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      Buzzed on coffee and re-writing my CV :) I thought of this site, thought I would pop back on :)

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      wish coffee worked on me lol

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      Welcome back girl :)

  3. Kyouraku Mansion

    The men ate, talked, joked and ate some more as if they have been doing so for years; though truth be told it is only the third or fourth time and only the second time alone. “You flatter me with your high appraisal but I believe I still fall short of that mark. One day I hope,” he says passionately, like a child with a dream. As a man with an outstanding and humble character, Metabee shakes his head, replying an apology is unneeded. Without missing a beat Meta follows up in his usually joking manner, able to bring a smile upon the faces of even the toughest of men. Yoshirou smiles answering with the first thing he could think of, “Its not much of a punishment if you enjoy it.” He laughed a little more as the two men came to an understanding that no one was at fault and there was really much else to say. As the conversation naturally progressed the Advisor gave a little insight to the Noble pertaining the cat ears “situation.” For the frist time Yohsiruo leaned towards Meta and whispers. “I would love to hear more but this is not something we can openly discus hear on grounds…” he says and no sooner do Olivia and Scarlett once again enter from the kitchen. “What are you two whispering about?” Olivia asks curiously? “Is there something wrong with the food?" Scarlett simply stood a little behind her as they waited for a response. “No, of course not we were just having guy talk,” Yoshirou replied who was slightly blushing as they caught him off guard. “The food was excellent as you can see we are almost done!” he says looking at Metabee with a look that says, “Help, and see what I mean.” Once Yoshi would look back he would notice both girls rubbing there ears momentarily. “That’s weird for some reason my ears inched bad for a second,” states Olivia as Scarlett nods in agreement. Yoshirou gulps as he’s on the precipice of being discovered. “Yea we were discussing simply who could spit further,” he response quickly thinking of a way to redirect the situation. “Ewww,” responds the maids simultaneously. Yoshi covertly winks at the Commander, felling that he successfully diverted a near disaster. “I guess that explains why you were whispering,” says Olivia. “I suppose boys will be boys, even men sometimes,” says Scarlett giggling. Seems Metabee really did clear things up with her and it was simply taking her a second to readjust. The pair retires back to the kitchen as they let the two finish eating though they took the plates that were empty and replaced the near empty beverages. As the relieved pair continues to finish the last tad bits of their breakfast they return to the topic on hand. “Phew, after all that I’m certainly glad to hear you’ll be joining us,” Lord Kyoraku says enthusiastically, his heart still racing a little from the incident a moment ago. “Well if you’re going I was just have you carry everything and call it training…” he chuckled as he thought it would be something JDan would say to him. Yoshirou set his utensils and napkin on his empty plate as he had already finished his meal. “I’m sure you know I’m joking. I couldn’t help it though; I felt it was something that the big guy would say to me,” he states referring to JDan of course. Leaning back in his chair and straightening his posture Lord Kyoraku continues. “Its not anything fancy just a small convoy this time with a single carriage and four covered wagons, which of course will be carrying the supplies. And counting us there will only be fifteen people dispersed among the four wagons and single carriage. If I remember correctly this time, it’s a trio of cooks each with an assistant/server. Three others that are tasked with setup and serving as well. And then four others that will distribute sacks of supplies we coined our “Hand–Up Bags.” As we hope there not merely consider handouts but instead a helping hand up when times are hard and rough and you feel like life is beating you till you can no longer stand.” Catching himself, as he was just about to ramble on Yoshi clears his throat. “And then there’s us of course.” He knew he had a bad habit and was known to go on and on a time or two but no more than that of course so he pauses to let Metabee respond as he could have a question or two.
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  5. Kyouraku Mansion

    As Metabee choked on his own demise, Yoshirou curiously and suspiciously looked at him but it wasn't enough to stop him from eating. While he was explaining it was quite hard to see what the Noble was thinking as his expression didn't change much but once he was finished Yoshirou started with a sword joke. The Captain grinned mischieviously,'Well, surely by now she knows that I am a master of the sword so there is no reason to worry. However, sitting in front of me is a grandmaster of the sword, how worried is she about your skills I wonder?' Yoshirou apologised for the intrusion but Metabee shook his head,'Please don't apologise. She was just doing her job that she is so devoted to. The fault lies with me so if I must be punished only she has the right to do so.' He said as he winked at the Noble as the topic then changed to cat girls. Surely, if the maids were in the room they would have been scolded many times by now. Apparently once upon a time the research department had such a scientific goal in mind but it did not come to pass. Metabee was shocked by this. Who in their right mind would deny such a wonderful project? The Captain let out a sigh,'I see no problem with that so why did this not come to pass? With all the women swarming in you could have found a perfect wife with cat ears as a bonus! What else could you want? Perhaps my research department would be willing to continue this venture. For research purposes only I assure you.' It seemed their good humour would never end. They always find something to joke about, even the smallest things. Who would have thought that things would turn out like this? Perhaps the saying that you find true friends in times of need was indeed correct. They continued to eat their breakfast but alas the food would soon finish. Thus, the Noble asked if he had decided on the plan for the day to which he nodded. The decision was easy to make,'I'll come along with you and help out. Is anyone else coming with us?' Surely, the two of them wouldn't be able to carry all the supplies by themselves. Usually, the more the merrier but this time their destination was no laughing matter.
  6. Kyouraku Mansion

    Both men drank from their fresh glass of milk as it pared perfectly with this mornings breakfast. Unlike most produce consumed at the Clan the milk was imported for a simple reason. The Kyoraku Clan did not raise or own many cattle though they had a few but certainly not at the mansion nor any they used to produce milk. As Metabee was washing down the first few bites he sudden chokes on the milk though it was nothing serious, it was simply the result of an unexpected curve ball, throwing him for a minor loop. The Commanders reaction also surprises Yoshirou as it wasn’t what he expected causing him to momentarily raise his left eyebrow as a natural reaction. The smell of the remainder of Yoshi’s breakfast draws his eyes and mouth away from Mete, who quickly began to explain. As he ate and listened he thought it a bit odd that Scarlett was so easily take back by Meta accidentally pointing a sword at her. He thought it over and perhaps she was so startled because of Metabee’s new reputation with a sword the majority of the Clan was talking about after last night. Listening to Metabee though it seems he genuinely did it by mistake and already cleared up the misunderstanding. “Perhaps she was worried about your sleek skills with a sword,” the Noble said jokingly, though had he know which sword the Advisor was talking about perhaps, no certainly he would have chosen different words. Becoming slightly more serious he apologizes for the intrusion while he slept, stating that if anything it was there fault, which led to the incident. “I’m sure she thought you were already up as she’s certainly not one to make mistakes often if ever, besides security manage to do it to you first” he stated leaving the topic there unless further touched on by Meta. Upon hearing the last comment about the only missing thing Yoshirou couldn’t help but laugh. “The last time the research department proposed such an experiment the Kyoraku almost became an all female Clan,” he responded insinuating a gender war, as he laughed a little more; though he was obviously joking. As unfortunate as it was after a few more bites their delicious breakfast would soon becoming to an end. “So have you decided on your plans for the day? Remember there is no pressure in coming this time. There will always be another opportunity for you to come along,” Lord Kyoraku states then proceeds to take those last few remaining bites.
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  9. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee nodded to Yoshirou's answer to his comment. It was a given. They both still had a lot of good times ahead waiting for them. Both of them had high hopes for the future and hopefully they could achieve everything they want. After the Captain said that he couldn't take the seeds the Noble laughed and insisted that he accept them and that the Kyoraku could be depended on. He smiled,'If you insist then it seems I have no other choice but to accept it then. Thank you.' At first he felt a bit bad but if Yoshirou said it was fine then it was fine. He wouldn't be using this against him anyway. Once the breakfast has arrived both men didn't hesitate and started to dig in to their food. It would be such a waste to let it go cold after all. Yoshirou also agreed that the food was great and they continued to eat in silence. After having a few bites of everything, his stomach calmed down and rejoiced at the goodies it was receiving. He didn't want to eat too fast either because it would be a shame if it disappeared too quickly. Such moments have to be enjoyed at a slower pace. The Noble then reached out for some milk and also offered him some so Metabee nodded and thanked him. While he was drinking Yoshirou asked what he thought of the maids Scarlett and Olivia who were both who are always at the top of their job but Scarlett seemed to be a bit out of character. Olivia was the maid that asked them what they wanted to for breakfast which means that Scarlett was the other maid... Both of them were brunettes though Olivia had black hair while Scarlett had brown hair so it was impossible to confuse them. This made Metabee choke on the milk and started coughing. Mission compromised. Prepare for tactical retreat. The Captain punched his chest a few times to get rid of the cough,'Okay, I yield! I yield! It's because of me. In the morning when I was still sleeping a maid came to take the empty bottle and cups. So upon hearing footsteps, the half asleep and a bit drunk me had his instincts kick in and ended up pointing a sword at Scarlett. I totally scared her but we cleared up the misunderstanding and talked a bit while I was waiting for you. I gave her a small gift to make up for it and just because I felt like it. She seemed happy so I think all is good. Going back to the question... I think they are both great and very hard working. The only thing they are missing are cat ears.' They were his staff so of course he would notice any small changes but that was good as it showed close bonds. This time he peacefully drank his milk and continued to eat. It wasn't like he comitted a crime and it wasn't a big deal either so it could count as their small talk. He was curious as to what the Noble had to say about this though since it was quite a funny situation.
  10. Kingdom Hearts

    I'm a bit annoyed by the current 101 Dalmatins event... I'm having 34 different ones, but can't even combine one of them and my Storage is full all the time T.T
  11. Kyouraku Mansion

    The Kido Commander reassured Yoshirou that he still had a lot of years a head of him. “Lets hope there good ones too,” he replies letting the conversation continue in its natural flow. Metabee continue to show how good natured and trustworthy he really was by rejecting the idea of stealing a part of the Clan’s income. “Haha, Haha, always the good soul. Relax a little, I meant noting by my statement and I insist you accept the seeds as well. And not just that but I hope you know by now that Kyoraku always takes care of its own. So never hesitate to ask, especially if it’s to help out your Corps. your comrades,” says Yoshirou. It went without saying that Meta could depend on Yoshirou especially now being his Advisor as he would surely do the same. There weren’t many peopel that would treat Yoshi as his equally and not superior but the Commander was one of them and the feeling was quite refreshing. After stating that the two should eat first while there long awaited breakfast was still hot, the pair dug in. While Metabee started off with the eggs and waffle, Yoshirou couldn’t help but dig into the savor bacon first before touching anything else on his plate. “I’m glad it didn’t disappoint,” he said reaching for the syrup before digging in to the fluffy, golden pancakes. “I have to agree it was well worth the wait.” For a brief moment both men were in silent as the gorged on there fresh breakfast. Neither one of them were being rude, simply their silentness was paying compliments to the chef. Taking a breather from his food Yoshi pours himself a glass of milk that was brought out with breakfast, offering Meta some while doing so. After washing down his food with a quick sip he finally inquires about Scarlet’s weird behavior in an indirect way. “So what do you think of Scarlet and Olivia? They surely care for their jobs and are always on there “A” game though Scarlet has been acting slightly out of character.” She was normally always the shy type but today she seemed a little more than normal especially with here cheeks turning slightly red which only made her cuter than she already was. Perhaps she smitten after Metabee’s performance yesterday like so many others?
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

  13. Happy Holidays, peeps! <3

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      Raaasssshhhh!!!! Merry Christmas! <3 :3

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      Happy Holidays Rash.

  14. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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      Lol, now because I'm not going to be around bse when Christmas time comes. So it's early holiday wishes for you guys from me xD

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      Merry Christmas! ^.^

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      Have a Merry Christmas!

  15. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee watched as Yoshirou's face went from happiness to that of a dog which popped the balloon it was holding, quite a funny scene, but he quickly said that with age comes wisdom. The Captain nodded,'That is true, I'll let you have that. Don't worry you still have a lot of years ahead of you.' He comforted him not to make him feel bad and the two were smiling again. The conversation the moved onto the fruit that they were eating and sending his barracks a gift. Yoshirou said that he wouldn't mind but unfortunately it looked like it wasn't Timmy's time yet,'Hmm, well then I wouldn't want to steal a source of your income so just the fruits will be fine. We have a lot to do before we can grow anything anyway. We'll probably have to find our own suppliers too when that time comes.' Before his question of today's plans was answered their two saviors arrived with the food. The smell made both of their stomachs growl which may have been a bit embarassing but to the maids it must have seemed like they were two kids opening their Christmas presents. He thanked Scarlett as she put down the plate before him and she only smiled but it still seemed that she was quite tense. Metabee wondered if perhaps she was naturally shy or if it was because of him and if that was the case what he should do about it. Spend more time with her so she gets used to him or avoid her to prevent these kinds of situations? The Captain didn't want her to make mistakes and get into trouble because of him. The two maids bowed and then left returning their attention to the food before them. The Noble answered his question about today's plan saying that it wouldn't be nice to leave JDan out as they would be training partners when Metabee is not around. He smiled and nodded as they came to the same conclusions,'I feel the same.' Another option that was presented was to go with Yoshirou and deliver necessities to struggling Rukongai districts. It definitely made Metabee see Yoshi in a better light but before he answered a better decision was made to just simply dig in to the food before them, one he could happily go with. The Noble said that this would also be the last time they eat in private as he took his advice from the previous day. The Captain chuckled,'Should be fun. All my fans are going to be there!' It would certainly make a lot of members happy just to spend a short while with them. Hopefully, this was a step in the right direction. After all, he couldn't see any downsides to this. Since the decision had been made, he equipped himself with the knife and fork and started off with the scrambled egg and then moved on to the waffle before having a taste of the bacon. Each bite was a taste of heaven in his mouth. Sayuri's cooking was good too but this was like a Michelin star restaurant level. If he was asked who's cooking he preferred it would definitely be a hard choice and he hoped he wouldn't have to make such a choice. He ate the meal with a smile,'This was definitely worth the wait!'
  16. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou smiles as the Kido Commander laughed at his restroom comment, but that smile quickly turns upside down as Meta then teases him. It is true that he is older than Metabee but as far as a Shinigami’s lifespan goes he was still well within his prime. “Hey now, with age comes wisdom, or at least that’s what I like to tell myself,” Yoshirou quickly retorted, smiling once again as the conversation progressed. Just as Yoshi had suspected the Advisor too enjoyed the fruit stating that they were really good. He even accepted his offer to deliver some to his barracks and just like something Meta would do, asked for a raccoon to be included. With a grin Yoshirou stated, “Delivering the fruit’s not a problem. I wouldn’t even mind giving you the seeds although it is a source of income for us, but… But I cannot give you the raccoon. That my friend is our ace gardener and as you can taste works wonders in the green house.” As Metabee asked about the plans for the day both Olivia and Scarlet entered each carrying a tray which aroma immediately filled the room. The savory smell of eggs and bacon were hard to resist. In fact Yoshirou’s stomach failed him a second time, as it growled yet again. “Hmm hmm, my stomach is making it obvious that I’m starving but I think even a full person would find that smell hard to resist,” he says as the food yet again took his full attention. “Breakfast is served,” Olivia, announced as she and Scarlett entered the dining area carrying the two lords’ breakfast. While it is true Metabee wasn’t technically a noble his status as Kido Commander and Clan Advisor elevated well above any status most could ever dream of. Thus as far as she was concerned the title of lord wasn’t an exaggeration but befitting. Olivia delivered Yoshirou’s while Scarlett took the Commander’s. “Please let us know if there is anything else we can get you.” Again it was Olivia who spoke while Scarlet remained silent though this time she managed a smile before they both bowed and took there leave. “How peculiar,” Yoshirou wanted to say but the steaming hot plate of food took precedence. Besides Meta had previously asked him a question and he has yet to answer; to delay any further would be rude no matter how starving he was. “Well I had planed on continuing our development training but perhaps we should wait, at least till JDan can rejoin us. I would hate to exclude him now especially after how much potential he showed. He may even end up being my teacher when you’re not around,” he chuckled. The idea for the technique may have been all Yoshirou’s but JDan was quickly out shinning him. Yoshi sips from his glass and refills it. “If your up for it we could always just go with my original plans I had for today before you delightly surprised us but if you have something you would like to take care of since the training is but on hold for now, by all means go ahead.” Taking a moment to explain his plans Yoshirou informed Metabee that his original schedule for today was to deliver supplies to aid one of the struggling Rukon districts. It consisted of food, clean, water, small blankets and minor first aid like rubbing alcohol and bandages. It was something that the Kyoraku Clan regularly did ever since he took up the mantle has Head, although he didn’t always have the time to go himself. The districts were always chosen at random but one thing remained the same even considered on Shinigami terms and that was they were all rough areas. “Think about it, but first eat while its still hot and fresh,” Yoshirou said after a quick review of the previous schedule. “Besides this will be your last meal in here unless is something a little more formal. From here on out we’ll eat with the rest of the Clan.” Informing Metabee that he was listening and would take his advice.
  17. Menos Grand

    Hey When I try and fight the Menos Grand it just says there is not a hollow of that type. Thanks
  18. Kingdom Hearts

    Yess!!!! And I'm sure the other party members will actually heal Sora.... *glares at Donald*
  19. Kingdom Hearts

    Yes!! Now we don't have to annoying switch party members when we aren't in battle and pull of more shenanigans than ever!!
  20. Kingdom Hearts

    And the 5 member party!!!! Graphics are love, worlds are love, story is love... <3 <3 <3
  21. Kingdom Hearts

    So excited for the third game finally coming out! Just seeing the Toy Story world has me pumped enough. XD
  22. Squad 11 Raids

  23. Kingdom Hearts

    No contest! xD
  24. Squad 11 Raids

    Sosuke Aizen did 1.0E+63 damage. The group of hollow have -1.0E+63 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Sosuke Aizen has 1.825E+64 left. Congratulations, your group defeated the Hollows! Well done everyone. We completely obliterated them and had 100% team survival. Now the only thing to work a bit on is team effort.
  25. Kingdom Hearts

    It reminds me a bit of World of Final Fantasy. Only thing is, FFUX can get pretty expensive. XD But I like the idea and the story of it. Would be a great PS-Game indeed.
  26. Kingdom Hearts

    Unchained for the win! While it would be great to have it on playstation, it's still so wonderfu ;u;
  27. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Raise your glass - P!nk
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