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    The two continued on their way keeping a good pace throughout. After their short chat ended, Masato directed him to the school and they moved through various doors and hallways until they got to the second floor and to be more precise, the female toilet. Coming to a school was already suspicious enough so he thought it couldn’t get any worse but now… Arthur looked at the Fullbringer with judgement in his gaze,’Why a toilet?’ The parasite also informed them that he recognised the place but just like Arthur he didn’t seem to feel anybody else’s presence. Masato mentioned something about getting swallowed whole, but he wasn’t really connecting the dots to their environment. A password was spoken so there must be an entrance here. At least they wouldn’t have to flush themselves down the toilets to teleport like in a certain movie. A few moments later the floor beneath them started changing into what looked like a mouth. Is that what Masato meant by swallowing? As the teeth rose and he found himself in the jaws of ‘something’ like any normal human he panicked and tried to get out but was dragged down. When he could next see, Arthur found himself in a dark room full of monitors showing various locations of Karakura Town as well plenty of other information he did not understand. This must be how she could see everything and clearly it was superior to what they have in Duality. Sat in front of all that equipment was the orange haired woman that was involved in this weird case. She seemed to be nervous in the face of Masato who punched her in the stomach before she could even finish her sentence. The Fullbringer then invited Arthur to do the same to ease his frustration. However, he shook his head,’No thanks. I don’t take pleasure from such things.’ While the reason that brought them here was stupid, he didn’t see a need to beat her up over it. He never found fighting to bring him satisfaction whether it was against a man or a woman. Though seeing that his friend may be getting a bit carried over Arthur took over and spoke,’We’ve brought the culprit of all of this with us. He wasn’t telling us the full story though which brought us here. Now, both of you explain yourselves.’ Word Count: 393
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    Masato listened to Arthur's answer with his gaze directed ahead, lest he crash into anything in his path. Initially, Arthur's words were humble, and illustrated how noble his sacrifice was; but his motives would take a quick 180, as did Masato's impression of him, when these words were uttered. "I don’t especially care for the individual people either. People die every day of various reasons" Masato perceived and took offense to Arthur's lackadaisical attitude towards the everyday victims of the terror brought on by hollows. Indeed, people do die every day, but none should have to suffer the fate Asuna did. Mankind, subconscious of this fact or not, naturally inherit a belief in karma. Good actions are rewarded, bad actions are punished. When observing the misfortunes of others, we are quick to justify it; only empathizing with their suffering once it befalls us. Masato was no different, he too believed in karma, but no matter how he contemplated, the fate of his wife was disproportionate to any sin humanity was capable of committing. How many lives like hers must end due to such a negligent mindset? The thought that someone as capable as Arthur could think such a way irked Masato to his core. The Quarterer dismembering Asuna, could that have been avoided if those capable of its prevention showed more initiative? "People die, so what"? Was the philosophy Masato derived from Arthur's words, and it undoubtedly boiled his blood the more thought he gave it. His deep seated anger swelled within, and quickly began to surface as his grip tightened around the food box holding the parasite, threatening to squash it should he let his anger fully consume him. "What about you?" Arthur's inquiry snapped Masato out of it, for which he was thankful, as he eased his hold of the parasite. However, even now recollected, Masato couldn't reply to the very same question he posed to Arthur with a thoughtful and honest answer. He feared the more complex his answer, the most likely it was to be malicious or combative with Arthur's view point, in effect, defeating his intentions of sparking a lighthearted conversation. Instead, he forced a faint smile and scoffed as he faced his company to reply, "Same", electing to compartmentalize his new judgments of Arthur with hopes that a bad misinterpretation was the cause of their new found differences. -Karakura High School Masato continued to guide Arthur, taking as many shortcuts he could to reach the female restroom of the second floor of the school. This included the destruction of a few door locks barring their entry. Upon reaching restroom, the parasite would finally comment. “This is definitely the same school I dropped the package at, but I don’t sense anyone but us here.” “That’s the point.” Masato addressed the hollow’s concern and proceeded through the restroom’s door. “Don’t panic, if she swallows you whole, you won’t get hurt.” In a dark room, lit only by a wall of white monitors, an orange haired girl bit her left nails in a panic, while simultaneously scratching her scalp in aggravation. She heard Masato’s command to grant them entry from one of the lower monitors that broadcasted the happenings of the bathroom her visitors resided. “Shit.” -Back in the bathroom “Uh, Who are you talking to?” the parasite asked. It tried to indirectly voice its skepticism regarding the presence of anyone within the school. But seeing as Masato seemingly missed the hint, he decided to air his doubts bluntly with a question. However, Masato wouldn’t provide an answer; partially due to his annoyance, and partially due to the self-evident answer that would arise as the ground beneath himself and Arthur softened. The square shaped, marble tiles of the bathroom’s bright blue floor quickly shifted color to a strong red. Large yellowish teeth circled Masato and his ally individually as they emerged from the ground. Suddenly, the teeth would rise even higher, now connected to black jaws the collapsed with the two humans, and hollow in them. Seconds later, the very same jaws emerged from the floor of the black room Shizuka sat in. “Oh, there she is,” the hollow quipped lowly as Masato began to walk towards her, as she spun her chair around to face him. She chuckled weakly before speaking just as he reached her. “Ha ha, how’s it going boss, what brings you-“Suddenly, before she could finish her final clause, her stomach was met with Masato’s left fist, which knocked the wind out of her. She gripped her stomach in pain and wheezed for breath as her Boss looked down on her. He would then face Arthur and offer him a chance to vent his frustration the orange haired Shizuka inflicted upon them both. “You’re welcome to take a few shots. It won’t make up for your injuries, nor time wasted. But it might be cathartic.” Wc: 800
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    Updates: Role-Play Rules of Conduct & General Guide Character Creation - In an effort to help the mods keep the forum a bit cleaner and track of the actual active characters we have add the Important warning to the Character Creation post. or the mod team, but Important Warning: If anyone does not post or submit a Word Count over 1 month time (4-5 weeks) then you will be moved into INACTIVE status at the bottom of the Official Role Playing Ranks. Also, if your character is inactive for 3 months (12-15 weeks) or more your character application will be moved to the Inactive/Approved thread. In order to be moved back into the active ranks you just have to post in the active subforums, then post a WC Submission, and you will be moved back into your proper area during the next Ranking updates. Caps and requirements are still enforced for your overall reiatsu level, look in the appropriate reiatsu field you fall into to know what your caps/requirements are. Those that give the Mods a heads up will get some leniency on the haste at which they are moved to inactive. ------------------------------------ Upcoming updates: Clarification on slots for racial techniques/custom kido updates to other races Non-release abilities/skills (quincy and bount possibly are next) continued rule clarification and updates.
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    Before they made a move, Masato first told Arthur where they would be going and that was Karakura High School. While the two of them were a bit too old to go to a school but at this time there shouldn’t be anybody around so it was unlikely that any trouble would be caused by this. He also said that the previously mentioned orange haired woman was able to hear them right now. Therefore, she was the mysterious person who helped them locate the parasite. More and more things were falling in place,’Alright.’ After saying so, the cyan coat reached out for him but as Masato wasn’t possessed anymore Arthur had nothing to fear as the threads formed bandages while tending to his wounds. It did the job for now as it prevented him bleeding out though he wouldn’t exactly call this satisfactory treatment,’It’s fine. We have someone who can do proper healing, so I’ll stop by later anyway.’ This made him realise that he should appreciate Liz’s skills more as her healing got rid of his wounds completely while with these stitches there was still a risk of his wounds opening up if he was to get into another fight. They started moving along and Arthur took Masato’s offer to let him hold the Hollow while he was asked about his motivations. He expected the question, but it was also part of their growing bond as after what they went through it was very likely that this wouldn’t be their last meeting,’I wouldn’t call it motivation. My faction is called Duality and our saying is ‘to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves’. Though it’s a thankless job so there isn’t any reward for it. I don’t especially care for the individual people either. People die every day of various reasons but if I can prevent further deaths then I will. I just want to keep the town safe to make sure that no harm comes to my loved ones. What about you?’ Word Count: 335

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