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    The man who has been established as Hizorashi made the first inquiry after Oriru delivered his brief upon his theory pertaining the mist and the situations that has been a greater part of their evening, and potentially their night - since Oriru has been unable to determine an appropriate way to measure the passage of time despite his ability to observe the world in a finer detail. Oriru allowed his mind to absorb the question, "Could an average hollow managed to perform the actions the mist had thus far? Doubtfully." He considered the words in his mind and thought back to his best friend once more and was certain of her unique spiritual pressure, which meant her assimilation should not have been done so easily. "It would take a high threat level hollow to perform this level of atrocity, an adjuchas is possible and a Vasto Lorde level would certainly be capable of performing such a level of power..." His mind wandered for a moment to the other possibilities, "A human could perform the tasks as well; a Fullbring is capable of manipulating souls on a base level, historically Bounts are known to alter the state of a soul and bend the utility of them, and Quincy are notorious for their ability to break down reishi for various actions." His mind shifted to his honest concern, "This, however, does not dismiss the ability of a Soul Reaper with a unique Zanpakuto to perform something of this level if their mind had been twisted violently." In the end, Oriru came to a conclusion on the answer and prepared his acknowledgement that, "An average hollow would be incapable of such a level of power, or any being of any average level. The truth is more daunting, that whatever is capable of is not based on what they were but more specifically what more are they capable of doing..." A dozen thoughts occurred in a matter of a single second, but before Oriru could muster his response, his companion the former Commander Hitsuyona spoke his ideology in regards to Hizorashi's response. Initially, it was clear that his comrade was pulling from personal history to develop his response which meant that there was a strong value to what was being spoken, presumably. There was a shift in the information, declaring a fact that Hollows typically would feed on the soul for power and then turns his thoughts towards the fact that it is a stated limit or restriction on their behavior towards souls which sadly is not true. Then again, Oriru has spent nearly a century of his life studying everything that he could manage more than actually engaging in the activities. He may not have actually faced a hollow in battle the way that Hitsuyona has, Oriru has read thousands of texts depicting the nature and abilities of a Hollow and it does not dismiss their ability or desire to manipulate souls. Some, although few, have been known to spare souls from being consumed while others, in a larger division, decide to toy with their souls before consuming them. Ideally, a hollow is primal in most cases and as such the idea of using souls in order to capture more is a powerful instinct meant for only a powerful being. Not necessarily a Hollow, but certainly does not dismiss the fact a Hollow could be the culprit behind all of this. Truth be told, it could be worse than that. Hitsuyona allowed a moment of a brief pass of time allowing the Zanpakuto of Genshi to be passed from the former commander to the Captain, a sign of respect and a momento of a loss comrade. Oriru allowed the weapon to come into his hands, taking hold of the memories of his friend which pulled his mind from his thoughts and prevented him from speaking on his thoughts locking his mind on the memories of his friend. Though before he could dive into the maximum amount of despair and allow his grief to settle a familiar voice rang from the mist. Tenzaimon, the juggernaut of a Soul Reaper, spoke up with a tone of utter distrust and more aggressive than he would have liked and Oriru quickly noticed his companion; the more sensible Kazuko. Although sensible was quickly thrown out of the window when the man added to the accusatory nature of his large comrade. Still, Oriru wanted to hear what they had to say despite his discomfort in the tone. The situation quickly began to devolve as the humans showed their dislike of being accused especially in such an aggressive and forceful manner, which is something that the Captain could understand in full acceptance. Tenzaimon made sense, being a bit aggressive in his approach, but Kazuko should have known better. In the case of his words being true, and these humans were susceptible to the mist in order to become a potential risk to them all there remains a dozen ways to approach the situation that does not involve literally prodding the targets of their concerns openly. This could cause a conflict which would lead to a potential skirmish in the middle of the mist while everything else is occurring and the sound of the wailers in the distance was further evidence that the two Soul Reapers that arrived revealed nothing but the ignorance that so many of the Shinigami show. As the tempers continued to rise, Oriru brought his attention back to the Zanpakuto of his comrade and allowed a slow exhale. "All that remains of you is your Zanpakuto..." He allowed the words to flow through his thoughts holding firmly to the Zanpakuto of his dear friend, trying his best to hold his composure as Genshi's notebook began to float from his coat and turn through pages near his own notebook. "There shouldn't be anything left of you... Not if you were consumed by a Hollow or a Bount, not if you were destroyed by a fellow Shinigami, not if you were manipulated by the nature of a Human, Quincy or Fullbring..." The pages turned faster than many would be able to keep track of as the content of the pages were being absorbed in a way none understood possible. Suddenly he was snapped back into focus when even Hizorashi and the Tengu removed their weapons and prepared for the conflict. Of course, the Shinigami that recently arrived decided that they were more than ready to face a trio of humans and they possibly had their confidence boosted by the fact that they had a Captain and the former Commander within their ranks. It was a shame that the small puppy will bark the loudest when the full grown dog stands by its side while the sound of a burst of lightning will cause it to cower. "Enough." Oriru spoke sharply, not so much of him yelling but a stern voice that carried a large force of volume based on the depth of his natural voice. It was the first moment that he spoke although his focus was on the Zanpakuto in his hand still. "Tenzaimon, Kazuko; both of you will stand down and that is a direct order." He turned his gaze upon them with that look, one that would be too much of a challenge to explain but the two Shinigami knew that it meant their best course of action would be to listen and follow orders without question. "As for you three," He turned his gaze onto the humans but with a clearly softer look, almost apologetically. "Allow me to apologize, on behalf of these two, for their aggressive behavior and forceful accusations. I wish not to allow the idea that the Shinigami are above empathy and understanding of others." There was a moment that Oriru brought his look back to Tenzaimon, aware that his big mouth was ready to speak in protest, but it was quickly quelled as Oriru looked back to the humans. "My comrade," Motioning over to Hitsuyona, "and myself encountered two humans who appeared to have been controlled by the mist but after dismissing the control their bodies became lifeless. This means, in my understanding, that despite the fact that there may have been a point that this Lady Tomoe obtained a control over their bodies, it was not sustained. These individuals have a strong will present in their spiritual pressure," This being directed more towards the bothered Shinigami, "Which means they have resisted thus far, and have yet to give me a reason to doubt their desire to fight against the control, fight against the mist, because they too fight for something greater than themselves." Oriru have a half nod, a clear question asking Tenzaimon and Kazuko subtly 'Do you understand?' Both of them provided a nod, "We have all lost too many already," Oriru squeeze tight on the Zanpakuto of his fallen friend as he dropped his head, "So we all have a purpose to collaborate with one another, not generate further confrontation, not while the mist continues to feed on the bodies of us Soul Reapers and aims to tear the souls from the mortal forms. Especially not from the being that is Lady Tomoe, because it has become clear what threat we face when it comes to her..." Both Tenzaimon and Kazuko sharply turned their gaze upon the Captain in confusion. "Is it not clear for you both? Or perhaps you have not heard the voice of a lost soul reaching out." Oriru made a soft smile, mostly upset with himself for how long it took for him to figure it out. "We are not facing anything that resembles the nature of a Shinigami," Before anyone else could jump on the opportunity Oriru pushed further, "Truthfully this is not something caused by a Hollow either." Both Tenzaimon and Kazuko were prepared to leap on the opportunity to prove it was the humans and Oriru brought his hands up to request everyone to allow him to finish, "Do not misunderstand my words, because this was not caused by a human of any kind, be they a Fullbring like I assume our friends here are," He hoped they caught the word friends as it was an attempt at the olive branch, "or even a Quincy or a Bount. No we are dealing with someone who has also lost her mortal form like the other humans that call this place home, but unlike the many before her and similar to the others around; she has been stuck here, bound to the cemetery. After death, no one came to send her soul to the Soul Society, no Hollow had been able to claim her as a meal, and over time the land in which people came to grief became a place where none could leave." With a sigh he concluded, "We are dealing with a deceased soul that has yet to be purified and sent to the soul society, a soul with a chain bound to this cemetery and so strongly secured that it will not leave this cursed land. Beyond the existence of the mortal body, but not forced to become a spirit of the Soul Society or Hueco Mundo; a Jibakurei, an Earth Bound Spirit." His gaze came back towards the main shrine of the shrine grounds, "Lady Tomoe is a lost soul, who consumes souls not out of malicious intent but simply because she was scared and alone. Time went on and I can only assume no one came to see her, no one spent the time to sincerely show their grief at losing her. Her sadness consumed her and brought a dark nature to her, consuming souls so that they too could be stuck with her, so that she wouldn't have to be alone. Collectively pulling souls so that she will always have company, for all of eternity. She gains souls that will stay by her side, but she will continue to devolve and turn into a Hollow and it is inevitable... She will consume these souls she has collected and they will be gone forever. Slowly she is becoming more and more powerful, she is growing further and further from her original self, but I promise you, Lady Tomoe, I will find you. Lady Tomoe, I will mourn your loss and ensure you will never be alone. Lady Tomoe, I will save you. " Genshi's Zanpakuto would float to his back and latch on, "So, can we put aside this and focus on the task at hand... There is a woman who needs our help." As he said that he turned and allowed his eyes to look upon the woman being held by the Tengu although his words were meant for three different people involved. WC | 2125
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    ENW 16: A Moment's Respite [Niebla Nefasta Effect: ???] [Tick Counter: 9 Disabled] [REMAINING ND| 2,200 ND Recovered] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE was not particularly vexed that the Shinigami, he was now informed went by the name "Oriru" or formally "Captain Kusho", managed to deescalate the situation before it resulted in a likely brutal fight. The Tengu-masked Fullbringer truthfully had no desire to engage is any meaningless conflict. There were a dozen other things he'd rather do with what was sure to be his last few hours as a free breathing man. Although there was some pleasure to be had in fighting, after all the very nature of his Fullbring League of One's Own ensured he'd get at least one final game of his beloved sport, Ryūnosuke still considered himself a sort of "hero" --that was the WILD'S mission after all, they were heroes. As a hero, it was only right that his final act was fighting the "villain"; despite their poor interpersonal skills and "higher-than-thou" demeanor, the Shinigami were not the "villains". Much to Ryūnosuke's hidden exasperation, therein lied his dilemma. Who was the villain? Who did he have to fight? The voices in his head and his heart told him one thing, but at the moment their influence over him still felt surface-level and... manipulative. The teenager sympathized with the spirits trapped in the mist and also with Lady Tomoe, but that wasn't enough for him. He understood that Lady Tomoe's motivation behind her actions was to protect the souls in the mist from what she saw as a terrible evil, and while Ryūnosuke's heart --unbeknownst to him-- had already been swayed to believe that there was an evil present in the cemetery his reaction to that evil would not be to cower and seek refuge in the arms of some savior. To just roll over backwards and let someone else protect him. Hell nah, that just wasn't his style. Ryūnosuke was a fighting, to his very last breath, didn't matter if the fight was a losing one. He'd finish strong just like he always did. The Tengu-masked teenager was a man, a man who'd now fully accepted that he'd be dead long before sunrise. He had his regrets; the wrongs he'd yet to right, the past he'd ran away from, the lives he'd ruined, the apologies he'd never get to make, and the farewells he'd never get to say. He didn't want to be remembered for the bad things, a part of him felt like he didn't want to be remembered at all. The bottom line for Ryūnosuke was clear, Lady Tomoe gave an offer only a fool would refuse, "an eternity of peace forever loved by all the other lost souls in her mist or a terrible painful doom at sunrise"; the answer was pretty clear, but also that kind of fairy tale happiness was something he hadn't earned it but he fully intended to before his time was up. Ryūnosuke sighed heavily from behind his mask as he too lowered his weapon. While the voices in his raged with no less earnestness and passion, and while Ryūnosuke swayed further still to their will, the Teenager --at least for now-- still held firm to his own resolve, figuratively and physically. The opening of the administrative building door and the exodus of the odd man Hideo and his cult-like followers marked a sharp change in the atmosphere surrounding the group. From what Ryūnosuke could observe the others were all equally perplexed, but none of them could be as confused as he was. Being connected to the mist to the degree that he was gave the teenager insight on every soul within it and held under its influence. Thus, it was rather bizarre to Ryūnosuke that none of Hideo's followers or even Hideo himself for that matter were under any current influence by Lady Tomoe. These were people surrendering themselves willingly to the mist. Granted, knowing what he knew, it made no difference either way. The thing was, none of them should have known, and yet Hideo spoke very much like someone who knew, basically quoting Lady Tomoe word-for-word at certain points in his speech. Ryūnosuke's best guess, something was going on in the administration building and he'd bet He had something to do with it. The bubbly young fellow who introduced himself as Kiri and warmly invited the group into the administrative building had potentially --knowing or unknowingly, Ryūnosuke had yet to determine-- invited them into the serpent's den. Having ignored the drama within the Shinigami ranks and then confirming the assimilation of Hideo and his cult a skeptical Ryūnosuke stepped forwards after Captain Kusho, Hizorashi, Connor, and another unfamiliar Shinigami. The teenager firmly shook Kiri's hand, "Tengu.", he replied flatly as he began to step through the doorway, but paused momentarily. Ryūnosuke was conscious of the sudden effects his presence on the shrine grounds how how him. For one, the voices the spoke to him were completely silenced. On top of that, Ryūnosuke could no longer sense anything spiritually. This was no doubt some sort of defense mechanism employed by Him to insure Lady Tomoe and her agents could not identify him. Ryūnosuke, as far as his ability to point out his target or any spiritual presence for that matter, was effectively blind. He needed to change that if he had any hope of succeeding and confronting Him. "What's keeping the mist out of the cemetery? How are we safe here?" Ryūnosuke inquired curiously. However Kiri answered the question, Ryūnosuke would nod and then enter to building. He took a look around and observed the bleak atmosphere as Kiri explained the situation. He didn't judge any of them particularly; for a group of strangers struggling with the prospect of their own demise at the claws of a harrowing army of the undead they seemed to all be handling it fairly well. Ryūnosuke eyes naturally lingered on the small group of people huddled around a table writing on sheets on papers. The teenager approached them, still holding Chizuru's motionless body, at the moment it seemed to pose no major issue to anyone present. Ryūnosuke didn't address any of the strangers yet and simply watched them as they wrote what appeared to be letters. It was all unsurprisingly emotional, some cried into their letters while others seemed keenly focused. A few paused as Captain Kusho began to give his inspiring speech to his subordinates. Ryūnosuke listened in himself, but found it to be rather agitating. He loved a good pep talk just as much as the next guy, heck, he'd had the honor and giving a few himself in the past, but the Captain's words at the moment just felt a bit pretentious. The ravings of just some pawn in the game that didn't get the full picture. In a way, the Shinigami were currently no better than Hideo and his gang. Just another cult and from the looks of it they intended to also throw themselves into the mist with the same grace. Which was a shame, from what Captain Kusho had said outside he seemed to have the most knowledge about the Mist and Lady Tomoe, perhaps not as much as Ryūnosuke thought. It was just irksome, Captain Kusho and the Shinigami were all speaking like they who who the enemy was. They'd all condemned Lady Tomoe, which could very well be fair, but on what grounds had they done so? How and when had they decided? Ryūnosuke liked to think he was the current highest authority on all matters related to the mist --whether he divulged that information or not. The point was, as far as he was aware, he knew and understood the mist than anyone and even with all his insight still couldn't decide which side to fight on. How the Hell had the Shinigami chosen? Ryūnosuke thought as he sucked his teeth sharply behind his mask. He admired the Shinigamis' will to fight the good fight and wouldn't mind them as an allies at all, but until everyone agreed on what the good fight was, it was up to Ryūnosuke to make sure they took no drastic actions. Unfortunately, he couldn't yet depend on Connor or Masato either. Exposing Him was something Ryūnosuke had to do alone and with the clock ticking on the approach of the Wailer army, the Tengu-masked teenager needed to hatch a plan, pronto... ______________________________ WC|1,390 -----
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    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Base ND: 8,970 - 10,170] [Remaining ND: 7,300 + 2,200 = 9,500] Seeing his companions clearly support him was gratifying in this situation. Connor had no expectations towards them, so the choice of action on their part left him feeling appreciative. They were collectively wronged, but that didn’t mean that they had to be as angry or upset as himself. Whatever their reason may be for the support, Connor naturally felt a slight sense of trust develop as a result of it. Both the Captain and the Commander made an effort to intervene and prevent the situation from escalating. The opinions of the superiors didn’t match the subordinates, and it was for this very reason that the fluctuations in Connor’s emotions and Reiatsu were quickly suppressed. ‘My reiatsu still goes out of control if I’m emotionally disturbed…’ This situation normally rarely happened, but the changes taking place on this Halloween night were enough that Connor wasn’t quite “normal”. That didn’t prevent him from taking notice of the Shinigami referred to as a Commander who had momentarily displayed a presence that was similar in nature to his own, or at least the elemental similarities. The conversation shifted after the two leaders berated the Shinigami away from being confrontational to apologetic, understanding, and informative. The new information was naturally surprising, especially considering that Connor knew of these spirits as well and had never seen any record of any possessing powers at this level. Ever so slightly, Connor felt his anger lessen faintly in favor of a trace amount of pity if the Captain’s theory were true. He also took note of the Commander’s opinion on the matter. By this point Connor’s reiatsu had returned to a natural state of suppression as he gave his two accusers a final glare. ‘I’ll leave it be, for now…’ It was at this point that people began to emerge from the mist to Connor’s right. What they had to say quickly made that tiny bit of pity fade and turn into disgust as he spoke quietly to himself, loud enough that his two nearby companions may have heard him. “It really is a damned cult…” His companions may not understand the context, but he recalled clearly cursing the voice early as a Cultist. This left him feeling slightly disturbed to see his angry curse turn out to be true. The group which went into the mist seemed to consist of the hopeless and the broken, which was the type Connor assumed would belong to a cult. That didn’t lessen the shock he felt towards people already giving up with so much of the night ahead. He glanced at his companions at this point as he thought of something. ‘I hope that neither of you will give in to this bullshit…’ His thoughts paused as he looked at the Shinigami ‘...Hell, I hope the same about you all too…’ It was at that point that the entire group was called out to from the direction of where the group had left. The beckoning was enough to clear what remained of the awkward atmosphere. Connor couldn’t help but speak to everyone in their group before he approached. “Guys, whatever you do, do not drink the kool-aid.” As he finished speaking the Captain went first and then Masato. Not wanting to be too slow Connor followed at this point after giving Tengu a final glance, hoping that he would also follow. When Connor received the greeting from Kiri, he made a point to apply strength gradually to roughly understand the fellow’s strength. As he neared the building his ability to sense presences had returned, and he was aware that the man in front of him as well as everyone within were spiritually aware. In this situation full of uncertainty Connor decided to escalate the common handshake into a test for the fellow with his physical strength and energy. He attempted to harmlessly push his energy into the man and see what kind of resistance would come of it to attempt to analyze the type and strength while his hand would tighten and force the fellow to match his own increase. It was rude to do so, but Connor was doing this relatively covertly to prevent it from escalating if the man himself didn’t speak about it. He was assuming that anyone still standing should have some strength, and being polite didn’t have priority in this situation. Outwardly, Connor naturally returned the handshake and slightly bowed in return as he spoke. “I’m Connor, nice to meet you.” After that, Connor would release the handshake and proceed inside himself. He listened to Kiri who followed shortly after as he explained the situation roughly, and eventually left to go comfort others. ‘Weird guy…’ Connor was surprised to see someone like Kiri who was taking time to take care of others in a situation where no one knew if they would see the morning. Connor didn’t immediately approach anyone as it seemed that quite a few people weren’t very welcoming of him. ‘My reiatsu again?’ It dawned on him immediately as he hadn’t actually encountered many weaker spiritually aware individuals. He couldn’t help but helplessly sigh as he looked at Masato and thought of Tengu who he expected to follow soon. ‘Maybe I can ask them for some tips on reiatsu control later…’ He didn’t speak to his companion who was approaching a couple as he listened in on the conversations and looked around the room. He was aware that it was for the best if he were to do the same and find out whatever he could in order for their group to face whatever was soon to come. He ruled out the people avoiding his gaze due to being uncomfortable, and the Shinigami as his gaze fell on another foreigner in a suit cleaning his guns. ‘Hmm?’ The man didn’t shy away at his gaze and simply continued his action, but it was the man’s status similar to himself that caused him to basically immediately approach him while taking note of the strange energy fluctuations in his surroundings. “You don’t look like you’re from around here either. I’m Connor,” He paused and considered extending his hand, but seeing the man busying himself decided not to before continuing. “It’s nice to meet you. Would you perhaps be willing to share information?” He spoke with the same casual smile that he always had, in a friendly tone. Actions: Tested Kiri's strength in the handshake and approached the Guy In A Suit Cleaning Revolver (Thomas), Updated Stats for "resting". -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,062 Total Word Count: 1,982
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    Masato turned his sights to the Tengu-masked teen as he too prepared to engage in combat, should the Shinigami not lower their weapons. He wondered if his allies could recall walking into the cemetery gates, or if they were also seemingly transported against their will. Connor seemed very sensitive to his surroundings and Masato hadn’t a reason to doubt Tengu’s memory. Knowing there existed an inkling of truth to the impotent Shinigami’s words, he considered withdrawing his weapon first and confessing to his lapse in memory, pertaining to what exactly occurred at sunset. However, turning his head to see the annoying faces of Tenzaimon and his accomplice, Masato thought to himself, “I’m not telling these idiots anything.” "Enough!" A single resolute word from the Shinigami known as Captain Kusho was enough to break the hostile tension for Masato. The hierarchy of the four Shinigami present was clear, so Masato suspected that with his orders, they wouldn’t have to fight. He allowed himself to relax his shoulders and even loosen the grip he had on his blade, but until they withdrew their weapons, he wouldn’t. Through the command of the Shinigami captain, the name of tenzaimon’s accomplice was revealed, Kazuko. Their expressions, especially Tenzaimon’s, expressed the desire to protest their superior’s orders, but his speech and periodic glare would caution them not too. Kazuko and Tenzaimon weren’t being reprimanded and their captain’s words were only stern, but Masato still felt pity for their humiliation. Perhaps it was due to their superior’s apology on their own behalves, or the silencing of their opinions which they wholeheartedly believed in. Either way, they sheathed their swords and Masato followed shortly after. Captain Kusho’s defense for the Masato and his Fullbringer allies didn’t dismiss the possibility of Lady Tomoe’s past control over their bodies, nor did it delve into the potential of risk in trusting the humans. Rather it blatantly assumed that at some point, the three humans were under Tomoe’s control, but possessed the will to break free from it. Masato wasn’t in the mood to argue semantics as he agreed with the captain’s conclusions; it didn’t matter weather are not they were puppets of Tomoe, what mattered was presently they were not. The captain would continue to speak to the group of seven, and provide a better answer to Masato’s question than he’d hoped. “We are dealing with a deceased soul that has yet to be purified and sent to the soul society, a soul with a chain bound to this cemetery and so strongly secured that it will not leave this cursed land. Beyond the existence of the mortal body, but not forced to become a spirit of the Soul Society or Hueco Mundo; a Jibakurei, an Earth Bound Spirit. Lady Tomoe is a lost soul, who consumes souls not out of malicious intent but simply because she was scared and alone. Time went on and I can only assume no one came to see her, no one spent the time to sincerely show their grief at losing her. Her sadness consumed her and brought a dark nature to her, consuming souls so that they too could be stuck with her, so that she wouldn't have to be alone. Collectively pulling souls so that she will always have company, for all of eternity. She gains souls that will stay by her side, but she will continue to devolve and turn into a Hollow and it is inevitable... She will consume these souls she has collected and they will be gone forever. Slowly she is becoming more and more powerful, she is growing further and further from her original self, but I promise you, Lady Tomoe, I will find you. Lady Tomoe, I will mourn your loss and ensure you will never be alone. Lady Tomoe, I will save you” Masato certainly had mixed feelings with the Shinigami captain’s ambition to “save” and “mourn” a being that had no qualms with manipulating and exploiting others, especially children. But he wouldn’t have a chance to voice his concerns as suddenly from the gates of the shrine, a group composing of humans and Shinigami emerged. They were led by an outspoken man who preached and encouraged his followers to walk into the wailing mist. Masato would’ve tried to prevent their suicides, if only he wasn’t paralyzed by disbelief and doubt of their lunacy. It was only after they completely disappeared and the regretful cries came from their general direction that Masato began to register what had just happened. It was unfortunate that had they waited a few moments, Himself and the capable individuals surrounding him could’ve possibly restored their hope. "Hey, you guys are survivors, right! Come on over here, the mist doesn't work on the shrine grounds. We're all gathered inside, there are more Shinigami too." spoke a young man who approached them from out of the temple gates. His pristine condition, attitude and smile were all certainly off-putting. How could he be so jolly considering what just transpired? “Is it just how he handles stress?” Masato thought, trying not to judge too hard the man who was only courteous. "Nice to meet you, my name is Kiri." The man stated while extending a handshake. The Shinigami captain accepted the handshake before simply introducing himself as “Oriru.” With the pleasantries over, Kiri guided them all into the shrine wherein he mentioned the disheartened state of most of the refugees. They were split in cliques of various sizes, collectively Masato estimated there were twenty. Some sat alone in their misery, murmuring gibberish, while others conversed and prayed. "I can tell you guys have been through a lot, so I'll give you guys some space and time to rest and I guess decide what you want to do next." Kiri said before leaving to comfort some of the crying individuals. Shortly thereafter, Captain Kusho, or Oriru, approached the congregated Shinigami. As any competent leader would, he attempted to inspire his disgruntled and confused men. Bearing his unsheathed black Zanpakuto, the captain ended his speech with the question, “—who else will carry their blade alongside me?" “I should make myself useful too,” were Masato’s exact thoughts while he scanned the temple for individuals he could, if not comfort, extract information from. With so many spiritually aware eyes present, it wasn’t a stretch to assume someone could’ve possessed knowledge crucial for the take down and “liberation” of Lady Tomoe. Masato’s search ended as he decided to accompany the crying couple. He made sure to approach them at an angle which they would’ve seen him coming, lest he startle them with his sudden presence. They were holding each other’s hands and trying ,to no avail, to comfort one another. Masato softly introduced himself “good evening, I’m Hizorashi Masato. Do you mind if I join you?” 1. Should they accept, he would’ve sat down next to them and inquired about the nature of their relationship, why they were at this cemetery, and what did they think of Kiri. 2. Should they decline or ignore him, he would choose to approach one of the whispering men, with almost similar questions. ND: 4870+2200= 7070 WC: 1190
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    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] - Inactive[REMAINING ND| 11,840] - Recovered "Are you sure that you can save her..." Although it was asked by the former commander, there was a moment where Oriru had to ask himself softly within his own thoughts, fearful for the fact that his answer would be denying the potential of saving her. Oriru knew that Hitsuyona was referencing Lady Tomoe and the ability to save her soul before it is too far gone, but each word that he considered was placed more on the person that he wanted to personally bring back. "In the end, all I have is hope." Oriru was pulled out of his own thoughts as the sounds of the wailer seemed to echo violently wishing to bring the members upon the Shrine Grounds to a sense of paradise, this false fantasy that has been developed. Almost as if in response to the call being made, a collective would break free from the main building of the Shrine grounds and make their way towards the mist. Some of the members were Soul Reapers that Oriru, and even Tenzaimon, had recognized but it was clear to Oriru that these individuals had made their decision to lay down their sword rather than raise their shields and as such were welcome to the fate that they approached. It was clear to Oriru that there was a strong feeling being held within the bodies of his two seated comrades, but he took pride in the fact that they were able to stand against the fear and remain ready to fight; although their drive against fear seemed to have been misdirected already. Still, there was promise based on their heart and that was the key to getting through this night alive. From the building, a survivor who had not decided to join the rest of the suicidal collective would call out to the agitated group to approach and introduced himself; "Captain Kusho-" He paused for a moment and switched his intentions, "Oriru." As he shook the hand of the inviting man and made his way into the small area of salvation, the Sanctuary. Among the survivors, a single collective stood out the most to the Captain as members of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads could be seen gathered close to one another but there was a small divide between them. It was clear that some of them were not as secure in themselves as the others, and certainly no where near as much as Kazuko or Tenzaimon and Oriru gave a soft sigh. "I can only imagine the way that they have suffered..." With the two recently acquired seated officers, Oriru made his way to the rest of his comrades unsure and unconcerned if Hitsuyona would follow knowing that the former commander would find better use of his time gathering information from the other members of this gathering. Approaching the Resolute Shinigami Group and Broken-willed Shinigami Group Slowly the captain made his way towards people of a familiar face, taking note of the members that stood in front of him. Each of them couldn't have been more than a mid tier seated officer of their respective squads. Oriru started to think back to the members of the Soul Society and connected the images of their faces to the people before him and the files that he read over the decades and recalled each and every single one of these people. Some of them noticed the Captain as he approached and showed the proper respect of a Captain as they should but Oriru immediately dismissed the formalities aware that at this point ranks mean little in truth. Survival starts to blur the lines of a hierarchy and Oriru was never one to become fond of the role of a leader of soldiers, different than the manager of administrative employees. "Shinigami." Oriru could see the look in their eyes and the desires of their minds wanting something to make sense of everything, "I want to first say this; I am proud of you." The Captain had no idea what he was going to say but knew they look of people hungry for hope. "You have endured the events within the mist, your have kept each other safe, you have remained strong this far for the people that have come before you, that stand by you, and those that fell short of this point." He gave a moment of respect, a bit of spite for the Captain Commander for choosing him, Oriru, to be his lieutenant and pushing him up through the ranks. Oriru argued constantly that he was not fit to be a leader, that was not a skill that he could manage to harness. "You have earned a moment to rest, but soon we have a decision to make. Some of you may decide you are not ready to face what is outside in the mist, and I will not judge you. I will, however, feel sorry for you because you will sit here waiting for some conclusion of this nightmare. Some of you, however, will stand by my side as we face the nightmare directly. Those that are able to carry a sword should not be afraid to wield it against injustice, those that are able to lift a shield should not be afraid to guard against evil, and those that are able to speak should not be afraid to echo their virtue against corruption. Whether you sit by and wait, or you stand and fight; some of you will not survive this night. The difference is the more that stand, the more of a chance we have to end this nightmare for the people in this room, the people we have lost from this mist, and to prevent the nightmare for the future to face." Oriru took hold of his Zanpakuto and, for the first time in a long time, remove the blade from the sheath revealing the unique black steel of his blade with white specks that moved around like starts in the night sky. Bathed in a golden glow, he held the sword in front of him with the blade pointed slightly upward, "With my last breath, I wield my blade against this mist to ensure no other needs to sacrifice. I ask this of you, who else will carry their blade alongside me?" WC | 1061
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    Shortly following his response the Shinigami's brow would raise curiously as his attention would seemingly fade from the group among them. Hitsuyona could feel a vaguely memorable presence among them;although, he couldn't quite remember the precise names of those approaching. It was two fellow Shinigami from earlier before this all began. Hitsuyona's gaze turns against the two who would now stand near his counterpart, and with weapons drawn providing great intentions of hostility. The Former Commander musters a great sigh as they immediately jump to accusations against the trio of Fulbrings that stand before them. Their accusations of course held some level of concern to be had, but the entire delivery of their intentions was absurd at best. Just as he would attempt to raise a hand in response to their interjections he would be halted by a rather immense force that suddenly explodes outwards. Hitsuyona's immediate response to such results in an instinctual gleam towards the one known as connor. Sparks fill Hitsu's eyes for a moment as he blinks momentarily before leveling out his own reiatsu signatures. Clearly his actions and words displayed a reasonable anger in response to the two foolish shinigame, and the former commander's resolve dampens after accepting this fact. Watching the lightning dance around the worked up humans body, Hitsuyona couldn't help but feel compelled to curiosity. "I wonder just how similar his innate ability might be." he does however quickly Shelf the thought for later as his attention turns once again. The other two among the humans gave their quick spill before assuming what Hitsuyona could only assume to be battle-ready positions in their own right. Coincidentally, Hitsuyona himself did not feel the need to belittle humans below Shinigami in their own right; however, the Hollow side of his being was always looking to stir trouble. Begrudgingly so, the animistic instinct combined with his inner-spirits devious nature took hold of this moment of opportunity as a rage similar to its own manifests. Hitsuyona's head turns to the side so that it may befall upon the two Shinigami who had clearly made room for unnecessary conflict in this particular situation, and his right hand had since been placed firmly on the hilt of his Zanpaktou. For a slight moment a powerful presence forms into an eletric aura of a dark red appearance, which gives off a feeling of a morbid nature. "You two." His voice had grown distorted much like that of a hollow, which shared a similar feeling with the essence that had since began illuminating so. However, before he could muster another word Kusho would chime in silencing the group as a whole. The words had clearly been directed at the same group that Hitsuyona's focus had switched to, but it had been enough to snap Hitsuyona out of this state even if temporarily. As Kusho would go on to continue his hands reach up to his temple for a moment as he rubs his head before looking up to gaze upon Oriru's person while the speech goes on. "This mist is getting to me, the beast must stay caged at all costs." The damned souls entirety of his time spent within this mist had been so heavily aimed on conflict, both within himself and outwardly against the many a foe he had faced, that he had so foolishly not been able to discern what his fellow colleague had thus far. How he had not come to the conclusion that this was indeed a lost soul bound to the cemetery itself was beyond him, but the possibility was far too prevalent to be considered wrong. He pondered for a moment about the fact, but couldn't come to a complete understanding of how a simple spirit could be capable of such destruction and malice. He turns towards Oriru with a slight look of concern on his face. "I can't argue with your logic, but over a millenia of experience tells me something about it to be amiss. A singular soul shouldn't be this powerful or capable, this prowess is easily on par with a fully developed Bankai." His grip upon his zanpaktou had finally faded, while recalling a distant memory of his very own Tekkei Kage having been in mind with his previous statement. "This Tomoe is surely close to the point of no return, and this level of power would be something that would be truly terrifying. Are you sure that you can save her?" His words were spoken in a way that he'd hoped had gotten across to Oriru specifically. Hitsuyona couldn't help but feel a certain level of remorse in the words he'd last said, but his point stood. He needed to be sure that Oriru was willing to accept the responsibility that came with saving a soul on the brink of hollowification, and an immensely powerful one at that. The way of the Onmitsukido would call for a rather different approach to a situation like this normally, but this wasn't and ordinary situation. Hitsuyona wasn't ecstatic at the idea of having to do either of the two, but if his comrade truly felt that his route was the proper solution; even if that meant the possibility of doom for them all, then Hitsuyona would discard the idea of 'eliminating the threat'. WC: 883 TWC: 1,380
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    “This is either a unique ability descending of a human nature, or it is a power held by a being of which we have yet to witness." Upon listening to the second Shinigami answering his question, Masato derived his conclusion of the two likelihoods. The Idea that there existed a being completely unknown to everyone seemed unlikely to him, so he opted to believe the first theory posed by the shorter of the two Shinigami. The answer was quite short sided in Masato’s opinion. He hadn’t been around as long as the Shinigami as a whole, but was “human or never before seen entity” really the only two conclusions this Shinigami could think of, even with the existence of so many other types of spirits. He thought of his own powers and their origin. According to his mentors, Fullbringer’s existence came about by the hands of some very incompetent hollows. Who’s to say that a Shinigami couldn’t also be attacked and given Fullbringer-like powers? Or a Fullbringer Shinigami hybrid. Either way, he didn’t think the Shinigami had the answers. He sighed disappointingly at how much of a letdown some Shinigami turned out to be. Little did he realize that the truly incompetent Shinigami were yet to come. From the mist behind the two Shinigami, a third and fourth could be heard. “Captain Kusho is here, we need to inform him of what's going on.” The first voice was sounded before either of the two could be seen by Masato; “which one’s Kusho?” was his first thought. The two new Shinigami came to view as the distance between the groups shortened. Masato began to analyze their appearances, perhaps he could find anything of note, but there was nothing. He sensed his eyes meet with the juggernauts who had not yet spoken. Suddenly both newcomers drew their Zanpakuto’s. "Captain Kusho, former Commander Shizukesa, don'ean bother enertainin' these bastards! They know all 'bout da Mist and de entity Miss Lady Tomoe!" the brutish Shinigami shouted to his apparent superiors. The order and manner in which he spoke helped Masato assign names to the first pair of Shinigami he met in the cemetery. “How are you so sure?” Masato wanted to reply, but the other nameless Shinigami would speak again. "Captain, Tenzaimon is right! The humans can't be trusted! They've been under the control of this Lady Tomoe from the start!” “THIS GUY TOO?!” Masato was now growing annoyed at the accusations levied by Tenzaimon and his accomplice. He fought the urge to speak, allowing the Shinigami the chance to justify themselves, and perhaps give Connor a chance to speak his mind. He understood the frustration the foreigner must’ve felt but preferred to remain less hostile, even as he stared down the blade wielding goons. "Our unit was already inside the cemetery at sunset and we even met up with a group of Fullbringers." Masato was beginning to understand the basis of the accusation. Understand, but not agree. He was calming himself in preparation to a response. Knowing what the Shinigami experienced certainly added some weight to the crimes they were charged with. Both parties were confronted by Frenzied Fullbringers , so perhaps that was common ground he could use to mend the hostile environment the Shinigami created, and which Connor fueled. "Yeh, not these assholes” Tenzaimon’s addition set Masato off. He was no longer in the business of mending hostile relations. Should Connor do something stupid, he would’ve backed him in that moment. The smaller idiot would continue, compelling Masato to calm again if he wanted to listen. "That's right, but not of that mattered once the mist emerged. All the humans, all throughout the mist were suddenly under the control of Lady Tomoe! The guys with us broke free and attacked our unit. And it didn't just happen to us, another unit reported that the same thing happened to the humans they had eyes on!" he paused for a breather. "Granted, some of the humans seemed to snap out of the trance for a while, but the fact still stands. This Lady Tomoe can potentially seize control of humans whenever she wants! Though he was fuming internally, Masato attempted to be charitable with how he interpreted the claims. He undoubtedly knew that he wasn’t being controlled at that very moment. But there could’ve been a time where he was controlled by Lady Tomoe. The thought of mindlessly doing her bidding made him sick to his stomach and his face cringed with disgust as he looked down behind Connor in contemplation. The foreigners still rising spiritual pressure made deep thinking hard, but the questions of the smaller Shinigami would help jog his memory. "I'm sure you three want the chance to clear your names and lucky for you, there is no need for a drawn out back and forth. Just answer this one question. At sunset, when the mist emerged, what exactly did you do? Where were you, how did you get there?" “That’s more than one question dumbass,” was Masato’s first thought before he searched his mind for answers. The questions gave direction to his brainstorming and before long his eyes widen at a realization he didn’t give much thought to. He raised his head from thought to speak when Connor burst roaring, “You come here and accuse me and my companions, after we fought our way here, of being controlled? Were you with us?! Who the fuck do you think you are to say all of that and never have seen us before! You two seem to be mistaken about something… We are not less than Shinigami in any way, and don’t need to prove ourselves to you! Do you hear us accusing your superiors of anything based on a “possibility”? NO! I won’t speak for my companions, but if you intend to treat me without respect and make demands of me then you should get the fuck out of here while you still can! If you didn't see us controlled, and don't know our situation, then why is it that you are able be so sure of yourselves? I can assure you, if we were the ones controlled at that time then there isn't any way the two of you would be standing here before us. Understand?" Connor’s speech echoed how Masato felt previously, but as of now he thought the Shinigami were well within reason to suspect humans. “If only they weren’t stupid and asked politely,” he thought as he looked up at the sudden golden flare of Connors reiatsu. “shit.” The foreigner’s escalation of a simple misunderstanding threw a ranch in what Masato planned to say. In order to show solidarity with his ally, he would have to play his poker face and act dumb to why the Shinigami doubted their innocence. He stepped forward to Connor’s side and spoke to the two idiots plainly. “I agree with my friend here. I don’t know who you think we are, but we don’t owe you any explanation. Furthermore, you’re the ones making very bold claims. The onus is on you both to prove we are guilty. We’ve faced the beings controlled by this bitch Tomoe, and they all puked mist constantly.” With a slight fling of his right hand, a long dark-purple blade suddenly emerged from the inside of his coat sleeve and into his hand. “Can we be civil now or is this still needed?” Masato had high hopes for the beings said to take care of him when he would finally die. With such high responsibility you would expect them to be fair, honorable, courteous, and maybe even a little intelligent. Unfortunately, In a single evening the two asshats before him dispelled any notion of hope he had for the afterlife. _________________________________________________________ ND: 5020-150=4870 WC: 1294
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    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 4,680 - 150 = 4,530] A reply came very soon after Connor asked the Shinigami their thoughts. The one who spoke was the Captain from before who was making use of his orbs in some unknown way at this moment. "I am not one hundred percent certain but, based on what I have seen, this mist appears to feed on spiritual energy." Connor naturally nodded his head at this as he was likely the most painfully aware of this fact due to the steady release of reiatsu that he unwillingly had. It was a leak which he currently had no control over currently, so he was aware of the steady disappearance occurring. "If this lady Tomoe is behind this in someway, she pulls the souls from the bodies of humans as well and uses the mist to somehow animate and manipulate the bodies that have been drained of life. Their souls blend and become one with the mist, unable to escape and therefore unable to pass own eternally stuck to the mist and this cemetery..." This was another point that Connor had vaguely understood himself. The mist exiting the policeman had been the clearest indicator of its origin, granted he hadn’t considered it as clearly. Either way, he was willing to believe and agree with this point. It was then that the shinigami continued. "If that is the case, then the idea is by removing the source of this mist then the souls will be released and be allowed to move on or..." By this point, the Shinigami Captain’s gaze was focused on Tengu. "Potentially return the souls to their original source or form, meaning spirits assimilated may return and bodies may regain their soul to become one of the living." Connor appreciated this hopeful line of thought, whether it was true or not. He wasn’t particularly close to Tengu, but he could sympathize in this situation to be happy for him at the simple possibility. "Only if we deal with the source quickly, lest we become assimilated and your bodies become puppets for the unlucky few in the future to roam this cemetery." After a short pause the man finished, "Hopefully other Shinigami gathered more information to validate my theory." With these words another orb moved toward the left of the man into the mist quickly disappearing. Masato spoke shortly after the man finished asking an important question. "Is the average hollow capable of doing what this mist does?" Connor himself didn’t have an answer to the question as he hadn’t encountered a hollow yet, so he could only look to the Shinigami which should be experts on the matter. It was at this point that the previously silent unknown companion of the Captain spoke to answer. "I know all too well the nature of hollow's presence, overall power and capability, and the nature of which they have to consume all. But this.." Connor focused on the man who paused for a short moment, "These aren't souls being consumed for the purpose of gaining power, it's almost as if whoever or whatever is doing this; perhaps this 'Lady Tomoe', is trapping the souls of her victims and forcefully using them for her bidding as she pleases." A short pause followed this as this man passed a weapon to the Captain. ‘Zanpakuto?’ Connor was confused by this action, but it wasn’t his place to ask. He simply listened as it seemed that this person hadn’t finished speaking. "This is either a unique ability descending of a human nature." At this point Connor took note of the fact that the man was looking in Masato’s direction as he spoke once more. "Or it is a power held by a being of which we have yet to witness." Connor could tell that this was the final bit of what the man had to say after a short moment. Connor was about to speak when a voice came from the direction the captain’s orb had left in. "Captain Kusho is here, we need to inform him of what's going on." Connor looked in that direction to see two new shinigami, one of which simply supported the first one to speak. "Captain Kusho, former Commander Shizukesa, don'ean bother enertainin' these bastards! They know all 'bout da Mist and de entity Miss Lady Tomoe!" The man who supported the other was the first to speak again, and his first action was accusing the three of them. Connor noted the names of the two Shinigami which he had previously been speaking to as he loosened his control on reiatsu to roughly two thirds of his full potential in anger. Connor was furious at the sudden accusation, especially considering he had been attacked ever since his arrival. ‘Who the fuck are these guys?’ This was the only thought he had as he listened to the other man speak up. "Captain, Tenzaimon is right! The humans can't be trusted! They've been under the control of this Lady Tomoe from the start!" Connor took a deep breath as he glared directly at the two new arrivals who continued to report. "Our unit was already inside the cemetery at sunset and we even met up with a group of Fullbringers." The crude fellow with and accent interjected at this point. "Yeh, not these assholes, but some other ones. We rounded 'em up, wanted to keep 'em outta da way." ‘It wasn’t us and you’re still talking shit?!’ Connor’s reiatsu started gradually increasing in force with his anger at the new revelations. "That's right, but not of that mattered once the mist emerged. All the humans, all throughout the mist were suddenly under the control of Lady Tomoe! The guys with us broke free and attacked our unit. And it didn't just happen to us, another unit reported that the same thing happened to the humans they had eyes on!", The man paused and audibly took a breath before continuing. "Granted, some of the humans seemed to snap out of the trance for a while, but the fact still stands. This Lady Tomoe can potentially seize control of humans whenever she wants!" The straightforward fellow with an accept spoke immediately after in order to “clarify”. "Dats fancy talk for we can't trust 'em. Especially not wit da' heat we're expecting." Connor was ready to blow at this point. Without being given a chance to speak for himself, these two had repeatedly done their best to incriminate him and his two companions without having ever seen them. "I'm sure you three want the chance to clear your names and lucky for you, there is no need for a drawn out back and forth." After a short pause the man added, "Just answer this one question. At sunset, when the mist emerged, what exactly did you do? Where were you, how did you get there?" Connor was a patient man, but that was only when basic respect was given to him. The “offer” to prove his innocence itself was insulting as none of them had the right to judge him or his two companions. His reiatsu fully erupted at this point, along with his anger as he spoke without hesitation. “You come here and accuse me and my companions, after we fought our way here, of being controlled? Were you with us?! Who the fuck do you think you are to say all of that and never have seen us before!” Connor was basically roaring with anger and only paused long enough to take a breath and continue, “You two seem to be mistaken about something… We are not less than Shinigami in any way, and don’t need to prove ourselves to you! Do you hear us accusing your superiors of anything based on a “possibility”? NO! I won’t speak for my companions, but if you intend to treat me without respect and make demands of me then you should get the fuck out of here while you still can!” Lightning danced on his body as reiryoku overflowed with his angry roars. Connor hadn’t looked at the reactions of his companions, but he would never act submissively. Had he been aware of such a situation then he would have long since discussed it with Masato and Tengu, but to his knowledge there wasn’t anything like that which had occurred. The possibility of explaining himself never existed from the moment the two spoke unreasonably about him and his two companions. Connor was nearly finished after he expressed his anger vocally, but still added a moment later in a calmer tone. "If you didn't see us controlled, and don't know our situation, then why is it that you are able be so sure of yourselves? I can assure you, if we were the ones controlled at that time then there isn't any way the two of you would be standing here before us. Understand?" -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 920
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    All in a day's work The sounds of laughter music and conflict fill the room simultaneously beneath a light fog of smoke that cascades across its entirety. This room had every cliche expected of a cut-rate pub; the pool hustling jocks, a loner or two pouring their troubles to the bartender with each glass that reached its brim, and of course the few feeling so lucky as to score an endless need of their ongoing romance afflictions. Thomas resided to a group of his own off in the distance, as he sits upon a stool with a glass of whiskey half full and a mind half empty. His eyes lay dormant on the television above, and could only make out what subtitles provided him among the endless cries of his subordinates in the background. They howled like wolves in the night, as they celebrate the closing of yet another grand case under their belts. Thomas however didn't seem to share the same enthusiasm as his joyous colleagues though, and rather let out a sigh as his glass turns upright. There was a sudden tap atop his shoulder as he swallows to make a wince of dissatisfaction to the flavor of his cut-rate brand provided on this night. "We got another monster off the streets Treynor, why the long face?!" He'd never expected a friend to understand the overwhelming feeling of melancholy and solace that befell him, even in the streamlined advances of yet another menial victory in the unwavering battles. Still though, Thomas would turn so that his body faced the television in a way that allows him to more easily addressed this level of concern. "I'm always glad to lock-up another scumbag, but it appears we've got another series of unanswered murders on our hands." His hand lifts to point at the TV while he speaks, and the smile upon the face of his friend turns solemn while retrieving his arm in order to take a seat next to Treynor. "I know Thomas, but we mustn't let the ever-recurring crime dampen our teams morale." His colleague waves for the bartender to provide the duo with a refill as his arm falls rest on the table beside the glass. "Tonight we celebrate the victory of a crime-lords descent, and tomorrow we suit up like nothings changed. We mustn't lose hope just because they always strike back." Thomas made a light nod in response, and grabs his glass just as soon as his reaches its brim. He turns his body to face the crowd with an eye on the real hero of night in everyone's eyes, and his friend sat idly. He raises his glass high the air while raising his voice to attain the attention of the crowd. "A toast to Commissioner Weisley! The man who makes all of this possible." Officers and pedestrians alike 'woo' in response to turn their glasses up, and their drunken cheers would be soon to follow in superiority. As the group would return to their activities Thomas pushes his glass back to the counter and waves towards the bartender to signify he was done. Weisley held a bit of concern with his outlook as Thomas retrieves his jacket. "You know how I feel about you going solo Treynor, let me join you this time." He couldn't help give a smirk in response as he throws the trench coat over his shoulders. "We both know you cant leave a party where you're the center of attention, that would just be bad politics. Besides, aren't you a bit old to be active in the field?" Weisley couldn't help but chuckle at the joke as he waves for another refill. "Just be careful out there, we only have so many people who can handle the 'mysterious' sightings around here y'know?" With a simple nod Thomas made his way out the door, as billowing smoke pours from the pub behind his exit. The detective takes in a deep breathe of fresh air immediately making haste towards the destruction earlier displayed on the television. Between the constant criminal affairs and 'mysterious' destruction that waked the ever active town, Thomas could rarely take the time to rest these days. It were days like these that the burdened soul couldn't help but appreciate the fact that he could handle his whiskey. "Guess now would be the best time to test the prototype Weisley gave me." Thomas looked down at the watch on his left wrist and began to try and recall exactly how to use it. "He could've at least gave me a damn manual, all these fucking buttons." He eventually figures the basics out with a signifying sight before finally pressing the required combinations of tiny configurations. "Ahh." A light flash of light consumes his entirety enveloping his being for a fleeting moment, only to reveal a change of his appearance most suitable for one who wishes to remain unknown to the press. He would now look as if from oriental descent instead of his actuality of Italian blood, as well as having suddenly donned long black hair. The white garb to accompany this clearly suggested that the disguise was meant to hint towards his being another Cliche old to the town. He didn't have the time to ring up Weisley and scald the poor bastard for the thoughts he had on this new device, but instead needed to make his way en route to the site of malice with great haste. "Taxi!" The yellow cab pulls up with the driver having a rather peculiar expression as he rolls his window down. "The hell are you? Some kinda.." Thomas would cut the man off quickly jumping in the back and throwing a hand full of hundred dollar bills towards the driver seat. "Thousand bucks to shut up, get to central town in less than 2 minutes, and not ask a single damn question." The driver's eyes remain wide peering into the rear-view for a moment, but he quickly speeds off without murmuring another word. Within 30 seconds an ominous beeping protrudes from the watch catching the attention of the detective who awkwardly looks down. "Damn smart watches." After further investigation he could see a map of sorts pop up on the screen signifying they were approaching the 'dot' on the screen. "He never mentioned a tracking device, lucky break I suppose. Hell, as if I couldn't follow the sounds of destruction and feelings of dread ever-present." The detectives eyes peer out the window as his taxi turns yet another corner, only to reveal a rather troublesome even transpiring. "An open portal?" He lets out a light scoff feeling as though this would truly be an all-nighter. He couldn't help but wonder why they would leave a portal open, as they rarely used them longer than needed to enter this realm. Just as he was beginning to suspect a flood of disturbing beasts pour from the tear in the sky. To the common-folk it would just seem as though a series of unnatural unpredictable weather had occurred. Strong guests of winds forming from the town's center, followed by questionably precise 'earth quakes' that caused a rumbling of the ground and buildings in the surrounding areas. "G'Damned Daemons." His escorts nerves had become apparently worked up as the mans sweaty hands trembled and his driving skills had become questionable at best. Treynor would then roll down the window pulling out two revolver's from his white coat. "Hold steady fool!" He takes aim shooting at the variety of targets descending from the sky onto rooftops, and his driver would have since slammed on the brakes freaking out. "The fuck are you doing?!" Thomas kept his attention steady of the onslaught of beasts instead of dignifying the man with his attention entirely. "I said no questions damnit!" It was apparent that he'd either not provided enough cash though; or rather, no amount of money would make this cab-man willing to dive through this destruction. He let out a scoff and jumped out of the vehicle before letting it speed off and bringing his attention back to the matter at hand. WC: 1,351 / ?,???
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    It had been almost a year after San had joined a squad,squad 7.He had rose up in the ranks quickly,reaching the 5th seat in his first year.His power an skills have grown quickly,an evolved into something he himself was surprised by.The young(really 30) shinigami had been on a few "outings" to the real world even one that led to the demise of his squads Vice Captain.Even with his new found powers an respect for missions,he was now sent on a real mission.A mission that had been haunting not just the soul society but also an mainly the world of the living.It was known as the Night Of The Wailing,as it had came to be known by.It was a night that seem to fail every year on the same day,the 31st of october.In the past couple of years many shinigami have been sent to investigate,for those years all were lost.The phenomenon ocurred on a cemetery ground.On the grounds a large mist would appear an extend over it,shrouding it from sight as well as reiatsu presence.Once those would enter they would never been seen or felt again,completely vanishing into the void.An with each year that passed that this abnormal mist appeared it grew,substanty.This would lead the Gotei 13 this year to form an produce a large force to encounter an hopefully find the cause of the phenomenon.After all it had claimed many lives,not just humans but soul reapers alike.It was thought to be caused by a powerful hollow,but after the years of no real information it was unclear,an really unknown.Not just was a large force this year assembled for the task but it was also head by the Kido Corps Commander.Along with the fact no limiters would be placed on any shinigami.Truly detailing how severe an troubling the situation was an could be.San was tasked as the 5th seat of his division,the 7th to be there responder to say the least,In reality San once reading the mission an knowing his power he voluntered for the job,would that become a bad choice only time would tell.This was the third Night Of The Wailing. THE NIGHT: It had come,the day.Five groups of four Shinigami had arrived to the cemetery.All had one from the fourth for healing,12th for investigation an analysis,fifth for kido,eleventh for skills in fighting an squad two member to lead the team.However San had replaced a fifth division member,due to the mans untiming sickness,As well as to represent his squad,Squad 7.They would all arrive an instantly be met by the sight of the cemetery.It was blocked off by red brick walls,you could see the age from time on them but still they stood firm.There was si picketed iron gates,that again showed the signs of time,but were still firm an intact.All gates were locked an sealed,but whined with the wind,scratching agianst one another.The cemetery was massive,it stretched as far as one could see with dips an hills,headstones an monuments in the thousands.Overgrown the trees had become in most area,some stayed upkept probably due to ones family members.Most were not an formed a sort of forest like picture,dreadful to say the least. As the sunset,the Night began,a mist appeared an formed out of no where instantly covering the grounds an overflowing the walls an gates into streets besides.The mist was so dense that instantly nothing could be seen,an no spiritual presence could be felt anymore.San was grouped with another team that would enter from the east.Upon entering it all sight was gone,unless in very close proximity of one another.Once inside the group of soul reapers could no loner sense or talk with anyone outside.Even there sense of spiritual presence of one another was thrown off.Instead it was as if the mist itslef was filled with theres an many other signatures,moving like wave in a storm,this way an that.It truly gave them a sense of unease,as well the feeling of being alone an lost.Even one of the group memebers tried to turn back almost instantly after entering,the feeling of fear taking him over.However the soul reaper was lost inside the dense mist never to be seen or felt again.One member was already lost an taken by the fog,San could only help but feel unease an slightly worried.It had been just minutes before a member was lost.Realising this San would not let his guard down nor continue unless close to one another.After all at this moment the sight an ability to sense reiatsu was gone.They could only rely on there minimal sight,an smell,most was touch but in such a wet damp area touch wouldnt help to warn an ready oneself.With every step an move the two groups neeeded to be on guard,an most of all not lost one another. No matter how far they traveled or in any direction the mist was still just as dense,an dreadful,producing an ominous reiatsu signature of hundreds including there own tangled together into one.It wouldnt take long before a real threat over came the two groups.It would appear as a single being,as first noticed by a squad 2 team leader.He raised his hand to stop the group,all instantly taking a defensive stand,drawing there zanpaktus from there sheaths,slowly,quietly.It was then a mere second later a form of a figure could be seen stepping out of the range of sight an into the vision of the group.Quickly to San it resembled a corpse,as it emerged from the fog.His eyes widened trying to make sure he was seeing right,after al the fog was dense as it ever was.It seeme to hone on the group as it took steps towards them limping,appearing to struggle as it walked.Before anyone could act or speak,it let out a roaring howl.Its mouth opening revealing how decayed it was,teeth mostly missing jaw bone showing threw patches of skin.With the roar,the group readied itself to engage the target,after all the shreik was not friendly nor one of pain or in need of help.The 11th member of the squad step forward first to enegae as he did,the attack begun.Instantly loud howling could be heard all around the group of living soul reapers,the howling echoing threw the fog.It had to be atleast a few dozen if not more,again sight was not on there side. In a moments noticed the first lonely one that appeared,step forward,its speed not matching the way it walked,instead it was impressive,insane.It closed the gap between itself an the squad 11 member before the soul reaper knew what happened,it tackeled the man to the ground.At which the dozens of reanimated corpses appeared witht he same speed attacking from every direction.Quickly the two groups were over run,an outnumbered.San had already known there was more to the mist then just a mist,he could feel his body be taxed,but what happened to the 11 division member confirmed it.As he was tackeled to the ground an three others joined pinning him down they all roared,with denser fog/mist pouring out there mouths onto the soul reaper,consuming his body from sight.What happened after the man was lifeless,an his body quickly fell into the invisibility that was the mist.With no end in sight an danger appearing constantly from every direction,San would not hesitate,after all he was here an luckily without a form of a limiter.After being attacked by his first zombie type creature,he would stumble back into a group of four more,while drawing his blade,instantly calling out its name."Yami No O(King Of Darkness)His sword would glow purple changing into its dual sided blade,with chainz that wrapped around his forearm an extra held in his right.He would begin to spin his sword above his head,quickly increasing the length as he cut down the corpses around him,swinging faster an faster.Still they were fast,extremly fast an many in nuber,the continued to hurl forwards,overwhelming San.San would begin to fall to the ground,more appearing around him.At this time his comrades were dealing with the same.Some not be able to release there weapons in time,some falling others standing there ground for now. As San fell being overwhelmed he dipped into his shadow,vanishing from sight,appearing out of anothers corpse cutting it down in three slashes.They were not that strong but there speed an number made this a very dangerous situation.He would begin to spin his sword again,this time a comrade released his sword.A wall of fire erupted around the group trapping them inside along with a dozen creatures,while causing the others not to enter momentairly.This would last long enough for the now four members out of two groups fight off an regained there composer.After so many seconds an howling with breath of the fog exiting there mouths,extingushed the wall of fire,leaving the group to be overwhelmed again."Move out Now!!"the last squad 2 leader called out to the four an so they began to retreat,however they were being chased to no end in sight.Quickly the horde picked off one an left just three,only time would show that there retreat was in vain.Turning back San looked to the horde an could feel his second zanpaktu calling out.Seeing no other way or better chance,San would reach behind his back an pull out his dagger zanpaktu that was horizontally strapped to his back."Shi No Joo"With those words his dagger would change into the same form as his first,a dual blade side sword with chains that wrapped around San forearms.Along with it,both would now have a line or purplish pink coloring that lined both sides of the sharp double sided blades."DECAY"San called out as he did a purplish fog extered from his now spinning swords,that he spun close to his body.The fog would spread out like a wave in every direction hitting an consuming the horde that closed in.The would continue there run but by the time they neared /san an the group of three,there already rotted flesh was worsened an began to fall apart,making them alot easier to kill."Good job San,but nows our chance,you two get out of here,ill hold them back.San shook his head no but the squad 2 leader insisted,knowing his duty as leader,he would bid them time by using his life.San couldnt argue anymore an nodded leaving the area with his last comrade.A second later a giant boom an wave of fire came pouring out catching up towards San an his fleeing comrade.The eruption of fire was much like a volcanic eruption,shooting threw the mist an illuminating everything closely for a mere second or two.This would exterminate the horde atleast those caught in the blast but mainly it did allow the two to escape. However upon the light of the explosion San saw something in the near distance a lrge hill.The two would make there way there,but again they would run into a horde,this time only San lived.After his comrade fell,he began to use his shadows to move threw the mist.However even in his shadows his movement was limited to small gaps an if not he would reemerge in an unknown area.But what was good was he could avoid anymore unwanted interactions for the most part.Luckily after so much time he had made his way luckily close to the hill.Which now he could see what somesort of place,as stairs led up it to what seemed to be a mistless area.It was strikingly different it seemed the mist would not enter the area,nor was distorted by any sort of reiatsu mixture signature.San would run with his full speed to the area which now appeared once close enough a shrine was placed atop of the hill.San felt a feeling of thankfulness he needed a safe haven,atleast for now.As he reached the stairs an exited the fog,he sheathed his weapons anhe moved up the stairs.He looked back for a second hearing the howling an wailing of thousands of mist beings closing in on the position. THE SHRINE: On top the hill was the shrine was a few builidngs,which San didnt really pay any real attention to.After all he had survived,barely,while watching many comrades fall or go missing.He was happy to be alive but felt unassured of his next action.Until he could sense again,he felt others on top the hill,others survived?He thought as he continued to walk up.The mist was still present but not at all as dense or taxing.San would walk over the last stair to meet the sight of a few others,even a group who just walked into the mist willingly,what reason was unknown to San as he just arrived.He even saw a man at a open door welcoming those into the Shrine hall,which to San seemed to untrusting an off,after what just befell upon the groups that entered. San was a 5'9 shinigami thin in build but very toned muscles.He wore a custom sleeveless top,with a hood that covered most of his face,the rest looked like a normal shinigami outfit.He had one zanpaktu on his right hip,while his dagger like Zan strapped horizontally behind his back.His skin was the only thing that truly stood out,it was purple having being succumbed to his Zanpaktus powers his skin toned changed to a off purple,with black veins.His eyes were pink,an would shine in almost any light.He would nod to the group he did not know an continue to his comrades the Shinigami.He was quickly met by the ex Omni Commander,he would slightly bow "Sir,San Salvatore,5th seat of squad 7.last of my group"an continue inside the building where he could feel the Kido corps Commander.He wouldnt really speak to the man at the door besides state his last name"Salvatore" at this point San was on edge about anyone he knew not about.Inside the hall was differetn groups of people an shinigami,all scattered or alone.However he was hear to talk an join the last known superior of the mission.Upon walking up he over heard the Captains final words an like any real soul reaper,he would not go out without a fight."Sir 5th seat of the seventh division,San Salvatore will stand by your side." San called out drawing his znpaktu from its sheath an it sparkled with purple reiatsu while the sharp side of the blade shined with pinkish purple.San wanted to explain his encounter an happenings inside the mist however he knew it wasn’t the time but he would inform the leader so to speak of the mission(for the shinigami) how he was the last one of the two squads alive or not lost in the mist.This would be seen somewhat in the San obvious battered an scared outfit an body,clearly he went threw a struggle inside the mist an his appearance alone would give somewhat insight into the two groups San had accompanied fates.He had finally arrived his body already could feel the taxation leave his body an he could also feel somewhat not aloneEven if this was the first time he truly met the Kido Commander or the former Commander of the Omni . WC:2,465
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    Chance of Encounter: Inevitable ------ Egriffiend's army of the undead continued its steady march on the Shrine ground as an encroaching force several thousand strong. Their wails and howls could be heard from every direction, making it clear to all those present on the shrine grounds that out there in the mist, beyond what their eyes but still unmistakably near was their impending doom. If they those to see it that way. For the few who she reached, the arrival of the wailers marked the beginning of the coming of their salvation. Their deliverance from a greater evil. As if prompted on cue, the door of the shrine administrative building would open to the right side of the Fullbringers, grabbing their attention and likewise the attention of the Shinigami as well. Though the building was several feet away, it was close enough for the Fullbringers and the Shinigami to make out the first human to exit the facility and willing step directly into the mist. "Come. Come my brothers and sisters our savior awaits us. Lady Tomoe calls, she welcomes us, her children into her arms. She will deliver us from doom and we need not but accept her offering. Do not be afraid!" The man raved with the vigor of a cult fanatic. He was a tall and slender man with eyes and cheeks that seemed to be sunken inwards due to exhaustion, malnourishment, and excessive smoking and alcohol consumption as attributed to his likely occupation as a middle-class salary-man before this night had started. However, the man's zeal and animation starkly betrayed his physical features as he faced the open door and spread his arms out wide in a welcoming pose, sleeves and ends of the white kariginu robe worn over his tan dress suit waved and fluttered lightly in the mist as he raised his head and continued his speech. "Come now, brothers and sisters! There is nothing to fear! There is no pain here... there is no struggle. With Lady Tomoe we are loved and remembered forever!", he preached passionately. Within moments the man's call was answered as one-by-one other humans and even a few Shinigami began to exit the administrative building, all clan in white ceremonial robes. The atmosphere of the group varied, while most shared the leader's enthusiasm it was clear that a few were still skeptical and even fewer of them seemed like they didn't really believe in anything the man sad, but they'd given up and resigned themselves to it anyway. As a few of the Shinigami exited the building they would notice Captain Kusho, Hitsuyona, Kazuko, and Tenzaimon, for a moment they would appear shocked but then they would simply lower their heads, avoid eye-contact and continue on their way into the mist. "Hey hey hey, Tadashi yah bastard!" Tenzimon shouted out, recognizing one of the Shinigami in the congregation. The one named Tadashi simply turned away and continued to walk. "Don' pretend yeh ain't seen us, yah limp dick coward!" His words would touch the nerves of one of the Shinigami who nearly threw himself in the direction of the group but was held back by one of his peers, who simply shook his head and whispered something into the emotional Shinigami's ears. As tears began to flow from his eyes the agitated Soul Reaper gave up and simply shouted back. "Shut the Hell up, Tenzaimon. You fucking gorilla! You didn't see what we saw and if you had one functioning neuron in that rat shit brain of your of yours he'd be here with us. Fuck you!" Tadashi sobbed. "Just leave us be." Another Shinigami shouted out from the mist growing ever distant. "What, ge' back ovah 'ere 'n' say dat to my face, you chicken's bitch!" Tenzaimon began to take a step forwards, but was promptly yanked by the sleeve of his shihakusho by Kazuko. "Calm yourself, moron. Captain Oriru has given us direct orders to stand down." Kazuko muttered. A total of twelve individuals exited the administrative building and walked into the depths of the mist after the leader as he continued his enthusiastic promises of salvation. Within seconds, they were all gone. Only Ryūnosuke would know the outcome of their pilgrimage and how it ended. As the group was swallowed by the front line of the Wailer army and assimilated some embraced their fate with open arms like the leader. A few tried to resist and some turned tail to run but to no avail. They all joined the mist. Ryūnosuke would feel it clearly. After the group departed another younger man emerged in the doorway, he was in a much better condition than the fanatic leader and was dressed in a black suit. He had shoulder length black hair and had a very casual laid back aura. He looked to be only a few years older that Ryūnosuke and maybe the same age as Connor. He had a slightly defeated expression on his face until his eyes fell on the group outside. The man smiled and waved their way, "Hey, you guys are are survivors, right! Come on over here, the mist doesn't work on the shrine grounds. We're all gathered inside, there are more Shinigami too." He assured before he turned to face the supposed others inside the administrative building. "There are some more survivors outside, these guys seem strong, too!" He turned back to the group and continued. "Well, what are you guys waiting for? Get in here." Not at all reading the mood of the two opposed groups who'd been on the brink of a full on battle moments earlier, the man waved his right arm and did a rapid beckoning motion with his arm. The human would wait for the first individual to approach the door and he would extend his hand for a shake while bowing his head. "Nice to meet you, my name is Kiri." He would proceed to offer each of the new arrivals a bow and handshake, and occasionally added in a gracious "Welcome, please come inside.". The inside of the administrative building was well-lit and rather spacious. There were about twenty or so individuals present, huddled in small clusters around the room. All eyes fell on the newcomers and the room was filled with whispers and even a bit of sobbing and crying, but it didn't take long for those present to impassively turn their heads back to whatever they were previously occupied with. Kiri let out a faint sigh of embarrassment. "Eh, you have to excuse the others. Morale in here has been pretty low. Can't really blame them all things considered. That nut-job Hideo and his followers had their part in that but as annoying as they were, its pretty sad that we lost almost a third of our group. The trust is, we're all at a lost of what to do. I guess Hideo and his guys wanted something to believe in and well, they found it." Kiri fell silent for a moment. "I can tell you guys have been through a lot, so I'll give you guys some space and time to rest and I guess decide what you want to do next.", with that, Kiri walked off to coddle a group of teens who were crying in a corner. The feel of the room was rather grim overall. Some people were stiff with shock, others were whispering to themselves. Some prayed, a few others wrote down letters for their loved ones. There was one group who seemed to be taking the situation well, and had simply gathered together to chat enjoy the last moments they believed they had alive. Others seemed confident they would be saved soon. A group of Shinigami huddled alone and seemed to be awaiting the approach of Captain Kusho to receive their orders. The departure of Hideo's group left a very felt emptiness in the room but that void would be easily filled by the arrived of the seven newcomers. [Instructions: Rest and decide your next move. Will you make a final stand or will you make your peace and accept your fate and wait for the Wailer Army to arrive.] ------------------------ ------------------------
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    ENW 15: Tensions Rise: Stand-off With The Shinigami! [Niebla Nefasta Effect: ???] [Tick Counter: 9 Disabled] [REMAINING ND| ???] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE remained silent and seemingly disconnected as the events unfolded before his eyes. Prior to the arrival of the two new Shinigami, he'd followed the conversation between his fellow humans and the two Shinigami he'd acknowledged moments earlier as a present but also distant third-party. At that moment the Tengu-masked teenager was much more enmeshed with the conversation raging on in his head. The wailing and whining of the voices persisted in their pleas for him to a abandon the shrine grounds while the voice of Lady Tomoe warned ever more of the threat posed by Him. As it stood, that was more vital than anything the Shinigami had to say currently. Nothing they said was of any revelation to him, as Ryūnosuke already knew how the mist functioned. He wondered if he should speak up at some point, but the prevailing belief was that there was nothing to lose or gain in doing so. The truth was, Ryūnosuke had at some point unknowingly accepted the reality presented by Lady Tomoe and the spirits in the mist. It didn't matter if they figured it out, none of them were going to see the morning and the only thing that awaited them was a long eternity in the mist. They could choose to go willingly or they could fight it --but what was the point of fighting it? What Lady Tomoe offered wasn't unreasonable. The teenager focused on the voice of the Shinigami as he seemed to address him directly, "If that is the case, then the idea is by removing the source of this mist then the souls will be released and be allowed to move on or...Potentially return the souls to their original source or form, meaning spirits assimilated may return and bodies may regain their soul to become one of the living." Ryūnosuke wasn't sure how to react, it was difficult for him to feint relief or a sense of hope at the Shinigami's attempts to reassure him, but he nodded lightly anyway. "At least he's not wrong." The teenager thought. There was one problem, for that to actually work they'd need to find and defeat Lady Tomoe which Ryūnosuke strongly believed wasn't possible. Did he believe that? Were those his own thoughts or the thoughts of the souls in the mist? It was growing progressively harder to distinguish the two at this point. Ryūnosuke knew it wouldn't be long before his own soul was weakened enough to the point that it could be pulled partially from his body and into the mist --becoming a Frenzied Wailer himself. Was he relieved or angered by that fact? He wasn't sure. Ryūnosuke would continue to take in the constant flow of memories, emotions, and information given to him through his growing connection to the mist. While it might have came as a surprise to the others, Ryūnosuke was aware of the approaching two Shinigami long before their arrival. Just as he'd done the Shinigami already present and his two comrades, Ryūnosuke maintained an clear awareness of their positions and movements in the mist, up until the point that they set foot on the shrine grounds and '"disappeared". They stepped onto the marble path for everyone to see and Ryūnosuke couldn't help by snicker lowly behind his mask as they drew their Zanpakutō. Then as the pair began their speech the teenager did nothing more than listen until the Shinigami said everything they wanted to. All the while Lady Tomoe's voice warned him against believing them. Ryūnosuke was skeptical but he knew --despite how poorly they'd decided to voice their concerns-- there was some weight to their accusations. Why Lady Tomoe had managed to control all the humans present in the mist it wasn't because she could control their souls. She's simply managed to temporarily possess their bodies. Ryūnosuke knew this thanks to the memories shared with him by Lady Tomoe. The irony of it all, was that the Shinigami were accusing them being potential pawns for Lady Tomoe, the truth was they were precisely the reason why Lady Tomoe had lost her initial control over all the living human bodies. Their Reiatsu were simply too immense and trying to control them had weakened her. Ryūnosuke could see the tension rising as the Shinigami persisted in their accusations. Connor's Reiatsu and also his anger in particular had surprised Ryūnosuke but it came as no shock that Hizorashi took the side of his comrade. As far as the teenager was concerned all fighting between the groups would be a waste of time and energy, especially with the Rotted Wailer threat looming in the distance. Still Ryūnosuke wouldn't allow Connor and Hizorashi to take on the Shinigami alone. Besides, he had a suspicion that their actions would draw Him out. Holding Chizuru's body in his left arm. "I guess we're doing this." He murmured as his right hand he reached over his and pulled forth his Baseball bat. "Oi, you've gone and pissed them off. Anyone else have other bold claims they'd like to make before we take a more hands-on approach in our response?" Ryūnosuke delivered coldly, prepared to use his bat if he needed to... ______________________________ WC|810 -----
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    Impatient was the hollow as he and his Arrancar servant moved through the darkness of the Garganta in silence. A stupid smile remains plastered on his servant's face as he moved behind his master, eager to deliver the wonderful news. The sound of shattering glass could be heard as the Garganta opened in Tsukishima’s temporary throne room. As he emerged, he saw three Arrancar standing to his left. Two of them, a male and female, carried on a conversation before stopping upon Tsukishima’s arrival. The third, a male, stood stoically with a large device in hand. He’d never seen them before so why would Tesla allow them access to this area? A punishment befitting such a show of disrespect would have to be given later. A low growl escaped from Tsukishima as he moved past the trio before sitting on his throne. Stabbing the staff in the ground, he spoke. “Are these the so-called guests you spoke of? What do they want?” Tsukishima’s voice boomed. Irritated would be an understatement. “My Lord. Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Allow me to introduce Kazuma, Jugo, and Ayumi. These three Arrancar are loyal to our cause.” Kazuma bows towards the skeletal Lord, quickly forcing his two companions to do the same. The woman does so immediately while the larger male grumbles before doing so. Kazuma walks towards the skeletal hollow and kneels down, presenting the device in his hand as a trophy of sorts. “Lord Tsukishima. It is a prestigious honor to meet you. The three of us once served under your regime long ago. At the time, we were just Menos. We’ve long awaited your return to purge Las Noches of the vermin that claim it as their own. When your servant informed us of your eventual return, we began searching for a way to assist in your efforts. Our travels led us to a dimension-hopping being known as Narutaki who agreed to help us if we dealt with a problem of his. As we learned that your resurrection had already occurred, we decided to speed up the process. In my hands is reiryoku in its purest form, stolen from an incredibly powerful individual. Once you take this, your already tremendous power will skyrocket. No one will be able to challenge you. Please accept this as a token of our undying loyalty.” Tsukishima picks up the device and examines it, quickly noting the potency of what is inside. “My Lord. To ease your mind, I have run tests on this while you were out. I took a small sample and did a little experimentation on Kaori. She is beginning to evolve as we speak. You need only say the words and I will ensure that you receive the same.” The words his servant spoke intrigued him to no end. He had wondered where his newest creation was and was pleased to hear that she was evolving. His army was growing and he would need powerful forces. If this reiryoku was as potent as they claimed, his power would be immeasurable afterward. “Intriguing. Kazuma was it? If this reiryoku infusion does what you claim, you will be rewarded tremendously. If not, you'd better hope that either it kills me or I do not find you.” A lump formed in the Arrancar's throat, an action surprising his two companions. They have never seen such fear, such raw emotion, come from their leader. This spoke volumes to the power of Tsukishima. The skeletal hollow rises from his seat, handing the device back to Tesla as he moves out of the room. “You have my word, My Lord. After the transfusion is complete, may I ask that my partners and I head back to the World of the Living? We've unfinished business there.” Tsukishima merely waves his hand as he exits the room, Tesla following closely behind. It didn't matter where the three Arrancar went as they were unimportant to the plans. If the infusion didn't work, the head-start would serve them well. They'd need it to escape his wrath. The skeletal hollow sits down in their makeshift laboratory, meticulously watching Tesla prepare for the infusion. The smile was still plastered on his face, so pleased that he would be able to better serve his lord. All of the preparations were complete, it was finally time. “Alright, my Lord. We are done. Just need to directly insert the port into your body and then we wait. Should I put it in your.....bones?” The Arrancar says hesitantly. As his master no longer had skin, he did not know where he would insert it. He fidgets as he hears a low growl escape from Tsukishima. He pauses in fear as Tsukishima raises his hand, terrified that he would be punished for a slip of the tongue. To his surprise, Tsukishima merely moves a piece of his robes aside to reveal the red orb beneath his chest. “In the orb...” he says with an irritated tone in his voice. The Arrancar quickly complies as he injects the device into the orb. The red light in Tsukishima's skull begins to fade as the hollow begins to drift. WC: 859
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    Aiden continued to make his way along the roof of the buildings near the location of his old storage, considering his options that were available there was little that he could imagine that he could do. Who ever these people were, it was clear that they were resourceful enough to obtain his general location, the location of his safe house, and even track down the storage facility. There as not a doubt in his mind that his home was probably being carefully watched much like the rest of his normal life. His mind traced the potential of their reach and determined that there was nowhere that he could actually turn too. In all of this time, Aiden had yet to check his phone depending on his main communication device that was connected to his phone. There he saw the fact that his screen had turned black jumping to his text messages on its own opening the conversation between him and Taka. _ Be Aware. They Know Where You Are. I Will Save You. _ _ Taka _ _ Leave me alone. _ _ ... _ There was a moment of frustration from the response that he received, as this Taka has been helpful in some ways but mostly has been this strange voice reaching out to him and only occurred during the time of all of this calamity that has been happening and ultimately it was hard to separate the fact that he considered the cause of this to be the stranger who keeps reaching out to him and providing some sudden assistance every single time that more problems arise. Finally he reached a considerable distance away from his storage unit and dropped down onto the street level just as a several blacked out vehicles all rolled up to his location. Quickly he turned to try and run but the moment that he did a single bullet struck the wall in the direction that he was prepared to run towards. Slowly he turned around and placed his hands in the air with the hope that he would be able to assess the situation and plan an escape, but when he was able to count more than a dozen individuals with more appearing all armed with automatic weapons dressed in all black suits and with nothing on their vehicles to identify them it became increasingly clear to Aiden that he was outmatched and there was not going to be an escape from this. Slowly two of the goons approached him with their guns trained much like others in the distance but he was prepared to do what ever it took. Although he would not be given the chance when a sudden pain in the side of his neck caught his focus which caused him to reach the left side of his neck with his right hand and remove the clear tranquilizer dart. "Fuck." It would be the only thing that he could manage to speak before everything turned dark for him. ------------ Location: Unknown Time of Day: Unknown COLD... That was the only thing that would run through his mind as Aiden would be hit with a surge of panic in that moment feeling the sensation of the cold water splash on his face and upper torso. It struck his skin fresh with even some ice hitting his body to remind him how cold it actually was. The room was freezing as he gathered himself and his senses first taking note of the man in a full black suit with a mask on his face slowly placing a bucket, the only Aiden could only assumed contained the water used to wake him, on the floor against the wall. This solid concrete wall that would be matched by the same wall on either his left or right of this small room which was dimly lit by the single light bulb that was dangling a few feet above his head. He noticed that there were two more people against the wall in front of him on either side of the individual bucket man. Slowly Bucket Man would take his steps back and go against the wall. Aiden attempted to move his arms and felt the hard plastic of the zip tie holding his right arm behind him to the chair and his gaze turned to his left arm only to take a painful glance at the mortifying fact that his arm was missing. It was clear that they removed the arm, but at least they had been somewhat delicate as the amount of blood that was coming from his shoulder was less than he expected had they simply removed the arm by force. They had to have applied a strong sedative to keep him under long enough for such a procedure. He continued to obtained his bearings as he took note of the fact that he was sitting the chair with his legs also bound to the legs of the chair via zip ties as well. The feel of the cold cement floor under his feet was a clear sign, as well as the fact that the rest of his clothes was missing, that they had ensured to remove anything that might have been considered a tool in his hands... hand... but maintained the decency of letting him keep his underwear on. Suddenly the sound of weak, yet heavy, metal could be heard from behind Aiden with the sound of a loud slam reminiscent of a door. He attempted to look behind him as best he could to get a better understanding of the room and verify if it was a door but he was unable to get a solid enough look. Though he was able to catch the figure of fourth individual who was walking around his right side as the sounds of his shoes echoed in this contained space. This man was dressed different than the others, as the three lesser established individuals were in solid black suits, white shirts, and black ties, this man had personality with his clothes. His dark blue pinstripe pants were the first thing he could notice based on his eye line and the shoes were a dark brown snake skin pattern. As the man circled around to his front his lavender colored shirt with a dark brown checker pattern tie was decorating his torso as he began to remove his suit coat that matched his pants. He passed the coat to the Bucket Man before proceeding to remove his tie and speaking German, from what Aiden could gather, as he caught the face of the man of a fair complexion and piercing blue eyes before he turned to face the Bucket Man. "Hat er schon was gesagt?" Aiden watched as the man shook his head to which the Suited Man gave a disgruntled sigh and turned to face Aiden. "Ausgezeichnet. Ich werde sehen, wie weit ich ihn schieben kann." Slowly the man took a few steps forward and stood directly in front of Aiden before he would squat to be closer to his eye level, "I will give you one chance. Just one, to give me the answers that I need." He lowered himself a little more and looked Aiden directly in his eyes with a stern expression. "Where is the Crest?" They looked at each other for a moment before Aiden gave a nod and prepared to answers. "The Crest... Have you checked up his ass?" Aiden said with a straight face as he looked over at Bucket Man. The Suited man slowly lifted himself up from the ground, delivered a soft sigh, then with a full force delivered a strong punch to the side of Aiden's face. Aiden held his head over the side of his shoulder for a moment before bringing himself back to looking at the man. "You know, you look like you needed that. Sometimes it is good to have an outlet for those negative emotions." The Suited man once more delivered a swing with his other hand this time to the abdomen of Aiden and placed his other hand on the back of his head to pull him back up. "Oh don't do that, are you trying to get me aroused?" Aiden simply gave the man a smile and a wink before the man delivered another strong hook to the other side of Aiden's face so hard that the chair fell over. Quickly the two men from either side rushed over to pick the chair up. "Where is the Crest?" Slowly the Suited man proceeded to remove his vest and roll up the sleeves of his shirt. Aiden spit up some blood on the floor with some of it landing on the shoes of the Suited man. "I told you, check up his ass. While you're up there, mind pulling the stick out too?" This time Aiden ended his sentence with a smirk and a chuckle as he looked at the Bucket man and they made eye contact. Though the next moment came quickly as the Suited man shuffled his feet and performed a devastating side kick to the face of Aiden causing him to fall back onto the floor. It was clear that this strike definitely hurt, but Aiden had spent years in the military and was trained to resist the process of interrogation. Laying on the floor he considered the crest that the man was talking about and started to laugh in between spitting some of the blood out of his mouth; because he honestly had no idea what the man was talking about. He was prepared for the other guys to come pick him up off of the ground again, but when they didn't he decided to speak up, "Hey, c'mon guys. Give me a hand and help him up." He laughed at his own joke as he used his eyes to motion towards the fact that his left arm was missing, "Wow, tough crowd." Laying there he heard the Suited man speak once more, in German, "Holen Sie sich die Position des Wappens von ihm." As Aiden remained on the ground he could see the feet of the man walking by him and saw the Suited man putting on his coat as he watched him go out of the metal door behind him. He paid attention to the details of the space on the other side of the door before coming back to the room. He could hear noise outside of the door as it closed but then the sound was made silent. Finally the two men helped Aiden get back to his neutral position. "See. I knew you two were gentleman." As soon as the words left his mouth, the Bucket man delivered a series of strikes to his torso. Through labored breathing Aiden spoke, "Isn't this therapeutic? I mean, it won't help the stick up your ass-" He wouldn't be able to get another word out before the beatings continued until finally Aiden blacked out from the experience, hearing a new voice. "Koko de shinudeshou." ----------------- Once more he stood with his master in a location all too familiar to him (back to this again?) as they both stood in the archery range together. His master was holding a uniquely designed bow as he prepared an arrow for the targets down the range. The student stood directly behind him on the level of the archery range for the archers to practice their shots, he took with his unique bow and an arrow prepared to be released (another vision of Uncle Kento training with... his master?). "We hold firmly the bow in our hand, forged by our own nature, then we reach out for the quiver to deliver an arrow to be released. To maintain the distance required both for our safety and for the speed of tactical elimination." With that, both the Student and the Master start to glow with a soft blue light as the bow and arrow share in the glow as well. Slowly the energy that would glow around their body would be concentrated on the arrow before it was released. Not even a full moment later, both the Student and the Master raised their hands to the air. Slowly the process would repeat itself as a soft blue glow would consume each of them separately. Slowly they took the energy that was flowing around them and processed it into their hands and formed an arrow from the energy alone before placing it upon the bow and firing the arrow. Quickly they released the bow from their grip and for the third time, allowed the energy to consume the both of them. This time, they used the energy to form a bow in their original gripped hands and created a new arrow same as before just as they launched their arrows. "Always remember to break down the particles that you feel in the air and shape with unmatched desire. With a clear vision of your goals, you will always gather the resources required and fire straight and true." The Master smiled as he faced his Student, "That is how we channel the Heilig Pfeil, the Spirit Arrow, through our Heilig Bogen, Spirit Bow. Though you will learn, you are not limited to the archaic tools of war and will discover that the potential of a Quincy Spirit Weapon is as bountiful as the will of the wielder." (Alright... Spirit Weapons... I will try my best, Uncle Kento, to follow your journey...) ---------------------- DARKNESS... Eventually it would all come back to him as he found himself still in the room with his body in pain from the beatings that he had been receiving for an unknown amount of time. They would beat him until he would pass out, take the time to mend his more critical wounds so that they can continue. It was clear to Aiden that they were determined to receive the information in regards to this crest, but he knew that his body could only take so much of all of this exposure to shock and hoped that his uncle would lead him to where he needed to go. Slowly he regained full consciousness and saw that there were only two guards in front of him but could not see any other individuals and he would make eye contact with one of them. They looked at one another and one on the left spoke up, "Informieren Sie ihn, dass er wach ist." The one on the right nodded in response and made his way to the door leaving Aiden alone with the one man. Aiden slowly closed his eyes and focused on the room. It was cold, that much he could feel physically, but there was another detail of this room that he had not recognized earlier. It was not until this moment that he was able to find the right word to describe it, heavy, and based on the things that he could remember from his own teachings with his uncle and the visions being shared that was the essence of Reishi, Reiryoku, or some kind of Spiritual Energy as it was described. This energy operated like a unique frequency that people were able to attune themselves in order to manipulate it. That was the concept behind these Spiritual Weapons that Quincy were able to manifest and use at their disposal. So with the focus that he needed to do this or die, as that being against his desires, slowly he allowed the sensation of the heavy air in the room to concentrate on his position and specifically around his right hand. Slowly he could feel the density of he matter generating in his hand feeling like a thousand pins and needles being gripped in the palm of his hand. The sensation was actually painful and could only imagine how much training it must have taken to tolerate the sensation to use this technique multiple times but he was hard pressed to keep that train of thought as he needed to do this now or never. Slowly he could feel the forming of an object that he could not see but feel in his right hand. He needed something small and sharp enough to cut himself free and felt the object in his hand. Aiden would move the object in his hand until he could get it in the right position and slide it through the zip tie that bound his wrist to the chair feeling it cut into his own arm in the process. He clenched his jaw as tight as he could to prevent any obvious reaction to cutting his arm and started to pull on the object. Between the pain of holding the object the carving into his arm, he was surprised he managed to maintain composure long enough to feel the snap of the zip tie. Quickly he released a cough at the same time of the tie breaking and spit blood to the side in order to prevent the guard from approaching. "I will tell you where the Crest is..." He spoke with a clear sign of being defeated in his tone, "But I will only tell you." He looked at the man who took a moment and motioned for Aiden to response, "My mouth is a bit bloody, mind coming closer so I don't have to yell..." He gave a sigh of his own as he coughed to highlight the pain in his mouth caused a bit of trouble for his throat. The guard approached, annoyed, but maintained a short distance from Aiden as he leaned slightly to listen. The next moment happened so quickly as Aiden launched his right hand forward and stabbed the blue energy object into the neck of the man and watched as it pierced clean into his throat. Instantly the man stumbled back holding the wound and attempting to prevent the bleeding as Aiden used the object to break the zip ties around his legs. He knew that there wasn't much time left and rushed for the door to find it locked. "Fuck me." With very little time to figure out his next step he got the body of the guard and placed him in the chair, and after a moment, started to strip the man of some of his clothes. Aiden quickly put on the pants and the shoes as best he could, feeling like back when he first lost his arm and thinking back to the struggles he once had putting on his pants. He pushed the memories out of his mind and made sure that they guard was fixed to the chair and placed himself behind the door so when it opened, it opened towards him. It would only be a few more minutes before the door would open. "Nathan?" The second goon who left rushed he room to check on his friend. "Kare wa doko ni imasu ka?" That second voice was familiar to the Bucket Man and Aiden had to act fast. He throw the small object as hard as he could as it pierced through the back of the man in his shoulder blades. Simultaneously to the throw, Aiden turned around the door and jumped in the air delivering a drop kick to the chest of the Bucket Man sending him flying backwards. Aiden fell down to the ground quickly and looked up from the ground to see the guard still standing and struggling to remove the object from his back before noticing Aiden on the ground. The goon decided to take care of Aiden now and went to rush him, and Aiden quickly attempted to nip up but forgot for a full second that he did not have his left arm and his right arm failed to support him. The guard went to curb stomp Aiden as he rolled to the side and used the momentum and the width of the hallway to perform a quick windmill in order to sweep the legs of the man and get to his feet. Before he had time for his next action, the Bucket Man rushed forward for a Full Nelson grip only to realize his mistake. With Aiden's right arm stuck, he still had the freedom of the fact that he had no left arm and jumped to his right side kicking off of the wall to spin around the man and free his arm. The moment he did, he instantly pushed Bucket Man towards the other Guard as they collided with one another. Quickly he delivered a side kick with his left leg on the Bucket man to cause them both to stumble over one another. Keep his left leg up in the air, Aiden focused the same way he did to manifest the arrow but to form the bow. Slowly he would gather the energy in his left leg with it bent until a large amount of it was generated at his leg. With his right hand, he reached towards his foot and pulled on the blue energy as a blue arrow of energy formed. He waited until the both of the guys stood up and released the arrow with his right hand. The moment he did, the bow slid off of his foot and the arrow shot above the head of the two guys who looked more shocked by the fact that the weapon formed magically instead of the fact that he missed. Quickly Aiden grabbed the bow with his right hand and chucked it at the guys before turning around and running. He continued rushing through this maze of a place until a strange sensation started to cause a burning feeling on his left shoulder. It was almost as if something was pulling on his arm that wasn't there, a Phantom Pain, and he followed that sensation until he reached a room where his arm was sitting on a table with blood from where he assumed they pulled it from his body. Slowly he approached the arm and took it in his right hand, "Kikou..." Slowly he brought the arm to his shoulder and the cables that were attached would force themselves into his body and allow the arm to connect on its arm as he fought against the urge to scream in pan. Once it was secured to his body a guard entered the room. Aiden reacted quickly and rushed the man with a swift punch to the man's throat with his right hand before grabbing his face with his left and slamming him through the table in the middle of the room. Aiden rushed out of the room and continued to navigate the maze of a building spotting guards at almost every corner and avoiding them as best as he could. The one's he came across met a quick fate of death and eventually Aiden found some of his gear, at least the ones that had not been stripped by their teams, including his original tactical gear that he presumes that they found from his house. Eventually Aiden found himself on the roof of the building to see a helicopter preparing to leave. Aiden rushed as fast as he could but it started to get away before he made it close enough and he made eye contact with the Suited Man. Aiden watched as the Helicopter continued to fly away and pointed his left hard at the chopper as the blue energy formed once more preparing for the bow, "That is not going to be enough. I need to be sure I will not miss..." Almost as if his arm was listening, black liquid began to flow out of the arm like water and form a shape that began to solidify into a modified tactical marksman rifle. He quickly dropped to a knee and focused down his scopes at the chopper. He allowed a single moment of exhale and when his lungs were empty he paused his breathing and calmly pulled the trigger. The bullet soared through the air and struck the rotter showing the signs of fire and smoke as the chopper lost control. Aiden watched as the chopper was going down in the outskirts of the city and rushed forward. Without thinking Aiden jumped off of the building of the multistory warehouse as his gun seemed to melt back into his arm, the same arm that grew claws and dug into the side of the building allowing him to slowly his descent until he touched the ground. Instantly he turned and went on a full sprint towards the location where the chopper went down as his arm formed another weapon, this time an assault rifle. As he made his way closer, he noticed a few guards were roaming the area where the chopper went down. As he made his way through, he ensured to pick them off one at a time with his silenced weapon until he located the chopper. As he approached the first thing that he could see was a trail of blood through the mud with the pilot stuck in the falling chopper. It was a short trip to find the Suited man leaning against a tree holding his wounds tightly. "How...?" Aiden simply approached the man and gripped him by his collar and lifted him up against the tree with his left arm. As he did this, the small blue energy source in his shoulder socket could be seen and the man laughed, "Kento placed the crest in your arm." Aiden noticed the glowing too and knew that his mother's charm was placed in there as safe keeping, a momento of his mother. "He put Nina's damn crest in your arm." He continued to laugh for a moment, "Doesn't matter, the Karasu will find you. They will claim their heirloom. Sie werden dich zerstören." The man did something strange with his mouth before Aiden heard a loud crunch and seconds later the man began to foam at the mouth. He released the corpse as it fell to the ground. "Karasu... My family?" Aiden stared at him for a while before walking away forming a few weapons to deal with whatever he may come across. He paused for a second, realizing that he needed answer, and pulled out his phone. _ Be Aware. They Know Where You Are. I Will Save You. _ _ Taka _ _ Leave me alone. _ _ ... _ _ We need to talk _ _ I Agree. _ He secured his phone in his pocket and made his way through the forest and the rest of the enemy squad just as the plane finally exploded in the outskirts, with no survivors remaining. WC | 4450
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    FATE POINTS FATE POINTS can be obtained through two methods: Reiatsu Growth and 'Achievements'. You will obtain Fate Points at the: 30K(3) / 61K(1) / 91K(1) / 101K(3) / 121K(2) / 141K(1) / 161K(1) Reiastu Benchmarks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resurge Fate Points (3) Special Reward for those who joined and actively Role-Played in The Resurge (2019) [Closed] -------------------- Legacy Fate Points (2) Special Reward for those who participated and attempted to make the last reset 'work'. Recipients: Oriru Kusho★ [ChaosKaiz] | Connor Knight★ [Kumo] | Thomas Treynor [Star] | Tsukishima [Kaz] | Yamashiro Gazami [Grimm] | Möröödögch [The Waster] | Kite, IchigoLink, Aiden, HavocReaper -------------------- Survivor of The Night of Wailing (1) Special Reward for those who completed the Egriffiend's Night of Wailing Halloween Event (2019). Recipients: Oriru Kusho★ | Connor Knight★ | Tamura Ryūnosuke★ | Masato Hizorashi | Thomas Treynor | San Salvatore -------------------- Fate Point Balance are added to the ORP Rankings. Achievement Rewards shall vary, and examples of possible Achievements are obtaining Ranks Such as Vice Captain, Espada, Captain Commander etc. A full list of possible achievements are listed in a subsequent post and are subject to be added or removed later on. Please note that not all Achievements will reward Points for the shop, and could include things such as a small Reiatsu Boost or 'Unique Items'. FATE POINTS SHOP MAJOR PURCHASES: You may only purchase TWO of these over your Character's Lifetime. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MINOR PURCHASES: ACHIEVEMENTS ACHIEVEMENTS are left to Moderator Discretion, as to not allow persons to try and abuse this system with minimal effort, if you feel you have earned one please note so in your weekly WC, supply a link to the thread, and in some cases the post in which it occurs specifically. Limit of 4 possible Achievements gained per week. -------
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    The seconds passed by like minutes, the minutes like hours and the hours like days. The different periods of time seemed to run together, he didn't know how much time has passed. He had been in this area for nearly a week, and his body showed it. His body was weak and he ran on fumes and instinct alone. He was hungry, as he only drank what water he could, and tired but he persevered; he was determined to see this to the end. Pushing his way through to a clearing, the hollow found himself staring up at the base of the building. The building was even larger than he first anticipated upon closer inspection. He was like an ant in the dirt looking up a fully grown human. Soft roars could be heard inside, a sure testament that something was inside. His mouth dry and the sun beaming down on him, the former Espada heads in. The inside was unsurprisingly empty and dark, though oddly enough, he expected something more. Continuing his walk, he had the sinking suspicion that something was watching him. Little did he know, his suspicions were correct as a pair of gleaming golden eyes followed him from the shadows up at the ceiling. After a few hours of walking, Tsukishima found himself in a large, dark chamber. He began to take a few steps inside but stopped almost immediately. He could faintly sense a large amount of reiatsu, and it was near. The ground shook, a low but loud growl came from within the chamber. A set of red eyes stare at Tsukishima, gradually growing in height. Soon, they towered over the man as a big gust of wind knocks him over. The room lights up, revealing a massive black-winged creature quite unlike anything the man has ever witnessed. The winged creature that attacked him earlier was a mere small fry compared to this one. Its roar alone was enough to make the ground shake and the walls crumble around them. Another roar startles the hollow as he glances up to see two other winged creature swoop down from the sky, To this right, he sees another creature in the water, looking almost if it was comprised of it. He begins to back up but is stopped by a hard figure behind him. The figure was yet another creature, this one being roughly double the size of the seven-foot hollow himself. Though it was the smallest of the beasts that assembled, its ferocious was ever-present. The beasts sat around him, glaring and growling menacingly. “It's about time you showed up, Lord Tsukishima.” “So you know about your place then?” Tsukishima said with a grin. “Please don’t mistake our kindness as a form of weakness. Just because we acknowledge you as our master does not mean we cannot and will not strike you down if need be.” This had the adverse effect of shutting Tsukishima right up, though with a scowl on his face. He knew that in his current state, he could not hold a candle to any of them. Even the weakest of them would crush him underfoot as if he were trash. He was in a tight situation and he needed to get out of it as soon as he could. “If that’s the case then why not end my existence now? That is if you can even muster the strength to do so.” The eyes of the head beast became stern and narrowed, staring dead into the very depths of his master. His words before were not for show, they were true. He could, at any moment, destroy Tsukishima in an instant. The only problem would be is if he died, so would they. He was their anchor to this plane, his power stems from them and vice versa. In the world that was basically a physical manifestation of his mind; its inhabitants were the things that made Tsukishima who he was. The weak feeble-minded creatures were his vulnerability; the strong fierce ones were his courage. All made up a fraction of his overall power, all of them made him and he made all of them. At the time, Tsukishima had not realized this and they all knew it. It was a part of the true test. “What good would it do if you were destroyed? What would it accomplish? You are letting your mind and feelings cloud your judgment. You should know what we are but we suppose there is no harm in showing you.” The creatures all open their mouths, as orbs of energy respective to their color begin to form in their mouths. Red, Black, Blue, Brown, and Violet all ebb and twist in their mouths. Tsukishima turns to run but stops himself. He places his head down and thinks, silently annoyed with the human emotions he found himself with. “I am a hollow, born out of hatred and rage. I have ascended to Godhood, the pinnacle of hollow potential. No beast can destroy me. No Shinigami can stop me. I alone am at the pinnacle of perfection and nothing and no one will stop me from completing the Great Campaign. Try to kill me; I’ll take on anything you can throw at me.” The creatures nod as they all fire their attacks, rocketing off like cero. The former Espada gives off a deranged laugh as their attacks come from all sides. The rainbow-colored energies swirl around him, yet he, strangely enough, feels no sort of pain. Instead, he is met with a warming sensation. The energy from the creature’s combined attack revitalizes the hollow. His body shifts, showered in energy as it turns back into its skeletal form. As it dissipates, all creatures bow towards their master. “It seems you have finally understood. We are you and you are us. You haven’t been able to access the immensity of your powers because you have been afraid. You disappeared for millennia only to reappear in a new body and new powers. That took its toll on you but you refused to acknowledge it. Call it pride, call it arrogance, whatever it was, you were scared and it eventually manifested into something more. A lock holding you back from what you are truly capable of. You’ve finally come to realize it, and now that lock is broken. Spread the fear. Make them all fear our name once more. Make them fear Tsukishima Higurashi.” Suddenly, Tsukishima finds himself back in the laboratory as he sees Tesla staring at him inquisitively. “My...Lord? Are you alright?” he mutters as he slowly moves towards Tsukishima. The skeletal hollow nods in approval as he slowly moves from his seat. “Give me a status report..” his voice booms. “You have been out for a few days but it seems that the transfusion was a success. Your power has spiked tremendously. If we had to gauge it, you are at the Vasto Lorde level. Your current level of power is higher than anything you've put out previously. Befitting of you, my Lord.” He could feel a significant change in his power as it soared to new heights. The Arrancar's words were true after all. Perhaps he wouldn't be killing him after all. “Excellent. It is nearly time to execute the second part of our plans. Lead me to Kaori.” Tesla nodded as he ushered his Lord towards their companion, eager to see what his Lord's next plan was. WC: 1,243 2,425/1,500 Completed [Vasto Lorde Achieved]
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    When Arthur opened his eyes, he found himself in an unfamiliar room. It was mostly white in colour, but it wasn’t a hospital room as it had the furniture of a normal room and there was also the distinct lack of any medical equipment to begin with. He sat himself up as he felt pain in his chest. He looked down at his body to find he was only in his boxers. However, the wound on his left arm and right thigh were completely gone with no scarring it seems. The wyvern must have been playing around with him anyway as it could have easily taken his arms and leg off with a single swing, but it didn’t. His ribs felt much better now too and didn’t seem to be broken so the pain must have been coming from injured muscle tissue instead. It was much bearable than broken ribs, so he got to his feet feeling a bit dizzy. His body felt weird, as if it wasn’t his. Whatever that umbrella was it must have caused some change to his body which he was not used to yet. He found his clothes left on a chair nearby, so he approached them and started getting dressed which proved a bit of a challenge as his sense of balance was off. Now that he was dressed, it was time to find out where he was. For all Arthur knew someone could have taken advantage of his unconscious body and kidnapped him. Though he wouldn’t expect these kinds of conditions from a kidnapping and his wounds being completely gone puzzled him as well. Before going into unknown territory, he inspected whatever he could in the room that he was in but it proved unfruitful as there was nothing detailing his location. The room didn’t even have a window that he could look outside. He tried to keep his calm and then turned towards the door. It was time to sneak out. However, before Arthur could do so the door opened, and a person walked in. It was a woman who looked to be in her 20s and was a head shorter than he was which meant that she was somewhere between 150 and 160cm. She was wearing a plain white shirt and a brown skirt that was knee length. On her legs seemed to be normal black tights and she was wearing plain black flat shoes. Her face was pretty, and she had blue eyes that matched with her blue hair which resembled that of a bob cut that almost reached her chin,’Oh you’re awake,’ she spoke without any sign of hostility. Arthur didn’t answer her and was on guard. Perhaps she was just pretending to be nice so that she could then take advantage of him. She let out a sigh seeing him tense up so she continued,’You must be confused about how you got here and who we are but don’t worry we mean you no harm and neither are you kept captive. We need to talk about certain things but then you are free to go, if you so wish.’ He still didn’t move and frowned instead. It didn’t seem like he was in a bad situation, but he still didn’t know if he can trust her. She said ‘we’ so there must be more people here which means that trying to get out by force would be pretty hopeless. It didn’t seem like he had much choice,’Fine,’ he answered. The woman told him to follow her and so he did. They walked along the corridor which seemed to be full of rooms just like he was in but whether they were inhabited he couldn’t tell. Assuming that all the rooms were full it was enough to rival a medium sized organisation. He still didn’t know what kind of situation he was in, so he decided to ask some questions,’How long was I out?’ She answered without looking at him,’17 hours or so. It’s 6pm Sunday.’ Arthur continued,’How did I get here?’ This time she did look at him,’I found you in the middle of the battle. Once you passed out, I brought you here and tended to your wounds.’ A frowned appeared on his face,’You could have helped instead of just watching…wait, you saw that monster?’ She nodded,’Sure did.’ That meant he wasn’t the only one that could see that thing. That means it had to be real. He wasn’t insane after all and it was no dream either. Which brought another question,’Then that voice I heard…was you?’ The woman looked at him confused,’Voice? No, this is the first time we are speaking to each other. Neither was there anyone else there.’ Looks like that mystery wouldn’t be easily solved it seems. They kept walking but with so many new sights and still no idea where he was Arthur found it hard to map out the place in his head, so he simply kept following. Even though the place seemed quite big, it didn’t even take them five minutes to reach their destination as they entered what seemed to be an office, one where you would find the top of the organisation. At the centre of the room was a desk and at it was sitting other women who looked to be in her mid 30s. She had green eyes and shoulder length silver hair. She looked to him and smiled,’Ah, welcome. Please, have a seat,’ she said as she pointed to a chair in front of the desk. As he did, she looked over to the blue haired women and spoke,’You can go, I’ll take over from here.’ ‘How are you feeling?’ The woman asked him as she was organising some documents. Arthur replied,’Still alive, I guess. My body feels a bit weird though.’ She nodded,’I see,’ she said and gave him her full attention,’My name is Layla Carter and you?’ He introduced himself as well,’Arthur Wright.’ Layla nodded in acknowledgement and continued,’Well then, Arthur, after your near-death experience you must be doubting what it is exactly that you saw. The world is full of many mysteries, but certain things shouldn’t be possible, don’t you think?’ He nodded and she kept speaking,’And yet it was all very real. Your world will significantly change from now on, whether you like it or not. More of those monsters will come after you in the future all the way until you die.’ He was confused about what he was hearing,’What do you mean? There is more of those things? Why me?’ She smiled,’Do you ever wonder what happens to people after they die? Do they just magically get sent to Heaven and watch over you for eternity? I’m afraid things aren’t so simple. When people die their souls are left behind among the living and from there two things can happen. The first is that they will be saved by a person called a Shinigami, those are spirits in charge of protecting the balance of the world and get sent to Soul Society, Heaven in essence. The other option is that their stay isn’t permanent so if they run out of time they will turn into an evil spirit called a Hollow. That is what the monster you fought is called.’ He tried to digest everything that she told him, but he found it hard to follow as it was a lot of information. He then realised something,’So the wyvern that I killed…was actually a human?’ Nausea overcame him as he realised, he killed a living being. Layla nodded,’It used to be one, yes. However, after turning into a Hollow many lose who they used to be and are bound to remain beasts who only follow their instincts for all eternity.’ In other words, even though it may have come from a human being but now was simply a beast, that was what she was trying to say though it did not make him feel any better. ‘Now where do you play into all of this? All living beings have something called reiatsu. You can think of this as the spiritual force within us. Naturally, most ordinary humans will have close to 0 but there are those who have high levels, which we call spiritually aware, as they are able to perceive souls around them. You are one such person that belongs in this category. You’ve probably seen many stray spirits by now but were unable to differentiate them from the living. However, that’s not all. During your fight you summoned a weapon. Normal people don’t have that power. This power is called Fullbring. It is created when an expectant mother is attacked by a Hollow whereby the residual reiryoku affects the unborn child. This means that you and everybody here are Fullbringers. Whether you accept it or not, this is the truth.’ Arthur continued listening to all of this information. It all just seemed so bizarre he didn’t know how to comprehend it. It was true that his mother had some kind of accident but unfortunately, he didn’t know any details about it so he couldn’t fully confirm. For now, he decided to take it at face value and believe her. He himself felt the power flowing through him when he manifested the umbrella. It also explains why no one saw him fight or bothered to help him as they couldn’t see Hollows. They probably fought he was some maniac in the middle of the street doing who knows what. His wounds couldn’t have been healed so fast through normal means and with no scarring in such a short time either. Normally, anyone who breaks their ribs would have to wait at least a month before they would regenerate. With these facts before him, everything was starting to fall into place. Just like this his normal life was suddenly changed, perhaps forever. He spoke,’You said that these Hollows will keep coming after me if I don’t do anything. What are my choices and what is your interest in them?’ They must have kept him alive for a reason and they probably wouldn’t tell him all this information if they weren’t expecting something out of him. Layla smiled at him as they reached the crux of the matter,’You have three options. The first is that you simply walk out of here and forget this ever happened while continuing the normal life you had, at the expense of the lives of those closest to you as well as your own. The second option is that you choose to fight alone though without guidance regarding how to use your Fullbring and other abilities I fear that your chances of survival wouldn’t be any higher.’ Arthur knew that she was right. He may not have many friends, but he still cared about them and didn’t want them to die right in from of him and neither did he want to die. Furthermore, even though he managed to win this fight it was definitely luck as he has no battle experience and he doesn’t have anyone that could heal his wounds which would quickly lead to his death. Therefore, these two options weren’t very beneficial to them,’What is the third option?’ Layla answered with what seemed to be pride,’We are Duality, a Fullbringer organisation. We lead double lives as ordinary people and as Fullbringers. This is where the name comes from. Our goal is the safety of this town. We fight so that our closest ones won’t have to experience the pain we do when we fight. This world has bigger threats than gangs, murderers or rapists and yet most people are completely oblivious to this fact. As the very few that can, we take up our arms and fight for those who can’t. Join us. We can teach you how to use your Fullbring, how to fight and how to protect those closest to you. I’m not asking you to completely give up your lifestyle, but you would need to adapt to the lifestyle as a Fullbringer. A life of danger and combat. What do you say?’ Word Count: 2,014 Total Word Count: 2,014
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    Chance of Encoumter: Inevitable ----- Kazuko felt the muscles of his face and shoulders relax as he immediately sensed the presence of Captain Oriru Kusho and the former Stealth Force Commander Hitsuyona Shizukesa as he and Tenzaimon set foot on the shrine grounds. They arrived from the south of the shrine from the opposite side of the stairs that the two captains were on. "Captain Kusho is here, we need to inform him of what's going on." Kazuko communicated to his juggernaut of an ally. Tenzaimon, still focused and introspective simply nodded and flatly murmured "Yeh". The two Shinigami hastily made their way up across the sando path, approaching Oriru and Hitsuyona from behind, they didn't notice the three humans until they were practically five feet away. At which point both of the seated officers slid to a halt and drew their Zanpakutō and stood battle ready. Having arrived just in time to see hear Hitsuyona finish his theory about the nature of the Mist and the beings in control of it, Tenzaimon was the one to immediately respond, cutting off any chance the humans had to speak. "Captain Kusho, former Commander Shizukesa, don'ean bother enertainin' these bastards! They know all 'bout da Mist and de entity Miss Lady Tomoe!" However crude Tenzaimon's manner of speech was, it changed nothing of the facts he presented and Kazuko was quick to corroborate and elaborate further on his comrade's claims. "Captain, Tenzaimon is right! The humans can't be trusted! They've been under the control of this Lady Tomoe from the start!" Kazuko boldly stated. Realizing the gravity of his accusation, and being aware that at the time of the mist's emergence Captain Oriru had not yet entered the Cemetery and thus had not seen what the other Shinigami who were already inside had seen, the seated officer explained further. "Our unit was already inside the cemetery at sunset and we even met up with a group of Fullbringers." "Yeh, not these assholes, but some other ones. We rounded 'em up, wanted to keep 'em outta da way.", Tenzaimon interjected. "That's right, but not of that mattered once the mist emerged. All the humans, all throughout the mist were suddenly under the control of Lady Tomoe! The guys with us broke free and attacked our unit. And it didn't just happen to us, another unit reported that the same thing happened to the humans they had eyes on!", Kazuko paused to catch his breath. "Granted, some of the humans seemed to snap out of the trance for a while, but the fact still stands. This Lady Tomoe can potentially seize control of humans whenever she wants!" "Dats fancy talk for we can't trust 'em. Especially not wit da' heat we're expecting." Tenzaimon chimed in. Kazuko believed everything he said was true, he'd witnessed it all personally, but the fact still remained that he hadn't seen these specific humans and there was always the possibility that they were a unique case. He prided himself on being a thorough and critical thinker and if there was a chance he'd mistaken he was prepared to accept it. Also, knowing what he knew of the renowned Captain Oriru, Kazuko knew the Captain would likely not take a dramatic position without having all the right evidence and proof. So, Tenzaimon would present the last piece of evidence he had that would almost certainly dispel any doubt in the Captain's mind. Until this moment, the Shinigami had not allowed the humans to speak for themselves, but Kazuko would now end with a question aimed at the three humans directly. "I'm sure you three want the chance to clear your names and lucky for you, there is no need for a drawn out back and forth." Tenzaimon, confused, eyed Kazuko curiously. His visible intrigue was one Kazuko imagined was shared by the Captains as well. Although, he didn't expect the humans would appear surprised themselves that would make him wonder if he'd actually missed something. Regardless, Kazuko continued, "Just answer this one question. At sunset, when the mist emerged, what what exactly did you do? Where were you, how did you get there?" Kazuko realized that lying was not out of the realm of possibilities for the humans, but the actual answer, while potentially damning in its own right, was not the objective of the question. The point was to look at their reactions; would there be a moment of hesitation, uncertainty? Kazuko knew the Captains would also be alerted of any telling reactions presented by the humans in their response. He had no way of knowing that Captain Kusho had heard rapid footsteps in the mist when the Night of Wailing. Although the Captain could choose to draw the conclusion that the footsteps he heard were indeed the three Fullbringers before him charging into the cemetery -and it absolutely was them- the fact was, Oriru himself would have no way of being absolutely certain himself. In the meantime, Kazuko stood with Tenzaimon, prepared to strike down the Fullbringers if it came to that. ------ [Ryūnosuke] Though she could not sense it herself, Egriffeind was able to see and hear the arrival of the two new Shinigami and their their conversation through the eyes and ears of Ryūnosuke. With each word spoken by the Shinigami she grew more and more threatened and communicated her discomfort to her champion hoping to further sway his heart. "Don't listen to them, Ryūnosuke! Do not be deceived! They want to hurt you. They want to hurt us all." Egriffiend would share the collective memory of the mist with the Tengu-Masked Fullbringer. He would see Kazuko and Tenzaimon in his mind as they struck down countless Rotted Wailers. Initially, Ryūnosuke would think nothing of it, but within seconds the way he saw and heard the Rotted Wailers would change. Not visually, but his perception of them. To Ryūnosuke the Rotted Wailers weren't reanimated corpses, they were the crying and wailer souls of hundreds of lost and forgotten souls; innocence. They were not his enemy, they were important to him, he cared deeply for them all. They intended no harm, they only wanted to make those trapped in the mist realize the truth. "They know the truth, but they want to deny it. They want to destroy everything... they want to kill me! Protect me, Ryūnosuke."
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    As soon as Takeuchi said his Zanpakuto's name, it dissolved into a liquid that then poured from his Hollow hole and disappeared. Naka’s Zanpakuto turned into flames, erupting from his Hollow hole. This turn of events piqued the skeletal Lord's interest. The majority of Arrancar went through a metamorphosis of sorts when releasing. A call back to their true forms. These two, however, had no outwardly changes but their power still benefited from the release. Today was turning out to be promising. Turning to face the hollow, Naka asked. "What's wrong, you pile of bones? Have you never seen a release at this level before?" He grinned, pointing his fist at the still uninterested Tsukishima. "Well here's a first-hand experience!" he yelled, punctuating the last word with a burst of blazing-flames from his hand. "Are you serious? Fire? Really?" The skeletal hollow bluntly questioned as he easily avoided the blast. "You control fire? Then I'm assuming that this one," turning to face Takeuchi, "controls water?" The red-haired Arrancar pulled back a loose strand of hair off of his face. "Correct once again, oh Great One." "Now, if you'd please," began Takeuchi, now staring at Tsukishima, "Die!" His arm dissolved into water and launched itself at Tsukishima, who easily dodged. However, he didn't count on the water re-materializing into an arm, which then proceeded to club him in the back of the head, knocking him over. He recovered his fall into a dive-roll, using the momentum from the roll to launch himself at Takeuchi, slashing him in half. With a smile on his face, the two halves of Takeuchi dissolved into water, going around his ankles. "Now, Naka!" yelled the puddle of water that went around the former Espada's feet, constricting him. "Of course, brother!" yelled back the other Arrancar, whose forearms turned to flames. "Now die!” he hollered with a spiteful grin on his face, launching his arms at the Arrancar colliding with his body and covering him from head to toe in flames. “Goddammit, Naka!" yelled his brother retreating from the flames that were now engulfing their surroundings. "You made me steam again!" This was actually quite true, as steam was literally emanating from his body. "Heh, so?" asked Naka, uninterested. Flame sprouted out of where his forearms were missing, which then formed into new ones. "I killed him, didn't I? So why does it matter? Besides, we are now the new Lords of this dimension." "I think you may be mistaken," said a voice coming from the smoke. Surprised, the two brothers looked in the direction of the voice. As the smoke and steam cleared from the trees, Tsukishima emerged unharmed, the fire-like red light brimming from his eyes. "You look surprised to see I'm still alive." "How?" demanded Naka, grinding his teeth. "How are you still alive?" "Well, it's quite simple, really. Though I think it would be better for you to experience it for yourself. Here." he said, moving some of his robes to reveal his bare skeletal figure. "Shoot me with your flames again and see what happens. It's futile." "It’s your funeral!" This time his entire body dissolved into flames as he launched himself towards the awaiting Tsukishima. A large explosion occurs upon impact, blanketing the area. “It's over!” The Arrancar says, as he now reassembles himself beside his brother. He turned around to admire his handiwork and then noticed that Tsukishima still stood there, untouched and unfazed by his attack. Tsukishima looked over his shoulder, a low sigh escaping from him. "You are correct." He sighed. "It looks like this fight will turn out to be much less interesting than I had predicted." It was high time he cut loose. He quickly exerts his full spiritual pressure, bringing both Arrancar to their knees by the sheer intensity of it. He turned to face the Arrancar, his cold red stare piercing through their soul. He disappeared, reappearing in front of a bewildered Naka; the blade in his right hand sinking into the off guarded Arrancar’s torso. Naka kicked out at the skeletal hollow but was quickly parried. The Flame Arrancar, however, used the recoil of the kick to separate himself from the blade inside his stomach. Lying on the ground, Naka grabbed his blackened stomach, polluted blood pouring from it onto the trodden path. "Damn you.” Growling lowly, Tsukishima turned towards Takeuchi, he blandly stated in a booming voice, "Your turn." Takeuchi prepared to guard the inevitable strike in front of him. He suddenly felt a presence behind him and, learning from his brother's mistake, turned himself into water just before the blade came crashing through his shoulder blades, splitting him horizontally. The separated water went up along the blade and surrounded Tsukishima in an attempt to bind him. Tsukishima merely let the water come up to him, surprising the Arrancar by its ineffectiveness. Roaring, Tsukishima slammed his sword into the ground, reiatsu swirling around both him and the aquatic Arrancar. Suddenly, the reiatsu explodes outward. As the reiatsu dies down, the former Espada was the only one standing; Takeuchi was lying on the ground next to his brother, steaming and missing his left arm. "Damn you!" he spat through gritted teeth. "Just what the hell are you, anyway? You aren't even an Arrancar anymore. Our difference in power should not be this great.” "What am I you ask? Simple, I am God born anew. Allow me to show you the power God is really capable of.” Slowly rising in the air, Tsukishima extends his palm as black energy charges from within. With a slight chuckle, the black cero rockets out, engulfing the two Arrancar in its way. As it dissipates, only scattered chunks of charred flesh and blood remain. “A pity..” the hollow says as he lands on the ground, his sword returning to its staffed form. He moves to depart but senses a familiar source of energy rushing towards him. Tesla, out of breath but with an odd grin on his face, arrives in front of his master. Fidgeting, he kneels down. “Why are you here, Tesla?” His voice was one of irritation, he did not want to be disturbed. “My Lord. My sincerest apologies but I come bearing exciting news. We have guests.” WC: 1,042
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    Tsukishima found himself deeper within the bowels of the Forest of Menos. He felt a sense of nostalgia, the familiar sensation of home. The dirt path he walked along started to turn a deep brown color due to the moisture this particular area brought. It was only gradually though as the path was sheltered by the colossal trees it meandered its way through. Dew from the treetops gently fell to the ground below creating a sign of pure peacefulness. Everything was quiet. Too much for Tsukishima's liking. Two sources of reiatsu spiked up. It was as the skeletal lord figured, he was not alone. "So...you must be him. We heard the rumors that you were back." "I expected much more from someone of your reputation. No matter. There is nowhere left for you to run." Tsukishima turned around and saw two Arrancar approach him, both with zanpakuto in hand. The first of the two was tall and slender. He had long flowing red hair that reached down to the small of his back. He wore a blue Hakama with a red sash and a white open-chest jacket. His face was calm and collected, eager for the challenge that lay in front of him. The other Arrancar was the exact opposite. He was a little shorter than the average height with a very muscular build. His short, navy blue hair seemed to defy his fiery personality. He wore a red Hakama with a blue sash. Unlike his counterpart, he was shirtless as if he were showing off his toned body. The remains of their hollow masks were on either side of their cheeks; the left cheek for the one in red and the right cheek for the one in blue. Their hollow holes were in the dead center of their chests, a staple for common Arrancar. Tsukishima was calm and collected if not a little irritated. While he knew he would be disturbed at some point, he hoped he could have had a few more fleeting moments of peace. Despite what the situation seemed, he was not worried. "Oh no. I have been caught," he said with a low, sarcastic grumble. A malicious grin started to form on the blue-haired Arrancar's face, causing the white hollow mask fragments to rise with it. "It's as my brother just said. There is nowhere left for you to run. We'll be the ones to finally take you out." The Arrancar chuckled as he raised his curved weapon towards the Former Espada's head. "We take you out and we'll be legends around here. After you, we'll go after the Primera. Prepare to lose your life at the hands of the soon to be new Lords of Hueco Mundo, Naka and Takeuchi Daisuke!" Tsukishima could only sigh, disappointed at their motivation. He figured it was time to teach the kids a lesson. "I see a few problems with your assertion," he says after a long pause, turning away from the two Arrancar. The red-haired Arrancar narrowed his eyes, changing his stare from icy determination to that of intrigue. "What was that now?" Now facing a row of trees, the skeletal hollow begins. "First and foremost, I am not running from anyone. I do not know how long you have been following me and quite frankly, I do not care. Secondly..." he continued, turning his head in their direction. The dimly lit red light in his eye sockets began to flare up, appearing as if fire billowed from within. "Why would I run away when it would be so much easier to kill you instead?" The former Espada slammed his staff on the ground as the gold around it begins to peel away, revealing a long katana. Black reiatsu, similar to smoke, surrounds the blade as Tsukishima slowly lifts it up. He quickly slashes his blade in the air towards the row of trees behind the two before turning his back to them once more. The trees start to fall towards the two Arrancar, threatening to crush them under their massive weight. "Shit!" exclaimed the surprised Naka. As he reached up to stop the trees from falling towards the two, he sees the skeletal hollow appear beside him with his sword at the ready. With the sickening sound of flesh and steel colliding, Tsukishima swipes his sword against Naka's midsection. In an instant, he reappears next to Takeuchi and delivers another sliding swipe. The two Arrancar reel in pain and regroup, both clearly out of breath from the strike. "I'm rusty. I meant to bisect you from that. You'll have to forgive me. Millennia without practice can make a blade dull. Regardless, I commend you both for being alive. I'm impressed." His words betrayed the apathetic sound in his voice. He was toying with them. "Why wouldn't we be? You know we Arrancar have our Hierro. It's futile to attempt to cut us down with a blade as dull as that." he said with a laugh. "Is that so?" Tsukishima announces as he holds up his sword. The back of the blade was painted in crimson blood, dripping freely on the sands below. Bewildered, Naka placed his hand on his stomach and felt the warm sticky blood flow. He glances over and sees Takeuchi in a similar situation, though his brother's wound is more grievous than his own. He returned his glare towards the skeletal lord, his eyes full of contempt and rage. "So you aren't all hype. I suppose you were truly deserving of your former title. I guess we'll have to get serious then." A malicious grin spreads across his face as he nods towards his brother. "What? I suppose you are going to release your Zanpakuto now? I'm utterly terrified." A surprised expression shot across both of their faces, Tsukishima could only chuckle in amusement. "Why do you look so surprised? Did you forget that I once had the same power? Besides, it is obvious you two aren't fighting at full strength. I suggest you quit this charade and release whatever power you have. Give this new body a challenge." The two Arrancar smile as their reiatsu begins to surge. "Quite the hypothesis. Be careful what you wish for. Are you ready, Naka?" "You know it! Let's give this bastard our full power!" The two Arrancar raise their Zanpakuto towards their chest and quickly stab it in their chests. "Burn, Suzaku!" "Cascade, Musa! WC: 1,069
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    Aiden stood there for a moment reading the words, trying to understand the cryptic message that might be hidden under the words written. The more that he looked at it, the more it became clear that there was going to be no greater message hidden from him; all he was able to discover was the dried tears that mark the page with what appeared to be a bloody stain where his uncle held his finger before finishing this short message. In the end, it was a light message delivered in a rushed moment to tell Aiden what he already knew... He was all alone. "Damn it..." It was clear that it bothered him as he punched his fist down on the table and squeezed his eyes as tight as his fist was. Suddenly the sound of running water brought his attention to the table as he saw fragments of the metal on the table melting and flowing aggressively along his left arm. "What the hell!?" He shouted as he stepped back and attempted to fling the strange material off but it prove worthless as the liquid continued to consume the arm before flowing in through the cracks. He considered for a moment to remove his arm before a sudden vision of memories flashed before his eyes. There he stood in front of his master (This is not my memory...) who held a small silver tube in his hand with an intricate designed carved into the tube. Slowly the master would remove the cap that sealed the contents of the tube, "This is the base for Ginto. A small portion of your power can go a long way when rationed properly for delivery." The young student approached the master closely to observe the contents only to see it full a shimmering blue liquid. Slowly the master would step back and start to turn the tube over (Who is this man?) As the liquid dropped from the tube the master spoke a single word, "Wolke!" and with it a small concentrated explosion occurred- There he stood in front of the desk, with the paper written for Aiden on the desk. "Hopefully this works Aiden, and you can see what I have." (What is going on?) "I know you are wondering what is happening and without wasting too many words," His hands began to work with the materials on the table while pouring a shimmering green liquid from a tube similar to the previous vision, "But you are seeing my memories as they happened. Even though I will not be alive much longer to teach you, this does not mean I will be unable to provide you everything I know." The metallic stuff on the table temporarily turned into a black liquid before solidifying again. His hand reached for a broken piece of metal and pulled it to his face, the metal so finely polished that he could see himself. "It will come in pieces, but you will learn from the same masters that I have. You will learn of Ginto, the fine liquid reiryoku and how it works so that you too can become a master." "Ah, Kento. I am not surprised to see a rat hiding away in his garbage." He turned to see a dark figure before- Aiden was thrown out of the unit and into the main space of the storage area. Quickly he got up to see several lights in the distance from flashlights and a single one of them was closer than the others, fully dressed in a black suit like the guys from earlier. "Shit." He rushed back into the storage and attempted to close the door and noticed that the hinge was damaged and seemed to broken when he opened it. He realized that he was going to be unable to secure the location and started to grab all of the materials that he could manage as quickly as he could. Slowly he noticed that his left arm would absorb the metal, first by turning it into a fine molten liquid that would be assimilated and then the arm would return to normal as if nothing happened. He stared at his hand for a moment as he pointed his hand towards the ground and recalled the liquid from the vision. "Ginto?" Slowly, like blood from an open wound, liquid metal would drip from his arm onto the ground before stopping suddenly and healing up. "I think I see something." Aiden realized that they had gotten close and rushed out of the unit and jumped onto the surface where his left arm formed a claw. It shocked him because usually he would have to generate the claws by extending them entirely but his hand actually turned into a claw. He had little time to think about it and launched himself on top of the unit and jumped across the way and looked back at the unit covering on the roof of the nearby structure. He could see several of the goons going in and looking through stuff. Aiden increased his earpiece volume and attempted to listen, "We miss the kid, but at least we found their stash." "Yeah, and the old man is good as dead so we can just wait out the kid." Frustration consumed him as he clenched his left fist, "What the hell? Is that tar on the floor?" Aiden was confused and then realized he meant the strange molten metal and realized that it was not hot to him and it was simply thick liquid metal. Then the thought of the vision from earlier came by and with a sense of curiosity and disbelief he said the words, "Wolke." Suddenly in a burst of Raw energy the liquid started to glow and exploded sending the unit up in flames and destroying part of the units nearby. His vision made him believe that the technique would be harmless in use but this was larger than he expected as he watched the flame consume the entirety of the unit and not a single person seemed to run out of the flames. Normally he would be the one called to come assist with this, but perhaps this is the one time he would willingly allow the official fire response team handle it and turned away. He took his steps with the remains of his family in flames, but from those ashes he allowed a new desire to ignite. WC | 1073 Wolke Learned
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    A normal Saturday like any other, so far at least. As usual he stayed late playing games once there was less customers and once again Alice was the one to fetch him,’You should play with me sometime. I’ll teach you.’ She smiled but declined,’You know I don’t have such time.’ He sighed,’That’s because you work too much.’ Honestly, Arthur thought that she was trying to do a bit too much as she also did many things that were not required for her position hence her constant busyness. It wasn’t easy to be a manager and she would certainly work even more if he did not come. ‘If I didn’t work where would you go? You won’t find another internet café that lets you play for so long for free,’ Alice replied. He rested his head on his head and started mumbling ungrateful things. Then they started to close up like normal and left the café,’Are you coming tomorrow?’ she asked like usual and he would say,’If I’m not busy,’ as usual. She nodded,’You know it’s been some time since we ate out. How about we go out for dinner?’ He was a bit confused,’Now?’ She sighed,’Of course not now. I don’t know, maybe next week?’ Arthur scratched his head,’Since you don’t have time, can’t we just order some takeaway to the café?’ Alice frowned,’That’s no fun! I’ll make some time.’ He let out a sigh,’Fine. Next Saturday?’ She nodded,’Good enough.’ He then asked,’Who’s treat is it this time?’ Giggling she said,’Yours!’ This time he frowned,’Damn it.’ Alice slapped his arm and laughed,’I’m kidding! It was my idea so I’ll pay this time but next time you have to think of something.’ He made another sigh,’Ugh. I would if you wouldn’t constantly complain about my choices!’ She scoffed,’Not my fault you always think of the cheapest places!’ He put his hand to his head in annoyance,’Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t meant its any better! You’ve seen how small the portions are in expensive restaurants!’ They continued bickering like this for a short while and went their own ways after saying goodbye. Arthur went his usual route but felt that it was weirdly quiet. Even though it was meant to be the quieter route in a city like this there would always be some kind of noise in the background. It also felt a bit colder as even with his coat on he still felt a chill. He kept walking until a voice interrupted him,’You’ll die if you don’t summon it soon.’ Arthur stopped and looked around but there wasn’t a single person here beside himself. Where did the voice come from? He looked in all directions as hard as he could, but he didn’t see anyone. Furthermore, the voice sounded like it was really close to him. He waved his hand and spun around 360 degrees to make sure no one invisible was in front of him. Of course there wasn’t. He continued walking, but this time more cautiously in case some thug was planning to jump him or something as soon as he let down his guard. After walking for a few more moments, he heard a roar from up above, so he looked to the sky and there he saw it,’A dragon?!’ Large wings, long tail and horns. What else could it be but a dragon? But dragons didn’t exist! The dragon swerved downwards and then landed with a crash as the concrete cracked beneath its weight. Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t a dragon but a wyvern though those weren’t supposed to exist either. It had grey skin and no scales, but it still looked hard with all those muscles, on its head was a white mask of bone as well as a hole in the middle of its chest and it bared its long sharp teeth at him. Arthur then did the most natural thing in the world and simply dashed for it. Whatever it may be it probably wouldn’t know the layout of the city so he went into the closest alleyway and took many twists and turns. At this point he wasn’t thinking of going home but simply losing it. If he led it to his home, then it wouldn’t only endanger him but everyone living there. Unfortunately, escape was impossible. Even if the wyvern didn’t know the city it could simply follow him from the skies no matter where he went. They were on an open road with plenty of space, there was not a single light in the windows of the various homes. The beast roared and made so much noise, why did no one hear it? The wyvern swung its wing at him and no matter how hard he can try to dodge such a thing was impossible and the three claws ripped through his coat, shirt and skin as blood sprayed out from the wounds like a fountain. He screamed as he never felt such an intense and fell to the ground from the impact. The red eyes of the beast narrowed in delight as it looked at its weak prey. He tried to get up, but the wyvern swung its right wing at him and cut through his outer right thigh. He fell again. Arthur accepted his death. There was nothing that he could do in the face of this monster. ‘What are you doing?’ the voice spoke. Did somebody come to help him? But what could they accomplish against this wyvern? He answered weakly,’About to get killed, can’t you see?’ The voice spoke again,’What do you want?’ Even though his left arm and right thigh were hurt he felt an intense burning from his right wrist, but he didn’t know why. Did it get broken in the previous attacks? But the burning couldn’t compare to the intense pain he felt from his other two wounds. ‘I want to live,’ Arthur said desperately. ‘Then get up,’ he listened and with all his effort got to his knees. He noticed that the wristband he got from his sister was glowing gold. Is that why his wrist was burning? ‘The beast in front of you can be felled. You have the power to do so,’ but he couldn’t believe something so convenient. ‘Impossible,’ he retorted. ‘Believe in yourself. Think of the most important person to you. Find the power within.’ The most important person to him? That was obvious,’Scarlett…’ His sister. He thought about all the fun times they had together, even in the rough times. All the things she taught him and all the times she saved him. It felt like time was slowing down. He could hear the loud thumping of his heartbeat as if it was a hammer hitting iron. 'If she was still here… I would do everything to save her. To have more time together. Because…that’s the duty of a brother!' those were the words going through his mind. The glow of the wristband became so bright like a beacon of hope. His whole body was glowing as he felt immense power surge through him. The pain was gone and he got to his feet. ‘Call out its name,’ it said. Arthur opened his right hand and the words came to his mind,’Myriad Manifestations Umbrella!’ The gold light enveloped him and blinded the beast. In his hand was a weapon in the shape of an umbrella. The same one from his dreams. The shaft, handle, ribs, tips and ferrule all had a goldish bronze colour. The tips and ferrule were like sharp knives pointing out. The wyvern lunged with his head forward to try and crush him between its jaws. Just before it reached him, Arthur took the umbrella in both his hands and swung it at the wyvern’s head a dull sound rang out as metal hit bone. The wyvern was redirected by the hit and he made his next move. He was using an umbrella, so he extended the shaft to its full length for maximum range and began smacking down the wyvern. While his hits were connecting it didn’t feel like it was doing much damage. He quickly backed off as soon as he saw the wyvern move its tail for a counterattack. It was amazing how he felt like a completely different person with all this power surging through him. It was like an ultimate high. He felt like he actually had a chance to beat the wyvern. Flames started gathering at the beast’s mouth so it must have been readying its flame breath. Arthur waited until the right moment. The fire was released, and he quickly knelt down and opened the umbrella which blocked his body completely. He felt the intense heat of the flames but none of them were able to reach his body. The flames stopped after a few seconds and he realised that even though the umbrella was fully open, he could still push the runner even further and he did so to see the frame invert itself, the runner locked into place and the rib tips came together to form something resembling a spear point. Now its range was even longer and more lethal. He sprinted towards the beast and stabbed it in the chest with his umbrella spear. The feeling of a blade piercing someone’s skin felt unpleasant to him but if he wanted to survive it had to be done. Once the spear tip was fully in he then swung it downwards causing a big wound over its stomach. Blood exploded forth and he pulled back his spear and this time he swung it horizontally for a slashing attack rather than piercing. He cut across its legs, wings, neck, whatever he could in the short span of time. However, because he was so focused on attacking, he was too late to block the tail attack and he was hit square in the ribs and felt most of them break or crack and was sent flying backwards. He landed on his back on the ground, but the beast didn’t chase. It was weakened from his attacks and moved sluggishly as it was in pain. Arthur got to his legs using the spear as support. Moving with broken ribs was certainly no joke and really painful. In his current state he probably couldn’t pull off another assault like that, so he wanted to find a way to attack from long range. He inspected the spear more closely and saw that there was a trigger about ¾ of the shaft near the bottom. A gun? He pressed down on the trigger, but nothing happened. Maybe because he was in the spear form? He pulled the runner down and the spear reverted to its original umbrella form. Arthur pressed on the trigger again and the ferrule split apart and opened to reveal a gun barrel. He pointed it at the head of the wyvern and pressed down on the trigger once again to fire as a gold bullet of energy burst forth and his hand was pushed back from the recoil. Naturally, as someone who has never fired a gun in his life his aim was atrocious, and he missed. So, he decided to aim for bigger body parts and fired more shots at its chest and stomach. He realised that even though he didn’t need to reload, only two consecutive shots could be fired. The bullets pierced through the wyvern causing it to get more agitated until it jumped up and opened its jaw. It was preparing a chomp from the air and that would be his best opportunity. It only took it but a moment to be close enough so putting all his effort despite his broken ribs, he slid on the ground raised his gun when the wyvern was right above him and fired. The bullet pierced straight through its head and it fell powerlessly to the ground behind Arthur. The dead wyvern then started disappearing as well as Arthur’s umbrella. Now that the power coursing through his body was gone, he felt really weak as his lost a good amount of blood and his ribs were broken. He tried to fight against it but it was to no avail as he fell to the ground and passed out. Myriad Manifestations Umbrella Appearance: Learned Fullbring 2,042/1,500 Word Count: 2,042 Total Word Count: 4,422
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    The morning came as Arthur woke up with a yawn. If he could he would rather sleep in longer but because of his work schedule he was quite used to waking up early. It was currently 9am which by his work standards was way oversleeping as that was when he starts. He lazily got out of bed and headed to the toilet first and then came to the kitchen. He turned on the TV which was on a news channel, though he didn’t particularly pay attention or care about what was going on in the world it was better than simply sitting in silence. He inspected the contents of his fridge and made a quick decision He took out cooking oil, two sausages and a single egg. Arthur placed them on the counter on a paper towel and kneeled to get the frying pan from the drawer and put it on the stove. He turned on the fire, put a medium amount of oil on it and then put the two sausages in first. While those were frying, he poured water into the kettle and turned it on to boil, then fetched a cup from the cupboard as well as a slice of bread that he put in the toaster but did not turn on yet. After a few minutes the sausages were done so he put them on the plate and then turned on the toaster and using the same oil he would make a poached egg which he preferred runny. This only took two minutes so once it was done, he put it on the plate and then made his tea while the toast finished up. He brought it to the table by the sofa and ate while he watched the TV. After finishing, he quickly washed up and then fetched new underwear and some clothes from the wardrobe before getting in the shower. Once that was done, he walked over to the sink to brush his teeth. As he looked in the mirror, he saw his own image reflected. He was an average height for a 26-year-old male that he was and did not have much in the way of muscles. While he was skinny it was not to the point that any bones were showing so he considered himself to be healthy despite his lifestyle and finally he had black hair which wasn’t overly long, but it was enough to cover most of his forehead and had brown eyes. He dressed himself and then took the dirty laundry to the washing machine which was all coloured as he washed the white stuff on Fridays after coming from work. Having that out of the way there wasn’t anything that particularly needed his attention, so he put on his shoes and brown coat and left for the café. Arthur used the same route as the previous day wasn’t really a shortcut but a quieter route. Arriving at about 11am, he greeted the employees and Alice and begun his work. The café didn’t use any uniforms so he could start any moment though, only the employees were truly aware of his situation. Some of the regulars did have an idea that he wasn’t a ‘serious’ employee, but they didn’t mind if he was serving them as they were used to it. And so, Arthur spent his day serving customers and making various types of coffees, sandwiches and whatnot without getting paid a single penny. Many would probably wander why he would help out almost every weekend and get completely nothing out of it. Well, Alice was a really important friend who helped him a lot in his rough times, so he also saw this as a way to repay her. However, they weren’t especially close in the beginning. From the start she was actually his sister’s friend and they were the best buddies while he interacted with Alice from time to time when she came over to their house. After certain things happened, Alice began helping him and that’s when their friendship really started. That time he had nothing he could pay her back with, but she didn’t mind it. That’s why now he did the same. Unlike the previous day, on Sundays he didn’t help to lock up since he couldn’t stay up so late because of work the next day. He usually left around 7pm and popped in to the supermarket to do the shopping for the week which was a mix of canned food and ingredients as he liked to mix it up a bit and was lazy at times to cook, but that applied to most people, so he wasn’t really bothered by it. Finishing that, Arthur returned home and made himself dinner, not from the stuff that he just bought but from the stuff in the fridge as he didn’t like to waste anything. Casually spending the rest of the evening in front of his computer the time to sleep came and with it Monday. By week, he was a normal IT technician which came with its own problems. He didn’t work at a big company or anything, but they sure kept him busy with a lot of tasks. Sometimes he would finish them early and slack off for the rest of the time by playing on his phone but there were also times that he would be working right up until the deadline, so it varied. As for the job itself, he did like it since he enjoyed being around technology as can be guessed from his hobby. He didn’t think of himself as some ‘computer geek’ but neither was he a party animal or anything of the kind. He was simply a normal guy…maybe. Plenty of people did consider him weird for his lifestyle but he didn’t pay any attention to it. Everyone had things that they liked to do or were good at, it just turns out that his was technology and gaming. He struggled through the week and finally the glorious weekend came. Word Count: 1003 Total Word Count: 2,380