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    I'll have a look.
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    Names bugged for the fight, just says "There is not a Hollow of that name." if selected.
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  6. Karakura Town Travel Issue.

    Caught up with that and fixed the problem.. also people should be seeing some stamina regen.. i dunno why it wasn't working to begin with
  7. For those wondering about the RPG here's the link http://bserpg.x10.mx/

  8. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee smiled as Yoshirou joined him at the table and listened to his status report and chuckled at the last bit,'It's only the beginning, my friend.' The Noble flexed his biceps to show his power and glory but alas his stomach had a different say on the matter. An empty stomach had to be filled. They both stated their choices and Olivia left on a quest to announce to the chef of the meals that would satisfy their hunger. As previously mentioned, they would be receiving a fruit tray which was carried by a familiar face. It was her job after all. She came in, set down the tray and left, all without saying a single word. At times, the maids here tended to do that so he decided to pay it no attention and instead listened to the Noble speak to him. It seemed that rumours spread quickly around here. JDan did indeed leave his room as if he had one hell of a rollercoaster ride but all Metabee could do was chuckle and scratch his head,'Well...there's two sides to that coin. He could still use some training in that particular field but at the same time there is no need to train that skill. We had fun but don't worry we left all the spicy gossip for when all three of us are together again.' The two couldn't help but make a bit of fun about their fallen brother. Fortunately, his sacrifice was not in vain as his and Metabee's bond strengthened. Now it was his turn to give his status report,'Honestly, I had a bit of a hard time falling asleep. Funnily enough, alcohol makes it harder for me to fall asleep but once I do I sleep like a log. The bed helped with that too so I had a good night's sleep...or maybe early morning's...' The Captain decided to omit the fact that he pointed his vile weapon at one of the maids. It was a bit embarrassing but also a bad habit of being a bit too cautious at times. Surely, the Noble would ask if he was curious enough since he knew best how his Clan members behaved so he would be able to tell something was up. Just like Yoshirou, Metabee reached out for the fruit and had a small amount of everything since they were all fruits he liked. Even if they were simple fruits, he could easily tell the difference in their sweetness and that of normal fruits you get from a store.
  9. Karakura Town Travel Issue.

    Hey i recently created an account. Using tthe link below from Shiba. I use firefox. When ever I try to travel to Karakura district 1, 2 or 3 i get this error message. Sorry, not logged in please Login. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_close() in /home/bleachrp/public_html/travel.php:176 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/bleachrp/public_html/travel.php on line 176
  10. It was a chilly autumn morning when Angel had begun her walk among the Rukongai districts in hope of finding something to satiate her boredom. Things had been at peace in her life for quite some time now and it was starting to test her nerves. She had spent her whole life training and fighting as a warrior for the soul society but ever since she had left her position as the previous captain of squad 2 to settle down into a more comfortable life, something had been gnawing at the back of her mind: What comes next? She had begun to ask this question to herself on a daily basis now and the lack of an answer was driving her crazy to say the least. Leaving the district she had been roaming aimlessly she found herself back on the hill overlooking it where she once did her training in peace, though had left it barren for some time now, neglecting her own training and practicing in the hopes that it was no longer needed and the constant distractions of day to day life. She sat down at the top of the hill with her legs crossed and laying her two zanpakuto in an X shape on her lap as she closed her eyes. I apologize yet again my dear friends for neglecting your need to breath. Perhaps we can join hands yet again and stretch our stiff bones one more time? She said with a slight smile planted on her face, speaking to the spirits that dwelled within her swords and herself. At first she could hear nothing but the quiet calmness of her own mind until a jolt of spirit energy snapped her out of her trance. She chuckled under her breath and took both of her swords in her hands. Just what I wanted to hear. She stood up slowly as she let out a soft sigh, her breath becoming visible as her spirit energy began to drop the temperature in the nearby area drastically. She unsheathed both of her zanpakuto at once and held them together before sliding one foot back across the grass, moving her other foot forward as she kept her swords in front, channeling her energy through them. Banish them to a watery grave and burn upon the golden light Kouryu and Houou. She called out as the air around her became a vortex of snow. Her swords combined together as they melted into a swirling mass of water and heat. Finally the water took the shape of a scimitar, freezing into a blue sword caked in lines of golden energy. Once her shikai had formed she lowered her sword and relaxed her spirit energy, hoping it hadn't gathered the attention of any innocent by standards. Now let us see just how rusty you are my friend.
  11. So surprisingly college and working full time has not killed me yet. Back looking for some fun and to talk to old friends!

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      The Ghostly One

      Yamaaaaaa!!!! So glad to see you back and alive! ;u;

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      Mr. Clean

      To me the most deadly things are the ones that take their time and fester in you. Now does this mean you should quit your college or your job?(totally yes) Well I think for one thing that too many sidewalks and alleys are being filled up and we could do with less people on the street.

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      Rash ラシュ

      Can we do like a worldwide Battle Royale... I think we can do away with most of these kids coming up these days.... Just an idea.

  12. Guess who is back (again)

    Well i finnaly remembered my name and pass, so just wondering if there are still people around who remember me
  13. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou greeted the Advisor and accepted his cup of tea from Olivia and immediately takes a sip. In return Metabee reciprocated likewise and asked how he was doing after yesterday. “I’m holding up well. Luckily the most intense part of our training yesterday was done in the VTS so my body feels great, though I was a little more mentally exhausted than normal since we also started on the new technique. Thanks to that and the little Saki I had I can confidently say I slept like a baby,” he says with a short giggle. Yoshirou then raises both arms and flexes his small but rock like biceps, “Now I’m completely rejuvenated…” but before he could finish he is rudely interrupted by his stomach growling; what inopportune timing. “All but my appetite I should say,” Yoshi adds as Olivia takes this queue to announce today’s menu for breakfast. After stating the menu and receiving their orders Olivia headed immediately to the kitchen so that her hungry seniors' appetite won't be what causes there demise. Passing right by her another maid brought out a medium size tray of fruits, which consisted of thinly sliced apples and oranges along with a vine of grapes and a couple of bananas. The fruit tray look absolutely delicious but something else still stole his attention. Scarlett, the maid that was carrying the tray, appeared to be blushing and if it wasn’t just in Yoshirou’s imagination she seemed to have a hard time looking Metabee in the eye. “Did something happen between them? No it couldn’t be. You can’t tell me Meta works that fast. It hadn’t even been twenty-four hours since he’s been here. That would be legendary pimp status, “ he thinks to himself. He would ask about it but was certain it was nothing so he would save it for towards the end. After finally reaching the table, which to Scarlett felt as if it took an eternity, she places the fruit tray in-between the two gentlemen. Immediately she takes her leave without saying a word, which was highly usual of her. While she was never one to carry on needless conversations, she was very catering and took her job seriously. On a normal day she would certainly have spoken out and ask if they were ok or needed anything else while they waited? Yoshirou pushes the matter of Scarlett to the back of his mind for now and reluctantly takes his attention off the food, turning it to Kido Commander. “ Humm, that was strange... But anyhow, the other guards tell me you really did a number on JDan last night. It’s cute how he over did it on your accord. I think he’s taking a good liking to you... So how are you managing this morning?” he asks though he can immediately tell he’s doing leagues better than JDan. While Meta responds; Yoshi grabs a little of each of the fruits, though not enough to fill up on. He was really looking forward to today’s breakfast.
  14. The Unstoppable Force

    As Monk blade connects the with demon, he hear it particularly begging for death as if it was what It wanted. But Monk was happy with the end result as he felt the splatter of blood hit the sand, staining it red and a thump beside him. Once the sand clears even Monk is surprised by his own feat. The demon lay near by. Cleaved in two and a dark sinister grin appears on Monks face as everything becomes clear. "So you finally know who I am" the mysterious arrancar says placing a hand on Monks blood drenched zanpakuto. Monk did not answer. It would have been foolish. To answer himself. He'd lost that kill instinct. Why wasn't that clear, had he pulled it in all those years ago in order to not hurt the ones he called allies. Monk shakes with excitement, power, blood lust. What a fool he'd been. He'd held himself back for too long, had he remained under his own ruling he could be even greater than what he was now. It was very much like the demon was saying. Monk was becoming a masterpiece. Monk cackled a moment along with the demon. "Perhaps I should thank you. You have been the final piece of the puzzle. Yes, yes I WAS a fool. But now." Monk chuckles. "Now....." possibilities run though Monk mind. The eradication of all his enemies. Immortality. All of it well within his grasp. "I'll allow you to live your final moment in piece. At least I have the confidence I won't be seeing you again" Monk says turning his back on the demon, who was now choking on his own blood. Music, to Monks ears. As Monk walked. He received what he was after. Along with something he would prefer not to come true. The demons name was Sama'el and apparently he would see him again. But Monk doubted it in that state and the name of the shinigami. Yoshirou Kyoraku. A name of a fitting opponent. Monk thought, now blocking out the random drivel of a demon. Spouting on about how he would cast the way. No monk knew how to get the attention of shinigami. Monk reaches into thin air and tears it in to. Pulling a garaganta into existence. The human world. Yes Monk would most certainly kill to his hearts content. What better way to store up some spiritual pressure. After all humans are such easy pray. Monk walks into the open mouth of the garaganta dragging his bloodied zanpakuto behind him. Leaving a bloodied trail behind him.
  15. The RPG Lives Again

    short and long of that answer.. is yes.
  16. Kyouraku Mansion

    Once Metabee was served, the maids asked him if he needed anything else but he polietely declined. He didn't like the idea of them jumping at his every whim and either way he decided to wait for Yoshirou. Furthermore, the more things they offered the more hungry he got. Satisfied with her duty one of the maids left but one of them stayed behind. For company perhaps? Sure, he didn't mind but since the events of the morning things between them were a bit awkward. Just the day before Metabee complained when he got swords pointed at his face but today he had done the very same thing and to an innocent person no less! It was like he was a hypocrite with no shame. She was the first to break the silence,'How do you do it?' He was confused by the question,'Hmm? Do what?' She started fidgeting a bit,'The thing with the swords! This morning and yesterday when you fought Lord Yoshirou. How do you do it?' Metabee chuckled,'Oh, that.' It really was an interesting ability to those who fought him and probably even more so that were normal people like her,'It's thanks to my Zanpakuto. I can mold spirit particles and energy to give them a physical shape. Of course, anything I make is a fake but it's made in a way that imitates how the real thing is meant to be.' The maid seemed amazed by it,'Wow! Can you only make swords?' She really was a curious person but he didn't mind that. It helped him to fit in more,'No, not only but swords is what I'm best at.' The Captain put his hands together and a dim purple glow escaped through the gaps. When he opened his hands there was an origami bird. The maid clapped excitedly at the magic trick before her,'Here. You can keep it.' She was surprised and blushed but decided to take it,'Thank you.' However, she then looked at the watch on her wrist,'I...um should go. I have work to do.' He nodded and the maid left him alone in the big room. Metabee smiled and took a sip of tea,'There's an idea. Maybe I'll become a magician someday!' A minute or so later the master of the house walked through the doors and greeted him as he sat opposite to him,'Morning. You haven't I thought I would be late actually. How are you holding up after yesterday?' JDan fought bravely but it looked like his battle wounds put him out of comission for a while. The maid that left first quickly came out and served Yoshirou a cup of tea. He thanked Olivia making her blush and then the big question of what was for breakfast came. Metabee listened while his stomach enjoyed every sound that was heard. The Noble let him choose first so he quickly made his decision,'I'll have Belgian waffles with scrambled eggs and bacon please.'
  17. The RPG Lives Again

    So does this means there maybe a reset occuring at some point in the near mid or far future?
  18. Just in case anyone missed the announcement, the RPG is back up and running. More can be found here in the thread Isshin made.

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  19. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou passes through the garden as he makes his way back to the main house. It was still early but he managed to complete his morning rounds already. This was largely in part to do with the wonderful staff and well trained clansmen, which was not only reassuring to him but it also made his duties that much easier. Although the majority of the clan is composed of newer members they all seemed to have integrated quite nicely. This was all around great news as it meant those he left in charge of the recruiting had succeeded in their jobs. A loud growling noise interrupts Yoshirou’s thoughts; the culprit was none other than his own empty stomach. “I guess my first stop will be to the dining room. With any luck Metabee might have made his way down by now. If not I will check on him after a proper breakfast,” he thinks to himself as he enters the mansion through the main entrance. “Good morning Lord Kyoraku,” says Harold as he momentarily bows. “Good morning to you as well Harold, but don’t mind me I’m simply on my way to the dining hall,” replies Yoshirou. Just as Yoshi was about to proceed on his way Harold continues to speak, stopping him in his tracks. “Ah yes my Lord and just as a courtesy, Advisor Metabee is waiting on you there.” “You have my thanks Harold,” says Yoshirou as the two go about there separate ways. As he went on his way he couldn’t help but think things turned out just that way he asked for. Although it was later in the morning Yoshirou would still feel slightly guilty if he ate without the Meta. Now he could eat freely without such thoughts, which brought a smile to his face. Entering the dining room Yoshirou spots Metabee already seated and sipping on some tea. “Good morning Meta I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long,” he says as he approaches the table and sits across from him. Just as he does one of the maids enters from the kitchen bring him his cup of hot tea. Every morning while he waited for breakfast he would always have a cup of hot tea so for the maids on staff in the morning this was simply routine. “Ah thanks Olivia, you’re as prompt as always.” Olivia blushes but quickly responds, “You are too kind. Your praise is much appreciated but is certainly unneeded.” She was a very beautiful and very innocent women and surprisingly the shy type, even around her fellow brethren. “Very well, then what’s on the menu this morning?” Yoshirou asked as he assumed Metabee hadn’t ate yet either. “This mornings carb will be your choice of buttermilk pancakes or Belgian waffles. Next will be eggs that are either fried or scrambled, paired with Canadian bacon. And finally will be a fruit tray that is served while you wait on your meal,” Olivia happily answers. Yoshirou looks at Metabee “Go ahead my friend you first.” Although Yoshi knew exactly what he wanted he allowed Meta to go first. Even though he wasn’t technically a guest, it was still his first breakfast here. As for Yoshi when it was his turn he would get a stack of the pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. Today’s breakfast was his favorite and besides the pancakes the rest he would always order the same.
  20. The Unstoppable Force

    The two creatures continued to stroll the deserts of Hueco Mundo, each a devil in their own right. Though it wasn’t always that way, once upon a time one of them could have been called a hero or rescuer but that time has long pasted; traded in for this psychotic Arrancar. Sama’el continued to poke at Monk, pushing his buttons fueling his anger and desire to kill. Although it remained hidden, Sama’el couldn’t help but grin wryly as Monk threaten that his sanity should never be questioned again. To literally threaten a “Demon” to his face could only mean one’s higher thinking was sadly failing them, right? Either that or they blatantly didn’t give a crap, which only made Monk an even better choice in Sama’el’s eyes. The lies continued to pour from Sama’el’s mouth until he stopped just before revealing a name. It would seem Monk was diligently following along becoming more and more enticed by the story as the sudden silence and lack of a name was too much to bare as it sends him into a rage. “YES TAKE MY LIFE AND EMBRACE YOUR NEW PATH WITH EYES WIDE OPEN,” screams Sama’el, as Monks enters a momentary berserk like state. The ferocity behind the attacks immediately displaces an enormous amount of sand, masking the entire surroundings. The cloud of sand was so thick that if a human inhaled one breath of it they would suffocate almost instantly . With such power the large cloud of debris rapidly increased in size until finally Monk’s fury subsides and he halts his attack… An evil laugh breaks the ominous silence, in a pitch so evil that it could only come from a prisoner, no, resident of hell. Simultaneously a powerful gust of wind sweeps across the area causing the occurrence, or coincidence to feel all the more supernatural. Only one demon remained standing with his Zanpakuto dripping in blood, while the laughter emanated from the devil, lying on the ground, soaking in his own pool of blood; bisected cleanly in two separate pieces. As the laughter vanishes and the dirt settles the same voice cries out with blood oozing from his mask and body. “Marvelous you are simply marvelous. What a masterpiece you will create. I hope this helps prove that I’m not a mere apparition nor simply a concoction from your mind.” The voice spoke with no concern of his own emanate death, which Monk saw too, though it was all within expectations. How long has it been since Sama’el had felt the unique euphoria of death, intentionally or not. Warm blood that quickly seeps from one’s body, giving way to a cold that steadily creeps in; like a long winter hunkering down for the next eternity. It was a feeling that no matter how many times one felt you could never truly get use too. “Once again my name is Sama’el. Burn it into the back of your mind, along with another, for you will be seeing me again; as for the Shinigami’s name you seek it is Yoshirou Kyoraku! I will go and set the way for you, until then KILL TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT.” replies Sama’el as his consciousness slips away into darkness.
  21. Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Spending 1 fate point for the one time boost of 5k
  22. The RPG Lives Again

    So some news for everyone.. The RPG is back up, sort of. I've got it back to where it was before it went offline because of the changes to PHP. I'll be working in the background doing some things, and hoping to make the transition easier for everyone. There may be some links that point in the wrong place. Because in the end i've split the RPG and Forum onto 2 different servers. You wont yet see the updates that are planned, but they're coming, if you've got an itch for some F5 mashing then by all means here's the link. http://bserpg.x10.mx/
  23. The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    As yamashiro watched as two of his arrows missed there mark he could sense a familiar discharge of energy which would let him know that the human had gone into another one of his weird transformation but as to what it look like he was not fully sure as the human was still hiding inside smoke. Luckily two of his arrows was able to hit there mark as he wanted, one hit his thigh which would begain to slow him down while the other one hit the back of his calf which in again was gonna make it harder to move, unfortunately the soul reaper was smart enough to turn and attack just as he had so he was not gonna be able to dodge, but luckily he did have enough time to block his attack by bringing up his left arm which was able to absorb all the damage tho it was now broken from the attack which made his left arm useless. There was no fun a game if a person can't fight at there fullest so it was about time that he went back home, the kick was so strong that again he was sent flying away but yamashiro was smart enough to attack just as the enemy attack hit, chewing up some webbing yamashiro shot a string of his webbing out from his mouth then bit it off as he was sent flying. If the string hit any part of him the string will suddenly spread out like a spider Webb net trapping him, yamashiro got sent flying past the smoke where the human was which allowed him to see him but more like a blur so he also shot a string towards the human also as he flew past him. Just as the human did yamashiro landed into a car but unlike his crash his car suddenly blew up, yamashiro stood up tho it was weakly he knew that he would not last much longer in this fight so he needed to high tail it back to hueco mundo, to making a gargonta behind him yamashiro walked into the large black void as the door way began to close he made some last minute remarks. " soul reaper, human I bid you all a good by, but this shall not be the last you hear of me." WC: 392 Twc: 923 Stats Ability used Ooc: attempting to leave thread.
  24. The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    Just before the impact of his own attack against the Arachnid as he would see in the distance what could only be understood as the Human flying through the air after being struck by the Cero. There was a concern, even a hope, that the human would survive the attack but at the same time, he would hold the desire that the impact was enough to knock the man unconscious and allow Regashi to deal with the Hollow without interference. The hollow was able to avoid the initial punch that was being delivered by stepping back, the extension of the Zanpakuto would reach out and deliver a massive strike against the body of the large Arachnid. The force of the attack was savage as it would crush into the Hollow and send him flying into a building in the distance. "This is..." Regashi had a strained look on his face as he lifted himself up after the punch attempting to catch his breath. "Harder than I thought..." He would look towards the building that he sent the hollow into but could not see beyond the debris and dust that had formed, "Good. Allow the Darkness to consume you." Regashi would hear the words echoing within his head while adjusting his posture. "You must balance your mind..." Slowly, Regashi would start to lower his posture and allow his focus to enter the field of his Eight Trigram Realm of Divinity. His single eye would be focused on the building attempting to see if the creature was going to move. His chains, heavy, dangling upon his arms and other parts of his body feeling as if he was being weighed down. With little time left, he would take note of the quick movement of the hollow that would circle around him. It fast, almost too fast, but Regashi was able to maintain a visual on him. Though he would notice two strange objects flying at him he considered his options and realized that he was limited on decisions and limited on reserves to maintain this power. So quickly Regashi would turn on his right foot in order to completely face the Hollow and step forward with the momentum to deliver a jumping roundhouse kick towards the left side of the creature. Unsure of how the Hollow would react he would feel one of the two attacks pierce into his right leg stabbing his thigh from the second set of arrows. Another solid attack, one he could not ignore this time, as the pain would sting his leg but the attack was already sent. As his kick ould go through, so would the shadow trailing behind again as another attack would cut his right calf of the first set of arrows from the building. "Revel in the pain." ------------------------- WC | 563 Battle Information Stats Stamina | 41 -> 37 -> 29 Speed | 42 -> 38 -> 30 Perception | 42 -> 38 -> 30 Strength & Reiryoku | 60 -> 56 Reiryoku Speed | 50 Abilities Used / In Effect Kajiya (鍛冶屋, lit. "Blacksmith" or "Metallurgy") - Shikai Feature Tenkai (展開, lit. "Expansion") - Kakuchō (拡張, lit. "Extension")
  25. The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    Battle. It was the one thing that he always had on his mind, was battling just a way for him to kill, or was battling a way for him to have fun. Those thoughts always came to his mind when ever he would face a opponent in battle, but it would seem he was being faced with both of those choices today as he faced off against two very strong beings. Even tho he had his eyes on the soul reaper he could tell that his cero was able to hit the human tho unfortunately it was not enough to kill the little fly but it was enough to push him back, the sound of body hitting metal could be heard a good ways away so with the human down he thought he could focus on the shinigami heading his way. While his projectile's was flying towards the soul reaper yamashiro watched as he called out a name as he unsheathed his short sword from behind his back, his sword then broke into six pieces as each piece attached its self onto the soul reaper. Two of the pieces went on to his wrist,two attached to his angles, one to the base of his neck and lastly to his tail bone, from there they turned into chains that followed behind him. Luckily all his attacks that he had sent fly at the shinigami managed to hit its mark, two of them made it in to strike his chest but cause of the chest plate it was stopped, one was able to go down going into his abdomen and out his right side while the last one was able to graze him on his cheek. Yamashiro knew he was not going to be able to dodge this but he would lessen the damage by moving back, as he did he was able to barely get out of the way except the tip of his chain made a small slice, the only thing he was not able to dodge was some attack that came after the physical attack that hit his ribs and sent him flying back into a building. He could tell that he had a broken rib and about three that was cracked, he could not tell how long it had been since he has had this much fun but if he did not wish to get killed then he would need to up the game difficulty a little so while he was inside the dark building he could see out but he was doubtful any one could see in. So pulling back two arrows he fired them simultaneously as one was aimed for the soul reaper's leg, the second one was aimed for the same area that his claw was able to penetrate, as soon as the arrows lift the tips of his fingers he used sonido to appear 10 feet behind the shinigami with two more arrows already pulled back, the third and forth arrows was also shot simultaneously as the third one was aimed for the inside of the back of his knee while the forth one was aimed for the center of his back. WC: 531 Stats Ability used.
  26. The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    Such fun this was. So much information was being recorded. Studying all of the ongoings of the battle in vivid detail. It was simply mesmerizing. As Kuroto sped towards the hollow, he manages to see something out of the corner of his eye. A blur, if only faint, of the Death God going through a bit of a transformation. It wasn’t major by any means but enough to make Kuroto briefly question if the Shinigami was finally getting serious. As expected, his empowered kick missed its target, creating a large crater upon impact. The thick cloud of dust made it impossible for either party to see, leading Kuroto to briefly lose track of his intended prey. However, beings such as the hollow had a propensity for sneak attacks which Kuroto prepared for. The wings upon his back quickly expanded outward, forming a makeshift shield for the attack which did indeed strike him in the back. The force of the attack was enough to knock him a good distance away, his body crashing into a car a short distance away. Although his suit managed to mitigate a good portion of the damage, it was still enough to cause a noticeable sting. That’d be a bruise in the morning for sure. Kuroto rises out of the dent in an almost zombie-like fashion and turns to face the battle going on in front of him. The Death God’s energy signature had changed, something primal about that change he briefly managed to see him undergo. It was time to play to his real strengths, bide his time and strike when the moment was perfect. With a chuckle, Kuroto summons one more card as he slips deeper into the dust. “Kamen Ride:” the driver announced, the final portion being drowned out by the fierce battle. Kuroto’s form changes once again as he clutches his weapon in hand, lying in wait. WC: 316
  27. The demon of hueco mundo arrives to karakura.

    "Just let me play." Regashi would watch as the human would be forced to fall down the hole which would be enough to remove him from the battle, even if temporarily, as his Hado would fly towards the Arachnid with tremendous force from a low-level spell. There was a rush from engaging in a battle, but more so would be the fact that Regashi had been a part of pointless sparring matches in order to test his skills over and over. This would be the first time that he was in the middle of a real combat situation and the problem was that his basic Shikai was doing nothing against direct confrontation. Perhaps if the human was not around, or even would have decided to work with the Soul Reaper, but in this case, there would be no such luxury. "We could have so much more fun together." The kido would seem to cause a good amount of damage to the hand of the hollow, but the beast was able to deflect the focus of the attack and force it to crash nearby and cause a small cloud of dust. "In most cases, I would be against releasing the extent of this release..." Regashi would have no idea what was fully occurring within the small amount of dust, but he would observe the human making his way out of the hole and even directing his discontent towards Regashi's actions that would seem to interfere with the human's desires. The bullets fired from the spirit attack being a sufficient message to his intent to not allow the Soul Reaper to go without being checked as he would step back a good distance to avoid the attack not aware of the warning shots. "But perhaps it stands to increase your survival..." Regashi would decide on the spot for what his actions may bring, the repercussions in totality, but grateful that there stands no other bystanders and no one else to observe what he was about to reveal. As the human was deciding to make his attack, Regashi would decide to make his as well. "So shall we make this little game fun?" In a burst, Regashi would make his way towards the pair as he would reach towards his back where his Tanto settled upon the back of his hip taking his right hand on the handle of the horizontal blade. "Repent..." The blade would start to slide from the sheath smoothly as the heat from Regashi would start to fade, slowly at first with a rapid decrease in temperature until it would meet a stable calm level. "So it shall be..." Smoke that would come from his back would grow rapidly from his body as if he was on fire. "So it has been." "Musuba Reta Tetsu Senshi..." The blade would be released entirely from the sheath as these words were spoken as the blade would shatter into six different pieces. These individual fragments would attach to each of his wrists, his ankles, to the back of his neck and finally his tailbone. From these fragments would they start to grow and spread creating chains that would wrap around his wrists, ankles, torso, and neck with the ends extending out behind his body about three feet. The chains around his wrists and ankles would have a bright blue color while the two that would be on his torso and neck would start to turn ashen grey. At the moment of the chains formation would the Arachnid unleash four claws from the same webbing as before as simultaneously, using his other hand, unleashed a Cero after avoiding the attack of the human. Though Regashi would take no care for the attacks itself, as he would only have so much time to utilize this power before it would overwhelm him. "Just give in." Regashi knew he only had so much power in him and controlling this would be difficult, but as long as he maintained his focus he would not have to use it for too long. "It will only take a few strikes," Regashi said as he would pull his right arm back with his fist clenched as if he was preparing for a punch. The claws would fly through the air, two of which striking him in his chest where his Zanpakuto would cover his body and allow him to protect against the attack, but one was able to fly lower and strike his abdomen and even pierce into his right side, and the other one was able to graze his left cheek just below the eye patch strap. His right hand would fly forward as he launched himself towards the Arachnid, feeling the pain of the claw in his abdomen. As he aimed his fist at the ribs of the large creature, the danger would be from the chain attached to his right arm. As he swung, almost like a shadow, would be a large dark arm whose hand was about the size of Regashi's body (6 Feet and 1 Inch) from edge of the pinky to the edge of the index finger. It was trailing his movement by but a few seconds behind, but its force was just a quick with the size as an amplification. It is a figure that is easily seen by those that could match Regashi's power, but those that fall behind would see only the smoke from his body massing together behind his movements. WC | 910 TWC | 4,593 OWC | 8,352 ------------------------- Battle Information Stats Stamina | 41 -> 37 -> 29 Speed | 42 -> 38 -> 30 Perception | 42 -> 38 -> 30 Strength & Reiryoku | 60 -> 56 Reiryoku Speed | 50 Abilities Used / In Effect Kajiya (鍛冶屋, lit. "Blacksmith" or "Metallurgy") - Shikai Feature Tenkai (展開, lit. "Expansion") - Kakuchō (拡張, lit. "Extension")
  28. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee left his room and walked out to the corridor to greet the guards and headed off. He was far from an early bird, even in his own barracks, so with stride in his step he didn't want to be any more late than he thought he was. After some distance away from his room he reached into his pocket and got out the map. He studied it as he walked while also carefully paying attention to the path ahead as to not bump into anyone. Metabee was a big boy so he could handle himself and relied on the map to head towards the dining room. He remembered some of the way though so he didn't need to keep his eyes glued entirely on the map. They were probably waiting for him and he didn't want want to keep them waiting any longer. A hungover hunger was no joke. In quite normal time, he made it to the dining room doors and walked in but to his surprise he was the first one here, save the waiting maids. One of them was... very familiar. They gave each other an awkward look and Metabee scratched his head while she smiled,'I thought I was late.' The maids didn't think much of it,'You will be served no matter the time you come but no, Lord Yoshirou hasn't been here yet so you are in good time.' He nodded in understanding,'I see. That's good.' The maid signalled to a chair,'Please, have a seat.' Metabee did so and was then asked,'Would you like your breakfast?' The Captain shook his head,'No, it's fine. I'll wait for Yoshirou.' The maid nodded,'How about some tea while you wait?' This time he was the one to nod,'Might as well. Thank you.' Without further delay, he was served and took a sip. Surely, he wouldn't have to wait long. Yoshirou went to sleep way before them so he was probably on his feet and doing some sort of work or training.
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