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    Determination… that was the driving force fueling JDan as he relentlessly practiced. He pushed himself to the limit and beyond repeatedly as he fought tooth and nail to catch up to his peers. Low and behold it was drastically paying off. At first he was only able to sustain Kijin for roughly thirty seconds but now he could do so for well over five minutes at a time. An important thing he learned throughout the day was that his maximum time in Kijin would be shorten the more he used Kido in this state. Unfortunately it was a significant decrease in time too; on average it was about minute less per kido but even this beat yesterday’s progress were he wasn’t able to do it at all. It wasn’t as late in the day as it has usually been when JDan found himself unable to continue training due to exhaustion. He laid on the floor in a buddle of sweat with a smile on his face. It might not have been comparable to the others but he was happy with his achievements. In fact if it weren’t for pair that he trained with, JDan would have been considered a monster due to his impressive progression in the new Arts. Recuperated enough JDan sits up turning his attention to the others. Like the monsters they were, they were still going at it so he decided to meditate for while. Yoshirou had met with an astonishing amount of success today. To not only be able to launch a kido through your Zanpakuto but also without an incantation was miraculous accomplishment. There was one thought that played on his mind like a broken record, “I must get stronger in order to protect those important!” As cliché as it sounds it was a powerful driving force that pushed one to get better in times of uncertainty. There was no doubt that they were all getting stronger. Yoshirou could effortlessly destroy the self-healing training bots using low-level kido in his Kijin state. But even still, Yoshi was seeking to push the envelope even further… “Its time to give it a try,” the Noble thought to himself as once again he began to clear his mind, while taking a simple stance with his swords. His train of thought was now fixed on one goal and one goal only. The hairs on the back of JDan’s neck stood up as the atmosphere around him suddenly changed, causing him to look in a particular direction. “Kijin," stated Yoshirou as if manifesting his willpower into words. Instantly the purest of light erupts all around him, engulfing his entire body. A light so bright so intense that if this was another story it would be capable of turning the undead. The warmth giving off was comforting to his allies but an enemy wouldn't be so lucky as the overbearing heat seemed to reach the depths of there souls. Seconds later the light subsides revealing Yoshirou, whose long hair effortlessly floated behind him. From head to toe he was surrounded by an aura of brilliant white light. “It feels like lightning is flowing through my veins,” he thinks being a little 'high' off the power since it was his first time. As he assessed himself he noticed the aura surrounding his body dancing and flickering around him much like solar flares do around stars. It was a thing of beauty or a thing of death depending one's point of view but both were true. After a few moments Yoshirou cancels Kijin, feeling it to be to unsafe to actually test in indoors at the moment. He immediately notices the other two gazing at him so he approaches them. “Metabee, JDan it worked, it really worked!” he says with a smile on his face that clearly stated his satisfaction. “Not only by stating its name does it require less energy and time to activate but the results were magnified as well. Its been a long long time since I felt a new powerful energy flow through my body. It felt no different than achieving a new state in Zanpakuto for the first time.” “It certainly looked impressive and overpowering,” JDan comments. “How long do you think you could maintain that state?” “That’s hard to say. The initial power ‘high’ was intoxicating, for a split second it felt like I could stay that way forever. But realistically… maybe a third of the time I can maintain Shikai give or take a little,” he says purely guessing. “Wow that much already!?! I’m jealous,” teases JDan. “I am honestly not sure. It will take some more time and practice before I know the extent of it,” Yoshi replied. Next was Metabee’s turn to respond and after which he suggested they take a break for the day. Yoshirou and JDan agreed so the trio began to take their leave.