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    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: Disabled with Talisman] [REMAINING ND| 12,800 + 600 - 1000 = 12,400] ___________________ PAIN IS TOXIC... as it could turn a champion of the people into a monster of the world within a matter of moments and without a second of hesitation. The nature of pain is to twist and turn the greatest of lights into the most painful of moments illuminated for all of eternity. There is no way to avoid pain, and the outcome is never something that a person would wish to claim as reality. As such would be true for every being that existed, mortal flesh or otherwise because none would wish to admit that their own suffering allowed them to rationalize their dark nature that hides within. Logical thinking becomes twisted, instead of finding the truth at the end of evidence one will use the evidence to justify their own truth. As one would perform an act of evil, it justifies the same. Deciding to use life as leverage for the life of another makes no one better than the other, equally, they have tasted the fruit of sinful decisions and yet contest that the other has done worse. Commander of the Kido Corps, Oriru Ryuka Kusho, placed as the most well-read member of the entire Soul Society had become the most senior officer of this operation to end the Night of Wailing discovering more demons in himself than the world had ever been able to craft. His blade swung with the force of his right arm clenching the handle so hard that the bruising had begun to form, holding tight to his weapon as hard as he wished he could have held onto Genshi before her departure from his life. The loss of so many people in such a short time, the memories of his mother, and the angst of his lover all pile on giving him more fear than he could manage to control. The blade cut through the mist so effortlessly before meeting the obstruction of a body, a rotted wailer, but that proved to be a negligible obstacle of his swing as the body became released of the burden's placed by the mist and the efforts of Lady Tomoe. These people; Kazuko, Tenzaimon, and Ito all depend on the Captain to help them - to lead them - and the Commander could not manage to understand what his next thought would be let alone the best course of action for the group of them. Thousands of books he has read, hundreds of reports have been recorded, millions of conversations have been stored and none of them have quite prepared him for the truth of what the world is capable of crafting in the form of trials and tribulations. Placing failure as the only option so that one may learn, but the truth is that the recovery of failure may never allow a man to become whole ever again as his being becomes fragmented with each failure leaving nothing more than a mirror of the creatures that surround him; a lifeless vessel. "The truth is, my son, you are more like me than you realize." These words sat in his mind as he carved his way through the bodies of the wailers, feeling that his only desire was to bring Genshi back no matter what. Although he held the urge to help and protect his comrades, the truth was he was more than willing to sacrifice them in order to bring Genshi back. She had been the only person who remained by his side when he was first out of the Academy when he was assisting the Kido Corp as a young teen and always remained around every time he needed her. "It will be the bonds that you made that will be the end of your life." His father constantly echoing in his mind, the words that he spoke to prove a point of control over his son, but the Commander felt he had to do whatever needed to be done to avoid the facts that were spoken. Sadly, it is in the same breath of that decision that he had become more like his father. This was the legacy that he could not avoid and came to a crossroads of decision when one of the human fullbringers arrived in front of his comrades with one held as a hostage. "How dare you..." The Commander thought to himself as he prepared to approach the man, Connor, only to realize that the same statement could be said unto himself. Tenzaimon held the body of the woman that the Tengu held and they had grabbed the body with the decision to take her to the mist. There was the hope that the body could be possessed by one of the Shinigami and they would be able to find Lady Tomoe, but perhaps the problem is that the Commander held a hope that he had not considered. Though this man, Connor, attempted to make a bargain but then proceeded to add a threat on top of it all. The Commander would not agree to any terms that this man if he was so willing to take a hostage and then proceed to threaten them all collectively then there was no certainty that this man would not still decide to attempt harm upon Oguto or the others. The Commander was already in a problematic situation when the sudden arrival of a second human, the Tengu, brought his concerns to light and quickly he prepared his blade as he faced the Tengu. A momentary observation revealed a blob of flames that took out wailers on this end much like Connor dealing with wailers on his side. While they remained still, any Wailer that approached from either side of the Shinigami group would slowly disintegrate once they reached within thirty meters of the Commander. At this moment, they were allowed to pause, not rest, and decide the fate the night of wailing between them all as a collective. Though the Commander remained prepared, for the Tengu remained within the field of danger and there would be no hesitation to enact the purification protocol at this point. "It's Captain Oriru Kusho, correct?" The young man approached with confidence and fire about him, so much so that Oriru allowed his own spiritual pressure to spike higher both in contrast to Connor's and refined in a way to hold it away from influencing the rest of his comrades who were more than aware that they would be unable to progress further. The unique radiant white glow would emanate from Oriru's eyes matching his aura as he stared down the Tengu. Finally, the young man presented his name, "Tamura Ryūnosuke" to which Oriru would decide to commit to memory. There was still much anger in the young man which would not ease the energy of Oriru as a few more orbs began to form and surround his position with a gentle orbit. It appeared, however, that Tamura had more to say than his comrade Connor and there was the clear sign that he was attempting to keep his speech away from the confrontation that was brewing. "... We can save her." It struck harder than anything that happened this night, of all the things that could get to Oriru it was the unspoken reference to the one person he cared for most right now. Tamura spoke as if he knew more of Tomoe and of the nature of the mist and the fact that Oriru was certain that Tamura was a frenzied wailer only a short time ago, the truth was the outcome that the shinigami was hoping to obtain had occurred. The goal was to get the spirit of an aware spirit into the body of a mortal vessel so that they could direct them to Tomoe, and that was the case here. Tamura was connected to the mist, conceivably entirely, but now he was in control of his body and thus the truth revealed. There was no need to use this body. The rest of the truth was clear too, as the Shinigami had spent their entire time looking down on the humans; Oriru included, since the moment they arrived before the mist formed. The humans were dismissed, believed to be the enemy, and the Shinigami were willing to sacrifice the humans because they believed they could handle the mist on their own. Two years the Shinigami have failed, and perhaps the human efforts to help also fell short, but this year could potentially be the true difference. "So, what's it gonna be, Captain Oriru?" The Shinigami all glanced over at the Captain with the same question in their eyes, and it all rested on this moment for Oriru. "The reason I chose you to be my Vice Captain, despite your lack of field experience, is your desire to improve. You have so much potential with the willingness to reach it and the ability to obtain it." This was the moment that the Captain Commander had always spoken about, the moment when a leader is honestly formed. All of the reading, studying, and research pales in comparison to being in the middle of a situation that would compress all of the information into a single moment. "Ryuka. Jibun ni Shinsetsudearu Koto o Kesshite Wasurenai." His mother always had to remind him, this simple phrase became a mantra for him and he had long forgotten it on his search for his father... "Never Forget to Just Be Kind to Yourself." He blamed himself for the loss of Genshi, the suffering of those around him, and he never gave himself the chance to forgive himself for any of it. Today would not be the day, but it would be the beginning hopefully. The grip on his Zanpakuto loosened as the sheath drifted around him and slid upon the sword as his spike in Reiatsu finally softened. "You are right." Honestly, he had no idea what to say but to be sincere as his experience dealing with people had not always been the best. "Pain is toxic. It causes even the most rational to lose their sense of reason, and no one is immune to it." He let out a sigh as the clear expression of hurt was on his face, "This is bigger than me, bigger than us. This needs to end." His eyes glanced at Genshi's Zanpakuto that was strapped to his own and he held a moment to restrain the tears, "It will never end if we don't work together." Oriru turned towards his comrades, "You have the Shinigami by your side." Kazuko, Tenzaimon, and Ito all gave a nod in agreement as Tenzaimon adjusted the body of the woman into a fireman carry. "Whateva yah say, Captain." "The woman will remain unharmed," Oriru made sure he was able to look at Connor, "So if you wouldn't mind letting Oguto go." Tenzaimon prepared to deliver the woman to either Connor or Tamura, depending on whichever made the first move for the exchange. Tenzaimon was also prepared to keep the woman safe with him, fully aware that there were three more capable people to actually deal with the threat. Oriru brought his focus back to Tamura once the decision of possession of the woman was determined, "So, Tamura. What's next?" WC | 1900
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    Alot had happened in the next few moments,shit had truly hit the fan.The group who had seemed to ban together to end this dreadful night all went about there personal investigations.Each one looking for the answers,the answer that would lead them to the cause or person/persons who were responsible.San was communicating with the teenage girls as all hell broke loose.He was given a personal talisman by a member of the social group.Just as he was directed to give thanks to the praying group,he would turn to look at the group.It seemed a man within the group was the first to arrive,he saw amongst them.Thoughts began to run threw the fifth seats head,as he tried to fit the puzzle pieces together.San would place the talisman in his pocket on his right side,near his sheathed Zanpaktu,right before things escalated in such a manner it was overwhelming.Then it began.The masked human who stood in the middle of the room,dropped the female he was carrying along with a letter he was reading.The human moved at such speed that San lost track of him.San regained his location as the door was smashed open,his hand burning with fire.Salvatore instictivly gripped the hilt of his Zanpaltu at the moment the masked human tore the talisman from the doorway,charring it to ash.The mist would instantly pour in,as the human called out "ITS HIM" his gaze fixated on the man amongst the praying group.It began to click in Salvatores mind.However with the mist now not being pushed back by the barrier of the talisman San could only think back on the wailers as they were now known as. Salvatore would begin to unsheath his zanpaktu,however not in the time it took the man to react to being pointed out.As the masked warrior called out the man responsible for all this reacted in a way highly unexpected.A massive blast erupted from the man,his body the epicenter.The blast was energy in the color of magenta that shot outwards in all directions consuming everyone within the buildings,obliterating the building altogether.San taken by surprise was sent hurling outwards tumbling in all directions.Many of the humans inside not apart of the group of "Heros" were killed in the massive blast.Some were lucky to survive most were not.San would regain himself as he pushed rubble off of his person,as slintered wood rained down from what was left of the building.The man would speak,however most of what he said was muffled as Sans ears rang from the intensity of the blast.Souls began to float from there corpses an towards the man as San reached his knees.Truly the beast was powerful beyond anything San had experinced before.The now unmasked human leapt from the rubble letting out a shriek,a shreik that reminded San of what he had to endure to get here.He would feel fear,the man was one of them,one of the wailers now.Still Sans vision was blurred but by the second he regained more an more along with his ability to hear.He could now see clearly an watched as the older man,the creature responsible for the night as the devastation that just erupted gripping the unmasked warrior by his throat,slamming him to the ground.San began to climb to his feet,as the unmasked warrior was pinned down by a massive blow from the man,magenta energy yet again filling the air around his punch and target. He the beast of a man would address the survivors his words somewhat puzzeling.He encouraged the group to continue to find Tamoe,he also said there talisman would help perform the task as well as they,the group was still on his dinner plans.He would make his leave,San unsheathed his zanpaktu,readying for the fight.However the kido corpse captain reacted swiftly firing off a kido only to reveal the place the beast entered was a mirage like barrier,phasing straight threw it.It would seem the group had no choice but to do as he said find the lady then return.So much continued to happen.The wailers began to close in on the shrine grounds an survivors.hundreds if not a thousand.The fifth seats comrades in arms,his fellow Shinigami reacted swiftly grabbing the unmasked warriors woman he carried an began to make there way towards the Vortex.Still somewhat unclear about it all San was left confused being ordered to stay behind an help by the kido Captain.For now San could only agree an accept,still he was unsure of it all.Even more so why take the masked warriors precious cargo,what were they planning was it sure to work?So many questions ran threw Sans mind,however time to think would have to wait.The roar sound of unmasked Wailer echoed threwout the mist as he called for his lady to be given back.The kido Captain already had taken off.San could not make what happened next as the speed of the unmasked Warrior an another human comrade clashed with such force that lightning an fire fused together an shockwaved threwout theshrine grounds.The wave of energy rushed over San causing burns an marks over his arms as he knelt down sliding back a few meters."What the hell"He thought.How were two humans so powerful so fast,again the time to think would have to wait.The other human had begun to search the rubble an also help with the unmasked warrior,trying to free him from the mists will. Salvatore still in shock an awe could only put aside his thoughts for now,as Connor had put the masked warrior on his back an seemed to have dealt with the wailer aspect.San would release his Shikai uttering the names of his zanpaktu quietly.Both swords changed forms into there chained sword state.His Shadow would remove itself from San who would hold out one of his Zanpaktus for the shadow to wield.He would use his shadow to atleast deal with some of the closing in wailer army,hoping to keep some at bay,minut there numbers best the shadow could.Connor would have no taken off in haste speed outside the realms San could comprehend,the other human Masato had begun rifling threw for survivors.San would unsure of what to do would simply engage the wailing army with his now two fellow shinigami as the third was snatched by the departing human/Connor."You two take those positions defend the shrine for now,i will take this side ......Human when ready to move say the word,we will accompany you.......Alot wass till unclear however San wasnt on the side of the Kido Captain taking the unmasked warriors girl,as his intetnions an thoughts were unclear to Salvatore,but he knew the feeling of losing a loved one so he could relate to the masked Warrior as the humans who seemed to be in clear dismay of the soul Reapers choice."I do not know if the Captain made the right choice but im here to help.....one way or another....San an his Shadow would now take the two other sides of the shrine,his fellow shinigami on the other sides dealing with each wailer as they rushed the stairs.It wouldnt be long before there numbers began to increase,soon the shrine grounds would be lost for now they would hold there positions. 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    Masato wasn’t surprised at how poorly his humor was received by Kiri. Telling jokes, that weren’t juvenile, was an area he could’ve seriously worked on. Either way, it didn’t change the essential information Kiri would go on to share. The openness and attention Kiri gave when listening to his questions compelled Masato to return the favor, not that he wouldn’t have otherwise. Definitively crucial information came slowly from the shrine of disheartened men; it would take a fool to not heed the words of anyone who willingly shared what they knew. The reaction of shock that one of the employees of the shrine, of which there was only two, could’ve been an aide to Lady Tomoe, and even worse, had access to the cemetery records, caused Kiri to pause before he made a, presumably, incriminating statement. “Haruto-san keeps the records,” he spoke before quickly defending the accused, “he wouldn’t tamper with them.” Masato had long since cleared Haruto and his wife from his list of suspects. With the revelation of his record keeping, it was difficult to not suspect him once again, but Masato wouldn’t jump to the least charitable explanation there was. In his day job, of the few days bothered to come in, Masato also kept records of his family’s warehouse, thus there was an understanding that it was certainly possible that the tampering could’ve been done by anyone with unlimited access to the shrine… “Unlimited access to the shrine.” He thought to himself with a new hunch to follow. The history of the O-fuda’s, and small O-fuda for himself were the last things Kiri shared. Two more important details were derived from his explanation of the Talismans; they undoubtedly worked, and they were present before anyone else arrived. Masato bowed slightly and thanked Kiri for his transparency, and help in singling out the second employee of the shrine, who whispered alone as the Captain Shinigami approached him. “So he has him covered.” Masato said to himself while observing their brief interaction. He leaned forward, peering to see the gesture the lonely whisperer made. It was a point in the direction of another, an old man in the congregation of prayers. His attention towards the praying old man broke and went towards his masked ally, who wandered into the center of the shrine as he read a sheet of paper. A man near Connor suddenly exclaimed, “The o-fuda at the entrance was there when we arrived, it's different from the ones we have. That one protects the shrine grounds, these more personal." Masato had already connected those dots, and was more focused on the curious behavior of Tengu. The man would continue to speak, but his words played in the background as Masato observed all the signs around him, and where they pointed. The name KOTAEKŌRUYAMA and its relevance to the inception of this shrine did not escape the preoccupied Masato. He subconsciously connected “unlimited access to the shrine” with the person who rebuilt it from the start. But would HE really stay amidst the captors of the mist, and with no access to photos or records of his description, how could they tell if he was present anyway? The ability to process the new information further was impossible, as distracted as Masato was. From the sheet of paper to the individuals of the room, Tengu’s darting gaze was performing what was obviously an attendance check. At that same time Oriru was approaching the praying man he was guided to. The atmosphere grew deadly silent and time appeared to slow as his own, Captain Oriru’s, Connor’s, and now Tengu’s attention seemed fixated on the same praying man. A resolute thud was sounded upon Chizuru’s impact with the ground, pulling Masato’s eyes to where Tengu once stood. Followed by the sound of the shrine door breaking, which echoed in Masato’s highly alerted ears. Despite his better instincts, Masato would completely take his attention off the man who was at the center of their investigations. The time to react or say anything was too late. The Shrine’s Talisman had already been burnt to ash in masked-teen’s hand. This action triggered the influx of wailing mist into the shrine, engulfing their inviter first. In a final act of self will, Tengu would call out the words that dispelled any doubt Masato had for the old praying man, “IT’S HIM!” Masato opened his eyes, blinking several times to clear his blurry vision. A flash of Magenta was the last thing he could immediately recall before everything went black. The sequence of events before his sudden and brief moment of unconsciousness played backwards. Noticing the destruction of the shrine and the strong impact of that magenta flair, Masato’s concern for the others surrounding him grew more and more. Streaks and puddles of fresh blood were spread all across the dirt ground, along with the debris of the staff room’s walls and ceiling. Using his palms for assistance, Masato would begin to lift himself up when, through the foggy dust and scattered rubble, he locked eyes with a deceased Chiyo. He would’ve bothered to check her for any signs of life, but the wooden beam pierced through her chest and the contorted position of her neck assured him that her fate was sealed. “At least save Haruto, “he thought as he dug through the nearby ruble for any signs of a body. He would finally find the Haruto, but unfortunately in a condition far worse than his wife’s. The blast proved too powerful for the average human to block, as Haruto’s arms were completely blown off. The sharp dagger-like piece of wood stuck in his throat and the blood trailing from the sides of his mouth, Conveyed to Masato that he too was long gone. The failure to protect the two humans that were in his reach crippled Masato’s ability to think. The hatred and guilt that consumed his being hadn’t a target. Was he to blame, Tengu, Lady Tomoe, or… “It wasn't supposed to be this way.” An unfamiliar voiced exclaimed through the mist, and from the direction which the Magenta blast came. Masato hadn’t noticed the spirits of the recently deceased until they passed him in his grief, towards the voice which had just now spoken. One by one, their faint signatures disappeared, much to the confusion of Masato. The horrid realization of what had just occurred would come only as the voice spoke once more, "Let's call them the appetizers." The eerie calmness that came from his confusion suddenly escaped Masato, leaving him clear minded and providing a single target for his hatred and wrath. The gap in strength mattered not to him, nor did he calculate any risk to his own wellbeing, should he not possess the power to defeat the soul consuming monster. A shrieking growl was suddenly sounded as Masato approached the thing responsible for the magenta explosion, it bore some resemblance to the noises the frenzied wailers made. The reason wasn’t at all surprising to Masato, that the Tengu-masked teen was responsible for the noise. He and the old man, roughly 40 in age, fought briefly. The wild flailing of his bat and mist emitting from underneath his mask were clear signs that Tengu was now in the same position of the little girl wailer. However to Masato’s knowledge, she didn’t single handedly destroy the Talisman protecting them from the army of wailers. There was a sense of disgust that he fought along the side of the boy who played a role in the demise of so many. Up until the last magenta-infused punch, seeing Tengu fail was faintly cathartic. He prepared to assist Tengu when he heard the waste of spiritual molecules, Ito, speak, “We're taking this girl's body to the vortex!” from its dialogue and theory earlier, “the girl” was an obvious reference to the woman dear to Tengu. “Who the fuck do these guys think they are?” The voice of Connor behind him brought some relief that his other comrade hadn’t succumb to the explosion. Masato turned back to the foreigner to speak, “we have to do something about...” before he could complete his statement, an enraged Tengu would bounce back from the ground and rush pass him with his back still turned. Why he was ignored and Connor targeted, especially considering the Shinigami who scurried away with Chizuru, was beyond Masato’s understanding, but giving their strengths, the devastating impact of the collision was quite expected, but far too fast to completely block against. With the exception of the initial wave of their clash, Masato blocked the damage for himself and, to his surprise, a badly wounded Kiri. The young man would pull on Masato’s sleeve to catch his attention. All while smiling weakly and coughing blood, he called for Masato and placed a Talisman for Tengu in his hand. His final words before falling conscious, "Use it! Save... your friend!" Masato held tight to the Talisman and stood upright where he saw Connor swiftly take care of Tengu’s erratic movement. There were many ways Masato thought he could assist, but none were needed. Connor’s gaze invited Masato to place the Talisman he just received on the now unmasked teen. He trusted and accepted the foreigner’s offer. He walked over to Tengu when Connor spoke, informing the group of his plans to retrieve the masked woman. Masato was going to propose the same thing before Tengu attacked, so a simple nod was given to show that he too was in agreement with Connor’s decision. “I’ll back you up as soon as I’m certain the wounded are tended to.” Masato spoke before Connor suddenly departed. Masato gave a heavy sigh as he positioned himself in front of Tengu. He squatted to meet the kneeling teen face-to-face before placing the extra talisman of his right arm. He then grabbed the boy by the back of his head with his right hand and wined his own head back. *klock* the sound of two foreheads colliding could be heard as Masato head-butted his ally in frustration. “Get your shit together!” he demanded as a single stream of blood began pouring from where his forehead met Tengu’s. “They have your girlfriend, and with that stunt you pulled earlier, I can barely blame them.” Masato pointed with his thumb, to the direction of the Shinigami’s mayhem. “You owe us some explaining, but she’s a bit higher on our list of priorities.” With those words, he stood and flared his reiatsu to clear the mist enough to effectively search for any survivors of the explosion. Pacing his steps as to not miss anyone, he used his sensory abilities to detect reiatsu signatures and thoroughly sifted through the ruble with his cyan coat’s extra appendages. Altogether, he collected x amount of still breathing bodies, and took care of their wounds to the best of his ability. Some were fine as is, others required more urgent care if they were to make it through the night. With his fullbring, Masato created a pseudo cage to protect their bodies from any stray wailers. WC: 1810 EXPLOSIVE ENTRANCE (1000)+ COST OF PATH (1500)= 2500 ND LOSS CURRENT ND (7020-2500): 4570 (holy shit)
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    [Niebla Nefasta Effect: -150 ND] [Tick Counter: 12] [Tick Damage Disabled by Talisman] [Base ND: 9,555 - 10,755] [Remaining ND: 7,585] Connor listened intently to the information Kiri had to share about the O-fuda during his approach. ‘Why are you going to be a good guy now? Kiri, if only you knew how suspicious it was to be too nice in situations like these…’ The longer Connor heard Kiri share info in a transparent manner, the harder it was for him to not feel guilty for testing him a short while ago. That guilt didn’t become regret as he would likely do the same again if he placed in the same situation. It could even be said that his testing of Kiri allowed him to view the kind fellow without excessive doubt. By this point Kiri had approached and requested for some Talismans to pass out to us new arrivals. This brought his attention to a basket that held several of them that the woman was tending to. ‘I should have started here…’ Kiri then proceeded to pass one to Masato who had accompanied him to the group and give an explanation. That explanation was clearly spoken louder in order to more people to hear. ‘That’s probably directed at me.’ Connor could only express himself with a slightly bitter smile at that point. ‘It’s not like I’m some violent delinquent…’ Just a moment after the older woman reached for his wrist and pulled it upward to reveal his upturned palm before firmly placing a talisman in his hand. “Take it, young one, it’ll ward off harm.” She said this with confidence and care, making it hard for Connor to doubt the abilities of it. A short observation of the writing on it revealed mysterious lines which seemed to form shifting symbols that he couldn’t understand. ‘So these really aren’t normal…’ Connor was about to express his thanks when a man made a point to answer his questions. Observing the group most closely, the fact that they were related to the O-fuda became painfully apparent. ‘Why did no one see this ancient talisman and think to start here?’ The man continued to explain the story of this shrine, and all of the information that he was aware of. It was also revealed that this man was another detective who didn’t appreciate people like Connor. ‘What good is a detective against a horde of hollows?’ Connor thought that the dislike for people like himself who were willing to face the unknown was simply foolish, but avoided expressing that. The final thing the man did was offer religion as the answer while presenting his own personal O-fuda just a short distance from Connor’s face. It was at that point that a particular scent reached his nose. Inhaling slightly longer it was apparent that the origin was the talisman that the detective was holding. Connor closed his eyes and inhaled deeper while focusing on this scent. It was faintly present throughout the room due to the several Talismans having been passed out, but it was noticeably stronger coming from the woman who offered him a talisman before due to the basket. What stood out was the fact that this wasn’t the only place that the scent gathered. Connor’s eyes shot open and stared directly at a particular man within the group. These short moments of focus on his sense of smell distracted him from the actions of Tengu that occurred in a flash. The burning of the shrine protecting O-fuda occurred almost simultaneously as his companion shouted, “IT’S HIM!” This was all Tengu said in that moment, but Connor missed most of what was said. Almost simultaneous with the opening of his eyes and the sound reaching his ears came an overwhelming flash of color. It was a darker red color seemingly mixed with a pinkish purple glow, almost as if blood itself became a source of light and illuminated his vision. What followed was a feeling that could be likened to standing next to an explosion as Connor was blasted flying backwards by the sudden and overwhelming force that accompanied that magenta light. His whole body felt like it had been smashed into by the force. There wasn’t even time to process the pain as his body slammed into the ground a distance away. He felt disoriented at that moment, but had managed to retain consciousness throughout almost entirely thanks to the strength of his body allowing him to withstand the explosion. His hand was clenched around the Talisman that the woman had given him causing a strange flow of energy to enter his body and settle within him. It was this particular energy that caused him to subconsciously hold it as he was uncontrollably blasted away. Connor didn’t stay down long after landing, a habit he had developed during his long training period that consisted of getting trounced repeatedly. His vision was slightly blurry and there was a faint ringing in his ears, but he was still able to stand unsteadily with relative ease. The lasting physical aftermath was simply the aching from most of his body due to the force smashing into him. Because the wave of energy was dispersed the ability to cut, pierce, or break his body was reduced leading to this result. As for his body versus the the ground and shrine, he was a wrecking ball destroying it all with little harm as a result. Connor’s eyes were trained on the man who was in the process of absorbing souls at this point. It took a moment for Connor to realize what was actually being sucked into the man’s body. It was the scent of blood from the dead lingering in the area that that caused understanding to dawn on him. Connor’s clothes were somewhat tattered and stained with blood primarily from the praying group. In particular, the image of the kind woman appeared in his mind as he lost focus for a moment. “You fucker…” Connor spoke shakily under his breath. Fury welled up in him at this point as he looked around at the aftermath. Dead and injured dotted the area, which only heightened his own anger. “Let’s call them the appetizers.” This single sentence brought Connor’s focus fully to the man, and simultaneous caused true killing intent to overflow from Connor at this moment. Connor himself was ready to rush forward at that moment, but wavered hearing the shrieking growl. ‘Tengu…’ Connor immediately recalled something and noticed his companion who was now turned and unmasked. ‘...I didn’t notice.’ Connor felt guilty for not noticing anything, and regret due to seeing his companion turned by Tomoe. The telegraphed clashes that followed slowly brought a calmness to Connor who saw the older man easily dealing with Tengu. The chokeslam followed by the magenta fist putting down the Wailer Tengu were a clear show of strength. ‘Is it because of the souls, or is he simply this powerful?’ This was the question Connor had after observing the clashes between the two and regaining his calm. By this point, Connor had essentially stabilized himself completely. He was ready to charge into battle, but the old man’s final words prevented him from charging. It was then that a separate voice drew his attention. The revelation about the talismans was welcome news, and naturally Connor choose to observe the phenomenon in action. It was the mention of taking a girl’s body, and seeing what body they referred to that ignited his fury once more. “Who the fuck do these guys think they are?!” Connor said this audibly, likely enough so that the nearby Masato would hear him speak, but it was still overwhelmed by the shout of Tengu. For at least a moment, it seemed like any other sound had been drowned out by the shout. Connor couldn’t help but look at the state of his companion who was charging their way. ‘Shit!’ Tengu was already in front of him as he heard the faint voice of Kiri advising Masato on how to help Tengu as another deafening roar sounded along with the distinct sound as the burning bat pierced the air towards him. ‘I hope you’re right Kiri…’ Connor had this single thought as he faced the attack of his companion. There was zero hesitation in his movements as he chose to believe in the solution Kiri offered due to his consistent knowledge and honesty. There was little skill behind the swings, and it clearly relied heavily on raw brute force. This happened to be one of the few aspects that Connor feared no one, so he shroud his left hand in lightning as he rapidly rotated his elbow to ninety degree angle with his fist aimed towards the sky essentially backhanding through the shockwave produced in order to directly clash his lightning clad arm against the flaming bat. The result was an earthshaking shockwave spreading out with fire and lightning mixed together. The elements constantly mixed together producing further clashes as they spread out from the two like a wave into the surroundings. The two destructive forces, possibly by coincidence faintly merged producing more force in the direct confrontation increasing the power beyond what either was capable of. It was likely that anyone nearby would face this burning and electrifying wave of force wash over them, including even Connor and Tengu themselves. The sleeve on Connor’s shirt had burned up to his shoulder, revealing a blackish surface burn that snaked up a bit beyond the elbow as a result of the clash. This went unnoticed as Connor was already stepping forward with his fingers of his right hand bent to firmly grasp his own talisman as an almost simultaneous palm strike was unleashed towards his companions forehead. There were further subtleties occurring as Connor’s right foot intentionally moved between Tengu’s own legs, and barely caught behind Tengu’s weight bearing leg. His goal was to abuse his companions wild charge forward, and then quickly put Tengu on his back. The result was that after the talisman pressed on Tengu’s forehead, mist poured out of his orifices similar to the Wailer he had encountered previously. What was different between the two was that proper color had returned to his companion’s eyes as he fell back, while the paleness from before was steadily fading as well. Connor gave Masato standing behind the falling Tengu a meaningful look, hoping to convey that it was safe to give their companion his own talisman which Masato had received from Kiri. “I’m going ahead to try and get that girl’s body back.” Connor spoke only this to his companions before rushing off in the direction of the Shinigami at his full speed. The ground itself cracked as he kicked off and disappeared before most would realize. In the process, he grabbed one of the shinigami by the back of their neck with his left hand as he had to pass them in pursuit. Rather than start a war, Connor intended to trade the shinigami in his hand for the body of Tengu’s lover. Rather than slaughter a way through, Connor opted to hop on the head of a nearby wailer as he approached the horde and bounce around from head to head at speeds that they were unable to follow. The trail of ruined corpses quickly led Connor to the combat zone. Before he reached a point where he could see the shinigami group, he started hearing the sounds of battle and the occasional shout from the shinigamis as they fought. He could have approached straight from behind, but that would leave the possibility for someone to try and block him for the others to continue on. Relying on the sounds Connor was able to maneuver around and to the front of the group with relative ease and soon stop within the horde of wailers. As Connor came to a stop he changed the form of his ring and willed it to enter his right hand which still held his own talisman. Without much concern, he made a few wide swings clearing away the remaining several wailers within the area around him without much resistance. ‘This is basically a fucking exorcism talisman…’ The talisman had wrapped around his spear, and caused a faint purifying aura to emit from his weapon. It was this particular aura that augmented his strikes and forced the mist out from the corpses, which then easily collapsed under his strength. It didn’t even require half of his strength to clear away large areas. It was around this time that the shinigami finally came into view. At this moment, Connor eyed the group coldly. It could even be said that if looks could kill, the shinigami in sight would be reduced to dust. His face was mostly emotionless, but his fully flared reiatsu was weighing down on them in the form of a roadblock to prevent any further forward progress. At this point, Connor released his spear which started to float around him coming into contact with the approaching wailers constantly purifying any wailer that approached him relying on the talisman’s innate dominance. “I will make you all a deal. I will give you your friend here, alive, if you return the girl’s body. If you refuse, Tomoe and that bastard at the shrine will be the least of your worries.” Connor appeared and spoke calmly, but it did nothing to hide the smoldering rage expressed in the full force of his reiatsu weighing on the group. “What will your decision be?” At this moment, there were several factors to consider in this situation. The ever growing horde would overwhelm them all if a stalemate continued. If a fight occurred then everyone was likely doomed. In particular, Connor believed that the shinigami without the captain would collapse and die after a short period of time alone. This wasn’t even considering the fact that Connor was sure to have reinforcements and that he currently had a hostage to force the shinigami to comply. All that was left was for this situation to be resolved. Actions: Updated Stats for the final time as the resting phase is now complete. Snatched Oguto as a hostage and appeared before the group before they could reach the vortex. Reiatsu is fully flared to affect the NPC shinigami the way it would RP'ers in the system. (Hostage negotiations have started xD.) ND Loss: 10,085 - 2,500 = 7,585 -Abilities Used- -Turn Stats- Word Count: 2,300
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    Base ND 12,800 (2025 Lost / 2200 Gained) | +600 Shikai Current ND 13,400 IT WAS POINTLESS... as Captain Oriru approached the man who settled on his own space, potentially to be left to his own devices, but there were answers that the Captain wanted to acquire to better prepare for what may happen next or, more importantly, gather details on what his next step would be faced in this situation of the mist and the shrine. Sadly he was given next to nothing but a bothered and apprehensive point towards the praying group. The same group that the young man, the foreigner, had approached and the one that Oriru maintained surveillance on being a group of interest and took not of the o-fuda that stood framed before them. The Kanji of it was strange in the fact that it constantly shuffled, refraining from being decipherable no matter how many times he attempted for the letters moved and shuffled and the moments that he had revealed next to nothing in terms of translation. The Captain had studied almost every modern language and ancient Japanese language as well and none of this made sense to him. Realizing that there was nothing left to get from the man outside of a soft directed guidance towards the praying group, Oriru gave a respectful bow to the man and departed from his immediate vicinity and was intercepted by one of the Shinigami from his group. "By the way, Captain, here is a Talisman for you." The Captain looked at the young Shinigami, who was holding a soft smile on his face which was inspired by the speech or potentially just the presence of his comrades and it brought a tender smile to the Captain's face as he took the talisman and nodded to the young Shinigami. Though his ears perked up at the information being shared within the room, his Event Horizon gathering all of the sounds being made within the room and delivering them to him, as a single man among the praying group had been singled out as the one involved with the shrine and the talisman and the air in the room shifted as the collective survivors aware of the nature of the mist realized the target. The next moments happened in a rush as the Tengu used his ability, Bringer's Light based on what Oriru had studied, and forced the door to the administration building open while taking the protective talisman and burning it to ash. This human single handedly doomed the people within this building by removing the one item that kept them safe from the dangers that were outside as the Tengu turned towards the target man and with a recognizably distorted voice he shouted at the man from the pale lips of his complexion. Though the following seconds were critical as the man seemed to react the moment the Tengu opened his mouth with a surge of reiryoku flooding his body and unleashed it upon the room and even Oriru could not manage a barrier in enough time as darkness consumed him paired with the mist. ---------- THE CAPTAIN SLOWLY... came back to his senses after the concussive force of the blast sent him flying and gave him a momentary lapse in consciousness. It was only a few moments that passed as his vision came back slowly with dark tint but his ears remained ringing from the force of the magenta blast. He slowly made it to his feet leaning on some of the debris around him for leverage to base himself as his eyes immediately scanned the room realizing that his orbs had been destroyed as well. He took a moment to recall that his orbs dispersed to try and protect as many people as he could manage the moment the energy formed, but he could not manage to defend everyone as he looked over at the humans on the ground that were not moving but noticed two of them still retained life. He had done his best as he noticed his vision was cracked and removed his glasses as his hair fell down to the sides, the thread that contained his hair had broken during the attack and his Captain's Haori was mostly burned and covered in blood as he watched as the Tengu, who was undoubtably a frenzied wailer at this point and the Captain could not help but blame himself for not seeing this sooner as the elderly gentleman snatched the Tengu by his throat and slammed him into the ground. There was so much going on at this moment as the Captain caught a glimpse of the Shinigami who handed him the Talisman on the ground bleeding and not moving, his form slowly fading slightly revealing the loss of life for him. The man spoke something that was hard for him to hear natural and without the aid of his event Horizon but he proceeded to head towards another area as the Tengu attempted to get up. Some of the other Shinigami were starting to get to their senses and assessing the situation as well; Tenzaimon, Kazuko, Ito, and two other Shinigami seemed to have survived although not without their share of injuries from the incident and working with each other to get settled. The Captain was driven back to the man and the Tengu as a magenta fist of energy slammed down to pin the Tengu back into the ground with so much force that the ground seemed to crack slightly under the pressure alone. Wailing... The talisman that protected the shrine was gone, hell the shrine itself was basically gone at this point and now there stood nothing to prevent the wailers from colliding on their location and time was running out. "Do something..." He yelled to himself but not a single word was able to come out, his body was experiencing shock, "Do something." He attempted to speak again but nothing, but then he realized he had no idea who he was talking to. "Do something!" Still he could not manage an audible word but he lifted his left hand and attempted to fire a Bakudo at the man, at HIM, but it proved to do nothing but vanish. The wailers had begun converging and there was not enough time to deal with that man, because he was at least right that the mist had to be dealt with now before it became too late. Ito called out to the Captain, explaining that the talismans works and it allows for them to sever the connection of the mist and souls to the bodies that they inhabit meaning that they could sweep through the bodies easier than before and avoid further confrontation with each body. Tenzaimon held the body of the woman that the Tengu held, and released, and were currently part of the charge towards a vortex in the near distance. "The vortex." The plan was to potentially put a human in the vortex with the chance of having a Shinigami take control of the body and they could guide them to the location of Tomoe since their spirits could not be assimilated like others and simply imprisoned within the shackles of the spiraling mist. The Tengu shouted towards the Shinigami for his friend, the woman, as his voice seemed to generate a massive shockwave like the other wailers had done before proving that he was lost like the bride and groom that were contained in the Sakura Garden of the cemetery. "What do I do?" The Captain was that only by title, he had not earned the right to be in charge of soldiers who trained to fight on the field of war like his comrades. He specialized in administrative duties and found himself out of his league. So man people have died because of the Captain's inability to decide and react, his first thought was the loss of Nyujin who was actually in charge of the task force this year and the fact that Oriru was here to support his mission and failed to protect the man in charge. He thought back to the Shinigami that was with him at the gate and how they were all but gone as well Hitsuyona. The man who reached out to an old friend and the Captain shunned him based on the rules and regulations set forth by the Soul Society. They were not in the soul society anymore, they were in the human world were the rules are different and they are flexible and not his friend is under the debris potentially lost like... "Genshi." The one person who stood by his side since his days in the academy, since the lost of his loved ones, through all of his struggles she was there. Now, in this mist, he lost her in a few minutes because he could not react. All of the people that doubted his ability to be a leader, doubted his ability to be a fighter, even Arashi. His supervisor, then manager, when he was part of the Administration Department, had declared often that Oriru did not even deserve to be a Soul Reaper and that was the case here. Failure. Loser. Worthless. Yet all of the other Shinigami looked at him, depended on him, and he had done nothing but let them down constantly. Even after all of his mistakes, inability to act, they still looked at him for hope and support. The Captain could not save the civilians, his comrades, or his friends and proved to be nothing more than a genius with no practical ability; which made him more than any regular idiot. "Yes... Feed into the fear..." A voice would echo in his mind, so softly that he could hear it but just soft enough to become ignored in the panic of the situation. His subordinates were on a mission to deliver the body to the vortex so that they may find Tomoe, they were. The Captain was not able to determine that outcome, Ito was, and that proved that he was not only incapable of being a soldier he was also not the smartest man in the room. These five Shinigami decided that they needed to act and rushed towards the mist with the body of the young woman, willing to react to actions while the Captain lived in hypotheticals and theories on what could happen based on actions. That was the difference as the humans faced against one of their friends, instead of thinking and theorizing; They Act. "Tenzuka. Oguto. San." The Captain spoke the names of the other two Shinigami and the additional support of Salvatore as he rushed towards them, "You two remain with the humans and help them. The wailers are closing in and they need to focus on saving their friend before he is lost." His words were firm, as he did not have time to deal with them questioning why he wanted to help the humans and would hope that they would listen. There was little that he could understand in his own decision himself, but those three humans were not normal and the Captain knew that he would need their help to end this nightmare. As he moved towards the Shinigami he removed his Zanpakuto from the sheathe as the standard Odachi held a standard look, "Expand, Ginga." Instantly the blade would turn a solid black color with white shimmering marks along the blade that moved like the night sky with his blade and body all consumed in a golden glow. There was a surge of power that was unseen before. ---------- THE ASSAULT BEGAN... with the Captain stepping in front of the Shinigami and holding his blade in his right hand across his body to the left, "Zangerin." He swung the blade from left to right horizontally as the golden glow upon his blade solidified and fired an arc of energy that carved through the first of the enemies that stood in their way. As the golden arc soared through the enemies, his orbs immediately began to collide with as many of the wailers that they could. "Horin." The golden glow from his body launched and connected with each of his orbs as they created a chain that began to coral the bodies of the wailers together. "Tsuzuri Raiden." The golden thread that connected from his body to each of the orbs was overwhelmed by the golden charge of electrical energy that caused the immediate mass of wailers to become shocked and drop to the ground and convulse. "Hyapporankan." From the sky descended a rain of black steel rods consumed in the golden glow upon the immediate area of the Shinigami clearing the path for them as fast as he could before jumping up into the air just above the group seeing that the numbers that were coming from all sides started to become too great, "Tenran." Two of the orbs spun in a circle around the Captain and the group before stopping suddenly and causing a micro tornado that sent wailers flying through the air before the tornado dissipated and the Shinigami continued their charge. It was clear that the number of the wailers was becoming too great to handle and there was the fear that they wold not make it. "I will not lose another ally today." The Captain started to push the limits of his power, feeling the surge the same way that he had when he trained against the Captain Commander but this was a price that he was going to pay without hesitation, without thinking, and without failure. He released the blade of his weapon and released a soft sight as he condensed his Reiatsu all on the edge of his blade as the group of Shinigami continued to carve their way through. The amount of Reiatsu generated at the edge of his blade began to vibrate and create the sound of a screeching sound as a vague aura of a dragon's head formed around the Captain. "Ura Hadō: Sannodō — Teppūsatsu." His blade was brought in front of him and thrusted forward as the dragon head unleashed a deafening roar that created a massive force of wind that tore through the area in front of Kazuko in a cone. As violent as the wave of wind was, the Captain held back much of his power for this technique, as it tore through the bodies of the wailers in front of them for a considerable distance, nearly two hundred meters just shy of the vortex. Although it tore through the wailers, the Captain's refined control f Kido and his Reityoku allowed him to leave minimal damage to the grounds themselves. The path was relatively clear for a distance as other wailers attempted close in. The group continued forward as the Captain fell to the ground on a knee, which Ito saw, 'Do not stop!" As he watched his subordinates continue on dealing with minimal confrontation, the Captain remained a small distance behind to fight off the coming waves of wailers that were growing more and more relentless. His blade was consumed in the soft glow of the golden aura he generated as blood began to drip from his nose and, with a pained spit, more blood come from his mouth. He could not tell if the blood was from the earlier blast, or the use of the technique, but that did not matter. The Captain ensured not a single wailer would approach his comrades from the rear in any form as he dashed across the cemetery slicing every opponent he could manage. It was only a matter of time before they reached the vortex... WC: 2600
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    ENW 18: Crossed Paths [Niebla Nefasta Effect: Disabled with Talisman] [Tick Counter: 9 Disabled] [REMAINING ND| 7,378 - 1,278 = 6,100] ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE felt the bitter cold sting of Egriffiend's touch as his soul was latched into the grasp of the mist and partially pulled from his mortal form. The "transformation" had occurred almost as instantly as the mist filled the administration building. The whitening of his skin, greying of his eyes, the drafts of mist that poured from his mouth, the shrill of his distorted voice, and of course the sudden change in his behavior were the Frenzied Wailer effects broadcasted by the teenager. The unseen and unspoken reality of the transformation was a saga in its own right. It began with the resurgence of the beckoning voices and lamenting wails of spirits within the mist as they collectively pointed out Sanetoki from the inhabitants of the room. From the perspective of his comrades, potential foes, and neutral parties within the building, Ryūnosuke loudly declared Sanetoki as the true mastermind behind the Night of Wailing but that hadn't been the will of the Tengu-masked Teen --not entirely at least. Smashing the door, and burning the talisman on the doorway, that was Ryūnosuke start to finish. The letter had given him the knowledge he needed to conclude HE was present in the administration building and furthermore that He had not only survived the previous Night of Wailing but had also returned this year. Being previewed to information not disclosed to his comrades or the Shinigami, Ryūnosuke understand the potential threat posed by the mystery man better than anyone. It placed him in the uniquely critical position of having to make a decisive and seemingly bizarre decision. All the clues had pointed to one man being the root cause and there was no doubt that the one man who was responsible was indeed present among them. Unfortunately, the quickest and most reliable way of unveiling his identity was for Lady Tomoe to do it herself. The teenager figured that exposing the other humans to the mist wouldn't be an issue if the talismans worked as Kiri claimed. So far Kiri had given Ryūnosuke no reasons to doubt him. Furthermore, with at least Connor and Masato to rely on, the humans couldn't be in safer hands. Sadly, what Ryūnosuke had not accounted for was just how close Lady Tomoe had set him towards his transformation into a Frenzied Wailer and the fact that He was fully prepared to bomb the entire building should he be exposed. Careened backwards through the air and pelted with wooden and concrete debris as the deadly magenta blast erupted, the teenager came to a sudden stop after he collided with one of the stone lanterns. His vision painted with a mauvish-crimson hue, Ryūnosuke sprung to his feet. He could feel he was no longer in full control of his body. It was now shared by another, an invading spirit under Egriffiend's control. It was that spirit who growled and charged at Sanetoki. In that time, the essence of the real Ryūnosuke was spreading throughout the mist and endowed with all its secrets. As a Frenzied Wailer, there was nothing hidden from him as he was accepted by Lady Tomoe entirely. He saw and felt her memories and feelings as if they were his own and he now understood everything... ----- He saw the life of Tomoe Tagashi from her teenage years until the moment of her passing at the age of forty-one, just three years ago. She'd had her fair share of adventures and endured more than her fill of trials and tribulations. First and foremost, Tomoe was a Fullbringer, but she'd also been many other things throughout her lifetime. An estranged daughter, a student, unemployed then employed for a time, happily married and later divorced, a mother full-time and then a mother only every other week. Then, tragically not a mother at all when her seven year-old son and her ex-husband both passed away in a terrible car accident. For a time a heartbroken and anguished Tomoe lost the will to live, but she ultimately realized the immeasurable value of grief. Indeed, the most important things in life were being kind and loving to those one held dear in their lifetime and then mourning and remembering them in their passing. That was what Tomoe did for her son and ex-husband. Sadly, with no family and very few "friends" Tomoe often felt alone, the emptiness left behind by the passing of her son was one that could never been filled. Still, Tomoe was kind and caring to those around her until to time of her own death. With no listed relatives or next of kin, Tomoe Tagashi was buried in the old Karakura cemetery. The sight of her grave was were her spirit waited in solitude; waited to be mourned and grieved by the people she was kind to and the people who cared for her. Tomoe wait and waited... but no one ever came. No one visited her grave, placed flowers or prayed for her, no one cared for her. Worse yet, much to Tomoe's sorrow and despair, she was not the only unmourned and forgotten. All around her were countless graves that were never visited. In fact, it seemed the entire cemetery was forgotten and abandoned. Bitter with sadness and a feeling of betrayal, Tomoe was unable to pass on and thus her soul anchored itself to her grave sight. Night and day, Tomoe cried and mourned the thousands of others laid to rest within the cemetery and she continued to do so until the day the devil Kotaekōruyama Sanetoki arrived. ----- Ryūnosuke's presence of mind dangled somewhere between watching the events as the unfolded and seeing Tomoe's lifetime play out in front of him. He did both from the perspective of third party, though occasionally his perspective would cut between being inside his body with minimal control over his actions and being more of a specter that hung almost literally over his own shoulders. The connection to his body was always strongest when his abilities were being used. During those moments the teenager was capable of speech but he felt as if he was in a constant state of choking, unable to inhale, he simply expelled the mist-filled breaths of air from his lungs and throat. It was obvious that the spirit with which his body was currently shared possessed little-to-no combat experience. Ryūnosuke could do nothing but watch as his body ineffectively thrashed and flailed about before being unceremoniously pummeled into the ground by Sanetoki. The teenager was markedly furious with the inexcusably poor handing of his body and powers as well as his inability to intervene. However nothing brought on the teenagers ire and fury like the sight of the scurrying trio of Shinigami as they grabbed Chizuru's defenseless body and ran into the mist, no doubt towards the vortex anomaly. The voice of Lady Tomoe cried in Ryūnosuke's mind and demanded he prevent the Shinigami from reaching the vortex --no doubt motivated by her own interest in self-preservation. Her suggestions were not even needed, as Ryūnosuke was of his own volition sharply opposed to the actions of the Shinigami. In his rage, he pushed back against even the control of the invading spirit and Tomoe's influence. "GIVE HER BAAAAAAAACK!" , he roared before he charged forwards. Despite his limited control, which allowed for almost the full utilization of his physical capabilities, Ryūnosuke could feel that his mind was still tainted by the Niebla Nefasta which compelled him to attack anyone in his way, even those Ryūnosuke saw as allies. Everyone was an enemy until Chizuru was back in his arms. "OUT OF MY WAY!" Frenzied Wailer Tengu roared once more as a torrent of flame ignited around the length of his metal bat and was then suddenly released in a ferocious wave of scorching flames as he swung at Connor. As Ryūnosuke's blazing bat was promptly met with the clash of Connor's lightning-charged forearm the ensuing cataclysmic reaction of their two immense powers mixing and colliding seemed to catch the teenager by surprised. Several strayed bolts of yellow lightning snapped and bit at Ryūnosuke, hitting him in the front with enough force to cause a slight recoil in his footing with each subsequent strike. The repeated shocks to his muscles paralyzed them in place and stifled the teenager's mobility just long enough for Connor to deliver the talisman-headed palm strike to his unmasked and bloodied forehead. In the moment the strike landed, Ryūnosuke felt his essence return fully to his physical form as the foreign presence was immediately expelled with a sharp exhale followed by what felt like the first breath of air Ryūnosuke had taken after holding his breath for several minutes. As he fell backwards his senses were blurred and numb and he heard Connor's muffled voice as if he was listening to it through an enclosed vacuum. "I’m going ahead to try and get that girl’s body back.", were Connor's words as Ryūnosuke stared forwards in a daze still trying to regain his bearings. "I’ll back you up as soon as I’m certain the wounded are tended to.", responded the voice of Hizorashi as Connor disappeared and Hizorashi's face appeared in the teenager's view. He felt the man's right hand hold the back of his head in place just as Hizorashi clobbered him with an unprovoked headbutt. Despite the visible annoyance displayed in his expression after the hit, the fact he had a clear reaction to it at all was evidence that the headbutt served its intended purpose and had knocked the teenager out of his daze. Ryūnosuke let out a pained grunt. He hunched forwards and placed a hand on Hizorashi's shoulder as the man spoke to him. "They have your girlfriend, and with that stunt you pulled earlier, I can barely blame them. You owe us some explaining, but she’s a bit higher on our list of priorities." "Yeah." Ryūnosuke muttered, he voice noticeably hoarse and scratchy; his throat was clearly raw from all the roaring and shouting during his time as a Frenzied Wailer. The teenager cleared his throat as he used Hizorashi's shoulder to prop himself to his feet. "Thanks, Hizorashi-san. I'll explain everything later but what's important now is that I know where to find Tomoe." The teenager suddenly flared his Reiatsu, as he took the talisman and wrapped it around the barrel of his metal bat. His eyes ignited with a bright orange glow, the teenager briefly glanced at the three Shinigami who were ordered to stay behind and assist the humans. He couldn't help but be infuriated by what he perceived as hypocrisy and incompetence displayed by the Shinigami leadership. He wondered if he should even consider the actions he was about to take, if the Shinigami were worthy of being negotiated with and could they even be trusted. Ryūnosuke was confident that Connor had considered the very same thoughts before he went off the confront the Shinigami. However, Ryūnosuke understood the situation a bit better than his comrades did. The mist and Lady Tomoe had revealed things to him that Connor and Masato simply weren't aware of. It was information the teenager could have shared, perhaps it had been a mistake on his part to not disclose things before. He preferred to believe the opportunity to do so hadn't presented itself and that's what prevented him. That didn't change the fact that the root of their current predicament was a lack of communication all around. The Fullbringers and the Shinigami were not the same that much was obvious. Nonetheless, Ryūnosuke had come to realize just how much their values were different as well as all the ways in which they were alike and the same. He didn't believe that any of the actions on the part of the Shinigami had been taken from a position of pure evil. Truthfully, he didn't have the authority to pass that kind of judgement on individuals he didn't know. What he did know was that everyone wanted the Night of Wailing to end. And just like Ryūnosuke, the Captain wanted to save and protect his people. It infuriated Ryūnosuke that the Shinigami were prepared to sacrifice the humans and even contradict themselves for the sake of it; but Ryūnosuke also had to consider how far he would be willing to go if he was placed in the same situation. He recognized that in the moment he was prepared to slaughter every Shinigami he could reach, even those who had done him and his no wrong but were still guilty simply by association. To save Chizuru, what were a few massacred Shinigami goons? That line of thought going back and forth and escalating would lead to nothing but disaster and a disaster was the last thing anyone wanted, especially Ryūnosuke. Especially not when he finally had the one thing everyone could use at the moment: Hope. "I'll leave the situation here to you, Hizorashi-san. Join us as soon as you're done but be ready for anything we may have no choice but to fight the Shinigami." Without another word Ryūnosuke blurred forwards through the mist at top speed in a straight line towards Captain Oriru. He left Hizorashi with the confidence his comrade was fully capable of "handling" the situation on his front should a war with the Shinigami become the reality. The only indication of the path Ryūnosuke dashed were the sudden dozens of wailers that caught flame and burned to ash as he passed. ----- ... RYŪNOSUKE came to a sudden halt in front of the Kido Corps Commander. An empty distance of fifteen feet and no more divided them. Any wailers that entered within a twenty foot radius of Ryūnosuke were pelted with a single blob of flames that whipped through the air around the teenager and declared "YER OUT!", repeatedly in an obnoxious and squeaky tone with every wailer that was struck and charred to ash. Ryūnosuke took a moment to observe his surroundings, he noted the Shinigami in a stalemate, held back by an attention-commanding Connor who was in possession of a Shinigami hostage. He nodded to Connor, acknowledging that he was prepared to back him up should negotiations fall through. The teenager noticed Chizuru's body lifeless in the arms of the giant Shinigami, Tenzaimon. He also noted the mysterious three orbs orbiting the Captain. The teenager took a deep breath and gave the man in front of him his full undivided attention. "It's Captain Oriru Kusho, correct?" The teenager's tone was direct and confident, as was his posture as he faced the Captain head on with his bat ready at his side. The kanjis of "kakushin" on the barrel of his bat glowed as intensely as his eyes. "My name is Tamura Ryūnosuke and I don't appreciate what you and your subordinates are doing." Ryūnosuke could hear his words beginning to spill out with his anger. He took another deep breath and continued with a deliberate focus on maintaining a neutral pace and volume. "I understand your intentions... Believe it or not, I think we both want the same thing but this-" Ryūnosuke pointed his bat in the direction of Tenzaimon and Connor. "This ends badly for everyone. You're a Shinigami Captain... you want to protect your people and you want to save the ones that are already in the mist. I get that... I have people in the mist as well and that girl is is one of MY people." Ryūnosuke hit his bat against his chest. "Just like you're prepared to do whatever it takes for your people, I'm prepared to do the same for mine." Ryūnosuke exhaled sharply as he mentally considered the gravity of what a fight between the Shinigami and the Fullbringers would mean at this point. "Look, man. We don't want to fight you here and I don't think you want to fight us either. I know how to get to Lady Tomoe. I know for a fact that the mist goes away and people return to normal if she is defeated. We can work together and potentially save everyone... We can save her." Ryūnosuke didn't mention Genshi by name, but he hoped the Captain would understand exactly who he was referring to. It was a huge risk mentioning Genshi, Ryūnosuke knew it could make or break the negotiation. The idea was to convey that he understood Oriru's position and his motivations better than the Captain might have previously realized. "We can save them all --together." Ryūnosuke lowered his bat to his side once more, "We've all been through a lot, we all want to get through the night with the least number of casualties. Since this started my friends and I have been attacked, wrongfully accused, talked down to- Hell, you guys were ready to condemn us in the mist out of the fear that we might at some point become wailers! And now-" The teenager scoffed, trying to hold back his frustration. "Now, you're trying to turn one of us into a wailer against their will! Tell me, how the fuck does that work, huh?!" The teenager directed his fiery glare to the seated officers and addressed them directly, "Yeah, so much for intellectual and moral consistency... you fucking morons!" Ryūnosuke looked down at his right hand and noticed that it was shaking. Another build up of emotions began to rise from within him and he could feel tears of rage beginning to pool in his eyes. It wasn't fair, he had every right to be angry, every right to want to make the Shinigami hurt, but that wasn't the answer. He wiped his eyes with his left sleeve and quelled his anger with a sniffle. He leveled himself again. "Still, this is bigger than all of us. Despite everything, we're prepared to overlook all of that and work with you to get through this alive. The choice is yours. So, what's it gonna be, Captain Oriru?" Ryūnosuke ended there. Whatever happened next, he believed he'd done the best he could to prevent unnecessary bloodshed at least long enough for them to take care of the real enemies... ______________________________ WC|2,975 -----
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    Chance of Encounter: Rotted Wailers/Frenzied Wailers Incoming ------ Kiri chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck, unsure of how to respond to Masato's sarcastic remark. Though, he did eventually smile, seemingly pleased that Masato himself was rather calm, all things considered, and also had the benefit of being much stronger than he was. Kiri listened silently as Masato stated his questions and maintained eye contact and occasionally nodded to inform the Fullbringer that he was following along. The young man appeared particularly shocked by the revelation that someone had tampered with cemetery records and that Masato and his friends (along with the Shinigami) suspected a cemetery employee. Kiri frowned, visibly conflicted, as he turned around and looked at Haruto before facing Masato again. "I'd love to help you, Hizorashi-san, but I think you have the wrong idea. There are only two cemetery employees left here, Haruto-san and-" Kiri, leaned sideways and nodded his head in the direction of one of the whispering men as he was being approached by Captain Oriru. "that guy. He hasn't said a coherent word, let alone moved at all since this all started. I doubt you'll get anything useful out of him." Kiri went silent for a moment and lowered his eyes. "And Haruto-san," the young man shook his head and faced the Fullbringer confidently, "Haruto-san would never do such a thing. Granted I haven't known him for long, but he's not the kind of person that would do that sort of thing. Haruto-san keeps the records, he wouldn't tamper with them." Kiri paused before answering the second part of the question, there was a flicker of doubt in his eyes as he faced Masato. The young man likely sensed his next words ran possibly in contradiction to the statement he'd just made. "The o-fuda?" Kiri sighed. "I know about them from what Haruto told me. They were already up when I arrived, but I've personally seen that they work. Those guys over there-" Kiri nodded towards the delinquents who'd all been stirred back awake by Connor and had now resumed their tomfoolery rather than approach the Shinigami, but now they were much more weary of Connor's presence. "They tried to pull one of their zombiefied friends onto the shrine grounds and he just collapsed motionless, kinda like the girl being carried by your friend." Kiri quickly shuffled off to the praying group and knelled down beside them just as Connor had approached them, Kiri whispered to an elderly woman from the group and smiled, she smiled back and gave Kiri a handful of the talismans and then she personally offered one to Connor. Kiri returned to Masato and handed him one of the talismans, "Here, Hizorashi-san. You can inspect it yourself. I personally don't know who made them, but they were being distributed by everyone in the praying group. They're good people, I don't think any of them mean any harm." Kiri stated aloud, particularly towards Connor as he was worried the foreigner might approach the group aggressively. During this time Ryūnosuke was slowly stepping towards the center of the room, he'd already broken the seal of the envelope and was beginning to unfold the letter. Connor would have heard Kiri ask the woman for some of the o-fuda to hand out but in that moment he would also notice another very important detail, as his own question was being answered by a member of the praying group and he was gifted a talisman by an older woman who grabbed his wrist and firmly placed it in his palm. "Take it, young one, it'll ward off harm.", she said charmingly as another man at the tail of the group addressed him, "The o-fuda at the entrance was there when we arrived, it's different from the ones we have. That one protects the shrine grounds, these more personal." The praying group were huddled around a single framed o-fuda that was a larger and more ancient copy of the smaller and newer talismans currently in circulation. Even if he was as literate in Japanese as his native comrades, Connor would not be able to read the name of the Kami inscribed on the talismans. As Connor, Masato, and possibly Oriru through the use of his orbs, would realize that it was written with an unfamiliar and almost other-worldly Kanji. Each time one began to think they understood or recognized the letters, the red ink that scribed the Kanjis would appear to move and transform to another unreadable symbol. The man who spoke before stood up and faced Connor and directed his gaze away from the group. "I'm a detective with the KPD, my colleagues and I have been investigating this Night of Wailing business for the past two years. Normally it's our policy to not involve you vigilante types, but it seems no one has given you guys the spill, so here it is. This shrine was recently rebuilt and newly dedicated to a very old and forgotten kami of the Kotaekōruyama clan. The clan head has apparently been nagging the municipality for years about having a shrine built for his clan's kami. Old blood clan, with some historical prevalence and the connections to match. Eventually he pulled the right strings and was allowed to do his thing in this old abandoned shrine in a forgotten corner of Karakura. It was enough to shut him up, but as you've probably guessed shortly after the shrine was reopened two years ago is when problems started happening. We've been trying to ID the head of the clan, but there have conveniently been no pictures of him to go by. He either met the authorities in private or dealt with them through liaisons. Look, think what you want, but as far as I can tell, we're fucked. My advise to you, if you're a man of faith and believe in a god you better pray to him while you still can. We've all decided who our god is and this is it." The detective said as he held up his own o-fuda between his face and Connor's. In that very moment something strange would likely fire off in Connor's heightened senses. At this closer proximity it was impossible for him to miss the scent that faintly emanated from the transforming talisman's reishi-infused red ink in which the name of the kami had been scribed. Though it had been penned hours prior, the smell of the fresh ink was still distinguishable enough for Connor to be able to trace it from the talisman in front of him, to where it was strongest in two other locations within the administration building. Those places were the basket filled with talismans held by the elderly woman and- A deadly silence seemed to consume the room like the emptiness of space. This was true for Connor and Masato. It was true for Captain Oriru, who'd gotten no where with the whispering loner, except for perhaps noticing the vitriol with which his pointed at in the direction of the praying group. Upon keener inspection it was clear he pointed at one man in particular. In the same instant, the Captain was given a talisman by one of his subordinates. It was also true for San Salvatore as he was acknowledged by the emotional teenage girl and promptly given a talisman of his own by one of the members of the social group just as they informed him that he should direct his thanks to the praying group for handing them out and that they heard the first person to arrive after was an older fellow who currently sat unassumingly in the supplicating mass. Most of all it was true to Tengu. ----- ... RYŪNOSUKE had paused in the middle of the room just seconds before as he unfolded the letter and began to read it silently, his eyes tracing over each word. To Mom, If you're reading this, it means I didn't survive and that I never returned home from trick-or-treating. You've probably already learned that I didn't listen to you and decided to sneak into the cemetery anyway. I guess you were right and maybe this is God's way of punishing me for being a disobedient brat of a daughter. You deserve so much better mom, and I am very sorry. I want you to know, that what happened wasn't your fault and that no matter what you might hear, I didn't suffer in my last moments and I wasn't afraid. I was sad and regretful, I wish I was a better daughter, but this experience has given some time to reflect. Too little too late though, right? I want you to know I spent my last night alive in the company of some very sweet people. Ryūnosuke's heartbeat elevated as he began to read the next few lines, which detailed the groups of people present in this very administrative building on this very same evening a year ago. With every detail described the teenager began to read more earnestly as his eyes stealthily darted around the room and checked if any of the individuals matched with those being mentioned in the letter. With every sentence read he eliminated a suspect and in his mind that portion of the room seemed to blank out from his mind until he reached the last few sentences. The first thing described on them was another group of praying individuals, handing out familiar talismans. There was a final mention of the group of praying individuals, the description of a single man who in the previous year admitted to being the one responsible for the talismans. With the silence came clarity as all the pieces fell into place and finally revealed the one truly at the heart of the talisman affair, the one who'd started the talk of Lady Tomoe in the administrative building, the one who rebuilt the shrine in the honor of his clan's unknown kami and thus had the access to cemetery records despite not being an employee himself. The one responsible for the removal of Tomoe's name from the records. The one until now referred to only as 'Him'. As as Connor traced the scent of the ink to the hands of the elderly man sitting in the midst of the praying group, Ryūnosuke dropped the letter and in his haste he also dropped Chizuru as he issued a Bringer's Light towards the door and smashed it open. His hand already engulfed in flame, he tore the talisman from the doorway and incinerated it in his hand. Lady Tomoe's mist and her reach flooded into the room and filled the teenager's being again. He jerked his head towards the elderly man and shouted out, his voice slightly distorted with a shriek and his skin visibly pale as bone. "IT'S HIM!" ----- ... KOTAEKŌRUYAMA SANETOKI obliterated the entire administrative building with a single explosive blast of Reiatsu the very instant the words left the mouth of the boy who'd been Tomoe's agent in disguise. None of the them would have a chance to react before they were blown away by the concussive force, several died instantly, and although Connor and Masato were the closest in proximity to the explosion and bared its greatest brunt, they were no were near dead. The blast of blinding magenta-colored energy knocked everyone to the floor, laid out amidst the rubble as the sky rained splintered wood and talisman papers. Sanetoki clicked his tongue disapprovingly as he departed into the mist. "It wasn't supposed to be this way." The short man, who appeared to be in his late forties said as he inhaled and swallowed the souls of all the recently perished humans, including Haruto and his poor wife, all the praying group, half the delinquents, the sobbing girls, and both the whispering men. They were drawn towards him as if sucked in by a super-powered vacuum. "Let's call them the appetizers." Sanetoki declared proudly. There was a shrieking growl from within the mist as a grey-eyed and unmasked Frenzied Wailer Tengu leaped the through the air towards Sanetoki and swung down on the man with a flame-engulfed bat. Much of the refined technique of Tengu's fighting style was lost and in its place a chaotic rage reigned. The teenager's body thrashed and swung his bat and was parried blow after blow. The others who would now be coming back to their senses would notice the teenager's fruitless effort just as he made a final lunge from which he with caught out of the air by his throat and slammed into the ground. Sanetoki then brushed back his hair and proceeded to walk towards the oratory hall. The Frenzied Wailer growled as he shakily attempted to stand up. Then with the cold words, "Stay down, puppet." Ryūnosuke was again flattened to the ground by a massive collapsed fist of magenta energy that struck him like a meteor. In his departure, the man addressed the others who were now regaining their bearing and coming to their feet. "Make no mistake, I have every intention of devouring you all by sunrise, but it seems Tomoe has out-lived her usefulness to me and now poses something of a formidable nuisance. Regardless of what I now stand to benefit from her timely demise, your collective objectives haven't changed at all. To stop Tomoe and save the innocent souls and your comrades, right? Those talismans should help clear the path for you to her, if you can find her anyway. Come see me when you're done. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere and neither are any of you. Hahahahah." The old man laughed as he retired into the oratory hall of the shrine, any attacks against him or the building would simply fade through them as if they were a mirage. The wailer army had already closed in from all directions and hundreds upon hundreds of the undead swarmed the survivors of the blast. The Shinigami were already on the move, Tenzaimon, now holding the lifeless body of Chizuru, and Kazuko currently led the charge towards the vortex that was seen several hundred meters away in the distance with Ito and several other Shinigami fighting a path clear for them. Ito called out to the Captain. "Captain Oriru! The talismans appear to be working our Zanpakutō can cut the souls right out of the corpses with a single strike! We're taking this girl's body to the vortex!" The cries of Shinigami and humans alike being dragged into the waves of reanimated corpses could be heard all around them as frequent and as loud as the shrieks and howls of the Wailers. At that moment the roar of Frenzied Wailer Tengu echoed through the mist, "GIVE HER BAAAAAAAACK!", his loud cry released a deafening shockwave through the mist as he began to charge towards the Shinigami. He'd have to pass Connor and Masato first. Beside Masato laid a severely wounded Kiri, who weakly grabbed Masato's sleeve and faintly called out to the Fullbringer as Tengu whizzed past him and towards Connor. "Hizorashi-san... take this!" Kiri coughed up blood and weakly-smiled as his shaky right hand placed a talisman in Masato's palm, "Use it! Save... your friend!" Kiri managed to say just as he fell unconscious. "OUT OF MY WAY!" Ryūnosuke roared as he swung his bat sideways at Connor and released a scorching wave of flames tethered to a shockwave of force backed by the entire might of his supernatural physical strength. The teenager no longer saw friends and foes and was acting solely in accordance with Tomoe's will. As Tomoe willed, the Shinigami were not to reach the vortex with the body of Chizuru. [Instructions: Two paths lay ahead. Each with their own consequences.] ------------------------ -----------------------
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    Orriu listened intently to the Shinigami explain his theory, and there was much to be said within the information proposed. Yet, through all of the details provided, Oriru only considered the fact that Genshi was still trapped in a mist but contained within the vortex from earlier. Since her soul is not assimilated and consumed, there is a chance to release her from the mist. If not to her original state, then at least back into the cycle and that would be better than most any other possible outcome. These Shinigami were all bringing themselves closer to figure this out and determine the best way out, and each of them stood prepared to follow the orders and commands of Oriru and this was the moment that hit him; the fact that he was a leader to these soldiers. This was not the position that he wanted, not the responsibility that he desired, not the life that he dreamed. He spent his time studying, learning, and applying himself and it proved to be more than he thought. Learning all of the kidos, studying the history and social structure of the soul society, all while being given the gift of a Zanpakuto with so much more power than he deserved. "We do our best to understand the nature of the talismans, use their latent powers and the source of their creation to deal with the mist and Lady Tomoe. We have two clear missions; first we end this night of wailing and second is to ensure the survival of as many humans as possible." It was sad, truly, but Oriru had no idea how to lead these people and could only curse the Captain Commander for putting so much faith in him. "Work with and support the humans." With that, Oriru departed them with a nod and approached one of the men who happen to be on his own, and slowly attempted a friendly wave. "Hello." He spoke softly, "My name is Oriru, and yours?" He had hoped that opening with a simply line of dialogue would allow the man to feel comfortable enough to trust Oriru with a conversation. Short of the man becoming hostile or aggressive about being left alone, Oriru would lead with his question. "I was wondering if you would mind telling me of your experience with the mist. I am hoping to get as much information as possible... Find a way to end this nightmare and undo the chaos it has caused."
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    And there it was. That self-righteous sense of justice that all Shinigami seemed to possess. They all assume that it is only natural to cut hollows down. Referring to themselves as if they were on a pedestal higher than hollows. Claiming it to be their birthrights to strike down “the evil”. Ridiculous. Simply ridiculous. This arrogant notion is why Tsukishima despised the Shinigami so much. Not for their power. Not even because they killed him previously. It was their hubris. That sickening level of hubris they all displayed. After the righteous words spoken by the Shinigami, his power began to increase. A torrent of purple energy swirled around him as he ascended higher in the sky. The Primera knew all too well what was happening; it was truly to protect the humans down below. A futile effort as the creatures he sent out before meeting the griffin had already decimated another town over. It was as death is, inevitable. Regardless, Tsukishima decided to humor the Shinigami and follow him higher in the sky. The Shinigami muttered a name before the torrent of energy dissipated, revealing its released Shikai state. A very large sword with pink lining rested in each hand with chains wrapped around his forearms. The sight of the release piqued Tsukishima's interest. During his time with Kaname, he heard of Shinigami with a dual release but knew of its rarity. To see such a user in front of him was... surprising to say the least. The trash could summon a hundred swords and it would still matter not. The result would always be the same. The Primera gently lets go of his cane as it plummets to the ground below. It lands upright sticking out of the ground as it awaits its master. “Oh? Using your Shikai right off the bat? Intriguing. I've never heard of Shinigami using swords nearly as large as themselves.” As he says this, a loud booming sound is heard as he uses Sonido to close the gap. A mere inch separates the two as Tsukishima's right hand glows with black energy. “I wonder how much enjoyment you will bring me,” he mutters as he thrusts his hand forward. The blackened Bala rockets outward, threatening to take a chunk out of the Shinigami's side if he wasn't prepared. Its power, however impressive, was suppressed. He wanted to take his time with the Shinigami and have him feel the threat of death. Perhaps he'd find out the answer to a question that has plagued him for so long; Who do the Gods of Death fear? *Concurrent...* Nearly a half-hour had passed before Matsuko neared the girl once more. She sees him with tears in her eyes and begins to cry again after seeing he has nothing with him. He smiles warmly at her before moving his hands forward to reveal her kitten. She runs up to the kitten as it jumps from his hands into her arms. She squeezes it as her tears of sorrow quickly turn to tears of happiness. “Thank you so much, mister, where ever did you find her?” “She was a tricky cat; I found her a good distance away taking some food. I’m glad the two of you are reunited.” The girl smiles as a voice calls out to her. It was her mother beckoning her to come home for dinner. She turns in the direction of the voice and replies before turning back to Matsuko. “Thank you…. again?” Matsuko had disappeared, the girl silently thanking him before departing. The Hermit had returned to his spot among the trees, gazing at the stars with an apple in hand. As he goes to take a bite, he feels it. An ominous surge of spiritual pressure, the likes of which he has never experienced before. The apple drops to the ground below as the Hermit blankly stares out at the horizon. “So the demon has found me...” WC: 655 Stats:
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    Hollow ((虚 (ホロウ), Horō): are a race of creatures which are born from Human souls who, for various reasons, do not cross over to Soul Society after their death and stay in the Human World for too long. They are corrupt spirits with supernatural powers which devour the souls of both living and deceased Humans. Hollows settle in Hueco Mundo, but can cross over to the Human World and Soul Society. Hollows are the opposite of Humans. Hollow Templates Hollow Hollow Evolution/Releases Hollow Evolution/Release Paths: Hollow Duality "Dual-Nature Zanpakutō" Resurrección: Segunda Etapa Hōgyoku Fusion Hollow Race Abilities/Techniques Cero/Bala -----
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    Tsukishima walked through the Garganta as he mulled over everything he had accomplished shortly after his resurrection. Recruiting powerful allies, forging alliances, all of which to make his army for the Great Campaign that much stronger. To his displeasure, one of those new allies decided to accompany him on his recent excursion. When he opened the Garganta, he assumed Yamashiro would stay in the cave or find his own way back. Unfortunately, Tsukishima found himself on babysitting duty. Being irritated that he decided to tag along would be a gross understatement, however, he figured he'd find a silver-lining from it all. As much as the Primera was enjoying the silence, he had to ruin it. "We are going to the World of the Living. There is a being there that I wish to meet again, the Hermit of Hueco Mundo. I've no doubt that he has survived the test of time. Like with the Reaper, we have an old score to settle. It will be tricky to get him to join our cause. Leave the talking to me." It had been far too long since Tsukishima had last laid eyes on the Hermit of Hueco Mundo. The Hermit's power was legendary, feared and revered around the land. The Hermit was shrouded in mystery, being spoken of only in rumors. One of the more well-known tales, which was true, was that the hermit alone took down a small armada of Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde leveled hollows. Out of the dozens he found, only two of them survived. Those two were Tsukishima and his brother, Liam. Eventually, they would have to settle that score. He hoped that death was not the end goal as The Hermit could very well be a foundation of the Great Campaign. There were two places that the Hermit could be found. The first was Ground Zero. The deep plains of Hueco Mundo were always known to be quite chilly and dark but there was one area far beyond even that. The black skies that usually accompanied Hueco Mundo were blotted out by white clouds creating an artful appearance. The ground was covered by hardened patches of sand that took a form akin to concrete. A light fog blankets the lowest parts of this area, the frigid breeze continually wrapping all in its embrace. Most hollows did not dare venture into this part of Hueco Mundo for obvious reasons. This was the hell known as Ground Zero. Tesla and Kaori already searched Ground Zero and could not find the Hermit. Tsukishima knew that if the Hermit did not want to be found, he wouldn't be. To that end, he'd have to search the only other place the Hermit would be. The familiar sound of shattered glass could be heard as the Garganta opens, revealing the two Espada in their entirety. Tsukishima takes a step out, taking a fleeting glance at the town he found himself in. It has been quite some time since he last visited this dimension. It was a beautiful morning by human standards. The birds were chirping, the sun shined on a particularly warm winter afternoon. Civilians laughed and enjoyed their day as Tsukishima quietly sneered. "The putrid smell of humanity always makes me sick. It makes me wish I was still without a sense of smell. Let's get this over with..." he mumbles as his cane echoes as it hits the concrete. *Elsewhere* The Hermit known as Matsuko sighed as he sat down in the middle of Ground Zero inside a small cave. The wind echoed throughout the cave, creating a piercing whistling sound. Matsuko had taken his usual stroll around the sanctity of Ground Zero, taking careful consideration not venture too far out. He did not want to attract any unnecessary attention to himself. He had seen two Arrancar enter Ground Zero not long ago. He had no doubt they were searching for him and no doubt who sent him. The demon Tsukishima had returned. He hoped that he would not have to deal with him but was confident in his victory if they ever met in combat again. His mind was clouded with the disturbance, he needed to get out. A trip to the World of the Living would do him some good. A chance to clear his mind. With a small gesture and a snap of his fingers, a crude Garganta appeared. He stepped inside without a second look as it closed behind him. WC: 742
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    “A hollow who does not have to deal with such matters..” Those words lingered in the air as much as the putrid smell of the humans. Was this Arrancar so naive that he assumed that he, or any hollow for that matter, was beyond even death? The Primera was incredulous and could not believe the naivety of the young. There is but one absolute in this world, death. There is no escaping its grasp; no escaping its warming embrace. Death comes for all in one form or another. Tsukishima, unfortunately, knew this fact all too well. He had half a mind to teach the Cero this fact but decided against it. This was neither the time nor the place. Despite their differences, the Cero was considered brethren of hollowed purity. His power would be beneficial during the Great Campaign. However, his ignorance would one day be his undoing. He only hoped that he would not drag all of Hueco Mundo alongside it. “Be mindful of your words Yamashiro. Death comes for us all. Even you are susceptible to its grasp.” As the Primera continues his search for the Hermit of Hueco Mundo, he begins to feel another source of spiritual pressure. A foul odor filled the air, causing Tsukishima's hands to tremble. He tightly clutched the handle on his cane as his knuckles turned white. His spiritual pressure unconsciously increases, immobilizing all of the humans in the area. A low guttural growl escaped his lips as he glances up towards the sky. It was there he sees it, a Shinigami. Its look was different than the norm but that rotten smell was unmistakable. The smell of unjust pride and arrogance believing their rule was absolute. It had been some time since he last laid eyes on these blights to the world. Fitting that he would see one again in the World of the Living. Likely attempting to maintain their false sense of justice. He could faintly hear Yamashiro speak but he was in his own world, consumed by anger. Not hearing the Cero's words, he composes himself and slowly ascends towards the sky, soon coming a few feet away from the Shinigami. “It has been quite some time since I've seen one of you disgusting creatures. You all look different but that smell... That smell still makes me sick to my stomach. It is time to cull the herd Death God. Time to embrace death.” *Twenty minutes earlier...* A Garganta had opened above the sky of Karakura as Matsuko stepped out, the opening closed behind him. It was almost evening as the sun was starting to set, leaving an orange blaze in the sky. His expression hidden behind the cover of the cloak; he used Sonido to disappear from the orange sky. Inside a produce store located at the shopping district of the city, a stand of neatly stacked apples in a pyramid formation. The three apples that made up the top of the pyramid disappeared unnoticed by shoppers. The booming sound of Sonido could be heard as Matsuko appeared sat upon a tree branch at a local park with an apple in his hand. He gently lowered his cloak as he moved the apple to his mouth and bit into it. The sweet taste that entered his mouth, he always liked the taste of apples. Even when he was a human so long ago, it was his favorite treat. It was the shred of humanity he clung towards. He savored the first bite for a while now before swallowing, before quickly finished off the first apple. He sat back and relaxed for a moment, taking in the breathtaking view of the horizon. This peaceful moment, however, was disturbed by the sounds of crying. Located on a bench at the park, a young human girl was sitting down crying for an unknown reason. Matsuko leaped down and stood nearby unsure if he should even approach the girl or if she could even see him. He sighed, unsure of what to do; the girl opened her eyes and looked in his direction. "Can you help me?" She asked aloud, tears still rolling down her face. The sheer fact that she could see him surprised the Arrancar. To be so young and yet spiritually aware was astounding. He decided to approach her so she wouldn’t think that he was a monster. “Is there something wrong little girl? Why are you crying?” He asked in a soft, kind voice to her. The young girl sniffed before answering his question. "I lost my kitten, Meeko,” She said as she was about to ball her eyes out again before Matsuko had a frantic look behind his cloak. If a roaming Shinigami laid eyes upon her crying, they’d surely think he had something to do with it. He did not want anything to do with that trash just yet. His hatred for the Shinigami was really the only true thing that made him seem hollow. “Tell me what this kitten looks like; I’ll go see if I can find it.” WC: 842
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    Standing in side the black void known as the gargonta yamashiro heard the primia tell him that they was going to look for a arrancar known as the hermit, now yamashiro was not one on reading books and all that crap but he has heard of that name some where though out his travels. If he remembered right it had something to do with him being able to take out a horde of hollows ranging from adjuchas and vosto level. He was never sure if those story's was true or not but seeing as the primea has lived died then was reborn again though the cycle of life the years he has been around doubled his own. This meant that the rumors must have been true and if so why would he wish to speak to such a legend unless maybe he wished to speak to him about joining there ranks. The gargonta opened back up and yamashiro stepped out from inside it as he looked around the area, the sun was up the birds was chirping and the people was going about there daily lives unbeknownst to them that two extremely powerful espada was standing above there heads. If they so wanted they could easily kill all those that the espada laid there eyes on but they was here for a reason which meant that they did not have time to have fun which was a shame but he did not feel like being bitched out by the primea. " Humans such weak beings, they live only so long then parish to old age how that makes me feel alive to know im a hollow who dose not have to deal with such matters." Yamashiro said to his self as he just shook his head as he was looking on at the humans wondering about like ants before there feet. It was not long after they arrived that yamashito could feel a very strong spiritual pressure, note now that this was no where near his own level but much lower but none the less there was a strong being close by. Yamashiro looked around trying to see if he could see the person who was giving off such a strong essence so then when he looked up he saw that there was a man who was standing above them, he where a white robe so he could not see his face but he stood about 6 foot and he had two swords on his body, from the looks of things he was looking at a shinigami a so called a god of death. " Tsukishima it would seem we have our selfs a visitor, how shall we handle this. Do you wish to face this soul reaper or shall i take him out." Yamashiro would ask the other espada beside him, he was not gonna act recklessly for he did not want to make the other espada mad even tho he really did not care if he got mad at yamashiro he just did not wish to have a friction in there alliance at this point in time. wc: 518
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    The blackened cero launches the Shinigami through the air as his body crashes to the ground below. A crate forms on impact as the crumpled body of the Shinigami lies in the middle. The battle had reached its conclusion. The black miasma that permeated around the area slowly began to dissipate as Tsukishima quickly appears beside his Espada cohort. Skin and blood begin to form around his skull, slowly reverting him back from his released state. His Zanpakuto returns to its cane appearance as Tsukishima begins to address the Cero. “It seems that our time in the World of the Living has come to an end. I know the Shinigami well enough to know that they will send someone out to retrieve whatever is left of that one. I'd rather not deal with the lot of them...yet. He will spread the word of our future attack and attempt to prepare. It will be futile but the Shinigami cling to such ideals. Plus, it seems that you were not the only one who decided to watch the destruction. While faint, I could sense the Hermit during the battle. He was heading this way but stopped. Like myself, he probably realized that the Shinigami would not be far behind and wanted to avoid a necessary conversation. At any rate, both messages have been sent. Least you want to deal with their arrival, I suggest you come. I am heading back to the palace to attend to some personal matters.” The Primera swipes his hand in the air as a Garganta quickly opens. Stepping inside, he takes one final look at the carnage he created with a sense of pride. It wouldn't be long before the Great Campaign would begin. WC: 287 OOC: We gone
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    The Primera had to admit, the Shinigami's resilience was impressive. Most would have been destroyed outright once Tsukishima decided to cut loose. However damaged, the Shinigami remained alive and ready to continue the fight. Perhaps these lesser beings had some worth to them. The Shinigami rose to his feet, his body badly damaged by the wrath of Tsukishima's divine technique. His clothing was ripped and his body covered in bruises and burns. His shadowy form, granted by his Bankai, faded in and out. A sorry sight for someone who only a short time ago seemed so confident in his power. Tsukishima glared at the Shinigami as his shadow minions reformed around him. His spiritual pressure spiked as he prepared to attack once again. Was this arrogance or just naivety? The battle was lost and Tsukishima was clearly the victor. His foolhardy sense of justice would be the death of him. In an instant, the trio began their offensive by appearing in front of him. With weapons drawn, the Shinigami attempts to strike down the Primera with a forward slash. In mid-swing, the weapon in the Shinigami's left hand disappears while the right-hand weapon shatters into needles which vanish into another portal. A low guttural growl escaped from the Primera as that same violet and black energy envelopes him once more. He had seen this before. All of these parlor tricks were the same. The execution might have differed but the goal was always the same. Was he being mocked? He'd teach this lesser creature not to toy with a God. He extends his bony right index finger up and fires a black Bala that completely engulfs the shadow above him. Expecting a follow-up, he turns around and grabs the Shinigami's right arm stopping his forward motion. Pulling the Shinigami close, he begins to speak. “You can not begin to comprehend my power. Anything you do is futile.” As he says this, the barrage of needles from before begin to barrel down towards him. As it nears, a golden barrier appears around the Primera, negating the attack. “Even your sneak attacks are useless. It seems that I was correct after all, you are not worth my time. Despite getting off track, this trip to the World of the Living has posed an opportunity. You will be my messenger to the trash. Tell your Soul Society, tell your Captains, I am coming. I am coming and there is not a damned thing they can do about it. Tsukishima Higurashi will be the end of you all. The Great Campaign is upon us. Pray to whatever Gods you pray to. You'll need it.” Using his free arm, Tsukishima places his hand on the Shinigami's chest and fires a small cero. He lets go off the Shinigami's hand as he turns to walk away, letting the cero do its work. While the cero would damage him if it hit, it would not kill him. It was to serve a point, a final message to the Shinigami. He hoped the Shinigami heeded his words and took the chance he had given him. If not, he had no qualms with putting him down. WC: 527
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    Live Changes 12/28/2019 - Tier 3 Achievements Series 1 Duration Extended Set to expire on 2/1/2020. Series 2 currently slated for February. Yay! - Agile Class Perk Ghosting has been adjusted to clarify its use better. In situations where the use of Ghosting would logically cause more than a single attack to be avoided, Ghosting will occur as a "flicker" dodge in place rather than a reposition to a different location. - ND Clarification Examples of ND uses in combat have been added to the ND guide under each action. Link Here: Natural Defense Guide - Vaizard Race Changes Finalized Vaizard Changes are finished and updated in the Shinigami Race Thread.
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    The sun was raising up from over the horizon, its bright light was enveloping a well kept room and in that room laid a man. His name was Zenaku Shiba and tho he did not look it he is the current head of the Shiba clan and head of the family. Tho his dad lived with him on the property he had long sense stepped down as he gave that right to his son zenaku. With the light beaming in though the window of his very large room it was shinning right on his face which after a while of that made him rellize that it was morning and if he did not get a move on he would be late for class at the soul reaper academy. The school taught men and woman more then how to fight off hollows, no there was a lot more to it then that. The shinigami Academy taught them on history of the past, the human world which was what fascinated zenaku and of hueco mundo the world of the hollows tho not much could be taught on that sense not many soul reapers can manage to enter that dreadful place then exit there alive. Slowly getting out of bed zenaku made his way into his restroom as he began his day by first emptying his bladder after a long night, then after that he would take a shower making sure to get every surface of his body clean. Once he was finished there he would brush his hair tho it took him about a hour just to do that cause he wanted it to be perfect which he dose at about every thing he dose. It was only after he finished brushing his hair that he put on his white shiaksho for his academy classes which had blue stripes running down the side of his uniform. On his side he carried his asukuchi a normal katana which members of the academy had to carry sense they was not full fledged members of the gotai thirteen yet, but not only that a person carries a asukuchi cause that is what every one has until they can manage to make contact with there Inner spirit in which case they are then called Zanpakto. Once he was finished he locked his door behind him and went out side his house as he stretched while the sun was finishing its course upwards. " Good Morning Master Shiba, its a lovely morning today is it not. Fine day for gardening, but my back has been giving me problems i hope i can do my job correctly." Zenaku turned his head when he heard the voice speak to him. It was a older lady which he noticed to be misses Fang. She was about five feet so she was really short compeared to his self and she was wearing a tea green kimono with her hair tied up in a knot. " Hello misses fang, it is a good day. Sorry i can not talk more but i must be going, i shall pick you up something for your back on my way home." Zenaku said, he was not really much of a talker as he preferred to not speak at all if he did not have to. That was the way of life tho, you was always doing things you did not wish to do he thought as he reached into his kimono pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes as he bumped the bottom of the pack which caused one of them to spring forth from the paper box. He reached up with his hand and placed the rolled up piece of tobacco in his mouth, he put the box away as he then pulled out a lighter and lit his cigarette as he pulled in a large puff of smoke before exhaling the smoke in a big thick cloud. He is always saying that one day he is gonna stop smoking but so far in his many years of life not once has he even given it a try, maybe one day he shall quite but that is a maybe and so with that he continued on his way to his class at the shinigami academy. Zenaku finally arrived at the school where he saw students to teachers all gathering though the large wooden gates so they could reach there class rooms. Zenaku did not wish to wait around for every body else to eventually get in from the rush hour so he took another path to get were he was heading. Yes it was the longer way for most but zenaku knew a secret path that he could take that would lead him directly into the boundary of the school grounds. Once he found it which for him took about ten extra minutes he slipped though a large crack in the wall and before any one knew it he was in front of every body else heading to his first class of the day. wc: 839
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    .It was now time to take the final class for this year and once he passed it with a high score zenaku knew that he would be a shoe in for a spot in one of the squads for the gotie thirteen, he had been working very hard sense he first joined this academy. At times he some times wondered why he even signed up in the first place but he always remembered that he joined cause it was the only way in to the thirteen curt guard squads of the soul society. He has had his eyes on squad 10 sense he first joined the academy, he could not tell you why he chose that squad it was just like it called to him. But enough about that zenaki finally reached his lass class the area where he was to have to practice hakuda which was a class to teach students hand to hand techniques for defending there selfs against hollows or shinigami alike. He never did like this class but unfortunately he had no choice but to take this class, so walking in to the class he saw that this room was less full then the last but it was still full. " Good afternoon class, i am Inari yobata, and today i shall be teaching you all the art of hakuda so who shall wish to join me up here." Once he asked that question every ones arms shot straight up in to the air except his own cause he really did not like this kind of class for he saw it as barbaric. " Ah yes how about you Mr shiba" The teacher just had to go and pick him, once again in this class another soul reaper was teaching the class which meant that he already knew he was not gonna win this fight but he was gonna try his best no matte what. Win or lose zenaku told him self that he would give his all in ths class cause he could not do something stupid and not get invited to the squad he had his eyes on. " Oh yeah i had completely forgot, i told you all my name but forgot to say what my squad and rank was. So allow me to start over my name is Inari yobata and im the 18th seat in squad 2, now for those who do not know much about squad two we focus on speed assassination so if you need a person killed let me know ha ha ha, and also hand to hand combat and all sorts of other things which have no interests in today class, so now if zenaku is ready we can start the class." It was now time to get the fight start so zenaku and Inari both took up a fighting stance before they rushed in towards each other, Zenaku tried to start things off by throwing a punch at the soul reaper but he managed to side step zenakue's punch with such speed that it was scary. From there the teacher brought his knee up as he caught zenaku right with the center of the chest which caused him to bend over puking up water like liquid. Even tho he was still down from that last atttack inari smashed his foor in ro the ribs which caused him to go rolling across the field. He knew that a member of the gotie 13 was strong but wow he was surprised by how much wc: 584 twc: 4,307
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    Asexpected with the first single attacks of a fight both parties were simply attacking simple attacks.To say the least,the battle was just getting warmed up.As San spun an attacked with his first sword,he could feel no resistance telling him he had missed.Coming full spin an thrusting his second weapon towards the chest of the beast.The creatures reaction time an speed of attacks were truly impressive,he managed to fire off a cero in no time.The zanpaktu would cut threw the middle of the cero,however it would split into many different streams of lesser energy.The fifth seat would be nicked by these streamhe would suffer minor burn like scratches on his arms.Salvatore could truly tell by now that he was truly faced with a Captain class Arrancar.The beast managed to fight off his attacks an retaliate effortlessly,all the while seeming to toy with him.San had retracted both his swords after each attack,he now held them in his hands,gripping there chains tightly.He would begin to spin them by his side,each one spinning faster an faster. Athe counter attack the Arrancar crossed his arms in disapproval,showing sheer disrespect an confidence.He spoke basically looking down on the fifth seat,informing him he was much older an San was too young to compete with such a being.The beast then took an deep breath,while he was talking San had already begun his next phase of moves.As his zanpaktus began to spin by his side they each began to glow purple,as they were encased in what seemed to be a fog like aura.Meanwhile he shadow was now placed upon a building to the Arrancars back,still mimicking Sans movement to the T. The Arrancar would after his speech begin to gather energy that cracked violently with black streaks of energy manifesting.At the same time he cracks a devilish smile as a white orb with black spects of energy formed in his palm.He would flick it with his thumb,it would rocket off towards San.San was unaware of this move which therefore meant it was somesort of technique or ability.San would not avoid this attack instead he would stay planted,with both swords spinning a black portal would open infront of San.The attack from the Arrancar would enter the void,an the portal would close.The death god would be seen still spinning his swords at his side,it was time to go on the offensive.He was trying to play it safe,after all the being was immense in power an to an unknown degree,so defense was the right strategy,but he needed to push the Arrancar. The fifth seat would quickly stop on sword an grip it by its hilt,beginning to draw a bakudo triangle in the air before himself."Bakudo number 30,triple beak prison" The kido would come together an fire off with three golden points that threatened to pin the Arrancar.This was a mere decoy,an San would use it to use his flash step to move to the right of the Arrancar,his speed faster then the kido.He would arrive a mere second before,but would now be gripping both his weapons by there hilt,the purplish like fog aura remained around them.Salvatore would again this time try an cut the opponent from his side,while the kido closed in,after the quick strike San would leap back,as he real intentions were now coming to fruitition. By now Sans Shadow had stood up,he stayed on top the roof top below the pair of dueling beings.As the soul reaper would attack the Shadow would rocket off from the roof top,all the while being in the Arrancars blind spot,behind him.The shadow that came alive would arrive just as San attacked an lept back,with the kido about to hit.After if the kido hit or did not,San shadow would be within close proximity of the fight.Raising his right hand as he flew towards the back of the hollow,the same black orb with white energy emerged an skyrocketed forward,this time with even more speed then the Arrancar had placed in it,an coverd in a purplish aura just like Sans Zanpaktus.Hopefully the bakudo an the attack from San was enough to draw the beasts attention,that along with the speed of Sans shadow an attack was enough to land a blow finally.Maybe even let the Arrancar know he shouldnt take San so lightly."You are an immensely powerful being,however i am not to be take lightly.The fifth seat would call out as all the attacks were dealt with. WC:786 TWC:2619+786=3405 STATS:
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    Zenaku was happy as he headed for his next class which was the kido class, he has always loved that class sense it was based on reiyoku and it was just cool to use kido. As he approached the class he noticed that there was a large crowed gathered at the class, he was not sure what was going on cause for as long as he had been here at the academy there had never been such a big crowed . As he got closer to the class he noticed that there was even some academy students that was not part of the kido class, some that was gathered around watching something had kendo sticks which meant they was from the zanjutsu class which actually happened to be his next class after he got done here at the kido class. Walking up he could now see what was going on which was two students fighting among them selfs for some reason but zenaku did not care for there actions for they was in class and what they was doing was nothing more then making a ass out of them selfs. He looked around the scene but the teacher could not be seen any where and it was not like any one else was gonna stop this so he decided that if they was not he might as well. Zenaku walked up to the two who was fighting among them selfs as he raised his hand in the air." Bakudo number one sai." Zenaku said as a golden kanji shot out and surrounded the two kids, there arms shot back behind there body and they dropped down to there knee's, but once they was down there they seemed to have calmed down a bit tho they was still angry but they was no longer yelling at one another. " Good job Mr shiba, you handled that very nicely. You took them down with out having to use violence and used a very nice kido. so how about we end this and go about our class." Zenaku was not sure why it took the teacher so long to arrive and it seemed odd that the teacher also did not show up until after the fight was over. The class walked up to spot where there was a circle for them to stand on and across a ravine there was a platform for them to fire there kido at. " Ok class, i would like you to choose a kido and then your to fire it and try to destroy that platform." That seemed easy enough so zenaku went though his head as he tried to find a kido he would wish to use, after a few minutes he decided on which kido he would use. "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws." Hado 33 Sōkatsui" Zenaku raised both his hands up as he formed them to look like a pyramid he fired a big wave of blue energy that looked a lot like a blazing wave of blue fire. The fire smashed into the platform and it destroyed the billboard and post it was stuck on, and sense that was all they was doing for that class he went off and went towards his next class. wc: 570 twc: 2,386
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    Yamashiro could tell that the older espada misunderstood what he meant when he spoke about death, he knew that every one could die. Human to soul reaper even down to hollows he knew full well that they all could die hell he him self could die any minute now, but what he meant was that at least for spiritual beings like them self's dying of old age was something that did not happen as quickly as the humans did. Hell a humans life span runs any where from 50 to 100 years old if that where a hollow or shinigami now could live for ten times that if not more. But it would seem that his partner did not hear him as his anger was getting the better of him and so he floated up to see the soul reaper face to face. The Primea got so mad in fact that he raised his spiritual pressure to a high enough level as it even started effecting the humans down below them, yamashiro could not help but chuckle as he watched the humans fall down and was consumed in pain tho it only lasted for a mere seconds as his partner managed to calm his self down enough to stabilize his energy. Yamashiro was not one to get involved in another persons fight cause he always found that to be to boring and the fight never lasted long enough as they ended to quickly. Things was now starting to get interesting to watch tho as the shinigami decided that he would raise higher in to the air, could be that he did not wish to get the humans any more involved then they was or could have been something else all together but what ever it was he kept going higher until he stopped going farther up. The soul reaper suddenly activated his release for his swords and this just made yamashiro like the bastard more now, he seemed like one to not fool around and just get right to the point, yamashiro was not effected by the soul reapers spiritual pressure as he raised his hand to his mouth and yawned before he made his self some brown spider webbs behind him as he sat down on them so he could be comparable when he watched them. He was not only keeping his eyes on the fight but he was also scanning the city in case he saw any thing coming he would be able to stop them, on the other hand there must have been a reason for coming to karakura town unless he was here looking for that hermit fellow that he was speaking about before. twc: 449 twc: 967
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    THE DAY BEFORE: San had awaken in his room of squad seven with knocking at the door.He got up an answered,to see squad sevens messenger.The young boy couldnt of been over 18,he held a letter in his right hand extended forward.San took the letter an both bowed before parting ways.Now up San got dressed an read the letter,it was addressed by the Vice Captain.It seemed Salvatore was to lead a mission to the world of the living,an was to depart as soon as possible.Being the solider he was,he readied himself mentally as he made his way towards the gates.This wasnt his first trip to the world of the living but this was Salvatores first mission he was in charge of.He was now the fifth seat of the squad an he knew before soon he would be tasked with such a feat.As he would arrive at the Senkaimon gates,he would see his Vice Captain,Oni Trio. f"Ahh,Salvatore.It seems you have gotten my message an are ready as well....good,good.The Vice said as he shook Sans hand.He was a fairly young man,with a uplifting an straight to the point attitude."Sorry this was on such short notice.However we been getting reports of a fairly strong an elusive hollow we have been trying to track down for some time now.Hence the urgency of departure.Now this hollow has if it is indeed the one we are thinking it is,has been around quite some time.An therefore probably well skilled an powerful.So you will be accompanied with the sixth an seventh seats,but you will be in charge.The Six seat an seventh seat would appear in the same instance.The sixth looking much like a punk rocker with a mohawk,an the seventh resembled a typical ronin of sorts."Now due tot he possible nature of this mission an hollow,you three with not have a seal placed,so be weary of using your powers for the humans sake.Also the goal of this mission is to either confirm or unconfirm the reports.If it is indeed the hollow try an not engage unless truly nessacry,unless you have already reported your findings an reinforcements are on the way.Lastly the hollow is of unknown caliber,meaning it could be adjuchas class or possibly Vasto,an even rarer case an arrancar."The team would bow as each understood the mission an were ready for departure.The team would leave,with the Vice Captain wishing the best of luck an safe returns. THE NIGHT TO MORNING: The team arrived upon the sun setting,the night was just beginning.San would realize the area to cover was most of the city which meant they would need to split up an report back every three hours.Upon splitting up,San couldnt help but think about the possible hollows he could be looking for.Adjuchas class were mid tier hollows,even reaching Vice Captain level.An Vasto were the pinnacle of hollow evolution,rare,but indeed powerful said to mimick vice captain-Captain level power.Arrancar were the wild card,as they were said to be able to evolve into the more human like forms from any stage of hollow evolution from gillian to Vasto.Not only once removing there mask did they gain human like traits an memories they also no matter what level they "evolved " from gained access to Zanpaktus.Which granted them access to ressurections,which were said to hold power increases that matched Bankais.Salvatore himself had much knowledge on hollows,however he had only ever met Gillians an adjuchas in combat as one Arrancar who escaped before he could engage.So there was still much to learn from experince when it came to hollows for the fifth seat of squad 7. THE MORNING: The Night was cold an quiet the shinigami had found no signs of any kindof hollow activity.The group had just reported in before the sun began to rise,finally bringing some warmth on this winter night. San stood atop a rooftop taking in the sun light,an the town.He would use his reiatsu senseing to feel as much as possible.People began to go about there morning,when it happened.The feeling of darkness began to fill the air,a dark aura,a portal had just opened.This was a sign San had been hoping for/looking for.Who the portal belong to was unknown however it was definitely hollow based.The fifth seat would vanish from sight,leaving a breeze in his wake.Mere second later he would arrive on scene,the portal having already closed.Salvatore would scan the area with his eyes an senses.Then an echoing sound fillled the area,a sound unlike any human could produce,unless it was a fullbring.At this point,after the portal appearing it was unlikely it was a fullbringer/quincy.San would hone in on the direction,however still it was unclear maybe he could bring them to him,so he would raise his spiritual pressure enough to be noticed. San stood almost six foot,he wore normal shinigami robes with two small changes.The upper half missing sleeves,an a hood attached to the neck that would drape over most of Sans face.Sans eyes were neon pink his hair if seen was black but buzzed down to nothing.His skin was most notable,a purplish-blue color with his veins being black.He was slender man but toned,he didnt miss a workout or training session.As he stood floating in the air about 30 meters above the town,he rested his right hand on his zanpaktu that was attached to his right hip.His Second Zanpaktu was strapped to his back at his waste line,horizontally.It was like his visible zanpaktu normal in size an shape this one was a dagger,hence why it was attached to his back."I wonder if this is the being i am here looking for,may fate be on my side today" San said softly to himself,sadly fate seemed to never be on his side. wc:988
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    Zenaku was not really sure what his first class was being that the classes change up at least every day so to give the students a change up of every day to day things, so looking at the bill bored that was placed in the center of the squire he looked down the list and found his class. It would seem that his classes was as followed, flash step practice, Kido pracice,zanjutsu and finally hakuda. This was the main four branches of combat in which a soul reaper uses to combat not only hollows who go around destroying peoples lives for no reason, down to common people who needs punished for crimes against the soul society. He hated to make his class wait for him to get there so turning around zenaku started to make his way towards the training grounds where they would be practicing there flash step, in his last class they explained that flash step was a high speed technique that by gathering up enough reishi under there feet it would allow them to move around at super fast speeds to maneuver when in battle or just needing to get some where fast. As he was walking to class he noticed that his cigarette had burned down to its filter so spitting that one out zenaku sighed as he pulled another one of them out from his kimono and put it in his mouth as he lit it up, he could already tell these things was gonna be the death of him but there was just something about them that he could just not put them down. Zenaku finally arrived at the training grounds and lucky for him he did not seem like he was the last student to arrive, once on the scene he looked around and from the expressions he could see all though the class it would indicate to him that these students did not wish to be in this class. As every one was standing around zenaku got a strange feeling, could mostly do with how every one was just jumbled around and not in a straight line formation and in a row at that but that was just his OCD talking, he noticed that the teacher walked forward and as he did he kept glancing down at his wist watch as if he to wanted this class to be over or waiting until it was time before he announced the time for class. As he was watching the teacher he noticed that his collar was not folded right and his hair was messy and for a ocd person he would just not be able to focus on class until he was able to fix that, he might get in trouble for doing this but he did not care so walking up he bowed to the teacher before he reached up using his quick hands and fixed his collar. He then pulled out a brush which he always kept on hand for just these kinds of things and fixed his hair before getting back in line, every one there even the teacher did not have the words to say what just happened as they just all looked at him weird tho that was nothing new for people his whole life was always looking at him weird. " Ok well dis regarding that odd moment allow me to introduce my self, i am professor forcoy and today i have been asked to teach you all how to preform the technique called flash step, i saw in my records that you already know how it words in wording but have yet to actually place it in to real world use. well that is what i have been sent here to do which is to have you all being able to use flash step by the end of this class today. Now who would wish to come forward first...ah zenaku Shiba how about you come up first sense you seem to have a interest of making moments weird. Now sense you seem to already have the basics so just put some reishi under your feet and have a go at it. " Zenaku understood what he should do sense being able to control the flow of reishi has always been real easy for Shiba, so zenaku placed the reishi under his feet as he did not add to much nor did he wish to not add enough cause when doing stuff like this it was not hard to get hurt. Once he had the bottom of his feet covered in reishi he lunged forward using flash step as he managed to go from spot a to spot b in seconds flat, he used flash step once more to return to the teacher and other students. " Good job Mr Shiba you was able to succesfully use the flash step on your first try, i guess its true what they say those with royal blood have a easier time doing stuff." Zenaku never saw his bloodline as the reason he was so good, if any thing he was just lucky and worked hard on what he wanted to do. He could not help it if some things just seemed to come easier to him then others, so yeah he was good with Kido and reiyoku based things but other stuff he was a little slower to pick up on. " I hate to say this teacher but my bloodline has nothing to do with my hard work i put in to my study's now if we are done here i have another class i must be getting to." Zenaku said as he exhailed a large puff of smoke from his cigarette he was smoking on, so turning around he used flash step to vanish from where he was standing and headed towards his kido class. wc: 977 twc: 1,816
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    Name: Zenaku Shiba current fate point balance: 3 purchase 1 RELEASE TECHNIQUE SLOT x3 Note: I shall be giving two of those technique slots up to have all the academy level kido
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    Connor was full of confidence as he gazed at the twins who were blocking his way. They expressed little to no emotion on their faces, but their intentions were clear they stood together ten or so feet away. They seemed to be decently strong based on the speed displayed to block his path. ‘I haven’t really fought anyone since the old man left, this should be fun…’ That thought caused a smile to creep onto Connor’s face. From a certain perspective, this could be considered his first actual fight since obtaining his powers. No matter how brutal his teacher treated him, there was almost always a sense of safety in that training. “Yozora, Seiten! Don’t let him leave here…” It was this sentence that caused the fight to begin as a twin rapidly approached each side of Connor. Naturally, rapid in this case was relative to a normal person. Unfortunately for them, Connor was like a monster among monsters. If they were people who caused the masses to feel fear, then Connor was someone able to cause fear among those fearful people. It only took this single rush for Connor to realize that he held an absolute advantage against them. ‘They went and got my hopes up for nothing…’ Connor expected someone more threatening to represent a high level member of the Council, and felt disappointment at their lack of ability. The older of the twins dressed in the white hoodie with the black star on the chest named Yozora aimed a right hook at Connor’s temple. At the same time, the younger twin in the black hoodie with the white star on the chest named Seiten moved like his brother’s shadow and simultaneously swept at Connor’s legs with his own left leg. ‘They’re not too fast, but they are perfectly coordinated. This could still be a bit fun…’ Connor didn’t hesitate in his movements has he ducked under the hook and weaved underneath it to his left. In the movement, he brought his left hand from roughly his right shoulder to backhand Yozora at a speed beyond what he could perceive. Connor was clearly aware of his own strength, as well as the fact that his opponents weren’t at a level to match him. Connor could clearly feel Yozora’s body rapidly move in the opposite direction due to his backhand at a speed which likely made it seem as if his surroundings had blurred, soon causing a hole in the wall of the building. Connor didn’t spare a second glance towards the older sibling as he focused on the still attacking. Seiten had just noticed Connor’s movement, but was too committed to make any adjustments. Connor could see from the young man’s eyes that he expected to experience some pain. ‘He’s pretty quick on the uptake.’ As that thought passed through his mind, Connor was kicking with his right leg straight into Seiten’s left side. The result was similar to the older brother, only differing slightly as he bounced on the ground and through the opposite wall just before his sweep connected. His opponents were knocked away rapidly with ease giving Connor the chance to address their leader once more. “You want those two to keep me here? Let’s not even mention whether they’re strong enough since they are far from fast enough. Is this all there is to the Council?” Connor could appreciate them and their capabilities , but in the end they stood opposed to him. He couldn’t compliment the enemy, especially when trying to establish himself. Connor could feel a faint sense of danger appear in that next moment from beyond the holes that the twins made. ‘So that wasn’t all they had?’ “Yozora, Seiten! That’s enough, return.” The leader’s voice caused the fluctuations to cease as the twins silhouettes flashed through the holes and returned to the man’s side. “Yes Father.” Their voices sounded in unison without the slightest emotion. They received no further response as the man spoke to Connor calmly, as if he hadn’t been threatening him moments ago in a fit of anger. “You’re certainly strong enough. These two are at the level of strength that they can face people at the level of holding a seat on the Council, yet they couldn’t touch you yet.” Connor was slightly surprised as it enlightened him about the level that a “leader” reached. ‘Hmm? He said yet?’ That was more surprising to Connor. The differences between himself and the twins were glaringly obvious. “So, you acknowledge me now?” This question was asked calmly, but it seemed to be mocking the man who just moments ago intended to keep him here. “You… you are just like the old bastard from before…” The suppressed anger in the man’s voice was apparent as he spoke. Connor could feel the frustrations that his Teacher caused the man, and wanted to laugh as a result. Next came a seemingly defeated sigh before the man continued to speak. “Do I have any other options? If I can’t force you to stay easily, then it’s too risky to keep trying.” This frank attitude surprised Connor. The man didn’t seem like the type to speak so openly. “It seems like you still believe there is a possibility of doing what you want?” Connor pointed this out to see if the man intended to keep sharing information. “Nothing is impossible, so I do believe in that possibility.” The smile the man had implied that this was all he would reveal on this subject. “Is that so… Well, this was enough for the introduction. You will be hearing from me soon.” Connor turned to leave once more. He didn’t intend to start a devastating battle in the middle of town, so he was stopping here for today. “Wait.” He hadn’t expected to be interrupted again, yet the man was doing exactly that again. “What do you want?” Connor bluntly asked this while feeling slightly irritated. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Tokugawa Ikari, the fourth seat on the Council. You mentioned war, but I’m not interested. What would it take to settle this matter?” The man spoke calmly and professionally at this point. His intentions surprised Connor. From his perspective, someone who would domineeringly usurp his teacher and the Long Clan shouldn’t so easily make peace. After a few moments of contemplation, Connor spoke his thoughts calmly. “What would it take? You nearly dismantled the entirety of my teacher’s legacy, so at the very least I am going to need some territory.” He wasn’t opposed to leaving things unsettled if there were enough benefits for the time being. ‘All that belonged to the Long Clan will be returned, but until then I am curious how you will put off this war..’ This was something which he left unsaid, but was likely obvious to this man named Tokugawa Ikari. “Territory? I will arrange for the immediate return of the Long Clan’s residence here in Karakura Town. Nothing has been removed from it due to your Teacher's whereabouts being unknown.” This was the offer Connor received after stating his demands, but he couldn’t settle for just that and retorted. “This is something that should be mine. If you tried to withhold it then peace would be impossible. What I want isn’t just a building or some random businesses, I am looking for something more secluded with plenty of land.” Connor spoke to here to give Ikari a chance to consider the possibilities. “Plenty of land? We’re in Japan, there isn’t an excess of land to be given away.” This was the reply Connor received almost immediately. He didn’t hesitate to counter the statement as soon as he heard it. “Hmph, you expect me to believe that? I just want a secluded mountain to train on, nothing too extreme.” Ikari’s eyebrow twitched at Connor’s words, but the main remained calm as he replied. From the perspective of others, the two seemed similar to merchants trying to get the greatest benefits. “Nothing too extreme? Most areas like that belong to the government, how am I supposed to give you that?” Hearing this, Connor couldn’t stop a sly grin from creeping onto his face as he replied. “Seemed to me that you all have plenty of government influence, so it would be a waste not to use it, right?” Connor’s reply left Ikari feeling slightly defeated. Truthfully, he had the means to obtain what Connor requested easily. That didn’t mean that he wanted to do that for a foreigner who opposed him. “What makes you so sure of that?” Ikari understood his capabilities, but Connor shouldn’t have a clear enough understanding to make demands yet. “I don’t need to know the exact details to know that someone making such a big scene in the airport can do a lot of things within the Government. I mean, you did publicly try to turn me into a terrorist and cause countless problems. That’s enough to guess, right?” Connor explained himself since he really did want to have a place like that to himself. “Fine, I will arrange for somewhere near Karakura Town to be transferred to you. Is that enough?” Ikari was speaking through gritted teeth at this point. He was being extorted by some young foreigner. To him, any piece of land belonging to the government fell under his direct jurisdiction. Connor demanding that left him experiencing a feeling similar to what Connor felt upon his discovery of the Long Clan’s current state. “Naturally that includes making sure there aren’t any documentation loopholes, and ensuring it is quickly taken care of. What do you think about three days? I think that should be plenty for a man like yourself to settle this situation efficiently.” Connor had basically taken control of the conversation at this point, but continued to speak as if it was a simple transaction. For him it was just that, but to everyone else in the room, it could be described as purchasing a new lease on life. If some land was all it took to lower the danger to their lives, then even if they were frustrated it was worth making the exchange. “Someone will contact you within three days then.” This was all Ikari had to say at this point, and he could only hope that Connor would leave soon. “I appreciate your sincerity. I look forward to the good news, Ikari...san.” Connor was already leaving as he spoke these words. He didn’t rush out like a blur, instead he casually walked out with a faint smile. ‘Why do they complicate things with honorifics in Japan?’ That was his final thought as he left the scene. Word Count: 1,779