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    The two quickly came to a decision that the victims should be buried as it was the least they could give them. Although, they couldn't be saved maybe now they were in a better place than Rukongai. It was the only positivity that he could think of in these conditions. Even though the decision was made it would not be implemented straight away. Yoshirou suggested that they do it tomorrow and Metabee nodded his head. It would definitely be better if they came when they were fully rested and it was bright unlike now. The two Shinigami would then start heading back to where the rest of their comrades were waiting for them in anticipation of some sort of news. While they wouldn't be able to give them any good news the least they could say is that the two of them made it back. Surely that was better than nothing. However, this event itself might have repercussions on their visit. While the Shinigami came to Rukongai claiming that they wanted to help, a powerless village was completely eradicated. Would some assume that it was part of their plan? Distract the bigger districts while an assault was carried out on the smaller villages? There could be many thinking those exact thoughts right now. He didn't know what would happen. They could only keep trying to gain their trust.
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    Yoshirou smiled and nodded as well, he hoped Metabee was right and that the cooks had something prepared for them. It was honestly a fifty-fifty shot. They could have very well prepared something out of consideration. But at this hour there was also the chance that they were tried and sleeping, keeping watch in shifts. Of course the Commander didn’t object and used the spare time to heal himself further. Although it was unnecessary they both had the same idea, which was to heal a little before trek back. The Noble finished his task so frighteningly fast that it makes you wonder if he wasn’t the real monster in disguise. Rejoining Meta they now decide what to do with the bodies. “Ok we will bury them. It’s the least they deserve,” Yoshi says. They have already been raided and cut asunder there was no need for their bodies to be decimated. “But we will not do it tonight. I’ll have a couple different teams return once we get back to the Manor.” There was no point in doing a ‘half ass’ job now. They were both tired and mentally fatigued not to mention how dark it was. As such the possibility of missing a body or limb was high further disrespecting the dead. If they both agreed then they would start their journey back to regroup with the others; surely the others were worried and concerned for their well being. If not then they would further discuss the situation until they reached a consensus.
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    It seemed that Yoshirou wouldn't be feeling down for too long as he quickly accepted Metabee's proposal. As the Noble's stomach let out a a whale's mating call the Captain patted his stomach,'Surely, the cooks have a feast ready for us once again.' He said so with a smile as he thought about what could the cooks have made for them. However, before they could leave Yoshirou wanted to clean this place up which he didn't have anything against but he thought of it as a bit pointless. Surely, no one would ever live in this place again after knowing that it was destroyed by an Arrancar and the people of the Rukongai simply didn't have the materials to rebuild. In the end, he left the Noble to it while he himself started healing his left arm which still had light burns on it. Yoshirou was much faster at cleaning up the place than anyone could be as his Zanpakuto simply devoured all the flames and destruction in sight. For a second he thought that the the village would be cleaned faster than he could heal but that was not the case as he had to wait a minute or two for Yoshirou to be done. Once that was finished the Noble then asked about what they should to with the bodies. Metabee thought for a second,'Burial would probably be the best option. With the state they are in I doubt some can be even recognised. Also, I don't think anyone will come here knowing that it was attacked so if we left them they would simply rot away.' He stated his opinion and waited on the Noble's. Burning them would probably much simpler and easier with many limbs scattered about but it didn't seem very respectful since their village was raised in flames.
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    As Yoshirou should have expected, it never fails, Metabee’s carefree attitude. It had started to become refreshing or reassuring during the tough times. Nodding he stands up, “You’re right. Its been a while since we’ve last ate,” he says right has his stomach moans out in agony. “Haha. I’m pretty hungry myself.” As hungry as they were they couldn’t just up and leave yet. The nearby fires were still burning brightly, lighting up the sky. Yoshirou rolls his left arm stretching it out. It was about eighty five percent healed, now the pain and tenderness was his worse injuries. “Allow me to do the clean up I could use the energy from the remaining fires and debris,” he says as he finishes his light stretching. As long as Metabee didn’t object Yoshirou would take care of things. Using his Shikai he quickly devour all the remaining fires in the nearby area as well as minor ruble and debris. This whole process took about five minutes thanks his ability to reshape and manipulate his Zanpakutos from afar. But there was still one important thing to figure out. After finishing the Nobel regrouped with the Kido Commander to discus what to do with all the bodies. Should they burn them, or bury them or should the leave them and see if they have family alive to claim them. Yoshirou did not know right off hand what step they should take at this hour, he was tired, swore, hungry and mentally fatigued.
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    After the two Shinigami gave their answers, the demon stated his disappointment but that it was as he was expecting. It was like when asking a question to which you already knew the answer but somewhere deep inside you hoped for a different answer. However, they would not change their mind. Even though Sama'el was this strong he seemed very reliant on this person he spoke of. Was that person even stronger? He didn't even want to think about such an idea. Yoshirou asked who this person was but before the demon answered he summoned the red flames of Hell around him causing both of them to retreat. Between the flames of the destroyed village and the flames of Hell it was obvious which ones were hotter. Apart from their appearance, there was nothing more. No attack or other surprises. Instead, Sama'el answered the question that the Noble asked. This person was Baal the ruler of Hell which none of them heard of before nor did there seem to be any records of his previous appearance. The demon's final words were a threat to Soul Society and perhaps even the whole world but it didn't feel like it would happen any time soon. The Sinners of Hell rarely left so there was no notable movements in build up for this plan. Once Sama'el finished speaking, he disappeared in a flashy explosion of flames which left the two of them alone. Any remaining threat was gone and the tension in the air disappeared too. The Noble released his Bankai and fell to his knees more likely out of despair than fatigue since he kept absorbing energy. He punched the ground and cursed but Metabee was indifferent to it. The Captain sealed his Zanpakuto before sheathing it and then fixed up his clothing with spirit energy. He looked to Yoshirou who seemed to have lost all confidence,'Come on, let's go. I'm starving.' It was now night time and they hadn't eaten anything since the morning but a long journey back still awaited them before they could do so.
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    The gaze emitted through the small holes in Sama’el’s mask was as cold as ever. Their answers had pretty much been what he had expected, so why did he bother asking? Because the thrill of the role play was just too much to resist and after a proper show it was only fitting that it had a proper ending. Sama’el lifts his right hand, palming his face while crossing his left arm. Clank, clank, clank… his chains rattled like an annoying ticking noise you couldn’t get out of your head. “I’m not in the least bit surprised but it is still disappointing. Those who haven’t experienced multiple lifetimes nor his presence can truly understand the graciousness of such a gift,” he said relaxing his arms once again. He then turns to Yoshirou cocking his head to the side, intrigued by his question, yet in reality it was exactly what he was expecting. Hell flames emerge from all around him as he makes his final declaration. Yoshirou retreated backwards. While he could devour the flames the intense heat they gave off was unbelievable; of course they weren’t called Hell flames for nothing. “He has returned, he has risen from his slumber to rule again. The Lord of the Abyss, the Emperor of the Underworld, the true sovereign ruler of Hell, 'Baal the King of Sins.' Take a careful look around you and know well the side you have chosen for the destruction you see here is only the tip of the iceberg. There will not even be this much left when he is done. And when true despair sets in remember this well... you had a choice.” The flames explode around him and just like that there was no longer any sign or evidence that he was even their. If either of them had been alone the whole thing could have been mistaken as an awful nightmare. Yoshirou releases his bankai, falling to his knees. The pain from his broken collarbone immediately returned. Blocking it out he strikes the ground with his uninjured hand. “Ahh curse it, it’s always something.” It was uncharacteristic of him but only his good friend was around who probably felt the same way. Regaining his composure Yoshirou stands up, gripping his left shoulder. His attention is turned to Metabee though he doesn’t know what to say yet.
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    After Metabee's first comment, Sama'el called him astute and asked what kind of person would show manners to a demon. Surely, only a madman would think of doing so, yet the Captain simply smiled as if saying 'Me'. The demon also said that letting them live much more fun which once again showed that he had no intention to kill them, at least for now. Sama'el then offered them both to join him which may have been his true aim but he likely knew their answers. He refused straight away while the Yoshirou simply grunted in refusal. Of course, the demon has lived for a very long time and so he knew that humans can be easily convinced if one tried hard enough. The demon continued trying to entice them with the gift of immortality, even if it would bring thousand years of suffering and torture with it. He also said that they could have everything they ever desired if they bowed their head to someone and that this was the only time the offer applied. Metabee started laughing like a madman at those words. There were many who would fear the entity before him. There were even more who would take the offer. But not him. In the face of Death himself, he stood tall and laughed as loud as he could in that voice. His resolve would not break. He already knew what he had to do. It had been decided on that very day. The Captain spoke,'Immortality?! Is that the best you've got?!' There was a wide grin on his face as his voice echoed throughout the now dead town. If falling into insanity meant that he would stay true to himself then he would gladly do it,'We Shinigami live long enough to be considered immortal as it is. I have no need for such a meaningless thing. One lifetime is enough for me! I am my own person and I bow to no one! Begone to the dephts of Hell, Demon!' His answer would not change now, nor in a hundred or a thousand years. His duty was to continue to watch over the world that she loved so much with all her being. He would not stray from the path of light, even with all the darkness inside him.
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    Oh if only Metabee could see the decrepit smile on Sama’el’s face. The sight would be so ghastly that it makes you wonder if a mother could even love a face like that. Sama’el knew from the get go he was being contradicting but that was his intent. For the last few eons his greatest sin has been acedia which also his biggest weakness. So instead of action he used his sly tongue and word play to manipulate those unfortunate to come across him. “Well, aren’t you astute,” Sama’el says replying in a manner that made it impossible to tell if he was mocking you or complementing you. “But tell me this Metabee Ainsworth… what type of person shows manners to a demon?” He left no time for the Kido Commander to respond though as continue speaking. “We can only use the hand that we are dealt. And while killing you to would be fun it would be more entertaining to let you live and further struggle.” “Is there meaning to this?” asks Yoshirou. The intruder didn’t seem the talking type yet he now rambled on; was he up to something? It was then that Sama’el extended his offer to the pair of death gods. Immediately Metabee speaks up and shoots him down while the Noble simply grunted in disbelief at what he was hearing of course his answer would be no and he felt no reason voicing such an obvious answer. “Metabee do you really believe that to be true, that I have nothing to offer? Hear me now and know that I only speak truth. What I offer is far more precious than most imbeciles pretend it to be… Immortality is nothing to scoff at. Whether its in chains or not. By his side you could have everything you ever desire. I can picture it now you two serving as apostles by his side.” Sama’el says pausing only for a moment. The two veteran Shinigami before surely knew what loss was and the weight behind his offer. It was easy to see why weak willed humans always struggled with this and often ended up losing their souls. “Know this I will not give you this opportunity again.” “And here I thought I might have to reject you a third time,” replies Yoshirou joking while also inferring that it was still a no. He then gave Metabee a moment to reply though he highly doubted his answer would change; after which he continued. “But since your so talkative mind telling us who ‘He’ is that you keep referring to???”
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    Once he said his name the demon quickly made a comment that they were both too proud and arrogant to give away their names just like that. Metabee chuckled at this. While this of course made perfect sense since they were the ones in danger but this also made a contradiction with his previous statement. The Captain spoke,'You contradict yourself, Demon. First, you say we are rude but when we introduce ourselves culturally you berate us. Make up your mind!' Then Yoshirou and Sama'el had a small exchange. They have met before so they had things to talk about unlike Metabee who could only make sly remarks here and there. Once again it was like sticking his nose into somebody elses business. He could only stand by his friends side and support him. They talked about their past encounter and even though Yoshirou's actions could be applauded as remarkable achievements they were shot down by Sama'el as meaningless. The demon took a step closer and compared them to him which was far from the truth before asking them to join. Would he kill them if they refused? Would he destroy Seiretei? It was impossible to tell what was going on in his mind especially since he was the manipulating type. Either way, his mind would not change. Metabee spoke first,'I refuse. There is nothing for me on that side.' His home was here, in Seiretei, so he had no reason to go to Hell. Besides, she wasn't there so that would be the opposite of his goal.
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    There was so much to ask and do yet so little time. By now the sun has completely set and the only light was from the moon and fires around them. Surely those back at the previous village nervously waiting, hoping for some sort of good news. Even so the hellion before them had the audacity to speak of manners and take a stab at telling a joke. Or at least that’s what it seemed he was doing. Even in the face of great terror the Kido Commander is able to return a sly remark of his own followed by his name. For a moment Yoshirou thought about cutting Metabee off, stopping him from revealing his name. But a person like Sama’el could easily find out that much if he really didn’t already know it. Deciding as much Yoshi simply bit his tongue [(just a figure of speech, not literal)] allowing the introduction to happen. Despite the grim situation Metabee did manage to bring a smile to the Noble’s face with the bit of flare he used when stating his name. It was the first time he’s used a surname but he stated it proudly and naturally. Although it was not Kyoraku it was still beautiful. “I know the Kyoraku wouldn’t surround himself with fools but to think that at some point you both willingly gave me your names. How powerful the gods of death must feel. Pride and arrogance are the biggest killers you know,” says Sama’el as if simply giving advice to a child. “You talk all high and mighty but you’re just a more sinister version of evil than the last guy. If I remember correctly last time I killed the Togabito with you and took your arm…” says Yoshirou but cut short before he could finish. Sama’el takes a step forward, “You killed guards that do not know the meaning of death. Such a thing is like killing a few locusts in a swarm… hopefully meaningless.” Sama’el takes another step increasing the pressure and tension between them. “You took an arm and I took a thousand fold. Do you really brag while we talk over a mound of your dead brethren??? We’re not so different after all then.” He finally stops a few feet away from the Shinigami and while in reality he was a little shorter than Yoshirou his presence felt the size of a mountain. He then reaches out his right hand, “If that’s true, come and join me.” The Demon was initially speaking to Yoshirou but the offer was the same for Metabee. He merely asked for your soul in return.