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    As Metabee said that staying in his bed would be better Yoshirou voiced his complaint. Surely if less people had come along the two of them would definitely be put to work but he wouldn't complain. There will be many more opportunities to help out in the future. When he invited Yoshirou to come along he accepted and they walked in silence. Although it didn't have to be that way maybe it was better. It let him gather his thoughts. While he was collecting flowers, the Noble decided to take one flower with him. Since he didn't know where he was going he didn't have to but it still made him happy. Soon they arrived at the hill and after Metabee was done Yoshirou placed his flower and after a few moments of silence he asked who Elena Ainsworth was. There was still many things he would like to tell her but decided there was no need to. She already knew. He knew the Noble would have many questions but that was why he brought him here. To tell him of his past...and future. Who was she? The question was simple yet the answer was complex. He would not answer this question, yet. Just saying who she was wouldn't do her justice of how much she meant to him. For the next two paragraphs:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-elgADLjmU Metabee began,'Do you know why I became a Shinigami, Yoshirou? It wasn't to protect the world. I never wanted to be a hero. I never cared for those that I did not meet. I became a Shinigami to protect one person. A single person was enough for me. I was 20 when I came to Rukongai. I didn't like it. My first thought was 'if this is what the afterlife is like then I would rather die again'. For the next two years I worked on surviving, just like the people you saw earlier. I went through countless betrayals and disappointments. It was rough and I didn't really see the point in it if it wouldn't get better. After two years, I was going down the main path one day and something red caught my attention. The colour really stood out. There was a girl there with bright red hair getting picked on by some thugs. I knew first hand that helping people was not worth it and would somehow bite me in the back but for some reason my body moved on its own and I stepped in. They kicked my ass and then left. I was there laying on the floor and her amber eyes gave me this hopeless look as if she wanted to say,'What am I going to do with this idiot?' though I'm sure she didn't think that. She brought me here and tended to my wounds. Despite the situation she was always cheerful and talkative. But by the end of the day we went our separate paths. I thought it would be one of those fleeting meetings but the next day when I came back to this spot she was here. The day after and after and after too. We began to talk more and get to know each other. Before I knew it we began to spend more time with her, not just here but in Rukongai too. We would look for food together and would give each other the things we needed but wanted to share. Since I didn't remember my name she got tired of calling me 'you' so she gave me a name. Metabee.' The Captain smiled,'Do you know what she said when I asked her why? She said,'Because when I met you, you were ferocious like a bee but quickly got swatted away. I met a bee.' I hated it. I thought it was a ridiculous name but I just went with it in the end. It was better than nothing. Time began to fly and we eventually got our own room but we would still come here daily. We were pretty much unseparable by that point. We also became friends with more people our age. People we could trust but more than them we were the closest with each other. I thought that things became better since I had her with me. I had so much compared to the start but still that wasn't enough for me. I wanted more so that we could have a better life. Both us of had spiritual pressure but she had absolutely no potential. Maybe that was for the better. In her whole time in Rukongai she never hurt anyone on purpose. Only in self defense. She was pure and innocent. She would always look for a way to get her food and clothes fairly. Totally not someone that should be in Rukongai. I promised to protect her and entered the Shinigami Academy. Because of that I couldn't come see her everyday anymore but I came as often as I could. I even sneaked out to see her sometimes. Well...often. She was so happy when I told her that I graduated. She literally jumped at my neck and hugged me and kissed me. Even if she could not do it herself she showed no jealousy. She was genuinely proud of me. Like I told you I was then assigned to Squad 8 and began going on missions. While she was still in Rukongai worried about me I was earning for the both of us. Well, more for her than for me. I had a room in the barracks and everything so I didn't need more. I just focused on providing her with anything she needed. Food, clothes and I even moved her to a better district so that she would be safer. Since I met her 15 years quickly went by.' For the next paragraph:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucjpk0Qr1pc It was a lot to say but he didn't need to think about it. It was all there in his memories, it just needed to be said. However, that was still not the end of the story. Metabee continued,'I knew her for 15 years so I thought it was time. From some time I had secretly began saving up for a ring. The day I bought it I rushed to our house in Rukongai but she wasn't there. I thought she went out so I came here but she wasn't here either. I searched for a day, for a week, two weeks, a month, a year, two years yet she didn't come back. I knew from the very first day that she had been killed but I refused to accept it. Eventually, I met with our mutual friend and he told me of the fact that some bandits killed her but their identies were unknown since there was simply so many bandits in Rukongai. Who knows what they did to her before they killed her. From then on it all went downhill. I began to drink and slowly stopped doing my duties. My purpose had been lost after all. Everything was taken away from me. I had no reason to continue. I ran away to the World of the Living and hid there for a while but they eventually found me and beat the crap out of me before dragging me back to Seiretei. I was put on trial by the Central 46 and they put me in the Maggot's Nest for 2 years as a lesson. They put me in a cell because even though I broke quite a few rules I still wasn't a bad enough criminal to hang out with the real bad guys. After I was released they didn't put me back in my old Squad but began to shift me around. To make sure I would be fulfilling my duties and stuff. They kept changing it beacause they didn't want people to become close and take it easy on me. I didn't really want to become close with anyone anyway. After a long time though they stopped caring and I stayed in my last Squad for quite some time. One day I just applied to the Kido Corps. I thought that since they were secretive and stuff things would be different and they wouldn't care. It was the first thing that I wanted to do in a very long time and here we are. It's been 82 years since I came to Rukongai.' Having said all that he still hasn't answered Yoshirou's question. Who was she? 'Her name was Elena Ainsworth.' Who was she? Metabee grasped at his chest,'She was my everything.' Many emotions showed on Metabee's face as he told of his past. Happiness, sorrow, guilt, regret. That was his past. Though their may have been some parts that he skipped, it was because they were unrelated to the woman named Elena Ainsworth. He made a picture in his hand and handed it to Yoshirou. It was that of a 24 year old Metabee and Elena laughing together,'The original faded and was destroyed a long time ago but I didn't want to lose such a precious thing so I recreated it from memory and added it to my arsenal.' The Captain chuckled,'You should feel lucky. No one else knows this apart from me and you. Not even Sayuri. Those involved in the story are long gone.' That was his past. Now he wanted to talk about his future but he knew it was a lot to take in so he would give Yoshirou a moment and answer any more questions he had.
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    Rumors travel faster and that’s even more so with girls especially when smitten by a handsome guy. Even so the entire carriage laughed almost in unison at Yoshirou’s expense; who was the only one that was clueless. As he’s proving to Metabee he is knowledgeable about many things but when it comes to the subtle hits from women he fails and pretty miserably at that. Much to Yoshi’s surprise Meta declines his invitation causing him to furrow his brow before replying. “Well I don’t blame you they’re both beautiful after all,” he says sighing while he exited the lead wagon. Though shortly after Metabee follows suit. The first thing they would notice was that they were at a bend in the road. Both sides were lined with trees though they weren’t too dense and every now and then you might spot a small building or shack. The path curved to the right and the two people just so happened to be in the road where, they not only could block the flow of traffic, but also had a good line of sight in both directions. From the get go there were a few things amidst but Yoshirou’s good nature gave people the benefit of the doubt. --- “Cut it out, I don’t want to hurt you but I need this more than you kid,” says a man with a small stature. His clothes were pretty rough and covered in stains. The kid looked about preteen in age standing roughly four feet tall. His attire looked just as bad stating they were both had it rough. “Bull shit, I noticed it first. You let go,” replies the kid responding to the man’s demand and making one of his own. It was immediately obvious that his mouth was much older that the rest of him portrayed. “So what do you make of this?” asks Yoshirou as Meta exited the carriage. “Besides those two I don’t notice any others. It appears safe but it seems a little odd to me,” he said looking around then back at the Commander. For now those two seem preoccupied with each other and has failed to acknowledge their presence. So if Yoshi and Meta wanted answers they would have to interrupt there squabbling.
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    After Metabee answered his question, Yoshirou made a short comment that their love didn't need such traditions. The Captain nodded,'Yea, definitely. I'm not embarrased to take on her name or anything. I'm actually very proud to be able to do so. I'm in the records of Soul Society so I will be remembered either way but I just don't want her to be forgotten. Still, it would have been nice to hear that 'yes'. Being able to hear that magical 'yes' is one of the biggest moments of happiness for a man. You will come to know that some day.' After the second question, Yoshirou mentioned that he also had regrets and failures but the only thing they could do was try and improve. He wasn't wrong but it may never be enough. It was just the way the world was. No matter how hard one worked there was always something that would ruin all that effort in a matter of seconds. This would lead to disappointment and the cycle would start anew. This was one of the reasons he wanted to leave Soul Society and retire. That way he could live peacefully without having to worry if someone will die during a mission. He had experienced enough of death and pain for one lifetime. All he wanted now was to spend the rest of his time peacefully where he could have the same worries as normal humans. The Noble had no other comments on his third answer and accepted his favour of visiting Elena. Metabee smiled,'Thanks. I'll be coming on more of these trips so that I can visit her. I'll come to help too.' As he told him of his spiritual pressure it seemed that Yoshirou didn't know what to think but it was all hard to believe and he knew that. It was still true though. Once he was done it took his friend a while to think it over but in the end he accepted saying that if it does happen he will let him rest with Elena. Metabee smiled,'Thank you. I would like nothing more. But, like I said I'm not going to give in easily. I still want that house by the lake. Besides, I never listened to my Zanpakuto and I don't plan on it. That lizard gets on my nerves too much.' The Captain believed in stuff like destined meetings but when it came to individual destiny he only believed in it when it was beneficial and positive. That was because he knew that destiny could still be changed. Nothing was set in stone. He had overcome many bad situations and this would be one of them. As long as he still carried some hope within him he would not succumb to his darkness. There had to be ways to overcome it. For example if he was to lead a normal life he wouldn't have to use his spiritual pressure anymore. However, there were still things that he had to do. Metabee let out a sigh,'Well, lets go back shall we? I did everything that I needed to. For now I should be safe from lightning.' After saying so he turned to the grave and spoke,'You hear that? Don't try anything funny.' He then smiled,'I will be back.' As long as Yoshirou didn't protest they would start to get going.
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    Metabee then answered Yoshi’s first question blaming it on tradition and the fact that they didn’t get married. Ultimately though the name Metabee Ainsworth resonated with him well enough that he took it. “A love like yours out weighs tradition. Trust me no one would dare question the reason you took that name,” Yoshirou says shaking his right fist hinting that he would deal with any who did. Yoshi chuckled at himself realizing what he’s done. He lowers his fist and lets Meta answer his final two questions. Like with all lovers that lose their soul mate Metabee had a void that could never be filled. Even so it was for her sake that he regain the strength to carry on. Even in death she was still helping Meta continue forward, such was the power of their love and bond. There was still a felling of regret Meta felt being unable to protect those he sworn to. Yoshirou knew very well where he was coming from after losing so many close to him while not being around to defend them. Yoshi sighs deeply before responding, “I don’t have much room to talk as I too have failed miserably but I’ll tell you what helps me. I’ve sworn since then to give it my all and find a way to improve as often as I can. I saw that being the Noble that I was would only lead to stagnation or failure. So I changed and became the noble I am to day.” Meta confirmed Yoshirou’s theory that he became a Vizard after the Maggots Nest. Its not like going in there will turn you into one but it would surely bring out any darkness that’s already inside you. Finished with the answers Metabee smiles asking him to visit as Elena hate being alone. Placing his hand on Meta’s shoulder Yoshi gave the only answer that was acceptable. “Of course my friend it would be my privilege.” The Kido Commander then becomes usually serious as he speaks about the darkness contained inside of him. At first Yoshirou thought him to be joking but as he continued it was obvious it was the opposite. Metabee loved to tell jokes and play pranks but this was not that; nor would he do something like that here of all places. Yoshi had no choice but to believe every word he said no matter how difficult it was. By the time he was done explaining everything Yoshi’s mouth was left agape. It was obvious that Metabee was waiting on a promise but what was he suppose to do? Immediately reply that he would, giving it no thought without any care in the world. No it was something that had to processed and understood before he could come to a conclusion. He had no problem hunting down traitors within the clan and even kill or sentence them to death. But someone that was acting involuntary was a different story. There had to be another way. “I promise… I promise I will do everything to find away to save you if that time comes. But, but if there is no other way I will honor you with a proper death. I’ll even bring you here to rest beside Elena,” Yoshi says though they were not easy words to speak.
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    As Metabee was telling the story of his past, not once did he turn to face Yoshirou. Instead he would look at the scenery infront of him or he would occasionally glance at the grave as if to say,'Hey, remember this?' The reason he didn't face his friend was because he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back the tears if he did. He had to accept her death but even so he would never be able to let go of these emotions. If someone was to ask him what was the most important time of his life, Metabee would say the time he spent with Elena without a second of hesitation. She gave him a name. She made him who he is now. All that he has achieved now, he owed it all to her. Yet, that person was no longer able to stand beside him and celebrate those achievements with him. To this day that fact broke his heart. Any time he thought about her all these feelings surfaced. Once he finished the story for the first time he turned to face the Noble. He saw a tear run down his face,'Hey! Don't cry!' Tears also welled up in his eyes,'You're going to make... me cry too.' Metabee said as he turned away again and wiped his eyes. The Captain was a man that never cried, no matter how bad things got. The exception was this very thing. That's why he avoided thinking about it for long periods of time; because it would always end in tears. Metabee then showed a picture of him and Elena to Yoshirou and after he was done he looked at it himself. His index finger ran down her cheek. It was a warmth that he would never be able to feel again. The picture then dematerialised and his friend said that he was honoured to hear it,'I'm glad to be able to share it with you.' The Noble had more questions which he began to ask. The first one was why he didn't take up Ainsworth as his surname,'Well, usually the wife takes the surname of the husband not the other way around. Besides, we didn't get married. Though I'm sure if I got a chance to ask her she would say yes in a heartbeat....You know what...yea... let's go with that. Metabee Ainsworth.' Perhaps he should have done this 65 years ago but his mind was too broken to do so. Now he could proudly take on the name of Ainsworth. With their bond they didn't need something like a ceremony. He came to realise this now. They didn't need to prove their feelings to anyone else. They knew how deeply they cared for each other and they they would do anything to keep being together. Without a doubt Elena was the best wife he could ever ask for. Maybe someday if someone was to ask 'Who was Ainsworth?' people would laugh at them for not knowing. He didn't want her to be forgotten. Not even after he would be gone. The second question was how and what made him change. He actually had to think about this one. It wasn't easy to answer a question about change. Those around you would easily be able to perceive if something about you changed but you yourself often didn't think much about it. Metabee answered the question,'I didn't. A big chunk of me is still missing. It will never return. Though if you're asking me why I crack jokes like its nothing is because I have to. I had a lot of time to think in the Maggot's Nest. I knew Elena wouldn't want me to keep being depressed and stuff. I had to continue living for her sake. I had to enjoy new experiences like she would. I know that's how she wanted me to continue. It took me a very long time but... I came to appreciate the little things again. Nothing in particular made me change. I just didn't want her to look down on me and be sad. Her smile is the most precious to me after all. However, to this day I still feel regret. I promised to protect her yet I let her get killed. It's the same with Kido Corps. I'm not able to protect anyone. No matter how strong I get.' The third question was when he became a Vizard,'It was during my time at Maggot's Nest. I don't remember much from then to be honest... I think that I had the Hollow cells in me ever since I died but it wasn't enough to become a Vizard. My spiritual pressure is sensitive to negative emotions so back then it became particularly intense. That caused the Hollow cells to become active and multiply until my Inner Hollow was born. Though he didn't show any signs of existance until after I was released.' That was probably the end of questions so Metabee let out a sigh and made a slight smile,'Visit her once in a while, will you? I'm sure that would make her happy. She hated to be alone.' Since they were done talking about his past it was time to talk about his future. Metabee looked into Yoshirou's eyes. He knew what had to be done and he wouldn't cower away from it,'Listen, wielding darkness is no easy thing. My spiritual pressure has always been unstable though there are also times when it has been perfectly fine. The truth is that inside me, the source of my power, is actually the concentration of all negative emotions and all evil deeds and desires you can possibly think of. All evils of the world. The closer I become to my Zanpakuto the closer I become to 'that'. I don't blame him though. It's not his fault. He was actually kinda nice about it. When we first met he said something along the lines of,'The Lord of Darkness cannot be one that does not know suffering. Go, I give you your life but you must remember, your destiny is already decided. One day you will succumb to the darkness within you and destroy all that is precious to you. If you decide to give up before that day, say the word and I will hasten that destiny.'' On this hill of memories, infront of the grave of the one that was most precious to him, a promise between two men will be made. The Captain continued,'There will come a day when I will lose control of my spiritual pressure. When that day comes I will no longer be the person you know and there will be no going back. When that happens you must kill me so that no harm will come to anyone. Promise me. I don't want to become a person that Elena would hate. I don't know when that day will come. It can happen tomorrow or it might not happen for another 100 years. Maybe I will be able to retire and live the rest of my life peacefully. I don't know. For as long as I can I will hold it off. I still have to live more for her so I won't be giving in easily. In the event that it does happen, you know what to do.' Until the very end the woman named Elena Ainsworth would be everything that keeps him going. He had already died once and decided that he would give this life to her. Although he couldn't stop being himself, Metabee wanted to try to live the rest of his life like she would. Always cheerful and talkative. Always being so optimistic about everything. Always radiating with life and hope.
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    The journey to Seritei was not unlike that of a journey to Hecou Mundo, the only thing that seems to separate a Garaganta and a Senkimon, was the entrance. One was far more elegant, a sliding door. Where the other showed what it was, a dark entrance that lead somewhere dark and the inside felt no different. It was dark and lifeless. The only way he could tell he was still going in the right direction was that he had not turned and that there was a light waiting at the end of the tunnel. But what waited on the other side, Monk couldn’t be sure. For the second time in his life he’d put his hands in the life of a Shinigami. He trusted the first and would never trust again. The one he’d just killed was a mean to an end. ‘No’ Monk thought. ‘There was no trust, there never was, all of them where a means to an end. For survival’ and it had worked. Each time Monk had found what he could have called an ally. He didn’t join them. He used them until he had outgrown them. The Division; he outlasted them all, the last surviving member of something long forgotten and something he had forgotten himself. Then Vatto and the Espada. He had approached them. As an ally looking for an army. What he found was an Arrancar he could have called ally and the Espada shown to be cowards hiding in there fortress of night. Recently he had come across a arrancar he thought was an enemy. He thought the beast was a demon. But Monk may as well have been looking into a mirror. He was that mean, thirsting for blood and battle and vengeance against every Shinigami on this earth. He had found himself andnthe strength he had lost. And finally the march came to an end. He reached the light at the end of the tunnel and for a moment wasn’t sure if he had actually travelled to the Seritei or not. As he had come out in an area, somewhat dense with trees. Monk takes a moment to search his surrounding and spiritual pressure. After a moment he was sure this was part of Seritei. In his close vicinity he could sense dots of spiritual pressure. Only above what a human might posses. But further a field. Monk could sense spiritual pressure of the very race he wished to eradicate. But it was much further than he had anticipated. Was this a miss direction by the Shinigami or had she places him somewhere he would be safe in. But it didn’t matter. She was long dead and by now her blood would be feeding the grass. So Monk moved on. Whatever the small gathering of small spiritual pressure was it must be some sort of civilisation and it wasn’t long until he came upon a small rustic village. Log cabin, thatched roofs. As he entered more into the centre of the village. People where giving him some odd looks. Monk imagined it was thanks to his blood soaked robes. “Nice evening friend” a voice says behind him and a dozen men are stood there, one with a bat. Monk doesn’t answer. “I think you ought to move along” the man in the middle said. Who was bald, unlike his blonde and brown haired friends. “I have business with someone” Monk replies. “Not around here you don’t, we don’t like you Shinigami types” the bald man waves the bat around. “I’m no Shinigami” Monk says bluntly and decides to ignore the man. “Only a Shinigami carries a Zanpakuto”. Monk continues to ignore the man. Looking around for some clue as to which direction he should go. However while he was doing this. A pressure is applied to his back. “What the fu-“ one of the men had drew a knife and attempted to strike him. It didn’t even register as pain, but was punished for his actions with a hand ripping though his ribcage. “I’m no Shinigami. I’m much worse. Dogs of Shinigami” It turned out it was a nice afternoon. Crackling fire, burned the wood houses and thatched roofs. A warm, wet sensation ran along Monks feet and between his toes. A warm bed of bodies lay underneath Monk as he rested after a successful and refreshing slaughter. The town had been dyed the same colour as the grip of his Zanpakuto. This town was Monks small domain in the realm of Shinigami now. No life remained here except him. A demon. Waiting to be found. A single Shinigami his target then he would make the rest fall one after another.
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    Metabee began to answer his question though it wasn’t just a simple answer. Yoshirou figured as much as they had travel far just to get here, even taking the time to gather flowers along the way. To be able to tell so much about Meta’s pass she had to be someone special. Metabee started his answer with a question; a rhetorical one at that. He asked if Yoshi knew why he became a Shinigami and stated that it wasn’t to save the world but to protect a single person. Yoshirou thought that this was how it was suppose to be. Protecting the world is an impossible task alone no matter who you are, and to state otherwise proved your foolishness, or how amateurish you really were. But to strive for a smaller more realistic goal, something that’s not so far fetch that can provide motivation was key. For the time being for Yoshirou it was his clan. The whole world could suffer and go to Hell but as long as he protected the Kyoraku Clan Yoshi would feel that he was able to accomplish something and would have a reason to push forward despite all the chaos around him. However, he was beginning, more and more, to feel the need and the desire to extend those feelings to all of Seireitei, hence his probable return to the Gotei 13. Metabee continued, showing a roller coaster of emotions as he did. The highs, the lows, the happy and sad, were all coming at him at once. To speak about one as meaning full as Elena, who he had been through so much with, such a thing was inevitable. He told of how he got his name and the meaning behind it though it was one he hated at first. Now he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world; well perhaps there is one thing but it was an impossibility... As Metabee further delved into his past you could easily see the blossoming of love and the important of Ms. Ainsworth. It was a bittersweet romance, the details were a mystery, but Yoshirou knew how it ended. Being a supportive friend Yoshi continues to listen. As Meta’s story began to conclude it took a horrible turn for the worse. Though the first half of the story was perhaps the best time in his life one could argue that the latter half was far worse, eclipsing it. That what makes recovery so difficult and even those that due are never truly the same. Even still Meta managed to end on a happy, lovey dovey note stating that Elena Ainsworth was his everything. Yoshirou did a great job holding back the waterworks but with that last bit a single tear manages to escape. The way he said it was so sad yet sweet it would break any man. The Kido Commander then showed him a picture of them as a young couple; man they were beautiful even if they were from the Rukongai. He finishes up stating that he’s the only one to every hear that story and should consider himself lucky. Yoshirou’s not sure whether he’s lucky or not to have heard such a tragic story, but he was extremely grateful that Metabee chose him to tell it to. It was proof of their growing friendship, bond and how much he trusted him. “Metabee, I’m honored that you would share such a story with me,” Yoshi says genuinely meaning it. It was fully understandable why he hadn’t spoken about it, such stories were never easy to tell. Neither could he blame him for running away to the World of the Living; as he too ran off there only to return to a demolished clan. It was then that it hit him Meta’s full name, Metabee Ainsworth Kyoraku. No it was rude and tacky to try and pitch the Kyoraku name at him. But Ainsworth would be a great name to fill in the blank. “Why don’t you go by Metabee Ainsworth? Or is it to painful?” he asks pausing so Meta could answer before asking another. “How did you change or what made you change?” This he asked wondering what stopped/stops him from relapsing. It would also take a lot for someone to become Kido Commander under those circumstances. He would then finish up with one more question, "Was if before or after the Maggots Nest that you became a Vizard?" It was out of curiosity and would help him better put together how Metabee's past played out.
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    As Kenlaw left Metabee commented that his bed might have been a better option today. “Awe don’t be like that. I think it worked out perfectly. This being your first time I wanted it to be more of a demonstration that actually putting you to work,” says Yoshirou. He saw the unexpected increase as a bonus. Looking around it was obvious that without it they would have to work a lot harder and still end up short on materials, which that latter part was the problem. Fortunately, someone had enough foresight to prevent a shortage and ensuing catastrophes from happening. While deciding what to do next Metabee unexpectedly stated he had somewhere he would actually like to go. He didn’t mention where but he did invite Yoshi if he wanted to tag along; even going as far to state that part of his curiosity would be quelled. “Of course I will come along,” Kyoraku states. Immediately after informing Kenlaw they head out. As they walked through the slums nothing really changed. It was certainly a rough and unsightly place but Yoshirou hadn’t been to very many of the bad districts, so he was unsure where this place ranked if compared to others. He was just glad that after getting here they haven't seen to much crime. Perhaps those punks they dealt with earlier were all the troublemakers of this area; there were a large number of them. If that was the case then it would be another unexpected but welcomed bonus. Metabee then interrupts Yoshi’s, casual, train of though mention that yet again they had a ways to travel. They both agree though that just being the two of them it wouldn’t take tremendously long to get there or back. “I understand,” he says as they continued to make there way, somewhere... After a short while they enter a small forest with various foliage and wild flowers growing. The golden glow of the sun did well highlighting the natural beauty making this place very tranquil with a touch of majestic. The beauty of the clan’s gardens couldn’t compare to what Mother Nature does so effortlessly. Yoshirou notices Metabee is no longer walking in a straight path but instead going from random, flower-to-flower, picking them up. Most of their current journey has been made in silence. Yoshi could tell the atmosphere was different from before. Noticing Meta currently wanted silence he didn’t question him about his sudden actions. Not wanting to be empty-handed Yoshirou grabbed a single orange wild flower while Metabee tied up his bouquet. As they exited the woods Yoshirou notice a small hill up ahead. Perhaps it was their destination but he was simply following a friend who needed him there though he most likely wouldn’t admit it. Getting closer Yoshirou came to the conclusion that this was certainly where they were going. In the distance the shape of a gravestone takes form of someone probably close to Metabee. Now the flowers make sense and he was glad he decide to grab one. After setting his flowers down and wiping the gravestone its owner’s name was clearly visible, Elena Ainsworth. Metabee then stood up giving Yoshirou a chance to place his flower as well as view the name. She was undoubtedly a love one of Metabee but who, he did not know. If he had to guess it was a lover… no his significant other, but the only way to know for sure was to ask. “So is this what you meant by my curiosity being satisfied? Because if so I only have more questions now, not less,” he thinks to himself. Instead of bombarding Meta with questions Yoshirou narrows it down to one for now and probably the most important. “Elena Ainsworth, who was she?” he says turning from the grave to his friend.
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    Yoshirou fell for his joke but it also put a smile on his face. He must have been happy that Metabee would keep being his Adviser and that he managed to cheer him up a bit. They started heading back to the centre of the district since it was time for the handing out to begin. As they were walking, the Noble stated that he indeed was very happy to hear the news and the Captain chuckled,'Just don't regret it.' That philosphy wasn't always there. There was a time when Metabee had completely given up on everything and it took him a very long time but he finally found something he wanted to do and decided to follow it. As they were heading back they were far from being alone. Many of the citizens were heading in the same direction as them. He could proudly say that it was a big success but the rest would be left up to them. How they used their resources and how they would develop the district was solely up to them. They could keep heading down for destruction just as they currently are now or they could have improvement. Salvation would be an inappropriate word to use in these circumstances but surely their standard of living would improve. Yoshirou provided them with the means but the result was up to them to decide. The Noble then commented that he was unsure about his feelings when he saw these people walking towards the supply point,'Both. Do both.' While their fate was unpreventable and he was right to feel sad for them, he should also feel happy that he is able to help them. The sincerest gratitude would be given by those who have nothing after all. By the time they arrived at the centre the handing out had already began. There was a huge turnout but everything was organised an under control. The population of a Rukongai district could easily rival that of a few Gotei Squads so it was no easy task,'They must have been really busy while we were gone.' Kenlaw quickly approached them with a lot of enthusiasm. Metabee smiled since it was good to see them so happy to help,'You guys are no slack offs either,' he said as he patted him on the shoulder. He could see happiness in those that walked away with bags. For once in their lives they had something to look forward to. They finally had a slither of hope that things can get better. Yoshirou asked about the carriages and Kenlaw said they were close by, along with the rest of the staff that had come with them. However, when the Noble asked about their duties they were told that there was nothing for them to do. The Captain was a bit surprised by that but Kenlaw was already gone before they could protest,'We came all this way and we don't even get to help. Such a shame. Maybe I should have stayed in bed.' He said so with a sigh though he didn't really mean the last part. Since they had nothing to do it would be a waste to just stand around here for the whole day,'Well, no matter. There is somewhere that I must go to while we are in Rukongai. You are welcome to come along with me if you so wish. If you have stuff to do then that is also fine. If you do choose to come along then...well, perhaps some of your curiosity will be satiated.' Metabee went to inform Kenlaw that he will be gone for a while and he left with or without company. He walked through the streets of Rukongai in silence heading for the exit. He looked around a bit as he walked,'We were fortunate enough to not have to live in the worst districts. It wasn't sunshine and rainbows but at the very least it wasn't this bad.' If Yoshirou was with him and wanted to talk then he would but on his own he didn't have anything to talk about. The Captain would inform the Noble,'It's quite a ways from here but it wouldn't take us long to run back.' With their speed they would be able to come back in half the time in case of an emergency. Since they were in the last districts it didn't take them long to leave it. They entered an open field with a few trees here and there and a small forest some distance away but that was not their destination. The sun was high up in the clear blue sky and since there was little cover the grass was a bit burnt but it gave off a beautiful golden glow. How many times had they come here? Pretty much almost everyday until he entered the academy. Whenever they felt like it or had free time they would come here. Away from all the people, all the depression, all the hostility. This was their place of respite. Metabee no longer walked straight but from the occasional flower to flower. Since this was just a simple grassy field there weren't many flowers growing here but he took what he could find. It took him a while but soon enough he had enough to make a bouquet. It looked atrocious with the arrangement of flowers of different kinds and sizes but it was genuine and that's all that he wanted. He made a string and tied them all together before continuing onwards. Their destination was a small hill up ahead. That was the specific place that they always hanged out. When they reached the top of the hill, there was no person waiting for them but instead they were greeted by a single gravestone. It was all covered in dust and spiderwebs so for the moment it was unreadable. A gentle breeze went by and the golden grass rustled. Only if there were animals here then the gravestone would be overlooking a perfect scenery. Metabee set down the flowers to the side for one moment and squatted to clean the gravestone with his hands. It quickly became readable and said 'Elena Ainsworth'. The date of birth was missing but the date of death was that of 65 years ago. With the gravestone clean the Captain rubbed the top of it with his hand as if he was patting someone's head and a soft smile appeared on his face,'See, I didn't forget. Please don't hit me with lightning.' He put the flowers in their rightful place and stood up. It had been a long time since someone visited this place. Out of all the possible visitors it was very possible that he was the only one remaining.
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    Yoshirou listens to Metabee’s response. Although he knew Metabee was from the Rukongai he didn’t know the full story and refused to pry any further. He had officially offered to be a listening ear so if Meta chose not to speak any further about it, then it was because he wasn’t ready yet. While its not good to let things fester it’s just as bad to ‘stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.’ The Kido Commander then confirmed that he would remain as Yoshirou’s advisor. Most likely feeling that things are getting a little too heavy Meta then lightens the mood with a joke. It was something that you could always count on him for. Whether sad, angry or perhaps just a little to serious you could count on him to but a smile on you face. At first it took Yoshirou by surprise but he instantly fell for it even emulating it more and more. As they were making their way back to the caravan Yoshi expresses his gratitude. “I’m delighted that you’ve come to that decision. Like I’ve said your philosophy has gotten you all they way to Kido Commander. Not only that from what I know and seen of you, you have good morals and values. To have someone with your experience, knowledge and to top it off is a good well rounded person, well that’s my win,” he says smiling. They walked and talked some more which appeared to becoming a routine of theirs. Conversing and spending time with each other was the best way to get to know someone so it wasn’t strange... yet. They were passed by many people going in the same direction; folks of all sorts of colors, height and ages. But they all shared the same harsh reality. Not a single one among them was both well feed and without injury nor were their clothes in the best of shape. Some were even missing a limb or two yet they still came out to see what all the talk was all about. Yoshi turns to Meta with mixed feelings. “When I see them I’m not sure if I should be sad at the condition there in or happy that they are interested in the ‘Hand Up’ bags and knowing they could be put to good use.” It was just unfortunate that such conditions existed even in the afterlife. It was obvious by the crowd of people that they had finally returned. No to say crowd would be an insult to Kenlaw’s hard work at planning and logistics. Dividing the covered wagons into pairs they create four lines for people to get in; two wagons on each side roughly ten yards from each other. The lines went from the center of the two wagons and then arched towards them. This allowed the people to come into the middle, branch off to their lines, and exit out of the town’s center. Setting up this way created a nice and steady flow that got them in and out quickly with out creating any clusters of slow points. Looking at this well oil machine proved why Kenlaw was in charge of this type of program. They even stamped peoples hand to help minimize the sneaky dishonest ones from getting in a different line. Seeing Lord Yoshirou and Lord Metabee return Kenlaw approaches them. “You two did a heck of job spreading the word. The turn out is fantastic,” he states looking around at the controlled madness and with excitement in his voice. “There was a small issue when we first open the lines but that’s be resolved now.” “Once again you’ve done an outstanding job. You really have been a great addition to the team,” responds Yoshirou. Kenlaw bows at Yoshi’s kind words. “Thanks, as always you are very kind.” “No need you deserve it. So where are the carriages?” Yoshi asks not seeing them. Pointing Kenlaw answers, “There a little ways in that direction. There is another clearing between the buildings over there though is smaller. The chefs and there crews are with them too. They should be done in about thirty to forty minutes I would imagine. At least I hope so because that’s what we’ve been telling the folks as they come threw the lines.” “Well I am sure they will not disappoint. So what would you have us do?” asks Yoshi. “Oh no! You two have done your part. In the mean time this is my show. With all the extra volunteers things are going better than expected so there is not much for you two to do. Well I’ve got to get back to it before things fall off track.” Kenlaw bows shallowly and takes his leave.
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    Metabee was trying to give Yoshirou some good advice but it seemed he turned it into a joke. The Captain frowned,'You're paying.' Obviously, this event would not happen but since he was joking he thought he would return it. When they arrived it was time to inform everyone but he would let the Noble handle that for now who said to observe for the future,'Yea. Next time. When I'm in a better mood,' he said so with a slight grin. At first he honestly didn't mind tagging along to help but with how the events occurred he was starting to think it was a bad idea. If it was going to turn out like this then maybe it would be better for him to stay at the mansion and help out the maids. Yoshirou then began his speech but then realised it would be better for him to have the higher ground while Metabee stayed on the ground with hands in his pockets. He wasn't very enthusiastic but he atleast tried to look the part. He wanted this to go well. These districts would finally be getting some help and it wasn't a one time event either. The Noble continued by introducing them and the Captain bowed when his name was mentioned before returning to his previous stance. The speech went on saying that they have brought aid to anyone who needs it in order to put an end to a survival of the fittest world,'That's not something that will happen. Don't go saying stuff like that, moron. If you make a promise to them they will expect you to fulfil it and even more. If only there would be more people like you then everything would be so much better.' Yoshirou then presented the way which they would help the district which was the supply bags and the items within them. Metabee hasn't actually looked into the contents of the bags and only heard some of the items but he was once again impressed by the things that were taken out of the bag. It was definitely the right way to approach it. If you only gave these people food they would immediately eat it and nothing would remain. However, by teaching them how to make their own would help them in the long term. It was a really sustainable approach. The Noble said that they will start handing them out in 40 minutes and that the receiver has to bring someone to get one but that was not true. The crowd then dispersed to probably bring someone. Even though they would start handing out later their work began now so they had no more time to rest. Yoshirou came down from the wagon and said that's it for the speech and he nodded,'Doesn't seem to bad.' However, not everyone could fit in this pathway so they would have to go out and inform more people. They split up to cover more ground and Metabee approached various people,'We brought supply bags. Please come get yours at the centre of the district in 40 minutes. It will really help you.' He quickly lost count of how many times he said that line. It wasn't just people that were out but he also went to some 'homes' to spread the news. Even some children who looked like they were 10 approached him,'Mister, can I get a bag too? My mum is old and can't move much so she won't be able to come.' Metabee nodded,'Definitely. As long as we have enough everyone will receive one. Just make sure to be there first, okay?' They nodded happily and went back to their homes to probably relay the news given to them. Eventually, the Noble approached him to talk. He noticed that Meta wasn't acting like his usual self recently and felt like there was a problem but told him to keep his head up high and believed that he would overcome this problem,'It's a personal issue. One that I can't let go of. There is no solution either. I've lived here, remember? It's brought back some memories on a subject that I try to not think about.' The Noble's words were similar to his Zanpakuto's. They were both right though. He wouldn't let this get to him. Even though it still angered him a bit, it was something he had come to terms with a very long time ago. He had to in order to reach this place. The Captain let out a sigh,'You really are troublesome. Fine, I'll keep being your Adviser. No matter how biased my advice is.' Metabee then looked down and made a grimace,'I think you stepped in something...' There was nothing there though and his shoe was probably clean but he would use this distraction to speak,'Thanks.' The Noble then suggested that they head back to which he nodded,'Yea, lets go. Not much time left.'
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    Metabee gave his advise to Yoshirou though there was a hint of doubt in his tone as he’s slightly bias on the matter. Yoshirou could tell he was struggling with something deeper. Perhaps its connected to the fact he stated he would kill that guy if they every met again. Or it could be something entirely different. Yoshi wasn’t sure but knew now was not the time for such a chat with the others around. Instead he simply replied to his comment with a soft whisper. “Well then, red light district here we come!” he says snickering. With everything done they set off again and Yoshirou takes this opportunity to open up to the others though his focus was on Metabee. The Advisors words stuck home with him. “Don’t let it bother you. You’ve made a mistake but for the Right reason.” He focused on those last words more than any. “Mistakes made for the right reasons…” It was a viewpoint he never took before but he could easily understand the logic behind it. With such a serious chat they lost track of time and before they knew it they arrived and were unpacking. They had managed to arrive with the cargo intact and all the supplies accounted for despite attempts otherwise. Unlike any of the previous trips this one meet with unexpected resistance along the way. It turned out for the best that Yoshirou and Metabee came as things could have unfolded differently. He had no doubt that the others could have defended against the bandits without them but there would have certainly been more injuries; some of which might have forced some of them to turn back. So considering those facts overall things were progress in an acceptable fashion. Yoshirou excitedly explains their jobs but Metabee corrected him. Smiling Yoshi responds, “Haha, ok that’s fair it is your first time after all. I’ll do the work you just tag along and observe. Perhaps this whole event might be something you see yourself doing some day.” He was teasing but at the same time trying to subtly being persuasive. Persuading some one to do good deeds isn’t wrong… or is it??? With everyone else working hard at their task it was time for them two to start as well. Yoshirou seized the opportunity to make use of all the prying eyes. “Good people,” Yoshirou shouts. With a total of ten wagons to say things were crowded would be an understatement. Realizing he needed a better vantage point Yoshi gracefully hops up on the nearest wagon. “Good people. I know you're all wondering what’s going on and are on edge and rightfully so. A scene like this I can understand can be overwhelming but do not be alarmed or afraid.” He spoke in a comforting tone hoping to put the crowd and wary citizens at ease. “My name is Yoshirou Kyoraku from the Kyoraku Clan and this here is my trusted Advisor and dear friend, Kido Commander Metabee.” He gestures to himself and then to Meta. Doing so informed them of who they were as well as announce they were not to be overlooked. By those that they came to help or those that might mean them harm. Continuing on in his charismatic way Yoshi further explains. “We mean you no harm. In fact we bring aid to those that need it most, some of which might think were forgotten and abandoned. I can assure you that might have been the case at one time but it is something I look forward to changing. No longer will the strong survive while the weak are casted aside. We’d be no different than those we’ve sworn to purify.” Pausing a moment Yoshirou turns facing the other side of the crowd. “Please, with a little bit of trust I ask you take a leap of faith and accept our help and what we have to offer.” Right on queue Stuart tosses him one of the sample bags. “These are supply bags that should not be seen as a hand out but a hand up." He opens the bag and reaches in pulling out various things. “There are small, simple tools that will help with tending to the various seeds provided, minor first aid kits, a small food ration and even various books that teach how to tend to different things and advice on better living with what’s around you.” The crowd was in disbelieve which was quite understandable. In these parts no one ever gave anything away for free. One way or another there were always strings attached. The ones there shouted an assortment of questions all of which Yoshirou politely answered putting some of their concerns at ease. Overall the crowd determined he wasn’t lying. To impersonate one of the Great Noble House or Kido Corps. was suicidal. They would certainly send a member of the Gotei after such an individual perhaps even the famous assassins of Squad 2. So much attention was highly unwanted and would severely complicate one’s life. Even though they knew he wasn’t lying didn’t mean they could trust him. However, if he was offering something they could use they would play along for now, but how it went from there was still undecided. This was the consensus of the majority those that hear Yoshirou’s speech. Noticing he’s got the general idea across, Yoshi begins to warp it up. Anymore would be over kill and people might even leave from boredom. “We have well over a thousand bags to give away today. It will take roughly forty minutes or so to set up so please come back then. However, we will only give you a bag if you bring some one with you, preferable not family but its acceptable, so take this time and pass along this information,” he announces though this part was a lie. As long as they had the supplies they wouldn’t turn a soul down whether they were alone or not. No this innocent lie was to spread the word quicker hopefully creating a bigger turnout. “I will say one last thing. The decision is yours on how you will react. As I see it you have two real options. You can be left behind by progress and let the other districts and villages seize this same opportunity. Or, you can either pave the way, and be the leading example for others who have similar conditions. The ultimate choice depends on you.” Yoshirou hoped down and the crowd began to disperse. With any luck they weren’t leaving for good, instead leaving to tell others and happily return. “See, not much to it Metabee. All in all that’s it. Actually it gets easier from here. Most of them will inform others for us so our explanation will be much shorter while walking around,” he states as they begin traveling around the district. Of course they wouldn’t go to far and stick close to this area. He gave Metabee time to respond to everything but with being away from the others Yoshi wanted to take this time to speak with Metabee. “Meta I can tell something has been bothering you. I could tell when I spoke about how I felt and I could tell when we encounter the first two uh… assailants as well as a few times before. We all suffer and while I don’t know everything I know that you’ve suffered through a lot. That is part of the reason that I wanted you as an Advisor. Someone that has been through so many struggles; yet still somehow managed to become, not only a powerful Shinigami, but also the Kido Commander. Your advice and opinions are important to me no matter how bias they are. So don’t doubt yourself. Something else I want to share with you I actually heard from a human. Every man’s burdens the heaviest. It simply means we all think our issues are the worst but don’t fret, we all have our problems. So as much as I count on you please count on me. Not just financially or in terms of status but as a friend even if you only need someone to listen.” Yoshirou wasn’t able to speak those words all in one go but managed to get them out there in-between explanations. They bumped into many people along the way that Yoshi informed on what was happening in the districts center. Thankfully most of them had already heard the news though at first they thought it too good to be true. This meant that at least some of the other residents were spreading the news. By this time they had traveled a good distance away from their starting point. “How about we start heading back? I think we did all we could do walking around out here.”
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    Yoshirou seemed to reflect on the words he spoke to him and acknowledged them. Metabee let out a sigh,'Well I'm not sure if naive is the right word. Wanting to solve things peacefully is not a wrong thing but you need to know when to stand up for yourself and fight. To be honest, I'm a bit biased on the topic so maybe I'm not the right person to tell you this. Just do what you feel is right and I will follow.' After moving the trees they were all ready to go and the journey continued. However, they wouldn't be able to enjoy themselves much since the topic presented by the Noble was quite deep. He felt quite guilty about what he had done and showed it clearly. Everyone had darkness in their hearts. Metabee knew that all too well and how was you succumbed to it was only a question of time and the person's will. However, those who still felt guilt and regret were still on the right path. Therefore, there was no cause for concern just yet. Yoshirou tried to say that this was another side to him that he didn't show often but the Captain already knew that. He knew the Noble would do anything for his Clan. No matter the price. If it meant the safety of the Clan he would do it without hesitation. He knew how deep his devotion ran. If they were talking about sides that they don't show much then it was Yoshirou who knew nothing. In fact, no one knew about it. Metabee looked to the window to see a shapes that began to resemble buildings. His face showed a hint of sadness on it,'Rukongai...Ah, it's been a really long time I should go clean the place up or she'll be angry at me.' He then looked to Yoshirou,'Maybe if I entrust this to you then everything will be fine. If anyone will be able to do it then it's you. I'm sorry for the burden you will have to carry.' If the Noble was telling him everything then it was right that he did so too. The Noble asked him if he still wanted to serve him knowing what kind of person he was but he let out a sigh,'Don't let it get to you. I got provoked too. I'm sure no one here holds it against you. You've made a mistake, yes, but it was for the right reason.' Yoshirou then announced that he was planning on becoming Captain Commander which stunned him and everyone else in the wagon. He really didn't know what to say. It was the first time he heard it though his comment made him worry a bit,'From pacifist to dictator. Fun. Why can I never get peace!' However, he was sure that he would do the right thing but he would also need someone to make sure he doesn't get swayed by emotions. Yoshirou said that considering the current state of the Gotei such a title would be easily given to him. It was true but he also had the strength to back it up so he saw no reason why not. The Noble decided that the topic would be best left for later and returned to Meta's status of Adviser. He nodded his head though it was not he who would need to think about the decision. The Captain had no issue with carrying on being the Adviser. It was his second day after all. The question was if Yoshirou would still want him after knowing his circumstances. The Noble also brought it to attention that they've arrived at their destionation. Well, almost. Stuart confirmed the fact. The day was still young and they had a lot of work early for them. Metabee took off his coat and his vest before untucking his shirt. He then rolled up the sleeves to his elbows and undid two buttons which revealed the base of his neck and a bit of his chest. The women eyed him quite a bit as he was doing so. Surely they wouldn't mind even if he lost his shirt. The Captain stared back at them and they turned away with a blush. Since they were here to help he couldn't go out there in such good looking clothes so this was his method of adjusting. By the time he was done the wagon came to a stop which meant they were officially there. Everyone began to exit the wagon into the centre of Rukongai but they didn't get the supplies out yet. This was because first Yoshirou wanted to announce why they came here. It was logical since everyone was staring at them like they were some sort of aliens,'Correction: you have the fun job of informing everyone of what the heck is going on.' The Noble looked forward to being able to help everybody here. Those who were looking at them were innocents. Metabee had no problems with helping them. It was why he came here after all. The ones who he had a problem with were surely lurking in the shadows also watching closely.
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    Yoshirou briefly reflected on Metabee’s words. It’s true not all fights can be avoided, but for some reason or another, Yoshi has gone out of his way to avoid confrontation; ever since the destruction of his clan. Whether it was subconscious or not he was unaware but perhaps it was part of the reason he snapped. Unable contain it any longer, the triggering being the bandit leader mention what he planned to do to the women. “I agree but there is a time and a place. This was supposed to be nothing more than a peaceful excursion bringing much needed aid. But I see now that I have been naive,” the Noble willing admits. Just then Kenlaw informs them that the checks went smoothly and they were ready to go at any moment. It was then that Metabee pointed out one last thing that needed to be done. With Meta moving one Yoshi joins in and easily moves the other one off in to the brush. With that there was now nothing preventing them from leaving so they quickly set off. Once again on the road Yoshirou speaks on what has been on his mind since talking with Meta earlier. “I’m sure you all noticed the state in which the bandit leader was in. He repeatedly voiced threats to us until I let it get the better of me.” There was no need to state the specifics of his injuries, as they all knew at this point the extent of them. “Had it been another time and a different setting I can assure you things would have ended up completely different. I have a very low tolerance for those that hurt others but that’s amplified when it comes to the clan,” he says pausing for a moment and looked at Meta. “What I’m trying to say is that I’m not the guy you’ve know lately. Well that’s only one half of the coin.” He sighs heavily and continues. “I have no qualms with striking down any and all that would threaten us and by any means necessary. It’s unfortunate but sometimes you have to meet violence with violence. If you change your mind about being my Advisor, knowing how I truly feel I would not hold it against you in anyway. But if you stay you will have your work cut out for you. Furthermore, I plan on becoming the Captain Commander and I will need you even more then than ever. Unlike Emmell, I have no problems killing those that declare us as their enemies or serving proper justice to criminals,” Yoshirou announces public for the first time. The atmosphere changed to that of surprise and admiration as the majority of them had no idea. “Really Lord Kyoraku that’s amazing!” says Marie. “Its really not that spectacular. It would simply be a title given to me by default if I were to rejoin the Gotei thirteen. Most of the current Captains are either retired or on extended leave of absent. And the others have simply died and have never been replaced,” Yoshirou says stating the sad truth. Even if he wasn't the Head Captain he would still be in control of the Gotei as no one else was there to do so except Metabee and he was the Kido Commander. “But that’s something for later so there is no need to talk about it right now. Metabee do not feel rushed to give me an answer. Think about it and make sure that it is the right direction for your future to head in. Besides we’ve arrived, ” he says noticing a few buildings take shape out the window. Just as Yoshirou was mentioning it Stuart chimed in. “We are here. I assume we head for the town’s center as usual?” he says asking Yoshirou. They were going slow enough that they could hear each other through the window. “That’ll be fine,” Yoshi confirms. As they entered the village all eyes were glued upon them. Its not often you see a large convoy this far out and for most of them it would be there first time. Their curiosity was justified and understandable. Some are even fearful that they are a new gang here only to terrorize them or maybe the Gotei has come to subjugate and further oppress their lives. Some lived so miserably that slavery would be a serious improvement and they would gladly welcome the right master. Honestly it was quite sad by any standard. After roughly a minute they reached what could be consider the villages center. There were no shops or stalls nor customers bustling about. In there place were only shacks and huts, the only difference being how many patch jobs you could spot on them. Here everything was done the old fashion way of bartering; everything from food and light carpentry to clothes or labor. Neither money nor wealth meant anything here for those that had it are either long gone or were wise enough to stay clear of here. There were eight covered wagons and two carriages in total so it was difficult but they managed to all fit; albeit they were slightly scattered about. Everyone began to exit including Kenlaw who was in charge of setup so it was left to him to figure out that difficult task. After exiting the carriage Yoshirou informs Metabee of their job. “We have the fun job of informing everyone of what the heck is going on,” he says with a heap of sarcasm. “The village head, elders, villagers, kids… pretty much any one we see. Be warned though we can receive a rough welcome at first but they always warm up to us... sooner or later.” Yoshi smiles, he knew they could get it done. They had more supplies and manpower than expected so with any luck nothing else would go awry.
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    After a moment of healing his allies,Yoshirou approached them asking if they were fine. He didn't pay him much attention during the fight so he looked at the fate of the bandit leader. His jaw was in pretty bad shape but apart from that there seemed to be no other injuries. Metabee didn't expect Yoshirou to go this far since he was the one that said to hold back but he didn't feel sorry of them at all. Had Yoshirou not been here they wouldn't have escaped with their lives so they still got off pretty easily. The Noble told them that they have almost reached their destination which was good and he could still use a bit of a break by enjoying the weather to recover his mood. The others joined in to help and soon they began checking everything up to make sure nothing was taken. Two healers went up to the bandit leader to treat him probably to make him pay for all this but Metabee knew that wouldn't be easy. There were no law in Rukongai like in the Seiretei so there was no governing body. This is also one of the reason why all of this was allowed. Yoshirou then said that he hoped that this fight could be avoided but the Captain shook his head,'Not all fight can be avoided. Always being a pacifist isn't good either.' The deeperthey would go into Rukongai the less people will listen to reason. He had to remember that. Kenlaw then came over asking if everyone was ready and same for Yoshirou but he shook his head,'A minute.' They couldn't go over the trees after all sohe walked towards them while stepping on a few bandits on the way. He lifted one tree and put it to the side where it wouldn't block anyones path. If someone else helped with the other tree then he would leave it to them, otherwise he would also move it by himself,'Now we can go. The road's clear. Nothing is stopping us.' He said so before heading back into the wagon.
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    The leader gave the order, insulting and disrespecting Yoshirou while doing so. The man wrecked of arrogance and incompetency as he fails to notice the difference in strength each side posses as he further continues his banter. “You merchants are all the same. Thinking you can wheel and deal and weasel yourself out of any situation. All I fucking wanted was the supplies,” he said loosing his cool. “Now you’ve done cause us more work. Its gonna be hard to dispose of all the bodies let alone cover up all the blood left behind. Its gonna take up the rest of my guys’ afternoon. For that I’m gonna take my time skinin those lips of yours and I bet someone like you has some exceptional beauties with him. We will be sure to take out time letting them satisfy…” Before the bandit leader could finish he was shockingly interrupted; his mouth felt as if in had been caught in a bear trap meant for dinosaurs causing his eyes to instantly water. "Shut up!" Faster than he could blink or even finish his last syllable Yoshirou was beside him as if it had always been so. His right hand was latched so tight not even the criminal’s moans of pain could be heard but instead they could only echo throughout his skull. “Perhaps your blood needs to be spilt,” Yoshirou whispers into the bandit’s ear, in a tone far from what it was moments ago. Simultaneously increasing the pressure of his vice like grip causing his jaw to shatter. The man’s screams could now be heard though they were diluted by the ongoing battle. Yoshirou paid his screams no mind, as he was still furious for so casually threatening his comrades. “Shut up and look around you.” Even out numbered everything was going in their favor. Meta was making quick work of multiple enemies at a time while the others banded together to take on groups. “Your failure to recognized the overwhelming difference in our strength will cost you dearly. I wanted to bring noting more than tidings of great joy and you had to play Grinch. You were foolish to think mere merchants would come here. Pfft, who am I kidding your just a rapist, robbing scum” Yoshirou looks at the man’s face for the first time since grapping it. He was unaware of the extent of damage he had done, now seeing the full extent of his face. The bandit’s face was drenched not only with sweat, tears and blood but also fear and regret realizing the entirety of his mistake though far to late. Surprised by the injuries Yoshi releases him allowing him to collapse to the ground, passed out from the pain and over exertion. Although the damage was unintentional no one would feel sorry for him, thinking he deserved far worse. Yoshirou looks around and like his the other fights were finished; the would be ambush was over. Leaving the bandit leader Yoshi walks over to check on the others. “Everyone all right?” he asks noticing Metabee healing some of them. Immediately they state its only scratches and bruises. With his worry aside Yoshirou speaks on how to proceed. “Ok we will rest for a second and perform a quick check of the convoy and the other travelers. Our destination is only just ahead. We will not let this incident deter us, and continue as soon as possible. We will accomplish this task that we have set out to do,” he says giving a minor pep talk. He did not want their spirits to be broken causing them to regret volunteering. While Metabee continues to heal the light wounds some have accrued those that are not injured begin checking on the others status as well as the cargo. Mean while Yoshirou had the other two healers that were in one of the rear wagons tend to the bandit leader. As the leader of the bandits Yoshi wanted to turn him in for his crimes. If he was lucky there might even be a bounty, which he would in turn donate back to this district through further reform work. He also hoped that with out their leader perhaps the rest of the gang would disperse. Once the light injuries were healed and the preparations almost complete Yoshirou approached Meta. “I had hoped we could avoid fighting but at least we are safe and do one died. Considering, I think it went the best it could have,” he says hoping that Metabee didn’t see the excessive force he accidentally used. He of all people knows better than to slip with a position of power. “Everything’s ready when you are,” says Kenlaw looking at both Meta and Yoshi. “Ok, well shall we?” Yoshi responds asking the Commander as he figures they can discuss what just went down while they traveled.
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    While they were still in the wagon, Yoshirou answered his question saying that he didn't want a body count to which he nodded. He looked at the ladies faces which seemed a bit nervous,'Don't worry it will be over in an instant,' he said so to try to cheer them up. They nodded and the three men left the wagon. Alonzo and Stuart stayed by the wagon while the three of them were a bit in front. The bandit once again called them merchants and this time mentioned a name. Rufus was a name you would give to a rat or something which he found fitting because to him whichever of the two it was they were vermin to him. Yoshirou spoke to the bandit in an attempt to negotiate but that effort was futile. The group of thirty men laughed at them and talk down on the Noble. Just a few moments later the bandit ordered them to be killed and women to be taken. It was thirty versus five. Metabee scoffed at the charging bandits,'Not even 100 would be enough.' Statistically, it was 6 bandits per person but Metabee and Yoshirou wouldn't let a single one get close to the wagon so that math was redundant. The Captain didn't reach for his Zanpakuto and simply walked forward slowly at the bandit heading for him. The bandit stabbed forward but he sidestepped and elbowed him right in the face, breaking his nose and making him fall to the ground. Another two quickly came over but before they could do anything Metabee had already dealt with them. The first one he knocked out with a roundhouse kick which he followed up with an uppercut to deal with the second one. To his right Kenlaw was dealing with three bandits but with a few swift movements they were also dealt with,'Not bad.' A bandit used this chance to try and charge past him toward the wagon but Metabee quickly turned around and grabbed him by the collar before slamming him into the ground,'Going somewhere?' Another bandit thought he would be smart by cutting at his throat while he was speaking and let out a laugh,'It's over.' To his surprise there was no wound on Metabee's neck,'What?! How!' The Captain grabbed his head and kneed him but because of this the bandit he slammed to the ground headed for Alonzo and Stuart along with three more bandits. It was four to two but he was confident in their abilities. Four more bandits went for Metabee and Kenlaw. None of them had any technique so they were just trying to stab and hope for contact. The Captain took hold of the first ones arm and twisted it until a loud crunch could be heard causing the bandit to drop his knife. Metabee quickly caught the knife and used it to break the jaw of that bandit. The remaining bandit didn't know what to do since he saw that he had no chance which led him to being knocked out with a punch to the stomach. The bandit which nose he broke earlier once again came back and charged at him once again,'They never learn.' Metabee kicked at his legs causing him to fall over and introduce his broken nose to the ground. When he looked, Kenlaw was also done. That was officially 15 bandits dealt with. The Captain looked to Alonzo's and Stuart's situation to see that it wasn't good. They had dealt with the previous four but now they were surrounded by six. Unfortunately, they slipped up and a bandit was about to enter the wagon. Metabee quickly Shunpoed in front of him and grabbed him by the throat to throw him against the closest two bandits while Alonzo and Stuart knocked out the other three,'Thanks a bunch.' Since the the leader wanted to personally deal with Yoshirou they had to deal with all of them. Kenlaw came back to them to regroup and the remaining 8 bandits approached,'Defend the wagon.' The Captain walked forward to intercept the bandits who also stopped. Even though they saw what happened to their friends they still had smug grins on their faces. Metabee reached into his pocket and flicked a coin towards the group of bandits. The first one to reach towards it received a kick to the face which stunned the others at what just had happened. The Captain then reached out for the heads of the bandits to his left and right before knocking them together. Seeing the situation, Kenlaw and the two others joined in and the bandits were no more,'Everyone ok?' They nodded,'For the most part. A few scratches here and there. Nothing to worry about.' While they waited for Yoshirou to be done he used some healing Kido on them. Even though the wounds were very minor they could still be a nuisance. Besides, they had to be at their top form for the task that was still awaiting them.
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    Everyone agreed the situation was far to strange for it to be mere coincidence. For two trees to fall over like they did, even in a storm would even be difficult. Not to mention the smooth surface of the wood, which appeared to be cut instead of a jagged edge like it would have if it had fallen natural. The Kido Commander also agreed that they could be in cahoots with the culprits from earlier as he too notice them being called merchants. Meta then asked how much force should be used? “I certainly despise criminals, more notable the ones that cause harm to others. But I did not come here today to build up a body count. IF, it comes to violence a beating will have to suffice this time. With that said I value all of our lives more so I will leave the final verdict to you during combat, but first let me try peacefully,” says Yoshirou. Shedding blood on their first visit would only make it harder for them to continue their attempts at reforms and charity work in this region. A set back Yoshirou was hoping to avoid although he was hoping to avoid this entire scenario, and you can see that's not playing out very well. The bandit leader interrupts there briefing. “Ah, you two must be the long haired merchants Rufus told me was in charge of this here fine, fine convoy". He stepped fully on top of the tree he was perched on as if taking center stage. The more he spoke the more his arrogance shown for all to witness, though he did confirm one thing. Rufus had to be one of the hoodlums from earlier, no question about it. Which one though was a mystery but if Yoshirou had to guess it was the older of the two. Hell for all he knew they both could have been in on it from the get go and the entire thing was staged simply to scope out potential victims. “Yes and which one was Rufus again. No, it doesn’t matter. That answer will only infuriate my friend here even more,” Yoshirou says pausing briefly gesturing to Metabee while he spoke. “We are not looking for violence. We are actually here attempting to help the community out. We all would certainly be thankful if you could let us continue forward and do what we came for. As a token of our gratitude I’ll even give you the same offer as your companions from earlier.” Before Yoshi could continue he was interrupted yet again but this time with an out burst of laughter. “Hahaha.” First it was just the bandit leader but like trained dogs the rest of his gang joins in, laughing until he begins to speak. “They told me you were a good talker but damn!! I didn’t think it was to this extent. What kind of karma gets you a gold tongue like that,” he says looking around at his fellows in crime. “Well shit sign me up on the dotted line please and thank you! of course” he says before turning quite serious and pulling out a short sword. “That is after… I carve them pretty lips off that smug face of yours. Come on boys kill the rest of the men and capture the women. Leave this one for me!” he shouts giving orders for the chaos to begin.
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    After Metabee got back in the wagon and they started he felt that things have become a bit awkward. He could only blame himself though. As an Adviser he was supposed to always keep his calm and look at things objectively but in that instance he failed to do that. However, maybe that was duty was impossible. He was just a human. Containing all his emotions was just impossible. It was also true that the issue was very important to him so these feelings could not be helped. That's why he was also confident that when it came to anything else he would be able to stay his carefree self. Thankfully, the journey continued as normal and no one questioned him about it. The talking continued and they were covering good distance but at some point everyone just began to simply enjoy the beautiful weather. Metabee looked outside the window and a slight smile appeared on his face. In Seiretei, even with nice weather there were many buildings around and usually he had too much stuff to do but now he could simply enjoy the scenery. He loved being out in the open like this. Yoshirou and JDan were very much right about him as the Captain would hate to be bound to one place and if he was going to stay in one place it was one he would choose himself. It seemed to him like they were making very good progress and it felt like quite a lot of time went by but it was hard to tell since everyone was having a good time. However, the wagon seemed to slow down once again but just from a look outside anybody could tell that they have not reached their destination. The Noble poked his head out and said that there was a tree blocking the path and very soon Kenlaw mentioned the same,'The weather has been good recently so no presence of storms that could take out trees. Especially this close to each other.' Metabee was probably stating the obvious but he felt like he should also say something, he will be getting paid for his analyses after all. Shortly before the wagon stopped, Yoshirou told everyone to be alert. The Captain couldn't sense any spiritual pressures apart from their own but that was to be expected from areas outside of Seiretei. This just meant that even in the worst case there shouldn't be a problem. Without further delay a lone man came out of hiding saying that they can take the goods from them. He seemed pretty confident in himself as his partners in crime revealed themselves. Yoshirou brought attention to the fact that the bandit was calling them merchants just like the previous two to which he nodded,'It certainly isn't impossible. They would do anything to get their hands on some valuables. Even if it means acting like victims in the middle of the path.' This time the Noble said that violence might be necessary which he followed by a quick strategy. The Captain cleared his throat,'Ahem. Just to be clear, are we knocking them out or killing them?' If they were in fact related to the previous two then Metabee would certainly go through with his threat until stated otherwise. If they were unrelated, then a good beating should suffice which is why he asked about their course of action.
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    The Captain voiced his opinion, one stern and harsh but never the less one that needed to be heard. It seems one of the assailant’s remarks really struck a nerve with Metabee as it was the first time Yoshirou seen him so serious. “Note to self. Never upset the Commander. He’s pretty scary when he gets serious,” Yoshirou thinks. Just as quickly as he burst, Meta removed himself from the situation most likely in an attempt to keep things from escalating. “Meta I worry about you,” Yoshi thinks sensing his spiritual pressure to be a little chaotic. It was nothing any one else would have picked up on but with out a doubt he felt something, even if it was only an instant in time. --- The weather was refreshingly nice making the trip a little less strenuous. So much so that at the halfway point most of the people that had to sit outside with the coach driver chose to stay. The weather was just that nice. And for those inside the conversation was great but the breeze that blew threw the open widows was even greater. Everyone was enjoying themselves and the minor delay seemed as if it was only a distant dream, heck some of them even forgot they were going to one of the worse districts in Soul Society. That is until they reached roughly three quarters of the way there… “That’s odd I wonder why we are slowing down again,” says Yoshirou feeling the momentum change. Curious he poked his head out the window to have a look. The trail they were on now was much narrower than earlier but it was still wide enough to accommodate traffic going both ways. Looking up ahead, Yoshirou could spot a tree that was blocking the road. “It appears a tree has fallen over at some point,” he states informing the rest of the occupants. “That’s not good,” says Kenlaw looking out the window on the other side. “It is unfortunate but certainly not a problem,” responds Yoshi. “No that’s not what I meant. There’s also a downed tree on this side, its far to suspicious,” states Kenlaw suspecting the worse. Yoshirou looks around at everyone and states the obvious, “Stay alert.” The convoy finally stops fifteen yards away from the fallen trees. A silhouette of a man appears from the other side placing one foot on the trees in front of him. The air around him seemed calm and calculative has if everything was going according to his plans. “Come out merchants we can take the delivery from here. Consider it a favor, as you all are a long way from home and can now return all the more quickly,” says a burly man that can rightfully be called a bandit; and most likely the leader at that. He wore what you would image a bandit to but what made him immediately pop out at you was the long rugged horizontal scar, which passed over his nose. “Give it up your surrounded.” The leader shouted while signaling his gang to make themselves know. They were a band of thirty misguided misfits that thought it easier to take than earn. “Please be considerate now, we too would like to get back home… and count our spoils,” he says in a cocky tone. Mean while the others inside quickly discuss what’s going on. “Did you hear that Metabee? He called us merchants. It is either an honest mistake or he’s affiliated with the two from earlier,” Yoshirou states, referring back to the man that also called the two of them merchants. “Well I pray that is not the case,” he states reaching for the door. “I’m starting to get annoyed with these delays, lets deal with them quickly although I don’t think we can avoid violence this time,” he states looking at Meta. He was slightly concerned but not for his sake but theirs. “Kenlaw you come as well and help Stuart and Alonzo defend the carriages from anything that gets by.”
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    As Yoshirou smiled at him, Metabee nodded. It wasn't much but it got the job done and it seemed quite successful to as the young one decided to take up the offer. Alonzo gave the bag to the boy who kicked the old man and ran off. Before the man could get his revenge the brat was long gone and Yoshirou prevented him from running after the boy. The Noble then mentioned karma but the old man shook it off as some redundant which really struck a nerve for Metabee. The Captain interjected,'What are you then?! You may be a spirit but you are a human spirit. Never forget that. Are you saying you are above human principles?' He was really angry. He hated people like this. No, he actually despised all those scoundrels in Rukongai. It was a wound that would never heal. It was people like him that took her away. Metabee refused to help people like him and would rather see them rot away in a ditch somewhere. He clenched his hand into a fist and traces of his spiritual pressure started showing,'If you think you are then you better pray that you never see me again because that day will be your last.' However, he resited the urge to do anything. Yoshirou wanted to solve this peacefully so it will have to end in a threat. Just looking at him made him angry so Metabee decided to walk away and went out of sight to the side of the wagon until it would be over. He would let the Noble handle it while he had a moment for himself to cool off. He couldn't let his emotions get the better of him,'You and I are one. You should know the true nature of humanity by now. Yet you choose to rebel. It will only bring suffering.' Metabee nodded,'Yea, I've known since long ago. I reject such a world.' The voice continued,'Then walk tall. It was I who gave you the opportunity to rebel. Do not waste it. I know your resolve. Do not be provoked by such trash and stay true to yourself.' By the time he realised Yoshirou was done and it was time to get back in the wagon. He took a deep breath in and breathed out. Now that he was calm he also returned to the wagon. They were going into the worst of the districts. There will be many more people like this. He couldn't be angry. He came to help. Even if he didn't want to it was the right thing to do. He couldn't be petty.
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    While the two took a little longer to decide Metabee briefly voiced his opinion. Yoshirou smiled as his friend back him up stating that it was a deal of a lifetime. It was nice having Meta as back up instead of the usual bodyguard. Any of them would have most likely responded with violence viewing the assailants’ actions as disrespectful. What Yoshirou wanted was much harder and that was to resolve this as quickly and as calmly as possible; like civilized folks. The little brat was the first one to speak up. “I’ll take it as I don’t think this asshole is going to give me the bag back anyways,” he states. While gesturing the boy along, Yoshirou instructs Alonzo to take him to the supply wagon and give him one of the bags. Immediately the boy kicks the older man in the back of his knee and takes off. The man surprised, collapses backwards but is otherwise unharmed. “I'll kill you ,” the man screams jumping up to his feet but the boy was already around the wagon and out of sight. Without a doubt, had Yoshirou not stepped in front of him he would have given chase like a shark that smells blood. “Karma,” says Yoshi. The man trying to look around Yoshirou pauses averting his attention to the ‘merchant’ in front of him. “Huh,” he replies in a bewildered tone. “Karma, essentially what goes around comes around…” he states getting interrupted at the end. “No, I know what it is but what of it? What does human philosophy have to do with me,” the man states emphasizing human. “Leave him be,” Yoshi says meaning the boy. “He is just a kid. If he doesn’t change he’ll get what’s coming to him. While you can reap the benefits of turning over a new leaf, starting now.” The man looks at Yoshirou, then at Metabee and the rest of the convoy, then again at Yoshi. Understanding very well he’s lost the man throws down the satchel at Yoshirou’s feet and spits off to the side showing his disgust. “Fine, it looks like my only option at the moment, so I’ll play.” “Thank you,” says Yoshi with a smile of satisfaction. He turns and whispers something to Stuart who nods and leaves. Yoshi then bends over and picks up the bag tossed at his feet. “You know you’re going to make someone happy once they get this back.” “Yea whatever, I just want what was promised,” the disgruntle man states impatiently. “Yes but of course. I had my friend retrieve it as I thought it best to keep you and the boy separated for as long as possible. No offense I hope,” responds Yoshirou. The man crossed his arms and said nothing as he waited a few more seconds before Stuart and Alonzo both returned. Yoshi hands the satchel to Alonzo and then turns his attention back to the matter at hand. “As promised your supply bag.” Yoshirou takes one of the bags Stuart held and handed it over. He then took the second bag and gave it over as well. The man looked confused but before he could respond Yoshirou interjected with a simply statement. “Karma.” The man left without saying another word, not even a thank you but this much was expected. Yoshirou, Metabee and the others all loaded back up and began again on their journey. With being a third of the way there and one interruption already they still had a decent travel ahead of them so it was best to make haste. “Well I am glad that went pretty smoothly but as my Advisor what are your thoughts?” he says asking Meta. Driving the lead wagon Stuart picked up the pace while maintaining a safe speed. The others followed suit and once again they were on their way. As they continue to chit chat and get to know each other time passes as they draw near and near to a bigger surprise.
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    Just as Metabee finished speaking Alonzo from the front of the carriage asked if they should deal with it. The Noble declined the offer and wanted to solve this peacefully so he approached the two and introduced himself and asked about the issue. The Captain let out a sigh,'Oh boy, here we go.' He approached as well but didn't introduce himself since he didn't see a need to and besides the two had more pressing matters than the names of some strangers. The old man answered first though not to the question but to the person. Metabee was actually quite disappointed,'What, is that it?' Usually in these situations anyone in a 20 metre radius would get to hear a myriad of colourful language but the old man gave up after a single fuck. Their little squabble continued without a single care but the winner had already been decided. Yoshirou used this chance to speak up and kept his cool no matter what. It was quite impressive actually. However, the two tried to voice their protest but the Noble didn't allow for any of that and simply continued in the same manner. Once he was done the Noble looked at Metabee and once again encouraged the two to accept the offer. The Captain nodded,'You heard the man. What we give you will be worth a hundred of whatever is in there. If you handle it right it might even keep you off the streets for a while. An offer of a lifetime, isn't it?' Metabee's tone was different compared to Yoshirou's. He knew how to talk with people like them. In a normal situation the Noble's approach was definitely the correct one but these two had nothing to their name so they didn't care about the niceties. They only cared about benefits and results so it was better to just keep it simple.
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    Yoshirou listen to the Commander state that it was just the Rukongai for ya. It was an upsetting undeniable fact, one in which he sought to change with his “Hand Up” bags even if at a slow pace or on a small scale. But that was just one of many initiatives he wished to but into place in order to reform the districts. “Perhaps in time…” Seeing that Yoshi and Meta had exited the cabin and started conversing Stuart and Alonzo joined them. “My Lords would you like for us to ask them to move?” asks Alonzo just as Metabee finished his statement. “No leave it to us. I despise seeing violence among citizens and wish to resolve this peacefully,” replies Yoshirou while keeping Metabee’s words in mind of them being possible robbers. Breaking from the group first, the Noble approaches the strangers. It was highly unorthodox for Nobles to be so hands on especially with danger but for those that knew Yoshi he was outside the norm. However these two did not. “Greetings fellows my name is Yoshirou,” he says casually and purposefully not mentioning his last name. “May I ask why you two are fighting over that satchel?” With the minor distraction the man yanks hard winning the satchel over from the little kid. “No you may not so fuck off this doesn’t concern you,” he replies looking Yoshi and his companions over. “This is just everyday life you prissy have it all merchants, nothing to see here.” The little one interrupts not minding informing the strangers especially if it meant a helping hand. “I saw it first and now the old farts taking it away from me,” he states pointing at the satchel. “Why you! Who you callin an old fart, you rotten little bastard?” the man asks but its more of an insult than a question. “You saw it first but I grabbed it first." The two continue arguing with each other, and boy does the kid have a mouth on him. Yoshirou’s heard enough that he can pretty much surmised what happened. They were most likely traveling with each other for whatever reason or arrived here some how at similar times. The kid spotted the bag and made a run for it but the man being bigger and faster got to it first. “That probably sums it up. Its highly likely that they haven’t even looked into the bag yet to see if its even worth fighting over,” he thinks to himself. Interjecting again Yoshirou manages to get them to stop momentarily. “Before you object again sir, this is our business. You made it that way by arguing in the middle of the street, with a kid, making it impossible for us to get around you. Second, from what I can gather that satchel doesn’t belong to either of you. Instead of unjustly deciding which one of you get it, I will take it and turn it into the lost and found on our way back threw the city.” Both culprits tried to speak out with their displeasure with that idea but Yoshirou waves his hand, signaling that he’s not yet finished. “For the inconvenience we’ll give you each a “Hand Up” bag. It has some foods, seeds as well as small tools, a few medicines, instructions for better living, and a few other beneficial goodies. So what do you say?” he asks hoping that this would work, if they didn’t want it they could sell it. He had no qualms giving them the supply bags. Helping folks that needed it was why they were out there in the first place. The two thought it over and took their time responding. Yoshirou looked at Metabee, who he assumed was right beside him, and then back at the two unnamed individuals. “It’s a great offer with the benefit of not having to walk around with lost or stole goods,” he says urging them to accept his offer…
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    Metabee left the wagon along with Yoshirou to inspect the situation. His eyes quickly readjusted to the outside light but unfortunately they were still quite a ways off from their destination. However, the thing that required their attention was much closer and it was two people fighting though the age difference was clear as day. They were fighting over some bag which he presumed to have money in it or some food. The adult man clearly had the strength advantage but it seems he didn't want to damage the contents or wanted it all for himself. Yoshirou then asked for his opinion. The Captain quickly answered,'Just an ordinary squabble. Nothing out of the ordinary in Rukongai.' He had experienced this sort of fighting every day when he was in the Rukongai so it was nothing new to him. However, just from this one problem could be seen,'The thing is it's a bit far from Rukongai. Maybe they gave up to try and rob those who pass by. Though that is even more dangerous than the districts since you would expect Shinigami to come through here. Either way not like it matters. It's nothing we have to worry about. With so much as a sneeze from us they would be down on the ground so it's no threat. It's up to you.' If they could solve this issue without fighting that would be great but he also knew people like this were very stubborn. Sharing was not an option for them. In this case scaring them off would probably be faster than convincing them to come to a conclusion but they also had no reason to scare them off. They were not a threat to any present in the wagon. However, since they came to help people precisely like them he would prefer it if both sides were satisfied.
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    Their time was passing by quite pleasantly as they talked about various things and by now everyone opened up to each other so there was even more conversation. After Metabee called Yoshirou a relic he commented that they should be treated well,'Well, if you aren't happy I can always sell you off to some archaeologist for a hefty sum. You would get all the pampering you desire and I would get some pocket money.' Once the two were done teasing each other, Cathleen came out with another rumour. This time she was the shy one and hesitated but decided to go through with it. This particular rumour was very....specific. He didn't know what to say. Metabee simply raised his eyebrows and let out a cough while Marie elbowed her, causing her to blush. The Noble then commented saying how there was nothing weird about the rumour considering the Captain's abilities,'That's not the point here! This guy... it's not the first time he said something questionable today and dragged me with him. He can be quite an airhead in front of women.' However, before Metabee could defend himself and explain the misunderstanding they were interrupted by the two men. Apparently, there was someone in front of their wagon but for the likes of him and Yoshirou no normal citizen could stand up to them so it shouldn't be a problem. The Noble took it upon himself to go and check it out and asked Meta if he wanted to come,'Nah, I'm comfortable here with the ladies,' he said as he waved him goodbye with a smile but got up a brief moment later to accompany him. The Captain probably wasn't needed but he was also confident in Kenlaw's abilities if something were to happen.
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    It is true that Kido Commander Metabee has only been around the Clan’s Manor for a day, but he had accepted the role of Advisor quite sometime ago. This gave folks with nothing else better to do plenty of time to find or start rumors concerning him. Meta more or less confirms that the rumors stated so far are true, which gives Cathleen the courage to be bold enough to state one last rumor. Though before she does Yoshirou comments first. “Ouch Metabee that one stung,” he says grinning. “I always thought they should be pampered and but on display.” The sour look on his face clearly stated that it was a lie. Just the thought of that happening to him made his skin crawl. Kenlaw and the girls sighed and Cathleen went as far as to roll her eyes. To them it was almost unbelievable how different Lord Kyoraku acted around this new Advisor. Breaking the momentary silence Cathleen decides its now or never as she feels her bravery wane. “There is one more rumor that still comes to mind since you asked about them of course.” With the soft tone and the way she fidgeted with long brown hair put emphasis on her beauty; and for a moment appeared seductive in away. “They say have a very big and stiff sword.” Immediately Marie elbows her in the side in disbelief that she actually said it in front of guys. But with one look you could tell she was already feeling the weight of her words. Blood begins to run to Cathleen’s face as her cheeks turn rose red. “I don’t get it?” Yoshirou says confused. “Why is that a rumor and why are you blushing. Of course Meta can create weapons of various sizes and they’re all quite hard. If you were there last night you should have seen it for yourself.” Yoshi scratches his head bewilder as now Marie is blushing after something he's said. Before any of this can continue, they all notice the carriage slowing down. “My Lords, there some's sort of situation unfurling on the road,” says Alonzo speaking to Yoshi and Meta. “It doesn’t appear to be dangerous, its just two people,” states Stuart as the entire convoy comes to a stop. Yoshirou looks out the window but cannot see them as they are directly in front of the wagon. “Ok will get out and investigate a bit,” Yoshirou replies to Alonzo and Stuart. “Wanna be nosy and take a look,” he says looking at Meta but suggest the rest stay but just incase. With unknowns it is always best to remain on guard and be safe than sorry.
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    Metabee listened to the rumours mentioned and realised they weren't very fun rumours. All the ones mentioned so far were true. There was no spicy gossip or they were just hesitant to say so but at the same time there was not much to gossip about in the first place. Kenlaw then mentioned a rumour that said he like to cut up and horseplay around Yoshirou. Both of them laughed. That one was better but it also wasn't much of a rumour. Anyone that saw Metabee and Yoshirou together would easily be able to tell that is the case. However, before he could answer the two girls joined in with another rumour. There really was a lot of talk about him. Marie was the one that started speaking but she seemed too nervous so Cathleen said the actual rumour. It was that he was once in a stable relationship but not anymore. The question stunned him and made his mind race,'How did they know that? Only the few parties involved should know about that. It was so long ago after all so no one should have known me back then.' However, he quickly came to the conclusion and relaxed with a sigh,'Oh, she meant Sayuri...' The Captain began to respond,'Kenlaw's rumours are all true, even the horseplay one. As for the relationship one, well, it is true that we don't get to see much of each other these days since we are both busy with our duties but I think that everything is fine. We'll see how it turns out.' After he said his feelings about the Clan, Yoshirou seemed disappointed but quickly made a joke. Metabee grinned,'Of course, relics should be left in the past.'
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    Metabee commented on the rumors circulating about him asking if there was anything else interesting Kenlaw's heard. It was a fair question and of course there were a few rumors going around. Such a thing was typical when new relationships or acquaintances are made. That and anywhere people resided as in was an inescapable trait that humans couldn't dodge, even in the afterlife. “Besides the ones mention already there are a couple of others. The main one circulating now is about how you are in a similar situation as the Kyorakus'. In that your home too was destroyed by a single individual and you’ve recently rebuilt with the Clan’s aid. I’m not sure how much of that is true but it would explain why you two have such a good connection now; something that seemingly started out of nowhere. There is also a rumor that you like to cut up and horseplay around with the Clan Head,” Kenlaw says slowly looking at Yoshirou then back at Metabee. “Of course that’s just a rumor I’ve heard, which I’m sure is completely false.” “Haha.” Yoshirou bursts out in laughter at Kenlaw’s last remark. It certainly wasn’t what he was expecting to hear so he couldn’t contain his laughter. “Well don’t look at me, I will just let Meta answer that rumor.” But before the Advisor had a chance to respond Marie chimed in. After Yoshirou’s previous statement Marie and Cathleen both appeared to relax and become a little less nervous. “There is another one that is spreading,” Marie says looking around slightly nervous. Kenlaw smiled, as he knew what she was most likely talking about, though he failed to mention it for specific reasons. “Well you see…” Pausing only for a moment was enough for Cathleen to speak up for her. “What she is trying to say is that rumor has it you were once in a stable relationship but that might not be the case anymore,” she said with a tone that seem to be making a statement and asking a question at the same time; in the hopes that Metabee might elaborate a little. It was a buzzing topic spreading among the female population very rapidly; young, strong, in a position of power, and attractive I mean what’s not to like. Even without being born into high society he was a good suitor for even Nobles. --- After the Kido Commander commented he continued and stated his current feelings about the Clan. With a smirk that stated his disappointment Yoshirou responds. Like a flick of the switch the mood inside the carriage quickly changes. Kenlaw as well as Cathleen and Marie all are unsure how things are going to play out next as things seem to turn sour. Even Alonzo and Stuart could tell something was amiss but they had no time to check on things inside the carriage right now. No, there attention was drawn to something far off in the middle of the road… “Darn," Yoshirou says shaking his head. "I was hoping that you would reply differently. I guess now I have to admit something to myself I’ve been unwilling to accept. My fabulous charm is just not what it use to be,” he says with a smile from ear to ear. He was yet again cutting up and only confirming the rumors Kenlaw spoke of. As quickly as it came the tension left letting Cathleen and the others relax yet again. Marie was the only one of the trio that found it funny as the other two were shaking their heads in unison. "Your answer is to be expected. In fact in would be more shocking and questionable if you replied differently."
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    Hello old lover, how you've been?
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    It seemed that Metabee's answer satisfied Kenlaw. He knew they would be able to understand it. Kenlaw complimented him on his answer and Metabee chuckled,'There seems to be a lot of rumours going around about me. Did you hear anything else that's interesting? Do share.' The man then answered his question telling him a bit about his past. He had been here since he was a child so of course he would join if they treated him right. Yoshirou joined in and quickly stole the spotlight but it was the usual kindness. Even if they have been through hardships it was a happy family. Metabee nodded,'See? I told you. Simple. Even if it was due to certain circumstances that things turned out like this I don't think we would want it any other way so make the most of it.' Kenlaw then asked if he also felt the same way about the Kyoraku but Metabee shook his head,'I joined to help Yoshirou and the Clan but I don't have a particular sense of belonging to the Clan. I've only been here for a day but someday I'm sure I'll treat this as my second home. Everyone that I met is so friendly and happy. Everyone is just bustling with life and I love that. I just need some time to get used to everything.'
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    “Well said, that’s certainly an answer I can respect,” Kenlaw replies nodding. “Your far more kind than even the rumors state. It is clear as day why Lord Kyoraku took a liking to you; honestly you make it hard not to,” he says grinning. “To answer your question why I choose the Kyoraku Clan its pretty simple. Both my parents worked for them for as long as I can remember so when I became of age I naturally joined. They took such great care of my folks it was really an easy decision to make. And once they were accepting outsiders to bare their name I instantly jumped at the opportunity. As you say I’ve always felt a since of belonging. Although I lived a far different live style as a child, I grew up with most of the children,” Kenlaw states with a hint of sadness. It was well known that most of the Clan was wiped out in a massive attack. Sensing the slightest sadness in Kenlaw’s tone Yoshirou intervenes. “Kenlaw has always been family it was us who recognized it so late. So are you two,” he says looking at the two girls sitting next to each other. They were in a similar situation and also officially joined when Kenlaw did. In unison all three speak up stating that his words are far to kind, in some phrase or another. You could tell not only in there voice but by the looks in there eyes that the truly were happy. Returning to his original conversation Kenlaw resumes. “So Lord Metabee do you feel that way about the Kyoraku yourself? Is that what influenced you to join? If not do you see yourself feeling that way someday?” The conversation was growing more and more interesting making the traveling a little easier, like any good conversation. This time though it was Yoshirou who was very interested in how Metabee would reply.
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    Everyone listened curiously to his story and especially Kenlaw who asked the question to begin with. Metabee also listened to his answer which once again made him smile. Eventually the Captain chuckled. It was something so simple even Kenlaw would understand even though he probably was no fighter. He answered with a smile,'No need to be stiff. It's a valid question and it was merely a manner of speech from me. I can see that you respect your superiors a lot. As for your question, you put too much focus on things that are meaningless. Kido, Zanjutsu, what does it matter? I'm not sure if I'm speaking to the right crowd but to those who joined this Clan by choice, I ask you why? Why this Clan and not one of the other three? The answer is simple. You felt a bond. You felt that you belonged there. It was the same for me. I finally found a place for myself at the Kido Corps. It became my home. I'm not doing this for status. It means nothing to me. I'm doing this because it's my home.' Hopefully, that would satisfy Kenlaw but if he wanted something more explained the he surely wouldn't mind. It would make for a better discussion if everyone asked what they wanted but even if it was only between him and Kenlaw the journey would go much faster.