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    Avengers: Endgame was epic, I loved it 3000!!!
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    Yoshirou listened as Metabee gave his points and the discussion continued. After hearing him out, Yoshirou said that he would take care of trying to get the key or any information regarding it from the remaining Central 46 so he would just leave it at that. There was no harm in trying and who knows it might even turn out well so he wasn't against it. Regarding unforseen circumstances, the Noble couldn't deny that there have been rare cases of it but he still argued that there hadn't been any case of someone being able to escape Muken. Metabee too knew that but like he said earlier they should consider the risk as well. If the Sinners were to find a way out of Muken like they found a way to be able to break the chains of Hell then that would make the situation all the more worse. If they were to escape where would they be? Right in the middle of Soul Society. That itself was a big threat which is why he felt like they should take it into consideration. He answered Yoshirou,'Who knows? It was made for a reason so I definitely don't think we are the first. Though at the same time I am a bit curious as to what those beings are and what they are like. We haven't heard much of such big shots that were a threat to the world.' With this, they discussed the key topics for now and all three felt that it was a good place to stop for now so Yoshirou once again reiterated what the each of them should be doing in the time that they are not training. Metabee was tasked with visiting the remaining half of the Gotei which was something that they had decided on before. Afterwards, the three split up and went their own ways. While informing the rest of the Gotei did hold some urgency to it, he was feeling too tired right now to be able to do that so he decided to head to his room. He hadn't slept the previous night and with the added fatigue from their training it was no wonder that he was exhausted. Upon arriving in his room, Metabee decided to think things over a bit more as he was still coming to terms with everything. Not getting anywhere with his thoughts, he then decided to meditate a bit to keep himself in check before turning in early for the night.
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    A sour look donned on Yoshirou’s face at the mention of Emmell. It was a name he cared not to ever hear again but his luck wasn’t as such. Even still he continued to listen to Metabee explain himself and his stance on his proposal. “I see so that’s what you were getting at,” Yoshi comments. He scratched his chin as he briefly gathered his thoughts. “Leave it to; it’s my idea so the key is my burden. I was already planning on visiting the remnants of Central 46 regarding other matters so I will just plead how dire our circumstances are while I’m there. If we run out of options and fail then they face certain demise as well.” The Noble knew that, even that might not be enough to convince them, but quitters never start and loser only complain. With his mind made up on the matter he gave his Advisor his full attention as he continued to explain the drawbacks to his plan. “I cannot say that you’re wrong… but I don’t think you’re completely right either. Yes, Hell Chains are suppose to be unbreakable otherwise a Sinner's sentence would be pointless. Even still there has been a case or two where this principal fundamental has been… shattered. But over the countless centuries there has never been a known incident of a being escaping the eighth level of the Underground Prison. It was purposefully made for ‘immortals’ or those deemed unkillable/unstoppable. But think about this for a moment or two; if we are successful, you don’t truly believe that we are the first ones to have done so? I can’t prove either way but I honestly believe that it was initially created for beings that not even Hell could contain.” His thoughts were that with Hell being such a taboo subject it was officially changed to a prison of “immortals” though it still served the same purpose. Metabee agreed that they didn’t have to decide just yet and finished up with one last remark, which got Yoshirou thinking. “If anything were the ones that will be facing those 2 to 1 odds.” He kept this thought to himself as he had just mentioned something about not being pessimistic. “I have this feeling that if we fail it will be more than just the Soul Society that falls,” he responses. “Agreed but its like the two of you say, we need as many choices available to us, so that even if just a little, we may stack the odds in our favor,” says JDan chiming in at the last minute. “Then it’s settled. Together we will continue to perfect and teach Kijin. In the mean time we all have our own tasks. I will go before Central 46 and see what help if any they might be, and you should continue what you’ve been doing in your spare time; uniting the rest of the Gotei. JDan you continue to help oversee the clan and keep moral high, you’ve been doing a great job, and we desperately need everyone in high spirits,” finished Yoshirou as he then took a sip from his glass. If there were no complaints or anything else to add then diner for the trio would be warping up. Yoshirou still had a meeting with Nero and Teschma and didn’t want to keep them waiting to long.
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    As he told the two of his opinion the listeners finished their food and also thought about what he was saying at the same time. When Metabee finished speaking, it was him that then took the time to quickly finish his dinner before it went completely cold. Yoshirou quickly gave him a response but he knew that a lot of thought was put into it and it was a valid response he didn't quite agree with it. Metabee shook his head,'You are correct about my status but in this case I doubt it will bring any use. My status won't just make the keys appear in my hand,' he said so as he showed his empty palm to make his point. The Captain then continued,'This is not the same as the Maggot's Nest where a whole corps is in charge of it. The Muken is strictly top secret and even Captains know little about it while general members wouldn't be able to tell you what it is or where it is. All of that knowledge belonged to the Central 46 and the Captain Commander was responsible for safeguarding it. Therefore, if no one knows where Emmell put the keys or stored a method to get in then unfortunately it is lost.' The only reason Metabee suggested breaking in is that thanks to his ability making a spare pair of keys wouldn't be a problem. However, being the most secret and guarded place in Soul Society it couldn't be as easy as simply putting a key in a lock and turning it. This meant that without any further knowledge it would be impossible to get into the Muken and he doubted that any member of any squad possessed such information. While it was a great idea to be able to seal one of the enemy generals forever currently he didn't see anyway that they could gain this ability. The Noble then commented about his opinion on Tsumikami getting out of the Muken stating that even the Soul King would have trouble getting out. However, Metabee thought about this problem a bit differently,'Under normal circumstances, yes but think of it this way: the chains of Hell are supposed to be unbreakable and all Sinners are meant to be bound by them and yet here we are. What should be impossible is a reality and you yourself have seen it.' Of course, he was talking about Sama'el and Baal who were no ordinary Sinners but the point was that if they were able to defy the binds of Hell then who was to say that they couldn't find a way to break out of the Muken? Yoshirou concluded by saying that they didn't have to decide yet which Metabee nodded to,'I know that my plan does sound very optimistic and it's easier said than done but I know it will be no easy task. Even if it takes the two of us to kill one of their leaders then we have to do it. Otherwise Soul Society will fall. Though we still have time so lets gather as many methods as we can to repel them.'
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    Metabee mulled over Yoshirou’s idea but ultimately thought it flawed and too high risk. However, he didn’t just leave it at that but told his thoughts on the matter. Meanwhile, JDan and Yoshi finished eating while hearing the Advisor out. JDan furrowed his brow while listing to Meta but it was Yoshirou that spoke up first. “I admit my plan is not without its flaws but I don’t think those concerns you mentioned are fully valid. Your correct, there isn’t a Captain Commander or even a properly functioning Central 46 but as Kido Commander you have the highest military authority in the Soul Society. Not to mention the Clan that you advise for is currently the most powerful, prominent and influential of the Great Noble Clans,” he says with a grin. “If we cannot gain access to the Muken facing our current situation then there isn’t a soul alive that could nor a circumstance that would warrant it; if not for now.” JDan remained silent. At first he agreed with Metabee that the only way in was to break in. But when he heard Yoshi’s argument he didn’t know what to make of it, as he never thought of it that way. They were both right… or were one of them wrong, JDan wasn’t sure so he remained quiet and continued to listen to both sides. “We will still have to confront them, fight them, and weaken them enough to actually be able to bind them but once fully restrained even the Soul King himself would be hard pressed to break out of these constraints,” Yoshirou spoke confidently, it was a bit exaggerated perhaps but it should get the point across. “At that point transportation will be nerve-racking but doable and once inside the Muken we both know its neigh impossible to escape.” It was well known that the Muken is a completely isolated and separated space, sealed off from outside influences. As such no portal conceived, even the Gates of Hell, could gain access. “I personally believe that the Muken’s sole purpose is for evil such as them. We don’t have to decide now but having options is always beneficial. While I too think striking at the heart of the enemy is best I feel the rest of your plan is overly optimistic. I cannot personally speak for their forces but I do think that we are vastly out match in both numbers and power. Though that is just my assumption.” Hearing them both out JDan came to his own conclusion. “I agree with not having to decide just yet. If anything to me, we should just combine both of you all’s idea into a singular plan: Kill as many of the soldiers as possible, efficiently as possible, sending them back to Hell. And have an elite squad attack the leaders with the intention of sealing and imprisoning them.” “Haha, at least no one here is a pessimist,” Yoshi replied with a smile. “That would only make things harder.”
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    As Metabee spoke, Yoshirou seemed to quickly understand what he was trying to convey but none of the two could be completely certain as to what would happen. Once again, they weren't left with much choice apart from simply trying it out or finishing the Kido and then make the small improvements. With that, the topic about their Kido seemed to finish here as they moved onto other things. The Noble told him that he didn't miss out much the previous night as he simple did paperwork until late while JDan didn't have anything more interesting to add to that. Metabee answered with an 'I see,' and then told his side of the things which impressed the other two, but if they saw the state he was in just before doing that then they surely wouldn't be as impressed, though they wouldn't find out about that to begin with. He didn't know how much the other factions have prepared so far, if at all but he really felt like they were making a lot of progress on their side. While it wasn't perfect, things seemed to be coming out really well. To add to this Yoshirou informed them of the research they have done on the Sekkiseki stone and how it could be used to immobilise immortal beings which is where their problem lay as even if they were to clash head to head with the enemy army they would not die. One possible solution that the Noble came up with was to seal the strongest enemies in the Muken which truly be an effective way to get rid of them. Yoshirou believed it to be possible but whether it was probable was something that all three wondered about. Ultimately, the two ended up looking to him for input. Metabee thought about it briefly,'Possible, theoretically it certainly is. Probable, I would say not. The first issue is that we simply do not have the access to the Muken. There is no Captain Commander that would have at least some access and there is no Central 46 to give us access either. If we want to get ourselves in we would have to quite literally break in. The second point is that we do not have a way to directly seal them either so the only method would be to teleport them using forbidden Kido. However, even if they are in the Muken then if they are not sealed properly then there is quite a high risk of them breaking out or escaping through means of suicide. Also we do not know if the gates of Hell will still force them back even if they are sealed.' It was definitely a good suggestion but as of now it had too many uncertainties to it to be used. They didn't have many options on dealing with it and were open to propositions and Metabee just had that sort of proposition in his mind. The Captain smirked slightly,'But you are quite wrong about their immortality. They can and will die. We will use precisely that against them. Just like us the Togabito experience death but they will come back. Just like us their forces will diminish as the battle goes on. Even if they come back it will not be instant. It will take some time for them to respawn and they will do so in Hell. For some this will take hours, but others days or even months. If you look at it from that perspective it is not as bad as it seems. We will have to find as many ways as we can to kill a large number of them before the initial close combat starts and then we will use that delay against them to make our push. Remember our objective is not to destroy Hell but to repel their forces. One way to win a war is to kill the other general. We will do just that. While our forces push them we will go after their leaders and kill of them. In the end, the majority of them are immortal bandits that are subjugated by a leader so if we get rid of them their strategy will also fall apart. However, no matter what unless we kill Baal then we will not win.'
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    Metabee stated his thoughts on the Noble’s concerns, helping to put his worries at ease. Both him and JDan were confident that they were doing things the way it was meant to be. Besides Metabee had a good point. Just because it works a certain way for completed Kido techniques didn’t mean that it worked the same for creating them. The Advisor’s points were valid and most likely true; besides creating an experimental technique empowered by its name was hazardous. “You have valid points,” responses Yoshirou. “I guess my concerns were more hypothetical than concrete but it was reassuring to get you guys’ opinion.” Besides speculating there was nothing more they could do so the conversation progressed. “You mean after the Trials?... Well, I can’t speak for JDan but you missed out on a hell of a good time with me! I had a mountain of paper work that I went a few rounds with. Unfortunately I conceded the battle after a few hours though; it wasn’t pretty,” Yoshi answered with a dash of Meta’s humor. “After that I gave our other guests a small tour but nothing too exciting as it was already very late.” JDan couldn’t help but chuckle a little at Yoshi’s revelation. “A few hours huh, you sure?” he says teasingly. “I don’t remember staring at a clock so who knows,” Yoshirou replies with a smirk. JDan had nothing eventful to report so Meta filled in the silence. “Impressive,” blurts out JDan. “My thoughts exactly,” adds Yoshi. “You’re never one to disappoint that’s for sure.” At this rate and with a little luck, although Commander-less and Captain-less, the entire Gotei might stand on a united front before any serious events with Hell could occur. “Guess now is a great time to mention one of the research reports that came across my desk concerning Sekkiseki stone. Their goal is, to not only to improve upon its already incredible effects and durability, but to make it more versatile as well. Ideally it would make for great restraints against enemies that can’t permanently die.” “You mean Sinners,” says JDan. “Precisely,” states Yoshirou. “I’ve been thinking for a while now about an offensive that could have lasting effects against an immortal foe. Unfortunately I didn’t come up with very many ideas. In fact there was only one that seemed viable and that is to bind and seal them away in the Muken. I don’t mean all of them but definitely Sama’el and whoever else will lead the charge against us. Now, I know its still not a permanent fix for Hell but it’s a solution to our current woes with them.” JDan listened with surprise, as it was the first he was hearing about any of this as well. “Is such a thing even possible?” “Possible…” Yoshirou shrugs his shoulders. “Possible, yes I believe so. Probable, now that’s the million dollar question.” They both looked to Metabee to get his input or ideas if any on the matter.
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    4 years later. everyone dies.