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    Before they split up for dinner, Yoshirou said that it looked like they could finish before the schedule which made Metabee think. It was the second day of the second week which gave them five full days to complete the Kido. While it would be far from perfected he was also almost certain that they could produce something of substance but most likely not before the schedule since they might run into more problems that they didn't know of yet. In the end, he only answered with a 'Perhaps'. After his shower was done and he was dressed in fresh clothes, he headed straight to the dining hall which seemed to be quite loud this time. After entering, he saw a mass of people eating and drinking together. This was his idea after all. It was their first time that they actually made it on time for dinner where everyone was here, or maybe not since he wasn't here yesterday he didn't know how it turned out. Metabee looked around with his keen eyes and quickly spotted Teschma, Nero and Yoshirou though it didn't look like the three would be eating together since Teschma and Nero were sitting at a table with some Clan Members. Yoshirou too quickly spotted him and waved as he went to get a table. Metabee nodded in response and now it was his turn to get his food so he got a plate and picked out some food that was still left and food that he really liked which made his plate look full but it was a small mix of everything, though that was how all you can eat buffets usually ended. After he was satisfied, Metabee joined Yoshirou at the table and even though JDan wasn't here yet the Noble had already started eating and so the Captain didn't hesitate either. It was better warm, right? The Noble greeted him by saying that it was a totally different experience when everyone was here to which Metabee agreed,'It is. It's nice.' Yoshirou then continued saying that this must make him miss the Kido Corps but the Captain shook his head,'It's only been two days since I've seen them. I'm not as clingy as you.' He didn't have any ill intent in saying so, it was simply a small jab/tease about his personality. Yoshirou then thanked him for being here and helping out. Metabee answered,'It's alright. Thanks for having me and putting up with me.' Even though he wasn't in the mood now, he did have fun before and appreciated all the things that the've done for him.
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    CHARACTER NAME: Dante Hirako Race: Vizard Weapon name: Shikai name : TÅketsu tengoku (freezing heaven) : Bankai name : Ame, tÅketsu tengoku (rain, freezing heaven) Affiliation: Cell 2 Position: Commander of Cell 2 Back Story: Introduction: Appearance: Personality: General Breakdown of Abilities: Shikai: Bankai: Hollow and Story: Bankai with Hollow Mask and Abilities: Unofficial Role Play Cell 2 Insignia:

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