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    Oriru watched as the Task Force Commander continued with the coordination efforts with the entirety of the Third Deployment. It was not until the Captain overhead the recent dispatch orders, "We will send a single detachment into the mist with the monitoring tracker from the twelfth division to maintain communication and location of the unit while they are in there." "I know that I said I would allow you to run the task force, but I would like to include a key note of information." Oriru approached the Commander who was with his communications officer and investigative agent from the twelfth division. "Any attempt at communication into, or from, the mist has failed over the pass two years with only strange sounds being the last thing transmitted before immediate disconnection of signal." There was a pause, "I can provide support for that as well containment." Suddenly, from the long sword held by the back of Genshi, several small marbles would drift into the air and scatter to various locations out of sight. Those that could see the orbs would notice that four would place themselves at each of the corners of the cemetery while another four would be located a mile up from each of those. A golden thread would connect various orbs and then the shapes formed from these lines would solidify into a transparent black cube around the cemetery focused on being just on the other side of the human police barricades. The Soul Reapers would still be able to maintain their specific command center with each of the four unites focusing on their own respective side of the cemetery. Once established, two more orbs would continue to drift around the body of Oriru who took note of the select number of humans that were stuck on the inside of the containment. He considered his options prior to this, but they chose to bypass the barricades established by their mortal enforcers and thus would be condemned to their fate either way. "You." Oriru motioned towards the communications officer, "Ensure that you are ready to use Bakudo 77 to coordinate the initial operation. We have already loss 40 good men and women to this mist after two years, and honestly I would rather this all be done with this time around. A fourth deployment will not be necessary." With that, the two orbs would be sent into the cemetery with the initial scouting.
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    Hours Prior "Captain Kusho." A messenger from the Third Division appears near Oriru who was situated on Sokyoku Hill with several books and papers. Even with the recent change in how things operated, Oriru took pleasure in doing his job ensuring that the operations of the Soul Society was maintained thoroughly. Still, with the sudden messenger coming by Oriru would not allow himself to be interrupted before completing his job. So Ginger, the red head with freckles, approached the messenger with a smile. "A little busy at the moment, but what is the message?" The messenger looked up at the Vice Captain and spoke gently, "Yes. Due to the events taking place in Karakura Town and in regards to the recent meeting regarding the Night of Wailing, Captain Shogekiha of the Third Dvision, Captain Jecht of the Fourth Division, Captain Hokori of the Fifth Division, and Captain Xai Shieng of the Tenth Division all agree that having a Captain Class Soul Reaper will prove invaluable and the resource of the Iron Fortress would prove to be the most effective for ensuring survival." The messenger stood there for a moment with his eyes fixed on the Vice Captain before Ginger would wave him off. "Well, you heard the man. They want you out there supporting this investigation." Slowly the books around Oriru would start to close and all of the paperwork would start to organize itself. "Alright." He stood on his feet and looked at Ginger, "You mind taking these back to the Garden?" He took a few of the documents with him as he walked away from the hill, "I have to go process these and then I will meet you at the Senkaimon." He left her alone for a moment as she begrudgingly carried the small stack of books and papers. "Of course, even after all of that he still lives the life of a paper pusher." She scoffs as she departs Sokyoku hill. ------- Currently Squads of Shinigami had already arrived, a total of five groups of four members per group. Each selection had a member from the Fourth Division for healing support, the Eleventh Division for combat effectiveness, the Fifth Division for kido applications, and a team leader coming from the Thirteenth, Tenth, divisions with one of them having a member of the Second Division leading the team. This one would be the task leader for the entire operation, having a squad consisting of a Second Division team leader, Third Division for communication management, Twelfth Division for investigation analysis, and Eighth Division for a general purpose support. Task Commander Nyujin was taking care of establish the squads as needed to prepare for what ever it was that they were about to face with efficiency. He had already taken the time to establish a small command center with his Command Squad and ensured that each squad was properly prepared with their specific duties. Suddenly another Senkaimon opened up next to Nyujin revealing Captain Oriru Kusho and Vice Captain Ginger Genshi stepping out. Since becoming Captain, Oriru had made little modification to his clothing and simply requested his dress coat be tweaked to match the captains Haori with his division on the back and the pattern along the bottom trim. It was also key to notice that Oriru would not carry his Zanpakuto but it would be clearly strapped to the back of Lieutenant Genshi with a very faint glow coming from the sheath, although hard to see while sheathed. "Lieutenant Genshi? Captain Kusho?" Nyujin was obviously caught off guard. "Yes, but we are here to simply provide support. This is still your Task Force." "No worries Jin-Kun, you got this." Genshi provides a soft smile as she looks around and pulls out her communication device, ideally just a normal looking phone. Meanwhile, Oriru looked around taking note of the humans that were around, especially those that were looking at the Soul Reaper squads. Anyone that could see them could be a Quincy, or a potentially problematic human of their own accord. "Since you are here Captain, there was a presence that we picked up." Captain Kusho glanced over a specific individual in the crowd of a people, one located in a group of two other humans. "A human with a significant Spiritual Pressure." Oriru had already picked up on the individual that he was talking about, or he hoped he had because two humans with that much power would prove to be quite a problem. Still, Oriru had to keep his spiritual pressure sealed at all times and only to be released in emergencies. Usually it requires a request to be made and an approval but Oriru had been provided the Green Light to release if necessary. WC | 789 Note | Spiritual Pressure is < 40,000 for both Ginger and Oriru
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    On the evening of October 31st a thick harrowing mist will yet again engulf the grounds of the old Karakura Cemetery for the third year in a row. On this night alone, it is said that lost souls of the dead --stirred awake by the mist's mysterious paranormal powers-- wail and lament their own misfortune. Their cries can be heard from sunset until dawn. Countless souls, brave and curious alike, have dared to enter the mist on the Night of Wailing, none have ever returned. The mist claims all, the dead and the living, indiscriminately. Soul Society Report: Our intelligence shows that if the past two years are anything to go by, the Night of Wailing can almost certainly be expected to occur again. There have mysteriously been no Hollow sightings in the cemetery in the few days leading up to October 31st. In the past two years the Gotei 13 dispatched multiple task force teams to investigate the mysterious mist. All contact with these teams was immediately lost upon their entering the mists, none of the Shinigami and scientists involved have return or been heard of since. Our reports also verify that the mists have expanded with each subsequent sighting. There is a strong suspicion that a powerful Hollow is involved. However, due to the nature of the mists and the lack of substantial information surrounding it, not much else is known. As part of the 3rd Night of Wailing Task Force, your duty is to uncover the nature of the mists and eliminate the creature(s) responsible. Interaction with spiritually aware humans and Quincy based in the area is to be expected. Stay on task, but the use of force is permitted should they jeopardize your mission objective. ------ World of The Living Report: By one way or another, information regarding the Night of Wailing has reached you. The local news broadcasts have all been warning civilians to stay clear of the Cemetery for the past week, but tonight there is a particular emphasis on it. They are really trying to push "active gang of kidnappers and human-traffickers" narrative, but you at the very least suspect there are other forces at play. Whatever the case with these Nights of Wailing is, it's serious enough to have even the police involved; actively sending off curious teens and aspiring paranormal film-makers. You too are ultimately drawn to the gates of the old cemetery, joined by dozens of others like you and also full-fledged Shinigami. ------ ACT ONE [10 Minutes Until Sunset] The old cemetery lies tucked away in an abandoned corner of old Karakura Town, isolated from the rest of society by its discrepant red brick walls. Although, weather-beaten and tolled by the passage of decades, the walls stand unyielding; as if bound by and in honor of an eternal duty to contain that which they contained within. Like a battered guardian manning their post even in the face of certain and immanent peril. Upon the simplest inspection, one may be compelled to wonder, "If not by an unwavering adherence to a sacred duty, by what other powers had the walls not crumbled away to ruin?" The cemetery could be accessed through six picketed iron gates. There was once a time, very long ago, when the iron gates shone like polished obsidian and the golden ornamented railheads gleamed like stars in the night sky. Alas, the passage of time had proved equally cruel to the once proud gates. Robbed by age, the gate no longer possessed their luster. Instead, left in its place were terrible crusted coats of rust, like dried bloody scabs below the rips and tears of flaked black and gold paint. The gates were all closed and locked this evening, they stood almost a sturdy as the walls, but far from as silent. With each passing breeze, the iron gates whined at the hinges. Looking in through the picket gaps of any of the iron gates, one could see that the cemetery appeared to stretch out as far as the eye could see; beyond the horizon, over and below bends and dips in the landscape. Gravestones, numbering in the thousands, in varied shapes, sizes, and states of upkeep collectively formed a forest of stone monuments between which the winds howled. As sunset approaches, those who have managed to sneak pass the police officers, who have barricaded off all roads leading to the cemetery, begin to assemble at each of the six gates. No one truly knows what the Night of Wailing will bring or what horrors dwell within the old cemetery. Still, as the hands of the clock tick down to the anticipated hour and the sun slowly fades below the horizon, a creeping sense of dread befalls many and the weaker-willed attendees. Some have already come to their senses and begun to turn tail. Unfortunately, of the strong-willed and foolhardy who remain, there are plenty... [Instructions: Your Night of Wailing will start soon, post your arrival at the cemetery, you're more than welcome to include your motivation for joining and any interactions with the others gathering there.] ------------------------ Information [Will be updated regularly as the event progresses] ------------------------ ACT ONE 1- At Sunset the Cemetery and a large area around it was suddenly covered by a dense mist that appear to come from nowhere at all. All human characters suddenly found themselves stranded in one part of the cemetery, even those who hadn't even entered the gates yet. The Shinigami have begun their coordinated effort to find the being or beings responsible for the Night of Wailing. Niebla Nefasta (Baleful Mist): 2-
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    Connor naturally took part in the handshake with the man who introduced himself as Hizorashi Masato in English. To Connor who primarily speaks the language, it left something to be desired but still allowed him to understand him clearly. 'At least his name sounds normal.' As this thought flashed through his mind Connor was caught off guard to see a slight bow from Masato. As a foreigner with very little social activity, this was the first time for him to receive a gesture like a bow. He was aware that it was part of a polite greeting in Japan, not at all uncommon. He still didn't expect it under these circumstances. Connor could only do his best to return a slight bow in the most proper way possible. He appeared slightly awkward while doing so as he likely didn't bow as far as etiquette would require, or lower his head in the bow. The slight bow reminded him of the time that his Teacher tried to force him to bow his head. At that time Connor would have sooner died than willingly done so. 'I wonder what he would think if he knew that I gave someone I just met the slightest bow after he had to force one out of me?' His smile grew slightly as his mind wandered back to that time, but was soon brought back to the conversation with a slight cough from the Tengu fellow. "Connor-san... Hizorashi-san." Connor found himself returning another awkward slight bow to Tengu this time. "With introductions and language barriers at least somewhat out of the way." Connor was surprised to hear the fluent English from Tengu at this moment, but thankful that he could always use English to clear up any misunderstandings. That didn't mean that Connor would switch to his primary language, at most he now had something to fall back to if he made too many mistakes. There was a slight sense of relief as he cut in briefly with Japanese addressing both Tengu and Masato. "Ah, Just Connor is fine. There isn't any need for formalities." After that the masked young man went on to share a brief description of the situation and inform Connor that he could and would be an in between in the conversation if needed. In return, Connor nodded his head in reply to express his understanding. He was able to listen and understand with relative ease what the young man said as he spoke to Masato, and he couldn't help feeling slightly excited. He had come in search of simple criminals, but stumbled across what was likely to be an extremely unique hollow or situation. Based on the fact that even Shinigami had disappeared, whatever was soon to take place could offer danger for even himself if he weren't careful. This caused both excitement and wariness to surge in his heart. The two emotions balanced out allowing him to calmly focus on what was to come. He was still confident in facing whatever would come his way, but he wouldn't act in a foolish manner because of that. What actually drew Connor's interest was the team mentioned by Tengu. He didn't see any others in the immediate area, so he was naturally curious about the group due to the fact that they represent a faction. 'I wonder if they all wear masks and have strange code names?' Connor wasn't exactly judgmental, but the thought that everyone like to dress up and choose secret identities nearly made him shudder. 'I hope this weirdness isn't contagious.' It seemed like Tengu had finished speaking, so Connor decided to take the chance to speak a bit. Unfortunately, he could only lead with a slight pause in order to articulate a sentence. "Um... I just wanted to say that I should be able to understand Japanese fairly well, so there isn't too much of a need to explain. I'm just slowly picking up on speaking it. As for the situation with the Shinigami, would you happen to be aware of the strongest person who has disappeared? I'm sure it would be beneficial to know since that would serve as a minimum strength necessary for anyone who wishes to enter." Connor paused for a moment here in consideration before adding on a bit more. "Another important subject, will we move together inside or do you all wish to separate? I don't mind remaining together as I am alone, but I did notice Tengu...san mentioned a team and it could conflict with us moving together. What thoughts do you both have on this?" Connor didn't exactly know if the "-san" was necessary after Tengu, but after some brief hesitation he decided to use it in order to be polite. All he could do now is wait. What Connor didn't notice was that his facial expression had slowly transitioned into a more neutral facial expression which expressed his seriousness, differing quite a lot from the smile that he tended to maintain. Without realizing it, he found that his eyebrows were slightly knit and his hand had found their way to the pockets of his pants as he waited to hear what Masato and Tengu would have to say. Word Count: 854 Total Word Count: 2,959
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    Masato passed the question on to the teen simply to be courteous of his presence. In truth, he had no intention of sending the foreigner away, nor the authority. Contrary to what his age might’ve implied, Masato saw himself as, at most, their equals. Furthermore he wouldn’t want to tarnish the young man’s perception of the Japanese people, by excluding him for no real reason. "No objections here. Nice meeting you both,” The masked youngsters reply gave Masato some relief, and dispelled all the negative opinions he had of him. He was undoubtedly, a Japanese local and his welcoming gesture of a handshake to the foreigner gave masato a sense of cultural pride. “Call me Tengu. I'm with the WILD'S faction,” The teen now known as Tengu added, causing masato to raise a single eye brow in confusion. “You’re seriously giving him you vigilante name?” Masato was living vicariously through Tengu’s actions and noting internally at how he would’ve done better. The foreigner accepted the handshake firmly before he spoke again, "My name is Connor Knight, naturally you all can just call me Connor. I'm the current head of the Long Clan Faction, as well as the Fifth Seat on the Council of Power." First Tengu and now the foreigner, Connor Knight, both described what factions they belonged, which to masato’s knowledge, was not a part of the formal Japanese introduction. He had many questions for his new acquaintances but abstained from speaking too much before introducing himself. With Tengu now approaching, masato thought it was a great opportunity to educate Connor on Japanese culture. Tengu’s greeting handshake was of course accepted, but not without masato uncharacteristically bowed slightly shortly thereafter. “Nice to meet you,” He added, making sure Connor could see clearly, what he was doing. Masato was never this formal in his day-to-day life, but wanted to make a positive impression, and maybe make up for Tengu’s concealed faced introduction, polite as it was. He followed their lead and introduced himself last, “my namu iz Hizorashi Masato,” in English as best he could. He extended his right hand out toward Connor, with the intention of combining it with a slight bow should Connor accept. As he held his hand out, the sudden sensation of more Shinigami appearing from above did not go unnoticed, but the harmless Shinigami were important enough to interrupt his greetings. WC: 395
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    Masato stood with his hands tucked into his coat’s pockets, peering through the gates at the vast field of gravestones. His face failed to express just how disappointed he was with the expedition, as of yet. The decision to investigate alone was much easier than devising an actual plan to proceed. He had trusted all the planning to Seito, who couldn’t attend due to unforeseen circumstances, and now stood at the one of the many gates to the cemetery, brainstorming what to do next. “What am I investigating again?” He thought to himself – a sign of just how unprepared for the mission he truly was. This night was intended to serve as his first, supervised, hollow hunting experience. Following his last encounter with a hollow, Masato was ready to prove he had what it took to assist in the exterminating of ‘the Quarter’, and any other hollow that threatened the serenity of Karakura. But though he tried, he failed recall or sense the presence of any hollows, let alone roaming spirits. Masato’s interest in staying began to wane, and the thought of returning home crossed his mind. “By sunset, if nothing happens, I’m leaving” He decided to himself, as the sun had already begun to hide behind the earth’s horizon. However, as the father counted the seconds, in the sky not too far away, a sudden vertical string of white light appeared, catching his attention as he looked towards it. The glowing string then expanded horizontally, forming a standing rectangular shape before its light subsided, revealing traditional Japanese sliding doors, from which a flock of Shihakusho clad individuals emerged. Masato recognized the uniform from the only Shinigami he had seen up and until now, Yuuto, and concluded that they too were Shinigami. He couldn’t make out their exact numbers as from where he stood, they appeared to be no more than a bundle of black. Masato’s personal interest was now piqued, and he was no longer in a hurry to leave. To find out their exact numbers he tried to read the various Reiatsu signatures, pushing his perception to its limit. He counted mentally, the differing Reiatsus, but upon the interrupting inquiry, “You here for the spooky mist thingy, too?” Masato lost his count. He directed his attention to the masked person, whose tone gave an estimate of his age. The hidden identity and aluminum bat lead to Masato’s initial misjudgment, “Must be one of those thrill seeking delinquents the news was on about”, He thought, but the boy’s presence at this gate implied he too made it pass law enforcements vigilant hurdles. What’s more, the stranger’s foreign dialect and body language didn’t fit the stereotypical ones of gangster. “Uh…” Masato attempted to reply to the boy, but a second inquiry would come to interrupt his thought again, and with it a tremendous source of energy, numbing that of the Shinigamis’. ”Excuse me, would you all mind me joining this conversation?” the second stranger asked from behind as he approached, carelessly flaunting his “power level”, so to speak. His Japanese pronunciation left much to be desired, but was otherwise loud and clear. Masato was advised against attracting others with his spiritual pressure, especially around Shinigami, so the actions taken by this man were a testament to his hubris. Masato wasn’t sure why the man took an interest in their “conversation”, but given the aura he felt from him, it was obvious he wasn’t there for sightseeing. “I don’t mind. Do you?” masato replied, directing a question to the masked teen, ensuring he was fine with the other stranger joining in. WC: 600
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    -October 31st, Early Afternoon- Several days had passed since Connor announced his claim to the Council Position handed down to him from his teacher. Besides the short altercation that took place at the time of his announcement, he hadn't encountered any other threat or battle. Despite what he expected, it felt difficult to come across hollow during this time period as well. He didn't know if that was due to the town being well maintained by the several factions, or if it was simply because there weren't any strong enough to pass through the net waiting for them upon arrival. Either way, the lack of action caused Connor incessant boredom. He still hadn't perfected the pronunciation of the various Japanese words during this time either, but he was steadily improving after mingling in several crowds. At this very moment, he was watching the news for the off chance that there may be something strange or interesting going on. Until now, Connor had been completely oblivious to the fact that today was Halloween. Even when he was back home, he tended to forget that it was a holiday as it had been essentially irrelevant to him more than ten years ago. For whatever reason, costumes and candy were never among his interests making Halloween one of the most easily forgotten Holidays of all in his opinion. Based on the News Channel that informed him, Halloween in Japan differed from the American culture with their focus being on Costumes. Another way to look at it was that today was simply an excuse for people to Cosplay. Connor sighed and shook his head. He quickly lost interest in whatever the news had to offer, and was only moments away from turning his attention completely away from it. The next story being reported on wasn't quite like the previous easygoing costume show that he expected to continue. The tone completely changed and a public service announcement appeared. "Police have barricaded all the roads leading to the cemetery, as reports of kidnappings and gang activity have grown all too common on the nights of Halloween. Now, although there have been several known occurrences, the Police will be out in full force maintaining order and protecting the Citizens. Hot spots for crime such as this cemetery are being heavily patrolled and blocked off to prevent criminal activities. We would like to ask everyone to be cooperative with the officers on duty, and hope that everyone safely enjoys the Holiday..." Just like that, Connor had found an interesting way to spend his night. If Hollows weren't willing to appear before him then he would engage in some 'minor' vigilantism. He hadn't considered it before, but he was completely capable of doing so on a large scale. Not to mention, it would stave off the boredom he face if he occasionally did a 'good' deed like interfere with crime. How good of a deed he was considering doing was another matter entirely as most governments didn't take kindly to people bypassing the law, and Japan was no exception to this. Truthfully, Connor was completely aware of this but chose to push that fact to the back of his mind as he left the room that became a temporary home to him. __________________________________________________________________________ -October 31st, Dusk- *sigh* "Well that was disappoint. I've spent my afternoon searching to just come up empty handed..." Connor couldn't help expressing his disappointment at this moment as the town was extremely peaceful. Ever since he met that other Council member, it had seemed like there wasn't anyone else in this town. Currently, he was on his way towards the cemetery that had been shown in the news. He had been saving it for later as he hoped to arrive around the time that Darkness would overtake the town. He had no reason to fear anything anymore, but subconsciously he still saw being in a cemetery at night would be somewhat thrilling. Connor didn't move along the rooftops, or in the sky like tended to after he awakened his Fullbring. For a change of pace he made a point to mingle in the crowds of people. There were several well-made costumes that could be seen, and overall the atmosphere on this Halloween was anything but scary. The Holiday was naturally a bigger deal for young adults, but among the crowds roaming about he could still see the occasional parent escorting their child to enjoy the sights. Something slightly strange to him was seeing that the tradition of trick-or-treating hadn't made it's way to Japan. Despite being aware of that, it was still strange to see compared to what he was accustomed to. The crowds were focused more in the park and other places suited to heavy foot traffic, so there were far fewer people in the area of the cemetery. Some were coming from the area disappointed, likely prevented from entering. Others were going towards it full of confidence, likely expecting to make their way in. The only others out nearby were those with homes nearby, minding their own business. If anyone were observing the street from above then they would feel something wasn't right about the crowd, and Connor in particular. For a while now he had been paying attention to the perception of others while he moved, intentionally avoiding the eyes of others. His movements had no particular rhythm, but if someone were observing closely for a long enough time they would feel it was strange. Most people would unintentionally look to see what was moving if there was movement in their peripheral, but Connor was taking that into consideration as he picked out dead zones in the crowd to move to as he moved forward. When it was possible he would walk at a normal pace, when it wasn't his figure would flash forward like a ghost without a trace. The strange feeling would be due to the fact that Connor was on a street with other people, but completely unnoticed by any of them despite their various points of view. This feat relied on his perception being countless times stronger than an average person, and the speed to move outside the perception of normal people when necessary. The result was the off putting scene that made Connor seem as though he wasn't truly present. At most, he appeared as a shadow for anyone lucky enough to catch the slightest glimpse due to his dark clothes. He had no particular reason for these actions, and they wouldn't benefit him against other Fullbringers, but he felt it was a good way to understand the limits of his constantly growing abilities. When the barricade came into sight he made a point to disturb one of the people sneaking closer the draw the attention of the officers watching the street. While their attention was elsewhere he easily moved behind them at an extreme speed. They couldn't notice his movements even if they were paying attention, but now he could even leisurely walk forward without being noticed. The final result was Connor easily approaching the cemetery. Once the gate appeared in Connor's line of sight, he could easily see two groups gathered near the gate. Based on the information that he knew, Connor could instantly see that the larger group were Shinigami. He cringed slightly seeing their uniforms as it seemed extremely tacky to him. In his mind, he equated it to wearing glorified bath robes. The other group consisted of two people which were clearly humans based on the slight energy signatures and the way that they were outfitted. Connor was naturally biased against the group he had long since decided were just a bunch of chuuni, so he steadily approached the two humans instead. When Connor arrived the masked young man was already taking a few steps directly towards the one wearing a cyan coat. Due to his heightened senses the two were already in earshot, so he clearly heard the masked fellow ask about a 'spooky mist thingy'. Connor had been under the impression that it would only be some petty criminals based on the news, but it seemed that it would be much more interesting than he expected. Before the man in the cyan coat could answer Connor had arrived just a few feet from the two. He was close to them, but still enough distance that he was respectfully outside of their 'group'. "Excuse me, would you all mind me joining this conversation?" Upon Connor's arrival he made a point to speak politely. He was under the impression that manners were important in Japan, so it wouldn't hurt to avoid barging in completely. The way Connor carried himself was in a calm and casual manner. He was completely confident in himself, so he was able to appear here without any fear. He had a slight smile on his face as he spoke due to these factors and also to appear more approachable, but it was clear that he wasn't experienced with the language as the pronunciation was slightly off. He could carry conversation, but there would be jarring instances where some words may be misinterpreted. He had spoken in Japanese since he couldn't be sure that they know English, so he could only secretly hope that he spoke clearly enough to prevent misunderstandings. All he could do now was patiently wait for a reply from either, or both of the people before him. Word Count: 1,535
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    October 31- Noon Masato lounged in the living room of the Hizorashi household. He was visiting his Daughter Reina and mother Fuyumi; usually the only occupants of the house. But as the night of Halloween was soon to come, the entire Hizorashi family was present. Through the bustling chatter and movement of the house, masato tried to enjoy a luxury he couldn’t from his own apartment, television. He gave up on pleading with his family to not cross in front of his view and became content with what little of the news he could gather. “Police have barricaded all the roads leading to the cemetery, as reports of kidnappings and gang activity have grown all too common on the nights of Halloween. Now, although…” Reina turned off the TV remotely from behind the couch masato laid on. “Papa you’re supposed to be helping me with my costume.” She said while playfully stretching his cheeks. Masato stretched his neck over the back of the sofa to face Reina, upside down. “I thought we finished it last night?” “Nah ah, we still need to make the wand.” Reina shook her head with her father’s cheeks still in hand. “Sailor moon doesn’t have a wand.” Masato informed her. “Well this one does.” Reina rebutted loudly, just as her grandmother walked pass. “Give up dear, she won’t listen to reason.” Fuyumi exclaimed as she carried a bag of candies to the main entrance, left to the TV. She too, had assisted with her granddaughter’s costume, and wanted to stay faithful to Sailor moon’s original look, much to Reina’s disagreement. “Alright we’ll make you’re wand. But you have to promise me you’ll listen to auntie Azami when you go out trick or treating”, Masato proposed to Reina. His recent encounter with the hollow Charles, and the unsettling information he just heard from the news was enough to end his daughters trick or treating; had he not want to rob Reina of her fun, it certainly would have. If he couldn’t keep Reina inside, at the very least he would give her a hollow slaying babysitter, Azami. “Again?!” Reina asked in shock, being that her father had emphasized listening to her nanny on multiple occasions since his visit. She wanted to ignore the proposal she had already agreed to, but when her eyes met her father’s, the sincerity and concern in them compelled her to answer, “I promise.” Masato and Reina finished the wand at sunset, not long before Azami arrived, dressed as a werewolf and ready for trick or treating. “I still don’t see why your date couldn’t come over for supper.” Masato’s mother inquired as he was leaving the house. “Mom, we coin flipped the decision. If you want I can cancel on her”, Masato replied, certain that his mother would never tell him to cancel on a date. Not surprisingly, his words gave her face an expression of disbelief, and ended her pestering. Shortly after closing the house door he shouted, “Save me some leftovers please!” Dusk Technically, masato wasn’t lying when he said he was going on a date, but he certainly misled his family’s perception of what he was doing. How was he to explain to his family, “investigating the cemetery that dozens have gone missing in”, without worrying them. He would’ve normally stayed away from trouble, but this expedition was spearheaded by Seito, his mentor. He rode his bike nearest to the meeting point before running the rest of the way. The barricaded roads and heightened security weren’t difficult to surpass with his bringer light and the cover of the buildings. Upon reaching one of the six gates of the cemetery, masato called his mentor to inform him of his arrival. “OH that, I thought I cancelled?” Seito responded through the phone. “WHAT?!” “I’m up to my neck with work man, Sorry.” “So what am I supposed to do?” “I think Yuuto is on his way. If you want you can wait for him to go in. anyway I gotta go, call me if there’s an emergency, later.” Seito ended their call, leaving masato unsure of what to do next. He stood at the screeching and rusty gates leading to the graveyard. Upon some contemplation, masato removed from his backpack and put on his cyan coat, preparing to investigate. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WC: 715
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    ENW 03: STRANGERS ASSEMBLE PRT2 ----- ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE cordially nodded after Connor and and Hizorashi introduced themselves. He considered revealing his face, but quickly decided that doing so would be unwise. The WILD'S faction put a major emphasis on perserving one's real name and identity, including maintaining a near human-level Reiatsu output in order to safeguard against the members of other faction who might target them unannounced. Although, Connor and Hizorashi might have been friendlies with no ill-intent, the fact of the matter was that Karakura as a whole was split up among many disputing factions and WILD'S just didn't have the power or influence to be able to deal with a targeted assault on them while they were mobilized and prepared. The thought of how easily any of the bigger and more establish factions could pick them off one by one if they rocked the wrong boat terrified Ryūnosuke, even with all the power he had as the second in command and the strongest member of WILD'S. Ryūnosuke was silently, yet pleasantly, pleased to have the horrible thought of possibly losing his friends and his mother, blanked out by the amusement of hearing Hizorashi hilariously introduced himself in English. The teenager smirked behind his mask and then coughed in order to stifle a snicker. "Connor-san... Hizorashi-san." Ryūnosuke, lightly bowed his head to each of the two individually, he then proceeded to say, in fluent English, "With introductions and language barriers at least somewhat out of the way." Ryūnosuke faced Connor directly, "I was just asking Hirorashi-san if he was here because he heard about the mysterious mist. That doesn't seem to be the case. Supposedly, this strange mist has been appearing in this cemetery on the evening of Halloween for the past couple of years. All the people who have gone into the mist vanish or something, hence all the Shinigami. I'll be speaking to Hizorashi in Japanese, if you get lost at any point or have questions just let me know and I'll do my best to translate for you." Nodding again, Ryūnosuke turns back to Hizorashi and addressed him in their shared native-language. "Eh, how do I say this, Hizorashi-san... I hope you aren't here because of the news reports about the human-traffickers. You know those aren't true, right? There is supposed to be a haunted mist that appears at sunset. A bunch of people have disappeared, including Shinigami. I've personally never seen it, but the rest of my team says it's true. We're sticking around to investigate it with the Shinigami. You might want to leave if this isn't your sort of thing." Ryūnosuke would end there and look west, in the direction of the setting sun. Sunset was just a few fleeting minutes away and Ryūnosuke's instinctual desire to flee toiled his conscious further with every passing second. Was he really going to go through with this? Every fiber of his being was opposed to it. This was clearly situation best left to the Shinigami. Still, as the forces of logic and instinct compelled him in one direction --far away from the cemetery-- an equal and opposing set of ideals, his sense of duty and an itching curiosity, anchored his feet where he stood --at least for now. Although, the Tengu-masked Fullbringer was keenly aware of which pair of forces would ultimately prevail. If past experiences --like the possessed ice cream truck-- were anything to go by, there wasn't even a shadow of a doubt in his mind... ______________________________ WC|570 -----
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    The captain evaluation process had now reached Captain of the Thirteenth Division Shanzausk Olboro's turn. She was already down in the first level of the Central Great Underground Prison waiting for the Captain Commander to come join here. She was one of the more critical, yet informed captains in the meeting about what he had been up to before reclaiming his title proper. This was something he was interested in investigating further, but he would have to be careful as she seemed to have a short fuse and was known to have a piercing icy gaze. As Kaeru walked down the long steps with the door closing behind him after only a few steps. The his descent down into the prison shifted to a much chillier temperature to the point he could see his own breath. This was no doubt had to do with Shanzausk's zanpakuto Reitō tsundora or Frozen Tundra. Known to be a terrain changing zanpakuto release making the immediate area difficult to move around in due to the harsh arctic conditions. He started to use his reiatsu to step into the air off from the slick steps in order to not fall on his backside reaching the massive opening where he could see a blue haori with white spikes on the sleeves that had the thirteen division signia of a snowdrop in the center of the back. "Captain of the Thirteenth Division Shanzausk Olboro," Kaeru called out to the shinigami across from him that had altered the battlefield into that of a snow and ice everywhere, "Seems you are already prepared for your test." Shanzausk had short pink hair pulled up by a starred purple bow. As she turned her head enough to reveal her piercing bright orange eyes and stern expression. Her long purple scarf that she wore flapped in the winds of her rising reiatsu. Turning around he could see her traditional Shihakushō, knee high padded boots and gauntlets that almost came up to the cut off black hakama. Her zanpakuto with a circular hilt that had several small spikes with holes in between each closer to the orange and brown crossing patterned handle was already being held in her right hand. "Captain Commander Xarius Kaeru," Shanzausk returned his greeting as she finished fully turning around to face him. This was the first time someone else had arrived before him in this scenario and they had already set the environment. "Impressive display of your shikai release already," he spoke as he watched her lower her center of gravity reaching a full squat before she lunged full speed at him with a flash step he could track her, but he was a bit too slow. A reoccurring them that he was not as fast as he was used to being. Reaching down he tries to draw out Yang from his sheath but the zanpakuto is frozen into the sheath. So he rotates his body at the last moment where he blade only grazes him on the left shoulder as he swings around from behind her with a back kick which she partially blocks as she slides back along the ice. "I see you've made it difficult for me to move, removed my ability to use shunko without hurting myself, and this ice has my zanpakutos unable to draw," he speaks aloud as they start to circle one another, "If I did not know better, I would think you are afraid of me." With that he starts to make several flash step moves within the area to try to throw her off, but he could feel that he was much slower than normal. No matter how much he pushed his limits there just seemed to be a block on his upper limits of speed, but that was either his own body returning to form or Shanzausk's zanpakuto ability. There was the third option of both as well, that was a pain to even think about. "I am not afraid of you or any other captain in the Gotei Thirteen," Shanzausk replied without hesitation or emotion in her voice, this was by her tone a fact. Flicking her wrist snowflakes began to fall from the ceiling of the room from a faint cloud cover. He could immediately feel himself slowly now again and his vision being obscured by the flakes that seemed to have some kind of an effect on the area. "You are weak, losing to a rukongaian in a fight needing to be saved by one of the Onmitsukidō Corps, getting handed everything because you look like the old captain commander, and showing off all your different abilities to the captains in these evaluations. If you were truly the real Xarius Kaeru, he was someone to be afraid of as his power was unmatched from the stories. Few saw him fight, even fewer saw his shikai release, and his bankai was said to only have ever been released once outside of the captain's proficiency test. From what i've heard you have relied on that power more than a hand full of time already." "You are a very informed person," Kaeru responded through the chill to his bones as just moving was becoming more difficult, to the point of being almost sluggish. To counteract this he raised his reiatsu levels maxing out the spiritual pressure around his body causing a ripple effect. "Hadō Number Fifty-Four: Haien" he commanded out the oblong blast of purple spiritual energy from his hand erupting towards Shanzausk from his left hand. The kido art immolates an snow clone once it makes contact. She had moved to the right of his position which he was already tracking bringing up his right hand he shouts out, "Hadō Number Fifty-Eight: Tenran!" From his right hand Kaeru creates a widening tornado-like blast towards Shanzausk driving her backwards in the direction of the far wall. "Ban-kai," the captain of the thirteenth death squad speaks out as she swings he zanpakuto upward causing a burst of snowy haze to explode in all directions from her point. After that there is almost no change to the environment or anything that he can sense right off hand. That was until he realized that the cut from earlier was burning as he could no longer move his left arm because of the total encasement of ice. "Raging Blizzard," with those words winds come from out of nowhere along with sleet, snow, hail encircling the whole room. Over the next several minutes there was a game of cat and mouse happening as Kaeru could avoid most attacks at the last minute as she cleaned the blizzard to make a strike at him with her bright blue glowing zanpakuto. The few cuts would always create points of further encasement on his body. Four hits in total between his left shoulder, left arm, right leg, and left side. He had returned the favor by landing several full impact haduka punches and kicks for her close quarter attacks. "You will die to the Artic Prison," Shanzausk explained, "Once you become completely encased in ice all i have to do is break the ice and you shatter into a thousand pieces." "Thank you for the heads up," Kaeru replied with a sarcastic tone to his voice, but he had already assessed the situation and what he needed to do to get out of this. So he became to speak an incantation as he starts to draw the symbols of the spell in the air that most knew right out of the academy, "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!" His entire body permeates a red energy as he speaks the the kido art's command words, "Bakudō Number Nine: Geki." This bathes the elusive captain in a red light and completely paralyze her in place. Using the incantation had empowered the strength of the bakudo, but Kaeru was not done just yet. Holding his right hand firm with the red glow he reached back with his left hand gathering a blue-white glowing rod of energy in his hand. "Bakudō Number Sixty-Two: Hyapporankan," he speaks the words of another kido art as he throws the reiryoku rod in the direction of the restrained captain. As the rod flies through the air the one multiplies into a hundred more rods raining down on the Shanzausk. This pins her against the ground completely immobilize her on top of the geki. He had watched his vice-captain Oriru use this kido a few times and even Ank his brother had used it as well. The blizzard in the area lowers as Shanzausk was unable to move in her current position, but the zanpakuto was still released causing Kaeru his continued discomfort. Some of the ice had weakened near the cuts so he was able to fully move them again with having to strain against the weight. "You rely heavily on your zanpakuto's release to give you an advantage against your opponents for your brute force attacks. Which is a very effective combat strategy," he explains as he can see that she is struggle to break free from his restraints, "Until you run into someone faster than you or able to see through your attacks. That was why you could never hit me with a full attack, your sword gives away your position and knowing that the cold paralysis ability follows each successful hit made me aware how I needed to fight you." Continuing to strain against his double kido arts Shanzausk breaks through the geki and the rods start to crack. "Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny!" Kaeru started the incantation for Hadō Number Ninety: Kurohitsugi but he could see that the look in her eyes acknowledged that she was outmatched in this moment as she had used up all of her energy to start the fight. "I yield," the disgusted tone from Shanzausk's mouth spit the words out as her reiatsu began to plummet. The chill in the air immediately gave way to some warmth as from the edges of the room retracted the blizzard winds and icy grounds seemingly back into her zanpakuto. "The problem with myths is that reality never quite matches up," Kaeru states as he releases Hyapporankan and discontinues the Kurohitsugi incantation. "You were prepared to end my life in that moment," Shanzausk states as she staggers to her feet putting Reitō tsundora back into it's sheath, "There was no hesitation jumping to a level ninety hado and still having the reserves. The rumors are true about your versatility, but I am still not convinced you are the real Xarius Kaeru." "Honestly Captain Olboro," Kaeru stoic demeanor returned as he was now standing upright watching her fidget with her haori in frustration, "The Xarius Kaeru you knew probably died in that black void. I am someone different, someone different. A changed man from that point on and all I can do is figure out what this second chance at life will bring me. But do know this..." The briefest of pauses allowed for dramatic effect, "If you ever threaten to kill me again you better mean it and follow through, because I won't stop until one of us does die." "Good," Shanzausk replied with the return to emotionless tone, "Then we have an understanding. I shall take my leave then if I am done proving my worth." "Yes," Xarius acknowledged her request to leave, "Thank you for your time. Oriru will have your paperwork on the way out for the improvement requests that you had put in." She waved him off as she flash stepped up the stairs and left through the door closing it behind her with a slam. Drawing in a deep breath Kaeru turns around as speaks into the void, "Do you see what I mean now?" The form of Captain of the Second Division Mikoto Shuu could be seen from the far corners of the room. "I have lost a step or two," he continued to explain, "Something just seems off with my body and my mind still." Before the void he was a person that could fight for days on end bouncing around almost keeping up with Shuu, the other Kaeru of the reality was a brutish type that relied on his speed and power, but there was just something different this time around. He could feel it in his body that he just was not the same frog as he was before or how he originally thought he was coming out of the void. Maybe Shuu could help him figure out what that difference was and why he was a step too slow all the time in his fights. [WC: 2,128/1,251 (reiryoku specialist)][Learned Bakudō # 62: Hyapporankan] [WC: 2,128/1,500 storyline subclass change][Rash to NPC Shuu in next post]
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    Connor was oblivious to his own naturally released reiatsu and the implications it had on their situation. Due to never having been specifically trained to suppress it, he couldn't be described as skilled in doing so. He was aware of the potential harm excessive reiatsu could have on the world, but despite his best efforts he still lacked the knowledge or technique on how to perfectly maintain the lowest possible level of energy. Even if he could suppress it to the level of an average human, Connor wouldn't intentionally do so in order to advertise his existence. At the very least, he would make sure that his presence was easily identified. The situation with the Long Clan was shaky at best, and he needed to make his presence known to bring stability to the faction and also his own position on the Council. In the end, he was still stuck cleaning up his Teacher's mess after arriving in town. The solution he decided on to accomplish this task was forcing others to acknowledge his strength and position, even at the risk of some dangers. “I don’t mind. Do you?” This was the reply that the man in cyan had to offer. To Connor it seemed somewhat indifferent, while not being rude. Either way, after his reply the ball was in the masked fellow's court and he didn't seem to mind. "No objections here. Nice meeting you both." Based on the body language and reply, it seemed that this person who sounded even slightly younger than himself shared a similar view to the one in cyan. Neither seemed to mind Connor's intrusion, and it seemed that he hadn't spoken too poorly since he was understood. In all actuality, this was one of Connor's few interactions with any other people in Japan so he had been slightly nervous as to what the result could be. He always had to hope that he wouldn't suddenly be cursing someone or their mother due to improper pronunciation. 'After this I will buckle down and up my proficiency with Japanese.' It was then that the Masked fellow stepped towards him for a handshake and introduced himself. "Call me Tengu. I'm with the WILD'S faction." Connor took note of this fact as this was the first person he met belonging to a faction that he was unaware of. He naturally accepted the handshake, matching firmness with Tengu to avoid an awkward limp shake. Tengu would then go on to do the same with the man in cyan. During this time, Connor would take the chance to introduce himself as well. "My name is Connor Knight, naturally you all can just call me Connor. I'm the current head of the Long Clan Faction, as well as the Fifth Seat on the Council of Power." Connor spoke in a simple and straightforward manner, while also taking a chance to spread his position. He didn't want to be too wordy with his introduction, but he felt it necessary to spread information of himself to other factions in order for his position to stabilize. He naturally didn't want to leave a terrible first impression for others in his first peaceful interaction, so he continued on in a calm manner while hoping that they didn't see it as if he was flaunting power at them. After finishing speaking he followed behind Tengu in order to also shake hands with the man in cyan before he would retreat a couple steps back and wait for his introduction similar to Tengu at this moment. Word Count: 570 Total Word Count: 2,105
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    There was a moment that Oriru felt the amount of power that he was releasing become greater than he could manage, so much so that the pressure of his unique technique was starting to weigh down on him. The amount of power that was generated by this form lead to a single flaw being that he was unable to move any faster and limits his ability to react fast enough to defend. He was unable to access the use of his Kido as he normally would, but the benefit was simply the raw force that was generated in each and every instance. The speed for which the Captain moved was something that he was not prepared for. The barrage of attacks able to be seen, but Oriru knew that he was going to be unable to avoid the attacks. Even if he could manage to get out of the way or defend against the attacks, the problem was the fact that the Captain was much faster than he was and already closed the distance putting Oriru at a reactionary disadvantage. There was only a single action that he could take that would cause the Captain to step back, or that was the hope, "If you survive this attack from the Captain Commander himself, going in at a full assault on you even while limiting himself, you might do just well enough to prove yourself to me." With a smile, Oriru took the force of each of the attacks feeling the harsh impact of the attack but also the pressure of his own technique wearing him down. As an instant reaction of the Captain getting close, using all of the power that he could muster generated five black orbs that formed from the reiryoku radiating off of his body and each one launched forward attempting to smash full force into the Captain Commander. The moment he launched the attacks, the force of the strikes landed upon his body with full force as well and forced Oriru to go flying back several feet and roll along the ground before using what little strength he could gather to stand upon his feet. It was clear that Oriru was starting to suffer from the effects of his own power, since he never once attempted to go this far even before he was warned not to release his full power. "You weren't killed, so maybe you have earned it." "Captain... It is time..." WC | 408 Weeks of Uncounted WC | 1452 TWC | 1900 Stats (Current Natural Stat) (ND: 5311) Abilities Used / In Effect Combat Details Ending Stats (ND: 2787)
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    ENW 01: THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS ----- ___________________  ... RYŪNOSUKE grunted through his Tengu mask as he looked down at the street from his perch on a rooftop overlooking one of the police barricades. He rolled his eyes at a trio of rowdy, costumed teens trying to force their way past the on-duty officers. The teens eventually give up and saunter off in the opposite direction, cackling loud enough for even Ryūnosuke to hear from his elevated position. He pressed his finger over his left ear and activated the speaker of his wireless earphone. "Kappa, any news on your end?" "Nothing, to report here. Literally not a single Hollow in the area today." Iwa's voice replied directly into Ryūnosuke's ear. His answer was just what he'd expected. "It's not just today. There's been no activity here for almost an entire week. According to the Professor something is supposed to go down.", Ryūnosuke replied as he turned away from the ledge and stretched on the tip of his toes. "Most likely the Professor sent us out as a precaution for the Night of Wailing." Ryūnosuke paused, and raised his brow skeptically, "The what?". "The Night of Wailing. Dude, you haven't heard of it? It's like the biggest urban legend in recent years." Ryūnosuke could here the enthusiasm in Iwa's voice despite himself being rather uninterested in the topic. The idea of having his plans for the evening ruined due to a spook tale wasn't sitting well with him. "This better be more than a shitty scary story." "Oh, I can personally guarantee you, it's more than just a story. The past two years people have turned up missing by the dozens, including entire teams of Shinigami. It all surrounds this mysterious mist in the old cemetery." As Iwa elaborated, Ryūnosuke looked out from the rooftop and faced the cemetery, from his current vantage point he could make out the old brick walls and one of the menacing black gates. Beyond the wall he could see a vast landscape with countless graves stones permeated throughout. Even in the slowly diminishing daylight, the cemetery felt dark and bleak. Ryūnosuke couldn't imagine it was a place anyone enjoyed to spend a great deal of time. He quite literally thought of it as being 'surrounded by death'. Still, although not lacking anything of the expected unpleasant factor, there was something the cemetery was distinctly lacking of. That was namely an ominous mist. In fact, the cemetery in the moment lacked any sort of mist at all. Ryūnosuke rolled his eyes again, "I'm looking directly at the cemetery right now. There isn't the slightest hint of your scary mist.", the Tengu-masked Fullbringer pointed out bluntly to his comrade. "Of course you don't, the mist doesn't appear until sunset. Give it-", Iwa paused, Ryūnosuke's guess was that he'd done so to check his pocket watch. "about ten minutes." Ryūnosuke sighed. Part of him instinctively knew that something was probably awry. The Professor would not have called the entire team out on a Holiday evening for nothing. There was also the fact that the police barricades and the suspicious lack of Hollows in the area seemed to at least partially confirm Iwa's story. At the same time, a paranormal mist in an old graveyard that mysteriously vanished people who entered it, and just so happened to only do so on the thirty-first of October. It was all just too cliche. "I know what you're thinking, Tengu.", Iwa's voice into Ryūnosuke's ear. By Ryūnosuke's own admission, Iwa probably did know the exact thought on his mind at that moment. "All I ask is that you try to have an open mind. Besides, dare I say that the idea of a haunted mist isn't really all that out there as far as we're concerned. I mean we've literally fought a haunted ice cream truck." "Kappa, please don't bring up the ice cream truck. I thought we all agreed to never speak of it again." Kitsune sharply interrupted. "I'm just saying..", Iwa continued to speak from that point, but Ryūnosuke hadn't heard him, it was all background noise as his mind and senses focused in on another more curious matter. And, just as Kanako pointed out, the possessed ice cream truck debacle was an affair he explicitly wanted stripped from his memory forever. Ryūnosuke shuddered, he hadn't so much as been been able to look at ice cream since. Right before his eyes the Fullbringer watched as a Senkaimon opening up in the sky high above the cemetery. Ryūnosuke quickly utilized a Bringer Light step to leap to the rooftop of the next building over for a clearer look. He could now make out a group of Shinigami descending from the Senkaimon. Ryūnosuke interrupted Iwa and announced his discovery to the rest of WILD'S. "We've got Shinigami arriving at the cemetery... lots of them." "I'm seeing it too." Iwa confirmed. "Kitsune, can you give us the full bird's eye view?" "I've got eyes on the Senkaimon. I've also got confirmation on an ass-ton of Shinigami. Kappa, it's just like last year." "Yup!" Iwa replied excitedly, "Except this time, WILD'S is gonna bust this case wide open.", he added smugly. The new development had greatly heightened Ryūnosuke's skepticism. With every passing moment he grew progressively apprehensive about the situation. The rapid approach of sunset was not putting his mind at ease. That and the fact that he'd never seen anything remotely close to this number of Shinigami in one location. "Guys, I have a bad feeling about this. Everyone standby, I'm going to check it out." Just a Ryūnosuke finished his statement, the Professor himself chimed in. "I have to say I agree. Tengu, you go down and speak to the Shinigami, find out what you can about this 'Night of Wailing'. Byakko, stay nearby, but out of sight, in case Tengu needs backup." "Roger that, Professor." Ryūnosuke grinned, having Chizuru watching his back always put him at ease. It was just a shame this assignment had ruined their plans for the evening. He tried not to dwell on it as further instructions from the Professor poured in. "Kappa, report back to H.Q. Pick up Houou and bring her to the scene, just as a precaution." "You got it, Professor. Don't get too chummy with the Soul Reapers, Fearless Leader. Kappa, out." Ryūnosuke proceeded to use his Bringer Light several more times, bounding from rooftop to rooftop, headed towards the cemetery, and bypassing the police barricades. As he leapt from a final building, Ryūnosuke activated his Aspect ability, Tengu no Sokumen, and gracefully transitioned from a single jump to effortless flight. The Fullbringer glided down towards the cemetery gate. He spotted a group of huddled Shinigami as well as another apparently human individual standing off on his own. Ryūnosuke decided to approach the loner in the cyan jacket first. "Making contact now.", he communicated to his team. "Be careful.", commented Byakko, the concern laced in her usually firm tone was not lost on Ryūnosuke and he smiled. "Copy that, Byakko. I'll update you soon. Tengu, out." Ryūnosuke replied before he tapped the bottom on his earphone to disconnect temporarily. The man in the cyan coat would have most likely noticed the teenager's arrival. Besides the act of literally floating through the air and the Tengu mask, Ryūnosuke would seem to be but an average teenager. Even his Reiatsu output was tactfully regulated to not surpass anything above unremarkable. His trusty aluminum Baseball bat, Kakushin, was secured in the side pouch of his backpack. As he approached the stranger, Ryūnosuke raised his right hand in greeting before putting both his hands into the pockets of his burnt orange fleece jacket. Once touching ground, Ryūnosuke took a few brisk steps to stifle the momentum of his descent to its ultimate halt. "You here for the spooky mist thingy, too?" Ryūnosuke asked, addressing the man rather cordially. Depending on the man's own background he may or may not have noted Ryūnosuke's obvious Osaka accent... ______________________________ WC|1,330 -----
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    ----- ____________________ [Northern Rukongai "Gekkanikōra" District] Death prowled beneath the gleam on the full moon. Airi sobbed with every heavy gasp for breath as she darted between the trees, fleeing from her captors. Her arms still tightly bound behind her back, the young orphan girl ran and dared not to look back, lest she look death in the eyes and be frozen by its paralyzing glare as her fellow captives had warned. They were all gone now. The heart-sinking cries of terror had all died out and silent was the night. Bare-footed, the child winced as the coldness of the wet mud bit into the soles of her feet with each step. Her feet were bloodied and bruised with every rock she stubbed and stray branch that she stepped over. Thorn brushes snagged and torn at her tattered robe and her short dirty mess of bushy black hair. Still, Airi struggled on; no matter the stabs of pain in her battered and bloodied feet. She ran onward, powering through the sharp agony as thorn branches torn strands of her hair raw from her scalp. Airi was in pain and she cried, but she did so as she ran. Motivated solely by her desire to escape death, to live to see the morning. "Keep running. Gotta get to Seireitei. Tell the Shinigami!", she repeated that mantra again and again. The orphan girl in the shredded beige robe, knew not for how long she ran or how far behind her stalked her predator. No longer did she hear the growls of the Hollow nor the snapping of branches as it pursued her. Alas, the silence was in itself eerily terrifying. The quiet formed a vast room in which Airi's mind wandered. Had she escaped? Did the Hollow give up trying to capture her? Was it still there? Airi shook her head panting, "No! Keep running. Gotta get to Seireitei. Gotta tell the Shinigami!", the orphan girl said again, steeled her resolved and ran on. Some time later, Airi noticed the the moonlight shining upon an open space ahead. A road? She'd finally cleared the forest? Airi thought, as tears of relief flowed from her eyes. Then, just as she'd thought she was safe, a gravely howl echoed from behind her. "No, stay away!" she shouted, as she charged for the clearing. She was so close, close enough to see the moving figures beyond the trees. "People!" the child, noted. At least seven of them. "Help. Someone please help me!", she cried out. The orphan girl saw all the figures pause and felt reassured --the Hollow couldn't get them all. She was close, she'd finally be safe. Airi knew she would get to the Seireitei; she'd tell the Shinigami everything. How she and the others were kidnapped, held against their will, and about their struggle to escape. The others would not have died and sacrificed themselves in vain. Airi jumped, or stumbled rather, out of the treeline and directly into one of the people standing in the road. She buried her face into the persons garments. They were warm and smelt heavy with the aromatic and sweet smoky scent of incenses. "There there, youngling. You have nothing to fear.", a calm deep voice reassured as Airi felt a the weight of a large hand pat her head. She felt safe and comforted by the hands and the words spoken to her, and the child lowered her defenses, forgot about the forest and the Hollow and allowed herself to cry as held tightly on the leg of her savior. Suddenly, the true extent of her injuries began to be realized; Airi winced with pain as her slashed and battered feet gave out from under her. Her savior must have noticed her slumping down because he next picked the orphan girl up and cradled her in her arms. It was at this point that Airi got to see the face of the man who saved her. The moonlight glinted ever so gently in the man's silver eyes and against the roundness of his pale bald head. He looked down at Airi and gave a wide closed smile and Airi noted the bean necklace around his neck. "Are you a monk?" Airi asked, her voice was raw and choppy and her throat stung with each word. "A warrior monk, little one... but, yes, a monk all the same.", replied the man. Airi let out a short sigh, the word "warrior" was particularly reassuring. Airi let out a raspy cough, "We have to get away. There is a Hollow in the forest! It chased me here. It wants to devour me.", she explained frantically before coughing again. "Easy, child.", the monk murmured. "Hollows are but another shape of the soul. They are nothing to be frightened by." Airi was silent as she considered the monk's calm words. He was right, Hollows were just souls corrupted by longing. Still, they were very dangerous, they sought out other souls to devour. This one in particular had devoured all the other escapees and was still out to get her. She had every reason to be frightened by Hollows. "But, it wants to kill us. It killed all my friends and it's trying to get me." Airi replied. The monk smiled down at Airi again, his arm's hold around her tightened ever so slightly as the moonlight's angle on his face darkened his expression. The moon's glean highlighted the monk's pearly white grin as he spoke loudly and confidently to Airi and the others present. "Death is but a transition, my child. The inevitable journey upon which we must all embark at the close of a lifetime and are so destined to do again and again." Airi, gasped with shock as the monk ended his statement with a step forwards in the direction of the woods from which she had just escaped. "Wait, what are you doing? Don't go there! The Hollow is in there!", the orphan girl pleaded. She looked around at the other figures present, they were all similarly garbed warrior monks. They wore black and white multi-layered kimono-like robes, many were visibly armed with golden shakujō staffs. They each stepped forwards as the monk holding Airi had, those holding staffs tapped them against the ground and the ornate rings decorating the tip of the staffs tinkled in unison. Then the world fell silent again, however, this time, Airi had not the time to allow her mind to wander. "I think I can walk now. Put me down, please.", she said smiling back sweetly at the monk. "No, young one. You must face your destiny here. Embrace it with open arms." Airi face went pale with fright as every internal instinct of hers cried in warning of a grave impending doom. This monk, was no savior. "No. I'd like to leave now. I have to get to Seireitei." Airi insisted, trying to wiggle her way out of the monk's arms, but to no avail. His grip was firm and held her by the shoulder and knee like hooks of iron. "The Shinigami are no strangers to this cycle, dear child. Rather, they have proclaimed themselves the balancers of it." The monk took another step forwards and so followed the others with the chime of their sounding staffs. Airi grunted with displeasure as she continued her futile struggle to escape the monk's hold. "No! Put me down!" "When their scale tips too far to one end, they cull numbers where needed and thus their balance is maintained.", the monk continued, but his words were the last thing on Airi's mind as she thrashed about trying to shake herself free. "Let me go!" she shouted. as the monk and his comrades drew, step-by-ringing-step, closer to the darkness of the treeline wherein loomed certain death. "We do not oppose balance. Balance in all things, is essential... but likewise it is also natural. True Balance does not require manufactured regulation or control. How can one be both the hand on the scale yet also the hand that tips it? Such a ridiculous notion could never be considered balance. Yet, such is the notion of the Shinigami doctrine." The monks halted their advance and with a final tinkle of their staff rings the world fell silent yet again. Then a loud snap echoed out from the darkness of the forest, followed by a low reverberating growl. Airi too ceased her struggled, her arms and breathing had again grown heavy with exhaustion. The orphan girl turned her head and to the darkness of the forest. She could barely make out the blackened form of a towering creature within the trees. She identified no discernible physical features, but the thick sinister aura that slowly crept forth from the darkness was starkly perceived. Airi felt the drowning and choking her, as if it were a murky smog of malice and bloodlust. The orphan girl could only shudder with fear as she peered into the darkness. Then two bright sickly yellow eyes peered directly back at her. Airi screamed and thrashed again, crying as she clawed and battered the monk's chest and face with her nails and fists. "NO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!" The monk, unshaken by the girls erratic struggle spoke once more. "Yet again have the institutions of false balance begun to crumble. The arms of the scale creak and bend." As the monk voiced his words Airi took notice of the arms of black tendrils that crawled out from the darkness of the woods. The tendrils looked wet and sickly with the appearance of short black fur matted down to a bony skeleton by a thick oily tar that dripped slowly from each of the countless tendrils. "NO! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! LET ME GO, PLEASE! LET ME GO!" Airi cried and begged, violently swinging her arms and frantically hitting the monk. "We behold the cusp of a new era.", the monk declared triumphantly with a full white grin. "LET ME GO!!!" The oily ooze rolled up the length of the tendrils and formed multiple twig-like fingers at the tip of each of the wet and hairy appendages. All reaching out for the helpless orphan girl. "NO! LET M-" Airi voice was cut off that instant as the tendrils grabbed her and was suddenly yanked back into the woods. The monk heard nothing more of the child other than the continuous sickening cracking and snapping of her frail bones as the Hollow munched and chopped down on her lifeless form. The yellow eyes appeared in the darkness again and the monks all collective raised the left palms and faced them in the Hollow's direction. Tattooed in the center of each palm was a circle that now appeared to glow white like the moon in the presence of the Hollow. The Hollow appeared to inch forwards for a moment but then it quickly scurried back and disappeared into the darkness of the forest as quickly as it had appeared. The monks all closed their palms, snuffing out the glow of their marks. The marks of their faith, Shinhitsujikai. "Perish the scale." the head monk supplicated as he return his hand to the inner folds on his robe sleeve. The other monks did as he had before they collectively continued their march around the forest grounds. There were bound to be other escapees hoping to flee their fate... ----- [Seireitei, Second Division HQ and Barracks] THREE DAYS LATER ... MIKOTO SHUU the acting Captain of the Second Court Guard Squad, had spent the past few days glad to just be such. It was twice as clear to him now more than ever that the position of Head Captain was not one he was built for. Contrary to what he might have hoped, the second time was not the charm and he'd sooner commit seppuku than try his luck at enduring a third term. Shuu had, on occasion, reflected on the circumstances of his promotions to the highest and most esteemed seat within the Gotei Thirteen. The scarlet-eyed Captain recalled doubly hard, just to be certain without the shadow of a doubt that "curiously" he'd never once advertised or eluded to any desire to assume the role, responsibilities, and duties of Head Captain. No, he recalled --in both instances-- having that greatness "thrust upon him" by the Central Forty-Six. Granted, from the perspective of an outsider looking in, Shuu had simply been the one given absolute authority over the entire Soul Society Military, not once but twice, with no questions asked. For better and for worst, "spontaneity" was the word many had come to associate with Mikoto --much to his own disfavor. Shuu much prefer the word "efficiency". For instance; his decision to accept the seat of Captain Commander --in both cases, and contrary to the belief shared by many of the newer captains-- was not a "spontaneous" one, rather, it was an "efficient" one. Likewise, the timing of said promotions were equally efficient as opposed to being spontaneous. Lastly, when the time came for it, Shuu had not spontaneously decided to relinquish the position to Xarius. It was all about efficiency. Regardless of anyone's opinion of the matter, Shuu had done what he did purely out of necessity and he'd always sought the most efficient path to reaching the desired outcome. At the end of the day, Shuu was the Captain Commander when the Soul Society needed him to be, and then he wasn't when it didn't. In fact, Mikoto Shuu was many things when the Soul Society needed him to be. And when it didn't? He wasn't. Presently, Mikoto Shuu was simply the acting Captain of the Second Court Guard Squad, but the centuries in his line of duty had taught that that could change at any moment. As he made his rounds through the illustrious Second Division barracks, the Captain thought back on the last Captains' meeting, he little passive-threat to Captain Zikrud wasn't his proudest moment, but to be fair, young Captain Zikrud had reached for his Zanpakutō. On his part, Shuu wondered how far he would have actually gone if things escalated beyond pity bickering. Had he been tired and annoyed enough to actually consider literally "dis-arming" a few of the greenhorns. It bothered Shuu that he couldn't say for certain what he might had done if not for Kaeru quickly deescalating the situation. It also happened , based on the report he'd received, that the reappointed Head Captain, Xarius Kaeru was making a full-blown effort to personally whip the new Captains into shape. The thought of Xarius throwing around the new Captains single-handed was shamefully amusing, and the fact that Shuu had not been around to witness what Zona's report eloquently described as 'one-sided whoopings of collective greenhorn ass' was nothing short of a travesty. Shuu chuckled and crossed his arms as gazed out to the west in the direction of the towers of the First Division barracks. Xarius Kaeru: that was a man suited to the role of Head Captain. Shuu had been present for the terms of many Head Captains, some measured up, others didn't. Mikoto liked the believe and --in fact-- could say on credible authority that he'd been "effective" at the very least. The point was, that everyone had their role to play, and Xarius Kaeru played his as the Captain Commander the best. He'd have to win the respect of faith of the new inexperienced Captains, but Shuu had no doubts that they would come around once Kaeru demonstrated just how capable he was as the Captain Commander. That wasn't to say Shuu had been entirely without his own opinions and concerns. Having, been around to see so many Head Captains and now having been the Head Captain twice himself, Shuu understood how critical every decision was and how the consequences of every decision could have a rippling effect across the next few centuries. Nonetheless, as one of the so-called "older-captains" Shuu also understood that was a proper time and place to voice his concerns. As it stood, there was a decision made in that Captain meeting that did not sit well with Mikoto. Namely, Head Captain Kaeru's decision to allow Vaizards into the ranks of the Gotei Thirteen. Perhaps it was just Shuu's personal insistence on adhering to traditions that had grounded the Gotei Thirteen for countless millennia or maybe his opinion was based solely on the evidences he'd accumulated over hundreds of years of interactions with the Vaizards. Most likely, it was a mix of the two. Regardless, Shuu was absolutely unwavering in his belief that no good could come from having the Vaizards around. Given the relative lack of knowledge surrounding the Hollowfication pathology the "efficient" course of action had always been to exile or, in the extreme cases, exterminate those afflicted. Otherwise, they were a liability, an accident waiting to happen. Shuu could list the at least a dozen instances of when Vaizards being around proved problematic, but just off the top of his head there was: overthrowing the then Captain Commander, the massacre of the former Central Forty-Six, leading a full-scale invasion of the Seireitei --on two separate occasions, and last but not least, there was that time the Hollowfication was weaponized and spread through the Soul Society in an act of bioterrorism that killed thousands and threatened the balance of souls. At the time of the meeting, Shuu wanted to openly object to Kaeru's decision, but Kaeru's promotion had already put him in a rocky position with the new Captains, the last thing he needed was an "older-captain" and an even older friend opposing him on another front. So, he bit his tongue. There was also the fact that Shuu had reason to suspect a handful of the more powerful Shinigami, maybe even some of the captains were themselves afflicted by choice. Ultimately, the Second Division Captain found the idea that Xarius Kaeru hadn't first weighed the risks of such a decision before reaching the conclusion that he did impossible. Kaeru had his reasons, Shuu didn't have to understand them or agree with them, but he would respect them. Besides, it was no longer his place to change or deny such actions. Shuu thought as he uncrossed his arms and continued his walk through the barracks. He'd gladly given up that power to Kaeru right along with the Head Captaincy. Captain Mikoto Shuu stepped into Second Division courtyard just an hour later having completely his walk. There were a few lower-ranked Shinigami spread about the courtyard tending to various tasks and activities. Intuitively predicting an incoming attack, Shuu had just let out a proud smirk before the razor-sharp edge of a katana sliced through the air at the left side of his neck from behind. The blade would never strike its target, however. It wasn't even close. Shuu vanished just as quickly as his attacker had themselves appeared, by the time the Second Division Lieutenant, Zona Fon realized Shuu was gone, he'd already "gotten" her. Zona's Zanpakutō Kaishakukaze whistled clear through the air and she grunted in annoyance at the fact that she had not only failed her assassination attempt, but she was now being effortless suspending above the ground by the back of her shihakushō. "That make the score six-hundred and thirty-eigh-" "Thirty-nine." Zona pouted. "It's six-hundred and thirty-nine, Mikoto-taichou. Lieutenant Zona Fon, zero, zilch, nothing." Shuu chuckled as he put his Lieutenant down to her feet before he started to offer some encouraging words, "Don't feel too bad, Zona. I think if you were just a bit faster-" "Don't try to sweet-talk me, Mikoto! I know for you predicted my attack!" Zona Fon sharply interrupted as she sheathed her her Kaishakukaze. Shuu crossed his arms and raised his brow curiously, "Really, how do you know I predicted it?" Zona Fon crossed her arms, mirroring her Captain and mentor. It had been almost three years since she started training under the legendary assassin, Mikoto Shuu, who was spoken highly of even within the upper echelons of the Shihōin and Fon clans. It was her duty as a Fon to learn everything she could from Shuu so that she could one day replace him. To that end, she'd spent even waking moment studying Mikoto Shuu. It seemed to her that in some aspects, she knew her mentor better than he knew himself. Zona cracked a very Mikoto Shuu-ish smirk. "That was simple, you always Flash-Step to the left when you don't suspect an attack. I assume it's a subconscious habit." "Hmm." Shuu held his knuckle under his chin in a moment of silent thought. "Ratios?" he, inquired flatly. "One hundred percent. You ALWAYS Flash-Step to the left on unsuspected attacks." Zona declared matter-of-factly without missing a breath. Shuu was surprised, he had no idea that he such an exploitable pattern of behavior. Though it might have taken someone religiously studying his every move as Zona had to expose it, the reality of said habit was no less a weakness and perhaps even a actionable tool. "That is a highly appreciated observation, Lieutenant Zona. I will work on that." Shuu turned and started to walk in the direction of his office, but not before taking the opportunity to poke some fun with his endearing Lieutenant. "However-" He started as he looked over his shoulder and spotted Zona's piercing glare just as he'd expected to. "Your calculations are completely off. There is no way it's one-hundred percent" "No, there is a way and it is the way!" Zona vehemently counters as she runs up to Shuu's side. "My calculations are accurate!" "Nah, it's probably more like sixty percent.", Shuu insists. "It's one-hundred!" "No way am I that predicable. You're predictable." "Firstly." Zona held up her right index finger. "It is one-hundred percent! And secondly,", her middle finger went up as well, "A fundamental rule of assassination is to always go for a precise killing strike from behind whenever possible. You taught me that." "Yeah, you always strike from behind, except from when it's obvious!" Shuu corrected. "You always manage to leave that part out." "Honestly, the fact that I've yet to land a single blow on you is a testament to how terrible of a mentor you are." Zona Fon taunted with a smirk. Shuu scoffed, "Not to brag, but I'd have managed to kill me by now.", the Captain muttered in a hushed tone, intentionally just loud enough for the Lieutenant to hear. He glanced at lieutenant Zona anticipating her next outburst, but sadly their banter was abruptly ended by the sudden arrival of a member of the Inner Court Troop. The Stealth Force officer appeared kneeling before Captain Mikoto and Lieutenant Zona Fon. "Second Division Captain, Mikoto Shuu. You have direct orders to appear before the Central Forty-Six to accept you next assignment.", stated the messenger. Shuu noticed Zona Fon look at the messenger and then back at him and simply crossed his arms. "Can't say this was entirely unexpected." There was no playfulness in his tone, and although he could not see it himself, Zona Fon had studied Shuu long enough to know the look, and as Shuu nodded to the messenger, she saw something fade within Shuu's eyes and demeanor. As if he'd switched off on command. "You know the drill, Lieutenant Zona. You're in charge while I'm away.", were Shuu's final words to the Lieutenant before he and the Stealth Force messenger Flash-Step away. Though she could not say for certain, Zona was about ninty-six percent certain she knew the precise nature of her Captain's mission. The was a very very tight circle of high-ranking nobles who were familiar with the kind of secret assignments Mikoto Shuu and others like him got assigned . As to be expected, there was slightly less restricted circle of "informed" parties wherein the rumors circulated. Zona knew most of the rumors that surrounded Mikoto Shuu. She partially preferred them to the true stories. Shuu's retelling of the very few assignments he was allowed to tell her about tended to be much less glamorized. He had a way of down-playing what should have been spectacular feats, much to Zona's annoyance. As the young assassin in training gazed to the direction of Central Forty-Six Compound, she wondered if there'd soon be any incridible new rumors for Shuu to ruin with his boring story-telling. To Be Continued... -----
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    The days were passing by fairly quickly as Kaeru made his way through the evaluation process of all the captains he did not know as well as he did some of the older ones. His reliance on Vice-Captain Oriru Kushō to handle the tasks of the First Division while he did these meetings was proving that the shinigami was almost ready for the next step in the promotion scale. This day he was meeting with the Captain of the Seventh Division Opah Dhamal down in the first level of the Central Great Underground Prison. She did not hesitate in replying to his request and scheduling an appointment day to come to meet with him. While the others seemed to delay or not even reply, she was one of the few that was readily available and willing to meet with him. Perched off to one side of the prison massive open space Kaeru watched in a squatted position with his chin resting upon the knuckles of his right hand that was supported by his right elbow resting into his thigh as Opah gracefully walked down a couple steps before closing the door with relative ease. Each light step had a low clacking noise as the six inch platform sandals made contact with the next step down the long staircase. The steps were deliberately getting louder and louder as if she was trying to announce her presence without actually speaking a word aloud to draw his attention. The long black hair that reached down to Opah's calves had a purple rabbit ear bow swayed from side to side as the final steps led her off the staircase and out into the large opening where Kaeru was patiently waiting. Her bright red alluring eyes were fixated on him as he stood up into a proper stance speaking out to greet her, "Thank you for agreeing to come on such short notice Captain Dhamal." He took a fully upright stance with his arms down on either side prepared to make a move if he needed to, but not so aggressive that he would appear to be trying to intimidate her. Just like during the Captain's meeting Opah had an odd aura about her, but one that commanded attention of those around her. "The pleasure is mine Captain Commander," she responses as she plants her left foot while sliding the right foot behind that leg in order to bow slightly, "The chance to talk to you alone was too good to pass on." A small smirk escapes her face as she raises up from the bow to adjust the colorful kimono of red, yellow and oranges accompanied with a tall elaborate waji, and her haori that seemed to be fitting better this time around. "If the meeting was an indication of what is to come then this will be a good time," she continued as her posture was now upright with the right foot still placed behind the straightened right leg. Opah's left hand rested about midway down the long brown and red sheath that had a red string loosely wrapped around the upper half. This long odachi zanpakuto with a square black hilt and handle with dull gold dashes was named Gekkō no otome or "Moonlight Maiden". The reports on her zanpakuto from the Captain's Proficiency Test were said to control anyone that falls prey to the aroma fighting her battles for her. Placing her right hand on the hilt letting the gaudy sleeves of red, orange, and yellow dangle down her expression shifts slightly from a smirk to that of a pouting slightly puffed cheeks. "I heard I am the fourth woman you've seen now," Opah's words escaped out of her mouth as though she was hurt, "I would of preferred to of been the first..." The captain commander did not speak right away as he narrowed his eyes noticing that she had ever so slightly slide the zanpakuto out of the sheath but not enough for anyone to notice unless they were looking for it. There was a faint aroma wafting from her direction, which mean that her zanpakuto abilities were already activate without a release command. Proving that the notes of the test report were accurate in the "full potential unknown" department. "And why is that Captain Dhamal?" he question as he slowly rotated his left hand to crack his his knuckles freely. "Playing in the unknown with a new dance partner would of been... a delight," Opah replied keeping the same expression but her tone was changing to be more soothing, "But now your other dance partners are too loose with their lips ruining the surprises I could of found out for myself." This tone mirrored that of how she talked to Captain of the Eleventh Division Kenpachi Gragir Soz during the meeting. "But!" she exclaims before abruptly rotating around turning her back to him revealing the seventh division signia of a iris at the center of the haori's back along with her feet having switched to be the right foot as the support and the left foot wrapped behind gingerly tilting her head slightly in order to glance over her right shoulder, "I forgive you this time." He did not owe her anything, but this seemed to be her personality so he would have to play along for now to see what kind of soul reaper she was and how she operated. With that Opah takes a few steps forward away from Kaeru's current positioning seemingly gliding across the floor if not for the clack of each step. "How may I be of service dear Captain Commander?" she asked with an inquisitive tone with a hint of disinterest as if she was looking for the next topic to talk about. Her right hand was now freely dangling to her side while he could not see her left hand holding the sheath in front of her body. "I have been told you know how to use Bakudō Number Thirty-Nine: Enkōsen," he replies now resting his right hand on his handle of Yin, "Looking hoping you could help refresh me while we have a conversation about yourself." These comments causes her to stop in her tracks turning in a quarter motion where she was standing sideways but her face turned to face him, "Captain Commander, awfully presumptuous that I'd be willing to help with either of those things. I'm a very busy woman with a whole division to keep track of, not all of us have a bookish Vice-captain like yourself. Speaking of which, how did you convince the recluse to actually take a promotion?" "I can be quite persuasive when I want to be and my Lieutenant just needed to be shown the right opportunity," Kaeru replied as he flash stepped forward reappearing on the other side of her within two feet from her. This move clearly flustered her as she almost misstep as she turned to face him on the other side of her reaching out with his left hand, but she hop stepped backwards regathering her composure, "Well aren't you full of surprises, trying to take the lead of this dance. Hisu and Xia were not exaggerating about your speed. Are you formerly from the Onmitsukidō Corps?" She of course was speaking about Captain of the Eighth Division Hisu Zikrud and Captain of the Tenth Division Xai Shieng the last two he had evaluated with earlier in the week. They were both much more spirited and vocal about their displeasure with the Gotei Thirteen Leadership than Opah or even Captain of the Thirteenth Division Shanzausk Olboro whom he had evaluated the week prior. Reacting his hand the frog shinigami's attempt to rattle her composure worked so he now began to circle her to the right as he spoke up without looking into her direction, "You have a sharp eye, but not exactly right though. I have trained with Captain Shuu since we were young. While I do not match his top speeds, but I can make full use of what limits I am capable of which made our training sessions quite intense." Normally he was not this talkative drawing Kaeru to believe that this was part of her zanpakuto's 'aroma' ability to control others to some extent. She was purposely moving around the area to spread the sent, while trying to distract him, gather information, and keeping a distance from his close quarter abilities having gained knowledge from his other evaluations clearly. "That's a clever way to get someone to talk," Kaeru complimented her as he planted his feet as he shifts his weight thrusting his left hand forward revealing that he had gathered together reiryoku in the shade of red as he spoke out the words, "Hadō Number Thirty-One: Shakkahō." Shot of Red Fire blasts out as a ball of red energy at Opah. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!" he immediately follows up with a second round, but with the incantation this time, "Hadō Number Thirty-One: Shakkahō." The second blast was a bit bigger and was going to pack a bigger punch. Watching as Opah turns her body sideways slightly as she raises up her sheathed zanpakuto with her left hand pulling down on it while at the same time pulling up with her right hand on the handle revealing two inches of the blade. "Bakudō Number Thirty-Nine: Enkōsen ," the words leaked out from her mouth lowly for the Round Lock Fan kid art. A dull yellow energy generates a few inches away from the blade of the zanpakuto morphing into a large spinning condensed reiatsu disk in front of the her. The spinning blades block both Shakkahō blasts, but shattering after the second one impacted. From the smoke the captain commander burst forth with a flying knee aimed directly for Opah, but as he was about to impact her stomach he phased through it as though it was an illusion. Sliding to a stop Kaeru looked back to see the image wink at him before disappearing as he now noticed that the entire room was covered in a light purple haze that was almost unnoticeable at first glance. Without drawing in a breath he released his reiatsu up to his max without activating his zanpakutos giving the room some gravity to see how much Opah could handle the spiritual pressure against him. "You have your ways Captain Commander," Opah spoke softly as though she was standing right next to him into his ear, "And I have my own ways of persuasion. My methods are just a lot less... brutish and require a much more delicate touch..." Turning around to see if he could see where she was now Kaeru's eyes give way to three different Opah's doing the exact same motion of lifting her left hand up with the sheathed zanpakuto away from him. Letting go the sheathed blade floated in air as she slowly ran her left fingers along the sheath as he gripped gently with her right hand onto the handle just by the hilt drawing the zanpakuto stepping away from the sheath speaking in a loving manner, "Intoxicate, Gekkō no otome." An eruption of a thick miasma shrouded the area around the blade and the immediate area around all three figures. With the blade fully removed from the sheath the intensity to want to talk was increasing, his eyes were seeing all kinds of things that he knew were not there, his skin felt like it was on fire, his tongue felt dry, and his ears were picking up a light humming. "Hadō Number Fifty-Eight: Tenran," Kaeru stated as he pulled out Yin from her sheath directly up from his right hip. Tapping the handle of the levitating zanpakutō causing it to spin like a fan at an unreal speed. Reaching out as the haze around him cleared up some he grabs Yin by the handle once again stopping the rotation in order to create a widening tornado-like blast at the three first pushing the haze out and away from him to clear up all of his senses somewhat for the moment. The harsh winds rips through the three figures dispersing the area without a sign of where Opah really was until she spoke up again, "I see I am not the only clever one. So close, but not quite." This was from close to his right as she was close to him swinging upward with the long zanpakuto with both hands gripping the handle now cutting with a high angle zanjutsu strike. This had slashing motion cut Kaeru from his right peck to the top of his shoulder creating an instant numbing sensation. Everything she was doing was dulling or debilitating his senses or skills, he could see how she was so easily able to get what she wanted out of people. I do not like this woman, Yin states in disgust as she appears in an ethereal form next to the frog shinigami. The pale skinned young adult female human with long black hair glared at him with her obsidian black eyes while the loose blue gown under half plate armor moved as if there was wind within the area. The dark complected old adult male human with short white hair and snow white eyes wearing tight monk pants with no shirt Yang appeared to right stating, you only say that out of jealousy. He needs to focus or the evaluation will get derailed. Butt out Yang, she wants to play a game then reset the board, Yin insisted as she and Yang both placed their hands on the captain commander's back. "Over the north side of the hill, Yin. Under the south side of the hill, Yang," Kaeru states as he pulls on the handle of the Yang zanpakuto with is left hand. Both zanpakutos become pure mono-colored katanas from blade to handle; Yin in black and Yang white. The area clears out around him and the weight of the battlefield drew his attention over to his left where he noticed Opah was trying to adjust her lower reiatsu to counter the affects of his zanpakutos abilities. Flash stepping to her left cutting towards her side clipping her arm through a partial block attempt with his black zanpakuto. Spinning around he hooks Yang across in front of his throat to stab in over her zanpakuto, while at the same time stabbing twice more with Yin held in a backwards fashion. Opah pushes away with a twirl she bows her body to grip and drag down the odachi in another powerful zanjutsu power strike, but Kaeru is ready this time around as he evades to the left slashing forward with Yin holding the back of the blade tightly to his arm as he cuts past her. Turning around he stabs precisiely three times around her block attempts. Two crests form on her form causing some immediate displeasure to appear on the Captain of the Seventh Division's face. "You are not the only one that can manipulate the battlefield to their advantage Captain Dhamal," he states as he pushes through the numbing sensation in his right shoulder hampering his full power, not that he planned on going all out in this test. "Advantage? There is only one of us with an advantage here," Opah replies in an eerie voice as she awkwardly staggers backwards haori loosely sliding down on her kimono as she maintains holding the long odachi with the blade to her right before rushing forward, "Bankai." An explosion of thick miasma engulfs the area around both of them causing the frog to start coughing uncontrollably. "You have been exposed to my zanpakuto's aroma for too long, you have been cut by my blade meaning that your senses are at my mercy. Also, this fog of the Moonlight Maiden cannot be dispersed by any winds or force," she explains through the fog cloud which was also masking her spiritual pressure and taking up all of his senses, "This was a fun dance, but I expected more..." A form of the miasma above Kaeru could seen turning into spikes launching towards him "Bakudō Number Thirty-Nine: Enkōsen," he states lifting both of his hands in a blocking motion in order to generate a dull yellow focus point of reiryoku that becomes a large spinning disk of condensed reiatsu a moment later in front of the frog shinigami blocking a cloud of attacks from the needle formed smoke that was attacking him. "Look at who remembered how to use Enkosen after seeing me use it once? You are truly a man of many skills," Opah cooed while she knew the captain commander could not see or sense her. At the moment as thick dark purple odachi blade swung down landing with an immense force, but Kaeru was unmoving as he tanked the entire hit. "How?" Opah's voice in a gasp of confusion found both of his blades in an x formation on either side of her neck. "My previous reiatsu levels have almost returned to me, meaning that you can mess with my senses but I am guessing you cannot 'control' me without being able to capitalize on a weakened state. I suggest you drop this before you lose the chance to dance with me another time," Kaeru advises in a stoic authoritative tone as he holds his ground. "That would be no fun," Opah's reply oozed out with disappointed at the notation, "So be it." With those words the area around them immediate begins to thin out sucking into the sheath for the Moonlight Maiden zanpakuto. As the the area around Opah specifically clears up she notices that both of his blades were floating up against her neck before flying back to him with both captains resealing their zanpakutos at the same time. "Well color me all kinds of intrigued Captain Commander, as long as this is not our last dance Captain Commander and you keep Gekkō no otome's abilities between us. She is not happy with how easily you were able to find her weaknesses, she definitely would like to go another round some day," she states running her left hand through her hair pulling it back and letting it go so that that the hair would fall in a wave, "What else would you like to know about the time you were gone?" She straightens her posture once again sliding her right foot behind her left leg like she had earlier waiting intently on the captain commander to question her while they had the opportunity to discuss a few things in peace without having to give directions to either of their squads. [WC: 3,138/747 (reiryoku specialist)][Learned Bakudō # 39: Enkōsen][Exiting thread]
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    Oriru watched as his Bakudo onslaught was unleashed upon the Captain Commander, feeling the pressure of his own power constantly being exerted. Despite the amount of power that he had, especially now in the discovery stages of this exploration, Oriru had never truly trained on the effective management of his techniques in the field of combat against an opponent that would statistically measure up. This was the first time since his initial discovery of an untapped potential that he was pushing himself to greater heights and it was starting to weigh down on him. Slowly he brought his left hand to his nose, just above his lip and felt the cold wet sensation of the blood running from his nose. The fact that his blood was feeling cold to the touch meant that his own body was having an unbalance to the amount of power and heating up his skin. "Yes, you are feeling the effects of an intense battle in which your limits are tested and your body has never experienced such a force of itself nor the likes of the Captain Commander before." Ginga spoke to Oriru softly within his head as he kept his focus on the location of the Captain and wondered what he was going to do. He did not want to admit it, but he was starting to reach his limit although there was much of his Shikai that he wanted to explore. "Worry not. Your desire to learn will be appeased for you have given me the taste of battle, and I have given you a taste of power. Now you have experienced the price of combat, so now you must survive." A soft and solemn sigh slid from the lips of Oriru as he raised his right hand. "Kaifuku..." His right middle finger met with the tip of his thumb in a silent moment as Mercury began to grow to match the size of the seven other planets. "Kanzen Fukugen." The finger would slide against each other as Lieutenant Oriru snapped his fingers. In that moment, each of the orbs and marbles would shatter into dust that would drift through the air into the still standing Ginga and reform as the small marbles of the Tsuba. In the same act of doing that, Oriru's Bakudo that assaulted Kaeru would disperse as well revealing a shift in Oriru's power. "Captain... We are close." Oriru gave a smile as he started to undo the buttons of his vest, "There is just one more technique that I have to use in order to ensure that Ginga is prepared to reveal to me her true power." He removed his vest and threw it on the ground nearby, the same location that he would throw his tie. He took a moment to consider his next action, "This one, however, is something that I have worked extensively to understand but the problem is the amount of force generated tends to burn my clothes." There was a light chuckle as he removed his modified Shihakusho with the dress shirt top leaving him in his formal dress pants and shoes reveal a fit form shirtless Oriru, more muscularly defined than expected of a paper pusher. "I have studied countless texts on the theoretical technique of Shunko, which is a combination of the Kido Arts with Hakudo techniques. Although I am not that proficient in hand to hand combat, I excel in Kido Arts and attempted to supplement my shortcomings with my strengths." He reached up and removed his glasses and tossed them to the side as they landed on his pile of clothes. With a sharp stare at the Captain, a small stream of white smoke began to form from his mouth. As the smoke began to flow there was a sudden increase in spiritual pressure from Oriru, but only gradually at first. Moments later his body began to produce consistent amount of steam as the immediate environment within his field, the Event Horizon, began to dissolve lightly shattering into smaller pieces until unrecognizable as particles as any moisture within that field would quickly turn into steam as well. The field had reached a peak amount of heat before an instant drop in temperature and everything within the field freezing, "Collapse..." As the words left his mouth a wave of golden energy would be unleashed from his body similar to focused nuke with a mushroom cloud forming on his position. Once the initial wave of the explosion occurred, the fallout of the technique followed shortly after. Once the Captain dealt with the unleashed forces of the technique, he would see before him his Lieutenant bathed in a golden radiating glow. "This is the power of Chūseishisei, although I can only maintain it for so long..." He focused on the Captain, "But I only need to last long enough to please Ginga, so Captain, I will give everything I have." WC | Too lazy to count Stats (Current Natural Stat) (ND: 8,811) Abilities Used / In Effect Combat Details Ending Stats (ND: 5,311)
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    Midnight In Masato’s apartment were, save for himself, four figures. Azami, sat closest to Masato to treat his wounds. “There, I’ve finished my part. Do your thing Shinigami.” She exclaimed proudly with crossed arms, looking down at her handiwork. “You know I could’ve done this without your bandaging?” Yuuto responded as he switched places with her to perform his own method of healing. “You can't her mama bear instincts to help a dying child” Seito jested. Azami turned to him quickly after she placed a cigarette in her mouth “FUCK YOU SAY?!” she shouted. “Um… Should you be…” Asuna tried in inquire about smoking next to a recovering patient, but her low voice could not compete with the couples bustling chatting. “Babe, I was complimenting you.” Yuuto was all too familiar with how they bantered and learnt to ignore it. “Here goes.” He said before tending to Masato’s severely injured body, with a green and spherical light of reiatsu, which formed at the palms of his hands. He hovered the light over an unconscious Masato. Azami pointed to Yuuto’s glowing hands before asking, “When are you going to teach us that too?” “Oh, I’m not sure if I can teach healing kido to non-Shinigami. Besides, you two don’t seem like the healing type.” Yuuto turned to her and replied, eyes closed and smiling as usual. Azami didn’t like what the shinigami’s words suggested. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she question with peered eyes. Yuuto wanted to focus on the healing of Masato’s reiatsu and by extension, his wounds too. “Uh…” he struggled to find words that would satisfy Azami, so she wouldn’t distract him. All the responses he came up with, he was sure Azami could misconstrue into something negative. The minute he hesitated to speak felt like an hour, so Masato’s sudden groan was a great sign of progress from the topic of their conversation, and of course his healing process. With the pace of the conversation much slower, Asuna was finally able to be heard. “Should I still be hiding?” she asked the Shinigami, who swore to assure her safety until she passed to the spirit world on her own terms. The Shinigami was quick to respond with a nod. “please, he’ll be awake any minute now.” “What if seeing me is enough for him to...” she couldn’t complete her question before Yuuto interrupted, clarifying the intentions of his words. “I understand what you’re going through, but I don’t think he’s mentally prepared to give you the closure you need to move on. In fact his close encounter with death could’ve set him back further than he was before. I won’t force you to do anything, the decision to stay or leave is and always will be yours.” Asuna stood and quietly contemplated what to do. “I leave him in your care.” she said with a voice of defeat while bowing, before leaving through the walls of his apartment; a privilege reserved only to spirits. Moments after she left, Masato winced in discomfort as he regained his consciousness. “Welcome back. How are you feeling?” Seito and Azami rushed to look over a still laying Masato. “Give him some space guys.” Yuuto requested as the light around his hands dissipated, only to be dismissed by the couple. “Nice work. ‘Was worried we’d lose you.” Seito commented as he extended his right hand to help Masato up. Azami delivered a playful but hard jab to Seitos ribs. ”Ouch” “Don’t ever doubt my disciple. Though I would’ve never advised him to fight before he could fully use his fullbring.” Masato accepted Seito’s assistance, with his wrapped up right hand, and rose from his back. Save for his pelvic area, face and hair, Masato was entirely wrapped in with bandages; certainly the work of Azami he thought. To his surprise, he felt rejuvenated for someone that was so close to deaths door. The light atmosphere and his good mood left when he remembered why he confronted Charles. Over the banter of Azami and Seito, his resounding inquiry silenced the room. “Did you save that watchman too?” The room remained silent with disheartened expressions. Despite how familiar the humans were with death, the guilt of losing a life within your reach didn’t get easier. Yuuto however, was unfazed death, yet empathetic to the humans emotions. He realized only he was capable of consoling Masato, and to some extent, Azami and Seito as well. “Are you lot sad for his loss or your own? He is in the care of the most capable Shinigami, in the spirit world. This is the cycle of spirits you are all familiar with. So I ask again what are you lot sad for?” Yuuto spoke loudly with a confident and firm tone, deviating from his joyous and whimsical self. The questions were rhetorical, but had they not been the status of the room would’ve remained as it was, dead silent. The swelling eyes were wiped before Yuuto continued. “Completely shattered arms, dislocated shoulders, blind in his left eye, every rib broken, fractured skull, and much more. Do you think our friend here slacked when he confronted that hollow?!” his question was first directed towards Azami and Seito before he turned to Masato again and asked him the same, “Did you?!” Masato lowered his gaze to his bandaged hands and replied softly “no”. “You’ve fought your hardest and given your all, what else could you have done? His blood isn’t on your hands.” Masato raised his head and disagreed with Yuuto’s notion. “But it was my reiatsu that brought him there!” “Then we’re lucky!” Masato’s face became more distraught hearing Yuuto speak, but before he could respond, Yuuto continued. “What If that hollow decided on a different victim and walked away alive. How many more do you think would’ve died by its hands? We can't prevent every hollow attack. admittedly we've been on damage control ever since that dreaded war. As far as outcomes go, tonight was undoubtedly a success.” Humbled again, Masato couldn’t deny Yuuto’s claims. but pragmatic as they were, the shinigami's words still didn't alleviate his guilt. He clenched his fist in disappointment, not noticing Yuuto slowly walk to his kitchen area, before a cold can of beer flew suddenly into his lap. Yuuto had extracted a bag of alcoholic beverages from Masato’s refrigerator. “I understand your feelings but that man has moved on in life, and we all should too. Let’s celebrate his life and honor his passing with joy.” He tossed beers to Seito and Azami before cracking one open for himself. “To Yoshida Tamotsu!” he proceeded to down his drink. “Bottoms up!” Azami cheered before she and her boyfriend began to drink. “This doesn't taste that bad .” Seito remarked as he was already showing signs of drunkenness. “psh, what a lightweight. You embarrass me.” Azami joked as she sat cross-legged, patting Seito on the back. As always, their conversation turned into lighthearted banter, which returned the intense air of the room to its jovial state. But Masato hadn’t touched his drink and continued to wonder how the Shinigami knew the name of the watchman. He wanted to ask how but with some thought, he assumed Yuuto spoke to the man’s spirit in the time he was unconscious. But as if his mind was read, the shinigami’s next words left no need for assumptions. “He wanted me to thank you.” Through all else, Masato heard the words clearly and faced a Yuuto who smiled reassuringly. Masato was finally comfortable smiling slightly and began drinking with the crew. They drank and ate until sunrise, in memory of the human known as Yoshida Tamotsu. WC: 1280
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    With the evaluation of the Captain of the Twelfth Division Fimzinra Stemunalzo completed the previous week, Kaeru was prepared this week to handle two of the more raw captains within the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads; Captain of the Eighth Division Hisu Zikrud and Captain of the Tenth Division Xai Shieng. Weaker was not the right word as they were powerful captain level shinigami, but their skills lacked refinement and their positions were noticeably the most questioned by the Captain of the Second Division Mikoto Shuu when he was the intern Captain Commander. Their skills and abilities would be assessed today so that he could figure out exactly he could help them improve. Vice-Captain Oriru Kushō was once again left to the daily tasks as Kaeru had set aside time to talk with the captains of the tenth and eighth divisions down in the massive open area of the first level of the Central Great Underground Prison. Hisu and Xai walked into together one after another down the long steps with the door closing behind them. Reaching the floor below the two female shinigami seemed to be studying the patiently waiting captain commander which had not moved a muscle since they had entered, that was until he spoke up, "Welcome Captain Zikrud and Captain Shieng." With that Kaeru opened up his eyes as he stood up to properly address the two captains before him. Captain of the Eighth Division Hisu Zikrud had long blue hair with a standard orange bow in it and dull hazel eyes as she smirked in his direction wearing an orange hakama, white shitagi, and blue hakama-kimo, orange tapped hands, a flowery design over her haori sleeves, and wielding her zanpakuto Orenjifurasshu that had a gold hilt that has an all orange handle to go with her all orange sheath. Captain of the Tenth Division Xai Shieng had brown hair pulled up into a ponytail and brown eyes that carried a curious look wearing a traditional Shihakushō, but where most shinigami had black hakama or shitagi she had red and her haori over top of that, and wield her zanpakuto Unmei no yari with a rectangle gold hilt with a long black handle with golden diamonds down each side and a square base. "After the Captain's meeting a few weeks back, I am hoping we can both help each other reach a mutual understanding of one another's capabilities. In exchange learn something from one another," Kaeru "Captain Stemunalzo said your test was quite difficult. What could we possibly teach you?" Xai was the first to speak up between the two captains. Of the two she seemed to be the most ready for a fight in order to prove herself, while Hisu is being more reserved at the moment unlike her outbursts in the meeting. "I desire to learn what you are truly capable of," he calmly replied to Xai before continuing as he turned to Hisu, "And Bakudō Number Eighty-One: Dankū." "Convenient you want to learn one of my strongest kidos," Hisu points out as she pulls out her zanpakuto sheath to hold in her left hand from her waist band, "There is nothing I desire from you, I am only here to prove to you and the other captains that I should not of been looked over as a Captain Commander candidate. Stand back Shieng... Shine brightly, Orenjifurasshu!" Hisu wasting no time drew her zanpakuto Orenjifurasshu or Orange Flash, a proper name as the area completely became engulfed in an intense orange blinding light. Raising his left arm in front of his face as he lowered his center of gravity Kaeru prepared for whatever attack would be launched from this position. The noted weakness about her zanpakuto's ability was that there were ways to block the light and the release did not mask her spiritual pressure making anyone capable of sensing her released reiatsu able to track her movements. Kaeru begins to gather his reaitsu into swirling waves of water that wrap around his body preparing to take the fight to the captain of the Eighth Division. She was keeping her distance in order to summon a kido art, "Bakudō Number Four: Hainawa!" The Crawling Rope was an energy rope that shoots from the Hisu's free hand aimed to entangle Kaeru's arms. He chooses to not flash step out of the way, rather he pulls his body forward to throw a massive spiraling water punch in the direction of the kido which is negated. The Light above shifts, but is still shining brightly in his direction. Slapping both Hands on the ground Kaeru speaks aloud, "Bakudō Number Twenty-One: Sekienton." Red Smoke Escape creates a blast shrouding the area in red smoke fifteen feet around the frog captain. Choosing to stay within the smoke instead of using it to create an escape, he points his arm in the direction of Kisu, manifests the head of a Leviathan with long sharp teeth. He was waiting for the right moment to launch his attack at her. "This must be the legendary Gift of the Sea God shunko of the Kaeru clan," Hisu speaks up closing the distance somewhat between the two combatants, "Does not matter you cannot escape my Light---uggghhh" Just as the light began to pierce through his red smoke cloud he launches the Roar of the Leviathan at her. The released pressurized water snakes through the light blasting her backwards and angling the orange light away from him. This created an opening for him to flash step forward and attempt to strike her while her defenses were down. Flashing stepping forward Kaeru's downward chop was blocked partially by Xai's zanpakuto that had changed shapes into a long plain looking spear with a red line midway up the staff, "Pierce the future, Unmei no yari." The Spear of Destiny was a unique zanpakuto as it was said to change the destiny of anything it touches with the bladed end. Though only temporary and as long as she remained conscious. The partial block exploded into a wave of spiritual energy which she used to spin her spear staff around to attempt to create some distance between them. "Hey, I was bored watching your light show," Xai sarcastically interjects as she ends the spinning of her zanpakuto with the spear end pointed at the captain commander. "I had him where I wanted him," Hisu replied holding her zanpakuto off to the side with the blade glowing with a dim orange light. She could control how dim or bright the blade was during the middle of battle which made that an interesting development in his mind. "You keep telling yourself that," Xai replied turning both hands in opposite directions on the staff which produced a click noise as she flash stepped forward right into a jumping knee strike by the captain commander. The staff split into the bottom half in her left hand and upper half with the spear in Hisu's right hand as she stumbled backwards gasping for air as Kaeru removed his knee from her stomach. The water moving around his arms form into easy to throw water projects which he throws four of in Hisu's direction. She quickly reconnects the staff and spear together in order to spin the completed spear like a fan to block all four attacks. A utility melee zanpakuto for sure, but the ability was still not being used yet. "Those attacks will not reach a weapon expert like myself," Xai boasted as she and Hisu separated from one another walking parallel to one another. "Expert?" Kaeru questioned aloud in a curious tone, "If only you were a master, then you could see how out matched you are." With that simple statement she began to charge in with reckless abandonment. He could easily dodge and he would, that was until he found himself stabbed in the left shoulder staggering back. "Like I said, I am a weapon expert," Xai stated with a smirk looking up at the captain commander only to see his shoulder was not pierced, "How?" The words barely escape her mouth as he winds up and clocks her across the face sending her flying over towards the nearby wall. Kaeru takes a prepared stance as he explains "The spear of destiny changes the destiny of the strike right? A miss to a hit, a dodge to a trip, Et cetera. The spear however seems to be limited to your spiritual pressure output, which in shikai release is not equal to my sealed release state." "Looks like we might have to work together on this one," Hisu offers Xai a hand up as she keeps an eye on the captain commander, "He is holding his reiatsu back, but not pulling his punches." "I guess I can agree to work together this one time..." Xai says as she takes Hisu's hand in order to pick herself up off the ground. They turn to face the captain commander at the same time and in unison say, "Ban-kai!" Two burst of smoke and light explode from around them changing their zanpakuto's forms slightly. The Unmei no yari was now two times the size and the spear head was massive. The Orenjifurasshu was only a handle and hilt now as the blade was made of pure hardened orange light. "Holding back my punches would be disrespectful of your positions," Kaeru states as the swirling water begins to surround his legs and arms once again. "Funny you say that as you still refuse to draw either of your zanpakutos against us," Hisu states as she disappears and reappears at close range in a burst of bright orange light just before slashing down towards him. He is able to barely block the blade with his left forearm this time a small cut is formed but he is able to withdraw a couple steps avoiding the next two strikes. "We'll show you the power we possess! True Fate!" Xai states from above as she puts her whole body into a spear toss in his direction. "Endless Flare!" Hisu states from the close distance once again engulfing the entire area with a bright orange light. Raising his reiatsu up to the max without the release bonuses the two immediately became weighed down by his presence he flash stepped where he could sense Xai still was avoiding her massive spear to reappear above her spinning around and downwards in a heel kick motion striking her face into the ground. The ground splintered drawing her unconscious a sharp pain could be felt on his side as he looked back at the spear which was covered in his blood. Once again he had dodged it only to be hit by the change in fate or destiny. With that the spear reverted back to the standard zanpakuto katana form. "What will run out first my Umi no kami no okurimono or your Orenjifurasshu's light I wonder?" Kaeru muses aloud as he turns to flash step in to strike Hisu, but she releases another burst of orange light with an intense force that keeps him from advancing towards her in that moment. "Rivu~aiasan no gōon," Kaeru points his arm at Hisu as soon as the light dims even the slightest manifesting the head of a Leviathan with long sharp teeth once again launching in a snaking water blast like form. "Bakudō Number Eighty-One: Dankū," Hisu shouts out summoning the Splitting Void translucent barrier in the form of a large rectangular wall to protect against his attack. According to his brother Ank Kaeru it is capable of stopping Kidō-based attacks with power up to level eighty-nine. As the rectangle cracks Kaeru can tell he is reaching his first limited use of the Umi no kami no okurimono, but he imaged he would not need to use the second one as one captain was already out and the other was on the ropes. Bursting forward out of his shunko form he barely misses hitting Hisu this time around. "Looks like my bankai is more durable than your shunko Captain Commander," she smirks as she says that pulling the blade upward, "Daylight Judgement!" With the the blinding light gather around the hardened orange light blade in order to blast a ray of immense power in the frog shinigami's direction. "Bakudō Number Eighty-One: Dankū" Kaeru states as he creates the translucent barrier in the form of a large rectangular wall to protect against her attack, "Fortify." With the second statement a extra layer of spiritual energy encases the wall just before the ray mashes into the wall cracking and dealing a devastating blow shattering the wall. The frog captain was able to dodge the remaining blast of orange light energy flash stepping up hitting two strikes at close range. "Daylight Judgement!" she shouts out from close range, but this time the attack is countered back at her rendering her unconscious as well. Breathing in deeply he would take a few steps away from both women shinigami in order to plop down on the ground. "Guess I will wait for them to wake up to finish our conversation..." he states sarcastically to himself as he sits cross legged on the ground. He clutched his side where the wound from the spear had been made. The tandem were both definitely more skilled than their reports indicated, but there were glaring weaknesses in both of their fighting styles. [WC: 2,237/2,160 (reiryoku specialist)][Learned Bakudō # 81: Dankū][Exiting thread]
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    Drawing in a deep breath for a moment Kaeru closed his eyes while holding that breath in. He was seated cross legged out in the middle of the First Division training grounds. From here he could sense just about every member of the First Division that was not down below in the Central Great Underground Prison. There were faint traces of nearby shinigami training and releasing their reiatsu here and there, but for the most part this had been a quiet morning. Though his plans were not quite as quiet as his lieutenant liked to remind him of all the meetings and paperwork he still needed to get caught up on. There was a lot going on for the usual day as he left Vice-Captain Oriru Kushō to the daily tasks as he had set aside time to talk with one of the many captains that he did not know much about Twelfth Division's Captain Fimzinra Stemunalzo. During the captain's meeting she did not have a whole lot to say until the end when she pointed out that his goals were "pretty idealistic" compared to the Captain Commander she recalled him being. At the time he acknowledge that the state was probably true going on to speak about goals and ideals being a part of who he was. The Captain of the Twelfth Division had arrived to the barracks Kaeru could sense that much along with his your brother Ank Kaeru the current Seventh Seat in the Division. Stepping out into the training grounds with the much smaller frog in tow Xarius let out his breath once they were within twenty feet of his position. "Thank you for coming Captain Fimzinra Stemunalzo," he says as he opens his eyes to see the female shinigami with shoulder lengthened blonde hair with a square brown bow in it and light hazel eyes wearing a simple pink and red kimono with her haori over top instead of the standard shinigami Shihakushō and leather finger-less gloves over each hand. She simply nodded keeping her usual blank expression that was hard to read before replying with, "Your Vice-Captain put in a formal request for training on a kido art spell I am proficient in? I am sure there is more to this training session than what was put on the form I was handed." "You would be correct," Xarius confirmed her suspicions as he motions for Ank, "Take over the area while we train down in the first level of the Central Great Underground Prison." He could of asked Ank to train him in this kido art, but he needed a way to meet with each of the captains of the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads in order to gauge their capabilities. Giving the younger Kaeru a firm nod the two captain level shinigami headed off towards the First Division Barracks proper where the entrance to the prison was located. Not too long after that they were down in the massive open area of the first level of the Central Great Underground Prison. Separating about twenty yards or so away from the Twelfth Division's captain the frog shinigami glanced over studying the very reserved and almost doll like captain. She was different than most of the captains in that she did not seem to play up her personality any and maybe that was just her personality. "I am looking to learn Hadō Number Fifty-Eight: Tenran," he states once he comes to a stop turning to face the smaller sized shinigami across from him, "A kido art I am told that you use often." "Correct," Fimzinra confirms as she places her hand on her zanpakuto's circular hilt that has several small blades overlapping one another, "A kido art that you could of learned from one of your several well trained kido users that you have recruited." Her right hand moves to grasp the stripped black and gold pattern handle tightly to pull the blade from the sheath effortlessly. Lowering her left hand with the sheath in it she places the back of her zanpakuto blade on her right shoulder. Her haori started to move slightly as there seemed to be a wind in the area, but this was an isolated room with no way for winds to get in. Looking closer Kaeru could see faint swirling winds that moved around Fimzinra and her zanpakuto which was rumored to command the winds of destruction. "Swirl, Harikēn." With that a bright flash of green light exploded in the area around the captain as massive winds erupted into the area. Fimzinra's zanpakutō was levitating right in front of her body, lightly hitting near the butt end of her handle causing it to spin like a fan. Her sheath was back on her left hip once again. The winds and reiatsu intensified making the captain commander raise his arms slightly to prepare for whatever was next. "Hadō Number Fifty-Eight: Tenran," she speaks dryly into the winds as she grabs the handle of Hariken with the blade downward stopping the it with her right hand. This creates a widening tornado blast in the direction of the where the captain commander was previously standing. Calmly she turns her head just enough so that her left eye could lock onto him. Raising up her left hand in the direction of the captain once again without turning her whole body starting to speak as the winds circle her body once again, "Hadō Number Fifty-Eight: Tenran." This time the winds circling around her body move up around her left hand to create a widening tornado-like blast aimed right for the frog shinigami. "The reports were not kidding when they said you command the winds of destruction," Kaeru dryly called out as he lowered both of his unsheathed zanpakutos which he used to block the incoming attack with, "Seems like I picked the right teacher for this round." Tossing Yang up slightly Kaeru causes his zanpakuto to levitate. Tapping near the tip of the blade lightly the zanpakuto starts to spin like a fan. "Hadō Number Fifty-Eight: Tenran," he states as he stops Yang by grabbing the handle in a similar downward fashion as a widening blast of tornado-like wind fires towards Fimzinra. The twelfth division captain keeps her upright posture and her eyes focused on Kaeru as her bangs move with the wind in front of her vision with the back on her zanpakuto blade resting on his right shoulder as the attack approaches her. "U~indokattā," she speaks the command creating an angled slice right through his wind blast without even moving. "Your form is disjointed and rigid Captain Commander," she advises as she lifts the blade off her shoulder ever so slightly, "Which makes dispersing your winds easy. Hisu was right when she said that you older captains think we are jok..." "Hadō Number Fifty-Eight: Tenran," Kaeru says as he suddenly appears within one foot of her with a closed fist that summons forth the tornado blast from point blank range driving her into the nearby wall. "Prove them wrong," he states as he holds his strong Haduka stance as he watches her stumble from the wall that was now indented with cracks forming the appearance of a spider's web. She was clearly flustered for a moment but she returned to the upright posture and stoic expression with the wind moving her hair, "Bankai." With that Fimzinra unless her bankai known as 'Harikēn no me' or 'Eye of the Hurricane' into the entire area creating insanely strong winds that made it hard to move around in and sending random pockets of tornado wind bursts in his direction. He could see that the literal Eye of the Hurricane was above her giving her safety while everyone and everything around her was being pushed around like rag dolls. Through the intense winds he could also she she was just holding the handle up to the hilt as the blade was now gone directing the attacks. The winds continue to rage until a moment of silence as Fimzinra had come to Kaeru swinging the bladeless zanpakuto at him. At first he was going to just step to the side, but there was a faint swirling of wind in the form of a blade as she struck forward at him which he is able to block as he releases his Yin and Yang zanpakutos into shikai form, "Over the north side of the hill, Yin. Under the south side of the hill, Yang." She attempts to move him back into the storms, but he is able to keep pace with her movements and within the five foot cylinder around her that kept her safe. Her movements were easily telegraphed as she was not used to fighting someone that was either this fast or more than likely this perceptive of her bankai's abilities. "Seems we have reached the conclusion of today's training," Kaeru states as he crosses both of his blades with the tips on either side of her head barely being held back by her wind blade. With both of his shikais activated he could tell she was starting to struggle in the field of battle with him. Giving a slow nod he withdrew his zanpakutos slowly watching as she straightened also gathered her bearings flicking her wrist in order to summon the storm back into her zanpakuto resealing it into the sheath. "I appreciate you taking my request seriously Captain Stemunalz," Kaeru states as he too sheaths his zanpakutos. He stepped back from the captain to give her some space. He watched her as she gave the briefest of displaces of displeasure at the results before dusting herself off and fixing the bow in her hair all the while keep returning to her normal blank expression. "If I truly thought that you and the others were jokes I would not of given you the chance to keep your title," he stated as he turned around to start heading back up into the barracks, "Now that we are done with the training, we need to go discuss the funding of your divisions projects and how you are going to achieve the new requirements." [WC: 1,694/1,087 (reiryoku specialist)][Learned Hadō #58: Tenran][Exiting thread]
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    A week had past since the fight with Möröödögch and Kaeru was still recovering within the walls of the First Division Barracks. His Captain Sif Barkuz had ordered him to bed rest for the running off on his own without back up. Sif was as by the books as the frog remembered him to be when the man was his vice-captain before the disappearance. Older, wiser, and higher status had a way of elevating some while giving others a since of false importance. The Captain did not waste a move nor did he get involved in other squad's politics, because of this alone he had been keeping the First Division operating at a serviceable level. If only my body was to the condition it was when I was the Captain Commander... Kaeru thought to himself trying to give himself a veil of self assurance that he could of survived that fight. Reality was that man was as powerful as the reports had stated he was, but there was something off and the frog could not shake it. There was no doubt within his own words at the time, even now he was convinced his words rang true. That however did not discredit the words of Möröödögch. They were worth at least worth pondering about that much was for certain within his own mind. The last words he heard from Möröödögch as Kaeru made his retreat had left a lasting impression upon his waning soul. Was he capable of making a difference? That was a loaded question for the frog to try and sort through as this could be applied to more than just Soul Society as a whole. From within the Gotei Thirteen he could definitely invoke the most change, but there was a lot of work to do before he was going to be able to get that sorted out. Being allowed to live was a luxury if he was being honest with himself as Möröödögch had him dead to rites. To fix was the aim, but not for anyone else as his drive was always to make things better for all of those around him. Since coming back to the Gotei Thirteen and regaining his memories Kaeru had been focused on the point of proving he was capable of being the shinigami he was when he disappeared. Pulled into meetings with Captains and the current acting captain commander Mikoto Shuu of the Second Division. These meetings had lead him to getting those memories, reminding him of his noble birth and rise to power. While the memories coming back were super beneficial, they served more as a reminder of what he was not, he was not strong any more. The trouble was Kaeru had not taken the time to properly prepare himself for actual combat and had pushed himself to the brink of almost death. Literal death this time had the leader of the detention unit Hitsuyona Shizukesa stepped in to say his pathetic life. There was a great need to get a grip on his former skills and get his connection with his zanpakutos back to full power. Actually all of his shinigami skills were rusty and needed technical work. This would require him to swallow his pride and ask for some help to get back on track after this major set back. The idle thoughts of Kaeru were interrupted as he caught the door to his room sliding open slowly revealing Captain Sif Barkuz. The adult pale skinned humanoid male has brown hair and light blue eyes, and numerous distinctive tattoos wearing the traditional shinigami outfit with a captain's cloak over top and wielding his dagger sized zanpakuto. "Looks like you are finally ready to get out of bed," the Captain stated sliding the door closed, but not before the frog noticed there were two other shinigami lined up outside as guards. The worst kept secret was that with the frog being back he was aiming to take his former rank back, this would result in replacing the current Captain that was now sitting down across from him. Sitting up slowly off his bed roll on the ground Kaeru winced in some pain as he looked to his right to see his shinigami outfit folded up to the right of him. Just past that lay his two zanpakutos Yin and Yang under his vice-captain badge. Drawing in a deep breath the frog weighed his mind, heart, soul, and body's current state of balance. That balance was in disarray and that was something he was going to work at getting back on track. Those insecurities would have to be pushed to side as the Captain was no doubt here to question his actions and methods, these would then be reported to the acting Captain Commander and the Central Forty-Six. "Captain Barkuz," Kaeru addressed the man properly as he was now sitting straight up preparing for the difficult conversation. "Did you lose all sense over the last four years?" Sif asked in a gravely serious tone towards the frog, "What you did was not only irrational, but quite possibly made an enemy of an Rukongai targets we have been tracking for years. As Captain Commander you were much more calculating and calm minded, the type that would not of rushed into a fight or goaded a brutish type like that into beating yourself nearly to death. Did you think dying would somehow help Soul Society in some way?" There was a pause that Kaeru took to think over each question in an attempt to answer them honestly. For him the four years was a blink of time, did not feel like four years, yet there was more than one thing different about him since he had returned. The irrational comment struck a cord as he was trying to do what he had always done, but this time he was the one that took the bait playing to the Rukongai man's terms and turf. He had always rushed into fights to help his allies not really ever fighting one on one as there were strength in numbers. Dying was never the goal, but there was a calming acceptable once he realized the man's blood lust was far too great for his current power and skill levels. "Getting beat to death was not the initial part of my plan..." Kaeru dryly spoke in response to his captain, "Scope out the area that Möröödögch had taken over within Rukongai Districts. Approach and study his closest allies and the man himself. The home base in the steppe while the size of a village was not hard to assess the defenses, completely relying on that man's power. Stepping in was an attempt at conversation or awareness, but things became clear the only way I would get any respect or information would be in I fought the man on his terms. My usual fighting style proved to be less than ideal against this man." "That much is certain," Sif replied as he crossed his left hand over top of his right hand, "Not everyone understands the reason we do what we do, that much we are aware of but since you have been gone we have been spinning our wheels. Rukongai is one of many things that we are struggling to keep from exploding. That Möröödögch and his forces are but one example of an issue we are dealing with. Taking a squad with you to investigate the area should of been the entire mission. Confront the group on our terms, not his as we always try to do. And if that was not achievable? If you truly felt approaching him was the best course, then you should of gathered back with reinforcements beforehand." This exact conversation was one he had given to others within the First Division when Kaeru was the Captain Commander, this stung in a way he had not seen coming. Often he spent time with up and coming shinigami on the importance of patience. Yet here he was acting impulsively and pushing things past his limits. There were all kinds of tools in his arsenal, such as bankai, shunko, or kido arts. Yet he used almost none of them as he felt he should be able to win with a simple shikai release and zanjutsu. The miscalculations in power and the immediate synergy of Möröödögch's dual zanpakutos with their abilities was something even he could not plan for in the middle of battle. Though, his primary fighting style relied on him being able to adapt to last minute information. "In any case," Sif starts to say as he begins to get up from the floor into a standing position, "Your time as a Vice-Captain is limited, take this time to re-familiarize yourself with the Gotei Thirteen and learn what is different from when you were the Captain Commander. I suggest that you to talk to Senior Administration Officer Oriru Ryuka Kusho, he is also the twentieth seat of our Division. He will file all the information you were able to gather from this event and be able to advise you on some areas of improvement. I let him know to keep his schedule somewhat open to get this information recorded and filed for planning purposes for the inevitable next clash with this figure. Things are different than when you were here last, try to remember that before your rush to your death again. Gotei Thirteen needs the stability of what you used to be, try to remember that as you floundering in self pity a while longer. The events going on all around us will not wait for you to get caught up again." Standing up fully he wanders over to the door placing his left hand on the sliding door pausing to add, "The next time we see one another will most likely be when you are taking the Captain's test." With that the Captain exits the door sliding it closed before walking away with the two lower seat officers leaving Kaeru in his room. Looking down at his own calloused hands the frog balled them into fists as he leaned forwarded pressing the knuckles of each hand into the bedroll feeling the hard ground underneath as he uses the leverage to stand up. Stepping over he grabs up his gear up off the ground sliding the vice-captain badge over his left bicep, yin zanpakuto into his belt over his right hip, and the yang zanpakuto strapped to his back. He needed to train in a few different areas, but that would have to wait until he found this Twentieth Seated Oriru Ryuka Kusho of the First Division. [WC: 1,777] [Exit thread]
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    Oriru did his best to maintain a full form as he could be seen visibly staggered, the amount of pressure and strain that he had put his body through was nearly immeasurable and the only reason that his body had not given in would be his remarkable stamina and resilience to the damage. This was including the fact that he had received a full assault from the captain in face value showing a level of power that has been unknown about Oriru. Everything seemed to slow to a stop for a moment as his vision darkened slightly, "So, you have fought against the Captain Commander himself to train and proven capable of holding your own. Although he restrained himself, you still pushed yourself to the limits that I knew you held within yourself." The voice of his Zanpakuto was softer, even sweeter, than it had been before as there was no longer that hint of distortion with every word. "So allow me to introduce myself." In front of him appeared a young woman with orange-red hair curled around her head and extending near her shoulder blades. Upon her smaller frame was a summer dress of sorts, black with specks of white like fragments of glitter and various geometric tattoos along her body. "Know that with my name you share a bond no other can break, and a union no other could compare." She faded away and the light in the world came back as Oriru gave a smile, "Ban... Kai..." The words slide from his mouth softly and slowly as a sudden surge of power erupted from his Zanpakuto, which remained in its original location roughly 15 feet away and closer to the Captain Commander. The tsuba shattered into dust as ten bright white orbs launched from the Zanpakuto and dispersed a considerable distance in ten different directions. Above both the Captain Commander and Lieutenant General formed a unique skeletal structure. In ten directions, a mile apart, and a mile up, formed, from a radiant golden energy, the lines of a Decagon with each of the points shooting straight towards the ground. The sound of glass shattering could be heard and instantly the space between the lines was filled with absolute darkness. Everything turned absolute black, and not just visually speaking. There was a moment where every sense turned black as not a sound could be heard nor made, not a thing could be seen, any smell was void, and even the sensation of touch was removed although everyone would find themselves still standing on a surface. Suddenly, throughout the darkness small specks of white dots would form sparkling like stars in the night sky and the senses would return revealing that the pair of them stood within a field of space itself within even the ground becoming an essence of deep space removing the environment entirely. Around Oriru floated ten bright white orbs, two within a single meter of his body and eight floating out to three meters, and those perceptive enough could see that distortion field that once existed had grown an additional two meters matching the outer shell of the orbs. Even Oriru was bathed in the same glow as his orbs, with a unique silver-blue aura consuming his body. "Ginga Toki Kūkan Renzoku-tai no Genshō (Galactic Reduction of Spatiotemporal Continuum)" His voice spoke into the void as a whisper, but it would echo throughout the entirety of the space but was a gentle sound to the ear of the Captain Commander, as that was the intention decided by Oriru. It was clear that there was a significant amount of strain on his body as all of the small wounds on his body started to grow and bleed heavily. Suddenly, without a single warning or sign of the action, five of the outer orbs were launched with the full speed of Oriru's potential and assaulted the location of the Captain commander. No matter the outcome of the attack, the containment void would crack under the pressure of itself. Eventually the white orbs would shatter into dust, the aura around Oriru would fade away, and the void would completely shatter into fragments like glass that would disperse entirely. It could be clearly seen that Oriru had reached his limit as his eyes shifted and his body fell forward, darkness consuming him. ... Unknown Passage of Time Suddenly the light of the world would come back to him and Oriru would laugh lightly, feeling the pain of everything he went through. "Well... That's inconvenient." WC | 760 TWC | 2660 Stats (Current Natural Stat) (ND: 2787) Abilities Used / In Effect Combat Details Ending Stats (ND: 287)
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    Masato awoke on his back dressed in a white tank top and knee high blue shorts. His legs extended upwards at an almost 40 degree angle with only his heels connecting to the wooden walls. It’s been 5 months since the breakup with his wife, Asuna, and the lack of finances has pushed him and his daughter into a tiny single-room studio apartment. His knees ached slightly from the tension they endured throughout that night, but far worse was the summer heat, and consequently the small puddle of his own sweat he laid in and felt all underneath his back. The rolled up end of a futon mat made for his pillow and he obviously didn’t need a cover. His daughter, Reina, usually slept on the rest of futon he didn’t use. The room, despite its cramped and untidiness, felt barren. Their small, and only, window remained closed as protection from insects and harsh summer light. What little light that made it through the curtain was enough to illuminate their room, and a sight it was. Various misplaced items such as clothes, books, dishes, etc., scattered around the floor and hung from wherever they could. Masato, as per usual lately, struggled for motivation and get up that morning. “I can call in sick today.” He contemplated ways to avoid do anything that day, still on his back and not moving an inch. The whirling sound of a desk fan drew closer and with it he anticipated some much needed cool air. He made an ultimatum with himself; “after this cool breeze I’ll get ready for work.” The breeze never came. “Hey...” he muttered through his parched throat, paused, and then continued. “Stop hogging up the fan.” Behind his head and sitting cross-legged on the futon was Reina. The collar of her pink pajamas and her black ponytails waved backwards as she directly faced the fan. Though small, she could still block the flow of air from the fan to her father, who desperately needed it. “Turn - on - the A/C.” she jokingly demanded through the fan giving her voice a robotic tone. She had woken up not long before Masato and could barely hold her eyes open with the air blowing straight into them. Masato grunted as he rolled to his right side then slowly picked himself up. “We have to get ready for stuff. ‘Not start breakfast until you get moving.” He said as he tiptoed to the bathroom located on the other side of the room, minding his every step as to not step on anything valuable. “When I’m out, I want this place tidy.” He entered and closed the bathroom. He emerged moments later to find Reina where he left her. “Did you even get up in the ten minutes I was in there?” Reina answered briefly. “Ye…” ”LIAR!” he interrupted loudly in squeaky parrot-like voice. Their room wall was met with a thud from the next-door neighbors. The building walls were thin and the thud was a plea for silence. They paused and looked at each other before snickering through their laughter and shushing their way through their morning routine. Reina could usually tell when her father faked his happiness for hers and this moment was genuine. It was gradual, but Masato was on his way to recovering and shedding his guilt and insecurities. For all the pain she put him through, Masato believed he could still salvage his relationship with Asuna, even though they hadn’t spoken since the breakup. Masato and Reina shared breakfast not far from where they slept, cleaned, and left their apartment, Reina to school via the transportation of her grandmother and Masato to work at the family warehouse, where he worked as a manager. Though it should’ve been insignificant, enjoying a morning with her father made Reina’s day. Her face radiated with joy, and for the first time, a life where everything was normal seemed possible again. She bragged about that morning with, especially to her grandmother, giving some much needed relief to a mother who had worried about her son, Masato’s, well-being. He closed himself off and rejected helped from everyone he knew, he even rejected paid-leave for some time to recover. Seeing her granddaughter so stoked alleviated some of her worst worries and she indulged Reina in her various retellings of that mornings events. Masato’s day was like every other, bland and void of any self-fulfillment. He went through the motions and did his job competently. His instructions were blunt and he barely spoke in complete sentences. He wasn’t overly rude nor did break any rules so his callous attitude towards his work was tolerated. Rumors spread fast in the small community he lived in and news of his private breakup, weren’t so much so. Masato’s shift came to an end later than usual that evening. The crimson sky and strong yellow sun made for a dramatic trip back home. In the dead silence he rode his bicycle at a leisurely pace. Though the cool breeze from his ride may be to credit, he somehow derived joy in what was a still very hot outdoors. Recollecting that morning’s events, his mind suddenly wandered to “which of Reina’s favorites will I cook tonight?” Dinners, up until that point, was usually take-out and he couldn’t figure why, after such a mundane day, he felt the energy or need to cook for once. His heart beat with so much excitement he could almost swear he was dreaming. He felt a sensation rolling down his cheeks and he raised his right hand to the side of his face, checking to make sure it was real. Upon confirming the first, more began to gush out. Tears, Real tears…… “REINA!” he cried with the largest smile he ever bore and placed both hands on the bikes handle bars. The cast shadow of the building he rode in to avoid direct sunlight suddenly vanished and emerged a teary-eyed Masato paddling as fast as he could. Brandished on his face, a smile he couldn’t remove if he tried. A smile he desperately wanted to share with his daughter. He played through his head how tightly he would hug her, and how fun preparing dinner would be together for the first time since forever. Some laughter and crying later he was out of breath but still muttered “Reina” repeatedly until he arrived at his apartment. He didn’t bother with locking his bike nor did he have time to wait for an elevator, so he ran up the stair to his apartment. He busted through the door, fist clenched and breathing heavily. “REI...” He stopped at the sight of two strangers, cops, standing in the center of his room. “Hizorashi Masato, you are the prime suspect…… murder of your estranged wife …Asuna. We…. bring you in…. questioning…..” Was all Masato could hear. The officers’ voice faded for him and his mind went blank as they approached him. W/C: 1150 W/C (total): 1150
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    Masato woke to the sound of clanking dishes and periodically running water, coming through the hallway of a house much larger than his studio apartment. The room temperature was cool and controlled by the running air conditioner across from the bed he laid in. Brown curtains did well in keeping the bedroom dark but the open door allowed for some natural light to assist with Masato’s vision. There wasn’t much in the room besides a tall mirror to his right, and brown wardrobe and nightstand to his left. He peeled his cover and stood off his bed. He briefly stretched his body before stepping in front of the mirror and checking himself, for no good reason. He was wearing blue matching pajamas with white folds at the end of the sleeves. Masato decided to follow the sound of the clanking and pouring water, into the hallway, down to his left, and through the door on the right. As he expected, in the kitchen was Reina, his daughter, washing the dishes from breakfast, even though he didn’t recall eating. She stood atop a wooden chair to better reach the contents of the sink and water pouring from the faucet. “Morning papa” she said, her face turning to her father, on it, a gleeful smile. “G’morning.” Masato yawned, then returned a smile. “Your breakfast is on the table.” Reina raised her right, wet and soapy hand, to point towards the table deeper into the kitchen. Masato while eager to eat was more worried about the oddly familiar house they were in. he wasn’t sure if asking Reina about it would’ve given him answers, seeing as she didn’t seem to be bothered. “Yeah, breakfast, uuh.” He scratched his head through fuzzy hair, shorter than when he last remembered. “Where...“ Before he could finish his question, a feminine voice from behind him sung his name. “maaa-saaa-to” He instantly recognized the voice and without hesitation turned his body completely to see a cyan coat worn by a lean women. The coat caught his attention first and as he slowly looked up towards her face she spoke again. “Sweetie” This time her voice echoed and rang in his head, causing him to jolt out of his slumber in a cold sweat. His racing heart slowed as he looked around to see that he was, once again, in the warehouse. His items were where he last left them, in the corner created from the partition and sidewall of the warehouse. The last thing he could remember was Seito standing over him, triumphantly. “Rise and shine rookie.” He heard a familiar voice speak. The disembodied voice continued to ask. “Do you always sleep this late in?” he was certain it was Azami, speaking to him from behind the partition to his left. It took him a few moments to remember how his skirmish with her ended. His eyes widen as he gasped with shock and he rushed to his feet. “Your face, are you ok?!” just as he stood, he winced to his right knee. Azami walked into his view and looked down at him, face healed and in fine condition, smoking no less. “You got a lot of nerves worrying about me.” She claimed softly, with a hint of pride in her tone. Masato knew the source of the pain and raised his t-shirt to inspect where he was punched last night. There on his stomach was a large purple, almost black, bruise that swelled slightly. “Yeah” he said disgruntledly. He wasn’t happy with the, Seito inflicted, wound, but thought he deserved it. He was never a self-proclaimed gentlemen, but last night did reflect the first time he hit a women and he, by no means, held back. He looked back up at her and expressed his concern for her wellbeing again. “Still, I was seeing red when I hit you. You seem fine but I guess I should apologize. Sorry.” Taken aback by his apology and concern, she blushed from embarrassment. She started the conflict and he, in the process of defending himself, was tag teamed by her boyfriend. She began to feel bad for Masato, but of course wouldn’t show so. “Alright, alright, apologies–“she emphasized on the plural, “–accepted.” Masato stood again, this time prepared for the pain and willing to endure it. The nightmare he awoke from had him missing his daughter. He collected his items and walked for the exit. His hand made contact with the gate handle when Azami called to him. “I would eat if I were you, or at least have some water.” Azami suggested from behind him, as she put a pink apron on. Masato hadn’t noticed, perhaps because he never looked, but there was an electric stove in Seito’s little living space. He figured that she was willing to cook breakfast for them both and the thought of filling his stomach was tempting, but seeing his daughter was his only priority. With his back still facing her, he rejected her offer. “I’d love to, but my daughter and mother must be worrying about me.” There was truth to those words, but he was the actual worried party. He opened the gate in one swift movement and noticed instantly, his destroyed bike. “WHAT THE FUCK!” he shouted in anger and awe. The first person he suspected was responsible was Azami and he turned to her to confirm his suspicions and to his horror, she glared back at him sadistically grinning. “You feel like eating now?” her question, obviously rhetorical. Masato reluctantly sat quietly as she finished cooking and placed a plate of food in his hands. He assaulted her with a barrage of questions earlier but she ignored them all, so admitting that the rice stuffed omelet, top with seasoning and green onions, smelt delicious, would’ve been accepting defeat. Azami worked as a proud chef and presented the food to Masato, expecting immediate praise. With her hands to her sides and chin up she posed proudly and waited for the complements– then waited some more. “Maybe he’s waiting for it to cool.” She thought, as her extended back arced slightly and her arms grew tired of disappointment. Finally she heard him take his first few bites. “Surely this is where he gives my well deserved credit.” she said internally. *clank* the sound of the empty plate was the only thing she heard. “Say something.” She demanded weakly, now completely slumped forward and disheartened. “Seconds?” “LIKE HELL!” Azami shattered his plastic plate on the pavement in anger. Some bantering later, Masato addressed his broken bike again, this time Azami wasn’t cooking and willingly answered. “We need your help in defeating the Quarterer.” Azami stated sternly. “Last night was reassuring that you, with some training and time, can be a huge asset in this fight.” It didn’t take long for Masato to recall where he’d heard the name “the Quarterer”, two nights ago inside Seito’s car. It was there that he learnt his wife wasn’t merely murdered, but dismembered. Only the limbs remained of the Quarterer’s victims, and Asuna was no different. Naturally his mind then connected azami’s statement about “hollows preying on other spiritual beings” and quickly held his mouth shut with both hands as to not lose his breakfast. “So what do ya say Hizorashi Masato, will you help us kill this sick bastard?” she asked with determination, confident that he would accept. Naturally he, raised his head and with a slight nod, accepted their request. “Good, I really didn’t feel like fixing your bike.” Azami sighed in relief, more so for gaining a new formidable ally and less so about replacing a bike she broke. “So why did you break it?” Masato asked bluntly in a menacing tone. Azami was in too much of a celebratory mood to acknowledge his frustration. She rushed in front of Masato and lifted him to his feet gleefully. She glanced at his disgruntled face and knew she needed an excuse quick. Beads of sweat dripped from her head and she, with closed eyes, and a large and forced grin responded. “It was all a part of your new endurance training.” In truth, she was joy riding and accidentally destroyed it in the process. To her surprise Masato accepted the excuse and began to stretch in preparation for, what he expected was, the usual “run from point A to point B”. He completed his stretches and made for the warehouse exit when, with bringer light, Azami appeared directly behind him and placed three, thirty kilogram plates, in the backpack he was wearing. “It’s half past ten, if you walk, you should be home at 1:00 PM.” Azami stated boldly before adding the “asterisk”, “according to Seito.” Masato intended to run all the way through, but the added weight to his bag, coupled with a bruised stomach, would make the task especially challenging. With his straw hat and sunglasses keeping his head cool, he began the journey back to his apartment, settling on jogging. The shifting weight, and up and down momentum of his bag forced him to engage his core for stability. The various inclines and declines push Masato’s legs to their limits. About 40 minutes into the jog Masato took his first break and drank from a public water fountain by the side of the street. Though slightly refreshed, Masato’s brain was completely out of focus when he finally pressed on with the jog. He tried to maintain and upright and proper running posture but his head in exhaustion would periodically find itself dangling at the whim of the rest of his body. The once firm and controlled movements of his arms became sporadic, and eventually dangled by his sides as he was now speed walking. His blank thoughts worked as a double edged blade, preventing him from finding motivation to press on and distracting him from the immense pain or the entire experience. The urban neighborhood he observed and appreciated, became a blurry haze and from then on, Masato didn’t remember anything. That is until he was walking under shade, mindlessly up a flight of stairs and into what was clearly his apartment. There was no one inside and Masato removed his backpack from his sore shoulders, the relief of which brought a joyful chuckle from his very dry mouth. He dropped to his knees, then his stomach, and immediately fell unconscious. It was 4:00 PM when he stepped into his apartment, and he wouldn’t awake until the following morning. W/C: 1750
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    Masato was unresponsive from his apartment to the room he would soon be questioned in. throughout that time the entire police department gave him a suspicious amount of their attention and were quite generous to someone suspected of murdering their significant other; he was never handcuffed in the whole ordeal. He kept his gaze to the floor and chin buried in his chest as he powerlessly he swayed and sluggishly dragged his into the questioning room. He sat by himself for what seemed like forever and gradually regained his thoughts. His face, however, remained pale and expressionless. Finally a middle-aged detective entered the room speaking nonchalantly with someone, presumably a colleague, halfway in room and through the corridor. He held the door open by its knob with his left hand and in his right, was a cardboard cup holder, containing two cups of coffee. Between his right arm and torso he carried a brown clipboard and popping out of his white shirts breast pocket, a black pen. The detective shut the door and sat alone with Masato before placing the items he carried on the table, not withholding the pen. His obvious confidence alluded to his experience. This was further accentuated by the faint smile he bore since entering the room. Had Masato not looked up to see, he would’ve assumed negatively about the jolly man, smiling at his misfortune, but as their eyes met, he quickly snapped into reality. In the brief moment their eyes connected, what Masato saw was a deathly, nay, hellish abyss. He glimpsed into eyes that saw the worst of humanity and then some. He could no longer peacefully daydream and as the gravity of his situation sunk in, so too did his composure and sanity. He began to pull and scratch at his hair and picture the worst of his future, all while mumbling incoherently. The detective knew he needed Masato’s attention before he could calm him. “Hey!” the detective shouted. Masato shuddered and gasped shortly before stopping his erratic behavior. He wasn’t completely calm but was calm enough to listen. “You think you’re the only one that’s having a rough night?!” the detective proceeded to shout, loud enough for his colleague to hear. He wasn’t capable of keeping the “good cop” facade after what he’d seen left of Asuna, Masato’s wife. His nerves got the best of him and before he could continue, the corridor colleague, and detective, opened and peeped his head through the door. “KATSUROU, WHAT IS THIS, AMATEUR HOUR?!” he exclaimed, imitating his voice mockingly. His awkward antics brought confusion and silence to the room. Silly as it was, it killed the tension and allowed a moment for for heads to cool. “If you want I can take this one off your hands old man?” Embarrassed and slightly agitated, detective Katsurou replied “get lost, greenhorn”. “Okey doke!y” the room door shut abruptly. “I apologize for the idiot and my little outburst there. These cases have put everyone on edge, maybe expect him.” He took one of the cups of coffee and placed it closer to Masato and the other to himself. His expression became less tense. “As you’ve just heard, I am detective Nakamura Katsurou. You got a name?” Katsurou asked, knowing very well who the widowed Masato was. “Hizorashi Masato.” Masato responded still unable to meet eyes with the detective. Although he knew he didn’t have to, against his better judgement he decided to answer truthfully to anything Katsurou asked. “Well, Mr. Hizorashi you’re probably aware of what you’re here for. We have some questions and with any luck you’ll be out of here in not time. So let’s start with the basics.” Detective Katsurou knew he had Masato in a state of compliance and wasted no time with idle or impersonal questions. He questioned the cause of their breakup, his whereabouts during the time or the murder, alibis, potential enemies, motives, any and everything you would expect a detective with decades of experience is his field to ask. With a broken spirit Masato answered cold and concisely. He never touched the coffee but before it could turn lukewarm, the interview was over. He was free to go and walked out of the station perplexed. Much to his surprise, the expressions of the staff as he passed through weren’t of spite. They weren’t the kind you would give a man walking free after killing his wife. The faces they made were that of pity and remorse. they knew something he didn't. He walked through the stations exit and towards the street to catch a cab. The night was cold so he placed his hands under his armpits to keep the warm until a taxi cab would arrive. Not long after waiting he heard a muffled voice behind the station door calling his name. That same voice emerged from the station telling him “WAIT!” It was familiar and fit that of a certain “greenhorn”. Masato turned around to see the detective who had calmed Katsurou earlier, catching his breath and sweating slightly from his forehead. “It’s almost midnight. Let me give you a ride.” He proposed to masato, smiling and dangling his vehicle keys in his right hand. Masato turned back to the barren street behind him. He didn’t want to take the offer but knew he wouldn’t have caught a cab this late at night. He thought about Reina and how he hadn’t seen her since that morning. The decision was no longer hard to make. The car ride was silent as the detective, Kakaabi Seito, introduced himself and attempted to make small talk to no avail. Masato sat in the passenger’s seat wordless and gazing at the passing sidewalk. They arrived at Masato’s building without incident and shortly after 12:00am. “Welp, here we are.” Seito said as a final attempt to reach his passenger. Masato unbuckled his seat-belt and opened the car door when suddenly he felt a heavy grip on to his left forearm. It was monstrously firm and prevented his escape by even a few inches. “What the hell do you want?” Masato thought to himself as he turned to the once bubbly detective to see a stern and determined face. “You need to learn something about yourself and your wife.” Masato was impatient but wanted answers. What’s more he would’ve had to tear his own arm off before his capture would ease his grasp. He closed the door and silently listened. Seito gaze softened and he reverted to his usual bubbly self. “Old man Katsurou is usually a cool guy, try not to hold a grudge against him. He served this district for 20 years and was on his way to retirement when these cases started plopping on his desk. He was preparing me to take his job, but leaving now would haunt him. How could he pass such a shitty torch to the next generation?” Masato stared at Seito speaking, wondering “what does this have to do with me?” Seito continued. “He knows it just our job to question suspects, but this is a pointless a waste of time, the whole department agrees; grilling and treating people he knows are innocent as criminals.” Masato’s attention and interest were fully peaked. The revelation that he was never really a suspect, explained the stares he garnered from everyone at the station. The tightly clenched fist of Seito sliding back on the compartment braced Masato for what was next to come, but Seito’s disturbed body language contrasted strongly with his, obviously fake, smile. “This past month, seven similar cases of dismembered bodies found in alleyways have risen. Something this small neighborhood has never experienced. The killings all occur in alleys at night and “it” only leaves the arms and legs of its victims. He or its official name’s “The Alleyway Quarterer”. “Why.. Why are you telling me this?” Masato asked as his face grew pale and he rejected what his heart already knew. Seito turned to him and bluntly verbalized the obvious. “Your wife, Asuna, was the latest victim of its attacks.” “No. no. no. no….” Masato continued in defiance, as if doing so would change the sick and depraved manner by which his wife was murdered. Through the widowed husbands sobbing, Seito went on. “He's big family man so of these seven cases old man Katsurou handled, yours hit him the hardest.” He began digging through his leg and breast pockets. He pulled out a box of cigarettes and a silver lighter, respectively, and for the first time attempted to smoke. Through some few failed attempts, he lit the cigarette in his right hand, placed it in his mouth and inhaled through it before proceeding. “She quit her job a week ago…” his head dropped and his smoking hand shivered. He struggled to finish, all while Masato repeatedly sobbed “no”. He raised his head and exhaled the smoke and finished. “She was... gonna come back man.” Seito claimed angrily through gritted teeth. He finally let go of his control. The tears flowing down his face broke his cool demeanor and just as he finished, a violent gust of dark purple energy erupted from Masato’s body. His clothes waved in rapid succession as if to escape his body and the frames of the car window began to bend up and outwards. He held his hands to his face and couldn’t detect the damage his rage inflicted to Seito’s vehicle. All he could think of was flashing memories of Asuna’s face. Every glass in that car cracked in unison before shattering completely. As the pressure contorted the car in several areas, its alarm blared and echoed throughout that otherwise quiet night. The aura Seito seemed oddly comfortable with finally began to wane, and with it Masato's consciousness. “Let it all out man.” Seito encouraged enraged with his crushed cigarette in hand. “You’ve endured enough because of my fuck ups.” W/C: 1640 OOC: Masato has become spiritually aware in this post.
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    Quite a bit of time had passed since Kaeru had returned from the void prison he had been in for four years. During the last few weeks he had been working on getting himself prepared to take the next step in his "recovery" plan. First he learned that the proper names of his zanpakutos were Yin and Yang. Then he started to work on his skunko skill set in his family's dungeon. Visiting the Central Forty-Six he regained all of his memories and was charged with a short amount of time in the role of Vice-Captain for the first division before he could apply for a Captain title and eventually Captain Commander unless they found someone more suited for the role before then. From there he went in search of one of the more powerful souls in Soul Seireitei to confront as a way to show he was ready to return, but while he had perfectly scouted out the area and level of threat he was not counting on this self proclaimed "Khan" Möröödögch to have a pair of zanpakutos of his own working in harmony with him until first release. He almost died that day had Hitsuyona Shizukesai in vaizard form not shown up at the last minute to say him. Being able to escape after getting thoroughly throttled he took the time he needed to recover before heading back home to House Kaeru in order to request training from his father Xarm Kaeru. A battle broke out in while Xarius was the victor earning the right to use the Kaeru Dungeon once again for his training without having to sneak in. Standing outside of the First Division Barracks house Kaeru waited for those that were going to give him the test to show up. The building behind him was where the offices and living quarters of the Shinigami of the First Division. The building that stood out the most was the assembly hall where the captains would gather for their meeting. Especially during the times when the Captain-Commander was under the First Division banner. The Central Great Underground Prison is located directly below the barracks. Each facet of this barrack was something to pay attention to as they seemed to connect to something important. There are three different ways to become a captain for the Gotei Thirteen; Captain Proficiency Test, Personal Recommendation, or Trial by combat. The Captain Proficiency Test is a test that requires the shinigami to have the ability to perform Bankai. This is the most common method of becoming a shinigami captain. At least three existing captains of the current members, including the Captain-Commander, have to witness the results of the test. Personal Recommendation, to have at least six captains and approval from at least three of the remaining seven. Trial by Combat is simple the ability to defeat a captain in one-on-one combat with at least two-hundred witnesses from the captain's division. One by one Captain Sif Barkuz of the First Division, Captain Mikoto Shuu of the Second Division and acting Captain-Commander, Captain Elevander Jecht of the Fourth Division, and Captain Regashi Hokori of the Fifth Division arrived entering the hall. Sif already being in the area had stepped away from his paperwork duties to do this test with him. Soon followed Regashi coming in with Elevander as they were doing some joint squad training on this day before the test. The last to show up was the ever wary acting Captain Commander Shuu that seemed to always be in a state of exhaustion or at least unwavering tired expression. With all four captains now in the area they head directly into the Assembly Hall as the only five members. Closing the doors behind him Kaeru wandered over to the middle of the room directly across of Sif, Mikoto, Elevander, and Regashi awaiting their orders as he was not conflicted in the other guys. "Alright Vice-Captain Xarius Kaeru we are here to witness your taking of the Captain's Proficiency Test. As per the requirements there must be at least three total shinigami for that off load, one of which must be the acting Captain-Commander," Elevander explains the profession in an almost bear bones way so that anyone could understand what they were about to do, "The floor is yours whenever you are ready." His mind was fixated on the Gotei Thirteen's primary responsibilities consisting of: The defense of the Seireitei, the deployment of Division members into enemy territory for combat operations, the deployment of task Forces as defensive measures in the Human World. Regashi steps forward and away from the spot right next to Shuu as his arms as he steps forward to say, "I'll be the one to test your skills." With the doors closed Kaeru began to speak out the words with confidence as he gripped both of his zanpakutos, "When shady side of mountain meets the sunny side of mountain, Yinyang Taijitu. Bankai." With that a burst of wind explodes worth showing off his full power for a brief moment. A massive yinyang diagram appears beneath the frog and everyone within a short distance, three of each katana that looks just like his shikai yin and yang blades will come up from out of the ground near him as he is now clad in black samurai armor with white lining. "Kagayakuyoru no odori," he commands four of the six blades to rise up from the ground in order to get the blades to fly around heading towards Regashi. This continue for about five minutes before he dove into explaining some of his abilities and skills within his bankai. Kaeru goes on to explain to the captains in attendance how his "Taijitu Crests" work sort of, but not how they fully work. They spend a good while talking about how he uses his bankai and the effects it has in correlation with others like him. There is a short moment during this time when Xarius also begins to show them that he remembers all of the Academy level kido and that he has remastered the Kaeru family Skunko Technique known as the "Gift of the Sea God". There is a small murmuring with the remaining captains that had not been physically judging him, but rather were judging him for by how he handled himself and spoke about the issues at hand. This takes roughly an hour to go through each one and explain how much he has been working on all of this. At the end of this conversation the four huddle up to discuss how the test went and just what to do next. Kaeru did not have to wait on them to deliberate too long as they split up to speak with him again. "You have passed the Captain's Proficiency test with ease as you are using the bankai to full effectiveness currently," Shuu stated keeping his arms crossed as the zanpakutos of Kaeru are being put away and Regashi getting up from the sparring match, "Now Sif will speak to what will happening during the transitioning of the First Division over to you as their Captain." Stepping forward the former captain Sif wasted no time in talking straight forward, "As of right now the First Division has no special duties, however this is something you can tailor to your own liking, the Division how you want as their Captain. There are several outstanding role model members within the First Division that have not returned recently. The big difference is that I will remain the Director of Administrative Affairs." "Now with all the formality stuff out of the way here you go," Shuu states as he pulls out a freshly made First Division Captain over coat handing it over to Kaeru, "Remember this is just over the First Division, for Captain Commander you will have to prove yourself against all kinds of deadly threats and the Central Forty-Six is apprehensive about anything to do with the title. So be mindful with your next few steps as you are going to continue to be watched for an undisclosed amount of time." "That is fine with me," Kaeru replies as he slowly reaches out to grab the overcoat just after pulling off the Vice-Captain's badge to trade with Captain Shuu, "I have been proving myself to others my entire life. This should be no different and there is still much to be done within Soul Society as a whole, though Seireitei and Rukongai each have massive problems that need to be addressed. Becoming a captain again will allow me to really push into that as I reconnect with old friends and make new ones." The overcoat had a Chrysanthemums insignia on the back that stood for Truth and Innocence over his Shihakusho. Another step closer to becoming the Captain Commander, but from now until then and then after that he would be working on becoming more power than he was before in order to push the world at large into being a better soul. [WC: 1,502] [Claimed Captain of the First Division] [Total WC: 3,279] [Exit Thread]