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    Finally on Christmas break from work until the new year; with that some extra time to catch up on work here. I'm thinking of running a holiday credit sale for the game. And hopefully making some improvements/updates along the way. Help to start 2019 off right.
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    Been a Member of BSE for 7 Years now.
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    It had been a little over a week since Heiwana had discovered the ghost like town, with bodies piled high and spiritual pressure that seemed to belong to no one. No one had ever returned to the scene or not that she had caught anyone returning, however someone clearly had. About a week after she found the ghost town she returned to find the town had been cleared. Burnt buildings cleared, blood washed from the sand and bodies had almost mysteriously disappeared. Heiwana couldn’t imagine it being a hollow as the work had been to tidy and she couldn’t imagine it being Rukon residents. A scene like what she had saw would be enough to keep everyone away from this section for years. But not her. Heiwana had returned regular after the town had been cleared, with it been clear no one other than her had a reason to be there, and her reasoning, the nostalgic spiritual pressure which only just continued to linger. Perhaps today would be her last visit until she made her way towards the Shinigami academy. But in all the time she had spent after making the decision to finally become a Shinigami she hadn’t wasted it. On multiple occasions she had trained in what she presumed would be good training for her future life as a Shinigami. She ran early in the morning to the closest Rukon district and got herself breakfast and lunch and then often managed to last without any evening meal and not all her meals and been gained honestly. ‘I’ll repay them one day’ she promised every time she took something that aided her achievement. She had become less shy over revealing her Zanpakuto, it was hers and she wore it openly, once she was a Shinigami she would no longer have to hide it and often would draw it in the forest to swing it for hours on end to get used to it. But unnaturally for a sword it was light as a feather. Her greatest progress had been with her four legged friend in her dreams though, no longer did it try and guide her in the water, but instead rested by her side on only gently nudged her to look into the water. Perhaps it knew, knew she was going to become stronger and wanted Heiwana to take it at her own speed. This did not mean Heiwana trusted it though, she couldn’t, not until she fully understood it purpose, but it had lead her to the ghost town and that had helped her find her determination and for that she was grateful. Now after her breakfast she was just about to reach the ghost town, she had never forgotten that faint spiritual pressure, it called to her, drew her in. It was a shame it was fading, but just as much a blessing, for if it never faded then perhaps it would be Heiwana’s determination that faded instead. She was just about to enter the clearing of the town, when she heard a rusting in the trees. Not something she had heard in these part of Rukon since she had started visiting the ghost town regularly. Like in all places of great sorrow and loss, birds no longer seems to flock here, the wind never brushed though the trees and left the town eerily silent. The only true things that remained was that faint, nostalgic spiritual pressure and when Heiwana went over to the crater in the ground and place her hand close to the sand, she found it had all but faded. Only a tiny trace left, now. Now she would leave to the Shinigami academy, there was nothing left for her here. So she stood up and walked to the tree line boarding the ghost town. But then she stopped walking and listened. ‘Did I hear....?’ She thought to herself, but then shook the thought from her head. But as she began walking she was positive there was a second pair of footsteps echoing hers, she goes to take another step and then stops it before it hits the ground and behind one of the building she hears a foot scuff across the ground, as if someone had tried to avoid a pile of dog muck. “Who’s there?” Heiwana asks, placing her left hand on her Zanpakuto. There was no answer other than the beginning of the footsteps once again, with the added spin of a wheel across the sand. Heiwana rushes to the other side of the building and just at the edge of the tree line watches a figure with a wheelbarrow disappear. ‘Could it be a survivor of the town?’ She thought as she automatically walked after the figure. If it was a survivor then it was in her interest to learn everything she could from them. Heiwana decides to set off at a sprint in order to catch up with the culprit and runs for a good five minutes and finds nothing, so she runs for another five minutes and finds she almost comes to another district. How could she have missed him? She turns back and walks back where she came from. On her way back a weed catches the string which her Zanpakuto is held on with and pulls it from her waist, making it drop to the ground. When Heiwana drops to her knees to pick it up she couldn’t believe it. Behind a wall of weeds, thin branches and tree was a small, shabby hut and farm. She crawls though the weeds and observes to trip, bamboo had been set in intervals between trees to help the weeds grow along a selective route. If someone was even slight raised though the trick would be lost as the weeds only grew so high, but at a normal height one could easy pass it thinking it was nothing more than an over grown patch of weeds. Turning back towards the shack, Heiwana almost runs into the wrong end of a pitch fork. “Shouldn’t follow people” the stranger holding the fork said. “What where you doing? In that town” Heiwana asks unable to hold back her curiosity. “Ain’t no town there” the strangers eyes shift. “Not anymore.” Heiwana looked into the strangers eyes an saw nothing, no sadness or remorse, almost disappointment. “You still haven’t answered my question.” The stranger stared back and then dropped the pitch fork and placed it in the ground. “It doesn’t matter why I was there. I was” he then turns around and goes back to his shack pretending Heiwana is not there. “Wait!” Heiwana shouts going after him. Only now getting to look at him fully now that he wasn’t pointing a pitchfork at her throat. There wasn’t anything particular special about him, other than been rather tall, but perhaps that was just in comparison to her. He had short brown hair which looked mainly to be greasy and sweaty, giving it a slightly rough look, his face was rounded almost looked liked he could be a nice person, but with the expressionless look he had given her before she wasn’t sure what to think, the same was for the rest of his face, his eyebrows where busy, only in the sense that it would convey anger or happiness depending on how that changed the shape of his face. Other than that there wasn’t many floors on his face, the single mole that hovered on the left side of his chin actually seemed to compliment the rest of his face and as for his eyes, they where a sea blue, with a little green. ‘He’s not ugly to say the least’ Heiwana thought as she caught up with him. “That towns been dead for months....” Heiwana started before she was cut off by. “Aye, it has, was good for fertiliser, was getting what was left of it for my crops” the stranger waved out an arm to the rows of different fruits and vegetables growing. “Now go, I don’t want you here” he said as he returned to his crops and began turning muck in with his pitchfork. “Not your kind...” he mutters under his breath, but was just loud enough for Heiwana to hear it. “I’m not a Shinigami....” Heiwana was about to argue, but was cut off once again. “I know your not a Shinigami, Shinigami are the ones who cleared up that town, but your just as mixed up with Shinigami. With power to be able to get a Zan.” He said eyeing the blade. “I came to this world with it” Heiwana replied a little upset she had been judged so quick just by owning a Zanpakuto. The stranger lets out a sigh. “Then your an unlucky one, born with it....” he looks up to the sky and then back down to Heiwana. “It’ll be getting dark and I bet you’ll be heading to the academy. Stay here the night, free meal. Only asking for company.” The stranger offered, which seemed completely out of character, but Heiwana had told him the truth and maybe she could sway him to think not everyone with power was so.... in fact she wasn’t sure why he hated people with power, was it because they where likely to become Shinigami’s. But she was happy with the offer and the price seemed innocent enough. “Ok!” She replied with a smile, but can I at least know my hosts name. She said placing a hand on her hip. “Samyuera” he replied. “Samyuera....” Heiwana waved her hand expecting a full name. “Just Samyuera, you needn’t know my last name.” “Ok, Just Samyuera lead the way.” Heiwana replied which got another sigh from Samyuera, but as he turned his back to head to his shack, she was sure she could see a smile on the corner of his cheek. Just as Samyuera had promised he had made a fine broth and it was a meal that Heiwana didn’t have to pay for. He didn’t seem to have any meat in the house. Although it seemed to bug him, Samyuera said; “animals would make too much noise, give away the illusion on the weed wall” as he called it. Which lead Heiwana to ask why he lived on his own. To which he replied. “I have my reason” and it seemed they weren’t the only secrets he was keeping, before even been able to enter his shack, Samyuera had rushed in and shut the only other door to his bedroom. But they had only met and secrets between strangers was to be expected, however to try and draw a few secrets out of him, Heiwana talked about herself, about how she had found herself when she first came to Rukon and how she had her Zanpakuto when she awoke. Again the only give that Samyuera was interested was that his eyes looked up from his food when she mentioned her Zanpakuto, it seemed he had a grudge against them of some sort, so Heiwana asked. “Have you ever met any Shinigami’s?” And the answer surprised her, “No, only fool hardy people who have wanted to become one, all people see is the glory, they forget there is danger and a hard trail before you get what you want. It’s easy to picture yourself the hero who get things done.” Heiwana looked at him a while longer before saying anything back. It was the most he had talked all night. Had he been left by friends who wanted to become Shinigami’s or was it something else? He clearly noticed the sudden interest in her eyes as he looked around and faked a yawn. “Well it’s getting late and I’ll be up early to get my crops watered.” He said getting up and opening up the door to his bedroom. “Guests get comfort.” He said and as he opened the door a clang of metal and when Heiwana enters his room, she sees small cans tied to his door. “Warning in case anyone enters my room.” He says moving the door back and forth to prove the point. He certainly seemed careful, Heiwana thought as she got into the bed, deciding not to undress while in a strangers house. However, Samyuera grabs a sack from the corner of the room and takes it outside the bedroom and curls up on the floor. “Don’t you want to sleep in your bed” Heiwana asked as the door swung shut. “Not with someone with a Zanpakuto....” Samyuera said and then said nothing else and surprisingly fell asleep quickly, making Heiwana more comfortable. She would leave when she woke tomorrow.
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    Hey guys its Yuroshima, Its been a while, I just wanted to come back and say thanks to all of you and this website, sometimes at night i really reflect deeply on all that happened here, all we said and talked about. I got on here as an early teenager, about 14, and stayed for years, , I don't want to get into the good stuff going for me as this isn't really a come back and shine kind of post, but do know I am doing very well in life and not to worry, im a 20 year old man now though, and idc if anyone thinks this is lame, but I still think back to this place a lot, I had a pretty average if not good social life during my time here and even still I consider the things that took place here to be some of the greatest memories of my young life. I truly consider you all friends and I make my name on every single internet or game thing I do Good Ol Yuro, just so youll recognize me one day maybe, and remember how special those times were. I always wanna come back and do a massive post I planned years ago that would sum up all my characters, even Yuro, but I just never seem to be able to /: I know I was a bit terrible many times, and I know some of you were too, but we were all going through our cringy phases and the changes of life and all that so I just don't even onsider those times relevant. From what many other people ive met in life who would tell me in times we would be alone that they also RP'd, apparently no where was as cool and cinematic as we were I love you guys I miss you guys Truly thank you for times of the highest fun in my young life and I hope you all come back one day and see this, so you know that I hope your all doing well.
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    Valentine’s Day. The sun had already set and the sky was dark but surprisingly it was a bit of a warmer night than usual, probably due to the fact that it was less windy today. Metabee and Elena were returning home from a restaurant,’It was really nice. It’s good that you were recommended the place since we’ve been to just about every restaurant in the area. We should search up more places like that.’ Metabee smiled,’Definitely. It’s nice to change it up a bit once in a while. Who knows we might find a new favourite place.’ She chuckled,’Is that even possible for you? I thought nothing would beat those bbq ribs at Frankie’s place.’ He felt a bit conflicted,’True, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like other things. What about you? You love those house fried noodles from that takeaway in the town square.’ Elena sighed,’I don’t know how they do it but it just doesn’t taste the same anywhere else!’ They both had their favourite meals but they also had a favourite restaurant that they would often frequent on their dates. The sky was clear and the moon was high up illuminating the roads. They were already halfway down the road so they would reach their house pretty soon. Both of them didn’t really get many chances to go out during the week so this was already a special occasion but it definitely lifted their spirits for the coming days. They reached the number 25 but before they would enter Metabee stopped,’Elena.’ She turned around puzzled,’Hmm?’ He reached into his pocket for a small box and got down on one knee and opened it to reveal a ring,’Will you marry me?’ With the amount of time that they have been together was a marriage even needed? Probably not. To begin with they were already dead so human rituals and ceremonies didn’t bind them. Even so he wanted to marry her. He wanted the whole world to know that she was his wife and he was her husband. Elena put her hands to her mouth as her eyes glistened. She answered without any sort of hesitation,’Yes! Of course!’ A few months later. All their friends were gathered in the church and the groom, dressed in a dark blue suit, was with the priest waiting at the altar. It would begin any minute now. He did feel a bit nervous at such a big event as this but more than that he was happy. From this day onward he would be able to proudly say,’This is my beautiful wife!’ The wedding march started playing as the bride entered the church and walked down the aisle. Metabee smiled as soon as he saw her. She looked completely stunning in the white dress, like a Goddess that has descended upon Earth to grant the foolish mortals her presence. She was also smiling all the way. Women took even greater joy at events such as this after all. Elena reached the altar and Metabee spoke to her,’You look absolutely beautiful,’ she smiled and nodded,’You too.’ The wedding ceremony started as the priest started his lines and followed the normal routine. The time to exchange vows came as they joined hands and looked each other in the eyes,’I, Vincent, take you, Elena, for my wedded wife, to love and cherish, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. From this day forward.’ The bride then spoke,’I, Elena, take you, Vincent, for my wedded husband, to love and cherish, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. From this day forward.’ They would remember these words until the end of time. Afterwards, they exchanged the rings and the final moment came,’You may now kiss the bride.’ They shared their first kiss of their married life which seemed just as strong as the first kiss that they ever had. The church bells rang out loudly for all to hear and the newlywed couple exited the church to doves taking flight and rice thrown at them. This was the beginning of their happily ever after. Trial: Part 4 of 5
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    “Hmm,” JDan said as he began to pace back and forth. He repeated the riddle aloud to himself as he ponders the answer. “She said this was an easy one so try not to over think it,” he thinks and again repeats the riddle. “Ah ha!” he says turning and looking back at Shirudo while smiling. “There is only one thing that comes to mind that fits all those criteria. Sweeter than honey, stronger than a lion, can last forever or fade like dry ink… It’s love.” “See not so hard. Just keep that up and this trial will be over in no time,” says Shirudo. She was happy that he answered it correctly and even happier that he didn’t struggle to answer it. While it was an easier one they were going to get more challenging and though JDan could answer as many times as he wanted to he would receive no help. In other words a lot of time could be wasted on this trial if JDan had a difficulties. Quite sometime had passed since the start of the trial and though difficult that journey was about to come to an end. JDan was on his last riddle and only needed to answer it for him to have accomplished the task given to him by his Zanpakuto spirit. The problem was that it was given to him over an hour and a half ago and he already answered it wrong once already. There goes his perfect score he was shooting for but the most important thing was just to finish. The riddle went like this- I never was, am always to be. No one every saw me nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all, to live and breath on this terrestrial ball. What am I? His first guess was hope. But he was wrong, apparently not everyone had hope which also meant his second guess, faith, was most likely incorrect too so he continued to think. JDan was just about to call it a day and try again tomorrow when it finally came to him. Thinking about tomorrow was the final hint he needed to solve this riddle and be done with the trial. JDan smiled at his Zanpakuto Spirit. “It certainly was hard and had I not stopped to think about what’s to come I still wouldn’t have an answer. But I believe it’s the future,” he says with his fingers crossed. A suspenseful moment of silence passed before Shirudo replied. “I knew you could do it!” she said with a huge smile on her face. She then ran up to JDan, who was also smiling, and gave him a big hug, celebrating the moment. A victory that would not have even been possible without the Advisor’s guidance.
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    It was the beginning of the summer. Deciding for a change of scenery Metabee and Elena came to the park for a picnic. The park was filled with people on such days but they did manage to find a nice space for themselves in the end. They laid out a big towel and put down the basket that had some food that Elena made and snacks that Metabee bought on the way. Even though school season was over until September, Elena still decided to teach in some summer schools just as a part time which did keep her busy but it gave more free time than normal school. Since it was a picnic, first they started off with the sandwiches and then moved onto dessert which was apples pieces pickled in honey and cinnamon. While Elena was generally good at cooking everything, this recipe could be considered one of her best so Metabee was always delighted when she made it. They talked about some small topics about what their friends were up to, how they changed and so forth. They also had moments of silence as they simply enjoyed the sun, especially Elena who was wearing her straw hat and looked around at how other people were spending their time. To this day he was still mesmerised by her beauty. ‘You know, I’ve been thinking now that we have a big house it feels a bit empty with just the two of us. Maybe we should get a pet?’ She looked at him with some expectation in her gaze. Metabee didn’t think this was such a bad idea since it would definitely make the house more lively,’What, like a hamster or a goldfish?’ She sighed and rolled her eyes,’No, you dummy! I’m talking about a cat or a dog!’ He obviously knew this but decided to tease her anyway since he loved her reactions that she sometimes exaggerated,’So which one do you prefer?’ Elena put her finger on her chin in thought,’I definitely like both but dogs seem much more livelier than cats so I guess I would prefer a dog.’ He more or less expected it. Metabee himself, was mostly of the same opinion with the exception that he preferred cats a bit more due to the simple reason of less maintenance. In the end, they compromised and decided on a dog. The next day, they went to the shelter to see if there were any dogs that would catch their eyes and it didn’t take long for the perfect candidate to appear. However, before they did decide to adopt him the couple wanted to provide a place for him so they had to buy him food, a bed, and some toys that he could play with. They returned by the end of the day and gave the Golden Retriever puppy his new home. He seemed very excited about his new home, to the point of leaving a trail of pee everywhere he ran which Metabee had to clean up while Elena gave him a tour of the house and settled him in. The new member of the house made his presence known everywhere he went. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Autumn came as tree leaves began becoming golden and red while the wind became chillier and rain came more often. Metabee and Elena were walking hand in hand on the park pathway surrounded by the golden and red leaves. Rex was taking the lead while looking for a nice big stick or some other artefact that he could bring home. It was the middle of October so it has been already 4 months since they adopted him and it looked like he was almost at his full size by now though he would still be growing for just a bit longer. They casually walked and talked as they enjoyed the scenery and let Rex have his fun,’Have you planned your Halloween at school yet?’ Elena nodded,’The event itself is planned, yes, but I don’t know what I should dress up as. Any ideas?’ Metabee thought about it and it was really harder than it seemed. It had to be something that was appropriate for school and yet something that was still fun for the teachers,’Hmm, how about a vampire or some sort of witch?’ She let out a sigh,'See! Those are the first things that come to mind but I’ve already done them in the past. I want something new! Something with an interesting story behind it.' He looked at her,’Well, if you want to be something original why not dress up as a Shinigami? None of the kids would know what that is so when you tell them what it is they will take it as a new myth or something.’ She seemed to think about it for a moment,’Hmm, might not be a bad idea actually. It will be a pretty easy costume to make and it’s definitely something that would interest them. I think I’ll give it a go unless I can think of anything better. Thanks.’ The couple then noticed that Rex had stopped a bit ahead and was sniffing at something and inspecting it with his paw,’What did you find? It better not be another hedgehog, you remember how that ended last time.’ They came close and saw that Rex was looking at a green ball with spikes sticking out, essentially the shell of a conker. Metabee picked it up and broke it in his palms to reveal the insides which was the conker itself,’I remember how you were fascinated by them too,’ he said as he looked to Elena. She frowned as she remembered how he made fun of her back then,’Well, there are no conkers in Rukongai…’ she said so with the same pout as that day. Rex sniffed it but Metabee soon snatched it away since he tried to eat it. Upset with that very fact, he decided to bring the biggest stick he could find back home. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- December came and along with it was the first snowfalls. Rex was completely mesmerised by it and played around with any patches of snow he could find on their walk. The next day when the snow had actually settled the three of them went into the garden to make a snowman. Rex was rolling around in the snow while the two were rolling snow for the base of the snowman,’Let’s make it as big as possible!’ Last year it didn’t snow so she wanted to make up for it besides when snow fell her inner child came out and she was just as excited as Rex. It took them a full hour but their giant of a snowman was complete so Elena popped back into the house for the finishing touches for the head and Rex brought over his sticks for the arms so Metabee put them in while they were waiting. Needless to say, it all ended with a snowball fight and Rex jumped on them toppling them over and covering them in snow from head to toe. Christmas Day soon rolled around and after breakfast they would be exchanging their gifts. The one who understood the least of it was excited the most as he kept watching the presents under the tree and wagging his tail since the previous day. Once they finished eating, after a short break both of them sat around Rex and gave him his gifts. They packed it in a way that still looked nice but would be easier for him to open though they still helped him when he was struggling. From Metabee he received a new squeaky toy while from Elena he received a lion teddy bear which he immediately started playing around with. There were still five other gifts under the tree: the three smaller ones went to Elena while the two biggest ones went to Metabee. He got Elena a heart shaped locket which contained a picture of both of them on one side and Rex on the other, earrings that she really wanted and her favourite brand of perfume. She smiled at each and every one of the gifts and then looked on eagerly for Metabee to open his. Being the man that he is he opened the biggest one first to find a coat that he had really wanted from the past few months but hesitated to buy since he had another type of coat that still fit him perfectly. The other gift was a new pair of brown shoes because he had complained in the past that his current ones hurt his heels. Metabee was also very happy with the gifts that he got but more than that they were happy to be able to spend Christmas with someone else other than just themselves. Trial: Part 3 of 5
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    From there things moved quickly. The majority of the district was destroyed and 60% of the population was killed. Meanwhile, the Shinigami took Metabee and Elena to the World of the Living. There they had the biggest surprise. He gave them both gigai’s and bought them a small house to allow them to start a new life. It turned out that he was from a Noble Clan so money was no problem. Of course it would be hard for Spirits to fit into the Human system so they had to get documents in order for things to work out. They got all the necessary documents forged and within a matter of a week all the paperwork was sorted out and they moved in. He left them a decent amount of money as a start and didn’t ask for anything in return though they’ve never seen him again. Three months later, when the first month of the new year would be coming to an end in a little over a week. It was a peaceful Saturday morning. Metabee entered the bedroom holding a tray in his hand with breakfast for two,’Wakey wakey sleeping Princess! I’ve brought you breakfast.’ It seemed that Elena already woke up while he was making the food as she raised her head with her long messy red hair,’Oh, thank you dear.’ She sat up and he presented the breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs with sausages as well as a muffin with candle in it,’Happy Birthday!’ He ordered a cake for later but he wanted to start her day off well too. It could be said that he was spoiling her but it was her special day so he wouldn’t hold back. She smiled as her eyes glistened,’Aw thanks. Come here, you.’ She pulled him in for a kiss and then started the breakfast. They were still living in the same house but both of them now had a job, although they were minimum wage it was enough to pay the bills and leave some for themselves. However, that wasn’t how they wanted to spend the rest of their life so they began investing for the future. Metabee decided to take on a course that would allow him to become an accountant in less than a year though it required a lot of studying and intense tests. ‘How are your studies going? You were up late again yesterday.’ She asked him among the other small things that they talked about. Metabee sighed,’It’s definitely not easy but I think I should be fine.’ In truth he wasn’t sure if he would really like accounting as a career, but it was one that provided good money and that was something that they needed right now. After they buy everything that they need then he can start looking for a career that he would enjoy more, even if the pay was less. Elena tilted her head,’Well, don’t push yourself too much. I’m not forcing you to do this. I’m fine with this house, really. I’ll wait as long as it takes. We’ll both save up for it and I don’t want you to do all the work. You are my partner not my ATM machine. If you want to quit it, I won’t blame you.’ Metabee shook his head,’Thanks, but there’s no need. I’ll see it through to the end. You’ll see, we’ll buy a nice big house. It’s going to have two floors, a big balcony where we’ll be able to relax on the sofas and have barbeques in summer and there will be a big garden which you will be able to tend to.’ She smiled as she imagined their future house,’Mmm. That sounds really nice. Let’s make sure it becomes a reality and doesn’t stay as just a dream.’ Later in the evening. Metabee sent Elena away to do some shopping while he prepared dinner for them and made sure that the cake was up to standard. He quickly set out the table, with the covers, plates, cutlery and some candles as well which he lit,’Right, meat will be done in 5 minutes, the vegetables and potatoes are almost ready.’ With everything taken care of, he went to their bedroom to dress up a bit nicer for the occasion as well put on the party hat and fetched the party poppers that he hid away. After going back to the kitchen he put the food on the plates and turned off the lights as the birthday girl would be getting back any second now. A minute or so later the door opened,’Hmm, why is it so dark in here? Metabee are you in?’ She turned on the lights and party poppers went off as Metabee stood there with his party hat on,’Surprise! Happy Birthday!’ Her reaction on that day would be one that he would never forget. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 years later. Encountered with a couple of setbacks, his course took a bit longer than expected but it has been 4 years since he officially became an accountant and soon afterwards Elena began her own course and decided to go into teaching. They both kept saving up and with the help of a small loan were finally able to buy a house. Today was the day that they would be moving in. Most things were already there from the previous owner and what they wanted to take with them also at the new house. The only that remained was the last suitcases that contained things like their clothes and some fragile things. Currently they were heading down the road to enter their new house. In terms of themselves not much has changed since their aging process would never be the same as normal humans. Metabee had tried countless times to grow a beard but he always gave up as he didn’t feel satisfied with the look of it. In the end, he compromised with some stubble that looked just perfect and shaved often to maintain it. Elena actually made two changes that could be considered big. First, she cut her hair so it no longer reached her lower back but was now shoulder length and she always kept it tied with a blue ribbon. The other change was that from some time now she had begun to wear glasses because her eyesight had gotten a bit worse, perhaps it was due to the Gigai but they didn’t know. They reached the number 25. The house was located more on the outskirts so the houses were more spread out, but it was definitely a more peaceful area and had more greenery,’This is it. Our new home.’ It was just like they wanted: it had two floors, a big balcony and a big garden. Elena nodded,’It’s wonderful!’ All their hard work has brought them here. This was a result of their own efforts. Unlike the first house, it wasn’t given to them so all those 6 years of hard work helped them achieve this. It was a long awaited thing but good things come to those who wait. Metabee reached into his trousers pocket to get the keys and opened the doors but he didn’t walk in. Instead, he turned to Elena and lifted her to hold her in his arms and crossed the threshold of the door. She was a bit surprised by this and probably unfamiliar with the gesture but she didn’t resist. Apparently, this was a wedding tradition that newlywed couples would do. Although they weren’t married it was just a small gesture of their love. Elena laughed,’How romantic of you.’ The next few months, they have spent decorating the house. They bought all sorts of nice looking furniture, small decorations here and there and even some paintings. The balcony received the promised sofas, a table and a barbeque while the garden turned into a beautiful flowerbed though they also added a dark wooden table and chairs with a big green parasol for the table so that they could sit among the flowers during the summer. Furthermore, after a lot of failures and trial and error Metabee managed to make a big wooden swing that they often relaxed on. Buying the house was just the beginning and their next task was to make it feel like a true home. Trial: Part 2 of 5 Elena Appearance: (Just hair and face)
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    OOC: necessary backstory: http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php?/topic/12362-kyouraku-mansion/&page=154&tab=comments#comment-358310 JDan seemed to understand his explanation and as there were no other questions the three decided to get right into it. Yoshirou was the first to head off to the same place as last time and he began straight away. Not wanting to delay anymore, Metabee did the same and went to the spot he used last time before entering his Inner World. He still wasn't exactly used to this new appearance of his Inner World but he wouldn't have any trouble findin his Zanpakuto. In this new world there was only one place that he could be. The Captain headed straight to the castle and without taking any detours he went towards the throne room. Metabee looked around to see Acnologia standing by the throne but this time there was no sign of his Hollow, probably to prevent any distractions or perhaps it was a condition of the trial. He spoke,'The time has come. I have come for my trial.' The Zanpakuto looked him over,'So it would seem,' but did not say anything else. The Captain was a bit confused by this,'Well, what do I have to do? I'm ready.' Acnologia motioned with his left hand towards the throne,'Have a seat.' Was this his trial? Simple to sit on that throne? There had to be something more to it,surely,'Why are the both of you so obsessed with that throne?' The Spirit replied,'You are the King of this world and the King should sit in his rightful place to guide his vassals.' Metabee remembered what the black flames told him;if he was to sit on the throne he would be giving himself other to the darkness and lose who he was. However, this was his trial. If he didn't do it then there would be no way forward with the Kido. He approached the throne, he came here ready and he was going to carry through with it,'If I wasn't confident in your skill then I wouldn't let you do this.' Without saying anything more the Captain sat down on the throne and got himself comfortable. Moments later, black flames burst forth from his hands and feet and were quickly spreading throughout his whole body. There was no pain, he was simply losing consiousness as his eyes were slowly closing until he fully lost consciousness. His Zanpakuto looked at him, who looked like he was peacefully sleeping, with a sad look on his face,'I lied... But as this is your final battle it is something you need to see. My final gift to you... Who will you choose, I wonder?' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do parallel worlds exist? Some would say yes and some would say no. There was no definite answer. Even if they did exist humans did not have the power to be able to observe those parallel worlds. The only being capable of that would be the being called God, however even his existence was doubted by many. What would happen if I did this or this differently? How different would my life be right now? Many people asked themselves this question every day. But now, he was given an opportunity to observe such a world. A world in which he did not become a Shinigami. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Darkness. His consciousness was there but his senses were missing. His body was missing. He was a ‘presence’ that would watch the events unfold. Suddenly, an image appeared. It was as if he was watching a movie. A movie of the life of a person who looked just like him but felt like a completely different person. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rukongai. It was just like any other normal day. While the nature of the location couldn’t be called peaceful, it fit within the norms. However, that quickly changed. A scream. Blood. A fire started. In an instant everything changed. Thugs from the higher districts had come out of boredom or possibly to gather supplies. The reason didn’t matter. As soon as they entered the district the pillaging began. They were a group of 30 and since they came from a district that was better off, their equipment was better than what could be found here. More blood started filling the paths and the fire was spreading. They didn’t have much to begin with but now all of that would be burned down to the ground and stolen from them. What would they do afterwards? Rebuild? How? Move to another district? Was there any space to begin with? The more important question was if they would even make it out alive. Since all ‘houses’ were made out of wood the fire quickly spread. Black smoke filled the sky and the thugs were making their way from one end of the district to the other. Did no one resist? Of course they did. The thugs from this district weren’t happy that someone else intruded on their territory and tried to destroy it. Fights broke out everywhere. Both sides had casualties, but it was definitely the defending side that was losing. The attacking side was killing anyone in their way, taking anything that had some worth and of course they were taking some women to have fun later. Metabee ran down the alleyways trying to escape the fighting. Though the question was where to escape? He didn’t have any sort of plan. His only objective was to leave the district to one that was safe or go to the hill. However, there was no guarantee that the thugs wouldn’t move on to the other districts after they were done with this one. He couldn’t let such thought cloud his judgement. Get out from here and then think of what next, not the other way around. He was more worried about the presence behind him. In his right hand was a wooden sword but in his left hand was the hand of another. A girl that was around his age, her hair was red and her anxious eyes were amber. He wanted to protect her no matter the cost but more than that he want didn’t everything to end here. They were quickly out of breath from running and the smoke was making it even harder to breathe causing them to cough. He kept navigating through the alleys in order to avoid the main paths but even that seemed not to be enough as they were spotted by a thug. He started chasing after them while alerting any others nearby and soon there were three thugs chasing after them. In the end they got lured to the main path where they were surrounded. Elena clung onto him in fear while he held up his wooden sword to defend,’Hey there, you’ve got a pretty lady with you. We’ll be taking her with us so you can fuck off before you shit yourself from what we will do to you if you don’t.’ Metabee didn’t stand down though so the thugs came at him. He tried to repel them as best as he could, receiving many wounds in the process but it didn’t last long. His wooden sword was cut in half and he was stabbed in the side. 30 seconds. That’s all it took for him to be defeated. While he did get some good hits in here and there it only made the thugs angrier. He fell to the ground as a lot of blood was seeping out of his wound and staining the ground. His energy was quickly drained and he was unable to raise himself. Elena kneeled beside him with tears in her eyes, begging for him not to die. The thugs started closing in on them. There was nothing that the two of them could do to get out of this situation. One of the thugs reached out for them but then a gust of wind blew by and the thug stopped in his place. In the next moment, the thug exploded with blood as he was split into two pieces. Behind him was a man, wearing black robes and holding a sheathed katana. A Shinigami. The being moved very quickly from one thug to another, creating a bloodbath. They couldn’t even defend themselves and in what seemed like an instant they were all dead. The Shinigami approached the two and started healing Metabee,’Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of this.’ Trial: Part 1 of 5
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    Kotaro nodded his agreement at Lurker's opinion of Monk. Then, the Vasto Lorde watched very closely as Lurker did a slow Sonido. The hollow focused some reiatsu into his eyes and saw the increased reiatsu in the Adjuchas' legs. Then, Lurker became a blur. Because of his controlled slower speed, Kotaro could see his teammate, somewhat. So, that's who its done? Makes sense, He thought still watching Lurker leave. The Vasto Lorde would catch up to him soon. Then, Kotaro felt the pull from the little orb that Draiden had given him as it was taken back. He turned to see the Arrancar's outstretched hand and one second later the orb floating to it. Oh? He probably has a good reas- his thought was interrupted by Draiden throwing the bomb away with great force. Then, came a huge green light that was followed by a loud bang and strong shock wave. The wave was strong enough to push Kotaro back several feet, even with his legs buried deep in the sand. He fortified his stance as he knew the shock wave would be powerful. But, it was much stronger than he thought. Had he not dug his legs in, he would have been blown back much farther. "Holy shit~" he exclaimed after the blast. Draiden had been right, those things were super dangerous! The surprised hollow stared at Draiden as he explained why he did that. "Yeah....I like staying alive. So, eh...thanks for taking it back. But, wow!" And with that, he turned to Absolon and nodded, "well, with that settled sir. I do believe I have a mission to attend to. Good day to you all." Once done, he pushed off strong with his legs, going backward, and spun in the air to face the immense gates. And, the fraction of a second after his legs touch the sand, he speeds off. He would try to mimic what he saw Lurker do later, first he had to catch up with him.
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    Absolon paid Draiden his respects and listened to him without interrupting. It was a shame that after so long he had yet to regain his full strength, no matter the method in doing so. Once Draiden was done speaking Absolon replied. “You’re off so soon after returning… very well I guess it can’t be helped,” he says with a hint of disappointment. The Cero Espada thought Draiden to be full of potential but unfortunately his personality gets in his way preventing him from capitalizing on it. “You may seek refuge here but know this. Once you awake and return it will no longer be- what can Las Noches and the Espada do for Draiden but instead, what can Draiden do for Las Noches and the Espada.” He spoke with no malice in his tone. In truth Absolon felt partially responsible; if he were only a better mentor perhaps things would be different. But such thoughts were a waste of energy as only the present and future matter now. The Privaron left leaving only Vatto and Absolon. “If Monk returns he will be named Primero and you Segundo,” states the Cero. “What about Draiden,” asks Vatto uncharacteristically? “What about him?” He didn’t fully know why he was defending him but Vatto spoke on Draiden’s behalf, perhaps it was because of their agreement to start anew. “Name him Tercera in that case. I know his slothful ways are… an inconvenience but the Espada’s are not based off accomplishments but power. And currently he would be the best suited for it.” “Relax,” says Absolon turning to the side. “That was my intentions I had just hoped to motivate him. It does me no good if he doesn’t succeed and that goes for all of you. In fact if Monk doesn’t return I planned on reinstating him as Segundo, something he obviously desires. Perhaps after obtaining it he will blossom by defending it.” After their conversation ended they proceed further into Las Noches planning their next step while waiting of the newcomers to return.
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    Draiden would run a single hair through his mop of messy neon green hair a light yawn as he would turn twoard the segunda palace direction , actions speak louder than words and if they paid attention to the direction he turned it would send a very clear message. a light breeze would kick up some sand that would be blown at the trio's feet in an akward air of silince as draiden prepared to speak. "my plans you say you know im always in service to las Noches.." he's trail off what did the Arrancar bound by Apathy have planned for himself , draiden would then look at Absolon curiosity dancing within. "But i've exhausted a vast amount of spiritual pressure training , and my body passively creates those destructive bombs which in itself i would wager takes 30% of my spirit energy to have them pre-maid..." he would then gesture twoards Absolon's arms and legs before speaking again "and i used 80% when i fought monk and tried do to his hierro as i did yours but we see that failed" he would say removing his hand from his head sliding it into his empty pocket. "the point im making is , i dont recover my power like you two i need to go and have one of my true rests , as you can simply rest i must go into a semi hybernative sleep to re-coup my power to maximum potency and with fury to spare...in short im going to bury myself in the deepest bowels of Las Noches and regain my strenth" he would say calmy as her would yawn once more this time tears forming at the corners of his eyes that desperately needed to close. if he didn't receive any protest he would disappear in a burst of his fabled sonido into the depths of las noches leaving the two to themselves. ooc> attempting to leave thread
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    So it's been a minute eh? Just wanna bring a little holiday cheer to those who are still around playing the game with a little credit sale. All purchases will receive minimum, double the amount of credits! In addition to that anyone spending $50 in a single transaction will receive 2.5x the credits. Anyone who spends $100 in a single transaction will be upgraded immediately to Lifetime VIP (normally a $250 value) a savings of 40%, and 2.5x credits! Anyone who spends $200 in a single transaction will be upgraded immediately to Ultimate VIP (normally a $500 value) a savings of 40%, and 3x credits! ** **Anyone who opts for the Ultimate VIP option, can give 1 other player the gift of standard Donor status. Just message me with the details.
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    With their questions answered, the two prospects headed for the gates though Draiden stopped them before they would make it. He retrieved an item from them creating a small spectacle while he was at it. A green light covered the area it exploded in but luckily noting was damaged. The Privaron quickly defended himself, explaining his motives and that there was no reason to be alarmed. “All is good. Just remember you break it you fix it,” says Absolon referring to Las Noches of course. Perhaps thats the way it should have always been. After the short delay was concluded it was now just the three veteran Arrancar’s remaining. “It has been a long time since you two have come back to this fortress. What were your plans upon returning?” asked Absolon who questioned them further. “Are you just passing by or will you be staying for a while.” Vatto being the closest answered first. “Honestly it was just my instincts that urged me to return. I figured I would know more once I got here.” “And?” Absolon asked wanting to know if he figured it out. “And I think indeed now was the right time to return. I feel it was more than coincidence that we all met up before coming here and it's meant to play out further. I would like to see where that leads and of course lend my strength to Las Noches once again along the way,” declares Vatto. “Humph, I see. Very well then,” responds Absolon who then turns his focus towards Draiden to hear his reply.
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    “What do you mean?” JDan asked looking for clarification. “Well battles between us are never anything exciting as we lack a strong offensive,” states his Zanpakuto spirit. “Yea but that has never stopped us before,” JDan stated. “But this is different. I have full confidence and faith in you as my master so this will be a trial of wits instead,” declared Shirudo Shojo. JDan lifted his brutish arm scratching his head. He still didn’t fully understand why the trial was necessary to begin with if their bond was as strong as it has ever been. “Ok but is this truly needed?” he asked though he knew it was pointless. “Of course it is! What Yoshirou asks of us Zanpakutos has never been asked before. I’m not sure you understand the gravity of the situation. Zanpakutos and Shinigami have always relied on each other’s strength; and now to ask to accept a foreign outside source is a serious matter. Those that consent to such a thing will surely give out some sort of trial, as it deserves at least that much,” explained Shirudo. “Ok I understand, my apologies. I will undergo this trial of wits and complete it not just for me but for us,” replied JDan as he lifted his right arm and caressed Shirudo’s hair. “You will have to answer a series of riddles each harder than the last,” informs Shirudo. “Riddles?! I certainly didn’t see that coming,” states JDan scratching his chin. “Well I have no choice so I will give it my all.” “This first series should be easy. Consider it just a warm up,” she states. “Ok lay it on me,” JDan says nodding. “What is sweeter than honey, stronger than a lion, can last forever or fade like dry ink?” she says asking the first of the riddles.
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    Unlike the other two JDan took a little bit of time to stretch. His stature was much larger than Yoshirou’s or Metabee’s, so sitting crossed legged for extended periods of time, took a little warming up first. After about a half hour of stretching and some calisthenics JDan began meditating. Looking around not much has changed since the last time he was here, except the color of the leaves and perhaps the positioning of the sun. JDan’s Inner World consisted of a fortress surrounded by a large forest, and while the fort was abandon it was in pristine condition. The large grey bricks that made up its structure looked as if they were just cut and polished that afternoon. Besides its condition there was nothing else notable about it. It consisted of four towers, one in each corner with a few corridors and rooms inside; overall it was only a little bigger than a high school stadium. JDan turned away from the structure heading into the forest. Up ahead was a river that no matter what he always found Shirudo Shojo there. It was where JDan first learned her name and ever since she would greet him there whenever he visited. Arriving at the river, Shirudo Shojo was there just as he predicted. She laid on the bank that over looked the river as she watched the water peacefully flow by. “Its beautiful isn’t it?” she asked turning her head to greet JDan with a smile. “Yes, but not as beautiful as you are,” said JDan with his usual response. Her skin was mostly pale though it had a splash of tan that almost seems to glow. Her eyes were a dazzling emerald green color while her hair was a light pink similar to a cherry blossom. After greeting one another JDan explains what Metabee had just told them though she already had a rough idea of what was going on, as she was listening in. Shirudo stood up, “So are you sure you ready for this trail? It will not be anything like what you think it.”
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    Nero and Teschma both listened to the other two’s response and responded accordingly, this continued until all four were done with their breakfast. Though their opinions and views were slightly different, all in all it seem to have went well. With breakfast done Yoshirou and Metabee broke off from the group and met up with JDan to being their training. Yoshi didn’t have a chance to fill JDan in on the good news the Commander provided so they took the time to do so now. After he as brought up to speed they all began to tackle the task at hand. Yoshirou picked the same corner as he did last time to meditate while JDan stretched a little bit then sat up against the wall, more towards the center. The Head Noble was the first to begin, entering his Inner World. “Back so soon,” says Kosumosu. “Don’t say it like that,” replies Yoshirou shaking his head. “You make it sound like I never come around.” “Well certainly not as much as you use to,” answers Kosumosu in a teasing manner. “I know it can’t be helped,” she says beating Yoshirou to the punch. “No it can’t but it doesn’t mean I like it either,” Yoshi states letting them know he felt the same. “You both know why I’m here.” “Yes for the trail,” says Kosumosu as they turned their head and looked at one another. “Wha- what is it?” Yoshi asked slightly confused. “Your trial is already complete,” they answered in unison. Yoshirou had this blank look on his face but Kosumosu explained. “Like you we didn’t know of it then but your trail was our pervious battle. Striped of our power you needed to defeat us with your own skill and not surprising you succeeded. And through that battle we once again reconfirmed our trust and faith in you,” he states proudly. “With your power even without this new technique of yours, you would be a worthy Captain Commander. A much preferable future for you.” “That is a task that I will have to entrust to Metabee. Though I’m not sure he’d take it.” He paused for a moment then returned to the topic at hand. “So why can I not transfer the light energy through my weapons?” asked Yoshirou excited with anticipation. “That’s easy. It’s a problem Metabee solved,” quickly answered Kosumosu. “We didn’t know we had to have the natural energy flow through our body as well.” “Your body?” says Yoshirou confused. “Yes, not just our Zanpakuto form but our body as well,” confirms Kosumosu. In the next second they both began to glow, shining brighter and brighter. So much so that Yoshirou hand to throw his hands up to shield his eyes, until it finally calmed down. When Yoshi gazed upon them next they were surrounded by and aura of light, just how he would look when using the ability…
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    Metabee listened to the response Teschma gave him and smiled. What is good and what is evil? He and Yoshirou had such a discussion just a few days ago which would be continued some other time. However, it seemed that Teschma also had yet another opinion which made him happy as it gave them a new perspective and gave them more to argue about. Once given the chance, the Captain would reply,'Did I do what's best? Who knows? Is there really a best decision? I was simply doing what I thought was right. As for setting a high bar to follow... that was never the point to begin with. All we are trying to do is create a future for everyone but like you said, first we consider those closest to us before considering the rest.' He then listened as Teschma continued to answer the second part of the question concerning their mercenary work. It was quite interesting and especially the second to last sentence as Metabee felt that he could understand and relate to a lot as that was how he was feeling. He also felt lost and didn't know what his purpose was anymore. He was just simply living from day to day trying to make the most of it. Metabee replied,'Well, mercenary or not we won't judge you. Everyone has to do soemthing to get by after all. I hope that in your stay here you will find the answer you seek.' With that, their discussion soon came to an end as well as their breakfast which caused the two groups to split. Teschma and Nero presumably went to explore the mansion more or possibly train with the members and help out where they can. As for Metabee and Yoshirou they met up with JDan and headed towards their training grounds to take the next steps in their Kido creation. If Yoshirou hadn't filled in JDan about the progress that the Captain has made while he was away then he would do so himself using the same explanation as yesterday night. Metabee spoke,'So there you have it. Today we will be taking this trial. I don't know how long it will take as it will all be different for the three of us. Though we should assume that it will take us the full day. Since there might only be one go at this give it your best shot and try to come up with the answer, whatever that may be. We don't know what this trial might be. It can be combat, a test of your resolve, a psychological question, who knows? However, it's clear that as soon as we start we won't be able to communicate with each other so we will be on our own, so before we start any questions?' If there was any question Metabee would answer them before starting or if not they would simply begin, perhaps with a bit of mental preparation beforehand.
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    Metabee stated that it gets easier… just a little, getting a small chuckle out of both Vizards. Things continued and Meta expressed his opinion on joining with Yoshirou and the Kyoraku, of course throwing in some humor while he was at it. “Its obvious that you two get along well and an accomplishment of such a feat is no small task either. Wouldn’t you agree Nero?” says Teschma. His mouth was full so he simply nodded in agreement. “But we are not as humble of people as you two. While you did a lot for the greater good which there is no denying it, do you think personally, for yourself that it was the best call Commander?” He looks at Yoshirou and Metabee both. “I mean no disrespect but you two set a high bar for others to follow. While I wouldn’t go as far as to call us evil people we aren’t necessarily good either. Truth be told many would argue the former and have a pretty solid case but that’s not my point. What I’m trying to say is that we often chose what’s best for us over what’s best for everyone else.” Once Tesch was finished Yoshirou immediately responded. “We do not expect you to fill in our shoes (means walks in ones footsteps/ be exactly like them). I've recognized that while you were swords for hire you also protected your comrades and all that was yours. So whether you volunteer for charity work or only defend against all those that would cause us harm, there is a place for you both here,” he said meaning not only in the clan but the Soul Society as well. Metabee had a chance to respond before he asked about his thoughts on his mercenary work. “Was it right? Well that’s left to the eye of the beholder. What’s right for us might not be right what's right for you or someone else. If you mean was it fair or ‘just’ then it’s not something we usually stopped to consider. We either accepted a mission or didn’t and yes in some cases we did make the world a better place,” answers Teschma. “You could say we got our thrills out of influencing human history but no matter which decade or century they are all pretty much the same,” says Nero chiming in. “We have nothing against humans but didn’t want to get caught in their endless loop of events.” “But do I regret it. No not in the slightest. Most Vizards that have ever been apart of our group lacked a sense of purpose or meaning, including me. With that in common we were able to come together and thrive at one point but those days are far behind us. Now we seek something more, something different,” states Tesch. “You mean like retirement?” asked Yoshi. “Yes, at least from the life of a mercenary,” Teschma answered.
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    Regarding their conversation about what to do with the Gotei, it seemed that the two had come to a consensus. Yoshirou merely added that if he wasn't going to go personally then Metabee should still assign someone from the Kido Corps for the job. Since the Kido Corps was respected by the entirety of the Gotei then sending any member would still make the announcement meaningful even if he wasn't doing it in person. However, no one came to mind for now so they would think about this matter some other time. Their other option being to simply use a Bakudo to broadcast it to all of Seiretei but he feard that might cause the state of panic that they didn't want so he still preferred going to the individual squads and informing them. The next morning, the four of them were having breakfast and Metabee listened as Yoshirou was conversing with the two guests and asking for their opinions of the mansion. Nero was the first to answer saying that he couldn't get used to all the luxury. The Captain chuckled as that was the very same thing he had said a few days ago,'I thought the same when I came here but after exploring a bit you do get a bit more used to it. Just a tad though.' He said this as there were still many things that impressed him and surprised him around the mansion that he kept finding everyday so the luxurious part couldn't be ever taken out. After a few more exchanges, Teschma questioned Metabee if he felt like he made the right decision. It really did seem like many people were curious about why he joined a Noble Clan. Metabee nodded to the question,'Well, he's reliable and easy to make fun of. What more is there to want?' he said with a grin before continuing,'It was certainly the right decision. In such a short span of time we were able to achieve quite a lot that will benefit the future generations. Furthermore, if just us two are able to unite the Soul Society, isn't that proof enough?' Satisfied with his answer it was time for Metabee to ask a question,'What about you? Do you feel like being a mercenary was worth it? That you've made the world a better place? Or maybe did you think it was the right thing to do in the beginning but now come to regret it?' Being a mercenary is a complicated type of justice; a life in exchange for 'peace'. Many end up being used as a simple hitman or getting mixed up in some plot that will lead to their demise. Furthermore, killing one person won't change anything in the grand scheme of things as someone or many more will come to replace the killed which brings about the infinite cycle that they currently have. He wanted to hear his opinion on this.
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    *first i know this is late but i just came across this Good Ol Yuro, man its been far too long. Your post was well said it is really good to hear from you. You honestly were one of the greats and still are and although the good times came with some bad ones you are a BSE Legend and that will never change!!! Best Wishes
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
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    After highlighting his points, Metabee was more agreeable with what Yoshirou meant. He still stressed quality over quantity but Yoshi agreed with him on that so there were no problems there. He also agreed to his next point, which he replied to. “You’re right. We have very little time to spare so sending a representative free us up. I just hope it doesn’t loose any of its ‘weight’ not coming from you, the Kido Commander. At the very least I think it best if the news comes from your Corps,” Yoshi stated. The Kido Corps is a fellow branch of military in the Soul Society whereas the Kyoraku are one of the Great Noble Clans. The ladder could obviously be accused of abusing their authority and their words told to deaf ears (means people that wont listen), especially without Yoshirou there to defend himself. That’s also why Yoshirou thought that the Corps should take the lead with the support of the Kyoraku instead of the other way around. The effect he thought would be greater this way. It was late so for now there was no need to rush to an answer. The conversation continued and was only wrapped once they decided to call it a night… (After introductions from Tesch & Nero the following morning) Metabee shook both their hands returning the respect they’ve shown him. Like Yoshi, Metabee stated his first name would suffice. “You two are as humble as the rumors say,” states Teschma while Nero nods in agreement. “Its also good to see that Vizards are no longer discriminated against like in the past." To Teschma a Vizard becoming a Commander was a huge success in his eyes. The Soul Society appeared to be far from what he pictured it; at least so far. “Yes it’s been years since the ban on Vizards was rescinded. You would have nothing to worry about in that regard,” responds Yoshirou confidently. “So how are you two enjoying your stay so far?” he asked changing the subject from something so serious. “This place is very extravagant. Its nice but I’m not sure I could ever get used to it. You can actually live like royalty here,” Nero answers enthusiastically. “Sure it can be overwhelming at first. Even being born into it, it is still hard for me to truly believe. But it only motivates me to work hard and give back more generously. And yea that’s easy for me to say in my position but I still believe it nonetheless,” replies Yoshirou who looks at Teschma for his answer. “Its to good to be true. I’ve worked for kings that would be jealous but it does make for one hell of a place to retire. I’m still not sure what to make of it overall though but for now we are certainly enjoying ourselves. And your training regiments are top notch. I can already see why the Kyoraku’s Zanjutsu is so highly praised,” says Teschma who then takes a couple more bites of food. “Well that is fair. Take your time deciding on what you make of this place. I hope its something good no matter what your decision is and your praises are much appreciated,” stated Yoshirou. Teschma cleared his throat and faced Metabee. “I’ve been told you haven’t been an Advisor to the Clan for very long. Do you feel like you’ve made the right choice aligning with Yoshirou?” He was curious; of course asking in front of Yoshi was a little blunt but that was Tesch’s personality. He was typically straight to the point and hated beating around the bush.
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    Hey guys its Yuroshima, Its been a while, I just wanted to come back and say thanks to all of you and this website, sometimes at night i really reflect deeply on all that happened here, all we said and talked about. I got on here as an early teenager, about 14, and stayed for years, , I don't want to get into the good stuff going for me as this isn't really a come back and shine kind of post, but do know I am doing very well in life and not to worry, im a 20 year old man now though, and idc if anyone thinks this is lame, but I still think back to this place a lot, I had a pretty average if not good social life during my time here and even still I consider the things that took place here to be some of the greatest memories of my young life. I truly consider you all friends and I make my name on every single internet or game thing I do Good Ol Yuro, just so youll recognize me one day maybe, and remember how special those times were. I always wanna come back and do a massive post I planned years ago that would sum up all my characters, even Yuro, but I just never seem to be able to /: I know I was a bit terrible many times, and I know some of you were too, but we were all going through our cringy phases and the changes of life and all that so I just don't even onsider those times relevant. From what many other people ive met in life who would tell me in times we would be alone that they also RP'd, apparently no where was as cool and cinematic as we were I love you guys I miss you guys Truly thank you for times of the highest fun in my young life and I hope you all come back one day and see this, so you know that I hope your all doing well.
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    I miss your goofyness, my friend. Hope all is well.