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    Metabee smiled as Yoshirou joined him at the table and listened to his status report and chuckled at the last bit,'It's only the beginning, my friend.' The Noble flexed his biceps to show his power and glory but alas his stomach had a different say on the matter. An empty stomach had to be filled. They both stated their choices and Olivia left on a quest to announce to the chef of the meals that would satisfy their hunger. As previously mentioned, they would be receiving a fruit tray which was carried by a familiar face. It was her job after all. She came in, set down the tray and left, all without saying a single word. At times, the maids here tended to do that so he decided to pay it no attention and instead listened to the Noble speak to him. It seemed that rumours spread quickly around here. JDan did indeed leave his room as if he had one hell of a rollercoaster ride but all Metabee could do was chuckle and scratch his head,'Well...there's two sides to that coin. He could still use some training in that particular field but at the same time there is no need to train that skill. We had fun but don't worry we left all the spicy gossip for when all three of us are together again.' The two couldn't help but make a bit of fun about their fallen brother. Fortunately, his sacrifice was not in vain as his and Metabee's bond strengthened. Now it was his turn to give his status report,'Honestly, I had a bit of a hard time falling asleep. Funnily enough, alcohol makes it harder for me to fall asleep but once I do I sleep like a log. The bed helped with that too so I had a good night's sleep...or maybe early morning's...' The Captain decided to omit the fact that he pointed his vile weapon at one of the maids. It was a bit embarrassing but also a bad habit of being a bit too cautious at times. Surely, the Noble would ask if he was curious enough since he knew best how his Clan members behaved so he would be able to tell something was up. Just like Yoshirou, Metabee reached out for the fruit and had a small amount of everything since they were all fruits he liked. Even if they were simple fruits, he could easily tell the difference in their sweetness and that of normal fruits you get from a store.
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    So surprisingly college and working full time has not killed me yet. Back looking for some fun and to talk to old friends!
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    Just in case anyone missed the announcement, the RPG is back up and running. More can be found here in the thread Isshin made.
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    Soooooo.... This place sure has changed
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    Why do I feel old whenever I come to check up on you guys?