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    Kuchiki Hisana : (13 - 07:12 PM)Me and Hollow are a pretty hot couple. ] VICTORY!!!!!!!!
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    Congrats. I know how long you've been working towards that.
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    You call such an important message spam?! Get out srsly
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    *epicness in the air*
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    *shunpo and takes a trash can and catches all the paper balls in the trash can* My ninja mind ^^
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    Niko uses all his power to summon popo
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    RANDOM ESPADA LETTER #5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!! I GOT UR REFERRAL RIGHT HERE!!! -Charges forth and raises his knee before lunging his foot forwards and stomping Niko's groin into oblivion. Niko's instantly shattered pelvic bones are shot up into his belly before sad sad Niko falls to his shaking knees. le grins before le body begins to glow up over-dramatically and I become a body of dramatically flamboyant firebrick-colored light. I shout, very loudly,- FIREBRICKNESS~~~!!!!!!! -Transition shot: everything explodes~!!!! from mah extremely excessively over-dramatic firebrickness epicnesses-
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    cause Ulquiorra is better

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