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    The rhythmic pitter patting could be heard marching into an abandoned warehouse as a storm rumbled overhead. A group of twelve soldiers marched through the rain with rifles at the ready. Each soldier was outfitted in similar attire. Long, black, double breasted trench coats with shoulder straps. The coat is bound at the waist with an ivory belt with a lavishly decorated buckle with the symbol of a bald eagle clutching the world within its talons. All of this is worn over a pair of black trousers and tightly tied trench boats. One soldier had an Eagle Insignia adorned on his back with a golden star in the middle. This man was the leader of this group of black-op soldiers. They quickly fill in the warehouse by twos, one for each side. They stay close to each other with their backs practically hugging the wall. Each of them slips on special goggles to get a better chance to spot their awaiting prey. From above, quickly moving around in the shadows is a pair of darting yellow eyes. The creature they belong to is worried and afraid but determined. Determined to get its meal and quell, if only temporary, its insatiable hunger. To stop these men at any costs. But most importantly, it is determined to survive. A quick bolt of lightning from outside briefly illuminates the warehouse, causing one of the soldiers to spot the creature. “It’s up there!” he yells as he fires a barrage of bullets towards the creature’s direction. The others quickly follow suit, covering a large area with bullets. The sound of rain falling is quickly engulfed by the sounds of the shell casings hitting the floor. After a minute, the firing stops. The guns still smoke in their hands as they begin to move around and form up in search of what they hope to be a body. Still, in formation, they walk before a blur shoots in front of the lead’s face. His startled gasp causes them all to stop in their tracks, holding their weapons up for round two. A cry of pain shoots out, this time from behind. They quickly begin to move back and attempt to figure out just who the sound came from. Taking a few steps forward, one of them feels his foot stepping into something wet. A leak in the roof that caused a pool of water perhaps? The group could hear ravenous chewing and smacking. The sickening sound of something being crunched upon. Another bolt of lightning from outside revealed what they feared. Someone in the back of the group had gotten caught off guard from behind. One quick swipe from the beast was all that was necessary to end his life and claim his head. Now it sat feasting on the spoils of its victory, fulfilling one of its determined goals. Its ivory white mask covered in patches of the crimson blood, grinning at the soldiers with a fiendish delight. “Fire at will men!” The lead soldier manages to mutter out as they begin to pepper the creature with a barrage of bullets. The bullets, unfortunately, have little effect on its rough skin but does manage to slow it down. It slowly backs away, giving the remaining eleven soldiers time to surround it in a U shape. It backs itself firmly into a wall, attempting to swipe at the soldiers to keep their distance. The creature was no fool. It knew that it only needed to bide its time until the bullets ran out. From there, it would just be child’s play to finish off each of them one by one. All twelve would serve as a glorious feast for it. “Switch to the RXR rounds.” The leader flicks a small switch on the upper right portion of his rifle as the weapon begins to hum. Suddenly, the bullets firing from the weapon turn blue, moving at an increased speed. These rounds, compared to the other, begins to rip into the flesh of the creature who howls in pain. One by one, each of the soldiers begins to flip the switches of their rifles on, turning their original bullets into the RXR rounds. The creature is pelted from all sides from the gunfire, hole after hole being blasted into its body. A few seconds pass and the creature slumps to the ground, near lifeless. The leader holds his hand upward, quickly stopping the gunfire barrage. All still have their guns trained on the creature in the event it tries to make any sort of movements. From behind, three military classed vehicles pull up side by side, the light from their headlights filling the warehouse. The back door open from the middle vehicle as a bright purple umbrella emerges. A pair of pristine black loafers steps out on the wet concrete as a man closes the door, umbrella in hand. His jet-black hair drips a few drops of water from the raindrops that manage to get by his umbrella. His white lab coat dangles just above the wet ground as he makes his way forward. Each step is slow and meticulous. Taking in all the dreary scenery with his calculating eyes. As he walks inside of the warehouse, he closes the umbrella and uses it as a makeshift cane. His footsteps echo above the pattering rain as the soldiers part to let him through, guns still trained on the target. The man reaches the group of soldiers, handing the captain his umbrella as he takes a better look at the nearly dead creature. “Would you like to use my goggles to see the creature?” the Captain says inquisitively. “No need, I can see it just fine without”, the man says sharply. He stands in awe of the wounded creature before him. A creature unknown to the land of the living. “Breathtaking…..isn’t it? Breathtaking to behold such a magnificent creature like this.” He says after a long pause. He starts to kneel down and get a better look at it but stops himself. An old saying rings in his head. “Never taunt a wounded animal” Relenting for a more technological approach, he pulls a PDA from within his lab coat and begins to scan the creature. “It is Adjuchas level and was nearing its completion to Vasto Lorde. A shame that you all did not find it afterward.” “An A Rank? This was one of the easier ones we’ve caught. We lost a good soldier but the target went down easy.” The Captain pipes up. He was quite fond of his work, quite fond of the job he and his team perform. The thrill of hunting down these targets and defeating them at any cost. One life was necessary for what he believed would be the salvation of billions. “I’m glad that you cling so closely to fantasy Captain. Try not to dabble into delusion however, the harsh reality of the world may scare you.” He glances up at the Captain and gives a small, yet snide smirk before returning his attention to his PDA. “I watched the entire battle from the chips install in your goggles. The same device that lets you see spiritual creatures such as this. You all were falling right into its trap. Had you waited another minute to use the Reishi X-tinction Rounds I created, you all would have been killed immediately during the reloading process by either its claws or a cero. Had you used the rounds from the start, it would have adjusted and changed its battle plans accordingly. Eventually taking you all out. I know what you are thinking and it was not a battle strategy. What you employed was dumb luck that happened to work out in your favor. Even now, you still do not truly know what you are up against.” Taking the umbrella back from the Captain’s hand, he quickly removes the false bottom to reveal a small needle with purple fluid which he injects into the creature. It gives a small sound of pain before returning to its labored breathing. Its eyes glaze over before half closing. “Even now you do not realize the danger you were in. According to the data, this creature had regenerative capabilities. Each passing second it slowly regrew the tissue the bullets destroyed. It would not have been long before it regained enough strength to strike again. Probably a suicide attack. Luckily, the special agent I’ve injected into its bloodstream will sedate and slowly paralyze the target using its own regenerative powers against it. The body, however, will be preserved for transport and will be in good condition for my needs.” The Captain stands, mystified that his mistake nearly cost him his life. The man chuckles at his revelation and finishes collecting the data required. Slipping the PDA back into his pocket, he opens his umbrella and begins to walk back to the waiting vehicles. A few men from the largest vehicle in the back quickly enter the warehouse with a large container to store the now sedated hollow within. As they pass the man, he stops to stare out into the distance in front of him. “Good job Captain.” he says coyly. “Thanks to the efficient work of you and your team, I’ve nearly acquired all of the pieces needed for my greatest achievement. This was the last hollow specimen I required and thanks to its level, it exceeds my previous expectations. Only one thing remains before things are set in motion. You will be rewarded.” He says before retreating to dry safety of the back seat. “Thank you, Mr. Dan,” The Captain responds as he and his soldiers salute the departing truck. In the backseat, the calculated businessman rifles through the data stored on his PDA, uploading that to the monitor to his right side. As he types on a keyboard, the monitor in front of him pulls up the files of the Captain and all his team. A red “X” is placed on the one deceased member as the man studies their files intently. His eyes dart from file to file before he shuts the monitor off and stares out at the streets around him. “These peons know not of the forces which they truly deal with. No matter, they are all expendable anyways. People such as him will flock by the dozens to join the cause of protecting this ridiculous city. The end is in sight and eventually the façade will fall. Soon the depths of my godly talents will be revealed in all its magnificent glory. Even the Gods of death themselves will come to fear the name, Genm.” WC: 1,773
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    As the sun was setting over the western horizon all that could be heard was the rhythmic pinging of a hammer clashing against metal. If one approached the building, they would see an average sized garage just large enough that if used normally two cars could fit inside. Serving as a backdrop for the building is a large woodland area behind a barbed wire fence. The tall trees cast shadows towards the building, however, the passing time went unnoticed to you young man inside the building with the garage door raised. The day was cooling, but if one was near the open door they would feel the heat radiating outward. At the entrance was a man who appeared around fifty years old. The man was roughly six feet tall, with brown hair, blue eyes, and a beard which was well taken care of. If one looked closer gray hairs could be frequently seen. Despite his growing age he could generally be considered physically fit due to long years of hard physical labor. The man always had a passion for building, and finally one day was able to open his own construction company. The man’s gaze was directed towards the young man in the garage who took after his father hammering away at a glowing orange piece of steel. Watching his son, he couldn’t prevent his lips from curling upward. “Connor! Do you plan to stay out here all night again?” It was only when the man spoke that Connor noticed his presence due to having been so engrossed in creating a knife. Realizing his mistake, he halted his movements and smiled apologetically towards his father before replying back. “I never plan to stay out here all night!” “Smartass! Your mother’s fixing dinner, and she wants you to eat with us tonight so wrap it up.” From the smile on his father’s face, it was obvious that this was a normal routine for them. After a bit more small talk his father headed back towards the house which could be seen a distance away from Connor’s location. He would be going back to the house soon, so he couldn’t waste too much time on his current project. His gloved hands held a hammer in his left and a pair of tongs in his right. With the tongs, he was clamping onto a dulling orange piece of steel which he had just finished shaping. The way he passed his time was by creating knives. It was early in his life when his father taught him the process of making knives. From the very first time, he was completely captivated by the art. It wasn’t immediately that he could actually use the forge himself however, he understood the theory behind it well. After countless attempts and pestering, he was able to convince his father to guide him through each step. Once he was able to attempt it for himself it was revealed that he had a natural talent for it. Through his life afterward whenever he would spend his free time in the very same spot performing the same actions. If there was any downside to his situation, it would be the fact that despite loving the art he didn’t have anyone to teach him more than his father did, and it has to be noted his father was and is by no means experienced. It was simply something his father also taught him, and so he passed it to his son as well. This caused Connor’s forging techniques the stagnate where they currently are for many years after rapidly surpassing his father’s skill. The knife he is currently creating is a bowie knife, or at least that’s what it will be. It couldn’t be considered a knife as it didn’t have an edge on it, despite the shape being there. He didn’t have time to do any more work before dinner or he would. For the time being all he could do is place the piece of metal on his anvil. Then he removed his gloves and placed them alongside his hammer, tongs, and various other tools on a nearby table. Finally, he turned off his gas forge. Before leaving he closed the garage door, and exited from a side entrance and proceeded on his path home. __________________________________________ “It looks delicious mom!” He had just sat down at a table with a spread of various dishes in the center of the table. She had made chicken casserole, along with an assortment of vegetables, and scratch made rolls. It was a round dining table with six seats, however, only three were used normally. His parents sat next to each other, while he sat opposite of them. “Of course it is, I made it punk.” His mother proudly accepted the compliment, but like usual in his family, she went out of the way to tease her son. “And that’s exactly why I complimented you. It’s hard to believe.” At the moment he said that the father and son looked at each other and smile, both of them remembering the several meals which were burnt in the past. However, rather than throw it out they were forced to eat those awful meals so long as they hadn’t been reduced to charcoal. Connor’s mother easily became emotional and was hurt at the mention of throwing out the food she cooked so they could only helplessly appease her if it seemed somewhat edible. When she heard what Connor said she had looked to her husband expectantly on to see him smiling, and she immediately began to lose her temper. It was only at these moments that their son could see fear appear in the depths of his father’s eyes. *cough* “Connor, don’t tease your mother like that. She worked very hard on this meal for us.” “That’s right honey! Connor, you should appreciate how caring and loving your mother is.” Just as he was about to crack another joke he could clearly see his father pleading with his eyes to just let it go. Internally he could only sigh as he gently smiled at the two of them. Every day was like this with their little family, and each day was just as entertaining as the last. Both of the men passed some of their time annoying the only woman in the house. However, neither actually wanted to make her upset so it could be said they both walked the very fine line between mean and playful teasing. “Thank you for dinner mom; looks and smells delicious so how could taste any different?” To that question, his mother only smiled and immediately calmed down. It made him wonder if she was actually that emotional or acting that way to manipulate the two of them. It was certainly very difficult to tell the difference most of the time. “So, when are you going to bring a girl home?” There it was, the one question that never failed to come up when he was around his mom for an extended period of time. He had just started eating but was already facing the toughest question to answer. “If I can’t find the right girl, and I bring home the wrong one won’t you be upset?” “I just want you to bring a girl home! I’m ready for some grandbabies!” She caught him with that just as he was taking a drink of water, and at that exclamation, he could only choke the water down and glare at her. It was a sore spot for him to talk about girls. There weren’t many out there that appealed to him. He didn’t trust others easily, so despite going on a few successful dates, he was left with nothing to show for it. He could see right through most of the girls he met, and none so far was worth bringing home. Let alone have children with them. “Mom…” “Yes?” “I’m afraid to bring a girl home.” At this moment he was laying a trap for her due to her teasing. He took a step back before, however, with her ‘attack’ he could only fight fire with fire. As he spoke his expression turned more serious, and his mother who was smiling innocently towards him stayed quiet as if she was saying “Go on.” “If she turned out to be anything like you I would suffer for the rest of my life.” As he spoke a smile crept onto his face freezing his mother’s expression. After that, she sat silently while eating her food awkwardly. It appeared he had hurt her feelings, however, he knew better. He simply smiled triumphantly and continued to eat. His father, on the other hand, acted oblivious to the entire conversation, clearly intending to stay out of it. “Tomorrow morning I need you with me to discuss building a home for a client on his recently purchased property.” “In other words, don’t stay up all night?” “Exactly.” The three had finished eating and were all cleaning up from their dinner. Everything was proceeding normally, they were simply making small talk covering and putting up their leftovers or washing dishes and wiping down the countertops and dinner table. It was approaching eight thirty, the darkness had overtaken the light outside when Connor finally had the opportunity to return to his workshop. The seasons were changing, and each night seemed cooler than the last. Around this time of year in Tennessee, eighty and ninety degree days were normal. It was abnormal for the temperature to drop below sixty through the night at the end of summer, however, that was currently occurring. Connor didn’t actually notice this fact. Things such as temperature fluctuation didn’t affect him. From a young age, he had a sturdy constitution that protected him from the elements to some extent. It was also rare for him to actually get sick. Because of that although he could sense changes in the temperature he never paid much attention to it. Back at his forge once again he heated the metal evenly and hammered it correcting some earlier mistakes. The blade section of this particular knife is nine inches, while the tang is five and a half. The shape is that of a traditional bowie knife, with no major deviations in design. When Connor made his first knife he remembered the things that people normally have to do, and attempted to follow those steps in the beginning. It was only after gaining a bit of experience that although he could copy others, for himself it was easier to simply do what felt right. When he heated the metal even when his father initially would advise against it, he would remove it from the forge only when his intuition advised him. It was the same for the other steps with grinding, annealing, hardening, tempering. Even the guard, handle and sheath simply takes shape. It is almost as if his body is leading him through the process after he began to understand it. With that being said, while he moves intuitively the craft itself during these times fills him entirely. Over the years Connor attempted several times to improve, as well as diversify his techniques. Each attempt left him feeling that it was lacking. In his frustration, he could only focus entirely on the basics refining his technique there as much as he could by improving himself. More than once he found himself studying foreign techniques, lost techniques, and various other weapons. Every time he thought about those things he would feel as if a fire was burning inside of him. It only ever served to stoke the flames of passion within him only to be smothered by the cruel reality that wouldn’t allow him to pursue his passion. His father relied on him during construction as he could essentially save money by preventing most mistakes. Grinding the shape of the blade, refining a sharp edge, creating perfect symmetry in such a way was simply captivating to him. This was actually his favorite part of the entire process. Two hours had passed with him reaching the stage required for him to harden the blade. It was at this point that he drilled five holes into the tang. Three of the are for pins, while the other two are for the epoxy to bridge between the two sides. With his pin holes made he proceeded to heat his blade as evenly as possible to reach the ideal orange glow. Next to him is a vat filled with oil which he just a bit before warmed with another piece of metal in preparation. As if there was someone guiding him from within he unhurriedly removed the blade from the forge and dipped it straight down into the previously mentioned vat. After a few seconds, Connor slowly removed the blade just as straight as it had gone in. Held by his tongs he lifted it to eye level and checked the spine of the knife that came out perfectly straight. Seeing this he couldn’t help but grin. He knew intuitively that he would succeed, but it was always better seeing the success rather than expecting it. Finally, all that remained was to temper the knife before finalizing the cutting edges of a bowie knife. The tempering process was simple for him as it involved evenly heating the blade to a low temperature followed by allowing it to cool naturally in the air. Once it cooled enough the be handled with his bare hands he completed the blade that night in preparation for the handle which could only wait for tomorrow. ____________________________________________ The next day around noon Connor and his father were at the location that their client requested for the build. Connor’s biggest part in the builds would be his ability to accurately judge the land for the best spot to build, as well as any alterations they may need to make through the process. Most of the other work is then handled by several of the workers, however, through the time working for his father he learned some of the simpler trades and could assist on many of the fronts. Overall, his father was on site directing the construction on the technical end while Connor focused on a more interactive role. Another advantage related to Connor’s intuitive abilities was that he could give a more accurate estimate based on the difficulty of building at the location. This was the reason why his father needed him today. Knowing the difficulty beforehand helps the both them and the client as it prevents any surprises from appearing later. The person they were meeting with was actually someone that they frequently did business with. He was someone bad to go to auctions and take the cheapest properties he could find in order to improve, then sell for a profit. Because of that, he tended to buy before thinking or consulting due to having too much money. This man’s name was Don. “How is it kiddo?” The hopefulness was clearly projected towards the two next to him, especially so to Connor as he asked. “It’s a dud.” In a calm collected manner, he assessed the property and answered crushing Don’s hopes. “Again?!” As if unable to take the loss the man who was slightly heavyset and around his father’s age reacted with an outburst. “If you don’t believe me then you can get someone out here to check for underground sinkholes. It would cost more than it is worth to do work to a property like this, as well as become a safety hazard.” Connor easily and calmly replied to the man having long since become used to his personality. “I got it, you don’t have to rub it in that much.” Don acted as if he was defeated, however, the two knew all too well that behind that was a gambler’s mentality that never stopped. “You really shouldn’t just buy whatever you can like you do.” Connor gave some friendly advice to the man twice his age knowing that it would be ignored. “You’re still young so you don’t understand, if you don’t spend money you will never make money!” Don always replied similarly to him, as if he was justified to do what he did. “That’s true, but if you waste all of your money you won’t ever make any either.” The man had worked with the Father Son duo several times and understood how reliable Connor was when it came to this. This was just his personality and always managed to get a good laugh out of the two. Both of them had a grin on their face watching the man act dramatically. They could all be considered acquainted so they weren’t overly formal with each other. His father was a prime example of this. Connor watched him place his hand on the client’s shoulder. “How much this time?” His father asked with a serious expression, and a stern tone as if interrogating a child. “Uh….” At the question, it was clear that Don realized his mistake. “Don, How much?” Connor’s father asked again in an equally serious manner as before. “F-Forty Thousand…” Hearing the answer both of them were only able to secretly marvel at how wasteful this man was with money. While they would give anything to have that money, the who actually has it only knows how to waste it. “Your wife is going to put you in the dog house.” They were both smiling as if this single fact consoled them, and they had no intention of allowing Don to ignore his mistake. Just as Don was about to reply in justification Connor chimed in. “Again, right?” Just like that Don could only lower his head in defeat. They were truly a great duo, at least when they had a mutual ‘enemy’. Both dealt decisive blows to the man when they could. In the end, they were still dealing with a client, thus they stopped there and continued professionally once more. “So, what are your plans for this place now?” This was the most important question his father could ask. The both understood Don’s personality well and knew that today most likely wouldn’t amount to anything. They still had to confirm what he wanted to do. *sigh* “I’m not doing anything here. I am just going to sell it to someone else and hope to make at least some of my money back.” Don had already given up on the location. He was only doing this for fun and wasn’t looking to overly trouble himself with complications. His only goal was to turn a profit easily, and this project couldn’t be considered that. And then there was the liability of the sinkhole opening up during the work. It just wasn’t worth it for him, or Connor’s father. “Well, do you want to stop and get something to eat?” His father was at least somewhat sympathetic towards Don. Connor believed it was something that only married men could understand, and didn’t bother to participate in the conversation. “Yeah, I might need it because it may be my last.” Don was clearly joking when he said that, however, it also seemed to express real fear. When Connor heard it he couldn’t help but think to himself ‘Maybe I don’t get married.’ However, that thought quickly left as he knew how upset his mother would be if he actually didn’t ever marry someone. “Well, while you two go do that I am going to head back to the house. I have a project that I still haven’t finished. I will see you when you get home dad, and don’t drink any alcohol. We both know how mom reacts. Don, I wish you the best of luck with your wife. I would suggest you not drink anything either, or else who knows how your wife might react.” With just that he had completely dissuaded either of them from doing anything foolish. The fear they feel towards their wives fury was clearly ingrained deep within them based on how they both appear to shiver for a moment when he spoke. Connor didn’t understand what the big deal was, however, he had unconsciously already developed a similar fear towards his mother that he was unaware of. _______________________________________ On his way home his gaslight happened to come on. It just so happened that at that time not far up the road on his right was a gas station. When he pulled up to the pump and got out prepared to use his card at the pump to fill up he saw on the screen that it required one to pay inside. With that, he put his billfold back into his right back pocket and proceeded towards the cashier. There wasn’t anyone else in the store, only a male cashier that appeared to be in his mid-twenties. At the register, he handed the cashier two twenty dollar bills. “I’m gonna fill up.” After saying that he was met with only a nod before he returned to the pump, inserted the nozzle, selected the grade of fuel, and began pumping his gas. Rather than hold it himself he used the small flip switch to lock the pump open while he waited. After a minute or two had passed the pump stopped itself just short of thirty-five dollars. Like any normal human would Connor pumped a bit more until it was thirty-five even, replaced the nozzle, closed up his tank, and went in for his change from the cashier. When he approached the counter again he felt the hairs on his neck stand up and his gaze was drawn towards the Powerball lottery sign displaying a grand total of five hundred and sixty-seven million dollars as the reward. It was an odd sensation which reminded him of the moments when he forged weapons. At the moment the two were compared he understood clearly what he should do, and didn’t hesitate to ask for the cashier to with that change give him a ticket for the lottery. He had never been a gambler, but he didn’t normally ignore his instincts when they guided him. Through experience, he understood more often than not they led him true. “What numbers?” The employee asked in a deadpan manner. It was clear that he wasn’t fond of the job he has. How he felt wasn’t something for Connor to consider, so he simply just requested the be randomized. He didn’t have any numbers come to mind, thus it was best left to fate. With that, he received a single ticket and his change before leaving. Back at his home, he headed directly to his workshop. Today he would be completing the knife he had been working on previously. He had already decided last night to used redwood for the handle and three stainless steel pins. On this knife, in particular, he decided against adding a guard to it. With his holes already drilled in the tang of the blade all that was left for him to do was to drill matching holes in the redwood scales. This step wasn’t too difficult for him and proceeded smoothly. After confirming that the holes lined up the final step before shaping were for him to use epoxy on the side of the scales that go against the tang itself, push the pins through which had been cut to size, and then let the epoxy dry clamped together. In the meantime, he prepared his belt sander. Once enough time had passed he unclamped the knife handle, and proceeded to shape the handle. The design he decided on could almost be compared to an egg shape being narrower in the front and slightly thicker in the back while along the length of the entire handle there were slight indentions for the fingers to rest on either side to suit either left or right handed use. Finally, with every step being completed he tidied up the knife as a whole. All that was left of the entire process was for him to actually use the knife in order to test its durability and strength. The first thing he did after ensuring that he was content with the knife itself was to flip the way he was gripping the knife and extend his hand straight out to the side over the concrete floor. Through the entire motion, he was smiling confidently, as if the knife itself spoke to him and told him that what he was about to do next would be okay. Immediately after fully extending his arm, he dropped the knife with the tip facing downward. A moment later was a clear clang as the knife met the concrete, however, there wasn’t a cracking sound. Knowing that Connor could only smile broader. Had he hardened the knife too much it would have become brittle and snapped just a moment ago. As that was no longer an issue he had full confidence in the blades sharpness as well as edge retention ability. However, to ensure those facts he still intended to test them. To test the sharpness was much simpler. While there are many ways to actually test this factor, the most accessible among them was for him to use the blade like a razor up his arm. Again, without any hesitation, he placed the blade against his arm and slid it upward. Unsurprisingly to him it cleanly shaved a two-inch portion of hair from his arm. Finally, to test the edge retention ability of the blade he laid out three-quarters of an inch thick rope along a wooden table in his workshop and proceeded to repeatedly and cleanly cut through the rope in one single motion. This continued for a long while cutting through over fifty feet of rope easily. It was at that point that Connor chose to stop as he couldn’t afford to continue on. After that test, he once again tested the sharpness of the blade against his arm, and again it cleanly shaved a small two-inch section of hair from his arm. With that, he was completely confident in the knife overall. There was one last thing which would be needed for a good knife, and that was an equally good sheath to store it in. He decided to have a dark brown ten ounce leather for the sheath, so he properly cleaned and dyed the leather before wrapping the knife itself in saran wrap and using a cut to shape piece of leather to shape around the blade and roughly an inch of the handle. The design involved a piece of leather with a fastener to prevent the knife from being removed accidentally as well as a belt loop. After hours of forming, trimming, and stitching the sheath together he had a proper knife and sheath just before dinner time. Because he intended to show his parents his new piece he took it along with him when he closed up his workshop and returned back to the house. To his surprise what he saw wasn’t his parents together, but rather his mother who was absolutely livid. She looked at him but was clearly upset enough not to care about greeting him. It only took a moment for him to realize that his father hadn’t returned, and even more likely called his mother. Being in an awkward situation, and fearing that she may lose her temper Connor slowly placed his hands behind his back which was holding the knife. “Hey, mom. What’s wrong?” Connor calmly spoke to his mother while being completely sure that if he hadn’t she would have blown up on him rather than his father. ‘Sorry dad, but she’s your wife.’ He thought. “What did you put behind your back?” His mother spoke to him hatefully. It seemed as if she could read his thoughts, and immediately questioned him. “Hm? Oh, you mean this? It’s the knife I have been working on the past couple of days. Would you like to see it?” He wasn’t able to hide it from her, so the next best option was to simply advertise its existence to her to prevent misunderstandings. “Oh, is that so? Bring it here and let me have a look.” Her tone lightened a bit since he wasn’t secretly covering for his father like she had assumed moments ago. For Connor, it was as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders as he approached and handed it to her. “This is a very pretty knife, you did a good job. Your father has never made anything like this.” While praising him she also managed to be spiteful towards his father. “Thanks, Mom.” He naturally understood what was going on, but choose to stay out of their arguments. At least, he wished to. Unfortunately, nothing ever works out the way one plans. It was at the moment when his mother had his knife in hand that his father choose to arrive home. ‘Oh shit.’ Connor thought as a cold sweat ran down his forehead. “JON! WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?! WHY DID YOU NOT CALL ME?” His mother erupted, from Connor’s perspective, there may have even been illusory flames burning around her. Looking closer at her he actually realized the hand that previously held the knife was now empty. It had been too sudden for him to realize she had actually thrown the knife towards his father. “Uh….” Glancing to his right at the knife which was now embedded deeply in the door frame Jon swallowed his words down and looked towards his son apologetically. “Connor, I thought I told you to tell your mother that I was going out with Don?” ‘Don’t blame this on me you bastard! Do you want to have a son after today?!’ He thought to himself. He had a bad feeling the moment his father looked towards him, and this was why. He was trying to shift the blame! “No, I think it was the other way around father. I thought I told you to call mom after I reminded you not to drink anything with Don.” ‘Two can play this game dad!’ With his mother so furious he refused to take the fall for this. Seeing that her gaze remained him his father Connor proceeded to mockingly smile towards him while receiving a glare. “Ah, that’s right. I’m sorry darling, I got caught up with Don because he lost money today.” His father changed his tune realizing the only path remaining for him was the one of honesty. He immediately became apologetic towards her, which in turn angered her more due to his attempt at lying his way out of it. “What? Do you think I don’t deserve a call because you are out with your buddy?” She wasn’t going to take a step back and make him answer for his crimes towards her. At the same time, she clearly intended not to mention the fact that she nearly widowed herself moments ago. “I’m sorry darling!” This time his father simply apologized to his mother without making excuses which improved her mood quite a bit. Both Connor and his father were relieved to see that. It was almost as if they had a new lease on life now that she was calming down. “Just call me next time, okay?” She almost sounded pitiful when she spoke this time as if she had been hurt by the fact he didn’t call. It was a tone and appearance that would earn sympathy from most others if they happened to see her like this. However, the only two people in the world who would understand that this was the calm before the storm were both in the room with her. “So, you have to cook tonight, okay? That’s how you can make this up to me, and you also have to fix that.” She pointed at the knife she just moments ago threw at Jon as if it was normal. “Yes Caitlynn, my love!” Jon had immediately accepted her requests causing a smile to appear on her face, and send chills down Connor’s back who was only a bystander at this point. After that, his knife was returned to him with praise from his father, and things proceeded normally for the next two days. For the most part, work was only paperwork which was all handled by his father, with some help from his mother. It was only on Wednesday night that things took a turn towards strange. __________________________________________ “Son, I thought you bought one of these tickets!” Jon called out to Connor reminding him about a fact that he had forgotten about shortly after purchase. When he heard his father Connor took his billfold from his back pocket and removed the lottery ticket that he had put in his wallet with alongside his change from that day. That day he had let the machine choose his numbers, and didn’t have any expectations for the ticket to be ‘the one’. Despite his doubts towards the ticket, he remained in the room to watch what numbers are drawn. “06, 21, 16, 17, 52, and the Powerball is….” “25…” Connor spoke in sync with the announcer, which stupefied both of his parents. Both turned to look at him slightly confused, however, they realized something was off from his dazed expression. Curiosity led them over to him, it was then that they saw the exact same numbers called out on the ticket in his hand. “Son, you know that your father has always loved you, right?” Jon had placed a hand on Connor’s shoulder and spoke in a serious tone immediately after seeing the ticket. This was the kind of relationship between the two of them. Even at times like this they would both joke with each other. “I know I have a loving father. A father so loving that he would never take advantage of his son, right?” Connor had no intention of keeping the money to himself, rather the moment he realized he had the winning numbers he had already decided to split the prize with his parents. It was only his father’s shameless behavior that caused him to reply the way that he did. “You wouldn’t just abandon your father now that you earned such a fortune, right? Think about your mother.” His father quickly changed approaches when he realized his first wasn’t going to go as planned. “Mom! We’re rich!” Connor ignored his father and proceeded to hug his mom. Since his father wanted a second round, he could only oblige. Jon was at a loss for words after Connor’s reply this time. Feeling a sense of victory he added on. “All three of us.” It was only then that his father also smiled happily. After they settled down at home the three proceeded to go through the process of claiming the prize. It wasn’t overly difficult, however, it was tedious. In the end, it was all worth it after a few days passed and everything was settled. Immediately after obtaining the cash reward he split it half for himself and the other half for his parents without a second thought. In the following days, they adjusted to their new fortune. His father revamped their company with new equipment, and also hired more workers. This created more jobs in the area which was much appreciated by several people. His mother, on the other hand, decided to go on shopping sprees. When she found something she liked she would buy it in each color. Jon and Connor both knew she wouldn’t use or wear half of what she bought, but they remained quiet about this manner. After a few days, her shopping craze calmed and things returned to normal for the most part. They were already living a good life before, the only difference now was that they could live freely and at ease. Connor spent the last several days helping his father settle things with his business, and help his mother manage her clothes while simply crafting knives in his free time. As things were calming down he had time to think about his future, and what he wished to do. When things finally returned to normal he decided to sit down and talk to his parents. “So I want you two to know that I have made a decision after spending a long time in deliberation,” Connor spoke calmly and resolutely to his parents. He had already decided what he would be doing in the future, all that was left was for his parent’s to know too. “You’re leaving, right?” His mother was the first one to answer, but his father was also looking at him calmly. It seemed they both understood him well enough that he didn’t need to say anything at all. “Yes, I am. For a long time as you both know I have had this passion for making knives. However, it’s not limited to just that. I want to learn the different techniques out there for forging. I also want to learn about the various items I could create. That’s why I have decided to use this money to travel the world with this money meeting different blacksmiths willing to share their knowledge.” He was completely open with his parents about his intentions. He knew that no matter what they would support him. “Good, but you can’t come back without a woman! I still need some cute little grandbabies!” His mother never failed to bring this matter up. It was also Connor’s greatest headache when it came to his own mother. In reply to her, he could only helplessly nod. In his father’s eyes was sympathy, while his mother smiled happily. After that short conversation for the next few days, things proceeded normally. The only difference was that in his free time Connor was preparing everything he would need to travel. He only had a duffle bag with his essentials such as clothes, a spare pair of shoes, his toothbrush, and various other things one would typically need for traveling. The day he would leave for his journey was fast approaching. Word Count| 6,360
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    “I will try to come back whenever I can,” Connor said to his mother as he hugged her. Today was the day that he would finally leave home. His mother had kept finding reasons for him to stay to help her. She seemed to support him, but that was only on the surface. As a mother, she was naturally unwilling to know that her son would be traveling for an extended period of time. “You better have a girl with you the next time you come home!” His mother’s reply was expected, and to him seemed somewhat forced. It felt as if she was only saying that because it was all that she could say. If she had said anything else then it would have ended with her asking him to stay a while longer. If she did, then he would stay. They all knew that he would, and that was precisely why they avoided saying something that would prevent him from leaving at the last moment. “Do you have any ideas where you are going to go first?” The way his father interacted was different from his mother. He didn’t step out to hug his son as that was unnecessary. The fact that his father cared, and was worried for his well-being was conveyed clearly. Normally Jon could joke and act in a carefree manner with Connor however, today he was more serious and inquisitive. It expressed how close the two of them actually are. “I decided on China to be the first stop. From what I have read and seen about the forging techniques, as well as the weapons, in general, they are among the most interesting to me.” When he decided on this he actually didn’t put much thought into it. It was simple curiosity that led him to make this decision, and that was how he decided he would travel. He would drift place to place, wherever the wind may blow. If there happened to be a specific weapon that he wanted to learn to create then he would simply go to the origin in search of someone who knows the methods. If he suddenly decides that he would like to learn the methods to create armor, then he will do that as well. He was ready to broaden his horizons and experience the world. This moment was the start of his first true adventure, as well as the moment he would later realize when his life began to rapidly change. For now, he had no idea about the machinations of fate. “Since when could you speak Chinese?” His father didn’t understand why his son would suddenly choose China. Jon knew that his son had no knowledge of Mandarin. It made no sense to go somewhere that he couldn’t even understand what people were saying to him. “I’ll wing it.” This was Connor’s calm collected answer. He had enough money to afford a translator to accompany him while he was there, and if it was an extended stay he may just learn it himself. His parents, however, they couldn’t understand where the confidence came from. This was an entirely foreign country that he wouldn’t have ever went to had their lives remained normal. Seeing his parents both confused he added. “Keep in mind how much money we actually have now.” “A cute little Chinese girl would be okay too…” Both of his parents were smiling when his mother spoke. Among the three Connor had been the first to accept the sudden influx of money. Had he not had plans that involved it he would be like his parents, forgetting that they are actually very wealthy. Their life hadn’t been bad before, beyond updating and upgrading the money didn’t find much use. They weren’t the type of people to flaunt wealth, or rather anyone who intended to stay wealthy wouldn’t waste their money on meaningless things. As business owners, their mindset had reached that point where they simply didn’t buy needless things. This mentality had also been passed down to Connor. While he is more willing to spend the money than his parents, that was almost entirely on something which he was passionate about and not random unnecessary things. “Mom, Dad, don’t worry. I will be okay no matter what. Look at who my parents are.” He attempted to put his parents at ease. They truly didn’t need to worry about him however, it made him happy to see for himself how worried they actually were now that he was about to leave. After he spoke he stepped forward and wrapped an arm around each of their necks. While men don’t need to hug, a father and son were naturally able to if they wanted. Both of his parents smiled and hugged him back. His Father’s hug was strong, but his Mother’s felt as if she intended to squeeze the life out of him. He quietly endured until he simply couldn’t breathe. By that point, his Father had already taken a step back while trying to separate her from Connor who was tapping her back. ‘Is she secretly a Pro Wrestler?!’ Connor thought having experienced her strength indirectly. “Darling, you’re killing him! He’s turning blue!” Jon spoke in an attempt to convince her to release their son. Knowing this would be the final time she would hug her son Caitlynn applied even more pressure. A series of popping sounds followed that which came from Connor’s back. His father winced as he watched his wife release their son. Despite being fearful of her strength Jon still stepped forward and took her hand into his which she immediately gripped tightly. Despite looking harmless she truly was strong, so much so that cold sweat formed on his forehead imaging what his son just experienced. “I am going to miss my flight if we keep on like this. I love both of you, and I will talk to you soon.” Connor immediately took a step back with his bag in hand while also holding his back to make it seem worse than it was. He felt discomfort from his spine being forcibly popped, and he couldn’t breathe well while she hugged him. That was all there was to it. His mother is a strong woman, but not to the extent of actually being able to break someone in half with a hug. Seeing her son act that way managed to cheer Caitlynn up slightly allowing her to see him off without any tears and only a smile. It was only after he had walked into the airport that his mother lost control of her emotions and began crying. As a family, the three of them were very close. Even his father seemed about ready to cry. There was something about realizing your child had suddenly grown up that makes a parent proud but also makes them worry more than ever due to not always being able to be there for them. He wasn’t one to waste money normally but on his first flight, he chose to fly with their most expensive option. It wasn’t appealing to travel uncomfortably when he had a twelve-hour trip ahead of himself. The procedures to board his flight were completed without any difficulty. By being aware of his surroundings he had proceeded through the airport effortlessly and not losing his way. There were a few stores or restaurants along the way, but he had no interest in them. He had packed relatively lightly compared to what one may expect. He would be traveling quite a bit, so he had decided to travel with only carry on luggage which included his credentials and around five hundred dollars cash to be prepared for any unexpected incidents. Before boarding the plane he had made only a single purchase to have a bottle of water prepared. Once he arrived at his seat Connor took in his surroundings, sat down, and tuned out everyone else that was around him. It was his first time traveling away from his Hometown and family. Unlike most people who would travel within their own country, school and work had consistently kept them rooted in one place throughout their life. That was a blessing for his family as it meant that they were successful, and could keep food on the table. He didn’t have the desire to drive eight hours for the scenery. He preferred to explore and adventure outside of his comfort zone. In comparison to others who may want to travel to busy cities, resorts, and beaches; Connor preferred to trek up a mountain, or through forests. He would prefer to make his own path rather than follow someone else’s path. Even with forging his intention had always been to lay a foundation for the art covering a broad spectrum, then improve himself through experience afterward. When deciding on his initial destination he was looking for a country which had a variety for the types and uses of weapons. He wanted to use one country’s technique as a foundation to then study the theory of others to craft his own ideal weapons original to himself. In the end, he decided on China as they had the variety, usage, and unique style that he would like to incorporate into his skillset. In particular, he was drawn towards their single-edged Dao (saber), their double-edged Jian (straight sword), Qiang (spear), and Guandao (Glaive). The Dao and Jian were both swords but had different uses while the Qiang and Guandao were similar in this regard. Understanding the similarities and differences of weapons, as well as the methods to create them was important for him to learn in order to improve. He understood forging, but the proper process was important for him to understand to improve. While in a daze he thought about his past experiences and glanced at his left arm reading the Hephaestus tattooed there. He had long since come to take a literal god of smithing as his goal. If he had a target which he couldn’t surpass, then he could only continuously improve was the mindset behind this which caused the tattoo itself to become an important focus in his life. The tattoo itself was a black band around his left wrist with the name ‘Hephaestus’ not filled in on the inner part of his wrist. When he decided to get this tattoo he chose that wrist in particular because on that arm were red burn marks wrapping upward with a vague similarity to a fire that seemed to burn from his hand towards his body. The cause for his scarring was his pure infatuation with smithing while younger. When quenching a blade in oil it is common for flames to appear during the process. At the tender age of eleven when he forged weapons, he entered his own little world. When he attempted to properly heat treat one of the first knives he ever worked on the result was a ball of flames rising up leaving second-degree burns along his arm which never faded. At the time, he didn’t even understand what he had just experienced and didn’t even realize it immediately. It was his father at the time who jerked Connor away. His grip remained on the tongs firmly for a moment before the pain set in and his hand released. The blade at that time had fragmented into several pieces which he later used part of to craft a hammer shaped pendant for himself. Several years after that event the very same pendant still hangs from a leather rope necklace crafted by himself as a reminder of that time, and eventually also an embodiment of his goals. Lost in thoughts about the past he eventually fell asleep early on during his flight. Word Count| 1,961 Total Word Count| 8,321
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    ~A thief with no name~ ---------------------- Prelude: District 62, Chains, Whips and screams these are the sounds the residents of the district know too well. Adults, Teenagers, and even children live in constant fear knowing they will never get help to resolve the issues from the gotei thirteen as they always seem to never visit the district unless there was a sighting of a hollow, however, to the locals being eaten by hollow is freedom from the everyday horrors of district 62. An old man from the Gotei didn’t like how they were dealing with the district basically ignoring it acting like it doesn’t exist, he goes out to try to make the life for people in District 62 somewhat bearable as he wasn’t high enough in the leadership to truly do anything from a political standpoint. This old man looked like he had been in his fair share of battles with scars scattered all over his chiseled body which he gained from years of training. He wore a damaged Shihakusho which his buster-like sword on his back as it was almost in its release form. This is a story about this old man's journey which ended up in him finding family in a district ravaged by crime and a story of a rescue of a young woman who would go on to be his prodigy. Chapter I: Trying to make a difference and survival. Uther’s Pov: “This is Bullshit!” A battle damaged hand slams on a table. “Enough Uther, There is a reason we don’t help that district.” Uther clearly enraged steps back from the table which now has a visible hand imprint etched into the fine lines of the expensive mahogany wood in which it was created from. “People lives are being lost! We should help them!, The children are being sold as slaves, the adults are being sold as chained up miners people want to be eaten by hollows we both know that’s wrong it’ll even breed more hollows for us to deal with!” The figure on the other end of the table stands up and walks into the light revealing that of a member of Central 46. This guy also had a very punchable face. “Listen, We get it. Your wife who you married was from that district before it went to shit. We get that you want to help it because of your emotions but we can’t let you do that. We’re sorry that district is beyond our contro-” Suddenly Uther punches the member of central 46 and then was held back but two other Shinigami “Don’t bring my wife into this!” The central 46 member just waved his hand to signal to get Uther kick him out. Uther now thrown out of the building of central 46 stands up and dusts himself off and spits in disgust of the member of central 46. Uther heads back to his squad's barracks and is greeted by an old friend of his that he met back in the academy. This man had the most majestic white hair and beard you have ever seen. Many people believe he was the one to have caused the stories of Merlin to be true and was the inspiration for Gandalf the gray in the lord of the rings books and films. This man no longer went by his old name for he loved the stories written about his looks that he adopted the name of Merlin. Uther noticed Merlin running and waving his hands, Uther just shook his head. Merlin finally catches up with Uther and casually asks how did the meeting go but Uther just sighed and continued walking Merlin continued walking with Uther until they reached his room where Uther started to pack his things. “What are you doing Uther?” Uther looks at Merlin and finishes packing. “I’m leaving… Tell the captain that I’ll return if they ever decide to help district 62.” Uther then walks past Merlin saying nothing more with a face which showed he was holding back tears. Merlin couldn’t say anything seeing Uther’s face all he could was stay silent and let Uther walk out of the building then suddenly Merlin turns around after dealing with the sight of Uther’s face and spoke as loud as he could in hopes Uther would reconsider. “Uther if you do this you’ll be considered a…” Uther opens his mouth and just with a wavering voice speaks. “I-I know.” Uther then flashed stepped away without looking back. Uther reaches district 62 and changes into broken down rags to make it seem like he a local and heads into the woods outside of the main town of the district and looks around and finds a small clearing and smiles. “Perfect” The man then takes his word and start chopping down wood from nearby trees. Kaylain’s Pov: On the edge of the largest town of the district a buff and large man is standing behind a young looking woman who looks like they are battered and torn up. The young girl had beautiful teal hair and eyes a blue and the daylight sky. Her whole body which was athletically toned was covered from neck to toes in horrific scars most of which is covered up by bandages. “Get to work girl!” The tall man commanded the young woman as he lifted her up by her hair and kicked her into the streets. “Y-yes…” The man faded and the young woman walked into the crowded streets and started pick-pocketing unnoticing victims “one… two… sixty-three.” The day was now almost over and most people had now headed home but the drunks, prostitutes and clubs. Unknowing to the young woman she didn’t know she was being watched by her captives. The young girl knowing she had collected enough heads to the back exit of the town and is greeted by one of the slavers who captured her when she was still a child. “How much did you collect this time?” The woman while looking scared held up her bag which contained the wallets of two hundred people. “That’s a good girl” The slaver put his hand on her head and rubbed it roughly “You can have a extra piece of meat tonight.” The woman smiles slightly to show fake appreciation “Thank you…” A few days later the young woman was taken to the town again however, today was different. Throughout the day the woman continued as usual pick pocketing new victims however, there was a young girl which caught the woman's eye the girl was no younger than she was when she was kidnapped. The woman walks up to the young girls and smiled warmly not to scare her way in hopes to talk to her. “Hey there, why are you alone you know it’s not safe to walk around the streets alone someone might snatch you. Are your parents around?” The young girl just shakes her head and starts to tear up “They’re gone and never coming back” The woman’s heart just sank and then reached into her bag to take out one of the wallets she stole. “Here this should help. Make sure you find somewhere safe to sleep with this okay?” The young girl runs off but was suddenly stopped by a slaver and had her throat suddenly sliced open. The girl now unconscious from the blood loss is now on the ground twitching and slowly dying. “What the fuck!” The woman’s eyes met with the slavers as if she was about to attack him. The slaver clicked his fingers and two lackeys pinned the woman to the ground. “You disappoint me girl…” The woman was then dragged back out of town by her hair with her hands tied behind her back so she couldn’t get out their grip. “You bastards, I’ll kill you! She was just a little girl!” The slaver walked next to her and punched her across the face knocking her out. “Shut up, you’ll be receiving punishment when we get back to the base. Once they arrived back at base the woman was locked in a room fill with chains and torture devices and was locked up with her clothes off hanging of a wall back facing away from the wall. The woman wakes up from the smell of metal heating up and the smell of alcohol. “Wake up sunshine! It’s time for your punishment.” The woman was then whipped with a red hot chain covered with barbed wires the pain was unbearable then whenever she was about to pass out she was covered with alcohol the stinging was so bad it woke her back up and the whipping continued the torturer worked the chain expertly just as if it was a normal leather whip. This punishment continued every night for 5 nights straight. The punishment was hell screaming and yelling was heard constantly during the nights and throughout the day she only received the minimal amount of food to be healthy. Every night slowly broke her spirit making her realize how bad her life was and how she could never escape the captivity of those who stole her and killed her whole village so there was nothing to go back to anyway. On the night of the 5th day during the torture she became emotionless and stopped reacting to the pain she was receiving. -------------------------------------------- Wc: 1558 Ooc: Colour coding on a phone is super annoying.
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    Working on getting the rpg back up, aiming for very soon, and hoping it's with a full ...reset i know right? But we'll see.. hoping some folks around here still love us enough to help out with server costs, otherwise it'd be for naught and the whole place goes down the drain. Every little bit helps.
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    "where the fuck am I.?" yamashiro said as he opened his eyes and looked around, all that he could see was nothing but white sands for as far as the eye could see. he knew nothing about where he was or what the name of the place he was at was known as. The last thing that yamashiro remembers vaguely is images of some kind of lab, but then it becomes fuzzy. looking down he noticed that he did not have humans hands or even legs. ' drip drip drip' yamashiro heard what sounded like water dripping, looking around he noticed that there was a cavern that looked like it went underground. this was peeking his interest so he started walking down the pathway, it lead deeper and deeper until it opened into what looked like a underground cave. looking around he looked for the location of the dripping water. that's when he saw it a puddle with drops hitting it, but how was there water here when they was in a desert, looking up he there was stone stalactites that had water running down then dripping off the tip of the stone and into the puddle which was the noise that he had been hearing. walking over he looked down into the water and suddenly jumped back from surprise, he was big and Harry. he had 8 long black pointy legs, and hundreds of Beatty little eyes. but what was the oddest thing which he noticed was that he had a white mask on his face. just then all the hair on his body went up which if he followed his instincts it was a sign of danger, that must have meant he stumbled into another things home. "who are you hollow and why are you in my domain." yamashiro heard a voice from the Shadow's but was not able to clearly see it. from what he could see though this beast looked like a bat monster, or hollow from what this monster had said, but he had no idea what a hollow was so he would play along to get more info. " a hollow you say, well I'm pretty new at this so how about telling me a few things?" the hollow looked at yamashiro with a odd and confused look to his expression, it took the hollow a few seconds before deciding to speak up. " its odd that a hollow does not even know what he is, hollows are spiritual beings that have past on from being humans, so to sum it up you have died and are now a hollow. hollows like to eat human souls for it makes us stronger. but I am surprised for almost all hollows know what they are when they arrive here in heuco mundo but I guess since you did not even know you was a hollow then you also do not know much about this place." yamashiro nodded his head to show that he understood what the hollow was saying, just then he had a memory flash though his head of a young woman with medium length hair. her hair and eyes was a beautiful almond red, she wear a tank top skin tight sweat suit piece with a knee high skirt. the image faded and no time at all seemed to have gone by and he was looking at the hollow now. " well technically there are three places within this sandy hell, first is hueco mundo which is where you are now. secondly there is the Forrest of memos where all the stronger hollows that have evolved into there more powerful forms. thirdly there is the white castle of los notches, that's where the main power houses live. they call them self's the Espada and they are arrancar, just what ever you do don't get on there bad side tho speaking of bad sides what ever you do don't get into it with the vosto lorde. but that's basically the whole of it. unfortunately I now have to eat you!!!." the bat hollow swooped down as it dive bombed him, yamashiro just smiled as just then the hollow stopped in med air, yamashiro had spun some very fine webbing which this bat fell right into it. climbing onto the Webb yamashiro walked over to the other hollow and Snickers as he began to wrap the hollow into a webbed bundle. " well it seems you have fallen into my Webb said the spider to the fly, unfortunately it seems I will be the one to eat you." opening his mouth he spit this dissolving spray into the bundle which began to eat away at the hollows flesh, if there was a faster way of doing this he would gladly use it. after about 30 minutes yamashiro stuck his tongue into the Webb sack as he started to during the fluids within, this was the only way that he could eat which means that he had to basically cook his food down, his stomach acid melts every thing on the body from skin bones, to organ's and innards. that hollow was able to tell him all he needed to know now it was all down to how fast he could understand this strange land as he got accustomed to it. next plan was to go out and find some pawns to do his bidding, tho from what he could see out there it did not look like there was not much life lingering around. hopefully tho maybe if he looked hard enough he might find some kind of life, turning around he headed outside to began searching. WC:945
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    001: PRECIOUS AUTUMN OOC| Post Rating [16+] ----- ____________________ ... THE WARRIOR arrived from the west on the same dirt path frequented by the few enterprising merchants who dared to venture this far into the outermost reaches of Eastern Rukongai. However, unlike the merchants, the warrior traveled bearing no treasures from which he sought to attain worldly fortune. For he, the warrior, had no use or desire for worldly possessions. His only properties were his kimono (blue as the night sky) with undergarments and obi sash as gray as bone ash. And of course his katana. He carried the blade at his hip, fixed within his sash, as was customary. His garments hid well that many scars that marked his body and told the tales of his countless battle, and by association, his countless victories. Alas, the warrior had grown tired of war and conflict, he no longer found himself enthralled by it. No longer did he revel in the thrills of battle and the slaying of his enemies. In victory he found no elation nor glory. Only a sense of discontent laced into his heart with every battle he won. His was the cruelest of fates, cursed to never love again the only thing he knew. The only thing he had known for his entire life. Desolation weighed heavy on the warrior's mortal conscious, thickened with the blood of the countless men he had slain out of reasons too numerous, and now in his senior years, too petty to recall. Pride and honor. Status and glory. Wealth and women. He'd fought and killed for them all but what had he now to show for it? Grayed hair and a title? "Legendary Swordsman of the East" they now hailed him, the challengers. They came from all corners of the East, young and blooming by hundreds like meadow flowers in the spring, all seeking that title for themselves. As for the vagabond warrior, the days of concerning himself with titles had passed and gone. These years he preferred to be addressed by nothing more than his name, "Gennosuke". It was a cold mid-autumn morning, the icy breaths of the approaching winter were howls of wind that blew through the woods of bared trees, chilling earth and bone. Gennosuke had now walked the dirt path for two days since he arrived in District 80 of East Rukongai. In these lawless lands a man was only worth the wits of his blade. There was no place for politics or currency in the eightieth district. War was the policy and the men dealt only in death and blood. District 80 was a savage fiendish land inhabited by demon-men who's only desire was to feed their instinct to kill. And then kill more. "What better place to meet my fate?" the warrior had thought. He found solace in the simplicity of this hellish realm and he could feel it --as true as the cold-- that here in this merciless foreign land was where he would find his destiny. So, he vowed to find the man that would claim his life here in these desolate lands. The prospect of relief teased at the wandering warrior like a woman's seducing whispers, it lured him further along the path that cut into the woods. It was then that he heard it, carried within the whistles of the freezing winds, the wailing of an infant child. Gennosuke paused, believed his senses to have betrayed him, but soon it was curiosity that had the warrior stroking his short hairs of his chin. There was no mistaking that it was the crying of a baby that he heard in the wind. Over the course of his journey Gennosuke only ever deviated off his path to bury the bodies of the men he'd slain. He thought it ironic that he should venture now to find a body rather than leave one. But that irony only piqued his interest further. The warrior advanced cautiously into the woods, the cold wind stirred his hair ever so subtly as he followed the voice of the child to the base of an aged maple tree. The tree's leaves had all wilted and fallen and it is within a bed of it's leaves, red, orange, brown, and yellow, that the infant lies, pale from the cold and wrapped in nothing but a torn and filthy linen. The tree roots appear to cradle the defenseless boy like the firm protective arms of a mother, but even the maple tree cannot keep out the the whipping lashes of the cold swirling winds. Gennosuke knelled before the tree and stared at the crying child, within the shadowy embrace of the tree roots he beheld the infant's stunning vermilion eyes filled with flowing tears. For a moment, the child locked eyes with him and suddenly ceased its crying. The warrior felt something in that very instant, as if his quest had been designed by fate entirely for the purpose of finding this child. The warrior stepped back suddenly, startled by the spiritual interaction as his hand instinctively reached for his blade. But what would he draw it at... parental instinct? The child began to cry again, just as quickly as he'd stopped. Gennosuke, perplexed, looked around the woods nervously. First seeking the baby's parents or guardians, but the hour passed and no one came. So Gennosuke began to seek guidance. Should he leave the child? Surely, the parents would come eventually. The warrior shook his head, he knew the people who abandoned this infant most likely had no intention to return for him. Gennosuke was the child's only hope, if he too abandoned him the boy would freeze to death within a day. The warrior knelled before the boy again and reached for him while he looked up at the maple tree as if seeking its blessing. As he lifted the baby, Gennosuke could feel just how small and fragile the infant was. He couldn't possibly weigh more than the swordman's sandal. Gennosuke nervously held the baby with such awkward delicacy that he almost appeared frightful of the child. But, the baby had stopped it's crying yet again and the warrior took that as a sign he was doing something correctly. He shifted around, while careful of the boy's balance in his hands, and rested his back against the maple tree. Cradling the child within his right arm he poked at and inspected the baby's condition with his left. The child appeared healthy. Had all ten fingers and toes, no breathing complications, and all his senses seemed to work finely. "What is your story, boy?" The warrior asked curiously as the child grabbed his finger tightly and giggled. He expected no answer of course, but it felt good having someone to talk to whom he wasn't forced to kill. "I came to this land in search of the man that would take my life, just as I have taken the lives of the thousands of men who came seeking me." Gennosuke said as he flexed his finger and with it the child's arm. "For as long as I can remember I have always been certain of the outcome of meeting other men. Men come to me, they draw their weapons and thus I, in return, draw mine and I cleave soul from fleshly abode. That has always been the way of things, as sure as the sun does rise I have killed every man to face me." Gennosuke paused, held the boy up in both hands, and stared deep into his red eyes. "Until now. For the first time in years I cannot predict the outcome of our meeting here, child." Gennosuke added sternly, his lips pressed firm together and his brows furrowed inquisitively. "Tell me, are you the man meant to kill me?" Gennosuke asked icily, but the child simply kicked his tiny legs about and drooled at the mouth innocently. The warrior sighed deeply in response and cradled the baby again as a cold wild blew by. He sat at the base of the maple tree patiently in waiting for one hour and then another before he fully accepted that the child was now his to take or to abandon. The wandering swordsman stood up and held the boy close to the warmth of his chest. "A man who offers his life to fate cannot be the one to complain about what it then ordains." Gennosuke states aloud with a nod. "Regardless of what either of us may come to feel of it in the future, it is fate that has bounded us. I have given my life, and you, on this precious Autumn day, have claimed it." Gennosuke looked down at the child and smiled. "We will build our first home here, and it is here we will live until your are strong enough to walk. Then we will move from this treacherous land to wherever your feet take us." In the following weeks Gennosuke built a humble home within the woods just beside the maple tree. Every day he scouted the surrounding area and he found a fresh water lake that ran down from the northern mountains. And, not too far south from their home in the woods lived a rice farmer and his wife with their newborn son. In the morning Gennosuke carried the baby to the farmer's home where the farmer's woman nursed the child in return for the warrior's help with various menial tasks. In the afternoon he took the boy back into the woods and set him to rest within the wooden shack they dubbed their home. The days blended into weeks and soon the weeks into months. The seasons changed but that fateful Autumn day would never be forgotten as long as the child lived on as its namesake. Gennosuke would be reminded of it every time he spoke or heard the child's name, "Mikoto Shuu". To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|1,660 -----
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    Chapter II: Their first meeting. ------------------------- Kaylain's Pov: The days of the torture were finally finished however, the woman was now completely broken mentally. She felt nothing, no sadness, no horror just a complete lack of emotion. Her body is now horrifically bleeding with open wounds inches deep across her body and she was given no medical treatment just thrown back in her room and needed to tend to her own wounds using rags of other inmates. The woman no longer cared about anything anymore, every time she did something she was punished and she even got a young girl killed because of it. The woman had completely closed her heart to the world outside seamlessly never to be opened up again. Days went past as fast as a snail race, the woman just laid in bed and ate when ordered to. Once the woman's scars finally healed completely the slaver kicked open the door to her room and told her to stand up which the woman did obediently knowing there was no reason to refuse all the woman thought of was her natural instincts to survive and thus followed his every command. The slaver told the woman she would be a punching bag for new slaves today all the woman could do was a nod. She was then tied up and dragged by the hair to an open area where slaves who were being trained to be soldiers were training and was hung up. The slaver stood next to her and spoke at the top of his lungs. “Listen up! This bitch is your new punching bag today. She broke the rules and must be punished.” The slaver then walks to a nearby pillar and watches as the emotionless woman was battered around reopening old wounds which haven’t fully healed. This went on till everyone was asleep but the woman was left hanging there as it started to rain. The raindrops hit her face acting like the tears she could not bring out. The tears of years of torment. This moment lasted for what seemed like an eternity before the woman passed out. The next morning dawned and her slaver woke her up and cut her ties that was binding her and punched her knocking her out cold and carried her outside of the base to where there were some carts that were heading to the main town. A few moments flew by as they were traveling and then there was a sudden stop which caused the woman to wake up. They had reached the main town of the district. The slaver kicked the woman out of the cart and told her that she has to collect money if she wanted to live to see tomorrow laying on the ground still battered she all she could do was just nod and the cart left her and she slowly started to stand up but was struggling to do so but the thought of survival overpowered the feeling of pain and she was able to stand but was struggling to move correctly limping quite commonly. The woman was wearing almost nothing at this point she had just barely enough clothes to cover her privates. Meanwhile, the slaver on the way back to base laughed as he knew that she wouldn’t be able to gather any money in the state she is in as this was all a plan to get rid of her. The woman walked through the town getting stared at by the locals because of how scarred, battered and bloody her body was this proved that the slaver knew what he was doing to get rid of her by making her the focus of attention. Moments pass by as the woman walks around the town while being stared at by the locals as if she was a freak or a prostitute who was into kinky stuff. The woman giving off the smell of blood which surrounded her blood drops followed behind her. Hours pass by and the sun started to set in the distance the woman hadn’t been able to collect anything. She knew she was going to die but wasn’t scared she was ready to die to end her miserable life. Behind her in the distance there was a loud explosion and tons of screams could be heard. The woman with nothing to lose walked towards the sound. It wasn’t long before she figured out what the sound was though her blood on the ground lured in an impressively sized hollow. The woman did not scream and did not cry. The hollow stopped and looked complexed and in a deep growling voice asked her a simple question. “Why do you not run?” The woman looked towards the hollow with lifeless eyes and spoke with horrific depressive tone “Why would I?” The hollow even though lacking a heart seemed saddened by this one woman. “Do you wish for me to help you?.” The woman just simply nodded. The hollow then sighed and then gave off a horrible scream “This will only hurt a moment” The hollow then went to eat the woman. Uther's Pov: The building was complete Uther rubbed his sweat off his forehead and smiled at his newly created masterpiece. A beautiful log cabin complete with furniture and a fireplace and reasonably sized farm on the side to grow food to sell. “A work of art I tell you.” Uther then spun around to head to the main town to buy some food for dinner. The trip didn’t take very long and he entered the town and it looked like it was thriving Uther couldn’t believe his eyes why was this town look so great yet every other town in the district look so poor there had to be something behind the scenes but Uther put it in the back of his mind he has a mission to complete to have homemade ramen for dinner and was determined to have it!. Uther walking the street notices everyone looking super cautious about something but didn’t know what until he heard a drunk male in a bar start yelling “That bitch stole my money!!” Uther looked confused there was no-one else around but him the store owners and the drunkard. Uther just thought of it as the customer trying to get out of paying. Uther then went to the local everything under the sun store and collected all the items needed but when he went to pay for the items his wallet was gone he couldn’t understand how that was possible he looked towards the owner embarrassedly “I’m sorry, I think I forgot my wallet at home..” The owner laughed. “It’s alright friend, It’s on the house today think of it as a new customer deal since there has been a lot of pickpocketing around lately” Uther laughed “So that's why I don’t have my wallet. Thank you for the deal.” The owner nodded and handed the items to Uther as he walked out the store. When he exited the store he saw a young body lying in blood and ran over quickly. “Hey, hold on!” Uther reaches the body and bends down to check a pulse there was none. The girl was only a few years in age looked like a newcomer to the spirit world without a family. Her neck was sliced open from what seemed like a small knife. “Poor girl, I hope you get reincarnated into a nice, fulfilling life in the future.” Uther then looked at the girl's hands and notices his wallet covered in blood “Were you my pickpocketer?” Uther took hold of the wallet and noticed that there was a stronger spiritual signature on it than the girl's who was murdered. “I see, you were given it by the pickpocketer…I’m sorry.” Uther then stood up and walked away as he did the body begin to fade into spirit particles. The day was ending uther was now back at his expertly built home. “Now… Let’s begin” Uther rolled up his sleeves and began to cook like a professional chef. Few an hour later and he had finished cooking the ramen and it looked fantastic. “Now to dig in.” Suddenly there was a knock on his door. Uther looking unimpressed stood up and walked towards the door. “Uther it’s me open up!” Uther opened up the door to show best white beard in soul society and his left eyebrow started twitching. “What do you want Merlin?” Merlin in a serious tone unlike his usual joking happy tone spoke to Uther “The gotei 13 are looking for you…” Uther laughed and put his hand on Merlin's shoulder “So they finally started.. Here” Uther took his wedding ring of and damaged it and cut his finger open slightly and covered some of the ring in blood. “Take this to them and tell them that you took care of the ‘traitor’". Merlin smiled and laughed. “you really did have a plan huh?” Uther nodded and then closed the door while yelling at the top of his lungs “Now leave me alone! I’m trying to eat!” Uther then finally was able to eat his ramen which has become cold. This cause Uther to tear up with sadness. “Why…” Few days pass Uther was getting used to the normal life. Uther went to the town like usual this new day but today was different Uther could sense something wrong people looked like they saw something or someone disgusting walk past. Uther then looked around for his usual store but noticed a trail of blood on the ground. He remembered the spiritual signature it was the same as the one that was on his wallet when he found it was a lot stronger than he thought but it felt wrong like if it was being forced out as if someone was using it to try and stay alive. Uther followed it and suddenly next to him the was a loud bang. Uther looked towards the sound and saw a hollow jump out of the smoke of a now smashed building. The hollow seemed to be drawn to the source of the blood. Uther started running after it but then threw up slowing him down. “I shouldn’t have drunk so much saki last night…” Uther finally caught up to see the hollow going to eat the woman and quickly went to save her. Uther used his zanpakuto to quickly slice the hollow in half then stabbed it through the mask. Uther then looked towards the woman she fell to her knees crying but showed no emotion while doing so. Uther kneeled before the woman and checked if she was responsive then noticed her attire and how damaged her body was. “You poor thing… I knew something was wrong here.” Uther picked up the woman and moved quickly to his house to give her medical treatment. “It’s okay, I’ll save you.” Meanwhile in the shadows, one of the slaver’s lackeys calls in “Sir, we have a problem.” ------------------------- Wc: 1863 Twc: 3,521 Occ: Another great phone post... I really need to start writing on my desktop. Colour coding is killing me also thank god for the new autosave.
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    ...There is No Progress "You can tell me that those that serve in the 13 Court Guard Squads have our best intentions, some kind of balance that they attempt to maintain, but I have seen them eliminate thousands of defenseless souls throughout the Rukongai in order to ensure that balance is ensured in some kind of culling. So next time you want to talk about the justice that they stand for, remember that even murder can be considered a public service if you tell the right story." Regashi towards a group of Academy Prospects... ------------------------------------------------- The Rukongai, the place where common souls would reside either by the natural process of being born as a soul or those that are being reborn after death in the human world. An environment where they can live peacefully, or at least that would be the sales pitch if someone was to try and control how the information was perceived. Though, it is not entirely false as the place was split into four major sections based on the four nautical directions. From the four directions with 80 subsequent districts starting with the first being the closest to the Seireitei and extending out as the numbers increase. The first 10 districts in either direction would be considered upper class, and middle upper class living where those that were not so much nobles but at least held some kind of stature compared to the rest of the Rukongai would remain. The next 20 Districts would be considered middle class living where they at least have access to decent clothing for the most part and even shoes. From districts 31 and beyond, the sight of foot wear would be considered a luxury for many and would be an invitation for being a target to mugging for their belongings. Extending from District 51 and beyond, the conditions are considerably worse where most clothing is thrown together rages or stolen clothes from those willing to venture into the inner regions. From roughly the 65th district and beyond was nothing but the slums where violence is essentially law, currency, and even faith for many out there. The only way to live was to live by the sword, and many would not maintain their lives for very long less they too choose pick up a blade of their own and battle their way to respect. It would be in the 72nd district that Regashi would call his home for essentially all of his life since he was born in the Rukongai. Honestly, he wasn't born in such a harsh environment but 99 percent of his life is in the 72nd East District. A rouge group would raid one of the inner 30 districts for goods of their own, killing those that got in their way, and leaving behind an orphaned child. That group included a single man with an inch of a conscious left and decided to bring the child with him. Though others would consider him weak, or even stupid, for attempting to take and care for a child he thought little of it. This man would care for the child, found in the remains of his families home, with a legacy lost and reborn from the dust of what once was. Regashi was going to be his future, one that would not be so brutal as the world of the 70th District and beyond. Though he would have more work than he thought, for even his position in the gang he roamed with in the further districts did not mean he was safe. Many would attempt to eliminate him in order to take his position thinking that caring for a child would make him weak but it would be that resolve that pushed him to fight harder and protect the young child. Rosuto Hokori, father to Regashi Hokori, would fight and kill so that his son may be able to live a better life. As the child would grow, he would watch the violence that consumed his every waking moment and where most would be fearful, or in the least intimidating, he would be entertained watching every battle like they were gladiators in a competition. His years extending, and his mental process was analyzing every aspect attempting to understand the level of skill any person had and how to exploit their weakness. Though he wondered if he could challenge them and see where their flaws were. Even at a young age he wanted to be a part of the violence, but Rosuto was not too fond of allowing his son be involved and continued to try and shield him but with little success. Regashi would use the cover of night, the moments of his father's slumber, and the passing seconds of distraction in order to learn how to fight himself. Eventually he reached an age of young adolescence and decided to fight for himself, without his father's knowledge, and challenge a local tough guy he had heard about. Not someone connected to his father's gang, but someone in the closer 60 Districts and with excitement he challenged the man to a duel. Of course, there was an initial laughter and denial from the man but Regashi would not accept no pushing forward and attacking the man anyway. The battle did not end so well for Regashi as he would suffer several wounds that left him in a bad condition, but not fatally so. Rosuto would find his son and daunted by the pain his son suffered decided to finally help his son seeing no other way around it granting him the chance to learn how to fight. Though Regashi would keep the wounds as a reminder of the first step to achieving his future. Rosuto would train Regashi in everything he knew, even telling Regashi about the Seireitei in detail explaining that he was once a member of the Thirteen Court Guard Squad after graduating from the Academy, but found little for him there and was allowed to find peace in the Rukongai. He taught Regashi all that he had learned from the Academy, being in a squad, and the way of the darker districts. Though scared for the outcome for his son, he would also have a sense of pride watching Regashi grow into something of value with a blade and to pass on his knowledge into someone else. One day, Regashi would take to the lessons so well that during his own private sessions with himself, he was able to take note of the concept of Kido and would attempt to do so himself trying to actually create the first one within the path that sung out to him; the path of destruction. He would go with a group of friends in order to raid one of the districts with the 50th area and see what they could get. Though their attempt to sneak was not effective, it was not too hard to fight their way out. Regashi decided it would be worth a laugh to see how much force he could generate attempting Sho, and watching a small section of the house being blow out. There Regashi realize he had an affinity with Kido, and decided that he would study it further to see what more he could obtain from such a powerful source of devastation. Though there would be a few that would not find such confidence in the situation for it would not be much longer when the place that he called home would be attacked by an individual in a black outfit, something that appeared much like the Soul Reapers in the Seiretei as he watched a trio attack his district in an attempt to test their skills on actual dummies in order to keep themselves focused. Of those included his father, but not without Regashi immediately attempting to claim vengeance. Though Regashi had expanded his skill, it was not enough to face an officer of the Seireitei. It would be this that lead to a massive distaste of the Soul Reaper, and years of growing up without his father would only further add the fire to his hatred and the only way to avoid the pain of the loss he would deliver his own pain upon any that was cross him. Thus he first made the decision to claim his first target of vengeance head towards the 60th Districts and find the man that had beat him when he was a child and asked for a battle. This one was a total rotate in the outcome from before and the battle ended in Regashi's favor. This time, he would not leave the man breathing taking his life and the weapons he had used to hurt him so long ago. Six Kunai in his posession, Regashi would head back home and claim the seat of his father in the gang that he had once been a part of. Every day, Regashi would expand on his skills in order to settle the anger he had suffered leaving few to breath after he was done with them. Soon he would be considered more brutal, more vicious, and more violent than his father was and it earned him more respect than his father had obtained in a place like this. Feeding off of this power and violence seemed to only make him stronger each and every day that passed. Challenging anyone that would so much as bump him as he enjoyed the entertainment of the servants that the gang had gathered. Eventually he would claim an official position of power that surpassed his father, but remained one of three upper level members of this gang before killing the other two that rivaled his position and leaving the leader so marked by the battle that he left the district in fear. Regashi claimed the gang his father was once a member of as his own destroying any that would cross his path or the path of his gang, all except for a single person that he would have a sense of respect for. A man that lived further in the East District that was recognized as the Red-Eyed Reaper, one that he had considered someone worth getting to know one day. Although, there was no point in going all the way into the 80th District since the area that his gang controlled would fade beyond the 76th district and there would be no need to instigate a war with the Sickles of the East and would refrain from bothering them so long as they respected the Crimson Raiders. Now Regashi Hokori would run his gang, patiently waiting for the return of the Soul Reaper that took his father's life so that he can return the favor. "Come... Come and face retribution..." WC: 1.792 TWC: 1,792 Learned Hado #1 - Sho
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    002: THE BOY'S FIRST WORDS OOC| Post Rating [16+] Mild Violence | Mild Language | ----- ____________________ ... THE BOY grew stronger with every passing day, Gennosuke observed. Within just a few short months he'd begun to crawl. Eventually, the farmer's wife begrudgingly admitted that he no longer needed nursing; like her own child, Shuu had begun to teethe. There were many other similarities and comparisons drawn between Shuu and the farmer's son, Ryosuke. For one, Ryosuke, despite being only a five months older than Shuu was already much bigger. His mother often remarked than her boy would make a fine farmer one day, just like his father. Shuu on the other hand was small, but what he lacked in size of body, he more than made up with in personality. He was very curious, always on the move and trying to crawl where he had no business crawling. He was also something of a bully for his age and size. Ryosuke seemed to always be on the receiving end of Shuu's infantile tyranny; being smacked, kicked, and bit whenever Shuu didn't feel like sharing space or toys or simply wanted to oppress Ryosuke for the fun of it. In turn, the farmer's wife credited his behavior to his natural fighter spirit, "He'll make a fine warrior one day, just like his father." she'd say, referring to Gennosuke. But Gennosuke was not Shuu's father. In reality -and although he might never know it- Shuu was the bastard son of another bastard son. His father was a petty thief when he met his mother and they conceived a child out of wedlock. His mother had decided from the moment of her pregnancy that she did not want him. In fact, she'd intended to kill him the moment he was born. But for everything she was of a cruel, foolish, and selfish woman, she was not a murderer; so when the time came she abandoned the newborn to its biological father. Equal parts a cruel, foolish and selfish coward, it was his father who carried Shuu to the woods in the eightieth district and left him to die in the cold. Regardless, the circumstances of his birth and lineage where not matters with which his toddler mind was concerned. He spent his days crawling about and exploring the world's simplest intricacies within the limited bubble of his childish comprehensibility. He loved colors, preferred warmth to cold, and he enjoyed the mucky sensation of crawling barefoot in mud and feeling it between his toes. The woods were his favorite place to be and seemed to fill up his entire world. More than all those things he adored Gennosuke, the farmer's wife, the farmer, and Ryosuke. However, on one day during the summer of his first year, Shuu came to love something new, he loved it more than any color, temperature, or sensation. It was a sunny June morning when he'd witness battle and death for the first time. Shuu was nine months old, he'd mastered crawling and he could climb up any familiar surface or object in their wooden shack. He'd crawled up to the windowsill and was looking out at Gennosuke, who washed his spare kimono and hung it on a branch of their maple tree. What followed next was a series of several first encounters. It was the child's first time seeing another man besides Gennosuke and the farmer. It was also his first time seeing another bladed tool similar to the one Gennosuke carried around but never used. Shuu knew it was shiny and that he wasn't to touch it -EVER- courteous of the times he'd been popped by the farmer's wife and Gennosuke for violation of that rule. However, he had no idea what it was or what purpose it served. Shuu watched Gennosuke as the stranger approached their home, curious to see what his guardian would do. Gennosuke understood right away what the man's appearance meant. It had been a very peaceful nine months, but alas, the challengers had caught wind of his whereabouts. He could only sigh heavily as he stood up and retrieved his katana; it had been poised up against the maple tree, collecting dust. The stranger did not advance much further and instead waited quietly as Gennosuke secured his katana into his sash and approached the guest himself. The man was thin and dressed in filthy rags that barely covered his torso and crotch and surely did not keep him any manner of warm in the night. His body was covered in scars and there was even the trace of a limp in the man's right step. Likely the result of a permanent injury from a past battle. His had black hair that appeared brownish gray from dirt and filth. His complexion look as if he used his own face to scrub his clothes clean. His facial features seemed smeared with soot. His limbs were thin and hideously hairy, like those of a spider. The man did not look smart or respectable, he wasn't like Gennosuke at all, but when Shuu watched the two men draw their shiny sticks he was amazed by how identical the two were. The bladed weapons gleamed like rods of burning light. And although Shuu sat in the safety of the windowsill, he could feel the ominous danger of the tools the two men possessed. The child simply watched curiously as they exchanged few words before they began their dance. The dance was beautiful and swift. "Gennosuke, Legendary Swordsman of the East! I, Fuiji Ichinore of the Fiftieth Rukon district, have come to take both your head and your title!" The stranger shouts out in a charge as he raised his blade above his head with both hands and sliced downwards. "SHINEH" he cried in the breath of his swing, demanding the death of Gennosuke, who slid gracefully to the side, and evaded the attack. The blade cut through the air with a sharp swish its tip had barely reached the ground when Gennosuke countered it. He swung his sword upwards to the left, and cleaved both the Fuiji's arms off at the elbows. Shuu watched as Fuiji's two arms suddenly fell off and red water spilled wildly from where they had been a while the stranger cried out in pain. Gennosuke instantaneously turned the tip of his blade at the man and tucked his arms in tightly, pulling the sword back just before he sprang forwards and drove it through the Fuiji's chest, silencing him forever. Shuu shuddered back as the stranger went down with a sickly thud. The child sat as still as stone in the windowsill, he waited for Fuiji to stand up but he never did. Instead, Gennosuke sheathed his sword and put his palms together in prayer for the fallen stranger. The curious boy did not waste a moment, he crawled down from the window and wobble-walked out of the shack. In his amusement and glee, he giggled with a smile while swung his right arm downwards. He wanted to express his interest in this mysterious and magical dance, the shiny stick toys, and the red water. Gennosuke, visibly disheartened by the unfortunate turn of events, sat to the side for a moment holding his head in his hands in frustration. Just when he thought he'd escaped his fate as a wandering warrior they'd found him yet again and he would be forced to kill, now for the sake of ensuring Shuu's safety, as he had vowed to. The child, innocent and oblivious, crawled over Fuiji's corpse and began to probe at the lifeless body. He rolled in the blood, making an absolute mess of his cloths and hair as he poked about the stab wound and the arm stumps. It was a wondrous discovery to the child but what it was called and what it meant? He could not know. Gennosuke was distressed when he finally noticed Shuu and what he'd been up to. He bathed Shuu and then carried him to the home of the farmer. But the child had been exposed to battle and it imprinted on him. He wanted more. Demanded it but did not know how to. When he wanted to go outside he banged the door, and when he wanted to sleep he rested his head on a lap. How was he to express his desire to see the dance and the shiny sticks and red water when he knew not what they were called or how they were tangible. He had only one hint, rather one thing he knew to be associated only with his new obsession. So, when Gennosuke brought him to the farmer's house, the farmer was the first person the child saw and Shuu kicked about happily. "SHINEH!" He exclaimed, his very first spoken word, with a laugh and pointed at the farmer. The farmer's wife heard and was abhorred, she raced outside and shouted his name, "SHUU?!" to which the child giggled as he redirected his finger at her, rocked side to side and chanted "SHINEH SHINEH SHINEH!" A long conversation between Gennosuke and the farmer's wife followed while Shuu wobble-ran around the house demanding death of every person he saw. "SHINEH SHINEH SHINEH, SHINEH SHINEH SHINEH!" he sang. That evening Gennosuke held Shuu's hand as they walked back to their shack. "Don't regard the farmer's wife's reaction too badly, Shuu." Gennosuke said to the humming toddler. "Despite her strong feelings, she is happy that you have spoken your first word today." Gennosuke glanced down at Shuu who still hummed and focused to keep pace with his walk. "I suppose she, like I, had hoped your first word would be 'Papa' or something to the like. I don't like comparing you to little Ryosuke when it comes to these matters, but I believe his first word was 'rice'." Shuu simply pointed to a fluttering butterfly and looked up at Gennosuke curiously. "Shineh?" The warrior chuckled, knelled down and pick the boy up, and sat him on his shoulder. "No, no 'shineh', Shuu, not this time." Gennosuke calmly. The child began to kick his legs playfully and rocked side to side again. "Shiiiiineh Shiiiiineh!" he chimed all the way home. That was the last Gennosuke spoke of the topic until hours later that same night, as he bathed the child before bed. "The farmer's wife and I seem to have conflicting opinions in regards to your new fixation." Gennosuke said as he scrubbed Shuu's little arms. "She thinks it is far too early for you to be exposed to such things." Gennosuke rinsed the baby off and wrapping him in a white cloth. "But I think we are well beyond the point of 'exposure'. What you witnessed today was the death of a fellow man and for it to have had such a strong impression on you from your tender age..." Gennosuke sighed heavily, dreading the thought and cursing himself for the conclusion at which he'd arrived. He carried the child outside and sat him on the porch of their shack. "This is a sword." Gennosuke said as he displayed his sheathed blade to Shuu. The child gasped with wonder and his expression lit up with joy. "SHINEH!" he shouted, reaching for the blade. "It is one of the many tools we employ hurt and kill when necessary." Gennosuke held the hilt of the sword close to Shuu's hands and the child immediately grabbed in. "I am sorry, Shuu, but I was a foolish man in my youth. I cared for nothing but war and the sword, and so, I now have nothing else." Shuu seemed completely disregardful of the warrior's words, right now his entire world revolved around the shiny stick in front of him. Gennosuke sighed again. "I have nothing else I can offer you, Shuu. I cannot teach you to read or write. I cannot teach you to be a farmer or a merchant. I cannot teach you the etiquette of approaching women when you start to desire them, and you will." He plucked Shuu's forehead lightly. "I cannot teach you what it means to be a good father the day you become one. I have no wealth or riches with which to purchase you a better life. I am a humbled man from a humbled home, so I cannot give you status or nobility." Gennosuke paused, held back the emotions that began to swell within his chest. He reflected over a long life wasted. Squandered on himself until his self grew old and exhausted. Was that the life he had pledged to the child? It made him ashamed, Shuu deserved better and so he would be better now for Shuu's sake. He looked down at the innocent child, steeled nerve and determination. "However, I can give you the sword. When you are ready, I can teach you the way of the warrior and guide you the best I can to lead a life better than the one I have led myself." Gennosuke placed his hand on the boy's head, tussled his damp hair, and smiled. "You are my future and my legacy." Shuu did not understand the words that were spoken to him that evening. In a few years he would forget the moment entirely. But, during that very moment, his feelings were clear. He let go of the sword, looked up at Gennosuke plainly, and mumbled a slur of incoherent gibberish. He then frowned in frustration, for the sounds had not left his mouth as he intended them to and consequently Gennosuke seemed clueless as to the meaning of his sounds and simply brushed them off. Shuu tried again, and yet again his mouth and tongue failed him, "Guaa ha... Da-iki!" he shouted earnestly his agitation manifested through his tone and furrowed eyebrows. Again frustrated that the words sounded so differently from how he'd hear Ryosuke say them and more frustrated yet that Gennosuke's reaction did not match up to that which he'd seen from the farmer and his wife when they heard them. So, Shuu rubbed his eyes and went back to the sword. Gennosuke did not understand the words that were spoken to him that evening. By the next morning he would have forgotten the sequence of sounds entirely. But, during that very moment, Shuu's feelings were clear. The words and feelings he was so eager to convey were true in his heart, although lost sadly through translation. "Papa, daisuki!", Papa, I love you. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|2,400 -----
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    "Listen Regashi... There is much in this world that it can offer you if you just take the time to listen to what it is saying and focus on what it is showing you. In the end, everything that will happen to you has already been set in motion and there is nothing that you can do about it. But that does not mean that you have to let it decide how your future is going to be, because the benefit of having power is that you have the right to make what ever decision that you want. You may not be sure if you are making the right choice, and I promise you that you will make the wrong decision many more times than you will make the right one; but the point of succeeding in life is not too always accomplish what you set out to do when you attempt. Succeeding in life is failing over, and over, and over again and trying again one more time." Rosuto speaking to Regashi the day before Arashi arrived... -------------------------------------- First Day of the Crimson Trials The sun has broken through the horizon and graced the 73nd District, but with the light now reaching the slums there is a noticeable change to the area where one of the more run down sections of the district has been modified in a way that resembled an Ancient Roman Arena designed like a Colosseum. The circular arena was massive and, although constructed with various parts from the many run down buildings, seemingly beautiful in its designed. The structure was made with the ability to contain those inside and provide the ability to fight with many various styles with weapons scattered throughout the environment. The most unique, and considerably elegant, design would be the viewing area which actually sits above the arena itself with a netting for a ceiling so none would be able to fall into the arena, but there would also be a few lower level areas for observation through "Observation Gaps" that allow one to look through and see clearly without running the risk of being hit as collateral. Dozens of people were coming to this arena, many were combatants for this contest, some were excited to watch such a contest for themselves, while others were just curious about the structure itself. Do not mistake the size, although massive, is not any larger than perhaps half of , if not slightly larger than half of, a football field and the height is perhaps a story and a half in height so that it wouldn't attract unwanted attention beyond the invitations that were sent to a few select amount of people. It was a nice break from the daily activities, especially knowing that admission was free and there was no fear of death for the first day of the Crimson Trials. Regashi was settled in his house, although is nothing more than a small studio room, siting in silence aware of the trials taking place in the next district awaiting the moment that he is to arrive as well. Though the contest would start with a bit of a show for those that preferred the art of entertainment rather than the skill of the sword. Regashi knew that motivating people in such a way would inspire them to fight harder and push more than before with the environment would be able to feed into it. Though hours later, Regashi knew that he would have to be there and made his way towards the Arena. On his way there he knew that it was time for some of the Duels with the specialist in the Crimson Raiders mostly to entertain those that were watching, and to give those that are fresh to attend an idea on the level of skill that they must possess to give them time to leave and resign from the contest. "Why are we doing such an elaborate method of discovering two more people to face the Soul Reaper when he arrives when you could simply choose two of the most qualified Crimson Raiders and defeat the Soul Reaper without any trouble." Asked one of the Raiders had asked a few days prior to better understand the way that Regashi thinks. "Simple. I am not aiming to simply defeat the Soul Reaper or even to just out right kill him. I aim for something far greater than the victory of battle, but the victory over his life in a way that even he couldn't fathom." These words simply confused the Raider who couldn't fully grasp the extend of the words that were spoken to him, but would nod like he understood and departed from Regashi. After a moment he would be left alone, "Because in the end, I could just respond to the murder of Rosuto with murder in turn but that does not end the cycle itself of the disrespect that the outer districts suffer. No..." He would look to the blade that his father held dear to him, "In order to create change, one must take control of the vehicle of progress rather than simply derail those that attempt to create change." There was a smirk on his face as he looked at the blade that had not been used since the duel between Rosuto and Arashi, "Some decide to fight the cycle... I shall help direct the cycle." Eventually he would arrive at the arena just in time to observe the final moments of the last show of skill from some of the combatants attempting to prove their worth. "Now that the final moments are upon us, the ending contest will begin shortly so all who are aware of their placement in the Initial Crimson Trial should best prepare. Remember, those that place the highest, outside of the Raiders, will be granted one favor of any kind from the Blue-Eyed Beast himself!" There, that statement would prove to why so many would decide to join such a contest, for there would be a chance to have any wish they want fulfilled by the one who holds so much power. A person that is known as a man only be the pronouns that was said when speaking of him, but short of the specific members of the Raiders that show loyalty few knew his true appearance. He would typically wear a mask to keep his face hidden to avoid those who would assassinate him. His combat skills were efficient enough to withstand direct combat, but ultimately he kept his own image away to increase the mystery and power behind the Blue-Eyed Beast. A mask where the eyes are the only thing visible when looking at the blank black mask. Dozens of contestants would be directed to enter the arena all given weapons of their preferred choice in order to compete and with none aware of what the first contest even was. The varying amount of combatants was extensive with individuals who were well shorter than average and even very young and those that were massive like giants and looked like they could skip a meal or seven. All having weapons ranging from brass knuckles all the way to Bastard Swords so that everyone could personalize their weapons. Some had the look of murder in their eyes in order to kill all in their way, and others simply were excited to be in the presence of fans. One would shout, "So what is the first challenge?" creating a slight phase of sound from everyone who had the same question on their mind. "I am." All would turn towards the entrance of the arena to see a man, or at least the figure of a man, wearing all black with a blue shirt open front shirt on top and a black mask secured to their face. Some would recognize the voice, others would notice the figure, but everyone would be able to recognize the mask as the Blue-Eyed Beast and somehow it would appear as the blue eyes would shine like the moon in the night. Regashi would make his way towards the center as everyone would make space for him to walk, with those that were just innately terrified based on the stories that they have heard while others were overjoyed at the chance to face the Beast himself. "You all will be facing me." Everyone, contestant and observer alike, would explain their shock and surprise at the statement. "You do not have to directly defeat me, and in reality some of you may not have to do anything at all." The confusion started to settle on everyone. Regashi would then pull out a white Kunai and a grey one as well from his back pocket as almost everyone in the arena became defensive preparing for anything. "All of you have until time runs out to either cause me to bleed, or to knock me down to the ground or to cause me to bleed." With a tremendous amount of force, Regashi would throw the Kunai directly straight up that it would go through the gap in the ceiling and fly even further with a strange white glow. "Time runs out when it lands" Almost on cue, a single individual would rush Regashi. The brave soul being the larger individual with a large club held in both hands with a bit of strain. "Large size... Unwieldy weapon... Downward swing..." Regashi would start to break down the attack pattern as the downward swing started to come. Swiftly the beast would side step to the right basing himself firm and with that momentum would spin back rotating his left leg around his back side counter clockwise while jumping up. The combined momentum of the step, leap, and spin would be essential to the spinning back kick that was delivered to the back of the head of the large challenger. The force of the kick was enough to knock the large man forward, for although he had strength; there was little to his ability to actually take damage it would appear. As the large combatant would fall almost as quickly as he attacked, there would be some stuck in shock. Many realized that they did not have to go at the Beast one at a time and thus the challenge had truly began. More than 3 minutes had passed as each challenger would do their best in order knock him down with a few aiming to draw blood. Soon many challengers decided it would be easy to catch the beast and cut him even slightly but this would prove ineffective as well for his reflexes kept him just one step ahead. This would be the case as the Kunai would make it back own through the ceiling and Regashi was sure that this would be it. That is until one of the more impressive challengers, a young spear wielding female, would extend her spear towards the Kunai just as it was about to hit the ground and smack it and then direct it back up, not by much but still an impressive tactic. One that caught the Beast by surprise, which gave the young woman the opportunity that she was looking for and brought the spear back for an attack. Slightly distract by the Kunai he wasn't able to effectively dodge the attack and it slide right along his right side and as he reached his side saw the red on his hand only to raise it in the air. "And blood is drawn!" There was a tremendous roar from the arena at the display of the contestants, but primarily the female spear woman. "All combatants that have made the effort to compete will move forward to the actual tournament starting on Day Two." He would then point at five specific individuals that have qualified, "These selected individuals will progress through the initial rounds without having to compete." He would then motion towards the female, "She shall be granted the ability to face only one round of her choice at any point of Day Two against any person that she so desires." With that, he would make his way out of the arena, for the first day would be done; at least for him. There, of course, would be the closing portion to tend to the wounded and prepare for the following day. On his way home he would be stopped by the female, "Why is it that you are doing all of this?" A question that Regashi did not expect to receive, at least not now. "I plan to kill the Soul Reaper Arashi and avenge my father Rosuto Hokori." He started to walk away, to retire until day two begins but not before finishing his words, "Then destroy the Seireitei from the inside." WC: 2,134 TWC: 5,377
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    001 l An Unlikely upbringing A large arrangement of billowing white fills the skies as it covers the light of which once descended upon a building so rugged. The foundation of its entirety was feeble so that it appeared to slant and sway whenever the breeze commanded such. The very wood that made up the shack shown apparent signs of water damage from the bloated rotting wood holding its self upright, which was without a doubt seemingly soon to fall. Within this termite infested catastrophe there lies a child whom had come to call this place a 'home' of sorts. He, like the building, held a daunting image of a figure, which appeared to be on the brink of destruction. The boy's body showed extreme signs of starvation, and his hair looked almost as if they were straws upon a broom. Just from the appearance one would presume the child to be near immobile, but the child did move round the shack. The child's fickle figure easily exposed his ribs and skeletal structure in a number of places. In fact, the hunger that overwhelmed himself had become so strong that it rivaled the ravaging beasts that seldom plagues the Rukongai districts, so much so that he'd been on the verge of becoming a plus on a path to wickedness. A soul that completely represented the wild endeavors of the vast forests that surround itself, which was what the boy had essentially became, that very instinctual animal hell bent on survival. Such survival as of recently consisted of a need for nutrients, and surprisingly this place had given him the most that was accessible in his current state. The boy wasn't capable of hunting any prey with his mal nourished body, and eating fruit of the forest had proven to be a rather risky decision. The last time he had chosen to do so left him sick for an extended period of time, which led him to find shelter in this very spot. This shell of a child that remains would have appeared to be looking for something in particular, as his eyes scan the walls that surround himself. The half druping lids blink as he begins to walk towards a single wall, which was presumably what he'd been looking for even though no exact signs of clarification where shown. Upon reaching it he pulls back a loose plank to see a variety of crawling insects that mostly consist of termites and grubs. His blank expression remains while reaching the other hand into the amass of bugs to take back for consumption. The bitter taste no longer mattered, nor did the 'sensation' of the moving insects, in fact, he had even grown to endure the pain of their stings and bites while trying to eat them. While he devours the unlikely meal it would become apparent that a visitor had come within earshot recently, but the exact nature of such a visit was completely unknown alongside its species. He could hear the approaching footsteps more clearly as they neared, and turns his insect juice covered face towards the now silloughette entering the doorway. The person would soon come to enter and be forced to gaze upon the barely living subject who now feasts on the most rugged of choices. The man that soon walks into such a sight appears to be elderly, and was presumably searching for a place to rest for a few moments before his travels home; however, such a sight left himself to feel obligated to approach the poor soul. Upon such an action the boy lifts his grips on the plank before retreating slowly to the corner of the single room shack while staring intently at the man who slowly makes his way towards him. "It's ok child, I am not here to hurt you." The child didn't know how to respond and intently stares upon the man still looking as if he didn't want him to come any further. "Back.." A face of utter confusion comes from the elderly man as he takes a step back in order to oblige while devising a way to possibly help the boy that stood before him. After a brief moment he would reach into his pack to pull out a loaf a bread, which immediately catches the attention of this child. "I was saving it for the trip home, but you clearly need it more than I." He would extend the bread outwards in order for the child to accept this offer, but the boy still seemed reluctant to some extent. There was sliht moment taken as he eases from the corner to slowly approach. His hand extends outwards to snatch the bread before once again retreating to his corner. It wasn't long before he would sit down knawing away furiously at this food while the grown man stares awkwardly with a slight grin. He would once again attempt to approach, but it alerted the child who takes on defensive positioning once again, halting the process of eating his meal. ------------ It has been weeks since this altercation, but the man didn't leave to never return. Even though he couldn't manage to get near the boy let alone help him in any physical way, he did manage to stop regularly with food and water. Over time the child began to open up to the idea of this elderly man, who revealed his name to be Gaiu, and revealed his own name to be Hitsuyona, which was given to him by his own accord. The boy mentioned that he chose to call himself this due to feeling 'necessary' to live no matter what. During these visits the man had managed to actually be near the boy enough to give him simple medical attention like bandages, and even teach him the basics of how to hunt small game. One day did however come that the man ceased appearing, which brought the childs small hope for humankind back down to menial levels. He was left with the conclusion that the old man died, and decided now that he was somewhat recovered he would have to leave this place before he could not longer muster the strength to be able to do so. "Your very name is proof of the extraordinary accomplishments and essentialities you will one day achieve." - Gaiu to Hitsuyona the day before he vanished never to return. The young soul wanders diligently along a dirt path somewhere between the 79th and 80th districts, which were most commonly referred to as both 'the slum districts', and also well known as 'the path of which few return'. His composure had slightly changed since his first days within the shack he had since abandoned. Now the child looked more like a healthy young man than a starved child, but he was still leaning towards a very thin physique. He seemed to walk as quietly as possible during his travels, although the path would appear to be vastly abandoned with few signs of previous tracks as of recently. This was due to an overwhelming sense of precaution that came from his abuse from both nature and man alike over the years. Over time Hitsuyona had grown cold, even for a child. He had hopes to live out a simpler life than he had before, and aimed to move somewhere where he might be able to more easily obtain sustenance, or possibly even find more like that man if they somehow presented themselves in a right way. Little did that young boy know that he was slowly making his way farthest from where such a fate would be remotely possible, as the outer districts comprised of ones without law, and at times it seemed as if though their sense of right and wrong had become null. -------------- [Present] "Hello? Do I need to repeat the question?" Two men sit at a table across from one another within a cold damp room, which happens to be one that is somehow within the remains of what was once an abandoned cave. It's cold atmosphere caused the man who spoke to release visible breath that lightly fades as a teal haired individual looks up from the table his eyes were once set upon. The man staring into that of the question maker appears to be in a multiplitude of shackles while donning a solely white outfit. "That won't be necessary, I merely got lost in my train of thought while trying to recall an answer to your question. The memory can sometimes fade when you age a few hundred years." The latter of his statement had actually been false in this scenario due to the fact he was recalling events in grave detail. In either case, the prisoner raise his hands to rest upon the table whilst they jangle in his attempts to reposition himself. "I was abandoned at infancy for one reason or another, so trying to locate any of these 'shizukesa' that you claim myself to belong to will not occur through my medium, whether I bear their 'mark' or not." The original questions where given several at a time, with a variety of which that revolved entirely on specifics involving a family name Shizukesa. The Central 46 believes he is an active member of such a clan though, so trying to claim anything but had so far proven to be persistently annoying. "Very well, then where did you spend your childhood, and who were your guardians, given you were a pure born soul you would have needed them to survive." Hitsuyona looks fairly annoyed with signs of such in his facial expression. His glare stares deep into the eyes of the man's, as he leans in more closely before halting when his reach of the chain had been met. "I was abandoned at infancy, and survived through the will of nature itself. I've no clue of my methods, or if I am the product of a string of multiple guilty souls that took me in for short periods of time. The earliest I recall is roaming a forest of limitless danger while somehow living long enough to find my next meal." The interviewer seemed pleased enough with this answer, or at least felt that prying for something he might have assumed to be more truthful would be useless. He then flips to another page to view before continuing. He looks at the prisoner with a bit of judgement in his eyes, and mockingly asks his question. "You clearly knew more than enough before reaching the academy, please tell me, how did you learn to fight on your own, and what else might have you done during this time of your life?" The young soul leans back to release the straing of his bindings before letting out a sigh, and holds his hand up as if to signify he needed a moment. "Take as long as you need, so long as it doesn't take long." ----------------- wc:1,811 TWC:1,822
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    "I could choose to kill you where you stand just for the fact that I do not like the way that your face looks, and no one would think twice about it. That is the way that things work around here, but you fail to understand that I can CHOOSE to do that. I never will kill a woman that does not wield a weapon with intention versus fear, I never will kill a child that does not understand there are other ways to live, I will never kill an elderly man that has chosen to give up his blade, I will never kill a man that does not wish to live and fights me to commit suicide, and I will never kill you just because you defeat a member of my group and the others decide to bring you in. No, I kill those that will target those that I do not and those that defeat a man of mine will be offered a chance to join or a chance to be pardoned." Regashi to Kaim in the Public Trial of Combat... ----------------------------------------- The Crimson Raiders will do what it is that they want to; from fighting anyone that is considered capable and ready to fight all the way down to taking items from those that have acquired a little too much in their own personal possessions compared to the average amount allowed for any person. Truth be told, Regashi would tend to give what he would receive from the gathered goods to the less fortunate that have no chance of fighting for themselves in order to better their situation. In a sense, although the gang was ruthless, there was a sense of honor in the way that Regashi would behave that was almost like the concept of Robin Hood in the way that he would take from the poor and give to the impoverish so that there was at least some sense of balance in the way that people lived in this area. Not everyone was fond of it, but it kept enough of the people in Districts 71 through Districts 76 to believe in Regashi as a kind of leader although he would act harsh and, at times, impulsive. Some sense of order was better than nothing, especially since the Raiders would typically take from the 70th District down towards the inner district focusing on the 51st through the 58th Districts for the main source of obtaining goods and every so often reaching as far as the 47th District. It was an impressive system that Regashi had established, something far beyond what the previous leaders of the Crimson Raiders were capable of who had done nothing but claim violence across the 71st up to the 74th districts leaving little in their path standing. Some would even look up and look towards Regashi for a chance to better operate their life and asking for advice from their Lord, a term and a concept he was not comfortable with even in the slightest, but he was not about to shut down what little hope the lost had gathered. All Regashi wanted was to fight, to train, and to get stronger so that when the Soul Reapers decide to pester his district, he would be prepared this time around. This was the primary reason for establishing the system that he had, for he knew if he had become too violent that they might send a different force or simply attempt to annihilate the district and that would destroy his efforts. No, he would have to establish a sense of power that would cross boundaries and pester the greater districts without pervading too far in and allowing the news of the Crimson Raiders to spread to the ears of the man who had come before to kill his father. He ensured that his name was never brought up, as he wanted to keep a certain amount of anonymity so that he would receive audience with specifically one person. That is how the Blue-Eyed Beast was born, among many other reasons, so that the man would remember the young man he faced with the bright blue eyes. "Stay down boy... Before I tear those eyes out of your skull." That was what Regashi needed, for it was those words that he heard last before losing consciousness but noted that the man looked him in the eyes. "Arashi..." Eventually Regashi was able to get the name of the man that he has based his life around, and some have asked Regashi why he was so determined to continue focusing on a Soul Reaper that is irrelevant or is probably dead by now but Regashi knew better. After beating those that questioned his own desires to a bloody mess, he would ensure others that might have the same questions that he has gathered enough information to know that Arashi was still alive and a member of the Thirteen Court Guard Squad still. "Arashi takes a pattern throughout the Rukongai, every few months traveling from district to district in order to deal with a possible test dummy to face. He has been moving in a clockwise pattern for years, and the fact that there are at least 120 different districts that are considered slums, district 50 and beyond for all four of the major reasons, and the fact that he does a district for nearly a year it would take roughly 120 years before the full cycle would come for me to have my chance." With a sigh after this information being delivered he would complete, "Rosuto was killed 119 years, 11 months, and 16 days ago... Which means in 14 days, there will be 2 days in which Arashi will arrive, scope out the local talent, and decide on 3 individuals to face for their little training sessions." This was three days ago that he delivered that information, and just a day before Regashi declared a Crimson Raider organized Fight Club in order to find out which of their own people would be used for District 72's training session. The battles would take place the following day over the course of three days in order to give time for the ones to make it to the final rounds to recover until the final two are left to be used for the day Arashi arrives. Regashi has even ensured to bring a few medics for this contents so that the combatants can be prepared to fight, although he wants the best available he does not want to lose a large amount of his gang and probably candidates for the Arrival. "Let me make one thing... perfectly clear." Regashi said as he would address the individual members of the Crimson Raiders in a massive group around a huge bonfire to prepare to the contest to begin the following day. "All of you are declared members of the Crimson Raiders and therefore are considered the best fighters in the Crimson Districts, so any that is defeated by any non Crimson member will be removed from the Raiders and exiled beyond the border of the 76th District." There was slightly roar of shock from everyone hearing such news while others spoke in their confidence that they wouldn't lose to anyone. "Second, there will be contestants that are not from the Crimson Territory and any Raider defeated by such an combatant will be exterminated on the spot." This one too caused the same uproar but with a little more exclamation from both sides of the consideration, those that fear being killed for losing a fight and those that are sure they will not lose. "So allow me to add this fact... Any Raider that chooses not to compete will be allowed to do so but will also mean that you will be removed from the Raiders but be permitted to remain in the territory but never allowed to touch a weapon again or face a public trial." Ultimately there was so much mixed emotion for the people around, but ultimately it sounded exciting. There were a few that were concerned about being executed, but the idea of a public trial is where their fear was highlighted. Knowing that should they be found guilty, they will be left in a condition worse than death and that is where there fear lied in. Being maimed in a manner that would destroy any hope for wanting to live beyond the day. So the night was still young, but Regashi needed to prepare for the following day and left his gang to enjoy their festivities. He would retire with a single thought on his mind, "Arashi... I will tear your eyes out of your skull." WC: 1,451 TWC: 3,243
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    2. The hope in silence On a hospital bed, Masato laid on his back with his arms at his sides and his waist-down underneath a thin white blanket. The room he laid in appeared most hygienic and consisted mainly of white and blue though the sight of gray was also common. Covering his mouth and nose was a transparent oxygen mask that, with the support of thin green straps tied loosely behind his neck, stayed on his face. Attached to the center of the mask was a gray pipe that stretched horizontally across the left of his chest and inevitably connected to an oxygen concentrator which, for the past four hours, delivered oxygen to his unconscious body. Save for Masato, the room was empty when a doctor barged in to check on his patient. He wasn’t in a hurry nor did he seem worried about Masato’s condition; barging through doors was just a habit he developed working the busy job he had. Unsurprisingly, the doctors “habit” combined with the various noises from the corridor, the chatting of hospital staff and wailing of children alike, woke Masato from his slumber. He partially opened his eyes to see his visitor and shortly after analyzing his dwelling, tried to recall how he got there. “Oh, Mr. Hizorashi, I’m glad to see your wake.” Startled by his unexpectedly awake patient, the doctor initiated conversation with a barely conscious Masato. “How did I get here?” Masato asked, now more awake and conversant with his surroundings. The doctor responded as he sat in an ergonomic chair and rotated the seat to face Masato. “We received a call from your wife as well as your home address but -” “WHERE IS SHE NOW?!” Masato interrupted leaning forward, his eyes completely open and his grip to the blanket above him tightened. “...may I finish?” doctor asked then briefly paused as to not be interrupted again. Masato sensed his he was being rude. “Sorry” he apologized humbly allowing his visitor a chance to proceed. Confident that Masato was open to listening the doctor continued “She seemed anxious over your condition so I convinced her you were fine, which, by the way, you are.” testing Masato’s patience he paused briefly expecting interference but again Masato remained silent and attentive. The doctor continued “after passing out you would normally regain consciousness within a few minutes, an hour at most, but your exhaustion at the time of your incident seemed to have kept you down longer than usual. You’re free to leave but might I prescribe a healthy meal and some rest. ” the doctor smiled, confident that the news he brought would bring joy to Masato’s face Frustrated by the doctors’ failure to answer his second question Masato’s gaze burned with rage, his eyes set directly on the doctors and the dark bangs just beneath them made his stare especially devastating to the doctors’ composure and sense of security. *ahem* the doctor cleared his throat. Acknowledging his anger and not wanting to provoke him again the doctor replied. “She uhh.. She left maybe 10 minutes ago after.” Just then Masato tossed his cover to the left, leaped out of the right-side of the bed and sprinted through and out the infirmary door. In the corridor he ran towards the closes exit insight. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't help but bump and shove into inhabitants of the crowded hall and along with them, some medical equipment but his haste proved beneficial for it wasn't long before Masato found himself out of the hospital and on a street heading towards his house. It was five in the morning but instead of a colorful and vibrate sunrise, the extremely cloudy sky was gray blue, and other variations of it. The weather was obviously cold and this fact was supported by the mist Masato’s mouth issued with his heavy breaths. The rain poured heavily, seemingly by the bucket load, creating puddles of water everywhere. Masato was never athletic, he could barely jog a mile and because of his frail body the prospect lifting weights alone repelled him from any and all physically taxing exercises. But despite all, Masato ran vigorously, for a total of 15 minutes ignoring all barriers physical and mental alike, to his house where he assumed his wife would be. His heart raged in his chest and the heat his body generated did well combating natures cold. Muscles throughout his body ached and the only things pushing his overstressed body were adrenaline and hope for righting whatever wrong he might've done to his wife. Pitter patter and showering rain censored most of the sound of splashes coming from the young man’s footsteps on the wet and clean streets of the neighborhood. He made a few turns before arriving a the long road leading directly to his house; this only encouraged him to run even faster. The mild and gray fog of that rainy night concealed much that was in the distance but did not dishearten him. Masato slowly transitioned from running, to skipping and then finally walking, for he had arrived in front of his house to see a female figure slowly walking away. His emotions were split in two, joy that he could finally discuss their last conversation over the phone and anger for not knowing what his wife was going through or how could resolve it. He didn't bother to confirm if it was actually his wife. “ASUNA!” he shouted so loud that it could be clearly heard over the deafening sound of showering rain. Following his cry was heavy panting, followed then by patches of white mist steaming from his every breath, fading shortly thereafter. His nose and cheeks were red and irritating from the cold and his completely drenched clothes hugged tightly to his body. Without thought Asuna turned her body to face her caller. Much to her surprise, she saw a panting Masato whose shoulders and chest rose and declined in sync with his breathing. Her eyes swelled up at the sight of her exhausted husband but further inspection made her to drop her umbrella, her only protection from the rain, and cover her mouth with both hands as tears gushed from the outer-ends of her eyes. Masato didn't understand why until he focused his eyes on what she saw. He hadn't notice until that moment, but the isolated water peddle he stood in consisted of diluted blood emerging from the bottom of his bare feet. The tar of the streets combined with friction created from his running tore skin and flesh from the bottom of his feet. No matter how she struggled to, Asuna couldn't stop her tears. It was this very love and dedication he displayed that guilted her. After such a sight how could she bring herself to tell him, bloodied and broken for her sake, that she simply didn't love him back? She viewed herself as a parasitic burden, leaching Mastato's love and giving nothing in return and thought leaving him would remove that burden; not take away what he loved most in the world. Knowing what she was about to say, she couldn't look him in the face. “I can’t stay with you so please….don’t follow me!” she said crying with her gaze to the floor directly below herself. She thought being repulsive would make her rejection less harsh however it didn't. Since regaining conscious, Masato thought of words that would sway Asuna’s decision, so her attempts to push him away and avoid dialogue were not only devastating but completely contrary to how he envisioned their meeting. With his mouth wide open, he struggled for words to say. Asuna With tearful eyes turned away, lifted her umbrella above her head and began to walk away. This met utter failure and defeat to Masato. He fell to his knees then hands and wept; his tears contributing to the puddle he once stood in. he lost half of all he lived for and couldn’t help but imagine losing the other. The thought of losing Mimeki was the final blow to what little sanity Masato had left. His sorrow quickly turned to resentment towards, firstly his own failure and secondly to his wife. For years he tried his utmost best to curb his anger, so in that moment when he finally let loose, there were no filters on his tongue. “you…” he murmured in hesitation of what was to come. “YOU FUCKING WHORE! YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST WALK AWAY? WHAT ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER? YOUR GONNA EXPLAIN THIS TO MIMEKI. YOUR GONNA TELL HER WHY YOU'RE ABANDONING HER YOU SPITEFUL BITCH!” He shouted quickly aloud in one breath; His face visibly irritated, droll running from his mouth and his nose running. With that off his chest sat in silence. His breaths still heavy, he wheezed with a dry throat and reflected on what he just said. (Someone… please kill me.) He thought to himself while hearing all that he said repeatedly in his head. His words reached Asuna and gave her the push needed to keep walking. She interpreted those words as clear hate towards her and blinded herself to the truth, that being the complex emotions going through Masato at the time, anger and confusion alike, coupled with exhaustion ,would make anyone speak regretful and meaningless words, Masato being no exception. Masato stared into the distance silently and motionlessly until Asuna could no longer be seen; all the while tears and water flowed to, then drip off the bottom of his chin. The rain had stopped but Masato was still soaked. The rate at which his feet bled slowed and his heartbeats regulated. He was utterly lost. His eyes were void of life and he shivered from the cold but committed no effort to try and stay warm. He wanted to die. (I wouldn’t suffer like this if I died.) He thought to himself. His only hope was to by some miracle die where he sat and end it all. He envisioned darkness enveloped his body and the thought of dying put a smile on his face. A jet black shadowy hand reached for his soul ready to claim it. While this all happened internally, Masato’s physical body still reacted. “Please…” he chuckled with isolated tears at the end of both eyes at the hand, “take it.” He raised his arms up and out with his hands palm-side up while pleading. Internally the hand came closer and closer to his chest; less than an inch away. Masato’s smile slowly grew larger until a voice could be heard. Masato couldn’t hear it clearly and was so close to what he thought was death that frankly he didn't care. But again the voice called this time louder and peaking Masato’s curiosity. “Huh?” Masato lowered his arms and looked around the darkness trying to trace the voice; the hand retreated into the darkness as Masato seemed no longer interested in it. Finally a third time, with his ears now open, he heard the calling “PAPA!” Like glass the dark walls around him cracked, from those cracks shone white lights. The walls crumbled shortly after leaving him on his knees, now in the world of the living. He looked to his right with a turn of his head to see Mimeki standing in the doorway of their house; her distressed and confused expression was due only to Masato’s lucidly bad condition. Like a miracle, the dark grey clouds split directly above him enveloping him in beam of bright banana yellow light, and with it warmth. “Mimeki” he murmured while trying to stay conscious but to no avail. His eyes slowly closed and his head dropped forward; his chin stopping at his chest. He slept on that sidewalk in a puddle of bloodied water and snored quietly with an expressionless face. “Ugh” Masato grunted at his headache with chapped lips and sore eyes. He looked around and found himself in his bedroom lying of course on his bed. The Red light illuminating his dark bedroom indicated it was evening. His feet were exceptionally warm; he removed the blanket above it to see why and to his surprise his feet where poorly wrapped in bandages. Atop his drawer was a filled water container, a glass cup and various fruits and vegetables; sliced, peeled and ready for his consumption. After his short meal and drink, he stood off his bed while slowly applying pressure to his feet. His body ached and had it not been for the pain, he would’ve surely stretched as he usually did when first waking. He heard the sound of running water behind his closed bedroom door and decided to investigate it but with every limping step he took he winced in pain from the bottom of his feet. He eventually arrived at the door and opened it. The first thing he noticed was the dried up blood-steps which lead directly towards his room, they were obviously his. Secondly he noticed the running water came from the kitchen. It's door was was open and light emerged from it, partially lighting up the hall. Masato walked towards the light and paused before he could be seen. He thought about how he failed Asuna and questioned if he would do the same with Mimeki. (I don’t want to be there when she leaves too?) And thoughts like it consumed him. He turned back to his room and considered going back to curl in bed and indulge in his sorrow. (You hypocrite, you’re abandoning your daughter you pathetic lump of cow shit!) “GOOODA EVENING YOUNG LADY!” he shouted in a deep heroic voice, bursting through the kitchen door, a transparently forced smile stretched across his face and his eyes closed from it. He assumed a ridiculous pose that would always put a smile on Mimeki’s face. On his right leg he stood and raised his left, bent, knee; his arms spread out to his sides and his torso leaned forward. The pose was that of Burter’s of the Ginyu force but was also physically taxing for Masato, especially in his current condition. Masato however cared not for the pain he endured for it was far worse than the thought of losing his last light, in the world he perceived as only dark and cruel. His legs shock rapidly and he wobbled side-to-side trying to stay balanced. Mimeki was standing on a chair, washing the dishes she used to cook dinner in the sink when he barged in shouting. Facing him, she jumped down the chair and walked to her father. looking up to her father, she held her arms out in front of him indicating the desire for a hug. As always, this time the fake smile didn't fool her. She often knew that her father would fake his happiness for her sake but this was different. She thought it was her time her time to comfort him, her time to hold back tears and smile for her father. “What kind of hero would I be if I denied my secret admirer a hug?!” Masato said aloud before kneeling and hugging Mimeki. Their heads were rested above one another’s shoulders when Mimeki spoke. “You don’t have to do it today.” “Whatever do you mean young miss?” he asked in with mumbling lips as his heart trembled and his eyes began to water. “You don’t have to pretend anymore.” She clarified, but Masato had already understood. Tears rolled from his yet he still tried to uphold his facade. “It's ok, I’m not leaving you.” She claimed with gentle words. Shortly after Masato’s hug grew more firm and he sobbed in her arms. “Me neither.” He cried, his response shattering her facade as well. That whole evening they cried at their lost aloud and uncontrollably, with runny noses and tears, their shoulders catching one another's tears. It wasn't until the sun had completely set that they stopped. That night was quiet and dark but dinner with his daughter gave Masato comfort and hope for the future. WC: 2670
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    The town had a cold malevolent air to it, the wind howling past you in every which way, as if trying to express its own confusion the recent turn of events. Kuroto, his body among the mass piles of debris, was lost in a trance. One minute, multi-colored death beams reign down on all present in a never-ending bombardment. In the next, nothing. It had gone as quickly as it came. No movement, no lights, no wind, no people. It's like everything just vanished, or was never there to begin with. A fog was rolling in, throwing those who survived all into despair; they couldn't fight if they couldn't see. Kuroto’s men hadn’t made it yet. They were defenseless. The fog was dense, so thick you'd need a knife to cut through it. Some hid underneath debris, others took to whatever buildings they could for shelter. Those that could not see the entities knew that they were not alone. Those that could, even if only barely, saw their deaths coming towards them. Shadowy figures were steadily moving closer; their mangled, horrific forms visible enough to send fear down the spines of even the most hardened men. And then suddenly, it began again. A sickening roar, loud enough that even the those who couldn’t sense or see spiritual entities could hear. They were being mobbed. Mutli-colored death beams pelting them from all sides, slaughtering them like the sheep Kuroto took them for whilst they weren’t expecting it. He should have known. This was the only logical conclusion with all the data he had at his fingertips. He should have prepared for this. He could have prepared for this. But he didn't, and now they were all paying dearly for it. Hundreds were dead before one could even tell what was happening. The air was hazy, a red mist thrown up from the sheer of blood that was spilled. Citizens were being slaughtered. There were too many of them. Too little of people could do anything to prevent it. It was a massacre. Kuroto looked around, seeing the charred remains of the councilman at his feet. The putrid smell of burned flesh mixed with the blood. The man’s severed head sat perfectly placed on Kuroto’s lap. Eyes rolled into the back of his head. His face was expressionless. In his last moments, he had no idea what awaited him. The smell of blood hit Kuroto then. The adrenaline fading fast. He quickly pushed the severed head off of his body and turned to the side to retch. His stomach could no longer handle it. It was overpowering, so strong he could taste it. Dry heave after dry heave came, the businessman clutching tightly at his sides. Soon, he finished, staring hazily at the pile of liquid in front of him. He could suddenly hear the screams of the dying men, the sound of the guns going off. His team had arrived. He could hear orders from the Captain. “Fan out and rescue any survivors. Switch to the X-tinction rounds immediately.” The survivors would be thankful that they arrived but with such short notice, it seems that they were being overpowered. Far more screams of men and women dying echoed the otherwise deathly quiet area than the death howl of the creatures. His senses became hypersensitive. He could smell the blood, sweat, and fear hanging heavily in the air. He felt his heart beating as if it wanted to burst out of his chest. A lump formed at the base of his throat, threatening to make him puke once again. His head felt as if it was spinning. He knew that he had to get up, get moving. His men could eventually hold the line long enough for the beasts to retreat from wherever they came, that wasn’t the issue. The main issue was him getting to safety. Everything else was secondary to that. He managed to make it to his feet before quickly falling back down on his hands and knees. His body felt heavy, his vision blurred. He broke out into a cold sweat as his breathing increased. Was this fear? A fear of death perhaps. This had been the first time he’d ever experienced something of this nature. Something so foreign yet primal to him. Throughout the sounds of gunfire rumbling in the background and booming footsteps of the creatures that had descended from the rip in the sky, he could faintly hear it. Those soft chewing sounds. The sickening crunch of a bone. The sip of a liquid, probably blood, going doing the throat. All became clear. One of them was near and hungry. Ravenous even. He quickly drew flashbacks to the warehouse all those months ago. Watching his men from the safety of his van as they turned to see their comrade devoured by the beast. In that moment, he missed the sanctuary that the van provided. The feeling of safety. Suddenly, the chewing stopped. A low guttural grow took its place. He wondered if he had been spotted, though his answer would soon. Low footsteps began to draw closer, inching closer and closer towards him. With his remaining strength, Kuroto lay flat on the ground, placing his body up against some of the charred corpses around him. Maybe it would go for one of the other bodies, just long enough to give him a moment to escape, if he could find the strength to do so that is. The footsteps drew closer and closer, until he could feel breathing down his neck. A snout moving along his body. He’d been found. The snout kept nudging at his body, increasing its force with each nudge. Kuroto’s body being pushed deeper and deeper against the corpses around him. He could feel warm liquid forming on his back. He didn’t know if it was his blood or the blood of someone else. Something else. The nudging stopped, the beast reared its head back and howled loudly. It was ready for its feast to begin anew. “So, this is how I die? On the ground with my face in the mud among the peons I despise so much?” Kuroto thought. “Ironic that this is the path destiny has chosen for me. I refuse it. I refuse it. I will not sit idly by and let this be my end. I will ascend to the heavens on my own terms. I will not be struck down by the likes of this dull creature!” Using the lasts of his strength, Kuroto manages to flip himself over, ready to stare into the face of the beast. To his surprise, the beast is no longer there; instead laying a good distance away with a wound on its side. It’s breathing labored, dying. Kuroto sat mystified at the sight. Was it one of his men that managed to wound the beast so greatly? He hadn’t heard a single gunshot from close range so it couldn’t have been them. Just what was it then? As he tries to ponder his thoughts, he faintly hears a voice from behind him. He manages to only capture a glimpse of a shadow darting overhead towards the beast, before both are gone. “The hell was that?” Kuroto mutters. “Sir! Are you alright?!” a voice calls out to him. Kuroto turns his head to see a team of his men shuffling quickly towards him, guns trained at the surrounding area. “We’ve found Mr. Dan. He seems wounded but alive. Bring the van to this location for transport. It’s alright sir, we are going to get you out of here.” Kuroto didn’t move, could not move. He was still mystified by what he just saw or at least what he thought he saw. It wasn’t his imagination. There was something, someone there protecting him from that beast. It moved so fast, so gracefully that he only saw but a shadow. He had to find out what it was. WC: 1,325
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    "Nothing splendid was ever created in cold blood. Heat is required to forge anything. Every great accomplishment is the story of a flaming heart." - Words Spoken from the Darkest Flame... -------------------- Vision is like a Match and Action is the Spark, it only takes the first one to engulf the world in Fire... "Welcome..." A single word would echo like a missile being launched directly next to him, causing Regashi to lift up in a fit of panic prepared to punch the creature once more and finish the battle once and for all. He would sit up and look around with the pure focus of attempting to see that demonic white face with a smile so devious and so violent. Though he would look with the intensity of an entire crusade and saw nothing that his mind was prepared for, and thus his mind was able to stop spinning and gather with a semblance of focus. It would be in this minor clarity that the world would start to seem like it made little sense once more as he noticed himself on ground made almost pure black, something akin to obsidian in both color and texture. The heat would start to be noticeable as well and with a continuous scan Regashi would finally be able to notice the most frightening and life changing detail. His eyes would capture the pure fact that he was on a floating island, no larger than a basketball court but more round than anything else. This island would be drifting along a sea... Either this sea that he was drifting on was dangerously red and with intense viscosity or he was drifting along a sea of lava. Slowly he would lift himself from the ground placing his hand on the ground and feeling the strange cold sensation upon his hand as he lifted himself up and looked around. It was as if he was on a small island, versus a drifting piece of land. He would notice the flow of the lava moving by his little piece of land, "What in the world..." He would utter from a place of total confusion, as such an environment would not make any sense. "Where am I... This can not be the Rukongai..." Continuously he would look around trying to get a better understanding of his environment, but all he would be able to see would be miles of extensive lava surrounding him and this small island with little to be able to observe in the distance. This is all that there was and couldn't make sense of the situation at all. "Between what is possible in the world and what could never be made real in any lifetime leaves potential beyond comprehension Ashen One." The booming of the words that woke Regashi earlier would return and this time the words were clearly heard as they would echo throughout the world for him to hear but at the same time sounded as if someone was whispering directly in front of him for only him to hear. "So try not to question would could be, no what could not be, and simply understand that you have come home to rekindle the flame." "Wait..." He would mutter, still consumed by the confusion as this voice would speak to him like she knew exactly who he was but he knew nothing about the voice or anything that was going on at all. "Who in the hell are you?" He was now becoming defensive, for no other reason than an unsettling fear that would start to overwhelm him as he considered the last moments before he arrived here and concluding that perhaps he had died and this is the outcome for him. Instead of returning to the cycle, he would be placed in a place to be condemned much like hell. "I am the Fire Keeper, tasked to maintain the last remaining fire so that the world does not fall into total darkness. For it is the light of the flame that keeps you alive, and it will be the same light that you will use to rekindle the flame, Ashen One." The words would start to become even more clearly audible with the voice sounding like that of a woman, a voice sweet to listen but her words itself would spark nothing but more confusion. "You keep saying that... rekindle the flame... What does that even mean?" He was a little less defensive, as the woman's voice gave him some kind of comfort but the confusion would remain, "And why do you keep calling me Ashen One." None of this would make any sense, and suddenly behind him the sea of lava would start to split apart creating a trail that would lead out into the distance with no comprehensible way to know where it would lead to. Almost instantly after the sea would split would a small explosive sound would erupt behind him. Quickly he would turn around to see a small object protruding from the ground, "The way home has now been opened for you, a safe passage through the flame, and along that way you will forget of this place and never allowed to return but you will be free from the fires and the pain that this place may bring." The passage she spoke of would be the split in the lava that now had rocks shoot up to contain the flames from reaching the path at all as it would now for the other direction slightly elevating upon the small island. "Or you may come to rekindle the flame and begin the journey - the mission set for you - that only one with the spirit of the flame inside of them may complete. Something only an Ashen One may be even to accomplish, all starting with this blade bound to the earth." None of this would make any sense, aside from the fact that he was told that all he had to do in order to go home was to follow the path that was made for him in order to do so. Above all he would be able to avoid the pain that could consume him should he follow the other path, and it seemed to be an almost obvious choice. With little time to think about it he would make his way to the path sure that all he wanted to do was go home so that he could prepare for the battle with Arashi. No matter what was going to happen, that is all that even mattered. There would be blood drawn, and Arashi will pay for what he has done and the life that he was still able to enjoy after the crimes that he had committed. As he reached the end of the island that would behind him down the path, something just felt like it was holding him there making him unable to move forward towards the freedom that was provided to him. His own mind was not allowing him to progress forward in this motion, and that thought was one of his father, for he always taught him that the easiest path may not be the best route and should he not take it then others may suffer for it. Rosuto chose to take the easier path and simply leave the Seireitei in order to not have to deal with the troubles that he was facing, but it lead to so many of his closest comrades to suffer for it. "Damn it." Regashi would want to be able to simply leave, but he could not and would turn around moving towards the object that was out of the ground. As he would approach it he would hear the sound of something crashing behind him and he would turn to see the sea had overrun the walls and caused them to crumble returning the flame back into the original flow. Either way, he had made his decision and would not go back on it even if he could. So he would now be able to see what it was that was out of the ground and with a slight confused look, would make mental notes about the fact that there was a katana handle out of the ground with about 14 inches of the blade also being observable from his view. Unsure what he had to do, he would reach his right hand out and grab the handle and begin to pull. He felt not a single inch of it come out of the ground and decided to pull even harder. Still there would be no luck, "What the hell." There would be this blade that was sticking out of the ground and he could not manage to pull it out. So he would now decide that he would take some of the loose rocks and start to smack the ground around the embedded blade and soften it up. With that done, he would begin to dig at the dirt with his hand hoping to soften it up but the moment that he was able to get through the first 2 inches of the surface, he would hit molten rock and severely burn his hands, "Damn it!" Although the burn would hurt, it was temporary enough that it would not leave any major damage but his hands surely did hurt now. Now consumed with anger, he would start to pull at the blade handle once more with all of his force although his hands were now in pain but he ignored it. Still to no avail and now he felt a slight bit of hopelessness, "Why are you so silent now?" He would now ask, with a slight regret in the fact that he chose to not go with the easier route home. With little care left, he would now grip on the blade just below the guard in order to gain better support with one hand while using the other to grab the handle. Doing so caused his hand to get cut a little, but the burns had made his hand a little numb so he could ignore the blade enough as the burns had done enough. His blood would run down the blade slowly as he could feel the blade starting to finally move. His blood would seep into the soil and in a burst the blade would fly out of the ground and a little bit of lava would erupt up from the placement. "Well done Ashen One. Your spirit is one of flame, and your body will be the spark to rekindle the flame." With that Regashi would feel the island start to shake as the now small hole would start to erupt large amounts of lava that would start to spread and consume the island. He would be forced to back up slowly as he would approach the shore with a bit of fear as to what is about to happen as he lost balance and fell backwards into the flame. -------------------------- His body would feel cold as he jumped up and saw in front of him a young female who was more shocked to see him than he was to see her. "You are... awake?" She spoke as if she did not see him just lift up and quickly Regashi would notice Ryder running inside to check on him. "You are awake, and alive!" She would speak with excitement. He would look with confusion, "What do you mean?" She made a little of concern, "After you dealt with the creature, you had blacked out and worse you were starting to overheat. Not slightly, but to the point that you would cause any cold wet towel we put on you to dry up within a matter of minutes. Every hour we had to do something in order to keep you from burning alive." He made a sweet look of concern, "Luckily you eventually came too, as a few hours ago your body seemed to finally stop overheating and kept you at a normal temperature." Regashi would attempt to lift up, "I wouldn't yet, you are not fully recovered from the battle at the Arena and we need to make sure that nothing else is wrong with you before you can just leave. But you should know..." Again, she gave the look that made him concerned as it would appear it was her job to deliver all of the bad news, "Jubei was not able to make it. The creature caused serious damage to him and part of the Arena crush him as well..." There was a sigh but she attempted to put on a smile, "We were able to salvage your father's blade and your chain from the attack of the creature and the collapse of the Arena. And plenty of people have been leaving gifts for you waiting for the Blue-Eyed Beast to get better." There was a laugh, "So rest, I have done pretty well at keeping the Crimson Raiders under control these last three days." It was those words that threw him off, "Three Days!?" He could not believe that he was out for three days, when he had thought it had only been a couple of hours. "I have been unconscious for three days!?" She made a half smile, "You slept like a baby," There was a laugh from her as she looked at him, "But I will let you rest, at least for a few more hours and then you can get back to your preparations for Arashi." With that, she turned to make her way out of the room before Regashi grabbed her by the wrist. "Wait..." She would turn to look at him, "What is your desire then?" There was a look of confusion on her face, "As the champion of the Crimson Trials, you are allowed one favor..." She smiled, "For you to have what you want and be free of the Crimson Raiders." He was shocked by what she had said, "I know this is not the place you wish to be, the gang of violence that your father was bound to. You want more..." With a little nod she finished, "So I will handle the Crimson Raiders and you go create your own story, your own legend." He would slowly let go of her hand as she prepared to head out. "Oh, one more thing." She would pull the katana off of her back that Regashi had completely missed, "A man came by and wanted me to give this to you the moment you woke up, and before you ask, no I have no idea who. Just some older man in glasses and brown hair." She would shrug as she would place it down next to his father's blade and his chain and kunai, "Something about 'this blade is meant for great things, so long as he recognize the great things he can accomplish' or something like that. He was awfully cryptic." She would shrug and walk out of the room leaving Regashi alone with his thoughts. "Rekindle the Flame... Ashen One." WC: 2,514
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    004: THE LEGENDARY SWORDSMAN OF THE EAST OOC| Post Rating [16+] Mild Violence | ----- ____________________ ... THE WARRIOR stood before his opponent, his blade drawn and held down at his side, as he looked upon his challenger with sorrowful eyes. The sky weeped of heavy rain and wailed of thunder. It was the middle of the raining season and for the past three days, the rain had poured heavier than Shuu had ever seen. The woods were soggy with mud and puddles, and the air carried a freshness that livened the young boy throughout the day. Several years had passed since Gennosuke found him and Shuu now possessed the physical and mental maturity of a four year old. Shuu sat beneath the maple tree, hugging his knees to stay warm while soaked in rain irregardless of the presence of tree branches hung overhead. But the water and cold were the last things on the young boy's mind; right now the battle about to commence between Gennosuke and this new stranger took precedence above all other worldly affairs. He worried not of the chills in his bones or the wetness of his cloths which caused the material to cling uncomfortably to his skin. He worried only that if he blinked just once to wipe a straying raindrop from his eye that he would miss the fight. So, the boy sat focused, his deep red eyes sharply peered at his guardian and the man who'd come to challenge him. Shuu had now witnessed countless of such battles and he'd seen Gennosuke duel and swiftly slay every manner of man. The battles always started the same, the strangers arrived, the strangers drew their weapon and then Gennosuke drew his; battle cries followed by bloodshed and the strangers fell dead soon after. The man who faced Gennosuke now was one of the biggest men Shuu had ever seen. He stood as tall and as wide as the mother bear that lived in the cave with her cubs not too far north of their home in the woods. And, he looked just as mean. His head was completely bald besides the thick rectangular bushes that hung above his narrow slanted eyes. He had a chiseled jaw and wide lips that seemed permanently set in a stern frown. His shoulders were as wide as Shuu on both sides. His upper-body was bare and his muscles were so defined that the rain water flowed between them like rivers between valleys of hard pale flesh. He worn simple black Karate Gi pants that were shredded at the hems and he walked barefoot. He also carried a strange weapon, unlike anything the boy had laid eyes on before. It was a long and thick iron rod, that was tipped on both ends with an iron cylinder forged in the shape of a dragon's head. Closed between the dragon's sharp jaws was a metal ring to which were attached a loose barbed chain about two feet in length. The weapon appeared as ominous and deadly as it did heavy. However, the mountain of a man was utterly unperturbed by the weight and might of his weapon, he twirled it above his head in a single hand as the young boy would a twig. Mikoto Shuu gasped in awe, a warm mist wafted from his mouth as he exhaled with widened eyes. The boy liked this man, he seemed strong and had an aura of confidence about him that dominated the atmosphere. By comparison, Gennosuke was very short and appeared humbled before the monster that stood before him. Shuu had noted long ago that Gennosuke always seemed sad whenever he drew his sword to fight the challengers; he didn't at all understand why. It troubled him how uninterested Gennosuke always looked in something as amazing and exciting as fighting. Gennosuke never shouted battle cries or smiled with confidence and self-assurance. Curiously, Shuu also noted that Gennosuke had never lost a battle. Perhaps there was a lesson or virtue to be had in his guardian's calm and humble demeanor. Shuu frowned anyway, it still frustrated his to see Gennosuke so disheartened in something that he had come to love so much. Even when Gennosuke trained him in the sword Shuu could sometimes feel his guardian's disappointment. The large stranger's weapon twirled round and round above his head and cut through air and rain with a sharp continuous swish. A flash of lightning sparked the sky alight and for a second Gennosuke was completely engulfed in the darkness of the man's foreboding shadow, as the roar of thunder followed soon after. "Legendary Swordsman of The East!" The enormous man called out, his voice boomed with an intensity that could shame that of thunder itself. Gennosuke's shoulder's fell with a heavy sigh, "Such is the title I have been given by men like yourself." The swordsman replied. "I have come from the Forty-Ninth District of the South to challenge you in battle. I am Monokuma Hidetoshi!" said the challenger proudly. "I presume you mean that take my life and with it the burden of that title?" Gennosuke, plainly. "Tell me, Monokuma-san, how old are you?" Hidetoshi, for all his might, was perplexed by the swordsman's simple question. He did not know the relevance of his age in the matter of honorable battle. "I have honed my skills for the past three-hundred years! I believe I am as fit as any man to challenge you in a duel to the death!" he pronounced before another shying roar of thunder. Gennosuke sighed and chuckled lowly noting that the brutish youngster had completely misinterpreted his question. "Yes, it would seem so." he replied. "Monokuma-san, you appear to be a very capable young man with a promising future." Gennosuke paused and lowered his head humbling himself, "Might I be able to make you reconsider?" the swordsman asked, and silently begged that Hidetoshi would accept his sentiments and turn back in his path. Hidetoshi stop spinning his chained staff and stabbed one of his dragon head's into the wet mud. "You would deny me the honor of battle?!" he questioned and made it clear that he took offense to Gennosuke proposal. Gennosuke sighed heavily and shook his head. "You shame yourself before your son?!" the brute added and he pointed his left index finger directly at Shuu. The young boy blinked curiously before waving at Hidetoshi with a wide innocent smile. "Hehehe" he giggled just before he sneezed and wiped his nose on his kimono sleeve. "You are mistaken, Monokuma-san. The boy is the reason why I cannot allow myself to be defeated here. I alone bear the responsibility of his upbringing. If we fight, I will have to kill you, for this boy's sake." Gennosuke stated firmly. Hidetoshi winced at the Gennosuke's words, his grip on his staff tightened in anger. "ARGH!" he shouted, raised his weapon, and pointed the dragon's head at Gennosuke. "Get ready, old man! Today YOU DIE!" Hidetoshi lunged forwards, his staff jabbed at Gennosuke's forehead. The swordsman calmly raised his blade and blocked the attack, but the brute force of the strike caused him to slide backwards in the mud. Hidetoshi stepped in further, rotating the center of his staff clockwise around the back of his neck before he swung the weapon in an arc in front of him. The barbed chain licked through the air with a sharp whistle. Gennosuke sprang forth in a frontwards back-roll in the mud. The whipping chain barely shied of his back. Hidetoshi redistributed the kinetic force of his staff into a second rotation, around his waist. He intended for the head of his dragon to connect with the relocated swordsman. Gennosuke had already rebounded when Hidetoshi started the second twirl of his staff and he leaped into the giant man. He planted his back against Hidetoshi's and allowed the staff's rotation to continue over his own belly as it looped around to Hidetoshi's front. Gennosuke swiftly raised his blade up in reverse-grip, the sword pointed downwards, accurately aligned with the back of Hidetoshi's right knee. Gennosuke stabbed his blade down and the knee it did sever true. Hidetoshi roared in pain at the tip of Gennosuke's blade jutted out the from of his knee and he collapsed rightwards. Instinctively, he propped his staff to catch his fall, but in that instant he'd traded his weapon in exchange for a crutch. The battle was over. Gennosuke shifted to his right, knelled low, swung his blade downwards over his head, and cleaved through Hideotoshi's remaining good knee. Shuu saw Hidetoshi's foreleg removed and felled like a log of firewood. Hidetoshi fell in turn with a second cry of agony --humbled-- as Gennosuke stood and curled the direction of his sword's edge to the horizontal. Aligned at the height of his waist and also Hidetoshi's neck. The swordsman gracefully entered a clockwise rotation of his own, his body whirled on the axis of his right foot, blade steady as the arm of a windmill. FWIP! And the head of young Hidetoshi rolled backwards off his shoulders and into the mud as the woods fell silent, save the pitapatting of the rain. Gennosuke swiped his blade through the air and sheathed it as Hidetoshi's body slumped over cold and collapsed in a puddle turned red by his blood. Gennosuke turned away from the body in frustration and sighed sorrowfully. He looked back at Hidetoshi and raised his palms together in silent prayer for his soul. Shuu was already on his feet, he ran through the mud towards the scene, as he laughed. "Gennosuke-sensei, can I keep the fancy stick, I really like it!" Shuu begged, as he wrapped his little fingers around the staff and struggled with all his might to lift it. "Uuuuuhnnnn!" he grunted throughout the entire effort, though the staff did not budge a single centimeter. "You have no use for such a weapon, Shuu." Gennosuke chuckled. "There aren't many men I know who could have possibly wielded such a weapon effectively." Gennosuke explained. Shuu, completely regardless, continued to grunt and struggle in the background. "Uhhhgnnn!" he strained for a moment before he dropped himself on his rear, crossed his arms and legs, and pouted. "It's too heavy!" Then, just as quickly as he'd sat the boy was on his feet again. He ran to Hidetoshi's head, picked it up, and playfully held it on top of his own. "I am Monokuma Hidetoshi! Gonna fight the Legendary Swordsman of the East, ROOAAAAR!" he shouted as he loosely imitated the fallen warrior. He fell to his knees and grunted before dropping the head back in the mud. "Shiiiiiiiiiiineh" he grunted again before he flattened himself face-first in the bloodied mud and rolled around laughing and kicking his legs. "Shuu!" Gennosuke, called. "Come here." "Hai, Gennosuke-sensei!" Shuu answered before running to his guardian, his face brown-red with mud and blood. "We spoke about this." Gennosuke mumbled, wiping the filth from Shuu's face with his sleeve. "Sorry, sensei." Shuu mumbled and snorted before sitting on Gennosuke's lap. "Shuu, do you know why Monokuma-san was defeated?" Gennosuke asked, prepared to give Shuu a word of wisdom in conceit and overconfident and the way to defeat enemies that are much bigger than one was. Shuu poked at his chin repeatedly and hummed in thought, "Uummmmm, because sensei chopped off his head!" Shuu answered confidently, laughed aloud, and ran off. He was gone before Gennosuke could exhale another word, so he sighed instead and shook his head. "You have much to learn, Shuu." he smiled and watched Shuu swing a stick about in the rain. "But, perhaps the lessons will have to wait." To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|1,950 -----
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    it was now day two since he got to this White desert and from what he could see it was way to calm for his likening. so first order in his plan to some how raise to the top at the same time make as much hell as he possibly could. just then the sand started to sink just ahead of him, as the sand sunk a worm like creature with a dozen hundred teeth as a face came up from the sand and starred yamashiro down. " so what would a big ass worm want with this spider." the worm did not move even after yamashiro spoke to it, but it seemed that it could sense body movement for it made sure to keep its head dead straight on him. so keeping still the hollow finally decided to leave yamashiro alone which gave him a idea that it was pretty calm around these parts...which was very very boring in fact it was so calm it was driving him crazy inside. so with every thing that he has found in the last two days he is able to finally decide on a course of action, first find his memory's and as he is doing that make this realm shake to its very core. one after another yamashiro began to make his name known throughout the white desert of hueco mundo, but after a time he beat all the strong ones in his area and the weaker ones just ran and hid when they sensed his spiritual pressure coming, so his best bet would be to head to the next area to see if there was any life that he could crush into the ground with his power. as he was looking for some fun he heard weird noises coming from behind one of the many white sand dunes so he headed over to investigate, what he saw tho was like nothing that he had ever seen before. it looked like a big ass chicken but what he noticed that told him different was that this big bird has three heads on one body, that was when he suddenly got a funny idea. taking some of his Webb he chewed it up then spit it onto the chickens head from behind, one of the heads looked around but when it could not find what hit him he went back to what ever he was doing. so doing it a second time the chicken suddenly turned around like he knew just where he was at, he took his eyes off of the hollow for just a second but as he turned back to spit another Webb spit ball but he was no longer there. just then the hairs all over his body stood on end which was a sign that danger was closing in, but luckily that's when he saw it the hollow had a fist coming in directed to his back so all yamashiro did was lift one half of his body off the ground by utilizing his other four legs. the hollows Stoke missed him but sunk into the sand which was now acting as a suction cup to his hand keeping him grounded and trapped just like how he liked it. taking a leg yamashiro began by poking out each eye that the three headed hollow had, he watched as the crimson tears fall down there pasty white faces. the whole time yamashiro was Tormenting him the hollow kept trying to free his hand but every time he tugged the sand got tighter, yamashiro was starting to get bored plus he was getting pretty thirsty playing around so much. crawling onto the hollows back yamashiro took a big bite into the shoulder of the hollow and began to drink the hollow down until it was nothing more then more dust in the endless white desert. WC 648 Twc1593
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    002 l A Fateful Encounter Decadence, a word most fitting the lost soul, who wanders in a form most degenerate in comparison to his former self. The sun falls most wickedly upon his now more than fair skin on such a day. Sweat doesn't roll down the face of this boy who longs for water, as his body clearly is in need of water. He was Deprived of more than simply fluids though, shown by the tattered clothes that seem most filthy and rugged in nature, and to such an extent that it reveal his ribs beneath a torn shirt. The hungry boys' feet drag across a dirt road that approaches a nearby village, and his facial expression remains solemn in this grand discovery. He wouldn't so much as raise an eyebrow to the thought of salvation, no, hope to be rescued from starvation was a pinnacle of emotion he'd since realized to be futile. An orphan of purity where of no more importance than the stray dog whom fed upon thrown away scraps. He didn't care if it came from the richest civilian in town, or the shack business 'barely making it'. Hitsuyona draws nearer to the oncoming village as his eyes gaze more so closely. It was your run of the mill town, at least for this side of Rukongai so to speak. He needed to get a good idea of what it looker like, and where everything was. This was all necessary to figure out the best place to get a bite to eat, a satchel of water, or something needed to continue surviving town to town. He looks across all the huts and stalls, as well as the few things that were as close to an actual house for miles. The nearby food stall with no apparent shopkeep was peeking his interests most, therefore, the young man can't help but pick up the pace. Hitsuyona a needed to make a good snag before anyone returned, it was just too easy to pass up on an empty stomach. The frail boy nears this stall with haste ducking behind it as no one is looking, and grabs the first protein rich meal he saw, which happened to be a cooked salmon. Scurrying off and in a hurry, the boy chows down as he vanishes into a near alley, where he would hide until he'd disposed of the evidence. Far from food, yet satisfied compared to his prior situation, the boy walks upon the street once more. Walking onwards he divulges deeper into the heart of the town, which is where these houses he had seen earlier reside. Along his mellow pace he could hear sounds of screaming which originate from the stall he'd visited. The disgruntled shopkeeper noticing product missing in his absence. The angered clerk did draw the attention of a few members of the public, but only one would stand out to Hitsuyona. A woman whose appearance weren't rugged nor established, still yet, clearly well off compared to others of this place. More so than this was a water skin swaying from her hip as she walked to address the stall owner in distress over his one good fish missing. Just as this woman would pass by the child newcomer, Hitsuyona would turn roundabout to quietly follow. His eyes were dead set on retrieving the water, even with risking the chance of being seen. This much is shown when Hitsuyona pulls forth a kunai from his tatter pants. The blade skillfully sneaks up on the woman barely grazing the rope that kept the satchel upon her pants. Just as he would go to yank and cut it free, the woman turns grasping the boys hand that wields the kunai. "And what do we have here?!" She would say before her eyes fall upon him, a face of which turns from anger to near shock. The woman stand laying witness to Hitsuyona's physique and what one would hardly call attire. His body in general 'scrawny' looking to weigh no more than 100 pounds soaking wet. She could see his ribs through the ripped shirt that were stained in blood and other unknown fluids. Overall, it was wrong for a child to look this way, at least to a caring soul such as her. The woman rips the kunai from hitsuyona's grip, and her face shakes regaining a calm expression. She would then grab the boy by the ear as Hitsu slightly makes a shrieking sound. "When did you last drink?" Hitsu's facial expression remained overall empty, as he had an idea of what was soon to come. He could imagine it now, all the different physical beatings or immoral punishments to come. He'd found silence ended with the least pain at this point. When an answer wasn't give the woman would go to move her hand towards him. Hitsu closes his eyes flinches in this moment in expectance of a backhand, and the woman's face remain in awe as her hand gracefully touch his face. "You're burning up, come." Hitsu proceeds to be drug by his ear in accordance to where the woman pleased to take him, in this case, to a smaller shack of sorts. As he is being drug the boy is utterly confused by the woman's actions He hadn't been sure if she were showing mercy or simply taking the matter behind closed doors. More so, the kind tone of her last words left a lasting impression on his face, like a ghost had appeared before him. It were as if he could hear the comforting sound of his mothers voice, this kind phrase triggering a memory of a mothers love. The woman guides the boy into the shack as the door is opened, and points towards a nearby bed. "Sit." He complies with her orders, unsure entirely as to why, nearly out of instinct to avoid any more pulling of ears. After doing so, this lady grabs the satchel of water and tosses it to him. "Drink, before you dehydrate and pass out on my floor." He happily takes this order, gulping nearly every drop in a fast manner. She would now close the door behind herself to have privacy from the public who looked awkwardly. She crosses her arm before closely examining the child before her. "What's your name?" Hitsuyona's blank stare had become more of a mellow tone now, his appearance more relaxed than before. "Hit, hitsuyona." She continues staring as if still waiting. "Well, what about your last name, you do have one don't you?" The boy looked away for a second, as if reluctant to release this information. He'd known all to well from past experience how others treated him when they discovered his family name. She was persistent, however, and released her crossed arms to begin walking towards him. One good grip on hitsuyona's ears was enough to get him talking again. "Fine! Shizukesa." Her eyes widen significantly for a moment as her grip loosens. He could practically feel the discomfort in the air. " Where is your family?" The boy's blank expression seemed to remain as his judgemental eyes stared deeply into the woman's. "All dead to my knowledge." It was all beginning to sink in the homeowners mind, she was putting one and one together. "Very well, if you wish to stay you shall pay your part in labor. " she walks to the door and begins to take her exit. Just before shutting the door though, she looks once more. "You will address me as Mam, not misses, and you will begin tomorrow. Your first task is whatever our local shopkeeper tells you to do, that was his biggest catch in weeks you know." Shed caught on to how food went missing as well, smiling as shuts the door behind her. Allowing the boy to rest, the owner began to unravel out of sight of Hitsuyona. "What a sad day indeed." One Day Later -------------------------- Hitsuyona awakens from his slumber, jerking from his placement in the bed to sot upright in a near instant. He gasps for a breath of air before the look of terror leaves his face. The same dream once again, day in and day out. One that never ceased to strike fear in his heart, to the point he'd almost missed the sound of a light knocking that had since ceased After a short stretch he stands from his resting place, and approaches the door. Hitsuyona opens expecting to see the kind lady with a fiery side, but is surprised by a man and girl. He doesnt fake a smile or give a welcoming , but instead steps the side to allow them to enter. Meanwhile, he would observe more closely the man to see how this situation would unfold, as a blade was never accompanied by a salesman or commoner. His next words were fairly direct though before they entered. "She did invite you no?" "Yes. She mentioned you as well; it would seem we're roommates for a bit." The man stated plainly whilst smiling and taking his entrance. Hitsuyona continued to observe the duo as they would seemingly begin to take their entrance. They had a general respect for homes even if it seemed they were merely travelers as himself, noted as shoes are removed while responding to ensure this duo would be his temporary roomates. As Hitsu continued to observe, he could quickly tell that these two weren't together by chance. He could almost sense a connection from how kind the man were to the girl, likely a brotherly figure at the least. The way he ruffled her hair and so selflessly assisted her in removing her shoes to show respect was an obvious example. "I'm Selena! It's nice to meet you mister!" After the young towering man struggles to fit his larger figure into the doorway, he goes on to continue that sign of respect that seemed so seldom. His bow was welcoming, but he didn't do so in a manner to regard hitsu as a higher figure. The man looks to his traveler as the young girl would mimic in these actions; however, she welcomes a near innocent smile and responds. The girl who had now excitedly introduced herself as selena threw him off guard. It was like she hadn't a care in the world. Hitsuyona's outward expression stays blank through this as the girl would further examine him before attempting to speak. "Ask later, Sel." The largest of the three had spoken to the girl before she'd the chance to speak of her own accord, after having noticed the rather 'gruff' appearance that bestowed the majority of Hitsuyona's physical demeanor as of late. It was the man who'd chosen to speak in this 'selenas' place that had begun to draw the attention of the frail boy upon this moment though, as his kind eyes and smile begin to conflict with the zanpaktou that his hand now rests upon. "I'm Ginjo Xoi .. that's my little sister, Selena Xoi. It's a pleasure to meet you." Hearing the official introduction did bring about question to the boy's mind though. Ginjo xoi, he couldn't help but feel the last name were familiar. He was however, too young to tie any real recollection of such a distant memory. Shrugging this idea off, he returns his attention to the current matter. He knew that it was know his turn to return some form of introduction, as it was a formality even if he hadn't been used to it anymore. His social skills were rusty, but the young man raises his hand to rub the back of his head. "Hitsuyona.." There's a slight interruption between the first and last name, as if reluctant to say it at first, before he finally shrugs the bad feeling. "Shizukesa, its a pleasure to meet you as well." During their short exchange the one known as Selena had begun running around the room in excitement, and found her way about the place with utter enjoyment. "Selena, be careful .. this isn't ours. If you hurt something by falling we'll have to pay for fixing it. I don't even know if there's a fight ring here so you may be our main source of income- till we know don't do anything crazy." No sooner than his introduction ceased, he could hear a light crash. Hitsu turns to notice this Selena on her back, and her brotherly figure was soon to chime in. Her actions weren't entirely in vain though, as it gives Hitsuyona a little insight. The reference to a fighting ring clearly let him know Ginjo put that blade ,or towering figure, to use. He was however unsure of the girls talents. A possible answer to his wonder is soon to come though, when the girl allows some green healing energy to form around her light head injury just sustained. "Ah, that's right .. she wants us to pay for our stay. If you need help making ends meet to stay here let me know alright? I'll do what I can to help ya' out." Ginji would have stated lightly while smiling and placing his hands within his pockets, and having done so would have innately ignored the active power that the girl seemed to have so easily displayed in front of the two men. Hitsuyona's focus passively stays with the girl and her green illuminating light that lightly surrounds the wounds on her body. He hadn't layed witness to anything like it, and his interests were certainly peaked. He actually couldn't help but allow his left hand lower from his scalp to his torso, where an abundance of old scars and newly healing wounds lay. "An extraordinary child indeed." It was actually an ironic statement, given that his appearance was of a mere adolescent in actuality, and his years of life were few compared to the vast amounts of peope present within this world. His interests had actually caused a reaction he weren't aware of. The desire to learn more allowed a bit of his reaistu to pour forth, the light blue aura nearly unnoticed to the naked eye. It's entity though, giving off a very cold and solemn presence to those gifted enough to feel it pour forth. The light blue reiatsu that poured forth gave off a burning sensation that derived his eagerness to learn such a trait, and was coupled with the years of exposure to the cruel world he had been a part of thus far. Having ignored the mans words he suddenly remembers hearing them. Looking back to Ginjo he would nod, allowing his recognition be known. He didn't seek to have anyone pay his way through life,as he didn't let such a thing happen so far. This was also to say that he didn't exactly trust them, even if it appeared they meant well. He was, however, interested in them to say the least. He was never against seemingly appearing welcome to suggestion, if it meant a chance to observe without confrontation. Ginjo had since shifted his glance to Selena once more, chuckling at Hitsuyona's choice of words before nodding slightly in agreement. "She has a really weak body; but her reiatsu control and skill in Kido as a whole is ridiculous." Ginjo stated this with a sense of pride, as if he was greatly appreciative of such a compliment, but the look upon his face alters when he began to feel the essence emitting from the boy in front of himself. The boy's burning reiatsu caused a brow to raise without doubt, and his contemplation of its purpose was concluded with it having been necessary to have reiastu if he appeared to have some level of starvation. "Tell me more of the fighting rings, and of this ability she posses. Perhaps that alone should be enough to help me make ends keep without my 'expertise'." Hitsuyona had chimed in with this comment on account of noticing the 'looks' the two gave him, as if to switch the subject before it could approach. Ginjo would have lightly clapped in response to his question without words to accompany them. This caught the attention of Selena, who had been previously distracted with her own menial actions, which now shifts to staring at Ginjo and Hitsuyona with a sense of curiosity. Ginjo would begin to move towards another room within the house, once again having to duck so that his towering figure doesn't collide with the houses structure. In doing so he would wave a hand for the other two to follow, in which case Selena shows no hesitation in doing so. Hitsuyona was confused by this gesture, but decides to comply as to not seem reluctant at this current moment in time. It would have seemed his desire to learn more of these things he had been exposed to thus far exceeded the cautionary instincts that lay dormant. Upon entering the room he would find Ginjo beginning to take a seated position, and allowing his zanpaktou to rest upon the floor and his shoulder. Selena would be quick to follow in this action of sitting, as Ginjo makes a notion for Hitsuyona to join as well. He would slowly take a seat a few feet from the duo in front of himself while staring intently in awaiting their explanations. "Lets see .. you asked about Kido first, so let's start there. Sel- tell him about reiatsu and kido, he saw your kaido and got curious." Selena blinks without responding to his request before turning her head to face Hitsuyona. The previously brown eyes turn green as she begins examining him for a moment, and they soon return to their original hue. "He has some reiatsu .. but its really underdeveloped .. lots of potential though. He's got almost as much as you despite not having any training, Ginny." She'd spoken in a calm tone that seemed to not bring any amount of surprise to Ginjo, who would have now slowly closed his eyes for a moment. Hitsuyona still felt confused about the situation though, as he wasn't exactly well-versed on how reiatsu seemed to work. He knew it existed, but not how one obtained any level of its existence, or even how one could 'see' and 'sense' it. Thus far in life its level of usefulness had been entirely based around his 'instincts'. He hadn't particularly known it, but thus far he had judged people by the menial ability to 'sense' how one was merely by being near them. Selena dons a 'bright' smile before suddenly continuing with her lesson of sorts. "I used what's called Kaido- it's healing spells, that the Shinigami use! We had a teacher; and he taught us a lot of things before .. before .." She suddenly becomes silent before staring away from Hitsuyona with a look that brought about concern. Gin would look down to her before continuing where she would have left off. "Before he left us. In any case, it uses your spiritual pool- your Reiryoku. If you learn to properly compress and control it, you create reiatsu- and using that you can break it even further into specialized usages. Kido is one of them; spells that can let you summon flame, ice, barriers, shields, or even heal yourself or others. The other being using it to augment your physical abilities and utility, granting you high combat capabilities." Ginjo would then lightly flow his hands through Selena's hair, and during this time Hitsuyona allowed everything thus far to sink in. This concept was very interesting to Hitsuyona, especially so when having heard the girl earlier mentioning his own Reiastu in comparison to the seemingly experienced man before him. There were of course mentions of underdevelopment, but he had no quarrels with the way it was worded. He was mostly intrigued at the fact this 'reiastu' had uses that could be very practical to his survival, most specifically the capability of creating fire and healing ones wounds. He would surely have to learn more of it, but for now he'd need to finish hearing them out. "Basically what he said! It takes a lot of control, and practice though! I'm apparently really, really naturally gifted in it and it even took me several years to get where I am now~" "But basic control is pretty easy to get. Taking it beyond that is where it gets more complex .. still, you could probably do it- if that's why you're asking." he nodded, before continuing; "As far as the fight rings .. it's about what it sounds like. Most villages and towns have them .. dog fights, chicken fights, and fight rings. You enter, people place bets, you win until you get the pool or sections of the pool of bets depending on the rules that village has. Not all places have them though. Sometimes you can use weapons, sometimes its unarmed only .. I usually make my money in them; if I can't then I do other chores around a village instead." He would then lean lightly upon the blade balance on his shoulder after a single moment of silence. "Do you wanna learn?" Everything had been summed up nicely, but the question that was returned to himself very direct and somewhat vague. Which did he want to learn? All of it, some, merely the fighting? Even if the man wasn't leaning in any one direction for his question, Hitsuyona had already decided from nearly the start. These capabilities seemed almost necessary if he wished to further himself for his own sake. His reply, at least at first, was nearly instant. "Yes." A monotone expression and voice in this word, followed by a singular second of silence. "However, I do not wish to learn kaido." He looks down at his wounds, and places his hand over one of the scars. "They're a reminder, not a burden. Pain is the greatest mentor, whether sought or befallen upon you." Letting out a sigh, he looks to Selena with a slightly less 'blank' face. It was as if he were trying to look normal or 'happy', but it would come across more so as weird. He hadn't used the muscles needed to smile in a long time, after all. "Can you tell me what my reastu looks like? Its a weird question, but it might help me understand more. From the sounds of it, learning about the reastu will help me to do all of these things you speak of, firstly to make use of my reiryoku, and the rest shall follow, right?" Ginjo leans back whilst keeping his calm demeanor about himself; meanwhile, Selenda would take a moment of laughter to follow Hitsuyona's awkward gaze. "I don't think you could do Kaido anyway, so that's ok~ If you wanted to try I would teach you but I think not bothering is a good idea." She would suddenly have a change of heart, or a sense of an overreaction to her very own words at this moment in time, and begins to raise her hands flailing them about. "I-I'm not saying I don't believe in you! It's just that uhm .. Kaido requires a peaceful mind, and a complete control over your inner turmoil .. even Ginny can't do it because of that!" She now appeared to have a frown, as she didn't wish to come across the wrong way, but Ginjo would merely direct his attention back to Hitsuyona with a nod. "I'm decent with Bakudo and Hado .. the offensive and defensive spells; but I'm no good when it comes to Kaido. I can't even manage its most basic fundamentals .. people that have lost much, and can't find inner peace with their lives can't usually use it." From the basic comment he'd given on it Hitsuyona devised he'd likely never be capable of it's uses anyhow, but it didn't matter given his mindset at the moment. He did however gain a bit of insight on Ginjo, even if it appeared as vague and useless to the many, it gave the two some form common similarity. Selena then chimes in with her generally uplifting and exciting tone, after having almost missed the opportunity to explain the man's reiatsu. "It's a pretty blue! It's like big brothers- though his is a darker shade .. it's like fire too and his is more like water .." This appeared to pique the interest of Gin, who would then raise an eye to the comparison she'd just made. It was clear he hadn't payed particular attention to Hitsuyona, or wasn't as skilled in such a detailed examination. A moment after her explanation Ginjo joins in with his own extended examination. "It smells like metal as well .. has a very natural feeling to it; animalistic. Sort of like when you corner a beast on a hunt- you give off the same feeling, a willingness to bare your teeth but a preference to avoid confrontation maybe ..? Dunno. I don't know you well enough." Hitsuyona was interested in the findings of himself, and felt like this description was fairly accurate. He turns to look at Ginjo with a more relaxed expression. “After hearing how this works I think I sorta understand. I believe always been able to ‘feel' something odd about people, like a gut feeling about them. That's what feeling their reaistu is , at least I think. I'll see yours on my own time, some things I must learn my own way.” He let's out a light smirk, something much more easy and accurate than his attempted smile. “Save your breath for this hado and how I may use reaistu for combat.” He shrugs after the fact, and looks back up as he take a relaxed position once more. WC: 4,312 TWC: 6,132
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    003: THE MONGREL'S HUNGER OOC| Post Rating [16+] Mild Violence | ----- ____________________ ... THE MONGREL was not truly a dog, though he might as well have been one. He was a human soul, twisted and defective in design at birth and further so by circumstance. His real name was Zasshu. In his present years he was notoriously known as "Zasshu The Vile". Zasshu had never known a happy day in his life. Like Mikoto Shuu, he was a bastard and ,also like the red-eyed infant, his mother casted him away the moment he left her womb. To no fault of his own, Zasshu was born deformed and ugly. His lips and round eyes were crooked against his massive head that looked as if his left cheek had caved inwards. His left eye was lazy and stupid; it rolled around aimlessly, never in the same direction of its right counterpart and irregardless of Zasshu's wishes. Ashamed of the hideous creature she'd brought into the world, Zasshu's mother wailed in disgust and threw him into the trash as a newborn. This caused permanent damage to the bone structure of Zasshu's right leg. So it was that Zasshu was broken that day but he escaped death, although there was no savior for Zasshu. No wandering warrior seeking redemption to find him in his vulnerable state and take him in. Zasshu would never remember how or when he got out of the trash, only that he was soon a young boy living on the muddy streets of the Seventy-second Eastern Rukon District. He had no friends or family, no home or bed. He slept in the cold muddy and dark alleys with the stray dogs, cats, and rodents. Even amongst the animals he was an outcast; barked at and hissed at, bit and scratched. The people were no kinder. The other children could spot him from down the road by the sickly leftward sway that possessed his every step as he seemed to drag his crooked right leg behind him. When the children knew he was coming they gathered rocks and sticks, waited in the alleys and crowds, and then threw things at Zasshu, who was always too slow or afraid to retaliate, as they laughed. He often met the heavy hands of adults as well, who beat him if he ever stood in their path or too near to their homes and property. One day, an old fat woman found Zasshu resting in the street in front of her home, so she chased the child with a wooden torch and hit him in the back of his head, leaving a permanent burn scar and a bald patch. Zasshu ran to the river and jumped inside to put out the flame burning his crown. It was at the river that day, aged thirty-four years with the physical maturity of a six year old, that Zasshu's Spiritual Energy awakened and thus he began to require food. But, he had no means of procuring nourishment other than begging or stealing. It became clear to Zasshu that he was not liked for that fact. In the beginning he tried to earn his meals; his services, however, were ignored. The people were not interested in his labor as he was slow, unsightly, and his disabilities made it impractical to demand of him even the most menial of tasks. They preferred to laugh, hit, and, spit at Zasshu rather than provide him any sort of employ. So, in order to survive, Zasshu took the things he needed by force. He became sneaky and cunning, and when those failed him he became feral and violent. He emulated the abhorrence his fellow people looked upon him with and reflected it back reeking of his own bitterness. No longer did he stand silently and allow people to mistreat and abuse him. No, he became the abuser. They treated him like a dog and so a dog he was, "The Mongrel of District Seventy-Two". He barked before they could bark at him. Bit before he could be bitten. Zasshu lived this way for hundreds of years and his reputation as a repulsive and shameless man only grew. He became known for his sadistic violence and perversion. He killed men, woman and girls without qualm and preyed upon young boys for his own sick satisfaction. Zasshu had lived in District Seventy-two for 183 years when the Crimson Raiders gang formed. Started as a small group of petty thugs with big dreams and ideals. The Mongrel had seen it all before with countless other men. Most of whom had died, the others were either dying or were smart enough to give up on those dreams. Zasshu knew better than any that the Seventy-Second district was no a place for growth, prosperity, or even glory. Men simply survived there. You grew, prospered, and sought glory only after you got out of the wretched place. The "better life" was not affiliated with living inside any district numbered with more than a single digit. So, Zasshu sneered and scoffed at the small men as he passed their places of congregation. Their leader Kaim, Zasshu had known for years and especially detested. The Crimson Raiders had not been organized then, though that was clearly the dream they had, to be respected and reputed all throughout the the outermost Rukon districts. "Protectors", they fancied themselves, "Protectors for a small fee that grew larger with every passing year." Glorified thugs turned glorified mercenaries and hecklers. The Mongrel didn't need their "protection" in the evenings Zasshu would go and piss in the places they gathered as he cursed them and cursed their leader Kaim in particular. It would still be many years later when Zasshu was finally dubbed "The Vile" by the Crimson Raiders after an incident in which he killed an entire family under the gang's "protection" Afterwards he stayed in their home with the rotting and mutilated corpses. His crime eventually discovered only after he unintentionally revealed himself to be in the home during a drunken fit. The Crimson Raiders, with their new lieutenant Jubei, chased Zasshu out of their territories and into the Seventy-seventh district where he finally evaded their pursuit. The Mongrel, hungry and bitter, would then wander the outermost districts for many years sating his perverted and heinous hungers. His was a name commonly known, but silently spoken, though the mutilated and defiled bodies of his victims stood testament to his ongoing activity. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|1,080 -----
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    With all that is going on in the day to day activities, very few have the chance to notice some of the more simple things in life. Honestly, life couldn't be more simple and essentially more comfortable for everyone compared to what it could have been. Karakura Town is a beautiful place always moving forward and with so many unique people. The Karakura Police force effectively maintains some sort of lawful environment, the local Hospital is ran by what is considered a family that is the last few remaining in their family lineage. Hiding in some basement somewhere is an entire battlefield all located beneath a shop ran by the creepy old man. A random warehouse is home to a bunch of weirdos that like to wear masks, not that most people see them around anyway. One of the nicest mansions in all of Karakura Town is home to essentially vampires, but most just think it is a stuck up group of "Regal" guys that take in some vagrants for no reason. Let's not forget that random group of people that decide to pass out business cards to more random people inviting them to join their "Special" group some kind of Xcution or something to fight demons or something. On the side of the "Supernatural" the Soul Society is running smoothly with a sense of order, or as much order as attainable, within the Seireitei and the Soul Reapers all doing their best to maintain the balance in the world and within themselves. Doing their best to combat the threat of Hollows from Hueco Mundo, mostly unaware of the full dangers brewing with the White Desert. Of course, this is all that is obvious to those that would take a moment to look around. There are always things hidden in plain sight, and those that kept their ears to the ground would hear whispers: "Vandenreich... Bounts... Quincy... Vizards... Fullbring... Shinigami... Hollows... Arrancar..." All is calm, and time will tell what the future may bring and it is up to the individuals who live to decide what future it shall be.
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    The mood had soured for a bit but luckily it was only a brief moment. Although it hasn’t been long enough for, “time to heal all wounds,” JDan kept his composure; the alcohol perhaps playing a small part in this. Of the three men JDan was the one who couldn’t hold his liquor the best. This was simply because as a guard he felt it hindering to his duties, so he limited himself to occasions like this and holidays. For him there were much better ways to relax and blow off steam like weight lifting or good old fashion training. Even still it wasn’t as hard for JDan to talk about his loss briefly with Metabee as it had been in the past. “Yes it’s becoming less and less popular even here in the Soul Society and is a practice typically only some of the Clans still conduct. And more and of them are even starting to drop the tradition,” replies Yoshirou. “I haven’t known you long but you seem too free spirited to have an arrange marriage,” says JDan chiming in without interrupting Yoshirou. Continuing along with the subject Metabee then states that he’s in no rush and plans on waiting till much later. “Oh really Metabee, I thought you would have said quiet the opposite,” Yoshirou says surprised and with Sayuri in mind. “So do you plan on waiting till you retire or will you retire once you’ve found the one?” Love wasn’t something you could always put on hold so he was curious how the Commander would answer. But people change so even if his answer does too, Yoshirou wouldn’t hold it against him. Honestly he was just surprised by the reply and asked on drunken impulse... ___ “Here, here,” says JDan endorsing both toasts. He then took a sip from his drink and realized immediately something was wrong. Although it came from the same bottle it was starting to lose its rough taste, becoming easier to drink. “This could mean only one thing, I’ve had too many too fast,” he thinks to himself but instead of getting worried he merely smiles and looks at both Yoshirou and Metabee. “I wouldn’t have it any other way right now.” It wasn’t often that JDan as Head Guard could have this much fun nor be this relaxed and carefree but for now he was thoroughly enjoying himself. The trio continued to talk and drink until Yoshirou finally finished his cup that he stated would be his last. It would be easy for him to get another bottle of Saki and stay with his friends but tomorrow’s duties come quick, and even quicker after a night of drinking. There was only about a quarter of the bottle left but it would be up to JDan and Metabee to finish it off. “Well, gentleme-n,“ says Yoshirou belching like a drunken alcoholic. “Excuse me but as they say there’s more room out than in.” After a momentary chuckle Yoshi continues. “Its certainly been a fun and eventful day but its time for me to call it a night,” he states while yawning. Not only was he drunk but also tired after such a long day. “But don’t stop on my accord, please continue to enjoy yourselves.” Yoshirou then says his good byes and proceeded to leave. “I will see you two in the morning,” he said looking back just before exiting the door. While he wasn’t falling over drunk you could certainly tell that there was a little wobble in his walk that wasn’t there before.
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    Minor things have never required the use of an ability slot. It's when people wanted free attacks or to create other weapons etc, that it become needed to use a slot to make it possible. Normally you can have whatever minor things you want (within reason), so long as it's in the app so it is known to mods at least. It's when free attacks come up that it becomes iffy and probably need a slot, such as firing a lightning bolt from a lightning themed power. It may not have special properties but a free attack it remains, even then, if allowed it wouldn't/shouldn't carry the full effect of ones reiryoku stat, it would be weaker than it. As for creating a sword and shield from blood, that going by all past mentions whether in passing or actual ability, would need 1 slot, as Rash said in his original mention of it. Both aspects in 1, just depends on the mod doing it, whether it would be limited to 1 at a time or not. As for this, we have been allowed to do this. Hell, I used it to make my own things now and then in the past. At some point, it was removed, whether during a reset by mistake or before we were mods and noticed. Either way, it did use to be a thing. Just had to have it listed either in your app(Via update) or in your character page with a link to you learning after a mod had approved it. Like I said, I've done it in the past, perhaps it is time to bring it back.
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    The three were having a good time conversing and laughing. The new acquaintances could pass for life long friends. And at this rate it truly wouldn’t be much longer before JDan could call Metabee, friend. “Maybe I’ll cause an ’incident’ to create trouble for you. I’m sure JDan and I will get a kick out of it. Besides friends are suppose to make friends laugh right?” says Yoshirou rhetorically in a slightly buzzed and joking tone. “Yea my lips are sealed,” JDan comments implying that he would go along with any ploy Yoshirou concocted. The pair laughs but the conversation continues without incident. “That’s true,” replied Yoshirou to Metabee’s comment about a hundred bottles while JDan simply nodded in agreement and continued to sip his drink. Once again the drinks were refilled as they all finished another glass. This time the Kido Commander took initiative and poured the rounds just before JDan let out his first joking regarding the Commander… The pair laughed at Metabee’s reply but quickly fell quiet to his next question. Yoshirou nodded at JDan signally that he should go first as well as its ok to tell him. Receiving the go ahead JDan sighs heavily and responds first. “I had a women that I was to be married to but… but fate had other plans. Her name was Madina.” Not wanting to ruin the mood or their night JDan gives Metabee the quick and short answer. Perhaps later when the timing is right JDan might seek out the Advisor for a little counseling, if he was up for it. “Unfortunately she died along side the many others when the Clan grounds were attacked and the mansion destroyed. But don’t worry. No need to waste your pity on me.” JDan then finishes another glass of Saki. He was surely feeling the effects of the alcohol and was numb enough now not to shed a tear. It was now his turn to pour the next round all the while the bottle was getting lighter and lighter. “When and if the time is right you will find someone else that you long for,” Yoshirou said making sure not to say “another” as love is a hard thing to replace. “As for myself I have no one in particular yet. I’ve always expected to have an arranged marriage but now it looks more and more like it will be of my choosing.” He was much happier with that outcome as it gave him greater control over his own life. “Perhaps we have found the next great trial worthy of the three of us… marriage,” he says half jokingly half serious. Surely with a statement like that he was now drunk, right. Yoshirou continues to sip on his drink but his pace greatly slows. As he stated earlier he would be cutting it short so he felt like he should slow down a bit and enjoy this last one, before calling it a night. “JDan, Metabee when’s the last time you were able to relax and drink like this? I mean really relax without any pressing worries? The Soul Society knows peace and both, your Corps and our Clan have been rebuilt and are now prospering. Tonight is a good night.” Yoshirou grips his glass with his right hand. “I purpose a toast. May it be a foolish request but here’s to wishing this moment lasts forever.” A foolish request indeed but if the moment only lasted another month he would take what he could get.
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    As his men hoisted him up, Kuroto’s eyes sat fixated on the area the shadow disappeared towards. Millions of thoughts ran through his mind, none of them making even the slightest of sense. What he saw, whatever it was, was real. Real and way beyond anything that humans could comprehend. “Perhaps it was them?” he whispered faintly. The Gods of death he had only heard about in rumors. Information about the supernatural, or rather factual information, was scarce. There were many of tall tales that were spread out across media and passed down from generation to generation. In truth, many of the things Kuroto knew about were from these very sources, backed up by research and exploration. His knowledge, and to that extent, his equipment weren’t just things he was given freely. He put countless hours investigating, studying. Doing anything and everything he could to amass even the smallest bit of information. It was his creed. Knowledge is power. A hollow’s evolutionary line, reiatsu and its different properties, all of it were things he and his team worked towards. Many lives were sacrificed for the research. Though with all of the knowledge on the supernatural he obtained, all of the things he witnessed; the one subject that eluded him were the Shinigami. He had no idea how they looked, how they operated. Many of tales have been spread about them. Robbed skeletal figures with scythes who free the dead from limbo and guide them into the next world. Equipped with powers beyond belief, locked in an eternal battle with the hollows who threaten their nature. So many truths wrapped in lies. Now there was the possibility that after all these years, one might have been so close to him he could have touched it, studied it. A shrill voice shook him from his thoughts, knocking the businessman back into the harsh reality. “Mr. Dan! Thank goodness you are alright.” An approaching Asuna yells as she flings herself out of the backside of the awaiting vehicle. She, without hesitation, wraps her arms around Kuroto in an embrace. Not one of love or lust but of pure joy in seeing him alive, albeit injured. Kuroto remained motionless for a moment, snapping back into his usual demeanor shortly after. “I’m fine. You can let go now.” He says in somewhat of an annoyed tone. The woman quickly removes her arms from around her boss and blushes, taking a few steps back and bowing. “I’m sorry sir. I don’t know what came over me. I was just glad to see that you were alive and well.” “It’s fine. Give me a status report.” Kuroto says as he runs his hand through his hair. His hands were wet with blood though he did not know if it came from himself or from any of the corpses that were around him. “Teams Alpha, Omega, & Sigma are out combing the area for any survivors and eliminating the hollow threat. They’ve mostly gotten things under control. We’ve yet to figure out how many casualties there are though the number is expected to be high. Given that you were in the epicenter of it all, we assumed the worst. It’s honestly a goddamned miracle that you are even alive. Even more, so that you are in one piece. Regardless, we need to get away from here and get you to a medical facility to get checked out.” Kuroto went to object but found himself quickly ushered into the backseat of the awaiting vehicle. Apparently, the time for talk was out of the question. That was fine. In all honesty, Kuroto probably would not have been able to pose a convincing argument. His body felt like it had been in a 12-round fight. Everything was sore and numb. Every time he blinked, it felt as if a raging fire was burning a hole behind his eyelids. There was a sharp, dull pain every time he drew a breath; probably a sign of a cracked rib. Or a few. The door slammed shut and off the vehicle went, flanked by another. As Asuna began to discuss a few more of the on goings since the attack, Kuroto’s mind began to drift. He stared out of the tinted windows at the buildings that laid waste around them. It looked like a damn warzone. Cars flipped over with the greatest of ease. Huge chunks of debris scattered about. Fires dancing atop what remained of buildings to really give off the vibe of what it all represented. Hell on earth. Lazily, Kuroto began to drift, his eyes starting to look more and more upward towards the sky. It was then that he saw it. A mere flicker that did a sort of freefall out of the sky, landing on ruined building not far off. Instantly, he became alert. Could it have been his savior from before? Perhaps his mind was just playing tricks on him? Regardless, he had to find out, even if it turned out to be a wild goose chase. “Stop the car!” he demanded, frantically ripping at his now unlatched seat belt. “We can’t stop now sir. We need to get you to a medical facility quick. Your injuries aren’t life threatened now but if left unchecked, they could become a serious issue. We don’t have the time.” “Stop the goddamned car now!” Kuroto roared in anger, showing a surprisingly viciousness that stunned even Asuna. She’d never seen him this angry, this primal. Acting as near as insane as the “hairless apes” he typically commented on how humanity behaved. There was a still moment of silence as the car slowly came to a halt, Kuroto frantically searching for the jacket he left inside previously. Upon finding and clutching it tightly, he quickly bolted out the door, stumbling as he exited. All looked on as he moved gingerly towards where the ruined building’s remains. His mind was racing, his heart nearly beating out of his chest. An excitement he hadn’t felt in some time. This could just be a suicide run, a fool’s errand. He could find nothing once he arrived, or worse, he could find yet another ravenous hollow ready to make him its evening meal. Regardless, he didn’t care, could not care until he found it. He reaches the base of the building and begins to shuffle through the debris to move forward. His eyes meticulously scan each piece he removes, not wanting to miss a thing. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees it. Some debris slowly moving up and down. Something was underneath. As he moves forward, the debris is lifted off from underneath. A dark robed man is revealed laying underneath, heavily injured. Kuroto’s eyes are wide with glee, a trance-like look on his face. “So…. beautiful.” he manages to etch out, slowly moving towards the man. The man’s head quickly darts over to Kuroto, his hand tightening on a sword sheathed to his side. Once he realizes that it’s a human approaching him, his grip eases slightly. “Are you talking to me? How can you even see me?” the man coughs out. His wounds are unfortunately fatal. He won’t last much longer. Kuroto still approaches, still stunned speechless by the sight before him. He finally reaches the man, getting so close he could reach out and touch him. “Are you… Are you one of the Gods of Death?” he whispers. The man looks at him bewildered by such a question. How did the man even know about their existence? “Look, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to last much longer. My team is out here still eliminating these hollows, it won’t take much longer before they’ve wiped them out but it’s still dangerous out. The hollow that got me is probably still lurking around, ready to finish me off. The team might not make it to me in time to save me. You need to save yourself and flee.” The man’s words stir Kuroto from his euphoric trance, making him remember his end goal once more. “So, you are one of them. All this time, I’ve been searching for the missing piece and it’s been in front of my eyes yet out of my reach the entire time." A small smile forms across Kuroto’s face as he reaches into the jacket he retrieved from the car and pulls out a small syringe. Acting quickly, he stabs the syringe into the man’s arm as a glossed look appears over his eyes as it presses in. “This is a special agent I concocted for my research. It’s designed to work on hollows but I believe that it will be sufficient for you as well. A paralyzing agent injected into your system while I retrieve what I need from you. If the side effects are the exact same for you as they are with the hollows, then it will leave you paralyzed for some time. So, if the hollow is lurking about, I’m sure it’ll go after an easy meal instead of a scrambling one such as myself.” He chuckles slightly as he pulls back on the syringe top, a white fluid slowly being extracted from the man. “Breathtaking… isn’t it?” Kuroto replies as he removes the syringe, slowly stumbling to his feet. “What are you? What the hell is wrong with you?” the man manages to say. The paralyzing agent had done the intended job, further crippling the fatally wounded man. He tries to move, as he had since he was injected, but found he could not. He was at the mercy of whatever came near him. Finally making it back to his feet and using a piece of debris for leverage, Kuroto turns to walk back to the vehicle. “What am I? That’s an easy question. I’m going to be the God of this world. Even you, the Gods of death, will kneel before me. In the end, I thank you. It appears you have saved me after all.” He psychotically chuckles to himself as he begins to leave; from behind, a pair of beaming eyes move slowly towards the now fully paralyzed man. WC: 1,690
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    The path that Regashi and Laiza were taking to the academy was a relatively direct path for the most part, with the route being an almost straight path except for two or so buildings that caused them to have to go around the building. The sun had completely made its way beyond the horizon, now enhancing the sky with the illuminating force of its own light. The sunrise was perhaps the preferred state of the sky for Regashi, to see the colors start to fill the sky opposed to a sunset in which color would be removed from above him. Though the night was perhaps the most enjoyable time for him to observe the sky, the focus would be more so in the building that was now in front of them both. There they stood looking at the entrance into the Academy that would lead into the orientation hall that they would be obtaining all necessary information in order to begin the next step. With a nod to each other, Regashi and Laiza would make their way into the building pushing open the doors to see a decently sized gathering of individuals that were clamoring around attempting to either find their information or third year students attempting to aid the first year students as best as possible. These upperclassmen were recognizable by the armband that they were in order to signify their difference among the masses since their uniform was the tradition haori with the respective colors; red for females and blue for males. Immediately an individual from the Third Year would approach Regashi and Laiza with a clipboard in her hand and a smile on her face, "Hello, Laiza. You are recognized as a First Class for the First Year and will be coming with me." Her energy was soothing in the way she spoke, but Regashi also got a hint of her power and found it slightly... intoxicating... as he looked at Laiza who would look back at him. He had no idea that she was considered so proficient that she would be accepted into the First Class for the Academy which is designated for only the most prestigious of students in their capabilities, although her experiences with Soul Reapers would lead to such an established reputation. Each of them would share a glance towards one another before Laiza would walk off with the student designation at the same time that another Third Year would start to approach Regashi with a clipboard as well. Regashi would prepare himself for the high-energy welcome as the slightly older individual would approach, "Name?" The man spoke with such a cold and distant tone as he did not even look up at Regashi, keeping his eyes on his clipboard and a finger placed on the paper, a list perhaps. The behavior difference did throw Regashi off a little bit as the man spoke once more, "I said, name?" This time with an annoyed tone that would further leave Regashi in a slightly shocked state but not enough to be without response. "Regashi." He would respond simply, not thinking anything of his response. The man would, for the first time, lift his head in order to look at Regashi, "Regashi?" He would question, leaving Regashi thinking that perhaps there was a special feature that would be attributed to his name much like with what occurred with Laiza. "Do you have no family name?" He would abruptly speak with a tonne of irritation explicitly be showing his discontentment with his current duties making it obvious that he does not wish to be here and Regashi is starting to share that feeling at this very moment. "Hokori. Regashi Hokori." Regashi's tone would also start to reflect his annoyance with the current situation and thus became clear for the both of them that neither of them would wish to be in this moment with each other, but it was just as clear that there was no way around it and that they would have to tolerate each other through this process. The man would start to go through his paperwork looking for something specific, "Hokori, Regashi. Second Class, intermediate proficiency." He spoke as if what he was saying had any current relevance or meaning to Regashi. Still, he would pull a sheet of paper from the small stack that he had and write some information on it before handing it to Regashi. "You will receive your items after the Orientation Introduction, during which you will be in the front row in with the third column during the address." With that, he would be on his way and off to bother another poor unsuspecting individual that was prepared, and even excited, for the academy only to have it all kind of dismantled by a disgruntled individual who was placed here potential as a form of punishment. "Thank you oh so much." Regashi would speak with a thick accent of sarcasm with a scoff as well. He was told that he would have to wait until after the address in order to obtain his items and the rest of his information, and so he would look over the paper that was given to him and it was just a checklist. Various items, such as; Academy Uniform, Academy Dorm Designation, Personal Shinai, and other Academy specific features or departments, would have boxes next to them with a description at the top and bottom of sheet explaining that one must visit the various departments and received the described information and possessions to complete the entire registration process. "This will be interesting..." He said while reading over the dry explanation of the process that he must go through in order to complete his registration, "but how much longer until-" He was considering as to how much time it would take to prepare the address, but there would be a gong-like sound in the room that would cause all of the third year students to start directing individuals in a specific pattern facing a slightly lifted platform that Regashi was certain would be considered the stage. Regashi would make his way in front of the stage but towards the right, as he was facing the stage speaking with the students that started to gather near him by their own understanding of what was going on or by the direction of the Third Year students. Where he stood would be the first half of the Second Class with the entire First Class being to their left and the second half of the second class on the other side of the First Class. Everyone behind these three was considered Standard being the General Class which was essentially all students who would meet at least all of the minimum requirements. Once they were all mostly settled, the first person would be walking from a doorway that was from the side of the stage and make his way to it. Regashi recognized him as Gengoro, the individual who ram his exam to enter this academy. Shortly after that would be a strong, almost overbearing presence, although temporarily. Entering the room would be Captain of the Fifth Division Sosuke Aizen, someone that Regashi would easily recognize. The others weren't immediately someone that he would recognize except for one. Captain of the Tenth Division Toshiro Hitsugaya would enter with Aizen followed by two others that Regashi couldn't recognize but their haori is how he could identify them or the lieutenant bade they wore. There was the vice-captain of the Tenth Division, Matsumoto he believed to be her name, and the other with the gray like hair and strange facial structure, was noticeably the Captain of the Third Division, but that name would escape him at the moment. Everyone would be settled and the presentation was about to begin, so Regashi prepared his mind to take note of what might be said that this address to the new student body, or potential student body... WC: 1,528 TWC: 3,728
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    As the night went on, the two quieted down and sat down just enjoying the scenery. It had been quite a while since Yoshirou went back so he was probably sleeping like a log by now. The bottle had been empty for quite a while and their glasses were also dry. Both of them were both tired and intoxicated so it seemed like a good time to end. JDan was the first to speak as he announced that he is unable to continue. Metabee nodded,'Of course. This isn't a competition and it's not like I'm holding you hostage.' He chuckled at his next statement,'It takes a lot of practice.' Unsteadily, the big man raised himself and managed to keep standing. The Captain also raised himself to see his friend off. He patted him on his shoulder,'Yea, it's been good. Good night.' He was then told to leave the bottle and the cups on the table and the maids would come pick it up,'Alright. Take care.' Metabee saw him off and was left alone in his room,'Well...someone isn't going on duty tomorrow.' He said so as a hiccup hit him. He then took towards his bed,'So far...' Metabee undressed himself and got in his bed. He twisted and turned but still after an hour there was no sign of falling asleep. The Captain got up and walked out to the balcony once again. He leaned on the railings and rested there as he looked forward, not looking at anything in particular, as a man appeared beside him,'Too drunk to sleep?' Metabee didn't look at him,'No, but I'm drunk enough to see a dragon.' He then let out a sigh,'I'm not used to the bed and the room.' It wasn't home. Silence followed until a mix of black and dark purple spiritual pressure started to leak out of Metabee's body giving off a nasty feeling,'It's leaking.' He was well aware of that fact but at this moment he couldn't control it,'At least it's not my bladder. Speaking of that...' Metabee looked down below the balcony,'Nah...' After a few moments the spiritual pressure subsided and he went back to bed. This time he managed to fall asleep and finally rest. In the early morning, Metabee was woken up by a noise in his room as if someone was moving about. His sleeping brain didn't have enough time to go through with the boot up sequence. Without thinking he raised his torso and with a swing of his arm he created a sword and pointed it at the inflitrator which turned out to be a maid who came for the bottle and the cups. She jumped in fear and squealed with a 'kyaa' which caused her to drop the cups and smash them. Processing what he just did he quickly dematerialised his sword,'Oh no. I'm sorry!' The maid raised her hands in apology,'Oh no no, it's my fault. I should have waited until you woke up. I must have scared you.' Metabee's body slumped back into the bed as he put his hand on his face. He didn't know if he was still drunk or just tired from not getting enough sleep,'Need help?' She shook her head and smiled,'No it's fine. You can sleep. You had a rough night by the looks of it.' The Captain chuckled,'I've had worse.' The maid giggled,'I see. I'll be back to clean this up. Can't have you step in it.' He nodded to this but by the time the maid returned he was already asleep again. When he woke up again a bit later, the mess was gone and his normal clothes had been washed and hanged on the wardrobe. On the table, instead of the alcohol there was now a glass of water. The maid must have brought it after she saw his state. Metabee looked to the time to see that he should really get up but the gravitational pull of the bed was too strong. In the end, he prevailed and got up. The first thing he did was down the glass of water and sorted himself out in the shower. Once he was done the Captain got dressed and got ready to leave,'Time to go.'
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    PART .1 Waking to the harsh ringing of an alarm clock to his right, Masato laid sideways on a queen sized bed wrapped under a thick beige cover. The black alarm clock rested above a cinnamon brown drawer. Now open, the tedious sharp ringing drew his eyes to the alarm; however dry eyes blurred his vision. After rolling to his back, he raised his right hand to his face and wiped his eyes with the side of his index and thumb. With his vision now clear, Masato raised his torso upwards while using his legs to push his body against the tall and dark brown headboard of his wooden bed. He reached for the alarm with his left hand and in doing so twisted his upper body, his back cracked as a result emitting a satisfying *kiirk* sound. With the alarm clock in his hand he swings it to his left and places the, still ringing, alarm clock next to the head of his sleeping wife. Save for her head, the cover he shared with her concealed her entire body, protecting her from the dry yet cold weather. Anchormen long since predicted an exceptionally long and rainy winter and that morning was the first of its arrival, during late December. Masato placed both of his bare feet on the cold wooden floor along with the majority of his weight. He slept sockless that night and couldn’t regret it more for his feet were unusually pale from the cold. He slid his feet into his comfy black leather house slippers, as quickly as a drowsy Masato could, the interior of the flippers gray, furry and generously warm to combat the cold. Now standing, Masato performed various dynamic stretches and once fully awake and warmed up he began his morning routine by lifting his toothbrush from the drawer the alarm clock formerly rested on. He then collected a fresh pair of clothes and white towel before walking to the bathroom located at the end of the hall to the left of his bed room exit. On his way, he knocked on the only door between his bedroom and bathroom, to his left, and shortly after, the door quickly slammed open and standing there was a short and young girl. Her hair was black blue hair, much like Masato’s, and wrapped in two long straight ponytails; one on each side of her head, they bounced and swayed dramatically with even the most subtle of movements. Her deep black eyes popped in contrast with her pale skin, inherited from her mother. She wore an elementary school uniform which, where they lived, consisted of a white shirt with puffy shoulders and a steel blue long jumper dress. In addition to that, she wore white thigh-high stockings that covered what little Skin of her lower that her dress didn’t. In the door way of her room she stood upright at attention with her hands and arms to her sides and her knees joined together. In a quick motion, the young girl salutes to her father and shouts in the deepest voice she could emit “good morning sergeant, Private Hizorashi Mimeki reporting for duty sir!” Morning roleplay with his daughter Mimeki was common so it didn’t surprise him but he thought pretending to be confused seemed humorous so he played ignorant. He wrapped his left arm in front of his chest; his clothes still in left hand and rested his right elbow above the back of his left wrist. His right forearm stood horizontal and he held his chin with his thumb and side of his index finger, assuming a contemplative position. “hmmm” he murmured glaring at Mimeki before speaking “you are mistaking young one, for today I am your old and wise sensei and you my disciple and aspiring martial artist who I must foster and forge into a warrior to protect humanity from the evil lurking in th-“just before he could finish his generic and long setup his daughter interrupted. “OOOHH!” she exclaimed “forgive me sensei.” Closing her eyes and leaning forward, she joined her palms together, bowing humbly whilst trying to keep her straight face from smiling. Masato would usually instruct her to perform her chores but the school uniform she wore indicated that she had already completed them. Not wanting to bore Mimeki he was perplexed as to what to do next, but just then the sound his alarm clock filling the otherwise silent house and gave him an idea. “Your mission today will be to wake the beast who always slumbers. But should you be caught you will suffer your certain demise.” He told her confidently before turning his back to her. She instantly decoded who the “beast” was “I will do my best sensei!” she claimed before ending her bow and heading towards to the bedroom of the beast. Before they completely parted ways Masato called for his daughter “Mimeki!” she paused and turned to the calling of her name. Sensing the tension in his voice, she didn't speak a word. His face suddenly covered in shadow and his back still facing her, he said in an overly dramatic tone “don’t tell her I gave you this mission.” As if the stakes of her mission bore any significance. She left with the task at hand, it didn't occur to her however, that his words clearly indicated that she would get caught. While Masato showered in the bathroom, Mimeki snuck into the abode of the beast. The walls and furniture were all variations of brown and black with a few exceptions of white. She slid on the wooden floor to avoid the creaking of wood from her footsteps and slowly closed the distance between herself and the beast. There was no loud, spin chilling snores much to her displeasure. Reality betrayed her imagination when she stood next to side of the bed her mother laid silently on. Nonetheless she had the resolve to complete her mission when she grabbed a spray bottle she brought into the room for the sole purpose waking her mother. She aimed it towards the air above the head of the beast. Her plan was to spray a few times and dash to the bedroom exit with hopes of out running particles of water. She faced the opposite direction she intended to spray with her left hand holding the spray bottle. She was as ready as she could be when she pressed the trigger of the bottle, the spray tip emitted a *sssksh* sound as cold water dispersed from it. The bathroom door opened and emerged masato fresh and clean. His hair just as he liked it, messy and dry. He wore a long-sleeved beige sweater, underneath it a white T-shirt, black blue jeans and of course his black flippers. Around his neck, the used towel which he tossed to his left and into a basket, in a corner right outside of the bathroom door. He walked to his room to return his toothbrush above the drawer next to his bed. He noticed three things, firstly his missing wife, secondly the deafening silence that was extremely uncommon in his loud household and thirdly…. the two pillows missing from his bed; but before he could reflect on what the signs met, from seemingly nowhere Asuna, his wife, emerged from behind the door and Mimeki from underneath the bed. With pillows in hand, their battle cries in sync and prey in position, they leaped at him yelling. Unprepared, Masato had no choice but shield his head; locking his hands together and placing them above his head, he crunched his torso, bent his knees and braced himself for a pillow beat down. With both of her hands grabbing her pillow, Asuna quickly raised both arms above her head, the pillow nearly touching her back, “HAAAA!” She yelled as she struck vertically aiming for Masato’s neck. The momentum she built made her strike powerful, especially for pillow standards, and successfully connected with his neck. At the same time, Mimeki held her pillow above her right shoulder, prepared to swing. She stood at Masato’s side, her left foot pointed to him and perpendicular to her right foot, and her legs bent and spread slightly wider than her shoulder width. “FORGIVE ME!” she shouted swinging her pillow from her right shoulder in a horizontal slash to the back of his knees. Although Mimeki’s strike was considerably weaker, the force from Asuna’s strike had already taken most of Masato’s balance and Mimeki’s strike to his kneepits certainly finished the job. Masato wasn’t prepared for the level of coordination they had and fell to his knees with his guard still up. “I give up.” He declared in a pitiful voice aimed at the sympathies of his attackers but to no avail for in the second of his surrender, Asuna swooped her pillow from underneath his arms with an upwards uppercut like swing that landed directly on his face breaking his guard. Mimeki seized this opportunity by slightly jumping with a 360 degree spin, building momentum for a powerful and slightly downward horizontal swing aimed at the back of his head. Masato still defenseless and unsure of Mimeki’s whereabouts had no say in the trajectory of this battle and as such took the hit to the back of his head unwillingly. The force of impact immediately sent his head downwards and he falls to the ground in submission. Asuna walked above his laying body, with a grin on her face, she raised her pillow to the sky and what followed was perhaps a whole minute of “kicking him when he’s down”. Panting and exhausted Asuna and Mimeki stood and stared at a defeated Masato. “If you’re going to rudely wake me up at least be prepared for the consequences.” Asuna said as she dramatically turned her back to him. “Pathetic.” Mimeki mocked at her sensei with a face of disgust and contempt. “You… were the chosen one.” Masato said with fake coughs and grunts. “Huh?” Mimeki, going with the flow, replied with confusion. ”it was said that you would destroy the evil lurking in the shadows, not join them; bring balance to the world not leave it in darkness.” He continued the iconic quotes from a certain work of fiction. His family being no strangers to the infamous franchise stared at each other before bursting into laughter. Their laughter encouraged his own as he stood up. Together with smiles they walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast and continue their days. Loud playful and lively mornings with laughter were common in their household. Mimeki would usually sit quietly with a smile that stretched from one ear to the other, staring at her parents as her father, the biggest comedian of them all, would use a barrage of jokes which always made his wife laugh uncontrollably and when breakfast was over, he would see them off to school or work. While away, he would do shopping, house chores and prepare dinner for when they returned. Occasionally he would find freelance work online but he thought of architecture as a hobby and no more. Masato expected this day to be like the rest and that it was; Mimeki returned from school that afternoon and they sat and talked about her day in the living room, waiting for Asuna to return to eat dinner. However, Asuna was late that day and Masato’s attempts to call her all ended in failure. Sensing Mimeki’s impatience, he fed her dinner and sent her to bed. To Mimeki, her mother’s lateness met nothing and didn’t bother her; the same couldn’t be further from the truth for Masato. He knew his wife and how punctual she was, especially when it came to seeing her daughter off to sleep at night. He sat on the sofa, that evening, in the living room with his cellphone on the table in front of him, waiting for a call and imagining the worst. It was midnight and the moon was whole, giving blue light to the otherwise cold and dark night, Masato was dozing off to sleep when his phone suddenly rang. He jumped at the sound it emitted and answered loudly and in a hurry “are you alright?!” he didn't bother to check who it was that called but sure enough it was Asuna. “Sorry-“She spoke softly into the phone. Her voice carried emotions of guilt that could be felt even through the phone and Masato certainly felt it. Confused, he responded with “huh?” as his panicked expression turned into a confused one. Seconds had passed before Asuna spoke again, this time with sobbing parting her words “I wanted.. to call you earlier but.. I couldn’t.” Masato ignorant of what she apologized for tried to reassure her “don’t worry about it, just come home and we can talk about it.” He said in a soft tone and with a compact smile trying to remain confident. But his wide open eyes with shaking pupils, cold sweat and raging heartbeat told his true emotions. “im not .. coming back.” Were her last words but she hadn't hung up yet. she hoped that he would convince her to stay, she hoped that his words in that dire situation where what she needed to fight through her mental suffering. what she was doing most certainly wouldn't make her happy, she knew that much, but living with the guilt of knowing she didn't love the man that loved her the most tore at her conscience and she couldn't bear it anymore. She hoped his words would help her hold on but she sadly, she heard nothing. Masato’s panic worsened, he felt lightheaded and gasped for air as if he had forgotten how to breathe. Tears poured from all corners of his eyes as he fell on all fours. One hand supporting his weight while the other grabbed his chest in an attempt to relieve its pain. He struggled to speak but all that could be heard through the phone was the sound of choking and coughs. Before long Masato had fainted from shock and a deafening thud could be heard, following it utter blackness. WC: 2359 OOC: Map of Hizorashi Residence.
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    The wind blows on the beautiful night forcing the few clouds that were blocking the remainder of the moonlight away. Even without the moonlight it was well light but with it the beauty of the surround scenery was just that much better. The night was closing in on half way so the light given off the moon would begin to diminish. From a chair he made it to earlier, JDan looks around taking in the view from here one last time. Honestly he wasn’t pausing for the view as being only a floor below he had one close to it. Instead he was attempting to gather his thoughts and gain his composure. “I’m s-orry M-etabee but I’m going to have to t-ap out here. If I continue t-o drink from this point, I can guarantee I will be sick. M-y Saki lost its taste along time ago,” he says taking in a deep breath and sighing heavily. “I’m h-onestly not sure how some S-hinigami can do this on a regular b--asis, much less humans.” Having regained his composure, even if for a moment, JDan slowly stands up. At this point the room only had a slight twirl to it instead of a full-blown spin, as if it was a ride at the fair. “I will t-ake this brief opportunity to get to my ro-om before what went down decides to come back up,” he states while touching his belly, hinting at the alcohol. “It’s been the best nig-ht I’ve had in quite sometime. I bid you a goo-d night.” JDan then slightly bows making sure not to upset his stomach nor fall over to the floor; both of which would be extremely embarrassing, especially when he was so close to making it to his room. "Ju-st leave the cups and the bot-tle on the table for tonight. The ma-ids will be more than hap-py to gather it all in the morn-ing." JDan momentarily waited giving Metabee time to respond but as long as the Commander didn’t object to his leaving he would leave right after. Time was of the essences and if he wanted to make it to his room by himself he needed to act swiftly; the longer he remained standing the faster the room started to spin again, though it was increasing at a slow pace.
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    After the glasses were filled, JDan replied that there was no other way to do it which made Metabee chuckle. The time for jokes then came and the Captain tried his best under pressure. When it came to joking around or telling stories under pressure then he was never good at it. In a fight, he was under pressure all the time with the strategy he would have to make and his next actions but in the end he always coped with it. That was the difference. In battle he may have been experienced but socially there was still a lot that he could learn. The first joke seemed to work out just fine as the Head of Security laughed and stated what all fathers secretly hoped for. It was always like that. When it came to sons it was always 'go for it' but they would never give their precious daughter away. Surely, Metabee himself would say such a thing one day. The second joke seemed to have a similar effect so it worked out just fine. Being done with telling jokes the Captain took a sip from his glass while JDan took initiative and wanted to tell jokes of his own. He nodded and was all ears. The first joke was about the difference between a baby and a airplane which was barely even finished due to laughter but it was obvious why. Metabee also let out a laugh,'Definitely haven't heard that one before.' The Head of Security followed up with a blonde joke that was also quite funny. Blonde jokes would definitely come useful in the near future when Metabee will joke about that ditz of his. He took another sip from his glass putting him at about halfway but the jokes have come to an end with JDan hoping that they weren't too vulgar,'Well, I certainly didn't expect those kind of jokes from you. What do you know? You learn something new everyday. They were pretty good I'll give you that.' Another thing that often came with alcohol was honesty, even if you didn't want it to happen. JDan told him about how he didn't think like him and stuff. It was pretty natural when you have a new member join your close family so he wasn't offended by it,'I get it. Rome wasn't built in a day. As for me I hoped that I wouldn't have to be among stuck up Nobles for the rest of my life but you guys turned out to be just fine. We both have impressed the other so it was a successful day. Thanks for being honest. That's the key in any relationship.' Metabee took another sip from his glass and waited to see where the conversation would go from here since JDan seemed to be way past his limit by now.
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    It was the before the big battle for the strong hold, as he was standing around looking at the moon he could not get the feeling of impending doom off his chest, the form that he was in now was to damn big he would be nothing but a big ass target for the hollows to attack. He needed to find a way some how to reach the next stage in his evolution cycle but how he was gonna reach that not even he knows and if he can not find out by tomorrow morning then his best hope was to just stand there taking it like a boss. He went around to every adjuchas in his cave but not a single one of them was able to tell him anything except that he would find out soon enough like he was supposed to know what that meant, I mean come on yamashiro was smart just not mind reading smart and unless you professor x from the x- men he doubts any one could. So yamashiro decided to not rely on any one there to help him and instead would find out on his own hell he has not had no one helping him before why start doing it now, so yamashiro decided to go on a stroll maybe clear his head so he could think better. As he was walking along he noticed that there was another menos grande walking towards him so yamashiro stepped to the side so they did not crash into one another, but as the hollow got closer it looked like he was also inching closer to yamashiro side then out of nowhere the menos grande lashed out and attempted to take a chunk out of him. It was like straight out of a zombie TV flick but yamashiro was able to turn right at the last minute and got behind him, as he did something suddenly came over him and when it did he launch forward and rip a large piece of the menos skin off. 'Crunch' ' crunch' 'crunch' yamashiro finished munching on the skin in his mouth, he could feel his power raise when he ate part of the hollow and that's when he remembered what that bat hollow told him when he woke up not remembering nothing but his own name. He now had the answers shown right in front of him on how to progress to the next level, so grabbing a hold of the menos grande real tight he let out a large bellowing yell before biting down into the hollows flesh ripping off pieces and chunks of flesh as he swallowed it down and absorbing the menos grande energy. He could feel the energy swelling up in side him like there had been a fire lit in his belly or he had a up raise of surging power that went from the bottom of body up though the top of his head. He just knows that he wants more of it but he did not feel this good when he ate the smaller hollows unless its cause he is so big it takes the other menos to make him feel this good, if that's the case then he would need to test it out and to do that he would need to find some more hollows. The best place he could think of was south east for there he had heard was a stomping ground for hollows, its said that the menos can be counted into the fifty's while weaker ones was in the hundreds which was good for him just means more food for the picking, turning around he started his towards that area which was supposedly over flowing with hollows, well if it was yamashiro would soon find out as he was almost there. Looking over the ledge over looking this large opened field and as he was looking at how big it was it made him wonder if this was like a menos breeding ground tho could also be where they come to feed only problem is that he has no idea so walking down he saw menos grande and the closer he got the more and more hollows was starting to come into view. As he stepped foot on the ground yamashiro noticed that all the eyes in the room was now on him and they did not feel friendly it was as if they all knew how strong he was but then he noticed makio across the area as he was standing on a rock pillar over looking them all so now all eyes was on him instead of yamashiro. " it is nice to see you all made it here fine, but how could you not when me and my friends here where pumping out so much spiritual pressure even a dumb monkey could find this place, now down to business. I have here in my hand something great that I have been working on, normally one must reach a curtain level plus have had to eaten a lot of souls but with this it induces the hollows to undergo a transformation as it helps them make the evolution process easier. I do not want to bore you all now so instead let's let the drug here finish the talking for me." Breaking the glass bottle the liquid turned into a pink mist as it filled the whole room up, yamashiro could feel the must seep deep into his skin and all the way to his every cell. but it also brought on one Major case of the munchies and before he knew it all the hollows in the room including makio started going crazy and eating one another. It was basically the same thing that happened to him a little while back but makio was no where near him so why and how did he have the same reaction and feeling, he would look more into that here later if he managed to survive this large scale massacre. One by one yamashiro took down a hollow and each time he could feel his power growing and him getting stronger because of it, he was not sure if this evolution thing was actually work but he could not wait cause moving around in this big body was hard but almost impossible to fight in he's just lucky that its so tough and sturdy or else he would probably have been dead a long time ago. Tho he had killed a ass load of hollows him self and counting the other menos grande kills there was still a load of hollows to go though, he noticed that makio had done killed in over a hundred hollows him self even tho it dose look like it now. He suddenly felt a large hollow place his hands on yamashiro back and attempted to try and eat him but yamashiro grabbed his arm as he judo flipped him over his shoulder then went to town eating the hollow, the more he eat for some reason the more hungry he became it was like trying to feel in a endless void that could never be satisfied. Yamashiro has been able to keep him self from being eaten so far as over half the hollows have been taken out yamashiro and makio have both been in there the longest as they continued to get stronger and stronger the longer they stay in there eating thee hollows as they have been, but fighting for as long as he has been is starting to take its effects on his body, he was beginning to slow down, having a hard time catching his breath, he was not sure just how much longer he could keep it up for but he knew one thing and that is this evolution better happen soon or else he was gonna be bloody pissed off. After yamashiro finished the last one he felt a weird change start to come over him and that's when it happened, yamashiro body began to glow white and as he did him form started growing smaller. Once he was done transforming his body seemed to explode and a whose area was felled with smoke. As he opened his eyes he could feel the power inside him and he liked it, opening and closing his hand he could tell he was no longer a menos grande but a stage up now the adjuchas. The smoke vanished and you could finally get a good look at yamashiro new form. His bottom half was black with a white pentagram on the top of his back, his med section and arms looked like a insane body builder, and his mask was the same as before looking like a spiders face except now he had three small horns in the center of his forehead. " I like this new power but I'm loving this new form its easier to move around in, but how well can it kill." Running up to one of the remaining hollows yamashiro grabbed him by his throat and lifted the hollow up tell his feet was just dangling off the floor, he watched as the life faded from the hollows body and as the last remaining bit left his body yamashiro tossed the body aside like trash. "Wonderful just wonderful this shall work out perfect." 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    As JDan poured the final round of drinks he filled the glasses almost to the brim. Seeing how full the cups were Metabee made a quick comment. JDan handed back the glass with a smile and with a drunken response. “Ya damn skippy, this is the K-yoraku Clan after all,” he said laughing as he was only joking and poking fun of himself. JDan then proceeded to ask the Commander to tell a joke or story, which initially seems like a bad idea. Metabee had a stumped look on his face, as he was slightly unprepared to be on the spot. After a second or two the veteran Shinigami regains his intoxicated composure, with a wry smile on his face, and tells a couple of jokes. JDan sipped on his tall glass of Saki as he listens to the jokes told. The jokes told were certainly not what he expected but nonetheless they were still quite funny. That was the beauty of new friends telling each other jokes, as at first they would most likely be vastly different; coming for different backgrounds, upbringings and situations all together. “Hahahaha, that’s why my daughter will never d-ate,” he replies though he as no kids yet, just his clan. He knew the response was an unreasonable answer to a situation but even still it was the one most parents would say at least once in there life. The next joke was just as good as the first but completely threw JDan off, on how to respond besides simply laughing and stating, “Oh, man that would be to awkward.” JDan takes a slightly bigger sip from his glass and clears his throat. “I’ve got a c-ouple which I think you’ll find just as f-unny. Hopefully you won't t-hink any less of me.” Clearing his throat once again he decides to tell the shorter joke first. “Ok, here goes n-othing. What’s a difference between a baby and an airplane?” Leaving no time to respond as you were not meant to JDan quickly answers. “One goes from city to city and the other goes from titty to titty,” he says barely able to get it out before bursting out in laughter. He was clearly the drunkest one this night not just because of his obscene joke but the lack of restraint to finish telling it before laughing hysterically. After a few seconds he clams down and tells his final joke, which was just as bad. “So a blind man sits at the bar in a strip club and while ordering his first drink from the bar tender he asks if she would like to hear the funniest dumb blond joke ever. Even though she herself was blond she took pity on the guy since he was blind. And said, mister since you’re blind I will give you a heads up before you get yourself killed here. Counting me there are three blonds that work here. I myself have a shotgun under the counter, the blond waitress over there has a small pistol in her waist and the girl on stage also has a gun in her locker. Knowing that do you still wanna tell your dump blond joke MISTER? The guy looks at her following the sound of her voice and replied without hesitation. Hell no!! Not if I’m going to have to explain it three times.” Finishing the lengthy joke JDan once again erupts in laughter. Again it wasn’t necessarily because the jokes were that funny, it’s just that he’s that drunk. Once his laughter subsided he took another sip of his drink. Having taken a couple sips already he realizes just how much he poured into the cups, as he wasn’t even half way done yet. “Wow, I really did go big didn’t I. Perhaps its best not to finish it,” JDan thinks to himself but didn’t want to go back on his decision now. Returning his attention back on Metabee he reengages in conversation. “I hope my j-okes weren’t to distasteful for you and if so then I b-lame it on t-he Saki. It’s a lot stronger than I remembered.” The boos were certainly partly to blame but some of it was also because of his terrible since of humor... At this point JDan was wasted and began drunk talking and rambling. “Commander I feel that I should be honest with you. I had no intention to like you at first. Its not that I planned on hating you or anything but I figured I would remain undecided until I further investigated you. Having no ties to the Clan or nobility and just suddenly accepting, I was slightly skeptical. But after knowing you for just a day I cannot help but feel that you were always meant to be here. I didn’t understand Yoshirou’s decision at first but now, I would not want anyone else as the Advisor. I hope that someday you take the Kyoraku name for yourself.” JDan finishes his drunken rambles there, taking another sip from his glass.
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    It was 3:57 am early Wednesday morning. Kuroto Dan had not been to sleep in well over two days. He spent countless hours focused on the computer screen that lay before him, studying and perfecting his research. He was close. So much so that he could see the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. There was just a bit more he needed to do. One last hurdle he needed to accomplish. He took a long sip of coffee and returned his icy gaze over to the computer screen once more. His finger hovered over the enter button momentarily before he decided to watch the footage once more. Pressing enter, the video began to run. A man, one of his employees, stood in the middle of the room, ready to test out what they believed to be the next development in fighting these supernatural entities. The man had been selected in secret, a promise of a substantial bonus for his cooperation. Little did he know that he’d never receive such a bonus. “Are you ready?” a voice rang out in the video. The man nodded and gave a thumb up as he placed a piece of equipment around his waist. “Viral cores initiated. All readings are in the green. Go ahead and begin the procedure.” The man took a deep breath and placed a small disk in a slot on the equipment. A small hum began to emanate from it as crackles of energy began shooting around him. “Increase the power…” Kuroto’s voice ran from the video as a technician does exactly that. Soon the man begins to writhe in pain, screaming at the top of his lungs as he drops to his knees. Sweat begins to pour from his body, blood slowly starting to drop from every opening it could. “Sir?! We should stop.” A voice rang out. “Keep it going!" Kuroto demanded as the tech reluctantly began to pour more energy into the system. The screams from the man begin to turn feral, savage sounding. His body began to shake violently. Getting on all fours now, the man screams one final time as a white substance oozes from his face. With each tremble his body made, it began to steadily grow larger; his clothes became shredded in the process. Fur sprouted from his body, a blackened hole forming in the center of his chest. The white substance that oozed across his face began to harden and take on a canine like appearance. The screams slowly turned into howls. The men in the lab began to panic, a feral creature forming slowly in front of their eyes. Kuruto simply stood and watched the spectacle in front of him, not wavering for a moment. The transformation was soon completed, the man was no longer a man but a ravenous beast with only the desire to feed on its mind. It lunged at the nearest man close to it, swiping a large portion of its body away with a single stroke of its claws. Another man bolted for the exit but was met with a similar fate. It picked them off one by one with its teeth and claws until only it and Kuruto were left. A ravenous growl was heard as it slowly lurched towards the business man with ill intent. Kuroto still only stood with his hands firmly jammed in his pockets, now seemingly annoyed at what he watched. With impressive speed, the beast lungs for Kuroto, lifting him up and pinning him against the wall. It moved its head mere inches away from Kuroto’s as it growled viciously; thick heaps of saliva steadily dripping down its maw. “Yet another failure.” Kuroto spoke at last as pulled a small device from his pockets. With a single press of a button, the piece of equipment that was still on the beast exploded, taking the lower body with it. The explosion caused the beast to drop Kuroto as it fell to the ground, dead. The video feed soon cut out, Kuroto with an even more annoyed look on his face. “Yesterday’s test was a failure, just like the rest of them. Every time, they turn into one of these mindless beasts. Not truly hollow but not truly human either. I need to come up with a better solution than this. I’m beginning to run out of subjects. I just seem to be missing one critical component.” He furrows his brow and begins to once again look over his notes, meticulously scanning all of the compiled information. It doesn’t take long before he is once again lost in his thoughts, so much so that he doesn’t hear the door behind him creek open. A thump is heard as a hand is slammed on the desk. “What is it Ms. Asuna?” Kuroto says to his assistant without looking up from his paperwork. “You are going to be late sir. It’s nearly time for the press junket.” “Is that today?” he muttered. The woman smiled as the man sneered in disgust. Kuroto hated talking to the press. It wasn’t so much that he could not do it but rather he did not want to do it. He hated to mingle with these low classed mongrels. Sitting and laughing and acting if he was just like one of them. He detested the thought. Unfortunately, it was necessary today in order to further the business side of his goals. “What time is it?” Kuroto said after a long pause, finally putting his paperwork down. “It is currently 8:45 am. The press junket starts at 10:00. You’d have to get ready before then. I’ve laid out your suit for you and the car is waiting.” He had been so engrossed in his work that he did not realize that nearly five hours had passed. The time was upon him, he needed to go. With a heavy sigh, the man arose from his seat and made his way to his living quarters at Genm Corp. The quarters were created for this exact purpose, days when he’d need to get ready for something quickly and would not have the luxury to go home. “I’ll prepare you something quick to eat while you shower. I’ll be waiting in the car.” Kuroto nodded as he moved to the bathroom to prepare for the meeting, the only thing firmly on his mind was that missing component. WC: 1,065
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    Two. Two more hollows was all he needed before he could return back to the base tho he only had a month to find three hollows to join the army but here it was only ten days left before his month was over and all he to show for it was one hollow and one strong hold base location. That left him maybe five days to look for a hollow with a extra five to look while he made his way back to base, which means he really did not have long so he needed to get in gear and find some more hollows before his deadline was up. While he was walking though the menos cave he noticed a glimpse of light shinning though the cracks on a wall so yamashiro and the monkey brain walked over to take a look and see what was making the light so deep in the darkness. Signaling down to the hollow to break the stone wall he nodded his head as a way of showing that he understood so the hollow broke the wall down to show a hidden underground lair beneath the menos Forrest, wondering what he would find yamashiro and the hollow went deeper down. There was pillars everywhere made of stone which looked to be holding every thing up, there was lava flowing on the ground like a river cutting a path asunder. He was not sure where it would lead but yamashiro followed it any way, it took a while but yamashiro and the gorilla finally made it to the end of the path way where it opened up into a large opening and in the center of the room there looked to be a winged hollow sleeping. " who dears to disturb my slumber, it has been ages since any one has thought to come here. I advise you to leave now before I get angry." It did not look like this hollow would be in the mood for talking but his ape buddy looked scared as he was slowly backing away so yamashiro had to place his foot behind him so that he could not continue to back up out of fear. " I'm not leaving just yet, at least not until you agree to have a chat with me." The hollow stood up and spread out its wings as he let out a deafening roar. " I suppose I could allow you to speak what's on your mind at least until my breakfast time." Well at least this hollow was nice enough to let him speak unlike that ape boy hollow behind him but he might as well tell him before he changes his mind. " well you see I was sent here by a person calling his self makio he wants me to find hollows that would be willing to help fight in his army. So would you be up to joining us." The hollow reached up and picked some ear wax from his head and flicked it, it was hard to tell what the hollow was thinking. Yawning then taking a long stretch the hollow stood up on all fours then looked yamashiro and the ape boy down like he wanted to kill them. " well I let you speak and I must say I'm a little interested for it has been many years since I have joined up with any one, I just have one condition and that is that I do not work for any one weaker then I so I ask that we fight to see who is stronger." So he wished to fight with yamashiro to see who was stronger and if yamashiro went by evolution cycle he would guess that he was stronger, but he was not sure how strong he was. " sure I'm always up for a good fight so let's do this." The first thing that the hollow did was opened his mouth and it started glowing red then a large fire ball went shooting towed yamashiro, luckily tho it did not move very fast so yamashiro had the idea to kick it back to the hollow. But as his foot made contact with the fire ball it suddenly exploded causing his cloak to catch fire so stomping his foot it made dust blow up and put out the fire. The hollow flew up into the air and opened his wings wide and as he did mini fire balls came flying at him, stomping his foot once more making the fire go out, unfortunately those flames had more then fire behind them cause hard scales pierced into yamashiro body. With vision out from the dust yamashiro reached out attempting to grab the flying hollow. Luckily he was able to catch the hollow but as he did he could feel a burning sensation on his hand and as the dust cleared he saw that the hollows whole body was on fire. Its not like it hurt but in was annoying as fuck so bringing his arm back he flung the hollow as hard as he could. The hollow went flying out of his hand like a speeding rocket and landed as hard as a meteor, as the dust clears the hollow was laying there looking like he was having a hard time getting back up. Just then the hollow started glowing a fury red and it seemed like his wounds was starting to heal, standing up he looked up at yamashiro and smiled. " it sure has been some time since I was ever pushed this far I must give it to you for a menos grande your pretty powerful but I think its about time we put this battle to rest, I shall come at you with all my strength and I hope you do the same. By the way my name is raido this has been a fun fight." Yamashiro knew what was gonna happen so pulling his fist back he got ready for what he knew was coming, the hollow before him powered up to his max and was now ready for attack. The hollow flew up at yamashiro and yamashiro brought his fist down onto raido, there two attacks collided with each other in what became a huge explosion. It pushed yamashiro back about ten feet and he could not feel his arm, but as he looked down he noticed that raido was on the ground and looked to have been burnt by his own attack. This meant that he won so he just stood there and waited for raido to wake up. WC: 1099 Twc: 8983
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    it was day three now, he was starting to see less and less life as he went on. but there had been this nagging feeling in the back of his head almost as if it was calling him to some place, he tried to ignore it but the stronger the sensation became until soon he lost control on his own body, he watched as he walked and walked then kept on walking. he had not been sure just how long he had been walking for but he did notice that on his little controlled trip there was other hollows to that was acting just as he was. this was starting to feel like it was the doing of another hollow, but since he lost his memory's he was not sure if either he has ever fought any one like this before. there was one thing that he knew for sure and that was he would soon find every thing out here soon for there was a large cave opening up over the horizon that first you had to climb over the many dune hills. before long they was now inside the cave but they were not there yet as they traveled underground to where there was a large hollow in the center glowing. yamashiro had one idea about it which was that chubby ass needed to lose a few thousand pounds, but jokes aside he needed to find a way to get out of this situation cause it did not seem like it was gonna get any better any time soon. he probably did not notice at first but he suddenly noticed that he had control of his body again tho for how long he was not sure for how long so he needed to try something before he lost control of his functions again. yamashiro rushed in toured the big glowing hollow.... AHHHHHHHH. Stopping in med rush he had to try and plug his ears, but to no avail was he able to stop the effect of the hollows scream, he was not able to remember just what happened after that but the next thing that yamashiro dose know is that he is waking up but all he can see is a big black and red void. the black blurred into the red and it moved in and out like it was alive and breathing, he could sense that their was hollows all around him yet none at all, but yet he could hear foot steps. they was echoing all around with each step that the person took, looking around the room once again he noticed that there was two figures standing far off from him like they was scarred or something. the two mystery figures slowly crypt closer though the dark until they was almost right on top of him, that's when he saw there face and jumped back. " WHY YAMASHIRO DID YOU NOT PROTECT US....US YOU OWN WIFE AND KID." And just like that they vanished into a dark mist which looked to go back into the void. unbeknownst to him yamashiro had been inside his own head this whole time while on the outside all hell was going down. every hollow there was just standing around like a brainless zombie, then out of no where all the beast's lashed out in Fitz of anger as they started to eat and consume one another. before long tho the hollow swarm that was many was now but one huge blob of hollows trying to fight for dominance, it seemed that it would not be much longer before some one was the main soul and mind over the large hollow being made from that of many hollows a menos grande. back on the inside yamashiro was just going his last demon from when he was human but now came the hard part cause now he has to fight 10 hollows which was part of the fold, he needed to remember tho these hollows are not weak if so they would not be here fighting for control. just the thought of being able to test his skills against other strong fighters got him all excited and a little bothered, he licked his lips with a sadistic look in his eyes which showed that he was ready for the fun that was about to begin. first yamashiro shot some normal webbing into the face of one of the hollows which would blind it to his movement next he used his exiling jumping power he landed on the shoulder of the hollow, but before he could do what he wanted a bigger hollow came running up and swung his arm down onto the hollow which he was standing on like a club. luckily he was able to see it coming so he jumped onto the other hollows arm as he brought it down, from there he crawled up the hollows arm until he reached the neck area. taking his jaw's yamashiro took a large chunk out and when he did blood just came gushing out like a water fountain. " don't mind if I do Mr hollow." he said as he put his face down into the blood and started drinking it, he looked up at the others with a blood stained face and started counting heads which would soon all be hitting the floor. " two down 8 more to play with." well he was able to take care of the first two easy cause he surprised one while the other was bring cocky and brash with no thinking at all, its not gonna be the same with the others cause now they are on high alert and defenses raised it gonna take some...... the other hollows suddenly ignored yamashiro as they began to fight among them self's. yamashiro could not help it but to laughter for the hollows would rather fight each other then to fight him, so he walked over to where they where and crushed a hollows head that stumbled back to him. three down seven more he thought to his self, he just killed one of them and they did not even notice. this was starting to become very boring which was agitating him to no end so unfortunately he was gonna have to make this game quick, the whole idea just had yamashiro blood in a rage but if they was just gonna ignore him then they can just feel his anger. jumping yamashiro landed on the front of a hollow then opening his jaw's he clamped down into his head then yanking his head back yamashiro pulled the hollows whole head off its shoulders, spitting the head out he rushed up and stabbed the next one in the hart... well that was if hollows even have harts any longer but the matter on the fact was that the hollow was now dead at his feet. as the body hit the floor so did the head which made the total body count come up to five which ment that he now only had five left to go before he had complete control over this giant thing called a body. the next thing he knew there was four hollows on each of his corners so from the looks of things it seemed that they thought of rushing him, only problem with there plan was that they was clearly underestimating him. so just as he thought they would do the four hollows rushed in on him attacking so jumping up and spinning in med air he was barely able to Dodge there four on one assault, but he was not done just yet for now it was his turn to counter attack. taking his legs he thrust them out hitting all 4 hollows in different killing spots, the first one his leg went into the hollows head, second hollow his leg punctuated his throat, the third hollow yamashiro's leg Pierced though his chest and crushed its hart, and lastly he got the fourth hollow in the kidney and spleen so this hollow would experience a death worse then dying. nine down one last one to go so turning his attention to the tenth hollow he noticed that there was something familiar about him, the hollow had his back turned to yamashiro but he noticed that hollow had three heads which made him remember that chicken hollow he went up against a while back. " he he he he he, I see we meet once again hollow now we can finish what was started so long ago." when the hollow spoke yamashiro remembered it was that hollow he killed a days ago. " what do you think your doing here chicken shit I already killed you once don't tell me you wish to die again." yamashiro told the hollow and telling by how easy it was before to kill him he should have no problem taking care of him again, if any thing this should be easier then beating a video game. " well that's easy you eat me so in turn I became part of you not living but in your dna. I guess now that where evolving we get the chance to have a second life so I'm taking full advantage of this situation so prepare you're self ka ka for one hell of a fight." the hollow rushed in then suddenly stopped a foot from where yamashiro was standing, with rapid speed the hollow start thrusting his head at yamashiro but he was able to see them coming but unfortunately he was not able to dodge them all. getting pushed yamashiro skids back to get some distance between his self and that hollow, its strange tho the seemed weaker before unless he wasn't using his full power. that idea made him even more mad then when the hollows decided to ignore him, the one thing that pisses him off the most is when people underestimate him. but he also knows that he needed to place his pride to the side in order to win this cause if he loses it won't matter any longest for he would no longer have a body which means his pride would not matter either, when the hollow came rushing him yamashiro moved to the right just as the chicken head extended forward. taking the opportunity which was given to him yamashiro took his arm and punched right through all three of the hollows throats, the hollow feel to his knee's then vanished into black mist and returned into the blackish red void, all of a sudden all yamashiro could see was nothing but White so for a minute he thought he had gone blind. his site had returned and ass it did he noticed that there was stones falling from the sky, but then he noticed that he was no longer in the cave. but as he looked down he realized that he had grown so tall that he broke the roof off the cave which then caused the whole cavern to cave in. yamashiro also noticed that his appearance had changed dramatically. yamashiro was now taller then a skyscraper with a long black cloak going from his head all the way down to his feet. the only difference in his mask compared to other menos grande was the two two horns and lots of eyes so maybe two. he took one step when out of no were the ground suddenly cracked open then collapsed due to his enormous weight gain, yamashiro went falling into the depths of the menos Forrest. 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    ... Eight Days Remaining ... The day was coming to the end, and so shall the contest; the Crimson Trials were to be done before the dusk settles. Everyone had left the arena to go tend to various things to ensure that they would be prepared for the final piece of the trial. The only person that would left there in the Arena would be Regashi, who would be seated in the middle of the arena on the floor as the power that has passed this place would have seeped into the very soil and radiated throughout the air so much that he could actually taste it with every breath. So here he would be in order to meditate, remembering all that has developed over the decades that was his life. There was a massive air of violence that had tainted his very soul, but the death of his father turned him to something a little more righteous, though many would not agree that a mission of vengeance is one that is considered an act of justice. "I tried, with every ounce of my being." There was a soft and saddened sigh that would slide from his lips, "In order to repair and amend the devastation that caused by the Crimson Raiders from years, decades, prior when you were once a member father... But in the end the darkness, corruption, and pain that pollutes the outer districts is soaked in the culture and there is little to do but temporarily soothe the situation. So perhaps... The place you decided to run from would also be the place that you needed to stay in order to repair the fears you held..." With a slow and humorous smile slowly forming on his mouth he thought about a potential consideration, "Or maybe you were meant to find me so that I could go back from where you ran from in order to repair the reason you departed. For it is in the heart of the Soul Society that changes can be made..." There were many thoughts that would flow through his mind, considering all of his options and every potential outcome through it all and he would soon drift so far that he would be pulled out of by the steps of someone coming into the arena so that he would force his eyes open and notice one of his Raiders, recognizable by the read cloak that he wore, and wonder why he would be disturbed as such, "Sorry sir, but the final event shall be taking place soon..." He spoke with a slight shakiness in his tone, for even the Crimson Raiders would hold a fear of their own leader, unaware of the dangerous powers that he would possess and would be unsure as the way that he might react, "And you are to announce the final commencement." Regashi would take note of the various individuals that were starting to make their way into the observation area so that they can get the best view of the greatest contest that anyone would have seen in over a decade within the outer most Rukon Districts. "Leave me. I shall handle it." With that he would wave him away so that he could move forward with the ceremony, and to do that he would lift himself up from the ground noticing how the light of the sky had all but faded from above as the Raiders would light the torches that would illuminate the arena. "So now the final challenge will take place; and only one will be able to claim victory today and claim a reward like no other..." Of all of the talents that Regashi had, his ability to provide an unforgettable experience through the energy he gives off and the showmanship that he was capable of was unmatched. There would be a speech that would bring people to tears, and then a moment where he spoke about heroism, value, and qualities of a warrior that would bring people to their feet as they applaud his words and some other things just as exceptional just to the peak of excitement as he prepared to bring in the two final warriors. "The first one to come into the Arena is a well known Crimson Raider. A man of exceptional skill with a blade and a ruthless warrior like no other, one trained by the founder of the Crimson Raiders himself. It is my honor, and privilege to have his support in the Raiders and to introduce to you... Mitsuyoshi Jubei!" The arena would start to shake at the cheers that were provided for the Crimson Raider Veteran, who had been known to win contest after contest since the Arena was established. Of course there would be those that were not too fond of his character and thus would remain silent or even voice their displeasure of his mere presence. Though Jubei was definitely one for showmanship as well as he would perform various little stunts and movements to display his skills. Regashi would allow the crowd to release their energy for their preferred contestant, "He will be facing off against a warrior of unparalleled skill with the Halberd," Jubei would wince at this phrasing, "Who has shown incredible skill, compassion, and tenacity throughout the Trials and has shown her potential by arriving to this moment. This is will be a fight like no other for her, and we shall see the beast beyond the beauty. Introducing, from the 32nd West Rukon District... Elevandria Ryder!" To the surprise of Jubei the entire Arena would boom with energy and roars of support for the underdog in the contest, more so than even Regashi has heard in the 9 years of the Arena. The value behind this contest, even to bring a woman from across the entire Rukongai, meant something to the people that were observing. There was still the question in the mind of Regashi as to what it could be that she would ask for that would appease her desires being from a place where the Raider's power does not reach, but still he would keep to his word and provide the value requested of the victor. Each of the two would approach the center of the Arena as Regashi stood in the middle of them both, feeling the tension between to competitors. "Prepare." He spoke a single word with an echo that tore throughout the arena as he would step back in order to ensure he would not be in the way when it would begin. The arena would fall silent... "Engage!" With an explosive force, the battle would commence... ------------------------------------ The battle was a truly beautiful sight to behold, seeing the master swordsman working with his curved sword coupled with his impressive technique meeting with the expert halberd handler and her agile movements to combat the opposing force. There would be a sharp cackling sound that would echo throughout the Arena as Regashi would be in the upper observation with a strange sensation as the hairs on the back of his neck would start to stand. "No..." This sensation had felt familiar to him, but it would appear that he was the only one to recognize this feeling and had to try and react as fast as possible but he was too slow to approach as the very air beneath him would tear open in the arena and the darkness would consume the tear. "It is rare, very rare indeed, but you must be aware of the dark creatures that torment the world of the living for all of their instincts to survive; the Soul Society becomes too tempting of a place not to come. Especially of those that are feral or have enough thought to develop thought know that the 20 outer most Rukon Districts tend to have the least amount of trouble when they are hungry. Regashi... You must be aware of the Hollows." The white mask would break through the darkness to reveal a monster of nightmares that would creep through causing everyone to go into a fit of panic, unsure of what to do with the dreadful creature making its way into their world. The hollow would reach out with its right hand as Jubei would quickly go forward in order to strike at the beast only to have the back hand of the creature smack him into the wall across the arena devastating the wall and shaking the very foundation of the Arena. Regashi would leap forward and allow himself to fall from the top down into the Arena floor just as he would see several of the other warriors prepare to engage the creature as well. "No!" Regashi would shout from the Arena floor, "Stay away." He would warn every, and each one of them would do just that. Although they would want to fight for the chance to prove themselves, the fear of such a beast would consume almost each and every one of them. Ryder even stood in shock, "Run!" He would shout at her direction, but she would not respond as she stood there shocked by the beast that remained in front of her. Quickly he would dash in her direction as the beast would turns its white mask towards her with that twisted smile on its face. He was moving as fast as he possibly could, but the distance he had to cover was too great as he would see the beast prepare to reach for Ryder. With little time to waist he would leap forward and push Ryder just as the creature would reach forward. He had a moment to react and would swing his chain upward as it would start to wrap around the arm that has now grabbed him. The creature would begin to squeeze as it would pull Regashi close to his empty white face, this creature larger than even Soren in stature with gorilla like arms squeezing harder ever second. "Hado..." He attempted to speak through the labored breathing, "Number Eleven..." He had to focus on allowing the energy to flow through his body to this very moment in his right hand, "Tzusuri... Raiden..." As the last word left his hand would start to glow yellow, but to anyone looking at the moment would see the palm of the creatures hand begin to glow. But there would be a moment yelping in pain from the creature as he would release his grip, but Regashi maintained his upon the chain. Quickly he would pull on the chain as the lightning chain would wrap firmly around the wrist of the Hollow, and with enough force he was able to cut into the wrist of the beast that would now leap back in pain yanking the chain from the grip of Regashi. "Damn ugly thing." As he dusted himself up feeling some damage from the grip, he felt a breeze roll along his face near his eye. Lifting his right hand, he would feel his own eye lid, and realize that his mask had cracked. "You broke my mask." There was gentle laugh from Regashi as he looked at the creature with a smile. Suddenly there would be a blue aura that would start to consume Regashi, but more impressive would be the vibrant glow that would radiate from his eyes. The bright blue eyes would highlight the fact that Regashi has become himself, the Blue-Eyed Beast of the East, and with a smile dashed forward at the beast that would now be prepared to react as he looked down at Regashi and laughed, "I will destroy you!" The beast would lift both of his arms up and smash down towards Regashi. Though his speed was not enough and Regashi was able to slide under the arms of the beast and avoid the attack. It is slow to move so there would be no way in order to react. "Hado Number 1." Regash spoke in order to channel of his energy throughout his body as the creature opened its mouth in a yell and a Crimson Red energy would form and be unleashed in a wave of force at Regashi just as he spoke. "Sho!" The wave would start to damage the Arena before an abrupt stop and an explosion at the core of the energy and what would be seen is Regashi standing there with his fist against the face of the hollow with his clothes all but torn away and his skin showing signs of burns. Where his fist was would reveal a massive amount of cracks that would start to spread before the beast would completely shatter leaving him standing there with his right fist extended still. People would stand in shock at what had happened, and others would start to applaud the performance of Regashi as his mask would turn into fragments falling away from his face and the blue aura fading. He would slowly attempt to stand up and face the majority of the crowd in a single direction. "This duel... is declared a draw..." With those words he would see nothing but darkness and fall forward face first into the ground, "That was a Menos..." And a hard smack on the ground as the final day of the Crimson Trials ended with a clear winner... WC: 2,219 TWC: 13,900
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    The Commander seemed pleased to hear that arrange marriages are starting to fade away. He then answered Yoshirou’s question replying, after he retires. It was a vague answer but Yoshi wouldn’t press the matter any further as there wasn’t much to gain. Yoshirou said his good byes to his companions as they too wished him a good night. Metabee stated to drink some water and JDan confirming it with a drunk, “Uh huh, uh huh.” Yoshirou smiled as he walked out the door. “Ok, I hear ya.” Just as he was about to proceed up the stairs to his room a guard comes down, simply on his nightly patrol. Upon seeing Yoshirou the guard bows and then a brief hello was exchanged as the pair continued their separate ways. JDan finishes his glass as Metabee asks what they should do next. For JDan in was a no brainer. Although he was not a regular drinker tonight was different; a fierce battle between friends, growing of bonds and even the development of new techniques. Tonight was definitely a night to celebrate and in the company of the new Advisor no less. Looking at the bottle he replies, “T-there’s not much left, l-ets continue, since you're ok with it.” Drunken hiccups were the worse and if there was a guarantee that you could get drunk without getting them then JDan might drink a little more often. That was how much he hated it. With both men agreeing JDan takes the initiative and pours them each their final glass. They had been using your standard whisky type glasses so instead of pouring smaller shots he simply filled the glasses up further, finishing off the last bit of Saki. JDan looks at Metabee as he hands him his glass back. “So C-ommander tell this drunken fool a joke or a good story, surely you k-now a couple. The dirtier the better, haha,” he says. The plan was to finish off the night with a light, fun, and carefree atmosphere, relieving some of the bitterness that was still present.
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    OFFICIAL ROLE-PLAY RESET ANNOUNCEMENT ___________________________________________ Greetings BSE ORP Community, This is an official letter announcing that within the coming weeks the ORP Moderator team will be working towards a Full-Reset of the Official Role-Play. After a relatively long while of silence, we've decided to try to revitalize the ORP again. We know a lot of the "usuals" have either been waiting for the RP to be playable again or have given up on waiting and moved on entirely. For those who have stuck around, we hope the reset (along with a few exciting changes) will be a step in the right direction towards making BSE ORP great again. For those who have moved on, we hope this reset and the aforementioned changes, at the very least, have you guys lurking about again. ------------------------------------- When will the reset happen? Hopefully, no later than two weeks from now as long as there are no unexpected complications. So far the transition preparations have proceeded seamlessly. August/31st/2017 is our target date. We will keep you updated in the unlikely event that there are any changes. Until then, we strongly urge you all to backup any content currently on the ORP forums that you would like to save before we clear things out. What can you expect with the Reset? As With any Full-Reset, you can expect all pre-reset Character Applications, Character Stat Sheets, ORP Threads & Posts, and etc to be ERASED. Everyone wanting to participate in the ORP will need to make new characters/abilities and be approved again. Plot and premise-wise, a FRESH START all across the board for all RP races. Leadership positions will be temporarily occupied by NPCs. No post-apocalypse setting or nations on the verge of starting a World War. Expect a few changes with the Stats System, such as the Addition of the Power Stat. Which has replaced Strength and Reiryoku. There is also a new Fate Points System which is intended to replaced the randomizer system. There are also a few other minor changes. Why do a reset now when the site is basically dead? Simple answer: we moderators are RPers, just like you guys, who fell in love with the Bleach universe and likewise BSE ORP. And, just like you, we want to see the community active and flourishing again. Unfortunately, after many half-baked or sudden attempts to reform things -followed by equally sudden absences from the site altogether- it has become clear that the ORP isn't going to fix itself overnight. But, we have to start somewhere. We sincerely believe that this reset is a step in the right direction, even if there are just 2-3 of us active at first, posting out of our own selfish desire to write awesome Bleach stories. That's good enough for a start. Detailed answer: Why Not? To the people who were active during these downtimes you will not be forgotten and there is something special planned for you all. ___________________________________________ That's all we have for now. Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions you may have here while we count down the days. The currently confirmed active RP Moderators are: Rash ラシュ Senior RP Mod. Brain Senior RP Mod. ChaosKaiz Senior RP Mod. Star Junior RP Mod. Summoning beckons are being sent out to our retired and out of shape companions all around the world.
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    Launch Week is extended until Next Sunday - 9/10/2017. This is because we did start off late in the week on a Thursday, and it also gives people some extra time to roll in on Launch Week and at least get a bit of WC.
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    Would the Word Counts be due later tonight or will it be next week since we just started like 3 days ago? I ask because I'm not going to be in a place with internet access until much later. For the majority of the day, I'll be on my phone like right now. If it is tonight, I'll have to make arrangements but just wanted to be sure regardless.
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    "Never, under any condition, form a bond with anyone. Because the moment that you do such a thing, you give your enemies a tool, a weapon, to utilize against you. Some may think that no one would dare cross such a line, but let me make this clear... I would cross that very line." Regashi to one of his Crimson Raiders deciding to leave for a woman... ---------------------------------- Nine Days until the Arrival Regashi would make his way to the arena from the Garden with a determined focus and his mask back on his face in order for his identity to remain unknown, at least his face was the goal to be hidden. Many would know his name in one form or another, but it was the tales of his appearance that was what fueled his power. Now, he would have to display another level of his power in the arena slightly sooner than he had planned, but knew at the fact that this woman decided to stalk him to the Garden would prove to a slight diversion from the original focus of his path. Nonetheless, this would prove to quite the interesting chance to explore what this woman could do and it would allow many to see what the Beast was capable of in the display of an arena. The doors would open up and allow for the Beast to enter in with the chants and cheers from various individuals throughout the observation level peering on with excitement towards the Beast facing against anyone. Shortly after, the young woman who has taken up the spear as their weapon of choice would step through the opposite entrance with a look of discontent which could be related to the fact that she felt unfairly treated by a man she had apparently looked up too. She held a look of determination and the challenge had been established as Regashi would pull out four Kunai, all with a dark grey metal, appearing almost pitch black. Quickly he would throw them in four directions from his position and embed them into the walls. For those with the aptitude, there would be a faint glow of a black line being drawn from each Kunai connecting them in a square before a crystalized fragmentation to occur like a diamond wall had been formed but it would appear than none were able to notice such a thing. What would be most note worthy of the female would be the Katana that was now bound to the back of Regashi but it had become... smaller... than it once was suddenly shorter in length. "I apply my same challenge as before." With that said, he would would remove his fifth pure white Kunai and throw it high into the air. "Go Ryder!" Would be heard from the stands at the same moment that the spear woman would move forward with an initial attack with the goal to deliver a first strike using the moment that the Kunai was being thrown towards her advantage. "You can do this!" It would appear that the young woman, Ryder, would have a slight following but obviously so. When given the chance to challenge any opponent that one would choose for a single round in order to make it to the final day, and one chooses to challenge the one person that could be the most difficult and challenging opponent would raise many eye brows and create a gathering of individuals who believe in the underdog. Still, Regashi held his focus as the onslaught of attacks would take place against him and he would focus as his blue eyes would start to seemingly glow with what appeared to be pure flames in his eyes. His body would move almost effortlessly in order to avoid the attacks that were coming at him, occasionally using his arms to help redirect the attack to stall the momentum and prevent Ryder from generating enough consistency that could result in an actual strike. This would take place for about 11 forward strikes from Ryder that would be avoided by the Beast before he found the appropriate opening and crouching before delivering an open hand strike to her sternum causing her to slide back from the force and lose the air in her lungs and even causing her to stumble forward and kneel with her spear to help base her up. The strike was not the dangerous part, but it was the precision of the attack being delivered using Ryder's own momentum in order to cause more damage to her that truly caused such an impacting strike. Though this was the case, she would be able to stand up and return to the battle with an increased desire to fight. This would repeat a handful of times, where she would attempt to get the upper hand, Regashi would find the proper moment in order to counter and cause enough damage using her own power against her. Each time she would grow frustrated attempting to use a different technique, a different style, or a different approach and each time she would start off with an almost upper hand that would turn slowly until Regashi delivers an impressive counter. It was the last counter that matter as he performed a sweep kick to knock her off of her feet just in time for her to see the Kunai coming down towards her. There was a somber look on her face as she would close her eyes, "Well done." Just as she had given up, and with a scoff would pause as he felt a sharp pain in his left side. Looking at his side he would be able to see the spear impaled into his side just as the Kunai landed and cut the ear of Ryder leaving everyone in a moment of pause. "Well done indeed." It would appear that Ryder knew that Regashi was capable of performing a perfect counter and ultimately would cause severe damage using the force of her attacks. She opened herself so that she could counter a counter. She would smile as she removed the spear from his side and he would reach down to help her up from the ground as the entire arena was in a total roar from the fact that Ryder was the first one capable of actually succeeding the descending sky challenge. "Why did you let me win...?" She said as Regashi stood next to her, but spoke under her breath in order for only Regashi to hear. The crowd would cheer as Regashi would turn to walk away so that Ryder could have her moment, but not before responding to her question. "Because I do not want to be alone either." PART 2 OF 2 WC: 1,123 TWC: 8,457
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    Usually, when men got together to drink and hang out sooner or later they ended up talking about the same certain topics. One of those topics was precisely women which led them to talk about the certain topic which was marriage. After he made his statement about arranged marriage Yoshirou told him a bit more that it is slowly dying out which he was happy to hear,'That's good. No one should be told who to marry and when to marry.' JDan then said that Metabee was too free spirited for arranged marriage which made him laugh,'Exactly! If someone wants to try and force me to do something they will be in for a surprise. I'm very particular about the people that I choose to be and hang out with.' Once he said that he wants to wait until much later to marry the Noble was surprised and asked him more about it,'After I retire. That way I won't have anything to worry about and it will truly be peaceful.' The trio then had a toast and Metabee drank half his glass. It seemed that they were beginning to slow down in their drinking but there was no problem with that since they didn't want to get too drunk. Although, it was a bit late for trying not to be drunk. Eventually, Yoshirou had his last and began to wrap it up,'Out of the two sides that one's better.' He said so with a chuckle and listened to the Noble speaking and nodded,'Remember to get some water! See you.' With that Yoshirou left and since his room was just a floor above he shouldn't have any problems getting there. This left Metabee and JDan alone in the room. The Captain looked at his empty glass and then the bottle which still had some alcohol in it,'So what will it be? Continue or finish it up? Not like I'm meaning to kick you out or anything but you two have duties while I'm just a guest. I don't mind continuing either.' If JDan wanted to go then he didn't want to keep him out since he had a very important role in the Clan and needed to be at 100%.
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    “Even after so much Death your hands still thirst for more blood. Marvelous! Simply splendid,” says Sama’el in a dark an eerie voice. He was more than satisfied with the overwhelming killing intent oozing from his very core. “But… how can you speak of enemies and might when your victims are only fodder, most of which are not worthy of your time? Or are you taking a liking to the Shinigami’s will? You have fallen further than I thought. But fear not I will guide you.” Sama’el was tempting to bait the mad Hollow with hearsay and stories using the Shinigami as the bait. With his scythe in his right hand Sama’el once again closes the distance between them while simultaneously sinking in to the sands, as if the earth was swallowing him whole. “How can you kill what is not actually there? Better yet how can you kill what you don’t know is real or a figment of your imagination You speak of which you do not know,” he says playing with Monk’s broken and tormented mind. His words and tricks were always to manipulate his targets actions once he revealed himself and now wasn’t any different. Speaking in riddles and questions was only part of the schemes. Like the in-laws that would never leave, Sama’el appeared once again. “But I did not come here to fight nor test your might. Monk… I’ve been called many things by the living but only a few know me as Sama’el. And I offer information, enlightenment if you will, only then will your true enemy will be known. News that I think you would like to know so you could better direct your fury,” he states cold and calculating. If one could see his eyes through his mask they would see the harsh gaze that only a True Demon could grace you with. He hoped his interest would be peaked and the bait taken as it would be much easier for his story to be accepted. Either way he would tell it and improvise.
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    Only URPer's get candy. Well and those that step right into my mysterious white van.... What do ya mean thats not normal!!
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    I heard there will be candy... So like here I am
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    This sounds exciting even if it is for the ORP and not URP. Finally a few more people besides Metabee, Monk and myself; perhaps we will convince some that return to convert to the dark side. "Here take this piece of candy, I swear nothing is wrong with it."
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    Laaniie crept into the back door of the squad 3 tavern hoping no one would notice her presence. She walked through towards the shelf of sake that had grown layers of dust in her years of absence. Thinking about all her past memories almost brought a tear to her eye. She'd missed it. Laaniie then brushed off the dust from one of the many sake bottles and took a seat at one of the tables. It was dark so she had to use her free hand to make sure she didn't stumble or make loud noises. She didn't want to alert anyone to her presence. Laaniie then smiled as a feeling of bitter sweet nostalgia filled her and began drinking the bottle of sake. OOC: How have you guys been? Is anyone still alive?! Its been so long T.T