouth of his I should be able to get a clear shot. While it's down I can perform the spell before it revives again.” Sliding back, Yusei charges towards the beast as blue lines appear along his arms. Using his superior speed, the Quincy appears in front of the beast delivering a powerful leaping uppercut to its chin. Putting all of his strength into the attack, he could feel the beast's chin break as they lifted off the ground. Smirking coyly, Yusei uses his speed again to appear above the now airborne hollow, delivering a spinning back kick to the top of its head. The sheer force from the attack sends the creature crashing to the ground below. “This feeling...” he thinks as he continues his assault. Deciding to put the second part of his plan into motion, he begins to pump his reiatsu towards his bow, his spiritual pressure spiking. His eyes take on a blueish-white hue as he aims directly at the creature's exposed back. The reiatsu forms near his back creating a small wing of sorts as he aims down the sights. With a roar, he releases the charged energy from his bow as it barrels towards its target. Just before the volley hits, the creature's spiritual pressure spikes. Suddenly, a large open mouth appears upon its back, sucking in each and every arrow. The Quincy stands horrified as it devours the arrows, the creature standing in delight. “YUMMY! Give me MORE!!!” “It has a second mouth? What the hell is this thing?” Before Yusei has time to formulate another plan, the supercharged creature speeds towards him, delivering a pink blast at point-blank range. The Quincy takes the full brunt of the attack, crashing down to the ground below. His Gintō capsules spill out on the ground as creature stalks its prey. “Yummy. Yummy. YUMMY. If the pointy things tasted that good, I can't wait to see how you taste!” Yusei tilts his head towards the approaching hollow, spying one of the capsules near one of its foot. “Twenty seconds remaining!” Yusei takes a deep breath as pain shoots throughout his body. “I've only got one shot at this. Have to make it count.” Slowly moving his hands into position he begins to recite the spell. “A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed, Gritz!" The capsule under the hollow's foot explodes outward slowly creating a gray substance. The gray substance creeps out and begins to envelope the creature as it attempts to escape. "What this? Get this off me!" The substance etches further and further up the beasts body as it lets out a scream. Within seconds, the now man-sized Quincy Cross completely covers the hollow. “Impressive Yusei. And with only two seconds left to spare. You have begun to use your resources to your advantage. Gritz is a powerful spell in its own right but when used efficiently with your powers it can be quite devastating. At any rate, good job. Take a rest and relax a bit. We'll start the rest of the training later.” Yusei watches as the floor beneath the creature opens up, slowly sending him back down below. The Quincy takes another deep breath and glances upward towards Jin before falling down. It was the very first lesson and he already felt as if he was nearing death. All of this was necessary however if it meant getting stronger. As his mind began to drift, Yusei couldn't help but shake the feeling that something was off. Was this really how he was supposed to fight? WC: 1,752 1,150 / 1,752 [Learned Gritz]
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    “Yusei, where the hell are you? You disappear off the radar for hours and now you just up and call like everything is fine?! I'm getting tired of worrying if its going to be the last time I see you or not. I swear I'm going to have gray hair before I turn 30. I should kill you myself, you ass." Yusei chuckles a bit under his breath before reassuring he is alright. “I'm fine Ayumi, honestly. Try not to worry about me so much. You remember the other Quincy I told you about right? Jin? I've finally decided to take his offer and do some training. I need to get stronger for whatever is coming. I'll be fine though. If you want, you can kick my ass when I get back.” “Oh, you better believe I will! Worrying a girl like this all the time. Just.....be careful Yusei, I can't lose you again. I love you.” “I love you too, don't worry.” Yusei hangs up the phone and turns towards Jin who continues to drink his beverage with a smile on his face. “Ah, young love. It's such a beautiful thing. So innocent and pure. So...” As he attempts to get the last of his sentence out, an arrow pierces his drink. His pants are drenched in the cold beverage as he glances up towards Yusei who shoots him a cold glare as his bow dissipates. “Testy today aren't we? No matter, I suppose it is time to begin your training. I saw that you don't have any Gintō capsules with you. Are you well versed in using them?” Yusei replies in the negative as Jin sighs. Lazily, he lifts motions for Yusei to follow as he jams his hands into his pockets. “I can't say I'm surprised. You've done things very unconventionally since you've learned what you really are. You've completely forgone learning the basics. However, you have to learn how to use these natural Quincy talents to their full potential if you are ever going to make it in this world. As their name suggests, they are small silver tubes we Quincy use to store Reiryoku in. Reach into your pocket and pass me a Gintō capsule if you please. Don't worry about how it got there. I gave you a few when I found you out on your ass earlier.” With a snarl, Yusei reaches into his jacket pocket and tosses a capsule towards Jin. Placing his hands in a cross pattern, Jin's spiritual pressure begins to rise. Higher and higher it goes as he slowly begins to chant out a command. “Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice, Heizen!” As soon as those words leave his lips, a transparent beam of rectangular energy flies outward, crashing into the wall adjacent towards them. Yusei stands wide-eyed at the display, seeing the true power of the Gintō capsules provided. “These spells represent the true potential that the Gintō capsules are capable of. This is the Quincy equivalent of the Shinigami and their Kidō. There are a few more spells that we can learn that far more powerful than the one I showed you. One day, you'll learn them all but for now, let's practice on something simple.” Jin turns and begins walking down a darkened corridor, lights flickering on as they walk. A still quietness accompanies them as they go deeper and deeper down the hall. Eventually, the two Quincy reach a large door, so large that it dwarfs the two of them in comparison. “This is my training room. It is an area completely blocked off by the outside world. It has soul-synthesized glass and soul-synthesized silver that completely blocks off reiatsu signatures. When you are inside this room, it is like you don't even exist. I warn you though, this training will not be easy. The Yusei Kinoshita that walks in this room will not be the same one that walks out. So I ask this only one time. Are you ready?” “What do you think?” Yusei says as Jin chuckles to himself. “Alright, just had to ask.” With ease, he pushes the large doors open as the two step inside the illuminating light. WC: 704
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    “Too powerful...?” The Primera thinks as the two blasts of energy draw closer to their intended target. Just how much power was he withholding? How far would he be able to push him? A dark chuckle escapes from the Primera as he watches the Shinigami handle both of the incoming attacks with ease. He had formulated a plan to see just how far he could push this Shinigami and get him to reveal the true depths of his power. The resurrected Shinigami twirls its hammer and charges towards its Shinigami counterpart, Tsukishima watching as the man begins to draw energy towards the palm of his hands. “It's over...” Tsukishima chuckles as he watches the spectacle before him. The sound of shattering glass echoed throughout the area as he delivers a quick flurry of five punches. The sheer speed and force of these punches were so great that Tsukishima himself could hardly see it. All that could be seen was the brilliant explosion of green energy behind the Shinigami. The resurrected Jo-Jo took the full force of the incoming attacks, chunks of its fabricated body eliminated from the impact. It's hammer clangs on the ground as Jo-Jo drops down on what remains of its knee. Its form begins to wane, slowly reverting back to its formless appearance from before. “Incredible. Your mastery of Kidō far exceeded my own. Looks like the Corps is in good hands...” As soon as those words leave its lips, it fully reverts back to its former appearance before disappearing entirely. The two titans of power exchange glances at one another before Tsukishima voluntarily allows his released form to fade. A torrent of violet energy swirls around him before it dissipates, revealing the Primera in his sealed state once more. The miasma recedes and reveals all of the trees and wildlife rotted within a twenty-foot radius. “I must say, despite your origins, I am impressed. To handle someone such as him with such minimal effort is commendable. Your words, however, have intrigued me. I want to see it. I want to see the true depths of his power you claim is unfit for the World of the Living and the Soul Society.” He slams his cane on the ground as a Garganta appears behind him. “Enter a dimension where you can release your power to its fullest extend. A dimension where you won't need to hold back. Come Shinigami. Enter my world.” WC: 406 STATS
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    WC --> 3200 + 600 --> 3800 The first reaction that Oriru was able to gather came not from the Espada but from the resurrected False Reaper and spoke sharply on the nature of the ability that Oriru had revealed to them. Shunko, a technique that Oriru first encountered during his training with the Captain Commander Kaeru and eventually became more refined through his interaction with the Captain of the Second Division Shuu and the Captain of the Third Division Shinsei. The combined knowledge of them, with his mastery over all of the Kido Arts, it was only a matter of time that he was able to reach the limit of power to use this technique. The False Reaper made a final point on his level of power, all in a mannerism that bothered Oriru but nothing visible. The Espada spoke a bit more on his plan regarding this concept of the Great Campaign which was an attempt at generating a Utopia. It was a great idea to do something of that nature, but there was a certainty that the method was one to lead into a leadership under the nation developed by the Arrancar and that would be the major level of disagreement. Though the next moment showed a level of power that he was not prepared for; the peak of the Espada techniques of the Cero. [1] The Miasma remained although the Espada stated that he was losing time on his form. [2-3] The potent Cero techniques were unleashed from the combined direction of the Esapda and the False Reaper based on the colors of the energy as his previously formed black barrier moved in front of the technique that held the most power while one of the golden spheres he created expanded to a disk and moved in front of the attack blocking the damage. "Admittedly, I have not used the full extent of my power since simply because it is too powerful to be used in the Soul Society or the World of the Living but allow me to show you a piece of what is possible." With what little time he personally had in his own form, Oriru charged an incredible amount of raw energy into the palm of his hands before clenching both hands into fists. [4] As he performed that action there was a booming sound much like glass shattering before he swung his right hand with all of his might towards the False Reaper without moving an inch closer. There was not a wave of energy, an arc of power, or some flashy show of his power. Instead there was a soft gust of wind that would flow through the air and should it collide with the False Reaper, a barrier, or even if it missed and stuck another surface, they would face the force of the immense pressure of a massive explosion of energy in the shape of a three meter sphere of pure force carving through the environment upon impact. [5] Though it would be only a split second as the second would be sent from the left hand with another punch sending the explosive punch towards the False Reaper. He cold have targeted the Espada, but there was a personal issue with the fact that a comrade was being used in such a way and he would rather end the False Reaper's existence than allow him to continue being subservient in such a manner. [6-8] Oriru followed it up with two more punches with his right then a left and finally a powerful right in such a flurry of blows that he left burst of explosive green flames from his back ignited by the speed and force being projected. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    WC --> 2400 + 800 --> 3200 The first two bala were managed without too much concern and his goal of using the energy of his own Kido to eliminate his resurrected ally but the man was prepared with that similar violet barrier that is key to the Espada. This proved to be a challenge attempting to land a solid blow on the Espada and, though he could feel the power difference, the amount of skill that the Espada had proved his ability in combat to be more proficient than his own experience. [1] The Miasma continued to grow in thickness around the trio in the location bringing an increased challenge for him to observe the Espada with his natural vision, but there was the benefit of his unique Event Horizon to aid his momentary reactions. Still, the nature of the Miasma was intense and the environment was continuing down the road of degradation and beyond the point of revitalization. The Espada took the time to reveal his feelings towards the interaction of the two of them and the nature of their current relationship as enemies. Though the Miasma shifted slightly to give room for the attacks of his opponent. [2] "Danku." Instantly a bright blue barrier formed in front of himself just as the attacks made their way through the air with the first one striking the barrier and causing a crack in the barrier. [3] The second one collided with the barrier with enough speed to shatter the barrier while dissipating but leaving the chance for the third Bala to continue through the air towards Oriru. [4] With the third one free to barrel towards Oriru, he was given a small window to react as he tracked the attack, "Enkosen." A soft yellow string of energy formed in front of him and began to spin at an incredible speed forming a spinning yellow disk just as the Bala connected with the attack but it quickly became clear that the danger he was facing had been far from over. He took note of the False Reaper taking the chance to unleash his Bankai during the same time that Oriru was preoccupied with the techniques coming at him and, taking advantage of the moment, two golden streaks of energy streamed from the ground towards Oriru. [5] "Tozansho." The blue lines formed in the air around his being with a small distance to react to the attack getting too close and felt the pressure of the interaction between him and the Espada as the first stream of energy struck the shield and shattered it. He knew that he could sustain an extended level of survival, but there was the problem that he would eventually exhaust himself constantly being on the defensive and he was bound to eventually make a mistake and become overwhelmed by the forces of the Espada. [6] With an explosive force of energy, Oriru unleashed the forces of his power to another threshold while still holding back the final limit of his power. The golden energy that he normally radiated all shifted to a dark green color that began to overwhelm the violet energy that was emitted by the Espada. [7] There was only a moment to react as Oriru slammed his fist into the ground launching his spiritual energy through the ground surging through the earth and consuming the energy created by the False Reaper in a nearly explosive force. It would last only a moment, but the explosive force was enough to soften the mist enough to reveal the form of Oriru with his unique technique. His body has become almost ethereal in nature with black skin radiating a dark green aura of energy that cackled on his skin like fire. His eyes had turned pitch black with the radiating green energy and any portion of his body that held hair had turned into this dark green fire. "You say we are kindred spirits thus I feel I show disrespect not using my true power, so you will be one of few to see this form; one born of a mastery of Kido." His voice held a softly distorted tone as if speaking from the depths of a tunnel with the echo, "We are the products of our ancestor's decisions, and perhaps we can severe that connection to the history that formed us so that we may exist independent of the past." Oriru kept his focus on the direction that the Espada was as (VI), (VII), and (VIII) shifted from their black colors of the Sento to pure white of the Kanshi. The three of them were threaded together by a golden string of energy and they shrunk in size above his head like a halo giving him the extended range of the Event Horizon. OK#3 [Bakudōn't Do It! (2): [Oriru Kusho★ Exclusive] Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    Welcome to the PANZER Clinic! WC --> 2700 + 1180 --> 3880 "I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant: I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow." Dr. Yoake spoke out loud sitting next to Teien at the reception desk as he leaned back in the chair, eyes out of focus gazing at the ceiling. "Since you are studying to become a physician yourself, you know what that is right Teien?" He would not alter his posture as he asked the question but Teien took a moment to realize that he was being addressed but attempted to maintain his focus on helping one of the patients fill out part of the intake paperwork at the counter. "Well, that is the introductory statement of the Hippocratic oath." In response, the Doctor sighed and brought himself to a properly seated posture, "Almost. That is the introductory statement of the modernized Hippocratic oath." Teien smirked at the retort from the Doctor who proceeded to take piece of paper from the printer on the desk and started to scribble something on it. "I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures that are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism." He continued to write something and, with a bit of excitement Teien spoke, "I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug." Dr. Yoake turned his head towards Teien with an impressed grin before diving back into his sheet of paper. "I will not be ashamed to say 'I know not,' nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient's recovery." "Yet I have never heard you say you don't know to anything." Dr. Nikoli walks from the back of the examination rooms through the hallway approaching the desk, "And you continuously avoid calling in assistance." She made her way around them towards her office with a smirk, "Because I haven't encountered something I don't know, and therefore I have no need for assistance." Eventually she landed within her office, "You best pay close attention to the next section Dr. Yoake." With that, she closed he door. "I don't remember the next portion too well, but I know it is important. Something along the lines of 'do the best to respect the control over life and death, all while remembering not to play God' or something like that." Dr. Yoake paused what he was doing and took a deep breath before releasing it slowly, "I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty." He made the effort to look Teien in the eyes, "Above all, I must not play at God." A moment passed as another person approached the desk and Teien proceeded to help them out as Dr. Yoake returned to his paper, "I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick." "Nathan?" Teien spoke up towards the waiting room as an American male approached the desk and, with efficient English, Teien prepared the man to head into an examination room for his appointment leaving the Doctor alone at the reception desk. "I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure." He was so focused on his paper he had not realized that someone had approached the desk, "I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm." "Excuse me?" A young man spoke up towards the Doctor who finally removed himself from the paper to glance at the man who could clearly be discerned with some affliction. "I made an appointment-" "I don't handle that but would you happen to know the last section of the Hippocratic Oath?" The young man looked at him confused, but there was that look of embarrassment in his eyes as he stared at the doctor. "No? But I am just here about a..." The young man leaned a little closer and lowered his voice, "situation." Almost as if nothing was just said he continued on while looking at the man, "If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help." He smiled as he said the last word, "Did you know that the phrase, 'I will do no harm' is not even actually mentioned once in the Modern Hippocratic Oath? Even in the classical form the only mention of the word 'harm' is in the line 'I will keep them from harm and injustice' which I find interesting in terms of 'injustice' and the applications of the language." The man remained confused, almost dumbfounded as Teien returned, "I am sorry about that, how can we help you?" The man looked at the Doctor for a moment, who returned to his paper, and focused on Teien, "Uh, yeah. I made an appointment about a medical examination." "No need." The Doctor took the piece of paper, folded it in half three times, and handed it to the young man. "Thank you for coming." With that, he started to gather a few items from the desk. Confused the man opened the paper and started to read. "Are you serious?" Dr. Yoake packed up his satchel that he stashed under the desk and stared at the man, "That is my diagnosis." He leaned a little closer and lowered his voice, "Take that to any pharmacy and they should give you two Azithromycin. Avoid dairy, or any calcium, for the rest of the day and within a week you should be cured and clean again." With a smile, "Abstinence is the best way to avoid this, but don't have any shame in it." He walked around the counter into the main waiting area standing next to the young man who still several inches above the doctor but he made sure to whisper to the man. "Chlamydia is more common than you think." With that, the Doctor made his way out of the clinic. "Going out for lunch Teien."
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    WC --> 1860 + 540 --> 2400 Oriru observed, although slightly obscured by the dark miasma, the movement of the False Reaper with a graceful nature avoiding the force of the technique that was befalling his location but it didn't matter. Although this being was the visage of the former Kido Corps Captain, he was nothing compared to the power nor knowledge that Oriru had obtained in his time in the same position and eventually he would fall like he once had before. The False Reaper made his approach once more on the location of Oriru in conjunction with a pair of the energy based techniques unleashed by the Espada, the Bala, as they maintained their speed with each other. Oriru was prepared for both of the Bala, as he held his own spherical techniques to combat these, but the curiosity of Oriru was perked at the statement of something big being planned after receiving praise from his predecessor. Suddenly the man stopped and the words of a familiar technique was spoken, and Oriru decided the fate of the False Reaper was sealed in this moment. [1] Still, the Miasma weighed heavy upon the body of Oriru although he showed no real signs of it's effects but the nature of the fight brought out a side of Oriru that brought him... joy? As such, his spiritual pressure spiked once more reaching another plateau as the golden energy that was flowing from his body began to grow dense forming an aura around his body. [2-3] Each of the two Bala found their way through the miasma to approach Oriru as (V) and (VI) flew through the air and collided with the two attacks and while they dealt with that, it was the nature of the Kido that he dealt with personally. [4-5] The moment the words left the lips of the False Reaper, Oriru responded instantly; "Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō." The cackle of the energy roared like a bolt of lightning splitting a mountain unleashed from directly in front of Oriru but the devastation of the technique was not the power behind it but the seconds before it would have made contact with the Kido. Like the previous Cero, this kido dissolved into radiant golden energy and condensed to form another golden sphere that floated around Oriru with the initial one. What was once about to be a collision of forces quickly became the rampant force of Oriru's Kido mastery aiming to consume the entirety of his predecessor. Oriru had hoped that this would be enough to deal with the False Reaper, but prepared for the situation that it would not be. The Espada had proven to be formidable, so much so that Oriru was approaching a threshold in his own power that he had not reached in quite some time. Two golden spheres floated around his body like the inner shell of an atom, four black orbs remained connected for the black barrier, two away from his immediate presence, and a seventh orb remained near to his body and it was only a matter of time before the eighth came into form. He was unsure what other tricks that the Espada would attempt, but Oriru felt the fire in his chest realizing that he would not be able to contain his power for much longer. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    As the resurrected Jo-Jo charges towards the Shinigami, Tsukishima could feel the man release more of vast depths of his power. While the output of their power was even, Tsukishima knew the truth. He was still hopelessly outclassed. Outclassed by what he considered a truly lesser being. Sickening. However, this made him come to a stark realization. He could evolve even further and find a form beyond even that of Segunda Etapa. Much like before, the orbs the Shinigami commanded moved into position, blocking the two Bala shot from the tip of the staff. Jo-Jo lands on the ground and darts away as the Primera's cero barrels towards the Shinigami. As the cero reaches its target, it suddenly begins to dissolve into golden energy which compresses itself into another sphere. “He continues to toy with me...” the Espada mumbles, never removing his gaze. The hand that touched his staff trembled in anger. Again, the Shinigami mutters the name their accursed Kidō as ten pink constructs comprised of pure energy form and launch their way towards Jo-Jo. The resurrected Shinigami leaps up, skillfully dodging each reiatsu construct as it nears. As it dodges the last pillar, it begins to run full speed towards the man with right hand extended. Wordlessly, Tsukishima raises his arm and fires two Bala alongside the traveling creature. “You good mofucka. Damn good. Shooting all these Kidō at full strength without their incantations. Would have loved to go a few rounds with you under different circumstances. Doubt you need it but get ready. The bony mofucka planning something big.” As these words leave the resurrected Shinigami's lips, it stops just shy of the man with its hand hovering just above his chest. “Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō” The electrified blast of reiatsu rockets out, completely engulfing the Shinigami's last known area. WC: 303 STATS
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    The man did not move as the Primera unleashed his resurrección, fully engulfed by the black miasma that seeped through the area. As his cero travels forward, Tsukishima watches as four black orbs appear in front of the man, shielding him from harm. Standing firm, the man utters one word as Tsukishima trembles in anger at the mere mention of it. Yet another one of that accursed Kidō the Shinigami prided themselves for. It sickened him. As the black and purple box of energy surrounds the Espada, a violet aura envelopes him. He walks forward, a low guttural growl escaping from him as spears attempt to pierce him from all sides. One by one, each spear harmlessly bounces off of the Primera's body and crumbles. Upon reaching one of the walls of the box, he lightly presses his hand upon it as the box deteriorates. Shards of black and purple energy fall around him as he continues forward. From behind, one of the Shinigami's orbs attempts to behead him but is stopped by the sudden appearance of a small violet barrier. Tsukishima stops his forward walk, coming mere feet from the Shinigami once more. He stares at the man with disdain and anger. He was being toyed with. Even a fool could sense that there was a significant gap in power between the two of them. It was a jarring realization for Tsukishima to be as outclassed as he was. It was an injustice. “You are correct. It seems that you are well versed in our hierarchy... I guess you leave me no choice.” he says after a long pause, his hands still trembling in anger. The ground begins to shake as Tsukishima's spiritual pressure begins to increase. Violet energy in the shape of a skull envelopes him as his power soars. From within, his body begins to change. A golden crown forms atop his head with a red eye in the center. A segment of over his left eye socket turns golden as golden chains dangle from both sides of his head. Four tusks covered in golden chains jut from where his neck was, each cracked with violet reiatsu swirling within. His cloak becomes black, brown, and tan in three distinct sections, and opens to reveal what lurks within him. Beneath the cloak lies a mass of violet reiatsu in place of a body, with twelve rib bones and a tailbone floating in their normal positions; the bottom two rib bones and the tailbone are plated with gold. His lower half consists of black, brown, and tan furred leggings ending in flame-like violet reiatsu. They are adorned by two long intricate golden bands crossing at the center and three golden blade-like ornaments on either hip, growing larger in size as they expand outward from him. His left arm is cracked with violet reiatsu swirling inside while his right arm is completely coated in gold. The black miasma begins to thicken as the energy subsides and reveals Tsukishima in the form that surpasses resurrección, Segunda Etapa. “I am the Primera Espada and unchallenged Lord of Hueco Mundo. Based on your power, I can only assume you are a Captain...or you were at one point. Your proficiency in that accursed Kidō leads me to believe you belong to the Kidō Corps. I've someone who'd love to meet you.” He taps his golden staff on the ground as black energy begins to leak from his body. The energy pools on the ground before a formless creature emerges beside the released Arrancar. Tsukishima lightly touches upon the formless creature as it gurgles and changes shape. In a matter of seconds, the creature takes the shape of a dark-skinned man with a white coat draped around his shoulders, his back turned away from the Shinigami. Emblazoned on the coat was the symbol of the Kidō Corps. “The fuck am I?” the creature says as he turns towards the Shinigami. “And who the fuck are you?” The creature turns towards Tsukishima and immediately flies into a rage. “You the mofucka who attacked me. Go time!” The light in Tsukishima's eye sockets flares as the creature stops moving and returns its gaze towards the Shinigami. “This is the former Captain of the Kidō Corps, Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo, deal with your replacement.” Wordlessly, the creature pulls out a golden metallic staff that was attached to his back and darts towards the Shinigami. It quickly appears above the man's head as the tip of the staff glows purple. It twirls the staff to the right before releasing two concussive blasts of energy towards the top of the man's head. At the same time, Tsukishima raises his right hand and fires a dark violet cero with the intent of engulfing him entirely. WC: 792 STATS
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    WC --> 600 + 500 --> 1,100 It appears that the beast of a man was picking up on the fact that he was here to face a moment of fate that would turn quickly into the feral nature of their racial disputes. Though each one held their own disdain towards the other's heritage, this was somehow more personal despite the lack of actual knowledge of one another. The violet energy of the being made it evidently clear that this was not a vaizard like the many he had encountered, as this being was born of the pure legacy of a Hollow. The golden energy had swirled around the violet energy of his opponent and it became evidently clear that this battle was not about to be one with limited power being used. "Resurrection, at least he is smart to understand restraint would be foolish." Oriru watched as the skin of the man began to erode away melting his body to a form similar to that of a skeletal figure, something that most would have a visceral reaction to but the Soul Reaper held no such urge daring to keep his eyes locked on his target. The body of the man began to radiate a black miasma, a toxic cloud presumably, proven an accurate assessment by the consideration of the forest area erode and decaying into nothingness and other structures were on the path to the same amount of degradation. *Oriru remained within the field of Miasma, anticipating the sensation of decay but the numb sensation was greater. The being slowly slid into the darkness of his own miasma before a toxic force of energy was seen tearing through the Miasma upon the location of Oriru who showed no sign of reaction or movement. From the forest, the four black orbs with a gentle golden aura and a roman numeral core all appeared with the golden thread held between them and halted in front of Oriru in a square formation. [1] The space between the four orbs suddenly gave a glow of black energy and solidified forming a solid square in front of him **as the attack struck the surface of the barrier. It remained fixed as the attack seemed to have a ***secondary feature and detonated with an impressive amount of force but left no interest for Oriru. [2] "Kurohitsugi." Oriru kept his eyes on the space that the Miasma had spread to and decided that everything within that occupied region needed to be purged as the black and purple void like energy began to form the structure of one of the most devastating Kido of the Soul Society's arsenal. Oriru would not hesitate in ensuring the technique formed as rapidly as possible and shredded his target standing inches from the attacks edge. [3] In preparation for a contingency as the (V) orb manifested and should the target avoid the Black Coffin the orb would find the back of his skull. "If you survived, you must be an Espada." Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    WC --> 600 The former Captain, although former was not an accurate description of his temporary separation of duties, had settled within his new state of isolation within the depth of a forest unknown and unmarked by most with a detailed understanding of the region meaning the discovery of Oriru would be happenstance and nothing more. Perhaps that was the case with the recent arrival of the Quincy and it may be the reason behind the arrival of the second person in as many hours. The soft echo of an object tapping almost rhythmically, meaning there was the intent with the sound, would alert Oriru to the fact that someone had located him but he remained fixed upon the ground. He was connected to the earth at this moment, feeling the energy of the forest flow all around him undisturbed but the being decided that he had an opinion that had to be shared. "Perhaps the Soul Reapers have brought enough blood of the Quincy to amount to nearly a genocide... Sadly I am beyond reproach in the matter." He took a moment and released a scoff, "They are not heroes with the mission of saving anyone; the mission is simply to preserve a balance without a sense of moral justice to disturb calculated decisions. Akin to the hollows, it is a matter of survival. The masked beings of Hueco Mundo urge for self-preservation, the Soul Society hides behind their mask of a greater good which is a mask over their own self-preservation." Oriru got to his feet and faced the man before him, a being that he had not seen before but the sensation was one of turmoil. "No..." He shook his head at the thought, realizing that it was not turmoil but a sensation of prolonged exposure to existence. This being held a sense of purity in his presence that is certifiably only attainable by someone with a reserve of extraordinary power provided by the test of time. Oriru had the entire collection of data from all of the records held within the Soul Society but this man was not identifiable in any of the information as he combed the depths of his thoughts. Still, this person held no hint of the same black substance that was now a clear sign of an Ascendant and the relation to his father; Nisshoku. This person was an unknown variable and that was exactly what he needed to help him face the end of his own road at this long journey of his own. "Though I suppose you have not made the journey out here to discuss the eternal flaws of the Soul Society and the mandates that they foolishly enforce." With a sudden burst of Spiritual Pressure, a golden surge of energy would flow from his body and consume him in a royal aura. Although it was an impressive display of power and appeared to be a reveal of his true power, Oriru lacked the desire to do more than this level of his power. His Zanpakuto was not within his immediate range, but that was a minor dilemma since he held little care to use his Zanpakuto or use her powers. Doing so would warrant more attention from his comrades and it would prove to be best left to have his Zanpakuto settle out where it was. There was always the benefit of the unified connection between the two, "Since you came all this way, please do not disappoint me like the Quincy who wandered into the wrong part of the forest." --------- Statistical Notes Natural Defense - 14,240 + 600 [Permanent Shikai] --> 14,840 Spiritual Pressure - 178,000 | Approximate Level --> [100,000] Natural Stats ★(Main) Stamina | 230 (Focused) Speed | 200 (230) (Focused) Perception | 200 (230) ★(Sub) Reiryoku | 230 (240) --> Speed | 224 Physical Capabilities | 144 --> Speed | 155.2 ---------- Active Orbs (I) - (II) - (III) - (IV) Active Threads (I) - (II) - (III) - (IV) - Shape Outline Formed | Square
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    “I would rather not end your life. You were lucky once before, it’d be best to count your blessings and depart.” Tsukishima chuckles as he stares out in the void, his hands being enveloped in black energy. He had fully recovered from his session with Yamashiro and eagerly looked forward to settling the score with the Hermit. “I'm sure you felt it when you were watching in the World of the Living. I'm not the same as when we last met. I assure you." His reiatsu spikes as his cane begins to peel away and reveal his Zanpakuto. He twirls it lightly and aims it at the Hermit’s head, the Hermit following suit with his own blade. The black energy that surrounded his hand before begins to crackle. The crackling becomes audible, something that surprises both Arrancar. The two stand for a moment before charging at one another, their blades ringing out in the darkness. The two exchanged sword clashes, neither giving the other the upper hand. The looks on both of their faces had said it all; this was beginning to annoy them. The two separated, standing opposite of each other in the darkness of the Garganta. The Hermit sighed, his spiritual pressure increasing slightly. In a split second, the Hermit was gone. The booming sounds from Sonido could be heard as he moved around in order to confuse the Primera. He appeared behind him, whispering slightly in the darkness. “You are still too slow.” “Am I?” Said the Espada in an extremely calm and collected voice. The Hermit attempted to deliver a powerful backhand to the very center of Tsukishima’s back but is surprised to see that it was only an afterimage. A sharp pain shoots in his back as he is launched forward. He manages to gather his footing as he slides back, glancing at the Primera in front of him with blood dripping from his fingertips. He licks the blood off, smiling at the Hermit with a sinister grin. The Hermit sneered and rose to his feet, the incisions in his back soon closing. “So you have High-Speed Regeneration as well. This will indeed prove interesting.” The two charged towards each other once more, only this time the outcome was a little different. When Matsuko was about a centimeter away from hitting the Primera, he raised his foot connecting with his forehead. The force of the blow sends the Espada’s body flying upward in the darkness. The Hermit attempted to swing his bloodied Zanpakuto to impact Tsukishima’s right side, in a gentle and smooth motion. The Espada twirled his body around and brought up the back of his right leg to literally sweep away the force of the Hermit’s attack, knocking the sword away. Attempting to follow up, Tsukishima directed all his weight into his left leg in order to slam it down. The Hermit, however, expected this and caught the leg before delivering an open palmed strike to the Espada’s rib-cage, the sound of bones breaking could be heard. The two hopped back from one another, creating a sizable distance between them. Their eyes locked for a moment, each knowing what the other was planning on doing. Slowly their raised their right hands, energy beginning to ebb in the middle. Tsukishima’s however, began to crackle even louder than before. Dark streaks of black reiatsu intermingled with the violet orb of energy in his hand. Both of them muttered the word 'cero' as the two blasts of energy rocketed forward. Both met with a resulting burst of light that briefly illuminated the darkness of the Garganta. They seemed dead even with one another before the violet cero completely took over and dominated the blue. The leftover wave of energy brushed passed the Hermit, knocking him down. “What was that monstrous power?!” The hermit finally makes it to his feet and withdraws his sword, conceding his defeat. “It seems that my suspicions were correct. You have long since passed me in power. I suppose you are worthy of your title as Espada after all. Your attack has depleted most, if not all of my energy. The victory is yours; finish me off if you must.” The Primera smirks and makes his way forward, his weapon returning to its caned appearance. “The battle was over long before this moment. If I wanted to kill you, believe me, I would have done so earlier. There is something that I require.” “And that would be?” The Hermit says coldly. “Your assistance. The Great Campaign is upon us. Reverting this world back into the paradise it once was. The way the Remnants always wished for it to be. No more Shinigami. No more war. A world led by all of our hollowed brethren.” The Hermit thinks for a moment before turning around, his mind racing with this new information. He didn’t quite want to be in the hustle and bustle Las Noches brought but the thought of this nirvana intrigued him. “You have my interest for the moment. If I am to join you on your crusade, I require your assistance as well. There is a being in the World of the Living. I don't want him there but he is out of my league...and likely yours as well. Deal with him and you will have my assistance.” The hermit waves his hand as an opening appears in the darkness. Tsukishima chuckling as he begins to move towards it. “And now you attempt to give demands? I suppose I can humor you for the moment.” __________________________________________________ An eerie stillness befalls the land as a Garganta appears above a forest. The Primera steps out as his cane loosely dangles in his right hand. “Ugh” the Primera mutters as the Garganta closes behind him, a scowl plastered on his face. The putrid stench of humanity lingered and Tsukishima's irritation grew. “Time to get this over with...” he says as he slowly descends to the ground below. He looks around at the forest he sees himself in and takes note of its beauty. It was an area hardly touched by the plagues of this world. A serene peaceful area that reminded him of his original home within the forest. An unfamiliar source of spiritual pressure stirs the Primera from his walk down memory lane. It was a certain kind of pressure he hadn't felt in quite some time. Familiar and yet completely foreign to him. “Quincy...” he mutters as a smile forms across his face. Perhaps his old accomplice Haschwald had finally decided to come out of hiding? Or perhaps there was a new player in the game? Excited with the prospects, the Primera moves deeper into the forest and takes note to mask his energy. It wasn't long before Tsukishima found the source of the pressure, a Quincy dressed in their traditional garb engaged in conversation with another being. While Tsukishima could not feel this man's spiritual pressure, the smell was all too familiar. “Shinigami...” he sneered, his knuckles turning white from gripping his cane too hard. Intently, he watches the conversation at hand turn sour as the Shinigami quickly eliminates the Quincy but notes that something is off. Unlike most of his kind, this Shinigami did not exude the same level of confidence and hubris. His mannerisms, his demeanor, all of it screamed that something was wrong. A weakness that Tsukishima sought to exploit. He walks towards the Shinigami, making his presence known by the echoing taps of his cane. “Doesn't your kind have enough Quincy blood on its hands? Drove them to the brink of extinction and yet you continue to stain the grounds with their blood... And they say we are the bloodthirsty ones.” WC: 1,284
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    It would seem the Lieutenant had wanted to resolve the issue at hand with no casualties.Which was the more diplomatic way,a way to gain more trust in his cause and shinigami.However he was no fool,an in no way put the lives of the bandits over his own or the civilians.The Vice would continue drawing up the question of what sortof fighter he was.He was not looking for "showboating" to say the least.Luckily for him,San wasnt the type anyways.He executed his duties as swift and fast as possible. Not to mention the seated officers Zanpaktus were more assassin based,if anything San strived in stealth. Putting his hand on his Zanpaktus hilt on his hip,he nodded to the Vice Captain."No problem here Lieutenant,my zanpaktus are just right for what you ask."Next would come the details atleast what was known to Yuroshima.The camps they would deal with now, were just branches of a larger camp, one that his scouts were trying to locate. San had hoped he could help with the larger camp, however it would seem the Lieutenant already had a plan to deal with it in place. The seated Officer would help wherever he could. For now these smaller camps were simply it seemed like outposts, in the early stages. As it would seem there were only four men,however possible the camp grew to ten plus,less then 20. This would definitely be on the easier side of Sans missions as of lately. Still even though it seemed easy didnt mean something could go wrong or something unexpected could happen. An it would seem the Vice Captain thought the same as he was putting the squad 9 soilders to use before there departure. "I understand" Next after all talks had concluded another officer was called in, he too wearing a veil to mask his face. At first San was thrown off, but then realized it was for a reason. Possibly to conceal there faces but mainly, possibly to conceal the leader to lessen the risk of assassination. keeping any unwanted eyes from really knowing who was in charge, or quite possibly something San Salvatore did not think of. A few moments later a group of six men would arrive, San would get his choice of three, who would assist him on this mission. The seated officer had his pick. He would look them over, instantly he would notice a tall man, slender with a bald hair. He wore normal reaper attire an wore his zanpaktu strapped to his back. San would choose this man, he would nod an step forward "Shino, zuki at your service" Next San would choose the shortest of the six (5'2), a man who wore his black hair back in a ponytail. He had brown eyes,and again wore normal attire, except for his beaded necklace an bracelet." Wen, Huromi Sir." The two would now have taken one step before the rest, San would glance them over one last time. His third an final choice was a girl, she stood quiet an steady. You could see the ruthlessness in her eyes, the dedication. She had purplish hair with green highlights down to her shoulders. Her eyes were green, she wore normal robes as well however she had lime green stitching ana green belt to match. She even had a green scarf wrapped around at the neck, she wore her zanpaktu on her left hip, it also had green wrapped around it. This would be San's final choice, the 5'5 female, she was thin but athletic build. "Kami, August " She would bow as she stepped forward. The three would then step back."I am Salvatore, i will be your team leader, thank you for tagging along...i will let .....him take over. Salvatore would notion to the Vice in case he had wanted to tell them anything of the mission after all he was the leader of this all. Wc:661
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    The meeting between the two new found allies proved to be going well.They both had shared reasoning as well as motives to change the districts for the better.There end goal seemed to be the same,atleast from what they two had discussed.The fifth seat would continue to drag on his cigar,truly forgetting the enjoyment a good cigar could bring.He grinned as he looked at it again before back to the his new found comrade in arms.It seemed Salvatores offer for twenty to fifty men would help,and be gladly appreciated.It brought a sense of accomplisment an pride that San could do his part to help not only the Lieutenant in his goals but also his districts.As when the Vice was able to expand,he would do so.Salvatore would lean forward as the man spoke off his help here an now,with some bandits.The fifth seat would take a final drag of his cigar,still only about half way completed he would put it out.He would somewhat detil the said mission,giving the officer an idea what he would be involved in,something he was used to an ready for.Like always bandit,thugs or whoever would try an reclaim what they thought was theres,even though they would disrespect not only the land but the people,looking only for self gain.A group had begun to sprout up camps along the northern area of an recently occupied Nahgistahd.A town San had heard somewhat about on his way over,a place where a war had recently broke out.To Salvatore the pieces of the puzzle began to fill,more then likely this Vice before him had a hand in that.Therefore maybe it or he wasnt all healing after all an was ready to enact punishment,destruction an death for his cause.Something that would have to be done trying to achieve such a goal,not always but times would arise,such as possibly now."I am happy to oblige you,an lend my services to your....our cause.The fifth seat would say as he looked firmly towards the Vice,his words hoping to show his true full fledge support."Are our intentions to kill,wiping the threat completely,or are we willing to give these men a chance.....The question was one San had to ask,how it was answered would allow him to act occordingly.If it was death San would have no hesistation an would deliver quick strikes,if it was run off scare he would hold back,delivering wounding attacks not death strikes."I am confident you may have some detail as how many men are within?He tired to ask all the nessary questions."Other then that what is the plan Lieutenant? wc:451
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    Yuroshima listens thoughtfully while the Officer speaks, pleased he was enjoying the Cigar for they were the first ones he had hand rolled himself although he didn’t tell anyone that for fear of seeming braggadocios. When San had finished speaking the Lieutenant replied, the very end of the officers words piquing his interest most, “Well its good your close with your Vice Captain, and twenty to fifty troops would be a god send right now… but if you really want to help me with Bandit threats that are around our camp right now… I may have an errand in mind you can help me run, I was going to do it today before the next unit of division nine soldiers had to leave the encampment.” He pauses a moment, “Nothing serious, it’s a small chain of camps forming on a northern crest to the territories we currently occupy and is beginning to cause trouble for the people of Nahgistahd. I have a few Shinigami here that would be comfortable in coming along, as the highest ranks we could form into two groups and sweep the camps before the day is over.” WC – 191 OOC – sorry it wasn’t much I wasn’t sure what all I could do or say other than initiate something to come next
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    Salvatore followed a few steps behind the The Vice Captain as they journeyed threw the camp.It was truly larger then first thought when San had been given the information.As they snaked threw the Vice responded with a low laugh,seeming there had been more at play then simple healing.Such a endeavor truly would come at its prices,no way they hadnt run into some sort of goon like bandit group yet.An if so it was only a matter of time.The thugs an such around the various districts already disliked Shinigami but even more so the ones who were invading there "Territory" as they would see it.Anything to keep the masses afraid and under there control.As they snaked threw the maze of tents they finally arrived at one bigger then most,probably the biggest.A large white round tent with a red flag atop an the insignia of the corps stamped on the entrance.Along the way San had taken in what he could as how his squad could help fortify the encampment.The Lieutenant would pause a moment before opening a flap revealing the inside allowing Salvatore to enter.San would nod in reply as he entered.The place had a bed,various small tables and crates most of which had lanterns lit causing the room to be illuminated.In the middle was a larger table,more then likely used for planning.Now both inside the Vice would extend his hospitality offering to rewarm the tea,and possible smoke,noting slow points were rather boring."Ill take a cigar of the tobacco if you dont mind.The fifth seat would say,he wasnt one to smoke really,but he did enjoy one from time to time.Not to mention he did so to cut the formalities an make the meeting more friendly.The fifth also did not wish to continue to refuse the hospitalities as he did with the medical care. Taking a stand on the side of the larger round table he would place his hands on it leaning forward as the Lieutenant began to address the matters at hand.First about the lack of guards/security in agreement with the Fifths notions.But it seemed the guards had just recently began to lack as he the Vice Captain had squad 9 members at his disposal until recently.Which wasnt surprising.After all the squads wouldnt want to continue for too long without a Vice or Captain warranting the idea,as the Vice of squad 4 had.Something next he would hint at,and he was right.Being a fifth seat Salvatore would have a harder time pulling the strings to get such an "Ok" but he was pretty sure he could.After all he was close to the Vice of his squad an already being groomed for the position.Next topic was if or when the acquired the troops the squad 4 camp could expand.AS the topic of bandits arose,as something the Fifth seat had expected.Taking a drag of his cigar he sure by now had been given,he slowly exhales towards the tents roof."You are right,me being a lower seated officer it may prove difficult to warrant the troops.However myself an my Vice Captain Oni Trio have formed a bond an he trust my judgment,Im sure i can get you atleast a troop of 20-30 men at first an more within reasonable timing.Taking another drag he would think for a moment."Eventually i think i can spare fifty men at a time changing troops every three weeks,allowing my squad to continue there duties as well as help here.After which i hope we can press towards my district and others,eventually creating multiple camps,smaller but well equiped like this one in several districts.San would lean back along one of the crates,drawing on his smoke."As for these bandit encampments any pressing concerns as of now i may be able to assist with.Im currently on leave,so i have time to spare.He was on medical leave however San wasnt one to allow his injuries stop him or his goal,even more so if it could help his friends.By the way may iget your name Lieutenant?He would twirl the cigar in his hands,looking at it in pleasure as it was a fine cigar,deeply inhaling an exhaling another large cloud. wc:709
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    "Sorry Lieutenant,forgive my bluntness.Please lead the way.” The officer states. “Not at all.” The Lieutenant replies kindly as the two begin to make their way back through the tent comprised maze, “We’re amongst friends here, I’m just extremely cautious about certain things.” He explains before the Officer follows up by stating, “By the way i am truly grateful to see another looking out for these poor souls as i have in my districts.....even thought my help came in the art of killing, defending an yours in treatment..” To this Yuro laughs half hollowly thinking back to the battles fought on the road to establishing the work around them. “Indeed.” He replies. A few twists and turns later and at last they begin approaching a large circular white tent with a maroon flag waving proudly at the top, the thick black symbol of the Restoration Corps stamped prominently on the entrance flaps. Yuro looks at the entrance a moment, realizing he should probably get a special lock for tents or even build a door way inside, “This is it.” He tells the Officer while looking over his shoulder before the leading the 5th seat into his abode, still lit warmly in orange hues by the lanterns all around, he holds the flap back while San enters. “Would you like me to rewarm the pot of tea? Or perhaps a cigar? I have a couple Tobacco and Ken Ken varieties.” He offers, “Gets rather boring out here during the slow points.” He adds jokingly. “As for your questions and suggestions.” The Lieutenant begins to talk of more official matters, “As you may have noticed, there was quite a lack of guards when you had come to our camp today, that’s because the Squad 9 Subordinates I was given to assist me with this operation, were only contracted to me for a short time and word came roughly a week ago that they were going to have to start taking most of them back to perform their duties back at the Seireitei. So as far as you supplying troops from the 7th division, that would be a true blessing if you can get the clearance for it. Because you are right, the Districts are an awful place.. worse now than they ever have been in the wake of the disaster that flipped the worlds organizations upside down. “ He glances at his wooden chest a moment but resolves to not grab the map yet. “We will want to honestly just focus on getting the Squad 7 troops you had in mind here for we cant really defend against the bandit camps that are starting to rise up around us and catch wind of our presence nor expand into further territories without that step being completed first. After we have more military capability we can do as we wish with it.” The Lieutenant finishes, pondering the notion of how useful it would be for him to inact his plans and attempt to train certain members in his Division to be more Combat efficient.. with all the tides turning as of late.. he may need to take Captaincy sooner than he had planned. WC - 528
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    Salvatore made his way towards the districts these so called medical facilities had sprung up.Normally he would of used flash step to arrive quickly,however with his wounds that was out of the question.Instead he would walk,walk threw multiple districts an streets.Along the way he was met by many,some with looks of anger an disgust due to his shinigami uniform,others of hope,wonder,excitement etc.The fifth seat wouldnt pay no mind to any,his coston hooded top half f the uniform would stayed drapped over his face as he walked,taking in all the sights.Sights that consisted of thugs,poverty,hunger all things that tormented the districts.However he was also met by sights of joy,happiness,thriving business,all things that should the potential of the districts.Truly they were in a place of constant turmoil,the scale shifting back an forth constantly depending on the district an those who were in charge at the time.San had brought hope an current peace to his districts he governed over,when the times he was around.However even in his absence the tides began to shift yet again,something San couldnt let happen.He truly hoped that these medical facilities would not only bring supplies an care to his home districts but also military presence.Even if they werent military focused,the fact they were shinigami meant they were skilled an also would present a deterring effect to those who wished to start trouble. As the fifth seat made his way place by place he began to gather some information,as he would speak to those who seemed happy at his sight rather then worried.It seemed the personal of these so called medical camps were led by squad 4 members.All who were led by a Vice Captain of squad 4,a person San had yet to meet or even know.However or whoever he was San could only feel compasion in the mans actions as it hit home,but on a bigger scale.San was looking out for his districts,not that he didnt want all of Rukongai to change for the better,his primary focus was his own,for now.However this man,this Vice Captain was trying to better all of rukongai district by district truly making a difference to the whole.No doubt he would be willing to move his facilities into San districts as it would help him reach his goal faster an it would be a hard accepted ideal.As San had already gained the districts trust an loyalty,from his days an current days as vigilante an now protector. Now closer to the areas of operations San had seen first hand the medical camps handiwork.People bandaged,some taking medicine,rations robust,an also less an less death an poverty.Not to mention some shinigami here an there doing there duties,as instructed by there commander.The sun had begun to set causing the sky to turn orangish red by the time Salvatore had made it to the main encampment.It was filled with a maze of tents,civilians entering an leaving various ones,some helped by shinigami some on there own will.Truly a sight to see in the districts normally filled with poverty an do what it takes to survive type attitude.The camp wasnt so heavily guarded or fortified,something that could prove dangerous but again they were shinigami in a fairly large number led by a Vice Captain.He would apporach the gates an be met by two officers who stood guard."Sir?,here for rebandaging?Sans open front of his top uniform showed his bandages so of course they would ask.He would remove his hood his eyes neon pink against his purplish blue skin,black veins instead of normal purple along his arms,as his top half uniform not only was hooded but also sleeveless."O...you dont look so well Sir......The fifths seats skin tone could warrant such a question,like he was plagued by a disease.When in fact it was his Zanpaktus who had caused the change in the mans look,Death an Darkness was something truly dangerous an powerful."No i am here to see your Commander,the Vice Captain,my looks are no more then a cause an effect....San would say as he placed his hand on his swords hilt,with a smile."O...sorry sir....may we ask your name an company?San would nod hearing the mans regret in his voice."No need to apologize i understand....I am the Fifth Seat of Squad 7,San Salvatore. The guards would begin to open the gate while another one was signaled over,informing him to go find the Vice Captain of Salvatores arrival.San would enter the camp an continue to see the doings of the squad more up close an personal.They were quite endowed with resources,crates stacked in droves scattered threwout.Tents for all wounds,medicine an rations all labeled an staffed with dozens if not hundreds of squad members.San would wait amongst a large supply of what seemed to be various equipments inside crates."Sir while you wait would you like us to change your bandages,provide something for the pain?San would not accept the bandages but a few pain relivers would def help the constant pain he still felt in his chest.Again San was wearing a custom hooded,sleeveless top uniform;hood removed, an baggy black kimono pants,Zanpaktu placed on his right hip an a dagger zanpaktu strapped horizontally along his back at his waistline.His eyes neon pink,his skin purplish,veins of black ran up where normally would be ones purplish blue veins. WC:918 OOC:Hope all is ok with post/My image is my character just without mouth being swen an without Haori for now
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    Prologue – He sits slouched forward in a tent foreign to the Gotei Thirteen. Reflecting on the meeting in his mind’s eye he stares blankly at the scarf like black cloth. “No..” The Voice of the Mayor states plainly and broodingly. “I’m sorry but I cannot accept an entire militant camp to just pop up in my village within days, especially considering how divided this Village is on Shinigami presence. I mean.. we don’t even call it a district anymore for the fact that that is title from the Court Squads.” To this the Veiled one nods. “I understand that aspect of it of course, but it’s not as if though we would be simply squatting on your land, we plan to implement valuable service a-” The Mayor Raises his hand. “Lieutenant, with respect to you for your position and prowess in removing much of the bandit groups from this reason, the people simply don’t care and largely don’t know about that, nor would they for service like this.” Yuroshima shakes his head, “That isn’t the same, I was sent on a mission to battle them anyhow, it wasn’t true service and like you said the majority people didn’t even know of the events that day as a large portion of the town had been evacuated, but they would know about this. And this service is much different, this is health care, this is medicinal science and the ability to feel good or not die in a situation where had we not been here the patient surely would have passed.” His words bring silence, Jim merely standing uncomfortably behind, unsure of what he could add to the conversation. A ragged sigh escapes the elders lips and he slides his hand over the top of his thick gray dread locks. “I don’t know..” He half mumbles. “Surely the solving of nearly all your medical problems is incentive enough.” The Lieutenant attempts to tend the newly formed and small spark of the negotiation, “What of this newly formed community that broke off from the District next door? They’ve been conducting a series of attacks or so I’ve heard from the random that have ventured to our camps in search of real care… could our medical prowess not aid in this as well?” The Mayor nods gently and silently, clearly pondering something thoughtfully; he raises his hand gently dragging his index finger across the corner of his mouth before sighing out once more, but more harshly. “No.. what we could really benefit from is those attacks not happening anymore period.” An uncomfortable vibe emits from the two shinigami as they glance awkwardly at each other, knowing all too well what would be asked of them next. “Were you to deal with such a problem im sure the Village could be convinced of trust in you.. over time at the least..” He finishes, answered only by a couple more moments of silence. “Mayor Keyante.. we cant-” Jim begins but is cut off by his commanding officer hastily lifting his hand in a stop motion, “In what way exactly would you want our help in taking care of this problem?” “Not only do you and yours posses superior medical ability, but combat capability as well. Help us defeat them, and conquer them.” This was a larger ask than even Yuro had expected.. it was already uncomfortable enough the Idea of Shinigami meddling in the Districts conflicts in this specific slice of time where such a thing is a political taboo, but to literally aid one specific territory in taking the land of another? Those consequences and implications were far too deep. The Mayor can sense the Veiled Healers hesitation. “Let me explain something to you in regards to the nature of this situation. They aren’t a village or district or whatever you want to call it, not like we are at least. They are a large band of former gangs turned militia, criminals and savages who succeeded from their territory due to not wanting to follow all of its laws. They are proficient in combat due to their pasts, where as my people are simply meek and poor, there is much crime here but its all theft and robbery and its all meek on meek, they are not combat ready like our enemy. I mean.. the only reason that place hasn’t been labeled a new Bandit territory and enemy of the Court Guard Squads already is because its brand new, your likely the only agent of the gotei with rank that matters to even know of its existence, Lieutenant please.. if you helped us grab that territory, I would allow you space in our village, and the land we claim.” Yet more silence follows. On the walk back Jim keeps glancing to his anonymous commander, “Sir you can’t seriously consider going through with this, I mean we can’t do something like this..” The lieutenant only stops him short however, “No.. this has to be done, I don’t like it but im sure of it. The Gotei 13 would only wipe this new territory out eventually anyhow once they learn of their presence which could take forever with their current level of involvement out here. There’s no reason not to use a natural event to aid in our influence out here by simply making it come sooner than later, plus its still new they are weak right now.. best to nip this at the bud.” His words make sense and Jim is at first unsure of what to say, “But.” He begins, “How can we help them take an entire territory without it being obvious to the enemy that we are Shinigami helping them, word gets out that we aided in a battle and the other districts may see it as us favoring these people, who knows what that could ignite.. fear is powerful..” To this Yuro nods, “Yes.” He states, “This is why I and the Shinigami I take will be disguised as mere rukognai citizens.” Jim frowns slightly for a moment, before returning his gaze forward, as the two walk back to camp. “I don’t know..” He states softly, “It feels ugly..” The Lieutenants voice doesn’t changes or waver, “Sometimes life is ugly, not every situation can be a perfect scenario, victory awaits those that play the hand they are dealt.” Whatever it Takes– That was days ago, and now the time was here as he finished recounting those events and wrestles with doubt in his heart, staring deeper at the black cloth in his hands before raising it to his head and wrapping it around and around leaving a section free for his eyes to see out of, it looks similar to the pristine white veil he usually wore but more ninja like in appearance. Taking a deep breath, he corrects his resolve and reminds himself of how greatly this will aid in his political advancement as well as the security of the Gotei and Rukognai, then standing and exiting the poor brown hide tent. The black veiled soul steps out onto the soft grass slowly beginning to shimmer of dew in the morning sun, the air is cold by the ground yet medium to warm from around the knees up and there is a gentle fog like mist over the field they were camped at which rested at the edge of a forested expanse which seemed to collect and hold onto this mist. The disguised Lieutenant, who had also concealed his reiatsu, sees the subordinates he had selected for this mission, dressed in rags as he was, their faces uncovered as they were not known anyhow, fear seemed to grip a few of them, for indeed there was no telling how intense the fighting would become. Slowly the army collects at the start of the field, the target territory in sight at the other end before the wilderness begins again. “Are we ready!?” The Militia Leader in charge of the assault calls. Yuroshima takes a few steps forward and abandons all doubt, a true knight of the true cause for progress. He grips the large sheathed Zanpakuto, cloaked in a black satin like covering. “Then For the love of Nahgistahd! For the love of your families! And for the love of god!” The leader continues shouting before concluding with a strong, “Charge!” And with that it began, the Militia rushes onto the makeshift village of criminals turned militant. A couple groups of guards begin shouting and running from the parameter of the territory. The Restoration Lieutenant takes a sharp turn to avoid this skirmish, the true battle of importance would be in the actual village itself. A portion of their force breaks off and begins battling and ultimately dispatching the guard groups while the black veiled Shinigami and remaining troop continue onward into the town. Yuroshima follows a group into the main streets where armed assailants rush towards them, one of them swinging their machete like blade downward towards the disguised Shinigami who blocks with his sheathe before swinging his upper body down and delivering a powerful back kick to the attackers chest. He hears behind him, the loud thud of a hard step and instinctively dashes forward then hearing the sound of a sword slashing through the empty air he spins around to see two men one who had slashed and the other now running behind. The first attacker raises his sword above his head preparing a powerful overhead strike as he ally draws nearer. Yuroshima responds by using Shunpo to rush the bandit he rolls, grabbing the man around the legs during the roll and forcing him to fall. The Lieutenant springs up upon reaching his feet, striking the bottom of his hilt into the second attackers throat while he advances.. incapacitating him, spinning around once more and swinging the thick end of his sheathe in a swatting tennis racket motion, he smacks the first attacker across the face as he stands. It was not enough to render him unconscious however and so the Restoration specialist wastes no time and leaps toward the target who is clutching his face, blood seeping through his fingers before receiving another hard crack across the back of the head, this one finishing the task. He would not kill any of them, that was a line that he would not cross for this and didn’t have to anyhow. He was still under foggy legality of the Soul Society in his current actions so long as he didn’t end a life.. or at least the way he had interpreted it. He sees yet more bandits approaching from his front, but yet his own from behind. By now any Bandits and guards that had been hastily awaking to the chaos and getting ready for battle would be exiting the buildings, like ants where when appeared so did many more around them. The battle would turn ugly soon, or at least would have had it not been for the strategetic back up leg the Lieutenant had reserved for standing later if the numbers of bandits were greater than had been expected. He points his fist into the air, releasing a large ball of flame similar to Shakkaho. On the outskirts of the battle, in the brush of the wilderness, Jim remains crouched in a bush, all directions behind him were disguised Shinigami and eager Rukognai citizens taking a shot at the role of warrior. Jim wears only a brown tunic of sorts and uses his bandana to cover his face as well for he commanded moderate fame in this specific region of Rukongai. Finally he sees the large flare shoot into the air from the shanty town of villainy. He rises briskly, unsheathing his blade simultaneously before shouting, “Its action time!” before swinging his blade in circles above him and crying out “Charge!!!” And Charge they did, the second battalion, to help hastily conclude the first battle of Nahgistahd, and secure themselves a base of operations within its territories. WC – 2,000 All WC above this post counted. also, I was gonna make the battle cooler but I lost inspiration for it and have been trying to post this for like 1-2 weeks so I just finished it and submitted it.. js
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    Prologue – Slowly, he grips the heavy flap of his large tent and pulls it back, revealing the sometimes sickening dull blue of the early morning as the Lieutenant steps out from his quarters and into his camp. They had been there consecutively for one month and while some minor complications had occurred nothing majorly bad had happened. Some had worried that their set up would make it far too easy for assassins to sneak into the camp and kill them in the night but none had tried as of yet. At first only a few people came every now and then, some ill some injured and they would be cared for and sent back, some requiring greater care were allowed to stay as long as they needed, anything to send a powerful message and assert their presence correctly. Yuroshima had refused to use his Zanpakuto aside from life death emergencies for two reasons, one was that he didn’t want to make it about him as a figure so much as about the camp as an institution and wanted to allow the people the story that they were able to stay and be well cared for when they returned to their communities, and secondly because he wouldn’t always be here to act as a magic wand, he had to keep his subordinates sharp. There had been talk lately of a few isolated attacks on Nahgistahd from some neighboring village that used to be a part of the next district over. Apparently it had grown so different in its culture after the crises that it had been able to culturally secede. According to the patients that would wander in injured by them, either through fighting or crossfire style wounds, they had named their near newly formed village Opalia. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Growing Pains – Yuroshima walks through the decently sized town of tents and building like carts and temporary shacks which now made up his main camp. Seeing Restoration Corps Officers working on injured souls in tents or walking them from ne location to another brought immense joy to his heart, what a delight it was to see the talents of his subordinates being correctly utilized and not wasted on menial tasks as they likely would be back at the Seireitei. The Lieutenant laughs to himself gently a moment, he had been away from the Seireitei for a month and a half straight now and privately dreaded the idea of returning to the red tape, out here his subordinates trusted him and if he knew something needed to be done but would go against protocol he could stil make the decision to do it himself and it even be held up in some interpretations of the law as a survival necessity. Finally he approaches a rather shabby brown tent resting at the foot of one of the small hills, a food tent sits proudly atop the hill behind. “Officer Jim?” The Veiled Healer calls towards the closed flaps of the tent. “I’ll be ready in just a moment sir!” The eighth seat called back in reply. “Today is a big day.” Yuro thinks as he stands straight with his back to his comrades tent. A Restoration Officer walks by guiding a citizen by the left arm, their right arm was slung up and heavily bandaged by even still beginning to turn a seeping dark pink in the center, soon to be red, the officer was guiding the soul in the direction of the surgical tents before looking to his commander and waving with a smile containing a mixture of joy and exhausted sorrow. Yuroshima waves back, indeed this month had been hard, but harder trails were yet to come. Moments later Jim emerges from his abode tying his bandana tightly in the back around his head and in that moment, the Lieutenant realizes he had never seen Jims hair, or even possibly Jims lack of hair. “Ready to go?” He asks the eighth seat who smiles confidently, “Oh yeah, today is going to go great, I grew up here, you got the majority bandits to move out a ways, they already love us..” The Restoration Lieutenant nods to this, “Indeed.” He states as the two begin making their way to the northern edge of the maze of tents which encapsulated them. “But we don’t want to go into this with a feeling of it ‘being in the bag’ , so to speak. Although I do admit that with the points you’ve brought up and the many cases we have healed and nurtured the last month or so.. much is in our favor for this meeting.” The two reach the cart gate and request the two opening carts to be moved aside for their leave. Yuroshima climbs atop a two horse supply cart and Jim takes the passenger seat. They could have used shunpo to get to Nahgistahd but there would be no point in using any spirit energy for what would simply be a 10 minute ride by cart up the road, plus the cart contained supplies for the village for a sort of bribe like effect. The Lieutenant grips the reins gives a stern jolt. “Hah!” He calls out, causing one of the horses to lurch slightly before they both begin moving at a moderate speed up the dirt path away from the hilly field surrounded by forest. The sun began to rise, bright and orange through the trees, sending sword like rays of light cascading across the two shinigami as they finally neared their destination. “You think these attacks from that weird would-be village of savages can be a talking point as to why we should be allowed into the town?” Jim asks as they begin to cross the town lines. “Perhaps.” The Lieutenant replies, “But only if he brings it up, we dont wanna make it seem like we are calling them weak, if theres one thing people in these parts can’t stand.. its Shinigami Supremacy.” Jim nods thoughtfully, “Why so early?” He asks a second question. Yuroshima waves to two citizens who he knew to be assistants or advisors to the mayor, “He said first thing this morning, so I wanted to make sure we were the first thing he dealt with when waking up.” The assistants of the Mayor lead them up to their masters office, and the meeting ensues. WC – 1,060
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    I just want to share my story here on BSE lol When I first came here at BSE It was when I was watching Bleach lol Like seriously I'm like 12 or 11 that time so yeah I kept and kept playing till I became with a staff on facebook He's a guy with a red mouse profile I forgot his name tho but yeah thanks to him I felt welcomed here on BSE but time goes by and I got busy with studies and other things I became inactive but everytime I have time I never forget to play visit this game (was scared of getting my account deleted because of inactivity lol) and kill some monsters what we call hollows then yeah I kept playing till I saw that thing go through hollowfication in my screen and clicked it of course so yeah it went successful and the game went inactive and isshin became busy But yeah it was 2012 or 2013 back then now it's 2019 I have the dream job I wished since my childhood(System Administrator) always the techy things but yeah I still always come back here to release some stress and kill hollows what I'm saying is no matter what other good games have been released I always come back here because the game itself is original and unique which makes me always come back and yeah story of me with BSE lol SOME OTHER EMBARRASSING THINGS I SAW LOL What do you mean by "It's just me your king" old me oh gosh seriously blushing here Slacker/Like A Boss? What? You retard lol Peace!
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    REIATSU RANKS Legendary Spiritual Pressure 101,000 - 210,000 Immense Spiritual Pressure 101,000 - 210,000 Great Spiritual Pressure 61,000 - 100,000 High Spiritual Pressure 30,000 - 60,000 ---------- Inactive

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