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    The two men laughed like kids at the immature jokes they were both telling, feeding off the vibe from one another. From the outside looking in no one would suspect that these were the two highest-ranking Kyoraku’s in the clan or even perhaps the strongest in the Soul Society right now. One could even make a case and say that they were the most skilled beings outside of the Soul Palace. But if you had the pleasure of eating breakfast with them this morning one would only laugh at such claims. This is because even with different ranks and titles they saw each other as equals, enabling them to let go of formalities and show a side not often seen of them. As unfortunate as it was breakfast was now over and with a plan in mind and a meeting place set both, Metabee and Yoshirou, go their separate ways. Yoshirou goes upstairs to the upper command post but just before opening the door and going in the person he wishes to see exits. “Hello Jessica, your just the person I was coming to see,” he says smiling at the nice coincident. “I’m glad that I was able to make your search even the littlest bit easier,” Jessica says quickly bowing. “What may I do for you Lord Kyoraku?” Although Jessica was not blessed with great “physical assets” she was still a beauty. Even so, Yoshirou couldn’t help but think how much more beautiful she would be with cat ears. In fact every female clan member he’s seen so far be it, attendant, maid, guard, ect, gives him the same thought. “Damn him, why did he have to bring up one of my weakness out of nowhere,” he thinks to himself as the slight blush on his face disappears. “Hm… Hmm,” clearing his throat he continues, “It’s noting troublesome. I merely wanted to inform you that I’d be leaving the grounds. I mentioned to Metabee about our ‘Hand Up program’, which interested him enough to want to tag along. I figure today’s small convoy would be perfect for his first time as the larger ones can be tiring.” With a slightly surprised and disappointing look on her face Jessica replies. “Did they not inform you about the changes??" “No I don’t recall anything regarding the matter. What changed is there something wrong?” asks Yoshi, as this is his first time hearing about it. It probably slipped through the reports after all of yesterday's excitement. “Nothing is wrong, it’s just that the convoy’s size has essentially been doubled. Being how rough the district is any shortages might lead to violence or a riot,” Jessica says summing up the reasoning behind the decision. Yoshirou stretches out his right arm placing his hand or her shoulder to calm her down a bit. “Oh don’t worry yourself so much, it actually makes complete sense,” he responses. In the next moment he quickly pulls his hand away in order to rub his eyes. “Are you ok my Lord?” Jessica asks with a concerned tone. “I seem to have got something in my eye,” Yoshirou says, for just a moment he thought he saw cat eyes. “Will you please inform Harold, I need to go rinse my eyes out,” he said turning and walking away before he could even get a response though he already knew what she’d say. “Oh yea, please have someone continue to check on JDan. The poor fellows a pushover when it comes to alcohol.” With his last request made Yoshirou hastily makes his way down the stairs to his room. “I’m really going to have to find away to get back at Metabee for this, not to mention I still have the embarrassing face painting to look forward to. I cannot believe I lost when it was my idea,” he thinks to himself. Someone privy to such thoughts would suspect him plotting revenge against an enemy but this was far from the truth. It was simply friendly banter between two best friends. After washing his face and trading his outfit for something a little less fancy, Yoshirou heads down to meet Metabee. Along the way he passed Harold who needed his decision on a few things but it was nothing major and only took a minute. Harold had already been informed, by Jessica, of Lord Kyoraku’s plan today so there was no reason for Yoshirou to repeat himself. Yoshirou reaches the first floor of the manor. It was exquisitely designed with a lot of attention to even the smallest of detail. It was with out question one of the best floors constructed; as it was the first thing you saw once entering the building. Even in a multi story mansion the ceilings were extremely high giving the perplexing feeling that it was larger inside than it was on the outside. Just as Yoshi was about to reach the main entrance he was once again met with good luck as Metabee enters from outside. “I guess not all is bad today,” the Head thinks to himself as he greets his friend. “Seems our timing is perfect, though I should go ahead and warn you that the convoy today is bigger than I expected, about double, so if you need more time I understand,” he says having only found out a little while ago. “If not then we can make our way over to the supply house where will be leaving from.” It was on the opposite side from the tour so it would be the Advisor’s first time seeing it.
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    Yoshirou couldn’t help but smile, as he was delighted at the Kido Commanders response. It was pretty much what he was going for. A gathering spot for all to come and experience what the Kyoraku Clan as well as other vendors had to offer. While an overwhelming majority of the business are ran by the clan, they did offer stalls and buildings that could be rented out to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. While Yoshi agreed with the first part of Meta’s statement he didn’t fully agree with the ending. It’s true that it would be a great focal point and encourage camaraderie between the different squads and Shinigami's, but if placed in the center of the Seireitei it would fail to bring the benefits to the Clan in which he had initially hoped for. Of course he would never hinder or stop such an idea from proceeding into fruition and if it happened he would probably play a big role in its development. It’s just not one he would advocate for from the beginning, though future expansions are a completely different story. Meta continued as he mentions advertizing, mascots and cute girls with cat ears making Yoshirou smile and blush slightly. “That is a great way to sell the idea but I’m not sure that it would give off the correct vibe for this project of mine. It needs to remain kid and gender friendly, besides as Nobles we have enough stigmas to deal with,” he replies momentarily pausing thinking of another way to utilize the elusive cat eared maids. “I know a bar or tavern would be a perfect crowd and scenery for them to make an appearance; perhaps even their home base…” “Lord Kyoraku. Lord Yoshirou Kyoraku.” Just as the pair had started up once again a man passing on the opposite side calls out. Yoshirou gazes to his left and sees a familiar face. “Hello Akoy, how is your morning been?” Akoy with his rugged faced, which has been worn by the sun from countless days of work, bows out of respect before responding. “Always so courteous even to someone like me. I’m not sure why you have always been so nice to me but I’m not sure where I would be right now if you hadn’t given me a second chance at life…” “No you go to far. I simply loaned you one of the spar mobile stalls we had and you did the rest. Besides if I remember correctly you made your final payment on it earlier this month; six months ahead of schedule,” says Yoshirou holding out both of his arms and shaking both hands and his head, insinuating nothing else was owed. “By the way this is the Metabee. He is the new Kyoraku Advisor and a dear friend of mine.” Akoy was embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed sooner that Lord Kyoraku had company with him as he displayed a surprised look on his face though he quickly recovered and offered a proper greeting. “I was unaware that the Kido Commander had such close affiliation with the clan, but I’m sure everyone in the Soul Society knows who Captain Metabee is,” he says bowing just as he did for Yoshirou. "My name is Akoy and it is an honor to meet you Commander Metabee. If your with Lord Yoshirou then you could be in no greater hands and as his friend I bet your just as nice a person." “Hear that Meta your famous!” Yoshirou says teasing his buddy as such has become common between the two. After a quick but proper greeting Yoshi asks if there’s anything they could for them as they were kind of expected somewhere. The middle age man excitedly shook his head, “No it is I that have something to give you this time!” Akoy turned and quickly rushed back to the mobile stall he was pushing then promptly returned. In each hand he carried a clear cylinder traveling container. “Here these are for you two.” Before Akoy could explain or Metabee could ask, Yoshirou spoke out. “Thanks, but what is it?” “Why I’m glad you asked,” Akoy responds like a seasoned salesman. “I just so happened upon a spring in which I took a sip from and realized it wasn’t your average run of the mill water. While your initial thoughts may have you think it was poison it was quite the opposite.” Akoy excitedly continues, waving his hands and making gestures as he told the story albeit the short version. After a few moments Metabee and Yoshirou find out the spring is some how infused with spiritual energy and while it doesn’t have any sort of healing effects it does act as a 100% all natural energy drink; more or less the Shinigami’s version of red bull. They also find out that it is becoming a very popular drink and that Akoy is hoping to add a few flavor choices soon. Yoshi couldn't contain his happiness as a large smile appears on his face. This was exactly the sort of things and ideas he hoped would flock to the industrial side of the Manor’s grounds. Not necessarily the beverage but people taking risks and bring all sorts of new ideas to the “Industrial Sector.” “Thanks Akoy while it will be up to your peers and fellow citizens whether you fail or succeed, I personally wish you the best of luck.” With that everyone says there good byes and once again Metabee and Yoshirou are on their way to the supply warehouse. Once again breaking the silence Yoshi speaks up. “Only if more of Soul Society, no, all the realms where more like Akoy things would be a lot easier and much less complicated.” As he finished stating such their target destination finally comes into site. Although it’s been quite a long walk they will soon arrive as one of the largest buildings on the grounds come into view. While it was tall the bulk of its size came from its width not height as such was typical in any supply or large-scale storage facility. “Well Meta you have pretty much seen the majority of the property. As my Advisor and my friend I hope you will not hesitate to inform me of what is lacking or could use improvement if and when you may notice something,” he says genuinely.
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    Since Yoshirou didn't want any peanuts for the way they started to head towards the supply house. While they walked the Noble explained why exactly there was a change in the cargo size to which he nodded. Metabee was all too familiar with such events. He was lucky that he was old enough when he first arrived at Rukongai so he was able to put up a fight when needed but children and the elderly had no such hopes. Soon enough they reached the second half of the manor which was closed off by a gate but there were people beyond it. After they walked through it Yoshirou quickly explained the purpose of this area as they looked around. He was really amazed at what he saw as this was truly a first for any kind of squad of division. A place where everyone can gather and spend time together, joke around, do their shopping without any sort of hostility was a big step forward. The Noble asked him for his opinion and he smiled,'I like it. It's like a small town. We Shinigami need such an area to be together. There is too much meaningless competition between the squads. It's good to be competitive but some take it too far and squads don't talk much between themselves the way it is now. I wish we had such a thing in the middle of Seiretei where everyone could access it easily.' Metabee stoked his beard in thought for a moment,'If you want to get this place busier the only way would be to simply advertise it. However, because you are a Noble Clan not everyone might feel welcome and have mixed feelings. The solution is to have a mascot! Since Timmy is busy in the garden then we just have to think of something better and who would resist such beautiful maids with fluffy cat ears?' The Captain nudged him as he said it with a cheeky grin. The town was busy enough that no one paid much attention to their conversation as they were having their own so it was safe to say these forbidden words.
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    Yoshirou did not reply, he simply chuckled while shaking his head back and forth. The sudden size change of the caravan was a trivial issue to men like them. If anything they probably saw the task as a nice change of pace. With both men ready there was no need to further delay. “Well, shall we,” he says as he took the lead and exited the building first. As they head towards their destination Yoshirou continued the conversation. He explained to Metabee the reason behind the additional cargo and supplies and as the Kido Commander he would easily understand what can happen when supplies run out. It’s a harsh reality but many suffered and the Soul Society was not except from this. Those that could not properly provide for themselves resorted to less civil and more violet means to gain those necessities no matter the realm. As they both reached another gate that led into the industrial side the guards immediately opened it, allowing them pass. Yoshirou changed the topic. “You’ve notice that this side, while part of the Manor’s grounds, is separated by an additional gate. It is different from the rest of the property as it is open to the public, though its not very busy yet as it is a new concept I added in when we rebuilt,” he says leading the way like a tour guide explaining various builds as they passed by. They passed a building which high-class clothing could be purchased that many other Nobles frequented even before being open to the public. They also passed a restaurant that smelled so good they would surely have had to make a detour had they not just ate breakfast. Clothing, food, technology, and even little knick-knacks could found here; not only bought but also built or produced. If anything this side showed off the diversity and extent of the wealth the Kyoraku’s had, as if to say, “No matter what you can’t keep us down” though that was not the point Yoshirou was currently trying to make. “What do you think, Meta? I have high hopes for this new idea of mine,” says Yoshirou hoping to get his friend's and Advisor's approval. It would help confirm that it was a good idea and not just a needless security risk. “While the Kyoraku have always produced, built and sold things there has never been store fronts so close to the main house. "Not only am I hoping that production and sells will increase but also more importantly the public opinion and outlook people have on the Clan. That is my main goal to become more relatable and approachable by all.”
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    As Metabee entered the building he met with Yoshirou. It seemed their synchronisation was perfect as they arrived at the same time. The Captain nodded in greeting. The Noble now looked much less like a Noble and more like a normal Shinigami which made him wonder if he should have changed too. Metabee's outfit itself looked like it could belong to some nobility but he didn't wear such clothes to show off, it was simply his fashion style and not a means of status. However, that didn't mean the people that were worse off would understand that. Yoshirou then informed him that there is a change of plans and that the convoy will be double the size but that didn't really affect him in any way. Metabee shrugged,'Makes no difference to me. I'm ready unless you want to get some peanuts for the journey.' He then waited for the Noble to lead the way as their destination was in the part of the Kyoraku Mansion that he still hasn't seen yet.
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    With breakfast finished and the plan of action decided there was not much left for the two to do. Yoshirou joked at the usefulness of many pairs of arms which made Metabee laugh. It was nice to joke about such matters. Normal members wouldn't dare to joke about things like that and Sayuri rarely did too so some aspects only Yoshirou could understand and talk about. He really did feel like he has been laughing a lot since coming here. After he was done laughing there was still a large grin on the Captain's face,'Good one. Though I would say a more important factor is how much 'research' one has on hand.' He winked as he continued with the joke and a pretty bad pun. With everything explained and a meeting point estabilished the two men got up. As he suspected the convoy wasn't ready yet but that gave them a bit of preparation time. Metabee nodded and responded,'Alright, I'll see you there.' The Noble left the room while a maid came in to collect the various dishes and glasses. The Captain got out his map and studied it. He was actually at quite a loss about what to do. He already had a shower before coming here and had everything he needed on him but sitting and dawdling his thumbs would be a waste of time. The maid curiously looked at Meta so Olivia spoke up,'Is there a problem? Do you need anything?' His thought process was interrupted by the voice so he turned back to look at the source,'Ah, no I'm fine thanks. What about you? Do you need any help?' The maid smiled,'We'll manage. Thank you for asking.' The Captain nodded and then left the room while putting away the map. He made up his mind and decided to go for a walk around the vicinity. While he was walking he tried to talk with the passing members to get to know them a bit better and see if they have anything they needed help with. The chit chat was short and everyone got on with what they needed to do. Metabee eventually arrived at the training grounds and sat down on the ground before closing his eyes. He wanted to clear his mind before they went out. His head did hurt from the night before but thanks to the water and the food he had it was now much better so he hoped meditation would get rid of the remainder of the pain. After some time passed his mind was clear and the pain was gone so he opened his eyes,'It's time.' Yoshirou didn't exactly specify how much time they had nor did he have a watch on him but it just felt like it was time. If he was early then that was fine as long as he wasn't late. Metabee got up and headed to the meeting place to meet up with the Noble.
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    As Metabee conceded to Lord Kyoraku regarding his punishment, Scarlett and Olivia momentarily interrupted them. Though the intrusion was quite intense it ended up being harmless and only lasted a brief minute. Yoshirou manage to diffuse a potentially bad situation but the Commander had a slightly displeased look, with a hint of disappointment, plastered on his face though this too was but a fleeting moment. There were much better lies one could tell but all in all Yoshirou was satisfied as he even managed to make both girls laugh just before taking their leave. Besides Yoshirou was well rounded but even he found it difficult when addressing certain topics, or better put, certain topics with certain people. As the topic shifted gears the Advisor made a quick retort about hauling everything. “Well I guess we all have our limits. Imagine though how useful that would be on lonely nights,” Yoshi says laughing as he feels that joke would score high with Metabee. Or so he hoped but if he knew Meta like he though he did he might even burst out in laughter. Though if he didn’t Yoshirou would find away to rectify the situation. After giving a rough explanation of the day’s plan the Advisor consents, stating that he will gladly do what is needed of him. “Well then its settled. We’ll leave as soon as the convoy is loaded. Actually it shouldn’t be too much longer as it’s a good distance away, taking a little over an hour to get there,” Lord Kyoraku said implying that they were leaving soon because of the journey. “Since we’re pretty much finished here how about we gather what we need and meet up on the main floor. From there we’ll go and meet up with everyone else at the supply building.” This would give both men a chance to make whatever preparations were need before departure as it was a little bit of last minute planning. If both men were in agreeance Yoshirou would leave to inform Jessica or Harold about his departing so they wouldn’t needlessly worry before heading to his room to freshen up just a bit, as his morning started pretty early.
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    Yoshirou took his compliment of Zanjutsu Grandmaster but said that it was still not the promised time. When the conversation turned to Scarlett, Metabee said that he should be punished but the Noble retorted that its not a punishment if you enjoy it. The Captain raised his finger and then put it to his mouth in thought,'You've got a point...' Of course that statement was true and nothing could be said to disprove it which lead to defeat. Metabee's curiosity about the cat ears didn't get satisfied as Yoshirou whispered that such matters can not be discussed on the Clan grounds. He didn't really understand but what seemed to be a split second later the two maids came in curious about their conversation or if something was wrong with the food. The Noble got spooked and replied that they were just having a guy talk and that the food was excellent before giving him a look. The Captain followed up,'Yes, truly a feast of Kings!' He raised his glass which had some milk in it and even though it was not alcohol the gesture was all the same. As he was looking at the two maids they started rubbing their ears. Ooh, kitties came for a scratch! His imagination got the better of him and he imagined cat ears sticking out of the maids heads propping up at the sound of their conversation. The joy it would bring to scratch those fluffy ears to him and the maids. Shame it was only a fantasy. Scarlett caught him staring and blushed slightly before looking away not knowing what to look at in particular. To redirect the topic Yoshirou said that they were discussing who could spit further which the maids weren't too thrilled to hear. The Noble winked at him but all he could do was show disappointment on his face saying,'Bro, is that the best you can think of?' Though he couldn't blame him since both of them were bad with talking under pressure. He seemed to understand the problem more now so he let Yoshirour handle it so as not to dig themselves a bigger hole. Scarlett then said a phrase that Metabee hasn't heard for quite some time now but either way she seemed happy as she let out a giggle. The maids cleaned up the table from empty plates before leaving to the kitchen once again. The two men were left alone to finished the remains of their food and Yoshirou let out a sigh of relief as the topic changed to todays plans which he followed up with a joke. Metabee frowned jokingly,'Hey, just because I can make stuff doesn't mean I can give myself extra pairs of arms.' The Captain understood the reasoning behind it though and listened to the Noble's explanation. Everything was organised thoroughly but he had to admit it seemed like a lot of work for 15 people to cover the whole district but that didn't matter. Those people were counting on their help. Once the explanation finished, Yoshirou let him speak and he nodded,'Seems all good to me. Tell me my role and I'll do it. Maybe by the time we come back JDan will have respawned.' Both of them had finished with their food so he was ready to go anytime but first he assumed that they would have to prepare the supplies and wagons before they could head off.