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    “Well said, that’s certainly an answer I can respect,” Kenlaw replies nodding. “Your far more kind than even the rumors state. It is clear as day why Lord Kyoraku took a liking to you; honestly you make it hard not to,” he says grinning. “To answer your question why I choose the Kyoraku Clan its pretty simple. Both my parents worked for them for as long as I can remember so when I became of age I naturally joined. They took such great care of my folks it was really an easy decision to make. And once they were accepting outsiders to bare their name I instantly jumped at the opportunity. As you say I’ve always felt a since of belonging. Although I lived a far different live style as a child, I grew up with most of the children,” Kenlaw states with a hint of sadness. It was well known that most of the Clan was wiped out in a massive attack. Sensing the slightest sadness in Kenlaw’s tone Yoshirou intervenes. “Kenlaw has always been family it was us who recognized it so late. So are you two,” he says looking at the two girls sitting next to each other. They were in a similar situation and also officially joined when Kenlaw did. In unison all three speak up stating that his words are far to kind, in some phrase or another. You could tell not only in there voice but by the looks in there eyes that the truly were happy. Returning to his original conversation Kenlaw resumes. “So Lord Metabee do you feel that way about the Kyoraku yourself? Is that what influenced you to join? If not do you see yourself feeling that way someday?” The conversation was growing more and more interesting making the traveling a little easier, like any good conversation. This time though it was Yoshirou who was very interested in how Metabee would reply.
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    Everyone listened curiously to his story and especially Kenlaw who asked the question to begin with. Metabee also listened to his answer which once again made him smile. Eventually the Captain chuckled. It was something so simple even Kenlaw would understand even though he probably was no fighter. He answered with a smile,'No need to be stiff. It's a valid question and it was merely a manner of speech from me. I can see that you respect your superiors a lot. As for your question, you put too much focus on things that are meaningless. Kido, Zanjutsu, what does it matter? I'm not sure if I'm speaking to the right crowd but to those who joined this Clan by choice, I ask you why? Why this Clan and not one of the other three? The answer is simple. You felt a bond. You felt that you belonged there. It was the same for me. I finally found a place for myself at the Kido Corps. It became my home. I'm not doing this for status. It means nothing to me. I'm doing this because it's my home.' Hopefully, that would satisfy Kenlaw but if he wanted something more explained the he surely wouldn't mind. It would make for a better discussion if everyone asked what they wanted but even if it was only between him and Kenlaw the journey would go much faster.
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    Kenlaw listen intently to Metabee speak briefly about his past. It was always wise to know about those around you especially your superiors. What makes them tick or tock, knowing this made it easier to navigate when around them. Although Yoshirou wasn’t the type to be concern about most Nobles were, making him the exception. Having so much power often twists one’s perception drastically changing their outlook on things. “I did not intend to nonchalantly speak of a Captain or Captain Commander as if it were attainable by the masses. I simply mention it, as surely it is a title that a Kido Commander, which values their swordsmanship more then kido, could easily clench. One with high praises from Lord Yoshirou Kyoraku no less,” he states pausing for a short moment. He spoke respectfully and his tone showed that he meant nothing by his words; he was simply expressing his high evaluation of the Commander, even if it meant little coming from him. “But you haven't exactly answered my question so I’m still curious why not be a member of one of the other Squads instead of the Kido Corps. if your sword is better than your kido. Or is there something more to your transfer of Divisions, if so I do not mean to pry and again I apologize for doing so.” As the conversation happened over a matter of seconds Yoshirou just sat back and listened, while momentarily thinking of the day ahead. There was no need for him to interrupt as they were just getting to know each other, which Kenlaw was turning out to be more curious than anticipated.
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    After his quite lengthy speech, it seems that both sides backed down and didn't want to pursue the topic which he was happy about. However, Metabee didn't forbid them as men needed a healthy discussion from time to time but the problem came when one side persisted on being right and he didn't want it to turn in to that. They will have plenty more time for discussions later. The topic changed to him which he didn't mind. A lot of these people never saw him in their lives and probably never heard of him so they would naturally be curious. The two girls agreed on his statement as they watched the show last night. The two men grinned and he preferred it this way. It was a much happier topic that also brought out some excitement with it. When it was his turn to speak the Captain chuckled at Kenlaw's comment,'You're saying that as if anyone can just go and become Captain. Well, it's a long story. The Kido Corps isn't the first squad that I've been in so before joining I focused mainly on honing my sword skills. I was average at Kido, really. Only after I joined the Kido Corps did I start practicing it more. My fighting style revolves around energy manipulation so mastering Kido naturally came with it. Though the Kido Corps library did also help quite a bit. As for the rank, at the time I could say that I was quite lucky to become Captain but now I can actually prove that I am worthy, or at least I hope so. Still got a long way to go for Captain Commander though. There are still many that outmatch me. Feel free to ask more questions. I'll answer them all.' Metabee really did like telling this story and it brought a smile to his face. It made him remember all the good times and all the bad times. It's been a long journey but it's definitely been worth it. It came with many hardships, especially in the beginning, but he felt that it was a fulfilling life. He felt that if something were to happen to him, that his legacy would be remembered and continued by those closest to him.
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    Yoshirou listened to Metabee’s first response as it was directed at him. “Always so humble and serious when it comes to these subjects. I have complete faith that you won't abuse our resources.” But instead of stating it aloud he simply smiled and let the conversation continue. After the conversation got a little heated the Commander tells them both not to argue and states his opinion. They all had slightly different views, each with their good points as well as holes that could be exploited, so after everyone’s initial thoughts the topic was changed. While no real trouble would come from debating such things, even with opposing views, it wasn’t the best first encounter conversation, nor one that was really fun. Besides even on the off chance, angering a Noble who was your employer, and offending the Kido Commander, was not the best way to start the journey. It would make a long journey all the more uncomfortable. The supply warehouse where they departed from was located near the gates for the Clan’s property so the convoy was able to exit pretty quickly. Even still the ride before them would take about an hour and a half, with no delays of course. With the Advisor confirming that some of the rumors held some truth Marie spoke up. “We were both there and it was an amazing site to see,” she said while Cathleen nodded, agreeing. If you were to ask anyone that witness the battle last night their answers would all sound the same. Yoshirou and Kenlaw both grinned after hearing her words but Yoshi was the first to speak up. “I can gladly say I’m happy that he’s not an enemy I have to look for upon a battlefield.” “Is that so Lord Yoshirou,” Kenlaw replied. “Then why be the Kido Commander instead of a Captain or even Captain Commander?” Again replying first was Yoshi as he commented before Meta could answer. “Don’t let him fool you. He’s way to modest when it comes to his skill set. But I assure you his Kido is top notch and second to none.”
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    After Metabee responded both Yoshirou and Kenlaw made their comments. Both of them assured him that his reply was normal so he shouldn't feel bad about it. The Captain replied to the Noble,'Just because I have your support doesn't mean I should abuse it. There are some things I want to do on my own but the salary is welcome and appreciated,' he said while grinning. Kenlaw then continued by saying that from the Gotei maybe only Squad 4 did something like this while the other squads were busy fighting or attending to other duties. The Noble seemed to take this personally and a small argument happened though it showed how passionate Kenlaw was about this. He was happy about that. Metabee listened to both their points and thought that both of them were correct,' No need to argue. The problem doesn't lie only with the Nobles but with all people. It is simply human nature. Why should you go out of your way for someone that you never met, don't feel anything for? Honestly, I can't blame them. All of us have enough problems in our lives to deal with. All of us are selfish to an extent in one way or another. However, it is true that those who do help do indeed have a great heart. Be it the poor, average or the Noble. It takes a lot to be able to give to someone in need when you yourself need it a lot. Such great deeds will surely be rewarded. If you seek gratitude then you are better off doing this than fighting. Those who fight at the front lines, how much gratitude do they actually get? Humans never see them, the don't even know they are in danger and when they come back to Seiretei they get a 'well done' and maybe some reward at best. When you are at war how much does honour actually mean? At war the key is surviving because even if you fight for a good future it beats the point if you won't be around to see it.' Kenlaw decided it would be best to change the topic and asked about his sword skills. It was a question that he was asked often these days. Metabee chuckled,'Yes, even better. The rumours are true. You should have seen the reactions of the people when I fought Yoshirou. It seems that I instantly got some fans because of it. I prefer the sword to Kido. You can use the sword in any situation and in many ways to create yourself and advantage while the Kido depends mainly on the situation so the sword is much more reliable.'
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    Hearing Metabee’s answer Yoshirou was the first to reply. “Those are certainly days of the past. You can rest assure that the Kyoraku Clan will help with anything we can. Your practically family now after all,” he says smiling with a light laugh. “Besides I’ll have to pay you someway or another for being Advisor now.” Letting Lord Kyoraku finish Kenlaw response as well to the Commander’s answer. “Don’t worry. I don’t mean anything by it,” he replied assuring he meant no disrespect. “Your reply is pretty common and to be expected.” He leans forward a little uncrossing his arms. “This kind of work is not really the Gotei’s style. Only Squad 4 might consider something like this a task worthy of their time and doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not saying that they don’t care but with relatively little peace over the years something more pressing never fails to arise; and there’s very little glory to be found here,” he states leaning back once again. “Don’t you think your being a little harsh Kenlaw? Besides it is the Nobles’ job to provide for its people that way. Not the military,” Yoshirou interjects. It could be seen equivalent to a country’s elite forces doing charity work. Maybe not a bad thing but simply not the way things are conducted. “My apologies. Lord Kyoraku it wasn’t my attentions. But even still how many Nobles actually see to there people properly?? And then out of those how many go out of their way to help those in other territories or districts?? All I’m implying is that you are graciously out of the ordinary and should give yourself more credit. And Metabee I simply didn’t want you to feel ashamed for your lack of 'experience' in this area. For some reason whenever you ask someone if they do charity or volunteer work they think your out to make them look bad, so it’s a tough subject to go about,” Kenlaw responds earnestly. “Perhaps I should have chosen a better question to break the ice Lord Metabee... Is it true you’re just as good with a sword as you are at kido? There’s been an awfully lot of new rumors going around this morning,” he says looking back and forth between Yoshirou and Metabee.
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    Their interaction with Akoy being complete and no further interruptions they continued onwards with their destination finally being in sight. It was a massive building especially when compared to the rest of the buildings. It could even pose as a big extension of the manor itself! Metabee then gave his advice regarding the town to Yoshirou who listened carefully and gave his thought out response. The Captain responded,' I never said you have to sell the land. Renting would work too so you don't need to worry about that and just hope more people come.' The rest of the statement he agreed with and like the Noble said there will be a better time to discuss business. They arrived at the warehouse, which seemed even bigger up close, to see people working hard and carrying a large amount of supplies. They all seemed to know what to do, where to go and how fast it needs to be done so everything seemed well organised. There was seven large doors plus a smaller door which was probably the office as Yoshirou mentioned. Before they could go someone stopped them who would direct them. He bowed and both men returned the greeting before Yoshirou introduced them. Normally not many people knew of Metabee but it seems that soon everyone in the Kyoraku Clan will know of him. He didn't know if that was a good or bad thing. Being famous was hard after all. They were directed to door number three and informed that the convoy was almost ready so their timing was really good. Thanks to its size, there were many processes going on inside the warehouse and the lack of walls probably aided that by increasing efficiency. It was an amazing site as even this warehouse easily rivalled the size of the Kido Corps barracks. Yoshirou quickly located their convoy and let Joel go to attend to his other many duties. He said his farewell and Metabee nodded,' Likewise.' However, because they will be working in a team the introductions wouldn't end here, rather it was just the beginning. With so many new names and faces he was sure he would have trouble remembering them all. It was also something he needed a bit of time to get used to. There were many new people and each of them had a specific role that they did and it seemed like a great team so he was happy. Metabee greeted each of them politely and after meeting everyone it was time to set off. Their carriage had a total of 7 people including supplies so it was a bit cramped but he wouldn't complain. Actually, he was quite excited about this since it gave him a medieval feeling which was his favourite setting, aesthetically at least. The only thing that was missing was a wolf goddess that would sleep on the pelts and complain that she was hungry or bored once in a while when she woke up(don't worry if you don't ge the reference xD). Since their new destination was quite a ways from here it could not go without conversation. Kenlaw was the first to speak asking him if he had done something like this before. Metabee answered,' You could say so. I don't mind helping those who ask or those I see that are in trouble but we never went out like this to help districts. We never had so many supplies to begin with. Even before I became Captain I don't think we had something like this and no one really suggested it either so we just make sure that our own people have enough but we are not scared to help others.'
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    Responding, Metabee gave his personal suggestion on the way marketing should be as well as some entertainment ideas. Before Yoshirou could respond though a friend he had made around the time of reconstruction interrupted them. “Guess that can’t be helped. It’ll be better this way. Instead of simply telling him it will be much more fun to bring him back up here one night and show him how much the scenery changes,” he thinks before greeting Akoy. While there has yet to be any concerts, karaoke night does pop up pretty regularly. Heck some times more than once a week. There are also drinking and gambling, dance parties and a few other activities, albeit there was certainly room for more events. Without further ado the pair part from Akoy continuing onwards. The Commanders words on greed certainly were true. While he believes himself free of corruption, Yoshirou knew he couldn’t say the same thing about greed. Not personal greed entirely… but he definitely felt his desire and feelings towards his Clan could be consider greedy to an extent. As he’s repeatedly stated there’s nothing he would not do for the Clan and its betterment. While he monopolized nothing he would hoard success and prestigious accomplishments for the Kyoraku, if such a thing were possible, perhaps his worse demon. As they neared the building it continued to grow in size until finally reaching its peak. By no means was it overly huge but it was still one of the larges buildings around especially when compared to the smaller shops, vendors and other buildings used for everyday business. After hearing Metabee’s advise Yoshirou scratches at his chin. “Umm… I never really thought of building a town. My idea was more like a gathering/social place for the community that already exists,” Yoshi replies and by community he means the Soul Society itself. “But that could be a great idea. I surely wouldn’t stop a town from forming if that’s the direction this whole thing took. That is as long as its not segregated by class. We both know there is enough of that already in play without adding to it. It would be great though if more business owners came and evened out the ratio a little better. But I have to say I’m not fond of selling any of the land with it being so close to the mansion especially since it’s technically part of the Manor’s grounds. Instead we only rent out the land if you want to build or one can simply lease a building instead. And once all the kinks are worked out we will even offer start up incentives for those that qualify as sort of a kickstarter program,” he said pausing briefly. “But we will talk more of the boring intricacies of business later.” They arrive just outside the warehouse seeing workers come and go with goods and such. The door to the main offices was off the right side of the building with some larger doors in the center and left side, numbered one to seven. Each was tall and wide enough that at least two maybe three carriages could easily pass through side by side. “I’m not sure which bay they were leaving from so lets just go into the office,” says Yoshirou. Or at least he was going to say before they were greeted by the person he was looking for. “Lord Kyoraku, Lord Metabee,” says Joel, grabbing their attention. “I was informed to be on the lookout for you two.” He quickly bowed and Yoshirou returned the greeting and introduced Meta to him. He was the manager of this storage house and made sure everything ran smoothly and on schedule as it should. After a quick introduction they both follow him to bay number three. Along the short walk they were informed that a final walk through was being conducted and the convoy will be ready to depart within the next few minutes. As one enters they would first notice the a large open area that was used for loading and unloading; noticing that there were no walls between each of the seven doors though each led to a separate dock. Behind that were rows and rows of supplies and other goods that reached fairly high that were separated into different categories and sub-categories. Even further were a few other rooms but it was to far to see them from up front. “Aw that must be us,” states Yoshirou pointing at two rows of covered wagons. “It sure is,” replied Joel with a smile on his face; its not every morning that you have two highly ranked individuals visit. “Well we can take it from here, don’t let us hold you up any longer,” says Yoshirou knowing that manager of such a place was always a fast pace job. “You’re never a hold up but if you are sure I will take this opportunity. Since the cargo has doubled I have more paper work to complete now, not to mention my other duties. Lord Metabee it was certainly a pleasure to meet you,” Joel says respectfully as he then bows and leaves. Reaching the front of the convoy Yoshirou introduces Metabee to a couple of the volunteers. First there was Courtney who was one of the chefs that would be preparing meals to go along with the supplies they were giving out. She had only been on a few of the other trips so she was still relatively new but her skills at cooking with just minimal materials they used on the go were superb. Then there is Alonzo and Stuart who are seasoned veterans as they both deeply enjoyed helping others out. The former is a chef’s assistance while the latter helps with setup and labor. Stuart was also a coach driver so it was very helpful having him around. After meeting some of the co-workers Kenlaw informed the group, more specifically Yoshi and Meta, that everything was prepared for departure. Kenlaw was typically in charge of the convoy and was one of the few that weren’t volunteers. No for him it was his job and a full time one at that with all the planning and logistics that goes into something like this. With everything loaded it was finally time to depart. Kenlaw leads Yoshi and Meta to the lead carriage and off they went. It seems for now they would be riding with Kenlaw, Cathleen, and Marie. Stuart was there coach driver and Alonzo drew the short straw and had to sit up front with Stuart for now. While the two girls were a little shy at first Kenlaw’s personality did not allow him to be. “So Commander Metabee is this your first time doing something like this?” he asks inquisitively, sparking conversation. Yoshirou looks at Meta. “That’s a good question I forgot to ask,” he says. He wouldn’t fault him though if he hadn’t. Metabee was the Kido Commander after all and was very busy. He was even in a similar situation and having to rebuild his Squads domain.
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    Character: Isoya Day: March 9th Location: J Hall I've gone past what most thought was impossible. Always having a Top Locker which was something rare at the "Time". I feel the senses of my core heightens. There is little time to falter as the echo of souls who have lost their reason to fight, the will to live. The lost ones that have become chainless on this earth lose their center of gravity in a reverse six feet under. In a days notice I was alert enough not to evacuate the city and see through the main illusionist and seek the truth about his damaged subordinates. Before I enrolled this year and had all my documents along with my flash drive I faced one hundred and ten disasters called hollows. Blink I did at the unbelievable sadness and once my vision saw the truth they were left obliterated. Now I find myself with six assignments to be done. Height: 5'11 Weight: 185 Eye color: Dark Hair: Straight
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    I'm trying to figure out what happened. There was a time skip in the game or something?
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      I totally forgot about that wonderful series. Rumor has it on reddit that some new chapters are coming out in the next few months. As naughty as Lilith's Cord is, I miss the tameness that is Cavalier of the Abyss. Also Nex and his children, And Nex and Serin, and Nex and his brother and the rest I guess.

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      Yeah Cavalier is where its at, couldn't bother to read a hentai manga. I could use some more chapters since it basically ends at a very pivotal point in the story.

  21. The Last Movie You Watched?

    Alice: though the looking glass.
  22. Shinfu,s day off.

    As shinfu sat there on the bench and eating his dumplings his eyes never stopped scanning the area for any kind of sign in which his brother was there. A man with a hood took a seat beside him, he reached into his pocket and as he pulled his hand out he had a cigarette between his fingers. " perfect day for research wouldn't you say." The man said as he placed the CIG into his mouth at the same time as lighting it. " nonsense the words perfect and research should not be used in the same sentence. " with that the man beside shinfu slipped a piece of paper into shinfus pocket then stood up and left, taking the parchment he opened it up as he began reading what his squad member wrote down. From what he wrote down there was a person which looked like the man that shinfu was looking for, he was coming and going from the woods over two district away. This probably meant that this person did not want to be followed so he was making sure that he kept his presence hidden but not very well seeing as one of shinfu solider was able to spot him. Burning the piece of paper shinfu stood up and began his way towards the next district to see if he could pick up any more clues about his missing brothers whereabouts.
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    Metabee listened to Yoshirou's response about advertisement,'Pshh, kid friendly is boring! Besides there isn't many kids here to begin with so I don't think you should prioritise that though yes being gender friendly is important. Still, we should do something that will interest others. By day, a normal town where you can shop but by night a place where people can unwind. I'm sure there are some sort of cheap fun events we could plan, even something like a small concert or karaoke night once in a while.' As they were talking someone called out for the Noble so they stopped once again however it wasn't a stray maid who overheard their conversation but a man who lived the ways of the land. The man named Akoy showed great respect but Yoshirou was casual as usual. After a brief exchange, Yoshirou introduced Metabee which surprised the man but he quickly greeted him with the same respect which Metabee returned. Of course the Noble used this chance to tease him as well,'Haha, quite the contrary. Usually only the upper circle knows who I am but I don't mind. It is also an honour to meet your Akoy. Yes, I am in great hands though I won't be staying here full time but you might see me once in a while.' Once Yoshirou asked Akoy if he needed anything the man showed his enthusiasm and brought something for them. It seemed to be one of those fancy waterbottles they have in the World of the Living and as he shook it liquid moved about. They thanked him but the Noble asked the question that was on both their minds. Akoy then told his story with the same enthusiasm. It seemed to be special spring water that would essentially be the same as an energy drink. Metabee was never a fan of those since he didn't feel like they worked at all on him but to each their own. It was still a great discovery! Perhaps it was even Akoy's life achievement so he was really happy for him. The Captain took a sip of the drink and indeed it did taste like really good water but either way he wouldn't feel the effects from such a small sip, if at all. Since they had a place to be they couldn't stay too long and chat so they had to leave,'Good luck, young entrepreneur.' The Noble then made a comment saying that the world would be a better place if everyone was like Akoy to which he agreed,'Unfortunately, the world runs on greed and corruption so we need to search for people like him with a candle. Maybe someday. We can only hope.' With that, they have reached their destination and Yoshirou asked for recommendations. On the inside there was not much to improve anyway but he really liked this idea of the town,'How about this, if you want the town to grow you should encourage more people to start their own business. That way you can build a little community but you would need to make some rules too for it to work. Perhaps have an even split, like 50% Kyoraku owned and 50% normal folk who would pay minor taxes. I don't know, it's up to you. We should take it slowly to make sure it works out well since it would be a waste if something were to go wrong.'
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    Yoshirou couldn’t help but smile, as he was delighted at the Kido Commanders response. It was pretty much what he was going for. A gathering spot for all to come and experience what the Kyoraku Clan as well as other vendors had to offer. While an overwhelming majority of the business are ran by the clan, they did offer stalls and buildings that could be rented out to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. While Yoshi agreed with the first part of Meta’s statement he didn’t fully agree with the ending. It’s true that it would be a great focal point and encourage camaraderie between the different squads and Shinigami's, but if placed in the center of the Seireitei it would fail to bring the benefits to the Clan in which he had initially hoped for. Of course he would never hinder or stop such an idea from proceeding into fruition and if it happened he would probably play a big role in its development. It’s just not one he would advocate for from the beginning, though future expansions are a completely different story. Meta continued as he mentions advertizing, mascots and cute girls with cat ears making Yoshirou smile and blush slightly. “That is a great way to sell the idea but I’m not sure that it would give off the correct vibe for this project of mine. It needs to remain kid and gender friendly, besides as Nobles we have enough stigmas to deal with,” he replies momentarily pausing thinking of another way to utilize the elusive cat eared maids. “I know a bar or tavern would be a perfect crowd and scenery for them to make an appearance; perhaps even their home base…” “Lord Kyoraku. Lord Yoshirou Kyoraku.” Just as the pair had started up once again a man passing on the opposite side calls out. Yoshirou gazes to his left and sees a familiar face. “Hello Akoy, how is your morning been?” Akoy with his rugged faced, which has been worn by the sun from countless days of work, bows out of respect before responding. “Always so courteous even to someone like me. I’m not sure why you have always been so nice to me but I’m not sure where I would be right now if you hadn’t given me a second chance at life…” “No you go to far. I simply loaned you one of the spar mobile stalls we had and you did the rest. Besides if I remember correctly you made your final payment on it earlier this month; six months ahead of schedule,” says Yoshirou holding out both of his arms and shaking both hands and his head, insinuating nothing else was owed. “By the way this is the Metabee. He is the new Kyoraku Advisor and a dear friend of mine.” Akoy was embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed sooner that Lord Kyoraku had company with him as he displayed a surprised look on his face though he quickly recovered and offered a proper greeting. “I was unaware that the Kido Commander had such close affiliation with the clan, but I’m sure everyone in the Soul Society knows who Captain Metabee is,” he says bowing just as he did for Yoshirou. "My name is Akoy and it is an honor to meet you Commander Metabee. If your with Lord Yoshirou then you could be in no greater hands and as his friend I bet your just as nice a person." “Hear that Meta your famous!” Yoshirou says teasing his buddy as such has become common between the two. After a quick but proper greeting Yoshi asks if there’s anything they could for them as they were kind of expected somewhere. The middle age man excitedly shook his head, “No it is I that have something to give you this time!” Akoy turned and quickly rushed back to the mobile stall he was pushing then promptly returned. In each hand he carried a clear cylinder traveling container. “Here these are for you two.” Before Akoy could explain or Metabee could ask, Yoshirou spoke out. “Thanks, but what is it?” “Why I’m glad you asked,” Akoy responds like a seasoned salesman. “I just so happened upon a spring in which I took a sip from and realized it wasn’t your average run of the mill water. While your initial thoughts may have you think it was poison it was quite the opposite.” Akoy excitedly continues, waving his hands and making gestures as he told the story albeit the short version. After a few moments Metabee and Yoshirou find out the spring is some how infused with spiritual energy and while it doesn’t have any sort of healing effects it does act as a 100% all natural energy drink; more or less the Shinigami’s version of red bull. They also find out that it is becoming a very popular drink and that Akoy is hoping to add a few flavor choices soon. Yoshi couldn't contain his happiness as a large smile appears on his face. This was exactly the sort of things and ideas he hoped would flock to the industrial side of the Manor’s grounds. Not necessarily the beverage but people taking risks and bring all sorts of new ideas to the “Industrial Sector.” “Thanks Akoy while it will be up to your peers and fellow citizens whether you fail or succeed, I personally wish you the best of luck.” With that everyone says there good byes and once again Metabee and Yoshirou are on their way to the supply warehouse. Once again breaking the silence Yoshi speaks up. “Only if more of Soul Society, no, all the realms where more like Akoy things would be a lot easier and much less complicated.” As he finished stating such their target destination finally comes into site. Although it’s been quite a long walk they will soon arrive as one of the largest buildings on the grounds come into view. While it was tall the bulk of its size came from its width not height as such was typical in any supply or large-scale storage facility. “Well Meta you have pretty much seen the majority of the property. As my Advisor and my friend I hope you will not hesitate to inform me of what is lacking or could use improvement if and when you may notice something,” he says genuinely.
  25. Kyouraku Mansion

    Since Yoshirou didn't want any peanuts for the way they started to head towards the supply house. While they walked the Noble explained why exactly there was a change in the cargo size to which he nodded. Metabee was all too familiar with such events. He was lucky that he was old enough when he first arrived at Rukongai so he was able to put up a fight when needed but children and the elderly had no such hopes. Soon enough they reached the second half of the manor which was closed off by a gate but there were people beyond it. After they walked through it Yoshirou quickly explained the purpose of this area as they looked around. He was really amazed at what he saw as this was truly a first for any kind of squad of division. A place where everyone can gather and spend time together, joke around, do their shopping without any sort of hostility was a big step forward. The Noble asked him for his opinion and he smiled,'I like it. It's like a small town. We Shinigami need such an area to be together. There is too much meaningless competition between the squads. It's good to be competitive but some take it too far and squads don't talk much between themselves the way it is now. I wish we had such a thing in the middle of Seiretei where everyone could access it easily.' Metabee stoked his beard in thought for a moment,'If you want to get this place busier the only way would be to simply advertise it. However, because you are a Noble Clan not everyone might feel welcome and have mixed feelings. The solution is to have a mascot! Since Timmy is busy in the garden then we just have to think of something better and who would resist such beautiful maids with fluffy cat ears?' The Captain nudged him as he said it with a cheeky grin. The town was busy enough that no one paid much attention to their conversation as they were having their own so it was safe to say these forbidden words.
  26. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou did not reply, he simply chuckled while shaking his head back and forth. The sudden size change of the caravan was a trivial issue to men like them. If anything they probably saw the task as a nice change of pace. With both men ready there was no need to further delay. “Well, shall we,” he says as he took the lead and exited the building first. As they head towards their destination Yoshirou continued the conversation. He explained to Metabee the reason behind the additional cargo and supplies and as the Kido Commander he would easily understand what can happen when supplies run out. It’s a harsh reality but many suffered and the Soul Society was not except from this. Those that could not properly provide for themselves resorted to less civil and more violet means to gain those necessities no matter the realm. As they both reached another gate that led into the industrial side the guards immediately opened it, allowing them pass. Yoshirou changed the topic. “You’ve notice that this side, while part of the Manor’s grounds, is separated by an additional gate. It is different from the rest of the property as it is open to the public, though its not very busy yet as it is a new concept I added in when we rebuilt,” he says leading the way like a tour guide explaining various builds as they passed by. They passed a building which high-class clothing could be purchased that many other Nobles frequented even before being open to the public. They also passed a restaurant that smelled so good they would surely have had to make a detour had they not just ate breakfast. Clothing, food, technology, and even little knick-knacks could found here; not only bought but also built or produced. If anything this side showed off the diversity and extent of the wealth the Kyoraku’s had, as if to say, “No matter what you can’t keep us down” though that was not the point Yoshirou was currently trying to make. “What do you think, Meta? I have high hopes for this new idea of mine,” says Yoshirou hoping to get his friend's and Advisor's approval. It would help confirm that it was a good idea and not just a needless security risk. “While the Kyoraku have always produced, built and sold things there has never been store fronts so close to the main house. "Not only am I hoping that production and sells will increase but also more importantly the public opinion and outlook people have on the Clan. That is my main goal to become more relatable and approachable by all.”
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