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    night of the wailing: "they have everything out here" those 2 leaves... uncensored version on my premium snapchat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Dear BSE, I've tilted myself and have chose to vet the frustration of my mistakes on you all. Its nothing personal, just the only way i can cope. I trust that you all will understand. PS: even when you think I'm not, I'm watching you bse bse.mp4
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    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Frenzied Baleful Breath: -350 ND] [REMAINING ND| 12,210 + 1,200 - 150 - 350 = 12,910] Oriru had used a massive surge of his power in order to trigger the Kido Storm like he had, and slowly his body was starting to settle back into itself reverting to a more natural state. His power was still unleashed to the fullest potential due to releasing the Captain Limit that was placed on him, but there was a sort of calm serenity to his nature now. The use of his Storm technique was perfectly paired with his comrade, Hitsuyona, but there was a bit of a sore spot in his chest at the lost of Genshi. Eventually their path would bring them to a unique clearing, a Sakura Garden, something that reminded the Captain of his Origami Garden back in the Court of Pure Souls. Once more, a moment of emotional hurt struck Oriru as he recalled the last time that they were studying late in the Origami Garden attempting to develop new Kido techniques. The sound of his lieutenant would echo throughout the cemetery but slowly the sound would be drowned out by his own resolve to end this, if for nothing else but the memory of his best friend. His mind was brought back to the moment before them as Oriru laid his eyes on two people coming from behind the trees. There was a moment that Oriru felt a twinge of discomfort seeing the two half naked individuals creeping upon their location. These bodies, unlike the many prior, were not members of the endless walking corpses as this body seemed to have life still attached to it. There was even a natural spiritual presence emanating from the two of them separate from the massive accumulation generated within the mist. Suddenly the two of them launched upon the pair of Soul Reapers, and almost out of pure instinct Oriru reacted to prevent harm with his left hand extended outward with the palm reaching for the woman, "Bakudo number 63, Locking Bondage Stripes." As he clenched his fist a thick black glowing rope formed around the woman and tightly coiled around her body before attempting to constrict upon her body. It would not stop her attempt to charge forward, but it would hold her arms back from attack so aggressively. Though the moment that he squeezed the constriction there was a clear groan, but unlike the wailing creatures from earlier this woman actually sounded to suffer an ounce of pain. "Hitsuyona! These are not like the others, these bodies are still clinging to honest life. Show restrain!" Realizing that there was a danger of harming humans that were still, albeit barely, alive and fighting for their life, Oriru sent allowed two of his main orbs (I) and (II) to launch at each of the two people, the bright and the groom respectively. The goal was to collide forcefully with their abdomen knowing that rubs of a human are likely to break, but the hope was the orbs in full force would provide enough concussive force to neutralize them both but preparing for more as his Orbs manifested. Bonus Action Bakudo 63 | Targeting Bride Actions (I) Primis (Primed) - 205 Power / 202 Speed | Bridal Torso Strike (II) Secundus (Primed) - 205 Power / 202 Speed | Groom Torso Strike Free Actions (III) Tirtium (Primed) upon release (IV) Quartum (Primed) upon release (V) Quintus (Primed) forms end of post Notes (Primed) - Full Durability Shikai Release ND [Applied] ND Updated - Accounting for Ranks (1,200) ---------- Personal Statistical Values Spiritual Pressure - 138,000 + 10,000 = 148,000 (532) Captain Limits Removed [Includes Custom Release] (Complete) Natural Stats ★(Main)Stamina | 5 + (1.5 x 130) = 200 + 10 + 10 = 220 (Focused) Maneuverability | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 (Focused) Spacial Awareness | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 Potential Power Output | 10 + 138 = 148 ★(Sub)Reiatsu Proficiency | 1.25 x 148 = 185 + 10 + 10 = 205 Reiatsu Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (185 x 0.8 = [148]) = 182 + 10 + 10 = 202 Physical Capabilities | 0.5 x 148 = 74 + 10 + 10 = 94 Physical Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (74 x 0.8 = [59.2]) = 93.2 + 10 + 10 = 113.2
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    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!........he...lp..... A loud females scream echoed threw the dark alley way,under the full moon that shined bright in the sky above.We come to the Rukon district number sixty six,in an ally way,where three men have cornered a young women.Street lights from the street to the right an left barely even enter the long hallway that is the ally.The time is in the we hours of early morning.Time when most are asleep,an very few are beginning to wake up to begin there day.This young women was on her way to her job,as she just became the manager of a small shop.She was needed to be the first to arrive to unlock the doors an take inventory.Not to mention being the over achiever she was,she wanted to go in early to make sure everything was in perstine condition.However on her way in she was met by three men who had been out drinking all night.They were part of one of the many gang like groups that striken the Rukon districts.One man was a tall overweight man,standing 6'5 weight easily 220 lbs,an bald.One of his buddies was a short man 5'5 skinny with long hair tied back in a pony tail.The last man seemed to be the leader of this little group of thugs.He stood medium height at six foot flat,an he seemed to work out on a daily as he was bulked up.His hair drapped over one eye.They all had matching tattoos on there neck of some kind of demon like marking.As well as matching tatrtoos they all carried some kind of weapon.The big guy had a hatchet tucked in his pants while the other two had visible daggers tucked into the front of there pants,the grips shinned in light. These three thugs decided there night of fun was not over when they ran into the women.Instead they bullied her into the ally way,allowing no wondering eyes to see what they were about to do to the women. They were going to rob the pour lady an maybe worse,as there ability to hold back there urges have been throw tot he wind.The alcohol prohibiting the man from controlling themselves.Once into the ally the big man pushed her against the wall of a building,causing the lady to grunt in pain from the force.She dropped her bag pleaing with the men to just take her bag an leave.Normally the men would but again they were under the influence an money wasnt the only thing the men were after.Once the her purse was dropped the short man grabbed it,quickly rifling threw it take anything of value.Meanwhile the leader gave the order to the big man,with a simple gesture on his head.The big man then would grab the lady with both arms an flipped her around and slam her back into the wall,face first.Her head would hit an bounce back causing her to be slightly dazed.As well her chest hit,causing her to choke as the wind was knocked out of her.Meanwhile the big man laughed an scoffed at her pain.By now the short man had threw the purse into the dumpster an joined his fellow criminals.He took his place along the big man an ripped the womens shirt from the back in half.Her being dazed it fell off before she could really comprehend.When she regained full consciousness she realized what the men had begun to do an planned to do.She then would let the scream out that we heard echoed threw the ally an into the streets.However she stopped when the big man grabbed her by the shoulders an pinned her against the wall,as the short man showed her his weapon had been drawn.The dagger was put against her neck,sharp to the touch it cut ever so slightly into her neck,causing blood to trickle down her neck.She was afraid,scared,she didnt know what to do.If she would scream or struggle she could end up more then violated,she could end up dead.She hoped someone had heard her scream but being the district she was in,even if they did no one would confront the goon. There along a street to the east was the man our store would revolve around.He was man at medium height,some would call short.5'9.His hair was black an shaved to a buzz fade that was tight against his head.He also bore a tight full beard that was also tightly shaven,slightly darker then a 5'0 clock shadow.He wore baggy sweat type black pants that were rolled up just under the knee cap.The man also wore a black tank top showing off his toned arms,giving the impression the man did not slack in training,an he did not.The man was no hulk,no gym junkie but he made sure to maintain a strong core body,toned from shoulders down to calf's.His name was San Salvatore.He was known in the districts as something of a vigliante,some even called a hero.Just like in his previous life he made it his duty to protect those who were weak/no able to defend themselves.He did this not from himself but something pushed him to do so.In his human life it was the murder of his family that pushed the man to become a cop.He however didnt remain a cop for too long he progressed the ranks quick to detective.It wasnt to many years into it he found the justice systems was flawed an even corrupt at times.This led the man to take matters into his own hands,therefore he did the same now.He was no police no soul reaper,he was just a man willing to do what needed to protect those who were in need.This isnt to say joining the ranks of the goeti 13 wasnt out of his mind.He recently gave it much thought knowing how much more he could learn as well as how much more he could do,not just for those in the after life but also the living world.Where even those no lives were worth more then another,the ones alive still had a life to live.While on the other hand the ones that passed on an ended up here in the soul society no longer had there life.But they did not need to be mistreated as many were,after all this was the after life,supposed to be at peace,finally.An yet many ones still seemed to not grasp that concept. San walks down the dim lit streets a few blocks over from where the attack was taking place.The man simply is jogging,enjoying the nice night,as it has been a slow week.Not to many goons had stirred up problems atleast in his neck of the woods.Not to mention the night was growing to close,sun rise merely couple hours away.He thought to himself maybe his presence had begun to shift tempers with the thugs around here.That was until the loud scream,which was now faint echoed threw a ally way as he passed by it.His running came to an instant stop,as he waitied for another sound,maybe another scream,but nothing.His ears did not play tricks on him he was sure it was a females scream.He looked to the shop to his right,outside were stacked barrels of some sort of feed.He quickly leaped unto them an then the awning,climbing up to the roof.There he would begin to run towards where he thought the scream came.As he traveled there was still no other sound,his mind was puzzled,his eyes narrow.He continued to run jumping roof top to roof top,then he stopped.Muffled grunts began to enter his ear,along with that of men laughing.San stopped,creeping to the edge of the roof top.He looked down to see the men,rage began to build.By now they had removed the females bra,cut the strap so it did basically nothing for her.The big man continued pinning her against the wall,while shorty took his knife an cut her belt.The leader seemed to be gearing up for the unspeakable as he went to reach for his zipper of his pants.It was at this time San entered. San leaped from the rooftop,landing gracefully about ten feet from the wanna be men.'So you call yourself's men?"He spoke loud an confident,instantly gaining there attention.They stopped what they were doing an turned quickly towards the voice.They were met by San purplish eyes glistening in what light was in the ally from the moon above."This is of no concern of yours,scam before you get the attention!"The leader called out.San simply grinned."Pathetic excuse for men.Normally i would allow you three to leave,but in this case,its not an option."When dealing with criminals San didnt always engage in battle,sometimes the crime didnt fit that punishment,sometimes payment or returning items were the correct course.This time however it did.The men would be luckily to leave with there lives."So we got a tough guy,ok boys,Terry keep that girl pinned up this wont take long,jerry get him."The leader called out to his "buddies" The big man(terry) spun the girl around grabbing her by her neck an pinning her hard against the wall.Jerry the short man,flipped his dagger like knife in his hand,an nodded to his boss,before charging towards San.The leader now zipped his pants back up an began to draw out his dagger."Weapons huh,to think you all couldnt get worse of excuses for men."Three on one seemed to already have there odds on the goons side,but yet San couldnt believe they went quick to there weapons.San however was unarmed. Jerry rushed in,running an trying to stab directly into Sans chest.San being somewhat gifted an well trained,watched the attack come in like slow motion.He leaned back taking a step to the right,then another quick back pedal.He was now on the side of the mans extended arm,he grabbed it with both hands an spun quickly throwing the short man to the ground an back to his group.He rolled to a stop as he hit the feet of his leader,dropping his blade in the tumble."Get up Jerry"The leader said to his man,While San now began to walk on foot at a time towards the goons.Jerry quickly got to his feet an grabbed his dagger an rushed in again.This time slicing back an forth horizontally an diagonally.San again watched his moves,making quick reactions to each movement.San would wait until the man threw a cut to hard an gave him an opening,in this moment he would attack.He delivered three blows to the mans ribcage an kidney causing great pain.Meanwhile his free hand grabbed the mans dagger wielding knife arm.When the man was hit the thrid time he dropped his dagger,an San let go of his arm.Jerry spun turning with a haymaker hook,only to be avoided by San ducking an rolling to the dagger.He would grab it an leap upwards driving the blade into Jerrys stomach.Jerry let out a choking gurgle,as blood filled his mouth an he slumped to his knees then ground.San left the dagger there,embed in the mans stomach,the wound may have been fatal,more then likely not."Jerry!!!!!,Terry lets get him"The leader called out as he watched his ally fall to the ground.The big man terry had already witnessed it an his hold on the female had loosened enough for her to wiggle out an begin to run down the ally way,tears running down her face."Your going to pay for that tiny man" The big man called out to San,before he charged in. Being so large the man was slow,slower then even his short friend who now laid bleeding on the ground besides his feet.San would take two steps to meet the large man charging him.He would watch as the mans arms opened,revealing his wide open chest.Delivering a quick spin kick that connected into the mans chest cavity,causing him to stumble back a few feet.While the leader had delivered a punch that landed square into Sans Cheek bone.Sans head turned blood spitting out,a grin appeared.As he was hit he used the momentum to drop low an deliver a sweeping kick,knocking the leader of his feet an onto the ground.Terry had regained balance an charged back in grabbing San with his massive arms"Now your time is up"He began to squeeze Sans bod,while the leader jumped to his feet.San wasnt going to be best by these fools."Im going to cut you up real nice" The leader called out as he neared San.The pinned man,focused himself an thought quickly.He waited until close enough an delievered a headbutt to Terry causing him to let him go,then he reached for the leaders dagger as he tried to stab him.He would spin an kick the mans back forcing him to drive the dagger into his buddies chest.The leaders eyes widened as he watched the big man feel death beginning to take over."I told you,this was an unforgivable act,one that would cost you all your lives"The leader roared in anger as he spun around only to be met by Sans crushing fist upon his face,then a reverse elbow to the front side,breaking the mans nose.His eyes watered causing his vision to blur,San stepped in closer,grabbing the leaders arm an open palm stricking the joins breaking it at the joins of his elbow.The thug screamed in pain,As San didnt let go an delivered multiple crushing fist upon his face.The mans face quickly became bruised an bloody,Sans fist red with not just blood but from the sheer force of hos attacks.The man would fall tot he ground as San released his grip on his broken arm."Ple....ase.....dont.....ill pay.....ahhh."The pathetic goon called out as San picked the leaders dagger off the ground.He couldn't believe the thugs morals."How much more pathetic can you be?,Atleast die with some Honor"San said as he drove the blade into the mans neck,an shoulder cavity. San stood there looking at the mess before hearing footsteps to his back,he turned quickly to see the female,now covering her top with a sheet."Thank you so much.....please do not worry about this,i will inform the police.....But are you the one of the rumors the man who is said to be a protector of the Rukon district.San now at ease took a step back an grinned."I am no protector nor hero as some would call me.Im just a man doing a civil duty,helping a fellow soul in need."San would nod then turn to leave the scene before he did he heard footsteps an then a arm on his shoulder,hers."Your my hero,Please stop by my shop i may have something for you,to thank you."The man nodded an took the peice of paper she had wrote down her shops where abouts.He wouldnt argue the hero name as people would an could feel as they like,he knew in his mind he wasnt.San nodded again an then took tot he roof tops trying to put distance between himself an the scene."Please dont forget to come by"She called out.While San left not acknowledging her again, After a minute or two he got about half a mile away an lept back to the streets.He landing next to a water well/fountain.The sun was beginning to rise but still darkness was ever present.He began to wash his hands clean of the blood,while doing so,he felt a chill.He looked to a empty loading dock that was still covered in darkness.He sensed something watching him.He began to walk towards it,as he did yellow eyes peered out of the darkness into his own.San readied himself."Whos there?Come out?'The man called out to the darkness.Seconds later nothing,an the eyes seemed to fade.Few seconds more an the sun now entered the loading dock area an revealed no one,nothing.San was puzzled an also worried.Was he being followed?Who was watching?WAs he seeing things?Questions ran threw the mans head,before he quickly ruled out the last.He wasnt being paranoid he didnt mistake it,he knew what he saw was real,atleast hopefully. He would then return to his home a small shack above a ramen shop,shower an sleep,thinking hard on the eyes he may or may have not seen. :Finished: Wc:2,769
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    The sky was dark, not even a star was trickling. The only light about was coming from the lamps down below on the ground. A large black line ripped across the sky like a knife to a persons skin, the sky rippled as the line began to open up looking like a large mouth with sharp teeth. Peering inside the mouth all you could see was darkness like you was peering into the deepest void and as you looked in you did not know if you was gonna go crazy from how deep and cold the long void was. Out from the void a set of feet set foot on to the sky,s air as if he was walking on the wind its self, yamashiro looked down on to the world known as karakura town. This city was where many hollows and soul reapers roamed around as so did many souls of spiritual contrast. There was only one thing that yamashiro was looking for while he was here in this nauseating town and that was to find the elephant tigers tusk which first before he could find the beast he needed to locate the hiding place where it would reside. Yamashiro landed gracefully down on to the ground, his feet touching softly on to the ground as he looked around. " I can not believe that people can actually stand to live in a place so disgusting, i can barely feel any spiritual pressure in the air its almost suffocating. Oh well i better find what i came here for so i can hurry up and leave this place." Using sonido yamashiro quickly used his speed to travel the city of karakura town in its vast size but no matter how long or far he searched he could not seem to find the place that he was looking for. While he was looking he came across a spot in the city that had a lot of spiritual pressure but he did not see any thing there so he raised his hand as he placed it in front of him, he suddenly noticed that there was a invisible wall which could probably be a barrier of some kind. Yamashiro knew that he did not know how to dispel these things so balling his hand up in to a fist yamashiro smashed his fist against the wall and as he did he watched as it crumbled down like glass being shattered. He could now see a forrest so walking in he traveled the bushy path until he came out to a large clearing as he looked down on to a vast field of different animals that he has never seen before so he went down as he started to look for the animal he was sent here to find. while he was looking he kept getting this felling like he was being followed by some thing or some one, just then he had two soul reapers standing in front of him as they had there swords drawn and they was stairing him down with the intent to kill. " Who the hell are you and what are you doing here. If you do not leave now i shall have to k" The soul reaper did not have the time to finish his sentence as yamashiro used sonido and moved so fast he yanked the mans head right off his body and was standing back at the spot he started from before his partner even realized what was happening until he saw the head in yamashiro hand and the body then fell to the ground. The other shinigami became so mad with rage that he rushed yamashiro with out even thinking about a plan, cause if he was able to do that to his partner then what say he would not be able to do the same to him. Yamashiro raised his arm blocking the shinigami sword slash before swinging his arm outwards deflecting the sword away from his self, he then took his hand and with one swift motion shoved his hand in to the soul reapers chest as he had a hold of his hart in his hand. He could feel the impulse from the hart with every pump of his hart he could feel the flow of blood running though out the mans vain.s with each thump from his hart. Then the next thing that the young soul knew was that he was now looking at his own hart being held in yamashiro hand, before he fell over he watched as the arrancar yamashiro bring his beating hart up to his mouth as he took a big bite out of it, blood was now running down the corner of both parties chins but each for a different reason. Yamashiro watched as the man hit the ground and as he finished eating the beating hart he looked around trying to find the animal he was sent here to find. wc: 828
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    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Frenzied Baleful Breath: -350 ND] [REMAINING ND| 12,210 - 150 - 350 - 235 = 11,475] DECISIONS... Captain Kusho watched as the bride moved out of the way of the sealing Bakudo, giving him the knowledge that his attempt to lock her down in a position to knock her out was going to be harder than he anticipated. Through the extent of this confrontation, Oriru had slowly allowed his own nature to settle down and bring his natural spiritual energy to a calm level. Though his eyes were clearly still triggered by the nature of his Kido state, he was able to focus on the task at hand understanding that remaining in a single location within this cemetery would bring nothing but worse news. Oriru watched as the bride found a way to maneuver with the Primus and use it as a shield to prevent the main force of the attack from hitting her directly. "Now or never." He spoke softly under his breath as he started to softly speak, "Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky." There was a moment where he had to pause as the bridge actually dug her hand into the pillar and removed a shard like it was bark from a tree and launched the improvised weapon with tremendous velocity. "Danku." He sharply paused his incantation to generate the translucent black barrier to defend against the attack but the force of the spear was enough to shatter the barrier. Luckily it was dense enough to divert the spear enough for it to barely cut his shoulder. "The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired." This time his words came faster and with a unique echo created by his Event Horizon. Just as he finished the rushed incantation, he watched as the bridge literally ripped the entire pillar from the ground and launched it at Oriru. His response was to rush down the bride as soon as she picked it up, "Hyapporankan." In the middle of his rush a hundred steel black rods formed around Oriru and at close range assaulted the bridge at an angle in order to pin her down to the ground with more than a fraction of the amount of rods. Tthe launched the pillar collided with Oriru but the pillar simply stopped and disintegrated entirely as Oriru jumped in to the air, "Hado number 91 Variation 2, Zenmetsu!" As soon as the modified kido name was called, a total of twenty energy points formed in the air, half of them pitch black as if absorbing light itself and the other half a radiant blinding white as if the light absorb is being projected upon these points. They all formed a dome like structure around the bride, their pattern from a sky view reminiscent of yin-yang before colliding on her and just as they launched the orb that she held shattered and returned to the tsuba to recover. Bonus Action Bakudo 62 - Hyapporankan (Hundred Steps Fence) - 205 Power / 212 Speed | Targeting Bride Defensive Action Bakudo 81 - Danku (Splitting Void) - 205 Power / 212 Speed | Vs Metal Spear (205 + 15 x 2 = 235 ND) Tank Class Skill - Ironclad - Negate Damage | Vs. Metal Pillar Genius Subclass Skill - Spiritual Wit - (Prepared) Actions Modified Hado 91 Zenmetsu (Imperfect Annihilation - "Annihilationism") [2 Attacks Stacked] - Hado 91- Senjū Kōten Taihō (Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear) 205 Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Bride - Hado 91- Senjū Kōten Taihō (Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear) 205 Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Bride Free Actions (VII) Septimus (Primed) forms end of post Notes (I) Primis (Critical) - (Recovery) (II) Secundus (Primed) (III) Tirtium (Primed) (IV) Quartum (Primed) (V) Quintus (Primed) (VI) Sextus (Primed) (Primed) - Full Durability (Critical) - Low Durability (Recovery) - Restoring Durability Shikai Release ND [Applied] ---------- Personal Statistical Values Spiritual Pressure - 138,000 + 10,000 = 148,000 (532) Captain Limits Removed [Includes Custom Release] (Complete) Natural Stats ★(Main)Stamina | 5 + (1.5 x 130) = 200 + 10 + 10 = 220 (Focused) Maneuverability | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 (Focused) Spacial Awareness | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 Potential Power Output | 10 + 138 = 148 ★(Sub)Reiatsu Proficiency | 1.25 x 148 = 185 + 10 + 10 = 205 Reiatsu Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (185 x 0.8 = [148]) = 182 + 10 + 10 = 202 Physical Capabilities | 0.5 x 148 = 74 + 10 + 10 = 94 Physical Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (74 x 0.8 = [59.2]) = 93.2 + 10 + 10 = 113.2
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    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 6] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 6,400 - 150 = 6,250] Connor’s quick combo succeeded from the second attack onward. His jab had been the most telegraphed attack allowing his opponent to slip the punch. His following body shot landed squarely, as did the following kick. Connor was clear on the effect that his attack would have on his opponent, so he knew that this would be the best time to continue following up his attacks. “Damn you!” This was what Connor heard just as he prepared to do so, allowing his opponent to open up some distance between the two. The sudden cursing had surprised him as he didn’t expect that much awareness from someone controlled by the mist. ‘This fool is letting himself be controlled?’ This thought passed through Connor’s mind as he moved forward six feet in pursuit. Their distance to each other would roughly be what it was just moments ago before Connor had attacked when the Policeman stopped. The only difference between then and now was that Connor could more accurately judge his opponent’s level from his ability to take damage due to his two successful attacks. ‘It should be fine to use my spear then, right?’ The reasoning that he felt more comfortable doing so was that his opponent seemed tough enough to not die from a spear attack or two, so there wasn’t any need for him to hesitate about the matter more than he already had. Since his range was about to increase greatly, Connor had no need to pursue his opponent even further at this moment. As his opponent was coming to a stop at the edge of his vision Connor had already extended his left hand forward aimed to his right, placing the direction of his point roughly a few inches above the Policeman’s shoulder and a foot away from it. The ring on his hand let out a faint shimmer as his hand started to move at a slight downward diagonal angle. His spear appeared almost instantly like a flash causing the shaft of his spear to appear in that space with plenty to spare as nearly two feet of it including the spearhead extended behind his opponent. He didn’t complicate the attack further, and relied solely on his speed and the suddenness of the attack to smash at his opponent’s left shoulder at the height he would expect a coin to flip to. [1] His intentions were to interrupt the Fullbring usage or simply prevent it entirely by damaging the arm and possibly even intercepting the coin if he were lucky. Not to mention, he was still wary of his opponent as there wasn’t any guarantee that his technique from moments ago had cancelled the attack that his opponent prepared. This fact, as well as the possibility of more corpses being drawn to him caused him to not lower his guard against the mist. His smashing attack had been made while avoiding a follow through force meaning that his opponent would at most be pushed a few steps to the left if it landed. Connor’s next action was the skillful and fluid turning of his body at the waist along with pulling back his left arm and adjusting his standing position which caused his spear to shift back in front of his opponent whether he moved or not. By this point Connor’s stance had his right side forward towards his opponent, with his left hand positioned at roughly the end of his spear, and his right as far forward as comfortably possible. At this distance, Connor’s skill was enough to allow him to accurately aim at his opponent’s right shoulder with this stab in an attempt to incapacitate the other arm as well almost immediately after his last attack. [2] If it were to hit then it was likely that that right shoulder joint as well as the bones would face serious damage. Connor didn’t simply rely on arm strength to make this strike, and also stepped forward with the thrust meaning that it would easily extend at least three to four feet beyond where his opponent’s body was. It was an attack that wasn’t fatal, and could be recovered through certain techniques but would easily cause an opponent to be incapacitated. He could calmly attack at this moment simply because these attacks weren’t meant to be fatal. -Abilities Used- -Actions- [All Abilities are detailed in the spoiler above] -Turn Stats- Word Count: 712
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    ND Loss [Base Tick 150, Baleful Breath 350] Nd Remaining [ 3,850] Hitsuyona stands astonished as the onslaught of his half naked pursuant continues on, namely in response to the threads that his opponent hold rightly around his fists. It was quite remarkable that this man had the speed and resolve to both swifly retrieve and maintain the overcharged state of his Zanpaktou's Bindings. The former Onmitsukido Captain would have little time to react however, as his enemy nears in for an assault. Stepping lightly to his left Hitsuyona retrieves and throws his very own blade in the opposite direction, before waving a singular finger towards the blade. The threads would attempt to move with all their might in that direction, forcing the wailer to either go for a ride or let loose his grips. Just as he came within melee range Hitsuyona's hands had raised to point a singular finger towards the oncoming headbutt to prepare for the attack should the threads escape their captivity. [repel activated] An invisible force attempts to shove the head of the resurrected directly backwards, followed by a flash of teal light eminating from his hands. "Byakotsui." Hitsuyona instantly forms and launches a modified version of Byakurai and Sokatsui that took form of an explosive beam of electricity. Immediately following these actions Hituyonas same hand opens to allow his palm to face the enemy and flashing teal explosion currently unfolding. "Hadō # 63: Raikōhō" A yellow orb of explosive electrical force shoots outwards directly behind his first onslaught, before he attempted to Shunpo backwards with great speed in an attempt to distance the two so that he could soon retrieve his Zanpaktou. Actions
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    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Frenzied Baleful Breath: -350 ND] [Failed Block (x2): -400 ND] [REMAINING ND| 12,910 - 150 - 350 - 200 - 200 = 12,210] The moment that the orbs were dispatched to attack the pair of enemies that were encroaching on the position of the pair, Captain Kusho and former Commander Hitsuyona, Oriru prepared himself to launch another sealing technique upon the woman as to subdue her enough to prevent any possible movement. It came as a shock when the woman was able to break free from the black tendrils that restrained her torso and as she continued her charge, and so Oriru quickly brought both hands together and made a deafening clap as five streams of black energy drifted from his hands and into the air, "Walls of iron sand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end." Adding to the surprise, the woman was able to catch Primus in her bare hand but Oriru could see the force push sharply on the shoulder meaning that this woman was stronger than he realized. "Danku." Instantly a translucent black barrier form in front of Oriru to prevent the woman from getting closer while jumping back to the left to increase the distance. Simultaneous to the barrier, Primus pushed against the grip of the woman attempting to get free and altering her jump direction towards the right of Oriru. Granted, her power was still greater than he anticipated as the orb was unable to break free straining Oriru and still she was strong enough to break through the Danku. "Bakudo number 75, Gochūtekkan." As the words left his mouth Oriru prepared his next action with a hint of remorse in his mind, but not an inch of hesitation. From above the woman descended five massive black metal bound to one another by bright white chains in the pattern of a hexagon. Although the woman was not lying on the ground, the preferred method for using this technique, the size of the objects and the minimal space between them would leave little room to avoid at least one if not several of them from colliding with her body. This technique was considerably stronger than his previous one, being a higher number as well as reinforced with the incantation to increase the strength above the normal level. As the columns made their decent, Oriru would raise both of his hands in front of him at an angle with the palm up. Just an inch of above each hand would form two bright white orbs above the size of a baseball as they began to spin around each other in each hand. The orbs were spinning in opposite directions but circling each other grow in size until suddenly they turned a sharp black color. "Modified Hado number 73." He knew that this had to be done, and reserved an apology for the woman as he pointed both palms at her, "Yosumi Sōren Sōkatsui (Four Corner Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down)." Four massive waves of black energy spiraled around one another forming a drill aiming for the woman. Bonus Action Bakudo 75 - 205 Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Bride Actions Modified Hado 73 - Yosumi Sōren Sōkatsui (Four Corner Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down) 205 (+205) Power / 202 Speed | Targeting Bride - Two Combined Sōren Sōkatsui Free Actions (VI) Sextus (Primed) forms end of post Notes (I) Primis (Primed) (II) Secundus (Primed) (III) Tirtium (Primed) (IV) Quartum (Primed) (V) Quintus (Primed) (Primed) - Full Durability Shikai Release ND [Applied] ---------- Personal Statistical Values Spiritual Pressure - 138,000 + 10,000 = 148,000 (532) Captain Limits Removed [Includes Custom Release] (Complete) Natural Stats ★(Main)Stamina | 5 + (1.5 x 130) = 200 + 10 + 10 = 220 (Focused) Maneuverability | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 (Focused) Spacial Awareness | 5 + (1.25 x 132) = 170 + 10 + 10 = 190 Potential Power Output | 10 + 138 = 148 ★(Sub)Reiatsu Proficiency | 1.25 x 148 = 185 + 10 + 10 = 205 Reiatsu Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (185 x 0.8 = [148]) = 182 + 10 + 10 = 202 Physical Capabilities | 0.5 x 148 = 74 + 10 + 10 = 94 Physical Force | (170 x 0.2 = [34]) + (74 x 0.8 = [59.2]) = 93.2 + 10 + 10 = 113.2
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    As Masato’s slash traveled through the rabbit’s body, it came to a sudden halt midway in its torso. The tensing cotton-innards of the toy, observed by Masato, were reminiscent of his own Fullbring. He prepared a second attack with his tail as planned, but the sudden behavior and speech of the girl took him aback. Her grey eyes were now widened and she tilted her head furthest to her right shoulder as she asked with whispers, “Why did you hurt Mimi?" as she spoke the mist that once seeped through the corners of her closed mouth, now poured heavily to the ground, like sand, from her opened jaw. Masato was certain that “Mimi” was the name given to the pink rabbit, whose body still held tightly to his purple weapon. But more importantly her unique speech and ability to empathize with her toy dispelled any doubt that deep down, the girl was still alive and human. “’Sorry, I can’t help you with—“Masato faced her and tried to earnestly answer her question, when she quickly pointed to him again. Mimi’s reaction to the little girls point was instantaneous, as it bent its head and long ears backwards and into ground, causing a brief tremor. “You made Lady Tomoe angry and you hurt Mimi. So now Mimi will hurt you back, it's only fair," she added, her innocent and inquisitive tone turning slightly malicious in her final clause. “Lady Tomoe?” Masato thought to himself, before the sudden shadow of an incoming Mimi, positioned to flatten him with a left elbow, alerted him to dodge. But not before he devised a plan to use the rabbits own falling weight against itself. He twisted to his left with an angular flip, whipping his tail with all his strength and flipping momentum from where he stood, and where the doll would surely land, and into the air. Again testing its density, Masato’s tail would either cut through, or slice beneath the surface of his pink opponent’s left arm. Next, he would continue with a second attack by increasing the size of his blade still wedged into the rabbit’s body and spiking it in every direction, with the intention of also binding the doll to the ground, long enough for answers to his following questions. “Who is Lady Tomoe, and where is she?!” he asked from the distance. ND: 6720-150= 6570 WC: 390 STATS ACTIONS
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    ND Loss - 500 Total left - 4,350 The duo presses on-wards as the electrical surge of power seeps from Hitsuyona's presence allowing for the immense energy to quickly escape his body as if to not 'overcharge' or strengthen that which resides within. Hitsuyona could've been heard letting out a momentary sigh of relief at the thought of what had nearly occurred. He was dangerously close to evoking the agreement placed on his powers, and surely standing beside the questionably straight edge captain wasn't the time or place to allow for such an event to occur. Soul possession was surely some form of taboo or legality issue in the Soul Society, and that was a pile of paperwork or sentencing he wished to avoid assuming they survived the night. Before either persons present had a chance to initiate a conversation about what just transpired a loud horrific shriek would have filled the entirety of the surrounding area. The immense pressure of the sound waves alone was enough to burst the ear drums of the Former Captain as he hazily glances in Oriru's direction. Slight disoriented Hitsuyona would then look in the direction that Oriru appeared to be focused on, only to see a condensed cloud of mist flying over the Shinigami's heads and to an undisclosed location. With no choice but to press on-wards they would begin to walk in the general direction that the mist had dispersed, and would eventually come within earshot of a garden in the distance. Hitsuyona couldn't make out the type of plant life present; yet, he could hear the distinct rustling of leaves ever so lightly. He couldn't quite make out whether the wind was truly this calm, or if his hearing had been even more so impaired by the howling shriek moments ago. Before Hitsuyona had the time to assess his situation two figures step forth from the shadows within the oncoming garden. The moonlight fell upon them just enough to make out a few distinguishing features, and most importantly, did it reveal their pale and lack of clothing upon places in which couldn't help but make Hitsuyona feel slightly uncomfortable. "Motherfucker's rocking out with his cock out." It was only a matter of time before the beast awoke among the destruction; however, Hitsuyona couldn't help but feel it had been at the most inconvenient of times. "God damn, and hes coming straight for you! This is golden!" While Hitsuyona's inner hollow took keenly to the revived bodies family jewels Hitsuyona took notice to the significant spiritual pressure and metal cable tied around its neck. Around this time his comrade would have finally spoken , and with such, Hitsuyona's previously solemn expression would transition into one of mild agitation. His blade would turn around so that the dull edge could be used in combat if necessary following a light scoff escaping his lips. "This just keeps getting better! You take orders from that paper pushing politician now? Talk about a Commander in Queef." Hitsuyona's eyes lock onto the oncoming wailer that charges with great speed in his general direction before lifting his free hand directly in front of himself, before addressing the annoying inquiries. "Silence, before I awaken NaruKami to deal with you." "Disperse." Along the surrounding area a storm-cloud emerges in all directions from Hitsuyona; although, it would remain along the surface of the ground as opposed to floating within the sky. [1.] Electrical charges surge immensely around Hitsuyona's immediate surroundings as a form of counter-measure towards the oncoming attacker The threads surrounding Hitsuyona's forearms and zanpaktou unravel to begin floating around himself; meanwhile, the white fabric becomes statically charged and lashes outwards towards the wailer who would have now been within ten meters of Hitsuyona. [2]The Fabric attempts to entwine the pursuers arms and legs together, while simultaneously releasing the electricity in the surrounding area upon the foe. [3]Immediately following this action Hitsuyona releases the grip on his physical zanpaktou to allow it to float in the air one foot from his body to allow the freedom of his right hand for defensive maneuvers should his bindings fail. WC: 680 Stats l Actions l
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    “Don’t let go!” were the teens last words before he lifted his two allies by their arms from the ground with a jump, and into a steady flight. Beneath them and through the mist could be seen, the horde of hundreds of wailers that would’ve surely exhausted the trio had they chose to stubbornly fight. While aware of the ability to fly, Masato was still impressed to see the young Tengu doing so, especially considering he himself couldn’t--much less while carrying the larger bodies of two adults. With the gradual acceleration of the groups flight, Masato contemplated holding his tail in the ground or recalling it. Begrudgingly he chose the latter, as he refused to compromise the team’s safety by leaving a cyan trail. Now unhinged, his tail recoiled with haste into the coat of its origin. Noticing just how little he could see in the mist that only seemed to thicken, Masato instantly grew doubtful of his decision. Thankfully an observation of Connor made by Tengu would provide his with hope. “Connor, your Reiatsu was able to clear a bit of the mist for a short while. I'm going to try it, you guys keep your eyes open for anything that can point us in the right direction." Noted Tengu as he suddenly flared his bright orange reiatsu, swiftly pushing the mist away and clearing the sky for them to see. Masato was now in a mist free bubble and able to observe the vast hills of gravestones, however sightseeing was cut short when a loud screeching cry forced his eyes shut as he winced. The sound had no discernible point of origin, but its intensity felt focused behind his head and permeated down his back. Even covering his ears with his free hand and Fullbring, the obnoxious wails of what sounded like a grieving women still gave Masato a sharp headache. The disembodied and echoing cries would eventually cease and so too did the pain it brought. No longer distracted by the torture, the Tengu-masked teen tried to break the silence. “Connor, Hizorashi-san, we just passed…” Masato listened with his eyes glued to the landmark Shrine, which gave him solace to have some idea of where they were but the sudden pause in the teen’s speech followed by a thud and falling grey stone reminded him of just how grim and hostile the environment they entered was. The random stone had plunged into the only one holding them in the sky, Tengu, and understandably, he descended on impact with the rest of his comrades. The process of falling the trio would separate once again. By creating an inflated hand beneath him, Masato softened his landing before pushing himself into a standing position. He naturally worried for his teammates, especially for Tengu who trusted him to keep watch while he focused on flying. In Masato’s defense, the only outstanding strengths of the wailers the group had encountered thus far were their persistence and speed. Never did he suspect that their rotting and frail bodies contained the strength to throw larges stones with the accuracy, height, and speed of which the teen was attacked. The threads that he kept connected to his allies had been loosened, possibly a result of the trios decent, and Masato would’ve followed their trace had he not been distracted by the hints of pink he saw in the distance. He chose to inspect the suspicious object and, within only a few steps, was met with a large pink rabbit doll. Its only facial features were two buttons for eyes, a black nose, and sewn in smile for a mouth, but it still possessed a threatening aura, especially for a pink enlarged child’s toy. The height of the toy, roughly seven feet, and its bright saturated color contrasted greatly with short the little girl, who Masato was late to notice standing just next to it. Her messy hair appeared to be black and stopped after her shoulders, which carried the two blue straps of denim jumpers she wore. On her left foot was a single shoe and on the right only a knee-high and striped sock to match the other. Both she and the rabbit appeared to have been through a scuffle, indicated by the mud and grass stains all over their bodies. The little girl’s presence in such a dangerous place was somehow more suspicious to Masato than the giant, moving toy rabbit. He took a few more steps closer and to his dismay, saw the smoky substance emitting from her mouth, as well as her lifeless grey eyes and pale skin. As a father, Masato couldn’t help but sympathize for the little girl who undoubtedly still possessed life. The depravity of possessing empty corpses, while evil in its own right, didn’t compare to the exploitation and weaponization of a child, in his opinion. He protested internally against harming the girl and as such, the goal and method of disposing of the previous wailers was no more. The goal to stop the mist until now hadn’t been personal, but as he was forced to fight, what he presumed to be, an innocent girl, he vowed to personally ensure that who or whatever was responsible for the mist, suffered greatly before their death. The rabbit, with its button eyes locked onto the disgruntled father, plucked a gravestone from the grass covered soil, and with the pointing command of the little girl, threw it at Masato with a speed far greater than what Masato could produce. Thankfully in his fit of rage, Masato’s focus was not loss and the telegraphed movements of the girl and rabbit combined gave him enough hints to predict the attack. It was now obvious the rabbit doll was responsible for the gravestone thrown at Tengu, and furthermore who controlled it. Following the use of bringer-light to his left to avoid the grave stone, Masato sprint to the blindside of the girl, behind the body of the rabbit before using bringer-light again to appear to the rabbits left side, mid-swing with both hands gripping tightly to his large purple sword. The attack was intended to cut the pink doll from its left waist through its right shoulder, clean in-half. Depending on the resistance he felt from its innards he would either let go of the sword and continue the motion of his swing, impaling his foe through its still attached torso before creating distance, or lighten the blade after it successfully cut through and with a twist of his hips, drive it through the head and upper torso and of the rabbit with a downward slash. ND: 6870-150= 6720 WC: 1100 BASE STATS: ACTIONS:
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    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 5] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 6,800 - 150 = 6,650] It was possible to count the moments since the trio had regrouped, barely enough time for any considerations to the question he had just asked, before the dreadful and seemingly endless sounds of the corpses carried faintly through the mist. Despite their quiet steps, when hundreds were grouped together and moving uniformly it resembled the sounds of an army marching in the distance. With taut nerves Connor observed the surroundings aware that there was soon to be more coming their way as he awaited any reply. It was only when a full encirclement of wailing corpses appeared that a reply came. “Time for a tactical retreat!” This came from his masked companion who had already started reaching for their arms by the time Connor turned his vision back. With the previous words Connor was believed that Tengu must have a plan, so he accepted the grab to his left arm. Connor made a point to quickly revert his spear back to a ring in order to prevent the weight from affecting their escape. “Don’t let go!” With the reminder he gripped his companions arm just as firmly as Tengu had his own. What followed was a unique experience as Tengu carried Masato and himself into the sky. What followed wasn’t the natural arc of descent, but a continued momentum through the misty sky. “Nice!” Connor couldn’t help but exclaim as he realized what was occurring. He had gotten used to being in the sky by now, and could essentially run through it on his own. If it was just that then he could even take the two along at a faster speed, but it wasn’t. Unlike what Connor knew, his masked companion was flying freely while carrying two people. It was something unique which earned his appreciation. They were moving rapidly, to the extent that Connor felt a strange feeling of being stuck due to remaining in the mist. Based on this speed, it should have been possible to leave a cemetery this size within several moments, and yet there wasn’t any noticeable sign of exiting. ‘I think I’m starting to hate mist.’ He could only consider this to be another unique aspect of the mist, manipulating us to prevent our exit. "Connor, your Reiatsu was able to clear a bit of the mist for a short while. I'm going to try it, you guys keep your eyes open for anything that can point us in the right direction." Tengu was the first to break the silence that came with their abrupt retreat. Almost immediately after came the rapid expansion of the mist into a bubble similar to the one that had been around him earlier. With the expansion Connor felt more comfortable as he could once more clearly see, and there clearly weren’t any reanimated corpses nearby allowing him to relax slightly. It was only slightly, yet it was in this moment of relaxation that a disturbing shriek sounded. Connor uncontrollably winced at the sound which was amplified in his ears, making it clear to him that it was from all directions. It was as if the mist itself had carried this sound to target them and their souls at this moment. The tone and pitch was reminiscent of a woman, but it was even more eerie and monstrous than that of the undead that he had seen before. For just a moment he felt an ache originating from what felt like his very bones and a painful tightness within his chest. His sense of hearing was still being assaulted by what seemed like vague echoes of the sound hidden within a distinct ringing. This continued for a moment even after it ended, along with a distinct pain behind his ears that felt as if something had drilled into that point. There was also an uncontrollable nausea and weakness that appeared in his body at some unknown time. It reminded Connor of the times he had been sick in the past, excluding the faint emptiness that he felt. “I have never wanted to hit a woman more…” Connor murmured to himself as he collected his thoughts and adjusted his body, at the same time going against the norm for his generation by assuming gender due to the faint distinctions which he had made previously. It was something done half jokingly in order to calm himself, and half truthfully because it was a unique kind of suffering. The first thing that he noticed after overcoming his disoriented state was that his fists were clenched the entire time letting him maintain the grip he previously had on Masato’s thread, and the second was the rapidly approaching ground in front of his face as he opened his eyes. Other than that, he noticed the distinct absence of the arm that had been holding him previously in the flight. ‘We were separated? ...Wait, no, I still have this.' Connor’s attention returned to the thread once more, hoping that his companions were still on the other side of it. It was by this point that he was slightly more than an arm’s length away from the ground. There wasn’t anymore time for consideration as he immediately extended his left hand to come into contact with the ground. As it did so Connor made use of a Bringer’s Light application to disperse the force of movement into the area, and it was only when his arm was half bent with his face only a few inches from the ground that the force was gently spread into his surroundings allowing him to lightly push off and flip forward to gently land. The only sign of the previous nosedive was the faint gust that spread out after his hand approached the ground. Where he found himself was a path made of smooth and uniform stone bricks with a stone construct standing a few feet tall at the side and a few more silhouettes in similar shapes hidden in the mist. It was apparent that it was a uniform feature for the path itself, yet it was all foreign and unknown to Connor. The thread held in his right hand was trailing off into the mist, yet he was unable to follow it at this moment. A policeman was standing in front of him roughly six feet away, silently gazing at him as if he had been waiting for this moment that they would meet. It was disturbing, but not more so than the uncharacteristic paleness and seemingly emotionless gaze from the man staring at him flipping a coin as mist steadily poured out of his mouth. Connor could feel something was off as he watched the rising and falling mist giving off faint vibrations of excessively powerful reiryoku from the policeman who Connor felt little power from. The demeanor was too calm and lacking tension for someone who had been dragged in moments earlier, yet there were still the apparent signs of life coming from the man that would insinuate that he had only entered recently. These factors were a testament to the strangeness, and also the first things that Connor noticed at a glance. Had it been anywhere else then he could have accepted such things calmly, but within this cemetery full of mist any sign of strangeness could also be considered a sign of danger. He was torn about whether to fight for a moment, but the energy bursts continued to rise and fall rhythmically with the flipping of the coin allowed Connor to resolve himself for combat calmly. “How about… I call heads?” Connor spoke at the next flip of the coin, instantly shooting forward as it left the hand of the man. He didn’t immediately summon his spear due subconsciously fearing the accidental and uncontrollable death of the man if he failed to exercise restraint. The only restriction on his combat strength was this, and that was based more on his aversion to killing than necessity. In his approach Connor made a point to avoid the areas that bursts of energy had previously appeared as golden arcs of electricity danced up and down his body once more. His speed and condition peaked at this moment, but that didn’t prevent him from gathering strength in each arm. The difference between the two was that his right was silent like the eye of a storm while his left displayed overbearing might as it glowed gold with a dragon coiling around the length of his forearm. It was slightly misleading, and Connor intentionally took advantage of that as he approached with his right hand up like the guard of a boxer but his left was held by his left side in a karate like manner. The stance positioning was overall a southpaw stance if you excluded the left arm positioning, so his approach was led by his slightly forward right side. The few feet between them were nothing for people such as Connor who moved at nearly transcendent speeds, so it was almost instantaneous that he could be seen shifting forward. He drew on his momentum that suddenly stopped to launch his right fist forward as an unparalleled jab at the policeman’s nose with all of his right arm’s strength focused within. [1] As his right drew back his left shot forward forming a fluid one-two commonly seen in boxing. The target of his left wasn’t the jaw, but the solar plexus at a somewhat tricky angle for the opponent as he stepped into it with his left foot slightly. The Dragon around his arm once more let friction create thunder to augment his strike with vibrations, but this time instead of completely dispelling it the dragon merged with his arm. The vibrations focused into his arm causing faint twitching, but he unleashed his strike at full power despite that. [2] He couldn’t be sure if they struck right away, but it didn’t slow him down as he willed his body forward even when it didn’t wish to move. An electric energy surged through his mind and body as it danced across his eyes giving him the chance to push his limits once more. He followed closely to his opponent in the sequence of movements, and as his left arm was pulled back to his left side more tightly his right elbow swung horizontally at his opponent’s jaw as a feint. He would avoid actual contact by the slightest margin while following all the way through on the elbow strike’s momentum to rotate his body tightly on his right foot to unleash a heel strike at his opponent with his left left into his opponent’s left hip. [3] After that, he could pursue no longer and quickly adjusted his stance while focusing on his opponent to see the result of his attacks or any incoming attacks at himself. -Abilities Used- -Actions- [All Abilities are detailed in the spoiler above] -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,790 Total Word Count: 5,021
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    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 4] [Base ND: 6,300 - 7,500] [Remaining ND: 6,950 - 150 = 6,800] Connor was vaguely able to hear the sounds of combat coming from the area just beyond the five remaining wailing corpses, but hadn’t focused his attention enough to make out what was being said. All he could understand was that they were in combat similar to himself and assisting each other. A few moments ago he had managed to witness the ten or so which had been focused on the thread connecting himself to Masato be finished with relative ease. The signs of combat let him know that his companions were still safe, so Connor relaxed the slightest bit as a result. He was prepared to charge forward and finish what seemed to be the last of the corpses in his area in order to provide whatever support he could when he felt the thread wrapped around his right hand tighten towards Masato’s direction. That also happened to be directly on the other side of the corpses standing in his way. Connor had the strength to resist, but already had the intention to charge forward so he simply relied on that pulling force to rush at his opponents. His following actions were predetermined, so Connor had already prepared by loosening the grip of his left hand that had become the only one holding allowing his left hand near the end to slide forward. For a moment it seemed as if the spear remained still as his body jerked forward, but only until his left hand had reached roughly the middle of the nine feet and nine inch long spear. At that moment his hand became an iron clamp which held it firmly from that middle position with the tip pointed downward while his arm caused it to trail somewhat behind him at a backwards angle. It went unnoticed to Connor due to his strength, but the spearhead dug into the ground as he moved forward. As he moved forward an arc of electricity rose off of his left arm from around the bend of his elbow and rapidly coiled around the length of his forearm only a few inches. It shifted forms from an arc of electricity to a solid gold spring, and then once more to take on the shape of a Dragon similar to the one which coiled around his spear. His arm itself was clearly glowing gold as the dragon shaped coil formed. This action was merely a prelude for the move that would soon follow. His strength rapidly built in preparation to unleash a devastating attack at his opponent. His left hand was clenched tightly around his spear as arcs of electricity appears on the length of it as well. Connor adjusted his posture just as he was in front of the group that was also moving towards him, and strongly used his right leading foot to stop himself. His left arm was already raised to his side by this point, his hand positioned so that the spear seemed to be stabbing forward initially. It was only once it moved forward in front of his body that the rotation made it apparent that this wasn’t a spear strike, but one made with his fist. It made no difference to the corpses without intelligence, all five lunged at him side by side without a care for his actions. Connor’s target was the middle one of the five bodies. Each was so disfigured that gender and identity were a mystery, only their varying heights gave some insight as to which belonged to what gender based on the average heights. In the heat of the moment, his focus was on unleashing his attack and not observing their appearance. Most of the way through the swing Connor dispelled the coil which was focused on heating and displacing the air. This caused the cool air to rapidly crash against his energy clad arm in the next moment, and that energy full of vibrations was then drawn back in and channeled into his fist. Just as his clenched fist made contact, the vibrating force was focused to the maximum and unleashed into the chest of the middle rotten body. The spear shaft on either side of him smashed into two wailers with similar force. Vibrations were carried through the metal of the spear causing all five to shake disgustingly, nearly to the point of rupturing all five bodies instantly. [6] Cracking sounds came like firecrackers due to this attack, but the wailing still hadn’t ceased. By not following all the way through, Connor had prevented the bodies from launching away from him. Each seemed ready to collapse, but they persisted in reaching for him. He instinctively followed up his attack by lowering his body and making use of the depressions in the five bodies from the strike to push up and lift all five slightly off their feet and bring them off balance. Quickly taking a half step forward, Connor followed pushing his fist forward causing them to completely start to fall backwards. Finally, his fist and spear followed them and released all of the pent up vibrating energy through the five bodies and into the ground of the cemetery causing the ground to shake under his immense strength and the vibrations hidden within the strike. [7] After Connor removed himself and his spear from the gory scene, he realized the brutal scenery surrounding him with several ruined bodies in his surroundings. As his attention was finally able to roam, it was impossible to prevent his natural bodily reaction from acting up as he took several steps away and vomited his earlier meal completely. It was only when the pulling of the thread continued that Connor stopped and looked in that direction somewhat embarrassed. Both were similar in age to himself, so he had to wonder how they would react to this situation. Either way, he used his strength to force the thread to pull him at a walking pace at first. As it steadily drew him forward, the strength weakened as Connor noticed the sight of his two companions in relatively good shape. He could only assume that he had also been seen causing the force on the thread to relax. “It’s good to see you both okay, but what do we do now?” Connor asked this question because he was somewhat stumped. He would be able to move alone, but he didn’t know what awaited him if he were to do so. In the end, without any particular plan in mind, he chose to ask the opinions of others in hopes that they had something in mind. Otherwise, he suspected that there would be several more corpses in the near future. Wave Info: Attacks Used: 7 | Attacks Remaining: 1 -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 1,111 Total Word Count: 3,231 OOC: I don't know what implications it may have, but Connor did strike the ground with his full force alongside a technique which channels vibrations due to thunder. I mentioned the ground shaking, but not to what extent. I'm hoping that it can be addressed in the next post what the result of that would be.
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    "Spike the hand again, I've got you covered on this end!" was the command Masato heard from his left, as Tengu emerged from the mist with a speed surpassing even the wailers that now had them both surrounded. Masato hadn’t the time nor incline to question the Teen, so with a slight nod he pulled the short spikes inward, and in a split second spiked them again. The cyan spikes were much taller than before, but being that his ability to sense his Fullbring the larger it was, Masato couldn’t tell if he hit anything. He noticed the second bat Tengu conjured from his orange reiatsu, and the sheets of fire engulfing it—and the metal bat he had seen previously. “Are sure you don’t need my help?” Masato thought to ask, but the rapid vibration that shuddered from his spiked hand and across his back pulled all his attention. In the direction the teen came, a large orange flare was observed and, after a quick delay, an audible whooshing sound accompanying it. By all the signs, Masato knew that quite the impactful explosion, concocted by Tengu, had just occurred. The fact that is was heard, seen, and felt in the mist that dulled his every sense spoke to its potency. But this wouldn’t be the last flashy display Masato would witness from the Tengu-masked teen. With the downward swing of his flame engulfed bats, followed by a second upward swing, every wailer they were amidst burst into flames. The wavering orange that consumed the eight zombies added a vibration to their howling cries as their bodies, one after another, dissipated to ashes. “Nice job,” Masato noted with a casual thumbs up to Tengu, while behind him the detonated hand returned into his fullbring coat. Masato would notice the char marks but elected to ignore them and put his focus on reconnecting with Connor, being that only his presence wasn’t accounted for. He pulled the thread from his right with haste, deciding to stop only if he heard a loud protest from the foreigner. The thread’s return was smooth up until a brief moment went it jerked his shoulder forward [5/8]. Masato stopped its pull and listened for Connor’s voice, but all that could be heard was the wailing mist. “Must’ve been a gravestone,” he thought to himself before resuming. ND: 7020-150= 6870 WC: 390
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    Masato never completely dropped his guard, even as he panted to catch his breath, following the attack of five wailers. The unbearable stench of the rotten corpses was less damaging as, like the nauseating cries of the mist, he became used to it. He wasn’t sure of the best course of action given the ordeal he just went through. Had either of his allies needed his help, though he doubted so, who was he to assist first. With Connor as his benchmark, Masato knew his sensory capabilities were in desperate need of an upgrade, especially for his Fullbring. The threads he shared with Tengu and Connor were stretched afar from when he first gifted them, and given their relatively small size, he couldn’t sense any activity from them. He knew he wanted to close the distance between them but was unsure how. Should he shorten his Fullbring and pull his allies closer without their consent, stopping when the thread was short enough to leave the ground, or should he draw himself closer to either ally, decreasing the length of his Fullbring the more sure he was it wouldn’t inconvenience them. Paralyzed by indecision, Masato chose to compromise on the only two choices he thought he had-- by gradually recalling the threads, enough for his allies to notice, while walking towards Tengu, who was presumably on his right. The threads recalled into the coat of its origin as Masato paced slowly on the path they led him. The ghastly mist had kept a steady volume since the second deaths of five of its kindling by Masato’s hands. But as the Fullbringer cautiously explored for Tengu, the wailing mist would exact its revenge, this time with numbers greater than a measly five. Masato’s movements and the considerably shorter length caused the fabrics he shared with Tengu to raise from the ground much sooner than the ones on Connors side. He wanted to rejoice at the soon to be reunion, but a sudden toggle on his thread left only time for more caution. He crouched slightly with peered eyes at the thread as it seemingly disappeared after his six feet range of view; his steps somehow managing to grow slower than before. It wasn’t long until a second but less dramatic toggle was felt from his Fullbring. The familiar sound of wailers accompanied by more rapid activity from his thread were the last and only hits he needed to ascertain that more undead were amidst; this time taking a keen interest in the only links keeping the trio connected. Masato doubted they were capable of breaking the threads he reinforced earlier, but couldn’t be certain. He decided to swiftly take care of the distracted wailers, but not long after he created a large hand from his left waist side, the two wailers closest to him let go of the fabrics and leapt towards him. Their speed matched that of their fallen brethren, but with ample time to prepare, Masato intercepted their attacks with ease, in the process netting them in his palm. With the pushing force of his Fullbring, the wailers remained in place as one by one, another eight undead would be caught in his palm. With his full strength, he whipped the cyan arm up and down once to create a wave. It traveled down to the hand causing it to rise off the ground briefly before slamming his palm in the ground, damaging the wailers within it [1/8]. The experience of fighting the wailers gave the Fullbringer a rough idea of what it took to kill them a second time and he opted to create spikes all around his cyan hand [2/8]. Masato was aware that he could’ve hit Tengu if the cone like protrusions from his hand were too long, so he limited their lengths to two feet. The voices of the wailers in his cyan palm couldn’t be heard but this was to be expected given their distance apart. Out of worry that they could’ve survived despite his attempts, he chose to keep his hand in place until he could ascertain that their cries had ended. Although Masato intended to proceed to Tengu as initially planned, the sudden but familiar toggling of the thread to his right was a more pressing matter, in his opinion. The thread hadn’t raised from the ground yet so the fact that their toggles could be felt meant that they were closer to him than they were Connor. The fragile nuisances that were the wailers began to bore the human as their threat became less and less with every encounter. With an almost dismissive fling of his right hand, a cyan tentacle emerged from his sleeve and slithered its way through the bodies of the wailers along the threads path [3/8]. As the tentacle pierced through the tenth and last zombie, its end morphed into an axe and retracted to the coat of its origin, cutting all the wailers in two [4/8]. Again the distance of their surely fallen bodies left room for doubt in Masato’s mind, but as they hand no legs to stand on he trusted the teen and foreigner were safe from them. Masato cringed at the black smudge the tentacle left on his sleeve when it returned, and attempted to fling it off. The childish distraction was just what the wailers needed to catch him off guard. Though their cries would still alert him, Masato hadn’t the time to raise a large enough defense to stave off the eight wailers that prepared to pounce onto him. He thought of using the hand that held the ten wailers from before, but the loud command of a certain Tengu-masked teen would caution him against that. WC: 950 ND: 7170-150=7020 BASE STATS: ACTIONS:
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    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 3] [Remaining ND: 7,100 - 150 = 6,950] What Connor was greeted with upon turning wasn’t the sight of his companions, but of the thread that rose from the ground in a gentle incline towards the direction they had been. The rest of it closest to Connor loosely laid on the ground due to extending so far while he had returned to roughly the same starter position. ‘What a nice jacket.’ His mind wandered at this moment as he peered as far as he could into the mist. He struggled to see anything at all, but at most there seemed to be an extremely vague silhouette who Connor could barely trace the thread back to. ‘Ah, it’s Masato.’ The realization let Connor somewhat shake off the downcast feeling he had. It also allowed him to recall the strange voice he had heard. ‘Was it announcing...Baseball?’ It was a bit unbelievable to imagine something like that here, but he had clearly caught bits and pieces of what was said to know that it had been the case just a moment before. “Are you guys okay?” It was Masato’s voice that came at this time, expressing that he had handled whatever he faced well enough to be concerned about others. Connor was in the process of opening his mouth to reply when his words caught in the back of his throat. What suppressed those words was the faint sound of creaking from above. He recognized it was the noise produced when a tree limb held weight, and immediately looked up. What appeared was more undead abominations leaping at him from above, and from all sides more than ten charged out from the mist just beyond the distance he could sense. Understanding dawned on almost immediately when he saw this. These several had moved into the trees while his attention was drawn elsewhere by the other group, and due to their lightweight frames they had been able to climb and stand in the trees almost unnoticed. The others took advantage of their companions sneak attack to charge at him. The biggest difference compared to the previous time was that Connor being mentally prepared for what he had to do and was able to instantly suppress his hesitation. Immediately the ring on his left hand released a faint glow as it became a nine feet and nine inch long in his left hand. He held it roughly two feet from the end completely vertical with his arm slightly raised above his shoulder. The result of this action was that two of the undead descending towards him impaled themselves on his spear. A slight turn of the wrist allowed a third to land on it as well. There was no effort required on his part, and he simply had to hold it steady has one zombie was pierced through the chest, the second through the eye socket, and the last through the throat turning their force against them. The weight and momentum of their bodies caused them to slide down slightly less than halfway down the shaft while the others continued their descent. The two had been the only ones directly above him, so with their descent halted he now had the ability to avoid the onslaught of the others. He stepped on the ground relying on his excessive physical strength to propel him, his spear, and the three bodies upward in a seemingly lightweight manner. The momentum caused the bodies to slide further down the spear until the chest of the first one reached his hand. This gave the closest one the chance to claw at him as it wailed furiously at him. Around the time it came close enough, Connor had extended his hand fully upward and stepped on the back of the head of a separate zombie causing it’s orientation to be ruined. As his foothold performed a head first dive into the ground, the one that could reach Connor while impaled was just inches from reaching his face with its attack. As for the other two, it was all they could do to flail around the ones in front to no avail. The longer Connor looked at it from this distance, the more he felt that what he face lacked any and all similarity to humans. The pressure he felt was lessening as his calm returned to him in this moment. While calm it was easy for Connor to rely on the experience that his teacher beat into him to strike efficiently and skillfully against most opponents. The tip of a finger reached Connor’s forehead just as his momentum ran out around twelve feet in the air, but before any damage could be done his arm swung downward. The three bodies could only shriek as the helplessly reached towards him, but that didn’t stop them from sliding towards the spearhead in a similar way to how the ended up so close to him. This swing used the flat of the spearhead to catch a fourth body as the swing followed through in an arc until it reached just a few feet above the zombie that he forced into the ground head first. The three initially impaled came down at an extreme speed smashing into the fourth at the tip and onto the still grounded zombie. The result was the rotten corpses turning into something that could be likened to mush with even Connor unable to tell what rotten flesh and body parts belonged to which one. [1] “That’s five down…” In an attempt to push himself into a trance for combat, Connor focused not on the gore but the tally of defeated. He spoke quietly to reinforce that while he landed on the head of the only zombie remaining of those who had come from above. The force of his landing slammed its forehead into the ground, and was immediately followed by a greater force of a stomp by Connor bursting its head underfoot. [2] “..and that’s six.” His spear had been stabbed into the ground slightly less than an arm’s length away from where he landed during his descent. A moment ago, his action of jumping brought the ones on the ground to a pause. He glanced around, turning his upper body slightly to see what was present over his shoulder. ‘Still manageable.’ He had quickly assessed the situation and could confidently say that thirteen was well within his limits considering the length of his weapon. The group seemed to have a unified mentality as they seemed to want to simultaneously assault him rather than give him the chance to take them on one by one. It felt like several moments passed, but to Connor it was only fractions of seconds. Almost immediately after he landed they proceeded to charge, and it was then that Connor moved rapidly to take hold of his spear at roughly the midway point with his left. In one smooth motion Connor extended his left hand across his chest with the spear just below shoulder height, and then swung his left arm towards his left side at a slightly downward angle. His grip loosened momentarily as the shaft smoothly slid in his grip placing his hand at the end end it tightened once more. The swing wasn’t a heavy one, but it swept through the legs of slightly less than half the group and the majority of the left side, causing six to have their legs swept. His action caused the seven still standing to immediately hasten their from around his right side. Rather than panic, Connor simply turned his body to the left as they rushed. His next action was to rapidly raise and place the end of his spear directly in front of the wide open mouth of the foremost one. The tip of the spear was raised from the ground and could be seen placed just inches from the head of one of the six grounded ones, and it was in that split second before the charging one made contact that Connor completely released his grip allowing the force of the one rushing at him to impale the grounded one and smashed through the back of its throat. Connor quickly sidestepped to his right as he released his grip placing him at roughly the center of his spear once more. He had manipulated one zombie into harming itself and another of its kind with his actions, but he didn’t pause as he grabbed it with an underhanded grip with his left hand and move his arm roughly ten inches towards his left. Next, he abruptly turned his hand over causing the one still pushing forward on his spear to be lifted upward at an arc that would bring it around to land on the one that Connor’s spearhead had just left causing both to cease all movement. [3] “Eight down..” With a rapid change of hands after the direction flipped, Connor was now holding the spear with his right hand roughly three feet from the end. He swept his spear out again, only this time to his right. His target was the downed five to ensure they remained on the ground and he knocked on their weight bearing limbs once again. Had they been a living people, they would have been able to recover much easier. Unfortunately, Connor didn’t give them the chance to make up for their poor dexterity as he hopped over the downed few to his right just as the remaining six were upon him. He rotated his body as he seemed to glide through the air from the force produced by his left foot. The new position allowed him to take note of the thread around his right hand that kept jerking and shaking as it passed through the horde and into the mist behind them. From his current position several feet from his original, Connor could only vaguely make out shadows on the mist near the thread. In front of him were six zombies pushing down their five downed members in an effort to rush at Connor faster. Whatever semblance of unity they had previously was collapsing in the face of their overwhelming instinct to target him. He tuned out the unsettling sounds that were constantly being produced and raised his focus as high as possible at the sight. After lowering their numbers and disrupting their formation he was able to reach the turning point for the battle. Connor wasn’t aware of the strength of his companions, so there was a growing sense of urgency to go assist them if possible. At his fastest speed Connor shot forward diagonally to the left. As he approached his target location Connor changed his grip causing the spear to be held roughly in the middle with his right hand from below, and his left extended to the side until it reached the end to hold it from above. The zombie was turning towards him as he planted his left foot and used his left hand to push his spear forward. It slid through his relatively loose right hand as it almost instantly reached the throat interrupting the wails of one undead. Rather than stop after the successful strike, Connor used skillful wrist and hand movements to bring the attack to life as it went on to accurately stab through two more throats behind the first. [4] With his right foot holding his weight, Connor brought his left foot forward forward and almost instantly reversed his grips to place his left and right where the other had been previously. With his left hand serving as a pivot, Connor pushed his right forward at a downward diagonal angle causing the three bodies to lift off the ground and swing to his left on the spear like a pendulum. With those three suddenly removed from the space, the furthest away three among the six rushed into the space without any consideration for their safety just as Connor had expected. At that moment the three bodies pierced on his spear were horizontal as these three came into range of his spear for a smashing attack. At that moment, his hands jerked his spear and and launched a diagonal smashing attack with the shaft of the spear. The sudden force ripped the heads from the three previously pierced by his spear off as a consequence of the action, while the spear shaft smashed into the right shoulder area of the three new ones instantly causing damage. Following all the way through with the swing, Connor smashed the three undead into the ground as entirely bursting through their bodies and breaking the ground underneath. [5] “Five more to go…” Turning his attention back to the five remaining, Connor retreated back as they were finally allowed onto their feet to target him. _______________________________________________________________________ Wave Info: Attacks Used: 5 | Attacks Remaining: 3 -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 2,120
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    it’s beautiful, and you are my hero.
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    "What about the hollow Sicarius? He had great potential." "Great potential yes, but it was wasted. The power of the Hollows of Old did nothing." "Then what of the Hollow Kazuma Kuwabara as he was the first of their line? Or the vampire Angelus?" "Too proud and too ignorant to carry out our grand plans. We need someone ruthless to carry out the Great Campaign." "...then it has to be him. Any of the shinigami progeny would likely be swayed to the side of good. It has to be the one true demon of the entire line." "His form is outdated. If he is sent out as he was, he won't do much against the new breed. We'd be back to square one." "Then this time, we give him more. Give him all that we can and give it room to grow. When he comes into his power, it will be greater than anything this dimension has ever seen." "This will send us into dormancy for some time. You are aware of this?" "A necessary sacrifice. The Great Campaign must be seen to fruition." "Then it is agreed. It is time to revive the one true Lord of Hueco Mundo." "May whatever God they pray to have mercy on their souls." A skeletal body draped in pitch-black robes with violet and golden accents sat atop a large throne made of marble in the very bowels of Las Noches, unknown to those who walked the upper halls. It had remained, undisturbed, in the same place for the last millennia. An army of hollows lined the room, heads bowed. A lone Arrancar walked down the aisle and placed a golden staff at the side of the skeletal body. Drawing a sword from its side, it quickly slashes at its hand and lets the blood drip from the top on the top of the staff. Today would be the day that would forever change the future of Hueco Mundo; today was the promised day. The beginning of the end. Black energy began to swirl around the skeletal corpse as the hollowed army howls. The very core of Las Noches shook at the immense amount of energy. Suddenly, the shaking stopped and all grew still. A piercing red light began to emanate from the empty eye sockets as a dark red orb emerged from underneath the ribcage. The ritual was complete. The one true Lord of Hueco Mundo, Tsukishima Higurashi, has awoken once more. Clutching the staff that sat at his side, Tsukishima stood from his throne and walked down the aisle. He gazed around at the creatures that sat around him and continued his walk forward. He comes to an opening and stares out at the vast sands of Hueco Mundo. The serene scene that only a hollow could love. A dimension set for him to conquer once more. Lifting up his left hand, he lets crimson energy charge before firing off a powerful cero. The beam of energy streaks through the sky before harmlessly dissipating. The hollows roared in approval. Their Lord was back. At long last, he would lead them once more. Lead them against those that set out against them, those that betrayed their Lord so long ago. He would lead them to reclaim Hueco Mundo and beyond. After staring at the Hueco Mundo sands, the skeletal hollow makes his way back to the throne. He sits down and stabs his staff into the ground beside him. The lone Arrancaar from before quickly moves in front of the throne and bows towards the hollow. "Tesla..." The hollow's voice echoes throughout the room. "It seems that I have been reborn once more. Their machinations I take it. What is the state of the world?" "My Lord, I congratulate you on your rebirth. We have been preparing for this moment as instructed." A low guttural growl escapes from the skeletal hollow, shocking the loyal Arrancar into silence. Though fearful, the Arrancar could not help but beam with pride. His master had returned. "I've no time for pleasantries. My patience wears thin. Give me the information I require. I will not ask a second time." "As you command, My Lord. My sincerest apologies. It has been a few millennia since you last roamed among us. The World of the Shinigami is still the same. New Captains but same old same old. They still defy us at every opportunity. There are talks of multiple groups of spiritually powered humans in the World of the Living banding together. Their motive is unclear but we've kept a watchful eye on them. There are rumors of your old partner reviving the Quincy Order. If it is him, how he has managed to extend his life for so long is unknown. However, as you know, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise. Those are, as I mentioned, just rumors. All of the Espada during your old reign have passed on. There is a new regime spearheaded by one named Yamashiro Gazami as the Cero. The Reaper is still around and has taken over as the Lord of Hueco Mundo in your absence. As with before, he is rarely seen but his presence is felt. Their power, however, is not absolute as there are different factions in Hueco Mundo vying for control. Some of these factions have those abominations, the Fullbringers, within them. Disgusting." "I'm not surprised that the Reaper is still around. That bastard is a tough one to get rid of. In due time, we'll have words. The hollows need a leader. A true leader. One to spread the fear once more. Despite appearances, I've been brought back as an Adjuchas so I need to regain my lost power and learn the new abilities this body can perform. In the meantime, we will rebuild my army. That false Espada will either fall in line or be dealt with as well. Hollows! It is time to raise some hell. Gather our forces, inform all that the true Lord of Hueco Mundo has returned. With me, Tesla. Let's pay a visit to one of these factions you speak of. It's time to see what Hueco Mundo has become in my absence." "By your command." the Arrancar nods. Gripping his staff, the skeletal Lord moved from his seat and began to lurch forward. His Arrancar minion matching his stride with pride. The future of this dimension had been decided. It was time to teach them all the painful truth. It would be something that every Shinigami, Quincy, Fullbringer, Hollow, and even the Reaper himself would come to know. Their arms are too short with box with God. WC: 1,117 Learned: Cero OOC: The villain you need has returned.
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    With the defeat of the second wave the strongest of the wanderers all made their fleeting escapes from the droves of hundreds upon hundreds of Rotted Wailers that would have continued to attack them; endless horde after endless horde. Although they had made some progress, the reality was that neither of the groups were any closer to finding or stopping the mistress of the Baleful Mist. There was no rush however, as by sunrise they would all become one in the Baleful Mist. That was the fate that awaited them all. Still, oh how Egriffiend hated to see them suffer. If only they understood the pointlessness of their struggle. For their sake, Egriffiend would show them the futility of their fighting, and the inevitability of their shared fate. End of Act One ------ ACT TWO Egriffiend's shrieking howl of terror was heard throughout the entire cemetery and in every crevasse touched by the Baleful Mist. The horrible and ominous cry was unlike anything any of the beings stranded within the Baleful Mist had heard before. It shook bones and strangled hearts. It weighed down on them like icy talons of terror piercing their shoulders as it pressed down on them from above; they might have even felt the shakiness in their knees. There were intense unexplainable stings of pain behind their ears that lasted for minutes following Egriffiend's cry. There was no way to pinpoint the origin of Egriffiend's voice, just alike the mist, it seemed to come from everywhere at once, even from below. ------ Chance of Encounter: 75% (Frenzied Wailers Incoming) [Oriru - Hitsuyona] At the sound of Egriffiend's cry the vortex of Baleful Mist, bearing the spirit of Ginger Genshi and many other trapped souls, unraveled from its swirling form and into a single wailing cloud of mist that rapidly swept over the heads of Captain Oriru Kusho and former Stealth Force commander Hitsuyona Shizukesa from behind. As the cloud joined the mist in front of the two Shinigami it seemed that they were alone and free to roam the cemetery in search of answers and revenge. The path walked by Oriru and Hitsuyona would eventually bring them to the entrance of a Sakura garden. They could hear the ominous rustling of the tree branches as the Baleful Mist wafted between the trees and over the grass. Before either of the Shinigami could decide whether or not to enter the Sakura garden, two figures emerged from behind the trees and into the moonlight. They were Wailers, but something was distinctly different about them. For one, they possessed distinct Reiatsu signatures that seemed to dangle freely from the collective of the mist as a single strand that tethered the figures to the Baleful Mist. As if they were fruits connected to a single branch. Secondly, unlike the bodies of the Rotted Wailers, these bodies were impossible to mistake for the long-since departed. These bodies, although bruised up in places, did not appear to have been buried at any point. Their skin tones were markedly pale, and their eyes were grey as the mist that poured from their mouths and steamed from their forms. Without warning the two Frenzied Wailers attacked the Shinigami, they grunted out howls and shrieked as they attacked. The Frenzied Wailer that attacked Oriru had the body of a young female with short blonde hair. She was topless with the tattered remains of a white ballgown covering her from the hips down. There was a fake stab wound drawn in the center of her bust with red body-paint and black makeup smeared under her eyes. The Frenzied Wailer that charged Hitsuyona was bare from the waist down but sharply dressed in a black suit jacket with a white dress shirt complete with a black bow tie. Besides the bow tie, there was one other thing around the man's neck: a cable wire formed a noose by which the man had fictitiously hanged himself. The Frenzied Wailers attacked hard and fast and they were not the only worry for the two Shinigami. It would not be long before the swarms of Rotten Wailers closed in once again. ------ [Connor - Masato - Ryūnosuke] The immense release of Reiatsu outputted by the young Tengu-masked Fullbringer had indeed served its purpose by temporarily clearing the mist for the three humans and expanded their field of vision as intended. As the three flew through the air Egriffiend's cry sounded within the mist and each of the humans would suddenly feel "lighter" both in body and spirit, as if a great part of them had been lost to the mist. The Tengu-masked teen would feel it the hardest; an unknown consequence of having released so much Spiritual Pressure at that moment. The field of view for the three humans would rapidly behind to close, but not before they were all able to make out a marble road decorated with stone lanterns on either side. The Tengu and Hizorashi might have recognized it as a sandō, the pathway leading directly to the shrine. They had blurred over pathway from the side, which placed the shrine behind them to either their right or left. Sadly, none of the three humans would have the time to fully think out their next course of action. The gravestone that emerged from the mist below was not seen by any of them. In fact, even as it struck the Tengu-masked teen in the left side of his head, his two companions would not be aware of the attack until they found themselves rapidly approaching the ground as their flying comrade dropped out of the sky to their side and disappeared into the mist. It was yet to be seen if Connor and Hizorashi were also separated, but it mattered not to the three Frenzied Wailers that attacked them. When Connor landed the Frenzied Wailer waiting for him had the appearance of the average police officer, except for the fact that he very clearly possessed a Fullbring. A gold coin that he flipped in his left palm over and over. With even the narrowest of focus given to the officer, Connor would realize that every time the officer caught the coin in his palm an invisible wave of pressure would either strike downwards from above or shoot upwards from below, these forces could be distinguished in the movement of the mist. Masato was confronted by a child who appeared to be no older than twelve years old. At the child's side was a giant stuffed toy rabbit with pink fur and two button eyes. The rabbit was in the process of casually plucking a gravestone out of the ground as if it were a small pebble. Then, as the child pointed her finger directly at Masato, the stuffed rabbit catapulted the gravestone at Hizorashi with blistering speed. Possibly informing him of how Tengu had been attacked just moments ago. Lastly, the youngest of the three Fullbringers landed in a meadow facing a sakura garden. When he finally regained his balance, he too was met by a Frenzied Wailer. However, unlike his two comrades, the Frenzied Wailer that confronted him had the body of someone whom the teenager was very familiar with and shared a deep bond. Certainly, though their face was also hidden behind a mask --the mask of the White Tiger, Byakko-- there was no mistaking it in Tengu's eyes. The person charging towards him with their first drawn back and prepared to strike him down was Chizuru. [Instructions: Defeat the Frenzied Wailers. Frenzied Wailers are NOT deceased. It may be possible to save them later... but at what risk?] ------------------------ -----
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    ENW 07: Tactical Retreat ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 4] [REMAINING ND| 6,950 - 150 = 6,800] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE remained alert and on edge even as Connor finished off the last of the second wave. The orange energy bat held in his left hand gradually broke down into particles that faded into the mist. As he stood beside his two comrades, surrounded by reeking and decayed carnage, the teenager covered the mouth and nose of his mask with the inside of his left elbow to block out the terrible foul stench of death. Connor posed a very important question, but as the trio would heard the coming of a much larger third wave, as hundreds upon hundreds of wailers could be heard closing in on them from all around. Sure enough, undead corpses began to enter their collective fields of vision within the mist. "Time for a tactical retreat!" Ryūnosuke announced as sheathed she bat into the side pouch of his backpack and grabbed the arms his two allies. "Don't let go!", with that final instruction, the Tengu-masked teenager leaped ten feet into the air. However, at the peak of the his jump the trio would not begin a natural descent; instead they continued to soar through the air in a controlled and rapid flight, made possible by Ryūnosuke's Aspect of the Tengu. They blistered through the mist and far beyond the massive horde of hundreds of Rotted Wailers. Once they made enough distance, Ryūnosuke spoke to his comrades. "Connor, your Reiatsu was able to clear a bit of the mist for a short while. I'm going to try it, you guys keep your eyes open for anything that can point us in the right direction." As Ryūnosuke suddenly flared his Reiatsu, signified by a bright orange glow in his eyes and hopefully a temporary clearing of the mist... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] ______________________________ WC|290 -----
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    ENW 06: The Second Wave ----- [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [REMAINING ND| 7,100 - 150 = 6,950] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE brought his run to a skidding halt as his eyes made out the group of undead bodies latched onto Hizorashi's thread, blocking his path. Three of the walking dead stopped thrashing and gnawing the thread as they noticed the teenager and immediately charged for him. Ryūnosuke sucked through his teeth and without hesitation conjured a fiery orange sphere of Reiryoku in his left palm. "We've got more zombies on the threads! I'm headed your way!" He shouted out to Hizorashi in response to the cyan coat-armed Fullbringer's earlier question. At the same moment, Ryūnosuke noticed the horde of undead circling him just at the edges of his limited range of vision. A very familiar and sentient blob of Reiryoku popped back into existence out of thin air and hovered over Ryūnosuke's left ear. "What's the play, Ace?" Ryūnosuke kicked off into a full sprint towards the three corpses in front of him, his intention was to take out all of the thirteen zombies in front of him and deal with the other ten or so surrounding him afterward. However, as Hizorashi's massive and spiked cyan hand made quick work of the ten undead that were on the thread, Ryūnosuke saw an opportunity to improvise and took advantage of the situation. The Tengu-masked Fullbringer pulled his ball hand back as he stepped forwards. "Here, catch!", the teenager remarked jokingly to the first of the three Rotted Wailers as he swept his left arm forwards and launched the fiery ball in an underhand pitch. The ball of orange flame rotated through the air and hovered inches in front of the head of the first zombie right as Ryūnosuke, having instantly initiated a Bringer Light, appeared off to the left of the creature with his bat already mid-swing, carried by the great brunt of the teenager's supernatural physical strength. "Batter Up!" Lumpu chimed in as the fiery orange ball made contact with the metal barrel of Kakushin. The ball instantaneously exploded into a bright wave of flames that set the upper halves of the three bodies on fire. Then, it was the teenager's follow through with his swing that crumbled the three Wailers to ash from the torso up. Ryūnosuke dipped and weaved, narrowly yet precisely dodging the pouncing undead as he continued to run towards Hizorashi's giant cyan hand. As the teenager took his first step on the hand he marked it with First Base, a square panel of Reiryoku that appeared atop the face of the cyan hand. The teenager's jumpy and unrelenting pursuers continued to pounce at him and, by their own extreme oversight, onto the spikes of Hizorashi's giant hand. It wasn't enough to completely destroy them, but they were temporarily immobilized; caught on the spikes, stumbling and piling upon one another. Looking ahead as he ran down the cyan arm of Hizorashi's Fullbring, Ryūnosuke could faintly make out Hizorashi's silhouette in the mist, he could also see the eight wailing enemies rushing his comrade, four at both his right and left sides. "Spike the hand again, I've got you covered on this end!", Ryūnosuke shouted as a rod of orange Reiryoku formed in his left hand and took the form of a second bat. The First Base placed on the hand would detonate a fiery explosion to finish off the ten wailers caught on the spikes. The Tengu-masked teen leaped down from the arm, just five feet in front of Masato, and swung both his bats downwards just as they were both covered in a dense blanket of orange flames. The flames shot forwards in two lines, and formed a wall that engulfed the the zombies approaching Masato as they mindlessly charged into them. With a second, skywards, swing of both bats the walls of flame grew even more intense as they were reignited. Masato might have felt the heat of both fire waves but only for the brief seconds it took for the flames to dissipate after burning the eight Rotted Wailers to ash. Standing ready, Ryūnosuke would continue to defend Hizorashi from the remaining pouncing zombies, if there were any, allowing Hizorashi to focus his Fullbring appendages on supporting Connor... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] ______________________________ WC|700 -----
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    One hour had passed and Takeru's car was finally arriving at the showing. News vans lined the streets. Swarms of reporters, paparazzi, and citizens stood gathered at the base of the podium. "There is more of these cretins than I originally thought," Takeru muttered to himself. He was under the impression that there would only be a few people for this event. Mostly city officials and the likes. Mind you, a few reporters for the PR side of things were expected, but this was something else entirely. It was as if most of the damned city had gathered like it was a parade. "My apologies. We'll be back to pick you up as soon as it is done. Hopefully, it goes by quickly." "I highly doubt that.." Takeru shot back as he moved to exit the car. A hand met him as soon as the door swung up, firmly grasping his with uproarious laughter. "Mr. Kuna! Glad to see you make it. I trust you are doing well today?" Instantly, Takeru's facade activated. The cold, uncaring demeanor was replaced by one of joy and compassion. Gone was the man who cared very little. In his place, came a man of the people. "I'm well Mr. Hojo. Thank you for asking. I had a bit of a late-night coming up with new ideas for H.I.'s future projects but still doing fine. It's like they always say; No rest for the weary." He said with a fake chuckle. The man laughed as he patted Takeru on the back; a wide toothy grin spread across his face. "That's why we love you. Hard at work and dedicated to the safety and protection of all of Karakura Town's citizens and beyond." The two walked towards the stage where Mr. Hojo shows Takeru the mass amount of people gathered in their entirety. The number was overwhelming. He could only roll his eyes in disdain. "Just a little bit of this mindless drivel and I'll be back on my research. This is a waste of my time." he thought. Mr. Hojo turned to walk to the stage as the large crowd began to shush in anticipation. "You can stand over to the side where the coffee station is. I'll have the crowd eating out of my hands before I introduce our special guest speaker, Mr..." Before he could finish the rest of his sentence, Takeru was already over towards the coffee station. He was done listening to the idiocy. Mr. Hojo just chalked it up to him being caffeine-deprived and continued walking towards the stage. The roar of the crowd could be heard as soon as he stepped on the stage, causing Takeru to once again roll his eyes. "Ignorant sheep." he mumbled as he began to fix himself a cup. As he poured, he could hear Mr. Hojo hype up the latest developments Hikari Incorporated would be rolling out. "If they only knew it was a front for a little girl to play boss and a fool to be a hitman," he muttered as he takes a deep sip of coffee. "And now, please allow me to introduce the new face of Hikari Incorporated and the one who will help us usher in a new era of peace, Tetsuya Kataoka!" Takeru spits out his coffee and immediately moves to a position where his face can not be seen, dropping his coffee in the process. "The hell is he doing here?" he sneers. He slips further into the shadows as he peers as Tetsuya from a distance. He was a smiling man, waiving to his adoring public. He shakes Mr. Hojo's hand when he reaches him, again flashing a big smile to the public. To them, he was their modern-day Batman. A man using, what they believed to be technology, to ensure their safety and survival. If they only knew the real reason. "Citizens of Karakura Town. I humbly thank you for being here today though, admittedly, I didn't expect to see so many of you here. This just shows the amount of love you all have for this great city and the amount of support you have for Hikari Incorporated. In the coming months, we will be everywhere. Billboards, Television Advertisements, graffiti. You name it. All of which to promote H.I. None of this would have been possible without your support. We've begun the steps to expand outside of Japan and go global. Our protection will expand wherever a voice calls for help against these supernatural entities. These beastly abominations will no longer darken our door!" The crowd roars in approval as Tetsuya flashes another smile. Takeru knew the truth. He hated this as much as he did. They were a lot alike in that regard. Always have been given their history. As he began to wrap up, Takeru began to panic. He needed a distraction. A way out so he could get away without ruining his plans. Unfortunately, he was about to get his wish. His cellphone began to vibrate, startling him from his thoughts. Removing the phone from his pocket, he sees that he has a text from his assistant. What could be so important that she would be texting him now of all times? He places his thumb on the sensor to unlock the phone and read the accompanying text. "URGENT. Just received a call from the Detection Center. Hollow readings are off the charts and converging in that area. These are Category-Four level threats. We are rushing to come and retrieve you. GET OUT NOW!" A surprisingly panicked expression appeared on Takeru's face as he finished reading the text. Hollows were obviously a common phenomenon in Karakura Town but things had relatively been peaceful. "This particular location had no activity, which was the sole reason it was chosen as the place to hold the event. So why now of all times? Unless... Narutaki's Arrancar pawns were behind it. Shit." he thought as he quickly looked around. He didn't know how much time he had to escape before the proverbial shit hit the fan. Minutes? Seconds? Trying to plan out his escape route on the fly, Takeru begins to move before a lone voice in the crowd stops him. "What's that?!" A shrill voice echoed from the masses. All eyes darted to where the long finger pointed in the sky. Unbeknownst to many, a large crack appeared in the sky. A deafening howl rang out as a violet stream of light shot through the crack, ripping a path through the crowd. "They're here..." he muttered. WC: 1,093
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    Oriru Kusho [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [REMAINING ND| 12,900 - 150 - 390 - 150 = 12,210] With the final signs of the assault taken care of, Oriru glanced over to Hitsuyona to ensure that he was unharmed. Although this man was considered a deserted, he was still a friend once upon a time and Captain Kusho holds firmly to the bonds of friendship that he has established. Though he would have only a few seconds to assess his ally before the sudden shift in the mist was noticed within his vision. In an unnerving fashion, the mist began to swirl around the trio pulling the bodies and remains within the immediate area and generating a violent vortex surrounded the potential remains of the Third Task Force. Before the Vortex reached maximum velocity, Oriru noticed the massive waves of wailers that were approaching and throwing themselves into the spiral containment of remains, putrid and decay dancing full macabre. Creatures made their way from the vortex and approached the trio. A specific amount of them each reached for the portions of the orbital factors of his Zanpakuto release. Others decided that it would be a good idea to attempt to claim the body of Oriru, which was easy to handle as a single burst of his spiritual pressure was enough to push all of the wailers back several feet from his Event Horizon and even stun them for a moment. Though as fast as he was able to react to defend himself, he was unable to notice the massive wave of the bodies that rushed and consumed Genshi, dragging her rapidly into the vortex. Quickly he used his Singularity to latch onto his Zanpakuto but the wailers clawed at her body and tore the strap that held it to her body. "Hold on Genshi!" Captain Kusho shouted, and Genshi grabbed on with her left hand and held firmly onto the Captain's Zanpakuto. She attempted to reach forward with her right hand but the sight that both she and the Captain saw would be burned into their minds. There was nothing but a stub of where her arm was, watching as her body seemed to be turning into the same mist that surrounded them. Her body faded away as the hand released the Zanpakuto and the last sight Oriru would see was the face of his Lieutenant with a mix of fear and of pain. "Captain!" A stream of tears rolling down her face before it was replaced by the mist. Once more he would hear the sweet sound of Genshi's voice, but contorted to become one of the many wails. The echo of Genshi joined the symphony of voices wailing with Nyujin and countless others. "Genshi..." As he whispered her name under his breath, instantly his notebook that was floating above him drifted in front of him as he removed his glasses with his right hand. Suddenly he crushed the glasses sharply in his hand and with that action there was a small spike in his spiritual pressure as a document unfolded from the notebook with the words clearly upon the top [Acceptance of Liability for Limitation Removal] where his name would be signed at the bottom and sealed back into the book. At that moment, the world seemed to shift as Oriru's power became unleashed in totality and without limits. His spiritual pressure does not simply apply his power to the world, it consume the essence of the world. Everything around him would start to grow colder, gravity would become distorted within a single meter around him and the air itself would appear to crack like glass. "Tenran." There was a change in his voice, distorted by his own spiritual pressure as well as the sudden bright white glow from his eyes, as all of his orbs began to spiral around the immediate area of the inside of the vortex colliding with a few of the wailers in the process before the full force of a cyclone formed inside of the vortex spinning in the opposite direction. The force was enough to pull a few more of the bodies of the decaying wailers. "Tsuzuri Raiden." Using the remains of the black metal threads formed by Genshi a pure white electrical current would surge through the threads and charge orbs turning the cyclone of air into an electrical tornado. Slowly his fingers would release the metal thread as two white orbs began to form in the palm of his left and right hand with arms extended to both sides. The amount of power being generated was so potent that his own sleeves burned from the energy levels. He continued to concentrate his power into the white orbs being formed which caused waves of distorted energy to be launched and cut into his body and the bodies of the wailers nearby. "Hado number 88, Colliding Forces - Tsuin Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō." A special delivery of the technique as he brought the force of both of these Kidos into one another. The collision of the two Kido was so potent that a massive explosion of pure white electrical energy would explode from Oriru. With the electrical cyclone and the decrepit vortex containing the force of the technique, most of the wailers would be eviscerated leaving no trace of their existence while the vortex would be charged as well. The bolt of lightning that formed would temporarily reach the heavens and even the vortex would bend for a moment to the power provided giving Hitsu a chance to escape when ready but also assist as he would know best. Oriru, fueled with the power of raw kido and immeasurable power, found no purpose but to end this curse upon the cemetery. The nature of death and pain no longer concerned Oriru as he departed the vortex and continued his approach. His orbs charged with electrical energy smashing and eviscerating out of existence every creature that dared to even twitch as he walked ensuring to keep a proximity of Hitsu who shares this charged state, but surely more effectively. --- Will Update Stats and Stuff Later if needed --- Mist - 150 ND Vortex - 150 ND Self Destructive Kido - 195 x 2 = - 390
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