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    Live Changes 03/28/2020 - STFAH Update: In light of all the crazy stuff going on (we hope you all are staying safe and indoors) figured it was as good a time as any to make the grind a bit easier and promote some activity with all the time being spent in quarantine. What better way to spend your time than RP'ing, amirite. Also, huge welcome to all the newcomers, we're glad to have you! STFAH Reiatsu Gaining Rates: Legendary Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiastu Cap: 2k | WC Requirement: 1,700 WC STFAH Rate: 1,275 WC Immense Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiatsu Cap: 2k | WC Requirement: 1,500 WC STFAH Rate: 1,125 WC Great Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiatsu Cap: 6k | WC Requirement: 1,200 WC STFAH Rate: 900 WC High Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiatsu Cap: 10k | WC Requirement: 1,000 WC STFAH Rate: 750 WC Legend Points: Legend Points WC Requirement: 1,000 WC STFAH Rate: 800 WC STFAH Race Technique Learning Limitations: 1 Technique every 3 days (irl days). 1 Technique Daily If your character has the Reiatsu Specialist Trait 2 Techniques Daily with a bonus 30% WC slash if you're teaching/learning the technique in a Co-op thread. - Quincy Race Update: Kaeru and Rash are currently working on the long-awaited and overdue Quincy Update. Expect everyone's favorite Destruction Monks to be very destructive. If you're learning the currently available Quincy Race Techniques and you're worried about them being shifted/removed rest assured your work isn't going to waste. Keep learning those techniques for now and the you'll have access to the new ones based on how they translate over with the updates. - Personal Abilities: Rash will be working on Personal Abilities for new characters when he gets the time. Don't forget to post a request to have your stuff looked at [Here].
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    It was clear that Shizuka wanted to show off more by the expression on her face, but Masato quickly halted that and told her to get on with the answers. However, contrary to how she wanted to show off there was not much she could tell them about the current attack as it was outside of her area. Furthermore, she was treating Arthur’s battle with Hollow as mere training for Masato which annoyed him as both of them were at risk at the time. Either way, the parasite Hollow was pretty unrelated to Tsukishima’s threat but at least he was useful to Shizuka and her spying so sparing him was probably the right decision,’I guess that’s case closed? I’ll be leaving then.’ One case might be closed but that did not mean that it was the end. There were 3 attacks and surely there would be more until this Tsukishima gets what he wants,’I’m not going to rush to my death, but I will participate in the battles that I can. So, if you need my help with anything you know where to find me. Now, let me out.’ After being returned to the girls’ toilet, Arthur sneaked out through the window and went to the rooftop. He took out his phone to check the time and saw that it was already past midnight. His breath turned into vapour as he felt the cold February breeze through his ripped clothing. Like he told Masato before, his first stop was to get his wounds properly treated so he looked around and once he had the direction, he travelled through the air using Bringer Light. Arthur arrived at Liz’s house and woke her up so that she could begin her magic. In the beginning, she used to be very grumpy about this, but she got used to it by now. She said it herself that she’d rather lose a bit of sleep than let him walk about injured. He used this time constructively and called Layla to tell her of the conclusion and situation. It was clear that they should be on guard more against Tsukishima’s movements. Furthermore, this event had shown them how their intel gathering was lacking so it was probably high time to build up on that. While he didn’t return with what could be called ‘concrete’ evidence, but it also made sense that the big Boss wouldn’t be showing himself until everything was set. These attacks won’t be small scale forever and eventually the whole of Karakura Town might get involved. What could they do to prepare themselves? There probably wasn’t much currently but if there were more groups Like Masato’s who were aware of Tsukishima’s intention then they wouldn’t be alone. It wasn’t like Shinigami would sit by and watch either, or so he hoped as he didn’t know their intentions either. Once his treatment was over, Arthur could finally return home after what felt like two long days. In the house, everything was dark and quiet, and he too tried to be as quiet as possible. He took off his shoes and coat and headed to his and Iris’ room. As soon as he stepped through the door, she spoke to him,’Welcome back.’ Arthur always told her that she shouldn’t wait since he didn’t know what time he would come back, but it always ended like this anyway. She simply worried about him and didn’t want to be asleep in case something happened,’Yea, I’m back,’ he said and started undressing,’I finished up the case and got my wounds treated so we can rest easy.’ Arthur then got into bed embraced Iris and both of them soundly fell asleep in preparation for the next day. Word Count: 618 Attempting to leave thread
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    (Don't feel bad, no one does.) Shizuka thought proudly to herself upon hearing Arthur admit his organization's intel gathering was inferior to her own. The cocky grin she suddenly brandished caught Masato's attention. Nothing good comes out of her mouth, much more so if you stroke her ego. "Of cour..." Shizuka suddenly restrained herself from saying what was obviously going to be a snarky remark. Above her was a glaring Masato who had long since grown tired of hearing her speak. "Just, answer, his questions." He commanded her as a menacing aura emitted from his body, and he raised his right fist for her to clearly see. Beads of sweat began to drip from her forehead as she forcibly chuckled in fright. "ha ha, um..." She redirected her gaze towards Arthur, "I don't know much about the ongoing attack as its too far from Karakura High; out of my reach. The plan was to send him..." she quickly gestured to Masato with a nod of her head, "to resolve the problem. But he hasn't gotten used to his complete Fullbring. Killing your new hollow buddy should've been a great opportunity to warm Masato up, but it couldn't even pull the full potential of his coat out. Pathetic." "So there is an ongoing attack from hollows, and you sent me to catch a panty thief?" Shizuka turned to Masato as he spoke to her, only to notice the menacing aura's sudden increase in intensity. "eek!" she shrieked in terror. WC: 245
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    002: The Titan Part 2 ----- ____________________ ... GOZIRA remained still with the passage of the days. Generally dismissive --not so entirely by choice-- of the trivial happenings of the hundreds of tiny critters that surrounded him. "Dismissive" but not unaware. Although, if Gozira was being entirely forthright his cavalier attitude towards the creatures that took temporary and in some cases permanent abode on his his back, in the obsidian canyons and valleys of his dorsal plates, was rooted more in his own inability to stop the critters in any meaningful manner. The titan Hollow was unconcerned because as far as he was concerned there was nothing he could about the fact. He could roar loud enough the tremble a continent, that would surely scare them off, or perhaps simply rolling over and crushing them all would do the trick. Dramatic solutions indeed but worse yet they were terribly temporary. Gozira could roar or roll over, but then he'd be exhausted and have to sleep and how long would he sleep then a decade, a century, a millennium? The specific duration didn't matter. What mattered was that however long the time he spent it slumber it would surely be long enough for the white sands to semi-submerge him and for the hundreds of critters to make a habitat out of his colossal being. Admittedly, it wasn't entirely bad. On the contrary, Gozira understood that he'd so far avoided regression from his Adjuchas form almost entirely thanks to the smaller and weaker Hollows that unbeknownst to themselves provided the black mountain with the bare minimum of Reiatsu needed to maintain his evolution. In fact, Gozira was simultaneously annoyed and appreciative of the tiny avian Hollow that insisted on repeatedly blasting Cero at one of his dorsal fins. Despite her intentions, she likely failed to realize her attack was having the opposite effect now. It was much easier to weaken Gozira's dorsal plates while he was unconscious, but while he was awake the unique energy-absorption properties and innate healing factor in the obsidian plates was active. It would take the little Hollow years to even leave a scratch on the dorsal plates, that was to say nothing of the time it would take for her to break a shard of it off. A much more peculiar occurrence was the small Hollow making the exhausting and very dangerous journey up his back for no obvious reason. Initially, she'd been on the run from a band of larger Hollows that sought to make a meal of her. However the prolonged proximity to Gozira combined with the physical exhaustion of chasing the little nimble Hollow had left the band drained as the fell unconscious in their tracks it was clear to Gozira that they would not wake again. The black mountain was a harsh and unforgiving terrain that only the strongest survived. Gozira was certain of their fate, he'd seen it play count countless hundreds of times before. Their bodies would become the sustenance of other nearby Hollows that found them, if not, their Spiritual essence would be absorbed into Gozira himself. The Titan Hollow was curious, he wondered why the tiny Hollow had not taken the opportunity to feed on the larger Hollows itself. Instead it choose to abandon an invaluable meal to in favor of the nigh impossible endeavor to summit his back. He imagined that something must be odd about the little frosty critter, at the very least it seemed motivated by something besides the overwhelming and insatiable need to consume. Utter madness! What other purpose could there be to this wretched existence besides voracious consumption? "Snow-runner", Gozira would call the most strange critter for now. A fitting name given the Hollow's bizarre ability to trail frost and pure white snow in her speedy path. "What are you thinking little Snow-runner? How far will you go?", the Titan wondered curiously. As Snow-runner traversed up Gozira's back she would begin to feel the pull of the dorsal fins with increasing severity the higher and farther she climbed. Like a magnetic force the dorsal fins would pull at her from every direction. Gozira silently and motionlessly observed Snow-runner's struggle in astonishment. He abandoned thought of all other aspects of the world and focused entirely on the little Hollow that would dare march proudly towards certain death. He wondered if Snow-runner would succeed but was more convinced of and anticipating Snow-runner's failure and demise. ___________________________ WC| 730
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    Two figures in front of the weapon shop, one the shop-keep, the other a certain angered large man, his tunic looking cleaner than the average Rukongai spirit around the 54th District, the tapping sound of his sandal expressing impatience as he waited. The aged male waltzed up to the counter, lazily leaning over it as he his self-satisfaction consumed him. Ukon did it, he found a valuable thing to trade with, to finally close down this shithole of a shop over. He would celebrate, but first he had to get rid of the trash in the back and the asshole before him, someone from the higher districts that came down to see what it was like. Apparently, he was too stupid to realize he'd get robbed blind first second he gets. Oh well, that is his problem, and Ukon's profit. "Can I help you, sir?" "Of course you can! I got your stupid ticket, an assignment to the 14th District, just like you asked!" A ticket was slammed onto the counter, causing some of the surrounding weapons to shake slightly from the force of the action. Ukon himself hungrily grabbed for it, eagerly wanting it in his hands, only for a meaty hand to tightly wrap itself around the outstretched wrist of Ukon's. "Not yet. You know what I came here for. I want my money back." The shop-keep withdrew himself from the prize he greedily desired, instead looking back at his annoyed customer. His smile faded temporarily until he bowed, forcing it to come back as he led his cohort to the backroom. 'I can't believe I'm so close to gone. Thank you, alley trash! Thank you thank you thank you!' He said as he opened the door for his customer, standing aside so he may enter the room. He would be taken off-guard however as the man returned, glaring at Ukon with hatred directed towards him instead. "Are you scamming me?!" Ukon, confused, rushed inside the backroom, looking around and seeing nothing but wreckage around him. "Where..?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shin, blade in hand, would balance himself on the desk, the remaining pieces of chair placed together to make a rickety little platform. From there he balanced on top of it, using the blade to help as the window was just within arms' reach. He could make it out, He could! He would bend his knee slightly, preparing to jump. He heard yelling from the other side of the door and a slamming noise, knowing for a fact he had no choice but to make this work now! As he bent down, he would with one hand grab the window tightly, opening it where immediately he lunged, thrusting the blade through the opening first and holding onto it tightly. From there, he would place his weight in the opposite side, feet scrambling on the wall until they planted themselves, where he was able to finally climb his way through the window, falling out on the other side. He was free. Immediately he scrambled away as the door opened, leaving with his new possession, feet stomping one after another, eagerly claiming the dirt path underneath as he would make his escape out of the alleys and back onto the street. He was free, and with deep, heavy breaths, he would let relief wash over him, comforting him and ensuring him that he was going to get away and with a new weapon, to boot. "Take that, you old bastard!" He screamed behind him, laughing. He couldn't believe he made it out just like that, and left the shop-keep with what he hoped would be an extremely pissed off customer. With that, the pink-haired spirit triumphantly walked away, satisfied that he can continue his journey to his brother. wc 625 twc 6374 [End Thread]
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    His eyes opened to reveal what seemed like some sort of bed greeting him, the blanket of which enveloped his legs and some larger figure sitting nearby, her female form leaning over near him. He looked around only to realize it wasn't just her and the bed that were larger, but everything in-general. It seemed once more he was but a child, though this time in a room covered in toys and trinkets, pictures with some scratchy material covering it, constantly jittering about. The female form accompanied by a face seemingly erased with an eraser very sloppily. It held a book, open to a page with words he cannot make out. A soothing voice washed over him as he stared blankly at the page. "..The monk asks, “Where are you going?”. To which the man replies, “I don’t know, ask the horse!” and rides away." The figure exclaimed, making weird galloping sounds as she bounced up and down. "Who are you?" Shin thought he asked, but instead his mouth formed to make laughter come out. It wasn't going to obey him, it wouldn't let him ask questions of the thing that watched over him. Instead he would attempt to move his hands, hoping to get out of the bed and leave, only instead of them obeying him they moved over to a glass of water on the nearby nightstand, grabbing it and eagerly drinking it before putting it back. It would not obey his will. He instead looked around, hoping to find something that would help him call for help, only to find wherever he looked or searched would be nothing but a void, a void of which only leaves when he no longer sees it. He would be trapped within a cage, one which help him as a captive audience as the child he would be stuck within played with the stranger, watched as it tucked him in, and even delivered what can only be assumed to be a kiss on his forehead. It didn't leave him, however, even as the lights went out and the door closed by itself, slamming shut. The faint noises of screaming and a struggle happened outside, though he could do nothing to help as the blank space stared at him. "Ask the horse." The no-face said, the void enveloping them both in perpetual darkness. Shin awoke, his head pulsing as he groaned and sat up, holding it. He looked around only to find himself within the same room as before, with the broken shelf still standing tall, though un-climbable, and the shards of broken chair around him. The window was still above him, almost as if it were mocking him. "I am still up here, you are still down there." All Shin could do was sigh, instead focusing on the major headache he now has from the fall. He couldn't believe he was still here, still stuck with no way out, a victim to what will probably be a brutal beat-down when that man comes. "Ask the horse." He mouthed unwillingly, and just then, he realized that rather than try and take the reigns, he should instead allow what he feels to take over. The feelings within him swirled as his eyes closed, and he could hear conversation outside, but not what it was exactly. The clock was ticking until he would be too late. He only hoped what he was feeling would be the solution to his problem. wc 576 twc 5749
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    Shin knew he lost the advantage of the public-eye watching over him, and he was almost positive the shop-keep knew this as well. The backroom only had a singular high up, almost hitting the ceiling, and the space was small enough for once person, let alone two. He however appeared to entertain whatever it was the pink-haired spirit desired. Whether it was the idea of the information offered being an intriguing trade or just the inner-playfulness of his just wanting to mess around with someone, it would be clear something about the offer caught his intrigue enough for Shin to have the opportunity to find a lead. He was almost elated from this. "Have you seen a boy? One that looks somewhat younger than myself. 'Would've been running away from the Hollow attack a few days ago?" Eagerly he asked while taking a step towards the old man, almost forgetting the scowl that threatened him, almost as if it were saying "Take one more and your body is dumped." As soon as Shin backed away deeper into the room, the shop-keep's face softened as he was humored by the question, even chuckling between words. "You seriously want to trade your shoes for a missing person? You're risking getting cut up for that?!" He began to laugh, holding his sides as Shin's face began twisting, contorting his eyebrows and mouth as he bared his teeth in anger. "That person is my fucking brother!" He growled, almost losing his temper from the diminishing of value being placed on his siblings life. He fought to regain his composure however when the laughing stopped, and he was stared out more with a scowl equaling his. "I don't know where your "brother" is and I haven't seen any other trash around. You know what I did see, though?" Before Shin could stop him, the door slammed, breaking him into the realization that he had been trapped inside the small room alone, with his captor on the other side. Ctchink! The door was locked audibly, leaving Shin to immediately begin slamming his hands onto it, trying to open it. "Let me out, old man! Th-This isn't apart of the trade!" He stammered, panicking further. "What was that? You want to find those nice gentlemen that were helping you through the alley yesterday? Well oookay they should be passing through here anytime now!" Fuck. Shin wasn't sure that the small group that followed him initially would actually be that devoted to one mark, but the man he robbed definitely would. He heart raced even more as he began to panic. He had to examine he surroundings. He went silent, leaving his naive mind to instead force itself onto the room itself. The window was out of reach. A desk and chair along with the blade from earlier would be within the room, but outside of that and a barren shelf there was nothing Shin could find that would be useful. He tried scaling the smooth wall to no avail, instead just falling down each time. He even tried using the chair, only for the weathered wood underneath to break, making him land on the floor once again with a thud amidst the shattering sound of wood breaking. He got an idea, however: The shelf. Climbing it, Shin could hear the wood creak and crack beneath his weight, though he was already a solid few feet above the ground, he could possibly make it if he can just jump! Curling himself up, he would plant his feet upon the edges of the shelf and, with a deep breath, would push off as hard as he can, not expecting the shelf itself to break against his fee, the wooden boards giving way as he pushed, leaving him in mid-air with no force carrying him, falling and landing on his back and head, immobile and knocked out. wc 647 twc 5173
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    A hand was held up, the poncho draped over his arm, his green yukata revealed underneath it and two fingers stretched out towards the shop-keep. "Two shoes, two things. You owe me for my.. "donation."" Shin explained, holding his ground as he kept his eyes trained on the man, wondering if he was going to hear him out or try to shoo him away. Should it be the latter, he should work on how to grab the weapon closest to him before the man could act. His eyes darted from the walls back to the shop-keep, attempting to keep track of the man as his brow furrowed and a smirk appeared on his face, a humored short laugh escaping his mouth. The offer of a trade where one side already gave their goods was definitely an idea that confused him. Shin still held to his proposal though, ridiculous as it may be. He spotted a short club that could be just within arm's reach. If he could jump over the counter, he could grab it and use it to swiftly attack the owner. "Buddy, I already have the shoes. There's no trade going on here, and there won't be. If you want to barter go bring me something that I don't have, but 'till then.." He slowly began drawing the blade. "..fuck off." Shin still held his ground, his heart beginning to race. He still had to give this a shot. Just because someone says no the first time around doesn't mean they aren't open to the idea of it at all, it just means they need some more negotiating. He can do that, he could speak to the guy, appeal to him somehow, or at least distract him enough for an opening to appear. He wasn't going to leave here empty-handed, that's for sure. It would either be through trade or violence that he will get what he needs. "No. Two things! You're wearing the shoes right now, and I took nothing from your home, either. I just want two small things from you in return, one of which is information, and another is a gift, right from your shop." Shin responded, still un-moving as the shop-keep barged up the the counter, blade fully drawn though kept hidden behind the counter so attention wouldn't be drawn to them. His mouth shaped into a scowl as he stared the young spirit down. He seemed to look Shin over and over again, just like inside his home. He was weighing his chances against him, how fast he could deal with him so he can get back to his business. Shin watched his eyes glance behind the male and towards the rest of the street, to what he could only assume were passerby and loiterers. "Tch. Fine, come, follow." He hissed as he gestured for him to follow him, sheathing the blade he held onto, moving deeper into the shop until the two reached a door. He fumbled with a key and opened, grabbing Shin by the sleeve and bringing him inside with him. From there, he would eye the male down once more. "What do you want?" wc 526 twc 4526
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    The sun was fully out at this point, having become morning entirely. Shin still laid there, however, un-moving. He had calmed down an hour ago and his stomach grumbled but for all he cared he back to being a corpse. That was a rough morning on him, one that left him more confused and frustrated than rested, though as his feet rubbed against the stone foundation, he remembered that he had to continue his travels right away. He needed to hasten his path to the center so he can get the power needed to find Akio. Time was of the essence! Having been reminded of why he was left shoe-less in the first place, he would scramble to his feet, stretching to help loosen his aching limbs before emerging from the ally fully, rubbing his eyes as they adjusted to the life around them. "Oh these? They were donated to me, can you believe it? For free!" He overheard an all-too-familiar voice exclaim nearby. It had peaked his interest enough for Shin to go and investigate who it belonged to. His feet moved on their own, traveling and making its way towards the source of the noise. "Yeah! They're a little worn out, but these old bones'll take anything to give them a little bit of comfort." It rang closer than before, Shin's feet hungrily consuming distance as his tired form slouched from shop to shop, trying to find out which of them it belonged to. Soon enough they stopped, with him standing before what looked like a weapons store. The walls were littered with crudely-made axes and swords, clubs and knives. All of them were hastily made with the metal beaten and heat-treated with not as much care as they must've been given upon creation. Odd patterns were stained onto them, with them looking anywhere from your average weapon to metal littered with the circular wavy patterns of the heat-treat. "Oh! There he is! The one that willingly "donated" his shoes to me!" The smiling face of the crotchety old man from before emerged from some sort of backroom, sheathed blade in-hand while what could only be assumed to be a customer holding a set of tools appeared as well, clearly bartering them for the blade. As they two traded their items, the old man would keep his eye on Shin, his smile welcoming while his gaze was roused with suspicion, almost as if they were daring him to try to take any of his wares. "What're you doing here? You want your shoes back? If so..." His voice trailed off as he fiddled with a blade, unsheathing it from its hilt for a few moments before grabbing it, scabbard and all. "We might have a problem." Shin swallowed, clearing his throat as he eyed the weapon. He did want his shoes back badly, but he also didn't wish to start a fight in the middle of the street, especially when he is unarmed against a shop-keep surrounded by weapons. He knew his sandals were gone forever, placed just out of reach by a man that didn't deserve to wear them and place himself inherently above others living among him. He'd love nothing more than to deck the old man, to knock him down and steal his shoes back before running away, but chances are he'd be left worse for wear doing such a thing. No, instead, he delegated to instead do something else with the one that had left him with a grudge. He would make a trade, just like everyone else in this shitty district. wc 598 twc 4000
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    The dew-ridden long grass rustled as a younger Shin sprinted through them. He dodged and weaved between trees, a grin on his face as he would explore his surroundings, enjoying the serenity of the surrounding forest. Thick wooden towers of life stretched into the sky leaving scattered spots of sunlight decorating the overgrown ground He scampered about, climbing trees to get a better view of the lake he normally escaped everyday life to visit. Each time he would climb up to heights far too dangerous for a child he would swell with excitement as he neared his destination. He loved visiting the lack nearby, to get away from the stress inherently placed onto him every time he remained home. His ___ disapproved, of course. Things like exploration took away from ____ and left him with stupid ideas in his head. No, it wouldn't be allowed normally, to disobey ____ so easily. Every thought on the consequences for this would make his head hurt, the world around him fuzzing up almost as if he couldn't bring the sheer ideas to mind. Instead, he wouldn't think about such things, instead delegating his thoughts to his visiting the water once more. Scurrying, he could almost see it; the wall of trees he must pass through, a strong wall of nature guarding itself from the murky pool besieging it. His heartbeat ran almost as fast as he did, excited to his being able to go swimming and catch fish again. He shoes trampled grass and flowers beneath, small gnats swarmed him, confused by this new animal running through their home, irritated from its intruding on their own slumber. He made one final push, leaving the insects and the grass behind, the trampled flowers left to either rise again or to be replaced, the trees rushing towards him until he burst by, jumping the border and landing right before the small dip before the water, his feet landing upon the edge, where he stood there. His grin slowly drained and his eyebrows raised in confusion. He was left curious, and yet confused. There would already be a shadowy creature staring back at him, a figure that silhouetted itself from the child's sight. He couldn't make out who this was, or what it even was. It had the shape of a person, and yet didn't look like the part. Not a single person he had met ever had such an appearance or lack thereof, and none could stand so far out on the lake like that. The two met the gaze of the other, and while Shin was left confused by the sight of the being, the things glowing orbs for eyes would quiver until he began thrashing around like a wild animal caught in a trap. Shin grew concerned for the thing, even going as far as trying to go into the water so he may help it, his hand outstretched so it could possibly reach out and grab it, only for it to go from slowly thrashing to outright trying to run in the other direction. The more he reached, the more it struggled to get away, until eventually it would force itself entirely under the water again, leaving the boy for some reason tearing up. He awoke, screaming from his small hiding place, striking his hand against the wall next to him and rubbing some skin off his knuckled. His heart raced as he sat there, holding his hand as the sun slowly rose. Deep breaths, in and out, slowing of the heart. He was okay, he was safe. a headache and a slightly injured hand were all that came of whatever that was. He was back to present-day. As he calmed himself, he would outstretch his body slowly, laying down half-exposed to the alley he occupied, looking up at the cloudy sky above with half-lidded eyes. "....fuck." wc 642 twc 3402
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    Despite Arthur thinking that he had a good idea, the Hollow quickly refuted that he was only able to take control of Humans and Hollows which explained his current behaviour up to now,’Ah, it was worth a try.’ Even if he was a soul it seemed that the parasitic powers were limited to organic beings just like any normal parasite. Then to his previous query Shizuka looked at him an accused him of being stupid which he frowned to. He didn’t really want to take that from someone who was holed up in a toilet for high school girls and observed the daily life of many people without their knowledge. However, for the sake of finally finishing this case he let it go and listened. Tsukishima was the one responsible for making Hollow attacks on Karakura Town more organised and with this even more lethal. Though it didn’t seem like this Espada has been around for a long time either, so all of these were recent developments. The orange haired women also mentioned the news and some previous events of which he was aware of due to his habit of watching news on a recurring basis,’I know that it was done by Hollows but not like they wear armbands which make them easier to identify and connect to Tsukishima and spiritual beings can’t be captured by a normal camera either. We do not have the same intel gathering capabilities as you do. What is the third attack?'
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    Updates: Bount, Fullbringer, Hollow, Quincy, Shinigami Area of Effect and Multi-targeting - In an effort to help the mods keep the forum a bit cleaner and track of the actual active characters we have add the Important warning to the Bount, Fullbringer, Hollow, Quincy, Shinigami threads in their respective reiryoku ability sections, ask the mod team for any clarifications; (shinigami example below) IMPORTANT! Area of Effect or Multiple target Kidō: Each kido has an area that effects it or mentions being able to target more than one target. In order to target more than the initial target you may spend another Combat Action per additional Target. Captain Level Kido automatically targets up to 2 as they require a minimum of 2 combat actions. So the max targets can be 4 (unless you gain additional combat actions) if all combat actions are used, each of those targets have to deal with the effects as if they were the only one targeted. Example: Oriru uses Hado #99 to target 4 people by giving up 4 combat moves (2 for the captain level kido +2 more for 2 additional targets). Each one will have to deal with Hado 99 as if it was directed to only them individually. ------------------------------------ Upcoming updates: Clarification on slots for racial techniques/custom kido updates to other races Non-release abilities/skills (quincy and bount possibly are next) continued rule clarification and updates.
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    BS;FM - Part 1 WC: 2,000 Soul Society What is a man supposed to do when the world that he knew, the life that he explored with each waking breath, was taken from him? All the factors that determine what his truth is become shifted by so much that his own identity is no longer a detail but a question. The Captain of the Kido Corps learned the truth of his demented father, watched the life of his mother fade from her last breath, witnessed his inability to stop the assault of his best friend, and the love of his life was reduced to a frail state of being. So many parts of his life, of his comfortable knowledge, was uprooted in the matter of a single night and never would be able to return to what it once was. The Captain kept his eyes on the sun as it broke the horizon the following morning. His body was damaged, strained, but it was his pride and his heart that was truly injured that night. The time during his recovery kind of blurred together as the minutes turned to hours and those shifted into days until he found himself in the office of the Captain Commander as a request to speak after all the time spent debriefing. It had been days of the leadership looking at him with confusion and concern, other members curious as to the events that took place in the center of the Court of Pure Souls. The Stealth Division partnered with the Twelfth Division to dive into his past and the records of his life leaving not a detail to be secret. His own memories, the one’s that he was unaware of, being drained through interactions with the medical professionals, scientific researchers, and probing discussions. There was probably a heavy exchange of words between the two of them, but the memories of the night and the knowledge of his involvement in the damages and injuries of the people constantly echoed in his head. In the end, he was a Captain within the Ranks of the Court of Pure Souls and that was not about to change, no doubt due to the effort of the Captain speaking up for him against the others that protested his life. Still, the Captain Commander made one thing clear; this was far from over and they needed to remain united to face the evil that is bound to come. Captain Oriru could only nod in agreement while still insisting on the chance to clear his head, step away from his duties for a short while. Aria Elzewir was more than capable of handling the day to day operations for a few days with both the Captain and Vice-Captain out of commission temporarily. Oriru spent the time gathering a few things as he packed up items from his office, ensuring that he left detailed letter of instructions for Aria to handle the Kido Corps in his absence. On his desk he also left his Captain’s Haori. There was a moment that he felt a pinch as he turned away from it, but he held no desire to cling to the nature of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads or the Court of Pure Souls. He had taken a leap of faith joining the academy so that he could get a stable career to support his mother. He depending on everyone else to get him to this point and he was not prepared for anything; not the loss of all that he loved, not handling a mission in the world of the living, and now doubting how prepared he was to be a Captain. "I am sorry..." With those words the Captain slipped out of the door and left his office, possibly for the last time. It was a somber experience, a painful decision but there was nothing holding him back and seemingly less for him to return to after everything. --------- Several days had gone by and the Captain had been impossible to locate, as they combed the reaches of the Soul Society and none were able to locate him. Meanwhile, in the world of the living, Oriru stood in the middle of an isolated location of a forest not evidently clear exactly. He stood outside with the ax in his hand as he approached a tree with his hair released from the hair tie and his beard longer than normal. His bare torso was covered in sweat and scars, some that were certainly more recent than most. He took the ax to the tree with a strong focused swing and suddenly stopped with the ax head less than an inch from the actually trunk of the large tree. "A soul reaper out here on his own?" Oriru paused and took a moment with his eyes on the ax as he postured up and turned around to see the being in the traditional white clothing that he had come to recognize, his glasses no where to be seen. With a sigh, Oriru glanced at the middle aged Quincy with a look of disdain in his eyes, shared by one another. "I am no longer a Soul Reaper." The Quincy ignored the words of Oriru as he readied his bow and loaded up an arrow as the tree behind Oriru suddenly was cleaved and toppled. "But if you wish to lose your life..." The Quincy released an arrow and Oriru appeared directly in front of him with the face of the Quincy in the palm of his hand. With a flash of speed he pressed the head of the Quincy into the tree that fell over splintering the trunk. "I shall indulge." The Quincy attempted to break free but the grip upon his face was tighter than he could have prepared for, "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws." The Quincy realized the danger that he was in and quickly pulled out a Steele Schneider and stabbed it into the abdomen of Oriru who had not flinched a single bit. "Hado Number Thirty Three; Sokatsui." The man had released a scream of fear as the blue energy formed in the palm of his hand against the face of the Quincy as the explosive force was unleashed from his hand and consumed the form of the Quincy. With a sigh, he walked around and gathered the larger portions of wood and stacked them into a bundle. He pulled unraveled the rope that he tied around his body and used ti to constrain the wood together and walked away dragging the bundle behind him after placing the ax into the strap on his waist. His eyes looked around taking note of the orbs that he had placed around the immediate area as he eventually approached a small cabin in the area. He continued to walk as the Steele Schneider remained impaled into his abdomen just as he stopped to a trunk of a tree still rooted next to the cabin. Oriru removed one of the chunks of wood and placed it on the trunk base. He gripped the handle of the blade and forced the blade out of his body taking note of the Reishi still gathered in the weapon. Steele Schneider in hand, he swung it down upon the wood chunk and split it in half as blood continued to drip from his wound. A sigh slid from his lips as his left hand released the weapon and settled over the wound, "At some point I will feel something again." His hand radiated a gentle green glow for a moment before it slid from his body revealing a sealed and healed scar that he traced for a moment. The fingers of his hand felt the scar but his body felt no pain from the injury and he could only sigh in disappointment as his hand came back to grip the Quincy armament. He went to swing the weapon upon another chunk of wood that he placed on the base in the same moment that each of his orbs in the forest released a surge of Reiryoku into the air. A beacon for someone to help him feel something again, to escape the numb sensation of continued existence. "What are you actually trying to accomplish out here Oriru?" Oriru brought his eyes up from the chunks of wood that he had been cutting for the last few minutes and laid eyes on someone that is so familiar yet a total stranger to him. The appearance he held the first moment that he had been accepted as a member of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads as an Administrative Officer. "Are you trying to get yourself killed? Or are you just trying to keep yourself isolated? Because neither will logically make anything better." Oriru swung once more on another chunk of wood before speaking up, "Ryuka... I am not trying to accomplish a damn thing. I am simply... living." Ryuka gave a chuckle, "I don't think you could describe... this, as living." With a scoff Oriru proceeded to gather the wood that he collected and threw it all into a pile. "What do you want?" Ryuka shrugged, "How am I supposed to know? You are the one that brought me here." Annoyed Oriru continued to gather all of his his stuff neatly, "Trust me, the last thing that I would want is to have a conversation with myself about anything." "And yet here we are. In the middle of nowhere. Having a conversation." "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!" Oriru pointed his right hand at Ryuka, "Hado number Thirty One, Shot of Red Fire." The ball of red fire launched forward just as Ryuka vanished as the ball struck some of the food nearby and started a small fire. "Now that wasn't very smart." Quickly Oriru rushed towards the flame with his shirt he picked up to put the fire out. "Like, what do you expect to happen?" Oriru continued to work towards extinguishing the flame, "For you to go away and leave me alone." Ryuka smiled, "If only it was that simple, huh? A bit of flare and then magically all of your problems disappear." In a rush of anger and frustration Oriru took the Steele Schneider in his right hand and impaled his thigh locking eyes with Ryuka without flinching. Ryuka kept his gaze on Oriru for a moment, "Nothing?" Slowly Oriru released the handle of the blade but kept his gaze on himself, "Nothing." They kept focused upon one another as blood started to stain the pant leg of Ryuka who frowned. "You are going to kill yourself if you keep this up." Ryuka approached Oriru slowly and placed his hand on the handle of the weapon and slowly began to pull it out, the look of disappointment clear in his eyes. "Only if I am lucky." The blade slid completely out of the wound and dropped to the ground. Oriru looked down at the wound as the blood continued to pour and slowly lowered to a squat. His right hand placed gently on the wound as the green energy formed again before revealing another scar on his body. "Something will change, or I will end as I feel..." He slowly fell backwards on the ground and allows his eyes to catch the sight of the sky above. "Nothing?" Oriru took a moment to look up at Ryuka as his eyes scanned the area and all that he could see was "Nothing." --------- Location
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    The final words of a comrade that he never had the pleasure of honestly getting to meet, but the tales of the members that once ran his division would flow through his mind. There was a strong amount of respect that was held in the moment that he was provided such a praise from a man who once walked his steps. Though it was solemn in the words as Oriru had been, in this moment, a man who departed from the duties of his role. There was a slow exhale as the energy of his body continued to cackle with the energy of his Shunko as he started at the Espada with a focused glare, or as best that he could manage through the thickness of the Miasma. A torrent of violet energy surged from the location of the Espada before that, and the Miasma faded away and left behind the natural visage of the Espada and the twenty-foot radius of death and decay that consumed the immediate area. The Espada was curious and poised a desire; a request to observe the potential of what is capable by the apparent Captain of the Kido Corps. The Espada tapped his cane upon the ground as the mouth of the white desert opened behind him. He looked upon the Garganta for a moment and this was the moment that he had been waiting for; this would be the moment that would allow him to prove he was capable of beating his father. Oriru would have to push his limits to the end so that he could reach the core of his power, break the bond between him and his father, and unite the final layer of his power. The radiation of green energy shifted to a golden color and faded away leaving behind Oriru in his natural state. Each of his orbs shattered into dust as he held out his right hand. The Odachi came from the ground and connected to his hand as he shifted it over to his left hand. "Alright then, unchallenged Lord of Hueco Mundo, allow us to enter the place of your home." He nodded towards the Espada as he continued to walk and passed him with his eyes fixed on the portal before him as he relaxed his spiritual pressure. "You will be the first to see the full extent of my power." With that he continued forward, expecting the Espada to follow behind. Oriru remained aware that he had no means to return if not by the grace of a Hollow but this was the trial that he needed. If he proved himself worthy, he would find his way back home.
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    “Too powerful...?” The Primera thinks as the two blasts of energy draw closer to their intended target. Just how much power was he withholding? How far would he be able to push him? A dark chuckle escapes from the Primera as he watches the Shinigami handle both of the incoming attacks with ease. He had formulated a plan to see just how far he could push this Shinigami and get him to reveal the true depths of his power. The resurrected Shinigami twirls its hammer and charges towards its Shinigami counterpart, Tsukishima watching as the man begins to draw energy towards the palm of his hands. “It's over...” Tsukishima chuckles as he watches the spectacle before him. The sound of shattering glass echoed throughout the area as he delivers a quick flurry of five punches. The sheer speed and force of these punches were so great that Tsukishima himself could hardly see it. All that could be seen was the brilliant explosion of green energy behind the Shinigami. The resurrected Jo-Jo took the full force of the incoming attacks, chunks of its fabricated body eliminated from the impact. It's hammer clangs on the ground as Jo-Jo drops down on what remains of its knee. Its form begins to wane, slowly reverting back to its formless appearance from before. “Incredible. Your mastery of Kidō far exceeded my own. Looks like the Corps is in good hands...” As soon as those words leave its lips, it fully reverts back to its former appearance before disappearing entirely. The two titans of power exchange glances at one another before Tsukishima voluntarily allows his released form to fade. A torrent of violet energy swirls around him before it dissipates, revealing the Primera in his sealed state once more. The miasma recedes and reveals all of the trees and wildlife rotted within a twenty-foot radius. “I must say, despite your origins, I am impressed. To handle someone such as him with such minimal effort is commendable. Your words, however, have intrigued me. I want to see it. I want to see the true depths of his power you claim is unfit for the World of the Living and the Soul Society.” He slams his cane on the ground as a Garganta appears behind him. “Enter a dimension where you can release your power to its fullest extend. A dimension where you won't need to hold back. Come Shinigami. Enter my world.” WC: 406 STATS
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    WC --> 3200 + 600 --> 3800 The first reaction that Oriru was able to gather came not from the Espada but from the resurrected False Reaper and spoke sharply on the nature of the ability that Oriru had revealed to them. Shunko, a technique that Oriru first encountered during his training with the Captain Commander Kaeru and eventually became more refined through his interaction with the Captain of the Second Division Shuu and the Captain of the Third Division Shinsei. The combined knowledge of them, with his mastery over all of the Kido Arts, it was only a matter of time that he was able to reach the limit of power to use this technique. The False Reaper made a final point on his level of power, all in a mannerism that bothered Oriru but nothing visible. The Espada spoke a bit more on his plan regarding this concept of the Great Campaign which was an attempt at generating a Utopia. It was a great idea to do something of that nature, but there was a certainty that the method was one to lead into a leadership under the nation developed by the Arrancar and that would be the major level of disagreement. Though the next moment showed a level of power that he was not prepared for; the peak of the Espada techniques of the Cero. [1] The Miasma remained although the Espada stated that he was losing time on his form. [2-3] The potent Cero techniques were unleashed from the combined direction of the Esapda and the False Reaper based on the colors of the energy as his previously formed black barrier moved in front of the technique that held the most power while one of the golden spheres he created expanded to a disk and moved in front of the attack blocking the damage. "Admittedly, I have not used the full extent of my power since simply because it is too powerful to be used in the Soul Society or the World of the Living but allow me to show you a piece of what is possible." With what little time he personally had in his own form, Oriru charged an incredible amount of raw energy into the palm of his hands before clenching both hands into fists. [4] As he performed that action there was a booming sound much like glass shattering before he swung his right hand with all of his might towards the False Reaper without moving an inch closer. There was not a wave of energy, an arc of power, or some flashy show of his power. Instead there was a soft gust of wind that would flow through the air and should it collide with the False Reaper, a barrier, or even if it missed and stuck another surface, they would face the force of the immense pressure of a massive explosion of energy in the shape of a three meter sphere of pure force carving through the environment upon impact. [5] Though it would be only a split second as the second would be sent from the left hand with another punch sending the explosive punch towards the False Reaper. He cold have targeted the Espada, but there was a personal issue with the fact that a comrade was being used in such a way and he would rather end the False Reaper's existence than allow him to continue being subservient in such a manner. [6-8] Oriru followed it up with two more punches with his right then a left and finally a powerful right in such a flurry of blows that he left burst of explosive green flames from his back ignited by the speed and force being projected. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    The longer the skeletal lord stood across from the Shinigami, the more his irritation grew. To face off against such a titan of power and, in the full immensity of his own power, be so severely outclassed. This Shinigami's power continued to grow larger in its depth and seemed to have no end in sight. Every second that passed, he felt heavier. The air became dense and his field of depth skewed. “I need to have it...” he whispered. He watched as four of the five blasts of reiryoku meet their end at the hands of Kidō, this being that of the Bakudo variation. Suddenly the man's power skyrockets and completely dwarfs that of the Primera as the fifth blast draws near. The ground quakes as the Shinigami strikes it as the thickness of the miasma lightens. It was then that he saw the Shinigami in a form foreign that was foreign to him. His body became ethereal in nature and green energy radiated from him as if it were fire. The Primera stood mystified at this new transformation, curious of its origin. He had seen many released Bankai in his time so he knew that this was not one of them. As he pondered its origins, the words of both the Shinigami and the resurrected Jo-Jo stir him. “Shunko at a level such as this? Ritsu would be bothering the hell out of me if she had ever seen something like this. 'Hey dumb ass, stand that and be my punching bag while I learn this.' This mofucka is truly something else.” Tsukishima snarls at his words, realizing that despite his claims of releasing his true power, he still held back. “That is the grand design of the Great Campaign. Reforming a Utopia free of these connections. No war. No deaths. A dimension that will surpass that of its predecessor under the will of the Remnants...” his voice faintly trails off as his released form flickers. “It seems my time in this form has about reached its end. Allow me to give a parting gift before that that comes.” As he says this, both he and the resurrected Shinigami lift their right hands. Violet and gold energy forms in both hands respectively as the ground trembles with their combined power. “Gran Rey Cero...” “Cero Oscuras...” they both mutter as the two waves of energy is released from their hands, the sheer force of it sending them both skidding backward. WC: 410 STATS
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    WC --> 2400 + 800 --> 3200 The first two bala were managed without too much concern and his goal of using the energy of his own Kido to eliminate his resurrected ally but the man was prepared with that similar violet barrier that is key to the Espada. This proved to be a challenge attempting to land a solid blow on the Espada and, though he could feel the power difference, the amount of skill that the Espada had proved his ability in combat to be more proficient than his own experience. [1] The Miasma continued to grow in thickness around the trio in the location bringing an increased challenge for him to observe the Espada with his natural vision, but there was the benefit of his unique Event Horizon to aid his momentary reactions. Still, the nature of the Miasma was intense and the environment was continuing down the road of degradation and beyond the point of revitalization. The Espada took the time to reveal his feelings towards the interaction of the two of them and the nature of their current relationship as enemies. Though the Miasma shifted slightly to give room for the attacks of his opponent. [2] "Danku." Instantly a bright blue barrier formed in front of himself just as the attacks made their way through the air with the first one striking the barrier and causing a crack in the barrier. [3] The second one collided with the barrier with enough speed to shatter the barrier while dissipating but leaving the chance for the third Bala to continue through the air towards Oriru. [4] With the third one free to barrel towards Oriru, he was given a small window to react as he tracked the attack, "Enkosen." A soft yellow string of energy formed in front of him and began to spin at an incredible speed forming a spinning yellow disk just as the Bala connected with the attack but it quickly became clear that the danger he was facing had been far from over. He took note of the False Reaper taking the chance to unleash his Bankai during the same time that Oriru was preoccupied with the techniques coming at him and, taking advantage of the moment, two golden streaks of energy streamed from the ground towards Oriru. [5] "Tozansho." The blue lines formed in the air around his being with a small distance to react to the attack getting too close and felt the pressure of the interaction between him and the Espada as the first stream of energy struck the shield and shattered it. He knew that he could sustain an extended level of survival, but there was the problem that he would eventually exhaust himself constantly being on the defensive and he was bound to eventually make a mistake and become overwhelmed by the forces of the Espada. [6] With an explosive force of energy, Oriru unleashed the forces of his power to another threshold while still holding back the final limit of his power. The golden energy that he normally radiated all shifted to a dark green color that began to overwhelm the violet energy that was emitted by the Espada. [7] There was only a moment to react as Oriru slammed his fist into the ground launching his spiritual energy through the ground surging through the earth and consuming the energy created by the False Reaper in a nearly explosive force. It would last only a moment, but the explosive force was enough to soften the mist enough to reveal the form of Oriru with his unique technique. His body has become almost ethereal in nature with black skin radiating a dark green aura of energy that cackled on his skin like fire. His eyes had turned pitch black with the radiating green energy and any portion of his body that held hair had turned into this dark green fire. "You say we are kindred spirits thus I feel I show disrespect not using my true power, so you will be one of few to see this form; one born of a mastery of Kido." His voice held a softly distorted tone as if speaking from the depths of a tunnel with the echo, "We are the products of our ancestor's decisions, and perhaps we can severe that connection to the history that formed us so that we may exist independent of the past." Oriru kept his focus on the direction that the Espada was as (VI), (VII), and (VIII) shifted from their black colors of the Sento to pure white of the Kanshi. The three of them were threaded together by a golden string of energy and they shrunk in size above his head like a halo giving him the extended range of the Event Horizon. OK#3 [Bakudōn't Do It! (2): [Oriru Kusho★ Exclusive] Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    Tsukishima watches as his two Bala soar through the air only to harmlessly collide with two of the man's orbs as he personally dealt with the resurrected Jo-Jo Kidō with that of his own. Jo-Jo quickly stabs its staff on the ground as a violet barrier is erected around him, shielding it from harm. As the attack dissipates, the resurrected Shinigami leaps back towards its reluctant master's side. His skeletal fingers gripped his staff, Tsukishima trembled in anger. He had come a long way since his younger days and knew that he was not the invincible God he once proclaimed himself to be. There would always be someone out there who was stronger and faster. It's inevitable. But this... To be so outclassed at this level and toyed with by someone like him, a Shinigami of all creatures. His opponent hadn't even used his Bankai and still, the gap was this great. It sickened him. Sickened him and made him realize his own faults and limitations. This seemed to be the extent of power his current body could output. If the Great Campaign was to be realized, if the utopia he sought to achieve were to happen, he needed more power. Power beyond that of resurrección and even that of Segunda Etapa. There was only one source of power that would give him the boost he needed, the Hogyoku. During his previous reign, the powerful relic was common knowledge. All races either fought over its power or sought to create their own. After his rebirth, all knowledge of it seemed to be scarce with it being shadowed in rumors. Not even Tesla knew of its current location. If he were to complete his objective, if he were to one day subjugate the man in front of him, he needed to acquire it. The miasma around Tsukishima begins to thicken even more as he recedes deeper, his form beginning to flicker between that of his released and Segunda states. His time in this form was starting to come to an end, he needed to get this over with quickly so he could begin his search. “I must say, I am impressed. Even holding back, your power far exceeds my own. We are kindred spirits you and I. Forged by the actions of others. Were you not of Shinigami origin, we might have been comrades. A pity...well it is time to wrap this up.” A booming sound resonates from within as three violet Bala quickly dart towards the Shinigami. As the Bala speeds by Jo-Jo, it begins to twirl its staff before once again stabbing it on the ground. “Bankai! Honpō Raikōisan” it screams as a golden light envelopes it. A strike of lightning rains down as Jo-Jo's staff is transformed into a hammer many times its size. Twirling it with the greatest of ease, the resurrected Shinigami slams the hammer on the ground as two golden streaks of energy race forward. WC: 490 STATS
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    WC --> 1860 + 540 --> 2400 Oriru observed, although slightly obscured by the dark miasma, the movement of the False Reaper with a graceful nature avoiding the force of the technique that was befalling his location but it didn't matter. Although this being was the visage of the former Kido Corps Captain, he was nothing compared to the power nor knowledge that Oriru had obtained in his time in the same position and eventually he would fall like he once had before. The False Reaper made his approach once more on the location of Oriru in conjunction with a pair of the energy based techniques unleashed by the Espada, the Bala, as they maintained their speed with each other. Oriru was prepared for both of the Bala, as he held his own spherical techniques to combat these, but the curiosity of Oriru was perked at the statement of something big being planned after receiving praise from his predecessor. Suddenly the man stopped and the words of a familiar technique was spoken, and Oriru decided the fate of the False Reaper was sealed in this moment. [1] Still, the Miasma weighed heavy upon the body of Oriru although he showed no real signs of it's effects but the nature of the fight brought out a side of Oriru that brought him... joy? As such, his spiritual pressure spiked once more reaching another plateau as the golden energy that was flowing from his body began to grow dense forming an aura around his body. [2-3] Each of the two Bala found their way through the miasma to approach Oriru as (V) and (VI) flew through the air and collided with the two attacks and while they dealt with that, it was the nature of the Kido that he dealt with personally. [4-5] The moment the words left the lips of the False Reaper, Oriru responded instantly; "Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō." The cackle of the energy roared like a bolt of lightning splitting a mountain unleashed from directly in front of Oriru but the devastation of the technique was not the power behind it but the seconds before it would have made contact with the Kido. Like the previous Cero, this kido dissolved into radiant golden energy and condensed to form another golden sphere that floated around Oriru with the initial one. What was once about to be a collision of forces quickly became the rampant force of Oriru's Kido mastery aiming to consume the entirety of his predecessor. Oriru had hoped that this would be enough to deal with the False Reaper, but prepared for the situation that it would not be. The Espada had proven to be formidable, so much so that Oriru was approaching a threshold in his own power that he had not reached in quite some time. Two golden spheres floated around his body like the inner shell of an atom, four black orbs remained connected for the black barrier, two away from his immediate presence, and a seventh orb remained near to his body and it was only a matter of time before the eighth came into form. He was unsure what other tricks that the Espada would attempt, but Oriru felt the fire in his chest realizing that he would not be able to contain his power for much longer. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    As the resurrected Jo-Jo charges towards the Shinigami, Tsukishima could feel the man release more of vast depths of his power. While the output of their power was even, Tsukishima knew the truth. He was still hopelessly outclassed. Outclassed by what he considered a truly lesser being. Sickening. However, this made him come to a stark realization. He could evolve even further and find a form beyond even that of Segunda Etapa. Much like before, the orbs the Shinigami commanded moved into position, blocking the two Bala shot from the tip of the staff. Jo-Jo lands on the ground and darts away as the Primera's cero barrels towards the Shinigami. As the cero reaches its target, it suddenly begins to dissolve into golden energy which compresses itself into another sphere. “He continues to toy with me...” the Espada mumbles, never removing his gaze. The hand that touched his staff trembled in anger. Again, the Shinigami mutters the name their accursed Kidō as ten pink constructs comprised of pure energy form and launch their way towards Jo-Jo. The resurrected Shinigami leaps up, skillfully dodging each reiatsu construct as it nears. As it dodges the last pillar, it begins to run full speed towards the man with right hand extended. Wordlessly, Tsukishima raises his arm and fires two Bala alongside the traveling creature. “You good mofucka. Damn good. Shooting all these Kidō at full strength without their incantations. Would have loved to go a few rounds with you under different circumstances. Doubt you need it but get ready. The bony mofucka planning something big.” As these words leave the resurrected Shinigami's lips, it stops just shy of the man with its hand hovering just above his chest. “Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō” The electrified blast of reiatsu rockets out, completely engulfing the Shinigami's last known area. WC: 303 STATS
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    WC --> 1,100 + 760 --> 1860 Oriru remained fixed in front of the Black Coffin, his own barrier standing in front of him as the only thing separating his body from the natural pressure of the Kido that he used. There wasn't an assumption that the technique would eliminate the target based surely upon the amount of power being released by his opponent, but he wondered how such a being would handle themselves with such a tremendous technique. Much to his surprise, and intrigue, Oriru witnessed his technique crumble away and broken like the glass of a window revealing the form of his opponent, although obscured slightly via the miasma, unfazed. Not only was the being seemingly untouched by the technique, he managed to deflect the orb that had shot from behind him. "Impressive." It was the most accurate way to describe what transpired as the being continued his steps forward and Oriru would do the same placing himself no more than three feet from this being. Suddenly, after a moment of words spoken, the being before him started to expel an intense amount of spiritual pressure as the violet colored energy of his form would flow with a gentle elegance matched only by the dark nature of the forces. The being shifted his form into something new, something considerably more raw in comparison of what he just was. Before was the Resurrection but this was something different, this was something more powerful. Curiosity allowed the Captain to stand there and watch the being transform while resolute numbness of his own life secured him to his placement without a single moment of hesitation, flinching, or diverting his attention. "Not any Espada, but thee Espada." His studies explained to him the general structure that had been utilized by the Hollows, or rather Arrancar, that inhabit Hueco Mundo. Many of their kind are isolationists but some, not many, gather towards Las Noches and formulate the structure within the Espada. Although the official structure was merely conjuncture but the theory stipulates that they rank themselves by the number designation, meaning the Primera was indeed the strongest; logically making his claim as the unchallenged Lord of Hueco Mundo probable. "Former Commander of the Kido Corp." Oriru added at the end of the Primera's statement, less towards the Espada but more for himself solidifying the fact of his departure. Black energy began to form into a concentrated mass generated from the Primera until he interacted with the substance and it shifted into a figure. There was a moment when he considered this to be related to the nature of his father and his powers, but the energy signature was different. This was a key note; his father based his research and altered hollowfication on the nature of this Lord of Hueco Mundo and his powers. His thoughts were snapped away when the symbol of the Kido Corps was seen on the coat of the now formed figure. The next moment was a strange interaction but clearly the being was not an illusion or a fabrication of thought but somehow a recreation of the original figure. One that the Primera appears capable of keeping under some sort of control; despicable. This being spoke of the ill nature of the Soul Society but yet here the being refuses to let the soul of a lost one rest. Jo-Jo made his effort to assault Oriru and with a fixed gaze upon the Primera, he prepared as his body released more of his spiritual pressure to match that of his opponent as his own golden energy seemed to blend and fight against the violet energy of his foe. [1] The miasma seemed to feed off of the energy as the density could be observed, but Oriru made no response or reaction. [2-3] Jo-Jo appeared in the air slightly above Oriru and unleashed two consecutive attacks two which Oriru responded with both (V) and the newly formed (VI) colliding with each of the attacks head on emitting a small burst of his spiritual energy. The Primera took the chance to react personally as well, [4] another of his Cero techniques and still without moving the Cero seemed to dissolve into a golden energy forming a golden sphere waiting to be used. [5] As the golden sphere was formed from the energy of the Cero, Oriru spoke, "Senjū Kōten Taihō." Instantly ten large pink concentrations of raw spiritual energy formed and launched itself at the fabricated Kido Corps Captain with the culmination of a small nuke. All without Oriru moving an inch from his spot. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    The man did not move as the Primera unleashed his resurrección, fully engulfed by the black miasma that seeped through the area. As his cero travels forward, Tsukishima watches as four black orbs appear in front of the man, shielding him from harm. Standing firm, the man utters one word as Tsukishima trembles in anger at the mere mention of it. Yet another one of that accursed Kidō the Shinigami prided themselves for. It sickened him. As the black and purple box of energy surrounds the Espada, a violet aura envelopes him. He walks forward, a low guttural growl escaping from him as spears attempt to pierce him from all sides. One by one, each spear harmlessly bounces off of the Primera's body and crumbles. Upon reaching one of the walls of the box, he lightly presses his hand upon it as the box deteriorates. Shards of black and purple energy fall around him as he continues forward. From behind, one of the Shinigami's orbs attempts to behead him but is stopped by the sudden appearance of a small violet barrier. Tsukishima stops his forward walk, coming mere feet from the Shinigami once more. He stares at the man with disdain and anger. He was being toyed with. Even a fool could sense that there was a significant gap in power between the two of them. It was a jarring realization for Tsukishima to be as outclassed as he was. It was an injustice. “You are correct. It seems that you are well versed in our hierarchy... I guess you leave me no choice.” he says after a long pause, his hands still trembling in anger. The ground begins to shake as Tsukishima's spiritual pressure begins to increase. Violet energy in the shape of a skull envelopes him as his power soars. From within, his body begins to change. A golden crown forms atop his head with a red eye in the center. A segment of over his left eye socket turns golden as golden chains dangle from both sides of his head. Four tusks covered in golden chains jut from where his neck was, each cracked with violet reiatsu swirling within. His cloak becomes black, brown, and tan in three distinct sections, and opens to reveal what lurks within him. Beneath the cloak lies a mass of violet reiatsu in place of a body, with twelve rib bones and a tailbone floating in their normal positions; the bottom two rib bones and the tailbone are plated with gold. His lower half consists of black, brown, and tan furred leggings ending in flame-like violet reiatsu. They are adorned by two long intricate golden bands crossing at the center and three golden blade-like ornaments on either hip, growing larger in size as they expand outward from him. His left arm is cracked with violet reiatsu swirling inside while his right arm is completely coated in gold. The black miasma begins to thicken as the energy subsides and reveals Tsukishima in the form that surpasses resurrección, Segunda Etapa. “I am the Primera Espada and unchallenged Lord of Hueco Mundo. Based on your power, I can only assume you are a Captain...or you were at one point. Your proficiency in that accursed Kidō leads me to believe you belong to the Kidō Corps. I've someone who'd love to meet you.” He taps his golden staff on the ground as black energy begins to leak from his body. The energy pools on the ground before a formless creature emerges beside the released Arrancar. Tsukishima lightly touches upon the formless creature as it gurgles and changes shape. In a matter of seconds, the creature takes the shape of a dark-skinned man with a white coat draped around his shoulders, his back turned away from the Shinigami. Emblazoned on the coat was the symbol of the Kidō Corps. “The fuck am I?” the creature says as he turns towards the Shinigami. “And who the fuck are you?” The creature turns towards Tsukishima and immediately flies into a rage. “You the mofucka who attacked me. Go time!” The light in Tsukishima's eye sockets flares as the creature stops moving and returns its gaze towards the Shinigami. “This is the former Captain of the Kidō Corps, Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo, deal with your replacement.” Wordlessly, the creature pulls out a golden metallic staff that was attached to his back and darts towards the Shinigami. It quickly appears above the man's head as the tip of the staff glows purple. It twirls the staff to the right before releasing two concussive blasts of energy towards the top of the man's head. At the same time, Tsukishima raises his right hand and fires a dark violet cero with the intent of engulfing him entirely. WC: 792 STATS
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    WC --> 600 + 500 --> 1,100 It appears that the beast of a man was picking up on the fact that he was here to face a moment of fate that would turn quickly into the feral nature of their racial disputes. Though each one held their own disdain towards the other's heritage, this was somehow more personal despite the lack of actual knowledge of one another. The violet energy of the being made it evidently clear that this was not a vaizard like the many he had encountered, as this being was born of the pure legacy of a Hollow. The golden energy had swirled around the violet energy of his opponent and it became evidently clear that this battle was not about to be one with limited power being used. "Resurrection, at least he is smart to understand restraint would be foolish." Oriru watched as the skin of the man began to erode away melting his body to a form similar to that of a skeletal figure, something that most would have a visceral reaction to but the Soul Reaper held no such urge daring to keep his eyes locked on his target. The body of the man began to radiate a black miasma, a toxic cloud presumably, proven an accurate assessment by the consideration of the forest area erode and decaying into nothingness and other structures were on the path to the same amount of degradation. *Oriru remained within the field of Miasma, anticipating the sensation of decay but the numb sensation was greater. The being slowly slid into the darkness of his own miasma before a toxic force of energy was seen tearing through the Miasma upon the location of Oriru who showed no sign of reaction or movement. From the forest, the four black orbs with a gentle golden aura and a roman numeral core all appeared with the golden thread held between them and halted in front of Oriru in a square formation. [1] The space between the four orbs suddenly gave a glow of black energy and solidified forming a solid square in front of him **as the attack struck the surface of the barrier. It remained fixed as the attack seemed to have a ***secondary feature and detonated with an impressive amount of force but left no interest for Oriru. [2] "Kurohitsugi." Oriru kept his eyes on the space that the Miasma had spread to and decided that everything within that occupied region needed to be purged as the black and purple void like energy began to form the structure of one of the most devastating Kido of the Soul Society's arsenal. Oriru would not hesitate in ensuring the technique formed as rapidly as possible and shredded his target standing inches from the attacks edge. [3] In preparation for a contingency as the (V) orb manifested and should the target avoid the Black Coffin the orb would find the back of his skull. "If you survived, you must be an Espada." Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    “Is that how you plan to justify the actions of your kind? Simply self-preservation? It is true. We are forced to do so out of survival, but the Soul Society does so out of their own volition. To massage their ego and fuel their greed. You make us and the Quincy out to be what's wrong with this dimension and that killing us is your birthright. And yet, most of you jump at the opportunity to incorporate our powers with yours and become those accursed hybrid abominations. The mask you speak of only hides the truth from those who are either too ignorant to see it or those who simply do not want to admit how flawed and hypocritical you truly are.” His knuckles grip the top of the staff, his hands trembling as he speaks. “You condemn us for merely surviving yet most of the atrocities this dimension has experienced have been caused by Shinigami hands. Always believing in their 'justice'. You all are the reason why the Great Campaign must come to fruition. To finally merge this dimension back to the Nirvana it was always meant to be.” At this point, the Shinigami rose to his feet and stood face to face with Tsukishima. He had no weapon but the Primera knew first hand that physical weapons meant nothing. The ground shook as the two titans of power sized up one another, each awaiting the other to make a move. Suddenly, the Shinigami released his spiritual pressure as a golden wave of energy radiated from him. The Primera raises an eyebrow at the power he displayed. It was overwhelming in its sheer volume, arguably even more so than himself and Yamashiro at full strength. This was what the Remnants warned him about, the beings of this dimension whose power far exceeded those of the past. To encounter such a being randomly in the middle of nowhere was truly intriguing. Tsukishima responded by releasing his own spiritual pressure, the violet torrent of energy swirling around him. The opposing violet and golden energies clashed with one another, shaking the very foundation they stood on to its core. It was painfully clear to the Primera, he could not hold back. The man spoke, asking Tsukishima not to disappoint him like the now-deceased Quincy. This prompted a dark chuckle from the Espada as his cane begins to peel away. “I suppose we are skipping the rest of the pleasantries then. Erode, Senescencia...” A beastly roar escapes from the Primera's lips as the intensity of the energy around him increases. Slowly, chunks of skin begin to rot away from his face as his eyeballs sizzle and melt. A pure white skull emerges and a red light flares from within his eye sockets. Black miasma emanates from his body as the trees around the two begin to erode and crumble. In an instant, the miasma reaches a point where a small part of the forest is covered. Tsukishima's deep voice booms from within a miasma as white and violet specks of light appear in his bony hand. The two specks rocket towards the man as Tsukishima recedes deeper within the miasma. “Let's see if that hubris that your kind is known for will show.” WC: 541 STATS
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    WC --> 600 The former Captain, although former was not an accurate description of his temporary separation of duties, had settled within his new state of isolation within the depth of a forest unknown and unmarked by most with a detailed understanding of the region meaning the discovery of Oriru would be happenstance and nothing more. Perhaps that was the case with the recent arrival of the Quincy and it may be the reason behind the arrival of the second person in as many hours. The soft echo of an object tapping almost rhythmically, meaning there was the intent with the sound, would alert Oriru to the fact that someone had located him but he remained fixed upon the ground. He was connected to the earth at this moment, feeling the energy of the forest flow all around him undisturbed but the being decided that he had an opinion that had to be shared. "Perhaps the Soul Reapers have brought enough blood of the Quincy to amount to nearly a genocide... Sadly I am beyond reproach in the matter." He took a moment and released a scoff, "They are not heroes with the mission of saving anyone; the mission is simply to preserve a balance without a sense of moral justice to disturb calculated decisions. Akin to the hollows, it is a matter of survival. The masked beings of Hueco Mundo urge for self-preservation, the Soul Society hides behind their mask of a greater good which is a mask over their own self-preservation." Oriru got to his feet and faced the man before him, a being that he had not seen before but the sensation was one of turmoil. "No..." He shook his head at the thought, realizing that it was not turmoil but a sensation of prolonged exposure to existence. This being held a sense of purity in his presence that is certifiably only attainable by someone with a reserve of extraordinary power provided by the test of time. Oriru had the entire collection of data from all of the records held within the Soul Society but this man was not identifiable in any of the information as he combed the depths of his thoughts. Still, this person held no hint of the same black substance that was now a clear sign of an Ascendant and the relation to his father; Nisshoku. This person was an unknown variable and that was exactly what he needed to help him face the end of his own road at this long journey of his own. "Though I suppose you have not made the journey out here to discuss the eternal flaws of the Soul Society and the mandates that they foolishly enforce." With a sudden burst of Spiritual Pressure, a golden surge of energy would flow from his body and consume him in a royal aura. Although it was an impressive display of power and appeared to be a reveal of his true power, Oriru lacked the desire to do more than this level of his power. His Zanpakuto was not within his immediate range, but that was a minor dilemma since he held little care to use his Zanpakuto or use her powers. Doing so would warrant more attention from his comrades and it would prove to be best left to have his Zanpakuto settle out where it was. There was always the benefit of the unified connection between the two, "Since you came all this way, please do not disappoint me like the Quincy who wandered into the wrong part of the forest." --------- Statistical Notes Natural Defense - 14,240 + 600 [Permanent Shikai] --> 14,840 Spiritual Pressure - 178,000 | Approximate Level --> [100,000] Natural Stats ★(Main) Stamina | 230 (Focused) Speed | 200 (230) (Focused) Perception | 200 (230) ★(Sub) Reiryoku | 230 (240) --> Speed | 224 Physical Capabilities | 144 --> Speed | 155.2 ---------- Active Orbs (I) - (II) - (III) - (IV) Active Threads (I) - (II) - (III) - (IV) - Shape Outline Formed | Square
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    “I would rather not end your life. You were lucky once before, it’d be best to count your blessings and depart.” Tsukishima chuckles as he stares out in the void, his hands being enveloped in black energy. He had fully recovered from his session with Yamashiro and eagerly looked forward to settling the score with the Hermit. “I'm sure you felt it when you were watching in the World of the Living. I'm not the same as when we last met. I assure you." His reiatsu spikes as his cane begins to peel away and reveal his Zanpakuto. He twirls it lightly and aims it at the Hermit’s head, the Hermit following suit with his own blade. The black energy that surrounded his hand before begins to crackle. The crackling becomes audible, something that surprises both Arrancar. The two stand for a moment before charging at one another, their blades ringing out in the darkness. The two exchanged sword clashes, neither giving the other the upper hand. The looks on both of their faces had said it all; this was beginning to annoy them. The two separated, standing opposite of each other in the darkness of the Garganta. The Hermit sighed, his spiritual pressure increasing slightly. In a split second, the Hermit was gone. The booming sounds from Sonido could be heard as he moved around in order to confuse the Primera. He appeared behind him, whispering slightly in the darkness. “You are still too slow.” “Am I?” Said the Espada in an extremely calm and collected voice. The Hermit attempted to deliver a powerful backhand to the very center of Tsukishima’s back but is surprised to see that it was only an afterimage. A sharp pain shoots in his back as he is launched forward. He manages to gather his footing as he slides back, glancing at the Primera in front of him with blood dripping from his fingertips. He licks the blood off, smiling at the Hermit with a sinister grin. The Hermit sneered and rose to his feet, the incisions in his back soon closing. “So you have High-Speed Regeneration as well. This will indeed prove interesting.” The two charged towards each other once more, only this time the outcome was a little different. When Matsuko was about a centimeter away from hitting the Primera, he raised his foot connecting with his forehead. The force of the blow sends the Espada’s body flying upward in the darkness. The Hermit attempted to swing his bloodied Zanpakuto to impact Tsukishima’s right side, in a gentle and smooth motion. The Espada twirled his body around and brought up the back of his right leg to literally sweep away the force of the Hermit’s attack, knocking the sword away. Attempting to follow up, Tsukishima directed all his weight into his left leg in order to slam it down. The Hermit, however, expected this and caught the leg before delivering an open palmed strike to the Espada’s rib-cage, the sound of bones breaking could be heard. The two hopped back from one another, creating a sizable distance between them. Their eyes locked for a moment, each knowing what the other was planning on doing. Slowly their raised their right hands, energy beginning to ebb in the middle. Tsukishima’s however, began to crackle even louder than before. Dark streaks of black reiatsu intermingled with the violet orb of energy in his hand. Both of them muttered the word 'cero' as the two blasts of energy rocketed forward. Both met with a resulting burst of light that briefly illuminated the darkness of the Garganta. They seemed dead even with one another before the violet cero completely took over and dominated the blue. The leftover wave of energy brushed passed the Hermit, knocking him down. “What was that monstrous power?!” The hermit finally makes it to his feet and withdraws his sword, conceding his defeat. “It seems that my suspicions were correct. You have long since passed me in power. I suppose you are worthy of your title as Espada after all. Your attack has depleted most, if not all of my energy. The victory is yours; finish me off if you must.” The Primera smirks and makes his way forward, his weapon returning to its caned appearance. “The battle was over long before this moment. If I wanted to kill you, believe me, I would have done so earlier. There is something that I require.” “And that would be?” The Hermit says coldly. “Your assistance. The Great Campaign is upon us. Reverting this world back into the paradise it once was. The way the Remnants always wished for it to be. No more Shinigami. No more war. A world led by all of our hollowed brethren.” The Hermit thinks for a moment before turning around, his mind racing with this new information. He didn’t quite want to be in the hustle and bustle Las Noches brought but the thought of this nirvana intrigued him. “You have my interest for the moment. If I am to join you on your crusade, I require your assistance as well. There is a being in the World of the Living. I don't want him there but he is out of my league...and likely yours as well. Deal with him and you will have my assistance.” The hermit waves his hand as an opening appears in the darkness. Tsukishima chuckling as he begins to move towards it. “And now you attempt to give demands? I suppose I can humor you for the moment.” __________________________________________________ An eerie stillness befalls the land as a Garganta appears above a forest. The Primera steps out as his cane loosely dangles in his right hand. “Ugh” the Primera mutters as the Garganta closes behind him, a scowl plastered on his face. The putrid stench of humanity lingered and Tsukishima's irritation grew. “Time to get this over with...” he says as he slowly descends to the ground below. He looks around at the forest he sees himself in and takes note of its beauty. It was an area hardly touched by the plagues of this world. A serene peaceful area that reminded him of his original home within the forest. An unfamiliar source of spiritual pressure stirs the Primera from his walk down memory lane. It was a certain kind of pressure he hadn't felt in quite some time. Familiar and yet completely foreign to him. “Quincy...” he mutters as a smile forms across his face. Perhaps his old accomplice Haschwald had finally decided to come out of hiding? Or perhaps there was a new player in the game? Excited with the prospects, the Primera moves deeper into the forest and takes note to mask his energy. It wasn't long before Tsukishima found the source of the pressure, a Quincy dressed in their traditional garb engaged in conversation with another being. While Tsukishima could not feel this man's spiritual pressure, the smell was all too familiar. “Shinigami...” he sneered, his knuckles turning white from gripping his cane too hard. Intently, he watches the conversation at hand turn sour as the Shinigami quickly eliminates the Quincy but notes that something is off. Unlike most of his kind, this Shinigami did not exude the same level of confidence and hubris. His mannerisms, his demeanor, all of it screamed that something was wrong. A weakness that Tsukishima sought to exploit. He walks towards the Shinigami, making his presence known by the echoing taps of his cane. “Doesn't your kind have enough Quincy blood on its hands? Drove them to the brink of extinction and yet you continue to stain the grounds with their blood... And they say we are the bloodthirsty ones.” WC: 1,284
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    REIATSU RANKS Legendary Spiritual Pressure 101,000 - 210,000 Immense Spiritual Pressure 101,000 - 210,000 Great Spiritual Pressure 61,000 - 100,000 High Spiritual Pressure 30,000 - 60,000 ---------- Retired (Ranked/Unranked) ---------- Inactive

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