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    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    RP Name: Connor Knight Race: Fullbringer Reiatsu: 106,000 Fate Points: 15 [Fate Points Earned: 3 FP Resurge, 2 FP Legacy, 1 FP for Council Attendant, 1 FP for Council Seat, 2 FP 30k, 1 FP 45k, 3 FP 60k, 1 FP 80k, 1 FP 100k = 15] -Previous purchases- 4 FP - Duality 4 FP - Focus: Speed 2 FP - 2 release ability slots 1 FP - 1 time 5k boost (To be added after Weekly earned WC reiatsu) Points Spent: 11 -New Purchases- 4 FP - Focus: Stamina Total Points Spent: 15 Remaining Points: 0
  3. Kumo

    Rising Dragon

    “Hmm, is that where you are hiding?” High up in the night sky, black clothes blending into the darkness, Connor stood on empty air. With his excessive training it was a simple task to suppress the glow associated with his fullbring allowing him to avoid drawing attention. At the height that he stood it would be impossible for a normal person to see him, and even Fullbringers would struggle to spot him if they were made aware. On the other hand, Connor could see distances that were difficult for the average Fullbringer with ease. His posture was as relaxed as possible for someone standing far above the ground in a place that could only be described as the domain of birds. He was an anomaly gazing down at Karakura with curiosity, unable to hide his amazement at the concentration of spiritual beings present in this relatively small place. It was to the extent that without coming into contact with a particular reiatsu it would be difficult to pick any particular one from the crowd. There were sure to be people similar to him that were able to suppress it their energy, some likely to exceed him in the ability to do so. Not to mention that there were still traces of reiatsu produced by those who weren’t spiritually aware. Still, it was apparent that the quality of the reiatsu in this town was many levels above that of the place where he stayed with his teacher. His focus had been on the man that he had met previously that was marked with his own energy. That trace acted like a beacon for him to follow that wouldn’t be noticed by anyone that wasn’t similar to him in strength or an excellent sensory type Fullbringer. Basically all the time that he wasn’t in the inn was spent watching this man from an unnoticeable distance in order to follow him to the leader of the Council Faction targeting him. By letting that man know his intentions, Connor made it obvious that things wouldn’t be settled easily in order to force the man to make certain decisions in his favor. It didn’t seem that the man feared Connor enough to turn on his leader, but with the pressure received he would want to report to that leader soon enough. The reason for that was simple. This man was the only one that Connor knew to have contact with the leader, so it was possible for him to be targeted again. Having already experienced Connor’s ability to easily approach someone at his level, someone like that man would seek shelter. That’s why he would personally report to that member of the Council. A phone call would suffice if it were solely for the benefit of the leader, but by going in person he would physically put himself in a safer position that was closer to the leader and strong Fullbringers that protected him. At the very least, this is what Connor predicted based on the little bit of interaction they had. The man was the scheming sort who became drunk on power. When things were in that man’s favor he would be ruthless, but if he were to be on the losing end then his cowardice would quickly affect his actions. Connor wasn’t the type to scheme against others from the shadows. He preferred doing things in a straightforward manner, but that didn’t mean that it was impossible for him to do so. Manipulation would typically be considered an underhanded tactic, but from his perspective it was preferable to torturing someone over this. Deep down, although it didn’t show outwardly, Connor was angry at him and his Teacher being targeted. Whatever guilt he may have had in a normal situation wasn’t present as he hoped to use the fear of death against the people who were trying to harm him. The result was exactly as he expected, leading him to a location where other Fullbringers were present. As Connor approached and focused on this place he could sense a gathering of mixed reiatsu. It was hard to separate them, but collectively there was the potential to threaten his life if he were careless. Careless meaning that Connor would allow everyone to freely attack him, or catch him off guard. Unfortunately for the unknowing people gathered, Connor wouldn’t ever throw his life away in such a way even on his worst day. With his powerful senses and instincts towards combat that were honed by his teacher, even if he were asleep when they attacked he would quickly awaken and react in a sub-conscious manner. Another perspective for the threat to him was that while their group was a threat to him, on his own Connor could threaten the entire group. “I think it’s time to set things straight...” Connor spoke lightly at this moment in a way that only he could hear as he released to footing that he stood on and began to free fall in the same position he had been standing in to observe. He was physically unfazed, but didn’t bother to control his clothes allowing air to flow into them causing them to flutter. A bit more than ten seconds went by before Connor reached terminal velocity and was unable to accelerate natural any further. His expressionless face grew to a slight smile in the process, and widened ever so slightly when he started to accelerate himself even further changing his straight downward descent to arc towards the building that he had been focused on before at his maximum speed. __________________________________________________ With a loud crash the building shook as Connor smashed his way inside, charging directly towards the area where multiple reiatsus were gathering. One was the man that he met previously, the other was the bodyguard who accompanied him, and three were unknown. With each wall he could tell that this warehouse had been remodeled to have more rooms than expected. It seemed almost like an office building inside, but was only an abandoned warehouse externally. It puzzled Connor, but it didn’t slow his steps at all. Each wall broke like paper as he smashed it with the back of his fist swinging outwards. A plume of dust followed him as he finally appeared in a larger room that was the only one not emptied. A table like one would expect for a meeting at a company was present with four people sitting and one standing. Connor instantly recognized the man who he had marked and the bodyguard who had been driving him that were looking in his direction with confusion. They clearly couldn’t see through the dust that flooded the room behind him. The three that remained were a man similar to the one he followed and two identical young men who were looking at Connor expressionlessly with curiosity glimmering in their eyes. Apparently their vision wasn’t being hindered like the man before and his bodyguard. That didn’t prevent Connor from standing there calmly as the dust seemed to directly avoid him for other directions. One of the identical young men lightly waved his arm at the moment in Connor’s direction producing a gust that almost immediately emptied the room, all the while remaining completely expressionless as if this were a normal occurrence. Connor didn’t pay attention to the two that were visibly paling at his revealed appearance and focused on the three that he considered relevant. The young identical men were dressed almost identically in the same jeans and shoes with the primary difference being the similarly design hoodies that had a large start on the chest being one white with a black star and the other black with a white star. Their hair was slightly long at three to four inches and unkempt curling to the left for the black star and right from the white star, almost as if they had just recently woke up. They looked to be slightly younger than Connor with their most striking feature being their matching green eyes that looked like emeralds. Their other features were roughly what you would expect from the average Japanese young man, but their lack of expression struck Connor as strange due to the clear curiosity reflected in their gaze. Sitting at the head of the table with the twins in the seats on his left and right was a man dressed in a similar suit to the one he had met previously that was watching Connor with a smile, as if he had found his newest form of entertainment. He visibly didn’t seem threatened at all by Connor’s appearance. To Connor he looked slightly different than the man from the airport, apparently the example that the other used to model himself after. That caused Connor to assume that the person who led him here was likely to be an attendant of some sort to this man. Connor couldn’t help but feel that the appearance of the bodyguard was the most out of place, seeming like a large Yakuza member also dressed in a suit wearing his sunglasses. “You’re probably the leader, right?” Connor’s attention had returned to the man at the head of the table once more and finally spoke in English to break the silence. “I’m here...to declare war.” Connor paused for a moment as he spoke. He didn’t do that for dramatic effect, or any other reason. He simply hadn’t considered what he would say, or what his goal actually was until this moment. He even sounded unsure as he spoke, but his reiatsu that instantly weighed on the entire area was a clear indicator of the threat he represented. It would have also been extremely awkward if the man didn’t understand English. The smiling man had to take Connor serious at this moment as he found it difficult to breathe. That seriousness caused the smile to fade from his face as he replied with a single word in english. “War?” “You targeted my Long Clan, and as the new leader I can’t stand for that.” The relief he felt at being able to talk in english at this moment hid the awkwardness that he felt calling himself the leader of the Long Clan. It wasn’t even because he was forced into this position, but due to the fact that he was the lone member of the Long Clan causing it to sound like a shameless excuse. “You mean the faction that’s about to be replaced?” The man spoke revealing some new information to Connor that left him stunned. His surprised expression contrasted strongly with the pressure his reiatsu had on those present. The following moments of awkward silence felt like hell for the two weaker members present where they could barely breathe and were quickly being covered in sweat. “I would like to see someone try to replace me.” When all else failed, Connor chose to take a page from his teacher’s book and be completely shameless while relying on his strength. He was aware that there were accepted customs for the succession of council positions, but acknowledging that would be placing himself at a disadvantage. “Replace you? You haven’t even been recognized for the Seat, so there’s nothing to replace.” The man was going back to his smiling expression as he felt that he was slowly claiming the superior position between himself and Connor. “I don’t need your recognition. My shitty Teacher’s approval is worth all of yours combined. If you are unwilling to accept, then I will just beat you until you accept it. Approval or not; from this moment forth I, Connor Knight, am the one and only Fifth Seat on the Council and leader of the Long Clan.” With each word he spoke, Connor became more forceful as lightning danced across his body. Slowly, it expanded to the air around him giving off a different murderous pressure than the reiatsu. “No one will accept that.” The man remained calm to an unsettling extent in the face of Connor’s power, even denying his claim. “Can’t you feel it? The eyes that are on us and this building. The moment that I caused a ruckus here they made a point to watch from the sidelines. I’m sure that each seated member has their own information channels and are aware of who I represent. If they know that much and see me come and go unhindered, do you really think that they are going to oppose me like you have?” Connor was forceful at this moment as his strength was completely unleashed in an unrestrained manner. At this moment he was intentionally broadcasting the level he had reached across Karakura Town, so that everyone would be aware of his presence. Anyone at the appropriate level would become aware of him and have their attention drawn towards him at the outskirts of Karakura in this Semi-abandoned warehouse. "The fact that they aren't intervening means that they are accepting this." The man had no reply to Connor’s statement as it was impossible to deny the weight of his actions. It was at that moment that he became aware of energy gathering above. He couldn’t see it, but what it formed was very apparent at that moment. The Chinese word that the knowledgeable Fullbringers knew was Long that represented the Fifth Council faction with large kanji for the number five below it were formed of lightning directly above the warehouse for anyone spiritually aware to see in the night sky while remaining hidden from those who aren’t. Radiating from the lightning was the same reiatsu that Connor displayed making everyone aware that this was a concise announcement of his strength and position. It caused that calm to finally disappear as the man fumed at the fact that he was helpless to prevent it. All of his effort to have a more seats for his faction was disappearing with Connor’s appearance. “Just for today, I will be letting you all go. This is both a warning and an announcement. If you dare to act against the Long Clan, then I will crush you and whoever is backing you. And for the matters of my Long Clan, no outsider is qualified to take a single thing from us or influence us. My teacher gave me this position, and that’s final. You should hope that you won’t see me again any time soon…” Connor said all that he felt necessary before finally reigning in his reiatsu and reiryoku as he turned to leave without waiting for a reply. He didn’t rush out at full speed, but instead left slowly through the destruction that he caused, as if to further show that he could leave whenever he wanted. “You think you can leave whenever you want after doing something like this?” Anger seeped into the man’s voice as he spoke. It wasn’t very loud, almost as if it wasn’t intended for Connor to hear. If he didn’t have such strong hearing then it would be unlikely for Connor to have heard it as clearly as he did. “I do.” As these two nonchalantly spoken words traveled across the room Connor continued forward without hesitation, despite two figures abruptly appearing in front of him to hinder his path at this moment. Word Count: 2,542 OOC: Officially claiming the Fifth Council Seat as the true leader of the Long Clan.
  4. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    The word "Ido" could be heard from Oriru as Kearu had stopped a short distance away. Most of the vice-captains abilities did not require spoken activation if the kido arts were an indication of how the fight was going to be going, but this caused two of the larger marbles to break the pattern of the orbit around the lower ranked shinigami to hover in front within the field of awareness. That is when a second word could be heard in "Setsuzoku" resulting in the same two larger balls starting to glow with a golden radiance forming a string between the two of them. This thread blocked his incoming string with the hovering Yang. So they can move out of the circling motion and can interact with one another making seemingly unbreakable threads. The defenses he has are higher than previous reported, he thought to himself as he motioned for his flying Yang zanpakuto to head back towards him. At this moment a white rod formed in the air just above Oriru, but like the others the color would change to black before duplicating one hundred times for Bakudo number sixty-two, Hyapporankan. This was not good and he knew that dodging even partially was going to be next to impossible, especially at close range. At the same time he could faintly see five small balls of white light that turned to black as well that disappeared with a snap. Glancing up Kaeru noticed the massive pillars of Bakudo number seventy-five, Gochūtekkan descending towards him. This was a reality of just not being fast enough or strong enough to deal with the kido onslaught. He needed to get closer and flip the advantage around if he was going to get through this part of the battle. He still had techniques and abilities he had not used, most because the point was not to kill Oriru but rather to push him. "Kawa no fu no nangan," he says coating his Yin zanpakuto in a black negative reiatsu before a flying Yang rips across the sky with a white positive reiatsu over it's blade, "Kawa no sei no kitagishi." These two zanpakutos work in tandem to each release waves of power to meet the falling pillars but he takes the brunt of the Hyapporankan. This drives Kaeru downward planting him against a large boulder between two ponds. Glancing through the wreckage sealing technique another marble had grew to match the size of the previous ones leaving three marbles left. There was almost a counter going on here, but he was not exactly sure what that meant. Both of his zanpakutos were stabbed into the ground currently nearby. What was next in the grand scheme of Ginga? he wondered to himself as faint images of both of his zanpakuto spirits appeared near him where he could seem them only. You have noticed right? Yang asks in an inquisitive tone looking out at the situation. Of course he has. He stopped fighting Oriru a while ago, the fool has no battle awareness and would of died ten times over if not for his zanpakuto, Yin interjected to answer in an annoyed tone. They were focused on the abruptness of the battle and how there were two factors not working in tandem, more one doing all of the work and the others just being used as a place holder. To the frog captain he could see that there was still a discrepancy between the zanpakuto spirit and the wielder, not that Oriru needed to understand the upper reaches of his power he had already matched the captain commander in raw spiritual power. Neither of them had even released a bankai yet, which he was sure the vice-captain was capable of and would of already used this had other captains not told him to restrain himself. Yeah, Kaeru replied to his zanpakutos as he started to try and power through the Hyapporankan as well. This was not going to be easy, but he did have a few tricks up his sleeve before he would have to use a trump card like bankai or his shunko abilities. The repetitive question now was how to get through these shields, barriers, and seals to get to Oriru and force him to actually have to connect on a deeper level. [WC: 719] Current Stats [ND: 7,116/7,520] Abilities Combat Details Ending Stats [ND: 6,866/7,620]
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  6. Rashu ラシュ

    New RP Stat: Natural Defense [ND]

    NATURAL DEFENSE STAT [ND] NATURAL DEFENSE [ND] is a new defensive combat stat that reflects how long your character can stay in a fight. It comes into effect in most situations where damage is being taken or mitigated and serves as the defensive power that is keeping your character from being fatally injured at any point in a fight UNTIL your ND hits zero. At which point the next attack to hit you character will likely be fatal, considering that even the current lowest level of damage in either Power Stat is enough to kill someone, if the attack is well-placed. ND Calculation Agile / Brute / Eagle-Eye / Genius / Prodigy Classes: 5% Reiatsu Tank Class: 8% Reiatsu [10% with FOCUS Fate Points Purchase] Tank Sub-Class: 6.5% Reiastu [7.5% with FOCUS Fate Points Purchase] ----- Releases Give A Flat ND Boost: First Releases: 600 ND Shikai | Adjuchas Rage | Sanrei Glove | Incomplete Fullbring | Manifested Doll / Doll Manifestation Final Releases: 1,200 ND Bankai | Resurrección | Sanrei Glove- Advanced Bow / Quincy: Vollständig| Complete Fullbring | Mastered Doll/Doll Fusion [Release ND Boosts do not stack. Example: If you go into Shikai you get 600 ND. If you following up by using Bankai you get just another 600 ND and not 1,200.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ND COMBAT USE This next section will cover all the Defense Mechanics of RP combat. Basically, all the instances in which ND comes into play. ------------------------- EVADING --------------- BLOCKING --------------- CLASHING --------------- TAKING DAMAGE --------------- WHEN YOUR ND REACHES ZERO: You will have no option but to fully Evade or CLASH/BLOCK incoming attacks. If you cannot it is possible to be fatally wounded by an attack far weaker than your own. It basically becomes a question of where the next attack lands. Ultimately, it is up to the parties involved to decide whether or not reaching Zero ND will result in the death of the character or if they will be forced to retreat, etc. --------------------------------------------- For a full look of how ND works in actual RP Combat try giving these threads a read: Blunt Trauma [ND Calculations Updated] Noble House: Kaeru [ND Calculations Not Updated Yet]
  7. Rashu ラシュ

    Canvas of the misfortune

    "Japanese rip-off of Power Rangers, dont @ me." I now actually know what it feels like to be #triggered
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    Rising Dragon

    The Long Clan In the World of the Living exists several Fullbringers, this is a general term for any human who develops supernatural powers and make up a minority of the countless more spiritually aware humans. Spiritually aware humans are people who are like any other person, but have a heightened sensitivity to Spiritual beings. This allows them to see Spirits, Hollows, Shinigami, and the products of their power. Factions where such people gather came to exist. In ancient times cults, clans, sects, and various other types of groups that had a certain amount of status and influence over those who didn’t. Shamans, Mediums, Priests, Magicians, and basically any commonly seen mysterious profession in modern times can be traced back to a time where people were making use of their supernatural feats to accomplish these things. An example of this is Christianity, the most common religion in the world. The simple feats recorded in the Bible were mere child’s play before the truly skilled, but it was these simple feats and the knowledge of a few men that allowed them to create a religion with a massive following for many years to come. The truly monstrous feats and unbelievable things that the Stronger Fullbringers were able to accomplish throughout the years were only able to be passed down on a much more minor scale due to the growing excessive beliefs of the common people. As the majority of humanity could only compare themselves to the normal people, the possibilities for the truth were limited. The canyon forming and mountain leveling events that took place could only be lost in history, people who spoke of such things were called crazy and eventually forgotten. The groups that were gatherings for those Supernatural existences could only integrate into society. Cults and religions that were focused on the various spiritual beings were prone to collapse and became less common as the doubts towards such things grew. In the end only deeply rooted religions survived, unable to reflect the true potential of powerful Fullbringers. It could be said that with the information age arriving it became more difficult for such beings to operate outside of the law. Even then, it wasn’t impossible for Fullbringers to trickle into Police Forces and the Military to help keep them in check. Among these factions was the ancient Long Clan. They existed ever since the earliest days of Ancient China in the shadows supporting and influencing the Emperors. They pioneered their own heritage techniques throughout the long years, understood countless things about Fullbrings through trial and error. They were also able to understand the method to awaken more Fullbringers and birth more powerful ones. They forced their family members to march into dangers for the chance to gain or increase their own personal power, and by extension boost the family’s power. These extreme practices caused the Long Family to be extremely powerful at their peak, but they also caused the decline of the family. In the end, gambling with their lives for power had come back to haunt them as their strength slowly waned. The result was that more and more members were unable to protect themselves from the Hollow threat while being the most attractive dinner for them. It was also more difficult to continue brutal and extreme practices as the times changed. Before their power had vanished completely they claimed a stake in the world of Fullbringers as faction with a seat among The Council of Power. Each faction among the council functioned differently and had different beliefs. Certain terms and understandings were becoming standardized among them, but the internal operations differed greatly between some. The Long Clan had always been focused on a Family Inheritance based on Martial arts and techniques that could support than such as weapon forging. In the past strength and bloodline were important in deciding leadership in the family. Marriage and childbirth were planned in order to breed stronger generations, but in the case of Fullbrings it was difficult to truly pass on talent. It led to there being countless who were simply Spiritually Aware without any combat potential appearing adding to the numbers that easily become meals for Hollows. It was only when their strength started to weaken that they transitioned into raising students and adopting those with talent instead of stubbornly continuing. The Long Clan all the way up to the generation of Connor’s Teacher decided their Family Head and Council Representative through the Spear of the Long that was passed down since the beginning of the family. It was a unique power which brought together unique aspects of countless Fullbrings and distilled them into the true inheritance of the clan. The continued existence relied entirely on this power that could turn a simple spiritually aware person into a powerful Fullbringer. With Connor being the first outsider to inherit the Spear it can be said that the Long Clan had already fallen and existed in name at most. The unique techniques had been mostly lost due to the countless years of death and decline, only a few remnants remained but weren’t passed down to Connor. What he received from the final Head of the Long was experience and the growth of his Fullbring without the potentially outdated techniques. Some unique items still exist among their assets that were formed through those techniques, but Connor wasn’t aware of what they were or their purpose and couldn’t take any for himself. His few experiences with such items and techniques were when his Spear was forged, and when he was sealed by his Teacher. What this meant for the Long Clan was that the current “Head” only possessed the final heritage in the Form of the Spear of the Long that had yet to awaken slumbering within the unknowing young man. Most Council factions were based within Karakura Town in this generation. It was necessary for them to claim at least a certain amount of territory within the town where the strongest spiritual beings gathered. The exact reason for this place becoming to gathering hub for all things Supernatural was unknown, but not having a territory was a sign of decline and weakness that no Faction was willing to display. Unfortunately, that was precisely what the Long Clan showed in recent years with only a single man forcefully maintaining his position. The old man who trained Connor wasn’t a competent leader, and was too eccentric to remain in that environment where you never knew what was lurking in the shadows. The result was a complete loss of territory for the clan, and it only due to the overwhelming strength the old man possessed were they able to maintain their seat on the Council. Connor was unaware of the difficulties that he could potentially face being a young foreigner that was completely unknown to the powerhouses present. He was completely in the dark about his own circumstances relating to the Council, and would have likely cursed his Teacher for pushing such a complicated issue onto him. He had no idea that he was going there not as a Fullbringer, but as the leader of a faction with what should be an exalted position among Fullbringers. Part of him wanted to make this trip to seek the help of the Council to find his Teacher, but truthfully, he primarily wanted to test his powers and continue to grow in order to live freely without harming those around him. According to both his teacher and the years of records that were in his home, Karakura Town had been the hub for people like himself for several years and it was likely the only place that he could grow to his full potential. His path wasn’t one that he could retreat on, and it would only take him to this one place to find answers and achieve his goals. _______________________________________ Japan, Chofu Airport “...What do you mean by that?! There’s no way I’m an international terrorist!” Connor was flabbergasted at this moment. What awaited him the moment he stepped down from the plane were several Japanese Special Defense Forces fully geared in similar uniforms and equipment that hid their identities aiming assault rifles directly at him. He had learned Japanese for this trip, but immediately defaulted to English due to the sudden inexplicable occurrence. “This is your final warning!! Make no sudden movements, or we WILL open fire! Lay down on the ground and and keep your hands where we can see them! If you do not comply then we will retaliate with deadly force!!” The booming voice of a man speaking english came from behind the shield wall with countless gun barrels poking through the gaps aimed directly at Connor who was standing just below the steps of the Jet that he just exited. “...Okay…” At this moment Connor was enraged. He wasn’t in any danger due to the guns pointed at him, and had nearly reflexively unleashed an attack due to this murderous intent directed at him. It was in that final moment that he sensed their levels and realized that only a few of them were spiritually aware with the strongest one who was also the one leading the group being only at roughly half his Reiatsu in level. It was suspicious to see someone at that level serving as the captain of a small squad in the military, but his mind was too preoccupied to consider this further. He had the ability to easily use countless methods to leave at this moment, but Connor ultimately chose to give in to their demands. He did so because he quickly realized there was the possibility that his actions could deepen the misunderstanding and escalate it to involve his family members. Just as Connor complied and slowly lowered himself into a kneeling position he suddenly sensed a stronger than average Reiatsu in the direction of the Airport building comparable to the Captain of the squad. Before lowering himself to lay flat he made a point to focus his senses on the building. As he focused he was able to see an average looking middle-aged Japanese man standing on the roof of the building with a slight smile on his face, and surprise reflected in the man’s eyes as their gazes met from a distance away. The two had made eye contact, and in the next moment Connor willed a lightning bolt to strike the roof to the left of the man. Hidden within that flash was a nearly imperceptible thread of reiryoku that he attached to the man. From the man’s perspective, by the time the flash faded Connor had already followed the instructions and was being detained. Connor didn’t bother to observe whatever reaction that man had, but in the spot that the bolt struck were blackened words that read ‘I will remember you’ expressing all that he felt at that moment. Connor was smart enough to understand after noticing his observer that someone was targeting him, but had no intention to endure passively. Connor was confident in his strength, and had no fear towards people who couldn’t hope to match his strength. After this short interaction, Connor was searched thoroughly before being loaded up and taken to be interrogated in an armored vehicle surrounded by members of the JSDF while bound in chains. To these soldiers, the most confusing thing was the consistent slight smile that remained on Connor’s face ever since the seemingly random bolt of lightning struck moments before. ________________________________________ Perspective of the Observer “...Seems like that old monster went and sent an interesting guy here. Make a point to hold him for a while, but don’t agitate him too much. If someone like him has an outburst then it can only end badly.” “Someone like him? You’re making a mountain out of a molehill if you think he can cause any problems for us with the Council. I could barely feel his presence when he was right in front of us, so all of this wasn’t necessary. If you had wanted, I could have taken care of this quietly on my own!” “What do you know? You just aren’t able to sense someone of his caliber. From my perspective, his strength is at the level of that Old Demon from the Long. Also… That guy that you are going to take care of left a message for me here...with lightning.” “That’s impossible! If he’s that strong then why would someone like that go quietly with us? It’s not like we could stop him if he wanted to leave.” “Different people have different circumstances. Just because he has monstrous strength doesn’t mean that he will act like one. Just do as I said, that should be enough for him to understand his situation.” The middle aged man didn’t wait for any further replies and hung up the phone call with one of the few spiritually aware JSDF members who was in a car separate from the others following the vehicle that Connor was currently detained in. He couldn’t prevent cold sweat from filling his palms as he observed the line of hiragana that under different circumstances he would never expect to have been written by a bolt of lightning. “Hmph, It’s not like you’re the only monster in this town. I just hope you don’t get in our way...” By saying this the man comforted himself while denying his fear for Connor as he made his way to the exit of the rooftop. ___________________________________________ “You’re making a mistake.” Connor left this single line for the person currently searching his body and any hidden observers. He had been patted down and searched for any weapons previously, but they were currently searching him again to the extent of stripping him of his clothes. The person in charge of doing so had taken mugshots of him and made a point to photograph the “seal” of a dragon on his chest as part of the process. Things like tattoos were good distinguishing features for criminals, and if possible they would be recorded in a file for future reference. What that soldier didn’t know was that this particular tattoo was well known among the secretive Council who were behind Connor’s current situation. He also didn’t know that the picture that was uploaded to the digital file would soon change the situation drastically. “Ah, don’t you dare put your hands anywhere near my ass…” Standing there in only his underwear Connor couldn’t help but remember that a cavity search was extremely likely to follow as he clenched the cheeks of his bottocks tightly to prevent anything from coming near. Unfortunately, that guard didn’t seem to pay any attention to his wishes as he tried to pry Connor’s last line of defense down. “Like hell you will!” At this moment, Connor who had calmly followed instructions and allowed himself to be searched acted wildly. He moved violently and prevented the man from getting a good grip on his underwear. If things kept up in this manner Connor would be stripped of his dignity because of the plot of someone he hadn’t met before, so he decided to employ his skills at this moment. His hands were currently cuffed chained to the floor in front of him limiting his movements, but he still had enough freedom to transmit force through his body and bump into the soldier with his side causing him to retreat several steps and fall over. The man was entirely confused how a slight bump had staggered him in such a way. He had no way of knowing that it was as easy as breathing for Connor to read his balance and apply force in a way that a regular man would be knocked away. He had understood what Connor had been saying in english previously, but he didn’t believe that he could skip that step that was uncomfortable for him as well. It was at that moment that he heard the voice of the restrained young man speaking a different language, the language that the man was accustomed to. “Go fuck yourself!” This was the intention behind the words, but at this moment the man was torn between confusion and anger as he looked at Connor. That was clearly Japanese, but it was spoken so poorly that you would think that it was read straight from a book by a tourist. He had no way of knowing that Connor was essentially doing that as he recalled it at this moment thinking that the man may not know English. By the time that the man collected his thoughts and the anger overtook the confusion he heard the nearby phone on the wall ring causing him to pause as he was about to march towards Connor now that he was back on his feet. Instead, he went to the phone and picked it up from the base in order to answer it. “Stop what you’re doing now! Orders came down that this was a false alarm. You are to immediately release that man and escort him out!” The man answering the phone intended to reply, but before he could the call had ended. His previous anger had been dispelled and now confusion overtook him once more as he turned to look at the nearly naked young man who had the calm, seemingly mocking, slight smile on his face. The man knew at that moment that the young man had clearly heard what was said to him moments ago. “I said it from the start, you were making a mistake.” Connor spoke in English at this moment as he had no reason to cater to the needs of people who were in the wrong to begin with. It was somewhat strange that they suddenly acknowledged their mistakes, but that was good for him. He didn’t have any intention of staying here longer than necessary as he had made some plans with someone earlier that he had no intention of missing. It was an awkwardly quiet few minutes as was released from his restraints and allowed to dress himself. The man who had been searching him previously now stood silently next to the door waiting for Connor to finish getting dressed. Connor didn’t intend to give the guy a hard time as he was clearly a normal human without any spiritual awareness and only doing his job previously. He couldn’t fault the man for that, even if he had no intention of allowing the man to complete his job. “Well, let’s go. I don’t have any intention to stay here now that I can leave.” Connor spoke to the man calmly, as if he hadn’t just been a prisoner as he stepped towards the door. With that prompt the soldier opened the door and quietly led the way out of the facility. Outside the building wasn’t a downtown area where one may see a police department, but a military base belonging to the JSDF. Connor vaguely understood that this Japanese Self Defense Force was a military, but also restrained due to the World War previously. It was difficult for these soldiers to see action due to the actions of their predecessors. It was almost a waste of manpower from his perspective, but he didn’t intend to consider it too deeply. Instead, he focused on his surroundings and took note of a Fullbringer hiding in the shadows nearby. Connor didn’t doubt that this person was a stealth expert based on how tracelessly the person blended in and observed him. Unfortunately, they had encountered Connor who is a direct counter to people such as them. With a bit of focus it was a simple task to keep track of whoever was stalking him from a distance. No one attempted to apologize to Connor for their mistakes as Connor was silently sent off from the facility on foot with a basic map to help him navigate his way to the nearby Karakura town from the JSDF Fuchu Air Base that was closest. Most of the day was gone by this point, but the moment Connor was out of sight from the soldiers and civilians he would be able to move at much faster speeds and arrive shortly. He quickly cut into a deserted alleyway and calmly looked around for a moment with a growing smile before looking directly at the distant shadow that hid his pursuer. He waved his left hand slightly and mouthed the word ‘Bye’ at whoever was currently watching him before moving at full speed towards a particular direction, leaving only an afterimage and befuddled stalker nearby. _______________________________________ “I’m sorry Sir, I lost sight of the target. He could tell that I was following him…” It was a woman’s voice being transmitted through the phone at this moment. The person receiving this call was the very same one who had previously been observing Connor from the top of the Airport. It was his order that caused Connor’s release to be sped up after seeing the file being updated with information from his phone. The tattoo on Connor’s chest had shocked him as he was clear what it represented. It was outside of his expectations that the young man couldn’t be followed, but that didn’t surprise him as much as this revelation did. “That’s alright, we’re dealing with a monster so it’s only normal that you couldn’t-” The man found himself unable to speak in the middle of his sentence as the young man that was just reported to have been lost sight of appeared in his car like a ghost. Only the distinct sound of the door opening caused the man to notice a third presence in the car. “-I got to go.” With that, he ended the call and looked at the young man smiling in such a calm and carefree manner. He thought he had a grasp on Connor’s ability at the Airport, but this experience made it painfully obvious that he wasn’t qualified to judge this young man. Thankfully, the bodyguard driving the car was calm and recognized the glance given to him in the mirror to keep driving. “This is quite the coincidence, seeing you here like this.” Connor who was leisurely sitting next to the man he assumed to be behind the previous situation acted as if this was completely normal. The electronic locks of the car had been easily bypassed with a slight bit of effort from his fullbring, so he had been essentially unhindered. He spoke the way he did intentionally in order to get under the man’s skin using one of the few skills he developed before awakening his powers, irritating people. “Who would have thought that old man would pass the Long Clan to a kid, he must be going senile.” The man didn’t hesitate to strike back in a similar manner as he also had a sharp tongue due to his political background. “So you know him? I guess that makes you someone from the Council if you know about an old demon like him. That old bastard didn’t tell me about any of this bullshit though…” Connor was speaking out loud, seemingly carelessly with the intention of baiting information from the man. “Makes me someone from the Council? Are you telling me that you came here without knowing that you are already a member yourself?” The man was thrown off by this revelation, but not more than Connor was. “Eh? When did I sign up to be some shitty politician? FUCK! Fuck! Fuck. He did it again, pushing problems on to me without explaining a damn thing…” Connor wanted nothing more than to curse the old man day and night at this moment, but didn’t realize he had almost naturally accepted the responsibility all while feeling this way. That could be attributed to the strange trust that he had developed for the old man, despite his growing desire to fight him. “What is this nonsense?” The man asked this question to himself as Connor cursed away, but the only answer he received was a helpless glance from the driver who had started to drive around the same few blocks shortly after Connor arrived. “Hey, you. Why did you target me?” After a minute of cursing Connor snapped back to the conversation with a more threatening tone after a moment. Both the men in the car felt like they were being eyed by a predator at that moment as cold sweat began to form. Still, neither spoke at that moment. There were still things in their lives that they feared more than death. “Fine, I will change the question. Do you know where my bastard Teacher is?” He was quick on the uptake and didn’t intend to force answers out of the unwilling. If the pressure he emitted wasn’t enough, then his only options were things that he wasn’t willing to resort to. “...No…” It was a single word reply, but it took the most effort that the man had ever needed to simply speak. He was thankful that the pressure had receded as he gave that reply. “Okay, tell me more about my role in the Council.” This was Connor’s most pressing concern as it could cause the coming days to be much more difficult if he was unaware. “You...You’re the Head of the Long Clan. The tattoo on your chest is the symbol of that, and any member of the Council who has a certain amount of status is aware of that fact.” The man paused for a moment to see if that was sufficient, but Connor’s gaze ordered him to continue. “I don’t know the details, but your Teacher was the previous head and Fifth Seat on the Council of Power. A few years back, he left Japan causing the Long Clan to lose all their territory and power. All that remains is the seat that couldn’t be claimed due to him being too strong.” “So, you’re telling me that I am the Leader of absolutely nothing with not a damn thing to my name?” Connor asked this one question after hearing this information. “You can look at it that way. Despite traditionally being the leader, you will have to get at least one other faction leader to recognize you before reclaiming any territory…” The man wasn’t under any pressure, but still felt a bit jittery at that moment. The confidence he had to face Connor at the Airport was nowhere to be found and could only be described as baseless. Even if he died at this moment, it would most definitely be covered up due to the relation to the Council that he had. This forced him to comply, on the off chance that the young man were to do something drastic. “Hmm, well I know you aren’t a leader, you’re too pathetic to be one. Instead, you can tell your boss that I will visit him soon. Everything my shitty teacher lost will soon be reclaimed with interest.” Leaving those words behind Connor left the vehicle as easily as he entered, not caring for the speed that the car moved at. He didn’t care for the threatening tone he used towards the person behind the man’s actions as they were already targeting his teacher, and by extension himself. What Connor did next wasn’t frantically search for that leader, instead he returned for his luggage that was left behind at the airport and proceed to find a hotel to rest for today. Word Count: 4,588 OOC: Claiming the Fifth Council "Aide" Position as Acting Leader of the Long Clan.
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    The End

    It was 3:10 early Friday Morning. Takeru Kuna hadn't slept since he last saw Narutaki in the backseat of the transport vehicle. He spent countless hours focused on the computer screen that sat before him., studying and perfecting the research notes. This research would give him the edge against his old friend Tetsuya. He was so very close. So much so that he could see the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. There was just a bit more than he needed to do. One last hurdle he needed to cross before he could achieve his goal. He took a long sip of coffee before he returned his icy gaze over to the computer screen once more. He was on borrowed time and he knew it. He had to get this completed before Tetsuya discovered he was in this dimension. Tetsuya was an arrogant man and that arrogance would keep him under the radar for the moment. Regardless, things would be....problematic if he was found before it was ready. The contracts from the business Narutaki gave his daughter and the Arrancar he conned into dealing with Tetsuya would only keep him occupied for so long. His finger hovered over the enter button momentarily before he decides to watch the footage once more. Finally pressing the enter button, the video began to run. A man, one of the employees of the technology subdivision of Hikari Incorporated, stood in the middle of the room. Sweat beaded from his face as he stood ready to test out what they believed to be the next development in fighting the supernatural of this dimension for those other than Tetsuya who received contracts. The man had been selected in secret; the promise of a substantial bonus his reward for his cooperation. Little did he know, he would never receive such a bonus. "Are you ready?" a voice rang out in the video. The man nodded and gave a thumbs-up as he placed a piece of equipment around his waist. "Viral cores initiated. All readings are currently in the green. Go ahead and begin the procedure." the man picked up the blue gun Narutaki gave Takeru and slide a blank card in a slot on the side. A small rhythmic hum began to emanate from it as blue streaks of energy begins to crackle around him. "Increase the power.." Takeru's voice ran out from the video as a technician on the side does exactly that. Soon the man begins to writhe in pain, screaming at the top of his lungs as he drops to his knees. Sweat drips profusely from the man's face, blood slowly dripping from every opening that it could. "Sir?! We should stop. He'll turn at this rate." A voice rang out. "Keep it going!" Takeru demanded as the technician reluctantly increases the power. More and more energy is poured into the system as the screams from the man begin to turn feral. His body shakes violently. Getting on his hands and knees, the man screams one final time as a white substance oozes from his face. With each tremble his body made, it began to steadily grow larger in size. His clothes were shredded in the process. Fur sprouted from his body, a blackened hole forming in the center of his chest. The white substance that oozed across his face began to harden and take on a canine-like appearance. The screams slowly turned into howls as the gun is tossed on the ground, sliding towards Takeru. The men in the lab start to panic, a feral creature slowly forming in front of their eyes. Takeru simply stood and watched the spectacle in front of him, not wavering for a moment. The transformation was soon complete, the man was replaced by a ravenous beast with only the desire to feed on its mind. It lunged for the closest individual, swiping a large portion of his body away with a single strike. Another man bolted for the exit but was met with a similar fate. It picked them all off one by one with teeth and claws until only it and Takeru remained. A ravenous growl was heard as it slowly lurched towards the man with ill intent. Takeru stood with his hands firmly jammed in his pockets, now seemingly annoyed with the scene that had just transpired. With impressive speed, the beast lunged towards Takeru, lifting him and pinning him against the wall. It moved its head mere inches away from Takeru as it growled viciously; thick heaps of saliva dripping down its maw. "Yet another failure," Takeru spoke at least as he pulled a small device from his pocket. With a press of a button, the piece of equipment that remained on the beast exploded, taking its lower body with the controlled blast. The explosion caused the beast to drop Takeru as it fell to the ground, dead. The video feed soon cut out, Takeru with an even more annoyed look on his face. "Yesterday's test was a failure, just like the rest of them. Not truly hollow but not truly human either. I need to come up with a better solution as I'm beginning to run out of subjects. If I waste any more time with this, he'll end up finding me. I just seem to be missing one binding component." He furrows his brow and begins to once again look at the notes, meticulously scanning all of the complied information. It doesn't take look for him to be once again lost in his thoughts, so much so that he does not hear the door creak open behind him. An audible thump is heard as a hand is slammed on the desk. "What is it, Ms. Asuna?" Takeru says to his assistant without looking up from his paperwork. "You are going to be late. The showing is today, remember?" "Is that today?" he mutters. The woman smiled as the man sneered, scattering the paperwork in annoyance. Today was a demonstration for some of the new tech the technology department was developing. Unfortunately, Narutaki neglected to mention that he would have to attend a few of these to keep up the facade. Takeru silently curses the man before rising out of his seat. "When is this showing?" he replied as he walked towards the exit. "It's in one hour. Mr. Hojo will be the main presenter. You'll just have to be there to keep up appearances. Most won't even know you are there." "Fine..." Takeru grumbled. His mind was still lingering on the research. He wondered just what this missing piece could be. Narutaki only said Human and Hollow DNA but obviously that was a lie. Irritated, Takeru exits the door and heads down to prepare for the showing. "Soon old friend. We'll meet." WC: 1,132
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    Noble House: Kaeru

    The speed of the technique launched with a tremendous amount of velocity behind it, the force of his Kido started to become more and more impressive with each use. As the training continued, Ginga grew increasingly excited about having a chance to fight and the more that she gave for Lieutenant General Kusho the more that she would get in return. Each time that the Captain decided to push a little further, Oriru was backed further into a corner and that meant that he would have to fight even harder. Her words, her feelings, and her ideas continued to flow through the body of her partner as the unity between them strengthened. The planets The switch of the technique was quick enough to catch the Captain and strong enough to restrain him temporarily and that proved to be enough time for Oriru, as well as Ginga, to make the decision for their next action. Oriru focused on the Captain as he found a way to break through the bakudo by true and pure force which caused the Lieutenant General a momentary cause of concern to know see someone who could just literally flex their way out of a kido. There was a reason that the Captain was who he was, the Commander of the entire Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Then, in a rush of speed the Captain went for an assault upon Oriru that caught the young Lieutenant General off guard. "Ido." He spoke the words as the Captain stopped a short distance away. Unsure of what the Captain was doing as Nepture and Uranus broke the pattern of the orbit, the continuous flow much like the electrons dancing around the nucleus, and hovered in front of Oriru within the field of the Event Horizon. Oriru was only alerted by a moment as the free blade of the Captain Commander entered the one meter field of the Event Horizon. 'A misdirection...' There was little to no time to react and Oriru knew that he could not move fast enough to avoid the attack and even attempting a Kido would take too much time even without the fact he does not need to use the incantation. "Setsuzoku." For the quickest moment, both Neptune and Uranus was consumed by a radiant golden glow before a stream of golden energy formed and tethered the two of them together. The thread formed between the two of them as the blade come down. The force was tremendous but the thread did not give and the planets did not move. Almost as a reaction, acting faster than even Oriru could anticipate like a second nature or muscle memory, a white rod formed in the air just above Oriru before suddenly turning black and duplicating one hundred times over. Just as they duplicated, "Fortify." as the words slid from his lips the one hundred black rods turned a radiant golden color before raining down Bakudo number 62, Hyapporankan upon Captain Kaeru at close range. Simultaneous to this, Lieutenant General generated five small balls of white light that shifted black. With a snap of his finger the orbs disappeared. Moments later five tall thick black pillars connected by chains would descend from the sky upon the position of the Captain providing a secondary sealing technique of Bakudo number 75, Gochūtekkan. As the assault of Bakudo was launched another planet, Venus, grew to match the size of the previous planets leaving three marbles still and seven orbs in orbit around the Lieutenant General. Through all that, the most alarming detail was the amount of energy being generated by Oriru as it appeared that his body was absorbing the actual environment as small specs of dirt, water, and debris would seem to dissolve within his field and create an aura around his body. WC | Too lazy to count Stats (Current Natural Stat) (ND: 8,811) Abilities Used / In Effect Combat Details Ending Stats (ND: 8,811)
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    In a sleeping neighborhood, lit only by a full blue moon, Masato stood before what he recognized as a hollow, almost doubling him in height. The appearance of which could be briefly summarized as a muscular human and owl hybrid, coated in brown feathers. He was fortunate to bring his coat with him before leaving home that morning, but all the running and walking had him exhausted and not in the best condition for a fight. Despite the disadvantages he knew he had, Masato was confident in his ability to if nothing else, run and survive. Because of the stretching capabilities of his fullbring, and the large amount of energy the hollow must’ve expended to carry its weight, Masato planned to keep a medium to long distance and tire the beast before delivering the killing blow. His only mistake was applying the logic of reality with a supernatural being. The hollow, who identified himself as Charles, within seconds spread his arms out wide and bent his knees to an almost deep squat position before jumping straight for his prey, broken pavement and dust burst from where he stood as he leaped. Charles, though drooling like a baby and deranged for human flesh, was not ignorant of the potential threat Masato posed, it was after all what brought him here. He wouldn’t waste time as he did with the watchman and intended to clothesline Masato with his right forearm with a strike powerful enough to instantly knock him unconscious, if it didn’t take his head off first. In nature, larger bodies equated to slower and more telegraphed movements. That was the assumption Masato followed until he was suddenly facing a large brown arm and the pressure of wind its mass created. With split seconds to react and not enough time to attempt a block, Masato, through fullbringing, created a tail protruding from the upper area of his back and into the ground. With it well anchored, he pulled himself to the ground, ducking to narrowly evade Charles attack successfully. Thankfully Charles needed time to break the momentum of his lunge, time Masato used to recollect his composure and reevaluate his strategy. He was no longer confident in tiring his opponent, nor interested in gambling with his own life. Missing his target, Charles was pleasantly surprised, especially of the cyan tail his prey sprouted. He wasn’t aware of the superhuman capabilities of fullbringers, nor their existence, but chose not to contemplate it. He was focused and didn’t need unnecessary thoughts clouding his objective. He raised both hands to the right of his head then, with tremendous force, thrusted his arms to his left and at a downward angle, producing enough wind force to spin himself clockwise and break his momentum. As his feet hovered over the ground preparing to land, Masato’s tail wrapped around Charles’s ankles. Masato concluded in his strategy that infighting with such a behemoth was the best strategy to success. Charles needed to build up his attacks for the speed and power they displayed, so a fast onslaught to take that opportunity was Masato’s new plan. He pulled Charles’s ankles, causing the hollow to fall to the ground, then using the shrinking ability of his tail, he pulled himself towards a floored Charles with a front spin kick, leading with his heels. The revelation of just how far the tail stretched caught Charles off guard, but didn’t faze him in the least. He looked over his chest to see Masato’s oncoming kick and chose to block with his right arm. With his left hand he intended to grab the tail binding his ankles, which would grant him some control over Masato’s movement, and a handle with which he could swing his opponent around with. However, atop of the speed created from the pull of his tail and the increased strength attained from training, Masato had two other tricks to increase the potency of his attack; Coating his leg in reiatsu and bringing the air above his foot to boost his heels downward trajectory. As a result of Masato’s loaded kick, the moment his heels reached Charles's arm, the strength and weight of the kick was heavier than he anticipated. The force of the kick sunk Charles’s once raised arm, deep into his chest, his carefree expression turned enraged. He endured the pain until the pressure of the kick letup, before swinging Masato off and into the sky above him. The priority to stand was greater than getting a temporary hold of his foe. He turned the swing into a roll, which he used to move off his back, though having his back turned to Masato wasn’t the most ideal position to be in. Off the ground again and facing the back of his enemy, Masato looked for the place that would best hurt Charles, and decided on a bringer light empowered front spin and landing with a dropkick to the nape of the hollows neck. The execution was a success and the soles of his shoes connected, pushing Charles’s neck inward and his hands slightly into the pavement. He was happy his strategy to fight up close was working, but the strange movement from the hollows neck worried him. Charles grunted in anger. “Can I get a turn to move?” he thought to himself and as the dropkick and the pain subsided, he knew it was his opportunity. It took some adjusting and twitching of muscles but Charles rotated his neck clockwise, a full 180 degrees. Charles counted on the twitching muscles and sudden neck rotation to startle and divert Masato from his slowly rising arms. Masato would eventually catch on to the hands surrounding him, but was too slow to escape their grasp. What’s worse, the rotating head was more than a simple distraction. Charles's beak opened wide before a black orb, with a red exterior, formed directly in front of his mouth. The orb increased in size between Masatos torso and Charles's beak, its heat not going unnoticed by both parties. Masato attempted to escape the obviously threatening energy blast, known only by Charles as a cero, but his movement was constricted by his opponents grip. Even the pulling of his tail proved futile and Masato jerked his body in a panic as his face grew pale with fright. The blast was finally released at an upward angle and pierced the sky with a thick pillar of red and black energy that tapered at both ends. Its brief existence gently lit the street and surrounding neighborhood in red light, before it shrunk horizontally and broke into segments of thin red strings. Smoke emitted from Charles's target, who miraculously still stood atop his back. The hollow expected to sacrifice a good portion of his hands in his own cero, and yet he could still feel their presence. “This can’t be possible.” He thought at the surprised realization that Masato in fact, still had an upper body. The smoke cleared and blocking most of his chest was a shredded cyan arm, which had taken the brunt of the blast, though it wasn’t completely successful. A glaring weakness Masato was now aware of, the endurance of his fullbring left much to be desired, and where the arms width was thinnest, he sustained a considerable amount of damage. His opponent knew this only by observing the purple burn mark that stretched just above Masato’s left eye and across the side of his head, a chunk of his hair and coat's hoodie were also missing. Charles grinned and his yellow eyes bent into a crescent once more. He pulled the human from his back and into a horizontal spin before releasing him with a throw, into a nearby concrete wall. The impact kicked up dust, which blew away quickly as two consecutive swooshes of compressed air cut at Masato’s chest. Masato attempted a block but was too sluggish from the cero and throw to conjure a full arm of defense fast enough. The slashes cut what little resistance the coat made into ribbons before finally reaching their designated target, leaving an x shaped, and bleeding injury between Masato’s chest and abdomen. He yelled in agony as the wind force buried him deeper through the brick wall and into another. The blades of wind were created from Charles by flattening his arms and sharpening his fingers, to mimic the shape of bird wings. However unlike bird wings, light and feathery they were not, but dense and heavy. The back edges of his arms and tips of his feather-like fingers were as hard as steel, with which he created the slashes. Charles stood a few moments at the black hole as the dust cleared. He peered at the hole he expected to see Masato in but saw nothing. This put him on alert quick enough to detect a bloodied Masato approaching from above, with to giant clasped hands intended to flatten the hollow. The attack was powered by nothing more than his raw physical strength, as such, Charles found evading it easy, leaving Masato to only hit the ground, and himself an opportunity to counter. With the desire to capitalize on the opening, Charles prepared a direct diagonal cut with his right arm. As the attack drew closer Masato remained still, waiting for Charles to realize the trap he had set. Rushing at the opportunity blinded Charles to the thin but abundant strands of thread he was running into, only catching on once he was stuck. Masato stood in the face of Charles and raised his tail to show the abrupt stop, from which Charles understood, the tiny strands came from. “You’re strong, but not very smart.” Masato, with heavy breaths, teased the hollow, hoping he would try again to come closer, and tighten the hold of the threads. It was unsuccessful as the only reaction Masato’s taunt garnered was an angry growl. “Had you not killed that man, I would probably let you off the hook.” Masato said with a slight smile. Although he didn’t intend this time to taunt, these words insulted Charles more than the former. “Tsk” Charles, in the blink of an eye, cut himself free with the arms for blades he had. Now more enraged than ever and shouted. “YOU, A HUMAN SHOWING ME MERCY?!” Masato knew it was possible to cut free from his confinement, but not with such ease. He stared at the falling shredded threads, glinting from the bright moon, in despair. The shocked left him unprepared for the next attack – a continuation of the diagonal cut, only this time landing. The attack was aimed for Masato’s left shoulder and would’ve been strong enough to cut him into two had he not blocked the cutting arm with two cyan arms of his own. Though successfully keeping his body attached, Masato was still pushed to the ground from the force of the cut. “To conceive that mere yawn could constrain a being such as I, Charles Quillton, for your hubris, you will suffer the same death that poor bastard laying there did.” The shouting had ended and Charles returned back to his composed gentleman self. His arms regained their sturdy and muscular form, as they were when the two first met, and he tightened his fists to pummel the human with. Masato witnessed the change in Charles’s arms and fists and raised all four of his arms for defense. The first punch was bearable, the second punch pushed his arms to his chest, and the third crushed him under his own fullbring. The punches gained speed as they rained and by the first dozen, Masato lost consciousness. His guard was punched away, leaving his face and torso exposed for the flurry of punches, which Charles did not hold back with. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “I’m home.” Masato announced his arrival through the door and into the house he recognized as the one he once shared with his wife and daughter. It was the first day he wore the coat Asuna made for him, and it was during summer. As expected, he was sweating smelly. “Mom, dads back!” Reina yelled as she stopped scribbling with crayons to rush and hug her father. “Oooh! If only mommy was this excited to see me.” Masato joked as he lifted Reina up from her armpits and hugged her tightly, before moving her to his side and carrying her through the living room and into the hallway. “How was school, did you use my secret technique in art class today?” “Yesh sir! “ She replied and saluted with pouted lips. “I used pershpective and beat everyone in...” *sniff* “you stink!” “whaaat, it’s the coat, not me.” Masato rebutted with whispers, as to not be heard by Asuna. They both laughed in the hallway as they approached the kitchen on their right. “No, don’t come in the kitchen that smelly. Go wash up, I’ll have dinner ready when you’re done.” Asuna exclaimed while standing at the stove, before a steaming pot of rice. “Not even a small kiss?” Masato extended his head out with puckered lips, waiting for a kiss he knew she wouldn’t give. “I’ll kiss you papa.” “Thank you sweetie.” Reina said before pecking her father on the cheek. “pleh, saltyyy.” She stuck her tongue out and cringed. “That’s enough of you. Get outta here. Go clean up your crayon mess.” He put Reina down and sent her off, before entering his bedroom and preparing for a shower. From the living room he could hear “my art is not a mess!” which caused him to chuckle. Following his shower, the family of three sat at the kitchen to eat dinner, rice topped with chicken and potato curry. The drop light directly above the table they sat at, emitted the kitchen in warm hues with the yellow light it created. They ate and chatted about their days and other lighthearted topics before Asuna’s mobile phone rang, interrupting their conversations. “NO ELECTRONICS AT THE DINNER TABLE.” Masato and Reina berated playfully at Asuna, at the rule she herself made. “Quiet yous.” She leaned forward, angrily pointing her spoon and staring at her critics. “It’s work.” She stood from the table to take the phone call in the hallway. The atmosphere was suddenly slightly tense. A phone call from work this late implied it was something serious and as she always did in the past, Masato and his daughter suspected that she wouldn’t stay for dinner. The field she worked in was competitive and cutthroat so there was an understanding, however the negative feeling of being unable to eat dinner with the mother of the house was still felt. Asuna sat back down at the table and returned to eating, leaving the rest of the table confused. “Wasn’t that work?” “It was.” Asuna responded dismissively as she sat upright and chewed her food, eyes closed. “You’re not gonna go in?” “You’ve been cooking dinner all month and the one time I get to, they call me in? Not a chance.” Asuna responded proudly before grinning and poking her tongue out at her two awestruck spectators. “I married a badass.” “LANGUAGE!” Reina exclaimed. “It’s true.” Asuna agreed proudly with Masato, dropping Reina’s jaw in disbelief, as her mother would’ve normally reprimanded cursing. The atmosphere resumed to its bustling state of chitchat and explosive laughter, until the eating was complete and cleaning began. Reina assisted briefly before being sent to bed, Masato cleaned the dishes, and Asuna wiped off the dinner table. She couldn’t stay for long as despite her confident display, she still had to go to work, just later than she was demanded to. Putting her shoes on, Asuna wasn’t happy about leaving that late and her expression greatly showed it. She placed her hand on the doorknob and hesitated to open it. She stood with her head down and defeated, tears swelled in her eyes and before she could let out a sob, Masato called from behind her. “Babe, is everything alright?” He asked worryingly, as although he didn’t see her teary eyes, he sense something was off. Asuna turned towards Masato to reassure him, but not before wiping her tears. “Everything’s fine. I’m just a little tired.” Masato approached her with a hug and wrapped his arms around her. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” He said in an attempt to comfort her, but his ignorant words only increased her need to work. His family was economically upper middleclass; her family scavenged the slums until her father was employed by Masato’s. His job was guaranteed and inherited, with a salary much higher than others in the same position; she had to attain a higher education to be in her underpaying job. When her family joked about relying on the Hizorashi’s forever, and arranging her marriage for status, she vomited inside. Her love for Masato was evident without her family’s meddling and she loved spending time at home with her daughter… but her pride couldn’t stand being, what she viewed as, a “leech” on her husband’s wealth. She was determined to prove her self-worth and independence from handouts, but perhaps more devastating than leeching, was being a slave to a job that dictated when she could or couldn’t see her family. The decision was her pride or her love, but she chose to bear the weight of both and it crushed her every day. As Masato hugged her, the memories of the next day flashed before him and he recognized exactly what day it was. This triggered a mental breakdown and he bawled his eyes out as he tightened his grip of her. “Why...?” he asked. The question confused Asuna as the decision to abandon her family the very next morning was an impulsive one that she herself didn’t know she would make. “w...What do you mean?” she asked, now more perplexed than sad. “YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE. I WONT LET YOU.” His hug grew even tighter. “Stop… you’re hurting me.” She pleaded to no avail. “TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT. ILL DO ANYTHING JUST DONT-” “She doesn’t have the answer for you idiot.” Exclaimed a disembodied voice, as Masato’s surroundings turned into a white room, with all surfaces consisting of large tiles. “She hasn’t made that decision yet and ‘only way you’re finding out is if you ask her yourself, in the present of course.” The voice spoke again, giving Masato the opportunity to register its tone and accent. It resembled closely to Masato’s only much older, with a slight scratch added to it. “I have to survive against Charles, if I'm ever going to get an opportunity..” “Uh-hum.” “Which isn’t likely.” “I wouldn't say that. You still haven’t used me to my fullest potential.” “As I thought, you’re my coat. Do you have a name?” “That’s for you to decide. I’m just a bundle of thread, a sentient one, but a bundle of thread no less.” “So what else can you do besides the arms and tail thing?” “Well you can use my head.” Just as the voice responded, its once directionless voice was focused behind Masato. He turned around to see a giant dark purple and black wolf with yellow eyes. “The wolf emblem!” “Exactly.” The wolf spoke, but without any movement of its mouth. “What does your head do?” “Mostly bite, hear, smell, talk, y’know, head things.” “I can’t block or cut with your threads, they’re too weak.” “Well arms are convenient, but you can shape them into whatever you’d like. Don’t blame me for your lack of creativity.” “….” “Didn’t he condense his arms and turn them to blades? Imagine doing that without the worries of bones and muscles, or a limited mass. C’mon man use your brain.” “I got it. So what’s the plan now?” “Don’t die.” -Back in reality- Masato rested in both of Charles’s hands, being held upright with the purpose of getting a clean bite to his neck. He was soar beyond comprehension and could feel his broken left fingers, arm and several broken ribs. The skeletal exterior of his left eye socket was cracked, and his eye swelled purple, like much of his face. Charles fingers constricted his arm, leaving him with only his fullbring to resist the beak of certain death. He used his tail as a bladed whip to cut the fingers binding him, and Charles in the process. No longer asleep in the grasp of his enemy, and with some new abilities to test, Masato faced Charles standing once again. Masato’s sudden awakening was more than enough surprise, but the ability to now cut was infuriating, especially considering the method by which Masato did. In their entire fight Masato only used blunt force attacks so the cutting possibilities were unfathomable, especially this far into the fight after he had suffered so many injuries, and yet it was. He lost both his thumbs and obtained a deep cut across his body, from Masato’s escape, all in an instant. This infuriated him and now more than ever, he wanted to rip his opponent to shreds and paint the town with his blood, but his experience cautioned him against it. He raised a finger to Masato’s tail that bore a sharp edge. “Why are you mimicking me; have you no decency?” He asked with regained composure. Masato wasn’t interested in conversing and as such, remained silent. “Have it your way.” Charles flattened his arms into their thin, wing like form and swung them repeatedly, sending a barrage of wind slashes at Masato to avoid. With the wind attacks keeping the human preoccupied, he charged Masato with both arms at his front. When he got close enough, he intended to use his arms as one would use scissors to cut Masato’s head clean off. Masato deflected the wind attacks with ease as he could now turn his fullbring sturdy enough to withstand most of what Charles could throw at him. He saw the charge the hollow made and decided to match it with one of his own. Charles’s forearms met the palms of Masato’s fullbring hands and their clash broke the pavement beneath where they stood. With Masato holding Charles's large arms crossed, he decided to use his tail and human fist to jab and cut at the hollow’s stomach multiple times. Spatters of blood flicked from his tail and fist to the ground in rapid succession until Charles couldn’t endure it any further. “DAMN YOU!” Charles screamed before charging a cero from his opened beak, aimed directly down at Masato, who kept at the tearing and bruising of his stomach. The cero charged quicker than last time and Charles was certain of the options Masato had. “You either fuck off, or get burned to a cinder.” He thought smugly, wincing slightly with every hit he took. “I’m on it.” From the back of Masato’s coat emerged a wolf’s head of the same color, bearing its fangs with jaws wide open. It bit Charles’s beaks closed before it could set off, resulting in an internal explosion within the hollows head. The cero, due to its rushed and incomplete creation, wasn’t nearly as powerful as the former, but did significant damage no less. Its creators vibrating screams filled the night as he panicked with a head set ablaze. Masato watched from a distance as Charles raged and crashed into objects maniacally, perhaps searching from Masato for retaliation or a liquid the quench the flames of his own making. The panic lasted for a good five minutes before Charles collapsed to the floor and the fire subsided. Masato stood victorious and limped to the watchmen, just to ascertain that he was beyond saving. He reached the building entrance and saw up close just how far gone the mangled man was. “I’m sorry.” He said under his breath. His victory over Charles suddenly felt less gratifying knowing that it was his presence that brought the hollow here from the start. “NOT YET YOU AREN'T!” “WATCH OUT!” Charles appeared behind Masato with a punch, breaking his right arm at the elbow, and sending him flying. He broke the momentum of his involuntary flight with a new tail, and grunted at Charles who somehow survived. He observed Charles and noticed his naked and featherless head. But more interesting was the lack of yellow in the eye holes of Charles’s skull. “Have you noticed now human? I no longer have functioning eyes.” He pointed to his own face. “I apologize for the sucker punch, but as you can assume, I need all the advantages I can acquire.” Charles walked from the sidewalk and into the street once again, carrying the watchmen over his shoulder before dropping him. With his index finger, he drew a circle in the asphalt with himself standing in the center. “No more cunning tactics, no more tails, and no more bites. We shall settle our fight here in this circle fist to fist as gentlemen would. If you do not accept, I shall flee with this man’s corpse and feast on what’s left of it. And Upon my eventual recovery, I will kill more innocence in your name. Do wish to have that on your conscious? Masato brought his tail back into his coat and wrapped his broken arms with condensed yet flexible cloths, which kept his muscles and bones together so he could fight once more. As he walked into the brawling circle glaring at the hollow, Charles grinned with delight for Masato’s decision. “I expected no less.” Charles cemented both of his ankles into the ground to keep himself in the circle. “I suppose with this regard, I’ll allow for your tails assistance.” Masato quickly dug his tail into the ground, anchoring himself as Charles did. “Shall we… BEGIN!” Charles threw the first punch, a left hook to Masato’s head. Masato raised and blocked with his right shoulder, and delivered a quick jab to Charles chin. The punch blew Charles’s head back but he came back in with a double jab. The first jab Masato bobbed and dodge, but the second scraped the left side of his head. Before he could collect himself for a counter, Charles executed a successful right cross, hitting his opponent square in the face. This left Masato with a blurry vision and unable to retaliate. Charles attempted a jab cross combination to take advantage of Masato’s weaving head, but the jab brought his opponent back into the fight and gave him an opportunity to dodge the cross with a duck. With his right side exposed, Charles expected a gut punch, but received two from Masato’s double uppercuts. The hollow instinctively reacted with a wince that opened up his left guard, giving Masato the clear for an overhand right, blasting Charles left of his head and chipping his mask. The tactical fighting lasted only briefly before their punches became random and thoughtless, prioritizing power over technique and speed over accuracy. Their knuckles drew blood from each other’s flesh and they cried for dominance, silencing their doubts and aching bones. The circle they stood in turned red with blood and after a twenty minute pummeling, the fight was over. Masato looked down at an exhausted Charles on his back. “You’re not going to beg for your life?” Wheezing from a shattered mask and drawing his last breaths, the hollow responded. “No. though would you have let me live, even if I didn’t kill him?” Charles countered with a question of his own. Masato recalled the face of his wife who died by the hands of a hollow. “....Yes.” “Heh, lair.” Masato pierced Charles from beneath his chin and through the top of his mask. The hollow disintegrated into the wind, taking all traces of his existence with him. *Pant* "hey… you there?” “Yeah. What’s up?” “This is the end isn’t it?” “Looks like it. but you did good kid.” Masato collapsed to the ground, his eyes swollen shut, still managing to squeeze some tears. “I really wanted to know why.” “Me too. But you can’t die crying man. You don’t want to go out like a bitch.” “Ha-ha yeah.” Masato grinned revealing all his teeth, save for the missing canine he lost to Charles’s punches. He tried to hold it in but the tears running down his face wouldn’t obey. He sniffled with his runny nose and his cold body stopped its shivering. “I…” *sniff* “should’ve seen my mom and Reina when I went to their place” “I guess your old crybaby self is a fitting way to die too.” Masato coughed blood instead of releasing his intended chuckle. “You’re not helping.” “I’m just a bun…” "Bundle of thread" *pant* "So I should call you Ōkami no taba.” “Sounds good.” Masato relaxed himself and chose to accept his death with grace. A lesson he learnt from Charles not long ago. Bearing a large smile, runny nose, and teary eyes, Masato flat lined in a puddle of his own blood. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ W/C: 4820
  17. Xarius Kaeru


    Updates: Kido Arts - VC: 45k reiatsu instead of 30k to learn. Vice Captain kidos can be learned once you reach the Reiatsu threshold. - Cap: Captain requires 100 reiryoku, also Captain rank or taught by a player who knows the spell if you meet the reiroyku requirement. ------------------------------------ Upcoming updates: - updates to other races Non-release abilities/skills (hollows and fullbringers possibly are next) - Natural Defense system (waiting on final approval) - Barriers/Seals system to work with ND. - continued rule clarification and updates.
  18. Xarius Kaeru

    Noble House: Kaeru

    The response from Oriru did not surprise Kaeru in the slightest, but the smile did somewhat. The man seemed to always be in check with his emotions so the smile while brief seemed to be a sign he was indeed cutting loose some. Maybe this was because of the seclusion that the Kaeru Family training grounds provided or just that he was getting pushed by a Captain Level threat. Only time would answer this for the both of them he was sure of at least that much. The next word echoed out from Oriru as the black barrier shifted to a gold like appearance. Looking closer to the barrier itself he could faintly see that the barrier now had an almost distortion around the outside shifting as if reality itself could not keep together. Taking only but a briefest of moments to notice this he was sure this was yet another enhancement to his vice-captain's kido art. Stacking a barrier over a barrier for defense was a way of saying he was dedicated to protecting himself from the Captain Commander's zanpakuto's abilities. The barrier shattered with the combination of Kaeru's Byakurai, Kawa no fu no nangan, and Kawa no sei no kitagishi leaving Oriru out in the open once again. The frog captain noticed another marble that floated around the lower seated shinigami grew like the previous ones had. The negative black lightning reiatsu and positive fire reiatsu dissipated without touching his subordinate. "I understand how you feel," he replied sarcastically as he trained his eyes on Oriru for whatever was next. I need to wear down Oriru's defenses, if that was even possible at this given moment, he thought to himself as he gripped Yin tightly in his right hand. In the next moment Kaeru watched as a small amount of golden light energy formed in Oriru's left hand before wrapping around his fingers and turned a bright white. The white light then shifted to a jet black instantly launching forward. This was clearly an academy kido art that he knew well; bakudo number four, Hainawa. There was no way once again that he was going to be able to out right dodge this attack but he could time this to react in order to somewhat avoid being completely captured in the black energy. As Kaeru attempted to move out of the attack as much as he could the light grew in size releasing five other strands of black light energy making the Hainawa transition into Bakudo number Sixty-One, Rikujōkōrō. Being caught fully in both would not of boded well for the Captain Commander in this fight as dealing with these bakudos were wearing on him somewhat. The six larger balls orbited the vice-captain, but there were four more remained at the smaller size. These seem to react over time or when stressing to deal with my attacks. I need more information if I am going to land a solid strike with my Yin or Yang, he thought to himself as he shifted in place for a moment. Taking in a deep breath Kaeru starts to flex in order to provide counter pressure to the Rikujōkōrō that had been placed on him moments ago. This was no easy task to do as he struggled at first before breaking through shattering the six rod prison in order to close the distance between him and Oriru by rushing at him. At the same time he activated and empowered his Yang sword preparing to unleash his Kagayaku kishi. Once he reached the half way point between them he would bring his left downward in an attempt to draw the man's attention. From above his Yang sword would be encased in positive white reiatsu flames making a powerful down swing attack at Oriru's right shoulder from the front. [WC: 637] Stats [ND: 7,420/7,520] Abilities Combat Details Ending Stats [ND: 7,116/7,520]
  19. Kaz

    The End

    The rhythmic pitter-patting of footsteps could be heard marching into an abandoned warehouse as a storm rumbled overhead. A group of twelve soldiers marched through the rain with rifles trained at the ready. Each soldier was outfitted in similar attire. Long, black, double-breasted trench coats with shoulder straps. The coat is bound at the waist with an ivory belt and a lavishly decorated buckle with the symbol of a bald eagle clutching the world within its talons. All of this is worn over a pair of black trousers and tightly tied trench boots. One soldier had an eagle insignia adorned on his back with a golden star in the middle. This man was the leader of this group of black-op soldiers. They quickly fill the warehouse by twos, one for each side. They stay close to each other with their backs practically hugging up against the wall. One by one, each of them equip special goggles to get a better opportunity to spot their awaiting prey. From above, their target quickly moves around in the shadows. Its beady yellow eyes darting from beam to beam with the greatest of ease. The creature is worried and afraid but determined. Determined to feast on a meal and quell, if only for a fleeting moment, its insatiable hunger. It wants to stop these men at any costs but most importantly, it is determined to survive. A quick bolt of lightning from outside briefly illuminates the warehouse, causing one of the soldiers to spot the creature above. "The target is up on the ceiling!" he yells as he fires a barrage of bullets towards the creature's direction. The others quickly follow suit, covering a large area of the roof in bullets. The sound of rainfall is quickly engulfed by the sounds of shell casings hitting the floor. After a solid minute, the firing stops. The guns still smoke in their hands as they begin to move around and form up in search of what they hope to be a dead body. Still in formation, they walk before a blur streaks in front of the leader's face. His audibly startled gasp causes them all to stop dead in their tracks., holding up their weapons for round two. A scream of pain and anguish rings out, this time from behind the group. They quickly begin to move back and attempt to figure out just who the sound came from. Taking a few steps forward, one of them feels his foot stepping into something wet. The group could hear ravenous chewing coming from the other side of the room. The sickening sound of something being crunched upon. A lump formed in the leader's throat. He knew what had transpired. Another bolt of lighting from outside revealed what they all feared. Someone in the back of the group had been caught off guard from behind. One single swipe from the creature was all that was necessary to end his life and claim his head. Now, the creature sat feasting the spoils of its victory, fulfilling one of its goals. Its ivory white mask covered in splatters of crimson blood, grinning at the soldiers with fiendish delight. "Fire at will men!' the lead soldier says as they begin to pepper the creature with a barrage of bullets. The bullets, unfortunately, have little effect on the creature's tough exterior but it does manage to slow it down. It slowly backs away, giving the remaining eleven soldiers time to surround it in a U-shape. It backs itself firmly up against a wall, attempting to swipe at any advancing soldier to keep their distance. The creature was no fool. It knew that it only needed to bide its time until the bullets ran out. From there, it would be child's play to finish them all off one by one. All twelve would serve as a glorious feast. "Switch to the RXR rounds immediately." The leader flicks a small switch on the upper right portion of his rifle as the weapon begins to hum slightly. Suddenly, the bullets firing from the weapon glow blue, moving at an increased speed. These rounds, compared to the others, begin to rip into the flesh of the creature who howls in pain. Each soldier quickly flicks the switch on their riles as the inside of the warehouse is illuminated in a blue-ish glow. The creature is pelted from all sides from the gunfire, hole after hole being blasted into its body. A few seconds pass and the creature slumps to the ground, near lifeless. The leader holds his right hand upward, signaling a stoppage of gunfire. All still have their guns trained on the creature in the event it akes any sort of movement. From behind, three military vehicles pull up to the entrance of the warehouse. The back door of the middle vehicle opens as a bright purple umbrella emerges. A pair of pristine black loafers step out on the wet concrete as a man closes the door, umbrella firmly in hand. His jet-black hair drips a few drops of water from the raindrops that manage to get by his umbrella. His black coat dangles just above the wet ground as he makes his way forward. Each step is slow and meticulous. Taking in all the dreary scenery with his calculating eyes. As he walks inside of the warehouse, he closes his umbrella and uses it as a makeshift cane. His footsteps echo above the pattering rain as the soldiers part to let him through, guns still trained on the target. The man reaches the group of soldiers, handing the captain his umbrella as he takes a better look at the nearly deceased creature. "Would you like to use my googles to see the creature?" the captain says inquisitively. "No need. I can see its magnificent figure just fine without." the man says sharply. He stands in awe of the wounded creature before him. "It's breathtaking...isn't it?" Breathtaking to behold such a magnificent creature like this." He says after a long pause in between. He starts to kneel down and get a better look at the creature but stops himself. An old saying rings in his head. "Never taunt a wounded animal." Relenting for a more appropriate approach, he pulls a PDA from within his coat and begins to scan the creature. "It is Adjuchas level and was nearing its completion of Vasto Lorde. Probably would have had it finished you all off. A shame you didn't let that happen." "An A Ranked hollow? This was one of the easier ones we've fought. Mind you, we lost a good soldier but the target went down fairly easy." The Captain pipes up. He was quite fond of his work, quite fond of the job he and his team performed. The thrill of the hunt. Protecting humanity from these abominations. One measly life was necessary for what he believed would be the salvation of billions. "I'm glad you cling so closely to fantasy, Captain. Try not to dabble too closely into delusion, however. The harsh realities of the world may scare you." He glances up at the Captain and gives a small, yet snide smirk before returning his attention to his PDA. "I've watched the entire battle from the chips installed in your goggles. The same device that allows you to see and combat spiritual creatures such as this. You all were falling right into its trap. It's backing up was not to get away from you but to corral you all in one spot. Had you waited just one more minute to use the Reishi X-tinction Rounds, you would have been all killed during the reloading process. Either as brutally as your colleague was or instantaneous by a cero. Had you used the rounds from the start, it would have adjusted and changed its strategy accordingly. I know what you are probably thinking and no, it was not a sound battle strategy. What you experienced was dumb luck that just happened to work out in your favor. You still do not truly know what you are up against." Taking the umbrella back from the Captain's surprised hand, he removes the false bottom to reveal a small needle. Purple fluid dripped from the tip of the needle as he injects the liquid into the creature. It gives a small groan before it returns to its labored breathing. The creature's eyes glaze over before closing. "A pity. Even now, you do not realize the danger you were just in. According to the data, this creature had regenerative capabilities. With each passing second, it slowly regrew the damaged tissue. It would not have been long before the creature regained enough strength to strike again. Likely a suicide attack. Luckily, the special agent I've injected into its bloodstream will sedate and use the regenerative capabilities against it. The body, however, will be preserved for transport." The Captain stands mystified at the mistake that nearly cost him his own life. The man chuckles at the Captain's revelation and finishes collecting his required data. Slipping the PDA back into his pocket, he opens his umbrella and walks back to the waiting vehicles. A few men from the larger vehicle in the back, quickly file inside the warehouse with a large container to store the now sedated creature within. As they pass the man, he stops and stares out into the darkness in front of him. "Good job Captain," he says coyly. "You've been a great help in amassing all of the pieces I required. You have my thanks. I'll report the completion of your mission to Ms. Hikari." "Thank you, Mr. Kuna." The Captain responds as he and his soldiers salute the departing trucks. In the backseat, the man rifles through the data stored on his PDA, uploading that to the monitor on the right side. As he types on the keyboard, the monitor in front of him pulls up the files of the Captain and all of his team. A red 'X' is placed on the one deceased member as the man studies their files intently. His eyes dart from file to file before he shuts the monitor off and stares out at the streets around him. "I'm surprised you didn't bring me to this dimension sooner. It would not have come to this. However, it's quite impressive what you've done in this short amount of time. This entire empire, all of this equipment, just to appease your daughter and secretly settle your vendetta against him." Narutaki sits beside him, staring out in the vast darkness the window provided. "She is my little girl, it is only necessary I give her things to make her happy. Which is why Decade needs to be dealt with. He is dangerous. Given your history with him, I called you at the right time. If I called you before I set this up, he would have discovered you. With his arrogance, he'll never suspect you to be here installed in the empire he believes is his. The Arrancar will distract him until you are ready. Until it is ready." He places a gray briefcase that sat by his leg on the man's lap, never removing his gaze from the window. "The creatures of this dimension are truly astonishing. Such hubris they have. Human and Hollow DNA should be the final catalyst you need in order to use what is in this case." "Anything to see my old buddy again." Listening to Narutaki's words, the man opens up the briefcase, revealing a blue gun with golden accents. Cards, similar to the ones Tetsuya uses, lay beside it. He marvels at the sight, slowly moving his hand to touch the weapon. "Don't forget our deal, Diend." WC: 1,958
  20. Kaz

    Devil's Requiem

    Tetsuya stands out in front of a massive high-rise building in the heart of Naruki City with his mouth agape. Rinko, exiting from the car they arrived in, casually places her hand on his lower jaw and closes his mouth with a smile. It was a very rare sight to see Tetsuya in a state of bewilderment. Seeing him like that was akin to a unicorn sighting. Only made possible by Rinko. "How? How in the hell did you manage this?" Tetsuya finally manages to say as he points to the building in front of them. The ivory building towered over everything in the area, its size rivaling that of similar towers in New York City. Its stell framework and polished glass made the building glimmer in the sunlight. The name "Hikari Incorporated" was emblazoned on the front of the building in blue sitting just above the entrance. "What the hell did you do?" Rinko smiles and grabs Tetsuya by the hand, quickly attempting to lead him inside. "You said that you wanted to meet the spiritual entities that inhabited this dimension right? Well, now you have the means to do so." She quickly ushers him inside the building with a particular skip in her step. Inside, Tetsuya sees numerous people hard at work. Some were furiously typing on computers, others mingled with idle small talk. "Good Afternoon, Mr. Kataoka. Ms. Hikari." one man says as he carries a stack of paperwork to his cubicle. Others wave as they pass by; Tetsuya still dumbfounded by what he is seeing. "How?" he repeats again as the two reach an elevator. "If I told you, you'd get angry. Let's just say I called in a favor." Tetsuya audibly groaned as the elevator closed, instantly recognizing the source of her favor. As she predicted, Tetsuya was pissed. "Your father again?! You are aware Narutaki has likely employed the Arrancar I told you about to kill me right? If he is so deadset on killing me, why is he trying to help?" Rinko sighs as she presses the button to the top floor, ignoring the seething Tetsuya standing beside her. "He's not trying to kill you per se. He just wants you to stop destroying things. Plus this was a gift for me. It just so happens that you are receiving the benefits of said gift." "The man has literally said that he wants me dead! Besides, you help me making the determining decisions on whether or not I destroy dimensions." Rinko dismissively waves her hand as the elevator opens to the top floor, exiting it with a skip. "Eh, don't sweat the small stuff. It's fine," she replies as she beckons Tetsuya to come forward. "You and your family are insane," Tetsuya mutters as he enters the new room. The new room was dimly lit with monitors and computer equipment in every corner. In the back of the room was a door with the words 'Boss" in pink lettering. The small number of people in the room quickly rose to their feet when the two of them arrived. Rinko waves at them before entering the door to the next room. Tetsuya could only say one thing as he walks inside. The room was predictably decorated in things that Rinko liked. The walls were light blue and an impressively large desk sat in the back. "Incredible," Tetsuya says condescendingly as he shakes his head. Rinko sits down behind the desk in the room and smiles. "Hikari Incorporated! You name it. We kill it... Well, you kill it but you get the point." "You...you created an extermination business? How the hell does killing bugs help?" "It's not bug extermination silly. It's more of a hitman for hire type deal. All of the workers, all of the equipment is to help monitor and detect spiritual beings that enter this native dimension. With this, I figure you can use this to get in contact with other spiritual races in this dimension you haven't met. Once you find them, and hopefully stay on their good side, they can contact you for jobs. Kill the things they can't...or won't. You learn more about them and figure out if they are worth erasure. Plus I get money out of it. Everyone wins." Tetsuya could only shake his head. While the motive was purely for her, he had to realize that it was a rather ingenious plan. For once, he had to thank Narutaki for something though he'd never do it. For the time being, he had to focus on other matters. "We are changing the name of it." "Not a chance." WC: 771
  21. Tenkai Bushinji

    Just Another Day

    The pair continued to make their way silently into the night. The stress from their encounter from before had mostly drained away, thinking themselves safe and away from anyone intruding upon their lives. They leapt quickly and calmly through the underbrush, leaping over bushes and swinging on overhead branches to maintain and increase momentum. Despite believing they had managed to elude capture, they wanted to vacate the area as quickly as possible. "So, now that we have a moment why don't we discuss what to do from here." Mikoto had decided to open a dialogue in their newly acquired breathing room. While Tenjinsai had been more keen on maintaining his focus towards their escape, it may do well to actually establish an end goal. They made it from the shack, covered a fair enough distance that they believed they were, now they needed to decide where to go. "Well..." Tenjinsai responded before pausing for a moment, looping his arm upward and swinging around on a branch. Maintaining his hold on the branch, he looped himself upwards until he was then hovering above it. Releasing his grip on the branch, he repositioned himself and landed with a light thunk upon the woodland appendage. He released a deep sigh while he watched Mikoto double back, jumping up beside him into a section of tree just above. "I think at this point we should just follow up on the only lead we have and head west." The young soul stopped once more, glancing around as if to emphasize the point he was about to make. "It's clear that staying around here is not an option, let alone a remotely good idea. It's a long shot, but it's the only thing I can think of. Thoughts?" Mikoto hesitated, his mouth open but no words finding their way to his tongue. As he had gone to speak a voice had rang out through the night, a voice that he recognized. The pair quickly turned their heads to the direction they had came from and saw the figure of someone approaching them in the distance. Though they could not clearly make this person out the two vigilantes were more then sure of who it was. "Move, now!" Tenjinsai had yelled out at his companion as he flung himself from the branch and continued moving the direction they were heading previously. Despite only pausing for a few moments they had given the shinigami more then enough time to catch up. Now that they were back in their pursuer's sights the odds of escape would be slim to none. From what the pair had observed and heard, they already discerned that this man was a Vice Captain. He was stronger than them, faster than them, at this point they had little choice in how to proceed. As the pair bolted off through the woods, they glanced at one another, meetings eyes for only a moment before nodding. After this quick exchange the young vigilantes would break off from one another, Mikoto going left and Tenjinsai going right. Despite being well beyond the ability of the pair, this shinigami was still only one man. If the two separated he would be forced to pursue only one of them. Each of them would break off, conceal their reiatsu as much as possible, and disappear into the night. It was the best plan that they could come up with in that moment; Or at least that is what their plan would hopefully appear as to their observer. What the two souls had actually done was enact a strategy that they had employed countless times over their history of hunting bandits. While this shinigami was most likely not as ignorant or rash as a bandit, in the cover of night and the dense forestry around them, they were willing to take the odds. When Tenjinsai had broken off he proceeded to dampen his reiatsu as he did before, but not entirely. He wanted this shinigami to still be able to sense him, and pursue after him instead of Mikoto. Considering he was the 'unknown variable' in the encounter at the shack, he was willing to bet their pursuer would follow him. In that light, Tenjinsai proceeded to initiate the plan as well as he could. Moving only a short distance from where he had broken away, the young soul burst into a small clearing. It spanned only about twenty or thirty feet in diameter, several rocks and saplings adorning the area. He came to a grinding halt at the edge of the small area, pivoting as he did to face the direction he had came from. He glanced upward, squinting slightly as he gazed at the moon, the light shimmering down around and over him to reveal the area in its entirety. His eyes had adjusted to the light, as dim as it was, and now the forest was a sheet of darkness to him. His gaze could penetrate a few feet in, but beyond that were simply silhouettes and shadows. He stood and waited patiently, hoping that only a few moments later their shinigami pursuer would soar through the tree line and arrive at the clearing just in front of him. As he prepared himself, the young soul saw fit to shout into the forest, his words aimed toward the shinigami. "I'm quite certain it is me that you are looking for! I've stopped running, I'm right here, come and face me!" He then placed his hands behind his back, clasping them together. He did not want to seem threatening or imposing, he wanted to talk first. If this encounter was going to be forced, then he would gather as much information as he possibly could before it came to an ultimatum, and he knew that it would. There was no real way out of this situation with his freedom that did not involve conflict. They were investigating some recent happenings, the bandit murders for certain. The pair were the only ones in the area, and they were the ones who had killed the majority of them. If they told the truth they would certainly be arrested, if they lied, they would still likely be dragged off for further questioning. He would take the current odds as they were their best chance for getting out of here on their own terms. If fate was against them, then he would have to get used to some new accommodations in prison. WC: 1,177 OOC: Gotcha, yeah I saw the dialogue and must have breezed right past the bit that followed. I had just assumed it was meant to distract or disorient because of how unusual it was, also rather amusing lol.
  22. Good Ol Yuro

    Just Another Day

    Yuroshima continues watching from the brush for a few minutes before slowly taking on the feeling that he was wasting his time and would only be sticking around to watch the man attack his yard next. Deeming useless the use of a Lieutenants time in this way he almost ceases his spiritual cloak and stands before seeing the humanoid shape slip from the roof to the window and into the house. Excitement and hostility bubble within the Restoration specialist for he was glad that it seemed he did not make a fool of himself but now irritated at the non compliant nature of the two that were now prime suspects in his mind. The Lieutenant outstretches his arm and waits a moment soon a few meters away in mid air, a black butterfly begins to flutter downward, landing on the Shinigamis finger he brings it to the front of his veil, “All Squad 9 Officers who are not currently assisting a medical unit are to form a circular perimeter with a two mile radius of these coordinates, ‘???’, ‘??’, ‘???’, there is only one structure in that area and the two men that live with in it are to be arrested on sight for questioning, they are on high suspicion of mass murder.” Lieutenant Hoshiko watches the glossy black wings of the “Hell Butterfly.” Dance away in a shimmer, back to his confidant and right hand man on the mission, Jim, who still has never mentioned a sir name. Soon shinigami, likely in groups of two, would be stationing themselves at points along a self formed circle spanning two miles in all directions from the shack. This may have been overkill but the second man had proven illusory once and so preventative measures must be taken. A twinge in the drunkards spirit energy, though faint, causes the Veiled soul reapers eyes to dark back down to the shack to see two shadows rush from the complex towards the wilderness. “wah..” He stutters a moment, reaching behind for the hell butterfly to hopefully catch it and add to the message but it had already fluttred away from sight, hopefully it would make it to the district in time for any shinigami to aid him in what would now unavoidably be chase.. “why hadn’t I attempted to learn Kakusuijutsu.” He groans mentally before springing up from the brush. He drops the spiritual cloaking of Kyakko in order to use Shunpo without wearing any more than usual on his stamina and so channels his energy properly and uses Shunpo to blink towards them, unable to see their forms quite yet he rushes past the shack and attempts to follow the spirit energy of the supposed drunkard although the Lieutenant was certain now that that title was false for him. He had his trail, his spiritual thread, he was confident he could find them now, and they were not far. He pushes himself attempting to catch up he can see the form of the man he had spoken with and his strange companion who had eluded him. “Stop!” He shouts raising his palm, his sprinting slowly to a jog as he prepares to fire kido if necessary, they were surrounded by trees and thick brush however and therefore landing any kido would be a different matter, however alerting the two and getting their attention was the necessary first step in Yuros mind. WC above “counted” , WC – 568 OOC – I was about to shout for him to freeze but didn’t cause the rock sound distracted me, I don’t care enough to want you to change anything I only say this cause I don’t want you to have the impression that I would do something weird like shout something serious as that and then just walk away lol.
  23. RP Ranks Updated!

    1. Rashu ラシュ

      Rashu ラシュ

      Community Reiatsu has also been updated. @Kumo could you PM me Connors appearance with some picture references if you have any?

    2. Xarius Kaeru
  24. A white light filled Aria's vision. There was nothing in any direction not matter where her gaze seemed to turn. "Huh? I thought I died?" Her hand subconsciously went to where the spear had pierced her stomach earlier. "Nothing there now." She said with a breathe of relief. She then looked to herself and her skin seemed to irradiate light in the bright area she found herself. "Maybe I'm in limbo?" She questioned herself. She further examined herself only to find she was in what she wore before her assumed death. "Maybe it was all just a dream after all? Maybe I'll just wake up in my bed as I've done so many times. I'll then proceed to forget all about this crazy dream and continue my projects without much concern. Well other than financing that is." She smiled to herself as that last line crossed her mind. Of course her dreams would be influenced by it. It was something that constantly seemed to haunt her lately. It used to be so easy and effortless for her to achieve any funding she required, but falling from favor haunted her. It lingered with her day after day until she broke and no longer had what she needed. "Shame those idiots will regret not helping me once my breakthrough happens." She looked at her hand once more with the same grin on her face. "Now to explore this weird dream?" She half asked herself as she began to float forward. A few minutes of nothing happened as she moved forward through the eternal seeming space of nothing. Then she heard it- A chuckle or was it more a giggle? It sounded quite like children. Aria's head whipped back and forth in a semi-desperate way to locate the source of the sound. After all that kind of laughter left a rather ominous feeling to the air. Once more the laughter was heard. This time she located something- A black shadow among the white backdrop of this place. It stood out quite easily as it also seemingly stood there and looked at her. "H-hello?" Aria asked the shadow, but received no reply. However a white shape formed in the shadow which eventually grew into a large grinning smile. Two beady eyes grew into the two appropriate spots. It was quite an eerie sight when all was said and done. It flickered and as it did it seemed to of disappear and next moment it appeared before her once again. This time however it was only about ten feet away from her. Getting a better look now it appeared that the shadow was only about the size of a child. "Gre--tings." The voice of what seemed to be from the shadow cut out briefly halfway. However the whole scene startled her. After all this- Shadow? Was talking to her. "Hello." She said once more to it. This time however it struck a cord with the creation or maybe it gave it life as it began to solidify and take shape. The shadow that once stood before her was now a small child whom wore clothes that looked to be from the 50's maybe. "Greetings!" The child said. "Where are we?" She couldn't help but ask. After all if this person was a native or had some more info it would be helpful. Even if it were just a dream or an illusion. "Never hurt to know more." She though as she spoke. The child's smile seemed to be reinforced with this question. "Excellent question my dear! I can certainly give you the answer and I shall! We're in your own mind of sorts. An inner space if you will." The child seemingly spoke well beyond what he appeared. "I see and how does one leave here?" She had to ask out of curiosity sake. The reply almost immediate, "I see you would like to leave this place. I don't fault you, no, not in the slightest! After all it's too early for you to be here. Consider yourself lucky that you even seen I. Though there lay another in your consciousness, but alas I can't seem to locate them. Regardless I can send you back. However tread with the lightest of steps." With that and not a chance to get another word in edge wise he snapped his fingers and with a click it was all gone. "Good luck and we'll see each other more later. Do make sure not to be eaten. It'll be quite the shame if you were." The voice of the child managed to reach her as consciousness faded once again. A slight breeze was blowing and the rain that once didn't spare the slightest dot of pavement now had stopped. Wet trash blew down the alley and straight into her face- or it should of. Instead it had passed through her and a momentary confusion flashed on her face. "What the?" She said blankly as she looked at the flying piece of garbage continue on it's way. She then sat up and as she did she heard a noise she had heard before, but it wasn't quite one she had expected. Much less from just sitting up. It was the sound of metal clinking together and as her gaze went towards the noise she couldn't help, but freak out slightly. A long large metal chain seemed to be pouring out of her chest. "Whaaaaaaaat theeeee." She emphasized it this time as shock was hitting her a little hard. She touched the chain with her hand and was greeted with the smooth metal. It was certainly a real chain that's for sure. Her hands then followed up to the base where the chain connected to her an a large plate was there it was a part of her. Just as she was about to pull on the chain to see if it would come off a voice stopped her. It was one she had heard before as well. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." The shinigami said as he sat on top of the nearby pile of rubble. "If you pulled too hard on it you would become like the monster that killed you. That would be quite the shame you know." He cautioned her to not test the chain. "Dammit." Her head briefly hurt as her memories of the recent incident rushed back. "I-I died..." Her thoughts trailed off as she recalled the spear in her stomach and the building collapsing on top of her. Her gaze went to the spot the spear once was and then to the shinigami man on top of the rubble. "Well, at least you're awake now. Shame you died though. You should of just stayed put until the job was done. Though nothing could of been really said about the building collapsing. Better odds though." He said somewhat dismissively as if it weren't that big of a deal. This in turn brought forth a bit of anger in Aria, but she bit her tongue here. "So what now Mr. Shinigami. After all if I'm not mistaken the word shinigami means death god." She half grinned as she stood and dusted herself off non-nonchalantly even though there wasn't really anything on her she still went through the motions. "Well, the best course would of been to of saved your body. However that didn't happen and you're not exactly a normal case you know? Most people- No majority except for the select few are unable to see spirits and even more so hollows as well as shinigami. The fact that you could means your spiritual power as a human grew to a substantial state that allowed you to see what you shouldn't of been able to. In turn however this made you quite the target. In fact I'm surprised you lived this long." He grinned as he rubbed his beard with his left hand. "This keen edge you had in life even though it a curse then is now a boon. However despite the title I'm not evil or anything. Heck if anything I'm here to help." He said reassuring her. She had no choice, but to believe in her death now as nothing seemingly had changed and the situation too real. "Who would of thought my research would probably kill me one die. Even more so in such a pathetic manner." She couldn't help, but trace over the earlier events again. She was woefully under prepared for her death to happen and yet all the warning signs were clear. "As they say hindsight is 20/20." She sighed at this thought. "However he says I now have a boon. Interesting." She grinned slightly at finding the small glimmer of a good in a situation of bad. "Very well, I have some questions if you don't mind." She asked the shinigami before her. "Of course that is to be expected. I can do that much at least." He said in kind as if to reassure her. "Eh-hum." She cleared her throat of an invisible substance. "First and foremost what happened to the hollow?" Curiosity asked, but she knew the answer. "I slayed it." He said with a simple response. "Of course." She nodded in turn. "Next, there seems to be an afterlife. Well, not quite seems, but is. I had a hard time grasping it's actual existence. How does the fact I became spiritually aware and having more spiritual power benefit me now that I'm dead?" She wanted to know at least what benefits or advantages she had now that she had passed and had to deal with this whole after life situation. It would be bad if she didn't use any advantage she had as leverage. "Quite easily elaborated. Well, you see you have spiritual power. This in turn gives you an opportunity most can't have. The chance to become a shinigami." He stated plainly. "A shinigami, huh? I'm not quite sure if fighting those monsters is what I would like to do. More realistically I would rather just continue my research into other subjects." She thought to herself. "Finally, I see that that this is no heaven or the like. Are you to act as a guide or of the sort?" She asked her final question and truthfully she had many more, but sitting around would be a shame. After all the potential of an after life meant many new things to learn. She shook slightly in excitement as the thought crossed her mind. "Of course." He said as he pushed himself off the rubble and seemingly floated down towards her; landing with a gentle step. "Does that mean you're ready then?" He asked her with stern eyes. A grin flashed on her face and with confidence in her voice she said, "Of course. No point in wallowing in what happened. Even if it were just the end of your life." She put a slight mocking tone on towards the end. "Very well. Don't freak out with what I'm about to do!" The next moment he drew his sword and this would make most people freak out, but if he wanted to he could of finished her off while she was unconscious. He then walked up to her and placed the hilt of the sword on to her forehead and the process began. "Good luck. If you decide to become one of us I'm sure we'll meet again." He waved towards her with his free hand as a bright light appeared around her and a sense of peace washing over her. Then it all faded once again to a place of unknown and a place where her new destiny laid. WC:1,948
  25. ChaosKaiz

    Noble House: Kaeru

    Oriru watched as his Sokatsui launched forth upon the Captain, a bit of surprise at his own power observing the potential that Ginga held from him. It quickly became clear that the amount of untapped energy sealed within her was kept from him until he was ready to truly utilize it. The sense of appreciation finally came upon him at this moment and the understanding of combat that he avoided for so long shifted sharply. There was a willingness in him to fight, to challenge the opposition that may come towards him and the determination to discover the full limits of Ginga reached a new level of its own. His focus was brought back to the training when the Captain took note of the tactic Oriru displayed, the use of the Sokatsui to force the Captain to increase the immediate distance between the two followed by the reactive creation of Tozansho to ensure the distance remains at a fixed minimum. "I spent countless hours studying." He responded with a smile preparing for the Captain's next action. The barrier was already formed, and Ginga's essence guided Oriru to understand that the need for defence was key in order to maintain the preservation and the attempt for an offence was just a matter of time. "Fortify." With those words, the black barrier formed from the unique nature of Oriru and Ginga's altered energy signature shifted to a more golden color. More than that, for those with a keen eye, it would appear that the barrier itself had a way to distort reality a few inches around it causing minor ripples in the air that seemed like matter was being consumed to enhance the barrier. This was done just moments after the Captain Commander unleashed his own assault of a Hado and a wave of energy from the Zanpakuto that he was wielding. The Byakurai struck firmly against the barrier but seemed to do little to the actually Bakudo which settled Oriru a little, because he held the concern his own barrier being incapable to stand against a low-level Hado, even it was from a Captain Class Soul Reaper. What Oriru was not prepared for was the third attack that had come from his rear side, but only able to recognize it the moment that it struck his barrier. The initial wave of energy that came in front of him, the black lightning generated by the Captain struck the barrier and it caused a distortion in the barrier which caused it to appear to glitch for a moment as a white flame consumed the weakened barrier almost eating away at it. Suddenly the barrier shattered, leaving Oriru standing there in the open air once more with yet another new orb grew much like the previous adding the Earth orb into the list. Although the fire consumed the barrier and disperse and the electrical energy cackled into nothingness, it appeared that the forces were enough to eat away at Oriru's energy. The lack of connection with Ginga prevented the barrier from protecting him from the force of the barrier itself breaking, something that wouldn't normally happen to a Soul Reaper utilizing Bakudo. "Well, that is inconvenient." Oriru generated a small amount of golden light energy in his left hand before clenching his fist tightly and pointing two fingers at Xarius. As he performed this action, a single stream of golden light wrapped around his fingers and turned a bright white. Lieutenant General Kusho pointed his fingers at the Captain as the white light shifted black instantly before launching forward towards the Captain, the design and pattern of the black energy a clear indication of Bakudo number four, Hainawa. As the black energy launched forward, Oriru prepared a response for the Captain's actions to follow. Whether or not the attempt is successful with the low-level Bakudo, the black energy would change and grow in size before releasing five other strands of black light energy. The moment the Captain makes a move to avoid or decides to take the Bakudo directly, the Hainawa would transition into Bakudo number Sixty-One, Rikujōkōrō. One of Oriru's proudest discoveries was the Evolution Kido Technique. Studying various Kido techniques taught him that many of the higher level Kido are extensions of the lower-level ones, and when used correctly one could shift a technique into another. The most prominent example in his studies was Bakudo Four to Sixty-One because the Energy Manipulation from both are duplicate light generation and as such allow for the transfer from one technique to another. Six planets continued to orbit Oriru at their full size whilst four more remained in marble size in a smaller orbit around him. WC | 785 Stats (Current Natural Stat) (ND: 8,999) Abilities Used / In Effect Combat Details Ending Stats (ND: 8,811) OOC - Allow Oriru to take the remaining damage to his ND, but won't apply the effects of the techniques to Oriru since it applied to his barrier.
  26. ChaosKaiz

    Canvas of the misfortune

    You are redeemed, certainly. You are truly making a mark as a legend for BSE
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