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    Monk stuttered for only a second, but it was enough for someone. No something to interrupt him. Another creature he had sworn to kill, one that had tormented him and unknown to Monk had been pushing him closer and closer to insanity, as Monk recognises the voice he whispers under his breath, “Phantom....” and now Monk was nothing but a mere souls trapped in Seritei. The Phantom spoke in riddles, nothing ever seemed clear when it came out of his mouth, but he spoke of retribution. Which was all Monk wanted a second chance to try again and take his revenge, was he perhaps going to be granted a second chance by the Phantom. Monk thinks grasping to straws wanting to escape death and what came after. Emerging from shadow Monk jumps back instinctively, he felt weak on this form, he had no defence and the Phantom brought a great feeling of dread. Monk now wished he had avoided and never take this Phantoms words as truth. Only now was Monk beginning to see how he had been manipulated on both sides. “No.....” he whispers again under his breath. As Yoshirou recognises the Phantom as well, monk saw that the Phantom had never been a friend and the information was not for Monk gain, but his own. But the worst was yet to come. Only feet away from where Monk had stood a second ago, the very spot that his hollow body had been absorbed and destroyed, turn to nothing. A huge beam of energy erupts into the sky and expands and materialises. A huge demonic door, guarded by two skeletons holding the door. Then it begins to open and it was opening to greet only one of them. Monk. As the doors open they are stopped from opening completely by a rope covered in paper talismans. Monk had wanted to face his death bravely, but what he saw next drained him of his bravado. A demonic creature lay beyond the door and it was eyeing Monk. Without a second thought Monk turned and ran towards the only hope he could find in his fear filled heart. Towards Yoshirou and the other Shinigami. “No, please no” he yelled to no one in particular, he just wished to be saved from the fate that was waiting beyond those doors. But as he ran chains had leapt from the doors like snakes and wrap themselves around Monk before he can reach Yoshirou or Metabee. “NOOOOO!!!” Monk screams straining his voice box with pure fear. Running no longer an option. Monk tries to fight against the pulling of the chains as he is pulled towards the machete wielded by the great creature beyond the gates of hell. “No, I will not go” Monk growls trying to dig his feet into the ground, but the dragging was relentless. With his final breaths then, he decided to curse those he wished dead. “I’ll be back Yoshirou. No one is safe, I will have my revenge on you and everyone and everything you care for. I’ll drag everything down with me even if it takes me ten-thousand years to escape I’ll make you suffer and you Phantom, when I see you next I’ll tear your head from your shoulders and you will come back and help me get MY revenge.” The machete draws closer, Monk feels the hairs on the back of his neck raise sensing death. “Seritei will fall by hand....” the last of Monks words only echo and fade as his souls as been pieced by a guardian of hell, Monk essence been completely dragged in. Monk was no more. He hadn’t felt a legacy nor a footprint. All that remained now. Was a Sinner.
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    Once Yoshirou released his Bankai, Monk's fate had been sealed pretty quickly. However, he didn't go without a fight. Until the very end he struggled in order to kill his target. It was quite admirable watching such drive but it was also true insanity as even when cut in half he did not give up. Metabee himself experienced what it was like to be cut in half by that Zanpakuto when their were sparring in the virtual reality simulation. It wasn't painful but the feeling of your organs being destroyed one by one was unpleasant nonetheless. It seemed that before Yoshirou would end the Arrancars life, they talked for a brief moment but the Captain was much too far to hear any of it. Even if the gravity returned to normal he had no need to get close to them. Then, in the next moment only two of them remained as Monk's whole body was devoured by the balls the Noble was using. Metabee let out a sigh of relief as the fight had come to an end. Seiretei had seen many invasions by now and another one was prevented in this very moment. Certainly, if either of them were alone the fight might have turned out completely different. The Captain removed his mask just a few seconds before it would run out to save himself a burst of exhaustion. His bones had fully recovered but some burns still remained though he could now heal that with Kido since the fight was over. However, he still didn't seal his Zanpakuto since he wanted to wait until the end just to make sure. After Monk's body disappeared, in its place his soul had appeared. It was not that of a Hollow anymore but that of a normal human being. Would what happen now? No one knew. It was then that Metabee felt a very dark presence, one that didn't come from Monk or one that he recognised. Although he didn't see any person appear a voice could be heard. Even though the Captain was this far away the voice was loud enough to hear as if it was said telepathically. The owner of the voice then appeared though it didn't seem to be a Shinigami or a Hollow or any other race. The person's appearance was also mysterious as the black robe didn't give any clues away. A large beam of energy then surrounded Monk's soul which caused Yoshirou to retreat and Metabee went to his side in case they would have to fight yet another battle. Though this one would be even harder as this person was far stronger than Monk was. Right before their eyes the Gates of Hell had opened and wanted to take Monk while the black figure watched on in delight. A few minutes ago Metabee told Monk of this possibility but the Arrancar didn't care about it as he was too blinded by his own hatred. Now that he was powerless how would he react? Perhaps now his fate would be worse than a simple death as he will have to endure torture for several hundreds or perhaps thousands of years.
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    Under the tremendous weight Monk tries to keep himself upright for as long as he can. With all his injuries and fatigue taking its toll it was a helpless struggle. Try as he might the stress was just too great causing him to stumble to the ground. With grace, fluidity and undeniable power Yoshirou brings his sword down… The cut was so swift that the pain had yet sink in. Monk hits the ground after stumbling but his body is no longer whole. His stout body was like a tree sliced in half. The upper half fell while the trunk, or in Monk’s case his legs, remained firm and upright; though they too eventually tumbled as well. From the newly severed wounds blood squirts and gushes like a bad scene from a horror movie. While literally lying on his deathbed the Hollows first of his last words was a question; “Is this really it? My life goal a failure?” To those words the Noble looked at him with piercing eyes, “No matter the evil nor how vile the villain, good will always find a way to triumph,” Yoshirou says putting emphasis on always. For the moment the Arrancar remains silent. “Perhaps they do contemplate their lives just before the end.” Though this was merely a thought kept to himself. After a few short moments Monk uses the last bit of his strength in vein. With his last breath he pronounces his wishes to live though it was far to late. The five black holes that had surrounded the Hollow devoured him in his entirety, consuming and erasing his sins. It was a trait of all Zanpakutos’ though Akemi Kosumosu performance was much more dramatic and theatrical than others. Nothing but his cleansed soul remained. Giving his killer the stink eye Monk states that he will never forget nor forgive this. Yoshirou relinquishes his Zanpakuto. With his innate abilities the double bladed sword simply floats next to him in a vertical position. Looking at Monk’s with nothing but compassion in his eyes Yoshi declares, “You are free now go in peace.” The former Hollow had a few more complaints but Yoshi had no reason to pay his words any attention. He naively spoke of letting him go and only wanting to survive. It was almost laughable how he spoke of survival yet that was all any of his victims ever wanted. Another day at life to see what it may hold- New experiences and old comforts never to be experienced again. But that was merely a dream that would have to carry over into the next stage of life as death was just another door, not a dead end. Annoyingly Monk was about to continue prolonging his transition to the next stage but suddenly everything changed. Picking up where Monk left off and unknown but familiar presence speaks. “I, I, I…” As if mocking Monk the presence starts off with a stutter though his voice quickly becomes clear for all to hear. “I see even you fell short. Fret not for you will have an infinite amount of time to pick up where you left off… an unlimited amount of chances to whittle down those you mean to vanquish. Though not today, eventually retribution will be yours...” The voice resounded in every direction but at first it would be hard to find meaning behind his words. Emerging from the shadow of the cleansed but corrupted soul “he” makes his whereabouts known. Cloaked in the same exact robe from back then, the same one as always it was undoubtedly an evil far more wicked than Monk. “So it was you all along??!!" Yoshirou says surprised beyond belief but before anyone could respond further something even more spectacular and disbelieving happened. From the spot in which Monk’s remains would have laid a huge beam of energy erupts towards the sky. The column of energy quickly expanded and materialized. Upon doing so Yoshirou had no choice but to retreat out of its way. Retreating half way back to Metabee the Noble lays his eyes on something extremely rare to see in the Soul Society… Large gates stretched to the very sky as if scraping it. Upon the giant broad doors was a pair of skeletons so stark white that it seem as if they were soaked in bleach for countless eons. Across their heads were bandages that cover up one eye apiece. Each took their respective arm, crossing it over their chests resembling a door handle for some gigantic being. Slowly the doors open but they were tethered on the inside by enormous ropes preventing them from opening to far. The face and left arm of a large demonic creature can be seen behind the gates. It wields a blade worthy of its preposterous size. Its left arm and face are covered in tattoos resembling tribal markings but far more intricate. Without warning nor hope for escape the creature strikes out to pierce the soul of a true sinner, as it has done numerous times before. All the while chains upon chains shoot forth in order to ensnare Monk and drag him back to the underworld, for the gates that appeared were none other than the Gates of Hell… Mean while Sama’el remained by Monk’s side waiting to guide and welcome Monk into the next phase or chapter of his existence.......
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    Monks last stand was desperate. In fact it was hopeless. Monk knew as he reached forward his chance of survival was zero, but his chance of killing Yoshirou was still possible. He would still keep his promise that he would still beat him to a pulp, even if it was with his last breath. Even Yoshirou raising slightly of the ground did not deter Monk, it only made Monk want to drag him back to the ground and beat him into the earth. But it wasn’t to be as Monk attempted to lunge, not only does Yoshirou counter, coming straight on for Monk, but Monk stumbles on his left leg. The one he had pushed earlier in the battle. Before all is too late Monk tries to regain his balance. It was far to late now. His body falls forward or what was left of it. Yoshirou strike would have cut him in half if it wasn’t for stumbling. But now he had been cut at and diagonal angel and his lower half had been separated from him on a on that diagonal angel. His legs left behind, Already collapsing. Monk begins to draw his final breath as his upper half rushes towards the ground. ‘This really is it. My life long struggle for this. My life goal a failure.’ Memories begin to return to Monk. Memories he thought he had forced away, forgotten, both fond and sad ones. Finding a friend when he was a mere hollow. Growing in strength. Watching humans as they lived there complicated, yet simple life. ‘Do I actually respect that’ Monk thinks as he imagine a humans short life in comparison to his. All his long life had seem to achieve was give him more regrets. As he grew older his achievements lessened and failure grew in number. Loss of friends, allies and now most importantly his own life. Which led him to now as his body hits the hard ground with a undignified splat as he lands in a pool of his own blood. Monks right hand twitches a finally struggle as he pulls on muck and soil trying to drag himself away. “I don’t want to die” he gurgled on his own blood. His fear of death had brought his strong Hierro into existence. What cruel fate brought him an opponent that didn’t care for his Hierro. “Pl-“ Monks final plea is cut short, been so close to death, he had been unaware of the 5 orbs converging on him and he hadn’t even realised his own death had happened. It was so quick, apart from been cut in two, his final moment were almost painless, his body devoured to nothing. Nothing at all. Not even his cloths, his wooden mask, his Zanpakuto. Everything he was, everything he had done. With no trace of him. It was like he had never existed.... The only thing that now remained of Monk was his soul depicted as a younger version of the humanity that showed as an arrancar. Instead of thin strands of hair. He had a full head of white hair, without a hollow Mask both his eyes where sky blue, he almost looked peaceful, if it wasn’t for the glare he jabbed at Yoshirou. One way or another he had been slain by a Shinigami’s Zanpakuto, his sins as a hollow all but forgiven in single swing of a blade. “I’ll never forget this Yoshirou. Never forgive this” Monks echoing voice as a soul still carried the hate he wanted it to, but deeper Monks voice was shaking in fear. “You could have let me go.... all I ever wanted was to survive” all while Monk spoke a evil, twisted presence began to fill the air. Getting bigger all the time Monk spoke. “I.....”
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    “Bankai.” With a weight that felt like the entirety of the cosmos, Monk’s fist was diverted downward. He had no choice but to take a knee bowing before the Noble Shinigami. It was ironic. The Arrancar that had reaped so much death heated death gods. He was now even bowing before one like those do just before begging you to spare their lives. However Monk remained silent. While the opportunity still presented itself Yoshirou stepped forward slashing diagonally attempting to cleave the Hollow in two. With his two Zanpakutos now united their destructive capabilities were incomparable to before and that power was now aimed at Monk’s body. Monk remains still. It was almost as if he’d given up and resigned himself to his fate. There was no telling what he was thinking while he watched his imminent death approach. The blade of Yoshirou’s is unforgiving consuming nearly everything leaving very little in left behind… Just before Monk was hacked in two his basic instinct to survive kicked in forcing his body to move despite the incredible force upon him. With a last ditch effort Monk fires another Gran Rey Cero hoping for something. Due to the gravity it wasn’t much but the power behind the attack propelled Monk backwards and the Cero itself again was quickly devoured. Still it was too little too late. While he avoided taking a hit to the body the tip of Akemi Kosumosu still managed to slash his throat. Luckily for Monk he wasn’t beheaded but it was still a fatal wound. Had the fight been over perhaps the Arrancar could have found away to live, but with not one but two Shinigami’s present such a thought was merely a dream. The Hollow’s back hit the ground as he slide a foot or two. Blood gushed from both the Hollow’s mouth and the gaping hole in his neck, making it impossible to tell where the gurgling noise was coming from. Using his elbows Monk props himself up. Fire was now visible oozing from his mouth. Blood and fire danced to the tune of death as if preparing for an honored guest. Whether it was due to gravity, the hole in his neck or a bit of both the flames could only crawl forward. Yoshirou had no need to avoid the attack as he could easily absorb them once they reached his feet. But out of a weird sense of respect for what Monk could have been Yoshi avoids the dwindling embers by levitating just above him. “A fighter to the bitter end,” he says amused. As mentioned, strength was very deadly and versatile but it had two major flaws. One was the stamina required to constantly use the ability to the fullest making it very taxing on the user over prolonged periods of time. Second, was the dramatic decline in usability the more bodily injuries that were sustained. Staring at Monk the Noble could only be amazed as he still had the strength to get to his feet despite death rapidly approaching. Even if hunched over it was commendable that he was up right at all with his injuries. “Before you die tell me who filled your head with such nonsensical lies and sent you here to die. Tell me and I will make sure they pay…” “Very well,” says Yoshirou as he could tell his adversary was preparing for one last attack. Yoshi briefly wondered what Monk was thinking. Was it the same for Hollows and Arrancars as it was for humans? Was Monk’s entire life flashing before his eyes? Was he hashing over ever detail? Satisfied with every choice? Or was the longevity of his life filled with mistakes and regrets? Of course there was no way of knowing but Yoshi hoped that perhaps even for a fleeting second the demon would see the error of his ways. With every ounce of strength Monk could muster he takes a few steps forwards and strikes. Instead of waiting for the attack Yoshi meets Monk with an attack of his own. Using his reach and speed advantage Yoshirou continues to display his zanjutsu prowess using Agitowari. The powerful zanjutsu technique that was further enhanced by gravity and Bankai would savagely bisect Monk in two starting from his head then down his midsection and anything else they connect with. Yoshirou would then have the five orbs that surrounded Monk converge on him devouring his entire body leaving only his soul left to traverse to the afterlife, broken and alone. The singularities in the form of orbs would rush the Arrancar from all sides including one from directly above him. The gluttonous orbs ate as if starved animals unable to get there fill. Without a trace of his remains left the battle would drawn to an end. If Monk tried to dodge the Agitowari, Yoshirou would still follow through with the attack. His hope was that it might still land somewhere, just not where he initially intended. If Monk was still within sword range, Yoshi would proceed to perform a horizontal slash, starting from the same direction Monk evaded too. If Monk were no longer in range Yoshirou would smile wryly. Time and time again the Arrancar proved to be full of surprises no matter how insane he may appear. “You’ve done well but your reign of terror ends here…” he says once again pointing his blade at the assailant. Without another seconds delay Yoshi pulls back his double bladed sword nearly as fast as he swung it. “Wamuhoru.” The blade on the back end of the sword pierces through the black orb floating behind him. It wasn’t from the left, right, front or the back in which Yoshirou’s Zanpakuto emerge from. It appeared through the fifth sphere directly above Monk aiming for his head. So far the majority of Yoshirou’s abilities have revolved around absorption and gravity. With any luck the dying Hollow would be caught up and finished off with this attack. Simultaneously the Noble lifted his free hand pointing it at Monks lower body. “Haien,” Yoshirou says using the same kido he did to start the fight. Together the two attacks would act as a pincer strike making evasion that much harder. Whatever the outcome was the gravitational force exerted from Yoshirou's Bankai release would dissipate though now it most likely made little difference if any at all.
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    The pause in the fight had been long, long enough for all participants to exchange words. Yoshirou saying that if by some chance Shinigami’s had gotten to him first he could have been a Shinigami himself even a captain. But now and as a hollow the very idea disgusted him and he stated that Monk should die for the innocent lives he had taken. But they weren’t innocent. Future Shinigami’s are just a guilty as present ones. The unknown Shinigami even shares a few words suggesting killing Shinigami would not bring about the peace Monk wanted. That if Monk succeeded on more death would follow. But it wasn’t just Shinigami’s as beings. It was what they could happen upon Monks death that was brought along by Shinigami. Death by any other race would be safe. But not Shinigami’s. But Monk refused to tell the Shinigami’s anymore, he would not lose. Monk knew how reckless his attack was with his left arm restricted, half his defence was down because of it. However it was Monks hope that this would put his opponents at ease make him underestimated Monk. But Monk soon found out that he was the one who had misread his opponents. Upon a single word been spoken the weight of a thousand worlds begins pushing down on Monk. He was now aware of Yoshirou’s abilities, but this was on another scale, Monk faint punch is driven down and crashes with the ground, if not for his Hierro he was sure all his fingers would have broken upon impact and the weight continued to force him to his knees. But Monk refused to go lower. This was his opponent Bankai. A transformation took place in front of Monk. His opponent took a form that almost looked as though it absorbed all light. It was black, pitch black and the blade that his opponent held looked much more sinister. Like it was made to kill and nothing more and there was more 8 small orbs surrounded his opponents. Monk couldn’t be sure what they were, but he guessed they would have similar effects to Yoshirou weapon and now that sinister blade swung towards Monk. After a single step Yoshirou swung down the blade and Monk could only watch in fear as he saw his imminent death racing towards him. ‘I thought I could win. My end is this, on my knees, in front of a Shinigami’ time seemed to slow as death drew closer. ‘I can’t even say I’ve had a good life, it’s only been a never ending struggle and what’s it all been for’ Monk was about to close his eyes an fire raging within him like nothing before. It was his fire. Monk stares down the blade for a second, then his opponent. Firing the Gran Ray Cero in his mouth it knocks Monk backwards, which had at least served a purpose as it was instantly absorbed by his opponent Bankai. But it was not enough, the blade connects and runs into Monks neck with little effort as if his opponents spiritual pressure far exceeded his own. As the blade connects and Monk gasps in pain, he is forced to swallow blood, goosing from his neck a large gash was poring blood and Monk was drooling it all the same like a savage. Flat on his back Monk refused to give up, he pushes himself up on his elbows. His opponent had dealt a deadly blow. But Monk felt far from deaths door, all he wanted was Yoshirou dead and if that meant dying too. So be it. “Gōka” Monk spits, his voice muffled by the force of gravity. It had been many years since Monk had used this. Since he had removed his Mask. His secret weapon. Monk opens his mouth, a glow appearing at the back of his throat until flames are climbing out of his mouth, the force of the gravity forces the flames to the ground, but like larva they just crawl, covering Monk in a bed of flames and slowly creeping towards Yoshirou. It was Monks last defence in his desperate situation. Hopefully while Yoshirou was dealing with what in this situation would be a pathetic defence. Monks anger and rage powers him though the force of the gravity, brining him to a hunched, but stood up state. But the force of gravity was immeasurable, taking a single step backwards to him far to long, keeping his defence raised was impossible, his arms would just be forced down by the gravity. The only path left was forward. ‘Kill them all, kill them, kill him, kill Yoshirou Kyoraku’ Monk trudges forward. Though fire which would not effect him and in a few heavy steps he was close enough to his opponent. He slowly raises both arms, pushing them as fast as his could towards his opponent. One going for his opponent head, if he grabbed it he would crush it. His other hand slowly reaching towards his opponent chest on level where his heart would be, again hoping to crush it. This a desperate attempt at victory for a desperate hollow. Escape was not an option in the opponents territory. Seritei would most likely be Monks death. The only thing Monk was capable of doing now was taking Yoshirou with him. Dragging his opponent with him. If this failed then.... what had been the point in all of this, Monk had searched so long for a goal. Was it going to kill him.
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    There was so much to ask and do yet so little time. By now the sun has completely set and the only light was from the moon and fires around them. Surely those back at the previous village nervously waiting, hoping for some sort of good news. Even so the hellion before them had the audacity to speak of manners and take a stab at telling a joke. Or at least that’s what it seemed he was doing. Even in the face of great terror the Kido Commander is able to return a sly remark of his own followed by his name. For a moment Yoshirou thought about cutting Metabee off, stopping him from revealing his name. But a person like Sama’el could easily find out that much if he really didn’t already know it. Deciding as much Yoshi simply bit his tongue [(just a figure of speech, not literal)] allowing the introduction to happen. Despite the grim situation Metabee did manage to bring a smile to the Noble’s face with the bit of flare he used when stating his name. It was the first time he’s used a surname but he stated it proudly and naturally. Although it was not Kyoraku it was still beautiful. “I know the Kyoraku wouldn’t surround himself with fools but to think that at some point you both willingly gave me your names. How powerful the gods of death must feel. Pride and arrogance are the biggest killers you know,” says Sama’el as if simply giving advice to a child. “You talk all high and mighty but you’re just a more sinister version of evil than the last guy. If I remember correctly last time I killed the Togabito with you and took your arm…” says Yoshirou but cut short before he could finish. Sama’el takes a step forward, “You killed guards that do not know the meaning of death. Such a thing is like killing a few locusts in a swarm… hopefully meaningless.” Sama’el takes another step increasing the pressure and tension between them. “You took an arm and I took a thousand fold. Do you really brag while we talk over a mound of your dead brethren??? We’re not so different after all then.” He finally stops a few feet away from the Shinigami and while in reality he was a little shorter than Yoshirou his presence felt the size of a mountain. He then reaches out his right hand, “If that’s true, come and join me.” The Demon was initially speaking to Yoshirou but the offer was the same for Metabee. He merely asked for your soul in return.
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    When Metabee arrived next to Yoshirou he said that his person was Sama'el. It did seem like it was very long ago that they talked about him. The Captain spoke,'So it's him. The demon without chains.' Even the two of them would not be enough to beat him. If he came to attack it would surely be a big struggle for Seiretei but for now it seemed like he wasn't in a rush to do so. The black figure simply took great joy in seeing Monk's struggle. Perhaps it was all because of him that this happened. Once the Gates of Hell were open there was no return. Monk wouldn't be able to escape and all present knew that. Yet he tried to struggle against it, just like he struggled all his life. Even though he hated them, Monk turned to the two Shinigami with the tiniest sliver of hope that they might save him from his impending doom. However, there was nothing they could do to help him. All that he was left with right until the end was despair as he cursed them while being dragged in but before seeing his demise the demon stepped in the way and a moment later they could hear a gruesome noise and Monk's voice had disappeared. Sama'el spoke once again saying that he was only here for the show though Metabee was still a bit doubtful if an army of demons wouldn't emerge from beyond the gates. However, it was also true that such a strong being didn't have a need for an army since he himself was a one man army worth a thousand demons or even more. Without any further surprises, the Gates of Hell closed and only three of them remained. Metabee wasn't as reckless as to charge so both of the Shinigami stood their ground and awaited the demon's next moves. Even though Monk was gone now Sama'el still hasn't left which the Noble commented on. The demon simply retorted and complimented them on their battle before focusing on Metabee and asked for his name. It was true that the Captain barely spoke during the battle so perhaps it was simple curiosity but did people with such power ever do things out of curiosity? Did he have some sort of plan and this was simply an ulterior motive to fit the pieces in? Metabee spoke,'You can't be late if you were never invited in the first place. My name is Metabee. Metabee Ainsworth.'
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    Yoshirou stood there in awe and wonder at the demonic yet intricate beauty of the Gates of Hell. He had seen them numerous times over is lifespan yet he could count on one hand the number of times they have appeared in the Soul Society. A Shinigami could live their entire life and never see such an event. The Kido Commander appeared next to him but he never broke his focus. “Its him Metabee... Sama’el. The one I briefly mentioned the first time I paid you a visit,” Yoshirou says. It had been a while and it was so brief that he was unsure if Meta would recall. Either way it didn’t matter as he stood before them now with the gates as if the Custodian of Hell. “I’m not sure why he’s showed himself but be cautious. Not only can he appear through and manipulate shadows he can also phase through objects.” Screams and pleas resounded through the air cutting Yoshirou’s briefing short thou there wasn’t much more he knew to tell. In Monk’s act of desperation he ran towards his killers hoping for salvation. But there was nothing that they could do. It wasn’t a matter of wanting to help but they were absolutely powerless to intervene. The most a Zanpakuto could do was cleanse the sins you’ve committed while your soul was twisted into a grotesque creature, aka Hollows. You will always be accountable for the things you’ve done while a live as a human. It was sort of an injustice how the weakest of races suffered the most scrutiny but that was a different topic all together. It was obvious that Monk was under great stress as his mood and emotions were bouncing all over the place. But how does one act while being dragged back to Hell??? Well that’s easy. Most react exactly like the corrupted soul before the two death gods. First they plea for help but once they realize that’s useless they always, always end up cursing, prophesizing revenge. Whether they mean it of not it was most likely just an instinctive reaction to such a horrible fate. It’s usually after saying it, that words have any meaning… or they come to see how foolish and impossible their threats really were; coming to seek redemption instead longing for vengeance. To Monk’s threats Yoshirou remained silent. He already stated his opinion on how, good would always find away. Instead he watched his soul be chained, skewered and reeled in like the catch of the day. In his place Sama’el appears. Surprised by his abrupt arrive Yoshirou takes a defensive stance but stands his ground. “This is bad,” he says out of pure reflex. The evil foreboding aura emitting from him was enough to break the feeble minded. The vile robe were so black it makes Yoshirou’s orbs look like a faded pair of jeans which didn’t help the situation either. It alone is enough to strike fear in those unfortunate enough to see it. At Yoshirou’s remark Sama’el couldn’t help but smile but like Monk his face was hidden from view. Luckily for them two the face of true horror remained unseen. “Your words humble me but I assure you I am only here for the show,” says Sama’el. He then blatantly turns around in time to witness the Hell Gates close. “Amazing isn’t it??? I assure you that never gets boring in a place like this.” Yoshirou saw multiple opportunities to attack but thought is wiser to remain steadfast. If anything turning his back was bait and Sama’el wanted to see if either one of them would bite. Besides if he was telling the truth, he was only here as a spectator and attacking him could change that. “The shows over so you can go now!” Yoshirou states while tightening the grip on his Zanpakuto. “Those with power are always the rudest,” Sama’el says turning back around. “And you are far more powerful than you led on during our first visit. How naughty of you to deceive me. All the same you two certainly but on a great show,” he says turning his head towards Metabee. “Jeez where are my manners? I didn’t catch your name, I’m Sama’el but people call me many things. Just don’t call me late...”
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    Shinedown always seem to come through and announce the release of a new album just in time to rekindle my will to live~ <3