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    Aya Isamu

    aya walked down the stairs with a letter in her hand. she hand found it that morning in her room. it was a special meeting with team leader and team members. it was a weekend so she didn't expect it. it was just a simple letter : Dear, Miss. Aya Isamu It would be a pleasure to have you in the weekly meeting at the tea house by 11:00 a.m. sincerely yours vadim satow she did not have to run because she had already received the letter pretty early in the morning. she walks to the dining room for breakfast and finds waiola there eating like a hungry lion. as she notices Aya she tries to chew slowly to act a bit more ladylike but the bite was so big that she had all her mouth full. just right then Daisuke enters. _ damn I am so hungry ! ... wait ... did YOU eat ALL these dishes ??? Waiola frons and make some noises with her mouth full. _aha... nonsense ! ... man! I can't believe you just left us some cereals !!! aya holds her letter up: _ did any of you get a letter for the meeting? Waiola makes some more noises as Daisuke starts eating his cereals but his words were more meaningful than hers : _ yeah we always get one of them once in a while, it is nothing that important! waiola frons and make some noises and push more bread in her mouth. they walk the road in the green garden to the bamboo trees, and there they find the lake. if it wasn't because of the constant arguing between Waiola and Daisuke it could be a very peaceful walk for Aya. lotus flowers were all around floating on the water as they crossed the bridge and sat around the tea-table. team leader arrives a few minutes later. they were all quiet. team leader pours tea for each of them and lets them all have a sip or two and then he begins. _as you all know we are on a different mission track... we strickly need teamwork. it is a very crucial part of our work. and YOU guys absolutely has NO positive teamwork. I want to listen to your reasons on this matter and if we can not solve it, we have to say goodbye to this team. the division needs fighters not kids to babysit. Miss. Seno you are fast with high perception but you get angry very fast, it stops you from understanding your differences with others and accepting them. MR. Gima you are strong with high stamina but your trust to your strength blinds you from your weaknesses and that makes you a target, plus your lack of concentration makes you weak in the teamwork. miss. Isamu I know you are new, but we have high expectations from you as the strategy of the division is changing. do not answer me with words now, show me that you can be a team ... you have only two weeks to work it out between yourself, I expect you to practice and spend time with each other. build your strategy to cover each other weaknesses not to bold them. then and only then you can be a team. in the way back to dorms they were all quiet. not even a single time any of them uttered a word. down the staircase Waiola turns to them : _as we all have straight orders... ahhh... I know it is not the most fun thing we can do in a weekend, but how about some practice tomorrow... together? Aya lingers... : I must appologize ... but.. I can not. I am sorry! she bows politly and walks the stairs up. Waiola frons again and looks at Daisuke : _something is fishy! W.C : 623
  3. Aurora

    Aya Isamu

    _when I first met Aya Isamu it was in kido class, she was way above all other students, I was impressed that I almost didn't notice that my tea is pouring down on my kimono! she learned all the Academy Kidos only in one week, I can surely say that she could learn them faster if some instructors were kinder to her ... I rarely may find a sharp student like her in all the years of my service in the Academy. the old man gazed at his tea as if he was reviewing all the centuries he had been teaching in the Academy. Vadim said nothing and let the old man survey his old memories in peace. after a few seconds, he came back to his time and sighed with a faint smile underneath his huge beard and mustache. he softly blew the hot steam of the tea and make it dance over in the light of the morning sun. drinks a sip and looks up at the young team leader of the 5th Division. _so why did you say you need my best of the best again satow kun? _with respect sir, it is confidential but the captain has new plans for the division. _If you need a genius then Isamu is the one you are looking for. _genius?... yes... yes genius. Vadim leans back on his seat with his arms crossed on his chest. he smiles softly and nods. WC: 241
  4. Metabee

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Ultimately, the decision fell to Metabee as it was his life that may be at stake and so Yoshirou wanted to hear his thoughts. He slowly thought about everything they were told and what they should do with it. It was definitely not as easy decision to make and one that should not be made lightly. The Captain made up his mind and spoke,'War brings unlikely allies together. I think we should take his offer, though it doesn't mean that we have to trust him. He said it himself; it's a non aggression pact so it just means that we have to not attack each other and they will aid us.' He knew that most here would not be willing to co-operate with a demon and would think him crazy so he continued,'I'm not doing this for myself either. It is very likely that many of us will die in this battle, me included so prolonging my life is quite pointless. If you are able to co-operate with other racess then think of it that way. Sometimes we must be able to co-operate with criminals to be able to do the greater good. It is true that our forces are a bit lacking but against an immortal opponent it will never be enough. What better way is there to combat immortality than with our own immortal forces? If we want to increase our chances of winning then this deal may be it.' Metabee then looked to Yoshirou for his opinion. The Noble was also a leader of this army so his input was crucial to the matter too. If he was not to agree with his opinion then he would respect it and they will continue looking for other ways just like they have been doing so far.
  5. ChaosKaiz

    Tune in and Tune up - Ninth Division

    Renchi watched as the pipe flew through the air from being thrown and Nariko move slightly to avoid the lead coming at her. "Well, at least ya lasted longer than the last few." Renchi honestly spoke those words mainly for herself as she rolled her neck, ignoring what ever Nariko was saying. She watched as Nariko rush forward, faster than she thought the little urchin could move, and gave a smirk when she heard the Bakudo being used. [1] Slowly she lowered her posture slightly as both of her arms were placed behind her back. She appeared to struggle a bit to get her arms free and once Nariko was only a short distance away, Renchi swung one leg forward using the momentum of her leg. She had timed it as best she could to allow her foot to connect with the soft pallet under the chin of Nariko. [2] While propelling herself in this manner, Renchi would pull both arms free from behind her with the binds broken from he right arm. [3/4*] Assuming that the attack is not interrupted, whether Renchi successfully landed the attack or Nariko did not deliver a counter attack after avoiding the kick, Renchi would land and pull out her Zanpakuto, "Start up and Burn Out, Akai Joō!" As she pulled the blade from the sheath, a large grinding sound could be heard from metal on metal as the assumed katana would change form similar to a broadsword with a lever upon the handle. With a twist of her wrist, the sound of an engine roaring. WC - 515 TWC - 1459 - Combat Stats - Actions - Abilities - End of Combat Stats
  6. Aurora

    Aya Isamu

    _The attack on the village was horrible. lots of invisible monsters attacked everyone and slaughtered every soul. later in soul societies Academy, I learned the true story about Quincies and their abilities. they probably used lots of Hollow baits to attract so many hollows to our village. I still can clearly remember the fright I had when the Hollow shoved its claws in my belly and killed me. if it wasn't because of a soul reaper I would have been devoured by a hollow as well. I don't know how many souls he could save that night, but with what I witnessed that night, I don't think they could be much. I searched for survivor souls of my village in Rukongai and I couldn't find any but a little girl called Nanako. as the daughter of the Isamu clan chief, I took all the responsibilities to take care of her. but it wasn't that easy as a new soul in Rukongai. I took care of her but I had to left her behind and come to the academy when a soul reaper found out that I haven't eaten anything for two months and I still show no sign of fatigue. it was when I wanted to find a job in a construction site. they didn't want to give the job to a girl with such a little frame as mine. they thought I can not work. I explained that a little girl is staying with me and she is so weak as she didn't have anything to eat for a long time and I need the job desperately. they still refused but I didn't want to back down for the sake of Nanako so I went to the heaviest rock there and used my reiatsu to pull it and then made it fly to put it on the other floor. it was then when a guy in black kimono came from the shadows and asked me some questions, then told me that he thinks I am strong enough to enter Academy. he left and I got the job. that night I bought a portion of good food for Nanako as I didn't feel hungry at all I let her eat all her want. then I decided to enter the Academy. In Seireitei I could earn enough to make a good life for Nanako. so we started training but she failed the exam and I passed. it was hard for both of us when I left her alone at home but then we got used to it. I regularly met her on my off days and I could easily provide for her. and even now I keep on practicing with her and I hope she will soon join the Academy. I hope... WC : 461
  7. The Eml

    Tune in and Tune up - Ninth Division

    The Captain himself actually moved to turn down the music for Nariko, which seemed to make Renchi more irritated at Nariko than the Captain. It was fine, the girl didn't really mind that much. Renchi was every bit as rude as Nariko would have expected the greasy mechanic girl to be, something that swelled some interest in her. Besides, it would have been really odd if she had just been extremely polite and shy, given everything she'd seen of her. Then again, people were strange, it could have happened. Nariko flashed Jonetsu an appreciatory glance with a small nod of her head before she continued to issue her challenge. The Captain was much more relaxed and laid back than the Lieutenant was. It was probably best that he was in charge of the division. Renchi was quite... hot headed it seemed. Which made Nariko's decision easier. She might have felt worse if she went to challenge someone who was polite and more suited for the position. Well, not to say that Renchi was unsuited, she obviously had some degree of qualifications. The Lieutenant more or less seemed to ignore her, moving towards her, and then off to the side. Nariko didn't let the show of intimidation bother her. She was used to these sorts of people. Gang leaders in the Rukongai liked to put on shows like that. Tough girl Renchi pulled out her Zanpakutou, which Nariko had to admit she was impressed by. The weapon itself wasn't anything to look at, but the fact that she could find it in the first place. Lieutenant Renchi began to exit the building, a grin on her face. Probably looking forward to 'clocking this upstart' or something like that. Nariko herself was absolutely excited as well, ready for the fight to begin. The Captain seemed to be interested enough, as he followed along, bringing his tea with his so he could observe. It was doubtful that he expected much from Nariko, but perhaps he was just bored. Nariko nodded, following along until she herself was standing on a relatively clear patch of ground. The captain took up a spot overlooking them, and he lounged as best he could, making the whole thing look natural. Renchi's arm was a bit of a surprise, metallic and prosthetic. Inside it, she housed her Lieutenant badge. The coveted thing. Her challenge was to rip off her arm?! Nariko was taken aback a little bit. "I guess whatever it takes, ri-" a lead pipe launched through the air at Nariko, who had been watching her toy with the thing, and she took a small step to the side right as she was releasing it, letting it soar past her. "-ght? Whenever you're ready to start." The throw was impressively fast for sure, but Nariko herself was much faster, and could see the throw coming from a mile away. She didn't even need to use her full speed for that. [1] "I'll kick things off, I guess, if you won't." Nariko smirked. Implying that Renchi's pipe was nothing. Smack talk usually was something that people did, right? Nariko was silently applauding herself for that roast. Thunderous applause in her head. [2] Nariko, with that, launched towards the Lieutenant, holding back on her full speed for now. She wanted to hold something back in the reserves in case she needed it. Nariko didn't have fantastic form or anything like that, she wasn't a martial artist, but she didn't need it. She utilized what she had as she could. "Sai!" she shouted as she closed the distance between the two of them, the Bakudo hopefully restraining Renchi, and long enough for Nariko's momentum to keep her moving forward. [3] If the Sai successfully connected, Nariko's momentum would have continued forward, driving her palm into the Lieutenant's solar plexus, potentially launching the paralyzed Lieutenant backwards with all her force and momentum, and hopefully driving the wind from her lungs as well. It certainly wasn't a fight ending opening, but Nariko liked to use some unorthodox methods of fighting. Most Kido users didn't really like to fight close up, but Nariko liked to throw that out the window. She could use Kido aggressively and close up as well. She kind of had to, given her strength was the only thing that hadn't seemed to improve much when she'd unlocked her Shikai. If she managed to pull off the 'opening maneuver' successfully, Nariko would let her opponent get back up assuming she broke free from the Sai. Given the nonchalantly thrown had some impressive speed behind it, this girl was undoubtedly strong. Definitely stronger than Nariko was. That much was clear just from the onset. No way Nariko could throw something with that amount of power behind it, even if she tried her hardest. This wasn't going to be a battle of strength versus strength at the very least. She would have to use her Kido effectively. WC: 821 TWC: 1822 Combat Stats: - Actions
  8. ChaosKaiz

    Tune in and Tune up - Ninth Division

    Renchi continued to work on the details of her bike, focusing on the features of her engine since she was working on upgrading the air filtration and seeing if she can alter the Reishi Injection. Jonetsu took note of the young woman that made her way into the room but did not pull away from taking another sip from his cup. "Uhm, excuse me, Lieutenant Kuranku, Captain Jonetsu." Jonetsu turned to look over at Renchi who was focused in her vehicle and smiled as he placed his tea down next to his pot. He made his way across the room. Once he made it to the stereo, he gently turned the dial to reduce the sound of the music. "Who the fuck-" She turned from her bike to see the young woman standing in front of her. She started to blow a bubble as she looked at the frail little girl, "Dafuck ya want?" Renchi crossed her arms as Jonetsu made his way back to his seat. "I'm Nariko Mizushima, current 19th Seat of this Division. Sorry to bother you, but..." "Settle." Jonetsu spoke in response to seeing Renchi open her mouth for another outburst. She scoffed in his direction before giving Nariko her attention. "I've come to issue a challenge for your seat. Unorthodox, I know, a 19th Seat, but I'm liking the thought of being Vice Captain a little bit more and more the longer I think about it. What'd you say?" Renchi continued to chew her gum as she proceeded to take off all of her spare equipment and untangled herself from the cables. She walked towards Nariko with her eyes fixed into the distance. Although she appeared that she was going to walk into Nariko, she stepped to the side and started to dig through a pile of junk. "Where are ya at?" She asked as she started to throw the items across the garage until finally she was able to locate a katana covered in oil and tangled in wires. "Aye, there ya is." With a smile she walked out of the garage with Jonetsu calmly walking towards Nariko, "Best if we follow." He continued to walk with his pot of tea in his right hand still steaming and his cup balanced on a small plate in his left hand holding the rim of the plate. Eventually, a short distance away, Renchi would stop in a small clearing surrounded by plenty of junk metal and parts. Jonetsu would walk along the surface of a large pile and make his way to the top and take a seat with a leg dangling off. Renchi turned to face Nariko as she proceeded to blow a bubble and pop it before chewing some more. "Ya got some grit ya do, coming into my work space." She gave a smirk, "So if you want my badge," She reached her free right hand to her left should and pressed firmly as it made a click sound. Once her hand was removed, the shoulder kind split open to reveal the Lieutenant's Badge inserted in the space. "Ya best be willing to rip my arm out." [ 1 ] With that, she picked up a lead pipe from the ground nearby. Slowly and lightly she moved it around to test the weight before throwing it at Nariko, whether or not she was prepared. WC - 606 TWC - 944 Combat Stats Actions
  9. The Eml

    Tune in and Tune up - Ninth Division

    Nariko was feeling pretty confident in herself, especially after unlocking her Shikai. It turned out, she actually had a Dual Zanpakutou, like the Vice Captain of Squad 4 had mentioned he had. Not only that, but she felt quite a deal stronger than she had before, as if she was able to tap into her latent potential for the first time. The wall she'd felt she couldn't push past had risen immensely, to the point that most things she had done before were now easy in comparison. People seemed slower, she felt faster, stronger, better. To be fair, she hadn't really tested out her abilities at all, so she had no real clue how they worked, but so confident was she in her new found strength, that she felt she was ready to challenge the Vice Captain of her squad to a fight for her position. See, Nariko had given it some thought. The conversation from the bar had really resonated with her. It stuck with her. As a seated officer, she might see some action here or there, but as a Vice Captain, or somewhere around there, if she failed and got promoted to a higher seat, she would be around the more important action more and more. She'd be the one chosen to venture out to some dangerous situation that required attention, and that would lead to a further adventure that would let her just enjoy life. One thing led to another, and she found herself seeking out the Vice Captain of Squad 9, a woman named Renchi Kuranku. Nariko had met her once or twice, but neither had grown super close or interacted more than some basic orders here or there. Nariko didn't have a peg down on the woman's personality or anything, but she didn't dislike her in the slightest. She was just an obstacle to surpass. Besides, one day Nariko was going to be the captain as well, and then the old man wouldn't be, and she'd need a good Vice Captain, so this was only a temporary bid to replace her, as it was. Arriving at Renchi's Workshop, after being pointed in the right direction a few times as to where the Vice Captain probably was, Nariko stared at the building for a minute before deciding now was the time. She was confident that she could put up a good fight, but she'd never actually seen a Vice Captain fight before, so for all she knew, she was still leagues away from being able to do anything worth praise. Nariko knew better than to think negatively like that though, and there was only one real way to find out if she was a good enough fighter yet. And if she failed, it wasn't like she'd die, unless Renchi decided to eliminate the competition. There was no mistaking she was in the right place at least, having been told that she'd know by the clutter and debris. Nariko was messy herself, but only so much as she was allowed to be in the barracks; to that point, she wasn't particularly allowed to be that messy at all. This was just on another level. Renchi was quite the tinkerer, but she collected a lot of junk it seemed like. The Lieutenant-Aspirant grinned as she approached the main door to the building, which was wide open. People were so interesting and quirky sometimes. It seemed that the current Vice wasn't exactly a stick in the mud. Assuming she was allowed in, Nariko would enter the 'office space', which wasn't any less cluttered with junk. Music was blaring loudly over a speaker system, and Renchi was working on her cycle, while, more to Nariko's surprise, the Captain was also hanging around, drinking tea across the workshop. Speaking loudly, so she could be heard over the sound of the music, Nariko announced herself. "Uhm, excuse me, Lieutenant Kuranku, Captain Jonetsu." Nariko began, waiting until the attention was fully, (or partially) given. "I'm Nariko Mizushima, current 19th Seat of this Division. Sorry to bother you, but..." she looked to Renchi. "I've come to issue a challenge for your seat. Unorthodox, I know, a 19th Seat, but I'm liking the thought of being Vice Captain a little bit more and more the longer I think about it. What'd you say?" She put her left hand on her left hip, almost in a sassy manner. Nariko could come off as rude, but she didn't really care all that much. Today was an up day for her, and she wasn't feeling like shit. In fact, she felt like she could take on the world, so it came off as her being a little bit more cocky than usual. To them, she probably didn't look all that imposing. A young girl, some amount of talent if they knew anything about her promotion from the Academy, but that could probably be seen as a catalyst to her current arrogance. She had her hair in it's usual side ponytail, and wore a very basic but standard Shihakusho. Both of her Zanpakutou hung off her left hip, where she had always kept the one when she had just a basic Asauchi. She had two Zanpakutou, perhaps the oddest thing about her. One of them was almost jet black from what could be seen of it, with a shimmer to the entire thing. If closely examined, there were little crystals and gems embedded in the sheathe, giving it a shimmery effect. The blade, while currently sheathed, was a glassy black, as if the blade itself was made of obsidian. The other blade, her primary one, was much more decorated. The sheathe sported a stencil-like flowery design, while the Tsuba itself looked more like the open petals of a rose, colored gold. The handle wrap was a simple white one, with a decorative charm hanging from the end, a little flower blossom. The blade of this one, also sheathed, was just a normal metallic one, like any other would be. WC: 1001 TWC: 1001
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    ORP COMMUNITY 500K EVENT: Info/Sign-Up/Questions

    Name: Yamashiro Gazami Race: Hollow/ Arrancar Number: 666
  12. ChaosKaiz

    Current Events

    CHARACTER| ORIRU RYUKA KUSHO CURRENT EVENTS| Oriru, originally from the slums of the Rukongai, had joined the Gotei 13 by assignment from Central 46 as an Administration Officer. Eventually he was able to earn the promotion that he worked so hard to claim, Senior Administration Officer of the Administration Department with the First Division. During this time, he had become a well known and well respected member of the Soul Society. He had taken the time to know every person and every activity that has been documented and processed through his department which allowed him to strengthen bonds with nearly every Officer, Citizen, and Affiliate. Within the Administration Department, Oriru has been able to do some good, but he has decided that he needs a position of obvious power to really help improve the operations of the Soul Society and as such as set his eyes on the 13th Division. The only thing holding back is an untapped potential...
  13. OOC | This is to control the NPC for Nariko's (The Eml) Attempt to Claim VC In the corner of the Ninth Division is where "Renchi's Workshop" is located, closest to the Fifth Division and adjacent to the Academy Grounds. The building is not secluded, but it is well enough away from any residential sections or other operations that may be bothered by what happens in the workshop. This was part of the deal Renchi worked out with the Captain during the promotion process, as it was important for Renchi to still have a workshop to continue working from. It had became an office as well and the clear debris that was scattered in front of the building caused many concerns for people who approached. Heaps of metal, wires, strange constructs that would appear to watch you as you walked through the "Iron Graveyard", a term made by the rest of the Division to describe the scene outside of the workshop. The main door was a large steel roll up to allow the larger items to fit, and it was typically open during the day and only closed when the sun was away. At the current moment, Renchi was busy working on what appeared to be a motorcycle of sorts with loud metal music playing through a speaker in the corner. Across from the speaker on the other side of the room would be an older gentleman with a calm and simple nature sipping on tea. His silver hair giving a gentle glow under the harsh light of the garage matching the bright blue eyes. Next to him, on a table covered in spare parts, was a small space where a tea pot matching the design of his tea cup. This was the way meetings were held for the two of them, Captain and Lieutenant, as Renchi worked on what ever it was that she desired the Captain would calmly converse with her. Each of them enjoying what brought peace to their day, especially since it allow Renchi to avoid the discomfort of the traditional design of the barracks her Captain insists on maintaining. Captain Jonetsu and Lieutenant Renchi Kuranku WC - 338
  14. ChaosKaiz

    A Momentary Rest

    Oriru took another drink as he looked between the two of them. "Sadly, it appears it is my time to depart for the night." His eyes seemed to have traced across the room for a moment before returning to the table. Assuming that Nariko gave him the space to clear from the table, he would step free and provide a smile, "I have already covered the price of tonight's festivities, so stay as long as you wish and order anything else you'd like. " He reached into his pocket and handed each of the two a business card, with his information on the front and his division representation on the back. "You can reach out to me whenever you like, or just come by my office." With that, he grabbed his coat and Odachi and made his way out, "I have to finish mastering my Bankai anyway." With a wave, he was out of the door. OOC: Leaving Thread
  15. Mr. Neppington

    Ability Approval Thread

    Name: Stein Nevskii Race: Shinigami Reiatsu: Honestly don't know what my starting point is due to just having returned. Half of whatever I had pre reset? Release: Shika and general abilities
  16. Mr. Neppington

    ORP COMMUNITY 500K EVENT: Info/Sign-Up/Questions

    Name: Stein Nevskii Race: Shinigami Number: 0987
  17. The Eml

    A Momentary Rest

    Nariko had been keeping up with Oriru's drinking, but she was starting to feel the effects of what she'd already drank a little stronger than usual. She felt it would be a good point for her to cut herself off at this point. She could have continued, but Nariko figured it was best to be able to walk herself home and remember it. She was having a good time today, and wanted to remember it better. Blacking out wasn't exactly good for that goal. Oriru and Yuroshima both offered an answer to her question about Shikai, although Nariko found that Yuroshima's answer was more applicable to her. Oriru could help her with the theory side of things, but Yuroshima's was more useful for once she got into some sort of communication with the Zanpakutou spirit that was attached to her sword. Still, Oriru brought up an interesting fact. His circumstances were unique, since he didn't use the full power of the Shikai? What did that mean? So, he had one at least. It was unlocked, he could use it. However, he either didn't, or couldn't, use the full power of the weapon? Perhaps a discussion for another time. "An unorthodox method? A common method? Does that mean there's more to it than just Spiritual Energy control?" She mused out loud, more to herself than anything else. This might be worth exploring. Either way, she was going to get her shikai somehow. There was no way she wouldn't. Nariko was incredibly open to the idea of communication with her Zanpakutou spirit. Yuroshima also had an interesting tidbit of information. He didn't just have one spirit, but in fact, two. That was incredibly uncommon, from what Nariko remembered. There wasn't a single Shinigami that had gotten a Dual Zanpakutou that hadn't been entrenched in the history of the Gotei 13. As it was, the veiled Lieutenant was already making waves. He had become a Vice Captain. He had lofty goals. Perhaps it was fated. "I appreciate the offers, both of you. I'll certainly have to take you guys up on it. Spiritual Control and more Meditation techniques are absolutely useful, for more than just Shikai." she said sincerely. WC: 366 TWC: 366
  18. Name: Connor Knight Race: Fullbringer No. 0081
  19. Name | Oriru Ryuka Kusho Race | Vaizard Number | 2911
  20. Name: Nariko Mizushima Race: Shinigami No.: 5025
  21. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great life wherever you are! :3

  22. Event Title: SELECTION BATTLES OF NYGAM'S EXPANSE Event Trigger: Reaching 500K in The ORP COMMUNITY REIASTU Sign Up Period: OPEN UNTIL 8-24-2019 Event Duration: Ongoing Until Completion Event Head: Nygam "The Overseer" [Event NPC Controlled By: Rash] Location: Nygam's Expanse Combatants: - No. 1113 Tamura Ryūnosuke - Fullbringer - No. 5025 Nariko Mizushima - Shinigami - No. 2911 Oriru Ryuka Kusho - Vaizard - No. 0081 Connor Knight - Fullbringer - No. 0987 Stein Nevskii - Shinigami - No. 6660 Yamashiro Gazami - Arrancar - ??? - ??? ______________________________ Overview: Nygam, a mysterious entity with the power of oneirokinesis initiates the "Selection Battles" at the command of The Sentinels of Potential, mighty beings powered by limitless power sources known only as "Relics". In possession of a relic shard of his own, the very origin of his own incredible abilities, Nygam sets the events Selection in motion by pulling powerful beings from all known realms into a singular dreamworld; his base of operations, and the stage of the Selection Battles, Nygam's Expanse. The chosen beings battle one another in an all out battle royale style death match using powers beyond imagination in an endless world of limitless possibilities. After a very long elimination round, the Selection Battles come down to just a handful of remaining combatants, all the others have lost all their "Weaves" (lifelines) within Nygam's Expanse or have otherwise passed away while conscious. When the finalist are gathered for the grand finale of the Selection Battles they think that they are meeting Nygam for the first time, however in reality they've actually known Nygam for a long time and have been battling --winning and sometimes losing-- hundreds of times within the Selection Battles. They've only forgotten about the battles when they'd awaken from their dream-state. The remaining combatants are down to their last seven Weaves each, they have all passed the Selection Battles, but the time has come to name the "Champion" among them. That champion will stand the greatest chance against the Sentinels to come. ------------------------------------------------------------ - Nygam "The Overseer": Little is known about this mysterious individual named simply Nygam and titled "The Overseer" of the Selection Battles. Thanks to his own shard of a Relic of Potential, Nygam is able to pull unconscious minds into his own dream-like realm, dubbed "Nygam's Expanse. Although his powers are virtually limitless Nygam seems to only use his powers in the service of the Sentinels of Potential under whom he serves. The duties of initiating and moderating the Selection Battles, from its beginning until its ultimate conclusion, are solely his. -------------------- - Weaves: Weaves are a reflection of how many lives a person has left within the Selection Battles. Each "life" is signified big a single weave that appears as a black bar-shaped marking on the combatant's body. A single Weave disappears each time a combatant is killed and resurrects. The combatant is naturally eliminated from the Selection Battles when they run out of weaves. At the beginning of the Selection Battles, each combatant possessed between 99 and 999 Weaves. By the time of the grand finale the remaining combatants all have only 7 Weaves left; meaning they've all possibly been defeated and killed within the Selection Battles at least 92 times. Weaves can also be spent to change aspects of the environment and setting of Nygam's Expanse where battle is taking place; however this must be done at the start of a battle. Combatants can also compete in changing the environment to suit their preference, but each change costs an additional Weave. Lastly each Weave contains a copy of the combatant's life force and their current potential. A weave can be given up to increase amplify their potential within their current life. -------------------- - Nygam's Expanse: A dream-like realm that can only be accessed while in an unconscious state. Within the expanse, there are no limitations; possibilities are endless and potential is infinite. As it is a realm of his own creation, Nygam has absolute control over all elements and aspects of the expanse. However, for the purpose of the Selection Battles, Nygam has granted that power to the combatants in order for them to do battle. Normally the limitless potential of the expanse in reflected as an vast white space that goes on infinitely in all directions. The combatants can change aspects of their environment and setting by sacrificing one of their lifelines, known as Weaves. On occasion, Nygam may even change dynamics of the realm himself. Although each combatant has been in Nygam's Expanse dozens if not hundreds of times since the beginning of the Selection Battles, they have all forgotten about everything involving it each time they gained consciousness or woke up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMATION: What's The Deal? How Do I Sign Up? Who Can Sign Up? When Will It Start? How Does Combat Work? How Do Abilities Work? How To Do Battles? Can I Kill Nygam? What Happens If I Win? OKAY. I'm a bit tired to there may be some things that I left out. If you have any other questions feel free to post them here and I will answer everything I can. Try to keep them short and to the point. Looking forwards to seeing this one blast off with all of you. Sign Ups are open from now. (If any other Mods want to pop in and make grammatical corrections after me, feel free to do that too. Thank you~)
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    Role-Play Community Reiatsu Ranking

    Character Name: Oriru Ryuka Kusho Week: 08.24 Total WC: 2511
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    Aya Isamu

    that morning was like every other day, shiny and warm enough for birds to sing until a sound of an impact of a heavy object to the ground forced them to fly away from the branches of the trees around the training ground. as the dust sets down a tall girl with pink hair and a punky make up, puts her foot on the shoulder of the heavy built guy on the dusty ground : _ heh! it was easier than I expected! now who takes the first patrol Daisuke ? the guy tries to free his hand under her feet but she stumps on it harder, that pushes him back on the ground again. Daisuke frowns and gathers his energy on his massive arms to jumps up suddenly that throws the girl back but before she hits the tree line she throws her whip on a branch. with the help of the grip, she jumps up on the tree. the guy shakes the dust away from his red hair and points at the girl sitting on the branch : _ Waiola you gonna pay for this! he smashed his fists on each other causing the dust to fall from his shoulders and runs straight to the tree with full speed. Waiola throws her whip again but as she didn't expect him to run to the tree, she couldn't be as fast to relocate to another one before he punches the tree with full force. she slips from the branch and with an uncalculated angle swings down the falling-tree as a result, she kicks Daisukes wide jaw unintentionally before falling with all pieces of the tree on him. as they struggle in dust and broken pieces of the tree to stand, a shade of a man falls on them, they look up to see his figure standing in the sunlight, both raise their hands on their eyes to see better in the shade, but when they hear his calm and collected voice they had no doubt who was standing there: _ I thought my orders were clear "to practice with dummies" and what do we have here? .. two "dummies" fighting a tree? waiola blushes as she says: _team leader Satow! Daisuke stands while murmuring some words to himself with obvious irritation in his face, he turns to face his team leader : _I am tired of this Vad ! you should let me join the patrol, you know I am ready for this! instead, you shoot me to this spider-monkey who can't even jump on a tree properly! waiolas right eyebrow jumps in anger as she closes her eyes for a moment before presses her forehead on Daisuke and gazing into his eyes in a very threatening way: excuse me? who do you call "spider_monkey" you "guerilla_puff_meat"? do you want to be beaten up again? _you have a death wish Spider_monkey! _not in a million years after killing YOU puff_meat! _if you want to keep your bones healthy in your body you buzz off now! _you really feel like to be pilled like a rotten orange with my whip? _ STOP IT NOW! BOTH OF YOU! team leader pushes the two away standing between them to see a small framed girl with long black hair standing in front of them. she bows politely : _ good morning, my name is Aya Isamu, 20th seat of the Division, I have been assigned to the team under the responsibility of team leader Satow_sama! the two stops punching and kicking with the entrance of the new member. team leader greet her : _ good morning, I am Vadim Satow, seat 9th, welcome I was looking forward to meeting you. this is Waiola Seno seat 18th officer and Daisuke Gima seat 19th officer. Waiola nods with a suspicious frown and Daisuke steps forward looking at her top to toe : _I expected you to be bigger! Waiola smirks and folds her arms on her chest : _what? Do you think everybody should be a lump of puff meat like you? _ who did you call puff meat again? _ the one and only puff meat Daisuke! as they start arguing again, Vadim put a hand on Ayas shoulder and lead her a bit away : _ you should forgive their manners, they are good fighters but don't know anything about teamwork and without good teamwork, you are just as good as dead out of here. my duty is to train you both on your skills and teamwork. I heard about your achievements in the academy, I hope with you on our team we will have better results. _ thank you I am honored to be trained by you sir and be in your team. she bows again, as the team leader walks back to his seat and the voice of her new comrades fades in her thoughts : _this is nothing as I expected! WC : 799
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    A New Chapter

    ~ 70 years after, but a single minute before ~ The amount of time passed felt like several years when Oriru Rykua Kusho finally opened his eyes to see the new location that he was placed in. His mind was stuck on that strange area he was in with the Kido Corp, a place that he had all but forgotten about until this moment. Something was stirring inside of him that he could not manage to understand or get a full grasp on. His head was giving him the similar sensation of being stuck in a vice grip, something akin to a hangover. Which is something that he had not experience in quite some time, his ability to handle alcohol earned him a significant placement as a tank in the bar scene. Slowly his eyes scanned the room in order to gain a better understanding of his current situation, taking a moment to breath seeing the gentle colors of a beige wallpaper. The sweet aroma of lavender with a hint of vanilla was a soothing sensation on his nose, and even the rest of his body. It took a moment, but the details of the room were a bit of a challenge to gather, and then it dawned on him that he did not have his glasses. Panic consumed him as he tried to look around from them, launching himself from the bed, and scanned the nearby table before sweeping through the isolated room. He went through any draws that he could find, cabinets, and containers but had no luck. “You should really be in bed.” The voice from one end of the room spooked Oriru a little bit as he turned to see a man in all white robes and a special head garb that obscured his face. He took note of the flap of his right sleeve that was folded and sealed shut instead of an arm. “You are recovering from quite an incident.” Oriru listened to the man speak from behind the mask as he motioned with his left hand back to the bed nearby. “So, might I have you take your place on the bed?” Oriru took a moment to think about it as he scanned the man, realizing that he was in a medical room, potentially within the Fourth Division Infirmary. He thought about the last thing that he was doing and recalled feeling a little weak after completing all the old reports that were not touched yet. He had done that right after the incident at the eleventh division, when he was part of the Proving where he accessed his Zanpakuto. The moments followed continued to have his connection to his Zanpakuto deepen rapidly before his body finally gave out. “I am fine. It was a bit of exhaustion from the lack of sleep and lack of food.” The man released a chuckle, “Had that been the case, you would have been given the required treatment and released and I wouldn’t have needed to show up and prevent everyone from seeing the truth.” Oriru looked at him with confusion, “I assume since I saw the damage at the office and the residue and smoke coming from your body that the seal broke once more. “Seal?” He looked at the man in confusion, the details of his fever dream coming back slowly, “Residue and smoke?” The memories of the night 70 years ago came back. “The seal originally was intended to last at least one hundred years, and it lasted thirty instead. When we attempted the seal again, only twenty years was enough. The third attempt reached about a single decade. It continued until this one failed to last more than a few months.” As the man spoke Oriru only stared in shock trying to understand what was being said to him. The memories of each of these instances started to flood his mind. “That can’t be…” The image of the beast that he had to face the first time after watching that portion of the Kido Corp get eliminated before his eyes. Then again of the time that he was dispatched to handle hollows with the Thirteenth Division and the smoke consumed his vision. Again, when he was patrolling the Rukongai with the Third Division when the darkness took over. Every time he was placed in combat stress and accessed his Zanpakuto, it triggered. “Yes, that is the same expression you made the last time that you recalled the truth. At least, that was the one I was at to witness.” The man spoke calmly as he motioned to the bed once more, to which Oriru would respond with a slow nod and sit on the bed. “We thought that it could be sealed inside of a resilient soul and contained, when that proved in effective we attempted to rip the soul apart-“ “You tried to rip my soul apart!?” Oriru exclaimed as he turned to face this man with the clear anger in his eyes and the smoke slowly coming from his mouth, “Because of your mistakes!?” The smoke slowly began to grow in thickness and intensity. “When you almost killed your own mother, you begged for me to do it.” That sentence caused the smoke to stop, but it caused Oriru to feel the weight of the world on his body as his eyes drew cold. “But it didn’t work, the seal had cracked, and the souls were bound beyond what I created.” The man took a few steps closer, “When we, or more so I, tried the last time there was an attempt to eradicate your soul but it came to protect you.” “It?” Oriru inquired. “Your passenger…” There was a moment of silence, “So, is this the moment that you seal it again and a few weeks later it is set free again?” Oriru released a defeated sigh, a bit of the white smoke flowing from his breath. “That would be the case, before the seal breaks completely. The only reason no one has bothered us is because of the barrier I placed obscures your power so no one would know.” He turned to Oriru as he took a few steps back, “Lay back.” Something clicked in Oriru as a large cloud of white smoke exploded from his mouth, “Shit!” The veiled one shouted realizing what was about to happen. “Bakudo Number 63, Sajo Sabaku!” Massive golden ropes shout forward and wrapped around the torso of Oriru as the smoke began to solidify on his face. “Bakudo Transition, Nine Dragon Seal.” Instantly the golden rope turned a deep black and started to bleed a white light. The man approached and placed his hand on the face of Oriru, “Cascade.” Immediately Oriru’s eyes turned a full black with tears rolling down his face of pure light. Slowly the man pulled out a pair of glasses from his shirt pocket and slid them on the face of Oriru as the smoke faded once more. Oriru slowly began to calm down a bit as he laid back out of breath. “I remember… So, the seal didn’t work…” Oriru spoke between labored breaths. The man let out a sigh keeping Oriru restrained, “It worked. The seal will remain for 9 more days, best case scenario, or 4 more days, worst case scenario.” Neither looked at each other as the man faced down the wall across from him and Oriru remained fixed on the ceiling. “There is no point attempting to keep sealing you and your memories over and over…” He stayed on the edge of the bed next to Oriru, “Instead I think we need to dedicate our time to train you to handle your passenger when it comes time.” Oriru sat up, though with a bit of a struggle. “Oh.” The man released the Bakudo as Oriru moved around a bit now that he was not bound. “You have been around these last 70 years to help me…” Oriru spoke with hesitation, “Even though you were literally the worst person in that room…” Slowly the man stood up and made his way to the door, “Why?” The man faced Oriru, and his eyes gave the hint that there was a smile under that mask, “Because you remind me of my son.” There was a moment before the man motioned for Oriru to come closer, “So shall we be on our way to training?” Oriru slowly would rise from his seated position and make his way towards the man. “All these years, and I do not think that once I ever got your name.” The man tapped the door and a glow happened from the frame before he opened it and revealed a massive desert, “You can call me Hiko.” With that, the both went through the door closing it behind them. Moments later the door opened to reveal one of the Medics for the Infirmary with a clipboard in hard coming from a hallway. “Oriru Ryuka Kusho?” Learned Bakudō Number 63 | Sajō Sabaku [Locking Bondage Stripes] - 1,500 words [ Achieved ] The practitioner, raising his/her palm up to the target, closes his/her hand into a fist. The user calls forth yellow energy, taking a form of very thick rope, which ensnares the opponent, similar to Bakudō #4 but much stronger, instead binding the upper body of the target. WC | 1567 TWC | 1567 OWC | 1567 This Thread is Complete.
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    Blunt Trauma

    0010: Blunt Trauma PRT4 ----- ____________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE SAW the center of the tentacle appendage whip towards him as he rapidly approached, prepared to bash the creature in its shoulder with his metal bat. At his current speed, the teenager wouldn't have time to change his direction before the tentacle hit him; but that was fine, Ryūnosuke had no intention of deviating from his target. [1] Ryūnosuke ducked just as the tentacle snapped and tore through the air above him, he felt a violent shift of the air above his back as he narrowly evaded certain death for a second time. "Way to go, Ace!" The disembodied voice commended him. Ryūnosuke didn't respond. For one, his focus was entirely on the creature in front of him, but secondly, the teenager was too terrified to speak regardless. He'd successfully pulled through for a second time, sure, but there was no way to tell if he would continue to be this fortunate. Ryūnosuke was horrifyingly aware that all it would take was one bad move --one misstep-- and he could be killed. Still, Ryūnosuke did not waver in the slightest. He'd always been good in a pinch, it was a skill he developed from years of playing competitive sports, namely Baseball. He was the team captain, the ace, and the unwavering symbol of strength of will and heart among his peers. No matter how dire a game seemed, no matter how high the deck was stacked against them, his subordinates knew they could count on Ryūnosuke to see the game through to the bitter end. His ability to stand confident and proud, and face any opponent head on. That was why they called him "King". [2] Just after he evaded the tentacle, Ryūnosuke took a heavy step forwards with left leg and planted his foot firmed on the ground. The grip of his bat was now held tightly in both his hands as the teenager rotated his entire body counter-clockwise, with his left heel serving as the axis. The result was that Ryūnosuke's metal bat swung for its intended target with all human's might. A sudden gush of pride overcame the teenager and he cracked a victorious grin. His fleeting victory, however, was terribly short-lived. Ryūnosuke's eyes went wide with shock and horror as the bat bounced back. The creature had lunged its shoulder into it before the bat reached the peak of its swing. The strength of the monster's counter was enough to overwhelm Ryūnosuke's own and completely deflect his weapon. [3] Stunned with shock as his bat recoiled, Ryūnosuke had no time to react as the tentacle looped around the creature's back and grabbed the teenager by his waist. It seemed as if the split end of the whip-like arm had only just captured him before Ryūnosuke felt himself being flung around and tossed through the air again. He faced the creature's shadowy form as gravity naturally pulled his body down to the tarmac. The teenager landed hard on his back; his collision, again, padded by this backpack, but that was the smoothest part of his fall. The hazardous skips, and rolls that followed were not nearly as graceful. When Ryūnosuke finally wobbled to his feet just an instant later, his tracksuit jacket and pants had been torn and burnt in numerous locations, mainly along his shoulders and arms. The skin of both the teenager's knees, his left elbow and his left cheek were visibly scrapped and bloodied. Ryūnosuke winced in agony as his body cried out, ripe with the intense pain of his many injuries. Nevertheless, the teenager took a deep breath and steeled his nerves. He noticed a numbness in his left shoulder, no doubt a result of him landing on it a bit too roughly. It stung, and inhibited on his full range of motion with his left arm, but Ryūnosuke could power through it. He had no choice but to power through it. The creature was high in the air above him and crashing down. Ryūnosuke had enough time to dart off to the left before the creature slammed its right fist into the ground. After assessing the situation within milliseconds, the teenager predicted he would be in no immediate danger from the right fist after it smashed through the asphalt. Even if only for a moment to plan his next attack, the creature's right was the safer side to be on. What the teenager had no way of predicting were the vibrating waves of energy that caused the ground to quake. However. What neither Ryūnosuke nor the Baron had any way of predicting was the effect those violent waves of spiritual energy would have on the young spirit. [4] Yes. The ground did tremor beneath the teenager's feet, but so too did a latent source of power within the human. As the creature's vibrating energy made contact with Ryūnosuke's body it tore apart the last shackles that kept Ryūnosuke from realizing his own immense spiritual power and pulled back the veil from the hidden spiritual realm around him. Ryūnosuke could now see the tremors as pulsating waves of dark green energy bellowing within the ground. He could feel his own body swelling with a similar energy as he regained his footing. He could now clearly see the creature's entire body for what it truly was. It made it no less terrifying to behold, but the creature was no longer masked in a shadowy darkness. Ryūnosuke saw everything clearly, its dark green fur, its two pairs of horns, the gaping hole at the center of its chest, and its frightening face made up of a white mask with a curved jaw of serrated teeth. The mask featured some tribal markings that resembled warpaint on the forehead, face, and chin areas. [5] More importantly, Ryūnosuke could clearly see the the pointed tip of the creature's tentacle piercing through the air towards his chest. Strangely, it appeared to be moving at a much slower pace than before. In fact, the tentacle now moved at a speed only marginally greater than the baseball pitches he could effortlessly hit out of the air. With elegant swiftness, Ryūnosuke slid his left foot behind his right one, pivoted on the tips of his left toes, and deftly twirled counter-clockwise in a single rotation. He stopped directly facing the left side of the launched tentacle he'd just completely evaded. [6/7] In that very moment, Ryūnosuke's own spiritual pressure would go ablaze around his being. Its burnt orange hue and formation evoked the vision of an raging flame that engulfed Ryūnosuke whole. His narrow hazel eyes were also alight with the intense glow of his Reiatsu. Just as instantly as Ryūnosuke's energy spiked, his right arm appeared to have risen high above his head with his bat ready to strike a crushing downwards blow. The strike would come down on the tentacle with such force that a shock wave from the blow would leave a massive crack in the asphalt below the extended appendage. Ryūnosuke would raise and bring down the bat immediately afterwards with the intent of striking the tentacle again. The second blow would be equally devastating to the tentacle and the street pavement. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [ACTIONS] --------------------------- [TURN END STATS] ND| 4,060 ______________________________ WC|1,195 ----- OOC|Yah fk'd up. Now I have to slap you around.
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