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  2. The adjuchas arc: army vs army who has deaths embrace.

    Even if the ability was extraordinary that did not mean that the person which was controlling it would be exempt so his best bet would be to try and find a weak spot in the flames or attempt to try and find a blind spot where he could try to get in so he could hit him with something and him not seeing it. Using sonido yamashiro vanished from where he was standing as he then landed behind the hollow, he had some hardened webbing over his fist so he did not burn a hand off if he got seen. And just like he did not want to happen happened as the flames gushed up from around the hollow and it was a good thing that he had that protection on his hand cause if not for that he would have not been able to get his hand out of the way in time. " I see your answer is no ha well that's kinda disappointing but it can not be helped, also your wasting your time trying to find a blind spot I have none thanks to this skill I am..." "Ass hole stop yapping and know your place." Yamashiro said as he interrupted the hollow by placing a fully charged cero point blank to his shoulder and let lose, he watched as the cero fully developed the hollow as it blasted him into the wall but thanks to that he could not see any thing from the dust to be able to counter attack. " allow me to explain smart ass why you just got blasted back from my attack, you was to damn busy yapping your mouth and gloating to notice me sneaking in while charging my cero, its to bad your not around to hear it tho." He was turning around to leave thinking he had won but just as his back was facing where the hollow had been blasted he heard some rubble move but he did not have time to do any thing cause the hollow was now standing right behind him, it must have used sonido to be able to get to the crater to him in such short amount of time. " thank you sir for pointing out my weakness tho your right I do start getting chatty when I know victory is so close to being in my grasp. But no hard feelings this is just me getting you back for that sneak attack." The hollow placed his hand on yamashiro back and he could feel the burning of his attack gaining power, the hollow then unleashed the attack and yamashiro attempted to stay his ground but the force behind the move had his feet skidding across the ground until he could no longer handle it and it blasted him into a rock wall, he could hear the hollow behind him laughing his ass off cause of what he did. The attack hurt but luckily he did not seem to hit him with full strength so it did not do much but gave him some scratches and burns, before standing back up yamashiro reached down as he was standing and picked up some sand as he then tossed it right into the hollows face and eyes hopefully giving him a clear shot for a attack that would hopefully help him win the battle. His idea worked as the sand hit the hollows face it suddenly blinded him and that's when he noticed his opening so he decided to take the shot cause if he did not do it now then he might not get another shot at it cause of that damn fire. So making some spiked knuckle protector he started punching the hollow all over as hard as he could until the hollow yelled out and stopped his fist then tossed him back. " You Little Bitch How Dear You Lay Your Filthy Hands On Me, I Shall Make You Pa.." The hollow stopped as his legs did not want to work for him and that right there was his best shot to kill him so taking his hand yamashiro thruster it the hollows chest, he chuckled before blasting off a cero which being fire from inside him it blasted his whole top half off, it fell to the ground with a heavy thud and so now that was over he walked over to the exit and walked though the entrance, he needed to hurry and see just how many of his solders was able to make it though there paths. WC 759 Twc: 1,963
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  4. The adjuchas arc: army vs army who has deaths embrace.

    Yamashiro did like the hollow said as he traveled the five clicks due south of where the cave was, the one thing about hueco mundo that he was never able to like was the fact that it was always dark there, maybe if they had some stars in the sky like the world of the living did it would not be as boring to look at. He could not seem to get the words out of his head that the hollow told him, it seemed that from the way he said it the cave is hidden behind a barrier or maybe some other kind of ability and for all he knew it was probably another hollows doing tho he will be able to get a better idea about it once he was at the location and had a view of the area. Four hours later yamashiro and the handful of hollows he brought along arrived at the spot where the cave was supposed to be at but unfortunately all that there was there was sand and more empty black sky, the thing was he knows that there are hollows here but he could not seem to see them any where and that was when he had a idea if they was not on top of the sand there can only be one other place it could be and that was under the sand. " worm dig a hole in the sand and see if you can happen to see a cave of some kind down there." The hollow shook its head in understandable and then began digging deep under the sand and did not seem to come up for a very long time but he still did not know if the hollow could speak or not, its not like he has ever said any thing when spoke to. The worm came back up to the surface and shook his head side to side which he could understand as he did not find any thing, he needed to find the cave but he was starting to run out of ideas to use, that's when he remembered that adjuchas have the unique ability to control the menos grande so letting out a strange noise he waited and not long after the gillain was there ready for there orders. " menos use your cero and attack all around us." The hollows did exactly as yamashiro asked as the started charging there cero as they did fired it in a circle around every one, yamashiro kept his eyes searching around cause if he was lucky he would be able to catch a glimpse of what ever it was that was keeping the cave hidden. Just as he predicted a blur of rainbow shinned as it got hit by the hollows cero and even tho the hollow only nicked it yamashiro now had a idea where it was so charging up yamashiro fired his cero and it hit the barrier dead center, from there he directed the other hollows as to where to fire at and as all of them had their cero concentrated onto one spot it caused the barrier to start cracking so they would need to add more power to be able to break it. Luckily with the crack in it they had the perfect spot to aim for but he had a idea on how he would break the barrier down, he formed a bow using his special webbing he fired a large arrow that hit the wall as hard as a cannon ball but it still did not seem to be enough, but if they added their cero behind that then it would act as a booster giving the arrow more punching power behind it hopefully giving it enough strength to bust though. Charging his cero the hollows noticed so they began making there cero so as yamashiro fired his cero the rest of the hollows also fired there cero, the combined power of all the cero plus the arrow it seemed to be enough as the barrier formed spider cracks all over it before it busted into tiny stardust particles that came down every where like rain. Glad that the barrier was now taken care of yamashiro entered the cave with the others following behind him like lost puppy's it some times made him feel like killing the whole lot of them but if he did that then who would fight in his army. Again as he entered the cave he came up to five path ways to chose from and if it was any thing like before then at the end of this hall way shall be a hollow that he will have to fight, so to end this quickly he would split the hollows into five deferent teams that way they would hopefully all get to the end at the same time. So once the teams was made they was all went down there paths to go fight there enemy, when he exited the pathway he came into a large opened area, the ground was not very even and it looked more like a rocky mountain side which would make fighting a little harder but he should not think about that instead he should be focusing on the enemy that stood in front of him, but there was something familiar about its form actually it looked just like the hollow he just fought before coming here. " you look as if you have seen a ghost sir oh wait you must have beaten my brother, what a pity but I always knew he was never a good hollow in fact I knew that he would die any day now so I thank you for taking care of that so called hollow. But I do think that your here for me so come and get some that's if you think you can." Yamashiro could see right though that trap he was trying to get him to become mad but it takes more then just some cheat taunts to make him lose his cool, so making some throwing star's he watched as they quickly hardened into something even stronger then metal, he tossed them as hard as he could and watched as they made a direct path for the hollows chest. Just then flames came roaring up from around the hollows feet burning his throwing star's into a crisp, oh crap was the only thought going though his head at that moment for nothing like this has ever happened...unless you count that time the hollow snapped out of them. " Is that the best you can do if so you have no chance chance against me, so I tell you what I shall be generis today and let you leave here with out burning you and with a message from the sixth espada Grimjaw jagerjack, this is my domain disband your army or things will get Missy." It seemed he has even caught the eye of the espada well to bad he did not attend to listen so he would just need to find a way around the damn fire cause that was the only problem he could seem to find. WC: 1,204
  5. Are you still alive?

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  7. Ability Approval Thread

    Character Name: Kuroto Dan Race: Fullbringer-ish Reiatsu: 26,000 (After ranks are finished) Desired Release Approval: First Release & Non-Release Abilities. Application Link: http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15768-dan-kuroto-shin/
  8. Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    Will also be spending my last remaining fate points on the two non-release abilities.
  9. Godly Talents

    As his men hoisted him up, Kuroto’s eyes sat fixated on the area the shadow disappeared towards. Millions of thoughts ran through his mind, none of them making even the slightest of sense. What he saw, whatever it was, was real. Real and way beyond anything that humans could comprehend. “Perhaps it was them?” he whispered faintly. The Gods of death he had only heard about in rumors. Information about the supernatural, or rather factual information, was scarce. There were many of tall tales that were spread out across media and passed down from generation to generation. In truth, many of the things Kuroto knew about were from these very sources, backed up by research and exploration. His knowledge, and to that extent, his equipment weren’t just things he was given freely. He put countless hours investigating, studying. Doing anything and everything he could to amass even the smallest bit of information. It was his creed. Knowledge is power. A hollow’s evolutionary line, reiatsu and its different properties, all of it were things he and his team worked towards. Many lives were sacrificed for the research. Though with all of the knowledge on the supernatural he obtained, all of the things he witnessed; the one subject that eluded him were the Shinigami. He had no idea how they looked, how they operated. Many of tales have been spread about them. Robbed skeletal figures with scythes who free the dead from limbo and guide them into the next world. Equipped with powers beyond belief, locked in an eternal battle with the hollows who threaten their nature. So many truths wrapped in lies. Now there was the possibility that after all these years, one might have been so close to him he could have touched it, studied it. A shrill voice shook him from his thoughts, knocking the businessman back into the harsh reality. “Mr. Dan! Thank goodness you are alright.” An approaching Asuna yells as she flings herself out of the backside of the awaiting vehicle. She, without hesitation, wraps her arms around Kuroto in an embrace. Not one of love or lust but of pure joy in seeing him alive, albeit injured. Kuroto remained motionless for a moment, snapping back into his usual demeanor shortly after. “I’m fine. You can let go now.” He says in somewhat of an annoyed tone. The woman quickly removes her arms from around her boss and blushes, taking a few steps back and bowing. “I’m sorry sir. I don’t know what came over me. I was just glad to see that you were alive and well.” “It’s fine. Give me a status report.” Kuroto says as he runs his hand through his hair. His hands were wet with blood though he did not know if it came from himself or from any of the corpses that were around him. “Teams Alpha, Omega, & Sigma are out combing the area for any survivors and eliminating the hollow threat. They’ve mostly gotten things under control. We’ve yet to figure out how many casualties there are though the number is expected to be high. Given that you were in the epicenter of it all, we assumed the worst. It’s honestly a goddamned miracle that you are even alive. Even more, so that you are in one piece. Regardless, we need to get away from here and get you to a medical facility to get checked out.” Kuroto went to object but found himself quickly ushered into the backseat of the awaiting vehicle. Apparently, the time for talk was out of the question. That was fine. In all honesty, Kuroto probably would not have been able to pose a convincing argument. His body felt like it had been in a 12-round fight. Everything was sore and numb. Every time he blinked, it felt as if a raging fire was burning a hole behind his eyelids. There was a sharp, dull pain every time he drew a breath; probably a sign of a cracked rib. Or a few. The door slammed shut and off the vehicle went, flanked by another. As Asuna began to discuss a few more of the on goings since the attack, Kuroto’s mind began to drift. He stared out of the tinted windows at the buildings that laid waste around them. It looked like a damn warzone. Cars flipped over with the greatest of ease. Huge chunks of debris scattered about. Fires dancing atop what remained of buildings to really give off the vibe of what it all represented. Hell on earth. Lazily, Kuroto began to drift, his eyes starting to look more and more upward towards the sky. It was then that he saw it. A mere flicker that did a sort of freefall out of the sky, landing on ruined building not far off. Instantly, he became alert. Could it have been his savior from before? Perhaps his mind was just playing tricks on him? Regardless, he had to find out, even if it turned out to be a wild goose chase. “Stop the car!” he demanded, frantically ripping at his now unlatched seat belt. “We can’t stop now sir. We need to get you to a medical facility quick. Your injuries aren’t life threatened now but if left unchecked, they could become a serious issue. We don’t have the time.” “Stop the goddamned car now!” Kuroto roared in anger, showing a surprisingly viciousness that stunned even Asuna. She’d never seen him this angry, this primal. Acting as near as insane as the “hairless apes” he typically commented on how humanity behaved. There was a still moment of silence as the car slowly came to a halt, Kuroto frantically searching for the jacket he left inside previously. Upon finding and clutching it tightly, he quickly bolted out the door, stumbling as he exited. All looked on as he moved gingerly towards where the ruined building’s remains. His mind was racing, his heart nearly beating out of his chest. An excitement he hadn’t felt in some time. This could just be a suicide run, a fool’s errand. He could find nothing once he arrived, or worse, he could find yet another ravenous hollow ready to make him its evening meal. Regardless, he didn’t care, could not care until he found it. He reaches the base of the building and begins to shuffle through the debris to move forward. His eyes meticulously scan each piece he removes, not wanting to miss a thing. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees it. Some debris slowly moving up and down. Something was underneath. As he moves forward, the debris is lifted off from underneath. A dark robed man is revealed laying underneath, heavily injured. Kuroto’s eyes are wide with glee, a trance-like look on his face. “So…. beautiful.” he manages to etch out, slowly moving towards the man. The man’s head quickly darts over to Kuroto, his hand tightening on a sword sheathed to his side. Once he realizes that it’s a human approaching him, his grip eases slightly. “Are you talking to me? How can you even see me?” the man coughs out. His wounds are unfortunately fatal. He won’t last much longer. Kuroto still approaches, still stunned speechless by the sight before him. He finally reaches the man, getting so close he could reach out and touch him. “Are you… Are you one of the Gods of Death?” he whispers. The man looks at him bewildered by such a question. How did the man even know about their existence? “Look, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to last much longer. My team is out here still eliminating these hollows, it won’t take much longer before they’ve wiped them out but it’s still dangerous out. The hollow that got me is probably still lurking around, ready to finish me off. The team might not make it to me in time to save me. You need to save yourself and flee.” The man’s words stir Kuroto from his euphoric trance, making him remember his end goal once more. “So, you are one of them. All this time, I’ve been searching for the missing piece and it’s been in front of my eyes yet out of my reach the entire time." A small smile forms across Kuroto’s face as he reaches into the jacket he retrieved from the car and pulls out a small syringe. Acting quickly, he stabs the syringe into the man’s arm as a glossed look appears over his eyes as it presses in. “This is a special agent I concocted for my research. It’s designed to work on hollows but I believe that it will be sufficient for you as well. A paralyzing agent injected into your system while I retrieve what I need from you. If the side effects are the exact same for you as they are with the hollows, then it will leave you paralyzed for some time. So, if the hollow is lurking about, I’m sure it’ll go after an easy meal instead of a scrambling one such as myself.” He chuckles slightly as he pulls back on the syringe top, a white fluid slowly being extracted from the man. “Breathtaking… isn’t it?” Kuroto replies as he removes the syringe, slowly stumbling to his feet. “What are you? What the hell is wrong with you?” the man manages to say. The paralyzing agent had done the intended job, further crippling the fatally wounded man. He tries to move, as he had since he was injected, but found he could not. He was at the mercy of whatever came near him. Finally making it back to his feet and using a piece of debris for leverage, Kuroto turns to walk back to the vehicle. “What am I? That’s an easy question. I’m going to be the God of this world. Even you, the Gods of death, will kneel before me. In the end, I thank you. It appears you have saved me after all.” He psychotically chuckles to himself as he begins to leave; from behind, a pair of beaming eyes move slowly towards the now fully paralyzed man. WC: 1,690
  10. First Steps

    The room would see larger than before now that everyone was in the room and arranged by their classes, allowing everyone to see and identify the talent that would exist based on where they stood in the room. The more proficient individuals would be in the front of the audience and with the greater of the three sets would be grouped up in the middle. Regashi would take a moment to look around before the Welcoming Ceremony would officially begin and would take note of the diversity between ages that would be throughout the building that was truly an amazing sight. Though he would be quick to notice the eyes that were behind him in the second row taking note of him, and obviously with good reason, with the fact that he was the only person in the room with weapons on his person, aside from the actual members of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. There would be little that he could do about this fact since he was able to obtain his weapons through his previous life of the Court of the Pure Souls, but by the end day everyone would have their own weapon; their own Zanpakuto. "Welcome all who have made it through the entrance exam. You are now officially on the road to something great, to which you will achieve the right to be considered a Soul Reaper, a member of balance." Gengoro, the official teacher, and director of the First Class for First Year students., would be the first introduce the ceremony to which everyone would immediately cease their own personal discussions in order to hear what he had to say, with the exception of the obvious rebels in the crowd. Regashi would notice someone motioning on his left side, to which he would take note of Laiza attempting to subtly wave him down and get his attention. Once she was sure that he was looking, should start to make silly faces at him and even mimic the speech that Gengoro was giving, so much so that Regashi had almost missed when the Captain of the Fifth Division, Sosuke Aizen, was introduced and started speaking. Although Aizen was a wise man with such an eloquent way about him, so much so that everyone was drawn to his words, Regashi had not felt that same desire to listen to his long drawn out speech. Though there was one phrase throughout the entire speech that actually caused Regashi to hold on and even save those words, "Do not seek beauty in battle. Do not seek virtue in death. Do not make the mistake of considering only your own life. If you wish to protect that which you must protect......slice the enemy you must defeat from behind." These words, among everything that was said, seemed to have the most of an impression on the young academy student who had spent his time spacing out a bit too much. It was interesting to consider the value of what was said, for it aims to not fuel desire to battle enemies - much to the objection of the Eleventh Division as a whole - as it does so with the same devaluing of accepting death in battle which is an honor-bound concept. Beyond that would be the idea that selfishness would not be accepted in the state of war that Soul Reapers have placed themselves in, but that would only make sense due to the fact that there are organizations and rules that each portion must follow with strict regulation on each of their behaviors. Finally would be the last portion, the part that was a bit more focused on when he spoke, that one must understand protecting what it is that they have that one must be willing to perform underhanded techniques. "Much like your time in the Rukongai, no?" Regashi had not heard this voice in quite some time and much to his surprise, there was excitement as he heard her voice. A different reaction than he once had when she was attempting to be the voice of reason back when he was on a dedicate mission to kill Arashi. "Why have you been so silent Tetsu?" He would respond, not vocally, but by basically focusing his thoughts on a part of his own essence. Truly even he did not understand how it was that he was able to communicate with her, but he assumed it had something to do with his bond with the Zanpakuto. "Oh, you finally can hear my words?" This tonne she spoke with confused Regashi slightly, unsure as what she referred to when she said 'finally' and was prepared to inquire before she continued, "Seems the wrap that was placed on me was capable of... hindering our connection and thus severing our bond." This would make sense, but it would not explain why suddenly she was able to be heard by him, "I guess the eager young one behind you wanted to see what tool you held on your back and opened the connection once more." To that, Regashi would turn his head back and notice a young kid, couldn't be older than the age of 14, but a soul could be hundreds of years of age and only appear to be a child so he would reserve the judgment on actual age. Still, he would see the young man pulling on the wrap that held the weapon sealed, a portion of it released the guard from the sheath, and there was noticeable, though faint, amount of smoke that was being generated from the sheath but would quickly subside as fast as it had occurred. Once the young man would see that he was caught would quickly adjust himself and even pretend to focus intently on the one speaking, as if he wasn't even caught. Though it would be that reaction that forced Regashi to notice that Aizen had already left the stage as well as the other captains meaning that he had missed what the others had to say. The Ceremony would end shortly after that and each of the students were left to their own devices, mostly acquiring their schedules, uniforms, and even a few were allowed their Asuachi due to them being in the first or second class. Others were told they would receive theirs after a few weeks of the Spiritual Connection Classes, and this made Regashi wonder if he was going to be receiving one as well or would they simply pass over him due to his special circumstances. It would appear that he was half right as they would provide him with a Shinai and a Bokken in order to utilize during his courses which were specially shaped to match the style on his Ninjato seemingly due to him having weapons meaning that he would be proficient in those specific weapons. That would be the conclusion of his first day, and after looking at his schedule he would take note of a specific detail... "Classes start tomorrow." WC: 1,471 TWC: 5,199
  11. Ability Approval Thread

    Character Name: Hitsuyona Shizukesa Race: Shinigami Reiatsu: 26,000 (Pending FP Purchase approval for 5K Boost) Desired Release Approval: Remainder of Non-Release Abilities, First-Release Application Link:
  12. Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    I will be spending both of my FP from the legacy achievement -One spent on the 5k Rei Boost since I haven't posted much -One spent on two non-release ability slots
  13. First Steps

    The path that Regashi and Laiza were taking to the academy was a relatively direct path for the most part, with the route being an almost straight path except for two or so buildings that caused them to have to go around the building. The sun had completely made its way beyond the horizon, now enhancing the sky with the illuminating force of its own light. The sunrise was perhaps the preferred state of the sky for Regashi, to see the colors start to fill the sky opposed to a sunset in which color would be removed from above him. Though the night was perhaps the most enjoyable time for him to observe the sky, the focus would be more so in the building that was now in front of them both. There they stood looking at the entrance into the Academy that would lead into the orientation hall that they would be obtaining all necessary information in order to begin the next step. With a nod to each other, Regashi and Laiza would make their way into the building pushing open the doors to see a decently sized gathering of individuals that were clamoring around attempting to either find their information or third year students attempting to aid the first year students as best as possible. These upperclassmen were recognizable by the armband that they were in order to signify their difference among the masses since their uniform was the tradition haori with the respective colors; red for females and blue for males. Immediately an individual from the Third Year would approach Regashi and Laiza with a clipboard in her hand and a smile on her face, "Hello, Laiza. You are recognized as a First Class for the First Year and will be coming with me." Her energy was soothing in the way she spoke, but Regashi also got a hint of her power and found it slightly... intoxicating... as he looked at Laiza who would look back at him. He had no idea that she was considered so proficient that she would be accepted into the First Class for the Academy which is designated for only the most prestigious of students in their capabilities, although her experiences with Soul Reapers would lead to such an established reputation. Each of them would share a glance towards one another before Laiza would walk off with the student designation at the same time that another Third Year would start to approach Regashi with a clipboard as well. Regashi would prepare himself for the high-energy welcome as the slightly older individual would approach, "Name?" The man spoke with such a cold and distant tone as he did not even look up at Regashi, keeping his eyes on his clipboard and a finger placed on the paper, a list perhaps. The behavior difference did throw Regashi off a little bit as the man spoke once more, "I said, name?" This time with an annoyed tone that would further leave Regashi in a slightly shocked state but not enough to be without response. "Regashi." He would respond simply, not thinking anything of his response. The man would, for the first time, lift his head in order to look at Regashi, "Regashi?" He would question, leaving Regashi thinking that perhaps there was a special feature that would be attributed to his name much like with what occurred with Laiza. "Do you have no family name?" He would abruptly speak with a tonne of irritation explicitly be showing his discontentment with his current duties making it obvious that he does not wish to be here and Regashi is starting to share that feeling at this very moment. "Hokori. Regashi Hokori." Regashi's tone would also start to reflect his annoyance with the current situation and thus became clear for the both of them that neither of them would wish to be in this moment with each other, but it was just as clear that there was no way around it and that they would have to tolerate each other through this process. The man would start to go through his paperwork looking for something specific, "Hokori, Regashi. Second Class, intermediate proficiency." He spoke as if what he was saying had any current relevance or meaning to Regashi. Still, he would pull a sheet of paper from the small stack that he had and write some information on it before handing it to Regashi. "You will receive your items after the Orientation Introduction, during which you will be in the front row in with the third column during the address." With that, he would be on his way and off to bother another poor unsuspecting individual that was prepared, and even excited, for the academy only to have it all kind of dismantled by a disgruntled individual who was placed here potential as a form of punishment. "Thank you oh so much." Regashi would speak with a thick accent of sarcasm with a scoff as well. He was told that he would have to wait until after the address in order to obtain his items and the rest of his information, and so he would look over the paper that was given to him and it was just a checklist. Various items, such as; Academy Uniform, Academy Dorm Designation, Personal Shinai, and other Academy specific features or departments, would have boxes next to them with a description at the top and bottom of sheet explaining that one must visit the various departments and received the described information and possessions to complete the entire registration process. "This will be interesting..." He said while reading over the dry explanation of the process that he must go through in order to complete his registration, "but how much longer until-" He was considering as to how much time it would take to prepare the address, but there would be a gong-like sound in the room that would cause all of the third year students to start directing individuals in a specific pattern facing a slightly lifted platform that Regashi was certain would be considered the stage. Regashi would make his way in front of the stage but towards the right, as he was facing the stage speaking with the students that started to gather near him by their own understanding of what was going on or by the direction of the Third Year students. Where he stood would be the first half of the Second Class with the entire First Class being to their left and the second half of the second class on the other side of the First Class. Everyone behind these three was considered Standard being the General Class which was essentially all students who would meet at least all of the minimum requirements. Once they were all mostly settled, the first person would be walking from a doorway that was from the side of the stage and make his way to it. Regashi recognized him as Gengoro, the individual who ram his exam to enter this academy. Shortly after that would be a strong, almost overbearing presence, although temporarily. Entering the room would be Captain of the Fifth Division Sosuke Aizen, someone that Regashi would easily recognize. The others weren't immediately someone that he would recognize except for one. Captain of the Tenth Division Toshiro Hitsugaya would enter with Aizen followed by two others that Regashi couldn't recognize but their haori is how he could identify them or the lieutenant bade they wore. There was the vice-captain of the Tenth Division, Matsumoto he believed to be her name, and the other with the gray like hair and strange facial structure, was noticeably the Captain of the Third Division, but that name would escape him at the moment. Everyone would be settled and the presentation was about to begin, so Regashi prepared his mind to take note of what might be said that this address to the new student body, or potential student body... WC: 1,528 TWC: 3,728
  14. The adjuchas arc: army vs army who has deaths embrace.

    Yamashiro was not here to play around or play games he had one job and one job only and that was show these hollows that they could not go around killing other hollows army, the hollow came over as it swung its arm down like it was swinging a blade but there was nothing in his hand so yamashiro used sonido to dodge his invisible sword. There was a hole suddenly smashed into the ground, reaching over yamashiro grabbed the hollow by the back of his head then smashed it into the ground. He started charging his cero in his hand, he laughed and laughed then blasted the whole body of the hollow tell he was under a large pile of rubble. He did not think that the hollow would be this easy but that was way to easy, turning around yamashiro started walking away when the hollow spoke up weakly. " you been played yamashiro the rest are not here and you will not be able to find them ha ha ha ha." Yamashiro looked at him as he licked his lips with a very wicked look in his eye, walking back over to the hollow he took his led as he shoved it though the hollows eye then ripped off the hollows arm and was gonna go for a leg but the hollow decided to talk. " fine....fine I shall tell you, the rest of them are in a base five clicks to the south of here but its almost impossible to find." Shaking his head yamashiro crushed the hollows head under his foot then walked out of the cave. WC 271 Twc: 5,161
  15. First Steps

    Regashi would have just one week to prepare himself for the beginning of his life at the academy, and he was not too sure on how he would manage all of his last moment needs. There was much that he could essentially do in that short amount of time, but in reality, he just decided to move forward with his life and prepare for his life in the Seireitei and spending time with Laiza was going to be a part of this attempt to evolve into his greater form; his greater future. So the entire week was nothing but preparation by dedicating most of his time into studying all that he could about the Court of Pure Souls, the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, and the Spiritual Arts Academy to the full extent he can accessing all public knowledge that is provided. The information that he was able to study through all of the various texts that he was able to gather and having passive conversations would prove to give way more than he was able to gather when he was living in the 72nd East Rukon District. His life was different now, more so than ever, thanks to Laiza's invitation to temporarily live with her during the week after finding out that she too had passed the entrance exam and would be entering the academy with him as well. This week, as full as it was, meant little in the grand scheme of things as the most important of all days would be on the final day of the break... ------------------- Orientation Day The sky would not even have a chance to fully great the arrival of the sun before it would start to share its warmth with the ground below and start to paint the sky with its own passion flowing through the darkened sky with reds and oranges drifting along the blue skies. It would be this light that it would share with the sky that it would also share through a small window leading to a small room that would be where a black fabric would start to be illuminated showing a faint blue glow that would vanish as quickly as it had arrived. The fabric would start to become more apparent the more that the light would start to shine through and reveal the eye patch that Regashi wore over his left eye. Eventually, the light would spread and expand over his face and start to cover his undamaged right eye and start to cause him to stir a little bit before starting to wake up. There was a faint distaste for the bothering light that would break through the window and seemed to point directly at him and with a sigh, or more a disgruntled groan, that would turn to him lifting himself up from the floor padding that he was sleeping on. "Today is the day it seems..." He would say slightly under his breath, mostly due to the fact that he was still pretty exhausted as he would move several books out of his way as he lifted. He had spent the greater part of the night reading books on how to appropriately use one's Reiryoku and manipulate it properly in order to effectively perform Kido and the understanding between the power of a Kido and the connection to a powerful manifestation of one's Zanpakuto being as relevant as any other factor. He would lift himself to a full standing position and start stretching the night's sleep off of his body feeling certain muscles that were still exhausted from the various training sessions that Regashi had performed with a few select individuals throughout the last week that Laiza had helped him establish. Many spoke of a potential that Regashi had, a prodigy if you will, and it all sounded good but coming from a world of having to fight in order to survive, a spar session is nothing for him. "Has felt like the longest seven days of my life." He commented towards his impatient nature and the fact that he had to wait an entire week in order to officially get started on his journey, and he couldn't help but laugh a bit as he thought about it. For the longest, he had spent most of his life wanting to kill a specific Soul Reaper and even to the point that he had grown to hate the Court of Pure Souls and the Thirteen Court Guard Squads in general, but there was a new found appreciation when he was face first with someone of actual power. Arashi was nothing more than a peon, a foot soldier, compared to Sosuke Aizen or even Hisagi and that made Regashi want to become part of this organization, this culture. Now he stands in the house of Laiza, who has lived in the Seireitei for quite some time. She was lucky enough to be another pure soul born into a family of good standing, not that she was a noble of any kind. Her family was actually servants to one of the lesser nobles, but they treated their servants with respect like they were family. The same courtesy was extended to Regashi, and not without the same reciprocation with his aid in various duties, tasks, and chores that would allow him to stay there and would prove to be able to provide him with other skills that were interesting in their own way. Still, he would not have time to sit and think about the details of facts that he has acquired over the previous days. Now would be the time to focus on what is next, on what is about to be his new life. He would gather his items, mostly being his two weapons that had brought with him since his days in the Rukongai and would keep them all close. It was more than the type of weapon that they were, but more so the value that existed with each of the two weapons. "Funny that the wraps are more expensive than the clothing that I have been wearing." He spoke in reference to the unique white fabric that was wrapped around both of his blades and bound throughout the formation to contain the weapons from being released from their sheaths. "Though I still have no idea why..." His confusion was justified, as they explained there was much power in what he had done and having such power without the training of the academy to harness it, there could be serious problems and repercussions. This way, the weapons would be contained and whatever power that had been unlocked will not be unleashed randomly until Regashi is ready and capable of controlling it. He would be glancing over the weapons for a moment before he picked them up and placed them on his back securely as he would look towards the window for a moment, being only slightly blinded by the sun. There would be a cough behind him that would catch him slightly off guard but he would settle quickly after, "Are you done being dramatic, or do I need to play some Orchestra music for you?" He would turn to see who it was, pretty sure he knew just based on the voice alone and the combination of the sarcasm is so thick that it would only be obvious as to who might be speaking to him at this moment. With a smile, he would turn to look at Laiza who was prepared to enter the academy as well with fewer items on her than Regashi, as well as less clothing. "Because I am not one to be on time all of the time, but I am pretty sure that this is one of those 'if you are going to be late, be best to not even show' kind of things." Her attempt at mocking some figure of authority was comedic to him. He would shake his head at her bothersome sarcasm, but would mostly ignore it otherwise and make his way past her and be leaving the house in order to be on his path towards the Academy to which Laiza would follow behind closely engaging him in conversation. It would not be long into this walk before trouble would make an appearance in a way that Regashi would not have expected to happen. A Soul Reaper, identifiable by the features of his clothing and the Zanpakuto that he held on his waist, but Regashi would know this fact based on the dark skin and the scar on his cheek that Regashi had made. This was one of the guys that were always with Arashi when he made his way through the Rukongai, this one was the individual that was knocked out, unlike the other who was killed on the spot. Granted it was due to the aggression that was displayed in the time during the post-Crimson Trials. Nonetheless, Regashi would wonder what it was that he wanted. "I couldn't believe when I heard that they were going to let you, the criminal of the East Rukon, not only into the Court of Pure Souls but actually attend the Spiritual Arts Academy." It was clear that this fact truly bothered the young man deeply, but that mattered little to Regashi who did not want to be late. As he prepared to speak up, the man continued, "So to avenge my fallen comrade, whose life was stolen away by you, I will ensure you fall here and now." Regashi was all too familiar with the concept of attempting to claim vengeance on someone for the murder they committed on someone important to you, and more so was familiar with how impossible it is to try and talk reason into someone who holds such a passion for revenge within their very breath. Granted, Arashi was not killed by his blade so it is possible to understand the reason but just not instantly. Still, there was no time to attempt and make peace within the mind of the young man and thus lead Regashi towards the only logical conclusion that he could manage. "Bakudo Number 4," Regashi would point his right hand at the man who would look at him with a look of surprise. "Hainawa." Instantly a trail of golden rope, glowing from the charged power of Regashi, would flow from his hand like a snake starving for its prey and would quickly envelop the young man who could not grasp the extent of techniques that Regashi has been able to develop. Luckily this would not be the first time that someone will underestimate the amount of power and knowledge that he has compiled in order to perform above what is expected of him. Especially with the help of Laiza who has lived, and worked with, members of the Thirteen Court Guards Squads sharing what knowledge she has acquired over the years with him. Either way, the man was bound and it would be something that Regashi will most likely have to deal with and confront directly, but for the time being it was better spent doing what he needs to do in order to reach some places that would make such a task not a dire issue of denying him access to a portion of his future goals. So for now, he and LAiza would simply continue on their way to the academy. WC: 2,200
  16. The adjuchas arc: army vs army who has deaths embrace.

    Yamashiro woke up from his sleeping and since he had been up for ten days straight he was very tired so he slept for two whole weeks so when he got up he was so hungry that he could eat a hundred hollows. Standing up he headed out to find some food he ran into raido who was also out to find some food so they decided to go out together, unfortunately while they was out gathering food the base was attacked. Many of the hollows did not make it while others was very badly injured to the point of not being able to fight for weeks, yamashiro asked around and found out that place was attacked by just five people which was not good. But he could not just sit back and not do nothing so he sent scouts out to gather info on where those Guy's hide out was at, once he did he gathered up his strongest fighters and headed out towards the enemy's base. He was not sure if this was some kind of test or fate but he did not care at the moment what he did care about was kicking these five people asses that thinks they can walk into another persons base hurting his men. He walked over a sand dune to finally see the enemy base a little ways away so to cover the distance in no time at all he used sonido to be now standing in front of the bases wall, instead of walking in though the front door he decided to make his own entrance by knocking a hole into the side of the base. When he walked in the first thing he did was search out where the five people spiritual pressure was located at, it took him a few minutes but he was able to find where all the people was at so he headed out towards the closest trace of spiritual pressure. But before he headed out he had to decide on which path he would go down since in front of him was five path ways to choose from so if he did not chose right he would have to fight the strongest one first, so after choosing the path he wanted to head down he started onto the path to where his first opponent waited for him. Yamashiro walked out of the the path way but he did not see any thing so he wondered if there was something wrong with his senses, but that was when something came walking out of the shadows towards him and he could tell that this fighter was not someone to take lightly. When he came into the light he could get a better look at him he was about six foot tall red with for wings one set big the second set was smaller, but what yamashiro thought was weird was that this hollow had two heads instead of one. " hello" " I do hope our" " greeting to you" " was to your liking" " Friend " the two heads talked separate from one other as if each head had its own brain which will make fighting him very hard, but he knows he can do it if he focuses. WC: 541 Twc: 4,890
  17. The adjuchas arc: army vs army who has deaths embrace.

    you can not even think of beating me if you can not even keep up with my sonido. those words yamashiro could not seem to get it out of his head since fighting that cat hollow weeks ago, this whole time now yamashiro has been going over his fight in his head over a hundred times but still is unable to figure out the secret behind the move he called sonido. he has always known about it but always thought that only the espada could use it but it looks like he was wrong so he needed to find out how to use it so that he could become more stronger and fight stronger hollow on more even ground instead of how his last fight went down. what he needed now was to find out how it was used so that he could learn it him self then once he was done with that he could continue to scavenge for more hollows willing to join his growing army, while he tells them that its to stop makio its other job is to help him grain that of a arrancar or they shall once he needs them. as he was sitting there thinking how he could learn sonido one of the hollows was walking by and saw him so he walked over to yamashiro but as for the reason he was not fully sure yet but he would soon find out. " is there something the matter boss maybe I might be able to help you with the matter." ha that was funny cause the only way he would be able to help him out was if he happened to know how to use sonido but from the looks of him he was really doubting it but it could not hurt to ask or at least tell him of the problem who knows he might even know of some one to teach him. " yeah actually there is something you could help me with, see I have been trying to find some one who could teach me how to perform a sonido but unfortunately so far I have been out of luck in that department so how about it think you could help with that problem. " he probably couldn't but it never hurts to ask, the hollow suddenly grinned as if he was just asked a million dollar question and he managed to get it right but honestly it was kinda creepy. " actually I can teach you, I might not look it but I was once a arrancar lackey and he taught me sonido so that I would be able to keep up and not slow him down...he really hated that and I mean Hated with a capital H. now I found out that when it comes to learning sonido its better to do it hands on instead of just telling you so we are gonna play a game of catch the ribbon. the only way to win is if your able to perform a sonido which will be the only way to catch up to me fast enough to take this piece of ribbon, so what your gonna want to do is put reishi under your feet when running and hopefully you can pick it up more as you go along, I would explain more but that was also all my master told me also I was able to pick up the rest as I lived my life." so standing up yamashiro went along with the hollows plan so they headed out into the desert but as he looked up he noticed that the hollow was a lot of feet away. " OK you can come at me when ever you wish just two rules, rule one no attacking the only goal is to grab this ribbon on my belt, and rule to no abilities you are to only catch me using sonido and nothing but sonido I do not care if it takes you fifty days and fifty nights we will finish this." the hollow was starting to sound more like a camp instructor then a teacher but screw it he needed to focus on learning sonido, so first yamashiro placed reishi under his feet then took off towards him and tho he could tell that he was faster by just doing that he already knows he was not doing a sonido and so by the time yamashiro got up to the hollow he heard a static boom like sound and he was gone. he started looking around but he was unable to see him but just then he saw the hollow sitting on the log of one of the petrified trees,once again he put the energy under his feet and then went after him and tho it seemed like he was getting a little faster but unfortunately no sonido yet which was starting to bug the hell out of him and with the words of the damn cat running though his head he needed to get stronger, stronger and faster which was why he was trying to learn sonido but with not much luck. it had now been ten days since yamashiro started training in sonido and he had not stopped yet and it looked like neither ones stamina was beginning to drop tho yamashiro progress was coming along just nice, so far there has been two times that he was almost able to grab the ribbon so hopefully the third time was the charm. it was time yamashiro could feel it in his body with all this running around it was slowly building his leg muscles and increasing his speed slowly over a few days time, this time when yamashiro went to use sonido he heard a weird noise but looking down he saw that was right behind the hollow and he had yet noticed yamashiro behind him so reaching down he picked up the ribbon and zoomed back to in front of him using sonido and showing the ribbon while smiling, the hollow was shocked as he looked down to see the ribbon missing. " congratulations boss you have learned sonido but you still have a long ways before you will be able to master it. but now that's over I shall see you around." now that he had a new skill under his belt his fighting capabilities went up as well, but chasing some one around for ten whole days can really take a lot out of some one so he used sonido to vanish and headed back to his bed for some much needed rest. WC: 1,101 Twc: 4,349 Learned sonido needed 600/1,101 complete.
  18. The adjuchas arc: army vs army who has deaths embrace.

    yamashiro continued to where his ally was being held, it seemed like forever now as he already had to fight two hollows on each floor and if the pattern continued like it has been then here soon he would have to go head to head with yet another hollow, and knowing his luck this next hollow would be stronger then any of the other two hollows which came before it. as he ran the corner he could hear more small fry coming up the stair case so charging up a cero yamashiro fired it causing it to blast away every single weak hollow in the corridor as he ran past there smoldering body's that lay on the ground. just like before yamashiro came out into a large opened area where the hollow he needed to beat in order to save raido was standing in the center of the room, it was big much bigger then he was and it took the form of a all black Jaguar that stood up straight on two legs. it had red glowing eyes that could be seen from under its mask, and flowing behind it was long red hair which came to about the center of its back. " who the hell are you and how did you manage to get past the other two....oh well at least you will make for a decent meal if nothing else I suppose. " the spiritual pressure that he could fee coming off of this hollow in front of him was so large it was off the scale but he could not be thinking about that, if he thought about any thing it should be what his plan on beating this hollow would be. from the way the hollow looked he would guess that he was a brute type of fighter and if that was the case then this fight should be pretty even, but in the likely hood that he had something up his sleeve yamashiro would be prepared for it so for now he just needed to hurry and try to beat him as fast as he could for he has already been made to use up over half his time. if he was not able to beat this hollow in the next five minutes save raido then escape he would not get out in time before makio makes a appearance and he not a person he would wish to fight right now since he was now a vosto he knows he will have to wait until he to was a vosto before going up against him. going in yamashiro swung his already formed sword up at a diagonal slash but just as his blade was about to make contact with the hollow he suddenly upped and vanished from sight so he started looking around for him just to find him all the way across the room. how the hell he did that he had no idea but it made being able to hit him a whole lot harder so he needed to find a why to slow him down. " how the hell can you hit me if you can not even keep up with my sonido, I would just give up if I was you amigo but hey its up to you if you wish to to play tag with the homie. " so the name of that high speed technique was called sonido ha that was a move he needed to think of learning once he was done here, jumping back he caught a glimpse of the hollow smashing a hole into the ground at the exact same spot he was just standing at then as fast as he was there he was gone again, he would have to keep his senses at max or else he could find his self up a water pipe with no where to go except deaths front door. he began looking around the room trying to pinpoint his location but unfortunately his sight was not helping him at the moment so instead of trying to see him with his eyes he switched over to trying to find him though sensing him out, he was not sure how well it would work for him but he had to beat this hollow no matter what. just then the hollow appeared in front of yamashiro like a blur as he placed his paw onto yamashiro chest and the next thing that he knew he was sent flying back as he twisted and rolled backwards, if you have ever seen a person jump from a moving car at high speed that would be what yamashiro looked like just then. yamashiro managed to stop his self from continuing to roll back and with out really aiming he started shooting out his spider webbing, the places the rope hit turned into sticky web that would hopefully trap the hollow which in turn make it to where the hollow could not move which would in turn help yamashiro get a hit in to try and even the fight up some. unfortunately none of them managed to hit the hollow but now the field had been set to his advantage so if he was able to play his hand right he could come out of this a winning man and not some food for some piece of shit cat, if he could not catch the cat the best plan of action would be to hopefully have him step into one of the spider webs that had been shot moments before. " it dose not matter if I can not use or keep up with your sonido cause before this fight is over I shall give you a hit to remember." yamashiro said with a large grin crossing his hollow mouth, he was being cocky but it he was not just saying it to sound tough he would land a hit here soon he just needed to get accustomed to the hollows spiritual pressure, the way he moved and his battle style so if he was able to hang out until then well he should have a way thought up on how to beat him. " you think so hollow well how about I test that why don't we." that was when the cat hollow started going at yamashiro at full speed and so all yamashiro could think about was dodging and wondering where the next attack was going to come from let alone be thinking of any thing else, that was when he had a idea but to make it work he was gonna have to let the hollow hit him in order for it to succeed. the two fighters continued to play tag with yamashiro dodging and the cat hot on the attack that was when yamashiro started plan attack the cat, he suddenly tripped on a stone that got under his foot and just as yamashiro thought the little cat took the bait and went in for the attack as yamashiro was down. unfortunately for the cat hollow this whole thing was nothing more then a trap to get him in close enough to land a solid blow, the cats fist landed firmly onto yamashiro solar Plexus causing blood to be coughed up as it ran down his chin but he was smiling which made the cat get a weird look on its face. the hollow attempted to get his hand off yamashiro chest but could not that is cause when he hit yamashiro he oozed some of his special webbing from his chest sweat glans which stuck to the hollows hand when he struck him, the hollow attempted to get his hand unstuck but was unable to which now gave yamashiro the perfect opportunity to get in a attack and at this range he is sure gonna feel it that was damn sure. yamashiro made his hands into spear like weapons or more like stingers he was not fully sure but they would do the job he then managed to land three hits before the cat cut off its own arm just to get away from yamashiro attacks, it was a smart idea cause if he had not then he would have been dead. " looks like I was able to land that hit after all ha ha ha, but your not looking very good there mate." the hollow was holding his shoulder right above the spot he had to cut his arm off, he was panting heavily and looked like he would pass out at any moment, plus there was the blood loss to issue he was to deal with which means if he could some how wait him out he might just die with no extra attacks having to be used. " y.y.you are much better then I would have first thought, and it would seem that this battle has come to a end but I doubt you will manage to escape from here before he shows up." just then the hollow fell face down on to the ground a puddle of blood puddling out from around him, his breathing slowly slowing down until it stopped completely. looking around once it was all over he noticed another stair way that continued on down and if his hunch was right then it would hopefully lead him straight to raido holding cell, closer and closer he got until finely he came to the exit and just like he thought there raido was locked in a cage tho very badly injured to the point of where he could not go any where on his own let alone attempt a jail break. breaking the locks to the cell yamashiro walked in as he placed raido onto his back then started making his way back to the entrance where that monkey and worm was supposed to be waiting for him but just then as he entered the second room where he fought the mantis there was tons of hollows waiting for him, he quickly got into a fighting stance as he upped his spiritual pressure showing these weakling hollows that he was ready for them. a hollow suddenly came forward and from the look of the hollow he did not look like he wanted to fight then again taking another look around the room he noticed that a single hollow there looked as if they wanted to fight which was very odd. " please we do not wish to fight we have came here to help, your two comrades out side told us what happened so if you follow us we can show you a way out that not even makio knows about cause we built it long before his lazy ass ever decided to come around." yamashiro was not fully sure about this for all he knows this could just be a big trap to catch him now that he was worn down from fighting three battles in a row, but what choice did he really have since he knows that no one here could even stand up to makio so he signalled to them that he would follow them. one of the hollows in the group walked over to the rock wall as he started tapping on it with his face pressed against the stone wall, then by pressing down on a single area of the wall it triggered a pressure plate that revealed a hidden door. yamashiro and the rest of the hollows quickly headed down the passage way heading to who knows where but it was better then back there, it was about a hour that they had been walking for before they came around a corner to see the moon light from hueco mundo shinning down the Hall way, when they came out from the place he saw that the monkey and worm was already waiting for them. " I had them meet us here so we did not have to back track all the way back just to pick up these two so I thought it would just make easier in the long run, so do you have a location yet that you wish to head to." well at least this hollow was not stupid like most the hollows he had come across lately this one actually knew what he was doing, he might just get to like this hollow but he did have a point he needed to think of a area where makio has not already taken over....that's it they would head to the area where yamashiro first awoken hopefully he did not know of that spot if so that gave them plenty of time to rest and get things organized so that he could start to get things ready for the next stage. " I must give my thanks for helping me out back there if not for you I would probably be back there getting my ass handed to me by makio. but yes I have a place we can go its dew east north of here about a hundred Miles away so make sure every one can handle that." the hollow just started laughing before he and the other 20 with him started walking in the direction that yamashiro just said, he looked back and gave yamashiro the what are you waiting for slow poke look before heading on up the sand dune. Wc: 2,224 Twc:3,248
  19. The Last Movie You Watched?

    Guardian of the Galaxy 2 and the bounty hunter
  20. Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    I'll be using 1 fate point to purchase that one time 5k boost since work has been bending me over and screwing up my posting.
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  22. The adjuchas arc: army vs army who has deaths embrace.

    He was not sure how long he had been fighting for but if he did not hurry then he might be to late to help his soon to be second in command, he could feel his power growing with each battle he had but lately just his eye sight and agility seemed to have gotten better. He was able to see things more clearly now then he ever has which would help him later on against the faster fighters, while his new found speed would allow him to get past his enemy defences before they even know what hit them and as well as helping him to dodge enemy attacks more easily. Yamashiro continued to make his way down this long ass stair case which seemed to be going on forever but just like last time he came out to a large opened area that was lit with touches all around, and standing in the center of the room was another hollow and this ones appearance took on the shape of a praying mantis. " oh what do we have here a adjuchas hollow by the looks of it, it has been some time since some one was able to get pass the first floor. I have not had a opponent to face in such a long time I do hope that you do not die before I have some fun." The mantis hollow said as he started sharpening his blades on one another, yamashiro could not take this hollow lightly or else he would be finding his head on the floor beside him, reaching down yamashiro placed his fingers deep into the ground then came up with a large piece of the ground. Yamashiro then tossed the rock into the air right above where the hollow was standing from there he jumped up into the sky as he began punching the rock causing it to break into chunks and go flying towards the mantis like a meteor storm from hell. The mantis managed to cut any stone heading for him while the rest of them landed all around him but the stone shower was nothing more then a distraction so he could get up close on the hollow, yamashiro came in with a powerful punch and while it was fast the mantis hollow was still able to get one of his arm blades up in time to block the fatal blow. The power behind the attack caused the hollow to get pushed back some ways before it managed to stop its self, when the hollow looked up to see where yamashiro was he had already fired a cero towards the mantis hollow, the hollow did not have the time to dodge the incoming cero so instead the hollow just sliced right down the center of it causing each half to fly past him hitting the wall behind him. " ha ha ha ha ha, let me ask you, did you really think that would work. What do you just see this fight as a game shape up your gonna die before I can have my fun and that will really make me mad." The mantis hollow said before he fired two crescent shaped energy blasts towards yamashiro and he was not sure why but the spiritual pressure coming off of the energy blasts felt a lot like a cero, in which case yamashiro created a samurai blade using his sticky webbing from his sweat glan then he cut both cero in half sending the pieces all over the place. " yes I do I do see this world as nothing more then a big game, just like games we have a king or a lord that govern's over what we do, when they go to war who do think he sends... us of course for we are his pawns for battle, soul society hueco Mundo and the world of the living or nothing more then other countries to take over and yet are nothing more and nothing less then game pieces on a chess bored being controlled by the hand of fate. So how else can you look at this world but as a game, so as for your fun I do not think you are gonna like it." The hollow did not seem to be amused by yamashiro remarks so this time the hollow suddenly crossed his arms down in a slashing motion and when he did a gust of wind hit him but he was suddenly cut with small slashes all over his body, they did not really hurt but they stung like hell fire dipped in salt. " how did you like that hollow now you see how strong I am so I hope you do not take me lightly and think I am just some pawn...no I am much more then that for I get controlled by no one." Yamashiro was getting bored with this hollows tactics and so he did think it was high time to end this little game of there's so taking his sword the he made he got into a rushing motion and the mantis hollow saw this so he to got ready. The two hollows rushed in towards one another as they both came down with there attacks and it happened so fast they landed past each other as they just stood there neither one knowing who won yet. Just then both hollows wounds showed its fruit of battle, the mantis arm fell off its body and he had a large slash going across his midsection cutting him almost in two, yamashiro on the other hand had a cut on his cheek and one on his shoulder which means that the mantis was going in for the kill shot. " you fought better then I expected hollow but that was a fun game after all." Yamashiro said before heading down the stairs to where the final battle would soon take place, he just hoped that the next battle would be more of a game then his last opponent but as well he hoped he was able to make it to raido before something happens to him. WC: 1,024
  23. Kyouraku Mansion

    As the night went on, the two quieted down and sat down just enjoying the scenery. It had been quite a while since Yoshirou went back so he was probably sleeping like a log by now. The bottle had been empty for quite a while and their glasses were also dry. Both of them were both tired and intoxicated so it seemed like a good time to end. JDan was the first to speak as he announced that he is unable to continue. Metabee nodded,'Of course. This isn't a competition and it's not like I'm holding you hostage.' He chuckled at his next statement,'It takes a lot of practice.' Unsteadily, the big man raised himself and managed to keep standing. The Captain also raised himself to see his friend off. He patted him on his shoulder,'Yea, it's been good. Good night.' He was then told to leave the bottle and the cups on the table and the maids would come pick it up,'Alright. Take care.' Metabee saw him off and was left alone in his room,'Well...someone isn't going on duty tomorrow.' He said so as a hiccup hit him. He then took towards his bed,'So far...' Metabee undressed himself and got in his bed. He twisted and turned but still after an hour there was no sign of falling asleep. The Captain got up and walked out to the balcony once again. He leaned on the railings and rested there as he looked forward, not looking at anything in particular, as a man appeared beside him,'Too drunk to sleep?' Metabee didn't look at him,'No, but I'm drunk enough to see a dragon.' He then let out a sigh,'I'm not used to the bed and the room.' It wasn't home. Silence followed until a mix of black and dark purple spiritual pressure started to leak out of Metabee's body giving off a nasty feeling,'It's leaking.' He was well aware of that fact but at this moment he couldn't control it,'At least it's not my bladder. Speaking of that...' Metabee looked down below the balcony,'Nah...' After a few moments the spiritual pressure subsided and he went back to bed. This time he managed to fall asleep and finally rest. In the early morning, Metabee was woken up by a noise in his room as if someone was moving about. His sleeping brain didn't have enough time to go through with the boot up sequence. Without thinking he raised his torso and with a swing of his arm he created a sword and pointed it at the inflitrator which turned out to be a maid who came for the bottle and the cups. She jumped in fear and squealed with a 'kyaa' which caused her to drop the cups and smash them. Processing what he just did he quickly dematerialised his sword,'Oh no. I'm sorry!' The maid raised her hands in apology,'Oh no no, it's my fault. I should have waited until you woke up. I must have scared you.' Metabee's body slumped back into the bed as he put his hand on his face. He didn't know if he was still drunk or just tired from not getting enough sleep,'Need help?' She shook her head and smiled,'No it's fine. You can sleep. You had a rough night by the looks of it.' The Captain chuckled,'I've had worse.' The maid giggled,'I see. I'll be back to clean this up. Can't have you step in it.' He nodded to this but by the time the maid returned he was already asleep again. When he woke up again a bit later, the mess was gone and his normal clothes had been washed and hanged on the wardrobe. On the table, instead of the alcohol there was now a glass of water. The maid must have brought it after she saw his state. Metabee looked to the time to see that he should really get up but the gravitational pull of the bed was too strong. In the end, he prevailed and got up. The first thing he did was down the glass of water and sorted himself out in the shower. Once he was done the Captain got dressed and got ready to leave,'Time to go.'
  24. The Start of Silence

    2. The hope in silence On a hospital bed, Masato laid on his back with his arms at his sides and his waist-down underneath a thin white blanket. The room he laid in appeared most hygienic and consisted mainly of white and blue though the sight of gray was also common. Covering his mouth and nose was a transparent oxygen mask that, with the support of thin green straps tied loosely behind his neck, stayed on his face. Attached to the center of the mask was a gray pipe that stretched horizontally across the left of his chest and inevitably connected to an oxygen concentrator which, for the past four hours, delivered oxygen to his unconscious body. Save for Masato, the room was empty when a doctor barged in to check on his patient. He wasn’t in a hurry nor did he seem worried about Masato’s condition; barging through doors was just a habit he developed working the busy job he had. Unsurprisingly, the doctors “habit” combined with the various noises from the corridor, the chatting of hospital staff and wailing of children alike, woke Masato from his slumber. He partially opened his eyes to see his visitor and shortly after analyzing his dwelling, tried to recall how he got there. “Oh, Mr. Hizorashi, I’m glad to see your wake.” Startled by his unexpectedly awake patient, the doctor initiated conversation with a barely conscious Masato. “How did I get here?” Masato asked, now more awake and conversant with his surroundings. The doctor responded as he sat in an ergonomic chair and rotated the seat to face Masato. “We received a call from your wife as well as your home address but -” “WHERE IS SHE NOW?!” Masato interrupted leaning forward, his eyes completely open and his grip to the blanket above him tightened. “...may I finish?” doctor asked then briefly paused as to not be interrupted again. Masato sensed his he was being rude. “Sorry” he apologized humbly allowing his visitor a chance to proceed. Confident that Masato was open to listening the doctor continued “She seemed anxious over your condition so I convinced her you were fine, which, by the way, you are.” testing Masato’s patience he paused briefly expecting interference but again Masato remained silent and attentive. The doctor continued “after passing out you would normally regain consciousness within a few minutes, an hour at most, but your exhaustion at the time of your incident seemed to have kept you down longer than usual. You’re free to leave but might I prescribe a healthy meal and some rest. ” the doctor smiled, confident that the news he brought would bring joy to Masato’s face Frustrated by the doctors’ failure to answer his second question Masato’s gaze burned with rage, his eyes set directly on the doctors and the dark bangs just beneath them made his stare especially devastating to the doctors’ composure and sense of security. *ahem* the doctor cleared his throat. Acknowledging his anger and not wanting to provoke him again the doctor replied. “She uhh.. She left maybe 10 minutes ago after.” Just then Masato tossed his cover to the left, leaped out of the right-side of the bed and sprinted through and out the infirmary door. In the corridor he ran towards the closes exit insight. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't help but bump and shove into inhabitants of the crowded hall and along with them, some medical equipment but his haste proved beneficial for it wasn't long before Masato found himself out of the hospital and on a street heading towards his house. It was five in the morning but instead of a colorful and vibrate sunrise, the extremely cloudy sky was gray blue, and other variations of it. The weather was obviously cold and this fact was supported by the mist Masato’s mouth issued with his heavy breaths. The rain poured heavily, seemingly by the bucket load, creating puddles of water everywhere. Masato was never athletic, he could barely jog a mile and because of his frail body the prospect lifting weights alone repelled him from any and all physically taxing exercises. But despite all, Masato ran vigorously, for a total of 15 minutes ignoring all barriers physical and mental alike, to his house where he assumed his wife would be. His heart raged in his chest and the heat his body generated did well combating natures cold. Muscles throughout his body ached and the only things pushing his overstressed body were adrenaline and hope for righting whatever wrong he might've done to his wife. Pitter patter and showering rain censored most of the sound of splashes coming from the young man’s footsteps on the wet and clean streets of the neighborhood. He made a few turns before arriving a the long road leading directly to his house; this only encouraged him to run even faster. The mild and gray fog of that rainy night concealed much that was in the distance but did not dishearten him. Masato slowly transitioned from running, to skipping and then finally walking, for he had arrived in front of his house to see a female figure slowly walking away. His emotions were split in two, joy that he could finally discuss their last conversation over the phone and anger for not knowing what his wife was going through or how could resolve it. He didn't bother to confirm if it was actually his wife. “ASUNA!” he shouted so loud that it could be clearly heard over the deafening sound of showering rain. Following his cry was heavy panting, followed then by patches of white mist steaming from his every breath, fading shortly thereafter. His nose and cheeks were red and irritating from the cold and his completely drenched clothes hugged tightly to his body. Without thought Asuna turned her body to face her caller. Much to her surprise, she saw a panting Masato whose shoulders and chest rose and declined in sync with his breathing. Her eyes swelled up at the sight of her exhausted husband but further inspection made her to drop her umbrella, her only protection from the rain, and cover her mouth with both hands as tears gushed from the outer-ends of her eyes. Masato didn't understand why until he focused his eyes on what she saw. He hadn't notice until that moment, but the isolated water peddle he stood in consisted of diluted blood emerging from the bottom of his bare feet. The tar of the streets combined with friction created from his running tore skin and flesh from the bottom of his feet. No matter how she struggled to, Asuna couldn't stop her tears. It was this very love and dedication he displayed that guilted her. After such a sight how could she bring herself to tell him, bloodied and broken for her sake, that she simply didn't love him back? She viewed herself as a parasitic burden, leaching Mastato's love and giving nothing in return and thought leaving him would remove that burden; not take away what he loved most in the world. Knowing what she was about to say, she couldn't look him in the face. “I can’t stay with you so please….don’t follow me!” she said crying with her gaze to the floor directly below herself. She thought being repulsive would make her rejection less harsh however it didn't. Since regaining conscious, Masato thought of words that would sway Asuna’s decision, so her attempts to push him away and avoid dialogue were not only devastating but completely contrary to how he envisioned their meeting. With his mouth wide open, he struggled for words to say. Asuna With tearful eyes turned away, lifted her umbrella above her head and began to walk away. This met utter failure and defeat to Masato. He fell to his knees then hands and wept; his tears contributing to the puddle he once stood in. he lost half of all he lived for and couldn’t help but imagine losing the other. The thought of losing Mimeki was the final blow to what little sanity Masato had left. His sorrow quickly turned to resentment towards, firstly his own failure and secondly to his wife. For years he tried his utmost best to curb his anger, so in that moment when he finally let loose, there were no filters on his tongue. “you…” he murmured in hesitation of what was to come. “YOU FUCKING WHORE! YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST WALK AWAY? WHAT ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER? YOUR GONNA EXPLAIN THIS TO MIMEKI. YOUR GONNA TELL HER WHY YOU'RE ABANDONING HER YOU SPITEFUL BITCH!” He shouted quickly aloud in one breath; His face visibly irritated, droll running from his mouth and his nose running. With that off his chest sat in silence. His breaths still heavy, he wheezed with a dry throat and reflected on what he just said. (Someone… please kill me.) He thought to himself while hearing all that he said repeatedly in his head. His words reached Asuna and gave her the push needed to keep walking. She interpreted those words as clear hate towards her and blinded herself to the truth, that being the complex emotions going through Masato at the time, anger and confusion alike, coupled with exhaustion ,would make anyone speak regretful and meaningless words, Masato being no exception. Masato stared into the distance silently and motionlessly until Asuna could no longer be seen; all the while tears and water flowed to, then drip off the bottom of his chin. The rain had stopped but Masato was still soaked. The rate at which his feet bled slowed and his heartbeats regulated. He was utterly lost. His eyes were void of life and he shivered from the cold but committed no effort to try and stay warm. He wanted to die. (I wouldn’t suffer like this if I died.) He thought to himself. His only hope was to by some miracle die where he sat and end it all. He envisioned darkness enveloped his body and the thought of dying put a smile on his face. A jet black shadowy hand reached for his soul ready to claim it. While this all happened internally, Masato’s physical body still reacted. “Please…” he chuckled with isolated tears at the end of both eyes at the hand, “take it.” He raised his arms up and out with his hands palm-side up while pleading. Internally the hand came closer and closer to his chest; less than an inch away. Masato’s smile slowly grew larger until a voice could be heard. Masato couldn’t hear it clearly and was so close to what he thought was death that frankly he didn't care. But again the voice called this time louder and peaking Masato’s curiosity. “Huh?” Masato lowered his arms and looked around the darkness trying to trace the voice; the hand retreated into the darkness as Masato seemed no longer interested in it. Finally a third time, with his ears now open, he heard the calling “PAPA!” Like glass the dark walls around him cracked, from those cracks shone white lights. The walls crumbled shortly after leaving him on his knees, now in the world of the living. He looked to his right with a turn of his head to see Mimeki standing in the doorway of their house; her distressed and confused expression was due only to Masato’s lucidly bad condition. Like a miracle, the dark grey clouds split directly above him enveloping him in beam of bright banana yellow light, and with it warmth. “Mimeki” he murmured while trying to stay conscious but to no avail. His eyes slowly closed and his head dropped forward; his chin stopping at his chest. He slept on that sidewalk in a puddle of bloodied water and snored quietly with an expressionless face. “Ugh” Masato grunted at his headache with chapped lips and sore eyes. He looked around and found himself in his bedroom lying of course on his bed. The Red light illuminating his dark bedroom indicated it was evening. His feet were exceptionally warm; he removed the blanket above it to see why and to his surprise his feet where poorly wrapped in bandages. Atop his drawer was a filled water container, a glass cup and various fruits and vegetables; sliced, peeled and ready for his consumption. After his short meal and drink, he stood off his bed while slowly applying pressure to his feet. His body ached and had it not been for the pain, he would’ve surely stretched as he usually did when first waking. He heard the sound of running water behind his closed bedroom door and decided to investigate it but with every limping step he took he winced in pain from the bottom of his feet. He eventually arrived at the door and opened it. The first thing he noticed was the dried up blood-steps which lead directly towards his room, they were obviously his. Secondly he noticed the running water came from the kitchen. It's door was was open and light emerged from it, partially lighting up the hall. Masato walked towards the light and paused before he could be seen. He thought about how he failed Asuna and questioned if he would do the same with Mimeki. (I don’t want to be there when she leaves too?) And thoughts like it consumed him. He turned back to his room and considered going back to curl in bed and indulge in his sorrow. (You hypocrite, you’re abandoning your daughter you pathetic lump of cow shit!) “GOOODA EVENING YOUNG LADY!” he shouted in a deep heroic voice, bursting through the kitchen door, a transparently forced smile stretched across his face and his eyes closed from it. He assumed a ridiculous pose that would always put a smile on Mimeki’s face. On his right leg he stood and raised his left, bent, knee; his arms spread out to his sides and his torso leaned forward. The pose was that of Burter’s of the Ginyu force but was also physically taxing for Masato, especially in his current condition. Masato however cared not for the pain he endured for it was far worse than the thought of losing his last light, in the world he perceived as only dark and cruel. His legs shock rapidly and he wobbled side-to-side trying to stay balanced. Mimeki was standing on a chair, washing the dishes she used to cook dinner in the sink when he barged in shouting. Facing him, she jumped down the chair and walked to her father. looking up to her father, she held her arms out in front of him indicating the desire for a hug. As always, this time the fake smile didn't fool her. She often knew that her father would fake his happiness for her sake but this was different. She thought it was her time her time to comfort him, her time to hold back tears and smile for her father. “What kind of hero would I be if I denied my secret admirer a hug?!” Masato said aloud before kneeling and hugging Mimeki. Their heads were rested above one another’s shoulders when Mimeki spoke. “You don’t have to do it today.” “Whatever do you mean young miss?” he asked in with mumbling lips as his heart trembled and his eyes began to water. “You don’t have to pretend anymore.” She clarified, but Masato had already understood. Tears rolled from his yet he still tried to uphold his facade. “It's ok, I’m not leaving you.” She claimed with gentle words. Shortly after Masato’s hug grew more firm and he sobbed in her arms. “Me neither.” He cried, his response shattering her facade as well. That whole evening they cried at their lost aloud and uncontrollably, with runny noses and tears, their shoulders catching one another's tears. It wasn't until the sun had completely set that they stopped. That night was quiet and dark but dinner with his daughter gave Masato comfort and hope for the future. WC: 2670
  25. The adjuchas arc: army vs army who has deaths embrace.

    ' I'm coming for you raido hold on.' Yamashiro thought as he was making his way down to the holding cells where prisoners was kept held, this looked like a good way to gain lots of Ally's in one go but mostly he just came for raido so the hollows can either take what he is offering or they can go to hell he did not really care. " There he is men attack the intruder do not allow him to go any further down this path." These hollow must have forgot what he looked like and what's worse he has not even been gone but for a few days, it was such a shame but he would have to show these weakling there place on the cutting bored. But unfortunately he did not have time for delays cause if he did not happen to grab raido and get out under 10 minutes then the boss normally gets involved and that's not what he needed right now so chewing up some sticky web yamashiro shot two strings, the first one hit the hollows on his right side then the second string trapped the hollows to his left to the wall just like the right. This now left a opening in the pathway so taking it yamashiro headed down tell he made it to a large opened area and as he looked around he noticed a hollow sitting on its knee's, the posture looked a lot like a samurai praying before it goes out for battle. " I welcome you warrior to this place of battle I must be your first opponent thus before you face another two before you can reach the spot you so much long for, but now prepare your self for here I come." The hollow stood up and came running in towards him as he started to swing a wooden samurai sword at him, the speed was not very fast so yamashiro reached up and caught the stick with nothing more then his hand, the strength was not very strong either which made yamashiro wonder why they even had him guarding any thing as weak as he was. " what the hell is this, if this is what you have for power its pretty damn boring so here let me show you what real power feels like so you have a understanding. " gripping hold of the wooden sword tight he pulled his arm back then blasted a smocking hot hit to the hollows face causing him to fly backwards like a spinning top. Taking no time for the hollow to hit the floor completely yamashiro rushed over as he was over the hollow with a cero charged up in his hand, taking his hand yamashiro smashed it into the hollows face and into the ground before unleashing his full powered cero and laughed like a maniac the whole time he did it. He watched as the hollow began turning into dust slowly returning back to the cycle of life, hopefully he had better luck in his next life but yamashiro could not dabble here he needed to continue on and reach raido before something happens. WC: 530 Twc: 8,054
  26. From the Ashes

    Regashi would make his way out of the door, feeling good about the fact that he was able to perform as necessary and claim the ability to enter the academy. So as he made his way out of the door, there was a slight shock when he saw the same crowd in the main room that was there before he left and wondered how long they had been in there. His eyes would meet a clock on the opposing wall and take note of the fact that it had only been 22 minutes since he first left this room, and that was all the time that had passed although it had felt like he was in there for hours. His confusion at the time leads people to several assumptions as they looked at Regashi with eyes full of concern and curiosity attempting to gauge his reactions to the moment to determine what it would be that they would be asked to perform as well. Either way, none of this seemed to matter as he made the decision to simply make his way through the room and ignored most everyone on his way through the main waiting hall so that he could finally leave the building and even get a chance to look at the sky above and get a breath of fresh air. The moment he reached mostly to the exit he would take note of a single individual who had not kept their eyes off of him and with a quick glance he was able to recognize it as the woman from earlier with the emerald green eyes and the auburn hair. She seemed so interested in Regashi for some reason and one that he could not seem to understand but would simply place it on the fact that he was the most recent to complete the exam. Once he made it outside, the first thing that he would take note of would be the gentle breeze that would roll over and flow over his skin and blow his hair, which had grown slightly over the time since the completion of the Crimson Trials, and a slight smile would start to spread upon his face at the comfort that he was feeling at this very moment. The sky, which he recalled being a gentle light blue with a few clouds drifting through, would be shaded with hues and shades of reds and yellows as the sun was starting to reach the horizon and bring about the dusk of the day. "So I have a week before I begin at the Academy..." He would say under his breath as he would think about the next week and what it would entail. It would be that moment, in the first thought of the next week, that he realized that he may have nowhere to be for the next week. He had spent some time within the Fourth Division Barracks under special circumstances during his recovery but that was no longer allowed seeing as he was cleared and thus was left with one of two options; either he can return to the 72nd East Rukon District and hope that they will be willing to allow him to return for the time being knowing that he allowed Arashi to live after everything that he had put them through, or he could just attempt to see how long a vagrant could last in the Seireitei without getting in so much trouble that he would not be allowed in the academy. For the time being, he would have some time to think about and properly plan his next step and thus would decide to relax under a nearby tree by sitting his back against it and his weapons, still wrapped and bound together, sitting in his lap and leaning against his shoulder. His eyes would be focused on the closing sky being consumed by the fires of the setting sun and taking note of the darkness spreading throughout the sky with his mind drifting far away, but only for a moment before he realized what he could be doing with the time that he had to himself. His small bag that he used to carry a few items was placed to his side and he would go through it in order to find a small book that was like a ragged journal. He would open it and take note of the various things that were written inside, mostly a bunch of text related to poems, stories, and even Kido that has been scribbled in it by his father Rosuto. He never paid much attention to the written information, especially the Kido, but with the fact that he spent some time with members of the Fourth Division and got a better understanding of how Kido actually works and how to manage it, some of the things that he has read and the lessons that his father attempted to teach him made a little more sense and became a little more clear than they once were. His eyes would trace the pages, flowing along the words like a raft drifting along the ocean moving him towards something of value and of importance, but just as he was starting to understand a key portion of the information being provided there was a sharp interruption, "What are you reading there?" With the sudden jolt of words spoken, Regashi was startled but not visible. He would lift his gaze up from the journal and would glance over at the auburn-haired woman that would stand over him and attempt to look at the contents of the book. Though he would not allow that as he would simply shut the book and place it carefully in one of his pockets on his clothing and would focus his gaze on her. "Or not?" Seemingly offended at the fact that he would not share what he was reading with her. "Can I help you?" He would speak sharply, as his one eye would look her up and down trying to figure why she would persist in bothering him consistently. He would notice how she would keep looking at him with the most curious of expressions as if she was taking pictures with her eyes, "Or will you continue to simply observe me?" He would question her further but her only response would be to take a seat on the ground next to him and lay back against his legs and pull out her own book. He thought of saying something in order to object, but she seemed to be content and there was nothing more coming from her in the way of an annoying behavior and simply would ignore it. "My name is Laiza by the way." She spoke as she looked at her little book that she was reading, and he took note of the title LOVELESS. It honestly seemed interesting, among other things about this woman. Suddenly one of the larger, more brutish, individuals would walk by and take note of the scene before him and attempted to mock the two of them. "Bakudo Number 1." Regashi would lift his left hand and point it at the man who was bothering them as he held his book in his right hand, "Sai." From his hand would unleash a ray of energy and constrain the individual to which would provide a light chuckle from Laiza. "Perhaps she isn't too bad." At least now he had someone to stay with and be around for the following week... WC: 1,237 TWC: 6,910
  27. Kyouraku Mansion

    The wind blows on the beautiful night forcing the few clouds that were blocking the remainder of the moonlight away. Even without the moonlight it was well light but with it the beauty of the surround scenery was just that much better. The night was closing in on half way so the light given off the moon would begin to diminish. From a chair he made it to earlier, JDan looks around taking in the view from here one last time. Honestly he wasn’t pausing for the view as being only a floor below he had one close to it. Instead he was attempting to gather his thoughts and gain his composure. “I’m s-orry M-etabee but I’m going to have to t-ap out here. If I continue t-o drink from this point, I can guarantee I will be sick. M-y Saki lost its taste along time ago,” he says taking in a deep breath and sighing heavily. “I’m h-onestly not sure how some S-hinigami can do this on a regular b--asis, much less humans.” Having regained his composure, even if for a moment, JDan slowly stands up. At this point the room only had a slight twirl to it instead of a full-blown spin, as if it was a ride at the fair. “I will t-ake this brief opportunity to get to my ro-om before what went down decides to come back up,” he states while touching his belly, hinting at the alcohol. “It’s been the best nig-ht I’ve had in quite sometime. I bid you a goo-d night.” JDan then slightly bows making sure not to upset his stomach nor fall over to the floor; both of which would be extremely embarrassing, especially when he was so close to making it to his room. "Ju-st leave the cups and the bot-tle on the table for tonight. The ma-ids will be more than hap-py to gather it all in the morn-ing." JDan momentarily waited giving Metabee time to respond but as long as the Commander didn’t object to his leaving he would leave right after. Time was of the essences and if he wanted to make it to his room by himself he needed to act swiftly; the longer he remained standing the faster the room started to spin again, though it was increasing at a slow pace.
  28. he looked around his surroundings as he once again stood on the sandy banks of the white sands of hueco mundo, he had been kicked out of the pack he was in but for what reason he was still unsure of the motives. well he sure as hell could not make a army staying out under the bright moon so he would need to take over a colony or hopefully find a empty one seeing as they...or he should say he wiped out when he was still in the nest with the others. but if he was being honest he never did like being told what to do, so making his way out into the endless sea of white sand he searched high and low until he was finally able to find a empty hive where he could call home and start building his army but his army would only have the strongest or else taking makio head would not be as fun. when he entered the colony yamashiro laid traps all though out the hive to make sure no person could just stroll into his place unwelcome, he looked for about a hour before he decided on a spot which would be only his, then he headed back out to try and find some hollows that actually knew how to fight then get them to join him. but first he needed to rescue his men that was still in makio army so closing his eyes yamashiro started by looking for there spiritual pressure, once he was done doing that he started walking onto the direction that he sensed them at. as he got closer to their hide out he noticed that the hollow he found before standing guard out side, this one he was not sure wither or not this one would actually work for him but there was only one way to find out so he approached the hollow as he looked up at him. the hollow just looked at yamashiro for what seemed like a pretty long time but mostly he was trying to figure out his motives. " your not supposed to be here yamashiro, I'm sorry but I can not let you in." he knew this was gonna happen cause he works for makio right luckily he came with a back up plan. " I never did get your name hollow but I did not come here to play games what I did come for was you and a few other hollows for my new army I am making, I am sure you would have more fun at my army. for one I do not make my army stay around the base all the time, I do not force my men to do nothing except under certain times, and the fun part is I'm not just building a army to have one I have plans per say but I can not do my self so that's why I need a hand full of Worthy fighter's you could be part of that if you decide to help me to get in and join my army." the odds on him actually helping him was maybe at 10% at the least 15% max and that depends on how much the hollow liked him or disliked him, but it seemed like forever before the giant ass worm spoke a word. " that dose not sound like a bad idea and I'm guessing this plan has something to do with taking over hueco mundo as a whole." the hollow was smarter then it looked, indeed his idea evolved around the thought of taking over but it was more like a big video game to him to see just see how far he could make it up the ranks to take over. " you seem to have a general grasp of my idea but not the whole thing, but I do not plan on shearing any more until I am completely sure on all the aspects so what do you say want to join." the worm thought about it for a few minutes before he started laughing, yamashiro was not sure why he was laughing he did not remember saying any thing funny. " you know I am not sure how long it has been since I have had any fun, tho if I had to guess it was when the Quincy's hollows and soul reaper's fought in the hundred year blood war, so sure I will join you." yamashiro chuckled as he created a large hammer and with one massive strike blew a big ass hole into the side of the cave, it would not be long now before more troops arrived to see what happened so he climbed up to where he could see them but they would not see him..well at least not at first. just as he thought the back up troops came running out to what made the noise. " hey what the hell is going on here, what made that hole maggot, speak now or I shall cut you up into piece's and feed you to the wolfs for dinner." even with other hollows the worm did not have a problem with taking his sweet time answering a person. " I am not sure sir I was making my rounds like normal when I heard the loud noise so I came to see what it was, that's when you guys came out yelling if I had to guess I would say he has already gone inside." it was now or never seeing as they was all standing in one spot he might not get another shot like this again, so charging up his energy yamashiro fired off a strong enough cero to wipe out the four hollows standing there, not counting his new comrade of course. with that yamashiro went inside to look around while the other one stayed out side in case more enemy show up out there while he inside. the inside of this place was really no different then the last hide out they was in but how big it was he could not be sure, he continued to look around until he came to a hall way that had light shinning down the path. yamashiro took the path and walked down it as he came to the end he peeked though and he noticed the monkey hollow he was able to get before so hopefully he could do it again. slowly making his way into the room he also saw another hollow in the room also so walking up behind it he made a small blade then stuck it into the hollows skull killing him instantly. " hello there monkey shits how goes it, before you think you need to fight me your wrong I am just here to get any hollow that wishes to follow me to join my army so what do you say." yamashiro kept his guard up the whole time cause he was not sure if this hollow wished to attack him or join him could be both for all he knew but that would just make the game more fun. " your lucky I hate my new boss so sure I will join your army, I am guessing your also looking for raido correct well he is being kept in chains down stairs in the holding cells, makio put him down there when he attempted to leave after you makio said if he did not work for him he would not allow him to work for no one." well it would seem he has his hands full but he needed raido in his army so he had no choice. Wc:1,285 Twc: 7,524
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