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    Did you hear.. BLEACH IS COMING BACK! Finally, after 8 LOOOOONG fucking years.. it's finally gonna happen, we're getting the animated ending that we all deserved..lol For more info.. CLICKY ON DA PICCY
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    001: The Titan ----- ____________________ ... GOZIRA could feel everything in his surrounding. Most prominently, the irritating and repeated assault of a no doubt ill-informed pest upon a dorsal fin of his lower-back. He was no stranger to the vandals, who sought to damage portions of his dorsal fins in order to devour them, mistaking the organic matter to be some nature of Reiatsu-rich ore to be mined from a black mountain for their nourishment. It was a pointless endeavor that only served to increase the frequency in which Gozira was forced the shed and regrow the abused dorsal plates. While the assaults were common, presently the titan Hollow detected only a single offender. There was a greater number of Hollows in the area and more incoming. Still, the black mountain remained motionless. It was important that he conserved his energy... ___________________________ WC| 135
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    Live Changes 03/28/2020 - STFAH Update: In light of all the crazy stuff going on (we hope you all are staying safe and indoors) figured it was as good a time as any to make the grind a bit easier and promote some activity with all the time being spent in quarantine. What better way to spend your time than RP'ing, amirite. Also, huge welcome to all the newcomers, we're glad to have you! STFAH Reiatsu Gaining Rates: Legendary Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiastu Cap: 2k | WC Requirement: 1,700 WC STFAH Rate: 1,275 WC Immense Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiatsu Cap: 2k | WC Requirement: 1,500 WC STFAH Rate: 1,125 WC Great Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiatsu Cap: 6k | WC Requirement: 1,200 WC STFAH Rate: 900 WC High Reiatsu Tier: Weekly Reiatsu Cap: 10k | WC Requirement: 1,000 WC STFAH Rate: 750 WC Legend Points: Legend Points WC Requirement: 1,000 WC STFAH Rate: 800 WC STFAH Race Technique Learning Limitations: 1 Technique every 3 days (irl days). 1 Technique Daily If your character has the Reiatsu Specialist Trait 2 Techniques Daily with a bonus 30% WC slash if you're teaching/learning the technique in a Co-op thread. - Quincy Race Update: Kaeru and Rash are currently working on the long-awaited and overdue Quincy Update. Expect everyone's favorite Destruction Monks to be very destructive. If you're learning the currently available Quincy Race Techniques and you're worried about them being shifted/removed rest assured your work isn't going to waste. Keep learning those techniques for now and the you'll have access to the new ones based on how they translate over with the updates. - Personal Abilities: Rash will be working on Personal Abilities for new characters when he gets the time. Don't forget to post a request to have your stuff looked at [Here].
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    Untrue.. I will be arriving right at the end escorting Ryuken so that he can deliver an arrowhead to his son. xD
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    Days if not months since this eternal game of "tag" had begun, Everything eventually became a blur. Yuki running for their life just kept running and running chased by multiple hollows behind them. Every day that had gone by another large hollow would hear the commotion and join in soon there was a sizeable group following Yuki aiming for their delectable reiatsu. Eventually, Yuki saw something in the distance, something that would help her maybe escape from those chasing after them, A large mountain. Knowing it was the only chance they had of escape they had started to run towards the mountain in the distance the size of which just seemed unbelievably huge. There were no other mountains that they knew of in Hueco Mundo, so it was a little off-putting how large it was. It was unnatural to the surrounding landscape. The more Yuki ran, the larger the mountain seemed to get but never seemed to get any closer just how significantly large was this mountain and what was it secret?. Yuki ran for a few more hours or even a full day before she even reached the base of the mountain; however, Yuki was not alone. Yuki decided to take her chances and started running up the mountain with the group of hollows following behind the base of the mountain was covered purely in the sand of Hueco Mundo so it must have been here for a long time. The mountain base was extremely tough to climb up as the sand removed any solid footing one could have. Yuki used her wings as support pushing her up whenever she lost her footing. This steep sand caused the majority of the hollows following to fall back down to the beginning destroying their morale and giving up the chase. However, the larger and more experienced hollows kept chasing Yuki up the mountain. Yuki finally reached a point after a long time running where black rock-like formations started to appear in the ground and would slowly become more prominent as they got higher followed by what seemed like smaller mountains around on top of the already massive mountain. Yuki noticed something strange; however, the black substance they were running on felt hollow like not like the sand they were standing on before. This confused Yuki but they didn't dwell on it for too long she had to keep trying to escape from those chasing her. Yuki would run around the mini-mountains, jump down large cracks in the ground and even go through what seemed like giant holes in the mountain formations like someone had been collecting the rocks, However, it looks long abandoned from what she could tell. Eventually, there were only two hollows left chasing her. Both of these two were the original hollows that had been hunting her from the beginning. Exhausted from what seemed like months of running Yuki collapsed and so did her two chasers they all laid there motionless. Yuki wanting to take this chance to learn more about this mountain closes her eyes and focuses on the reiatsu coming off the ground and mountains she notices that all of it was connected and it was moving around as if it was alive. This shocked Yuki but also gave her a brilliant plan. Reach the summit and see if her theory was correct. Yuki was about three-quarters of the mountain at this point. Yuki then before the other hollows had fully rested started to run the best she could completely fatigued aiming for the summit of the mountain. If it was even a mountain at all. OOC|| Hehe, Ran up your mountain butt~ WC| 600
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    “Is that how you plan to justify the actions of your kind? Simply self-preservation? It is true. We are forced to do so out of survival, but the Soul Society does so out of their own volition. To massage their ego and fuel their greed. You make us and the Quincy out to be what's wrong with this dimension and that killing us is your birthright. And yet, most of you jump at the opportunity to incorporate our powers with yours and become those accursed hybrid abominations. The mask you speak of only hides the truth from those who are either too ignorant to see it or those who simply do not want to admit how flawed and hypocritical you truly are.” His knuckles grip the top of the staff, his hands trembling as he speaks. “You condemn us for merely surviving yet most of the atrocities this dimension has experienced have been caused by Shinigami hands. Always believing in their 'justice'. You all are the reason why the Great Campaign must come to fruition. To finally merge this dimension back to the Nirvana it was always meant to be.” At this point, the Shinigami rose to his feet and stood face to face with Tsukishima. He had no weapon but the Primera knew first hand that physical weapons meant nothing. The ground shook as the two titans of power sized up one another, each awaiting the other to make a move. Suddenly, the Shinigami released his spiritual pressure as a golden wave of energy radiated from him. The Primera raises an eyebrow at the power he displayed. It was overwhelming in its sheer volume, arguably even more so than himself and Yamashiro at full strength. This was what the Remnants warned him about, the beings of this dimension whose power far exceeded those of the past. To encounter such a being randomly in the middle of nowhere was truly intriguing. Tsukishima responded by releasing his own spiritual pressure, the violet torrent of energy swirling around him. The opposing violet and golden energies clashed with one another, shaking the very foundation they stood on to its core. It was painfully clear to the Primera, he could not hold back. The man spoke, asking Tsukishima not to disappoint him like the now-deceased Quincy. This prompted a dark chuckle from the Espada as his cane begins to peel away. “I suppose we are skipping the rest of the pleasantries then. Erode, Senescencia...” A beastly roar escapes from the Primera's lips as the intensity of the energy around him increases. Slowly, chunks of skin begin to rot away from his face as his eyeballs sizzle and melt. A pure white skull emerges and a red light flares from within his eye sockets. Black miasma emanates from his body as the trees around the two begin to erode and crumble. In an instant, the miasma reaches a point where a small part of the forest is covered. Tsukishima's deep voice booms from within a miasma as white and violet specks of light appear in his bony hand. The two specks rocket towards the man as Tsukishima recedes deeper within the miasma. “Let's see if that hubris that your kind is known for will show.” WC: 541 STATS
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    WC --> 600 The former Captain, although former was not an accurate description of his temporary separation of duties, had settled within his new state of isolation within the depth of a forest unknown and unmarked by most with a detailed understanding of the region meaning the discovery of Oriru would be happenstance and nothing more. Perhaps that was the case with the recent arrival of the Quincy and it may be the reason behind the arrival of the second person in as many hours. The soft echo of an object tapping almost rhythmically, meaning there was the intent with the sound, would alert Oriru to the fact that someone had located him but he remained fixed upon the ground. He was connected to the earth at this moment, feeling the energy of the forest flow all around him undisturbed but the being decided that he had an opinion that had to be shared. "Perhaps the Soul Reapers have brought enough blood of the Quincy to amount to nearly a genocide... Sadly I am beyond reproach in the matter." He took a moment and released a scoff, "They are not heroes with the mission of saving anyone; the mission is simply to preserve a balance without a sense of moral justice to disturb calculated decisions. Akin to the hollows, it is a matter of survival. The masked beings of Hueco Mundo urge for self-preservation, the Soul Society hides behind their mask of a greater good which is a mask over their own self-preservation." Oriru got to his feet and faced the man before him, a being that he had not seen before but the sensation was one of turmoil. "No..." He shook his head at the thought, realizing that it was not turmoil but a sensation of prolonged exposure to existence. This being held a sense of purity in his presence that is certifiably only attainable by someone with a reserve of extraordinary power provided by the test of time. Oriru had the entire collection of data from all of the records held within the Soul Society but this man was not identifiable in any of the information as he combed the depths of his thoughts. Still, this person held no hint of the same black substance that was now a clear sign of an Ascendant and the relation to his father; Nisshoku. This person was an unknown variable and that was exactly what he needed to help him face the end of his own road at this long journey of his own. "Though I suppose you have not made the journey out here to discuss the eternal flaws of the Soul Society and the mandates that they foolishly enforce." With a sudden burst of Spiritual Pressure, a golden surge of energy would flow from his body and consume him in a royal aura. Although it was an impressive display of power and appeared to be a reveal of his true power, Oriru lacked the desire to do more than this level of his power. His Zanpakuto was not within his immediate range, but that was a minor dilemma since he held little care to use his Zanpakuto or use her powers. Doing so would warrant more attention from his comrades and it would prove to be best left to have his Zanpakuto settle out where it was. There was always the benefit of the unified connection between the two, "Since you came all this way, please do not disappoint me like the Quincy who wandered into the wrong part of the forest." --------- Statistical Notes Natural Defense - 14,240 + 600 [Permanent Shikai] --> 14,840 Spiritual Pressure - 178,000 | Approximate Level --> [100,000] Natural Stats ★(Main) Stamina | 230 (Focused) Speed | 200 (230) (Focused) Perception | 200 (230) ★(Sub) Reiryoku | 230 (240) --> Speed | 224 Physical Capabilities | 144 --> Speed | 155.2 ---------- Active Orbs (I) - (II) - (III) - (IV) Active Threads (I) - (II) - (III) - (IV) - Shape Outline Formed | Square
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    “I would rather not end your life. You were lucky once before, it’d be best to count your blessings and depart.” Tsukishima chuckles as he stares out in the void, his hands being enveloped in black energy. He had fully recovered from his session with Yamashiro and eagerly looked forward to settling the score with the Hermit. “I'm sure you felt it when you were watching in the World of the Living. I'm not the same as when we last met. I assure you." His reiatsu spikes as his cane begins to peel away and reveal his Zanpakuto. He twirls it lightly and aims it at the Hermit’s head, the Hermit following suit with his own blade. The black energy that surrounded his hand before begins to crackle. The crackling becomes audible, something that surprises both Arrancar. The two stand for a moment before charging at one another, their blades ringing out in the darkness. The two exchanged sword clashes, neither giving the other the upper hand. The looks on both of their faces had said it all; this was beginning to annoy them. The two separated, standing opposite of each other in the darkness of the Garganta. The Hermit sighed, his spiritual pressure increasing slightly. In a split second, the Hermit was gone. The booming sounds from Sonido could be heard as he moved around in order to confuse the Primera. He appeared behind him, whispering slightly in the darkness. “You are still too slow.” “Am I?” Said the Espada in an extremely calm and collected voice. The Hermit attempted to deliver a powerful backhand to the very center of Tsukishima’s back but is surprised to see that it was only an afterimage. A sharp pain shoots in his back as he is launched forward. He manages to gather his footing as he slides back, glancing at the Primera in front of him with blood dripping from his fingertips. He licks the blood off, smiling at the Hermit with a sinister grin. The Hermit sneered and rose to his feet, the incisions in his back soon closing. “So you have High-Speed Regeneration as well. This will indeed prove interesting.” The two charged towards each other once more, only this time the outcome was a little different. When Matsuko was about a centimeter away from hitting the Primera, he raised his foot connecting with his forehead. The force of the blow sends the Espada’s body flying upward in the darkness. The Hermit attempted to swing his bloodied Zanpakuto to impact Tsukishima’s right side, in a gentle and smooth motion. The Espada twirled his body around and brought up the back of his right leg to literally sweep away the force of the Hermit’s attack, knocking the sword away. Attempting to follow up, Tsukishima directed all his weight into his left leg in order to slam it down. The Hermit, however, expected this and caught the leg before delivering an open palmed strike to the Espada’s rib-cage, the sound of bones breaking could be heard. The two hopped back from one another, creating a sizable distance between them. Their eyes locked for a moment, each knowing what the other was planning on doing. Slowly their raised their right hands, energy beginning to ebb in the middle. Tsukishima’s however, began to crackle even louder than before. Dark streaks of black reiatsu intermingled with the violet orb of energy in his hand. Both of them muttered the word 'cero' as the two blasts of energy rocketed forward. Both met with a resulting burst of light that briefly illuminated the darkness of the Garganta. They seemed dead even with one another before the violet cero completely took over and dominated the blue. The leftover wave of energy brushed passed the Hermit, knocking him down. “What was that monstrous power?!” The hermit finally makes it to his feet and withdraws his sword, conceding his defeat. “It seems that my suspicions were correct. You have long since passed me in power. I suppose you are worthy of your title as Espada after all. Your attack has depleted most, if not all of my energy. The victory is yours; finish me off if you must.” The Primera smirks and makes his way forward, his weapon returning to its caned appearance. “The battle was over long before this moment. If I wanted to kill you, believe me, I would have done so earlier. There is something that I require.” “And that would be?” The Hermit says coldly. “Your assistance. The Great Campaign is upon us. Reverting this world back into the paradise it once was. The way the Remnants always wished for it to be. No more Shinigami. No more war. A world led by all of our hollowed brethren.” The Hermit thinks for a moment before turning around, his mind racing with this new information. He didn’t quite want to be in the hustle and bustle Las Noches brought but the thought of this nirvana intrigued him. “You have my interest for the moment. If I am to join you on your crusade, I require your assistance as well. There is a being in the World of the Living. I don't want him there but he is out of my league...and likely yours as well. Deal with him and you will have my assistance.” The hermit waves his hand as an opening appears in the darkness. Tsukishima chuckling as he begins to move towards it. “And now you attempt to give demands? I suppose I can humor you for the moment.” __________________________________________________ An eerie stillness befalls the land as a Garganta appears above a forest. The Primera steps out as his cane loosely dangles in his right hand. “Ugh” the Primera mutters as the Garganta closes behind him, a scowl plastered on his face. The putrid stench of humanity lingered and Tsukishima's irritation grew. “Time to get this over with...” he says as he slowly descends to the ground below. He looks around at the forest he sees himself in and takes note of its beauty. It was an area hardly touched by the plagues of this world. A serene peaceful area that reminded him of his original home within the forest. An unfamiliar source of spiritual pressure stirs the Primera from his walk down memory lane. It was a certain kind of pressure he hadn't felt in quite some time. Familiar and yet completely foreign to him. “Quincy...” he mutters as a smile forms across his face. Perhaps his old accomplice Haschwald had finally decided to come out of hiding? Or perhaps there was a new player in the game? Excited with the prospects, the Primera moves deeper into the forest and takes note to mask his energy. It wasn't long before Tsukishima found the source of the pressure, a Quincy dressed in their traditional garb engaged in conversation with another being. While Tsukishima could not feel this man's spiritual pressure, the smell was all too familiar. “Shinigami...” he sneered, his knuckles turning white from gripping his cane too hard. Intently, he watches the conversation at hand turn sour as the Shinigami quickly eliminates the Quincy but notes that something is off. Unlike most of his kind, this Shinigami did not exude the same level of confidence and hubris. His mannerisms, his demeanor, all of it screamed that something was wrong. A weakness that Tsukishima sought to exploit. He walks towards the Shinigami, making his presence known by the echoing taps of his cane. “Doesn't your kind have enough Quincy blood on its hands? Drove them to the brink of extinction and yet you continue to stain the grounds with their blood... And they say we are the bloodthirsty ones.” WC: 1,284
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    The flight from General Mitchell International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was mostly filled up with several books that Sibylle's grandmother had given her to study. The literature included advanced case studies on the human psyche in regards to dealing with the paranormal. Grandmother Ermelinda Opie was a no-nonsense kind of person, so this seemed a bit odd. However, she noted that the other literature included Japanese myths on spirits and death gods, a book about chakra, case studies on people claiming to see soul-devouring monsters, and all of the top tourist spots to see while in Japan. The mixture was definitely different, but she was sure there was some boring reason that her grandmother had thrown all of that into her travel bag. Reaching Seattle the layover took about two hours before Sibylle was on her connecting flight to Haneda Airport in Ota City, Tokyo, Japan. This leg of the flight was going to be another ten and a half hours. The teenage threw her headphones on under her long gray hoodie to drowned out the couple sitting next to her. The freedom to be out on her own was a feeling she was not exactly sure how to deal with as she looked out the small economy window waiting for the airplane to take off. Her silver eyes cast a distance glance through the slight reflection of her own face, she could see in the window. Pressing her lips together, the teenager curled up in her seat looking out this window while her music kicked onto the next song. About a half hour goes by before the flight attendants do their spiel about safety and what to do in case of emergencies. Sibylle only half paid attention to this, as she found herself lost in thought about what this trip to Japan was going to mean for her life. As far as she was concerned every moment of her life had been planned out by her grandmother to a frustratingly suffocated degree. If she did not know better she would think that her grandmother was trying to relive her life without any of the mistakes she had made. She did not really care for her grandmother's plan for her, but she was interested in getting away and possibly discovering who she was outside of that prison-like atmosphere. With the airplane in the night sky Sibylle allowed herself to get as comfortable as possible so that she could sleep during the flight. This comfortability was basically nonexistent, but she managed to get about eight hours of sleep before she woke up needing to use the restroom. She gestured to the woman reading a book next to her that she was going to get up. The woman nudged her husband waking him up, so that the teenager could make her way to the back of the airplane. Returning to her seat after her business was done Sibylle feigned a nice smile as she made her way past the couple once again. They tried to make small talk with her, but she simply bowed her head pretending to go back to sleep. The Pacific ocean was already starting lit up by the sun during her time asleep before, mostly as she could see when the skies were clear of clouds. Popping open book about spirits and death gods Sibylle let out a deep sigh. Guessing I will read this book now, she thought to herself as the music shifted to another song with a dreary undertone to it. She found the stories a little amusing as a thought experiment, but to think a whole culture believed that these things were real was almost laughable to her. However, she did like to understand why people gravitated to the thought of people having a life after death. She, herself, was not fully sold on what was next, but there was no coming back from the dead she knew that much. So, to cling onto the dead so strongly that they believed in ghosts and grim reapers was almost laughable to her. The pictures in this particular book painted death gods as black kimono wearing katana wielding samurai fighting evil souls with white masks of creatures attached to their massive grotesque bodies. To her this was just another way for people to romanticize death and their way to coup with losing loved ones. The human psyche was so fragile that it would make up just about anything in order to get by another day. Fooling themselves into thinking that they did enough to help during that person's life and that there was no way they had been negligible to the deceased in any way. At least, that was what her research and experience with people had led her to believe. Coming into Japan after what felt like an eternity Sibylle let out a long deep sigh. She patiently waited as pressure from the winds intensified outside. The airplane started to shake uncontrollably for a moment and then there was a sharp jerking motion as she cracked her head against the window. Her vision became blurred as the sounds around her of mass hysteria consumed her now exposed eardrums with her headphones slid down to her neck. "Are you ok?" The woman next to her as the teenager nods signaling that she was okay even though blood was trickling down the side of her head. Through the chaos the flight attendants tried to regain order with the captain speaking over the loud speaker, "Everyone please remain claim, we will be exiting through the emergency exits momentarily." Eventually a medical person comes over to check on Sibylle helping her get bandaged up as she waited for her turn to go down the slide to the rafts taking people to shore. The airplane had crashed in the ocean before reaching Japan proper. There were several boats and vessels nearby helping with the wrecked plane. Taking a closer look at the side of the wing appeared to have three serrated claws like marks that were unnatural for the wind or gunfire to make. The damage in her mind did not make much sense, but she also was not an expert on airplanes or how wings could get randomly destroyed out of nowhere like that. That is when her eyes noticed something moving in the water pushing past a boat as if it was a lumbering invisible creature. "Hey," Sibylle called out to the woman next to her, "Do you see that over there?" "Yeah, the waves of water are giving the rescuers a hard time," the woman replied as if the water being moved around was a natural phenomenon. She rubbed her eyes a few times before looking in that direction again and the shiloutte of the massive invisible creature was gone without a trace. Maybe I am losing my mind. That hit to my head must have been more severe than I originally thought, she thought to herself as she turned away from the wreckage waiting for the raft to get pulled to shore. [WC: 1177]
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    “Yusei, where the hell are you? You disappear off the radar for hours and now you just up and call like everything is fine?! I'm getting tired of worrying if its going to be the last time I see you or not. I swear I'm going to have gray hair before I turn 30. I should kill you myself, you ass." Yusei chuckles a bit under his breath before reassuring he is alright. “I'm fine Ayumi, honestly. Try not to worry about me so much. You remember the other Quincy I told you about right? Jin? I've finally decided to take his offer and do some training. I need to get stronger for whatever is coming. I'll be fine though. If you want, you can kick my ass when I get back.” “Oh, you better believe I will! Worrying a girl like this all the time. Just.....be careful Yusei, I can't lose you again. I love you.” “I love you too, don't worry.” Yusei hangs up the phone and turns towards Jin who continues to drink his beverage with a smile on his face. “Ah, young love. It's such a beautiful thing. So innocent and pure. So...” As he attempts to get the last of his sentence out, an arrow pierces his drink. His pants are drenched in the cold beverage as he glances up towards Yusei who shoots him a cold glare as his bow dissipates. “Testy today aren't we? No matter, I suppose it is time to begin your training. I saw that you don't have any Gintō capsules with you. Are you well versed in using them?” Yusei replies in the negative as Jin sighs. Lazily, he lifts motions for Yusei to follow as he jams his hands into his pockets. “I can't say I'm surprised. You've done things very unconventionally since you've learned what you really are. You've completely forgone learning the basics. However, you have to learn how to use these natural Quincy talents to their full potential if you are ever going to make it in this world. As their name suggests, they are small silver tubes we Quincy use to store Reiryoku in. Reach into your pocket and pass me a Gintō capsule if you please. Don't worry about how it got there. I gave you a few when I found you out on your ass earlier.” With a snarl, Yusei reaches into his jacket pocket and tosses a capsule towards Jin. Placing his hands in a cross pattern, Jin's spiritual pressure begins to rise. Higher and higher it goes as he slowly begins to chant out a command. “Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice, Heizen!” As soon as those words leave his lips, a transparent beam of rectangular energy flies outward, crashing into the wall adjacent towards them. Yusei stands wide-eyed at the display, seeing the true power of the Gintō capsules provided. “These spells represent the true potential that the Gintō capsules are capable of. This is the Quincy equivalent of the Shinigami and their Kidō. There are a few more spells that we can learn that far more powerful than the one I showed you. One day, you'll learn them all but for now, let's practice on something simple.” Jin turns and begins walking down a darkened corridor, lights flickering on as they walk. A still quietness accompanies them as they go deeper and deeper down the hall. Eventually, the two Quincy reach a large door, so large that it dwarfs the two of them in comparison. “This is my training room. It is an area completely blocked off by the outside world. It has soul-synthesized glass and soul-synthesized silver that completely blocks off reiatsu signatures. When you are inside this room, it is like you don't even exist. I warn you though, this training will not be easy. The Yusei Kinoshita that walks in this room will not be the same one that walks out. So I ask this only one time. Are you ready?” “What do you think?” Yusei says as Jin chuckles to himself. “Alright, just had to ask.” With ease, he pushes the large doors open as the two step inside the illuminating light. WC: 704
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    Arthur listened to the conversation and tried to take away as much from it as possible though he still didn’t fully understand the reasoning behind it,’I don’t fully understand what’s going on here. What makes this Primera so special that you would spy on him and collaborate with Hollows? In my whole year as a Fullbringer I’ve never heard of him or seen him make any sort of move. The Hollow did tell me a bit about him, but I just don’t have any evidence for it you know?’ From the gist of things, it seemed that this has been going on for some time though with only the two of them involved he didn’t really know if it could be called a ‘large scale operation’ though it was definitely a long term one. However, he saw a flaw in the plan,’And you,’ he shifted his attention to the Hollow,’If you wanted to hide why not get a fake body? Kind of like the Gigai thingies that Shinigami use? Maybe even a realistic looking puppet or something.’ The reason he suggested this is that when the parasite possessed a human, his reiatsu increased and made it easier to detect him. However, if he was to possess a body which wasn’t living to begin with then maybe they could have prevented that and made it easier for him to hide all this time. Perhaps they wouldn’t have been able to find him if that was the case. Word Count: 246
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    The hollow's gaze bounced from Arthur and Masato to Shizuka, as if asking for her approval to speak. Shizuka pondered briefly before coming to the conclusion that Masato knowing a secret existed, defeated the entire purpose of hiding it from him. Besides, she was confident in her ability to persuade others, especially those she deemed to be idiots, like Masato. She sighed a heavy breath of defeat before giving the hollow permission to tell his full story. “I can’t guarantee he won’t kill you, but you might as well talk, filth.” Shizuka remarked with a grin, still holding her pained stomach. “Bull shit! You’ve already tried to kill me twice. You never meant a word you’ve said to me.” “Well, obviously situation changed. You told us you wouldn’t be missed in Hueco Mundo. How were we supposed to know your hollow buddies would pursue you this much? If they force you to talk, the cover of our guy is blown. So yeah, you were a loose end that needed tying.” “That wasn’t the deal.” “No it wasn’t. The deal was we let you live, you keep your mouth such and stay out of Hueco Mundo.” “I haven’t broken it.” “YET! How long do you think you can evade Tsukishima’s lackeys?” Shizuka quickly shifted her attention to and addressed Masato. “You just met some of them not far from this piece of shit’s hideout. When they eventually find em, they’ll force em to talk, then kill em. He’s as good as dead, us doing the job saves years of planning and our element of surprise when the time comes to face the Primera.” WC: 270
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    Updates: Role-Play Rules of Conduct & General Guide Character Creation - In an effort to help the mods keep the forum a bit cleaner and track of the actual active characters we have add the Important warning to the Character Creation post. or the mod team, but Important Warning: If anyone does not post or submit a Word Count over 1 month time (4-5 weeks) then you will be moved into INACTIVE status at the bottom of the Official Role Playing Ranks. Also, if your character is inactive for 3 months (12-15 weeks) or more your character application will be moved to the Inactive/Approved thread. In order to be moved back into the active ranks you just have to post in the active subforums, then post a WC Submission, and you will be moved back into your proper area during the next Ranking updates. Caps and requirements are still enforced for your overall reiatsu level, look in the appropriate reiatsu field you fall into to know what your caps/requirements are. Those that give the Mods a heads up will get some leniency on the haste at which they are moved to inactive. ------------------------------------ Upcoming updates: Clarification on slots for racial techniques/custom kido updates to other races Non-release abilities/skills (quincy and bount possibly are next) continued rule clarification and updates.
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    “Too powerful...?” The Primera thinks as the two blasts of energy draw closer to their intended target. Just how much power was he withholding? How far would he be able to push him? A dark chuckle escapes from the Primera as he watches the Shinigami handle both of the incoming attacks with ease. He had formulated a plan to see just how far he could push this Shinigami and get him to reveal the true depths of his power. The resurrected Shinigami twirls its hammer and charges towards its Shinigami counterpart, Tsukishima watching as the man begins to draw energy towards the palm of his hands. “It's over...” Tsukishima chuckles as he watches the spectacle before him. The sound of shattering glass echoed throughout the area as he delivers a quick flurry of five punches. The sheer speed and force of these punches were so great that Tsukishima himself could hardly see it. All that could be seen was the brilliant explosion of green energy behind the Shinigami. The resurrected Jo-Jo took the full force of the incoming attacks, chunks of its fabricated body eliminated from the impact. It's hammer clangs on the ground as Jo-Jo drops down on what remains of its knee. Its form begins to wane, slowly reverting back to its formless appearance from before. “Incredible. Your mastery of Kidō far exceeded my own. Looks like the Corps is in good hands...” As soon as those words leave its lips, it fully reverts back to its former appearance before disappearing entirely. The two titans of power exchange glances at one another before Tsukishima voluntarily allows his released form to fade. A torrent of violet energy swirls around him before it dissipates, revealing the Primera in his sealed state once more. The miasma recedes and reveals all of the trees and wildlife rotted within a twenty-foot radius. “I must say, despite your origins, I am impressed. To handle someone such as him with such minimal effort is commendable. Your words, however, have intrigued me. I want to see it. I want to see the true depths of his power you claim is unfit for the World of the Living and the Soul Society.” He slams his cane on the ground as a Garganta appears behind him. “Enter a dimension where you can release your power to its fullest extend. A dimension where you won't need to hold back. Come Shinigami. Enter my world.” WC: 406 STATS
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    WC --> 3200 + 600 --> 3800 The first reaction that Oriru was able to gather came not from the Espada but from the resurrected False Reaper and spoke sharply on the nature of the ability that Oriru had revealed to them. Shunko, a technique that Oriru first encountered during his training with the Captain Commander Kaeru and eventually became more refined through his interaction with the Captain of the Second Division Shuu and the Captain of the Third Division Shinsei. The combined knowledge of them, with his mastery over all of the Kido Arts, it was only a matter of time that he was able to reach the limit of power to use this technique. The False Reaper made a final point on his level of power, all in a mannerism that bothered Oriru but nothing visible. The Espada spoke a bit more on his plan regarding this concept of the Great Campaign which was an attempt at generating a Utopia. It was a great idea to do something of that nature, but there was a certainty that the method was one to lead into a leadership under the nation developed by the Arrancar and that would be the major level of disagreement. Though the next moment showed a level of power that he was not prepared for; the peak of the Espada techniques of the Cero. [1] The Miasma remained although the Espada stated that he was losing time on his form. [2-3] The potent Cero techniques were unleashed from the combined direction of the Esapda and the False Reaper based on the colors of the energy as his previously formed black barrier moved in front of the technique that held the most power while one of the golden spheres he created expanded to a disk and moved in front of the attack blocking the damage. "Admittedly, I have not used the full extent of my power since simply because it is too powerful to be used in the Soul Society or the World of the Living but allow me to show you a piece of what is possible." With what little time he personally had in his own form, Oriru charged an incredible amount of raw energy into the palm of his hands before clenching both hands into fists. [4] As he performed that action there was a booming sound much like glass shattering before he swung his right hand with all of his might towards the False Reaper without moving an inch closer. There was not a wave of energy, an arc of power, or some flashy show of his power. Instead there was a soft gust of wind that would flow through the air and should it collide with the False Reaper, a barrier, or even if it missed and stuck another surface, they would face the force of the immense pressure of a massive explosion of energy in the shape of a three meter sphere of pure force carving through the environment upon impact. [5] Though it would be only a split second as the second would be sent from the left hand with another punch sending the explosive punch towards the False Reaper. He cold have targeted the Espada, but there was a personal issue with the fact that a comrade was being used in such a way and he would rather end the False Reaper's existence than allow him to continue being subservient in such a manner. [6-8] Oriru followed it up with two more punches with his right then a left and finally a powerful right in such a flurry of blows that he left burst of explosive green flames from his back ignited by the speed and force being projected. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    The longer the skeletal lord stood across from the Shinigami, the more his irritation grew. To face off against such a titan of power and, in the full immensity of his own power, be so severely outclassed. This Shinigami's power continued to grow larger in its depth and seemed to have no end in sight. Every second that passed, he felt heavier. The air became dense and his field of depth skewed. “I need to have it...” he whispered. He watched as four of the five blasts of reiryoku meet their end at the hands of Kidō, this being that of the Bakudo variation. Suddenly the man's power skyrockets and completely dwarfs that of the Primera as the fifth blast draws near. The ground quakes as the Shinigami strikes it as the thickness of the miasma lightens. It was then that he saw the Shinigami in a form foreign that was foreign to him. His body became ethereal in nature and green energy radiated from him as if it were fire. The Primera stood mystified at this new transformation, curious of its origin. He had seen many released Bankai in his time so he knew that this was not one of them. As he pondered its origins, the words of both the Shinigami and the resurrected Jo-Jo stir him. “Shunko at a level such as this? Ritsu would be bothering the hell out of me if she had ever seen something like this. 'Hey dumb ass, stand that and be my punching bag while I learn this.' This mofucka is truly something else.” Tsukishima snarls at his words, realizing that despite his claims of releasing his true power, he still held back. “That is the grand design of the Great Campaign. Reforming a Utopia free of these connections. No war. No deaths. A dimension that will surpass that of its predecessor under the will of the Remnants...” his voice faintly trails off as his released form flickers. “It seems my time in this form has about reached its end. Allow me to give a parting gift before that that comes.” As he says this, both he and the resurrected Shinigami lift their right hands. Violet and gold energy forms in both hands respectively as the ground trembles with their combined power. “Gran Rey Cero...” “Cero Oscuras...” they both mutter as the two waves of energy is released from their hands, the sheer force of it sending them both skidding backward. WC: 410 STATS
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    WC --> 2400 + 800 --> 3200 The first two bala were managed without too much concern and his goal of using the energy of his own Kido to eliminate his resurrected ally but the man was prepared with that similar violet barrier that is key to the Espada. This proved to be a challenge attempting to land a solid blow on the Espada and, though he could feel the power difference, the amount of skill that the Espada had proved his ability in combat to be more proficient than his own experience. [1] The Miasma continued to grow in thickness around the trio in the location bringing an increased challenge for him to observe the Espada with his natural vision, but there was the benefit of his unique Event Horizon to aid his momentary reactions. Still, the nature of the Miasma was intense and the environment was continuing down the road of degradation and beyond the point of revitalization. The Espada took the time to reveal his feelings towards the interaction of the two of them and the nature of their current relationship as enemies. Though the Miasma shifted slightly to give room for the attacks of his opponent. [2] "Danku." Instantly a bright blue barrier formed in front of himself just as the attacks made their way through the air with the first one striking the barrier and causing a crack in the barrier. [3] The second one collided with the barrier with enough speed to shatter the barrier while dissipating but leaving the chance for the third Bala to continue through the air towards Oriru. [4] With the third one free to barrel towards Oriru, he was given a small window to react as he tracked the attack, "Enkosen." A soft yellow string of energy formed in front of him and began to spin at an incredible speed forming a spinning yellow disk just as the Bala connected with the attack but it quickly became clear that the danger he was facing had been far from over. He took note of the False Reaper taking the chance to unleash his Bankai during the same time that Oriru was preoccupied with the techniques coming at him and, taking advantage of the moment, two golden streaks of energy streamed from the ground towards Oriru. [5] "Tozansho." The blue lines formed in the air around his being with a small distance to react to the attack getting too close and felt the pressure of the interaction between him and the Espada as the first stream of energy struck the shield and shattered it. He knew that he could sustain an extended level of survival, but there was the problem that he would eventually exhaust himself constantly being on the defensive and he was bound to eventually make a mistake and become overwhelmed by the forces of the Espada. [6] With an explosive force of energy, Oriru unleashed the forces of his power to another threshold while still holding back the final limit of his power. The golden energy that he normally radiated all shifted to a dark green color that began to overwhelm the violet energy that was emitted by the Espada. [7] There was only a moment to react as Oriru slammed his fist into the ground launching his spiritual energy through the ground surging through the earth and consuming the energy created by the False Reaper in a nearly explosive force. It would last only a moment, but the explosive force was enough to soften the mist enough to reveal the form of Oriru with his unique technique. His body has become almost ethereal in nature with black skin radiating a dark green aura of energy that cackled on his skin like fire. His eyes had turned pitch black with the radiating green energy and any portion of his body that held hair had turned into this dark green fire. "You say we are kindred spirits thus I feel I show disrespect not using my true power, so you will be one of few to see this form; one born of a mastery of Kido." His voice held a softly distorted tone as if speaking from the depths of a tunnel with the echo, "We are the products of our ancestor's decisions, and perhaps we can severe that connection to the history that formed us so that we may exist independent of the past." Oriru kept his focus on the direction that the Espada was as (VI), (VII), and (VIII) shifted from their black colors of the Sento to pure white of the Kanshi. The three of them were threaded together by a golden string of energy and they shrunk in size above his head like a halo giving him the extended range of the Event Horizon. OK#3 [Bakudōn't Do It! (2): [Oriru Kusho★ Exclusive] Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    Arthur demanded two names from the hollow while still pressing the tip of his umbrella against it. Though the questions were not directed to him, Masato still thought of the descriptions his ally used and wondered if he could've possibly knew one of them. "Number 1" was too vague for him to give much thought, but Orange hair... Arthur withdrew his umbrella from the hollows body, giving it a chance to answer. Masato would listen intently to all that the parasite had to say, as it did risk its life for him. Furthermore, of the only two humans with orange hair, Masato had a good reason to suspect one of them. "Number one-" The hollow's coughs of blood would interrupt before it continued, "The Primera Espada Tsukishima Higurashi, with all the havoc he's been making... I am surprised you haven’t heard of him." Masato was tired of getting blood on his coat, as such he created cyan bandages and wrapped them around the parasite as he asked for some elaboration. "What is his goal, and where do you come in the mix?" "I don't know what he wants exactly, but whatever it is, he's turning this world into hell to get it. I came here because under his leadership, Hueco Mundo was becoming more shitier than it already was. For 8 months, life in Karakura was easy. But everything changed during Halloween, when hollows suddenly flooded my hide out spots." (The increased Shinigami presence for the night of the wailing might be to blame for that) Masato hypothesized to himself before addressing the Hollow. "And this is when I get involved. Azami, the women dressed as a maid, spared your life that night. But you've done something to make her regret her decision. What did you do?" "..." The turned silent as panic engulfed his face. "Now's not the time to keep secrets." Masato's glare turned harsh as the bandages around the Hollow tightened. "I stole something from her, BUT I WAS FORCED TO, I DID'NT HAVE A CHOICE!" The Hollow confessed passionately. "Azami wants you dead badly.So whatever you stole, must have been important. what was it?" "Her pa... pa... I stole her panties." The hollow admitted lowly, though the presence of guilt or shame was missing from its tone. Masato squinched as he pitched the bridge of his nose with his right index and thumb fingers before making, what he assumed to be, the final connection in this puzzle of degeneracy. "This orange haired... woman, she wears large round glasses, quite short, and has a pretty squeaky voice?" The hollowed pondered briefly before confirming Masato's suspicions. "... It’s more nasally, but yeah that's her! After she threatened to kill me, I tried to hide, but she has eyes everywhere.” Masato would now address Arthur. The truth of their mission and current predicament was more humiliating to for himself, but after all he’d been through and invested, Arthur deserved the full truth. “I think I have the full picture of what’s going on. So I’ll fill you in if you’re still confused.” wc: 510
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    Tsukishima watches as his two Bala soar through the air only to harmlessly collide with two of the man's orbs as he personally dealt with the resurrected Jo-Jo Kidō with that of his own. Jo-Jo quickly stabs its staff on the ground as a violet barrier is erected around him, shielding it from harm. As the attack dissipates, the resurrected Shinigami leaps back towards its reluctant master's side. His skeletal fingers gripped his staff, Tsukishima trembled in anger. He had come a long way since his younger days and knew that he was not the invincible God he once proclaimed himself to be. There would always be someone out there who was stronger and faster. It's inevitable. But this... To be so outclassed at this level and toyed with by someone like him, a Shinigami of all creatures. His opponent hadn't even used his Bankai and still, the gap was this great. It sickened him. Sickened him and made him realize his own faults and limitations. This seemed to be the extent of power his current body could output. If the Great Campaign was to be realized, if the utopia he sought to achieve were to happen, he needed more power. Power beyond that of resurrección and even that of Segunda Etapa. There was only one source of power that would give him the boost he needed, the Hogyoku. During his previous reign, the powerful relic was common knowledge. All races either fought over its power or sought to create their own. After his rebirth, all knowledge of it seemed to be scarce with it being shadowed in rumors. Not even Tesla knew of its current location. If he were to complete his objective, if he were to one day subjugate the man in front of him, he needed to acquire it. The miasma around Tsukishima begins to thicken even more as he recedes deeper, his form beginning to flicker between that of his released and Segunda states. His time in this form was starting to come to an end, he needed to get this over with quickly so he could begin his search. “I must say, I am impressed. Even holding back, your power far exceeds my own. We are kindred spirits you and I. Forged by the actions of others. Were you not of Shinigami origin, we might have been comrades. A pity...well it is time to wrap this up.” A booming sound resonates from within as three violet Bala quickly dart towards the Shinigami. As the Bala speeds by Jo-Jo, it begins to twirl its staff before once again stabbing it on the ground. “Bankai! Honpō Raikōisan” it screams as a golden light envelopes it. A strike of lightning rains down as Jo-Jo's staff is transformed into a hammer many times its size. Twirling it with the greatest of ease, the resurrected Shinigami slams the hammer on the ground as two golden streaks of energy race forward. WC: 490 STATS
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    This time the battle truly had come to an end. Even before his final strike, Arthur could feel the Hollow reiatsu instantly weaken and he saw the crux of the problem emerge from Masato’s neck. It was planning on escaping through the hood of the coat and he didn’t know if he could make it in time. After all the effort he put in the fight, he certainly didn’t want this little parasite to get away from them now. Luckily, Masato seemed to be getting control of his body just as quickly as the Hollow couldn’t pass through the hood, most likely due to the hardening of it. There really was no escape for it now. The ferrule of the umbrella successfully pierced the Hollow. He pulled out the umbrella from the hood and kept his arm stretched out while pointing it away from both Masato and himself, just in case it tried to possess either of them again. The Hollow impaled on the ferrule was really tiny, with no arms or legs, it was simply a little worm,’Something so tiny caused so much trouble,’ he thought. He now understood what the Hollow told him about its body and felt bad for him. None of the strength that he previously displayed remained. It was just an ordinary Hollow. Still, the Hollow would have seriously killed him if he could so Arthur would show no mercy,’Number 1 and orange haired woman. I want names.’ If the Hollow was associated with other dangerous Hollows, then his death might bring them more trouble in the future which is why he wanted any useful intel. If the Hollow didn’t answer, Arthur would contemplate shaking the umbrella up and down until he spilled the beans but decided against doing so. Despite the fact that he was a Hollow, the Fullbringer didn’t want to torment a sentient being. Furthermore, he didn’t want to become one of those monsters that the Hollow mentioned. On the possibility that the Hollow answered, Arthur would listen and then let Masato ask his questions. Ultimately, with answers or not he would end the Hollow’s life. He thrust the umbrella forward causing the parasite to be separated from the ferrule and then with a horizontal swing he cut it in half. With the Hollow gone, Arthur undid his Fullbring and sat down on the ground as he lost his balance. He let out a sigh,’Man, I’m tired. You owe me new clothes,’ he said the last part as he faced Masato. Word Count: 419 Achievements obtained:
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    The Hollow had already planned how to proceed after grabbing Arthur’s leg. (Time to abandon ship.) He decided since Masato sustained his first serious injury in his fight against their umbrella wielding opponent. As a vessel, Masato was one of a kind, and would’ve altered his life for the better. No longer would he be a bottom feeder, ass-kissing and begging to keep his own head. Masato’s strength was this pathetic hollow’s final beckon of hope, and like everyone else in his life, Masato rejected him; perpetually denying the hollow access to his full capabilities, even act the cost of both of their well beings. (Its fine, if I can lock this umbrella guy down, I should have enough time to run.) He thought as the cyan fingers of Masato’s coat successfully entrapped Arthur. The uppercut was a contingency in case the Fullbringer had any last tricks up his sleeves. Next he would turn around and detach himself from Masato, whose hood and body would provide enough cover to hide and flee under the bed of dead leaves, which covered this wood’s ground. But, in battle, nothing goes as planned. The interception of his uppercut was expected, but how quickly Arthur broke free from his grip wasn’t. (He can still move this fast with those injuries?!) The hollow thought as strands and ribbons shredded from Masato's coat where Arthur cut it. (Doesn’t matter, I can still turn around and-) Before he could finish the thought, he noticed a sudden stiffness in Masato’s body, signifying that his regaining of control was imminent. The parasite didn’t try much to break the paralysis, seeing it as too stiff to waste time on. (Shit!) The back of the hollow’s head pressed against the hard as steel interior of the coat; what once protected him from harm, now caged him in, actively participating in his demise. But there was a final option to explore, perhaps the only one left that would assure his safety from a certain Umbrella ferrule; moving from his current position, to behind Masato’s neck. Blood spattered within the confines of Masato’s coat as Arthur’s attack successfully reached its target. The hollow hacked blood onto the metal that punctured his center mass. He hadn’t any arms or legs to block, so using his body, the worm-like parasite stood between Masato’s neck and Arthur’s weapon. “D-damn. I guess this is it. It was fun while it lasted… right?” Masato glared in the direction of the hollow still tucked in his coats hood. Accompanying him, was the head of a beast attached to his coat, which looped above his right shoulder to stop the momentum of Arthur’s piercing strike. “No. it wasn’t.” Wc: 445
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    WC --> 1860 + 540 --> 2400 Oriru observed, although slightly obscured by the dark miasma, the movement of the False Reaper with a graceful nature avoiding the force of the technique that was befalling his location but it didn't matter. Although this being was the visage of the former Kido Corps Captain, he was nothing compared to the power nor knowledge that Oriru had obtained in his time in the same position and eventually he would fall like he once had before. The False Reaper made his approach once more on the location of Oriru in conjunction with a pair of the energy based techniques unleashed by the Espada, the Bala, as they maintained their speed with each other. Oriru was prepared for both of the Bala, as he held his own spherical techniques to combat these, but the curiosity of Oriru was perked at the statement of something big being planned after receiving praise from his predecessor. Suddenly the man stopped and the words of a familiar technique was spoken, and Oriru decided the fate of the False Reaper was sealed in this moment. [1] Still, the Miasma weighed heavy upon the body of Oriru although he showed no real signs of it's effects but the nature of the fight brought out a side of Oriru that brought him... joy? As such, his spiritual pressure spiked once more reaching another plateau as the golden energy that was flowing from his body began to grow dense forming an aura around his body. [2-3] Each of the two Bala found their way through the miasma to approach Oriru as (V) and (VI) flew through the air and collided with the two attacks and while they dealt with that, it was the nature of the Kido that he dealt with personally. [4-5] The moment the words left the lips of the False Reaper, Oriru responded instantly; "Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō." The cackle of the energy roared like a bolt of lightning splitting a mountain unleashed from directly in front of Oriru but the devastation of the technique was not the power behind it but the seconds before it would have made contact with the Kido. Like the previous Cero, this kido dissolved into radiant golden energy and condensed to form another golden sphere that floated around Oriru with the initial one. What was once about to be a collision of forces quickly became the rampant force of Oriru's Kido mastery aiming to consume the entirety of his predecessor. Oriru had hoped that this would be enough to deal with the False Reaper, but prepared for the situation that it would not be. The Espada had proven to be formidable, so much so that Oriru was approaching a threshold in his own power that he had not reached in quite some time. Two golden spheres floated around his body like the inner shell of an atom, four black orbs remained connected for the black barrier, two away from his immediate presence, and a seventh orb remained near to his body and it was only a matter of time before the eighth came into form. He was unsure what other tricks that the Espada would attempt, but Oriru felt the fire in his chest realizing that he would not be able to contain his power for much longer. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    As the resurrected Jo-Jo charges towards the Shinigami, Tsukishima could feel the man release more of vast depths of his power. While the output of their power was even, Tsukishima knew the truth. He was still hopelessly outclassed. Outclassed by what he considered a truly lesser being. Sickening. However, this made him come to a stark realization. He could evolve even further and find a form beyond even that of Segunda Etapa. Much like before, the orbs the Shinigami commanded moved into position, blocking the two Bala shot from the tip of the staff. Jo-Jo lands on the ground and darts away as the Primera's cero barrels towards the Shinigami. As the cero reaches its target, it suddenly begins to dissolve into golden energy which compresses itself into another sphere. “He continues to toy with me...” the Espada mumbles, never removing his gaze. The hand that touched his staff trembled in anger. Again, the Shinigami mutters the name their accursed Kidō as ten pink constructs comprised of pure energy form and launch their way towards Jo-Jo. The resurrected Shinigami leaps up, skillfully dodging each reiatsu construct as it nears. As it dodges the last pillar, it begins to run full speed towards the man with right hand extended. Wordlessly, Tsukishima raises his arm and fires two Bala alongside the traveling creature. “You good mofucka. Damn good. Shooting all these Kidō at full strength without their incantations. Would have loved to go a few rounds with you under different circumstances. Doubt you need it but get ready. The bony mofucka planning something big.” As these words leave the resurrected Shinigami's lips, it stops just shy of the man with its hand hovering just above his chest. “Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō” The electrified blast of reiatsu rockets out, completely engulfing the Shinigami's last known area. WC: 303 STATS
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    WC --> 1,100 + 760 --> 1860 Oriru remained fixed in front of the Black Coffin, his own barrier standing in front of him as the only thing separating his body from the natural pressure of the Kido that he used. There wasn't an assumption that the technique would eliminate the target based surely upon the amount of power being released by his opponent, but he wondered how such a being would handle themselves with such a tremendous technique. Much to his surprise, and intrigue, Oriru witnessed his technique crumble away and broken like the glass of a window revealing the form of his opponent, although obscured slightly via the miasma, unfazed. Not only was the being seemingly untouched by the technique, he managed to deflect the orb that had shot from behind him. "Impressive." It was the most accurate way to describe what transpired as the being continued his steps forward and Oriru would do the same placing himself no more than three feet from this being. Suddenly, after a moment of words spoken, the being before him started to expel an intense amount of spiritual pressure as the violet colored energy of his form would flow with a gentle elegance matched only by the dark nature of the forces. The being shifted his form into something new, something considerably more raw in comparison of what he just was. Before was the Resurrection but this was something different, this was something more powerful. Curiosity allowed the Captain to stand there and watch the being transform while resolute numbness of his own life secured him to his placement without a single moment of hesitation, flinching, or diverting his attention. "Not any Espada, but thee Espada." His studies explained to him the general structure that had been utilized by the Hollows, or rather Arrancar, that inhabit Hueco Mundo. Many of their kind are isolationists but some, not many, gather towards Las Noches and formulate the structure within the Espada. Although the official structure was merely conjuncture but the theory stipulates that they rank themselves by the number designation, meaning the Primera was indeed the strongest; logically making his claim as the unchallenged Lord of Hueco Mundo probable. "Former Commander of the Kido Corp." Oriru added at the end of the Primera's statement, less towards the Espada but more for himself solidifying the fact of his departure. Black energy began to form into a concentrated mass generated from the Primera until he interacted with the substance and it shifted into a figure. There was a moment when he considered this to be related to the nature of his father and his powers, but the energy signature was different. This was a key note; his father based his research and altered hollowfication on the nature of this Lord of Hueco Mundo and his powers. His thoughts were snapped away when the symbol of the Kido Corps was seen on the coat of the now formed figure. The next moment was a strange interaction but clearly the being was not an illusion or a fabrication of thought but somehow a recreation of the original figure. One that the Primera appears capable of keeping under some sort of control; despicable. This being spoke of the ill nature of the Soul Society but yet here the being refuses to let the soul of a lost one rest. Jo-Jo made his effort to assault Oriru and with a fixed gaze upon the Primera, he prepared as his body released more of his spiritual pressure to match that of his opponent as his own golden energy seemed to blend and fight against the violet energy of his foe. [1] The miasma seemed to feed off of the energy as the density could be observed, but Oriru made no response or reaction. [2-3] Jo-Jo appeared in the air slightly above Oriru and unleashed two consecutive attacks two which Oriru responded with both (V) and the newly formed (VI) colliding with each of the attacks head on emitting a small burst of his spiritual energy. The Primera took the chance to react personally as well, [4] another of his Cero techniques and still without moving the Cero seemed to dissolve into a golden energy forming a golden sphere waiting to be used. [5] As the golden sphere was formed from the energy of the Cero, Oriru spoke, "Senjū Kōten Taihō." Instantly ten large pink concentrations of raw spiritual energy formed and launched itself at the fabricated Kido Corps Captain with the culmination of a small nuke. All without Oriru moving an inch from his spot. Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    The man did not move as the Primera unleashed his resurrección, fully engulfed by the black miasma that seeped through the area. As his cero travels forward, Tsukishima watches as four black orbs appear in front of the man, shielding him from harm. Standing firm, the man utters one word as Tsukishima trembles in anger at the mere mention of it. Yet another one of that accursed Kidō the Shinigami prided themselves for. It sickened him. As the black and purple box of energy surrounds the Espada, a violet aura envelopes him. He walks forward, a low guttural growl escaping from him as spears attempt to pierce him from all sides. One by one, each spear harmlessly bounces off of the Primera's body and crumbles. Upon reaching one of the walls of the box, he lightly presses his hand upon it as the box deteriorates. Shards of black and purple energy fall around him as he continues forward. From behind, one of the Shinigami's orbs attempts to behead him but is stopped by the sudden appearance of a small violet barrier. Tsukishima stops his forward walk, coming mere feet from the Shinigami once more. He stares at the man with disdain and anger. He was being toyed with. Even a fool could sense that there was a significant gap in power between the two of them. It was a jarring realization for Tsukishima to be as outclassed as he was. It was an injustice. “You are correct. It seems that you are well versed in our hierarchy... I guess you leave me no choice.” he says after a long pause, his hands still trembling in anger. The ground begins to shake as Tsukishima's spiritual pressure begins to increase. Violet energy in the shape of a skull envelopes him as his power soars. From within, his body begins to change. A golden crown forms atop his head with a red eye in the center. A segment of over his left eye socket turns golden as golden chains dangle from both sides of his head. Four tusks covered in golden chains jut from where his neck was, each cracked with violet reiatsu swirling within. His cloak becomes black, brown, and tan in three distinct sections, and opens to reveal what lurks within him. Beneath the cloak lies a mass of violet reiatsu in place of a body, with twelve rib bones and a tailbone floating in their normal positions; the bottom two rib bones and the tailbone are plated with gold. His lower half consists of black, brown, and tan furred leggings ending in flame-like violet reiatsu. They are adorned by two long intricate golden bands crossing at the center and three golden blade-like ornaments on either hip, growing larger in size as they expand outward from him. His left arm is cracked with violet reiatsu swirling inside while his right arm is completely coated in gold. The black miasma begins to thicken as the energy subsides and reveals Tsukishima in the form that surpasses resurrección, Segunda Etapa. “I am the Primera Espada and unchallenged Lord of Hueco Mundo. Based on your power, I can only assume you are a Captain...or you were at one point. Your proficiency in that accursed Kidō leads me to believe you belong to the Kidō Corps. I've someone who'd love to meet you.” He taps his golden staff on the ground as black energy begins to leak from his body. The energy pools on the ground before a formless creature emerges beside the released Arrancar. Tsukishima lightly touches upon the formless creature as it gurgles and changes shape. In a matter of seconds, the creature takes the shape of a dark-skinned man with a white coat draped around his shoulders, his back turned away from the Shinigami. Emblazoned on the coat was the symbol of the Kidō Corps. “The fuck am I?” the creature says as he turns towards the Shinigami. “And who the fuck are you?” The creature turns towards Tsukishima and immediately flies into a rage. “You the mofucka who attacked me. Go time!” The light in Tsukishima's eye sockets flares as the creature stops moving and returns its gaze towards the Shinigami. “This is the former Captain of the Kidō Corps, Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo, deal with your replacement.” Wordlessly, the creature pulls out a golden metallic staff that was attached to his back and darts towards the Shinigami. It quickly appears above the man's head as the tip of the staff glows purple. It twirls the staff to the right before releasing two concussive blasts of energy towards the top of the man's head. At the same time, Tsukishima raises his right hand and fires a dark violet cero with the intent of engulfing him entirely. WC: 792 STATS
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    WC --> 600 + 500 --> 1,100 It appears that the beast of a man was picking up on the fact that he was here to face a moment of fate that would turn quickly into the feral nature of their racial disputes. Though each one held their own disdain towards the other's heritage, this was somehow more personal despite the lack of actual knowledge of one another. The violet energy of the being made it evidently clear that this was not a vaizard like the many he had encountered, as this being was born of the pure legacy of a Hollow. The golden energy had swirled around the violet energy of his opponent and it became evidently clear that this battle was not about to be one with limited power being used. "Resurrection, at least he is smart to understand restraint would be foolish." Oriru watched as the skin of the man began to erode away melting his body to a form similar to that of a skeletal figure, something that most would have a visceral reaction to but the Soul Reaper held no such urge daring to keep his eyes locked on his target. The body of the man began to radiate a black miasma, a toxic cloud presumably, proven an accurate assessment by the consideration of the forest area erode and decaying into nothingness and other structures were on the path to the same amount of degradation. *Oriru remained within the field of Miasma, anticipating the sensation of decay but the numb sensation was greater. The being slowly slid into the darkness of his own miasma before a toxic force of energy was seen tearing through the Miasma upon the location of Oriru who showed no sign of reaction or movement. From the forest, the four black orbs with a gentle golden aura and a roman numeral core all appeared with the golden thread held between them and halted in front of Oriru in a square formation. [1] The space between the four orbs suddenly gave a glow of black energy and solidified forming a solid square in front of him **as the attack struck the surface of the barrier. It remained fixed as the attack seemed to have a ***secondary feature and detonated with an impressive amount of force but left no interest for Oriru. [2] "Kurohitsugi." Oriru kept his eyes on the space that the Miasma had spread to and decided that everything within that occupied region needed to be purged as the black and purple void like energy began to form the structure of one of the most devastating Kido of the Soul Society's arsenal. Oriru would not hesitate in ensuring the technique formed as rapidly as possible and shredded his target standing inches from the attacks edge. [3] In preparation for a contingency as the (V) orb manifested and should the target avoid the Black Coffin the orb would find the back of his skull. "If you survived, you must be an Espada." Stats and Combat Actions/Notes --------- Abilities Used / In Effect
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    As their battle reached its final stage, any of their attacks could prove to be the last one. Both of them were becoming more desperate by the second as their strengths waned. Arthur’s Gafu attack didn’t work as well as he wanted as Masato simply destroyed it with his cyan arms, but because of that he was unable to fully block the next attack, so it was not wasted. The ferrule of his umbrella pierced into his opponent’s hand though there was no sign of the Hollow coming out. This meant that the battle was not over yet. He braced himself for the coming offense, but this time the Hollow seemed to copy Arthur in his approach from the fact that he went for the legs first. The cyan arm gripped onto his right foot and though it didn’t break any of his bones, it did restrict his movement which was something that he relied on a lot. The actual attack was from Masato’s right cyan arm which came from below in the form of an uppercut. Arthur swung his umbrella at the outside of the fist in order to redirect it and twisted his body as much as he could in the grip of the arm. The force of the swing still caught him though as it made a cut on his right cheek causing blood to drip down his face. He then swung horizontally at the cyan arm holding his leg which caused its grip to weaken but not remove it. His attack managed to cut halfway through the wrist, so he finished it off with a downward stab as the hand was severed from the rest of the arm causing it to soften back to normal thread and giving him freedom over his leg. This time he was confident that he could finally put an end to this fight as Arthur once again stabbed at the Hollow. Word Count: 320 Actions: Abilities: Stats:
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    “You’re too judgmental to understand.” The hollow murmured lowly as it observed Arthur’s attempts at blocking following the change in form of his umbrella. Every attack served its purpose of staving off Arthur so it could reclaim the amount of control it had at the start of their fight. Unfortunately, his efforts were futile and Arthur refused to give it more time, as he charged his left hand with the energy from the atmosphere before shooting a wind based gafu blast at Masato’s face. [*] The hollow raised the cyan hands it created before above his head and clasped their fingers before striking downward on Arthur’s projectile. Just as the wind shot was handled, the umbrella wielding Fullbringer would suddenly appear before Masato, thrusting the ferrule of his weapon towards his neck, where the hollow resided. [**] With little warning, it was forced to block the attack with Masato’s bear arms, as he curled them upwards, protecting himself and the hollow in the process. [1-2]the piercing of the umbrella into his left forearm was excruciatingly painful, compelling the to roar defiantly as Masato’s left cyan hand reached for Arthur’s right foot, and the right cyan swung upwards in hopes of upper cutting Arthur. WC: 200 ND: 445-77-150= 218
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    While his slide didn’t really surprise his opponent as Masato hardened his legs with the coat before his attack came, but the interesting thing was that despite blocking the attack his balance was affected. This only showed that the Hollow’s control was nearing its end which means Arthur’s pain and efforts have paid off. However, this didn’t mean that all fighting desire left the Hollow as Masato’s body twisted and a punch intercepted his stab attack knocking it off course. This was followed up with a strike from the tail for which he didn’t manage to reposition his umbrella in time causing it to hit him in the stomach, cutting off his breath and pushing him back simultaneously. The Hollow used this short break to answer his previous statement and Arthur listened to what he had to say. He wasn’t one to dismiss another’s point of view just because they were a Hollow or any other race. Honestly, the parasite did have a point,’I’ll agree with you that the world is cruel no matter where you go. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. However, in my Human world you wanted to go the park to feed on innocent people. That makes you a threat and it’s not something I can allow.’ As for the rest, Arthur didn’t really know who he was referring to though for number 1 the safest assumption was whoever was Hueco Mundo’s leader. Their chat came to an end as Masato readied his body for the next attack as two cyan arms came out of his coat and both of them came at him to punch him. Arthur opened up the umbrella into shield form as Masato once again used a speed that he was not able to perceive which limited his defensive options. He hardened his body to tank the first attack while the second attack with came just a moment after which pushed back his arm and his whole body back even more. He reverted the shield back into the umbrella form and gathered wind energy in his left hand for another Gafu which he fired right at Masato’s face. The intention was mostly to block his sight, but he was certain that it still wouldn’t kill Masato even if it hit. As soon as the Gafu was dealt with, in the same instant Arthur would use Bringer Light to close the distance that had accumulated between the two and would stab forward at the Hollow on the neck in hopes of finishing this. Word Count: 420 Actions: Abilities: Stats:
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    NPC - Chanchella sees the smoke begin to surround her and smiles thoughtfully, for indeed it had begun. She wastes no time, her family had always naturally possessed the finely tuned skills of the warrior but she had honed them even further in the academy and would now demonstrate her might. Her rabbit like reflexes spike the moment the voices shout the Bakudo spell and she watches the red orbs move towards her cover. She waits until the moment they touch the ground and begin expanding outward before leaping with great strength at a backward angle moving towards the Saloon. She waits just a split moment so that any rushing the carts that had just been smoked would undoubtedly be in the area before lifting her palm, “Hado 33 Sokatsui!” She bellows as the massive wave of bright blue energy crashes down towards and then onto the area of carts with the aggression of a tidal wave. NPC - She continues on backward landing on the very edge of the roof of the Saloon before glancing to her right to see a singular combatant flying towards the Balcony, she had not yet seen the two on the edge preparing to snipe but they had seen her, she then hears the thud of some oen landing on the roof but sees no one.. was he cloaked?. Officer Yatsuri pops up as quickly as he can, employing his Shunpo to force his upper body up at max speed, “Hado 31 Shakkaho!” He shouts harshly only feet away from Kale he lets loose the explosive spell. Officer Kotatsu instead falls back slightly standing by the exit prepared to fire a spell of her own if need be but also keeping sharp for any other threats that may be preparing to spring. Chanchella then moves herself to the edge of the roof which over looked the balcony and begins rapidly glancing in all directions around her wandering if she had just heard things but staying sharp none the less.. NPC - Meanwhile right before the commotion breaks out Ryu attention is jerked to the left by two voices shouting, “Bakudo 21!” He instantly begins rushing towards [M], “Freidrich!” He shouts, about to propose that they rush, “No!” The more experienced of the two shouts, “Follow the” He is cut off by a loud crashing sound as the cart Ryu has just ran from is struck with horrific strength and sent flying into a rock much farther back behind them [N], leaving a trench like line in the dry ground it had been drug through. There stood the Lieutenant himself San Salvatore. The two stare at him a moment unsure of what to do, “Fire!” Freidrich yells to Iman, knowing his inexperience and immaturity would cause him to act instantly and would allow the lower seated officer to carry out a maneuver his own. Immediately iman falls to his knee, “Hado 32! Okasen!” He shouts firing the bright red destructive kido towards the higher classed Shinigami. Freidrich then takes a stride backward, “Bakudo 11..” He states preparing to fire the bakudo but holding the energy in his form preparing to release it based on the Lieutenants reaction to the kido fired at him, continuously backing up however towards the Saloon. WC – 545 NPC Locations, Roof , balcony, around [M] , and the inside locations are the same. [C] and [D] possibly destroyed, known after your reply.
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    (Don't feel bad, no one does.) Shizuka thought proudly to herself upon hearing Arthur admit his organization's intel gathering was inferior to her own. The cocky grin she suddenly brandished caught Masato's attention. Nothing good comes out of her mouth, much more so if you stroke her ego. "Of cour..." Shizuka suddenly restrained herself from saying what was obviously going to be a snarky remark. Above her was a glaring Masato who had long since grown tired of hearing her speak. "Just, answer, his questions." He commanded her as a menacing aura emitted from his body, and he raised his right fist for her to clearly see. Beads of sweat began to drip from her forehead as she forcibly chuckled in fright. "ha ha, um..." She redirected her gaze towards Arthur, "I don't know much about the ongoing attack as its too far from Karakura High; out of my reach. The plan was to send him..." she quickly gestured to Masato with a nod of her head, "to resolve the problem. But he hasn't gotten used to his complete Fullbring. Killing your new hollow buddy should've been a great opportunity to warm Masato up, but it couldn't even pull the full potential of his coat out. Pathetic." "So there is an ongoing attack from hollows, and you sent me to catch a panty thief?" Shizuka turned to Masato as he spoke to her, only to notice the menacing aura's sudden increase in intensity. "eek!" she shrieked in terror. WC: 245
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    Two figures in front of the weapon shop, one the shop-keep, the other a certain angered large man, his tunic looking cleaner than the average Rukongai spirit around the 54th District, the tapping sound of his sandal expressing impatience as he waited. The aged male waltzed up to the counter, lazily leaning over it as he his self-satisfaction consumed him. Ukon did it, he found a valuable thing to trade with, to finally close down this shithole of a shop over. He would celebrate, but first he had to get rid of the trash in the back and the asshole before him, someone from the higher districts that came down to see what it was like. Apparently, he was too stupid to realize he'd get robbed blind first second he gets. Oh well, that is his problem, and Ukon's profit. "Can I help you, sir?" "Of course you can! I got your stupid ticket, an assignment to the 14th District, just like you asked!" A ticket was slammed onto the counter, causing some of the surrounding weapons to shake slightly from the force of the action. Ukon himself hungrily grabbed for it, eagerly wanting it in his hands, only for a meaty hand to tightly wrap itself around the outstretched wrist of Ukon's. "Not yet. You know what I came here for. I want my money back." The shop-keep withdrew himself from the prize he greedily desired, instead looking back at his annoyed customer. His smile faded temporarily until he bowed, forcing it to come back as he led his cohort to the backroom. 'I can't believe I'm so close to gone. Thank you, alley trash! Thank you thank you thank you!' He said as he opened the door for his customer, standing aside so he may enter the room. He would be taken off-guard however as the man returned, glaring at Ukon with hatred directed towards him instead. "Are you scamming me?!" Ukon, confused, rushed inside the backroom, looking around and seeing nothing but wreckage around him. "Where..?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shin, blade in hand, would balance himself on the desk, the remaining pieces of chair placed together to make a rickety little platform. From there he balanced on top of it, using the blade to help as the window was just within arms' reach. He could make it out, He could! He would bend his knee slightly, preparing to jump. He heard yelling from the other side of the door and a slamming noise, knowing for a fact he had no choice but to make this work now! As he bent down, he would with one hand grab the window tightly, opening it where immediately he lunged, thrusting the blade through the opening first and holding onto it tightly. From there, he would place his weight in the opposite side, feet scrambling on the wall until they planted themselves, where he was able to finally climb his way through the window, falling out on the other side. He was free. Immediately he scrambled away as the door opened, leaving with his new possession, feet stomping one after another, eagerly claiming the dirt path underneath as he would make his escape out of the alleys and back onto the street. He was free, and with deep, heavy breaths, he would let relief wash over him, comforting him and ensuring him that he was going to get away and with a new weapon, to boot. "Take that, you old bastard!" He screamed behind him, laughing. He couldn't believe he made it out just like that, and left the shop-keep with what he hoped would be an extremely pissed off customer. With that, the pink-haired spirit triumphantly walked away, satisfied that he can continue his journey to his brother. wc 625 twc 6374 [End Thread]
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    His eyes opened to reveal what seemed like some sort of bed greeting him, the blanket of which enveloped his legs and some larger figure sitting nearby, her female form leaning over near him. He looked around only to realize it wasn't just her and the bed that were larger, but everything in-general. It seemed once more he was but a child, though this time in a room covered in toys and trinkets, pictures with some scratchy material covering it, constantly jittering about. The female form accompanied by a face seemingly erased with an eraser very sloppily. It held a book, open to a page with words he cannot make out. A soothing voice washed over him as he stared blankly at the page. "..The monk asks, “Where are you going?”. To which the man replies, “I don’t know, ask the horse!” and rides away." The figure exclaimed, making weird galloping sounds as she bounced up and down. "Who are you?" Shin thought he asked, but instead his mouth formed to make laughter come out. It wasn't going to obey him, it wouldn't let him ask questions of the thing that watched over him. Instead he would attempt to move his hands, hoping to get out of the bed and leave, only instead of them obeying him they moved over to a glass of water on the nearby nightstand, grabbing it and eagerly drinking it before putting it back. It would not obey his will. He instead looked around, hoping to find something that would help him call for help, only to find wherever he looked or searched would be nothing but a void, a void of which only leaves when he no longer sees it. He would be trapped within a cage, one which help him as a captive audience as the child he would be stuck within played with the stranger, watched as it tucked him in, and even delivered what can only be assumed to be a kiss on his forehead. It didn't leave him, however, even as the lights went out and the door closed by itself, slamming shut. The faint noises of screaming and a struggle happened outside, though he could do nothing to help as the blank space stared at him. "Ask the horse." The no-face said, the void enveloping them both in perpetual darkness. Shin awoke, his head pulsing as he groaned and sat up, holding it. He looked around only to find himself within the same room as before, with the broken shelf still standing tall, though un-climbable, and the shards of broken chair around him. The window was still above him, almost as if it were mocking him. "I am still up here, you are still down there." All Shin could do was sigh, instead focusing on the major headache he now has from the fall. He couldn't believe he was still here, still stuck with no way out, a victim to what will probably be a brutal beat-down when that man comes. "Ask the horse." He mouthed unwillingly, and just then, he realized that rather than try and take the reigns, he should instead allow what he feels to take over. The feelings within him swirled as his eyes closed, and he could hear conversation outside, but not what it was exactly. The clock was ticking until he would be too late. He only hoped what he was feeling would be the solution to his problem. wc 576 twc 5749
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    Shin knew he lost the advantage of the public-eye watching over him, and he was almost positive the shop-keep knew this as well. The backroom only had a singular high up, almost hitting the ceiling, and the space was small enough for once person, let alone two. He however appeared to entertain whatever it was the pink-haired spirit desired. Whether it was the idea of the information offered being an intriguing trade or just the inner-playfulness of his just wanting to mess around with someone, it would be clear something about the offer caught his intrigue enough for Shin to have the opportunity to find a lead. He was almost elated from this. "Have you seen a boy? One that looks somewhat younger than myself. 'Would've been running away from the Hollow attack a few days ago?" Eagerly he asked while taking a step towards the old man, almost forgetting the scowl that threatened him, almost as if it were saying "Take one more and your body is dumped." As soon as Shin backed away deeper into the room, the shop-keep's face softened as he was humored by the question, even chuckling between words. "You seriously want to trade your shoes for a missing person? You're risking getting cut up for that?!" He began to laugh, holding his sides as Shin's face began twisting, contorting his eyebrows and mouth as he bared his teeth in anger. "That person is my fucking brother!" He growled, almost losing his temper from the diminishing of value being placed on his siblings life. He fought to regain his composure however when the laughing stopped, and he was stared out more with a scowl equaling his. "I don't know where your "brother" is and I haven't seen any other trash around. You know what I did see, though?" Before Shin could stop him, the door slammed, breaking him into the realization that he had been trapped inside the small room alone, with his captor on the other side. Ctchink! The door was locked audibly, leaving Shin to immediately begin slamming his hands onto it, trying to open it. "Let me out, old man! Th-This isn't apart of the trade!" He stammered, panicking further. "What was that? You want to find those nice gentlemen that were helping you through the alley yesterday? Well oookay they should be passing through here anytime now!" Fuck. Shin wasn't sure that the small group that followed him initially would actually be that devoted to one mark, but the man he robbed definitely would. He heart raced even more as he began to panic. He had to examine he surroundings. He went silent, leaving his naive mind to instead force itself onto the room itself. The window was out of reach. A desk and chair along with the blade from earlier would be within the room, but outside of that and a barren shelf there was nothing Shin could find that would be useful. He tried scaling the smooth wall to no avail, instead just falling down each time. He even tried using the chair, only for the weathered wood underneath to break, making him land on the floor once again with a thud amidst the shattering sound of wood breaking. He got an idea, however: The shelf. Climbing it, Shin could hear the wood creak and crack beneath his weight, though he was already a solid few feet above the ground, he could possibly make it if he can just jump! Curling himself up, he would plant his feet upon the edges of the shelf and, with a deep breath, would push off as hard as he can, not expecting the shelf itself to break against his fee, the wooden boards giving way as he pushed, leaving him in mid-air with no force carrying him, falling and landing on his back and head, immobile and knocked out. wc 647 twc 5173
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    "It's been a while since I had a.. "visitor."" Heavy emphasis was left upon the ending of the sentence as the homeowner would slowly inch his bare feet around the table, making his way slowly to the exit. Shin said nothing, instead staring intensely at the stranger, his body tensing up and aching further, the bruises and scar stinging out as his eyes followed the possible threat before him. He needed to get the hell out, but it was either fight a single man inside his own home or go out to the alleys, possibly attracting a beating from the group out there. It seemed like the choice would be an obvious one, though a sign of a struggle could make enough noise to attract those outside as well, meaning that between a rock and a hard place, he was already crushed. Maybe if he grabbed one of those decorative weapons, he could defend himself and run at the first opportunity he gets, flee before things get ugly. He really didn't want to consider the ugly possibility of having to take an un-life. "I don't want trouble, guy. I just want to leave through that door, and continue on my way. No trouble from me at all." he said with eyes unblinking, his blood rushing, spiking him with a cooling feeling as chills ran down his spine. If he were to make it out of this relatively unscathed he would have to rely on the kindness of this clearly agitated homeowner whose face was slowly twisting and contorting into a scowl, almost as if he were expecting unfriendly company at any moment. That was when Shin saw something that made him panic internally even more, his brain thumping against his skull as he silently freaked out from seeing the already drawn knife pointing towards him, held by the owner. "No trouble? You're acting like I crawled through your window, knocked down your things, and tried to stomp around home. Alley-trash should stay in the alley." He declared as he would almost be completely in front of the door, his knife now more exposed than before as his aged hand held it before him, sunlight bouncing off the crude blade. "No, it's gonna cost you to get through this door. Something tells me you're not eager to climb back through my window, and you're not going to have much chance rushing past me." He began eyeing the home invader up and down, his eyes scanning over him until a sly smile appeared. "You're going to give me something." Soon enough the pink-haired spirit, while relieved with aching bruises hurting more and his a cold sweat on the back of his neck accompanying him on the street, would hurry along the streets. His legs felt like jelly and his now-bare feet dug into the dirt path as he walked once more publicly, his cheeks flushed as his embarrassed face would be hidden behind the large collar of the poncho. He can't believe he ended up getting robbed of his shoes by some old guy after all. He silently cursed himself, feeling some of the dirt already stick to the bottom of his feet, slowly and surely marking him as just another denizen of the outer districts of Rukongai. He was no longer just a visitor, someone that can go back and forth between places without much of a trace. This district claimed something of his today, left him without his footwear. He would find a small space hidden from public view for him to crouch into, entering a fetal position where he would remain as the sun set and he would try to rest. wc 612 twc 2760
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    Shin dressed himself, putting on his clothes and his poncho, wiping off the drool from his chin and lip, and getting ready for the journey today in-general. His cheek scar stung from that attack, the day before yesterday when he would find purpose above just being a thief protecting his brother. He could still feel the aching over his body from where the home had fell and the bruises, while having somewhat faded, would still proudly reveal themselves to the clothing loosely covering them. Dull stinging sensations carried like a chorus throughout his physical form greeting him like a rough "good morning" from the afterlife. Of course even after being dead pain is still a thing. It would be just his luck that he couldn't just float around in space being nothing more than a distant memory. He just had to be in the universe that screams "Hey! Have life 2.0, but with extra weird shit included!" After cursing himself and throwing a fit internally a little while longer, he would emerge from the home, beginning to go about his travels once more. He must admit there was one boon to Rukongai, and that would be the more simple nature of it. His head hurt whenever he tried to remember his previous existence however if there was one thing he could recall it would be the aimlessness he felt when seeing the world around him. He could recall the feeling of course concrete against bare feet, the dullness of a desk with an instructor, the claustrophobia of being cooped up in a small home unable to go and wander about. Comparing that to the warm dirt path the afterlife, the freedom of not being cooped up somewhere for the sake of safety, and the simplicity of the afterlife around him, there wasn't a competition. Shin may not remember much about himself previously, though he does remember the feelings, the ease of being able to be content with less. Maybe, just maybe, when he finds Akio once again they can find somewhere abandoned in the upper districts to settle down, to enjoy themselves and "retire" from the nomadic lifestyle they led so far. He considered this as he bumped into another stranger, his hand "accidentally" sliding into a pouch he may or may not have scouted beforehand, possibly grabbing some kan from it. Being this far away makes gathering the currency somewhat a useless endeavor as it generally has little value in the far-off districts, however, Shin preferred planning ahead. He had a pair of shoes for any trading needs, but he knew he would need kan the closer he got to the center of the Soul Society, where the value of the currency would steadily increase. He hid it within his own pouch, hidden underneath the poncho covering his form. With an apologetic gesture to the now-irritated spirit, Shin would go about his day, increasing his walking speed, turning right onto another street, and then turning left again, continuing his path with a little added distance. If he remembered correctly this would be the 54th District of Rukongai; a place not too dissimilar to the Heian-era of Kyoto. Smiles were rare here, for crime was the norm and the denizens were more rabble and riff-raff than actual citizens. Their clothes were generally more dirty and simple, and seeing crude cheaply-made weaponry out in the open was perfectly normal. Shin knew he looked like a visitor in such a place, an attraction for other thieves and thugs looking to rob passerby so they may trade their bounty for basic necessities. He and Akio used to take advantage of his appearance in order to attract prospective thieves in, and when Shin would be rightfully mugged, Akio would in-turn steal what was stolen off of them, leaving them empty-handed while the two brothers would have their belongings returned to them with some added interest. Looking at the rough scowls and side-glances towards him now made Shin feel both nostalgic and uneasy. He needed his other half back badly. wc 675 twc 1386
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    Archery was not something Sibylle exactly excelled at when training with her grandmother Ermelinda Opie, rather they spent most of their time training in various sword styles. This perplexed the teenager some as everything that Frieda Thoumeaux was telling her current was that the Quincy blood and heritage within her was connected to was bow themed. That would be a topic for another day as it would seem as she was also piecing together that being an Echt meant that she was a pureblood meaning that both of her parents were Echt’s as well, coming from pureblood family lines. “Heilig Pfeil appears when you mold spiritual energy into the shape of an arrow,” Frieda explains as she once again summons her Heilig Bogen longbow to her left hand, “These arrows are capable of injuring and possibly killing spiritual beings. The spiritual energy for these arrows can be gathered either by collecting Reishi, absorbing Reiryoku from an opponent or gathering spirit energy from the environment around them.” “So basically once I learn how to form these arrows then I will be able to fire them as if I had an endless quiver?” Sibylle asks as she lifts her right hand to pull on the blue spiritual energy making the bowstring for her own Heilig Bogen. “Once you master it yes,” Frieda replied before continuing on with her demonstration, “However, endless is not the right thought to have. Eventually your body will break down from continued use like firing from a normal bow. Of wearing down your fingers if you have not built up callasses.” In the next moment Sibylle watched as Frieda slowly gathered the required reishi from the surrounding area into her right hand forming a long line before morphing into the arrow that she was going to fire with. Turning her body the woman fired the area down the river causing a small disruption in the water flow before it would return to normal. “There are all kinds of different Heilig Bogen. Shapes, sizes, appearances, and power,” Frieda explained as she lowered her longbow turning to look back at the teeanger, “The same can be said for each individual Quincy’s Heilig Pfeil that they create and fire. As you train and fine tune your spiritual weapons they will evolve right along with you until your own unique stamp is imprinted upon them.” Having studied the deliberately slow movements of Sacred Destruction Arrow that Frieda had just fired off into the water Sibylle focused on the ripples cascading down the river in her direction. This river was a metaphor for her life; past, present and future. The ripples were changes that would happen throughout her life only to return to the calm state once she learned how to cope with said changes. Her parents both dying, living with her grandmother, going to school, flying to Japan on an airplane that would crash into the Pacific Ocean, and seeing things like ghosts. This had all led to her being introduced into her apparent birthright as an Echt Quincy. A pureblood monk of destruction that used bows made of spiritual energy that had to be gathered from the environment around her in order to defeat the demon spirits known as Hollows. Reaching forward with her left hand up facing the same direction that Frieda had just fired in Sibylle steadied herself by planting her feet to create a firm base. Lifting her right hand to grab the air just in front of the blue spiritual energy bowstring a small line started to form into a wavering arrow. The side of the arrow pressed up against the right side of her Heilig Bogen while drawing the butt of the arrow back with the bowstring. In the next moment the teenage Quincy would let go of the arrow allowing it to zip through the air at a high rate of speed and power away from her. Losing sight of the arrow rather quickly until the explosion of water in the area gives way to ripples and then eventually calm again. Flexing her fingers a few times she could definitely feel how uncomfortable drawing the reishi into the arrow then firing was. Not to mention she also did not have the archery muscles yet. She was in good physical condition, but so far this training was her working new muscles than she normally had in the past. “Pretty good,” Frieda compliments the teenager with a slow clap now that her Heilig Bogen was once again gone, “Now do that until you cannot create another Heilig Pfeil.” The woman was clearly evaluating her capabilities within this new realm of possibilities. Sibylle was not unfamiliar with this process as she had dealt with Ermelinda and various teachers always wanting to know where she was at and what she needed to do to grow. A rather bothersome way of going about things, but she would indulge the woman for now as there was still so much she did not know or understand about herself or the Quincies. She did not like that feeling of the unknown so much, she needed to break it all down and understand it. [WC: 860][Learned Heilig Pfeil] [TWC: 2654]
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    Oriru took his steps through the Garganta, the mouth that forms between the realms tearing the fabric that is carefully woven as a separation, and there was the break in his mental hesitation as he felt secure in his decision placing himself within the gauntlet of fate with the passing moments. Had his best friend Genshi been aware of his interaction with this portal, had his life partner Osore had knowledge of his interaction with an Arrancar, had his mentor and Captain Commander Xarius seen the approach towards his own life, then maybe someone would have advised him against such actions but he had none of them and they would be nowhere to be found in this moment. Oriru Kusho, previous Vice Captain of the First Division and Former Captain of the Kido Corps, walked through the darkness alongside the rival of his race without fear or even a hint of ill intent. The last chance for escape slipped away as the mouth sealed itself behind and swallowed them entirely. They each walked through the darkness without a word, nor a sound, that escaped between them and barely a single thought passed through the mind of the Reaper through this dark pilgrimage; this is my test. Then, almost as if triggered by his thoughts, the sound of glass shattering could be heard echoing as light, if it could be described as such, began to pierce the abyss and revealing a world beyond his original imagination of the place. He had expected a place of absolute tyranny and corruption, evil incarnate scattered throughout the suffering of beasts living like wild animals starved for food and vying for a life of value. Hueco Mundo was oddly... beautiful. The crystal like trees were scattered throughout the area, pulling him from one forest of vegetation and placing him within one of mineral composites. The gentle light would reflect softly off of the sheen of some of the minerals that had gathered and it was blanketed by the thin sheet of a fog holding softly to the world. His first step secured him on the ground and his feet, revealed to have become bare from the use of his technique, allowed him to feel the sand of the ground. With a quick wiggle of his toes, Oriru was able to burrow slightly into the ground and feel the hardened surface of the earth beneath the soft sand but even then it proved that more layers settled beneath. Grrr. His adventurous attention was absorbed by the sounds of the growl that was nearby, and quickly his focus was gathered and sharpened to realize that it was a plethora of growls and various snarls throughout the immediate area. It had not occurred to him earlier but this place was dense, not so much in the natural space that was provided but by the radiant energy that was left as residue from sources he could not determine. Death. No matter the world, no matter the being, and no matter the circumstances the spiritual pressure of death remained the same upon the beings comprised of energy itself. The mark of battles, lives lost, lives reclaimed, and survival was scattered throughout the area both physically and spiritually. This is Hueco Mundo. Oriru would not look back towards the Arrancar as he spoke the words but could hear the sounds of the rift closing much like it had when he stood in the forest of the World of the Living, but the presence of the Espada was being slowly sealed away meaning that he had not stepped out of the mouth like the Reaper had. The Espada had, however, left a bit of clear exposition for the Reaper to consume; this was a place where many beings would love to either consume the power he held or simply kill him for what his existence meant to them. When the Reaper felt satisfied he was provided a singular location to head towards; The Ivory Palace. Smile. That is what could be clearly seen from the Captain as his spiritual pressure slowly began to surge from his body starting from only half of his full potential. Even at half of his power it was enough to bring the aura around his body as his coated his upper torso revealed by the removed clothing and the sand beneath his feet compressed with several grains beginning to float from the anti pressure of his power. His toes wiggled in the sand as he rolled his fingers cracking his knuckles slightly with a deafening echo. A voice... Slowly Oriru finally turned around to face the voice of a new presence, although the energy was seemingly familiar. This being was cloaked in white, similar to other beings that he recalled and the blue energy that swarmed the form of the figure made it narrow down the idea of the being. Then, to provide the answer clearly, the figure formed a bow made of reishi in his hand and the smile grew upon Oriru. Hueco Mundo was similar to the Soul Society being comprised of Reishi particles that could be modified with refined control better than anything that could be achieved in the world of the living. "Even in the Soul Society, during my training, I was not allowed to used my full power..." His power spike exponentially just shy of the cap that he placed on himself and limited his maximum potential for a moment. "The truth is that my Zanpakuto is even banned from being used at full power." With a smile he concluded, "But I am genuinely excited to see how far I can push my body." Once more his spiritual pressure released to a level that was greater than he achieved back when he was in the forest in the World of the Living. He took hold of his Zanpakuto in his left hand and took hold of the handle within his right hand. Slowly he exhaled as he pulled the blade from the sheath and rotated the blade in his hand to hold it in a reverse grip above his head with the blade perpendicular to the ground. Forcefully he slammed the blade down into the ground and more than two feet of the blade became embedded into the ground and the sand hardened around the blade. The sheath appeared to shatter into white specks as the entire area became slightly darker than normal and the specks became much like stars forming upon the night sky. The Quincy quickly set up his bow and knocked an arrow generated by Reishi and pointed directly at the form of Oriru and released four arrows consecutively, the rapid rush of the arrows were enough to create a small wind vortex picking up a small concentration of sand and creating a hole through the fog. Oriru responded to the first of the arrows with his left hand swinging with a back hand to deflect the arrow then shifted his weight upon his left side and snatched the second arrow right out of the air with his right hand. Using the momentum of his weight shift he spun on his left leg and lowered his posture allowing himself to duck under the third arrow until he completed his full spin and released the arrow he held and launched it back at the fourth arrow as they collided and caused a small explosion of energy. A tree behind him was pierced through cleanly with the arrow but the deflected arrow carved through the side of a tree and dismantled the integrity of the structure thus creating the sound of the base of the tree cracking. The crack attempted to hold the tree together but it struggled as the crack gave and the tree began to crumble and the top of the tree began to rain down. In a blur both the Quincy and the Reaper vanished from the immediate area and appeared on separate pieces of debris as the barrage of arrows continued while the Reaper continued to dance by moving through the debris and gracefully avoid as much of the attacks as possible until the Quincy decided to unleash a sudden engorged arrow. It was more than six times the size of the arrows that he had been using up to this point and the Reaper could not manage to move in enough time to avoid the attack. "Easy." The arrow connected causing a massive explosion of energy that was concentrated on the location of the Reaper which added more debris and dust to the already visibility hindering fog. With a unique sight, the Quincy was able to see that the Reaper remained standing in the same position with his arms in an 'X' formation in front of him. In a swift movement he swung his arms to his side and, with a rush of spiritual energy, the dust cloud and a bit of the fog was cleared to clearly reveal the Reaper unharmed aside from the slight singe marks of his arms. "Don't hold back." Time was not wasted as the Quincy proceeded to continue his barrage upon the Reaper with the full force of his blue arrows without any regard for restraint. The Reaper was being consumed by his naturally formed spiritual energy, and instead of the green color that he attributed to himself it evolved becoming darker with each passing moment. This continued until his energy was entirely altered and became pitch black and danced like his body was consumed in black flame leaving a trail of fire and steam with each movement. Even the Quincy believed that the Reaper was consumed in fire until his arrow swept through and pierced the flame gently revealing that it was not black flame but his raw spiritual energy being unleashed and breathing without limitation. A smile swept across the hidden visage of the Quincy at the sight of such potential being displayed by his opponent, a power that had not been witnessed in quite sometime by many beings. The Reaper was slowly releasing the seals that he placed on his body piece by piece in this encounter until another massive arrow was shot and the Reaper stopped, "Almost there." With a charged fist of radiant energy he swung his fist as it shifted to a golden energy and struck the arrow causing an explosive blow back in all directions. The debris clears after nearly a minute to reveal the Reaper standing there with a smile as his hair remained released from the hair tie and levitated from his own energy as the Quincy became enveloped in his own blue energy. "My, oh my. You truly are a being of immeasurable power." The energy began to leak from the body of the Quincy as the red eyes began to peer through the darkness observing the collision of the forces, "It is clear that I will not claim victory in this encounter but I shall ensure that you break your limit." He took grip of the handle of the bow with both of his hands held palm side down and it was clear he strained attempting to bring his hands together. Slowly a vibrant white glow began to radiate from between his hands as the sounds of cracking could be heard. The light was so bright and daunting that some of the eyes disappeared while some grew closer. With a booming SNAP the bow broke from the center as a wave of light rushed over the area so bright and potent that even Oriru had to shield his eyes and brace his feet to not be blown back. Even with his might holding him down he was unable to lock himself down and slid along the surface of the sandy forest floor. "A Vollstandig?" It was the only logical assumption that he could gather, aware that Quincy are capable of wondrous powers when provided enough Reishi to manipulate and thus it makes sense that in a realm comprised almost entirely of such that the Quincy would achieve a power bounds above the previous encounters of the Reaper. The form of the being was hard to describe but the spiritual wings that extended from the back of the Quincy was clear that there was so much power in his body that it manifested in such a tremendous manner. In both of his hands he held identical blades but that was a diversion from the threat created by his wings. With a single flap a barrage of small arrows that appeared more like senbon needles assault the location of the Reaper. Quickly he raised his left hand as he concentrated on the pure light barrier of Danku aiming to protect himself but the moment that he was able to bring up the barrier he felt the sharp pain of a blade piercing through his back. The blade made it about centimeter through his lower back before he expelled a massive surge of energy from his back and launched himself forward shattering his own barrier. The moment that he got a short distance away he planted both feet on the ground sliding along the sand before gripping the ground with his right hand in order to slow his movement. Before he was able to stop his momentum he felt the sharp edge of a blade horizontally against his shoulder blade. Once more he surged a massive explosion of his own spiritual energy from his back and launched his form into the ground and launching a massive amount of sand in the air. With his toes driving into the ground and his right hand burrowed into the ground, the Reaper surged forward like a bullet and started a rotation and upon his gaze upwards upon the sky there he saw the Quincy coming down upon his position with his blade pointed downward. As he took a deep inhale, he put the wrist of both hands together and pointed his palms towards the Quincy charging a massive surge of energy and unleashing a massive wave of energy that consumed the Quincy and tore through the forest top without discrimination. The force compared with his presence off of the ground sent him crashing into the ground causing a small crater where he landed. Though he maintained the force of the blast and chose not to stop the attack aiming to obliterate his target for nearly a twelve complete seconds. Exhale. Slowly his vision began to focus again as he stared at the sky above. "Well, that was a close one." He laughed softly to himself as his arms fell to his side and he started to relax. The next moment was more surprising than painful as the blade of the Quincy impaled his left hand through to the ground below. The other blade was making for the center of his chest as he rolled over his left arm towards the initial blade as the second one stabbed through the ground of right at his back and that is when he heard the sound of the small arrows ripping through the air once more as he turned his head to the right witnessing the rain of senbon upon his location. There above him was the form of the winged Quincy with his body shielded behind damaged and cracked wings. His right hand reached up and, with the force of his left hand pushing, removed the blade from the ground and his hand as the arrows all disintegrated a meter from hitting him. He reached his left hand across to pull the second blade from the ground. Inhale. His body slowly became darker in form with a hint of white spikes and various other colors that matched the design of the galaxy being viewed from a clear sky of no light pollution. An explosion of force created another crater at his feet as he launched at the Quincy who could only manage a smile. "There it is." The Reaper's form had become fully consumed by the black spiritual energy and turned his body into a piece of the night sky with the blades held across his body as he whipped by the Quincy and hovered in the air with each blade extended at his side. Time had paused for a moment. Exhale. The Quincy had a radiation of light appear at his waist line all around his body as it slowly began to separate before dissolving into white light. A few moments later and the white energy turned into a black mass and vanished from his view as his body fell towards the ground. He landed on the ground as the blades seemed to fade away in blue energy leaving him staring at the wound of his left hand seeing as it slowly closed. Though he would not have the chance to focus further on the wound as the few dozen eyes, which were in the hundreds earlier, all were but a few meters from his current location as his energy was reaching a peak limit. "So..." He observed is galactic like form with a bit of aw, "This is the potential of my Shunko..." He knew there was more that held within, but he was starting to reach the final seal that contained his power and held a bit of curiosity on what is possible when the final limit is broken. Hollows hidden in the shadows would provide him no more time to ponder the potential power that he contained as the combination of the hunger for a satisfying meal and the chance to claim vengeance upon the scourge of their existence was too great. Though many of the menos class hollows had long departed leaving nothing but the Adjuchas Class hollows attempting their chance at this target. Some time later the Reaper stood face to face with the last remaining Adjuchas angry and desperate against this formidable opponent. It rushed the Reaper who swiftly turned around and gripped the blade of his Zanpakuto from the ground and removed it from the placement before spinning the rest of the way in a fluid movement and held the blade tip forward piercing the forehead of the Hollow, watching as it dissolved peacefully. His galactic form started to fade away as he held out his left hand reforming his sheath in his hand and placing his blade back where it once started. With a solemn glance to the area that was covered in impact points and blood from various beings he released a satisfied breath before fading from view. Moments later. The Reaper stood before the front of the Ivory Palace and considered the best method of calling out to the Espada to advise him that he was there. With a casual approach he raised his right hand as he concentrated a small surge of energy and pushed his hand forward. With tremendous forced charged in his hand and the full intention of his desires it was a simple way to alert the Primera that he was present. He knocked. WC: 3,171
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    Driving into the area basically no words were said between Frieda Thoumeaux and Sibylle Opie on the drive from the Hospital in eastern Tokyo over to Karakura Town. Passing through the northern highways to get over to the University of Tokyo that Sibylle would be attending next week. There were trains in and out of downtown Japan, roadways were cluttered with people. Making it over to the school from Karakura Town was going to be a chore every day that she had class. Leaning back in her chair the teenager just kept her gaze out the left side window as they drove down the left side of the road. Things were so different here in Japan that it was going to take her a while to adjust. Hours later they finally arrive to the two-story building that they would be staying in. Pulling the car into one of the three open parking spots Frieda then states, "We are home." Glancing up the side of the building Sibylle notices that this is one of the nicer houses in the area. "Kinoshita-sama did not spare any expense making sure that you would be comfortable while at home," the red-eyed woman spoke as she opened the door to get out. "I see that," Sibylle replied looking at how there was a horizontal attached to the back of the house as well as she stood grasping onto the passenger side door to stand up, "Awful lot of space for just the two of us." "The back section is a training area that Ermelinda Opie-sama requested that you had to stay in shape," Frieda replied as she closed the driver-side door then pulled open the back door on the driver's side to grab out a couple bags. Sibylle face started to scrunch with displeasure at the mention of her grandmother even this far away from her the woman had claws into her daily life and schedule. "Grab your things so we can get inside and make some dinner," Frieda cut through the teenager's state of zoning out getting her attention. She begrudgingly closed the passenger-side door and opened the passenger backside door to grab out the remaining bags before heading to the trunk to get her remaining luggage. The rest of her night was filled with exploring each room and area of the house which included a living room area, a small kitchen smashed together with a dining room, stairs leading up to the four bedrooms on the second floor, and a spacial training facility that could be reached by the door under the steps or from the outside backyard. Within that room were several training dummies for hand-to-hand practicing, archery targets, a rectangular mat area that looked like the main training section, and a small weight set on the far wall. "This will do," Sibylle shrugged at all of the physical exercise that was probably in her near future. After dinner Sibylle went to her room to check out what was in her luggage. Opening up the bags, there was everything she needed from cosmetics to personal care. The three bags of luggage were a mix of some of her clothes and a few items that survived. The water-damaged books were still mostly intact, she was down a few sets of clothes but she had enough to make things work until she made some money, and the two metal containers were still in good condition. One was her fencing sword to practice with and the other was about the size of a shoe box that her grandmother had told her to show to her cousin. Apparently he would be able to explain the contents of the box better to her when the time came. Whatever that cryptic foreshadowing statement meant. Crashing in the bed Sibylle found herself enjoying the comfortable bed. She could feel herself tired enough that she changed for bed when a knock came to her door. Finishing getting into a tank top and shorts she opened the door to see Frieda wearing the same outfit of the white uniform, consisting of a loose trench coat featuring a hood and a high collar, white pants, golden buttons evenly placed up the coat, and black gloves. "I am heading out to take care of some errands," the woman with red eyes stated so casually. "Do you normally call your booty-calls errands?" Sibylle asked sarcastically with a tilted smile. "There are two of us living here now and I did not have time to stop earlier. Stay here and we will go get you more clothes to replace the ones you lost tomorrow," Frieda replied brushing off the teenagers attempted humor as she moved her curly blonde bangs out of her face. "Fine, fine. Don't tell me about your late night fun," Sibylle stated as she jokingly threw up her hands in protest. Laying down in bed Sibylle grabbed her cellphone with her right hand while resting her left hand up against her forehead. "Guess I should listen to these..." she muttered to herself now that she was alone. Most of the messages were from her grandmother before and after the accident trying to make sure she had made it or how she was recovering. She sends Ermelinda a text figuring that their time-zones were fourteen hours apart saying that she was fine and had reached the new house thanks to Frieda Thoumeaux. Before her grandmother could call or text a reply the teenager had found herself in an exhausted slumber. Waking up in a cold sweat Sibylle could feel this ominous presence nearby. She could not describe the feeling, she was somewhere between vile and depressing. This aura hung on her like it was consuming her very being which was giving her a headache. So she decided to get up walking over to the sliding door blocked by a curtain, which she easily moved out of the way so that she could unlock the door sliding it open enough for her to walk out on the small balcony. She was overlooking her neighbor hood as the cool night breeze pushed by allowing her to think it was just the weather that was getting to her, possibly even a badly insulated room. Looking down towards the roadway Sibylle could see a few humans walking down the sidewalk lit up by street lamps. The more unusual thing was, she could see a man on a bench that appeared to be almost flickering in place. Crossing her arms on the railing, she leaned her chin forward to rest on the top of her right forearm. Her silver eyes analyzing as the man now seemed to have no legs and was leaning forward in a distraught manner. That is when the looming presence could be felt once again, this time in a more overwhelming fashion causing her legs to almost buckle. "I must be really out of it," she mutters to herself when she hears a loud thunderous scream. Turning around she seems the outline of a large figure lumbering down her street. As this outline gets closer to the intersection, the more intense this sinister aura bears down on her. Looking down she sees that the people walking all feel down and the man in the bench was rocking back and forth. The moonlight then catches the large humanoid figure with a pure white fish-like mask, a black dorsal fin on its back, shoulders and arms are covered with the same substance as the mask, and its body is covered with dark gray stripes. "Hey!" Sibylle found herself calling out to the spirit on the bench as she was not sure if this was real or a terrible dream, "You have to run!" This was out of her normal, all of this was bad. Whatever that thing was, she could see it as the creature launched as the man in a blind fashion grabbing him up to bite his upper half clean off. This was straight out of a horror film, the teenager thought to herself as she stepped away from the railing as the creature finished chewing and had started to look around. Before she could react Sibylle could feel her body being grabbed and crushed by this monstrous force. She could not even scream out as her body being squeezed of the very air she was trying to breathe. The creature lifted her up and off the railing up into the air as it opened its enormous mouth as if it was going to drop her down into its throat. That was when she felt a sharp jerking motion as something had impacted the creature from the left side. Looking over in wonderment and terror she sees the familiar outline of Frieda holding a blue glowing longbow as the arm holding the teenager crashes to the ground. As the creature cries out Frieda appears right next to Sibylle placing a hand on her left shoulder as the creature's left arm dissolves. "Freida, what the Hell is going on!?" the silver eyed teen asks trying to push herself up, but struggling under the new less demonic aura taking over the area. "Not right now Opie," the red-eyed woman replied in a serious tone, "I am going to give you some of my reiatsu to you. I will explain the rest later." "Reiatsu!? What the Hell is that?" Sibylle asks frantically struggling in place as a blue translucent flame shrouds Frieda before covering the teenager for a moment. In the next moment Sibylle's body explodes with energy, as if she could feel every living thing around her. Looking down at her forearms with bright blue glowing eyes now there were now dark blue veins appearing in a similar fashion to what she could see on Frieda's neck. "Well, that confirms that you are a Echt," the woman states as she turns her attention back to the one armed creature attempting to throw a downward punching in her direction only for Frieda to quick draw the longbow manifesting an arrow out of nowhere. This arrow is fired into the fist cutting throw the fist into the arm exploding out the shoulder. Then sliding forward Frieda ends right under the creature manifesting and firing another arrow directly under the throat and through the skull. A moment later the screams of the creature stop as it turns to dust and fades away. Letting out a quick sigh of relief Frieda gets up and dusts herself off. "I thought we were going to have more time before this would happen," she stated as she walks over to Sibylle offering her a hand to get up. "What was that?" The teenager asked as she got up on wobbly legs. "That was a hollow. Specifically a Fishbone D type of hollow, one of the weaker tier ones," Frieda explained in a hushed tone, "We will talk about this later. I need to move the car out of the middle of the road." Sibylle slowly nodded as she watched the glowing blue longbow disappear reverting into the black glove on her left hand. The teenager had so many more questions than answers at this point, was she dreaming? What was going on? Why did her veins turn dark blue? Why am I able to feel my mother's five-point cross necklace pulsing? After Frieda parked the car and they checked on the civilians that had passed out they returned to the house and locked the door behind them. "I am sure you have a lot of questions," Frieda stated as she pulled off her white hooded jacket and hung it up in the corner, "But I am exhausted so let us keep this to five questions and the rest we can pick up tomorrow. Does that seem fair to you?" "Fine," Sibylle count feel her face scrunching into an annoyed expression, "What was that really? What are you? How could you create that bow with that glove? What did you do to me back there?And how do I turn this off?" "A hollow as I stated before," Frieda replied to the first question with an exasperated sigh, "Hollows are creatures born from Human souls who do not cross over to Soul Society after their death. Before you ask another question, Soul Society is kind of like heaven but not really. These souls that do not move on, lingering too long can and often do become corrupted." The pale-skinned woman makes her way over to the nearby couch where she sits down to rub the bridge of her nose with her thumb, middle, and index fingers of her right hand. "Second question, I am the same as you," Frieda states nonchalantly, "We are both Quincies, humans capable of detecting the existence of hollows, spirits, and shinigami. We hunt down the hollows to destroy them before they can hurt others. You are a Echt or Pureblood and I am a Gemischt or mixed-blood. This leads me into the third question; Quincies through a lot of training can gather the spiritual energy around us known as reishi." She demonstrates by lifting her left hand to create a blue longbow once again before letting it fade from sight almost as fast as it had appeared. "By giving you some of my reiatsu, spiritual pressure, I was able to activate your dormant Quincy powers deep within your blood," Frieda explained as she leaned forward bringing her hands together as she helped her right leg lift up and over the left knee, "Because both of your parents were purebloods as well your Blut powers automatically activated. Blut techniques take the Reishi around you are directing them to flow into your blood vessels, allowing you to be able to drastically increase defenses. Specifically your Blut Vene was activated, we will talk about other ways to use that in the future." Leaning back against the couch Frieda continues, "You can turn it off by relaxing your body and the reishi you have gathered. It will hit you like a ton of bricks when you do though because your body is not used to the stress." "Alright, alright I get it," Sibylle replies as she lets herself find a relaxing state of mind. Her eyes flicker for a moment before returning to their normal silver color. At the same time the dark blue veins give way to purple, then burgundy, then red, then pick, before returning to the pale skin she normally had. "Whoa, that is..." she barely gets out before she blacks out crashing sides onto Frieda's lap. I tried to tell her so, Frieda lamented in her head before grabbing her phone to text her employer, He is probably not going to be happy about how she learned of her heritage, but I need to know how he wants me to proceed now. [WC: 2472/1500][Learned Blut Vene][TWC: 4716] [Exit Thread]
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    Zenakus head laid firmly on the pillow as he was sleeping but he was slowly waking up cause every day he always woke up around six am which meant that it was getting real close to that time. Just then there was a large bang on his door so zenaku shot up from his bed and rushed over to his door and opened it to see the 4th seat of his squad standing there with a note pad in hand. " Zenaku Shiba correct." The fourth seat to his squad was a very slender but beautiful woman who went by the odd name of the ogre shzune shinamuri, she had short pink and purple hair that came down to about here eye brows. She had fusha colored eyes and for some reason always looked like she was giving people evil looks. " Yes mam i am zenaku shiba tenth seat officer of squad ten third platoon." Zenaku said as he raised his hand up to his head as he saluted her, he was not really sure what was going on cause this almost never happened unless they was doing a practice drill but there was something different about this one that told the young soul reaper that there was something happening." All high ranking officers in squad ten from tenth seat up is being called in for a emergency meeting, you are to report to the vice captains room by no later then 9 am, sense the vice captain and captain are currently not here the third seat shall be in charge." Once she was done talking she wrote down something in her note pad then walked away as she headed towards the room of there ninth seat officer of squad ten. Zenaku closed the door to his room and pondered just what it could be that was going on to have the highest ranking members of the squad having to meet. Normally that dose not happen unless there was a war happening or a great threat was needed to be taken out but in that last case would't they just send there stronger fighters out why bother with zenaku who was only the tenth seat and even then he was just the tenth cause he could use shikai and he was good at using kido. So still having time before the big meeting zenaku decided to go take a shower then after that he got dressed but it normally took him a while to make his self look perfect that by the time he was finished he looked at the clock and noticed that it was already 8:30 so he needed to get moving or else he would be late to the meeting. He did not wish to be late to the party seeing as he wanted to make a good impression to the other high ranking members of the squad and being late was not a good start. after leaving his room and locking it zenaku used flash step to quickly make it from where his room was to being now in front of the vice captains quarters so opening the door he walked in only to find that he was still the last one to arrive to the meeting so he went and got in line with every one else. " Welcome members of squad ten, the reason i have called you all in here is cause we have found three threats inside of the forests, there are two adjuchas level hollows and they must be first found observed then taken out and that is why i have called you ten fighters in here today. I shall be making two teams to go out there and deal with them, first our two team leaders for this mission. They are me the third seat, shizune the fourth sea now when i call out your name you shall step forward and i will tell you which team your going with. First is our 5th seat Mizuki shabana, she shall be with me on this mission, and next is our 6th seat gaizo nobu." When Iknair spoke his name a large built man walked fowards he had one half of his soul reaper out fit missing on the top half and he had long black hair which he had in a pony tail." Gaizo you shall be in team one with me, next 7th seat Rin abarai." this time a woman walked forwards that had golden hair that was meduim length and she had on some kind of knee and elbow pads on. " Rin you shall be in the second company with shizune. Next can i have 8th seat haei come forward." The next person to step forwards was a smaller boy looking soul reaper that had dark spiky hair that pointed up almost as if he had been struck by lightning. " Heai you shall be in second company with Mizuki, next is fukaku kaiba. 9th seat" this time a boy not much taller then heai stepped forward that had short spiky hair that was deep blue. " Fukaku you shall come with me and lastly we have Zenaku shiba tenth seat, you shall go with our forth seat shizune. Now we do not have any idea what these hollows can do which is why i ask that you look on and analyze them first before you go in for the kill cause i do not wish to have any deaths in my squad at least not until our vice captain and captain return but really do not die on me." iknari said as the two teams formed up and used flash step to vanish from where they was, zenakus team exited the gates that lead into the rukongai districts then kept going until they reached the edge of the forest. From what the report said that the team was handed the hollow that they was looking for was some where in this area but as to the exact location they was not a hundred percent sure which was why this team was formed so that they could go out and deal with the threat that was wreaking havoc around these parts. " Ahhhhhhhh" Out of no where the squad heard the sound of a beast yell out with a fierce scream, either it was something like a bear or tiger that was suddenly attacked or it was the hollow that they was out looking for and in which case the squad needed to go and check out what it was even if it was nothing more then a false alert. Zenaku looked over to where shizune was to see what her orders was sense she was the one leading this exposition, she raised her hand and gave the signal to head out so with out a second thought the three soul reapers went in to flash step as they rushed towards the area where they heard the sound. As they approached the area they saw a tall patch of grass so they all hid and noticed that it was indeed a hollow that had made the yell but he was not alone as he had a person in his hands and he was ripping them apart as he was eating them like pieces of chicken wings. wc: 1,214
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    Zenaku and gang just stood there as they could not take there eyes off of the beast that was standing before them, one of the members of the squad could not seem to handle seeing a person being ripped in half so he tossed up his gut which zenaku found to be very unbecoming of a soul reaper. If you could not even handle something like a person dying how are you supposed to be able to save people who are being killed but he would not have to worry about it for to much longer cause the hollow tossed down the broken and eaten remains of the poor soul as he started sniffing the air around him. " I thought they would send some better tasting food my way if i continued to kill off there people." The hollow said as he chuckled before he turned and looked right towards where zenaku and the others was hiding. " There is no need to hide from me soul reaper, my nose is very keen and i know just where you are. I am the king of these forest as nothing can escape from my presence ha ha ha ha. Now how about you come out so we can meet each other properly." The four soul reapers stepped out from behind the high grass that they was using to hide there selfs and walked out into the open but they managed to stay a good ways away from the hollow cause he was not sure just what this beast was capable of and they did not wish to risk any thing by getting to close to it. " Why have you been causing trouble hollow. We would not have even knew about a aduchjuas level hollow here in the forest if you had just laid low so why attract attention to your self now." Shizune had asked the hollow as she reached down and pulled out two zanpakto from her side, one was a longer normal looking katana but the other one was a little shorter and if zenaku knew his knowledge on swords it was what was called a wikashi which is longer then a short sword but shorter then a normal standard sword that the academy gives you when first starting. Sense Shizune was drawing her blade Zenaku drew his also and got to the ready to fire a kido spell if he needed to and as they did that the others also drew there swords also and got into a fighting stance. " Ha ha ha ha, i always knew that soul reapers was dense as fuck but boy you are stupid, i just said that i wanted better tasting food and from the smell coming off of you trash i would say that you shall make for a decent meal." Getting a better look at this beast zenaku noticed that he had different parts of animals on him, his head and torso was that of a lion. His legs was that of a bull and his arms was of some kind of reptile cause they was covered with scales, he also noticed that the beast had some horns coming out of his head. The lions mane was twisted into braids which all went back to behind his head. " So your only reason for killing these poor souls was cause you wanted better food....that is the worst thing i have ever heard a hollow utter in my whole life. I shall kill you and make you pay you bastard." The fourth seat shizune did not have any words to speak as she quickly went into flash step then as she got close to the hollow she brought both of her swords down from above her head as she tried to end the fight swiftly but the hollow saw this coming and with one quick motion brought a two sided battle axe up which he used to block her attack. " Im disappointed in you soul reaper, i would have expected a lot more from a high ranking member of the curt guard squads." Just then the hollow took his free arm and he smashed his fish into the midsection of the forth seat shinune and she was sent flying back, she then smashed into the ground and a large dust cloud formed around where she was so he was not able to see if she was dead or how bad she was hurt. " Ha ha ha, trash the lot of ya. I hope you fellows put up more of a fight then she did." the hollow said as he gazed at them with those eyes that burned with hunger and the thought of a good fight also, zenaku could already see that this fight was gonna be a very hard one cause for him to be able to hit there forth seat away like that he had some good perception and strength but there had to be some way for them to handle this hollow with out ending up like shizune. " Every one i need you to distract that beast long enough for me to do something, it should only take a few seconds but if he sees it then the tactic i have in mind will fail." zenaku said to the other two as he thought about which kido art spell he would need to use, this adjuchas was very strong it was clear on that but even a strong being as this hollow would have a hard time getting back up from a high powered kido spell. The other two nodded there heads as one went in front of him while the second one went behind him. He was not sure how well this idea of his would work but he needed to do two things in this fight, the first was to some how by enough time for forth seat to recover enough energy to get back into the fight, while the second was to gather up enough energy to fire off a very power kido that would hopefully take a arm or leg from this hollow he just hoped that he did not have high speed regeneration. But from what he learned in the academy was that it was mostly the higher evolved hollows like the vosto lorde that had that powerful technique but they could never know what these monsters was able to do. Raising his right arm he pointed the palm of his hand towards the menotar looking hollow and a yellowish golden orb of energy formed in his hand. "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!" Hadō # 63: Raikōhō" Just then a beam of yellow energy fired out from his hand as it made its way towards the adujchuas hollow as lightning sparkled around the beam. The hollow must have seen the attack heading his way as he back handed one member of the squad then kicked the other before bringing his large battle axe down as he managed to cut the hado spell in half and each part went past him and they exploded behind him. " Ha ha ha ha ha, lowly soul reaper your tactic was to easily predicted if your gonna get me then you shall have to do a lot better then that. But i shall at least give you points for your attempt cause you actually made my hand tingle." The hollow said as he continued laughing as the three soul reapers gathered back together to figure out a new plan. wc: 1,277 twc: 2,491
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    Masato was not surprised by Arthur’s desire to continue seeking answers; he didn’t seem the type to rest easy knowing a threat still loomed over Karakura. A threat that still struck fear in a hollow who accepted their death mere minutes ago. However, despite resolve in Arthur’s voice, Masato would inform his ally of their next destination, partially to prepare him to make the trip, but mostly to ascertain that he didn’t drag Arthur blindly to a place he didn’t want to go. "We are heading to Karakura High. She, the orange haired bitch, can most likely hear us right now. So there's no point in being discrete." Just as he spoke, several bandages emerged from his coat and wrapped around every wound visible on Arthur's body. The wrapping was tight enough to prevent the loss of blood, as Masato intended it to. Additionally, the bandages began to stitch the wounds together. Depending on Arthur's sensitivity to touch, he might’ve felt thin insertions into his skin from the miniscule threads that sew him up. "I hope that didn’t hurt too much.” Masato remarked as he tended to the wound on the hand he directly block Arthur's ferrule with. "Let’s go." Masato took off in a fast but comfortable speed for both himself and Arthur, who repurposed a takeaway box to carry the parasite. The prospect of which, the cyan clad Fullbringer found very humorous. But out of fear of being too insensitive, he would hold back his laughter, seeing the hollow's disgruntled face as it marinated in the residual food juices of whatever was served in the takeaway box. Instead, Masato would offer to hold the box before initiating a conversation with Arthur. “If you don’t mind me asking, what motivates you to do this?” wc: 295
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    The final words of a comrade that he never had the pleasure of honestly getting to meet, but the tales of the members that once ran his division would flow through his mind. There was a strong amount of respect that was held in the moment that he was provided such a praise from a man who once walked his steps. Though it was solemn in the words as Oriru had been, in this moment, a man who departed from the duties of his role. There was a slow exhale as the energy of his body continued to cackle with the energy of his Shunko as he started at the Espada with a focused glare, or as best that he could manage through the thickness of the Miasma. A torrent of violet energy surged from the location of the Espada before that, and the Miasma faded away and left behind the natural visage of the Espada and the twenty-foot radius of death and decay that consumed the immediate area. The Espada was curious and poised a desire; a request to observe the potential of what is capable by the apparent Captain of the Kido Corps. The Espada tapped his cane upon the ground as the mouth of the white desert opened behind him. He looked upon the Garganta for a moment and this was the moment that he had been waiting for; this would be the moment that would allow him to prove he was capable of beating his father. Oriru would have to push his limits to the end so that he could reach the core of his power, break the bond between him and his father, and unite the final layer of his power. The radiation of green energy shifted to a golden color and faded away leaving behind Oriru in his natural state. Each of his orbs shattered into dust as he held out his right hand. The Odachi came from the ground and connected to his hand as he shifted it over to his left hand. "Alright then, unchallenged Lord of Hueco Mundo, allow us to enter the place of your home." He nodded towards the Espada as he continued to walk and passed him with his eyes fixed on the portal before him as he relaxed his spiritual pressure. "You will be the first to see the full extent of my power." With that he continued forward, expecting the Espada to follow behind. Oriru remained aware that he had no means to return if not by the grace of a Hollow but this was the trial that he needed. If he proved himself worthy, he would find his way back home.
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    The Primera walks throughout Hueco Mundo, his cane sinking deeper into the sands with each step. It hadn't been long since his 'training session' with Yamashiro and the revelation of the Red Scabbards' true location. The two of them agreed to split off as they each made their way the Forest of Menos. It was here where the Scabbards would meet their end. As he continues his travels, the Primera senses an all too familiar source of spiritual pressure. A crude Garganta appears behind Tsukishima as a smile forms across his face. The figure from within emerges as Tsukishima stops his forward movement, keeping his back facing his new arrival. “Now you decide to reveal yourself. It's been a long time, Hermit. Or perhaps I should call you by your true name?” The Hermit stands behind Tsukishima, his imposing figure towering over the Primera. “Even after all these years, you are still the same ignorant whelp who lacks wisdom and vision. A fool attempting to play God.” “Is that what you believe?” Tsukishima snorts as he continues to walk forward. He casually swipes his finger to the side as a large Garganta opens in front of him. “I suppose I can allow Yamashiro to have some fun for a bit. I doubt this will take long.” The two Arrancar enter the dark void in silence as the Garganta closes. WC: 229
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    The creature's head slams into Yusei's chest sending him backward. Sliding back, the Quincy regains his footing as he sees the creature land on his face and lets out a chuckle. Gradually rising to its feet, it absentmindedly stares towards Yusei. “Do you happen to have any food? Maybe chocolate or even women?! Hopefully women!!!!” “As I assumed, it was more than just an act. This creature is really insane.” He gently rubs the spot on his chest where he had been rammed and glared at the creature. There was only a handful of times during these outings where he had been caught unaware, this, unfortunately, was one of them. He peered coldly at the creature, weighing all of his options. He could fight with it now and risk the chances of someone getting hurt. Another option would be to get away from the area and deal with it there. The creature seemed innocent and gullible enough to be lured away. The only real question would be were to lead it, and how to get rid of it. At this point in time, given the power it possessed, it would be dangerous to leave here. With its childlike nature, one violent episode could cause some serious damage. “There is local trail south of here that leads to an abandoned campsite. If I can lure him away to there I can deal that way.” Turning towards the creature, Yusei holds his hand up as a way of inviting him. “Actually I do have some women for you. Some very tasty ones at that. Why don't you follow me and I can show them off.” The creature pauses for a moment, placing its hand on its chin. Saliva drips from its mouth as it runs towards Yusei, the absentminded look in its eyes returning. Smirking, Yusei takes off and heads towards the trail, the creature in hot pursuit. It didn't take long for the two of them to reach the aforementioned site, especially with the incredible speed the creature possessed. It was so fast, that Yusei himself surmised that it rivaled his own top speed. The two land on the ground, in a patchy area surrounded by trees. It was a good ten miles away from the outskirts of town, so no one would get hurt. “Where are the women?! I'm very hungry.” Peering off towards a nearby grove, he gestured with his finger. “They are over there. They should be getting ready for you. Why don't you go over there and greet them? I'll set up things over here for you to eat.” The creature squeal in delight as it scurries towards the area. As it passes the Quincy, he quickly summons his bow, aiming it at the back of its head. “I'll give him a mercy killing. I don't want to see his face when he does.” The creature busily looks for his dinner as Yusei solemnly lines up his sights, ready to fire. As the arrow cuts through the air, the creature disappears moments before the shot connects. “Meanie! That is NOT nice!” The creature appeared behind the billionaire, his fist coated with pink energy. “Dammit. It's attacking from behind. This is going to be more of a challenge than I thought.” Within seconds, the pink coated energy explodes from the creature's hand, darting towards Yusei's head. It was unrefined and unfocused given Yusei ample time to move accordingly. Yusei ducks underneath the attack, feeling the immense power from the attack pass his face. It crashes through tree after tree eventually creating a perfect row of knocked down trees. “What the hell was that attack? That was unlike any Cero I have ever seen them shoot.” The Quincy points his bow towards the creature once more, this time firing off a small volley of arrows towards it. The attack catches it off guard, hitting the creature directly in the chest. It flies backward, rolling across the ground before eventually regaining its footing. Clutching onto his bow, Yusei stares coldly at the childlike beast. The creature rubs the spot on its chest where the arrows hit, tilting its head to the side. “Ow!! That hurt. First, you lie about food now you hurt me? Now I really gonna mess you up!!” “Lovely. Looks like I pissed it off now. Perhaps this will provide me with good training experience.” As he says this, the creature uses its immense speed to dart towards Yusei, his fist coated in that same pink energy. Drawing closer, the creature disappeared, startling Yusei with its increased speed. “Shit...it's behind me.” Despite pinpointing where it was, Yusei could not turn around in time to block the attack. The pink coated fist dug deep into the Quincy's back before firing off. The sheer force from the attack sends him crashing into the trees off into the distance. His body acts like a rag-doll as it crashes through tree after tree, eventually landing on the ground. “Meanie! I told you I would hurt you! Now to find some food!!!!!” The creature lops off, continuing its absentminded search for food. Only a sharp slice could be heard as blood trickles down the creature's face. A gash appears as the source of that blood, the creature gently touching it. Its hands begin to quiver as it turns around to see Yusei standing in the clearing, bow drawn. “I didn't want to try this out just yet. Especially against someone such as yourself. However, it seems you leave me with no choice. An immense and dangerous power such as yours needs to be stopped.” Upon saying this, blue reiatsu swirls around the Quincy, becoming more and more vibrant by the second. The ground begins to shake, rocks and dust kicking up around him. Trees sway back and forth as the reiatsu completely covers Yusei. With a powerful huff, the reiatsu bristles outward, Yusei's power increasing tremendously. “Let's go blimp.” WC: 987 987/1,500 Completed
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    “What the hell am I? Some kind of friggin alien?” Yusei says as the man begins to walk away. “What was that hollow and how do you know all of this?” “Isn’t that the question of the day? What you are is very simple. Nothing extraterrestrial about it for the most part. You are what’s called a Quincy. A human with powers and abilities far exceeding that of a normal human being.” Yusei could only laugh. This was perhaps the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard in his life. Him, a being with such “magical powers”. It was laughable. Yet, through each chuckle, he could feel some truth behind his words. He could tell he wasn’t joking. Perhaps this was real after all. The laughing slowly stopped, the look on his face told the story. He wanted proof. If he had any idea of who he was, what he was, he needed to know. “Prove it. Show me that I’m this Quincy thing or whatever. Show me..” Before he could get out the rest of his sentence, the man pulled a dagger from his sleeve and attempted to embed it into his abdomen. To his utter surprise, the blade snapped off, clanking to the ground harmlessly. He glanced down towards his stomach and touched where the blade was to have penetrated. There were no marks, no wounds. “Impressed? That was Blut Vene. A Quincy technique. I'm impressed you were able to learn it subconsciously. Most take years before they are able to. Do you believe me now or should I arrange another demonstration?” Yusei nods his head in disbelief as he leans up against a wall, the mysterious man beginning on just what a Quincy is. “All of this is so new to me. I don’t quite know what to make of it.” Yusei replied after being quiet for some time. “You are taking it a lot better than I did. I puked when I first discovered it.” Yusei lifts his head up, seeing the mysterious man before him flash a quick smile. “Are you...” “Yup, I'm a Quincy as well. The name's Jin Tanahashi.” As he says this, he sees the man pull out a white cross necklace from underneath his shirt, letting it dangle in front of him. “That cross...my mother had a cross just like that. She wore it all the time before she passed. I think I still have it at home.” “Oh, that means your mom was probably a Quincy as well.” Yusei stops and thinks, wondering why neither of his parents shared this information with him. He wondered if this entire Quincy business had anything to do with his mother's passing or his father's disappearance. “So...what now?” Yusei manages to reply after a long pause. “Well, that's up to you. I can help train you if you'd like. Master those powers you have so you can better deal with what's coming.” Yusei shot a puzzled glance at Jin, obviously confused by his words. Jin picks up on this and chuckles to himself, forgetting to tell the entire situation. “Shit, I'm sorry. I forgot to mention it. You've heard what they've been reporting on the news right? All that jazz about 'He is coming'? Well, He is real and he actually is coming. His name is Tsukishima Higurashi and you actually just killed one of his subordinates.” Yusei jumps back, terrified by Jin's words. “You told me to attack him! What the hell?!?” “Don't worry. He won't have a grudge against you personally. If Higurashi has his way, you would have been dead anyway. Plus this was just a grunt, he won't know who did it...probably. Regardless, you need to be trained on how to use those powers. If not, it could spell death for you and everyone you care about. Don't fret, this isn't some anime. You aren't the key to winning the coming war and won't be the fabled hero of the world. Even if you master your powers, you'll likely never come close to him. To him, you will now and forever be a shit-stain. I've been honing my powers for years and I can't hold a candle to him. Training will just keep you around a little while longer. So what do you say? Go out like a bitch or go out fighting?” Jin extends his hand out to Yusei, flashing the same coy smile from before. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he felt that Jin's words were valid. Something big was coming and if he wanted to protect Ayumi, this might be the only way to do so. Sighing, he shakes Jin's hand, pulling himself up off against the wall. “If it means saving her, I'm willing to learn whatever I can about this Quincy business. My name is Yusei. Yusei Kinoshita.” Jin returns his handshake before his expression slowly changes from cheerfulness to confusion and amazement. “Hold up...You're THE Yusei Kinoshita?? The guy from Noir? I'm charging you for lessons. Two million yen per session. Non-negotiable.” WC: 843
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    NPC* Graceful and powerful, Chanchella had always viewed herself as the most able combatant on any team she had ever been placed in and this situation would be no different, of that she was sure. A moment of hyperawareness strikes her as she begins to inspect the position of her cover relative to the brush and bushes spilling out before the tree line of forest, both of which were too thick for her keen eyes to properly scan. The seated officer glances over the right side of the destroyed body of the side capped wagon that made up her cover and sees nothing for moment before a burst of movement flashes outward and sends the alarms off in her mind, she is about to lift her arm to fire kido before a white rabbit hops from a small shrub and begins to dart across the training field. Exhaling sharply she slips back behind her cover in full looking then to the balcony which seemed to have a blind spot to its left.. a blind spot she could easily compensate and so she quickly dashes from her cover to the large box like rock next to her wagon. She moves to the outer left side of rock [C] and prepares herself to fire kido and make up for anything the balcony over watch may miss. NPC* During these actions Frederic and Ryu prepare themselves for the oncoming conflict as well, Fredric battling to keep his focus at the forefront of his mind and his overpowering boredom towards the back while Ryu at the cover closer to the bush line than his elder fought to remain calm. Closing his eyes a moment he attempts and succeeds at centering himself, he had rose through the ranks by spirit energy and test efficiency alone and had rarely seen combat in even a training setting such as this, he did not want to disappoint either of the Lieutenants. NPC* Officer Yatsuri remains alert and determined, he had always been second guessed by his allies his entire life and he saw coming out to these forests, to these camps, as an opportunity to reinvent his reputation and had taken his selected participation in this exercise as a chance to start that process correctly. Beside him stood Kazeyomi Kotatsu with the reputation of her family to uphold for the Kotatsu name had always produced exceptional shinigami but none to date had scaled the heights of spiritual prowess as her grandfather Shukuro Kotatsu had, and she hoped to one day change this. She too stands alert, waiting and ready to provide cove fire for her warrior allies on the ground, the plan had been discussed to them before they had been sent to their positions and while it was risky Kazeyomi trusted anyone who had been taught by her grandfather as the nameless Lieutenant once was. WC - 478, wc above this counted OOC - NPC locations -, [C], [M], [L], Balcony - {w} , {X}
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    Salvatore and his men awaited in the forest, planning and scheming. He was accompanied by his tenth seat Turo and Turo's selected combatants and now team members. Which consisted of officers Ken Yama, Bane Noname, Shin Denero, Kale Sumbachi, and Gen Yama. Both Gen and Ken were twins, they were roughly in there young twentys, both supporting short buzzed green hair, with lime green eyes. The only thing that stood them apart from one another was that Gen had been serverly burned in a fire and suffered major scaring along half his body that extended upwards to the left side of his face. Bane Noname, which really wasnt his last name, but he was not given one. He was an orphan a castout thrown to the streets as a toddler, only to be saved by a group of unsavory characters. Which gave him his hard exterior he displayed and strong will. The man stood roughly six foot flat and had red hair that flowed freely at shoulder length. Shin was more of a normal soul reaper, grew up slightly privileged but he trained his ass off to get where he is today. He had no hair, bald, shinning in the sunlight. His attire was like most reapers however he always carried with him a staff, strapped along his back. Now Kale was a young women looking as if she was barely of age. Her pretty looks was something to not be fooled by, she was a warrior at heart. She had long blonde hair that for now would be tied back in a pony tail, with crystal blue eyes. Vice Captain Salvatore looked over his team, and then to the map, reassuring himself and his squad. "Keep to the plan, if need be you know what to do should something warrant a counter measure. Again move as a team, act as one, reinforce, remain head strong." The team would nod in unison, ready to begin. A few more moments would pass, and the time would be upon them. "Time to move out" Salvatore and his team would arrive at the forest line and look closer upon the battlefield. The grassless field with overturned with wagons and bushes scattered threwout and there in the distance the shanty town, the saloon barely being able to fully be seen. Salvatore would make his move first, moving by himself he would begin to transverse along the forest line to the other side of the forest line. He would move in quick strides, his speed moving almost at his fullest potential to ensure getting into place. Salvatore would run along the forest line insdie the thick brush to hide his movements, once in place he moves with flash step to bush [J] NPC: The teams would begin there movements. They would split into the two three men group as devised. Ken, Gen and Shin were one team while Bane, Turo, and Kale made up the other team. This was mainly because of skill, Bane, Kale, and Turo were great hand to hand fighters, while Gen, Ken and Shin excelled in kido arts, however Ken was a more overall skilled warrior. Gen and his team would move to bush [F] keeping there heads low and moving at the best of there abilities. Once inside the bush they would split, Ken Remained in bush [F], while Gen moved to bush [E] and Shin to bush [A]. This team would allow cover fire and potential observation. Ken would remain until the time was right to throw himself into the fray. NPC: Team two were also on the move they all entered Bush [H/G] together an remained as the other team got into place. They would be the front assault team, so there positions remaining concealed for now was of the upmost importance. Salvatore would remain as well, his speed would allow him to close in gapes with a flash step or two, and knowing the officers skills, not one besides the opposing Lieutenant could keep track of. OOC :Technically moved 7 times but hope its ok Wc: 675
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    Elder Zarrow sits across from the Lieutenant in the “front yard” of the large white canvas tent that had been his living quarters for the past many months, a cup of tea in each of the twos hand, Yuro had taken two of the wicker chairs from inside and brought them out so he and Zarrow would be able to sit more comfortably in the sun. The District Elders presence in the camp was significant not only for the fact that it was indicative of his own intention to keep his word, but for the specific timing of the day that the Lieutenant had synchronized in such a way on purpose, indeed today would be his first step in forming that group which he knew to be necessary to form in the strange tides of the wave he had been making. It was recently that one of the many Bandit armies forming had managed to dig its ideology deep enough into the youth of Zarrows community, The District 48..among one of the territories in Rukognai which had kept its “District Name.” The Elder was unsure of what to do, similar to Mayor Keyante’s predicament and so Yuroshima had struck the deal with him that if he took care of their Bandit problem, the Elder must allow an in town camp just as Naghistahd had, it was also recently that Yuroshima had become acquainted with the former 5th seat San Salvatore and from him would receive troop reinforcements, and not too many days had passed before that that he had finished moving the majority of things to Nahgistahd for in the in town camp that rested their marking it as his jurisdiction. Yes, today was the result of perfect timing to bring these three elements together, although Mayor Keyante’s absence was beginning to trouble the Lieutenant as he had invited the Village elder, who had agreed to come, but still has not shown yet and it was soon that San would arrive, or at least this was the date he had specified as a display of his commitment to follow his word. Holding to such a thing would be the exact type of thing to impress the Lieutenant who valued having connections and ties with those souls he felt to be great as well. “So.” Zarrow begins, “Why is it that you’ve brought me out here Lieutenant?” The Elder asks. Yuroshima leans forward in his chair slightly, “Oh come now, surely it’s a delight in itself to spend time with your good friend the Lieutenant?” He offers in a half humorous half singing tone. “Hah!” The Elder laughs back with a hint of sarcasm, “Yeah heh.., a real pleasure..although I have to say I was unaware that we were already actual friends.” He replies in a sny manner. “Learn something new every day right? Cause after what I’ve done for you I’d say we are definitely friends now.” He pauses for a moment, tone becoming slightly more sinister, “In fact I would go as far as to say we are very close friends now, and probably will be for a while.” Elder Zarrow wasn’t like Keyante and some of the other kinder village elders and leaders, he was a spiteful and at times a rather unpleasant man but the Lieutenant knew how to gain his respect and in what way to behave to do so. “So it’s like that is it?” Zarrow retorts, through his many centuries of experience he had entered into all kinds of “deals.”. To this Yuro shrugs, “You made the agreement not me, you had a problem that was far too big to handle and offered us space for an in town camp if I risked the lives of my Subordinates to clear out the threats amounting against you, my half is finished and yours will be fulfilled to.” The Lieutenant takes a sip of his tea before continuing, “I don’t know why you’re being so reserved about it now, you’ve seen how much neighboring districts have prospered.” He looks shrugs, “Don’t forget whos the one benefiting here.” He finishes. “Both of us.” The Elder shoots back sharply, “My people, and your Agenda.” He states causing the Lieutenant to glare back at him a moment, placing a thick tone of malice over that final word. “Isn’t it your duty as Shinigami to clear those threats out anyhow?” The Elder sits back nito his chair farther. “No actually.” Yuroshiam replies, “This is Division 4, our duties don’t even extend out here in any way shape or form. The Squads that are responsible for Rukognai literally do not come out here at all even. I’m the only Shinigami doing anything for the protection and growth of this place because I’ve Made it, my responsibility, but I can’t do it without the support of the people.” Zarrow is unsure of what to say back to that, unable to tell if the Lieutenant was genuine or not but admits to himself that even this could be based in his own inability to accept the times he is wrong. “Even ‘that’ can have a looming secret agenda behind it, for nothing is ever truly selfless.” He thinks to himself, truly a man who had never experienced the nature of Kaido. He instead nods “I apologize Lieutenant, and I will hold up to my end of the deal.” He states for the short term benefit of his peoples over all security and healthcare. Yuroshima takes a sip from his tea cup, “I accept your apology and I thank you.” He looks to his side for a moment, watching a Subordinate briefly carry a freshly cleaned rug into his small quarters tent, “Which brings us to the reason you’re out here, there’s a man visiting me today.. another Shinigami and he is bringing the troop reinforcements I had told you about, some of which will be going back to your district with you.” Zarrow raises an eyebrow, “You trust this man enough to bring him into all of this?” He questions Yuroshima who shakes his head, “Not yet, I trust him as a person and don’t feel him to be a double-crosser or one who would go against so righteous a cause but before I take his presence in the plan any further I will be testing his personal prowess today as well as his ability to lead men.. should he pass my test I will bring him to meet you and a few of the other higher ups.” The lieutenants tone becomes more and more excited, “The days which I have spoken of all this time are nearing.” To this the Elder shifts uncomfortably. “Yeah..” He says with a half resolve and for a moment Yuro questions whether or not he would indeed hold up his end of the deal. A Subordinate jogs up to the two leaders in the midst of conversation, “Sir!” He calls loudly, “Forgive me for interrupting sir! But San Salvatore and the reinforcement troops are approaching the Gate!” The Veiled Restoration Specialist nods, “Quite alright, thank you JJ.” He says in a friendly manner, reshifting his persona from the sharper personality he had to employ to speak with one such as Zarrow. “Lord Elder, I will return in a while either alone or with a General.” The Lieutenant stands eagerly in front of a small crowd of Division 4 healers who were also interested in meeting the new guards watch. Slowly and creakingly the large heavy carts are pulled and San Salvatore is revealed with the small army he had promised. So far San had proven himself in character to the Lieutenant by stating his genuine care for the districts and support of this program, completing the mission he had assigned him some small time ago and now in keeping his word and delivering to the cause, a fresh army. The Lieutenant approaches him briskly. “Please come in, all of you!” He calls to the rabble as he nears San. The gray eyes of the anonymous shinigami sway down to his waist where he sees the Lieutenants badge for the first time. “San it can be said truly that you walk amongst the great men of the Soul Society, congratulations on the Rank.” He states, proud of his comrade for breaking the mold and truly advancing in his career in an undeniably tangible way The two Vice captains stand a moment conversing and catching up as the new guards begin to mingle about with the healers and some of the patients. After an amount of conversation Yuroshima changes the subject, “So ill just be honest with you San, I have something of an offer for you but I can’t make it until I see your combative capability and ability to lead soldiers in battle. I know you completed that mission already but I mean I wish to see personally your style of leadership and prowess on the battlefield.” He pauses, “I’m sure as well the Troops you’ve brought are curious as to how I stack up in those regards as well and so to accomplish this I was wondering if you had the time to commit to a form of training I’ve been trying to formulate out here on abandoned buildings. A mock battle, one side defending, one side assaulting.” WC – 1550 OOC – Note * All WC of this thread is to LP. Coordinating Battles ( Suggestive Mechanic Introduction ) Note * This is to introduce concepts San and I had created for larger scale battles that still followed our stats and rules system. We will be using this system as the platform of our Legend Duel.

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