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    After being astonished by the sheer size and beauty of Las Noches, Kotaro asked a question that has been on his mind. It was clear to Absolon that they were both curious, studious Hollows that yearned for more. More knowledge, more power, more prestige, they were all desires that could be fulfilled here in this fortress. “It is called Sonido and most learn it by the time they become an Arrancars. That is ‘if’ they are capable of such a feat. But don’t worry you two can learn this and so much more if you find that this is were you belong,” Absolon answered as he comes to a stop. They were obviously eager to learn, train and help out so they could finish the tour later. Besides they weren't quite members yet so there was no need to rush. Vatto started the explanation that the Cero inquired about, complimenting the Adjuchas as he did, then allowing Lurker to elaborate with a short speech and a few demonstrations. “Wow, that’s something special indeed,” Absolon commented but Lurker continued. He briefly explained how it all worked followed by another impressive demonstration. Besides the difference in spiritual energy, someone would be hard press to tell that the copies Lurker created were imposters. “It seems so,” he said with a smile, replying to Lurker’s sincerity. The Adjuchas certainly had some tricks up his sleeves and he wasn’t done yet. Targeting the Vasto Lorde for his next demonstration Lurker reveals his knowledge of Sonido. The Adjuchas would attempt to whisper in Kota's ear. Lurker’s Sonido was poised and refined. Honestly for an Adjuchas it was quite remarkable but he still lacked the speed and acceleration of the Hollows that has transcended him. After Lurkers thorough explanation and performance Draiden was the first to chime in. Vatto simply nodded agreeing with the Privaron while Absolon chuckled. “Yes try not to create more work for those two or you will certainly end up on their bad side. I will also have to insist that you do not eat Any Hollow that belongs to Las Noches without my consent, or good reason...” There was no point in delaying it any further. They were certainly good candidates for the Espadas but first they must complete their initiation mission. “Before you are fully welcomed into this family of misfits you must prove yourself capable in the field,” says Absolon taking a step closer to them. “If you two are ready to join I have just the mission for you.” He paused long enough to hear their answer. If they agreed he would divulge the details. “Your objective is simple. Find the current dealings and whereabouts of the masked Arrancar known as Monk. And if you happen to come across him invite him back here. Tell him we await his return.” Absolon went on to explain in better detail Monk’s appearance and characteristics so that they could identify him. Typically they would both be given separate missions to complete but that was for Arrancars. As both Kotaro and Lurker are still lesser Hollows Absolon would allow them both to work together. His hope is that this would thicken whatever bond they had between them. If they learned to work together early on perhaps they could be different than the Espadas that came before them, perhaps.
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    Draiden's ears would perk up , as the recollection of lurkers mannerisms pertaining to feeding came back into play. The privaron espada had to look at things from another angle or the big picture if you will. Las noches had in draidens mind no allies say for those paticular spiritual signature's that seemed to scare off the quincy ; many questions lay unanswered about that. 'we need an informant but at the same time his method of eating puts us at high risk , numeros are our foot soldiers and as an adhujas he will need to feed or else he will permantly regress' he would think to himself as his gaze became fixed on lurker as if deciding what he should do next in that very moment. Draiden wasnt one to gamble , why would a lazy man like him put hardships on his shoulders. Draiden would speak while leaning aginst a rock "lurker you can be a valuable asset its undeniable, but be aware should you or kotaro impead las noches" his eyes fixated the two hollows, as if they where the only two in the area and no one else "it will fall upon me and vatto to erase the problem , but more importantly lurker as an adhujas you need to constantly eat or you'll regress so to you i say if i notice the population of the numeros dropping you know whats coming" he would say once again sounding like a patriot to his home. He would the face kotaro "im not to worried about you , but one of these days lets shake the foundation of this place in spar" this would be said with a small wink.
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    After Absolon was answered by an excited nod, he asked Lurker about his experience with Las Noches. Vatto answered partially, and Kotaro agreed with his statement. The Tres Espada then signaled the multiform hollow to continue, which he did, even if explaining his ability again and again was getting boring. "Like the two of them said, the way I consume is quite exclusive." He turned toward a giant white boulder and said: "I guess It would be quicker if I demonstrate it directly." He lifted his palm, and a black javelin was expelled from it. It's been already a few hours since Lurker's main body was in intensive training to increase his speed, and this was equivalent to nearly five months of constant practicing. The force at which the javelin was shot was tremendous. The boulder exploded in hundreds of pieces, but it wasn't what Lurker intended to show. Each fragment had been tainted by the hollow's infection, they quickly melted and then converted to more black goo before anyone got hit. They then floated to merge with his Arrancar form. "I perfectly control every single cell in my body. They can disintegrate the bounds holding Reishi, Kishi, and Reiryoku together to transform them into pure energy. They can then duplicate themselves and restart the cycle." He paused for a few seconds to let them process this information. "This is not all. They can directly absorb souls, giving me all of their memories and experience. I endured more than 400 000 lives. This is how I know about the fortress." While he talked, he separated into four distinct bodies, each with the exact appearance and Reitsu signature of Draiden, Vatto, Kotaro, and Absolon. A short moment later they all reformed into one, morphing into his last Arrancar form. After explaining and showing his powers, he spoke to Absolon with a determined tone: "I was serious when I talked about information gathering and manpower." Even if Kotaro's question wasn't meant for him, he answered in his own way. Using a well-honed Sonido, he left an afterimage of himself that slowly disappeared while he whispered directly behind the Vasto's ear: "Like this?" Lurker wasn't a fool; he knew doing that could be risky, so he prepared to dodge if the surprised hollow tried to hit him by reflex with another Sonido. Either way, he would return to his original position with his newly trained skill. A few hours ago Lurker couldn't even execute this skill correctly, but now he was extremely proficient with it. Of course, it was still nothing comparing to Vatto or Draiden.
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    "Oh! Sorry, sir. I got ahead of myself. Kotaro, Kotaro Anubis" the hollow responded with the realization he had skipped over his name. Draiden thinks that highly of me? Wow. Guess I'll have to surpass that praise. Then he nodded on the proud comment. To be acknowledged by an Espada in his current state gave the young Vasto Lorde great pride in himself. Even with such praise from both of them, I have much to learn. And, Los Noches is the best place for that! Kotaro had been paying attention to the conversations and actions of those around him, instead of the different environment inside Los Noches through the open gates. Thus, as they began walking into the huge fortress, the Vasto Lorde had to squint his eyes against the 'sudden' change in light. The bright light from the fake sky caught Kotaro off guard, "W-What the hell~ is going ooooonn....?" His voice trails off as he looks around at the sun lit interior of the dome. The hollow saw a vast landscape of sand, like outside. But, this sand had several building of different sizes throughout it. Some of them were extremely tall and others smaller. The Vasto Lorde looked up at the sky again, curious as to why it looked like the World of the Living's sky, with light too. (OOC: The buildings (some anyway) should be the Espadas' personal residences. Going off the manga and anime.)
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    For once draiden had the urge not to engage absolon in any fashion , he would have a raised eyebrow 'huh' look as he turnt his head to face absolons back. Draiden could tell when a man needed a nap or when a nap was interrupted today he was seeing both in absolon. He would give a nod to vatto pointing him in the direction of absolon with the small gesture "that last thing you need is me talking to an obviously tired and irritated Cero espada who im guessing beat us both badly" this would be said with a small smile. Draiden did know for a fact his attitude pluss absolon right now would equal serious issues ; and right now having calmed down and realized the gravity of the situation the hummingbird of Las Noches didn't want those problems again atleast not yet. Provided realized the seriousness in the situation and walked over he would attempt to pat vatto on the back firmly before sitting himself on a nearby rock laying on his stomach facing everyone as to listen ; and possibly fire off a balla at someones skull if they threw him in the lime light to be shamed. For lack of words he would be eyeing lurker like a bird of prey. While everyone began talking draiden would begin talking and bouncing two pearls from one hand to the other , luckily only absolon knew he was playing with highly destructive bombs despite these two being duds. If vatto doesnt move he'd walk over and begin "Absolon they where brought here because they hold potential , that vasto lordez could use some trainging , and this one" he would point to lurker with his finger "from what i saw he could be an army all on his own , although i would suggest keeping ALL arrancars away from him his feeding habits may thin the number of numerous we have." He would finish
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    Draiden would listen to every word spoken to him as he adjusted his stance , it was clear he was still relaxed but at attention as a small smile spread over his face showing just how youthful Lendero truly looked he possed the body of child who was slipping into adulthood. That childish smile that only the espada of old got to see before he willingly left his seat. "im never like anyone expects but thats a given , and allow me to start over Vatto had you not said somthing about ripping out my tounge you would have received the same respect and curtousy i show others" he would push his hanging hair out of his line of vision as he watched lurker begin his stride to the gates "but in turn the tone i take with others will always come off as rude its just my nature , best i can do i say sorry" he would say his tone still lazy in tone , his eyes where even half lidded still but you could tell their was attentiveness in his voice this time around , even if the sorry sounded all types of half assed. If his apology was accepted Draiden would then begin walking past the two "I'll answer your questions , but i would like it if we followed him id hate to see him killed by a gate gurdian or Absolon" he would sigh out sounding tired but a friendlier attitude had swept over him that was clear , it was almost commical. If Vatto accepted theyd be on Lurkers heels walking behind him. "Firstly the battle you speek of Absolon had me on the run in the beginning , he pushed my speed to its limits forced me into ressureccion i even tryed nuking the entire battlefield." Draiden had said all this to enlighten him just a little "i got caught in my own blast sadly , and before you give me and grief about being lazy the tecniqe is instantaneous i didnt want him to even attempt running" he would that last part alomost with a shudder at the idea of Absolon escaping from that intracate web of bombs draiden had spun. "As for my rank your half right my abilities are very destructive even in my unreleased i would cause severe damage to Las Noches i have a rather explosive personality once you get to know me" he would pause to scratch the back of his head "If im honest i didn't care for it at the time it was just a seat and all the meetings cut in on my god damn sleep , besides if i fought someone who could be a good fit in what use to las noches would they be dead" though draiden was lazy and had his unruly moments he did care. Deeply for his home and its many great napping spots
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    “Hahaha, your nothing like he described. I imagined something different the way he spoke of the fight you guys had. If I recall correctly he used the words fierce and invigorating. I even know for a fact he held you in high regards,” Vatto said stepping forward until he was in front of those he guided. He was reminded of day Absolon came to him. It was the day his small world was crushed and his eyes truly opened. “Like Draiden, the Cero’s power truly overwhelmed me. I pressed him with all my might yet I could not fathom the depths of his power,” he thinks to himself while glancing at those behind him. “Yea they will be ok.” For a moment he had second thoughts but they were as ready as they would ever be, more time would only be a waste. Vatto once again faced Draiden as he continued to throw insults at both him and Absolon. “Enlighten me Draiden. Was it your lazy ways or that crude tongue of yours that lost you the title of Segundo?” Vatto asks rhetorically. He wouldn’t allow him to get under his skin any further as he had more important things to do. “This Arrancar’s name is Vatto Forsyth. And it bodes well to remember it. Unlike you I did not relinquish my title but instead seized it for myself.” Although the Privaron didn’t answer his question, it was a peeve of Forsyth’s to answer a question with a question, so he did Draiden the courtesy of answering. “Yes, but I would not do something so barbaric. We are going to see Absolon as guests. But what you suggest is what an enemy would do.” Vatto then steps aside and advices the Lurker and Kota to do the same. “But since you’re here have at it. I cannot lie that your way is far quicker.”
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    Draidens eyes would close as he let out a sigh "lurker as the most well known expert of sarcasm around id say you need work" , taking his left hand running it through his neon green locks. Draiden didnt know this arrancar but from the way he spoke he was no numeros nor had he know this being to be a privaron that only left one reasonable option to his mind. So Absolon had put a new arrancar in the ranks of espada. An emotion swept over the arrancar one he hadnt felt in many , many , many years this feeling was not simple anger but unbridled rage ; but those before him may or no be able to sense it depending on how well their natural instincts where honed. Draidens eyes would open once more his posture now straightened though his hands still hanging to his sides and his eyes seemingly blazing with a slight rage. His now bhlank face though devoid of emotion seemed to hold the very essence of rage , "I really couldn't care less , but if you want to try it greenhorn i'd be happy to show you the true pecking order here another day but i need to have words with the man who recruited you" he would say making a waving motion with his hand as if saying the arrancar wasnt worth his time let alone a confrontation , las Noches wad just rebuilt and he'd be damned if he destroyed it with his newly developed techniques against this random "but if you must fight me you can wait till i rip the hiero from Absolons body once more" he would say now his eyes locked on vatto and solely him then the giant doors behind him then back at vatto and the other two hollows. "And im guessing your going to look for him instead of simply calling him , the man is paranoid about this place being destroyed yet again all that needs to happen is for him to feel a spiritual energy spike" he would say giveing an almost hinting look , all traces of rage gone now that he thought he could get his hands on Absolon once more and show the results of his training.
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    With a shocked flap of wings Lurker answered. "Just a hollow?!" he then mumbled to himself, repeating his last sentence. With his composure regained nearly as fast as he lost it he replied "Well I guess I came from those. Hmm yes." with a quick nod, he explained "I am a multicellular organism, that evolved, transcended into what you call a Hollow. I have no desire to be a nuisance by elaborating on all the technicalities." He paused for a second, wondering if he should go on then he decided to continue "To sum up, I do not eat like other filthy lower breed, I consume. My nature allows me to melt the bonds holding Reishi & Kishi together, converting it into pure energy for me to absorb." Lurker decided to leave the souls out of this. He didn't need to reveal everything to a complete stranger. He then turned his 180 degree without moving his body to face Kotaro. "Shinigami taste that good." with a quick wink he added "But I'm also not a gillian anymore. I guess you should consider me an adjuchas." Twisting his head once more, he then faced Vatto "To come back to our earlier conversation, maybe not participate, but at least observe. I'm sure the two of us could make Las Noches more compelling." with a blink he proceeded "I dare say, you are a pretty interesting fellow. How did you hide yourself that way? All I could sense was a vague sense of wrongness in the air, I assumed it was my paranoia playing up. Quite masterful. Or maybe I'm just that weak. No wonder I seek survival like I do."
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    Kotaro looks at the owl in confused wonder. The energy he now felt from it was confusing his senses and throwing him off. "Whoa~! Lurker? What the hell happened to you?! I don't recognize you power. Dang, what are you doing in the World of the Living?" This new discovery had increased his interest towards Lurker ten fold. Then, he turned to Vatto and listened respectfully. He looked to Lurker and answered, "He is a hollow. But, obviously not a standard one. At lease.....the last time I saw him. He had just turned into a Gillian...."
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    Vatto studied the orb as it shape shifted into that of an owl. Had he not already observed them he would be surprised but such a skill was within reason. Instead he listen to the bird speak which shockingly spoke very well. He sounds educated, deceptive but educate nonetheless. “Boring?... well yes I would have to agree,” says Vatto who slightly tilts his head to the right. “Participate? I barely know what you are.” He was referring to the strange spiritual signature that Lurker gave off. It was different than anything he has every felt before. “So Lurker what are you or should I ask who are you? I know that you’re not a Shinigami and you’re currently to weak to be an Arrancar. Are you really just a Hollow?” Even though this was some sort of pseudo body Vatto could easily tell that this one’s oddity is what had to have peaked Draiden’s interest. But why would he just leave them here?
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    “You talk more human like than Hollow. I’m not sure if that makes you sophisticated or confused,” Vatto replies. It’s not often that you hear the word friend come out of a Hollow's mount yet he did it confidently. “So Kotaro Anubis, then this friend of yours can hear us? Now I feel somewhat at a disadvantage having introduced myself and not knowing the name of those I converse with. So… why don’t you ask him for permission to reveal his name. Surely he has noting to hide if Draiden thought you possible allies of the Espadas.” If he was refused again he wouldn’t press the matter any further but his carefree attitude would cease and his temper building. He had little patience for those weaker than him.
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    “I see so you don’t know anything useful,” Vatto replies shaking his head slightly disappointed. He hadn’t seen nor received any word on Draiden for quite sometime so his movements were most intriguing. It was strange that he felt the urge to return to Las Noches and then just happened to see Draiden. Was it just conscience or something more? What happened next shouldn’t have surprised the Arrancar but it did. The Vasto Lorde refuse to rat out his friend even though they had only just encountered each earlier that day. “What loyalty due you own someone you’ve only just met???" he asks glaring at the Hollow. He waited to hear his answer before continuing. “Well a dead Hollow is useless so I wont kill you. I’ll settle on knowing what that item he gave you does? It’s apart of him isn’t?” It was just about that time that he realized that he didn’t introduce himself. Perhaps if he plays things more smoothly and released some of the built up tension the Hollow would fine it easier to communicate with him. “Forgive me I got ahead of myself. My name is Vatto Forsyth the Tres Espada. Whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?”
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    Draiden would sigh all time around seemed to slow to a near stand still , this was a sighn he was moving at his max speed in a very short burst ; this could also be confirmed by the world fading to black and white before him. Draiden would raise up the zanpakto of the now dead arrancar and slice any incoming spikes in his direction to pieces and simply grabbed one out the air before he examined it. To his companions it would appear like he may have simply teleported an unrealistic feat but it was a testament to his speed. "I assume this is-" draiden wouldnt finish his sentence as he threw the thing on the ground lazily looking at his hand , whatever that was had just tryed to eat at his hierro. Draiden barely felt it but that crap set off every red flag he had , 'not to self avoid gunk' hed think to himself as he put his hand back in his pocket. Draiden would eye these two before he began to walk foward and then began to float upward the moonlight illuminating his neon gree hair and tan skin. He would look down upon the two he had just helped from this angle he looked menacing espiaclly with that shadow cat over his face and his eye glint in the shadow cast on his face. And right before them a miracle would take place draidens normally bored expressionless face was smiling , a smile showing he was pleased. "Well i think its time we part ways , and as promised the secret to becoming an arrancar" he would say still smiling "lurker once you evolve from your what i assume is gillian stage you can try to remove you mask from your face and kotaro you can pull your mask off now if you wished" he would say making a tearing away motion at his face before he turnt on his heel facing the gaping hole in the ceiling of the canopy. Draiden would quickly cough up three pearls letting them fall in lurkers lake , call it a gift each pearl had grear deatructive power he could only imagine lurkers high when they dissolved due to draiden making those far lesa durable than most of his pearls. "Next time i see you consider the thought of becoming an espada we could use guys like you two" and with that he would leave in a burst of sonido. If they had anything to say he would listen but still attempt to leave. Ooc: leaving thread
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    The battle was intense and taking its toll on Yoshirou’s physical body. His breathing grew heavier and was even erratic at times. But despite the raging battle with in him on the outside he remained perfectly still. Meditation was an art that he master a long, long time ago, so it would take more than this to shake him. “Is it over,” Yoshirou asks himself trying to see the outcome of the explosion. He was confident the attack hit its mark but was unaware how Kosumosu fared. Unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to find out as Kosu caught him off guard. Blood trickled down the right side of Yoshi’s abdomen. “Honestly, you did well but you still fell short,” Kosu replies in his ear. She had stabbed him through the back while his swords were sheathed and he was completely unguarded. Kosu removes her sword from his back leaving a gapping hole in his side. Yoshirou spins, as quickly as his injured body would let him, but he is met with a kick in the chest. His Zanpakuto Spirits were relentless but this is a fight after all. Unable to defend Yoshirou tumbles through the air unable to stop until he finally lost momentum. Picking himself up he sees his spirits regroup with one another. Kosumosu looked to be heavily damage but nothing that would prevent him from fighting any further and the same went for Kosu. Kosumosu raises the sword in his hand building up energy. “I- we underestimated you without Shikai but the facts still remain the same. Without it the difference between us is as vast the cosmos. Rirsu!” he says bring down his blade and releasing the attack by name this time. An enormous wave of energy rockets forward incomparable to before. Yoshirou was loosing blood fast not only from his wound but it seeped from his mouth as well. “Dear god… Are you truly trying to kill me?” he thinks to himself as he prepares to muster up a defense. Dodging was out of the question leaving him only one option. “Danku,” he yells though it’s slightly muffled by bloody drool running from his mouth. The abundance of spiritual energy smashes into each other as an unstoppable force collides with an immovable object. The Bakudo is immersed in the force of destruction, its capabilities being pushed to the max. Cracks riddle the Danku, yet it did its job protecting Yoshi’s life but the Zanpakuto Spirits weren't finished with their assault. “Give up those crazy plans of yours for you cannot win,” Kosumosu replies in unison, each with their free hand pointed at Yoshirou. “Kaju no Sekai!” The immense weight of a multitude of worlds came crashing through the brittle Danku, reaching its target. Yoshirou was helpless as he was pinned down with enough force his bones started to crack. After a few seconds the weight subsides but the damage was done. Yoshirou laid with a hole in his stomach and plenty of broken bones. He was beaten and battered like he hasn’t been it quite some time. The Spirits made their point clearly upon his body. With every fiber of their soul they protested their displeasure of the route he was current trying to take. “…” Yoshirou mutters something but it’s too faint to hear over all the blood he was coughing up. “Come again?” they asked. “What was that? Do you finally understand?” “Ye-,” Yoshirou responds some how lifting his torso up with his arms. “Yes, I understand. I, I understand that you-” Yoshirou coughs as he strains under the pressure and pain. “-are my Zanpakuto and I am your master. Ever since the beginning you were there for me and once I realized it… I reciprocated the feeling. Ever since our journey began there has been no looking back; no seconding guessing… You knew without a doubt that I was wise enough to successfully navigate this world and we did! Sure there has been some bad times-” Yoshirou pauses long enough to catch his breath and chuckles. “Haha, and the good ones were undeniable fun.” Yoshirou is only able to stand thanks to being in the vastness of space. The damage was clearly done and the fight clearly over but that didn’t mean Yoshirou resigned himself to his fate. “I understand your uncertainties but now is not the time to loose faith. We either stand united or we will fail no matter what and I promise you this. No matter how beaten and broken I may be I will never give up on you. You wish to test my resolve. Then bare witness to the depths of my will.” Digging deep and summoning every ounce of strength Yoshirou could find he unsheathes both of his Zanpakutos. “Heed my call and return to my side! Together we will ‘bring the Heavens to its knees!’” The familiar energy from his release rushes over him and an outpour of power erupts from with inside. A fierce column of energy surrounded him driving back his opponents. Disappearing just as quickly as it came the pillar of energy revealed Yoshirou in his Shikai form. The hole in his body as well as his broken bones were all healed in an instant; this was just his conscience, his inner world and not his actually body after all. Yoshi looks down at his body confirming with sight what he already felt. With little delay his Spirits confronted him but this time without a weapon in hand. “We have trusted you this far and will not stop now. No matter what we are with you till the end,” declares Kosumosu as one, like they were re-pledging their allegiance to him. Yoshirou sheathed his weapons… finally it was over. Though he had lost the fight he had won the battle and once again had their full support. “I promise my judgment is not misguided and your confidence not misplaced. Though things will undoubtedly get worse before they get better, if we can succeed, it will all be worth it in the end.” The Spirits look at one another then back at Yoshirou, “Some how we know.” The male spirit then steps forth with a word of advice, or reward if you will. “You wish to know the natural element that best resonates with you,” he states. "You have two options in figuring it out. Think about it you’re a master at discerning different spiritual pressures and signatures. With a little critiquing you could apply your knowledge of Reikaku and Reiatsu Chikaku to help you find the answer. The second option is even easier than that. We, your Zanpakutos as the avatar of black holes, have the ability to devour neigh everything. Contemplate that one for a second.” Yoshirou thinks it over for a second. “Darkness! Is that it?” he asks seeking conformation. “While that is the most obvious choice and would pair well, think about it a little harder. I think you will discover one that resonates even better,” answers Kosumosu. Yoshi ponders further, “A black hole is said to be so powerful that not even-“ “Ah ha, that’s it! Light! Its light isn’t it?” he questions confident of his answer this time. But there was no reply, Kosumosu simply nodded his head and although they lacked facial features Yoshi could tell the were both smiling……… Yoshirou opens his eyes for the first time since he started meditating. It was a hell of a day but he was back. Even though he didn’t go anywhere he felt he had traveled thousands of miles. His clothes smelled of sweat, he was hungry and his energy nearly depleted. But despite taking the scenic route he achieve what he set out to accomplish today. Looking around he immediately spotted JDan and Metabee but he would be a little slow getting to his feet to join them.
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    Draiden would grab both sides of his skull trying to sheild his ears , but to no avail. If he had regeneration he could rupture his ear drums and fight on but that wasnt the case. Draiden would drop to one knee he would still be able to use his speed if needed since it was similar to a sprinting postion. While draiden knelt he would notice the younger brothers blade in front of him , the last thing he needed was two of these guys in release mode making him work harder. He would quickly grab at the blade and disappear in a burst of sonido. Draiden had not fled but retreated to the darker area of the forest near the roof of the canopy he could see them but they could not see him. An errie silince would reighn over the area. The privaron espada would beging clicking his tounge pearl against his teeth mimicking the sound of a humming bird as if taunting them. Draiden would slink his way around in the shadows as he kept making the bird noise letting it echo thoughout the area slowly letting his spirit energy rise to try and scare them. "Its been fun runts" he would say fire three of his specialized ballas off at once two at the older brothers horns and one at the younger brothers knee in an attempt to cripple them. ------- The large arrancar would jump from large chunks of debree to debree , manuvering midair , grunting as he traversed through the air. He would then with one great leap jump onto another set of tree's but he would waist no time he would begin rapidly nocking down trees left and right falling aimlessly to most maybe a desperate attempt to most , but the mongrell was making an obstacle each tree that fell an arch way was built a bridge a hanging spot and all the sharp branchea provided pleanty of weapons for him itd take time to destroy it but if they destroyed it as he built it hed juat have more amo and a new terrain to take advantage of.
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    Draiden would sigh , as he surveyed the force before him 1 imperfect and 2 perfectly suited arrancar born without problem.The relic of an age long forgotton would push past the two hollows still hidden in the shadows. " you both will kill the large hulking imperfect arrancar they posses low intelligence and they cant do much except throw aimless punches and maybe a cero" he would say while scatching his head (just a little note ceros take 2 posts to use one to charge1 to fire). Draiden would then semingly pick up a rock and begin coughing a thick semi solid black liquid on it , to the arrancar known as mask monk and the cero espada they knew this substance to be highly volatile as enough of it in a spaced out area could cause untold destruction as it put them both in bad situations ; considering the cero espada had his heiro burnt off in the explosion. After the rock was a glistening black he handed it to kotaro. "Use this if it gets dicy just get back if hits this imagine 14 of your ceros going off at once in a big green explosion" he would say before putting his hand back in his pocket. "Ill handle the other two" he would say signaling for them to follow him into the clearing where he would announce himself " For deserting Las Noches and Alighning with the Now dead traitor Robons by the authority gifted to the privaron Espada by our ruler you are sentenced to death!" He would say flexing his spiritual pressure but only has high as lurkers to trick them "surrender or die"
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    The scene was set. With such primordial destruction in the background there was no better backdrop to duel to. Even still some of the zest is lost when the opponents are your own Zanpakuto spirits. “I know you heard Metabee’s remark about the constant battles. Surely it is unnecessary for another,” Yoshirou remarks. He had lots to do and so little time and even though that’s pretty much how he always felt this time it was even more so. “You must be kidding,” says Kosumosu. It was the shorter one that while lacks any detailed facial features, you could clearly tell by her physical appearance that she was a woman. “You understand that your future is riddled with countless battles right? Even more so if you go through with your outrageous plans,” says the other Kosumosu whose athletic appearance resembles a man. Glaring at Yoshirou, Kosumosu advises him, “Get use it your future currently leads from one battlefield to another.” “But why do this??? How long has it been since you two could defeat me?” Yoshirou says not being cocky but pleading with them to change their mind. “Don’t think this is like any other spar that we’ve had. Although you are unparalleled with a blade worthy of the title Grandmaster, without our help this wont be so easy,” declares Kosumosu. “What!?!?” Yoshirou states unclear of what they mean. “Must we state it again? Until you show us your resolve you will receive no help from us," answers Kosumosu as one. And then it clicked! Yoshirou unsheathed his Zanpakuto with his left hand. “It can’t be,” he states as he attempted to release his Shikai but to no avail. He then proceeded to mutter the release command but still nothing happened. “Now do you get just what is at stake here?” replies Kosumosu. ((Going forward Kosu= the female and Kosumosu= the male. Only to make it easier to distinguish the two)) Kosu acted without giving Yoshi time to respond as no matter what was said a battle would take place. She leaped up into the air raising her sword above her head. Yoshirou clears his mind and focused on his Zanpakuto spirits before him. He could tell by her speed or lack there of that she was just a distraction. The first attack was coming from Kosumosu in the form of a nameless Rirsu. Without flinching Yoshirou immediately brought his sword across his chest swiftly releasing a diagonal slash at the Rirsu; sending a sharp blade of wind to intercept it. Simultaneously upon impact Yoshi leaps backwards as to not be caught in the explosion. “They mean business,” thinks Yoshi who besides a little smoke here and there is otherwise unscathed. “Don’t forget about me,” shouts Kosu as she plummeted down from above unleashing a fearsome attack. Thankfully, Yoshirou had fought them plenty of times and knew their fighting style. He knew that Kosu favored the high grounds and would use gravity to enhance her attacks. After all it was also apart of his normal fighting style. Sidestepping to the left Yoshi swings his sword, in an arch from left to right, redirecting instead of intercepting her blow. Kosu smiles during the quick exchange. If Yoshi knew their fighting style then it went without say that they also knew his style as if reciting a book they’ve read a thousand times. Instantly Kosumosu emerges through the blast cloud aiming a horizontal slash at Yoshi’s midsection. Without hesitation Yoshi unsheathes his second Zanpakuto clashing blades with Kosumosu, though the force is enough to send him flying. Before he’s able to regain his composure Kosu is once again above him, there to strike him down. Bringing his swords in front of him, Yoshi again defends but the force of the impact was still felt. The force was enough to send him rocketing below into what appeared to be just bottomless cosmos. Somersaulting Yoshirou recovers just in time to see Kosumosu appear beside him thrusting his weapon forward. Yoshirou reverses the grip of his left sword placing it in between the attack. Pushing of the clashing swords Yoshirou uses the momentum to follow through with a roundhouse kick. The attack lands on Kosumosu’s back but before Yoshirou could follow up Kosu was once again upon him. Yoshi skillfully parries her initial attack but is unable to stop her second as he receives a knee to the gut. Having the wind knocked out of him, Yoshi backs off putting a little distance between them. “You two have been by my side for as long as I can remember. This is certainly not the first time we’ve disagreed yet you remained unwavering. Why??? Why is that now differently?” asks Yoshirou. He was both curious and attempting to catch his breath at the same time. To say that the sealing of his Zanpakuto caught him off guard was understating it. “This goes far beyond any of the choices you’ve made so far,” answers Kosu. “As we’ve stated already, you plot our fall from grace. We like what we’ve helped you build here and how much you’ve achieved. Lord Yoshirou Kyoraku Head of the Kyoraku Clan, arguable the most influential of the Great Noble Clans. And you’ve become perhaps the most powerful Shinigami in the Soul Society both in strength as well as your sway over Central 46. Yet... you seek to become a traitor,” explained Kosumosu. “I’m sorry,” states Yoshirou causing Kosumosu to mumble “huh” out of surprise. “I’m sorry, I was so caught up in wanting to protect everyone else that I did not think to check with you. Your thoughts, feelings, advice… I should have consulted with you.” Yoshirou paused sheathing his right sword. You could tell by the look on his face that he was truly sorry. He then looks back up at the spirits. “I swear to you when I say that I do not know of another way to keep them all safe! I do what I do not because its easy or because it is what I want but for the necessity of protecting it all! Even if they see me as a traitor in the short term, in the long run I will be revered as something more,” he proclaims. “As something more? You mean a hero,” responds the spirits. “The title doesn’t matter be it hero, savior, guardian or protector. I merely wish to be remembered as one of the good guys doing whatever it takes for the greater good no matter how many self-sacrifices I must endure. As such I will take on your burden and pain as well. You are my most trusted of friends and you may lay it all on me,” Yoshirou exclaims. “It sounds good but we will have to see,” says Kosumosu. Instantly after speaking he uses shunpo to appear in front of Yoshirou with his sword raised high. Instead of attacking though he quickly shifts to Yoshi’s left. Perfectly timed, Kosu lunges from where Kosumosu was with a thrust aimed at his right side. Yoshirou with little time to react dodges to the left, which is exactly what the pair was hoping for. Their teamwork was flawless as Kosumosu was there already prepared as he unleashed a brutal horizontal slash. Yoshirou brings down his Zanpakuto defending against that attack but without the use of his Shikai he was overpowered. The attack rocketed him right back to Kosu as if the pair were playing tennis. Yoshirou grins wryly as this is exactly what he was wanting. He knew their teamwork left little to be desired and thought to use that against them. He had expected to be launched right back towards the other but instead of remaining helpless, Yoshirou used the momentum to strengthen his attack. Kosu saw his smile and immediately knew something was up as their swords ferociously collided. The force from the impact momentarily opened up Kosu’s guard. It should not have mattered as Yoshi’s weapon was also repelled but the look she saw in his eyes shouted something different. Not wasting a single moment Yoshirou points his right hand at her. “Sokatsui,” he shouts emitting a large torrent of energy. Yoshi pours his power into the attack causing the blue firey energy to spread out like a cone; encasing Kosu’s entire body. The devastating attack lands at point blank range sending her hurtling into an asteroid out in the distance. The attack wasn’t fatal but it should keep her out of the fight for a moment, hopefully long enough to subdue Kosumosu as well. Kosumosu witness everything while charging in but he was still shocked by the events. Plunging his sword towards Yoshirou he attempted to pierce him from behind, but Yoshi knew he was coming. Sidestepping diagonally Yoshirou dodges the attack while positioning himself for a counter of his own. With Kosumosu’s weapon extended forwarded his midsection was left vulnerable. Seizing the moment Yoshirou strikes him in the gut with his knee. Kosumosu goes to defend by catching the attack with his free hand but is quite surprised to find himself unable to block the attack. Taking a move out of Metabee’s playbook Yoshirou created a Seki above his knee just before striking. The surprise attack didn’t do any damage but was useful for creating some space between them. “Your surprised,” states Yoshirou with a grin. “You cannot devour energy with the same spiritual signature as ours. So naturally that would include my kido as well.” He said so in a tone that was renewed with confidence as he saw a path to victory. It was his first time using kido against his Zanpakutos in a fight. There was never a reason to before. Any spar they had before was always about growth and development or training and learning about one another furthering the bond they share. Never in a million years would he have thought it would be so crucial in a situation like this. “Well played but its not over yet,” replies Kosumosu…
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    It didn’t take long for Metabee to answer the door and by his greeting he was expecting someone else. “Sorry to disappoint but you’re still stuck with me,” replied Yoshirou as he shook the Advisors hand. “You know there is always food in the cafeteria. Better yet, you could just have one of the maids bring you something.” The Noble entered the room as invited and immediately noticed Metabee’s luggage. The partially unpacked bag brought a smile to Yoshirou’s face. “I’m glad your making it feel more like home. Perhaps there is still hope for you to take on the name as well,” he says chuckling. It was the first time since Meta became an Ainsworth that Yoshirou tried to sell the Kyoraku name to him. “But yes we have much to discuss my friend.” Yoshirou then asked if Metabee would like to finish unpacking while they talked, as he completely didn’t mind. If not he would suggest the patio table as good a spot to converse. Wherever they spoke Yoshirou would fill in Metabee on their week’s events and accomplishments. First he mentioned that they had guest, explaining about Teschma and Nero. Then he stated their success with the hybrid technique and all the ground they’ve gained. But also their failure to break through to the next stage of the ability, which is where we pick up. “As you’ve heard a lot has happened but we are still hoping that you will provide some much needed insight into crossing the last hurdle?”
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    The cocktail of emotions Kotaro exhibited in his aura was easily detected by Lurker's sense, but he did not need to ask about it as the Vasto Lorde clearly stated his opinion vis-à-vis the Adjuchas' copying feat. The latter chose to ignore the comment and carry on. He is so quick to anger. There are a lot more unknown special abilities in this world; obviously, there would be such copying techniques. I suppose it is his lack of experience that is speaking. A few moments after Lurker's Sonido demonstration, where his head was nearly cut off, he replied to Kotaro's warning with an amused grin and a humorous tone: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but you know, I kinda like this head of mine. It would be much appreciated if I could keep it." Draiden then selected this moment to warn him about devouring anyone he pleased, and Absolon agreed with a chuckle and advised of not obstructing Las Noches' path. Lurker answered to their worries seriously: "Of course, this was needless to say. As for my regressing problem, you don't have to concern yourself about it Draiden. I am continuously eating as we speak. My needs are attended for." And they were. He did have an army under Hueco Mundo, hunting without rest to feed him. Even if Lurker accepted Absolon's advice, he did notice the emphasis on needing a good reason. Rules are made to be broken after all. Then, the Cero Espada asked the two candidates if they were ready for their initiation mission. He was quickly answered by Lurker: "Of course, we were born ready." It was evident that the two of them were not to be trusted nor acknowledged that easily. This mission is their first opportunity to show how capable they are. He then quietly listened to Monk's description as he held his question until the end. "How about his last known whereabouts?" This quest will prove to be quite a challenge. Searching for a single entity in all the worlds without any clues is close to impossible, even with Lurker's nature. He hoped that with his last question, a place to start his investigation would be given. Lurker's vast knowledge was still lacking as he did not know anything about that "Monk," the first step of his mission will probably be to absorb the soul of someone that knew/saw/survived him. The last shinigamis he ate did know about a recent Arrancar's attack in Soul Society, but they had no clue about who that was.
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    Day 1 The trio met up again the next morning for a quick meal. Again JDan was the first to say his goodbyes and leave. He was given orders by Yoshirou to have all the Clansmen assemble in the great hall so that he may address them after their meal. Metabee and Yoshirou kept the conversation casual while finishing a well-balanced breakfast. With goodbyes said Yoshirou met up with JDan in the great hall. Everyone that was a Kyoraku aside from the Advisor was there, which numbered a little over one hundred and fifty. It was time he addressed his brethren and filled them in on what’s all going on. “Ladies and gentlemen I wont sugarcoat it for you. The threat is real and the enemies we face are far deadlier and fiercer than any that have come before them,” states Yoshirou as he explains for the first time the events that transpired just the other day. He speaks of Monk and his ungodly strength as well Sama’el and his malicious realm. Holding nothing back the Noble told his people of what he knew. The clansmen grew a little frightened and scared but rightfully so. Only a lying nervous fool would say otherwise. But Yoshirou wouldn’t leave them feeling this way or without a plan. “Fear not for there are ways even through the shadows of the valley of death. (Metaphor for hopelessness/insurmountable odds.) Even now Metabee, JDan and I are developing new ways to not only strengthen ourselves but to counter our foes. We are the Kyoraku don’t forget! Even the Gotei marvels at our swordsmanship and soon the enemy will come to fear it as well,” Yoshirou says reassuring his people and bolstering their moral. The Noble proceeds to explain the hybrid Kido technique that they are developing; comparing it to Shunko though it will be a mixture of Kido and Zanjutsu instead of Kido and Hakuda. Yoshi realizes that he has yet to name the technique but would give it more thought later. As he continued Yoshirou informed them that their daily training time would increase. He also stated that Kido training would be mandatory instead of optional, but no one complained as they fully understood. As this was all in hopes that once the hybrid skill was created they would able to learn and teach it easier. As his speech was coming to an end Yoshirou wanted to end on a positive note instead of one of despair. “Look around you. When you are first born you are given a family. But each one of you chose to be here. You choose to be a Kyoraku and you chose to be apart of this great and noble family. What one of us cannot do alone we can do together, united with Metabee and our Shinigami brethren we will annihilate any evil that stands against us…” With passion burning like fire the men and women roared with excitement even knowing that their future wasn’t very certain. They were all weary of the events to come but were more than motivated to meet and beat any challenge that may befall them. Training that day was probably the best they’ve ever had. With everyone so eager and driven to succeed they gave it their all and then some. JDan was able to envelop his whole body with the element that resonated with him without expending all his energy. He could now do it just as easy as he was creating the earth element in his hands. His growth rate and progress was astounding but it still failed in comparison to Yoshirou or Metabee. The Head Noble was able to accomplish both in a day to catch up with JDan’s progress. Not only that but Yoshirou already found some use for it was well. He could snap or clap his hands together and create the same effect as a flash bang grenade; momentarily blinding, confusing and disorienting any within the vicinity. The effects only lasted a few seconds but in high-speed combat it could make the world of difference. Day 2 There was no big speech to give today but Yoshirou still visited each training session before he started his own. Although there was very little progress made by the other Clansmen, in a single day, Yoshi was more then pleased by everyone’s dedication and determination. With there work ethic even those with the slowest growth rate would develop faster than usual. After his rounds Yoshirou met up with JDan who was already doing some solo training. They discussed for a moment how to proceed and ultimately went with Yoshi’s idea. Since they could both cover their bodies with their favored element they should spar while doing so. The goal was to familiarize better with the process and become more comfortable with it. Right now it was taxing on the body and rapidly drained their stamina so it was ill suited for live combat. By the end of the day they noticed some subtle changes. The results were minor but present. JDan got mixed results; his body became slightly more durable and his attacks slightly heavier but at a loss of speed. While it wasn’t a drastic decrease he wasn’t the fastest to being with so any loss of speed was noticeable. Yoshirou on the other hand had more favorable results. His speed and attack was faster though is strength did not change. This combined with his new Flash Bang skill gave JDan a hell of a hard time while sparing. The only negative was the rapid drain of energy but it wasn’t any greater than JDan’s, which simply came with the technique. Of course with time they hoped to minimize the stamina drainage but for now he was more than pleased. Day 3 Day three went just as the previous one. Yoshirou made his morning rounds and then met up with JDan and went through the same training routine. The only results today for them were that they were able to train for longer periods of time before having to stop and replenish their energy. They decided to train for only half the day. Fighting for a day and a half straight in a new, unfamiliar and incomplete form was exhausting. Even if they wanted to train further, they didn’t have the necessary energy to maintain the flow of elemental energy. Instead they rested and caught up on their duties. Yoshirou even received word that the destroyed village in the outer Rukon was completely cleaned up. Now it simply looked like a new plot of land ready for development. Yoshi’s initial idea was to make it a memorial but that was too sad and depressing not to mention inefficient. Instead he authorized something different. They would build an outreach post there that could serve to help the surround communities. They would offer not only food and aid but also different classes that taught those that wanted to learn how to survive off the land and available resources. It would be ran completely by volunteers and overseen by the Clan. Yes this is a much better idea Yoshi thought as he signed the papers that would but it into action. Later that evening Yoshirou receive a Hell Butterfly. It was a report from Jessica stating their progress. So far they have not made contact with the group but they have been closing in thanks to a few good tips and leads they've come across. If rumors are true there is only a hand full of them left. Most retired or simply left and went their separate ways but they still maintained their high reputation. Day 4 Feeling invigorated and rejuvenated Yoshirou and JDan returned to training. Once again they changed there approached employing a different method today. Instead of simply sparing they would use kido while having their natural energy flow through them. Using Hado on each other could prove dangerous so the kept it to just Bakudo. They would simply start from the beginning and work their way up the list as high as they could. At the end of the training session the results were pretty good. Every Bakudo JDan fired was far more durable than normal. Even Sai took nearly fifty percent more strength for Yoshi to break free of. JDan was able to make it to Bakudo #62 before running out of energy, although he did not actually perform every kido prior to it. Yoshirou was able to push a little further than JDan and made it to Danku before exhaustion set in. However, although it did alter the appearance of most of the kido’s only a few of them saw an actually improvement that wasn’t just visual. The ones that did improved did so exactly how you would expect from the results Yoshi has already seen; they were launched and took effect far quicker than there unenhanced counter parts. Otherwise there strength and durability remained the same. Day 5 Before training Yoshirou received word that a few of the Squad 13 members wished for an audience with him. He immediately obliged and heard them out. They told him how Metabee visited them the day before and explained everything. While most were apprehensive the Kido Commander was able to recruit a few using his authority as his their superior. But that’s not why they have sought the Noble out. After time to thinking it over and discuss it amongst themselves they wish too willing join the cause and even the Kyoraku Clan if Yoshi would allow it. Without a second thought Yoshirou accepted his former comrades with open arms. In all their where nineteen that joined that day but they were all willing and capable, former squad mates and friends. During Yoshirou morning rounds he started to notice significant improvement from his Clansmen. Most had already been able to improve and strengthen their swordsmanship and kido while some have even learned new skills and techniques. The Kyoraku Clan’s spirit was high and showed no sign of diminishing. Neither Yoshirou nor JDan could successfully integrate the flow of natural energy into their Zanpakuto yet, though they were still gaining ground. Hopefully Metabee would return with some insight, as it wouldn't be much longer now. Today’s training for the pair would involve Hado but since it was too dangerous to test the effects on each other they used training dummies as targets. This low-tech method was useful as a stationary target would be best. Besides these dummies could absorb a small amount of damage and provide minor calculations giving feed back on subtle differences. Unlike yesterday it was Yoshirou who found the most success today. Not only did the speed of most of his Hados increase but also so their piercing or destructive capabilities. Byakurai looked more like a ray of sun light than lightning and easily pierced the metal targets. While Shakkaho and Sokatsui both reduced the dummies to a pile of smoldering hot metal. However the energy consumption was far grater than using Bakudo. JDan didn’t notice any changes until he used Hado #57 were he was able to create large boulders to use for the kido instead of nearby debris. After witnessing it though he immediately cancelled the Hado as it might cause significant damage to the building. All in all they were happy with the results and decided to call it an early day. Later that evening Jessica and Nolan returned having successfully completed their mission. Accompanying them were the only active members left of Odds N’ Ends, Teschma- its leader and Nero- his right hand man and trusted friend. They spoke privately at first but agree to discuss business the following morning. The pair were treated as honored guest and indulged in a nice dinner with Yoshirou and the Clansmen. After which JDan gave them a tour of the Manson and showed them rooms they would be occupying. Day 6 Today was the day that Metabee would be returning and with any luck he would have some information that will help them progress further. But before all that Yoshirou had breakfast with his guest before heading to his office to discuss on why he sought them out. Before anything was revealed Yoshirou had them swear a vow of secrecy as wished for his words to remain confidential. Teschma assured him that even if they declined the mission not a word of information would be spilled from their lips. As such was there way; even if they were Vizard mercenaries they were still Shinigamis too. Their since of pride and honor meant just as much to them as it did to Yoshirou. Convinced Yoshi tells them everything. From the first time he encountered Sama’el in the graveyard to the last, just the other day after Monks death. He even reveals the fact that the Kido Commander and him were creating a new specialized technique. But he wasn’t done there. What he said next was why they were there and something Yoshirou has never said aloud; only his Zanpakuto spirits knew. The words that Vizards heard were so outrageous and even suicidal that Tesch got up an almost walked out. Nero quickly reminded him though that they have yet to not hear a customer out. Starting now would be a meaningless blemish on their perfect record. Regaining his cool Tesch stayed and let Yoshirou finished. “Ok we’ve heard your ludicrous ideas. Even if we were to accept, how would you be able to compensate us enough to make the risk worth it?” Teschma asked knowing a reward for such missions should be just as insane. “You know money would have no meaning for something this unreasonable.” “No, I know you two have built up a substantial amount of savings back in the World of the Living. I even heard that you two are looking into retirement since you are all that remain of your group,” replies Yoshirou who then diverts to a story. “If you are to believe the legends of old, they tell of a murderous group of bandits so dreadful that fear of them alone was enough to protect the Soul Society.” “Yes, yes, they went on to become the early day Gotei 13… if the myths are true. But what’s this story have to do with anything?” asked Teschma. “Perhaps we need to take a step back in that direction and a balance of warriors like you might take the Seireitei in the right direction. What I offer is a home and a place to belong. Both of you become apart of the Kyoraku and take up our noble cause. As it sits now there are no Captains in the Gotei 13 so I will even pull some strings and have you instated as a Captain Teschma. You Nero of course will be appointed as Vice Captain,” declares Yoshirou. The Vizards looked at each other dumfounded. While they expected an offer that out weighted money or gold, they did not expect something to this degree. It was a far better reward than they could ever have imagined but they couldn’t rush their answer. The missions were dangerous enough that they might not even live long enough to collect. Coming to the same conclusion they state that they must think it over and would like some time to do so. Of course Yoshirou understood and agreed. In the mean time he suggested that they explored the Manor’s grounds a little bit and come to know the people. They were even given permission to join in the Clansmen’s daily training if they wanted to. Tesch and Nero both heard about the legendary Zanjutsu training the Kyoraku go through and took up the offer to join in. After Yoshirou got them started with another group he met up once again with JDan. With Metabee returning any moment now and less than half day to train they decided to spend the day just going over the fundamentals and what they have already learned. As evening came training ended. Yoshirou sought out his guest but was told they went exploring the Clan’s grounds as he suggested. It was no matter as he also was informed that Metabee had recently returned. Yoshi headed to Meta’s room where he suspected he would be after just arriving. Reaching the door Yoshirou knocks awaiting a response.
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    The young scientist would reach up to his face and remove his half moon cut glasses from his face , he would fold them neatly placing them on the table. A smile small grace his usally stoice face as warm memories flooded his mind , how we all take our childhood for granted. "Look at me in that picture i look like an idiot" he would say still smiling as he looked at the picture. Despite what others may say every man of science holds a small child on the inside. "It's sad to think im still the same greiving child" he would stand from the table walking over to the small potrait. "These where my closest friends in the entire world , we where stupid even made a stupid vow" he'd say a small laugh mixed with a trembling voice riddled with saddness. Hachurui would take a moment to compose himself trying to regain his composure still with a shakey smile and laugh "we where all born the same day , so we agreed to have a picnic every year" a tear seemed to find it's way to his cheek as he spoke "but they all died thanks to a hollow attack , they new what they signed up for ......but it hurts to drink away the world because you have no one" he would say stumbling back to the table where the keyboard lay. He was silent for the most part but tears still fell , old wounds now opened. "Forgive me , im being unprofessional" he stated sniffing not letting his nose begin to run , he had already shown to much of a softer side already. "I just get lonely here with lizzy and my pet dragon" he would state as the glass wall behind them filling in for a computer screen began piecing together a new cell construct. The name under it was CODE NAME: ANGEL "well the computer will focus on building her , is there anymore youd like to ask or say"
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    Once he finished his dinner, Yoshirou showed him where to put to trash since this hall was different from the previous one they used. The Noble then said that actually before going to sleep he still had some more work to do. Both him and JDan seemed very passionate and motivated about their work compared to Metabee who would prefer to just go to sleep and leave it for the next day. Yoshirou then extended his hand for a handshake and teased him more but also said a goodbye in case they wouldn’t see each other. Metabee shook his hand,’Aww, how cute. Want me to give you a plushie of me so that it keeps you company? I’ll try to be back as soon as I can.’ After this, the two split up and headed in their own directions. The Captain headed straight for his room where he had a proper shower and went to bed. The next morning, after breakfast was over and done with Metabee left for the Kido Corps. Since he didn’t bring anything on they way here he didn’t have to carry any sort of luggage but he will definitely return with some sort of decorations for his new room at the mansion. Once he arrived everyone knew of his presence as he quickly set things in motion and mobilised everyone in the training grounds. First, he had to explain what had happened in Rukongai with Monk and then Sama’el which lead on to the current threat that loomed before them. This meant that they had to train to make sure their skills were top notch. With all the other Captains absent it fell to Yoshirou and Metabee to unite the Gotei 13, or at least as much as possible. In terms of training, the first day was the slowest as Metabee had to organise everyone and see their strengths and weaknesses to decide on how to approach this best. After analysing everyone, he put them into groups where each group trained something specific and had a senior member looking over them. There was no time to learn something new so instead it was best to hone what they were already best at. That way on the battlefield everyone will have something that they excel at and will be able to support other teams that are not so good at that particular thing. The training for the first day quickly came to an end but Metabee the work was far from over. First, he met up with Sayuri to inform her of his decision about the fight and then he had wanted to discuss their relationship which ultimately ended up in them splitting ways. His next destination was the Kido Corps library where he picked up a stack of books and delved in hoping to find something of use but time was limited so no results were found. The next day, the same pattern occurred where he trained the Kido Corps members by day but by night he was doing his own research. The members seemed to have a slight improvement from the previous day which is exactly what he wanted. If they trained like this every day for two weeks then the slight improvements would add up to something substantial which will increase their chances by ever so slightly. This continued until the 4th day when Metabee didn’t come to the training but instead decided to head for Squad 5 and 9 barracks. These were two Squads that had close ties with the Kido Corps so they were his best bet. His reason for going there was to gather more forces. He told them of the threat before them in the same way that he told his own members. In the end, he managed to convince the elite and senior members to join them in the battle and to start their own preparations. However, that was not all as his next destination was the Squad 13 barracks. Although they weren’t really affiliated, Squad 13 was the one that Yoshirou used to be a Captain of so he figured getting help from them would be easier. He told them what their previous Captain was up to and that he needed help in the upcoming battle against the forces of Hell. Though this didn’t seem to make them any more less reluctant to help as there was no much meaning in fighting for someone that left them. This meant that he had to use his authority as the Kido Corps Captain and the Advisor to Kyoraku in order to rally some forces. In the end, from the 3 Squads they would be getting around 200 or so members to fight with them which in terms of their forces was quite a big improvement. Especially so, when he was aiming for quality over quantity so this could be considered quite a big success. However, in terms of creating a new Kido Metabee was no further than when he started and he was running out of material that he could reach out to, perhaps there used to be more but with the barracks destroyed a lot of it was burnt. On the fifth day, he decided to change his thinking a bit. No Kido creation process would be the same so they had to tailor it to this particular one. First, he reviewed what they knew and looked to what clues they had. His biggest clue was actually JDan. He mentioned that when he tried to encase his Zanpakuto in his new element it failed every time but when he did it with his body it succeeded. Why? He thought about it and reviewed what he knew about energy types and then the answer quickly became clear. The Captain quickly confirmed this with his Zanpakuto and it seemed that he was correct. Metabee finally found a solution that would help them have a breakthrough. The sixth day was when the one week deadline was for Yoshirou and JDan which meant that he had to go back to the Kyoraku Mansion. However, he definitely wouldn’t be leaving empty handed as his time away proved to be quite fruitful so it wasn’t time wasted. Looking back, it seemed that he achieved quite a lot in the short span of six days so he definitely felt a sense of pride. With the training finished for the day, Metabee packed some things that he would take with him and left for the Kyoraku Mansion once again, where he arrived in the middle of the evening.
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    They all entered the great fortress known as Las Noches and instantly the two newcomers were astonished. They immediately stepped out of darkness into light, which was an impressive feat all by itself yet there was far more. Its size alone was perplexing as its endless skies and seas of sand made it appear bigger than outside. “Kotaro it is still hard to believe after laying your own eyes on it, isn’t it?” Absolon asks. The Vasto Lorde was slightly speechless and rightfully so. “There are over ten palaces within these great walls and it is roughly a six day stroll from end to end. If you two become its newest residents you will come to know its layout much better.” Lurker’s next words took Absolon by surprise. “What do you mean better than before? Is this not your first time seeing the inside?” asked Absolon but Vatto was the first to speak up. “That one has a way of… consuming things. It’s quite fascinating,” states Vatto. He then nods at Lurker confirming that its ok to speak freely with Absolon right now. In fact the more capable he proved to be the more useful he was to the Cero and Las Noches. Vatto didn't know much about these two yet either but he felt they would be very important to the future of all Hollows.
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    Hachurui would fix his glasses as he would go back to typeing , seeing as lurker wasnt pleased with his results. Weather lurker knew it or not his emotions now would show on his new bodys face quite plainly. And the tone of the first stement upon that statemt he would stop typing and press enter as thousands of languages and numbers flooded the screen ; the word 'caculting' would begin flashing on screen with the word formula 'flashing' after it. It was obvious what Hachurui had his computer doing he was going to attempt to relicate lurker. Hachurui would huff and then turn his attention twoard lurker and the a cooler next to his hand on the table he sat upon. He would look back at lurker the screen then the ice cooler. "Before we continue..." He would trail off opening the cooler just a bit pull out two beer's but they weren't normal the glass bottles where shaped like skull and on the back there was the lable of a tavern he would toss lurker one "...i know its knot much but that body shows your emotions quite plainly , and i see i offended you so lets start over ehh" he'd say after biting the cork out his ans spitting it to the floor revealing his mounth of sharp fangs while getting the cork out. He would be holding his drink out waiting for lurker to clink them together as a sigh of freindship. If lurker accepted before he would drink , Hachūrui would pipe up. "Becarful now this stuff'll throw hairs on your chest" he would say with a quick laugh as he took a big swigg himself the taste of lime washed down his mouth ; followed by a quick wave of dizziness that passed. Hachurui would cof three times then down the whole thing and give out a loud sigh of joy. He had a light blush going across his nose and cheeks ; you know the steryo typical anime im drunk blush. Hachurui seemed to stare at his glass for a good while "im sorry about my past statement but as a scientist your existance baffles me to no end , it just seems impossible for you to be a hollow. Im sure you know by now to be a hollow you once had to be human" Hachurui would state giving a small hiccup apparently even while drunk he was still extremly coherent. "But in the matter of your cells , depending on the level of kido you could create a network of sorts , like kniting the outer most layers cells together now upon impact you would need to actively absorb said ability weak attacks would assimlated but against a powerful enemy i can only give a genorous offer of 30% damage reduction" there was no condescending attitude drunk Hachurui seemed to actually care for lurkers saftey. He would also be looking just over lurks shoulder at a tiny photo stand with two other shinigami all four other shinigami in the picture where smiling you wouldnt notice at first but Hachurui had the biggest smile in that picture.
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    In between the talking Metabee would eat and someone else would take the turn to talk. JDan reassured him that he will keep trying to find out more about his discovery. The Captain then informed the two that he will be leaving to sort out the Kido Corps which Yoshirou quickly accepted and offered help,'Sure, thanks. I don't think we will be doing anything complicated though and just simply buffing up our ranks.' The Noble also told him to give Sayuri his regards and wished her all the best,'I will. Though I don't think I will allow her to participate in this coming battle. If I am to die then there needs to be someone suitable to replace me and lead the Squad. Nonetheless, it will still be hard on her.' JDan then asked if he will be leaving tonight but Metabee shook his head,'No, it's better if I leave in the morning. If I left now nothing can be done at this hour anyway so I prefer to stay the night and gather my thoughts.' While these two would be catching up to him, he will not completely put aside the Kido and instead use the opportunity to browse the Kido Corps library more in hopes of finding some sort of clues or tips. Yoshirou reassured him that he will not slack off as their future depended on the effort that they put in now. The Captain nodded,'So, concerning the Kido I think that should be it unless you want to discuss some specific points.'
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    That's good. Absolon seems pleased for now, but... I'm I really a hollow? Lurker had this question for a long time now. And that inquiry, asked from someone else, had a profound impact on the Adjuchas. His true form doesn't have a mask, nor does it have a hole. Sure, his genuine reitsu was at the most part hollow, but that could be attributed to his hollow diet. Maybe he'll have answers on his next evolution. Absolon staring at him and circling him like a shark did not help Lurker to relax, but he managed to listen quietly while Vatto and Kotaro responded. Calming his excited cells, he gradually stopped glowing as he adapted to the reitsu.
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    To the Cero Espada's, "If its a fight you seek", and, "go home!!!" Kotaro answered when there was a pause and took a step forward, "we are not looking for a fight, nor are we leaving. Not yet." Then, within the next couple of minutes while the others spoke, Kotaro gathered his courage to face this legend. The hollow had taken several more steps to reduce the distance. The weight of Absolon's power was still there, but the Vasto Lorde was getting used to it, slowly. Then, it came to his turn to speak. The hollow lowered himself into a submissive position on one knee. Even one knee, Kotaro kept as steady stare into Absolon's eyes, with his own burning with passion, absent of fear. Then, he stood. And with said passion, Kotaro responded, "I'm not sure I can help with information as well as Lurker. But, manpower is a different story entirely. I will offer my strength and potential to you, Los Noches, and Hueco Mundo. All I request is training, and a place to belong. Though, there has been something bothering me for a long time...I don't know what it is. But, I know it has to do with my current level of power..."
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    Metabee being the man he is humbly accepts their praises and politely responds. Yoshirou and JDan nod their heads in agreement as they two were excited with anticipation, curious to see the possibilities the future may hold; a wise man once said they were infinite. The Kido Commander then commented on JDan’s progress stating his curiosity. “I will keep at it and let you know of any new developments of course. We’re all in this together,” replies JDan. Dinner continued as well as the conversation and it was now that Metabee announced his plans to return to the Kido Corps. His words were both true and sound, as they would undoubtedly be needed at their best. “Ok, but if you need anything to help your Corps prepare just send word,” states Yoshirou though he knew Meta knows this already. “And give Sayuri my regards. I wish her the best through the hardship to come.” “Your not planning on leaving to night are you? It is already late,” said JDan speaking up letting the guard in him speak out. Mean while Yoshi continued to eat savoring the last few bites of his dinner. After Metabee answered, he continued, reassuring his Advisor. “Don’t worry we will train hard to make our one and two week goals. Our future may very well depend on it.”
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    When Monk and Vatto sparred Absolon and Draiden were their as witness so he wasn’t sure why the Privaron acted like he didn’t know him; perhaps forgetfulness was a side effect of his laziness. Not pressing the matter any further, Vatto moved aside as he half listened to Draiden’s unconvincing apology. It kind of defeats the purpose when you admit your going to continue to do it anyways. Kota followed suit but Lurker seemed to have had enough. His impatience got the better of him and if this little squabble bothered him so, then the road ahead would be arduous to say the least. Vatto listened to what he had to say as killing him would be pointless. “Lurker get used to it. This part of the Espada’s aspect and has plague Absolon for years,” he replied to Lurker’s outburst as he was storming off. It was unfortunate even as the apex of their species Espadas were still Hollows. Essentially tormented souls that weren’t guided to the Soul Society in time thus becoming the worse part of their former selves. Bickering and rivalry was something that they would never be able to escape, as if it was part of their unjust punishment for being left by the way side. Just thinking about the Shinigami started to irritate him so he returned his focus to Draiden. “Perhaps a reset is warranted. But do try and be more upbeat… please,” says Vatto though the sound of 'please' rolling of his lips makes him want to rip his own tongue out. They had all started to follow Lurker as Draiden suggested but then it happened. The gigantic doors to Las Noches creped open like a haunted house unveiling its main attraction. Whether intentional or not someone made a call and it was only polite to answer. The eternity it felt that it took the doors to open was only a few seconds, revealing the recipient. A lone blue haired Arrancar stood at the gates of the Hollow Night Palace. The Hollow cupped his forehead and rubbed his temples. “All this racket on my doorstep. I wish they would either come or go,” he thinks to himself not knowing what all the fuse was about. Two of them he knew but the other two are strangers, one of them being the caller. Taking a step forward, into the moonlight, it was unmistakably Absolon. As he strolls forward the colossal doors behind him closed with a thud. Those who shifted focus, from the Arrancar to the gates, would have lost sight of Absolon until he reappeared in front of Lurker as if emerging out of thin air. "Who dares approaches in such an uncivilized manner?" asks Absolon. "If its a fight you seek I must ask that you go home!!!" He knew there was probably more to this seeing how Driaden and Vatto accompanied them but one could always hope it was that easy.
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    Kotaro watched the verbal stabs and listened to their ideas on how to proceed. The idea of threatening the strongest espada was not on the top of his list and he shivered at Draiden's description. His eyes switching from Arrancar to Arrancar in nervous curiosity as to how this situation would change. It could get dangerous, and fast. Yeah, we're guests. ........What? Vatto just gave Draiden permission to.....Ooh, okay then... Kotaro was at a loss on what to do. The hollow shifted on his feet slowly as time went on. He stopped a few seconds later. Then, Kota looked at Lurker with interest to hear what he thought of all of this craziness.
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    A low hum would buzz in draidens ear as he lay on the edge of the roof atop las noches , his body a mere pebble on the greatnesd that was Las Noches. The privaron would slowly open his eyes waking from his nap finally finishing his deep sleep that those two hollows from before interrupted. The neon haired arrancars vision was blurred as it was blurred a bright neaon green light. Draiden had suspended a singular balla in the air near by that gave off a warm heat the neon haired arrancar would sigh as he rolled upon his back being carful not to fall off las Noches. He now was facing the burning bright balla he would slowly reach up and take hold of the balla. In one swift motion of his hand crushed it causing the spirit energy to disperse and fade. Draiden would give a little "hmph" as he sat up three spiritual pressures now present near las noches 1 was very noticeable , while the other two felt odd familiar , the other felt warped and distorted "those two wouldnt be here right now....not this fast" he would mumble to himself as he looked over the edge of las noches just three simple dots , i can sense them clearly like i should but if it wasnt for that theyd be invisible. Draiden wasnt oozing his presence out but he made an effort to suppress his power as he began to take off in Sonido the first one taking him to the sand , and without waiting a momemt he would sonido once more and reappear just behind the three meaning the other two would be facing their backs to him , while this indian tribal looking arrancar would have a clear view of him. Draiden would immedeatly call attention to himself "so a random arrancar and my two favorite hollows kotaro and it only makes sense that this is lurker" that same unintrested disrespectful drawl he carried with everyone even the cero espada. His body language suggested extreme boredom and fatigue even though he was neither ; anyone who had engaged him in combat or watched him fight knew his behavior was very deceptive.
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    As to be expected of the Kido Commander; out of the three of them he made the most progress. “Wow, I’m glad you are on our side,” says JDan impressed. “In a single day no less. And you doubted yourself; I knew you were the right person for the job,” states Yoshirou. “Don’t worry about the imperfections. I’m sure we will iron out all the kinks with time.” Both Yoshirou and JDan praised Metabee for his accomplishment. While it wasn't major it was a huge step in the right direction and as long as they continued forward they would achieve their goal. After they all took a few bites JDan gave a report on his progress. “My day started in failure. I could manifest earth in my hand but every time I tried to extended it through my Zanpakuto it failed. I had to have tried at least a hundred times,” he says taking a sip of water. There were other beverages to drink but nothing quenched a hard day’s thirst like cold water. “It became so easy to manifest in my hands that there was almost no difference than using a Kido. And it was about then that I decided to do something different. Instead of forcing the element to flow through my Zanpakuto, I simply channeled it through the rest of my body,” He wore a smile as he finished with his report “And it worked. Sure it exhausted a lot of energy but it worked.” “Hell you both out did me today. I swear I was slacking off,” Yoshirou said jokingly. “But that’s great JDan. You two make an old soul proud giving life to my crazy ideas. With the success you’ve both had today it proves that it is possible and not just a fruitless endeavor. ” Metabee then spoke up breaking their final goal up into stages, which would make it much easier to complete. “That’s a tall task but we will manage. What will you do in the mean time?” Yoshi asks as it sounds like he would be leaving for a while.
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    It had been quite sometime since Vatto had returned to Las Noches. When he left, the fortress was almost completely reconstructed so it would be surprising if it weren’t finished. The important question was if Absolon was their but surely he was, for where else would he go? He had struggle so hard to revive the Espada but the fools of old wanted nothing to due with it as they rather fight amongst themselves. With any luck they would find him there still clinging on to a possible future. While off in his own head, Vatto became distracted with his last thought. "Future? Huh I wonder where Monk is?” He was the only Arrancar that Vatto brought back to Las Noches, as well as the only one to best him besides the Cero Espada. For Vatto, Monk was an anomaly. He was the only Hollow that he had felt some sort of friendship but that wasn’t the right word. Vatto had recognized him as a worth rival and out of that sparked a bond. But where was he?? Vatto stopped abruptly stopped. Although he could see it for a while now it should be visible to the others now. “The Palace of the Eternal Night,” he mutters turning to face them. “This is your last chance to turn back and run. While I will vouch for you I will kill you myself if you embarrass me. I’ve never been one to take things slow so it will be a quick death. But if some part of you longs for more than what you are now, no matter what it may be,-“ he then points behind him. “- that is your best chance.” Forsyth waited for them to respond; he knew their answer but they needed to say it. They had traveled fast and far and were now on the last leg of the journey. Sure the lesser Hollows might have been tired but if this was too much for them then they were heading in the wrong direction.
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    The first to speak up was Kotaro and he was right. While few in numbers an Espada was an Espada for a reason. It is not just a title that Arrancars’ can causally throw around no matter ones own disposition. To become an Espada while glorious in its own right was no different than painting a target on your own back. While Hollows respected, feared, and obeyed you, every other race sought your death and even view you as a notch on their belt, a worth trophy if you will. “Kotaro Anubis you may count your blessings as your hopes have come true,” exclaimed Vatto with a smile. “I know for sure there will be no fighting for your death is guaranteed. However if you are accepted and you live into your potential, then you may fight anyone you like.” It was a cold hard fact that the Vasto Lorde would be annihilated with minimal effort in his current form but if he were to grow stronger then anything is possible; even Espada fight amongst themselves from time to time. Vatto then looked to Lurker for his answer and he quickly obliged. He stated that he understood the Espada’s words and asked for a moment to collect himself, which surprising he meant quite literal. The ground shook just as Vatto sensed something beneath. As the earth split he jumped back roughly five feet, watching the gooey substance cling to its master. It was very odd and peculiar, beyond unique to say the least, but there was no killing intent coming from him, a good sign. In fact he not only agreed but also revealed more of himself, certainly a sign of good faith. With an understanding met they were ready to set forth though the Espada had one more word of advice. “I could careless what form a shifter of faces take but never claim something your not. You will only find unwanted trouble.” He then turned his back to them facing the direction of Las Noches. "Well then shall we?" Vatto then led them towards the next chapter in their lives; his pace was fast enough to lead but slow enough to follow.
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    The Espada was pleased that creature finally humored him and answered his questions more thoroughly. He had grown tired of the back and forth and started to wonder if he was just wasting more time. As Lurker talked from what Vatto could tell he wasn’t lying. For his sake these two seem to actually speak the truth though that didn’t mean they told him everything. If Vatto had to guess there was more to the story but only an idiot would divulge everything. Knowledge is power a lesson he learned from Absolon though he’s only now coming to understand. “NO… you may not observe. With Las Noches there is no gray area. You are either in or out; with us or against us. But participate… now that might be an option though not one that I can make,” explains Vatto. With so few members no one joined the Espada with out the Cero’s consent. “But I will not take a puppet. As I said it’s all or nothing how else is trust built,” Forsyth stated. “And just to prove it I will answer your question. All I did was suppress my spiritual pressure. What you sensed was just the residuals and I commend you on that. Agree to my terms and come with me to Las Noches and much more will be disclosed to you. You seem interested in that sort of thing. One thing for certain you two will gain much more there than you ever would here. Food, power, knowledge, training... and so much more” He spoke in a way that he thought would convince them. Even if they numbered few not many would dare make enemies of the Espada. That was even more so amongst the realms own residents. But refuse as they might Vatto would leave them unharmed, this time…
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    The jet black sphere suddenly started vibrating and emitting a ominous sound as it morphed into a tiny obsidian owl that flew around Kotaro's head a few times then landed on his shoulder. "It's quite alright Kotaro, I got it from now." the voice was refined and elegant, we could say the same about its reitsu. It felt like an actual owl, with a speck of shinigami & arrancar, nothing like its friend once knew. But Lurker had a few trick up his sleeve and changing his reitsu's signature was one of them. "I'm honored to meet the Tres Espada, Vatto isn't it? I'm Lurker. You have to forgive me for forging my spiritual pressure, but I'm not sure who to trust in these dark times. Draiden seemed to be recruiting us for Las Noches, I suppose he saw something in us, even if we are fairly weak comparing us to you both. I'll be honest with you dear, Las Noches convey the impression to be immensely boring nowadays, so I have no idea if its ideal & its philosophy are worth to be idolize by me. Of course, I can't make a just opinion without participating in your activities." Lurker had a great idea while talking. He could know a lot more about Las Noches if he could actually be part of them as an observant. Only the thought of something so weak clinging to Vatto would probably disgust him, but the way he ask was subtle not to upset Vatto.
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    Shit...I can't beat him. Even at full power, he'd destroy me, His eyebrow rose in response upon hearing that he had watched them, and for that long too, so he was watching us? Damn. Well, I shouldn't make him mad. Here goes nothing...or everything. Thus Kotaro canceled both his Cero which vanished, and his Pack Hunt. With that, his clone started to quickly melt onto energy and fly back into the main body. Once done, Kotaro was back at his full strength. Well, the full strength he knew. Next, the Vasto Lorde put his sword into its sheath on his lower back. The little hollow took a few calming breaths and then nodded his understanding. Deciding to tell it from the start, Kotaro began, "I stopped by the Gillian Forest to snack on a few Menos before going back to the world of the living. Since this place is mostly a bland, barren hell. I was cocky and let a Menos attack and then foolishly attacked without care. Thus drawing more in. I met that other hollow there. And, in came Draiden. He killed the Menos and asked us some questions. Then.....out of nowhere, he offered to help us hunt. The other hollow suggested Arrancar. And, Draiden agreed. No sure why he helped us. But, he did." Kotaro's mind went to one of the last things the Privaron had told him. And again, he asked himself, me...an Espada... haha no way~. He had to be joking!
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    Draiden had left and so did the bizarre Hollow that accompanied them until now. Leaving just one and although he appeared to be a Vasto Lorde he was oddly weak but proved nonetheless capable. Vatto had two choices. He could return to the area of that strange substance. Or he could continue to pursue the lone Hollow. The choice was easy. If there was still something left at that sight then it will be there later as well; or so he had hoped. Honestly as a former Vasto Lorde himself this Hollow had peaked his interest. The time was now. Vatto had observed all that he could in the short amount of time he spent stalking them. With the Hollow alone and distracted in training it was time to act. Vatto descended from the sky like a fallen star. His spiritual pressure was suppressed though still detectable but such a thing didn’t matter as he hit the ground neigh instantaneously. No one could escape from the fastest Espada though Absolon when enhancing his speed did provide a challenge. Appearing like a flash of lightning Vatto revealed himself to the unsuspecting Hollow. His hair was black and stretched almost to his shoulders while his skin was as pale as the sandy desert they all called home. His face was pretty and his skin scarless but those who think Forsyth to be docile were gravely mistaken. Emerging from the dust was an Espada that did not wear the normal colors, but instead sported mostly black with gold trimmings and accents. “You there! What was your business with the Privaron?”
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    After a bit of thinking, Kota decided on staying in Hueco Mundo and do some training. He was still learning the sword. So, he stood up and ran into the endless barren world. He chose to head back to the Gillian Forest, well close to it. Several hundred yards away from the forest's edge Kotaro found a cave. The Vasto Lorde knew hollows liked to hide in caves. He did quite a few times. Thus, he drew his sword again and went in. The cave turned out to be empty, and it took a few minutes to search the whole thing due to its size. Satisfied, Kotaro returned outside and began figuring out which hand he liked the sword in more. After that, he stretches his muscles slowly. Once every muscle had been stretched, he began to warm up with a few other exercises. Then, Kotaro started to switch to his right hand and swung the sword in the air several times, and even tried using a few kicks to form combos. As he did this, the hollow slowly found that he could use the blade with more ease using his left hand and arm. Kota swung from left to right and used his legs and torso to add spinning into the attack. While spinning and after the cut, he preforms a fast Capoeira-like kick, before going into another cut. After another minute of different trail and error combos, Kotaro slowed to a stop and began breathing. Just breathing to relax and calm a little. (OOC: Using this thread for training/character dev. It is still open to those that want to join. Also, the style of dialog will change because of using a phone, instead of PC)
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    Kota listened to Lurker and took the orb. He nods his head, "We make a pretty good team. And, yeah, it was fun to have good company. See ya and be careful!" He placed the black orb on his shoulder and used a bit of reiatsu to keep it there no matter how fast he ran. After that, scratched his head thinking of where to go, and what to do. Lurker had given him the choice of going with him, so there was that, or he could wander around a little. Thus, as his tail wagged in thought, the Vasto Lorde sat down.
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    Immediately after Kotaro offered half of the arrancar, a flesh lance came out of the mouth of Lurker's "fake" body impaling the meat and absorbing it in less than three seconds still at the end of the Vasto Lorde's sword. The Reitsu rush was nothing compared the the perfect arrancar but its still better than nothing. The spear then disappeared as fast as it came, leaving nothing on the blade. As for what Draiden said, Lurker only nodded, satisfied of the explanation. Huh, it's the first time I saw him smile. Its kinda creepy to be honest. Meanwhile, he noticed Draiden had given him three little gifts. A surprising amount of energy was in those pearls so he enjoyed them a lot. Eating those arrancar already gave him the method to becomes one of them, so he wasn't surprised at all of Draiden's statement. The mind he just ate also revealed something else. Shinigami... huh. I want to taste one. I want to know, I want knowledge. He then turned to Kotaro and said: "I have no reason to stay in this desert now. I know everything there is to know. I'm going to do... research in the living world. I appreciate your company, so if you want to come you can follow me. If not then this is goodbye." Lurker then held his paw to give something to his friend, it was a solidified black sphere the size of a children's fist, a part of him. "This is me. If you're ever in trouble, wants to find me or just talk, just call me, I'll hear you. You can either accept it or refuse it, I don't care, but know that if you do accept it, I'll know where you are at all time." He then concentrated his Reitsu in a tiny point beside him until a crack appeared. Then he forced it open by infiltrating a black mist into those crack and he expended the gas, making a hole in the world, a Kūmon. "See ya." he said as he was hopping in. OOC >> I'm out
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    Kotaro put the blade back into the sheath strapped to his lower back. He looked behind himself at Draiden's words, to see the mass destruction he had forged. Whoa... he thought in amazed realization. And, then he watched Lurker do his thing, but different this time. After a few seconds, Kotaro's eyes widen in alarm as two spikes shoot at him, well two of many that went everywhere. He drew his sword in time to block one, but the second pieced his right shoulder about an inch. It would have gone deeper had Kotaro's armor not slow it. "Ahgg~, what the hell is that?!" The Vasto Lorde asked with a pained grunt. One second later, he jumped back, and the spikes then seemed to retreat. Moments after that, an explosion blew everything away. But, Kotaro fought the explosive wave and stood his ground, mostly. Once the dust had settled, Lurker was gone and so was his share of the Arrancars. Thus, Kotaro looked around for it. He spun around when he heard Lurker's voice. "Yeah. That would be greatly appreciated." With his shoulder bleeding, Kotaro started to use his regeneration. Thankfully, the injury was small and he didn't use much energy. But, it would take a bit longer to heal because of that.
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    Draiden would keep ahold of his kills , eyes the two before him. Its rather simple what he craved now that he witnessed these two individuals in action. Draiden would raise an arm gesturing twoard the vasto lordez "you i want to see in the great halls of the espada one day as my superior , comrad or servant you hold great just look behind you youve permantly damaged the forest behind you" he would then look at Lurker "the same can said for you but want to see what i can shape you into you could learn from me we fight in a similar way" he would say holding out his arms to either arracar presenting them with the kills. The headless one to lurker , and the one with the hole in its head to Kotaro. "Split it how you see fit if you have any requests make them after you eat and a word of advice eat slow and start at the hollow holes" those areas held the most concentrated spiritual energy on the body.
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    Yes, the imperfect gorilla was fast, and yes his throw was strong and on point, but Lurker had two sets of eyes. Even the bait could dodge the branch with the blue mist's help. "What a shitty throw, without any finesse, I could see it miles before you launched it." the bait provoked the arrancar wanting it to charge him. Everything was in place, the ground was filled with smart mines. The drills floating around the fake Lurker was then fired at high speed into each trees surrounding the battlefield including the one that was supposed to crash into Kotaro and the one the Arrancar was standing on. Now the beast only had one choice... Stepping into his invisible mines. The true body of Lurker prepared himself and watched the battlefield, alert and moving his mines to help Kotaro, his bait and Draiden, even if he would disapprove of the help. _______________________________ The arrancar never knew what hit him. Crashed into a tree, his head was nearly impaled by a sharp branch. "You fucking shit." he said, coughing blood "I WON'T STAND BY THIS. EXHILARATE REGOCIJAR!!" Immediately after, an intense wave of Reitsu hit all the combatants. He became a giant hollow merman, with scorpion claws instead of hands and two horns on its head, connected by 8 metallic threads. "NOW I'M SERIOUS." The threads began to vibrate at high speed, creating waves of devastating sounds in the direction of his opponent. "It's a shame, I won't be able to hear you scream over my music." Ability used:
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    What the hell. Is he announcing himself? Well then! Fuck our only advantage! This guy is mighty, but god damn I can't understand him. That's... pure idiocy. With enough preparation I could've done so much more. Goshdarnit. With an heavy sigh, the bait slowly advanced in the direction of the imperfect Arrancar, drooping blue goo everywhere. The goo then formed floating spike, moving around their host, spinning faster and faster making a sound similar of a drill. The true body of Lurker then made some of it hide underground acting like a chemical weapon mine, waiting to be stepped on by an opponent all around the battlefield. The bait then talked "Let's get this started shall we? Let's go Kotaro, I'm counting on you to tank the damage." The real one stayed back still pouring the stuff under his paws, underground preparing something big. _____________________________________ "HAHAHA Privaron?! What a joke, they sent the little guys against us gang, and he got honor with that! LET'S KILL HIM BROTHER" One of the two arrancar, obviously the one with temper, drew his Zanpakutō and charged directly at Draiden with a sonido, slashing with a vertical swing.
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    “What the-” states Forsyth? Of course his eyes had to playing tricks on him. First, the weakest of the trio had a unique control over his body as he shifted from a gooey, slimy form into a solid wolf like creature. Second, Draiden unsheathed his sword but instead of slaughter the weak with it, it would appear that he simply gave it away. “What in hell is that fool thinking?” The trio would begin to move though he was unsure of their plans or destination. Was Draiden leading them to their deaths or did he take a liking to them for some reason. Either answer was worth knowing and investigating further, as such Vatto followed their movements, spying from the sky.
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    "Yes I agree, we need quality, not quantity. How about this, since you were kind enough to offer yourself Draiden let's hunt something at the top of the food chain. Let's hunt another arrancar." Lurker wasn't sure Draiden would approve but he needed to ask. If absorbing four gillians had that much of an effect, I wonder what an arrancar would do to me once absorbed. I could probably do a cero right now and I'm not even a menos thanks to the Grande I absorbed. What kind of abilities could I get?
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    Draiden would survey the area upon his arrival , he had watched these two hollows devour a Gillian class menos an impressive feat for the smaller one if he helped his what draiden would assumed was his vasto lordez companion. A gentle breeze would jostle draidens hair as he looked down upon the hollows before him his face devoid of emotion he wanted to talk but they also wanted to feed. Draiden would let out a sigh as he began unsheating his blade "If i dont want to accidently kill them then i can fire any cero's and their more likely to listen if put on a show" he would sigh out as he tilted his head in bored and frustration. The idea of doing work or battle was a dreaded thing to the laziest man in existance. The Privaron Espada would get in the crouching sprint position , as he eyed the Gillian horde getting closer "memories..." he would say thinking back to his days of being a vasto lordez before he broke off in a wild half sonido to purposely leave himself visible as a neon green blurr. He would aim his blade just abouve the gillians spiked collar like necks boucing around attempting to kill twn more in the same fashion before the first corpse hit the sand. Draiden had let his power be known upon hisassault , not because he needed to but because he wanted them to know their chances of escape should they flee. After he was done he would use his normal sonido speed which was still above the average arrancr to appear before both. If they should run he would give chase.
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    Draidens eyes would snap open upon hearing the multiple booming explosions that would follow after a cero was fired now normally he wouldnt mind this but who or what ever caused those blasts had awoken him from his slumber , and there where three things Draiden was known for before he was demoted from segunda Espada to Privaron Espada his speed , profound Lazieness and his temper after he was woken up. "who the hell would possibly have a reason to make this much noise....i can sleep through a gillians cry but that" The neon green haired arrancar would slowly stand from the quartz branch from which he stood surveying the area. Draiden would close his eyes as he opened up his senses for anything really noticeable , just beyond hia radar almost on the edge he could feel them two one that could pose a threat , well if it were more refined and the other felt like a newborn hollow. "so then i've found you" he would say breaking off in sonido currently being one of the fastest in las noches he'd cover lots of ground and fast. He would supreas his presence as to not scare off the two hollows he atleast wanted to get a look at the things.