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    The scene was set. With such primordial destruction in the background there was no better backdrop to duel to. Even still some of the zest is lost when the opponents are your own Zanpakuto spirits. “I know you heard Metabee’s remark about the constant battles. Surely it is unnecessary for another,” Yoshirou remarks. He had lots to do and so little time and even though that’s pretty much how he always felt this time it was even more so. “You must be kidding,” says Kosumosu. It was the shorter one that while lacks any detailed facial features, you could clearly tell by her physical appearance that she was a woman. “You understand that your future is riddled with countless battles right? Even more so if you go through with your outrageous plans,” says the other Kosumosu whose athletic appearance resembles a man. Glaring at Yoshirou, Kosumosu advises him, “Get use it your future currently leads from one battlefield to another.” “But why do this??? How long has it been since you two could defeat me?” Yoshirou says not being cocky but pleading with them to change their mind. “Don’t think this is like any other spar that we’ve had. Although you are unparalleled with a blade worthy of the title Grandmaster, without our help this wont be so easy,” declares Kosumosu. “What!?!?” Yoshirou states unclear of what they mean. “Must we state it again? Until you show us your resolve you will receive no help from us," answers Kosumosu as one. And then it clicked! Yoshirou unsheathed his Zanpakuto with his left hand. “It can’t be,” he states as he attempted to release his Shikai but to no avail. He then proceeded to mutter the release command but still nothing happened. “Now do you get just what is at stake here?” replies Kosumosu. ((Going forward Kosu= the female and Kosumosu= the male. Only to make it easier to distinguish the two)) Kosu acted without giving Yoshi time to respond as no matter what was said a battle would take place. She leaped up into the air raising her sword above her head. Yoshirou clears his mind and focused on his Zanpakuto spirits before him. He could tell by her speed or lack there of that she was just a distraction. The first attack was coming from Kosumosu in the form of a nameless Rirsu. Without flinching Yoshirou immediately brought his sword across his chest swiftly releasing a diagonal slash at the Rirsu; sending a sharp blade of wind to intercept it. Simultaneously upon impact Yoshi leaps backwards as to not be caught in the explosion. “They mean business,” thinks Yoshi who besides a little smoke here and there is otherwise unscathed. “Don’t forget about me,” shouts Kosu as she plummeted down from above unleashing a fearsome attack. Thankfully, Yoshirou had fought them plenty of times and knew their fighting style. He knew that Kosu favored the high grounds and would use gravity to enhance her attacks. After all it was also apart of his normal fighting style. Sidestepping to the left Yoshi swings his sword, in an arch from left to right, redirecting instead of intercepting her blow. Kosu smiles during the quick exchange. If Yoshi knew their fighting style then it went without say that they also knew his style as if reciting a book they’ve read a thousand times. Instantly Kosumosu emerges through the blast cloud aiming a horizontal slash at Yoshi’s midsection. Without hesitation Yoshi unsheathes his second Zanpakuto clashing blades with Kosumosu, though the force is enough to send him flying. Before he’s able to regain his composure Kosu is once again above him, there to strike him down. Bringing his swords in front of him, Yoshi again defends but the force of the impact was still felt. The force was enough to send him rocketing below into what appeared to be just bottomless cosmos. Somersaulting Yoshirou recovers just in time to see Kosumosu appear beside him thrusting his weapon forward. Yoshirou reverses the grip of his left sword placing it in between the attack. Pushing of the clashing swords Yoshirou uses the momentum to follow through with a roundhouse kick. The attack lands on Kosumosu’s back but before Yoshirou could follow up Kosu was once again upon him. Yoshi skillfully parries her initial attack but is unable to stop her second as he receives a knee to the gut. Having the wind knocked out of him, Yoshi backs off putting a little distance between them. “You two have been by my side for as long as I can remember. This is certainly not the first time we’ve disagreed yet you remained unwavering. Why??? Why is that now differently?” asks Yoshirou. He was both curious and attempting to catch his breath at the same time. To say that the sealing of his Zanpakuto caught him off guard was understating it. “This goes far beyond any of the choices you’ve made so far,” answers Kosu. “As we’ve stated already, you plot our fall from grace. We like what we’ve helped you build here and how much you’ve achieved. Lord Yoshirou Kyoraku Head of the Kyoraku Clan, arguable the most influential of the Great Noble Clans. And you’ve become perhaps the most powerful Shinigami in the Soul Society both in strength as well as your sway over Central 46. Yet... you seek to become a traitor,” explained Kosumosu. “I’m sorry,” states Yoshirou causing Kosumosu to mumble “huh” out of surprise. “I’m sorry, I was so caught up in wanting to protect everyone else that I did not think to check with you. Your thoughts, feelings, advice… I should have consulted with you.” Yoshirou paused sheathing his right sword. You could tell by the look on his face that he was truly sorry. He then looks back up at the spirits. “I swear to you when I say that I do not know of another way to keep them all safe! I do what I do not because its easy or because it is what I want but for the necessity of protecting it all! Even if they see me as a traitor in the short term, in the long run I will be revered as something more,” he proclaims. “As something more? You mean a hero,” responds the spirits. “The title doesn’t matter be it hero, savior, guardian or protector. I merely wish to be remembered as one of the good guys doing whatever it takes for the greater good no matter how many self-sacrifices I must endure. As such I will take on your burden and pain as well. You are my most trusted of friends and you may lay it all on me,” Yoshirou exclaims. “It sounds good but we will have to see,” says Kosumosu. Instantly after speaking he uses shunpo to appear in front of Yoshirou with his sword raised high. Instead of attacking though he quickly shifts to Yoshi’s left. Perfectly timed, Kosu lunges from where Kosumosu was with a thrust aimed at his right side. Yoshirou with little time to react dodges to the left, which is exactly what the pair was hoping for. Their teamwork was flawless as Kosumosu was there already prepared as he unleashed a brutal horizontal slash. Yoshirou brings down his Zanpakuto defending against that attack but without the use of his Shikai he was overpowered. The attack rocketed him right back to Kosu as if the pair were playing tennis. Yoshirou grins wryly as this is exactly what he was wanting. He knew their teamwork left little to be desired and thought to use that against them. He had expected to be launched right back towards the other but instead of remaining helpless, Yoshirou used the momentum to strengthen his attack. Kosu saw his smile and immediately knew something was up as their swords ferociously collided. The force from the impact momentarily opened up Kosu’s guard. It should not have mattered as Yoshi’s weapon was also repelled but the look she saw in his eyes shouted something different. Not wasting a single moment Yoshirou points his right hand at her. “Sokatsui,” he shouts emitting a large torrent of energy. Yoshi pours his power into the attack causing the blue firey energy to spread out like a cone; encasing Kosu’s entire body. The devastating attack lands at point blank range sending her hurtling into an asteroid out in the distance. The attack wasn’t fatal but it should keep her out of the fight for a moment, hopefully long enough to subdue Kosumosu as well. Kosumosu witness everything while charging in but he was still shocked by the events. Plunging his sword towards Yoshirou he attempted to pierce him from behind, but Yoshi knew he was coming. Sidestepping diagonally Yoshirou dodges the attack while positioning himself for a counter of his own. With Kosumosu’s weapon extended forwarded his midsection was left vulnerable. Seizing the moment Yoshirou strikes him in the gut with his knee. Kosumosu goes to defend by catching the attack with his free hand but is quite surprised to find himself unable to block the attack. Taking a move out of Metabee’s playbook Yoshirou created a Seki above his knee just before striking. The surprise attack didn’t do any damage but was useful for creating some space between them. “Your surprised,” states Yoshirou with a grin. “You cannot devour energy with the same spiritual signature as ours. So naturally that would include my kido as well.” He said so in a tone that was renewed with confidence as he saw a path to victory. It was his first time using kido against his Zanpakutos in a fight. There was never a reason to before. Any spar they had before was always about growth and development or training and learning about one another furthering the bond they share. Never in a million years would he have thought it would be so crucial in a situation like this. “Well played but its not over yet,” replies Kosumosu…
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    The Lurker Theme song Name: ??? Nickname: Lurker Gender: Male Race: Hollow Rank: Weak Age: Something in the neighborhood of 700 years old History: Every hollows comes from something that was once alive and Lurker is no exception, except he was a cell. A black death's cell to be more precise. Some would argue that a bacterial cell isn't alive, but it sure as hell ain't dead. It took more than 600 years of hollowfication before it would actually develop a consciousness but here we are. He even calls himself a "pure hollow" since it came from practically nothing. During the last hundred years he quietly ate hollows in the Menos Forest to evolve himself further. ~Appearance~ ~Personality~ Likes: Strategic decisions Dislikes: Being wrong, stupid things Fears: Smarter spirits than him Goals: Leaking the Hueco Mundo into the living world Favorite food: Intelligent souls Least favorite food: Smelly souls Most prized possession: His intelligence and his pure bloodline ~Powers~ In the manga we saw that some hollows can have unique abilities even if they are relatively weak, so I permitted myself to add himself one even if he's far from being an Adjuchas. Bacterial Infection Dead skin, sweat, spit and even dust. Everything coming from Lurker's body is infected with his evolved cells. Everything that he touch becomes tainted. The cells slowly adapt to its host, draining its reitsu, evolving and spreading further. If the host is very weak (like dying or something like a plant) it will hollowficate them, making them a mindless puppet of Lurker doing his bidding or fusionning with him, giving him reitsu. If not then the cells will slowly hollowficate the flesh of the host until cleaned or its death (therefore making a puppet). The infection can easily be cleaned in the early stage by wiping it off but is really hard to completely clean if inside the host's blood. The complete infection of a healthy normal human being can take between 10 - 14 days if no actions is taken. (They could just take antibiotic if the cells didn't evolve quick enough to resist them) A infected weak shinigami would take years to hollowficate, so this power is pretty much useless on strong target unless they are killed while tainted.
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    Well, before you get into the RP you should be aware of the options you have. On this site we've got two types of RP: one is the Official Role Play(ORP) and the other is the Unofficial Role Play(URP). What's the difference? The ORP is regulated by moderators who make sure that your character and his abillites adhere to rules so make sure to read through all the rules first so that you know what you can do and can't do. The template you posted is from the ORP so to answer your question, yes you can stop at the class and fill out the abilities after you actually have them figured out. From what I remember, there aren't really any standard hollow powers until you become an Adjuchas which is when the abilities come into play. Your other option is the URP which isn't as strict because it doesn't really have rules and isn't moderated but it falls upon you to make sure that the way you roleplay is fair and not overpowered. In the URP an application isn't necessary but it sure does help because you plan out your character and it also helps other roleplayers to see what your character looks like, some of his backstory of personality.
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    Without missing a beat Metabee states his preferred parental title causing Yoshi to laugh out loud though the conversation continued. With a two week deadline it only made since that the second week was used for fine-tuning. As such neither JDan nor Yoshirou had any objections. Metabee also agrees with their statements and gives his last piece of advice before they started. “I’m actually a defensive specialist so it fits me perfectly. That is after I master it enough to make it usable,“ JDan replies before departing to the area he was training at previously. Yoshirou had already taken his leave. Normally he would have entered one of the rooms near the main entrance that were specifically designed for meditating. Instead he settled on a small spot in the corner near the door they just entered. This was because he didn’t know what would happen and feared randomly conjuring an element wasn’t an impossibility. If this happened it would undoubtedly damaged the meditation room, which is why he stayed in the main training area. Placing his Zanpakutos up against the wall, Yoshi sat down and proceeded to meditate. Having reached his spot of choice JDan prepares himself. He looks down at his hands while raising them up to his midsection. Just like previous JDan clears his mind of all distractions fully concentrating on the near impossible task they have given themselves. “Earth on,” he says somewhat mimicking a certain comic book superhero. Instantaneously sand manifested in one hand while thorn like twigs appeared in the other. It was the same as before and confirmed that without a doubt he had great harmony with earth. “Lets see,” he thinks and then imagines a different form of earth. The sand and thorns begin to compact tighter and tighter until it forms a hard lump. “Awe the sweet taste of success,” JDan says while happily grinning. JDan then releases the element causing both rocks to disappear. Knowing the goal is to combined Kido and Zanjutsu he swiftly pulls out his Zanpakuto. “Alright here goes nothing,” he says as he proceeded to do exactly as he did before, just this time with his sword in hand. And… and... failure. For a moment JDan thought he was making progress as his hands began to slightly glow. But within seconds it faded and nothing happened. “I knew it wouldn’t be that easy but even still it was worth trying.”
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    Atmospheric song ~ Death Among Us ~ Living 700 years ago wasn't easy. The Black Death was killing everyone no matter their wealth, gender or race. Even Shinigami & hollows were affected a way or another. Once infected rare were those who survived the pandemic. But there was a hollow, totally ordinary, that gave birth to something horrifying without even knowing it. Desperate for a soul, it ate a deteriorating contaminated human. Every instincts of it screamed to stop, it's wrong... But he was dead either way. What would you choose between dying of hunger or dying of disease? The hollow then returned to its plane, stomach full but already feeling ill. It took nearly a week before it died, but the plague wasn't done. The Hueco Mundo is full of reitsu and the cells didn't need a host to remains alive anymore. Slowly eating the corpse, the sand, and the air itself. Somewhere, in the eternal desert there was lake of all of those tiny destroyers of life. Over the course of 500 years they duplicated, evolved and consuming everything in that part of the desert, until one cell decided that it will not duplicate, but assimilate others like it. With each bacterium eaten, it would grow in power and became smarter. It took another century until it took form of something resembling a hollow. The lake was gone. Only it remained. Sand & crystal trees wasn't able to quench its appetite no more, so it begun to roam for a hundred years, mindlessly, eating hollows bigger and bigger. One day, HE became self-aware. The thousands of hollows consumed finally gave him something of value, consciousness. "What?" You are one of us. "Who are you?" We are Legion. "What I'm I supposed to do?" ... The question everyone asked at some place in their life. No answer. He could feel all the cells in his body breathing, moving, growing. The presences always there in the corner of his mind, lurking. "Lurking huh... I can work with that." It didn't take long until Lurker understood the concept of the world he is in. He needed to become strong to survive. Other hollows were eating their race without discrimination. The surface was too much for him. So he searched. He found the Menos Forest. A hiding place from all those humanoids with sword on the surface, perfect. He now lives there, eating hollows quietly. One day he heard a voice. He stopped. It's the first time he heard talking in all it's life, yet he understood it perfectly. Curious, he decided to approach the source of the noise, creeping, trying not to be seen. ooc>> Anyone who wants to join can, I don't mind at all.
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    the easiest thing to do since your new to all this is to copy and paste the format of the other Hollows in the thread i posted earlier. it doesn't matter which one since there all pretty similar. after that just delete the content and add your own info to it. you don't have to fill out everything right away but the more detailed you are the better in the long run.
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    Hello there, fellow Bleach fans and RPers. I just found the game not long ago, and today I decided to look into the forum and RP. I love role playing and Bleach, so this is perfect! And, I see that this RP is quite in-depth. Like my RPG character, Kotaro, I'm going to play as a Hollow first. But, I do have a couple questions for the character app. As I want to starts a Hollow, and later become an Arrancar, can I get help? Like, how much of it do I fill out, see as there is the Resurrección stuff and all. Do I stop at the class? And, where do I put my standard hollow powers? Thank you in advance!
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    To test the results of this training Metabee would have to wait until the other two are done and use them as guinea pigs. Perhaps after he shows them they will get their own ideas how to enhance the Kidos to fit with their spirit signature and fighting style. They would probably be able to achieve it at this point but the training they are currently going through would definitely help them so once again the other two would require great patience and determination. Being done with the Sekiention the Captain would move onto another Kido. This time he was going to use another Bakudo as well since they seemed the easiest to work with. He decided to work with Hainawa so he followed the same process as before. First, he imagined a circle which quickly blackened and set alight with purple flames as soon as he gathered dark spirit energy. Metabee then released the Kido and quickly noticed the change of properties. The first was once again the change of colour as the rope was now black in colour with a dark purple outline. The other change was the range of the Kido because the distance it reached seemed to be very limited. The Captain swung it a few times in many different directions to be able to control it like a whip as it was the perfect length. However, once again he wasn't able to tell the effects of this enhanced Kido unless he had a test subject. The Kido faded away and soon after Metabee felt something running down his nose so he quickly inspected it and noticed blood. He wasn't really known to be the type of person to get nosebleeds so it must be the side effects of this training. Darkness was often considered a double edged blade. It was very rare that someone could wield darkness without any sort of repercussions unless there was no other hope for them and darkness was their only saving grace. This meant that he probably had a limited amount of uses of such Kido and only use them if he was certain that they would bring him an advantage. That's why he decided to stop here for now and instead started to meditate though it might be called counter productive. Many people meditated to clear their head of thoughts but this time Metabee did it in order to organise his thought and think even more about the ways they can proceed with this Kido.
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    There doesn't seem to be a template for the URP Hollows so you can just look how others have done theirs to give you an idea what one should include. You could use the ORP template since they are pretty similar and then just add any extra information you wish to mention. Though in the URP you don't have a sentence restriction so you can write as much as you want or as little as you want. However, do remember that the more details you put the better we will get to know your character and will be able to help you improve as you progress.
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    Also here's the link for URP Hollows.
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    Yoshirou opens his eyes and was surprised by what he saw. “I expected some changes but this…” he says, stopping there to further take in the view. “What did you expect? You plot our fall from grace!” replies Kosumosu with a hint of sadness. Appearing beside him they too take in the view of a changing Inner World. The cosmic world was vast and littered with various planetary-type objects. Typically gazing upon Yoshi’s Inner World would show the balance of creation and destruction on a grand scale. Its beauty was obvious to behold. The way creation danced around unbiased destruction, in the form of massive black hole. But now things were different. That balance was now broken. Everything was being pulled towards its inevitable demise, as his Inner World appeared as chaotic as the real one. And there was no one to blame but himself. Yoshirou couldn’t help but look down. “It’s not ideal, but life rarely is. I will do what I must and sometimes evil is necessary to defeat evil,” he says looking at Kosumosu. “These future plans of yours carry a very steep price. Is it worth saving it all if that means casting aside everything and everyone, everything you’ve achieved and strived for? Even in victory in the end the results will be the same and you will be left with nothing,” protests Kosumosu. “But you are wrong. If all those I care about, my friends, my family, my clan, and the Seireitei itself are safe then I will still having everything I could ever hope for,” Yoshirou replies. He then places his hand on Kosumosu’s shoulder and smiles. “Even if it all goes to shit and it was all for nothing, when its all said and done I still have you!” “Tsh, ever the sentimental. I know persuading you will be pointless so instead show me your resolve or we will not offer you any further assistance,” Kosumosu says putting some distance between them and withdrawing their sword. “Bring the Heavens to its knees.” Releasing Shikai, Kosumosu splits into two beings. One was void of color though it did have star like speckles as if painted with the cosmos itself. The other though shorter, radiated a deep blue color while both lacked any detailed facial features. Each pointed their weapon at Yoshirou and… ___ Manifesting the earth element in his hand JDan repeated this process many times. And every time he did he found it getting easier and easier to do so. However each time he had tried to transfer the energy through his Zanpakuto it ended in failure. Even worse he felt like he wasn’t gaining any ground by simply repeating the same method. “It’s obvious I’m missing something but what?” JDan says asking himself in frustration as he failed yet again. “Perhaps such a task is out of my league and can only be accomplished by greater Shinigami than I,” he states looking at Metabee, then glancing at Yoshirou. “Even now I could barely stand in their shadows.” Perhaps JDan’s hopes were to high after his beginners luck. Creating a new Kido was a near impossible task in itself, let alone creating a hybrid Zanjutsu/Kido. Such a thing had never been done nor attempted as far as he was aware of. “Leave it to Lord Kyoraku to be a pioneer even in this day and age,” he thinks to himself looking away from Yoshirou down to his own sword. “Hahaha, what am I thinking. Its far to soon to consider quitting now.” “Are you done sulking you big oaf??” replies… “Shirudo Shojo!” says JDan surprised to suddenly hear her voice. “I wasn’t expecting you to witness that.” “How long have we been together?” asks Shirudo Shojo rhetorically. “I don’t have to read your thoughts to know what you are thinking. Don’t tell me your brain has turned into a lump muscle as well.” She teased him but there was no one else she would rather be bound to. Their bond was deep and unshakable, no matter the dilemma. “Don’t worry I’m back to my normal self now. Shall we continue this... together this time?” states JDan, as he no longer had an ounce of negativity in him.
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    The three knew what they had to do so Metabee gave some last tips before they began. The first to leave was Yoshirou and then JDan who also left after giving a short reply of which the contents were expected. The Captain also chose a spot for himself and began his own training. Since he was going to customise a Kido then he had to work with one that was already created rather than making one from scratch which was much simpler. However, the problem was once again how to give the Kido the desired effect. If he was going to customise a Kido he would have to cast it with dark spirit energy but using a high level Kido with the latter would put a great strain even on the Kido Captain. This meant that he had to stick to the lower level Kido though that wasn't such a bad thing per se. Even a low level Kido could become lethal in the hands of a master and so Metabee started thinking of the Kido that he can work with to achieve blindness but that proved harder than he thought. The low level Hado were sparse and didn't feel like they would suit the job so he thought about the Bakudo which also didn't show much potential as they seemed very situational. The Captain let out a sigh but then an idea came to mind. If he was going to cause blindness or 'obscuring sight' then one Bakudo fit that job perfectly. It didn't have much combat use and he himself hasn't used it much in the past as it didn't really fit his fighting style. Perhaps now it would provide more use. Metabee cast a Sekiention causing red smoke to spread out from the ground and cover the close vicinity. It blocked the line of sight but it served no protection whatsoever and against a strong opponent the user would be found pretty easily. However, what if this smoke was to have other properties rather than to be a nuisance? It could prove useful even in close combat. He waited until the smoke dispersed and then focused himself. This would be a bit different to what he normally does as his weapons were made around him but to use a Kido one must channel the energy through his own body. To use a Kido newbies were usually given the mental image of a circle or a pool of water and lunging yourself or the energy at it. The Captain began gathering dark spirit energy as he himself prepared this very mental image. However, in the next moment the image involuntarily changed to that of the circle blackening as if it was infected with some sort of disease while the circumference started burning with a small purple flame. It was like some sort of evil energy was begging to be released into the world. Metabee didn't wait any longer as he put out his right hand and used the Kido causing black smoke to erupt from him. He carefully inspected the Kido and the clear difference was the colour of the smoke but he didn't feel any special effects from it. He didn't know it if was because he was immune to said effects or was it because his attempt failed. The only way to find out would be to use it on someone else so once the smoke dispersed he looked for a live specimen but it was to no avail as the training grounds were specifically isolated so that their training would be undisturbed. The Captain let out a sigh as it only meant his results would be delayed.
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    Seigland would watch as the clouds passed over head and she ate her melon bunn. One thing she could say about this area was it was better to look at. Now that seigland had a better veiw into the poor vs middle class in soul society she understood that the poor made little to no effort to work with shinigami ; somtimes attacking them. While the more well off were supportive in any way they could be. "so then..whats really happening here is those who dont have much of a gotie 13 soldier presence dont recognise their authority" she would say after taking another bite of her melon bunn This in itself was very bad theyd either need to focus on destroying the outer districts in the next overpopulation purge they rarely have or strong arm the people into line atleast untill their settlements where suitable for human dwelling. "so much work they have so little time" she'd say as she pulled out here Holo pad and began typing a report on rukons status atop the roof she sat. She wouldnt waste much time as she'd be off once more. She needed to find a place to stow away so she could sneak into seireita.
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    After Metabee told the Noble that he should get enough sleep he teased him so the Captain would tease back,'I prefer to be called daddy.' However, in the end he agreed that sleep was important to ones performance. He then reassured him about the situation in Rukongai which seamed to ese his mind. They had a lot of things to think about but in order to be able to continue creating this Kido a clear mind was required. Once again JDan seemed to be happy to be able to continue his duties and then they confirmed their next course of action. Metabee made a declaration and announced a deadline of two weeks. The two listened carefully but were not intimidated by the deadline, instead they were even more enthusiastic about it. It all started just as a one off request but now it was something that they needed for the upcoming battle,'I say, ideally the second week would be for fine tuning the Kido and working out the small details so aim to get to that level by then.' Yoshirou stated that first he needs to work out his preferred element as they just happened to use lightning,'That's right. Using the wrong element will make it so much harder so your first step is to figure that out.' On the other hand, it was pretty clear that JDan's element would be earth as the tree itself stated,'It really suits you. In my mind earth has more defensive uses but like they say the best defense is the best offense so I want you to start thinking how you could apply that to yourself.' Metabee then let the two begin their training while he himself walked away a bit further away from them. It was a training that required a lot of concetration so he didn't want to disturb them. Satisfied with the distance, the Captain let out a sigh. In terms of training, he was already a few steps ahead of the two. They would find it a bit harder due to the natures of their Zanpakuto's but those who already had an affinity to an element would find this training a bit easier as they could probably pass the first two steps with no problems. Metabee's Zanpakuto element was darkness so that was the element he had an affinity to and wouldn't sense any other element. He focused himself and gathered dark spirit energy into his right hand causing a small purple flame to appear. His application was also already clear as well as a saber was created in his hand. It was something that he had really struggled with in the beginning but now it was second nature to him. So while the two caught up to him he would focus his attention elsewhere. The Captain remembered how Yoshirou talked about changing the properties of Kidos with their spiritual signature if they fired it from their Zanpakuto but maybe it was much simpler than that. So his task for the day was to modify some Kidos and change their properties to darkness and give them additional effects. The first one he will start with was blidness.
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    “I know mom your right,” Yoshirou said teasing the Commander. He understood it was all in good intentions and wish it was that simple. With everything that has happening recently it was getting further and further from possible. “Seriously though I know and I will try to take your advice,” he replies with a smile. He knew what lack of sleep could do and it would only another hindrance that they did not need. Metabee went on to agree that boring equals good and reassured him that the chances of something happening to the relief team was minuscule. “Thanks Meta I thought as much but it is still good to hear someone else say it.” Arriving at their destination they exchanged greetings. “Yes and thankfully so. It’ll be while before I touch the stuff again,” JDan says as if he was dealing with something a little less legal. From his point of view yesterday it should most definitely be illegal. Yoshirou couldn’t help but chuckle at the way JDan responded. After a brief hello the noble wastes no time getting down to business. Metabee confirms Yoshirou’s thoughts and reiterates what they need to do. It was in the next moment that the atmosphere around the Commander changes. It was unlike him to be so serious but it only served to drive the point home. He had taken initiative and gave the trio a deadline. With that they all knew what was required and expected of them. “I couldn’t have said it better myself,” states Yoshirou. “That’s a tall order, neigh impossible,” says JDan as he begins to smile. “Only serves to make it that much more fun, right!” he states enthusiastically. “Haha, I like your perspective,” replies Yoshirou. “I will start by meditating. I think it will help reveal my preferred element.” Or so he hopes. In their previous training he was able to manifest lightning but not without the use of a kido as a jump starter. Before he progressed any further he thought it best to confirm whether that was the best choice or if another element resonated better with him. It wasn’t the only way to figure it out nor did he know if it was even correct at all but it was a place to start. “I’ll practice on gathering and manifesting the energy as Metabee suggested, as I’m pretty confident mine is earth. Honestly its not that surprising,” says JDan. "Nope not at all," Yoshirou remarks.
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    Metabee sighed as Yoshirou replied saying that he fights it to make it to bed,'That's because you give yourself too much work. You need just as much rest as any other person.' The Noble then stated that he likes the 'boring' days which they experience to which the Captain nodded,'Mm, boring is nice.' How many boring days did they have left? Not even they knew but surely after this battle nothing will be the same. This will be the biggest scaled battle that Soul Society would experience and it's effects will be even bigger. While they walked, Yoshirou mentioned that the emergency team probably reached the Rukongai village right about now,'I doubt anything bad will happen. They won't be making a move this soon. Both sides have to prepare. Also it's hard for a Hollow to come here too so I doubt there will be any incident like yesterday.' It was very likely that their preparation's still weren't complete because yesterday they had the biggest opportunity to invade with the Hell's Gate being open and the two of them being tired and the only Shinigami around, and yet they didn't. Therefore, they definitely still had time but how much, they will never be able to find out. Soon enough, they reached the training grounds where they saw JDan training with his Zanpakuto,'Oh look, he's actually sober!' Metabee hasn't seen JDan's state personally the previous morning but it was quite clear but now he was already back to training and probably eagerly waiting for them. The man as big as a tree approached them and greeted them while adding that everyone was worried about them. The Captain nodded,'You too, sorry for worrying you.' Without further delay, Yoshirou asked if they should continue from where they left off and he nodded,'That's right. First, master being able to quickly gather the energy quickly enough and then you can start by experimenting using it in attacks.' The Captain then turned his back to them and took a few steps forward. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. Metabee then spun on his heels to quickly face them again causing his coat to flutter about and he put his right arm forward as he raised his voice,'The time is nigh! A large scale battle approaches us! We must strengthen our forces to prevent the destruction of our homes once again! Our deadline to create this Kido is two weeks!' Mastering a Kido that they just created would take too long so their goal was to create something that will be somewhat usable in combat and teach those able ones to use it. They had a lot of work ahead of them and even less time. With that declaration a race against time begins.
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    With the “happy go lucky” atmosphere returning Yoshirou joked around as well. “That’s funny. I fight to make it to bed,” he replies with a big grin. Taking a second Metabee briefly responds to Yoshi’s next comment, which might have been taken the wrong way. “I think you misunderstand. I long for those boring days. Boring equals safe, things running and operating properly perhaps even growth. I like boring." The Noble chuckled after hearing his own words and how cliché and ridiculous they sound. He hoped the Commander wouldn’t call him out on this, as he didn’t mean it word for word, just trying to get his pervious point across. The pair exited the garden as Metabee rejected the idea of a day off. Even with everything he’s been through recently, not to mention his plate full of new responsibilities, he refused to slack off. As they walked towards the training grounds from before Yoshirou thinks back on yesterday. “Well the team of emergency workers should arriving at the demolished village anytime now. I hope there are no more incidents out there; things in that department are not going as I had planned” he says. He had hoped to bring those in the outer Rukon area prosperity and change but instead they might view him as the herald of destruction; the complete and utter opposite of what he wanted. At this point it was almost better if he wasn’t so ambitions and determined to help. Yoshirou quickly cleared his mind of such thoughts. There was no point in giving the dead a victory now. Yoshi listened if Metabee responded but before he knew it they were at the training grounds. Like previously it was reserve just for them. Waving from the middle of the sparring area was JDan. He was already sweaty and his clothes a little dusty. From the looks of it, it appeared as he was doing some zanjutsu training while he waited on them. Wiping the sweat off his face with a hand towel JDan approaches the others. “Its great to see you doing well today Lord Yoshirou, Lord Metabee. I can confidently say everyone here was worried about you all yesterday,” he says greeting them. “Its good to see you again. A lot happened yesterday but the road ahead of us is even longer so lets not dwell on it for now,” Yoshirou responds. Yoshirou gave Meta time to respond before continuing. “So Metabee, I guess JDan and I should just start with what you showed us the other day right?”