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  2. Monks blade rushes down. He though that it was the end for the interfering Shinigami. He would cut him clean in half. But as his blade rushes down. Not only does the Shinigami dodge the attack by shunpo’ing out of the way. But Monks attack had been interfered with. As his blade was about to come down upon the Shinigami. To blades ran across the back of Monks knees. He felt them, they had not been enough to cut. However when he advanced into his kick. Monk saw that the Shinigami had attempted no slash and his other opponents was still on the charge. But at least Monks kick had been slightly effective, the full force of the kick had been dodged. Which once again disappointed Monk. A kick like that on an opponent skull would crack it like a melon. But the debris that had been created from the kick had been the most successful part of Monks offence. The debris had destroyed the Shinigami energy based swords, the blast of rocks had shattered them. Which was good information for Monk in the long run, now he knew that with enough force they could be destroyed. As well as that though the smaller bit of rubble from Monks kick had acted as bullets and had penetrated the skin of the Shinigami, shown by the small stains appearing on his clothing. It now seemed that Monks time to boast about his power was a waste of time, if he had continued his assault Monk may have even had the opportunity to kill one of the two Shinigami’s. But what did it matter. In this form. Monk was the unstoppable force, he wouldn’t be killed and would take anything that stood in his way and remove it. Plus he had the unnamed Shinigami’s Zanpakuto. So at least he wouldn’t be able to release it. Or Monk hoped that was the case anyway. So with the time that Monk wasted boasting the unnamed Shinigami jumped back, putting distance between him and Monk. Which seemed like the obvious thing to do now that he was defenceless. Or so Monk thought. The Shinigami raised his hand in front of his face and what happened next shocked and surprised Monk. What he saw was a Shinigami with what was undoubtedly a hollow Mask. Monk had only ever seen this once before, but had never had the opportunity to fight against it. ‘How much power have the Shinigami’s gained’ Monk thought angered by what was a mockery of hollow and arrancars alike. Then just to rub in the mockery of hollows even further the Shinigami prepared what was clearly a Cero, a powerful one, using two hand to charge it together. But all it was to Monk was a fake version of the real thing. As the Cero beamed towards him. Monk took the Zanpakuto he was holding and sliced into the Cero as it reached him, cutting the beam in half it passed either side of him. His strength acquired from his ressurection made guarding against attacks almost too easy. Soon the Cero had dispersed past him and the next attack was coming in. A pathetic excuse for a Bala coming towards Monks right. So he didn’t even waste time moving the Zanpakuto to block it. Monk shifted his free hand and back handed the Bala. Letting it clash with his Hierro. Causing his Heirro to smoulder with heat. But no actual damage. But what came next came as a surprise and as Monk saw his mistake regretted not dodging the attacks. A bar of light appears in front of him and in five other directions. He brings the Zanpakuto down in an attempt to block the incoming bar of light. But all of them together pin him in the centre of his stomach restricting his movement. Monk released he could waste time. Taking the Zanpakuto he jams the blade into the small gap that separated the bar of light at the front of him and the one beside it and begins to pry it open. Once there was a gap he rushed his left hand into it to keep it open, now he needed his full strength and his own techniques. So he makes the decision to drop the Zanpakuto and begins ripping the Bakudo apart with his strength. Like it was made out of sheets of iron. Monk starts ripping at each now crack that appears and after some time forces his way out. By now he presumed Yoshirou would already be upon him, if not already about to hit him. So Monk prepares his defence. Cupping his hands together he swings them towards the already crack and uneven ground. A feat of strength that would again said rocks flying and create a small kinetic shockwave that would drive just and stand into the sky and around him. Which would hopefully throw off any attack that would be coming towards him. Monk couldn’t allow his cockiness to get the better of him. He knew he was the strongest. He didn’t need to prove or flaunt that fact. All he had to do was kill his opponents. If he hadn’t been so cocky he could have avoided such a tight situation that had led him to use such a drastic and devastating attack as defence.
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  4. The battle continued and it seemed that for a moment Yoshirou had the upper hand as he disarmed Monk by using his gravity ability. The Arrancar was once again left without a weapon and this might have been Metabee's chance to reclaim his Zanpakuto. However, this opportunity did not last long as within the next moment their opponent used his strength to pull out the Zanpakuto despite its current altered weight,'This guy's strength is too crazy! Unfortunately, he has the brains to use it too,' Metabee thought as he watched on. Even more than that, Monk being confronted with his own Zanpakuto decided to use his Resurreccion, getting himself rid of all his damage and protecting from the oncoming attack. The battle took a turn for the worse because of this. If he was that strong in his normal state what would his strength be like now? Seeing Yoshirou take damage, the Captain fired his arrow which hit the ground and created a massive explosion along with a massive cloud of dust. Metabee warped in as he wanted to use the low visibility to take his Zanpakuto as he needed it now more than ever. He was confronted by Monk who didn't have a single scratch on him which meant that he had dodged his attack completely. Metabee swung the sword with his right hand at the Arrancar to keep him busy while with his left hand he took out the purple sword from the ground. His opponent effortlessly redirected his attack and launched one of his own. Blocking such a strong attack was not an option so Metabee had to get out of there. The Captain Shunpoed behind Monk who left a scar in the earth where he had been just a moment ago. While this was happening Yoshirou, who had also released his Zanpakuto, attacked the Arrancar from a distance to give himself some time. However, as long as he wasn't right next to him Monk still chose to focus on Metabee since he was the closest. After his swing attack he did a flip and attacked with his foot. The Captain once again wanted to avoid it so he stepped back far enough not to be hit but as soon as the Arrancar's heel hit the ground countless rocks erupted and hit Metabee who quickly took a defensive stance to protect his face and as much of his organs as possible. The rocks didn't pierce straight through his body but they surely made their mark as countless blood stains started appearing on his white shirt and trousers. The swords which he had used to block some of the rocks were destroyed from the impact, leaving him disarmed. The impact felt almost as if he had been shot with a gun but due to their size they didn't reach deep enough to damage his organs. Luckily, the Arrancar didn't continue his onslaught and instead chose to boast about his power. Metabee had to close the gap in strength without releasing his Zanpakuto and fortunately he had one more annoying spirit inside of him. The Captain jumped back with all his strength and put his left hand over his face to summon his Hollow Mask in an eruption of energy. Metabee then made a ball of Cero in both his hands before fusing them together and firing as one. While the attack would fly towards Monk it would simultaneously push Meta back even further. By the time the attack hits the Noble should finally reach the Arrancar and continue to engage the him. Ever since putting on the mask his wounds had already begun healing though it would take a while to heal this many wounds. However, he still wanted to support his teammate so he wouldn't be just standing still. Metabee circled to the left and fired a Bala at the Arrancar but this was simply meant as a distraction. If Monk decided to take the hit without moving he would quickly follow this up with a Rikujokoro to bind the opponent in place and give Yoshirou an opportunity to strike. If Monk decided to to dodge the Bala then Metabee would aim for his knee with his index finger and fire a Jugeki Byakurai to attempt to at least cripple him. Hollow Mask (6 posts)
  5. League Of Legends

    If Fantasy LCS is here for Summer Split, im down to run a fantasy setup with a few people.
  6. Yoshirou’s attack had speed, precision and a surprise but it was far from enough. Trapping the enemy’s sword Yoshi immediately attacks the opening he skillfully created. Unfortunately it got him nowhere as he watched on in disbelief at how easily the Espada level Arrancar countered his attack; as though the Noble was moving in slow motion. First readjusting his grip, on the Kido Commanders Zanpakuto, Monk began to lift the weighted swords. With little effort he managed to instantly pull free from the immense weight that Yoshirou modified after having already experiencing the strength of the monster before him. He wasn't underestimating his opponent but he was far stronger, faster, and skilled than Yoshi thought possible. “Impossible,” Yoshirou shouts questioning the sight before him but it does little to slow Monk down. With his hand some how grabbing the blade as it barely pierces him the attack comes to a complete stop. Having a sense of foreboding Yoshi immediately lets go of the Arrancar’s Zanpakuto, momentarily retreating. In the next instant fire shoots out both ends of the sword, soaking the demon in energy as he unleashed his Resurreccion. Yoshi’s left hand was damaged but thankfully he let go in time to avoid receiving a serious burn. A pristine white hierro covered Monk's entire body as he takes on his new form. Leaning in with an uppercut the Hollow finishes his counter attack. Having already but a little distance between them Yoshirou was able to avoid the attack, one that could have easily devastated him. Suddenly the newly reformed Arrancar turns his attention to something brewing in the sky. Like Yoshirou he was able to sense the build up and fusion of different energies. Taking this moment of reprieve Yoshirou quickly releases his Shikai. The release was expertly controlled, using the energy to help heal his wounds, instead of as an attack. A silhouette of shadowy fire replaced the Zanpakuto Yoshi held in his right hand. Like Monk the superficial wounds he’s received vanish without a trace, as if hitting the reset button. Not only has the strength and ability of his Zanpakutos changed but also his power over gravitons, enhancing his current skill set as well as giving him new ones. Not only could he increase and decrease weight but gravitons also allowed him to push, pull, repel, levitate objects, fly, create barriers, and a few other gravity-defying acts. By far the deadliest and most used was Kosumosu’s passive ability to absorb/devour. Leaping with far more power than before Monk evades the compact ball of energy. Seeing an opportunity present arise, Yoshirou prepares himself. The highly volatile arrow strikes the ground exploding with the force of a large bomb. Immediately dust and debris is kicked up and is expanding with the explosion, sending out an omni directional shockwave. As the blast wave continues to spread, just before reaching Yoshirou he takes a step and thrust his Zanpakuto forward. With a speed neigh impossible to match Yoshi’s sword devours without prejudice. Fire, smoke, dust, and other debris are all absorbed while not only shielding him from harm but also increasing his power and reserves. With his sight now unobstructed Yoshirou can see the other two still in heated battle. It was imperative that he returned to the fray as soon as possible. With Monk in his Resurreccion form and Metabee without his Zanpakuto he was at a severe disadvantage against the mad titian. With a surplus of energy Yoshi flies towards the two combatants at speeds unreachable in his sealed state. Kosumosu carved up the terrain as he drugged it behind him the entire way; absorbing everything in its path. With each passing yard Yoshirou could feel the power swelling up in side him, even still Yoshirou knew he wouldn’t make it time to help out with the scuffle unless he attacked now. Placing his left hand on the hilt of his sheathed Zanpakuto, Yoshirou unleashes two slashes before returning it to its sheath. The skill and speed of the slash made it appear as if he only removed it half way from the scabbard before changing his mind and sheathing it. The laijutsu type attack created two wind like blades that he aimed at the back of Monk’s knee. Seeing his comrade in a rough spot he tried to help out. While the attack wouldn’t do much to an opponent of Monk’s level of durability it could achieve some effect. The idea was to force the Arrancar’s stance to falter, lessening the strength behind his primitive yet powerful kendo strike.
  7. Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    The war was over and the day was done, the hollows that was wounded beyond help was put down like a dog. After the soldier would place all the courpses of the dead in a big pile before lighting them on fire. The smell to yamashiro was like a sweet aroma that filled his nose and lungs with the smoke from the burning body's. Before leaving his new base camp yamashiro made sure to leave some men behind to make sure to watch over it, and since now he did have a new base camp he could use it to house any new hollows that decided to join his army. It took them roughly three days of walking before they managed to make it back to his main base and he could not have been more happy to see it, he might have a lot of stamina but that did not stop the fact that his feet was killing him and he could not wait to get inside so he could kick his feet up and go to sleep. Once inside he got a bite to eat before heading towards his room and once there he kicked back and got comfortable before he slowly dozed off into a hard sleep a sleep so deep he began to dream of when he was a human. " Ok hon I'm going to work now, tell the boy I will see him after I get home and I should be able to help him with his homework." Even when he was human the hollow still went by yamashiro gazami, he was a middle aged man around thirty to forty years old. He was roughly six foot take or give a few inches, and he was a very slinder man. He had blue eyes but his glasses made them look as if they was some what green blue. " Ok sweetie shall do, also what would you like for dinner tonight." His wife said as she came around the corner as she gave her husband a big hug and kiss as he was leaving. " Well you know me I can never seem to make up my mind so I will let you decide for tonight." He said as he was walking out the door to his Toyota range roller as he got in and just as he began to pull out it started raining. He was about halfway to his place of work before his phone started ringing, normally he would have just ignored it then called back later but when he looked down he saw it was from his work place so reaching down he picked up the phone and answered it. But before he could ever say any thing the person on the other end began yelling. " Yamashiro we seem to have a major problem sir, the test spider number 666 has been reported missing from it's cage. We are looking every where as I speak but no luck yet finding it." Yamashiro was about to speak but just at that moment he felt a sharp pain like something bit him on his neck, he was going to smack it but that was he noticed that he could not move speak or do any thing. Some how the test spider had got into the Dr car, but since he could not move he was not able to speak and tell his friend that the spider was there with him, but then yamashiro car ran head on with a tractor trailer truck and that was all he knew cause the next thing he realized he was waking back up. Looking down he could see his dead body or at least what was left of his body, that was when he noticed a chain was stuck to his chest. Just then yamashiro woke up from the dream he was having, his face was drenched in sweat from the dream tho to him what he saw did not seem like a dream but more like what happened to him as a human. He did not know that a hollow could still remember things like that but guess that just shows there are still plenty of things that you learn all the time. Wc: 705
  8. To Monk disappointment Yoshirou dodge the attack instead and what came shortly after would put Monk in a tight spot. Once the Zanpakuto Monk was holding passed by Yoshirou, Monk attempted to carry on his original plan by bring the blade up for an uppercut. But before he could Yoshirou clashes his toward on top of Monks and a tremendous amount of weight forces the blade to crash onto the floor. ‘That settles it. Weight of some kind’ Monk had figured as this was twice something like this had happened. First his first, now this blade and it was becoming troublesome. When it came in such short powerful burst, even with Monks strength it was difficult to counter. Once Yoshirou had trapped the Zanpakuto. He thrust Monks own blade at him, aiming for his right side and since he couldn’t hear any foot steps behind him Monk presumed that he was in a good position to remain on the offence. Twist his right hand to get a firmer grip on the Zanpakuto he pulls, the weight was unbelievably heavy, but not unmovable, Monk grabs the Zanpakuto out from underneath Yoshirou’s with a scream of grinding metal and attempts to get out of the way of his own incoming blade. But he had been to slow, just. The blade makes contact with the right side of Monks stomach and starts piecing in and Monk drags his left hand over and takes hold on his Zanpakuto once again. “I won’t be hurt by my own blade I’ll make you pay for this: Sin! Kasai Kokyō So!” Before Monk blade can be pushed in any further the blade snaps, losing the driving force which was Yoshirou’s end. Then with no warning fire burst out from both ends of the broken Zanpakuto. Wrapping Monk in flames for a brief amount of time, wrapping around his arms and his legs. Forging his released state. How he was looking forward to using his full strength in this form. However even during his release Monk wasn’t wasting a golden opportunity. He used the blade he had set free and continued with his original uppercut, which to Monks joy hit a small spray of blood comes out from Yoshirou’s chin which Monk relishes in at his opponents first drawn blood and he had forced Yoshirou away. Clearly he no longer wanted to be this close to Monk and who would no his Reccurection was complete. A newly formed white Heirro covering his arms and legs. Unlike his normal skin this was unmarked, no scars, no burns, nothing in a way. His body became his Zanpakuto he was a weapon and a devastating one. Now Monk would have to deal with the other Shinigami as he’d felt an odd mixture of spiritual pressure. Monk turns his head, believing he didn’t have enough time to turn his full body he seems a red bullet, something the size of a Bala. But with the feel of density it was much worse. Monk pushed hard on the ground with his increased strength thanks to his Ressurection, with a powerful jump, Monk is out of the way of the mysterious bullet, but the Shinigami was relentless. Even after this he throws the strange dark coloured blade near Monk, which Monk at first presumed had missed, which was almost laughable in a life and death battle. But to his surprise, the Shinigami shunpo’s or teleports Monk was unsure as the speed the distance was traveled was lightning fast and then he attempted to cut Monk with the white blade. But being this close to Monk in this form was just what Monk wanted, shifting his left arm, Monk intercepts the white blade with his Hierro stopping the blade in its tracks. “Let me show you how to swing a blade” Monk pushes the white blade to his left away from him and grips the Zanpakuto he is holding with both hands and raises it in front of him and swings down with all his force. Unknown to Monk this was almost like using zanjustu and a technique like Ryōdan. But for Monk was imperfect and wild. If the swing missed, Monk still wanted to stay on the offence, so using the force of his swing down with the Zanpakuto he would front flip forward and bring down the heel of his foot down upon the blade or his opponents, which ever got in the way first. If his opponent had moved out of the way of the kick he would drive his foot down as hard as he could and hope the debris from the force of his foot hitting the earth would hit one of his opponents. Then upon landing Monk would stand firm and proud. “Come and face true power and face true sin.” Monk says to both his opponents. ‘Kill them all’ a voice whispers inside Monk head as Monk killer instinct leaks out his rage boiling and his intent to kill the two in front of him was now unstoppable. This fight would only end when death had accord.
  9. As both Metabee and Yoshirou attacked, the Arrancar was stacked against 4 attacks at the same time. Even so, Monk had managed to overcome the odds against him and with such a simple movement as a duck he managed to block all 4 attacks using the Captain's Zanpakuto. Unfortunately, they were opponents but he couldn't help but be impressed by this. Hollow's usually relied solely on their body and Zanpakuto so compared to Shinigami who had so many tricks up their sleeve, it definitely was quite an experience. Monk then leaped up high into the air to leave them behind but he wouldn't run away. The Noble quickly ran for the Arrancar's Zanpakuto while the latter fired a Cero at Meta. He had to react fast so he stabbed his swords into the ground and put out his right hand to create a barrier. This was no simple barrier as it had seven layers to it, the last layer being the strongest. In his spars with Yoshirou, 5 layers proved to be barely enough so he had to adjust to a stronger opponent. The Cero came into contact with his barrier and made its way layer through layer but at the same time it was also weaking and with Monk gone towards Yoshirou, there was no one to give it more energy. When the Cero arrived at the last layer, Metabee once again took hold of his swords and braced for impact. The last layer broke and the Cero collided with his swords but at this point it was very weakened so after a few moments the energy dispersed, but not without leaving a few burns on both his hands. Even though his hands were important at least he wasn't severely bleeding so he would just have to tough it out for a while. Surely, this was a much better outcome than not using the barrier at all. The Captain turned to where the two were fighting to assess the situation. With the way things were going just charging in without a Zanpakuto would be quite reckless so at least for a moment longer he would stay back but not without helping. Metabee dematerialised his swords and also jumped high into the sky. This time he made a bow and 'arrow'. He put the arrow in its place and drew it back along with the bowstring before beginning to gather Hollow spirit energy at its tip. 10 seconds. That was the time it would take for the attack to reach its full power. Monk had his back towards him so he hoped he wouldn't notice him preparing. Metabee didn't really want to use such a powerful attack so early in the fight but if it helped them break through then that's all that mattered. The attack was ready as the arrow was pulsating with red energy and without further delay Metabee carefully followed the movements of the two and fired the arrow. Very soon after leaving the bow the arrow turned into a large bullet of Hollow energy, one that could almost be compared to a Gran Rey Cero or a very strong Cero capable of big destruction. With the arrow in flight there was nothing more he could do than await the result. Hopefully, Yoshirou had noticed this and would dodge. If not, Metabee would use a Hainawa to pull him away with all his might. However, if the Noble wanted to absorb some if its energy with his Shikai, he wouldn't act. If the Arrancar took a hit, Metabee would then once again create his swords and throw the dark one at the ground very close to Monk's location. Using his newly learned ability, the Captain would warp to the location of the sword and attack Monk with an Agitowari with the white sword in his right hand. In the even that his Zanpakuto was free he would reach out for it and grab it and if not he would simply pick up the dark sword behind him and await his opponent's next moves. If Monk had noticed Metabee in the air and began moving in a way that made him too hard to hit then Metabee would simply cancel the attack and the energy would disperse. It was an attack he could only use once per battle so he would rather not waste such a shot. Instead he would dematerialise the bow and arrow before using Shunpo to rejoin the fray. The Captain would appear behind the Arrancar with his white sword and use Ryodan. He would follow this up by creating the purple sword in his left hand and using Onibi, which would be a strong attack even if it did not make a whole in the target. Just because he didin't have his Zanpakuto didn't mean he couldn't use Zanjutsu techniques and these two were particularly lethal ones. barrier: arrow:
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  11. Much to Yoshirou’s surprise Metabee relinquishes his Zanpakuto instead of using the demon arts. He was a little disappointed but if any Shinigami could go without their Zanpakuto it was the Commander of Kido. Not only was his knowledge and skills in the arts vast but he could also create weapons making it impossible to truly disarm him. Even still Yoshirou didn’t hesitate in the slightest showing pose and confidence as he relied on Hoho to close the small gap between them. Raining down both Zanpakutos, Yoshi attacks right along side his comrade. It was there first fight as a team but it would further help strengthen there new friendship and build and enduring bond. With a move that would be tough even for a zanjutsu master, Monk adjusts his swing mid air, ducking down and blocks all the incoming attacks. With a strength that classified him as a true monster, Monk unleashes the potential energy built up in his legs propelling him high into the sky; forcing all the swords away from him. “Espada!?” says Yoshi unintentionally. Wasting no time Yoshirou dashes for the Arrancar’s Zanpakuto. If he was right and he was an Espada it was all the more reason to keep him from it. No, even if he wasn’t part of that group he was surely an Espadas equal. Such thoughts only brought more questions like- were they back together? how many are there? whose leading them, ect. That was only the tip of the iceberg but now was not the time for distractions. Sheathing his left sword Yoshirou picks up the enemies Zanpakuto while Monk hovers over the battlefield charging a cero. Also known as doom blast, it was a deadly attack but as long as neither of them was caught off guard it was something they could manage. Monk launches the cero at Metabee most likely because of his close proximity and or lack of Zanpakuto. However unfortunate, the Shinigami’s were blessed that they didn’t have to worry about civilians caught in the attack nor the damage to the buildings as they were all dead and mostly destroyed now. Using his spiritual energy as a launching pad Monk hurls himself towards Yoshirou before his cero had even exploded. The Hollow hits the ground charging like a bull seeing only red. Yoshi steadied his stance as he prepares to receive the madman’s charge. With his spiritual pressure flowing out of him Yoshi remained composed when facing the brutish strength of his opponent. In the hands of the enemy, his Advisor’s Zanpakuto comes bearing down upon him. Shuffling both feet to the left, Monk’s right, Yoshirou swings his Zanpakuto, in an arcing motion, intercepting the attack. Unlike before, Yoshirou's spiritual energy is flowing through him allowing him to manipulate gravitons within a certain distance. In his current form that distance was only extend to things he touches or is in contact with. Upon clashing swords Yoshirou would force his opponents sword to the ground making it almost impossible to move via gravitons, while thrusting the Zanpakuto in his left hand, at Monk’s right side, with enough power to pierce even an Espada. Once again Yoshirou caused Monk’s attack to go across his body, hopefully causing him to release Metabee's Zapakuto, which was his initial goal. Then Monk would have to twist to try and reposition himself before he could attempt his uppercut; which he wasn’t planning on dodging but instead relying on his offense as defense. This would hopefully give Yoshi plenty of time to penetrate the Hollow with his own weapon in either his side or chest. After the thrust reached its peak he would significantly increasing its gravity immediately ripping the sword downward, tearing apart everything it touched. If Monk still managed the uppercut despite the damage it would connect with Yoshi’s chin as he chose to deal damage over avoiding the punch; though with tremendously less force than Monk intended. The uppercut would have to fight through gravity and Yoshi's sword attacks to reach its target. Even still it would have caused Yoshirou to take a few steps back had he not been increasing gravity at that point. He immediately spits out blood, which now ran from his mouth and the gash on his chin. Going on the defensive Yoshi used shunpo to momentarily create some breathing room. Each target had just struck at each other and now standing roughly ten yards away Yoshi was assessing the outcome. Yoshirou’s jaw was not broken but had a deep laceration on it which blood freely flowed from. There were also minor cuts on both his upper and lower lips but with some focus he was able to stop all the bleeding. By no means were the cuts gone but he at least didn’t have to worry about losing too much blood. “Release me and finish this nonsense,” says Kosumosu. As Yoshirou’s Zanpakuto spirits they hated seeing him injured. “I was hoping that Metabee and I could land a crippling blow so that we could capture him and get answers before killing him but he’s too strong for that. I sense that like a wild animal even if seriously injured he would fight to the death,” Yoshirou thinks replying to his Zanpakuto…
  12. Monk was positive he was about to break Yoshirou’s elbow break7nf what Monk presumed was Yoshirou natural hand, but before he can make contact a sudden burst of spiritual pressure explodes out of Yoshirou and Monk feels his entire body gain weight. For all he was used to carrying weight as that was why his hits dealt so much damage he put his entire body weight behind it. But this force drove him and his punch down, so instead of it going for its original target. Instead the downward force pushed Monks fist into Yoshirou leg. However Monk felt no bones breaking which was a shame. However Monk had perhaps gained some information on his opponents. Monk had felt the effects of spiritual pressure before; an overwhelming amount could make it hard to breath or even starve you. But the only time he felt physically pressure from spiritual pressure was during a Arrancar’s release. As spiritual pressure often feels denser after the release. Which could mean Yoshirou’s abilities have something to do with weight or at least altering it. As for Monk the battle with the unknown Shinigami, Monk had won for claim over the Zanpakuto. Monk attempt to grasp the Shinigami head had made him let go of his Zanpakuto and step back. Which was all Monk needed. He needed a short amount of time to react to what Yoshirou was already doing. Monk could see his right hand in front of him, but at a glance Monk could see Yoshirou’s left off to the side and was bringing it down at a similar pace to his right and the unknown Shinigami had wasted no time. Using what Monk could only guess was a Kido or perhaps the Shinigami’s abilities he had summoned two blade. Now he had four blade coming for him and only one that didn’t even belong to him. Monk could only see one option. He takes hold of his enemies Zanpakuto and ducks down, Raising the blade above his head, the first clash of blades comes, the unknown Shinigami strikes his own Zanpakuto, which Monk can take with ease as he bends his knees preparing for the next two and they come. Striking the top of the blade with the imperfect slashed landing on top of the Zanpakuto and pushing the blunt side of the Zanpakuto Monk was holding onto the back of his neck, bringing it to a sudden halt. “Is that all” Monk mocks had used all his strength to block his opponents attacks and he wasn’t stuck. He had already planned ahead as he saw the unknown Shinigami new white sword coming towards him. So Monk pushes hard against the ground and pushes hard up with his arms against his to opponents. Then with all his might he extends his legs. The Zanpakuto he was holding protected him as it pushed his enemies blades away as he shot up and into the sky far from his opponents, once up in the sky Monk begins charging a Cero in his left hand and looks down to only find one target where he had left him, Monk quickly looks around and finds that Yoshirou had disappeared and reappeared by Monks Zanpakuto. So Monk aims for the closer target and aiming his Cero downwards lets the beam be unleashed towards the Unknown Shinigami. This would then hopefully keep him busy enough so Monk could attack his real opponent. Pushing off against the spiritual pressure in the air to give him and speedy start, Monk lands on the ground and covers the rest of the distance in a sprint, preparing an overhead slash once again, but Monk wasn’t going to put as much behind it as his first. Monk was expecting a parry as a counter as Yoshirou had a excellent amount of skill with a Zanpakuto and parrying was the best way for Yoshirou to gain an opening. So if Yoshirou did attempt to counter the downward lash with a counter parry Monk was prepared, having not put his full effort into the attack, Monk would easily be able to redirect from the counter and the go for a lethal upper cut and with this uppercut, Monk would swing hard and long. He would go over his head and bring it back down behind him as he had no doubt the other Shinigami would be on the offence soon after dealing with the Cero.
  13. As Yoshirou's kick was successful, Monk was kicked away some distance and the battle continued. Since both sides were very strong it wouldn't be wise to give them too much time due to the fact that any attack can be lethal. For their next attacks Metabee fired an Okasen and Yoshirou charged in with a strong attack but the Arrancar dodged both with a Sonido. It seemed they were starting to push him since he had to rely on his Sonido instead of taking the attack. The Captain ran towards them while their skirmish continued. Monk threw a punch at the Noble's elbow but he used his spiritual pressure to redirect it, though he couldn't completely avoid it and took a hit to the leg. Considering the strength of their opponent, it must have been some impact. Unfortunately, between him and Yoshirou, it was the Noble that had to be more careful. As long as Metabee's head and heart was still going he could regenerate broken or lost limbs if given enough time but blood loss would still be a problem. Although, Monk didn't ignore his attacks it did not change the fact that Yoshirou was his true target so making that kind of time should be possible. After the Noble got hit, Metabee made it at their location and dished out some of his own attacks. However, both of them were blocked and his thrust was caught in a firm grip. At first he struggle for his Zanpakuto but after seeing that the Arrancar reached out for his head Metabee decided to let it go and stepped back. Perhaps he could have used a Kido to escape the situation but the battle was only beginning and he didn't want to overuse Kido. His future techniques would drain a lot out of him so he had to conserve his energy until then. Yoshirou stepped in, or dashed in to be precise, and Monk launched an attack at his neck with the Captain's Zanpakuto but the Noble launched an attack that was also nothing to sneeze at. Fortunately for Metabee, he wasn't completely useless without his Zanpakuto. In fact, he could make countless weapons at the snap of his finger. In the blink of an eye a sword appeared in both of his hands. In his right hand was a white sword and in his left hand was a purple sword. A balance of light and dark, just like the conflict within him. Making a pair of swords was much more economic than constantly using Kido so he would finally have to show his ability. However, against Monk's Hierro they wouldn't be much help but he wouldn't know that. Instead, Metabee used more spirit energy on his swords to make them sturdier. Before Monk's and Yoshirou's exchange finished, the Captain stepped back in and with his right hand made a vertical slash at the Arrancar's right wrist which was holding his Zanpakuto. Ultimately, his goal was to get back his Zanpakuto as that was the core of his fighting style but the problem was creting the opportunity to do so. Since Monk dropped his own weapon he might decide to take a long hold of his. Metabee followed this up with a horizontal slash at Monk's chest level. The Noble knew the weakness behind his swords so the Captain hoped that he would also help out but either way he could handle himself for a few exchanges. swords:
  14. The fight was intense from the get go. With the Arrancar taking on two senior level Captains it was not going to be easy. That was evident from all the minor wounds Monk was receiving as he was now stuck from behind. Yoshirou’s kick was successful sending his him a few yards off. Although the damage was small the attack separated the Hollow from his sword. Even for a master at hakuda losing one’s Zanpakuto was a significant blow preventing you from unleashing your true power. No matter how formidable you were, you were always stronger with it. Metabee launched a kido while Yoshi charged in right behind it ready to follow up with his attack. Just before the lightning would hit his mark, Monk vanished from site. The pair had finally forced him to rely on a high-speed movement technique, further showing that they had the upper hand... for now. What was more astonishing was the fact that Monk was doing so well despite the odds stacked against him. Apparently he did come here with what it takes to back his words. As Yoshirou initiated his downward slash Monk reappears to his right looking for an opening to take advantage of. The Zanpakuto strikes the ground with thunderous force easily splitting the ground in two, shaking the earth around them. It was at that moment Monk swung aiming for Yoshirou’s elbow. Shunpo was the best and only way to avoid the attack without taking damage but that would have put needless distance between them. Instead of creating distance Yoshi releases his, blackish bluish, spiritual pressure in a rapid burst. The idea was to use the influx in gravity, as well as the unstable terrain to throw off the trajectory of Monk’s fist. While the quick thinking tactic diverted Monk’s hand enough to miss its target, Yoshirou didn’t come out unscathed. The attacked hit and brushed off the back of his right hamstring. Immediately a sharp tingly sensation shot through his leg. If Yoshirou didn’t witness it himself he would have sworn he was hit with a blunt object like a bat instead of barehanded attack. Yoshirou takes a step forward continuing with the forward momentum from his initial attack putting him more to Monks side. The second he puts weight on his right leg he limps and unintentionally takes a second step forward. “Son of a…” he thinks to himself. Luckily he knew his leg wasn’t broken. The pain was sharpest when weight was applied to it similar to being dead legged. Where someone either knees or elbows you really hard in the upper leg, in the front or the back, penetrating deep into the muscle. You’d easily feel the pain for the rest of the day but especially when walking making it feel as if one of your legs were dead weight. If you’ve never experience this then count yourself lucky though you can give yourself or someone a small taste of it by simply leaning on their quad with your elbow. I promise you even a small amount of pressure is good enough to make the other person scream out in pain, surprised by it. Although Yoshirou did not scream out he knew for certain that he was hit. “Even two on one he’s good enough to constantly keep us on guard,” he thinks never taking his eyes off Monk who was now reengaged with Metabee. “If circumstances where different you would have been an amazing sparring partner.” Or so were his thoughts as he unsheathed his second Zanpakuto switching his style to Nihado, also known as ‘The Way of Two Blades’. With his spiritual pressure currently flowing at its peak Yoshirou was able to take some of the pressure off his right leg though he wouldn’t be attacking with in anytime soon. The time for assessing the others abilities were over; the real fight starts now. Monk blocks the Commanders first swing and reaches out grabbing hold of Metabee’s Zanpakuto. Yoshirou chose this moment to attack, not because he was concerned for his comrade’s safety but he was predicting an opening that would soon be there. Yoshi considered what he would do if a physically stronger opponent attempted to grab his weapon and acted accordingly. It was actually a kido Metabee already used once so you could say it as Monk’s first mistake; Hado # 11. Whether it’s what Metabee does or not Yoshirou commits to the attack taking advantage of the struggle for the sword. Using shunpo Yoshirou appears to Monk’s right side with speeds faster than before. Although his leg was injured he was still faster using shunpo than without and the fact that his leg wasn’t actually broken helps. Appearing with both swords raised to opposite sides Yoshirou strikes, downward and diagonally; with a move he calls Basami. The skill uses two simultaneous slashes coming from opposite directions making it difficult to defend against both attacks. What makes it special is that each attack comes in at varying angles that could be changed. The one incoming from the front was at a sixty-degree angle while the one racing towards his backside was at a forty-five degree angle. Not only did it make a perfect defense harder it insured that the blades wouldn’t collide together but instead make an imperfect (X). Even if Monk manages to get Metabee’s Zanpakuto away from him and attempts to behead Yoshi, the attack would be blocked by the frontal slash while the other rear one find its mark. If either attack hits flesh they should pack enough force to bisect its target; or at the very least cause serious injury. If Monk avoids the attack by retreating Yoshirou would allow it this time. Instead of perusing him Yoshi would shunpo and retrieve Monk’s Zanpakuto while he would sheath his left one in order to do so. The sword was behind both of the Shinigamis so there was little hope Monk would be successful just rushing in for it. If Yoshirou couldn’t do any physical damage then he would take the source of his power reserves, equally crippling him. If the Basami was merely avoided by stepping to either side Yoshirou would readjust his positioning and strike again. He would quickly bring both Zanpakutos together, to his right, then swing them diagonally upwards. Since both swords were already at a lowered position Yoshi was able to instantly and gracefully execute the attack like a true Zanjutsu Master. After the attack Yoshirou would return both Zanpakutos to the ready as he prepared for his next attack.
  15. Even after all the effort Monk had gone though in order to defend himself, he’d dropped his Zanpakuto, taken a shock in his arm and countered the Shinigami’s attack almost perfect and yet all he had achieved was tearing away at the Shinigami’s white shirt. ‘I may as well have retreated’ Monk thinks to himself as his kick upwards was also countered by the exact means that Yoshirou used. Using that accursed Kido. It seemed facing two Shinigami of this level was going to be an up hill battle, but one he would win. No matter the cost. Then just after being countered Monk felt yet another hit come from behind him, hitting him in the side of the ribs, his Heirro took the brunt of the force as it wasn’t a blade that had hit him. But the force was still strong. So Monk didn’t resist. It was the perfect opportunity to get out of the way again. So he loosened his muscles and let himself tumble along the ground for a few feet and pushed himself back up with his hands and regains his composure quick as he was sure more was on its way and it was. A bright yellow kido was shooting towards him while Yoshirou was coming up only a few seconds behind it, his Zanpakuto raised above his head, meaning it was going to come crashing down and if it came down with the same force as his last swing, Monk wasn’t sure he wanted to block that directly with his Heirro and even allowing it to side down his Heirro could be risky. Monk could on think of one solution and was positive that if Yoshirou was on the attack the other Shinigami would be soon. ‘Now!’ Monk thinks just as the Kido is about to reach him and the downward slash of Yoshirou’s blade begins Monk uses Sonido to move a very small distance, which is just to the right of Yoshirou and as Monk watched the Zanpakuto swing past him and down towards the ground Monk was left with the opening he wanted, but only for a second. The other Shinigami would likely be on his way. So Monk cuffs his left fist and pushes it towards Yoshirou’s elbow in an attempt to break it. If he could quiet literally disarm on arm then he would gain some form of advantage over his opponents and now it was the other Shinigami’s turn as he saw him, he had been on the frontal assault for some time. But Monk was not going to leave himself open for attack a third time. A horizontal swing comes from the Shinigami. So Monk quickly shifts his right and and block the Zanpakuto at the guard, blocking it with the palm of his hand so he could push against it and make sure it went no further than he intended. Then the Shinigami pulls back and comes in for a thrust. But Monks right hand was still free as the blade comes toward Monk once again, Monks right hand lunges towards the blade and tightens around it like a vice, with a sound that almost sounded like metal on metal the Zanpakuto eventually comes to a stop before reaching Monk. Now he had both of his opponents directly in front of him. So whether or not Monks first counter against Yoshirou succeeded or not, he still wanted to deal with the pest that was disturbing his fight against the opponents he had sort in the first place. So Monk attempts to pull on the Shinigami’s blade and pulls it towards him and slightly to his right, well out of the way of his stomach. If the Shinigami chose to let go of his Zanpakuto to avoid Monk he would use the Shinigami’s blade against Yoshirou and swing for his neck, even though Monk was gripping it by the blade there was still enough blade to sever a head from a neck. However if the Shinigami did not let go of the blade Monk would bring his left hand over and with an open hand try to get a hold of the Shinigami’s head, If he managed to get a hold of the Shinigami’s head he was going to attempt to crush it like a melon and be rid of the pest that had entered this battle. But what was important was both his opponents were in close range, Monk felt he had the advantage. If all his attacks succeeded which in battle was never truely certain he had possibly broken one opponent arm or stolen another’s Zanpakuto. If either happened, Monk would have a great advantage and would possibly lead him to victory.
  16. Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    5 Fate Points for Duality
  17. Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    The vosto lorde known as niko finished his assault by grabbing yamashiro by the back of his head as he took his knee and slammed it up into his face, this caused yamashiro to go tumbling back before landing on his back looking up at a blurry view. As he laid there all he could hear was the hollow laughing and the sound of the battle which was still raging on out side the cave. Yamashiro was not sure how long the poison in side of him would last so he hoped that if he just laid there he could let the effect dull down some, if that did not work then he would have to find another way to get the poison toxin out of his bloodstream. "Hey no just laying there playing dead we both know your just stalling for time so my poison effect wears off, unfortunately I shall not allow you to have that much time." The next thing that yamashiro knew there was suddenly a knee planted deep into his stomach , yamashiro coughed up some blood before he was kicked in the side of his ribs. He was sent flying into a boulder and seconds later he would be hit by a cero tho it was not that powerful so he was able to withstand it with out no major damage received.But that still did not help the fact that he was getting his ass handed to him but that would be for any one that had already fought three fights before this one and they was not easy by a long shot. As niko came in for his attack yamashiro noticed something, tho he could not see far cause of the toxin in his blood that did not seem to stop his close vision either that or his poison was starting to lose its strength. So to test that he would need to try to catch one of his limbs when he attacks cause then even if he was blind there was no way he could dodge Yamashiro attacks, so as something came into his view he quickly threw up his hand as he was lucky enough to grab something. From the feel of it, it would seem that he was able to catch his tail. Niko seemed to be thinking of injecting yamashiro once more with some kind of poison but with his tail in a vice grip there was no way that niko would be able to get away. " I'm done..I'm done letting you have your fun, I'm threw with letting you kick me around. I think it's high time I had some fun alwith" with the vosto tail in hand yamashiro began to spin around and around then with one good yank he ripped the hollows tail clean off its body. " ahhhhhhh god damn it you basterd, well if it's any consolation that hurt like hell but let me ask you, do you have any idea how long it's gonna take me to regrow my tail. " yamashiro looked at him when he said that with a puzzled expression cause the last he remembered only the arrancar was able to use high speed regeneration. "What now?" Yamashiro said as he tilted his head to the side. Just then the tail that he ripped off grew suddenly back onto the hollow. " I'm sorry that was a trick question but now we can have more fun. " Yamashiro suddenly noticed that he could see clearly once more, and in that case it was about time the vosto lorde took his payback ass kicking, first thing's first he would need to get rid of that tail once again so that there was no chance of being poisoned cause that shit was bull crap. Using sonido Yamashiro landed behind him as he tapped the vosto on his shoulder, before the hollow could turn around yamashiro took the tip of his elbow and slammed it into his neck which dropped his ass to the floor. From there yamashiro slammed his foot into the back of the hollows head as his head hit the ground making a imprint of his face, then he placed his foot on the hollows back as he reached down grabbing the tail and pulled it off his body once more and this time he would not be growing it back. Just to make sure that the hollow would have a hard time fighting he reached down and grabbed both of the vosto lorde arms as he placed his foot in the center of his back he tugged so hard that you could hear the breaking of his shoulder joints. The hollows arms was now useless which just gave the hollow his legs and his cero to fight with. After the hollow laid there screaming and yelling he jumped up and opened his mouth with a cero almost ready to fire, the hollow started laughing like he thinks that he just won but with a big grin yamashiro reached up and grabbed niko by the jaws right as the cero was about to fire as he fired a weak small cero of his own which caused a chain reaction. The vosto body began to glow a bright red,and slowly the body began to get bigger inch by inch until it decided to explode leaving just the head which was still gripped in yamashiro hand. Yamashiro gut suddenly made a big snarl and he did not blame it, since he had not eat any thing now for at least two days seeing as he has probably been fighting for some time now so taking the head of the vosto lorde he took bites off it until he devoured it completely, the only thing left to do was to finish off the army which remained or see if they was gonna join his army. Now that he thought about it he should have probably kept the head to show he beat there leader, so looking around he searched around to see if there was any thing he could use. Luckily he noticed the tail which he had ripped off was still laying there so grabbing it he used sonido to vanish from where he was and he quickly made his way to a point over looking the battle but with all the noise it would be hard to get there attention so firing a cero into the middle of the battlefield he yelled at the top of his lungs which made every one stop what they was doing to look up at him. " all look at what's left of your leader, you can either join me or you can die where you stand it's your choice but I do hope you choose wisely. " Yamashiro tossed the tail to the ground showing all that there boss was dead, one by one along with his own the hollows began to get onto one knee to show there allegiance to there new boss Wc: 1,176 Twc: 4,554
  18. After Yoshirou asked him a question, once again Monk answered it. Metabee didn't know if it was because he was just that kind of person and though that it didn't matter if he told them since he wanted to kill them anyway or if it was simply to adjust himself to the new situation since he was caught by his surprise attack. The Arrancar gave them a small perspective of the life of a Hollow while showing his anger by swinging his Zanpakuto. The Captain thought that he wasn't entirely wrong. The world was not a nice place. There is no reason to spare your enemies as they might come back stronger and kill you. However, cruelly killing anyone that comes into your path was taking it too far. The people who had lived here had done nothing wrong to Hollows, they had never probably seen one in the first place, and yet they were killed as part of some sort of scheme of vengeance against the Shinigami. Seeing that the Arrancar was done with his speech, Metabee chose this time to attack. This was not a battle of words. Nothing they would say would change Monk's mind. There was only one solution to this. It was either him or them. The Arrancar plunged his fist into the Sokatsui causing it to split in two. Normally, people would avoid such an approach but thanks to his Hierro he had minimal damage. Monk then followed his movements and the Captain appeared behind him. Their blades clashed but thanks to his Kido Monk was taking some damage from the shock. Even if he couldn't match his strength there were several ways to dish out more damage, especially from someone who excelled in both Kido and Zanjutsu. To avoid any further damage, the Arrancar dropped his Zanpakuto and ducked to avoid his next attack but not completely. His attack partially connected with Monk's right hand which he then used to counterattack. Metabee sidestepped to the left to avoid it but at this range he also couldn't quite avoid it and his opponents hand tore through his white shirt and left a small cut in his side. Monk followed this up with a kick aiming for his crotch but Metabee used a Seki to counter it. He could try to dodge it but he would rather not risk it and preferred to play it safe. He didn't really like idea of losing his balls as he might still need them in the future. Even though both sides were willing to play dirty aiming for someones balls was just pure shameless! The Noble took their exchange as an opportunity and joined in, appearing behind the Arrancar and launching a roundhouse kick to create distance. If this was successful, before Yoshirou reached Monk Metabee put out his left hand,'Hado#32 Okasen.' He said the name to increase its firepower and even if it didn't do much the damage would add up eventually. Furthermore, the reason he used his hand instead of Zanpakuto was not to hit Yoshirou and give him an opportunity. Once Yoshirou would launch his next attack, the Captain would also get in close. The Noble attacked from a high angle so he would aim a bit lower. Putting both his hands on his Zanpakuto, Metabee would do another horizontal slash but this time he would aim it for his opponent's stomach. As Metabee was a bit to Monk's side he would then spin on his heel to reposition himself and let out a thrust. If Yoshirou's kick was not successful, Metabee would do a shoulder barge on the now standing Monk to get him into the Noble's next attack. Even if Monk's focus was turned to Yoshirou he would not stop attacking. His next action would be a diagonal slash, the opposite direction of last time, followed by a step backwards and a Sokatsui aimed directly at the Arrancar's head.
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  20. New Eyes in Hueco Mundo

    From Birth to First Kill Darkness, absolute darkness; a space so void of light that it achieves absolute black, an impossibility on Earth. But in Hueco Mundo it was a feat commonly reached in the voids of the Forest of Menos. The only signs of light was the unimaginable darkness bouncing of eight small reflective surfaces… I open my eyes for the first time but immediately I’m confused. Some how I know it’s completely dark but I can see as if it’s the peek of day. Even more I can see in a three hundred and sixty degree radius with high depth and extremely vivid details. Its obvious some things different but the harder I try to think about events prior to now the more my head hurts. “What and where am I?” It seems those thoughts don’t cause any pain. In fact some how I know the answers making the questions irrelevant. I’m a newborn spider type Hollow in a place called Hueco Mundo, more specifically the Forest of Menos. That and my every instinct right now is telling me to feed. I am hungry but my urge to hunt feels more powerful. Perhaps that’s my instincts telling me to fight and grow stronger. Well no point in over thinking it, food sounds good anyways. Stepping out of the pit of darkness I find it quite unnatural how natural I could walk with eight legs. But that in it self was strange. I had just been born and had always been a spider so why did it all seem like it was only partially true. Again an intense pain shoots through my head. “Ok, ok I wont think about the past," I tell myself while moving along the forest floor. I made sure to move as quietly and stealthily as possible. And with eight eyes and legs the speed at which I could do so was incredible for being a new born. It only took a few minutes before I came across a fellow Hollow. It looked like some sort of rodent, like a raccoon, chipmunk, fox hybrid or something. For now it doesn’t notice me as its busy feasting on a carcass that looks like it had been dead for days; with its head so far in its stomach it wasn’t surprising. Without hesitation I climb the tree in front of me. Again the eight legs make it particularly easy to move even on vertical surfaces so I easily made it to the top without being noticed. Making my way to a branch that overhung where the rodent dined my preparations were complete. Attaching a piece of web to the branch, like it was second nature, I slow start descending. The further down I go the faster my heart races. Although I have all the instincts for the hunt this was still my first kill. I was both excited and nervous but most of all I was hungry. That hunger allowed me to suppress those feelings and hone in on nothing but the target. My heart stop racing as I dropped on top of my unsuspecting victim, dinner would be mine… Everything after that point moved on autopilot as my instincts took over my entire body. My fangs easily sank into the back of his neck as the rodent feasted without the slightest suspicion. Immediately the venom from my fangs seeped into his body quickly paralyzing him and causing the area around the bite to start breaking down. Finishing up the hunt that was more like an assassination six of my legs quickly spin its body wrapping it in webbing. Just like that his life was gone and his body now encased in a coffin of webbing. Furrowing my non existing brow I drop to the ground and inspected the web treads which looked like tiny metal fibers. Despite being so tiny they were very sticky and durable, like threads of kevlar or chainmail dipped in bacterial glue. Luckily my spider legs are able to cut right through them otherwise I would have acquired food with no way to eat it. Taking its body back up into the tree I fest for the first time enjoying the spoils of my first kill. OOC> wanted to try first person. i've been reading a lot of JP light novels and web novels
  21. Monk took a second to answer Yoshirou’s questions once again. It was most likely done to reassess the situation than a courtesy to the Noble. He stated how it was foolish to let a potential enemy live or energy go to waste. Yes Monk was a demon but more than that he was a madman. Such a life style had to be harsh and lonely forcing Monk to live in solitude and slowly lose his mind. During the conversation there were a few times Monk swung his sword displaying the strength behind it. It was likely done involuntarily, similar to an animal with rabies or a human with the tourette syndrome. What most caught Yoshirou’s ear was the repeated mention of a phantom. “This phantom… is it an actually being, or is it just a figment of your imagination?” he asks though before Monk could answer this time, Metabee charged in attacking. It didn’t make a difference because it was obviously a question you couldn’t ask the person in suspicion. Of course most wouldn’t admit to seeing things and wouldn’t really know if they were or not. The exchange of blows lasted only a moment and for a second it appeared that Metabee had the upper hand. Monk being extremely athletic and resourceful managed to maneuver in away that avoided much damage and even responds with a counter. It was at that moment Yoshi made his move. With plenty of time and his opponents back Yoshirou attacks. With Metabee engaged Yoshi couldn’t risk using a powerful kido or a deadly zanjutsu skill. The battle was too early to be desperate and risk injuring a comrade. Of course all that could change in an instant so the sooner they could end the fight the better. Closing the distance in what appeared to be a single step Yoshirou materialized behind the Arrancar. An attack now was almost a guarantee but noting in life was ever certain. With a right round house kick his target was Monks left side ribcage, going for the same area that was exposed before. If the kick hit its mark it would have enough force to send Monk tumbling off further separating him from his Zanpakuto; but with his strength and hierro it was probably just a few yards. It was all that was need, Yoshirou immediately charged in, with his left hand raised above his head. Quickly closing the gap Yoshi brings down his sword in a single slice going for quality instead of quantity. The speed and power of the swing was greatly enhanced through his power over gravity. Without his Zanpakuto Monk had little hope of stopping the attack. Even with it he would still be hard press to block the strike but with the depths of Monks strength unknown anything was possible. If the roundhouse kick was avoided Yoshirou would still follow up with the same descending slash, closing whatever distance the Arrancar attempts to make. Like Monk, Yoshirou was fully confident in close range combat. Truth be told Yoshi preferred close to mid range combat over long range battles. It was nothing surprising as that was the sweet spot for most fighters and warriors.
  22. Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    The two hollows starred one another down neither one wanting to break eye contact cause the moment one does it meant death, he would have to keep his guard up with this hollow cause unlike his last opponent he was now dealing with a fully evolved vosto lorde and not some adjuchas level arrancar that decided to rip his mask off to early. It was kind of funny when he thought about, he was a scorpion while yamashiro was a spider each a predator which leached off of weaker pray but at the same time wanted nothing more then a good fight. In this fight it would be decided who was the better warrior the adjuchas who is close to being a vosto or the vosto lorde him self, only time could tell the out come tho with neither moving it could possibly take a while. "So are you gonna make a move ahhh I'm sorry I do not know your name mines yamashiro gazami." Out of respect yamashiro introduce him self as to also buy a little more time, in his mouth he had his back teeth chewing some web in means to trap the hollow. " your right where are my manners, the names niko niko Vladimir, and no I do insist you go first comrad. " Yamashiro chuckled under his breath, so it would seem that Niko was trying the same tactic to buy more time tho yamashiro could not keep stalling. With the webbing finished yamashiro spit it out as it fired towards the hollow like a arrow, unfortunately the vosto was smart enough as well as quick enough to step to the side then using a sonido niko was now standing by yamashiro right side. "That was a nice trick there but I have some of my own up the sleeve so allow me to show you one." The vosto lorde took his pointed tail and quickly thrusted it at him so bringing up his right arm he pushed his tail away tho the stinger still managed to get his arm which lucky for him was not a fetal position,once he did that he took his left fist and punched the hollow in the gut sending him flying across the room before he had managed to save his self by planting his tail into the ground. "Not much of a skill you have seems pretty simple but if your just trying to bluff then at least know how to do it first." Yamashiro lunges forward as he started throwing punch after punch, some missed while others managed to hit home but besides dodging the hollow was not doing any thing. "What's wrong Niko get scared well I can't blame ya I some times scare my self b..." Just then a weird feeling suddenly ran down yamashiro body as if he had been struck by lightning , his legs began to feel weak and his vision was starting to blur. But how and when. Just then yamashiro understood what was wrong, some how when niko stinger stuck his arm he injected him with some kind of toxin. "I see my gift that I gave you is finally deciding to take effect, it seemed to have taken a little longer to fully kick in since you are much stronger then my previous opponents. I will give you one hint which is that none of my poisons are deadly they just help give me a edge in battle a little like this." Yamashiro could not very good now so when niko threw a punch he thought he had moved out of the way but not enough as niko began hitting yamashiro all over and he had no idea when he would stop Wc625 Twc 3,378
  23. Monk was confident that in such close combat that it would be the end of Yoshirou. His hand was inches away from Yoshirou wrist and if he wasn’t able to shove him towards his new opponent. He would simply rip his arm out of his socket instead. That seemed more effective. But Monk was shortly disappointed, with his eagerness to get hold of his opponents he had reached across to his right and left himself open. Upon hearing the words of the Kido incantation, he was well aware what would happen next. As the Kido makes contact with his open chest he is knocked back quite severely, however damage to him is practically minimal, unnoticed. There was a reason he was a master of hand to hand and that was because he was extremely hard to damage with it or with means similar to it. But that doesn’t quench is anger. Just fills him with pride and confidence. But for a short time Monk is brought back from the frenzy of the fight as Yoshirou asks if this was all Monk was: a killer. And perhaps as of recent that was true. Monk couldn’t remember the last person he had sparred, one thing he had seen that he hadn’t had the intent to kill. Monk had walked a path of blood for a long time. But he had his reason. Monk raises his Zanpakuto and swings it down, ending the strike at his feet. A shock wave of wind rustles the leafs on the tree and knocks branches out from the tree. “Once I was different, quiet and I sparred life. Back when I was so foolish. Every life sparred is a future enemy. A hollow let live is the possibility of being consume by that very hollow. Every Shinigami not slain is a enemy for the future. Every human not consume is wasted energy. It’s clear how the world work and it has never been fair. Never for us hollow. We are brought to life, unwilling and born hungry and endless hungry and so we devour. However those who are powerful enough to devour our brethren; fellow hollow are considered wrong. Hunted down always, regardless of our nature. I never took a human life. I was sympathetic, how small they were underneath me. But it didn’t matter I was always hunted. So what does it matter. If I’m a monster, let me be a demon.” This time Monk turn around and swings his blade at the tree that laid outside the destroy village and after a moments pause the leafs all fall out of the tree. “And those whisper. They come from a phantom. I do not know his name. But he speaks the truth. Not just my enslavement to you, but the my enslavement to all Shinigami and how all hollow have to obey and are eventually slaughtered by you. It is time for the Shinigami to pay there toll as they have gone around unchecked for far too long. I have come to collect it for everyone” Monk turns again facing his opponents once more. The price to pay was death. The death of all Shinigami. Once Monk has finished addressing Yoshirou’s question the new Shinigami attacks. Clearly having no interest in continuing the conversation, just to Monks liking. Before charging at Monk he fires off a Kido. A blast of blue flame rushed towards Monk. “Come on” Monk taunt. He was bored of fight Kido he wanted flesh and strength. Reaching forward with and a left open hand Monk rams it into the Sokatsui. Clashing with the Kido separating it and passing by him. Reducing the damage to just his arm, which had burn off the sleeve on his robe, his Heirro charred by the Kido, but once again not enough damaged enough to cause discomfort. There was worse Kido to take head on. “You’ll have to try harder than that” Monk said seeing that once the Kido had dispersed past him the unknown Shinigami was no longer in front of him. “A living creatures weakest point is...” Monk begins as he starts to turn around. “The back” as he sees a blade been swung at him Monk Monk moves his blade to counter the Shinigami, once again confident he would take the blow and as both blades connect, Monks right hand gripping his Zanpakuto spasms gripping the blade, even tighter. ‘A shock?’ Monk thinks to himself, thinking it could possibly be the ability of this Shinigamis Zanpakuto. ‘But he hasn’t released it yet’. However as long as he held his blade the longer he would feel the shock as he had no idea how long it would last, so Monk forces his hand open and drops his Zanpakuto, removing the shock from his right arm. Upon dropping his Zanpakuto though his guard is lost and is forced to lean backwards to avoid the blade. Then he had to worry about the second swing. Going diagonally, so Monk ducks slightly low down and flattens his right hard and goes in for the counter, angling his hand so it met with the blade, running along his hand and down his arm, tearing the right sleeve of robes, revealing his right arm to be covered in scars and adding one more scratch to the collect, minimised by the angle he had counted at. But he didn’t stop there. His defence now became his attack at he continued forward letting his enemies Zanpakuto run down his right arm and then fall off at his elbow. Monk then lunges his flat right hand towards the Shinigami gut. Then with his body slightly lower to the ground Monk would follow this up with a kick upwards going for in between the Shinigami’s legs. However even if he missed, with the kick he planned to launch himself up into air and out of the Shinigami swing range. If his kick had managed to connect and knocked the Shinigami up with him. Monk would cup his hands and slam them down on top of the Shinigami knocking him back down to the ground. However now his back was turned towards Yoshirou. Hopefully he wouldn’t risk anything that would put his ally at risk.
  24. While the two were clashing, Metabee chose to act and went for a backstab. It was successful enough that it made contact and it seemed to cause his enemy some pain but there was no lethal wound. This Arrancar had one Hierro so if he wanted to do some damage he couldn't hold back one bit. Monk shifted his back to avoid any further damage while pushing back Yoshirou at the same time. The Noble was no pushover so it just proved his raw strength. The Captain would have to make sure to avoid his attacks because each one could prove to be fatal. After doing so, Monk leans in and tries to grab Yoshirou's hand but the latter uses a Seki to push back his opponent. Metabee then positioned himself next to Yoshirou before the fight continued. The Arrancar then stated that he would kill them both. Even though Metabee wasn't his target it didn't matter. He would kill anyone that gets in his way. Yoshirou briefly spoke but this wouldn't last long. With such raw strength and hard defense they couldn't drop their guard for even a moment. However, it would also be bad if they gave him the initiative. The Captain fired a Sokatsui at Monk and then charged in. Before he got into close combat range, Metabee used Shunpo to get behind the Arrancar once again and coated his Zanpakuto with Tsuzuri Raiden and then let out a horizontal slash from left to right followed by a diagonal slash from Monk's left shoulder to right side. If Metabee was to make weapons they wouldn't last long due to his opponent strength and defense so he wanted to avoid using them. He could still use them to get an advantage, even with their limited fighting power, but he also wanted to save that for later. That is why for this fight he would have to use Zanjutsu and Kido. If he was to use hand to hand combat he would probably take more damage than give so that wasn't optimal either.
  25. Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    As the arrancar announced the words for his resurrection a black sphere of energy enveloped him making it impossible to see what was going on inside, tho from what he could feel now that was a different story. He could feel the power steadily growing ever more as the seconds rolled on and time it's self seemed as if it stopped or it seemed as if it had rolled by him. Just then the ball of blackness shattered as if it was no more then thin glass, standing there the arrancar looked completely different than what he was. His medium length dark hair grew down to his shoulder and his face was now fully covered by his white hollow mask except for the two holes for his eyes, his outfit went from being a white to all black and he now has a long black cape that was fluttering behind him. Around his waist he had two leather straps going down his legs in both side diagonally, then in the center he had a pendant of some kind that looked like a deamons head. He carried a long staff and on the top it had a crescent moon that has three spikes on different parts around the crescent then in the center of that looked to be a blue gem floating there. "Now how about we continue on where we left off why don't we." The hollow said to yamashiro before vanishing once more but he was not dumb enough to be fooled again by the same trick so yamashiro got up high enough so that he could see all around him. But just then he felt something grab him as he was flung into a boulder tho he was not done yet for the arrancar grabbed him by his arms and started to spin around and around tell he let go which sent yamashiro right into a rock wall. It was bad enough to fight him when his attacks was phasing though the man but now he had to deal with invisibly which from his point of view was no easier. The only option he had left was a attempt to capture him some how, if he could just see him he could hopefully hit him with some of his sticky web which would give yamashiro the chance he needed to end the fight the arrancar but if he missed he might not get another opportunity at it. Doing the only thing he knew left to do yamashiro jumped up onto the ceiling and fired a cero at the ground, he did not care if he hit the arrancar at first cause the cero was just to make a smokescreen so that he could find his shadow in the smoke to fire at. Just as he planned the smoke managed to locate where the arrancar was standing and it was lucky for him that the arrancar could not see from all the dust everywhere. Forming a bow yamashiro would pull back the string of the weapon, he could feel the string tighten as it went back further. He was now ready as he took careful aim before letting loose of the arrow, it bolted forth like a rocket slamming hard in to the leg of the arrancar pinning him down like a wooden chair. "I would say your time is up arrancar good by." Pulling back on the string once more yamashiro fired two arrows in to the chest of the hollow, but even that did not seem to fully put the arrancar in deaths embrace tho from the looks of things it would not be very far away. His breathing was starting to become heavy and weak and he could no longer keep up the strength to stand any more so he fell with a heavy thud to his knees. Yamashiro would walk up to the arrancar as he looked into the eyes of a dying man,even tho he was a arrancar he was just one of the lower ranked gillains and no where near what the espada hold on power. But to have been able to beat a arrancar and only coming out of it with some minuscule wounds shows that yamashiro had grown a lot since he first set foot in hueco mundo, so to give the dying man a warrior death he would put him down so he pulled the string back once more as he shot a arrow into the arrancar skull killing him once and for all. He then turned to the vosto which for this whole time just watched on from the side lines Wc 773 Twc 2,753
  26. Grimm fate and a iron fist.

    Yamashiro watched as the hollows body hit the ground after being hit by its own attack,so now that he was done having to deal with the current situation at hand he could carry on to the main chamber so that he could kill the main boss. He was walking by the dead body when all of a sudden a hand reached out and grabbed his leg stopping him from moving on, looking down he saw that the hollow was not dead yet but he was very close to deaths embrace. "I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...I'm not the only one left to beat before you reach out boss, we have a visitor here today and you must fight him first before you can even think of fighting our leader. Tho I doubt you can beat either of them for the visitor is stronger then our boss is." With the hollows last words spoken his hand heavily hit the ground as its body slowly became dust then vanished like sparks from a fire in the night sky, he began to wonder just who this hollow which he spoke of was. But it did not matter Yamashiro still had plenty of stamina to spear and energy for days so he continued on down the path ahead of him as he made his way to the next room so he could fight the next hollow, the closer he made it to the next room he could feel a strong spiritual pressure emitting from down the ways. It was too low to be a arrancar but at the same time it was why to high to just be a low ranking adjuchas so that just left the vost o lorde and if that was the case then he would surely have his hands full with his next confrontation. He entered the next part of the cave to see a small humanoid like hollow laying on his side as he watched yamashiro enter, he was roughly about five foot in height and he had a long spiky tail that looked like a scorpion stinger. " ah welcome Mr gazami it's nice to see that you was finally able to reach my inner sanctuary for that you have my respect, but we seem to have a problem. You see I am so busy I normally do not have to time to fight people my self so allow me to introduce your opponent. " the hollow raised his hand signaling for the other person to show them selfs, as he did a person walked in that was wearing all white like some kind of priest, but of all the things the one thing he noticed the most was the sword hanging loosely by this man's side. From what he understood about these types was that out of all the different looks that hollows turn into the only ones which look like the soul reapers where the arrancar. But what would a arrancar be doing here and why, normally they stay in the confide of the los nochas castle or in the world of the living. " I see you are puzzled as to why he is here, you see i recently found out what you was doing and I told my friend. He told me that if I or him kill you then I shall become a arrancar plus there is the good fortune of serving the Lord of hueco mundo as his right hand man. Now go and kill him or at least wear him down so it's easy for me to finish him. " The new person would bow in respect to the vost o before turning his attention towards yamashiro. He would have to keep his eyes on his opponent cause since this was the first time fighting a arrancar he had no idea what he would have up his sleeve. Both fighters would spring forth like snakes as the clashed into each other, the arrancar and him both had there hands pushing against one another. The hollow suddenly threw a knee up but yamashiro saw this coming so taking his third arm he was able to block it. Unfortunately he did not see the other leg coming up so yamashiro ribs got hit really hard and luckily he managed to place his arm around his leg in time before he was able to pull it back so now both fighters were in a stand still neither able to move or attack. Lucky for yamashiro he still had his legs to move so jumping up into the air yamashiro would start to spin as he then tossed the arrancar down onto the ground,the pressure and force behind the impact a crater would be formed under where the person landed. To put salt on the wound yamashiro would fire a cero down onto the arrancar, but for some reason the attack was not hitting the ground but instead it stopped just inches away from him. Opening his mouth the arrancar would pull the cero in as if he eat it but then seconds later he spit it out tho it felt much stronger then what yamashiro had fired which meant that he had shot a cero of his own mixing it with yamashiro cero. As fast as it was coming at him there was no way of dodging it so taking a defensive stance he let the cero hit, luckily it only burnt his forearm and not that bad either. The only problem he had now was the fact that he had lost sight with where the arrancar was, scanning the room yamashiro quickly looked around to try and find where the arrancar was hiding at cause as soon as he found him he was not loosing track of him again. But now that he thought about it he could not even sense the arrancar spiritual pressure which meant he was masking it some how tho he could not think of many ways of doing it unless this was one of his abilities if so he would have to be very careful cause if not he could be dead like all those before him who's death came at his hands. Unbeknownst to yamashiro the arrancar had actually murged with the ground as he was able to freely move about with out being spotted or sensed which honestly was kinda cool, the arrancar reached up from within the ground and he grabbed yamashiro by the legs pulling them down so that they would be stuck in the earth. Yamashiro attempted to get his legs unstuck but to no avail unfortunately, the arrancar would then come up out the ground laughing as he walked up to yamashiro. He tried to punch him but he just moved back a inch cause since his feet was stuck yamashiro could not move, the arrancar grabbed yamashiro by the arm which he just threw out and caused it to get stuck as well as his feet and just like before he could not seem to get out of it. The hollow then grabbed yamashiro by the back of his head then gave him a knee to the bridge of his nose breaking it, from there the arrancar decided to have a little fun as he started punching him in the face as fast as he could. As the arrancar was busy yamashiro would make a knife with his special Webb, when yamashiro noticed a small opening he flung his arm out trying to cut the arrancar but he just stepped back so the blade just nearly missed him as it just cut his cloths, so as his hand was still in motion he took the knife with his index and second finger then tossed it at the arrancar. Yamashiro knew that his tactic threw him off his timing which meant his attack would hit, the blade was now just inches from hitting but the arrancar suddenly had a big grin cross his face and just as he did the knife went though him as if the arrancar was nothing but some kind of phantom. " ha ha ha ha ha ha oh your so unfortunate if I was any one else you would have just wounded me but you did not and you never will. So how about we go ahead and end this shall we. " step by step the arrancar slowly made his way over to yamashiro,with each of his steps that he took he reached down towards his sword and he slowly pulled it out from his sheath to above his head. Yamashiro was defiantly not going to be taken out this easy I mean just the thought that he would be best so easy like the weakling he hates pissed him off to no means so opening his hand under the ground he fired off a hugh cero which managed to blast him free from his restraint and allowed him to push his enemy away from him giving him some space to be able to think. Yamashiro had been wondering about the arrancar ability to traverse the ground like water for some time, but he could not think of any thing. He had some ideas he wished to try to see if any worked and if they did then he thinks he might have found the ability weakness. So having some of his webbing enter his hand though the glands he made some small throwing knifes as he quickly threw them, just as before the was arrancar was able to let the attack phase right though him like a ghost. Yamashiro knows that every ability has its weakness as well as limitations on what it do, so he just needed to find out what limitations this hollow ability had. "That is one interesting aspect your ability has, I bet it makes entering and leaving places very easy. What else can you do I would love to see it." Yamashiro had a grin as he spoke as he did not hide the fact he was trying to get the hollow to talk tho he has hopes that he will say something which would give him some clue at how he could beat him. " you can not get me to slip up so easy Mr gazami if I was that dumb you would have already found a way but since you have not I see no reason to help you yet. So attack all you want for no attack can hit me. " He might not have noticed it but the arrancar just told him his weakness, if single attacks do not work then he should hit him more then just once. Using sonido Yamashiro landed behind the hollow as he threw a punch which just as he presumed the first of his attacks went though him, the arrancar did not notice the second blow as it struck him in the stomach. The arrancar would suddenly bend over clutching his stomach as he was spitting up blood, he had a look of shock on his face which told him that this was probably the first time he had been hit in a long time. So while the arrancar was dazed yamashiro punched him again right in the center of his chest, this sent the hollow flying back and he crashed into a boulder shattering it into tiny and big chunks which all fell on him. " just cause I'm a adjuchas it's not wise to take me lightly arrancar. " He must have really made the arrancar and cause the next moment a hugh amount of energy exploded where the arrancar was which made all the rubble go flying or vaporized. " oh you have so made me mad, I am now gonna kill so watch adjuchas of this power which very few ever get to see. Now disappear phantom el disaverda " wc 1,980
  27. New In Town

    Alexander slid his thumb along the palm of his hand towards his middle finger as Gonzalez spoke about the events that transpired or at least the way that the report was going to reflect what happened. Once his thumb flicked over his ring, a black flame would spread from his ring and start to consume his hand. Though Alexander was not given a chance to act as a rain of bullets would flow from many of the armed guards and blast down upon his body. There stood nothing for him to do as the bullets would pierce his body from every direction leaving nothing left but a lifeless body. The corpse of Alexander would topple over in the puddle of his blood before it would be consumed by a black flame, "Well isn't that a nice trick." Gonzalez was impressed by the fact that Alexander's body would be turning to ash before his very eyes although the fire remained after several moments. "Somebody put that fire out." Quickly some of the guards ran to get the fire extinguisher in order to put the fire out, but that proved pointless as it did no such thing. Every few minutes the fire would spread a few centimeters and several attempts to put it out did nothing. So the flames continued to grow as Gonzalez attempted to contain the flame the best that he could manage. SEVEN DAYS LATER... The base remained stable with the growing flame as they created a large containment area and sealing off the original training room. It became a containment field in order to defend against the terrorist act of Alexander, the suicide bomber that used an unidentified chemical fire to destroy the base. At least, this was the report that was submitted by Gonzalez. Though today was a day different than the others, as in the middle of the black flame Alexander would rise. "What the hell..." Slowly he turned his head around to gaze around the room as a sharp tugging sensation on his chest. His eyes sharply looked down to notice a chain attached to his chest that was rapidly eating itself. Alexander could not understand what was going on, but the pain was very real and easy to understand as it felt like his body was falling apart. Eventually, that chain would reach the point that it entered his chest and once more his body was consumed in a black flame. This fire burned so much but it never seemed to stop and even soften in the intensity. Darkness... Anger... Revenge... "Pride!" A roar like that of a lion would echo throughout the room, but distorted like that of a demon. Though this roar would soon be joined by the deafening cries of help and screams of pain. So the Prideful King was born...
  28. New In Town

    Time starts to accelerate as Alexander continued to traverse through the files that have been compiled on his desk. Information regarding the Daemons, which are identified as Hollows to other cultures, as well as Soul Reapers, the Vampires which are referred to as Bounts, and even detailed reports on the endangered Quincy. There was so much information for him to go through, but eventually, he was capable of getting through all of the data and sat there in a strange haze over the information that he went through. Before he had a chance to fully absorb all of the information, there was a solid knock on the door. "Come on in." Slowly the door opens to reveal an individual wearing the typical uniform of the armed guard of the base that he was located on with a look of distress on his face. The man held a look of distress as he continued to stare directly at Alexander. Alexander had not broken the locked expression of anticipation as he hoped that the man would say something at some point but after a full minute of silence he realized that it was to fall upon him to speak up. "You are welcome to speak, take a seat, or simply walk away but I would love for you to not just stand in my doorway." The man seemed finally able to gather himself as he took a step into the office of Alexander with his hat respectfully in his hands. "My apologies sir." It appears that this man was a new recruit, or relatively so, and was nervous to be addressing one of the administrative staff so directly. "Commander Gonzalez told me to inform you that you are required to come to the training room as to discuss your earlier indiscretions." He appeared nervous at the fact of the words that he was informed to speak, feeling that speaking poorly on someone that authorizes his checks could potentially cause complications. "I was told not to leave your office, or your presence until you are en route and promptly arrived at the training room." "Ah, so you are to deliver me." He would release a chuckle from his lips as he closed the remaining documents that were on his desk and lifting himself from his table. "Well, it would be smart not to leave the commander waiting." With that, he made his way out of the office with the armed guard following closely behind along the many corridors that lead to the desired location. Eventually, they passed through a large set of metal double doors that caused a massive sound of metal grinding and shifting as two guards would proceed to open it for him. Upon doing so revealed a very large fitness room that displayed roughly 3 dozen men and women completing various fitness activities such as pull-ups, laps, weightlifting, and others that involved cardio or strength training. In the midst of all of those performing the physical activities stood a single man dressed in black and grey camouflage fatigues who turned to face Alexander. "Glad that you could join us." Alexander took a moment to stare at the bald head of the Hispanic talking to him before pointing at the man that had followed him to this point, "I felt that I had an obligation to be here as promptly as possible." He would then turn his focus back to Commander Gonzalez with a shrug and a relaxed smile, "But what do I owe the pleasure of this request of my presence?" "Well, how about we first focus on the fact that you discharged your weapon knowing full well that we only use arms in critical operations or necessary self-defense." It was obvious in the tone of the Commander that he was not in the mood for this situation in the slightest or even dealing with Alexander, but that was not one of the concerns that Alexander would even remotely have. "Then, once again, deciding to go with your own plans and entering through the visiting entrance causing my men to hesitate on their duties when I have given you access to an administrative entrance." He took a moment after those words as Alexander was preparing his response. Though he would not be given as much, "More so, deciding to use MY Artificial Intelligence Device for your own unnecessary activities and indiscretions." It was at this point that Alexander realized that making a joke was, perhaps, not the best decision at the moment and refrained from doing so thus leaving them both in a moment of silence. "Your job here, while located in Karakura Town, is simply information management unless ordered otherwise or provided deployment details." Gonzalez would have his focus entirely on the people in the room training, "As such, I will not release any of your weapons until I see fit to allow you to have them to prove you are capable of upholding the image for this company and my management of the people below me." A few moments would pass as one could hear the tension growing in his voice, "The only reason I am not having you arrested and sitting in jail is that someone likes you enough to prevent me from punishing you like the low-level trash that you are behaving like." Alexander could only manage a shrug as he turned away from Gonzalez, preparing to depart before he paused his movement and his thoughts. Almost instantly, Alexander turned to face Gonzalez aiming to point his left hand, "Actually-" Though the moment he turned he would see Gonzalez holding a gun pointed directly at him with a stern and serious look with his sights training sharply. "It appears that Alexander King has not only threatened me, he has also threatened to destroy this building." Several of the guards would stop their training and start heading towards their service equipment. "He has appeared stressed from his work and has been becoming more volatile with erratic and dangerous behaviors." More and more of the guard members started arming themselves and causing Alexander to become slightly nervous and defensive. "I tried my best in order to calm him down, but he started shouting incoherent things and become violent. Unsure if I was able to subdue him efficiently, I took the initiative to ensure that the dangerous threat was dealt with efficiently." Several members of the guard had already armed themselves and also aimed at Alexander with other ones blocking the exits. "Well, Fuck." WC: 1,085
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