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    Congratulations!! From now until further notice we shall feature a returning event for both old and new users seeking to join the role play! New users will be allowed to start at 45,000 Reiatsu , while all existing users below 60,000 will find themselves landing somewhere between 55-65k depending on their current positions in rankings. Those above 60k currently will receive a 5k boost as well. Secondly all all existing users will be allotted the chance to make any changes to their current characters or re roll every aspect into a new one at no losses!! lastly we will be giving all old and newcomers 3 free fate points for the shops, so come one come all to the role play extravaganza!!
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    It wasn’t often that Yoshirou took advantage of being lord of a Noble Clan, but right now was an exception. Instead of walking to Central 46 he rode in a carriage but it wasn’t because he was being a complete snob. No, it seems Metabee’s words were more warranted than Yoshi initially gave him credit for. While there was no serious backlash from recklessly using Kijin he was extremely fatigued. The unexpected surge of energy was more than he was prepared to initially handle; Yoshi never expected for the ability to already be so powerful. “We’ve arrived,” said the driver as he opened the door for the Noble, breaking his train of thought. He was so entranced that he didn’t even realize they had stopped moving. Exiting the cart Yoshi was now at the outer walls of Central 46. He quickly approached the guards who open the gates allowing him to enter; “You are expected please proceed,” they stated while doing so. For someone entering for the first time they would be surprised at how unassuming it all was. The compound looked more like a courtyard with a pond that left much to be desired. There was even a small circular building in its center were fountains normally would have been. But Central 46 built its marvels downwards not up. The Noble proceeded into the compound heading deeper and deeper underground entering the interior before finally coming into the center of an assembly. Keeping up the formalities Yoshirou bowed while introducing himself to what was left of Shinigami that made up Central 46. Although their rosters weren’t full they were still the highest authority in Soul Society and were not to be trifled with. ooc> will wrap this up next post.
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    “Well if it isn’t the noblest Noble of them all. Here to reform and rebuild us as well?” states a voice behind plaque number 27. His tone was full of sarcasm and jealousy. Yoshirou sighed knowing that it was most likely a lesser Noble growing envious of the widening gab in their influence. “You are too kind but I did not come here to gloat,” he replied further infuriating the man who could do nothing as his colleagues chuckled. “No, so why did you come here?” said a sharp voice behind plaque number 2. “If not to receive praise then is it to finally accept your punishment for abandoning your position as Captain of Squad 13; some would call that desertion.” “I did not abandon my position but stepped down do to differences of opinion with Emmell but more importantly due to the near annihilation to my clan. Or is that simply to be ignored,” says Yoshi rhetorically. “I tell you this that I did not come here to have a pissing contest with a crippled, simpleminded committee.” “Watch your tongue…” one of them shouted but Yoshi continued without batting an eyelash. “I refuse to believe that the esteemed Central 46 has fell so low that they do not know why I am truly here,” Yoshirou says disappointed at how the way things have turned out so far. “The mysterious attacks!?!” replies a feminine voice. Yoshirou looked in the direction the voice came from but could only see the plaque with the number 1 on it. “Indeed but the attacks aren’t that mysterious. We know irrefutable that the attacks all come from Hell.” Immediately the room burst with commotion, some doubting his words while others are stating, “so the rumors are true!” “Order, order,” says the feminine voice again though this time their was no sweetness left in her voice but instead replaced by a touch of sternness. “Irrefutable? So you have proof?” “Yes a multitude of witnesses including myself. Humph. I’ve been unfortunate to encounter them three times myself already most recently with Metabee Ainsworth,” says Yoshirou. “Ainsworth…” asked a few of them in unison. “The Kido Commander Metabee. It’s a long story but that is his surname,” answered the Noble. He continued to fill them in on the prior events including: his first encounter with Sama’el the Overseer of Hell, his battle against the so called Lord of Wrath, as well as the hard fought battle against the Espada class Arrancar being manipulated by the Overseer. There was no longer a critic in the crowd as they were all engulfed in the Kyoraku’s words. His words were hard to believe but if it was true, the Kido Commander was also involved then there was no way to dispute it. While some wouldn’t be convinced without speaking to Meta the rest knew the Lord of the Kyoraku Clan had nothing to gain by lying. “I hope you came with a solution as well seeing how you choice now of all times to be forth coming with all this information,” asks a councilmen. “Yes the Kyoraku Clan and the Kido Corps have been diligently training and preparing for war. Furthermore, the Kido Commander himself is rallying the rest of the Gotei to our cause. Which brings me to what I’m here for. I believe that if we are to survive we need to present a united front. Not with just clans and division but the entirety of Soul Society, including the representatives of Central 46,” Yoshirou stated. “But what is it that you need from us? We cannot help in a fight.” Yoshirou smiles as he was setting up everything for this. “No but you can help prevent these malicious culprits from being repeat offenders.” “I don’t follow.” “Baal and Sama’el are both immortal beings and there is only one way to deal with adversaries like that… the Muken,” answers Yoshirou. Once again the room burst into a roar, "Leader of a Great House or not this is going to far!" “What prove do you have that, that will work?” “I don’t have any but the history behind the 8th level of the underground prison. What I can guarantee though is that I have yet to discover away to keep an immortal being dead,” states Yoshi. “So I suppose you want us to you they keys. In all the millennias a civilian has never been granted access to the Muken. Not a tradition we can break lightly.” “I’m not asking you to,” Yoshi responds. “Yes, I am requesting the keys from you all but not access. I would merely be there guardian escorting them if you will. No the one I’m requesting access for is none other than Kido Commander Metabee Ainsworth." Yoshirou cleverly found a middle ground capable of gaining what he wanted while appeasing the Council. The Noble had come clean putting it all out on the line, now it was up to them to come to a decision one way or another… (The answer will be revealed in the Kyoraku Mansion thread but I'm sure you can guess)
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    Metabee listened to Yoshirou's excuse of being a lord and therefore not liking to wait but he knew he wasn't like that. The Noble explained that the only reason he tried it is because he felt confident to do so. The Captain didn't think that Yoshirou was stupid so he was certain he thought about the risks before trying and didn't look down on him. They trusted each other and more or less were aware of the others limits so he would let it slide this time. He nodded,'Alright, I'll forgive you this time but don't try to strain yourself too much.' Metabee's joke made him laugh and Yoshirou's comment made him chuckle,'Definitely, but I don't think the technique would be your only problem.' He said so as he wanted to get a bit at the Noble as part of his punishment. Before the three split up, Yoshirou told them that he will be going to Central 46 as part of the things that they have discussed the previous night and that he wanted to talk to him tomorrow night which he nodded too. Meanwhile, JDan was going to continue with his duties and patrol the vicinity while Metabee returned to his room to meditate. Once he finished with that he thought about what to do next. Today they actually finished the Kijin training quite early so it wasn't even dinner time and they had plenty of time to do other things. He felt like he could use a bit more training but with the other two not participating he didn't want to continue without them, besides it was his suggestion to call it a day. The other choice he had was that there was still some squads he had to visit to inform them of the battle but seeing how Yoshirou left the manor, Metabee wanted to stay on the premises just in case anything came up. That means he had to find something to do within the area and so he quickly came up with a plan for the rest of the day. His first activity was to help out the members with the training so he left his room and headed for where they were. The Kyoraku had their own training regime but seeing that he was there the members took advantage of it and asked him for advice, which was what he wanted. Just like in the Kido Corps he split them up into smaller groups and then tried to spend an equal amount of time with each group. That way he wasn't showing any preference towards any group and everyone benefited. He found this to be one of the more efficient ways to train. With any new members who came he did the same and there were even a few who wanted to spar him to try out their strengths which he did. This continued until dinner time when everyone split up to have some food.
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    Metabee was impressed but more so worried than anything else and had every right to be. As Kido Commander he perhaps knows better than anyone the dangers of an incomplete and unstable art. “I’m a lord, we’re always bad at waiting,” Yoshirou said teasingly. JDan laughed, as the truth to that statement was the exact opposite. “I know it was dangerous but I felt confident in myself otherwise I wouldn’t have been so quick to give it a go. Besides with out real combat experience there’s not much more I can do besides work on stamina,” he states. Nothing ventured, nothing gained was just one of the many philosophies Yoshi lived by. Even still Yoshirou knew that Metabee was right; to suffer a crippling blow now would only guarantee the Soul Society’s demise. As he thought about it more he knew his actions were a little selfish. “My apologies Advisor. I realize now I got too ahead of myself.” With the scolding coming to an end Yoshirou laughs at the joke about how bright he became during the release of Kijin. “Well it’s sure I wont be apart of the Stealth Force with that technique." After the small talk they all agreed to end practice here for the day. Before they left though Yoshi informed the others that he will be leaving to visit Central 46 after he cleans up and most likely wouldn’t be back till late tonight. He finished up with telling Metabee that he would like to have another meeting with him tomorrow night to catch him up on a few things. JDan wished him the best of luck as they needed all the allies and help they could get; even if that help was merely not being an obstacle or another headache. After the good bys JDan sets off to do his usual check-ins.
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    As Metabee was thinking about the progress he made today, a sudden burst of energy came from Yoshirou as a white light enveloped him. This resulted from the Noble using the Kido's name to activate the technique which made him let out a sigh. For now the result seemed to be successful but was definitely not guaranteed and so he approached the two to once again warn them about this. Yoshirou was quick to show his excitement and described to them how his actions just felt to him which impressed JDan. Metabee too wouldn't hide that he was impressed and a thought came over him that maybe it would be the Noble who would master Kijin first. It seemed that he had some kind of aptitude for this kind of technique which would be quite fitting as he was the one who thought of it in the first place. On the other hand, maybe he was just very lucky and something bad was bound to happen sooner or later since luck wouldn't last forever. The Captain crossed his arms and spoke,'You just couldn't wait, could you? What if it went wrong? That would easily damage your nerves at best, paralysis, necrosis or death at worst. We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves.' He wasn't angry but he still believed that it would be better to refrain from using the name until they would reach the final stages since that should be the safest. While it was true that nothing would be accomplished without taking any risks, but risking a severe injury or possibility of death at this stage would be a crucial mistake. All three agreed that they were needed to lead the Shinigami forces so if one one them were to die now that would drastically lower their chances of success, which were already low to begin with. If Yoshirou was ready to admit his hastiness, Metabee would then say,'Well, at least we won't have to look for a candle at night.' The Captain then suggested calling it a day to which they agreed and took their leave. He decided that for the moment he would briefly go to his room to rest a bit and would then rejoin the other two if they wanted to hang out more so he informed them about this and headed to his room. Upon entering his room, instead of heading to his bed to rest Metabee sat on the floor and started meditating. He felt like he would need to do this quite often from now to keep a proper peace of mind, though he wasn't quite successful at that. He wasn't able to completely hold back his thoughts but was able to supress them somewhat. It was enough to do the job because if he was going to do nothing then all his negative thoughts would come back and he would probably return to his depressed state which was what he was trying to avoid. As he meditated, he felt a minor burning sensation in his chest which caught his attention. At first, he thought that perhaps it was from overusing Kijin and was a rebound effect of dark energy but at the same time he had no problems after yesterdays training and the fact that he passed his trial should have removed any possible limits on his body. His next thought was that maybe he was becoming ill from his state of mind which he couldn't quite rule out, though it didn't quite feel like it. Maybe it was simply some sort of bad premonition.
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    "Hueco Mundo.....How long has it been?" A voice familiar, yet unheard for many a year spoke into the dying winds of a never blossoming white desert. Maybe these dying winds would bear fruit for one time in their short lived lives and carry a message across the plains that have been walked by many, yet that have no footprints embedded in its soft sand. Unchanged was the darkened sky that carried not one star, not one shimmer in its realm. Well, besides the ever present pale crescent one could call the moon, its appearance feeling almost threatening, a single body above a plain of none existence. Perhaps though, a glimmer of hope for those unfortunate enough to have but a shimmer of life in them. One last piece of hope to hang on to, before their bodies may become one with the cold dunes that surround them. A guide above an ocean of sand....when the people they call man wrote their stories about travellers chasing the guiding star...one could doubt that they ment this one. This body in the void would surely guide you to nothing more than the sand already beneath your feet...its guidance is full of deceit, anger, pain, hopelessness....you name it. Combined with this occasional light breeze that threatened to suffocate anyone willing to inhale its dying breeze. It's scent....none existent...yet foul and rotten..full of death...emptiness...made for a world full of those that feel exactly the same inside...void. It was this world that she was tossed into...such a long time ago. A world that she had not chosen, but was presented to her like being tossed into a shark infested pool during a feeding frenzy. It was this world that she had learned to live in..learned to fight in. To say that she had conquered it would be false...there is no conquering the void...as you cannot be the conqueror of nothing. It is a world that she had shared...that she had even been granted to exit...but in a way, she was, she is, and she will always be its messenger. No matter where she goes, no matter who she meets, her fate, that she shares with those that carry her burden, is to deliver the message of Hueco Mundo, wherever she may go. So it almost seemed rather ironic that she had once more 'returned' to Hueco Mundo...allthough never leaving it...she had returned to what was once the region she had first walked through. Las Noches seemed oh so close, a place that had been a makeshift home for her once. A home which she could decorate herself...where her very being was shown through her expressions and not by the thing she had become. The sand seemed yet unchanged beneath her feet, as unchanged as it ever was in this region...yet a difference still than in her travels. Her knees moving against the white fabric of the robe that she wore, reaching from her shoulders, down to her feet, barely hovering over the ground beneath. Each step shifted sand to the side, each step allowing her to climb higher on a dune that would hopefully allow her a better overview of this forgotten land. A light breeze caught her long, white sash that she wore around her waist, causing one line of the fabric to flutter back behind her. This dry breeze could not touch her skin, as hard is it may try, for above her neck sat a robed head cover, wrapped around her face and head, allowing only her yellow eyes to shimmer through its visage. A different appearance than that of when she left this region, for sure, but while this desert seemed to stand still in time, she chose not to. Minor, surely, adaptive, yes, but change nonetheless. It was almost done...one peek..one visual certainty of an already known picture...yet even after all this time..she always expected the unexpected. Finally, the last few steps had gone by and her feet planted themselves firmly in the sands ontop of the dune, overlooking a large distance of the forsaken land. The female rose her head in a light degree, her nostrils taking in the known air...scent...of this familiar place. Filling her lungs with the vast nothingness that this place had to offer, a nothingsness she had come to know. The wind of exhaled air passed her lips, through the tunic covering her mouth, back out into the void of the desert. It was not calming, nore alarming, nore was it different than the breaths she had taken before....but neither was the view of the emptiness presented to her. And yet....it seemed so familiar...perhaps her mind playing tricks on her even after all this time? After all, how could the void look and seem familiar? Everything was the same..and yet nothing alike...though perhaps that was simply a shimmer of what insanity she could have reached at one point. However as void as this ocean of sand might be...life still blossomed...even if not fully visible. She could feel the Reiatsu of many a Hollow wandering this wasteland...fighting for nothing...becoming one with the void. From the smallest to the largest, they all shared a common enemy...themselves and all those around them...no one was safe. A flimmer of Las Noches was even within reach, not visibly but mentally she could feel its inhabitants move inside the pale fortress. Its walls granting false safety to those within...yet walls that have stood since a time far before hers. It did, however, remind her of a certain individual. One that she parted ways with so long ago, one that had stood at her side from the beginning, only to find his own way within this desert, as did she. She wondered if he too had left this region of Hueco Mundo and wandered far into the distance to find...whatever it is that wanted to be found. Or perhaps he had stayed here...built up an Empire...watched it fall perhaps? Everything is an uncertainty in life....even in death the uncertainties don't stop, that much is for sure. But perhaps, if there is hope, their paths will cross once more in the future...perhaps they would have more stories to tell eachother...what an interesting thing that would be.
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    With the blast of her cero subsiding, turning ever thinner until it finally disappeared into nothing, allowing the ever dark coloring of Hueco Mundo to return to normality, Minako's arm dropped back down to her side ever so slowly, causing the long fabric of her white sleeves to fall over her hands once more, covering them completely. There she now stood, cloaked in her white robe from head to toe, with the looming presence of her reiatsu slowly diminishing down to nothing more than the spiritual level of an average human. Her eyelids slowly fell down over her penetrating yellow eyes, dimming the light with each inch they covered, until finally sealing off her eyesight to the pale world around her. If there is one thing that Hueco Mundo was good at, it was making someone feel much like the creatures that reside inside this realm, Hollow. No breeze, no gust of air, no sound, nothing but emptiness sorrounded each vessel within this realm, no matter its size or shape. Although invisible from the outside, as her long robe did its job of hiding seemingly small movements within itself, Minako's chest slowly inflated itself with the empty air that the desert had to offer, her ribs expanding around her filling lungs, hearing small cracks and pops throughout her ribcage and spine. Truly the need to surpress oneself within this realm was rather bothersome, she could feel each and every string of muscle quake beneath her skin, aching for release. Every passing second was a struggle to not release more than a sliver of her spiritual energy throughout her body, a feeling which she had not experienced in so long. Surpressing and releasing her reiatsu was not an issue, that she had learned and become better at over the years, yet to lower ones spritual energy to such a low amount for such a period of time, it was a pain indeed. Even with the seal given to her, allowing most of her Reiryoku to be cut off, her surpression felt as if a giants foot was pressing down onto her torso. Never the less, it was a sacrifice that she chose to make, at least for a little while, in order to find this certain individual. While it was unsure if her small burst of energy reached out far enough for him to feel and follow it, she had to at least wait for a little while. To that, she was unsure of the condition of the individual, was he even still alive? Did he perhaps move on, much like she did? Either way, it was too early to make assumptions, she would haveto wait and see for now. Finally with her mind slowly clearing, Minako's lips parted slightly, allowing the pent up air to pass out between her lips. At the pace of which they had closed, her eyes opened once more, letting her glaring yellow eyes gaze upon the wasteland yet again. The girl would slowly turn her head from left to right, as if scanning the battlefield for something, yet not finding whatever it was. Perhaps she would be able to pass the time with some memories, brought back to life in a small, but seemingly living fashion, that may make things move along. But where to start? There were so many memories to choose from, yet they all seemed so very distant, so old....truly she had almost forgotten how many years it had been. There were definite cracks and pieces missing within these memories, like an ancient broken wall, showing off its story, yet time had left its cracks upon it. Minako's head eventually raised up from her thoughts and it seemed as though the battlefield around her started returning to live. But this life...it was different...it was fake....the particles of sand and rock sorrounding and within the battlefield all semed to turn to life, in unison they lifted up off of the ground beneath, almost as if lifted up by a sudden gust of air. All around Minako the sand and rock began to form together, seemingly recreating an age old battle that had taken place long ago. Hollows were shaped within the battlefield, in all shapes and sizes, fighting against one another in a struggle for an empty hunger. Though silent was this battle, Minako could hear their voices within her head, while she traveled across the battlefield, gazing upon the different forms doing battle. It seemed as though endless, if one fell, another took its place, creating the illusion of constant blood flow across the pale white sand. However, the battle was stopped in a sudden motion of black matter, forming together in a mass and towering into the sky. Two Menos Grande formed within this battlefield, ending its bloody match once and for all. Minako stepped forward, gazing up upon the two creatures, while they slowly crumbled back into sand and rock, dropping down onto the floor beneath. The dust did not settle for long however, as it rather quickly reshaped itself, raising up the masts of a large, pale ship, seemingly rising from the ground below. The ship glided across the rocky surface of the ground, carried and pushed on by seemingly nothing. Upon its pale deck, a crew tumbled about, scrubbing off the floor, climbing its ropes and masts, with one particular character standing out. It was a rather tall, yet broad fellow, a large hat atop his head and a wild, long beard around his neck, down to his chest. The creature walked across the deck, as if strutting, with his red coat standing out amongst the white background. The ship sailed past Minako at a reasonable pace, blowing across a few hundred meters on the battlefield, before returning crackling and crumbles to pieces once more. But there was one more thing that seemed to form out of the sand, this time causing the rubble to float and levitate above the ground. The sand and rocks formed an island of sorts, floating in the air as if suspended by a thread. An interesting location this was, Minako thought, stepping closer to the island, which was of course in a much smaller scale than what it used to be. She could make out a few creatures flying about the island, hollows, yet with wings...harpies of sort. They seemingly roamed the island freely, landing and moving within the many cave-like entrances that the place provided. The inside of the island was not visible, but it was known, of course, to certain individuals. Alas, her wait had seemingly paid off. Minako's creations once more crumbled and turned to dust, scattering across the battlefield and turning into nothing but sand beneath her feet once more. Yet, this did not matter much, as something different was approaching. While her little spark of energy had surprisngly not gained the attention of the sorrounding Hollows, it had however...effected something, or someone. The spiritual energy levels were low....very low....too low to be that of a hollows. Though since only hollows roamed this plain, there could only be one cause for this low amount of spiritual energy....surpression. But surprisingly it didn't take much of figuring out on who was coming...his spiritual energy, as low as it may have been, already told his tale. She could feel it creeping closer and closer to her...not in view yet...there were miles between them...yet she could feel him approaching from behind her...this would get interesting.
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    What is the worst one can do.. Murder, which kills the heart until becomes it becomes as void as in Hollows. Torture, which makes a prisoner of the mind, to the pain of the flesh, robbing it's faint amount of choice. Slavery, which diminishes others by senseless standards and inflates oneself into abandoning worldly values in favor of one's own. Vengeance, which punishes with blindness to consequences, bringing soothing to the self and suffering to those familiar with the avenger and culprit both... Some humans once philosophized that the depths of hell were reserved for traitors, those who abandon the reliance placed on them by another. Perhaps because, the fear of being betrayed, the fear of unseen threats that experience, despite their invisibility, still tells us is there.. That fear, is rooted in truths of everyday life, and so is the knowledge of how fragile trust is to these unseen threats of slights, large and small, that might unravel that fear. Long ago.. So very long ago now, there lived a boy that was made a man by the tragedy of senseless misfortune. He trusted no-one and never opened his heart, fearing that loss of control over what trust he had given to another person, would lead him to suffer. That unreal flames of fear for doing anything, after being betrayed, would burn him away and make naught more of him, but a husk... But, men and ideals, do not mix well with one another. And like myths of old, where does running from fate lead back too that fate, as though by the work of a god's will to keep him imprisoned.. And indeed, he burnt up in an inner fire of the soul - an azure blaze that took away half the heart - all because he forgot that it is not people that betray others. Rather, it is circumstances, that changes what one trusts away from what it use to be. Alas, a fruitless tale, as were any that served a purpose, rather than serving the story's subject. The curse of fabrication. The lifelessness of a focused mind, trying to mimic something chaotic. And failing. Even the subject coming to see the smooth lines of design... Beckoning the cruel question. If tragedy had made a monster, one guilty of many more sins than be the monster worth forgiveness, and were that monster's tragedy a design. Does this meaning something new?.. A glimmer of hope, the possibility for changing by breaking the design, and the fear that such would merely be a wasted effort. Even then.. Either the past is a lie, leaving a shell out of the monster, or, the past is as true as before and a monster is absolute, regardless of choice. A thought like that, exists in a place. A place without walls, but merely dense rock spanning nearly forever, and no doors for lack of one needing to be designed. In a place where need light not be, for there being no pairings of living things to see one-another, and no changes to make an endless passage of time bearable.. In such a place sits one the like of which has nothing to offer, nothing to gift and no sense of hope.. Only two kinds of beings exist merely to be in such a place. Those blissful in sleep, and those waiting. Somewhere, beneath the desert sand, rested a cave. One which walls was made of a black, crystal matter alike that of the black quartz pillars, found upon the surface of the desert. It's floor cracked open in numerous locations in which blue crystals rose, their forms radiating the faintest flicker, alike ever burning blue flames. Near an enormous arc, formed of black quartz and covered in carvings of symbols, sat a Hollow upon the ground with one set of clawed fingers clutching a long staff, standing like a pole and with a curved blade for a flag. Through miles upon miles of stone, a shock reverberated onward, struggling. It's force caused nearly only a grain of dust to shift upon the black wall and fall, while the Reiatsu did not even manage that cut through the odd material that guarded this tomb.. And yet, did something else carry through, stirring the Hollow to open it's eyes amidst the utter darkness. The faint glow of his eyes dimmed as they narrowed with his focusing, silent minutes passing as the Hollow's mind properly woke from the long slumber. The cold blaze of the eclipsed blue suns, that were his eyes, starred into the distance without change as began life to slowly grasp the statue-like figure upon the ground. His breath seeped out between the pale white teeth of his mask, causing tussles of long black hair hanging down over his mask to slightly sway forward. A low snap reverberated through the room as he cracked his neck, brushing a horn over the shriveled gray flesh of his chest. His jaw dropped slightly, instinctual trying to speak, yet his muscles seemed still sore and his throat dried in the cold air, only hissing out a low groan. "I see.." his voice sounded within his mind, his eyes slightly widening as his mind began to connect with the flesh of his form. "How long- No.. Pointless.." His thoughts wandered as flooded his memories too him, soon followed by a sense of his last few thoughts before surrendering himself to slumbering within this place, the home he'd built so very long ago, bare the condensed and rich experience to follow his Arrancarization. Still, it calmed him to waken here, with the familiar site to remind him of the parts of his core never to change. His eyes slowly shifted across the inky sclera of his eye, the black pupil compressing as his returning senses looking off into an impossibly long distance. Towards the feeling that had stirred him from his wait.. Even in this place, were does the cavern rock kill any shock and the strange stone practically block Reiatsu, could some very few things still reach him. Despite the passage of time, his abilities had clearly not dulled, the small fragment of himself having survived the passage of time. "Which.." his voice spoke said aloud, rough like the grating walls of his place. Which indeed. His feeling of intention and this energy.. There was little mistaking her for anyone else. However long since he'd last felt this presence, his instincts wouldn't allow him to forget that presence which he had felt practically every day for years on end. A slow sigh left him at the thought, knowing too well that of all people, his expectations never seemed to meet with her kind of thinking. If he could be said to have been gifted a mind for making sense of things, than surely she'd been gifted one immune to being made sense of. His tall frame rose from the floor with the echo of clacking hooves, his knee's long black mane casting off the layer of dust upon it. The base of the staff-like handle in his grasp screeched across the floor as he took a step into the darkness, his eye lifting to look up with thoughts still flowing about his mind, despite his better judgment. It were for the best to merely ask himself. Her tune, were perhaps the only of which he didn't mind occasionally being lead by, despite his hatred for surrendering to such things. ---------------------- A spear of sand struck through into the sky upon the desert floor, falling apart into a pale gray hail as dropping around the Hollow. His pupil moved to the edge of his eye, looking down through the rift in the rock besides his feet and into the cavern, as moonlight gave some small amount of detail to the massive space hidden beneath the sands. Sliding back over the black sclera, they set themselves on the distance ahead, as did he, stepping across the desert floor with naught but the further outskirts of Hueco Mundo around him, silent and nearly empty. Slowly, the rock he'd broken began to darken to a pitch black and creep together into a mass over the small opening. As faded the texture soon again, the stone seemed as though never broken.. She'd have to wait a little while. Take some time to get her thoughts straight about this odd summons. All the while, his mind would gradually recover through the long trek across the endless desert.. They'd might even have some shared sense of what to expect from one another at the end of that. The thought was barely formed, but a long sigh left him and he shook his head slightly, thinking upon his error. Truly his mind weren't yet woken, if thoughts like that were the first to surface to his mind. The little sparks of thoughtless feelings, like annoyance or distressing tension, that would on occasion try to pull the mind away from deeper things.. ---------------------- It had been some several hours or so, before his mind adjusted to notice. His eyes ran down his shape, the pale flesh of a form from which had come the odd title that had some thought him somehow more fitting than that from which it likely originated, the Shinigami. True, it were not one she were accustomed to. It had dawned on him a few times now, minutes of passage giving rise to distractions as old thoughts came to the surface of his mind, causing him to dismiss the small matter until now.. With a thought, the black of his eyes spread over his mask, creeping onto his skin as in it's wake was left a featureless dark figure with barely a defining ridge to show. The black mane crawled back along itself, shortening until did it barely reach past the shoulders of the humanoid figure still changing as continued it on it's march. Black tatters clinging too him grew into long open robes and sleeves, splitting apart into layers whilst grayish lining formed at the edges as it tore into the shape of a dark uniform. A small bluish gem formed upon the end of the sheathed black blade that had been the man-sized scythe he carried, just in time for details to finish their manifestation upon the clothing of the figure, followed swiftly by the retreating blackness across form giving view of pale-white skin, contrasted by facial hair and as inky black as the black pools he now possessed for eyes. With the passing thought resolved, his mind started to quiet a bit. The desert had little in the way of changes that invited new ideas, say for the minds that would create from nothing, rather than make out of something. His mind saw merely the 'who' of whom he was finally approaching now, wondering perhaps one small thing about the odd meeting. Hours upon hours passed, likely more than he were aware, she'd have waited while he had approached with his Reiatsu (as ever) barely the level of a human. Set to wait amidst these outskirts and it's wandering Hollow, would she have lost patience with the waiting by this time or had perhaps that trait improved in her.. His eyes climbed out of their unfocused stare towards the difference, as had the shape of some pit in the sand started to become apparent.
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    Determination… that was the driving force fueling JDan as he relentlessly practiced. He pushed himself to the limit and beyond repeatedly as he fought tooth and nail to catch up to his peers. Low and behold it was drastically paying off. At first he was only able to sustain Kijin for roughly thirty seconds but now he could do so for well over five minutes at a time. An important thing he learned throughout the day was that his maximum time in Kijin would be shorten the more he used Kido in this state. Unfortunately it was a significant decrease in time too; on average it was about minute less per kido but even this beat yesterday’s progress were he wasn’t able to do it at all. It wasn’t as late in the day as it has usually been when JDan found himself unable to continue training due to exhaustion. He laid on the floor in a buddle of sweat with a smile on his face. It might not have been comparable to the others but he was happy with his achievements. In fact if it weren’t for pair that he trained with, JDan would have been considered a monster due to his impressive progression in the new Arts. Recuperated enough JDan sits up turning his attention to the others. Like the monsters they were, they were still going at it so he decided to meditate for while. Yoshirou had met with an astonishing amount of success today. To not only be able to launch a kido through your Zanpakuto but also without an incantation was miraculous accomplishment. There was one thought that played on his mind like a broken record, “I must get stronger in order to protect those important!” As cliché as it sounds it was a powerful driving force that pushed one to get better in times of uncertainty. There was no doubt that they were all getting stronger. Yoshirou could effortlessly destroy the self-healing training bots using low-level kido in his Kijin state. But even still, Yoshi was seeking to push the envelope even further… “Its time to give it a try,” the Noble thought to himself as once again he began to clear his mind, while taking a simple stance with his swords. His train of thought was now fixed on one goal and one goal only. The hairs on the back of JDan’s neck stood up as the atmosphere around him suddenly changed, causing him to look in a particular direction. “Kijin," stated Yoshirou as if manifesting his willpower into words. Instantly the purest of light erupts all around him, engulfing his entire body. A light so bright so intense that if this was another story it would be capable of turning the undead. The warmth giving off was comforting to his allies but an enemy wouldn't be so lucky as the overbearing heat seemed to reach the depths of there souls. Seconds later the light subsides revealing Yoshirou, whose long hair effortlessly floated behind him. From head to toe he was surrounded by an aura of brilliant white light. “It feels like lightning is flowing through my veins,” he thinks being a little 'high' off the power since it was his first time. As he assessed himself he noticed the aura surrounding his body dancing and flickering around him much like solar flares do around stars. It was a thing of beauty or a thing of death depending one's point of view but both were true. After a few moments Yoshirou cancels Kijin, feeling it to be to unsafe to actually test in indoors at the moment. He immediately notices the other two gazing at him so he approaches them. “Metabee, JDan it worked, it really worked!” he says with a smile on his face that clearly stated his satisfaction. “Not only by stating its name does it require less energy and time to activate but the results were magnified as well. Its been a long long time since I felt a new powerful energy flow through my body. It felt no different than achieving a new state in Zanpakuto for the first time.” “It certainly looked impressive and overpowering,” JDan comments. “How long do you think you could maintain that state?” “That’s hard to say. The initial power ‘high’ was intoxicating, for a split second it felt like I could stay that way forever. But realistically… maybe a third of the time I can maintain Shikai give or take a little,” he says purely guessing. “Wow that much already!?! I’m jealous,” teases JDan. “I am honestly not sure. It will take some more time and practice before I know the extent of it,” Yoshi replied. Next was Metabee’s turn to respond and after which he suggested they take a break for the day. Yoshirou and JDan agreed so the trio began to take their leave.
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    She shook the thought of Las Noches off of her mind, even though she had seemed to rest on it for so long. The yellow eyes that peered through the small slit in her head cover shifted across the white dunes of the vast desert in front of her. The empty void once more capturing her attention, though this time, for not more than a moment. Her right foot raised from the white sand, several strains of sand falling down from its sole to become one with the ground once more, while Minako moved on down the pale dune, further into the forsaken desert. Dune after dune, pit after pit, her travel worthy of a timelapse, ever unchanging, the desert seemed oh so dead this time around. Her first steps through this land had been filled with grief and horror, despair and sadness...though that was not the only thing different from then to now. While she felt none of the implied emotions at the current moment, there was something different...something missing. She had not traveled as a single soul throughout this desert before, but instead was always accompanied by one or more individuals. While she had made quite the few contacts in this barren land, there was one that stood out, one that had walked along side her for much longer than the others...one that had shared more with her than the others...one that could not be different...and yet they had shared such a similar fate. Yet even so, they had departed from one another a long...long time ago..and the pale female was unsure of the whereabouts...and the state..of this individual. But perhaps, maybe, just maybe, she could change that and for maybe a short while, share another moment with them. But for that to happen, the girl would haveto go to a place that....honestly, she had almost forgotten about. She wasn't too sure that this place would work...they had been there but once....and it was the first act of violence the two of them had experienced...yet it was also the first change...transformation if you will...that they experienced together there. Alas the place she had to find was nothing more than a field of sand...yet it held enough spiritual energy that she was sure to find it...for even with the souls of the deceased gone, a battlefield always lingers more energy than other places. Perhaps considering that Hueco Mundo itself was a battlefield, it may be a hard task to find this place...but, the place was different. All those hollows....those Menos Grande...they had been lured there for a reason. This place was of higher spiritual energy than other places within Hueco Mundo and that was going to help her find it. Indeed, thanks to Minakos capabilities of feeling Reiatsu and spiritual energy, honed by training done over the years, it was simple to distinguish between places of lower and higher spiritual energy...attracting all those forsaken hollows...to fight in an endless fight for grief. But it was their struggle that would lead her to it...to the place that started their travels...she could feel it pulsing within her...no place was alike the other...and this one stood out...for their own spiritual energy was mixed with it. The dunes passed, the crimson moon stood high in the sky, the calling grew closer...and closer...until.. One last sand dune...that the cloaked individual stepped ontop....revealed the battlefield that she had searched for. An empty pit, a crater of hardened white sand and rock, sprawling across the distance of several miles. Feint...yet silently there...the quiet cries, the Reiatsu of those that had fallen there, those that had evolved...it echoed throughout this battlefield. IT was a place of great burden, of great violence...of great memory. Minako wasted not a second and within but a few steps, her feet had touched the hardened floor of this field. With each step that she took next, she felt the surge of energy sprawl throughout her body, clinging onto her like the blood magic of this realm....That was perhaps it...this may be one of the places that this dimension had created to test its nature....its oh so violent nature. To sieve out the weak and let only the strong remain, it was a testing ground and those that failed the test were forever forsaken. None the less, Minako was one of the individuals who had passed its test long ago and yet she found herself in the middle of the battlefield once more. But this place, as wicked as it was, it was perfect. It was the place of their first test, the place of their first evolution, their first fight...and slaughter. If anything, it was the place he would feel more attracted to...a place of violence...fitting for his name. "I don't know if you're out there.......I don't know if you're still alive...." The words came out as a whisper to herself, yet a seeming echo throughout this empty warzone. The bits and pieces of rock and sand that were laying about did not do good at dampening movement or words...and they were probably the only thing living that this place had heard for a long time. "But......if you are......." It seemed as if the words left her lips almost quaking, trembling....all while Minako's right hand slowly shifted out from beneath the white robe, her arm raising up straight into the air, causing the fabric of her robe to slightly nudge down to her wrist, exposing her pale hand to the empty air of Hueco Mundo. Her hand was almost clenched into a fist, except for her thumb and index finger. The two fingers were extended out, as if doing a finger pistol gesture straight up into the sky. It was then that a small, yellow orb formed at the tip of Minakos index finger. The ball grew no larger than the size of a golf ball, glowing and shimmering with its bright yellow light, as if a small sun had appeared in the land of the Hollows. Her eyes shifting up into the sky with her chin tilting back to stare up into the empty void, and chiseled crescent moon. The females lips parted once more, words leaving her mouth in a more familiar, slowly growing unshaken tone: "Then....allow this to be a signal for you........Reaper of Hueco Mundo......." Her words grew faint in the end, with the last ones crawling out in a loud whispering tone. The ball of concentrated energy seemed to pulse and twist, as if cast by a nervous source of power. Yet to truly call upon an individual...she would haveto release enough energy to drown out the white desert around her...for many miles to come.....and it was at this moment that she decided to, if only for a brief moment, show her power...the power...of an Ex-Espada. "Cero......Oscuras" The words had barely left her lips, before the inside of the yellow ball had turned pitch black, sparking and pulsing with energy. It was only moments later, before said energy released itself from her finger, errupting into a large, black and yellow cone shape, shooting up into the sky within but a second. The battlefield around her lit up in its bright yellow light, smoking from the sheer energy errupting from the females finger. Sand and rocks were blasted back and into the air by its force, clearing the field around her from all particles of loose debris. The blast lasted for around 20 seconds, enough time to send out massive waves of Reiatsu across the desert and if her presence wasn't known yet...anyone around would surely know of it now...yet that was the point. But now, the waiting game began, as Minakos hand dropped back down to her side, covered up by her robe. If anything, the Reiatsu would scare off any Hollows with a little bit of sense...even though it would possibly attract stronger ones....yet, that really wasn't an issue for her. OOC: Voice color code: #33ccff
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    For your information, I thought that you should know, when you start a rap battle, it would be wise not to choke. My rhymes are like a grease fire, and you have made a mistake, of throwing water onto this flame we like to call hate. Ill mix up my beats, and throw them to the ground, bring em back up, and shove them down your throat. You cant hope to win, because you already lost, ill say it once phil, this battles lost it's cause. Turn around and walk away, before you lose he war, I mean come on, you, fighting against a black woman? Disgraceful, even your hate has yet to be inspirational. Ive got thousands waiting to hear my raps and scenes, you to be a fatass racists? Here let me show you how we beef. A glock, fourty five, pistol automatic, shove it down your throat, boom, sound dramatic? Cuz im done, and im tired of hearing your petty little raps, so turn around and run ,before I put a bullet up your ass.