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    Ladies and gentlemen, My name is the Ink Meister, vigilante artist and scholar of the pen. My ambition is to shed a light on the hidden Shakespeare's lurking in the deaths of the internet. In order to do that however sacrifices must be made. Unfortunately this site will be my starting grounds and base of operations. Where I will claim my first "victims". My 1st victim: @Res My 2nd victim: @Baron Quadhorn My 3rd victim: @ChaosKaiz My 4th victim: @Kaz My 5th victim(NEW): @Rashu ラシュ
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    On the desk of every Captain, Lieutenant, and similar position of power sits a document, roughly fifteen pages in length. "SOUL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONAL MODEL - Organization and Structure Proposal." The heading reads, from title to subtitle. "The following is a proposal to consolidate and clarify the structure and duties of each of the Divisions of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads (Gotei 13) in conjunction with the Court of Pure Souls (Seireitei) Special Forces (Onmitsukido) and the Kido Corps. Both the Onmitsukido Special Forces and Kido Corps will operate as they have been as the changes impact only their Chain of Command as the rest of the Proposal establishes Roles and Responsibilities for the Thirteen Court Guard Squads." The abstract displayed the contents of the document that they were requested to read and as the pages turn all of them would see the proposal provided by Twentieth Seat of the First Division, Senior Administration Officer Oriru Ryuka Kusho... Total Proposal Word Count | 2431
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    Tenth Division Large Scale Operations – The Tenth Division is in charge of planning, coordinating, and executing large missions, typically Level 3 or greater. Everything will be ran through the Tenth Division first, and if approved, the Tenth Division gathers the required Soul Reaper from each division, assembles them, assigns duties, plans the attack, coordinate the Soul Reaper according to the mission, execute the attack, and then keep maintenance over it. That includes sending out more reinforcements and information regarding the mission. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Tenth Division typically has minimal responsibility aside from ensuring all information for every potential officer is up to date and potential unit formations are prepared in advance. During activation of Large-Scale Operations, the Captain becomes an equivocal power to the General Commander, and even becomes in charge of the First Division, aside from the General Commander and Lieutenant Commander. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Tenth Division is responsible for ensuring that all Divisions are prepared for a Large-Scale Operation with constant drills and training scenarios
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    _The attack on the village was horrible. lots of invisible monsters attacked everyone and slaughtered every soul. later in soul societies Academy, I learned the true story about Quincies and their abilities. they probably used lots of Hollow baits to attract so many hollows to our village. I still can clearly remember the fright I had when the Hollow shoved its claws in my belly and killed me. if it wasn't because of a soul reaper I would have been devoured by a hollow as well. I don't know how many souls he could save that night, but with what I witnessed that night, I don't think they could be much. I searched for survivor souls of my village in Rukongai and I couldn't find any but a little girl called Nanako. as the daughter of the Isamu clan chief, I took all the responsibilities to take care of her. but it wasn't that easy as a new soul in Rukongai. I took care of her but I had to left her behind and come to the academy when a soul reaper found out that I haven't eaten anything for two months and I still show no sign of fatigue. it was when I wanted to find a job in a construction site. they didn't want to give the job to a girl with such a little frame as mine. they thought I can not work. I explained that a little girl is staying with me and she is so weak as she didn't have anything to eat for a long time and I need the job desperately. they still refused but I didn't want to back down for the sake of Nanako so I went to the heaviest rock there and used my reiatsu to pull it and then made it fly to put it on the other floor. it was then when a guy in black kimono came from the shadows and asked me some questions, then told me that he thinks I am strong enough to enter Academy. he left and I got the job. that night I bought a portion of good food for Nanako as I didn't feel hungry at all I let her eat all her want. then I decided to enter the Academy. In Seireitei I could earn enough to make a good life for Nanako. so we started training but she failed the exam and I passed. it was hard for both of us when I left her alone at home but then we got used to it. I regularly met her on my off days and I could easily provide for her. and even now I keep on practicing with her and I hope she will soon join the Academy. I hope... WC : 461
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    that morning was like every other day, shiny and warm enough for birds to sing until a sound of an impact of a heavy object to the ground forced them to fly away from the branches of the trees around the training ground. as the dust sets down a tall girl with pink hair and a punky make up, puts her foot on the shoulder of the heavy built guy on the dusty ground : _ heh! it was easier than I expected! now who takes the first patrol Daisuke ? the guy tries to free his hand under her feet but she stumps on it harder, that pushes him back on the ground again. Daisuke frowns and gathers his energy on his massive arms to jumps up suddenly that throws the girl back but before she hits the tree line she throws her whip on a branch. with the help of the grip, she jumps up on the tree. the guy shakes the dust away from his red hair and points at the girl sitting on the branch : _ Waiola you gonna pay for this! he smashed his fists on each other causing the dust to fall from his shoulders and runs straight to the tree with full speed. Waiola throws her whip again but as she didn't expect him to run to the tree, she couldn't be as fast to relocate to another one before he punches the tree with full force. she slips from the branch and with an uncalculated angle swings down the falling-tree as a result, she kicks Daisukes wide jaw unintentionally before falling with all pieces of the tree on him. as they struggle in dust and broken pieces of the tree to stand, a shade of a man falls on them, they look up to see his figure standing in the sunlight, both raise their hands on their eyes to see better in the shade, but when they hear his calm and collected voice they had no doubt who was standing there: _ I thought my orders were clear "to practice with dummies" and what do we have here? .. two "dummies" fighting a tree? waiola blushes as she says: _team leader Satow! Daisuke stands while murmuring some words to himself with obvious irritation in his face, he turns to face his team leader : _I am tired of this Vad ! you should let me join the patrol, you know I am ready for this! instead, you shoot me to this spider-monkey who can't even jump on a tree properly! waiolas right eyebrow jumps in anger as she closes her eyes for a moment before presses her forehead on Daisuke and gazing into his eyes in a very threatening way: excuse me? who do you call "spider_monkey" you "guerilla_puff_meat"? do you want to be beaten up again? _you have a death wish Spider_monkey! _not in a million years after killing YOU puff_meat! _if you want to keep your bones healthy in your body you buzz off now! _you really feel like to be pilled like a rotten orange with my whip? _ STOP IT NOW! BOTH OF YOU! team leader pushes the two away standing between them to see a small framed girl with long black hair standing in front of them. she bows politely : _ good morning, my name is Aya Isamu, 20th seat of the Division, I have been assigned to the team under the responsibility of team leader Satow_sama! the two stops punching and kicking with the entrance of the new member. team leader greet her : _ good morning, I am Vadim Satow, seat 9th, welcome I was looking forward to meeting you. this is Waiola Seno seat 18th officer and Daisuke Gima seat 19th officer. Waiola nods with a suspicious frown and Daisuke steps forward looking at her top to toe : _I expected you to be bigger! Waiola smirks and folds her arms on her chest : _what? Do you think everybody should be a lump of puff meat like you? _ who did you call puff meat again? _ the one and only puff meat Daisuke! as they start arguing again, Vadim put a hand on Ayas shoulder and lead her a bit away : _ you should forgive their manners, they are good fighters but don't know anything about teamwork and without good teamwork, you are just as good as dead out of here. my duty is to train you both on your skills and teamwork. I heard about your achievements in the academy, I hope with you on our team we will have better results. _ thank you I am honored to be trained by you sir and be in your team. she bows again, as the team leader walks back to his seat and the voice of her new comrades fades in her thoughts : _this is nothing as I expected! WC : 799
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    ~ Located within the Fifth Division, Open Training Field ~ "INHALE... all of the energy that surrounds you; search for the limit of what potential you may hold inside and allow that to fill your lungs. Then, when you feel that your body can hold no more, release it all in a slow breath and allow the hesitation, and all of the related emotions, to fall from your lips and let it never be spoken nor released into the universe. There should be nothing left in you but potential and that will be what is removed from you, because the concept of potential means a limit exists to measure you." Regashi stood next to Oriru as they faced the length of the space in front of them, a clearing in the Fifth Division that Regashi used as his playground because it was this place that he could try new techniques with his Zanpakuto. For the time being, each of them kept their Zanpakuto close by but sealed. Regashi kept his Wakazashi on his back with the handle facing up and the Tanto along his hip on his back. Oriru, however, planted his firmly in the ground with the sheath several inches in under the surface to keep it secured. Eyes closed, they kept the focus in front of them attempting to "See" what laid before them, a methodology that Regashi developed over the years in order to gain a grasp on his Kido. The focus was to see the energy in the air that you wish to work with in order to complete the desired task or technique that one attempts. "When you feel that moment of clarity, where the power of doubt has been overwhelmed by the desire of profess, you have found the moment where the boundary of potential became a door." Slowly Oriru opened his eyes when his body felt the weightlessness of his own being give him the sensation of drifting off with the wind like a leaf in the breeze. He opened them to see Regashi walking a few steps forward with his right hand elevated in the air slightly above his shoulders with the palm facing to the sky. A small purple orb, perhaps a light lavender even, appeared a few inches above the palm of his hand before it gradually started to grow in size and even radiate a more vibrant glow. "Bakudo Number 62..." He spoke the words as he clenched his hand firmly around the orb, and almost simultaneous had the orb extended its form to the length of several feet of light and gave the form of a rod much like a steel quarterstaff. With a single step forward, Regashi brought his right arm slightly behind his head before using his posture to propel his momentum with the launching of the steel rod, "Hyapporankan." As the rod flew through the air a several meters, shadows appeared in the air around this steel rod before they all became tangible in form. They seemed to multiply as six became twelve, twelve became twenty four, twenty four became forty eight, and forty eight eventually became a full one hundred steel rods. They continued to fly through the air for a considerable distance before smashing against the wall at the end of the path. Each one pieced the wall slightly and several on the ground as well based on the angle thrown and the distance traveled along the ark. "That was impressive." Oriru watched from the moment that it break from the hand of Regashi and flew through the air, each of the steel rods bathed in a lavender light making their way through the air with absolute resolution. "You must first be able to brace yourself for the intent to do the same to your target, then recognize that you are not focused on hitting them but simply striking around them." Regashi approached Oriru with a smile on his face as the piercing blue eye shimmered as he looked at his student for the moment, "So now show me that you have a basic grasp of the Bakudo conceptually." He smirked, "Show me that natural talent for Kido that I have been hearing about." It was a friendly comment, but honestly put Oriru a little in his head knowing that the Captain heard details of his accolades and made note of them. Up to this point, Oriru had been learning Bakudo of varying levels and even reached the limit of what was allowed in the public records for someone of his rank. He knew that there were files and records that only a Captain Level Soul Reaper was allowed to review. That was the key component of his goals, to be able reach a point to truly expand his mind with the information of the Soul Society in totality. "Alright, this is the last one." Oriru took his spot a few steps ahead as he focused his right hand, similar to how Regashi performed, but elevating it just above his shoulders with his right hand facing up towards the sky. There was a sensation that caused him to feel the need to alter his hand position and he lowered his right hand to the same level as his chest. A swirl of white energy would flow above his palm a few inches as a small orb formed in the center of this concentrated micro vortex. Regashi grew curious as to what it was that Oriru was doing, already breaking the technique he just explained. "The nature of all things is the accumulation of experience..." He spoke softly under his own breath, but words brought to his mind from one of his many books over the years. Slowly Oriru would elevate his right hand above his head as he lowered all of his fingers except for his index and middle finger. As he did this, the small vortex would rise to the tip of his finger with less than an inch of space. The vortex continued, but nothing changed for Oriru as he focused down the range before him. Suddenly the orb shattered and revealed a pearly white rod of energy hovering above his finger. Oriru maintained his focus, unaware of the fact that ten more pearl rods appeared around him as well. "Bakudo Number 62..." He brought his arm back, allow his shoulder to relax as he rotated it backwards, "Hundred Steps Fence." His words, like a whisper, slid from his lips as he sent his arm in a forward arc and pointed his fingers directly down range. All ten of the pearly rods found their way down the length of range until, just before impact, ninety more of them all appeared in a flash of radiant light. Each one struck the surface of the wall but shattered as the rods appeared stuck, more than a foot deep, in the wall behind it with a more focused level of precision with a decent scatter. There was a shared silence as Oriru turned to face Regashi, "I think you do more force than you thought, weakened the structure of the entire wall." He gave a gentle shrug with the sincerity in his statement, reinforcing the fact he believed that Regashi had weakened the wall greatly. Regashi could only give a laugh as he place his hand on the should of the Senior Office Administrator, "Perhaps, but nonetheless you have not only lived up to expectations, but found a way to exceed them as well." As Regashi turned away and have an approving nod, "A little more focus and you might be able to achieve some really great things," He chuckled, "If you ever get out of the office and get into some real combat." He continued on his way without looking back, "But keep it up." Oriru watched as his trainer walk away and couldn't help but smile, as it only now dawned on him that he had become friends with Regashi. Learned Bakudō Number 62 | Hyapporankan [Hundred Steps Fence] - 1,390 words [ Achieved ] The practitioner, generating a blue-white glowing rod of energy in his/her hand, throws it at the intended target. It multiplies into a hundred more rods, which, raining down on the target, pin him or her against a solid surface and completely immobilize them. It is hard to dodge in a small area. Vice Captain Bakudo All Mastered WC | 1,403
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    As Regashi departed, he considered heading back to the office to get some more of his work done but he was able to get most of his required tasks completed. His efficiency, personally speaking, and leadership skills has generated a strong flow throughout the Administration process and it caused him to think. Oriru started to consider when was the last time he took a casual vacation, time just to enjoy things that was not just more work. "Perhaps that is the reason that people tend to be drawn towards the mission driven Divisions of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, or at least driven towards obtaining tasks that dispatch them to various areas of the Soul Society and the World of the Living. Potentially there is a magnetic attraction to adventure and little would fuel one's adrenaline more than a personal encounter with a hollow." Ginga stood to his right, or appeared to exist to his right, as an androgynous figure with a body reminiscent of deep space. He gave no response to its words, but he was certainly startled by the second voice that spoke up, "Seems like you are making some powerful allies Oriru Ryūka Kushō," This voice was recognizable but there was a moment of doubt that it belonged to the person that he assumed that it was, so when he turned towards his left the fact that the current Captain of the First Division stood in front of him in the Fifth Division Training Field was a bit of a shock. Oriru still has a solid way of maintaining composure, but one with enough perception could see the temporary break in his mildly stern posture. "My name is Xarius Kaeru and I am the new captain of the First Division." The Captain spoke up, introducing himself showing that traditional formality that he was well known for displaying most of the time, but Oriru knew him as the Captain of the First Division before his untimely departure and his recent return. Oriru may not be of a rank to be advised of every detail in the Captain level discussions, Oriru always found a way to be informed of things that will happen. Although there is typically a level of knowledge allowing him to prepare for the details that will be delivered to him, there was not a single thing that could have allowed him to prepare foe the following statement. Oriru expected Captain Kaeru to make note of the Soul Society Organizational Proposal that he had delivered to each Leadership Position throughout the Soul Society, but it was the last two words spoken that caused Oriru to be, for the first time in awhile, sincerely shocked. "Overdue promotion?" He placed his left hand on the sheath of his Zanpakuto that was protruding from the ground with his hand making contact with his tsuba while simultaneously pushing his glasses flush on his face with his right hand. "More importantly, what are in particular do you wish to discuss in regards to the proposal?" As he finished his statement, he pulled the Zanpakuto free from the ground and held it gently to his side, despite the size of the Odachi.
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    Thirteenth Division Defensive Tactics and Protection of the Court of Pure Souls and the World of the Living – The Thirteenth Division is the primary Division that dispatches patrols on a daily, frequent basis to survey the Court of Pure Souls and the World of the Living. If a threat occurs, they find and take care of it, sometimes with help from other divisions. They also work together with various divisions. If a threat is a large enough, the Thirteen Division is in charge of sending out Soul Reapers, assembling them, assigning them duties, and other things. Their job is like the Tenth Division, except on a smaller basis. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Thirteenth Division is to ensure that the Court of Pure Souls, above all else, is safe and secure. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Thirteenth Division is the ensure that the World of the Living is safe and secure.
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    Twelfth Division Research and Development – The Twelfth Division is in charge of gaining new information through experimentation. The Twelfth Division researchses information that is sent to them from the Third Division before storing it. They are also in charge of storing the mass amount of information known to Court of Pure Souls in their database. The Twlefth Division also develops new technology to aid Soul Reaper in their missions. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Twelfth Division is responsible for ensuring the constant growth and evolution of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads Military Superiority NO MATTER THE COST. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Twelfth Division is responsible for ensuring that all records are gathered and secured as well as that all current technology is kept up to date
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    Eleventh Division Offensive and Assault Tactics – The Eleventh Division stands as the Frontlines. They are the most skilled in physical combat and work mainly with other divisions. They rarely work on their own since they currently lack much coordination and is not expected to change. During times of danger, the 11th Division is flooded out in mass numbers to immediately subdue problems, which include invasions of the Court of Pure Souls. The Eleventh Division works with nearly every other division, since they are the most powerful and offer the most defense and offense. *The Eleventh is current the division with the largest number of Soul Reaper. (It is also the division with the highest mortality rate.) Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Eleventh Division is responsible for maintaining a full force of prepared Officers for any and every combat situation. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Eleventh Division is responsible for maintaining morale and recruitment for the Eleventh Division.
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    Ninth Division Counterintelligence – The Ninth Division prevents information from leaking or information being stolen from the Thirteen Court Guard Squads as well as the Court of Pure Souls. The Ninth Division works closely with the Twelfth Division research facility to protect it from outside influence. They also prevent important information from leaking into Rukongai, especially information that could cause an uproar or mass panic. Adding to this, they are also in charge of dealing with tactics and warfare against massive hollow gatherings, spiritual aware threats, and potential internal threats, and are the ones responsible for any counter tactics when Court of Pure Souls is under attack. Ninth Division is also responsible for Memory-Replacement that is required after a Soul Reaper engages in any activity in the World of the Living. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Ninth Division is in charge of maintaining all general information integrity with a personal charge of information related to the Court of Pure Souls or potential public panic. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Ninth Division is in charge of ensuring that continuity remains for information and that the World of the Living and Rukongai remain unaware of details that are greater than necessary for daily functions.
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    Eighth Division Reserves, Support, and Backup – The Eighth Division is the mass reinforcement division. Their Soul Reaper are split into groups that are talented in General Kido, offensive tactics, or defensive tactics. When any of the other divisions require extra Soul Reaper or reinforcements, they turn the Eighth Division first. Currently, aside from the Eleventh and Thirteen Divisions, the Eighth Division has the most amount of Soul Reapers. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Eighth Division is generally responsible for coordinating the allocation of Unit Support on various mission details THE LIEUTENANT… of the Eighth Division is generally responsible for dispatching units for Unit Support as well as recruitment and training to ensure enough support is available at any given time.
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    Seventh Division Court of Pure Souls and Rukongai Public Relations – The Seventh Division maintains peace between the Court of Pure Souls and the Rukongai. Their responsibility is to ensure that Soul Reapers are not creating chaos within the Court of Pure Souls and are completely responsible for keeping ALL of the Rukongai Civil (not just the closest districts to the Court of Pure Souls). When souls have complaints, suggestions, questions, and etc, they are sent to the Seventh Division where it is read, taken into consideration, and decided upon. The Seventh Division is typically an independent Division but may request other divisions aid for Public Relations. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Seventh Division is responsible for overseeing the entire management of the Public Image of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads with both the Court of Pure Souls and the Rukongai but should focus on the Court of Pure Souls personally. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Seventh Division is responsible for overseeing the management of the Public Image but has a refined focus on the Public Relation with the Rukongai.
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    Sixth Division Internal Affairs – The Sixth Division handles all of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads’ internal affairs, such as monitoring Soul Reaper activity and handling any disturbances from other Soul Reapers. They are responsible for apprehending Soul Reaper that breaks Soul Society laws and also detaining them until Central 46 has given their verdict in the matter. Their division has the most holding cells, which is used to detain criminal offenders until they are judged. *Not to be confused with the operations of Onmitsukido Special Forces, Sixth Division deals with common criminal activities of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Sixth Division is responsible for ensuring minimal criminal activity is occurring within the Court of Pure Souls dealing with the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Sixth Division is responsible for enforcing the capture and detainment of offenders.
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    Fifth Division Kido Tactics and Control – As it currently stands, the Fifth Division is used as a support unit which is similar to the focus of the Eighth and Thirteen Divisions but with a specialty in the Kido Arts. Under the new Organizational Model, the Fifth Division will absorb the Kido Corps into their ranks (Note: The Kido Corps will maintain autonomy much like the Onmitsukido Special Forces but will coordinate with efficiency with the Thirteen Court Guard Squads). With the proposed Organizational Model implemented, the Fifth Division will be paired with Eleventh Division Members when dispatched for Operations to ensure maximum spread of skill between Melee Type’s and Kido Types. This will force the Fifth Division to adopt a similar principle as the Eleventh Division in accepting ONLY Kido Type Zanpakuto into their ranks that show excelled potential in the Kido Arts. (This allows a perfected military unit in conjunction with a Second Division Stealth Operative, a Fourth Division Medical Operative, and an Eleventh Division Melee Combat Operative) The Fifth Division will be responsible for all Sealing and Magical Workings inside of the Soul Society in unison with the Kido Corps on operations Level 3 and below while maintaining Level 4 operations in the hands of the Kido Corps, who will focus on recording and storing any new Kido. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Fifth Division is responsible for ensuring the effective use and understanding of all Past, Current, and Potential Kido Arts Techniques are documented for the appropriate use within the Soul Society. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Fifth Division is responsible for the day to day operations of the Division.
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    Fourth Division Medical Assistance and Supply – This Division oversees taking care of the majority of healing when it comes to Soul Reapers or other Spiritual Entities. While the Soul Reapers in this Division use Medicines for their healing, they do have the abilities to use their Energy for Curative purposes, something unique to those that are in, or have been, in the Fourth Division, because the average Soul Reaper can only use their power for combat. Due to the typically non-combative nature of the Soul Reapers in this division, they are commonly assigned many of the menial tasks in the Soul Society, such as cleaning the subterranean canals located under the Court of Pure Souls. Additionally, this particular Division is considered the lowest in the Thirteen Court Guard Squad Hierarchy, albeit the fact that they heal almost all of the injured in the Soul Society. *Fourth Division members are taken from the Spiritual Arts Academy prior to graduation, after proving exceptional, non-violent Spiritual Pressure, and then takes an additional study of four years to become medics. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Fourth Division is tasked to ensure the smooth operation of all medical applications which includes, but is not limited to, the Infirmary, Remote Medical Placements, Medical Relief Units, and Mission Support. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Fourth Division is typically assigned the day to day operations of the Fourth Division to ensure their completion and efficiency as well as the recruitment and training.
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    Third Division Intelligence and Information – This division is responsible for the act of dispatching Officers to gather information, and work in cooperation with the Second Division Agents on more serious mission typically Level 3 and Above and occasionally Level 2. They oversee sorting all outgoing and incoming information before processing the information to the Twelfth Division for storage. *Jigokucho or “Hell Butterfly” Management for the monitoring and messaging system is coordinated through the Third Division Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Third Division oversees coordinating mission assets for information reconnaissance as well as ensuring functionality of critical messaging systems. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Third Division executes most mission requests of Level 1 and Level 2 as well as specific Level 3 missions and oversee the day to day coordination of messaging and monitoring systems.
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    Second Division Tactical Elimination and Covert Operations – This division is currently unable to function at maximum potential due to the historical separation from the Special Forces, Onmitsukido, due to the synchronicity of the Stealth Capabilities of the Second Division and the Operation of the Special Forces. Under the new Organizational Model, the Special Forces will be absorbed back into the Second Division while remaining autonomous with common operations. In this model, the Second Division will absorb the full management of Stealth Operations and Tactical Eliminations in unison with the Onmitsukido Special Forces. They will also oversee handling all Undercover Operations regarding Court of Pure Souls Security. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the Second Division will be given the duty to manage Special Forces during Level 3 and above Operations being High and Critical Importance. Aside from that, they will handle most of the Undercover Operations, Stealth Training, and Covert Operations considered Level 1 and Level 2 Operations being Low and Moderate Importance. THE LIEUTENANT… of the Second Division will be given the duty or coordinate with other divisions that require the need of Covert Operatives for any requested mission or task.
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    Event Title: SELECTION BATTLES OF NYGAM'S EXPANSE Event Trigger: Reaching 500K in The ORP COMMUNITY REIASTU Sign Up Period: OPEN UNTIL 8-24-2019 Event Duration: Ongoing Until Completion Event Head: Nygam "The Overseer" [Event NPC Controlled By: Rash] Location: Nygam's Expanse Combatants: - No. 1113 Tamura Ryūnosuke - Fullbringer - No. 5025 Nariko Mizushima - Shinigami - No. 2911 Oriru Ryuka Kusho - Vaizard - No. 0081 Connor Knight - Fullbringer - No. 0987 Stein Nevskii - Shinigami - No. 6660 Yamashiro Gazami - Arrancar - No. 1111 Aya Isamu - Shinigami - No. 0003 Yuroshima Hoshiko - Shinigami ______________________________ Overview: Nygam, a mysterious entity with the power of oneirokinesis initiates the "Selection Battles" at the command of The Sentinels of Potential, mighty beings powered by limitless power sources known only as "Relics". In possession of a relic shard of his own, the very origin of his own incredible abilities, Nygam sets the events Selection in motion by pulling powerful beings from all known realms into a singular dreamworld; his base of operations, and the stage of the Selection Battles, Nygam's Expanse. The chosen beings battle one another in an all out battle royale style death match using powers beyond imagination in an endless world of limitless possibilities. After a very long elimination round, the Selection Battles come down to just a handful of remaining combatants, all the others have lost all their "Weaves" (lifelines) within Nygam's Expanse or have otherwise passed away while conscious. When the finalist are gathered for the grand finale of the Selection Battles they think that they are meeting Nygam for the first time, however in reality they've actually known Nygam for a long time and have been battling --winning and sometimes losing-- hundreds of times within the Selection Battles. They've only forgotten about the battles when they'd awaken from their dream-state. The remaining combatants are down to their last seven Weaves each, they have all passed the Selection Battles, but the time has come to name the "Champion" among them. That champion will stand the greatest chance against the Sentinels to come. ------------------------------------------------------------ - Nygam "The Overseer": Little is known about this mysterious individual named simply Nygam and titled "The Overseer" of the Selection Battles. Thanks to his own shard of a Relic of Potential, Nygam is able to pull unconscious minds into his own dream-like realm, dubbed "Nygam's Expanse. Although his powers are virtually limitless Nygam seems to only use his powers in the service of the Sentinels of Potential under whom he serves. The duties of initiating and moderating the Selection Battles, from its beginning until its ultimate conclusion, are solely his. -------------------- - Weaves: Weaves are a reflection of how many lives a person has left within the Selection Battles. Each "life" is signified big a single weave that appears as a black bar-shaped marking on the combatant's body. A single Weave disappears each time a combatant is killed and resurrects. The combatant is naturally eliminated from the Selection Battles when they run out of weaves. At the beginning of the Selection Battles, each combatant possessed between 99 and 999 Weaves. By the time of the grand finale the remaining combatants all have only 7 Weaves left; meaning they've all possibly been defeated and killed within the Selection Battles at least 92 times. Weaves can also be spent to change aspects of the environment and setting of Nygam's Expanse where battle is taking place; however this must be done at the start of a battle. Combatants can also compete in changing the environment to suit their preference, but each change costs an additional Weave. Lastly each Weave contains a copy of the combatant's life force and their current potential. A weave can be given up to increase amplify their potential within their current life. -------------------- - Nygam's Expanse: A dream-like realm that can only be accessed while in an unconscious state. Within the expanse, there are no limitations; possibilities are endless and potential is infinite. As it is a realm of his own creation, Nygam has absolute control over all elements and aspects of the expanse. However, for the purpose of the Selection Battles, Nygam has granted that power to the combatants in order for them to do battle. Normally the limitless potential of the expanse in reflected as an vast white space that goes on infinitely in all directions. The combatants can change aspects of their environment and setting by sacrificing one of their lifelines, known as Weaves. On occasion, Nygam may even change dynamics of the realm himself. Although each combatant has been in Nygam's Expanse dozens if not hundreds of times since the beginning of the Selection Battles, they have all forgotten about everything involving it each time they gained consciousness or woke up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMATION: What's The Deal? How Do I Sign Up? Who Can Sign Up? When Will It Start? How Does Combat Work? How Do Abilities Work? How To Do Battles? Can I Kill Nygam? What Happens If I Win? OKAY. I'm a bit tired to there may be some things that I left out. If you have any other questions feel free to post them here and I will answer everything I can. Try to keep them short and to the point. Looking forwards to seeing this one blast off with all of you. Sign Ups are open from now. (If any other Mods want to pop in and make grammatical corrections after me, feel free to do that too. Thank you~)
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    aya walked down the stairs with a letter in her hand. she hand found it that morning in her room. it was a special meeting with team leader and team members. it was a weekend so she didn't expect it. it was just a simple letter : Dear, Miss. Aya Isamu It would be a pleasure to have you in the weekly meeting at the tea house by 11:00 a.m. sincerely yours vadim satow she did not have to run because she had already received the letter pretty early in the morning. she walks to the dining room for breakfast and finds waiola there eating like a hungry lion. as she notices Aya she tries to chew slowly to act a bit more ladylike but the bite was so big that she had all her mouth full. just right then Daisuke enters. _ damn I am so hungry ! ... wait ... did YOU eat ALL these dishes ??? Waiola frons and make some noises with her mouth full. _aha... nonsense ! ... man! I can't believe you just left us some cereals !!! aya holds her letter up: _ did any of you get a letter for the meeting? Waiola makes some more noises as Daisuke starts eating his cereals but his words were more meaningful than hers : _ yeah we always get one of them once in a while, it is nothing that important! waiola frons and make some noises and push more bread in her mouth. they walk the road in the green garden to the bamboo trees, and there they find the lake. if it wasn't because of the constant arguing between Waiola and Daisuke it could be a very peaceful walk for Aya. lotus flowers were all around floating on the water as they crossed the bridge and sat around the tea-table. team leader arrives a few minutes later. they were all quiet. team leader pours tea for each of them and lets them all have a sip or two and then he begins. _as you all know we are on a different mission track... we strickly need teamwork. it is a very crucial part of our work. and YOU guys absolutely has NO positive teamwork. I want to listen to your reasons on this matter and if we can not solve it, we have to say goodbye to this team. the division needs fighters not kids to babysit. Miss. Seno you are fast with high perception but you get angry very fast, it stops you from understanding your differences with others and accepting them. MR. Gima you are strong with high stamina but your trust to your strength blinds you from your weaknesses and that makes you a target, plus your lack of concentration makes you weak in the teamwork. miss. Isamu I know you are new, but we have high expectations from you as the strategy of the division is changing. do not answer me with words now, show me that you can be a team ... you have only two weeks to work it out between yourself, I expect you to practice and spend time with each other. build your strategy to cover each other weaknesses not to bold them. then and only then you can be a team. in the way back to dorms they were all quiet. not even a single time any of them uttered a word. down the staircase Waiola turns to them : _as we all have straight orders... ahhh... I know it is not the most fun thing we can do in a weekend, but how about some practice tomorrow... together? Aya lingers... : I must appologize ... but.. I can not. I am sorry! she bows politly and walks the stairs up. Waiola frons again and looks at Daisuke : _something is fishy! W.C : 623
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    _when I first met Aya Isamu it was in kido class, she was way above all other students, I was impressed that I almost didn't notice that my tea is pouring down on my kimono! she learned all the Academy Kidos only in one week, I can surely say that she could learn them faster if some instructors were kinder to her ... I rarely may find a sharp student like her in all the years of my service in the Academy. the old man gazed at his tea as if he was reviewing all the centuries he had been teaching in the Academy. Vadim said nothing and let the old man survey his old memories in peace. after a few seconds, he came back to his time and sighed with a faint smile underneath his huge beard and mustache. he softly blew the hot steam of the tea and make it dance over in the light of the morning sun. drinks a sip and looks up at the young team leader of the 5th Division. _so why did you say you need my best of the best again satow kun? _with respect sir, it is confidential but the captain has new plans for the division. _If you need a genius then Isamu is the one you are looking for. _genius?... yes... yes genius. Vadim leans back on his seat with his arms crossed on his chest. he smiles softly and nods. WC: 241
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    006: CONVICTION PRT2 ----- ___________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE FULLY intended to return home and sort things out with his mother... eventually. The truth was, even after the conversation with the woman at the train station, and even after steeling his resolve, Ryūnosuke was still far too embarrassed to go home so soon. Barely four hours had passed since he left and the words he'd told his mother before storming out the door were still seared into his conscious thoughts as if freshly branded there. Despite Mariko's attempt to make her son feel less embarrassed and awkward about it, the fact remained that it wasn't information Ryūnosuke felt he would ever be comfortable with his mother knowing. "Then why did you tell her, you dumbass!", the teenager muttered inwardly, scolding and berating himself repeatedly for his humiliating mistake, as he roamed the streets of the shopping district. Ryūnosuke's only definitive aim was to stall for time until he'd built up the courage to return home and face Mariko. "This isn't running away from my problems. This is just keeping distance until I find the right angle of approach." The teenager told himself, and continued to tell himself as the arms of the clock turned morning over to mid-day. However, walking around the shopping district got very boring snapping quick. Only an hour later, Ryūnosuke decided that allowing another minute be wasted window shopping was no longer justifiable. If he couldn't find a more productive use of his time, he'd might as well just return home. As soon as he had that thought, an image of his mother waiting for him at the door of their black box of a home had him flustered again. The only logical decision was to find something else to do, maybe fish around for a part-time job opportunity. He remembered his mother already approved of him getting a job as long as he kept his grades up. Surely there had to be at least one shop looking to hire a teenager part-time. Ryūnosuke also didn't have anything specific in mind, though he thought himself rather capable for his age. As far as physical labor went, he might have been the best suited teenager for it around. Having decided his next course of action, Ryūnosuke continued his walk through the shopping district, now on the hunt for potential employment opportunities. Time possessed the illusion of passing faster when the teenager actually had a set goal to accomplish. Two more hours flew by without him realizing it, and Ryūnosuke was, frustratingly, no closer to having a job as far as he could tell. Growing progressively tired and agitated with each passing minute and fruitless effort, Ryūnosuke decided to take a short break. He stopped by a vending machine, fed it the required amount of pocket change, and pressed buttons as prompted until the machine acknowledged the transaction and released Ryūnosuke's purchase with a loud THUNK. After claiming his cold bottled beverage, a Pokka Sportswater, Ryūnosuke twisted open the sealed cap and guzzled down all five-hundred sweet milliliters of the pale drink. The effects were almost immediate, Ryūnosuke smiled as he tossed the empty bottle into the nearby plastics recycling bin. "Yoshi" he cheered and pounded his right fist into his open left palm. He felt as if the sports drink had not only hydrated his body but also his dried up good mood. He'd just started to carry on in his quest for a job when he noticed a couple walking with their young child. They didn't stick out particularly as a family, and none of them had any special features that set them apart from the crowd. In fact, Ryūnosuke hadn't even noticed their faces when he saw them. What he did notice, however, was the baseball helmet the little boy was wearing; as well as the small baseball bat he carried in his right hand. "Is there a batting center nearby?" Ryūnosuke suddenly wondered, as all thoughts of finding a job completely evaporated from his conscious. The teenager began to follow the family, while maintaining a big enough distance from them as to not appear suspicious. The last thing he wanted was to be mistakenly perceived as a stalker or a creep. Especially not once he considered that the family could just be heading to back to their private residence for all he knew. He had enough un-pleasantries stacked on his metaphoric plate as it was. Still, the teenager preferred to think the family were headed to a batting center or at least some baseball field or sandlot somewhere in town. Much to Ryūnosuke's elation, the family had indeed led him to an indoor batting center in the heart of the shopping district. The establishment was snuggled tightly between a sportswear outlet and a game cards store. Ryūnosuke thought it fit in perfectly, as he admired the two story building from the outside. "Elites Dome. Games and Sports" the teenager read the lighted storefront sign gleefully. The name was displayed in bold all-capped letters, large enough to cover half of the front wall above the building's twin sliding doors. On the upper-half of the wall was another lighted sign dedicated to just the logo. A single baseball cradled in the palm of a leather mitt, with a pair of crossed baseball bats behind it. Ryūnosuke cracked a huge grin, he loved the place already! The glass doors slid openly seamlessly as he approached and a cold air-conditioned breeze rushed against him. The air carried the smell of rubber (from the infill crumbs of the artificial turf, no doubt!) and there was also a faint hint of alcohol-based cleaning agent, most likely used on the bats. As he stepped inside, Ryūnosuke could hear the mechanical whirling of pitching machines in the distance and occasionally he'd also hear a brief PING! as a baseball made contact with a bat. The teenager felt his shoulders quiver with joy. THIS was exactly what he needed. Ryūnosuke could hardly remember the last time he'd hit a ball or even swung his bat. He remembered the last game he played with his team, it was a open match with a neighboring high school before they went on winter break. It had only been a few months ago, but it surely felt like decades ago. Ryūnosuke faced the receptionist behind the small counter to his right as the sliding doors closed behind him. She was shorter than him, but looked to be around his age. He noticed she was wearing the striped white jersey of the Japanese national Baseball team and a matching black cap with the letter "J" embroiled on the front panel. Ryūnosuke approved immediately. The receptionist snickered at him, Ryūnosuke figured it was in reaction to how bright his expression must have been glowing. "Welcome, to Elites Dome!", said the receptionist before sliding in a quick remark. "I'm gonna assume you'd like to use a batting cage." "Yes, please. Thank you!" Ryūnosuke replied immediately, unaware of how high his voice had gotten with joy. The receptionist nodded and began to type something into the computer at the counter as Ryūnosuke inspected the wall behind her. The wall was decorated in full with signed and framed baseball accessories and equipment. There were also multiple framed photos of a tall bearded man, who Ryūnosuke assumed was the owner, standing with famous Japanese Baseball stars. The teenager noticed a few right away, like the famous, now retired, pitcher Hideo Nomo. As well as his favorite switch-hitter and infielder, Kazuo "Kaz" Matsui; the very first Japanese infielder to sign with a Major League Baseball team. Ryūnosuke's excitement grew with every player that he recognized, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Ichiri Suzuki, Shigetoshi Hasegawa, Hisashi Iwakuma, and the list went on and on. "Excuse me, is that man the owner!" Ryūnosuke blurted out as he nodded in the direction of one of the many photographs. He simply had to know who this man, who'd practically photographed himself with every Japanese Baseball legend Ryūnosuke could think of, was. The receptionist looked back at the wall and snickered, "No, that's not the owner, silly! That's Shohei Ohtani, he plays for the Los Angeles Angels." she replied sharply. Ryūnosuke scoffed, the receptionist had clear misunderstood which "guy" he was referring to. "No! I know who Shohei Ohtani is, I mean the guy-" The receptionist burst into laughter and cut him off, leaving Ryūnosuke to simply blink at her in confusion. "Sorry." She wiped her eye. "I was just messing with you." she explained before swiveling on her heels and facing the wall with Ryūnosuke. She pointed out Shohei Ohtani (Ryūnosuke's idol, though he did not mention it) in the picture again. "That guy, we obviously both know is Shohei Ohtani.", she then shifted her index finger an inch or so to the right and pointed out the tall bearded man present in all the photographs. "Now that guy is Asano Shimada, the owner, and also my dad." She spun back around and faced her entranced costumer again. "I'm Asano Nozomi, by the way, mister..." she let her breath linger, giving Ryūnosuke a chance to introduce himself. "Tamura Ryūnosuke" He replied without much thought. He worried Nozomi might recognize his name and thus know about his background and the events that led to his relocation to Karakura. However, he was relieved when Nozomi didn't appear to recognize his name at all; Ryūnosuke took a mental note of his own conceit again. Being aware of his own vanity had a habit of stinging on the inside. Nozomi nodded "Nice to meet you, Tamura-san." "Likewise, Asano-san." Ryūnosuke glanced up at the picture of the owner, Asano Shimada, again and his lips cracked open as if he wanted to ask another question, but he shut them instead, hoping not be annoy Nozomi with more inquiries while she was trying to do her job. "Well, you're in luck, we have a lot of free cages at the moment. Our pitching machines are token operated. Each token costs two-hundred-fifteen yen. One token gets you fifteen pitches. But, if you want, you can get twenty tokens for three-thousand, two-hundred, twenty-five yen.", Nozomi explained. Ryūnosuke quickly processed the math in his head, "So, that's like five free tokens and.. three-hundred pitches. I'll go with that please.", he reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and gave Nozomi the money. "Thank you for your purchase, Tamura-san!" Nozomi accepted the payment and exchanged it with a small beige pouch containing Ryūnosuke's twenty tokens. Ryūnosuke happily took it off her hands. "Cage A-6 is all yours. That's on this floor. Last cage down the hall to your left." "A-6, got it." Ryūnosuke nodded as he headed down the hall. "Have fun!" Nozomi shouted out to him as he disappeared from her sight. Ryūnosuke entered an huge air-conditioned room that was much larger than he imagined anyone would have guessed based on how tightly tucked in the batting center appeared from the outside. It was almost as if the the space was contained in a pocket dimension of its own --a very awesome pocket dimension, the teenager noted. The entire floor was covered in artificial turf infilled with crumbled bits of recycled rubber, just as Ryūnosuke suspected based on the smell when he entered Elites Dome. Lined up in a single row to his right were six batting cages, each divined by a metal fence that extended all the way up to the ceiling. The first and shortest batting cage to his right was A-1, occupied currently by the family of three he'd followed to find the batting center. As Ryūnosuke walked straight ahead towards cage A-6, he noticed that A-2 and A-3 were also shorter lanes, likely designed specifically for child customers. As he approached the last --and his personally assigned-- batting cage, A-6, Ryūnosuke was pleased to see it was appropriately sized. He didn't even need to measure it physically, his experienced eye identified that there was just over a sixty feet distance between the batter's box (designated by two white rectangular boxes painted on the turf) and the pitching machine. The teenager grinned as he entered the cage and closed the gate behind him. He walked through the opening in the green mesh net that surrounded the walls of the cage and served as a secondary barrier for straying baseballs. Ryūnosuke pinched the Velcro opening of the mesh net close as well and then dropped his bag at his right foot. He knelled, unzipped the backpack and extracted a pair of black baseball gloves that he then wore with haste. Next, he pulled his aluminum bat from the side pouch. Ryūnosuke paused once he had the bat in his hands as an image of a smiling Hina flashed in his head. Ryūnosuke quickly rotated the bat in his palm and examined its surface to confirm the Kanji that Hina had inked on it for him. '確信' Kakushin, 'Conviction'; the name they had given the bat together on Ryūnosuke's seventeenth birthday --the day Hina gifted it to him. Ryūnosuke recalled mentioning to Hina that she didn't have to spend so much money on a bat for him, especially since he wouldn't be allowed to use it in any of his high school games. The bat was just too advanced, plus even if it was allowed, he'd need time to break it in. The words Hina spoke to him afterwards would stick with him forever. It shocked him that it had taken him so long to remember them. "I know, stupid. You already have plenty of bats for Baseball. This one is for something else." Ryūnosuke stood up to his full height, and got into batting position within the right-side batter's box, as Hina's voice continued to echo in his mind and heart. "This bat is special. Even if you're never able to use it in an official game, you should never let it go." Ryūnosuke tightened his fingers around the lizard skin grip of the bat and he could immediately picture Hina standing at his side, just as she had on the day she told him those words. He took a deep breath. "Whenever you're down, whenever you feel like there is something getting in your way, I want you picture all that crap as a huge dark wall in front of you." Sure as he remembered the words, Ryūnosuke imagined all the thoughts and worries that plagued him at the moment, even his inability to fully accept what happened to Hina. All the things with the move, his problems with his father, his fall out with Akane, and all his anger and frustration. He took all the negativity and piled it, pitch black brick by pitch black brick, into a massive wall, an obstacle that completely towered over him and engulfed him in the cold darkness of the shadow that it cast. "Use this bat to channel your conviction," Ryūnosuke tensed for a second preparing to back his swing with the full brunt of his strength and will. "And smash all your worries and obstacles to pieces, kay?" Ryūnosuke winced as a tear rolled down his cheeks, but he swung. He swung with all his might, just as Hina's voice told him to. The black wall trembled with the first hit, but Ryūnosuke wasn't done yet. He assumed batting position again, and again he swung with all the power he could muster. This time the wall split at the center and a warm white light could be seen pouring through it. Ryūnosuke sniffled as he readied his bat a final time and looked to the image of Hina standing at his side. She nodded with a smile and Ryūnosuke inhaled sharply once more before swinging his bat with so much intensity that he swore he saw the metal fence of the cage rattle and the mesh net bellow from a shock wave produced by the sheer force of his movement. With that swing, the black wall in his mind was obliterated completely and crumbled away as the white white flooded over him for just a second before it disappeared; the image of Hina gone with it as well. Ryūnosuke stood as if halted in time, his bat and arms still extended at the peak of his swing. Just as that light had engulfed him and passed, so had a fleeting since of peace and relief. Two emotions Ryūnosuke had not felt in so long. For just that second he felt as light as a feather, it was a feeling he couldn't communicate or liken to anything else. The teenager wasn't even sure he fully understood himself. He couldn't explain what happened or why it caused tears to pour from his eyes like a waterfall. All he knew, was that whatever it was, it effected him in a way he could never have anticipated; and, although as brief as it was, Ryūnosuke knew it had left him just a little bit better than he'd been before. Ryūnosuke lowered his bat, pulled his cap off with his left hand, and wiped his eyes with his sleeve. "Thank you, Hina.", he sobbed lowly. Ryūnosuke recomposed himself quickly afterwards. He inserted a token into the designated slot behind the batter's box. The slot was connected to a wire that ran through a white pvc pipe lined across the bottom of the cage fence, all the way to the automatic pitching machine. The pitching machine whirled to life, Ryūnosuke readied himself for the incoming pitch, and it came seconds later, just as he expected. Although the ball shot through the air at seventy miles per hour, Ryūnosuke saw it approaching as if it were floating though the air in slow-motion. It'd been this way for him for almost as long as he could remember. With no trouble at all, Ryūnosuke lined the sweet spot of the bat barrel with the center of the ball and swung. PING! Ryūnosuke grinned as he followed through with his swing and watched the ball shoot back in a perfect line drive, right into the protective L-screen guarding the pitching machine. Ryūnosuke chuckled, not surprised at all that he'd batted the ball successfully, but simply enamored of the vibrating of his bat in his hand when it impacted the ball. He'd been completely unaware of how much he missed that sensation as well. To Be Continued... [Left Thread] [Continues In: Blunt Trauma] ______________________________ WC|3,060 ----- OOC| #shockwaves
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    First Division Leadership and Administrative Command – This Division currently is, and remain, the Head of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads and retain the responsibilities of relaying order delivered by Central 46, dealing with Soul Society Law, and monitoring all the other Divisions within the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. (Currently the holds the Lowest Number of Officers in Operation) *Currently the Main Base of Operation for the Administration Department for the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Roles and Responsibilities THE CAPTAIN… of the First Division will be given the rank of General Commander or “Captain Commander” standing as the “Captain of Captains” with the official responsibility of being the Leader of all other Captains and their responsibilities. THE LIEUTENANT… of the First Division will be given the rank of Lieutenant General or “First Lieutenant” standing as the “Captain of Lieutenants” with the official responsibility of being the Leader of all other Lieutenants and their responsibilities just below each Lieutenants’ respective Captain and the General Commander. (Also referred to as “Vice-Captain”)
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    UPDATE CHAPTER OF POTENTIAL LVL2 - WEEK 4 [8-17-2019] - 200,605 Reiastu Growth - 469,675!!! So, this was kind of unexpected, but we've basically almost cleared the entirety of LVL2 in just one week! Thanks to the contributions of everyone, particularly Kumo and Brain who posted a combined total of 106,085 WC on their own. We're most likely going to hit the 500,000 Benchmark and unlock the PRIMAL POTENTIAL Event Reward. I'll have all the details for that posted some time during the week. Huge thanks to everyone who participated in shooting up the Community Ranking during x2 WC week!
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    Oriru took note of Nariko's suggestion for the Nameless One to take the opportunity to pursue the Captain's spot for the Fourth Division, to which he would nod in agreement to her statement supporting the new Vice Captain in such an objective. His ideas were based in a strong foundation and his records have proven that he was a capable individual and would be fit for a leadership role with enough training to refine his talents. Combined, these two both provided a lot of insight into the individuals that make their respective divisions it brought a warm smile to his face. Then, from the midst of a giggle from Nariko, came a inquiry that caught Oriru off guard a moment. There was a desire to unlocking a Shikai, the first stage of power for the Zanpakuto. Oriru chuckled as he responded, "Honestly, my circumstances in regards to my Shikai are a bit complicated and unorthodox. Considering I don't actually use the full power of my Shikai." He laughed as he downed more shots. "Though if you go with the common method, I am more than willing to work with you in Spiritual Energy Control. My primary studies in the Spiritual Arts Academy was Kido Arts and Refined Spiritual Energy Manipulation was my Graduate Report." WC | x TWC | x OWC | x