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  6. Need a Soul Burial. Current Location: Karakura Town - District 2
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  8. Character Name: Kenshi Itaro Current Week: 8/15 Overall Word Count: 314
  9. Kenshi stared at the map, somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of information that had just been presented to him. It took him a moment to realize that the man was waiting for a response. Still maintaining his typical stoic expression, despite being completely confused in face of everything he had just head, Kenshi looked over to the man opposite him. “I’m sorry, you seem to have me at quite the disadvantage in this discussion…” He paused for a moment, searching for a proper way to address the Shinigami but soon realized that he still had no clue, despite the man indicating something about his badge earlier. “I apologize if I’ve given off the impression of knowing much about your business but I am at a loss for what if feel is the significance of the situation. I understand that stopping bandits and criminals from obtaining weapons is important, but I don’t think I know what this Asauchi is that you say he can produce. I assume it is a particularly potent weapon, but I do not understand the nature of it or why it is so dangerous. As for the plan itself, it seems to be a sound one I suppose, although I can’t help but notice that I seem to be included quite heavily in it. I am assuming that I should take this to mean that you would like for us to work together, though I do not recall agreeing to such a thing. I have only agreed to travel with you in order to fulfill my desire to duel you.” Kenshi points to the badge on the man’s arm as he speaks. “And though you have asked to be referred to by your title, I do not know what that title is. I assume it is one of importance, but still knowledge of how you wish to be addressed escapes me.” WC 314
  10. The morning comes sherbert orange and warm. The sun slowly rises from behind the hills outstretched for the journey ahead. The camp had stretched south a few hills as the rest of the Lieutenants forces had arrived and now bordered a large pond. The surface of its water is still and reflects the cream orange above, only interrupted by the ripples of shinigami with wooden spears, attempting to catch breakfast. On the shore rests their commander, the Lieutenant of the Fourth Division. Six feet away sits his confidant Jim, attempting to catch fish by line and lure. Yuroshima sway his hand through the water as he watches his troops wade through the waist high water, catching nothing. Jim looks to the veiled healer, “You’re going to scare the fish away playing in the water like that.” Suddenly a large splash erupts in the distance as one of the other men plunge his spear towards a fish. “They’re going to scare the fish away.” Jim says nothing at first, tugging at his line gently before breaking the silence. “You scare away the bigger fish by catching these small ones.” He finishes. Yuroshima lies back, placing both hands behind his head. “Have to keep the territories we do have happy, even if that means spending time and resource on their little problems…lotta little problems become something big to the people.” Keneshii approaches the two, Yuroshima sits up and Jim glances over his shoulder. “My apologies for my late arrival, I suppose that yesterday’s events took more out of me than I thought. I also feel that an apology is necessary regarding my behavior during the conflict yesterday. I was … not in my typical state of mind when you arrived. I am not typically one for formal introductions, but I would appreciate it if you would disregard yesterday’s events and allow us to begin again. I am Kenshi, may I ask your name Shinigami?” Yuroshima shrugs, “I hope that’s how you behave in combat towards enemies, and no.” He taps the gleaming bronze badge strapped to his left bicep. “This is my identity for this is what I am” With a groan he stands and stretches, the sun now coming in more full, the orange becoming lighter and lighter. “If you don’t catch anything in the next twenty minutes we’ll just have to take it out our rations, we have to get a move on.” He walks by Kenshi motioning for him to follow. “I appreciate your gesture though, it takes a good man to apologize when he feels he’s wrong. We have a journey ahead, we’ll be traveling many miles south, a small group will stay here with the prisoners and await a convoy to escort them back to a main camp. At last we will be getting to the meat of bigger issues.” He reaches his large canvas tent now sporting a massive red plume waving in the breeze at its pointed top. The Commander pulls aside his tent flap, allowing Kenshii to enter first. “Soon I’ll want to invest in some sort of portable shack or structure..these tents are far from sound proof.” Yuroshima walks to his large desk and shows Kenshi his map. “I delight in letting new, but higher quality, talent in on some of the plans.” He points a gleaming silver crown trinket placed in a wilderness patch outside the nearest district. “We’re here.” He drags his finger many squares south at a diagonal, finally stopping at a strange canyon of sorts. “And this unmarked box is where we are going. It a massive forge. One of the groups has turned into a true militant force and we found this is one of the sites they use for manufacturing weapons. Some of the locals tell me the head black smith there can even forge soul weapons..that he could perhaps learn to craft Asauchi.” He allows a moment for that to sink in. “A man of that caliber, that intellect..cannot be a tool for the enemy. We will try to take him alive but if left with no option don’t hesitate to kill him. Under no circumstances can he leave. I imagine higher caliber guards will be set around him than around the outside. This is a large group, and their stronger fighters and members are easily around a Shinigami officer’s level but that’s where you come in. I saw how easily you dispatched that rouge officer. Your shikai’s properties are unique. I can’t use a power like yours in a mass assault..it would be a detriment to my other troops. However..if you were to infiltrate towards the center of the canyon with help from us and released your poison for a bit, we could rush in after you seal it and likely take the forge with little to no effort.” He looks to the new face of Kenshi beside him..a stranger yet Yuroshima wanted him to feel welcomed..to recognize what responsibility he would feel comfortable entrusting to him. “What do you think?” WC - 836
  11. Character Name: Kenshi Itaro Current Week: 8/1 Overall Word Count: 1136
  12. Kenshi was left in awe as the warmth flowed through his body and he watched as the various wounds that covered him were quickly closing themselves. While he had heard rumors of the various powers of the soul reapers, he’d never seen such a feat in person. His body felt completely revitalized and ready to fight once again, but now wasn’t the time for that. As the healing was completed, Kenshi brought his thoughts back to the man in front of him. “I see so you’re saying that the Shinigami have changed? I hope then that you speak the truth. The people here have suffered far too long as things are now.” Kenshi turned and began to walk toward the tent that he intended to rest in. Just before entering, he looked back over his shoulder, “That’s quite a power you have. If the others are like you, then I may have been mistaken in my judgement of your people. Once we have rested, I would like to know what your plans are regarding this area.” As he finished speaking, he slipped inside and found himself a place on the ground to sit. He knew that just after having his body completely rejuvenated, he would be unable to sleep but this would give him time to meditate and think on the strange vision that had occurred earlier. As he got into position to meditate, he went to place his sword on the ground beside him but just as he was going to release his hand, he felt an urge to remain attached to it. He didn’t truly understand any of the events that lead to him understanding how to draw out the power of his Zanpakutō, but he knew that the sword itself was somehow responsible. So, he instead pulled it across his lap as he began to focus on himself and replay the days events in his head. A sudden chill was sent up his spine as he felt a faint presence on him, as if someone was leaning on his back with their arms draped over his shoulder. “You stopped fighting.” A familiar and slightly seductive voice whispered in his ear. The reaction to turn his head towards the voice was purely involuntary, prompted by the shock of the noise. He thought his eyes must have been deceiving him, as he was clearly still alone in the tent. “Why did you stop? I was just starting to have fun.” This time the voice was in his other ear, as if purposely appearing that it was just out of sight. Kenshi quickly turned his head once again, only to be met with the still empty space on the other side of the tent. “Who are you? Where are you?” He asked the seemingly omnipotent voice, still searching for its source. “Oh you poor boy, you still don’t understand?” She laughed playfully. “I am always with you. I always have been, and always will be. I represent the predator that hides behind the facade of a man constantly seeking his prey with the false guise of morality. And just the same, I am the hunger that drives such action. The hunger for battle, for blood. A hunger that was not fed.” The last sentence left her lips with a sting of viciousness and contempt. In the same moment, Kenshi felt as if a sword had been driven into his back, causing him to tighten his body and groan in pain. “Do not present me with a meal if you do not intend to allow me to feed. I am not some tool to use as you please. Though we may be one and the same, do not think that will stop me from turning you into prey if you chose to starve me as you did.” The ethereal blade that seemed to be plunged into his back was withdrawn and he could tell that there was no physical damage, as no pain lingered after it had disappeared. “There will be other battles, that was simply not an appropriate time.” He reasoned with his counterpart. “We are not mindless animals. You claim to be a predator, but even the most basic predator knows there are times when the hunt is futile. Still, your… displeasure has been noted. I will do my best to call upon you only when necessary.” The memory of the sharp pain in his back only moments ago serving as a simple reminder not to displease her. “I’m glad you understand. With that now behind us, we may continue our partnership in harmony. There are many more things that I wish to show you, when you are ready for them. When you have earned them.” As the last word left her lips, the strange sensation that had marked her slight presence was gone, leaving him truly alone now. The encounter was brief but informative. Though he didn’t have any specific information on exactly what she was, he was beginning to at least understand the nature of her being. He contemplated exactly what her explanation had meant as he laid down and attempted to sleep. The Shinigami from before had spoken of his weapon as a piece of his soul, was she the same? A piece of his own soul? Was his drive to fight so deep that it could spawn such a creature? He had plenty of time to think on the matter as sleep did not come quickly. Due to the healing, his body wasn’t tired and due to the many thoughts racing through his head, his mind was not tired either. When he finally poked his head out of the tent the next day, it was painfully obvious that he’d overslept. The Shinigami that had taken over the camp on the previous day were almost finished packing up everything that they intended to take with them. Kenshi couldn’t help wonder for a moment that had he slept any longer that he may have been left behind. Collecting his things, he headed out to join the Shinigami before the set out. After asking around for a few moments, Kenshi was eventually pointed to where the veiled leader of the group was overseeing their departure. Kenshi approached, offering a simple wave as a greeting. “My apologies for my late arrival, I suppose that yesterday’s events took more out of me than I thought. I also feel that an apology is necessary regarding my behavior during the conflict yesterday. I was … not in my typical state of mind when you arrived. I am not typically one for formal introductions, but I would appreciate it if you would disregard yesterdays events and allow us to begin again. I am Kenshi, may I ask your name Shinigami?” He asked, offering his hand to the veiled man. WC 1136
  13. “I can’t speak for the gotei before, it is broken and destroyed and its members are fading away from the limelight entirely.” Yuroshima begins. “It has been rebuilt by the Gotei which I am apart of now and its message is not one of tyrannical control or taxation, and it is not one of war and famine. The proof of this is surely seen in the fact that they have entrusted the entirety of Rukognai relations and reparations to me. For this is my soul.” And with that, two shimmering hands of golden light materialize and cup around Kenshi. As the light shimmers and glows warmly, the wounds on any within its grasp would too begin to glow gold and regenerate. “This is the kind of energy needed to heal the broken bond between the Seireitei and the people of the districts.” WC - 142 OOC – If you wanna speed this a long a little you can react however you like the healing and start the post next day with you waking to see the camp being packed up, you can find and ask me where we are going or however youd wanna play it. Or you can set it afternoonish mid travel and however you wanna do it from there.
  14. Character Name: Kenshi Itaro Current Week: 7/18 Overall Word Count: 277
  15. Character Name | Daisuke Sato Week | 7/18 Overall Word Count | 3,191
  16. The twins find themselves on hands and knees, scrubbing the gymnasium floor with soap and a small toothbrush under the watchful eyes of Jinnosuke. Sweat beaded from their faces as the continued to scrub. “After your little display, you two are lucky I don't beat the snot out of you myself. Clean up the mess you made here then head to the gymnasium. You will clean the entire gym from top to bottom with just these two toothbrushes. You are not to use any powers to speed up the process. No Shunpo, No Kidō, nothing. If I even sense the slightest bit of either of you exerting any powers, I'll kill you myself. Is that understood?” Daisuke swallows hard as he remembers her cold words, furiously returning to his scrubbing. “Unc...Instructor Jinnosuke. Can't you help us out a little?” Matsuri says with a huff. “You can call me Uncle Jin here, no one else is around. And unfortunately little one, I can't. This is your punishment from Saya and it would be wise for all of us to not cross her.” Matsuri scoffs and stands up to stretch, clearly exhausted by the day's activities. “Uncle Jin, it just sounds like you are scared of her.” The large Shinigami laughs as he eases back in his chair and closes his eyes. His response, or lack thereof, was all that was Matsuri needed to know. Daisuke chuckles as he listens to his sister's conversation with Jinnosuke but slowly finds that their voices are beginning to fade. The more and more he rubs, the fainter their voices become. In seconds, he finds himself in complete silence with only the faint beating of his heart being heard. Suddenly, he sees it. The image of the black dragon that has haunted his dreams with maw ready to close. “YOU ARE NOT WORTHY!” it says as Daisuke lets out a frightened scream. He blinks and looks around, finding himself no longer staring at the ground but now at the ceiling. To his right, he sees Matsuri staring down at him with a worried expression on his face. To his left, he could see an approaching Jinnosuke. The lumbering Shinigami quickly slides to Daisuke's side as he places a towel upon the youth's forehead before propping his upper body up. “Daisuke...are you alright?” The boy looks around, still clearly in a daze before murmuring. “What...what happened?” “You passed out then you started to scream.” “Oh...” Daisuke says as he begins to close his eyes again. He motions to be gently let down as he keeps his eyes closed. Pondering for a moment, he opens his eyes and stares directly at Jinnosuke before sitting up. “Uncle Jin...I think something is wrong with me. I keep having this dream. I've had it sporadically since I was little but ever since I joined the academy, they have been more and more frequent. In the dream, I'm in this desert wasteland being chased by this massive dragon. No matter how far I run, it continues to follow and attack me. It taunts me constantly telling me that I'm not worthy to wield it. I don't know what to do anymore.” Jinnosuke stands up and sighs deeply before sitting back down in his chair. He looks towards Matsuri before beginning to speak. “And what of you little one? Do you happen to have these dreams as well?” The girl is silent as she begins to tug and twirl on a few strands of her blue hair. “Yes but it's different that Dai's. In mine, its a woman in a world comprised of nothing but white. She floats around and whispers to herself. That's usually followed by her attacking me.” “Have you have the dreams as long as your brother?” Matsuri nods in agreement. The Shinigami smiles as he eases back into his seat. “You two have nothing to worry about.” he says with a huge smile plastered on his face. The twins stare at him in bewilderment, silently urging him to continue speaking. “What you are experiencing is something almost every Shinigami goes through though its usually not this early. Given that it is the two of you however, I can't say I'm surprised its happening this early. The thing that's been chasing you both is your Zanpakutō spirits.” “Our Zanpakutō spirits?” the two say in unison. “I see Jun never went over that with you. Not surprised since he did want you two to experience some things for yourself. Zanpakutō spirits are a part of your soul. They exist in tandem with you as they are born when you are born and die when you die. The reason why you are given an Asauchi is so you can spend every waking moment with it to slowly imprint the essence of your soul into the sword. Here is a little piece of advice for you. Next time you have one of these dreams, try not to run away from it. Talk to it and see what they say. Their words may help you learn their name.” The twins sit silently and attempt to absorb the information they've just received. All this time, they had been running away from...in essence, themselves. A part of them that could grant them immense power. As they pondered their thoughts, a looming presence appeared behind them. The two of them instantly broke out in a cold sweat as a firm, yet gentle hand was placed upon their shoulders. “How brazen. This floor is not even halfway cleaned and you two have the balls to sit on your laurels and take a break?” The grip tightens before the two twins leap up and speed off to continue their cleaning. Saya, with a devilish grin on her face, stands beside Jinnosuke. “I take it you heard everything?”, the man says after a brief pause. The woman nods as she stares at the twins furiously scrubbing once more. “Out of the six, only those two and Yukimura have begun to form a connection with their Zanpakutō. It's highly probable that they achieve and master Shikai before they are scheduled to graduate at the end of next semester. After that, divisions will be lining up to try and get them to join. Are you sure they can handle that?” Jinnosuke leans back in his chair once more and focuses his eyes on the ceiling before letting out a chuckle. “Blood or not, they are Jun's kids after all. They'll be fine.” WC: 1,080
  17. The two quickly dashed towards one another, each pivoting to their right and coming overhead with a hook. The hooks collide against one another as they both move to follow up. A series of kicks and punches fly between the two, each meeting the same fate at the hooks. Their movements, though unintentional, were in sync. The movements were so methodical, so precise, that one would assume it was choreographed. The twins moved to deliver a straight kick to one another, each simultaneously landing square in the other's chest. The two slide back, a smirk appearing on their faces. “You've improved since our spars with father. Gotta say I'm impressed.” “You aren't bad yourself. And here I thought all that sleeping would have made you sluggish.” The two chuckle before they quickly glance around, seeing that their partners have moved a good distance away. The rest of the class had spread out, giving the two about twenty feet to themselves. Recognizing the rare situation they found themselves in, Daisuke begins to speak. “Looks like we have a little distance between us and everyone else. I say we briefly cut loose. How about it sis?” Matsuri smiles as she realizes what he means, cracking her knuckles in delight. The temperature around her begins to drop as a bluish white aura appears around her. “I'm game. Let's see if you can keep up this time.” A dark red aura appears around Daisuke as he slowly steps towards his sister with slight burn marks appearing as he walks. Gradually, his slow lurch becomes a full sprint as he nears Matsuri with a right hook aimed at her face. Matsuri ducks down and narrowly dodges the strike before countering with an uppercut to Daisuke's chin. The strike hits the youth with much more force than he had anticipated, slightly lifting him up off of the ground. He manages to catch his footing and takes a short hop back to prepare himself. As he saw Matsuri charge towards him, he couldn't help but think of her growth not only as a fighter but overall. When they were younger, she cried about everything. The slightest things scared her and she regularly spent time hiding behind her older brother. Now, she was strong enough to step out of his shadow and stand beside him as equals. Scary enough, her power was still growing. While in mid-thought, Daisuke was rudely brought back into the present by a vicious side kick to his abdomen. Before she was able to bring her leg down, he managed to hold onto it and strike out at another right hook. At the last moment, Matsuri manages to bring her hands out to block the attack but was still sent skidding backwards. Unrelenting, Daisuke took off after her, his form beginning to blur. Matsuri quickly recovers and responds in kind, her form blurring as well. Streaks of red and blue charging one another as the two forces neared one another with fists reared back. Just before they met in the middle, both found their forward motion stopped as they dangled freely in the air by the hand. The two glance up to see Jinnosuke holding each of them up in his hands. Around his right hand, there were signs of frostbite while his left hand was badly burned and emitted a thin black smoke. “Unc....instructor Jinnosuke.” they say in unison. “And just what are you two doing? This was supposed to be learning the basics of Hakuda, not going all out with one another.” his voice booms. He drops the two and lets his hands dangle towards his side, revealing the damage caused by their strikes. “I'm sorry! I'm sorry!” the twins say in unison once more as they quickly scramble to their feet and move near Jinnosuke. With their hands glowing green, they each reach one of Jinnosuke's hands and hover over. They close their eyes and focus their energy as the damage slowly begins to heal. “Jun taught you both Kaidō? Why am I not surprised he pull something like that?” His comments go unnoticed as the two remain focus on healing, quickly finishing the task a minute later. They stand back and bow towards Jinnosuke. “We're sorry.” He growls and leans down towards the two, giving the appearance that he is about to ream them. As he gets down to their level, a smile forms across his face as he begins to whisper. “It's fine. I've known you two for most of your lives, this was expected. I'm very proud of your growth and I know your parents would be too if they were here.” He slowly rises up and the smile quickly fades, reverting back to his persona. “That was reckless and had I not stopped you, you could have seriously damaged yourselves or some of the students here. Luckily for you, I cannot punish you.” “You mean we are safe?” Daisuke says as he slowly raises his head. “I said that I couldn't punish you. Doesn't mean you wouldn't get punished...” As he says this, Daisuke and Matsuri could hear the familiar sounds of wood being scraped across the ground. A lump forms in each of their throats as they feel the menacing presence behind. “Did you two have fun....” Saya says as she stabs her sword in the space between the two. Sweat beads from their faces as she places a hand on each of their shoulders and leans her face near theirs. “Go and perform the lessons the correct way. After class, both of your asses are mine. Do we understand?” “Yes ma'am...” they both say meekly as her grip on their shoulders tighten. “Wonderful. Now get out of my sight.” “Yes ma'am.” they say as they quickly move away from their instructor. Saya sighs as she removes her sword from the ground and lets it dangle from atop her shoulder once more. “Not quite the way I wanted you to see their power but it serves the intended purpose. What do you think?” “For their age, their power is impressive. Jun and I always knew they had potential but to see it being realized is truly a sight. I've also observed the other four that you mentioned. Raito Yukimura, Shotaro Sonozaki, Asuna Yano, & Ayumi Matsumoto. The six of them are the standouts of this class. I can only imagine what the future holds for them.” WC: 1,070
  18. The twins made their way into the open training area to begin their combined lesson for the day. The academy, either in a effort to save time or to prove which class was the best, decided to combine two classes for Hakuda lessons. By chance, Daisuke and Matsuri's respective classes were chosen to be partnered up. Both classes happened to contain the six students with the highest marks of the current class. The twins surmised that this 'serendipitous occurrence' was actually the school's way of seeing who among the top students was the best. At any rate, it was a chance for them to show off and show each other just how far they had come during the time there. As the students mingled with one another, a thunderous thud echoed throughout the area. Heavy footsteps could be heard approaching as the awed crowd splits. Moving through the crowd was a massive humanoid bull dressed in Shinigami attire but tailored to reveal its arms and a large portion of its chest. Two horns adorned its head with the right horn badly chipped. Deep scars lined its face which finished off its menacing presence. Flaked to its right was Saya, still carrying her oversize wooden sword. She had a toothy grin on her as she knew the awed silence of the crowd was due to the being beside her. The two of them made their way towards the center of the room before Saya slammed her sword into the ground. The gesture, usually made for getting everyone's attention, was purely just for show. She knew everyone in attendance had all eyes on them. “Good morning students. Welcome to your first day of joint Hohō and Hakuda training. In my benevolence, I called a good friend of mine to assist in your instruction. Students, meet Jinnosuke Murasaki. He is the third seat of the Eleventh Division under Kenpachi Gragir Soz.” Light rumblings spread throughout the class, some either knowing of Jinnosuke via his reputation or some knowing of the ruthlessness the Eleventh Division carried. The twins, however, knew of Jinnosuke a different way. He was a good friend of their father during his time in the Gotei 13. He would come by and visit the estate often during their youth, bringing presents during each of his visits. The two regarded him as something akin to an uncle. His brutish reputation and cold exterior was nothing more than a facade when off duty. The two rarely saw him when he had his 'game face' on but knew that they would not be dealing with the same lovable uncle as they did during their youth. In all honesty, the two were fine with that. Neither wanted to be coddled during their training. They wanted to be the best and wanted to earn it through blood, sweat, and a lot of tears. “Welcome to Hakuda Class.” his voice boomed scaring some of the students. “As instructor Fukamachi says, I am from the Eleventh Division. We pride ourselves on the fight and rely solely on our physical skills. I recognize that this style of fighting may not suited for some of you. You have your Kidō or whatever tricks your Zanpakutō can do to rely on. That's fine. However, you may encounter a situation where you don't have access to your Kidō. Your Zanpakutō may end up sealed or discarded. This is where Hakuda will save your life. Allow me to demonstrate.” As his deep voice fills the area, Saya retrieves one of the test dummies and places it beside Jinnosuke. Without missing a beat, he turns towards the dummy and attacks it with rapid-fire strikes, most of it largely unnoticed by the students. As the last strike hits its target, the dummy explodes into shards of wood and metal. The students stand mystified at the display, many of them unable to close their now agape jaws. “You will pair up in groups of four. Two boys and two girls from each class. Once you are grouped up, we will start with the basics. Simple strike and parry combinations. As time goes on, we will incorporate more steps. Instructor Saya and I will be moving throughout the groups to monitor and give instruction when needed. Dismissed.” he says as the students begin to scramble. Jinnosuke, finally spotting the two within the crowd, shoots them a knowing wink before he moves to converse with Saya. “So I guess we are partnering up huh?” Daisuke says as he nudges his sister's shoulder. “If you are so eager to get embarrassed in front of your class and Uncle Jin, I'm more than happy to oblige.” “In your dreams. Don't get cocky just because you have full control of your reiatsu. That particular gap is rapidly closing.” Daisuke scoffs as his sister smiles. His late night training was baring fruit, this would be the perfect way to show it off. “Hey Matsuri! Do you want to be my partner?” a shrill voice could be heard. “Asuna!” Matsuri replies as a young woman with red hair appears. “This is brother Daisuke. Dai, this is my friend Asuna.” He greets the young girl who replies in kind, the two then having an awkward silence. “Hurry up and go find a partner Dai.” His sister's voice stirs him from his thoughts as he quickly looks around. Raito, to his surprised, had already been taken by Tetsuo. He could only imagine the physicality that would occur from that group. Probably for the best. As he scanned around, he heard a familiar voice call to him from behind. “Shotaro.” he says as he turns to greet his friend. “Hey, do you have a partner?” “I do now. You already know the bane of existence. This is her friend, who was probably forced into this, Asuna. Please blink twice of you need assistance.” “Cute...” Matsuri says sarcastically as her friend laughs and greets Shotaro. With each group finally paired off, the lessons could begin. Brother and sister stood away from one another, each eager to begin. “Just because these strikes are supposed to be training, that doesn't mean I'm going to pull back my punches Dai.” “Neither will I. Just don't start crying when I beat you.” WC: 1,041
  19. Kenshi’s gaze is quickly drawn to the small ornate weapon that the Shinigami held in his hand. The strange glow and oddly soothing sound that the weapon produced, along with the words that had accompanied its presentation, served to pique his interest. Though it was only for a moment, the stoic look that typically rested on Kenshi’s face was replaced with a hint of curiosity before he was able to correct the change. “I will not pretend to understand what this weapon or its abilities have to do with your soul, but I will allow you to show me this power that you claim to have.” He continued to pull the many needles out of his back, one by one, as he spoke. Stepping forward, he opened the front of his robe to show the severity of his wounds. “You truly believe that you can heal this here and now?” The most pressing wound clearly being the one in his chest, delivered in the fight moments ago, but there was also a large cut down the length of his torso and a hole in his stomach, both of which had been reopened in the fighting. “You reapers truly are a mystery to me. I go my entire life only knowing you to be murderers and thieves, and yet here you are speaking like you know of life out here and offering to heal the wounds of a commoner like myself. Have I been mistaken or are you some saint among your kind?” The tone with which he spoke was just as blunt as the words as he made no effort to disguise his feelings towards the Shinigami. WC 277
  20. “We’re all orphans in Rukognai these days, if you wish to face me it would indeed be in your best interest to hang out around the camp for a little while.” Yuroshima replies before the challenger explains he must rest his wounds for they would take a while to heal. “Nonsense.” The veiled shinigami declares, “What if I told you, those wounds could heal near instant?” He pulls from a hidden sash, an elegant Sai which he hold out in front of him to show Kenshi. “This is Kan’Yo Na Hira, the nurture half of my soul.” The sai begins to glow gold, a comforting.. almost intoxicating sound of chimes and bells rings outward. “If you wish to truly see my worth and power…step forth.” WC – 125 Sorry these last couple replies have been so short, it’s just the end of the convo tho before we actually start doin something again you know?
  21. Daisuke found himself yet again within the barren wasteland, running for his life from his disembodied oppressor. Those piercing red eyes followed him intently as the wound on his chest once again burned. Multiple orbs comprised of black flames rain down from the skies; each one narrowly missing their intended target. The orbs continued in the hundreds and there seemed to be no end in sight. Sweat beaded down his face as he ran, desperately trying to find some sort of reprieve against this onslaught. “Until you say my name Daisuke...you are not worthy to wield me.” “Then tell me your name! What the hell is your name?!” Daisuke screams as a deafening roar from above the clouds echoes. An orb of flames lands directly in front of the boy as the resulting explosion sends him backwards. Just as before, the clouds part as a massive black dragon slowly descends from the heavens. Daisuke manages to rise to his feet to take in the impressive sight for himself. If he wasn't terrified out of his mind, he'd almost think it magnificent. It lands on the ground with a sickening thud, forcefully sending the youth back down to the ground. Methodically, it lurches forward with each step it takes sending a reverberating boom. Flames begin to billow from its snout as it creeps towards its prey. “You cannot run from me. You will never be worthy... Not until you say my name.” the Dragon speaks as it comes mere inches from Daisuke's face. “What is your name?!” he says, almost pleading with the creature. “My name is....” the Dragon says as Daisuke, much like the time before, unable to hear what comes next. “I can't hear it. What is it?!” he says as the Dragon opens its mouth. A black orb of flames form in the center of its mouth as Daisuke attempts to back away. “Still not worthy...” the Dragon says as it fires the orb towards a now screaming Daisuke. “Dai... Dai... Dai... wake up!” The youth springs his eyes open, finding himself within the sanctuary of his dormitory once more. His body was drenched in a cold sweat as he looked around to gather himself. He sees his sister standing next to the bed with a concerned, almost frightened look on her face. “Matsuri...” he mumbles as his heartbeat begins to slow down. “Are you alright Dai? I came to wake you up since I figured you'd oversleep again but when I got here, I could hear you screaming from the top of your lungs.” She offered him a towel which he slowly accepted, wiping the sweat from his face and arms. “Hey Matsuri...” he begins after a long pause. “Have you had any weird dreams lately? Dreams of being chased by something.” Matsuri looks down at her lap, twirling a strand of her blue hair around her finger. It was something she always did when she was stressed; a coping mechanism if you will. “.....sometimes.” she says after an equally long pause. “Is it a dragon that chases you?” “No...” she replies while still looking down. Daisuke wanted to press the topic and try to find out what it was and if there were any more similarities to his own dreams but decided against it. In some ways, Matsuri was very fragile. He didn't want to add to the stress. “I won't press it. Come on, we better get to class.” he says. His words seemed to snap her out of her trance-like stare as she quickly reverts to her previous self. “Hurry up. You're going to make me late as well. The one day the instructors decide to merge our classes and you oversleep. If I get a mark for this, you're going to pay for it. You have ten minutes. I'll be waiting at the front.” She says as she tosses another towel towards her brother before departing the room. Daisuke sighs as she departs, leaving him alone with his thoughts once more. ”No use just sitting here...” he mutters as he gets himself out of bed. Some of the sheets, now damp with sweat, lightly stuck to his skin as he removes them and tosses them back on the bed. As he moves to the bathroom, he glances at the wall to his right as he sees his Zanpakutō propped up against the wall. Just by looking at it, he felt a sense of unease. The feeling, although subdued, was much like what he experienced during his dreams. Shaking his head at the notion, he quickly departs for the bathroom before he gained more of Matsuri's ire. WC: 773
  22. Thankfully, luck was on Daisuke's side today as he just made it in time for the next Kidō lesson. He spent a large majority of the night getting in some extra practice with instructor Tanahashi regarding Kidō. He had more of a handle on the finer points of Kidō but was nowhere near a master of the arts. As he slipped inside the room he caught a glance of the instructor shooting a look in his direction before continuing his lecture. “Going over what we have discussed in previous classes, Kidō can be used in a variety of ways. In some situations, Hadō spells can be used defensively and Bakudō spells can be used offensively. Being so fluid in your use of Kidō can in fact save your life. Today, we will learn Bakudō #8: Seki. Seki is a basic shield Kidō that will allow you to block incoming attacks, both physical and reiryoku based and repel them. However, as with the theme of the class today, you can also use this another way.” He glanced over towards a male teacher's aide who stood a few feet away from him and turned to face him. As he raises his right index finger, the instructor begins to speak once more. “I want you all to imagine a small shield and focus your reiatsu. Now focus that that energy towards your hand. Just when an attack comes towards you, imagine blocking the attack with shield like so. Ready when you are...” he says to the aid. “Hadō #4: Byakurai” the aide yells as a concentrated bolt of blue lightning explodes from his outstretched finger. As the bolt of lightning travels towards the instructor, he calmly moves the back of his right hand up. “Bakudō #8: Seki.” he mutters as a small blue orb of energy appears around his hand. The bolt of lightning strikes the ball of energy and is deflected, sending a sparkle of discharged energy throughout the air. Suddenly, the instructor takes off, appearing mere inches from the aide's body. In one fluid motion, the ball of energy moves from the back of his hand to his now outstretched palm as he extends his hand towards the aide's chest. A brilliant blue flash shines out as the aide is sent flying back, coming to a stop a good distance away. Awed sounds spread through the amazed crowd of students as the instructor speaks once more. “As you've seen, the Bakudō can also be used to create space if you are being bombarded with close quarter strikes. The few moments of reprieve the distance this Kidō can give you, could save your life. Pair up and take turns using Seki to repel each other's attacks. If you are using Kidō, please use some of the lower Kidō you've learned in prior classes. If you are opting to use your Zanpakutō, please take some of the arm guards from the entryway.” As the class begin to disperse, the instructor calls Daisuke over before he goes to select a partner. “I see you were a little late to class today. How are you feeling today?” “Drained if I'm being honest. Surprised I made it to class at all. Would have overslept had it not been for Raito.” The teacher sighs and rubs his chin. “It's unsurprising really but you are making strides. Go on, you'll be working with Tetsuo Himura today.” Daisuke groaned under his breath as a large shadow loomed over him. Tetsuo, a massive student near seven feet tall, lumbered behind him. “You better use these arm guards. I'm not using any Kidō.” the massive man says as he tosses a pair of guards towards Daisuke's direction. “For differing reasons, Tetsuo also has trouble with Kidō. Hopefully, the two of you can learn from one another.” the instructor casually mentions as he walks away while Daisuke slips on the guards. “Alright, do you want to go first or should...” Before Daisuke could get the words out of his mouth, he sees Tetsuo charging towards him with Zanpakutō extended. He had very little time to react as he instinctively places his left arm up to guard the incoming strike. The resulting strike send a sharp pain throughout Daisuke's left arm as he slides back. The brute kicks Daisuke away as he slings his Zanpakutō along his right shoulder. “He's not even trying to learn the Kidō is he?” Daisuke thinks as he clutches as his chest. “Ha! At least you got the guards on in time. Let's go again!” he says as he charges towards Daisuke once more. His speed, despite his immense stature, was commendable but Daisuke saw right through it. To him, it was if he were moving in slow motion. As the brute neared and swung his sword down towards his left side once more, Daisuke stepped forward and ducked. As the strike harmlessly passed overhead, Daisuke moved forward with his arm outstretched. Just as the moment his palm could connect with the center of Tetsuo's chest, he mutters the spell. “Bakudō #8: Seki.” A light blue orb of energy appears in the middle of his palm as Daisuke gives the final push forward. A bright light flashes as the energy hits Tetsuo's chest and launches him backward. The behemoth skids across the pond and comes to a rest against a tree. Oohs and stifled chuckles could be heard through the area as Daisuke quickly runs up towards his now toppled classmate. “I'm sorry about that. Didn't mean for you to go back that far.” “It's fine...” Tetsuo mutters as he quickly gets himself up, embarrassed by the ordeal. He cracks his neck, showing no physical damage minus the shot to his ego. “Come on. It's my turn now.” WC: 960
  23. Daisuke and instructor Tanahashi sat face to face atop of a reishi construct with eyes closed. The construct was created by the two of them, its form maintained by concentration. The portion underneath Daisuke begins to waver slightly, prompting a word from the instructor. “Focus your thoughts Daisuke. Without concentration, you'll fail.” A noticeable expression of straining appears on Daisuke's face as the construct beneath him begins to waver even more. Suddenly, the construct disappears, sending Daisuke tumbling to the ground below. Ryusuke, still sat atop his construct, sighs as he leaps off and lands in front of Daisuke. “Forty-five seconds. That's marginally better than the twenty you did before. You can do better though.” He says as he extends his hand out for Daisuke to reach. The boy extends his own hand outward and gets up, an annoyed look now plastered on his face which the instructor noted. “Is there something on your mind Daisuke? You seem troubled.” Daisuke brushed himself off sighed, staring at his instructor with determination. “Would it be possible to try and learn a Hadō or Bakudō instead? I feel like I'd make more progress that way.” Ryusuke lightly scratched his chin as his eyes trailed off. He hadn't really planned on teaching another Kidō right away but with Daisuke, he was not surprised that this was what he wanted. With the information that his sister in some regards was ahead of him, Ryusuke knew that he'd want to progress as fast as possible. “Perhaps I can show you that one...” he mentions as he moves towards a dummy that was laying on the ground. He stood it up and quickly dusted it off before positioning it a few meters away. “Since you are so enthused about learning, I'll teach you Hadō #4: Byakurai. Byakurai is a condensed stream of lightning that can be fired long range or close. Can be used to keep them away or take them off guard and pierce them at point blank range. Similar to Shō, focus the energy throughout your body and let it flow towards your index finger. As soon as the energy is built up, fire the energy off. Let's see what you can do.” Ryusuke moves of the way, leaving Daisuke staring down towards the dummy. Daisuke closes his eyes and begins to focus the energy throughout his body as instructed. The concentrated energy flowed as he began to focus it towards his right index finger. His eyes pop open as a small light blue orb forms around his finger. “Hadō #4: Byakurai!” The light blue orb doubles in size before it violently explodes, sending Daisuke flying back. He comes to a rest a good distance away, staring up at the night's sky. “Ow” he mutters as he could hear his instructor's approaching footsteps. “I already know what you are going to say. I didn't focus enough. I need to concentrate more and not rush it.” The instructor smiles as he helps the youth up. “Seems you did not need my direction after all. You did well to form it at least. Let's try again. Remember, close your eyes and focus. Let all of the energy you build up flow through you.” Ryusuke backs away as Daisuke straightens up and focuses. He takes a deep breath and readies himself once more. He extends his index finger forward and aims it at the dummy. “Hadō #4: Byakurai!” the youth yells as the blue bolt of lightning rockets out of his finger. It soars through the air and nicks the top of the target as it continues to trail off in the distance. “I missed...” Daisuke mumbles as he kicks some dirt. “But you at least fired the Kidō, and on your second attempt. That itself is an accomplishment.” “But I can do better. I have to. I can't let Matsuri or Raito surpass me.” Ryusuke stands back as Daisuke takes his stance once more, his reiatsu beginning to spike. As he looks at the youth, he can't help but see Jun within him. The same stubborn determination, the drive to be the best. He watched as streaks of Byakurai fired off every five minutes. Each blast coming closer and closer to towards its intended target. After one hour, he heard it. “I did it!” Daisuke yells as Ryusuke directs his attention towards the dummy. At the very center of the dummy was a hole created by Daisuke's most recent spell. He examines the hole, noting its precision. “Shot clean through. Very good Daisuke. You've done well.” As he turns back to face the youth, he sees him fast asleep on the ground. Ryusuke chuckles to himself as he goes to pick him up and take him back to the dormitory. “You're exactly like him.” WC: 797
  24. Daisuke arrived at the Kidō Training area, mentally and physically drained from all of the lessons Saya had given them in the weeks leading up to today. The training was arduous but in the end, he came out of it with his very on Asauchi. A Zanpakutō he could call his own. They were told that they had to spend every waking moment with their new Zanpakutō so they could imprint their reiatsu onto it and manifest what would eventually becoming their Zanpakutō spirit. Daisuke was eager to get to this point but for now, he had to deal with Kidō class. The area was out with a large pond in the middle. Fish could be seen swimming as the sun reflected against the water. There were several dummies set up around the pool, each one looking rougher than the one before it. All of them were equipped with limbs but one of them had arms that were being restrained. As the class began to pour in, Daisuke walked up and peeked behind to see just what was restraining it. To his bewilderment, there was nothing there. As he pondered aloud just what was the source of this, his arms were forced behind his back. He struggled to get loose but the more he struggled the tighter the force around his arms got. In seconds, he fell face first onto the ground, hogtied like a pig. He expected to hear the class laugh at his misfortune but there were no laughs. Oddly enough, it was quiet. Suddenly, the soft taps of footsteps could be heard approaching, stopping just a few feet behind him. “It seems that you were unable to see the Kidō that was used to restrain the dummy.” More footsteps could be heard as the voice moves forward towards Daisuke, kneeling down in front with a smile. “While I suspect that you were not the only one who was unable to see, your case does present the most concern to me. For someone such as yourself, who has controlled reiatsu but constantly leaks it, seeing a simple spell such as that should be but a trivial matter. This leads me to believe that Kidō is not your strong suit. You will likely struggle in this course. No matter. When all is said and done, you and everyone here will be masters at this and other powerful techniques.” He snaps his fingers as the force around Daisuke disappears, granting him full mobility once more. The man, still with a smile on his face, extends his hand down to help Daisuke up, who quickly accepts. “My name is Ryusuke Tanahashi. I'm a member of the Kidō Corps and I'll be your Kidō teacher. As you many of you just witnessed, this is Kidō at its core. Some Kidō can be defended against. Others are not able to be blocked. All Kidō follow a similar rule set. The more reiryoku you put in, the stronger your Kidō will be. Even the lowest of spells can become a dangerous tool in your arsenal if used correctly. Let’s get started shall we?” He claps his hands as a light green energy construct appears above the pool. The class stands in amazement by the construct as the instructor's voice stirs them from their thoughts. “Alright, everyone make your way atop and construct." One by one, each student makes their way up the construct. Once they all are on top, the instructor speaks once more. “Now close your eyes and focus. In order to tap into your potential, you have to be aware of your surroundings and to all the reiatsu around you. Everything is connected. Your mind and senses must be sharp. Feel the energy around and focus it towards the tip of your index finger Let it build to its peak and when it feels ready to burst, thrust your finger forward and release the energy.” One by one, each of the students perform the desired task in amazement as a small amount of energy is released from their fingers. Chatter spreads among them before the instructor silences them once more. “Splendid. That was Hadō number one: Shō. The lowest of Hadō spells that can be used in a number of ways. There are dummies scattered around the area, please practice the spell on the dummies.” The class spreads out to complete their task as Daisuke stands at the end of the pool. His finger trembling as he constantly thrusts it forward to no avail. “Nothing is coming out...” he says. “Seems that while you may have the advantage in physical combat, I have you beat in Kidō.” a voice rings out. Daisuke looks to his left and sees a smiling Raito wave at him before moving towards a dummy. “For now...” he mutters as he continues to extend. After about an hour, all of the students slowly depart, leaving Daisuke in the same spot alone. Even after an hour, he was unable to perform the task. He grits his teeth in anger as he glares at his reflection in the pool. He suddenly sees another reflection on the water's surface as he glances up to see the instructor staring at him with the same warm smile from before. Daisuke puts his head down and stares at the ground. “You know class is over right?” “I should be able to do this. With all of the training I went through with father on controlling my power, I should be able to do this.” The mention of his father piques Ryusuke's interest as he stares deeply at the now setting sun. “I was an acquaintance of your father's. He is a good man and he would talk about you and your sister frequently. He mentioned the first time he met you both and the way your reiatsu leaked. While he taught you how to control the intensity of what you emitted, he did not teach proper control. He likely wanted you and your sister to learn on your own and forge your own paths. Here...” The instructor places his hand on Daisuke's shoulder and has him lift his index finger. “Let's try it again, only this time, I'll help you channel the energy. Remember what I said and try the Hadō spell again.” Daisuke closes his eyes and focuses, attempting to channel the energy towards the tip of his finger. He feels the energy building more and more each second before he quickly releases it. A thundering boom is heard as the water rises up from the pool and rains down around the two. Daisuke stands awed at the display while the instructor gives a surprised chuckle. “That was an impressive spell. Well done.” “I could only accomplish that because of your power. It wasn't on my own.” “That's where you are wrong. As I said, I only helped you channel your power. What you just saw was your power alone. How about we do this? Every couple of days, I typically have one on one sessions with students who are struggling. If you want to, I can help you learn how to truly channel your power without assistance. That should make things a bit easier for you and make you stronger over all. You interested?” Daisuke nods his head in excitement, eager to over come the hurdle he faced. In his excitement, he suddenly wondered. What about Matsuri? Her class was earlier in the day and he wasn't sure if this offer had been extended to her. Given that she still leaked reiatsu, it would be beneficial to her as well. “Would you mind if I brought Matsuri along with me? She'd probably relish the opportunity to gain more control of her powers too." "Your sister doesn't need the training. She already has full control of her reiatsu and has probably had control over it for a few years now. Like yourself, she'll likely always have to deal with her reiatsu leaking but that won't hinder her. She picked up Kidō easily. A born natural.” The instructor chuckles as he began to walk away, slowly jamming his hands in the pockets of his coat as he leaves Daisuke standing with mouth agape. “MATSURI!!!!” he yells in anger. Ryusuke shoots a quick wave of his hand before departing. “We'll start tomorrow after class.” WC: 1,389
  25. Not exactly sure of who exactly this “Central 46” the man spoke of what, Kenshi simply nodded in agreement of the expected punishment. “As long as he’s unable to return here, then whatever your superiors agree on will likely suffice.” Noticing now that the fighting seems to have finished, he returns his sword to its scabbard, though his hand remains resting on the hilt as a final precaution. Kenshi was somewhat impressed with how quickly the Shinigami had ended the fight. Their attack having taken advantage of the bandit’s distraction, but even still there was a certain efficiency in it that he’d not ever seen before. Takada was a Shinigami and quite a difficult opponent, so did that mean that each of the Shinigami here was just as strong or was Takada exceptional in some way? If that was true then this veiled man must be on a level that Kenshi had never even conceived if he was leading this many of them. “I am without a home to return to, though there are people who would appreciate word that I am not dead. Though, I do not suppose that is a particularly urgent task. I can travel with your group if it means that I will get to face you. I wish to see what a Shinigami of your position is capable of. I’ve heard many stories about your kind and I would like to see just how much is true.” He’d once again spit out a mouth full of blood onto the ground. “Though if we are not going to have our duel now, then it would be wise for me to go rest. These wounds will not heal quickly and I must clear my mind to understand exactly what happened to me during that fight. Do you intend to move these tents or may I use one of them to rest?” He asked, pulling out one of the many long, sharp needles that were embedded into his back and pointing at a nearby bandit tent. WC 338
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