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    Aurora blushes even more for a moment , but then softly let go of Dante and face the couple still with blush but a serious look in her eyes: - who are YOU to talk to Commander like that? You intruder ! your presence here is still a question ! and .... Hirako Sama do you know this girl ?
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    As Youta and Alia were walking back to mansion from their training they found Dante and Aurora huging near the meditation room . Yout crosses his arms and with a soft mocking smile said loud enough for them to jump : Well .... Dante if you call THAT training ! ... I am happy I havent practice with YOU ! his smile goes bigger across his face as he tilts his head and waits to see Alias reaction .
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    for a moment everything was slow motion for her , as Dante reached out and held her in his strong arms . she just held him softly as she was shocked and didnt know what to do but Dantes heartbeat sound made her close her eyes and for the first time as she could remember felt to be at home . in that moment, time had no meaning as they were eternity . a feeling like a tornado moved around her heart as she grabbed on his kimono , holding him tighter.
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    as his hand touched her cheek , she gasps softly and look into his kind , caring eyes ... could feel his feelings in a weird way , like the strings of reiatsu have tied his heart to hers , to know that he is worried for her happiness , made the tears bigger , she couldnt see anything but a blurry picture of Dante as the sky goes dark and it was like her only memory of her life ... and a thought bloomed which she couldnt find any logic for , not even tried to find one : if the last person by my side were you , I am happy I died to see you again. that crazy thought gave her more crazy feelings. like she felt for a moment that she knows him for eternity and beyond . it was like she have lost him for so long time and when she finally found him she have forgot him . and now he is right here in front of her and still her memory is too weak to help her remember his face in life , like this blury picture of him that tears have made . she was never this emotional since she step in soul society . she just wanted to hug him but she couldnt move. she wanted to call him by his name , but she couldnt remember . she wanted to tell him that how she deid to meet him again but she couldnt talk. it was just a faint feeling of the past life and it was Dante Hirako in front of her , her commander not a feeling or guess or thought or ... a faint memory of a night and a shadow with auroras in the background .
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    Aurora could feel her heart trying to jump out of her chest as Dante were gazing at her eyes . his dark blue eyes was so catchy, they had a beautiful curve above and a sharp angle on the sides that she couldnt help staring at . as Dante looked away , she also tired to look at garden but when he reached out to the haori she got so excited that she couldnt even breath well. mentioning the title was something Aurora could never imagine would be able to obtain ... her eyes became watery as she reached for the haori but accidentally her hand touches Dantes and she blushes even deeper. she respectfully put the haori in front of her , put two hands on the pulished wooden floor in front of her knees and bows lower than Dante , showing her deepest respect and gratitude . happy tears fall down on the haori . - I make sure to deserve wearing this haori , commander.
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    a cold wind from the mountains blows that made Aurora to roll toward Dante , as her hand touches his kimono she opens her eyes dizzy , looking up at Dante blankly , she stares at him for a few seconds that suddenly she realized who is the guy beside her . she jumps and blushes but she was too close to Dante to be able to hide her blush ! she couldnt even look away as she was face to face with him and it was awkward enough. without thinking she said the first words that came to her mind. H..Hirako Sama! she was so close that as the wind starts to blow again her long hair danced to Dantes cheek before she can move a hand up to hold them in the back of her ear.
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    Aurora gently walks into the garden, sky is clear and there is a soft spring wind blowing. Trees are moving in a gentle soft dance and birds are singing as butterflies fly over the sweet smell , colorful flowers almost everywhere. She sits by the pond on the wooden floor of the small meditation room , and watches the golden fishes swimming around , as wind carries the cherry blossoms from the mansions door step to the heart of the garden. She lays down , still feeling tired after that intensive training and the life draining test with Marik . And before she knew how , she fell asleep.
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    Dante walks into the spa the bar was stocked as always as he pours himself a cup of sake. He drinks it slowly as it was heated sake before he got undressed and took hold of a yukata and wearing it, walking to the hot spring. He slowly got into the water as it burned him slightly, he luckily had his zanpakuto near him so he took hold of it and let his reiatsu pour out of him. He placed the swords tip in the water and it slowly cooled down the hot water to a more bearable level. He placed his znapakuto down and walked towards the middle of the hot spring He sat down and and felt the regeneration powers of the water healing all scrapes and restoring his reiatsu. The water now mildly warm was so relaxing and soft on his skin.
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    Cell 2 Japanese green garden with a big pond and outdoor meditation room filled with flowers and cheery blossom trees.
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    Alia couldnt just walk up to her and touch her hair like that and it was exactly after she cried like that in front of her Commander and made him hug her for comfort and now she have put him in a situation that he might be misunderstood by Alia and Youta . plus Youtas reaction boiled her blood mocking them like that ! and now after all these; feeling Alias hands in her hair , was nothing she could allow ! she was still a stranger for her , even though she might be Dantes sister. for her Alia had crossed the lines . Aurora just jumped in a hysteric way , bowed to Alia : its very nice to meet you Mam , as vice commander I am honored to welcome you to Cell 2 . but if you excuse me I need to rest . She then turned to leave , for a moment her eyes meet Dantes and she blushes before her face hides under her long black her , as she bows to him . then she walks back to mansion which for her usual kind of walk was almost fast .
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    Dante looked over and saw Alia breaking the ice with Aurora, he knew how his sister was towards people he got close to so he felt more relaxed about the situation. He did not move from his seated position he was still in. He had many thoughts crossing his mind but he did not feel uncomfortable anymore. He found himself smiling looking over to Aurora and Alia seated close to him. He had not had so many people around him for a long time. it was a good change seeing the Mansion so alive as if he was finally home after a long journey.
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    Alia walks over having calmed down. She takes a seat behind Aurora and took a hold of Aurora's hair and moves her hand through it and straightening it. You have truly beautiful hair. I'm happy to meet you. I'm Alia, Dante's bigger sister. Alia smiles softly, moving both her hands through Aurora's hair. I must apologize for Youta's behavior, he seems to be a little on the edge for the moment. I don't think he meant anything by it. She moves closer and sits alongside Aurora before bowing slightly. She then sits upright and looks Aurora in the eyes. I hope we can be good friends from here on. You can even call me big sister She smiles, gently holding onto Aurora's hand.
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    Youtas smile changes sfotly to a rather cold gaze with a confusing drop of smile on the left corner of his lips , raising his chin in a superior body language as he steps slowly towards Aurora , keeping his chest front and walking with a dignity that one would think he is going to slap her any second. he gets too close to Aurora that when he put his hand on the meditations rooms pillar and bending on her she could feel her breath on his skin . he thought she is too stubborn and aggressive . any girl in her shoes would take a step or two back but she didnt and instead gazed in his eyes fiercely as she moved her hand on her sword . You can mock , Joke or even call me intruder ... but at least I DO my DUTY as it should be ! he stood up right , glanced at Dante now in an offensive pose , he knew he couldnt push it further so he just nods to Dante as he passes him by aiming for mansion door .
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    Dante heard Youta's remarks. He quickly sat up straight as Alia was jumping around and also making remarks. He turned bright red and did not know where he should be looking. His scarf was still round his neck but his face was open and the redness of his cheeks could be seen by all who would look. He remained quiet as he could not speak or move. Alia's giggling and jumping made his face more red with every passing second. Youta's stares was also not helping the situation. Dante noticed his hair was no longer tied, the hug with Aurora must have made it come loose. He held the white piece of cloth in his hand as he tried to get his unruly hair back into order.
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    Alia jumps up and down looking at Dante and Aurora. She has a slight blush, both her hands on her face. I'm so happy, I cant believe this. Gosh little brother is finally a man. Dante you got to marry her. Giggles hysterically I cant believe this day has finally come. Alia keeps jumping not being able to contain here happiness.
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    Dante watched Aurora crying even bigger tears than before he did not know how to feel or what to do. He felt as if she had seen the same things or the same pain as him. He could not hold himself back the voice in his head trying to make sense of it all was lost on him as he reached out and grabbed her holding her tight in his arms. He felt her heart beating and her emotions streaming into him as if there was a connection between them that could not be explained. How broken he was emotionally and how vulnerable she must have been contained in this one moment would forever change who he was. Could he finally open up and trust someone other than himself? Could he share the pain and horrors contained within him and share it with someone with out them running away. The complexity of these feelings that ran through him must have been the same for her at that moment. He only hoped to save her form her demons but he somehow felt saved from his. The thought crossed over him. Could this feeling be love? The emotions within raging like a storm breaking and crashing, a tornado destroying the high walls his sanity and believe was built upon. Nothing else mattered, He closed his eyes and just held on to her.
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    Upon hearing the words Dante felt relieved and overjoyed. The vice commanders position was empty for a long time and he could see a better person to uphold the position than her. He sat up as Aurora did and saw the tears running down her eyes falling on her haori. He could not help but reach out to her his palm gently made contact with her cheek wiping away the tear rolling down her face with his thumb. He felt the warmth of her face pressed on his palm as the cold breeze moved over his face and picking at his and her hair as the sun slowly started to set its raise blocked by the mountain off in the distance. The last of the suns warmth touching the side of her pace and the other by his palm. Her hair gently blowing over to the side. He was amazed by her beauty never having realized it till today. The realization hit him so hard he could not breath and the tears streaming down her face tore at his heart a familiar feeling for him and one he did understand very well. Aurora do not cry. Moments like these are to few to waist them on. Rather smile be happy and laugh. The words coming from him just flowed out. He had not even thought about it before saying them. I know you will do great. I have my hopes placed on you. Dante smiled brightly his scarf slowly moving as the wind touched it revealing his face.
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    Dante was so relaxed he did not even notice Aurora getting closer to him before she suddenly jumped up startling him as he looked into her eyes with her hair caressing his cheek. He was speechless locked in her gaze, he felt his heart race as if he stood on the battlefield facing an opponent. The feeling overtook him completely not being able to move or break contact with her gaze. The strange sensation of her hair brushing over his cheek sent electricity down his spine almost numbing him from reacting. She was so close Dante could see the beauty of her eyes imprinting onto his soul before she spoke. He suddenly gathered what little of his thoughts he could. Aurora... I aaa ... He blushed as he reached for his scarf pulling at it hiding his face. He broke eye contact as he looked over the pond once more. I.. I have something to give you. I was meaning to give it to you after you reached shikai but a lot of things. Dante reaches next to him and grabs hold of the haori unfolding it. I have to congratulate you on officially becoming vice commander of cell 2. He looked back into Aurora's eyes as he presented her with the vice commanders haori. He felt uneasy the feeling in his chest was almost painful to bare. He did not know how to deal with the emotions streaming through him all at once. He desperately waited for Aurora's answer as he lifted the haori higher bowing his head in congratulations.
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    Dante walked through the garden admiring the flowers and their beauty, birds chirping as they flew around the cherry blossom trees playing as they chased each other around its branches. He slowly made his way towards the meditation room. He could feel trace amounts of spiritual energy so he knew Aurora was in there. He was excited, something he rarely had the chance of experiencing. He finally reached the room and found Aurora sleeping near the water on the wooden polished floor covered with tatami mats. He could see in her face she was exhausted so he decided not to disturb her. He quietly walked forward and took a seat next to her placing the haori next to him looking off into garden. He had a feeling of relaxation overcome him as he listened to the water pouring into the pond with cherry blossom flowers slowly descending from the overlooking tree, falling into it.
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    to be continued in garden and meditation room page 1
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    Marik would turn to leave "a war you say? me and my friends , you and the captains of the gotie 13? i like our odds in this fight" he would say leaving in shunpo but before he left he would say "i'll be back soon Aurora kind of destroyed my only on hand shirt and its freezing" . ooc>leaving thread for now
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    Dante stood up and moved his hand towards Marik before shaking it. He let go and proceeded to talk to Marik. I appreciate your understanding of the work my masters put into me. No apologies needed for that. They spent much of their time training me before helping me to escape and finally finding a home here. I finally clawed my way up and held a good position here before Commander Night mysteriously disappeared and left the Cell in my care. After many years passing, Aurora was sent to me and I instantly felt a connection to her having a similar past of not belonging or fitting in anywhere. I myself do not yet understand our relationship to each other as I have never been in love before. My unfortunate disposition was one more of blood and pain. Dante stood looking at Marik. His eyes a picture of the blood and despair as his white scarf still cover the lower part of his face. Im sure we will one day let loose and have a go without holding back. I also look forward to having a chance to fight more opponents in the future. I myself have noticed some gaps in my abilities watching your fight today. I now know what to do next and might even surprise you down the line once I have achieved what I now know I lack. This week has been very interesting to say the least, more and more of the coming events have been revealed to me. A war is coming. I must make sure to hold more cards when time runs out.
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    JDan was diligently training like the others but advancing at a slower rate. The energy consumption was just too much for him to maintain it longer than a few seconds at a time, so firing of a kido or energy blast was out of the question. For now at least, with his work ethic and determination it was only a matter of time. On the flip side of things Yoshirou was doing rather well. He’d practiced more on releasing the kido through his Zanpakutos. While it still felt strange to do so, it was much more convenient while wielding a weapon, especially if you duel wielded. Once mastered the benefits would be unbelievable. The Noble couldn’t help but smile at such a fact and be happy that one of his goals would soon be fully fulfilled. By the time they were ready to call it quits, it was already dinnertime. JDan and Yoshi meet up first but Metabee was lying on the ground. He had been that way for sometime now but the others assumed he was meditating, though now they weren’t so sure. “I think he fell asleep,” says JDan. “No, I’m telling you he’s meditating,” replies Yoshirou with is fingers secretly crossed as he hoped he was right. But before they could debate it any longer the Kido Commander opened his eyes, as if on cue. “So how did things go today?” asked Yoshirou as they approached him. He hoped it was much better than the day before as he immediately secluded himself after training. If things went well they would proceed with their usual routine, which was to clean up and have supper.
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    *Dante enters having had a bad day, he walks slowly and finally gets to the locker and changes before entering the spa. He enters the warm water and sits feeling more relaxed by the second as he starts to read from a old book he likes* I really hope tomorrow would be a better day.
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    of course Alia I would love to , thank you. Im Youta Ashikaga . he sits beside Alia , leans back to the tree stretches a leg on the grass and one knee up as his elbow rest on it . he looks up to the tree , pink cherry flowers moved softly in the wind and sun touched his skin once in a while , following a beautiful pink blossoms falling down , his eyes meets Alias again , he smiles brightly with his perfect white teeth . breath-taking ...