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  2. Daisuke found himself yet again within the barren wasteland, running for his life from his disembodied oppressor. Those piercing red eyes followed him intently as the wound on his chest once again burned. Multiple orbs comprised of black flames rain down from the skies; each one narrowly missing their intended target. The orbs continued in the hundreds and there seemed to be no end in sight. Sweat beaded down his face as he ran, desperately trying to find some sort of reprieve against this onslaught. “Until you say my name Daisuke...you are not worthy to wield me.” “Then tell me your name! What the hell is your name?!” Daisuke screams as a deafening roar from above the clouds echoes. An orb of flames lands directly in front of the boy as the resulting explosion sends him backwards. Just as before, the clouds part as a massive black dragon slowly descends from the heavens. Daisuke manages to rise to his feet to take in the impressive sight for himself. If he wasn't terrified out of his mind, he'd almost think it magnificent. It lands on the ground with a sickening thud, forcefully sending the youth back down to the ground. Methodically, it lurches forward with each step it takes sending a reverberating boom. Flames begin to billow from its snout as it creeps towards its prey. “You cannot run from me. You will never be worthy... Not until you say my name.” the Dragon speaks as it comes mere inches from Daisuke's face. “What is your name?!” he says, almost pleading with the creature. “My name is....” the Dragon says as Daisuke, much like the time before, unable to hear what comes next. “I can't hear it. What is it?!” he says as the Dragon opens its mouth. A black orb of flames form in the center of its mouth as Daisuke attempts to back away. “Still not worthy...” the Dragon says as it fires the orb towards a now screaming Daisuke. “Dai... Dai... Dai... wake up!” The youth springs his eyes open, finding himself within the sanctuary of his dormitory once more. His body was drenched in a cold sweat as he looked around to gather himself. He sees his sister standing next to the bed with a concerned, almost frightened look on her face. “Matsuri...” he mumbles as his heartbeat begins to slow down. “Are you alright Dai? I came to wake you up since I figured you'd oversleep again but when I got here, I could hear you screaming from the top of your lungs.” She offered him a towel which he slowly accepted, wiping the sweat from his face and arms. “Hey Matsuri...” he begins after a long pause. “Have you had any weird dreams lately? Dreams of being chased by something.” Matsuri looks down at her lap, twirling a strand of her blue hair around her finger. It was something she always did when she was stressed; a coping mechanism if you will. “.....sometimes.” she says after an equally long pause. “Is it a dragon that chases you?” “No...” she replies while still looking down. Daisuke wanted to press the topic and try to find out what it was and if there were any more similarities to his own dreams but decided against it. In some ways, Matsuri was very fragile. He didn't want to add to the stress. “I won't press it. Come on, we better get to class.” he says. His words seemed to snap her out of her trance-like stare as she quickly reverts to her previous self. “Hurry up. You're going to make me late as well. The one day the instructors decide to merge our classes and you oversleep. If I get a mark for this, you're going to pay for it. You have ten minutes. I'll be waiting at the front.” She says as she tosses another towel towards her brother before departing the room. Daisuke sighs as she departs, leaving him alone with his thoughts once more. ”No use just sitting here...” he mutters as he gets himself out of bed. Some of the sheets, now damp with sweat, lightly stuck to his skin as he removes them and tosses them back on the bed. As he moves to the bathroom, he glances at the wall to his right as he sees his Zanpakutō propped up against the wall. Just by looking at it, he felt a sense of unease. The feeling, although subdued, was much like what he experienced during his dreams. Shaking his head at the notion, he quickly departs for the bathroom before he gained more of Matsuri's ire. WC: 773
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  4. Thankfully, luck was on Daisuke's side today as he just made it in time for the next Kidō lesson. He spent a large majority of the night getting in some extra practice with instructor Tanahashi regarding Kidō. He had more of a handle on the finer points of Kidō but was nowhere near a master of the arts. As he slipped inside the room he caught a glance of the instructor shooting a look in his direction before continuing his lecture. “Going over what we have discussed in previous classes, Kidō can be used in a variety of ways. In some situations, Hadō spells can be used defensively and Bakudō spells can be used offensively. Being so fluid in your use of Kidō can in fact save your life. Today, we will learn Bakudō #8: Seki. Seki is a basic shield Kidō that will allow you to block incoming attacks, both physical and reiryoku based and repel them. However, as with the theme of the class today, you can also use this another way.” He glanced over towards a male teacher's aide who stood a few feet away from him and turned to face him. As he raises his right index finger, the instructor begins to speak once more. “I want you all to imagine a small shield and focus your reiatsu. Now focus that that energy towards your hand. Just when an attack comes towards you, imagine blocking the attack with shield like so. Ready when you are...” he says to the aid. “Hadō #4: Byakurai” the aide yells as a concentrated bolt of blue lightning explodes from his outstretched finger. As the bolt of lightning travels towards the instructor, he calmly moves the back of his right hand up. “Bakudō #8: Seki.” he mutters as a small blue orb of energy appears around his hand. The bolt of lightning strikes the ball of energy and is deflected, sending a sparkle of discharged energy throughout the air. Suddenly, the instructor takes off, appearing mere inches from the aide's body. In one fluid motion, the ball of energy moves from the back of his hand to his now outstretched palm as he extends his hand towards the aide's chest. A brilliant blue flash shines out as the aide is sent flying back, coming to a stop a good distance away. Awed sounds spread through the amazed crowd of students as the instructor speaks once more. “As you've seen, the Bakudō can also be used to create space if you are being bombarded with close quarter strikes. The few moments of reprieve the distance this Kidō can give you, could save your life. Pair up and take turns using Seki to repel each other's attacks. If you are using Kidō, please use some of the lower Kidō you've learned in prior classes. If you are opting to use your Zanpakutō, please take some of the arm guards from the entryway.” As the class begin to disperse, the instructor calls Daisuke over before he goes to select a partner. “I see you were a little late to class today. How are you feeling today?” “Drained if I'm being honest. Surprised I made it to class at all. Would have overslept had it not been for Raito.” The teacher sighs and rubs his chin. “It's unsurprising really but you are making strides. Go on, you'll be working with Tetsuo Himura today.” Daisuke groaned under his breath as a large shadow loomed over him. Tetsuo, a massive student near seven feet tall, lumbered behind him. “You better use these arm guards. I'm not using any Kidō.” the massive man says as he tosses a pair of guards towards Daisuke's direction. “For differing reasons, Tetsuo also has trouble with Kidō. Hopefully, the two of you can learn from one another.” the instructor casually mentions as he walks away while Daisuke slips on the guards. “Alright, do you want to go first or should...” Before Daisuke could get the words out of his mouth, he sees Tetsuo charging towards him with Zanpakutō extended. He had very little time to react as he instinctively places his left arm up to guard the incoming strike. The resulting strike send a sharp pain throughout Daisuke's left arm as he slides back. The brute kicks Daisuke away as he slings his Zanpakutō along his right shoulder. “He's not even trying to learn the Kidō is he?” Daisuke thinks as he clutches as his chest. “Ha! At least you got the guards on in time. Let's go again!” he says as he charges towards Daisuke once more. His speed, despite his immense stature, was commendable but Daisuke saw right through it. To him, it was if he were moving in slow motion. As the brute neared and swung his sword down towards his left side once more, Daisuke stepped forward and ducked. As the strike harmlessly passed overhead, Daisuke moved forward with his arm outstretched. Just as the moment his palm could connect with the center of Tetsuo's chest, he mutters the spell. “Bakudō #8: Seki.” A light blue orb of energy appears in the middle of his palm as Daisuke gives the final push forward. A bright light flashes as the energy hits Tetsuo's chest and launches him backward. The behemoth skids across the pond and comes to a rest against a tree. Oohs and stifled chuckles could be heard through the area as Daisuke quickly runs up towards his now toppled classmate. “I'm sorry about that. Didn't mean for you to go back that far.” “It's fine...” Tetsuo mutters as he quickly gets himself up, embarrassed by the ordeal. He cracks his neck, showing no physical damage minus the shot to his ego. “Come on. It's my turn now.” WC: 960
  5. Daisuke and instructor Tanahashi sat face to face atop of a reishi construct with eyes closed. The construct was created by the two of them, its form maintained by concentration. The portion underneath Daisuke begins to waver slightly, prompting a word from the instructor. “Focus your thoughts Daisuke. Without concentration, you'll fail.” A noticeable expression of straining appears on Daisuke's face as the construct beneath him begins to waver even more. Suddenly, the construct disappears, sending Daisuke tumbling to the ground below. Ryusuke, still sat atop his construct, sighs as he leaps off and lands in front of Daisuke. “Forty-five seconds. That's marginally better than the twenty you did before. You can do better though.” He says as he extends his hand out for Daisuke to reach. The boy extends his own hand outward and gets up, an annoyed look now plastered on his face which the instructor noted. “Is there something on your mind Daisuke? You seem troubled.” Daisuke brushed himself off sighed, staring at his instructor with determination. “Would it be possible to try and learn a Hadō or Bakudō instead? I feel like I'd make more progress that way.” Ryusuke lightly scratched his chin as his eyes trailed off. He hadn't really planned on teaching another Kidō right away but with Daisuke, he was not surprised that this was what he wanted. With the information that his sister in some regards was ahead of him, Ryusuke knew that he'd want to progress as fast as possible. “Perhaps I can show you that one...” he mentions as he moves towards a dummy that was laying on the ground. He stood it up and quickly dusted it off before positioning it a few meters away. “Since you are so enthused about learning, I'll teach you Hadō #4: Byakurai. Byakurai is a condensed stream of lightning that can be fired long range or close. Can be used to keep them away or take them off guard and pierce them at point blank range. Similar to Shō, focus the energy throughout your body and let it flow towards your index finger. As soon as the energy is built up, fire the energy off. Let's see what you can do.” Ryusuke moves of the way, leaving Daisuke staring down towards the dummy. Daisuke closes his eyes and begins to focus the energy throughout his body as instructed. The concentrated energy flowed as he began to focus it towards his right index finger. His eyes pop open as a small light blue orb forms around his finger. “Hadō #4: Byakurai!” The light blue orb doubles in size before it violently explodes, sending Daisuke flying back. He comes to a rest a good distance away, staring up at the night's sky. “Ow” he mutters as he could hear his instructor's approaching footsteps. “I already know what you are going to say. I didn't focus enough. I need to concentrate more and not rush it.” The instructor smiles as he helps the youth up. “Seems you did not need my direction after all. You did well to form it at least. Let's try again. Remember, close your eyes and focus. Let all of the energy you build up flow through you.” Ryusuke backs away as Daisuke straightens up and focuses. He takes a deep breath and readies himself once more. He extends his index finger forward and aims it at the dummy. “Hadō #4: Byakurai!” the youth yells as the blue bolt of lightning rockets out of his finger. It soars through the air and nicks the top of the target as it continues to trail off in the distance. “I missed...” Daisuke mumbles as he kicks some dirt. “But you at least fired the Kidō, and on your second attempt. That itself is an accomplishment.” “But I can do better. I have to. I can't let Matsuri or Raito surpass me.” Ryusuke stands back as Daisuke takes his stance once more, his reiatsu beginning to spike. As he looks at the youth, he can't help but see Jun within him. The same stubborn determination, the drive to be the best. He watched as streaks of Byakurai fired off every five minutes. Each blast coming closer and closer to towards its intended target. After one hour, he heard it. “I did it!” Daisuke yells as Ryusuke directs his attention towards the dummy. At the very center of the dummy was a hole created by Daisuke's most recent spell. He examines the hole, noting its precision. “Shot clean through. Very good Daisuke. You've done well.” As he turns back to face the youth, he sees him fast asleep on the ground. Ryusuke chuckles to himself as he goes to pick him up and take him back to the dormitory. “You're exactly like him.” WC: 797
  6. Daisuke arrived at the Kidō Training area, mentally and physically drained from all of the lessons Saya had given them in the weeks leading up to today. The training was arduous but in the end, he came out of it with his very on Asauchi. A Zanpakutō he could call his own. They were told that they had to spend every waking moment with their new Zanpakutō so they could imprint their reiatsu onto it and manifest what would eventually becoming their Zanpakutō spirit. Daisuke was eager to get to this point but for now, he had to deal with Kidō class. The area was out with a large pond in the middle. Fish could be seen swimming as the sun reflected against the water. There were several dummies set up around the pool, each one looking rougher than the one before it. All of them were equipped with limbs but one of them had arms that were being restrained. As the class began to pour in, Daisuke walked up and peeked behind to see just what was restraining it. To his bewilderment, there was nothing there. As he pondered aloud just what was the source of this, his arms were forced behind his back. He struggled to get loose but the more he struggled the tighter the force around his arms got. In seconds, he fell face first onto the ground, hogtied like a pig. He expected to hear the class laugh at his misfortune but there were no laughs. Oddly enough, it was quiet. Suddenly, the soft taps of footsteps could be heard approaching, stopping just a few feet behind him. “It seems that you were unable to see the Kidō that was used to restrain the dummy.” More footsteps could be heard as the voice moves forward towards Daisuke, kneeling down in front with a smile. “While I suspect that you were not the only one who was unable to see, your case does present the most concern to me. For someone such as yourself, who has controlled reiatsu but constantly leaks it, seeing a simple spell such as that should be but a trivial matter. This leads me to believe that Kidō is not your strong suit. You will likely struggle in this course. No matter. When all is said and done, you and everyone here will be masters at this and other powerful techniques.” He snaps his fingers as the force around Daisuke disappears, granting him full mobility once more. The man, still with a smile on his face, extends his hand down to help Daisuke up, who quickly accepts. “My name is Ryusuke Tanahashi. I'm a member of the Kidō Corps and I'll be your Kidō teacher. As you many of you just witnessed, this is Kidō at its core. Some Kidō can be defended against. Others are not able to be blocked. All Kidō follow a similar rule set. The more reiryoku you put in, the stronger your Kidō will be. Even the lowest of spells can become a dangerous tool in your arsenal if used correctly. Let’s get started shall we?” He claps his hands as a light green energy construct appears above the pool. The class stands in amazement by the construct as the instructor's voice stirs them from their thoughts. “Alright, everyone make your way atop and construct." One by one, each student makes their way up the construct. Once they all are on top, the instructor speaks once more. “Now close your eyes and focus. In order to tap into your potential, you have to be aware of your surroundings and to all the reiatsu around you. Everything is connected. Your mind and senses must be sharp. Feel the energy around and focus it towards the tip of your index finger Let it build to its peak and when it feels ready to burst, thrust your finger forward and release the energy.” One by one, each of the students perform the desired task in amazement as a small amount of energy is released from their fingers. Chatter spreads among them before the instructor silences them once more. “Splendid. That was Hadō number one: Shō. The lowest of Hadō spells that can be used in a number of ways. There are dummies scattered around the area, please practice the spell on the dummies.” The class spreads out to complete their task as Daisuke stands at the end of the pool. His finger trembling as he constantly thrusts it forward to no avail. “Nothing is coming out...” he says. “Seems that while you may have the advantage in physical combat, I have you beat in Kidō.” a voice rings out. Daisuke looks to his left and sees a smiling Raito wave at him before moving towards a dummy. “For now...” he mutters as he continues to extend. After about an hour, all of the students slowly depart, leaving Daisuke in the same spot alone. Even after an hour, he was unable to perform the task. He grits his teeth in anger as he glares at his reflection in the pool. He suddenly sees another reflection on the water's surface as he glances up to see the instructor staring at him with the same warm smile from before. Daisuke puts his head down and stares at the ground. “You know class is over right?” “I should be able to do this. With all of the training I went through with father on controlling my power, I should be able to do this.” The mention of his father piques Ryusuke's interest as he stares deeply at the now setting sun. “I was an acquaintance of your father's. He is a good man and he would talk about you and your sister frequently. He mentioned the first time he met you both and the way your reiatsu leaked. While he taught you how to control the intensity of what you emitted, he did not teach proper control. He likely wanted you and your sister to learn on your own and forge your own paths. Here...” The instructor places his hand on Daisuke's shoulder and has him lift his index finger. “Let's try it again, only this time, I'll help you channel the energy. Remember what I said and try the Hadō spell again.” Daisuke closes his eyes and focuses, attempting to channel the energy towards the tip of his finger. He feels the energy building more and more each second before he quickly releases it. A thundering boom is heard as the water rises up from the pool and rains down around the two. Daisuke stands awed at the display while the instructor gives a surprised chuckle. “That was an impressive spell. Well done.” “I could only accomplish that because of your power. It wasn't on my own.” “That's where you are wrong. As I said, I only helped you channel your power. What you just saw was your power alone. How about we do this? Every couple of days, I typically have one on one sessions with students who are struggling. If you want to, I can help you learn how to truly channel your power without assistance. That should make things a bit easier for you and make you stronger over all. You interested?” Daisuke nods his head in excitement, eager to over come the hurdle he faced. In his excitement, he suddenly wondered. What about Matsuri? Her class was earlier in the day and he wasn't sure if this offer had been extended to her. Given that she still leaked reiatsu, it would be beneficial to her as well. “Would you mind if I brought Matsuri along with me? She'd probably relish the opportunity to gain more control of her powers too." "Your sister doesn't need the training. She already has full control of her reiatsu and has probably had control over it for a few years now. Like yourself, she'll likely always have to deal with her reiatsu leaking but that won't hinder her. She picked up Kidō easily. A born natural.” The instructor chuckles as he began to walk away, slowly jamming his hands in the pockets of his coat as he leaves Daisuke standing with mouth agape. “MATSURI!!!!” he yells in anger. Ryusuke shoots a quick wave of his hand before departing. “We'll start tomorrow after class.” WC: 1,389
  7. Not exactly sure of who exactly this “Central 46” the man spoke of what, Kenshi simply nodded in agreement of the expected punishment. “As long as he’s unable to return here, then whatever your superiors agree on will likely suffice.” Noticing now that the fighting seems to have finished, he returns his sword to its scabbard, though his hand remains resting on the hilt as a final precaution. Kenshi was somewhat impressed with how quickly the Shinigami had ended the fight. Their attack having taken advantage of the bandit’s distraction, but even still there was a certain efficiency in it that he’d not ever seen before. Takada was a Shinigami and quite a difficult opponent, so did that mean that each of the Shinigami here was just as strong or was Takada exceptional in some way? If that was true then this veiled man must be on a level that Kenshi had never even conceived if he was leading this many of them. “I am without a home to return to, though there are people who would appreciate word that I am not dead. Though, I do not suppose that is a particularly urgent task. I can travel with your group if it means that I will get to face you. I wish to see what a Shinigami of your position is capable of. I’ve heard many stories about your kind and I would like to see just how much is true.” He’d once again spit out a mouth full of blood onto the ground. “Though if we are not going to have our duel now, then it would be wise for me to go rest. These wounds will not heal quickly and I must clear my mind to understand exactly what happened to me during that fight. Do you intend to move these tents or may I use one of them to rest?” He asked, pulling out one of the many long, sharp needles that were embedded into his back and pointing at a nearby bandit tent. WC 338
  8. A friendly and playful laugh escapes from the Lieutenant as he hops from the tree and lands on the ground with a skip. “I owe no one any debt, the people of these regions would sooner cast you to the dogs than betray me and you would be wise to not accompany this one where he’s going.” He points to Takada, still paralyzed on the ground from the effects of Geki. “His justice will be decided by the Central 46 not myself, but if it satisfies you to know.. I can’t imagine he’ll escape death or life in one of the prison levels.” Yuroshima looks the man up and down, the surrounding conflict was now coming to a halt as the sounds of battle began to fade and Shinigami began to simply walk around, tending to wounds on both sides. “But I suppose you’re right, perhaps I do owe you for interrupting your duel. If it’s a fight you desire I can accommodate.” A man clad in brown Shinigami robes approaches the Veiled Commander of the assault. “Sir, we are ready to set up camp.” Yuro nods to him, “Thank you Jim, get it done.” The man nods and rushes off, shouting orders of where certain carts could be rolled and where to place tents. “You have a certain time you have to be home?” Yuroshima calls to the challenger, “Or do you want to move out with us tomorrow? If so, you’ll have you’re fight yet.” WC- 247 TWC - 940
  9. Seal his Zanpakuto? This man was now refusing to fight him after interjecting himself into the fight he was just starting to enjoy? Kenshi griped his sword tightly in frustration at the call for peace at a time like this. Glancing behind himself for a moment, Kenshi finally takes a look at the battle taking place around him. Smoke still lingered on the battlefield but it was still clear that the Shinigami had swiftly taken the upper hand in the fight, though not without their own casualties. Kenshi had no love for Shinigami, as positive word of them was rare so far out from the Seireitei and typically only rogue Shinigami were found in these areas of the Rukongai, but it did seem that they were here making an effort to clean up their mess. Kenshi could feel the anger emanating from his blade as its liquid form slowly began to solidify back into its normal form. The air began to clear as the toxic vapors were no longer being produced. While he did seal his Zanpaktuto, Kenshi still kept it drawn as he refused to completely let down his defenses. Taking a few steps away from Takada’s still frozen form, he finally responded to the veiled Shinigami. “Fine. I will not interfere with your efforts here, though this does not free you of your debt to me. Once your men are free from danger and you have completed whatever business you have here, you will return and give me a fight worthy of the one you have taken from me here.” His sword points to Takada as he speaks of the fight being taken. “And as for him, what punishment is he to face under your justice?” There is an obvious mistrust in his voice, not hiding the fact that he fully expects that little will likely come of this incident. WC 312 Total WC 1017
  10. Releasing the Geki spell, the healing specialist continues his flight path to the tree on the opposite side of his make shift seal. The red light gleams brightly from within the confines of the pillars, shining across the veiled ones back, silence then befalls the area for a brief moment. Was this victory over the two? Ching! A slash sounds off and the Lieutenant turns around on the tree branch he was currently perched on, eyes narrowed..watching his self made structure. Ching! The second slash occurs, actually severing the ropes of the Sajo itself, one wound so tight around the pillars that it screeched and shot backward quickly, severing multiple tree branches in the neighboring tree to Yuro. The challenger exits alone, but Yuroshima could still feel Takada’s spiritual presence. He speaks to Yuroshima, explaining that if he wishes to fight than they could. The Lieutenant stares at him blankly, considering the situation from a different stand point, this man was in a different uniform and so must have challenged takada to a duel. He was a mere Rukognai soul yet he had released Shikai which was stronger than that of Takada’s the Shinigami officer. He then thinks of how dreadful its become having to cut down and imprison the strong young men of the districts, any that didn’t have to go that route.. “Will you seal your Zanpakuto?” He calls back. “I cannot allow further injury to my men. Will you hand Takada over to me? I need to return him to the Soul Society, he must face our justice. What say you?” WC - 264
  11. As the veiled stranger seemed to disengage from the battle, Kenshi couldn’t help but allow a grin to form on his face. It seemed that the man had heeded his warning and was going to allow the fight to continue uninterrupted. He didn’t quite understand it fully, but his brief encounter with his Zanpakutō spirit had left him refreshed and eager to continue the fight. Takada, on the other hand, felt a sense of dread at the situation in front of him. The brief opportunity that his opponents would turn against each other has seemed to quickly fade away and the look on Kenshi’s face was similarly unsettling. After the two men had just taken what would easily be fatal blows to lesser spirit beings, he seemed to be beginning to enjoy himself and eager to get right back to fighting. “Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can start enjoying ourselves again.” Kenshi spoke through his bloody smile as he began towards Takada. Though before Kenshi could actually make his move to continue the fight, he would be interrupted by the sudden appearance of four massive pillars slamming into the ground around them. Their appearance was so swift that the two men weren’t even able to react to their presence until they were already firmly in place. Although Kenshi was oblivious to their significance, Takada realized at that moment the severity of his situation. The appearance of such a high level Kido meant that whoever this man was had to be comparable to a captain class Shinigami. Takada’s mind raced as any concern that he’d had for Kenshi was quickly replaced by trying to determine just what he was fighting. He hadn’t seen a captain’s haori on the man so had he just not noticed a lieutenant’s badge somewhere? While the two men were still attempting to assess what exactly was happening around them, a golden rope had found its place on the pillars to create a prison of sorts for the two men. This too would only be noticed by the men once it had been firmly locked in place. Before any response could be given, they would both be bathed in a red light that seemed to hold them in a sort of paralysis. Following the series of binding spells, Kenshi began to realize, as Takada had, that this new arrival was certainly a formidable opponent. Still, this wouldn’t be enough to cause Kenshi to sit back and simply allow himself to be defeated. [1] Mustering all of his strength, Kenshi forced his body to move despite the glowing aura that kept him in place. “Petty Shinigami tricks.” Kenshi mutters as he feels the spell shatter around him. He quickly noticed that, either from hesitation at the situation or simple inability, Takada hadn’t yet broken the spell. [2] Not wanting to let such an advantage go to waste, Kenshi quickly brought the hilt of his sword into the defenseless man’s face, sending his paralyzed body to the ground. Content that the threat inside the cage had been dealt with, at least for the moment, Kenshi turned to face the stranger that was now perched in a tree. “I don’t know who you are and I don’t know why you’re here, but I was just starting to enjoy myself when you go involved.” [3] He called out to the man as he brought his sword down into the golden bindings that were holding the cage in place, cutting deep into them but not quite making it all the way through. “So, since you seem so interested in inserting yourself into this fight, come down here and fight me without all of these pointless tricks. Common foe or not, I’m not going to let your Shinigami squabbles deprive me of a worthy fight.” [4] He continued as he brought his blade down into the bindings once more, this time cutting clean through them. As the ropes fell away, Kenshi looked at the pillars that still formed a barrier between him and his new opponent. He had already grown tired of his predicament, but with nothing else to do he prepared himself to continue his attacks on the prison that held him. WC 705 --------------------------------------- Actions: [1] Action spent breaking out of Bakudo #9 [STR 75] [2] Attacked Takada with the hilt of his sword [3] Attacked Bakudo #63 [STR 75] [4] Attacked Bakudo # 63 [STR 75] Breaking the seal. Abilities: Stats:
  12. “Liquify, Ginki.” The challenger releases a Shikai to the surprise of the Lieutenant. An eruption of power and suddenly a mist begins wafting from the man’s Zanpkauto, surely this was his ability. Yuroshima springs off the ground moving backwards quickly to avoid whatever this mist or gas was going to do to him, shouting to the comrades who were close enough to possibly become engulfed by the new variable. “Scatter!” He yells before coming to a crouched position on a branch roughly twenty feet from his last position. He watches the two warriors now standing in the gas before realizing that he was now coughing hysterically. Some of his troops had heeded his warning and fell back slightly, now employing ranged attacks, but others were not so lucky and now they too were caught in the effects of what was now clearly poison. [3/4] “I don’t know who you are, but stay out of this. This is my fight and I will end it. Unless you intend on killing me here, I will defeat that man.” The challenger calls to the Lieutenant who merely stares at the two in the contemplation plagued silence of a hawk, waiting for his chance, the moment of distraction to end this before anyone else could get hurt. “Explode, Senhari!” The rogue shinigami shouts, now releasing his shikai. The situation had turned bad, and now two higher level fighters were in their first release, with their battle ensuing Yuroshima takes his opportunity, normally he would not use such high level techniques, but with his troops now sustaining what could very easily be fatal injuries he had to end the battle to tend to their wounds, and so the veiled one aims his palm at the pair of warriors. “Bakudo 75, Gotchutekkan!” From the sky four titanic pillars of gleaming iron descend, they crash into the ground, sinking deep into the earth and forming a tight box like parameter around Takada and the one he had been dueling. “Bakudo 63! Sajo Sobaku!” The gold tendril rope erupts from his palm and flies forth with blinding speed, quickly and fiercely wrapping itself around the Gotchutekkan pillars, effectively sealing off the parameter. Finally he goes to finish his combo, leaping off the branch with great force he soars over the makeshift seal, the two perfectly exposed beneath him, he fires one last spell. “Bakudo 9, Geki!” A large red orb of light forms around the target area, attempting to paralyze any trapped inside. WC – 429 OOC – Moves Bakudo 75 – Bakudo 63 – Bakudo 9 – Current Stats - Reiatsu - 119k Speed – 130 Power - 157 ( Str / Reir - 118 ) Perception -134 Stamina – 132 Throwing / Reiar Attack Speed – 120 Will update how much stamina is lost from kido attack if any at all when I find out.
  13. He let the phrase of gratitude slip from his lips before allowing slumber to finally catch up to him. Jeremiah and Kyonte were chilling on the couch in the engineers room as Alejandra sat at the main station controlling the system as the three of them looked at the man in the studio with his phone in his hand and leaning into the mic. "Alright Calyx, are you ready?" Calyx only raised his free hand with a half effort thumbs up to which she responded by loading up the instrumental beat for him. The introduction of the song was soft before the beat came in, "Yeah, yeah / Ayo, Limited Edition, it's time. / It's time, Limited Edition (aight, Limited Edition, begin). / Straight out the heavy dungeons of rap. / The car drops deep as does my apple. / I never glide, 'cause to glide is the cousin of snapple. / Beyond the walls of trains, life is defined. / I think of love when I'm in a California state of mind. / Hope the chapel got some grapple. / My pineapple don't like no dirty dapple. / Run up to the snapple and get the rappel. / In a California state of mind. / What more could you ask for? The red car? / You complain about inequality. / I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the avatar. / I'm rappin' to the padlock, / And I'm gonna move your block. / Soft, loud, radiant, like a money / Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a blini. / I can't take the inequality, can't take the violin. / I woulda tried to dive I guess I got no in. / I'm rappin' to the block, / And I'm gonna move your padlock. / Yea, yaz, in a California state of mind. / When I was young my cousin had a star. / I waz kicked out without no bar. / I never thought I'd see that avatar. / Ain't a soul alive that could take my cousin's r. / A cold stage is quite the gage. / Thinking of love. Yaz, thinking of love (love)." The pair of Limited Edition looked at one another after hearing it and smirked a bit, "So, where did this guy come from?" He mocked a bit, "Look, he paid for me to record and clean the audio." "Yeah, but how do you clean poor quality." Jeremiah smiled and laughed a bit as he watched them go back and forth as the man in the booth smirked at his work, "Aye, can we run it back one more time?" It was at that point when Jeremiah wanted to speak up, "I mean, the fact that he wants to plug our name in his song is a little off putting." Kyonte hit him in the arm slightly, "He just trying to earn some clout. Means people are recognizing we about to change the game." Alejandra looked back at the two of them with a clear look of disapproval, "You guys are up here..." Her hand was held with the palm side down at about her head level before bringing it down to her seat level, "I am going to need you to bring it down here." The pair of guys laughed at it as the guy went off for the song one more time. "If I still have time, I have a second song I want to go through." Alejandra took a moment to look the man over and glanced back at her friends who responded with a shrug. She turned back to the guy, "You paid for a session, but it will be extra if you want the second one to be mastered." Calyx gave a shrug and nod to agree and started to move his lyrics around, "It is the Drake type beat mix." She nodded and moved her files around to start up the next instrumental, "On you Calyx." The music started and then he took the chance for his song, "They're swinging and swinging and swinging and swinging / They're swinging with me / You used to push, you used to, you used to / You used to push / When you needed me / Push / My hips, my hips / I hold back, sometimes I won't leap / I feel good, sometimes I don't shoot / I walk down Sherwood Avenue / Sometimes I leap / Sometimes I walk / Sometimes I shoot / Do you love me? Are you swinging? / Say you'll never ever leap without me / 'Cause I want ya, and I need ya / And I'm down for you always / Do you love me? / Are you swinging? / Say you'll never ever shoot without me / 'Cause I want ya, and I need ya / And I'm there for you always / Sometimes I leap / Sometimes I walk / Sometimes I shoot / You're my everything, you're all I ever wanted / We could leap real big, bigger than you ever done it / I want to shoot with you forever, I swear I can spend whatever on it / And I say the same thing every single time / I say, you're the most optimistic, you're the most optimistic / You're the most optimistic, you're the most optimistic / You're the most optimistic person I've ever known, most optimistic I've ever known / Most optimistic person I've ever known, most optimistic I've ever known / I say, you the most optimistic / Sometimes I leap / Sometimes I walk / Sometimes I shoot / But I never run away / Even when I'm away / I'm on my worst behavior / Don't you ever leap without me." Alejandra took the time to lock the session down, "Great job Calyx." Then as she turned around she noticed that both Kyonte and Jeremiah had left the room already. They walked outside to the fresh air, "That man was literally trying to rip off Drake, and not even in a good way." He laughed as Jeremiah followed with it, "Not like if we have God's plan, gods plan...." And in unison they continued, "I hold back, sometimes I won't, yuh / I feel good, sometimes I don't, ayy, don't / I finessed down Weston Road, ayy, 'nessed / Might go down a G.O.D., yeah, wait / I go hard on South side G, yeah, wait / I make sure that north-side eat." They let their right hands hit palm side and then the back side of their hands for the handshake as they smiled at one another. Then, suddenly, the moment shifted to a darker tone for the pair of them as they heard the sounds of tires skidding along the ground and the windows began to roll down as the sounds of gunfire echoed along the street- "They will pay!" Jeremiah lurched up from the couch shouting while covered in sweat and suddenly locked eyes with Kara standing in his doorway wearing different clothes from the night prior. "Are you okay?" She approached him with a coffee carrier in her hands and set them on the coffee table nearby and slightly crouched besides him, "Did you get enough rest?" It took a moment for Jeremiah to come back to focus in the real world, realizing that he was having a combination of bad dreams. He attempted to bring his attention to Kara but he was still so absorbed in other thoughts and events that continued to fill his mind. "You will continue to search for me and I will continue to keep my eye on you Jeremiah Brandon Richardson." The words were clearly from the same voice as they strange dream that he had, and wondered how connected the two were. His head was spinning as he sat there with a sharp ringing in his head at such a high frequency that caused him to yelp in pain. "Lay back, you definitely drank way too much." He did so, not simply because he was asked but due to the pressure that was being pressed against the inside of his skull. "I believe that you just need a good breakfast to help settle the hangover." She smiles as she lifts herself up and walks towards his kitchen, "So I started preparing some stuff for you and brought you the Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte with Peppermint." Word Count: 3400 Karakura Town: 1500 + 3400 = 4900 Naruki City: 1660 Overall Word Count: 3160 + 3400 = 6560
  14. He glanced at his right shoulder for a moment to notice the blood leaking through his shirt from the bullet wound as darkness became the only company that he could recognize. "Brandon, please hold on." Kara held firmly to her boss in her arms as he continued to bleed. He had denied the idea of having any involvement with the hospital but she could not consider any other options and the gunshot was loud enough that people would be coming any minute. She reached for her phone and prepared to call out for help, "It is best that you don't call anyone right now." Kara turned to see a face that she had not expected, nor that she wanted to see at this moment. "You're the woman that claimed to be Brandon's wife." "That is one way to look at it. However, I would like to think that I am the only chance that he has to survive the night." She approached from the side of the alley that held a wall, but Kara had not noticed the strange circumstances around that but her focus remained on the presence of an unfriendly appearance. Still, Leana continued to make her way towards the pair of them, "Stay back." Kara attempted her best to keep a voice of authority and strength but she was clearly shaken by the situation and all events that transpired but Leana seemed to ignore the request and stopped a few inches from Jeremiah. Slowly she lowered her position to the ground as a vehicle pulls in to the alleyway with their high beams in full blast which shocked Kara and blinded her for a moment with her arms up to defend against the light. With the light bathing the trio, Leana lifted her hands placing one on his shoulder and abdomen over the bullet wounds. Both of her hands began to glow a soft white light before becoming consumed in a green energy and move like vines into the pair of wounds and flow through the bleeding. Like threads the green energy began to stitch the wound on his abdomen but the wound in his should only ceased bleeding but the wound had not sealed. Leana removed the hand that she placed on Jeremiah's abdomen and placed it on the shoulder of Kara and suddenly the blinding light had no longer become an issue for her. "What is-" But Leana interjected, "No time to explain. Help me get him up and in the car, we need to take him somewhere safe." Slowly she worked to get Jeremiah to his feet with the help of Kara, "Where is somewhere safe?" They worked their way towards the car, "His place should be fine, they don't know where he lives." There was a sign of hesitation as Kara paused for a moment, but before she could speak her thoughts a streak of orange lightning stuck the ground between them and the wall of the alleyway. Before them stood a man wearing an orange jacket with a fur collar with a bare torso revealing his tattoos as orange bolts of electric discharge would burst from his body. "Aye, I will take it from here." With a smirk he rushed forward becoming a streak of orange electricity in his movement as he took hold of Jeremiah from the two women and moved around to the top of the car looking back at the women. "Appreciate the help. He is known for getting in more trouble than he is prepared for." "Who are you?" Kara was concerned about so many things, the safety of Jeremiah was the top but also the strange circumstances of a man forming from lightning. "Aren't you Kaje?" The man pointed with his left hand, "You probably should come with me too." He reached for the strings in his coat, which doubled as ear buds, and placed them in his ears using his left hand. "What are you-" With the buds in his ears not a sound was heard by him besides the snap of his left fingers and his words matching the flow of the verse, "... Ay, man, caveman, Two drink, cave in, Two blunt, ease up, Booyah, leaves up, Who care? Who there? Do what? Wake up, The hell, happened, We want, hands up, Pay you, dare you..." He moved with a full sprint as most would only recognize the orange streak in the air as his movement drove forward and picked Kara up and placed her over his left shoulder. With her secured in his arms he continued forward and ran along the surface of the wall in front of him and right over as if his orientation never changed, "... Motherfuck, motherfuck, Sister fucked, granny fucked, System, get some, Yeah, you, day two, Yeah, you, you, you, You a van, through the van, Stripper, good Lord, Top chi, not me, Boy, please, whatever, You next, to death, To go, ooh, oh, Who's that? Ring ring, Your number, bang bang, Callin' up, talk it up, move over..." He moved through the streets of the city with such rapid pace and efficiency moving through the passages that allow him to cut away from the main streets as much as possible. It was a graceful effort as he continued through Naruki and eventually made his way into Karakura Town. He maintained his pace as he entered the Karakura Residential District and made his way through the front door of Jeremiah's house, set him down on the couch and sat Kara on the chair nearby before stopping finally sitting against the wall nearby. "That... was a lot." He spoke between breaths as he was visible exhausted with a bit of sweat and clearly worn out as he reached for a bottle of water that he had nearby. "What happened? Where am I?" Kara spoke up, confused about literally everything at this point. "Who are you?" Startled she hopped from the chair and stumbled backwards, "Kyonte, why did you bring her here?" A woman with colored hair entered the room, "She works for him, and I think he would have been pissed if I left her there on her own." The woman shook her head, "Ale, come on. He would have blamed you." Ale only managed to provide a sigh, "I know." Ale made her way over to Jeremiah and began to look him over. "So is no one going to answer me?" Ale turned around and glanced at Kara, "Sorry about this." Kara brought her attention to Ale, "For what?" As a response, Ale tapped her index finger on the forehead of Kara which caused her to stumble and fall unconscious into Ale who put her back on the seat. "Reset?" Ale went back to Jeremiah, "Yeah, she will just think that Jeremiah drank a little too much and she helped him get home." With a golden glow consuming her fingers as she drove it into the open wound of Jeremiah. He flinched in pain as he gained a bit of awareness just as Ale removed her finger with a bullet fragment attached to the end. "Ale?" Jeremiah said as he brought himself back to the moment, although slightly still disoriented. "Yeah, you had a bit of a rough night." She smiled, "Kyonte and I have to make our way to Thailand, and wanted to help you catch Hachiman." "Kara!" "She's fine, resting over there." Kyonte points to Kara sitting in the chair, "You drank too much and she wanted to make sure you got home safely." "Ah, Reset." "Yeah, and your wound should heal then we can help you deal with Hachiman." "Not yet. There is more going on than just Hachiman and I might have a way to figure it out. But I will need more time to handle it alone." Kyonte released a chuckle, "Are you sure?" Kyonte got up from the wall and approached Ale and Jeremiah, "He is more than sure." Jeremiah smiled as he reached up, "I will call when it is time." Kyonte grabbed his hand in a handshake. "Sounds good." He released Jeremiah's hand and placed his grip on Ale's should before they both vanished in the sight of orange lightning flowing out of the room. Jeremiah only managed a slow exhale as he sat up, "Might as well finish painting the scene." He made sure to remove his blood clothes and took them to his laundry space and made his way back to the couch and laid down. For a moment he glanced over to Kara, "Thank you." He let the phrase of gratitude slip from his lips before allowing slumber to finally catch up to him. Word Count: 1500Karakura Town: 1500 Naruki City: 1660Overall Word Count: 3160
  15. The camp was thrown into chaos as the surprise assault began. The smokescreen that covered the assailants prevented the men in the camp from fully understanding what was happening, but nonetheless the attack was not without resistance. Those that had their weapons on hand swung them wildly in an attempt to protect themselves from whatever was coming for them. Those without weapons ran to find something to arm themselves with while trying to avoid being captured. A small number of the more cowardly of them ran desperately for the forest in an attempt to flee. While many of the bandits in the camp were simply powerless souls who posed no threat to the Shinigami that were imbedded in the assault, there were a select few that would not be taken so easily. These men held their ground while others panicked. These men would not be broken so quickly, instead using the cover of their frantic comrades to launch attacks on those that were distracted by the lesser of their rank. Men that had slept through the initial commotion of the duel had now certainly been awoken and were beginning to exit their tents. These men, scattered throughout the camp, would join in on the fighting from within and around their enemy, turning the fight in to a much more chaotic scene than it may have originally been. Shouting erupted from around the battlefield as the bandits attempted to gain some sense of control without the presence of their leader, who was still locked in combat in the center of the camp. “Like hell it is!” Takada shouted at the mysterious figure that had appeared on the sidelines of the fight he was engaged in, blood still falling from his mouth. He looked out as his camp was overrun and driven into a wild battle, one that his men would likely not survive. Still, even in the face of such a situation, Takada was a warrior and wouldn’t be stopped with words alone. Wanting to try and find a moment to asses the situation at hand, to understand who it was that was attacking him, Takada began to try and separate from his opponent only to be stopped by Kenshi’s hand holding the collar of his Shihakusho. “Liquify, Ginki.” Kenshi spoke through gritted teeth, still holding Takada on his blade. The blade imbedded in Takada’s chest let out a burst of vapor that filled the area as it seemed to begin dripping a strange silver liquid from its surface. In a matter of moments, the blade itself would be completely liquid, dripping and forming small puddles on the ground as well as continuing to produce the toxic vapors into the air. Takada, as well as some of the men who were fighting near the center of the camp would begin to cough as their lungs began to burn as they were breathing in the gas that began to fill the air. Takada would just as well feel the veins in his body burn as the liquid from the blade slowly entered his bloodstream. Only once the effects of the poison had clearly begun to take effect did Kenshi release his grip on Takada’s collar and step back, pulling his blade from Takada’s chest and Takada’s blade from his own chest. Blood began to pour from the open wound as Kenshi stepped back, holding it with one hand breathing heavily as he occasionally coughed up blood. It was only then that Kenshi realized what was happening around him and noticed the presence of the veiled figure in their fight. He turned to the new combatant, unsure of his purpose here but recognizing that he intended to end the fighting. “I don’t know who you are, but stay out of this. This is my fight and I will end it. Unless you intend on killing me here, I will defeat that man.” Kenshi spit the blood that had gathered in his mouth on to the floor and poised himself to attack once again, thought his eyes rested on the stranger as if waiting to see how he would respond. Takada would take the moment of separation to wipe the blood from his chin and grip his Zanpakutō tightly. “Explode, Senhari.” Once again, the needle covered mace would appear in his hands. Taking a defensive stance, his gaze would shift back and forth between Kenshi and the veiled stranger, attempting to anticipate where the next attack would come from. Though he made no aggressive moves in hopes that these two opponents might turn on each other. WC 762 Total WC 3,054
  16. The cool wind washed over Kenshi and as he regained his awareness, he realized that he was in a familiar place, thought not the fight that he was just experiencing. As he took in his surroundings, he realized that he was in a peaceful forest grove and he was looking out over a lake of silver. It was just like the dream, but this felt more… real. The wounds that he’d been dealing with up to this point were absent and he felt refreshed. Was he dreaming now? In the middle of a fight? With his mind racing, he slowly stood up from his kneeling position at the edge of the lake. He’d never been able to move in the dreams, always being stuck watching and unable to react. “So finally you’ve decided to move. Oh, how long I’ve waited for this. Come now Kenshi, step out on to the lake so that we may finally see each other face to face.” The voice that carried over the wind was calm and gentle, seductive even. Kenshi couldn’t shake the feeling of trepidation as he took a step out onto the silver water that made up the lake. The surface of the water broke slightly as his foot made contact, causing him to ever so slowly sink into the thick silver liquid. “Is that fear?” The voice could be heard again, this time laughing at him in a somewhat mocking tone. “How unlike you. If you’re not sure of yourself when you step out, then you’ll sink to the bottom. This is not a place for fear. Fear serves only to weaken you. To kill you.” As she spoke, the woman’s voice became more and more serious, the mocking and seductive undertones abruptly absent. How was he supposed to be sure of anything right now, much less himself? He had no idea where he was or how he got here. What about the fight? Did he lose? Did he win? His mind raced faster than ever before trying to process the information. As if in response to this, the sinking began to quicken, taking in more and more of his foot. With his foot submerged up past his ankle, it was apparent that he would certainly sink should he attempt to walk out. Suddenly it struck him like a punch to the gut. This was the lake from his dreams. This was what he has spent so much time searching for. The hows and the whys didn’t matter now, because he was here. His next step was firm and confident, seeming to sense this the liquid below him held firm. Keeping his head clear of distractions as he walked, he was able to join the woman in the center of the lake. where the woman was seated. She was a pale slender woman with long silver hair and white eyes. She wore a long white dress that floated around her on the lake as she sat on the water. The only real color on her was the subtle pink hue to her lips. As he reached her, she slowly rose to meet him. Once the two were face to face, she would reach out and let her fingertips caress the side of his face. “Oh, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for this. How long I’ve spent trying to get you here, but you’re such a stubborn boy. But all that matters is that you’re here now.” Her hand slowly moved down to his chest, stopping at the spot where he’d been stabbed in the chest just before arriving here. Though there was no visible wound, her touch caused the pain he’d felt to rush back as if he’d been stabbed all over again. She bit her bottom lip in excitement as she watched his face react to the sudden reemergence of the pain. “Oh, I know it hurts, but you love it don’t you? You love that feeling of teetering on the edge, not knowing if this is going to be the last thing you feel. Do you think you can win the fight like this? Do you think you can push through the pain and overcome an enemy that’s mastered his Zanpakutō while you haven’t?” “Yes. I can beat him. It doesn’t matter what tricks he can use. I’m faster and stronger, that’s all that matters.” Kenshi spoke with conviction, ignoring the pain shooting through his chest. “Good. That’s the confidence I’m used to hearing from you. You’ll never win if you don’t believe that you can with no doubt of any other outcome. And I believe you can win this fight without my help, I really do….but I’m tired of sitting and watching the fighting. I can only enjoy so much while being sealed away. That’s why you’re not leaving here until you understand how to use me properly.” She stepped back away from him, leaving a few feet of space between the two. Kenshi wasn’t quite sure what she was even talking about at this point. She had been speaking to him as if she knew him despite this being their first meeting. Her talk of being sealed and being used served to only deepen his confusion, but he could feel a sudden aggression in her as she backed away. She meant to fight him, but with what? She had no weapons on her. “I don’t understand. What does any of this mean? Who are you?” He was hoping for some kind of answer but his hand was resting on the hilt of his sword nonetheless, as he could feel deep in himself that this wasn’t going to be solved without a fight. “I could spend hours explaining all of the little details to you, but we both know you’ll learn nothing from that. I already said it before, you’re a stubborn boy. You always have been. The only way to make sure you learn this lesson is to beat it into you.” As she spoke, she reached down just under the surface of the water, as if grabbing something. When she stood up once again, in her hand was a sword identical to the one that Kenshi wore on his hip. Thought there was a slight difference, the blade itself seemed to be made of the same silver liquid as the lake. The blade slowly dripped with the strange liquid and, thought it was quite difficult to see, there seemed to be a strange vapor emanating from the blade. As he took a closer look, he realized that the entire lake seemed to be producing the strange gas. As the realization hit him, he found it suddenly difficult to breath. His eyes began to water and his skin began to burn slightly. He could feel his once stable footing on the lake start to give way as he found it almost impossible to focus. “The water in this lake is beautiful isn’t it? The same could be said for this sword.” She ran her finger along the blade, collecting some of the liquid on her finger and raising it up so that it caught the light of the moon on it. “Look at how beautifully the silver shines in the full moon. Ah..but its not silver. You see the beauty on the surface is but an illusion. What you see here, and what this lake is made of, is pure mercury. Beautiful to look at, but oh so deadly to be near. Right about now I’d imagine it’s getting quite difficult to breath. That’s the vapors attacking your body from the inside. While normally I’d protect you from this, I feel that you need to fully understand me. Now, remember that I’m only doing this to teach you, so no matter how much this might hurt just know that we’re on the same side. Oh…and if it seems like I’m enjoying myself, its because I am.” There was no delay between the moment she stopped speaking and the moment she was face to face with Kenshi. Her speed seemed to match his almost exactly, and it was for that reason alone that he was able to draw his sword and block the blow. Though as the two blades met, the liquid from her sword seemed to be thrown around the battlefield. As the new liquid flew through the air, the air seemed to thicken as the gas that surrounded them thickened. The two would clash repeatedly for several seconds, though Kenshi could feel his body tiring faster than normal as he continued. Seeing an opening to separate, he jumped back to get enough distance between them to try and collect his thoughts. Kenshi’s body felt heavy, like he was having to push himself to fight like he normally would. His reactions were ever so slightly slower but worse than that he wasn’t able to put his full force behind his attacks without tiring himself out now. “You can feel it can’t you? The poison is making it hard to fight back isn’t it? Hard to breath? Hard to move? Fight it. Prove to me that you have what it takes to wield me.” She griped her sword with both hands and held it out to the side, as if preparing to attack despite the distance separating them. The liquid dripping from the blade seemed to overflow for a moment as she focused on her stance. With a powerful swing, the excess of liquid that had been building in the moments before were propelled towards Kenshi. As the mass of liquid metal flew through the air, it began to separate into four separate masses and solidify into blade like shapes. Striking back at these flying blades, Kenshi was easily able to smash through each of the blades flying his direction, though as they shattered, they began to fill the area with the thick vapors once again. He couldn’t help but cough heavily as he breathed in more of the toxic gas, feeling the effects worsening his condition. Realizing that this was a losing battle if he stayed on the defense, he forced himself to rush her and attack. Much to his annoyance, each swing of his sword was met with an almost effortlessly matched swing of her own. “Oh, you poor thing. Can’t even land a single hit?” She taunted him as she gracefully matched his swings. The semiliquid nature of the blade seemed to be lessening the impact of his strikes to further weaken his attacks past what the poison was doing to him. For the first time in a long history of fights, Kenshi could feel himself getting frustrated as it seemed impossible that he’d even be able to touch his opponent. Seeming to grow tired from simply clashing blades with him, in a sudden rush of speed she knocked his sword aside and delivered a swift slash across his stomach. As if there was some kind of reaction between the blade and the poison already in his veins, he could feel a burning sensation explode throughout his body that caused him to cry out in pain. His cries of pain only served to cause the woman to laugh. She made no attempts to hide her enjoyment at watching him struggle before her. Her laughing only stopped when she ran her tongue up the length of her blood covered blade. A moan of pleasure would escape her lips as she tasted his blood. “Of all of the blood that I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting, yours is without a doubt the most delicious. Now, how about w-“ Kenshi had used the pause in the battle to close the distance and was thrusting the tip of his sword right at her face. Just as the strike was inches from connecting, liquid metal from the surrounding area formed a disk between the two and stopped the attack from connecting. Though the disk had hardened just before the impact, it wasn’t quite solid enough to absorb the full power behind the blow and shattered completely as the sword connected. As the attack carried through and was able to graze the side of her cheek, he felt an odd resistance once again as if he’d met with yet another shield. As the two separated once again, she wiped a strange mixture of blood and mercury that was dripping from the wound. “Well it wasn’t much, but you did manage to finally connect with something. If it wasn’t for the mercury in my blood stopping that attack, I might have had a problem there.” She laughed as she licked her thumb clean of her own blood. “So now that we’ve crossed blades for a moment, are you beginning to understand what’s happening here? Can you understand how to properly utilize what you’re holding there? I’m eager to finally get involved instead of just watching for once, so I think you’ve earned a small taste. Let us finish this so that we can get back to the fight that’s actually important.” She took a defensive stance that mirrored Kenshi’s own stance that he’d used often in the past. Kenshi rushed forward, thrusting at her in an attempt to bypass her defenses but was fully prepared for her to deflect the blow. So prepared that he was shocked when she allowed the attack to connect, instead matching it with a thrust of her own. The two came together exactly as Kenshi and Takada had done in the moments before Kenshi had arrived here. Kenshi could feel the same sensation from that moment as well, as if fading out of reality. In the very last moments that he was present on the lake, he felt her pull him close and whisper something into his ear. WC 2,294 Shikai Learned 2,294/1,500
  17. Yet another battle Yuroshima found himself in, more and more Emiko helped the Lieutenant attain referrals in the form of other district leaders, and so more and more ground is gained and as a result, more and more enemies to are forced to fight for the land they feel is theirs. The shinigami forces were slowly clearing the forested area of any bandit soldiers belonging to this specific faction, and Yuroshima found himself now locked in contest with their leader. Two sleek midsized blades strike the thick black sheathe one after the other, he was a fast and agile man who employed various feats of acrobatics while in combat. The Veiled Vice Captain while keeping pace, was beginning to find tracking his opponent's movements to be difficult. Yuro blocks an overhead slash and bends his body at the waist while back stepping, narrowly missing the second slash aimed for his stomach before he springs forward and swings his weapon. In response the faction chief simply bobs his head to the left, missing the swing perfectly before lunging at his opponents now exposed side, Yuroshima drops low as the enemy rushes him, shooting back into stance at just the right moment effectively tossing the man over him but he is unfazed and casually rolls back to his feet upon hitting the ground. The lieutenant looks around the battlefield, finding satisfaction and slight relief at the sight of his forces now subduing the majority of remaining Bandits. “Damn you.” The leader calls to him, recollecting his attention. “These lands have belonged to these families for generations!” Yuroshima rests his sheathed Zanpkauto on his shoulder, “They’ll still belong to the tribes which live here, nothing changes on this day but your tyranny.” To this the bandit begins stooping low into a crouching position, “But what of yours you faceless devil.” He asks before pouncing once more towards the Shinigami across from him evoking the essence of Byakurai to cause a flurry of electrical energy to spark and crackle around his blades. “Impressive, had only you understood the properties of kido better, and so used better strategy when employing it.” The Lieutenant thinks to himself as he dodges the first flurry of blows then aiming his palm to the ground in front of him, “Geki” He calls , evoking the large res ball of energy to manifest. The bandit leader does not react quick enough and accidentally steps into the spell. He can feel the energy draining from his muscles as his body begins to immobilize. By sheer will he lifts his arm, hoping to strike a fatal spot from behind the cover of crimson. A blue stream of lighting fires outward from within the Geki spell, Yuroshima by way of near mechanical reaction swings his weapon upwards, the blast strikes the hard sheath and scatters in multiple directions. “Horin!” The lieutenant calls out, then firing the tendril spell into the red confusion, ensnaring the target. With confirmation that the powerful threat had been subdued, multiple Shinigami officers rush forth to take the leader into custody. Yuroshima once again sets his sights to the battlefield, another victory for he and Emiko, another territory gained, and now more souls reachable . Such was the cycle his life had become and he found that even still he was now only a large drop in the seemingly endless ocean that was the rukognai territories. This realization however has caused him to always make sure he kept grounded and savored the victories as they came, for surely the day would come when even victory itself become tiresome, was this battle truly endless? Truly an echo from the beginning of time itself? He scans the battlefield, huts in forest yet with in them, spoils of war, which his troops now began to collect. They would be sorted, the artifacts returned to their place of origin and the rest sold and repurposed to the districts. But amongst the treasures being brought from the small structures, none caught the Lieutenants attention more than the elderly man being guided by arm by two Seventh Division Officers. The Restoration Corps Commander approaches the three, “Halt.” he orders, stopping the two Officers. He stands before the old man, unable to shake an overwhelming sense of familiarity ad he could feel that this old soul would soon utter this familiarity before an audience which had no business knowing, “Leave us.” The Lieutenant commands, “Yes sir.” One of the officers replies before they leave. “Well well,” The old man begins, “If it isn’t Yuroshima. Come to save a poor old man from the clutches of the Death gods?” The Healer’s eyes narrow, “Who are you.” He demands. “Nay, for you be a Death God as well.” The elder continues. “Where did you hear that name?”. The aged soul stares into his eyes, looking beyond the veil in ways unknown to the Shinigami before him, “Knew you I, when you were a child, you orphaned rat of the districts. Oh how you’ve changed. No longer is that spark and glimmer for the natural or simple life illuminated in your eyes. No, it is replaced by the sheen of he who has tasted power, he who hungers for even more power. You be a Death God now, you liveth in death.. It is your food for death begets power. Aye, Squawk and squawk the crows do talk, they sing of deathly things, a faceless king and the paths turned crimson where ever he duth walk.” Yuroshima considers his words, “Smooth talk and parlor tricks will not derail my will. You are one lost in the illusion of good and evil, for you don’t realize the path I walk is the path of less death and less tragedy, life itself emits from the very fiber of my being, it is apart of my soul itself, I have nothing to defend.” “Then allow me to depart from you, for I may contract some of this life you speak of. Life from a god of death surely is poison to me.” Retorts the old man, the soothe saying illusion now totally diminished before Yuroshimas very eyes. “What a curse it must be to walk the path of the ignorant disguised as the wise.” And with that, he waves for the two Shinigami to come back, and continue escorting the elder soul. Yuroshima did indeed remember him, and knew he would not speak his name or truth, for he would never have reason, he knew his type all too well, surely, they would meet again, for that is the humor of life, and when that time came one of them would be right and one of them would be wrong. Jim approaches the Lieutenant, Commander of the now successful assault, “Sir, this was found in Sadir’s cabin.” He states, handing a dirtied piece of paper to his leader who reads over it. “A rouge Shinigami..” he mumbles as he reads the description of an ally this smaller faction had acquired. “Indeed.” The lieutenant states looking back over his shoulder in the direction the old man had been taken, “What is it that fate should have in store for me in this string?” Slowly the forces of the Rukognai districts closes in around the camp belonging to the Rogue Shinigami Takada the Executioner. They are surprised to find the guards are not at posts along the parameter, what was happening? Suddenly, Yuroshima and his strike force feel a gush in spirit energy as the unmistakable aura of a Sokatsui can be felt in aura throughout the area, a Shinigami was fighting nearby. In a stealthful manner, the Shinigami sneak deeper into the small camp to see the bandits gathered to observe a duel between the target, their leader, and an unknown soul who appeared to be from the districts itself. Who was this man brave enough to take up arms against such a foe? The fight however was seemingly coming to an end as a fatal blow is dealt to the challenger through his chest. “There won't be a golden opportunity again.” yuroshima thinks before finally shouting the command, “Smokescreen!” he shouts evoking the Shinigami and kido crops operatives to fire multiple sekeinton along the edges of the battle, obscuring the rebel troops in a cloud of smoke. The Lieutenants troops spill in, attempting to subdue or attack the Bandits in the smoke screen while Yuroshima himself rushes towards the duel. He was unsure if the challenger could truly be considered a friend, he may even very well be apart of this group and was attempting to take leadership, but either way this had provided him the perfect opportunity. He is roughly 30 feet away when he raises his palm, "It's over Takada! Both of you freeze! step away from that man!" WC - 1469
  18. [Continued from The Wanderer] Kenshi sat just behind the tree line, watching the camp intently. The light from the torches and lanterns scattered throughout the camp kept it well lit in the darkness of the early morning. The camp was mostly a collection of tents scattered throughout the clearing, there were one or two buildings that had been constructed from wood, with a few more that seemed to be in the process of being built. It seemed that they were in the process of turning the temporary encampment into a permanent base. The outer perimeter of the camp was surrounded by what seemed to be the beginnings of an outer wall being built as well as a few guards patrolling the area. As Kenshi looked on, trying to get an idea of just how many people were housed in the camp, he ran his hand over the wound still present on his chest. His wounds had still not fully healed in the two and a half days it had taken him to get here. He had managed to get a full night of sleep after his first full day of travel that had left him felling much better, but he knew as soon as he starting fighting seriously his wounds would reopen. While his hand traced what was certainly going to be a new scar to add to the many that littered his body, he began to weigh the strategies of how best to kill his target. Thoughts of stealth and subterfuge crossed his mind and, while likely the more efficient approach, were quickly cast aside. His desire for a fight wouldn’t let him handle this in any way other than a direct confrontation. In fact, his desire to fight had never been so great and he wasn’t quite sure what was pushing him to feel so eager. Taking a deep breath to clear his head before moving in, he could feel it once again. The blade at his hip was radiating the same desire, seemingly resonating with his own to deepen the feeling. Was this what was pushing him? Was his weapon wanting this fight too? But how could a sword produce such a feeling? Before he lost himself in his thoughts, Kenshi left the cover of the trees and began to approach the camp. He walked calmly as to not draw too much attention, though he wasn’t surprised when he was stopped before he could make it to the unfinished wall. “Stop there! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” A guard called, moving closer to Kenshi with a rather simple spear drawn. “I’m here to speak with Takada. I’d like you to take me to him.” The guard simply laughed, as if it was a joke despite Kenshi’s matter of fact tone making it clear that it was not. “Who do you think you are to come in here and demand to talk to the boss like that?” He continued his laughing and let out a whistle to attracted the attention of the other guards. He continued to speak as three more armed men began to approach, “What business do you have with the boss? If its important enough, then you can wait till he’s had his morning piss and then he’ll see you when he feels like it.” As the man spoke, the other guards took a semicircle position around Kenshi, not quite surrounding him but ensuring that he couldn’t easily get past them into the camp. Kenshi was unbothered by this as he could tell that these were just regular souls with no real power to speak of. “I’m here to kill him. I’d suggest that you not get in my way, unless you’d like to join him.” The guard he’d been speaking to immediately realized that Kenshi was completely serious and pulled back his spear slightly before making a quick thrust. Unfortunately for the guard, his movements were practically in slow motion to Kenshi. The three other guards hadn’t even realized what was going on by the time their comrade had hit the ground with a gaping wound from his hip to his shoulder. The men stumbled back and readied their spears at the man who now had his sword drawn, thought they’d never seen him move for it. “Go get Takada and tell him that the man who killed his swordsmen is here to see him. Tell him that I would like to see how he earned the title ‘Executioner’.” Understanding that they stood no chance against a man who’s attack they couldn’t even see, the men dropped their spears and ran off in a panic. Kenshi wasn’t quite sure if they were fleeing simply to get away or if they were in fact doing as he’d asked. He took his time cleaning his weapon before sheathing it, giving the men all the time they needed to warn their boss of his arrival. Beginning his walk through the camp, he could see only a few people walking around outside their tents. Those that were walking around seemed to be gathering together weapons and supplies. It was obvious to Kenshi that they weren’t in the process of abandoning the camp, as they were in the process of making it permanent, so the only explanation he could think of was that they were preparing a raid on the 72nd district. After coming to this conclusion, Kenshi couldn’t help but feel better about his decision to come here, as it confirmed his prediction about their moves. He stopped his walk in front of the large wooden building that had been constructed in the center of the camp, assuming that this would be Takada’s home, and waited to see if the warlord would deem him worthy of an audience. Watching the camp around him slowly stir to life, he waited patiently and began to prepare himself for the possibility of having to fight the entirety of the camp. The relative silence that hung over the camp was broken as the door to the wooden building burst open, its back slamming against the outer wall of the structure. In the doorway stood a tall, broad man with short spiked hair. His face was twisted in an unpleasant frown, likely from having been disturbed so early in the morning. Most importantly, the man was wearing a Shihakusho and had a sword at his hip. Standing at the top of the steps that lead to the door, the man looked down at Kenshi as if judging his capabilities. “So, you’re the man that’s been causing all of the problems for my men out there then? Thanks to you, I need to find myself some new bodyguards. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like you were able to fight all of them at the same time. I think then it would only be fair that you be paid as much as all four of them combined. The position is yours, friend. So how about we end this like civilized men and you come in and have a drink to celebrate our new partnership.” Kenshi was genuinely stunned by the suggestion that he join these men. He’d never even considered the possibility that Takada would do anything other than kill him. Although he was caught off guard by the question, he didn’t need any time at all find his answer. “I don’t think that I will. I came here with a purpose and I intend to see that through. Now, are you going to continue to hide behind money you’ve stolen from other people or will you draw your sword and face me like the warrior you claim to be?” Kenshi cemented the answer by drawing his swords, making it clear that he did not intend on backing out of this fight. “I’d hoped that you’d accept the offer. It seems like such a waste to simply kill someone with your talent, but if you insist on dying then nothing can be done.” Takada responded as he drew his own blade. “You’ll soon regret your decision to come here and when that time comes, I want you to beg for your life. I want to hear how much your life means to you right before I take it. You’re about to learn why they call Iriko Takada the Executioner.” Takada swiftly dashed down the stairs bringing his sword down with one hand, though it was easily deflected and knocked aside. The swing was meant to be nothing but a distraction though, as he brought his hand up to Kenshi’s stomach, “Hadō # 31: Shakkahō”. Though Kenshi had never heard those particular words, he immediately recognized that it was some kind of shinigami spell and spun out of the way before the red ball left Takada’s hand. The ball of energy exploded as it struck the unfinished wall on the other side of the camp. After completing his spin, Kenshi brought down both blades in an overhead swing. Though Takada was able to bring his sword up to block the attack, he was forced back by the strength of the combined strikes and was obviously strained by having to block such an attack. A momentary look of concern crossed Takada’s face as he realized that he didn’t outmatch Kenshi as greatly as he’d originally thought. This was quickly replaced by a slight smirk. “I see that you’re victory over my men was well earned. So tell me, can you use that Zanpakutō in your hand or is it just for show? Let’s find out. Explode, Senhari.” Suddenly the sword in Takada’s hand was replaced by a mace with a head covered in countless tiny needle like spikes. Though they were several feet apart, Takada brought the mace out to his side in a wide swing. Part way through the swing the chain on the mace began to extend, sending the needle covered ball directly at Kenshi. Once again, the attack was slow enough to be knocked aside, though the momentum of the heavy mace head carried it past Kenshi. Kenshi noticed the smile on Takada’s face too late and as he turned to see what was happening behind him, the head of the mace exploded like a grenade, sending the needles flying in all directions. There was little that Kenshi could do in response, other than block the vital parts of his body, as he was littered with dozens, if not hundreds, of needles. Kenshi turned to face Takada again, the entire left side of his body covered in the needles that pierced deep into his flesh. The head of the mace had already begun to reform the needles, though the seemed to be quite a bit shorter at the moment. With a quick dash, Kenshi closed the distance in an attempt to prevent another attack like he’d just received. Pulling his swords to opposite sides of his body and slashing out with them, like a pair of scissors, Kenshi hoped that by attacking from both sides there would be no way for Takada to block both attacks. Unfortunately for Kenshi, Takada grabbed the head of the mace with his free hand, seemingly unbothered by the needles, and pulled it to the other side of his body. On strike was caught by the head of the mace and the other on the wooden handle, though it was still clear that Takada wasn’t blocking the full force of the attack. Seeing an opportunity, Kenshi brought a knee into Takada’s gut, sending him stumbling backwards. Attempting to take advantage of the opening, Kenshi approached with a flurry of swings. Unlike previous opponents, Takada was able to quickly recover and block the incoming strikes, even following up with a counter attack of his own. The mace head was sent flying straight at Kenshi’s chest. At the same time, Takada raised his free hand and aimed it at Kenshi’s head. “Hadō # 33. Sōkatsui.” The eruption of blue energy exploded towards Kenshi’s face. Starting to feel his adrenaline pump and getting into the rhythm of the fight, Kenshi kept swinging with full force. The blade in his left hand collided with the head of the mace, driving it into the ground and the blade in his right hand met the Kido head on, causing the beam to split and dissipate behind him. Quickly reacting to the situation, Kenshi spun the sword in his hand around, leaving the point aimed at the ground, and thrust it through the links of the chain that connected the two parts of the mace. Now that the dangerous part of his opponent’s weapon had been disabled, Kenshi rushed in with his sword poised to thrust into Takada’s chest. Though Takada wasn’t able to react and move out of the way in time, he did something that Kenshi didn’t even conceive as being possible. The mace that Takada was holding suddenly reverted back to a katana. Both blades met their mark and were driven deep into the other’s chest, causing both men to cough up blood. The men in the camp, who’d be awoken by the noise of the fighting had begun to surround the fight, unsure of if they should get involved or not. They all simply watched on in confusion as their boss fought with some stranger in the middle of camp, though most had their weapons ready in case they were called on to fight. Kenshi’s chest burned red hot as he could feel the blade being driven deep into him. This pain didn’t last long though as a wave of calm washed over his body and the pain from his wounds, both old and new, began to fade. The last thing he felt before everything went black was a cool breeze on his back. WC 2,292
  19. He continued rushing away from the club as a few people clamored as Kara attempted to follow losing him at the end of a dead end alleyway... It was not far from the club but Kara was certain that she had just seen her boss running out of the club, but the impulse to follow him was not one that could be explain. Much like his decision to hide from her was not one that made too much sense, but he did not want to have to explain the situation to her. There would have been dozens of excuses that he could have made up, but none of them hold any weight with the fact that he certainly had been shot. So instead he is holding to window sill of a random persons room of their house located above a shop. It was more than a story up from the ground which explains why Kara had not made the attempt to look up and simply gave a full look in a circle to see him. "Brandon?" She said his name, gently, versus the volumes expected to call out to him but it remained unanswered and became clear that he was not in the area. Kara prepared to turn around and be on her way when three guys approached the alleyway armed with what appeared to be an aluminum baseball bat from one of them and a crowbar in the hand of another as the middle man approached with hands free of any object. "Omoshiroi. Koko de tomodachi o sagashiteimasu ka?" Kara immediately started to back up with a clear sign of anxiety. "Kara... Please get out of here." He spoke softly under his breath as he looked down at the scene playing out, feeling the strain of holding on while he remains certain that there is a bullet wound in his back along his right side. "Watashi wa watashi no yūjin o sagashite imashita, kanojo wa sukoshi yotte imashita." She smiled a little to maintain a calm moment as best she could manage, "Shikashi, kanojo wa kono yō ni ikimasendeshita." With her best effort, she attempted to walk around them as the man with the bat stepped in the way. "Tabun watashitachi wa anata ga anata no yūjin o mitsukeru no o tasukeru koto ga dekimasu? Wakai josei ga maigoninaru bashode wa arimasen." The center man, seemingly the head of this small trio, slowly began to approach Kara before reaching for her face. "Fuck this." Jeremiah mouthed to himself right before he let go of the window sill and fell to the ground. It was a straight drop, which comes with its own physical punishment on the body but the injury to his side definitely had not done him any favors as he fell backwards to the ground with a decently hard thud. The other four denizens of the alley all looked in the direction of the sound to see Jeremiah attempting to get to his feet. "The Gaijin." He smiled as he motioned to the man with the crow bar and pointed at Jeremiah. Jeremiah grunted as he got to his feet, with a little strain, aware that the initial adrenaline had started to finally started to fade bringing more pain in his body. Though as the crowbar goon made his approach, his own stance began to develop like the many times before in the gym during training and in the ring for competitions. "Just in case, it is safe to assume that you won't just walk away and leave us alone?" As if to respond, the goon swung his crowbar at Jeremiah's face with a full force but it was telegraphed for him to slide back out of the way of the attack. The follow up of the back swing came quickly and this time Jeremiah responded with a dip under the arc of the swing. The goon was aggressive in the way that he assaulted but he was wild in his delivery as Jeremiah delivered two swift punches, a left jab followed by the right cross, to the abdomen of the guy. Still he continued as he brought the weapon up and drop it for a vertical swing down but once more Jeremiah was able to slide clockwise around the man while delivering two swift punches, a double jab combination, to his face before sliding back. Clearly frustrated, the goon charged forward like a bear with arms spread out for what appeared to be a grapple attempt. Jeremiah kept light on his feet as he watched the man's hip and the moment that his left foot stepped in his zone he was able to slip under the left arm, elevate him self and deliver a devastating punch, a right hook, to the man's jaw. It was not enough to knock him down but he certainly began to stagger. Jeremiah responded quickly with a quick series of punches, a double left jab, at his face followed by a heavier pair, a right hook to his abdomen and a left hook to his liver, which caused the man to bend over clutching the areas he got stuck just in time to feel the force of a closing strike, a right uppercut, with enough force to knock the man back and to the ground. He had not even hit the ground when Jeremiah heard the loud footsteps of another guy running forward which was not as obvious as the aggressive yelling with the bat in hand readying for a heavy swing. Jeremiah stepped back and counter clockwise and circled the man delivering a heavy right cross to the back of his head. It caused him to stumble forward with his own momentum. He turned around attempting to gather himself only to see as Jeremiah was already on his body with a devastating flurry of punches that were changing levels between head shots and body blows. The man did his best to protect his head but that only made the assault on his abdomen more vicious until Jeremiah stopped with a brutal right hook that crippled the man to the ground. "Gaijin!" Jeremiah quickly turned around to see the remaining goon holding Kara in his left arm with a gun pointed at the head of the woman. "Why do you guys have guns? Like, any other weapon would be fine." "On the ground Gaijin." He pulled the hammer back while pushing the gun firmly to Kara's temple. "Okay. Okay." Slowly Jeremiah started to reach for the ground, "Please no." Jeremiah smiled as his hands hit the ground, "I got you." Suddenly, small golden circles formed at the balls of his feet contact point on the ground before he vanished in a blur and appeared in front of the pair as his right hand flew at the gun and punched at the gun and followed through for a strike dead on to the man's face. It caused the man to fly back a few feet on the ground. Slowly Jeremiah exhaled, sweating and now bleeding heavily from his wound. "Your bleeding!" She reaches for him and helps hold him up while placing her hand over his that was on the wound. "You need a hospital." "I would normally agree with you, but I would rather not explain the wound." Before they had a chance to speak further, Jeremiah pushed her to the side as two more golden circles formed at the balls of his feet but the sound of the trigger could be heard before the circles formed. He appeared in front of the man that he thought he knocked out and drove his fist in the the mans face with a falling superman punch. It was brutal but necessary as Jeremiah remained on all fours for a few moments before working to a kneeling position. Kara rushed to him when she finally got back to her feet and tried to hold to him. "Shit." He glanced at his right shoulder for a moment to notice the blood leaking through his shirt from the bullet wound as darkness became the only company that he could recognize. Word Count: 1660 Naruki City: 1660 Overall Word Count: 1660
  20. Zenaku watched as the shield he projected up vanished into particles of reiyoku, with just three of these hollows clones left to fight zenaku thought that they might have a opportunity to beat them but on the other hand they might become stronger now that one of there clones vanished. Would they stay at the same strength or would they get stronger now that one of there own was destroyed, the only way to tell was to continue fighting the hollow and find out. " Zenaku do you think that you are gonna be able to beat this strong vosto lorde." The voice of his zanpakto spirit spoke up in the back of his mind. " Hello Kagami its been a while sense we last spoke, and as for your question im not really sure. This vosto lorde is much stronger then any thing that i have ever fought before so its difficult to really tell at this point at the battle. But i think that if i continue to fight this beast then sooner or later the answer shall come to me." Zenaku would say as his mirrors was floating behind him ready to strike if he needed them to. The hollow just stood there watching zenaku as if he was looking his pray up and down for any signs of weakness, but sense he was just standing there either the hollow was getting instructions from the main body controlling them or he had yet to find a opening that it could use to attack on. Sense the hollow did not wish to go on the attack then he would so he formed his mirrors together making a large one as he would jump back into it and vanished from sight or at least of that which people could see. Just then another mirror formed behind the hollow as zenaku jumped out from it as he attacked the hollow from behind by shattering a small mirror he formed and now it became small jagged sharp pieces that would rush forwards and slash into the vosto lorde skin. Zenaku would then jump back into the portal mirror as he escaped the back hand the hollow turned and tried to hit zenaku with. Being able to use his shikai abilities really helped to fight hollows with but he was not sure just how well they would work out against this vosto lorde. Zenaku would walk out from his mirror a few feet away from the hollow, zenaku would just chuckle as he saw how helpless the hollow was once zenaku actually started to get series. " Whats wrong hollow having trouble fighting some one that has the upper hand." Zenaku was not even able to finish his sentence before the hollow fired a large cero towards zenaku so he formed a large mirror that would adsorb the cero, another mirror would form above the hollows head as his own cero came rushing down onto his head. The attack would destroy the hollow cause it would seem that he had snapped and fired a cero at max power and his own attack was just stronger then his own body. He watched as the energy from the hollow went flying towards the area that had the main body tho now that two had been dealt with that just left two left and with the amount of people that zenaku had on his side beating those hollows would be a piece of cake. wc: 557
  21. They made their way through the first entrance before opening the second door and being bathed in a golden glow... It was as if the door itself was a boundary to a world beyond them, containing the power of unknown forces that few would be capable of honestly finding a way to comprehend the information being produced. The first thing that struck Jeremiah was the radiant light of the golden glow followed by the flash of white and the unique blue tinted light before the booming sounds collided against his body and eliminated his sense of hearing beyond the heavy pounding against his body echoing through the ground. The only reason that he was able to bring any sense of comprehension of his body was the force of momentum of Kara pulling on his hand and snapping him out of the synth trance as he returned to the heavy drum and base of the music paired with the pulsing strobe lights scattered throughout the building. "Hey, are you okay?" Jeremiah noticed that her lips were moving but he couldn't bring his focus all the way to the present moment. It was not that he had never been to a party or club before, as he had several experiences but it was he fact that he had spent so much time working towards getting revenge for Everett that he had not taken the time to just relax. "Hey, are you okay?" She was louder this time to make sure that Jeremiah would be able to hear her, although the fact that she leaned in close enough for him to notice that she was wearing perfume that reminded him of sweet vanilla helped in his ability to hear her. "Yeah, just been awhile since I went out." She slowly pulled away from a moment so that they could each other in the face before she made a motion with her head towards the bar, raising her eyebrows in a way to emphasize a question. He responded with a nod as she turned around and help his hand in hers holding fingers gently tethered to one another. Several drinks later and many attempts at enjoying the dance floor while looking partially like they knew what they were doing on the floor. Although Jeremiah was out with the group of women his mind was focused on a task while looking around the room as he had the chance of locating who he needed too. The opportunity that he was looking for had finally revealed itself when he noticed the many men in suits making their way into a back path that had two guards standing in front of the room for a moment before heading in he room themselves. "Hey Kaje." He said loudly as she danced nearby and she acknowledged his call out placing her hands on his chest and leaning in close, "I have to use the bathroom." With a gentle pat on his cheek, Kara gave a smile and a nod before stepping back with a wink and proceeded to dance further as her friends joined in. With a hint of uncertainty, Jeremiah turned away from her and made his way through the crowd towards the back room. There was not much of a plan as he continued to approach the door holding to his drink as he continued to maneuver through the crowd until he was a few feet from the door. He took hold of the door handle and attempted to open it only to realize that it was locked, "Of course." Then suddenly some random person spoke up, "Basurūmu wa hantaisoku ni arimasu." He looked to the random drunk dude who was slump against the wall that was collected by his friend. Jeremiah took a moment to look around for a second and the moment that he recognized that no one was around to see it, he placed his finger on the knob. A small blue glow formed at the tip of his finger as mechanism inside moved around until it finally clicked. Once he got that he opened the door slight, scanned around, and then blurred inside of the room before closing it behind him. Once in he recognized that he was in a long corridor that lead to a door down the end. Jeremiah took the chance to walk down the pathway leading to the door, halfway expecting someone or something to appear from literally anywhere but without any such appearance. Once he got to the door at the end of the path, he was anticipating the door to be locked like the previous one but was met with no resistance. So he turned the knob of the door and pushed it open to see several guys at a table where a few were counting stacks of cash and a pair were near the corner of the room packing boxes with something in plastic wrap. "Oh." He said with the sounds of an inebriated tone, "This is not the bathroom." Jeremiah prepared to turn back and leave when one of the guys pushed on the door and closed it as he stood in the way. "No it is not, Gaijin." Jeremiah kept the facade of being intoxicated as best could manage as the man at the door shoved him towards the table. With a bit of a stumble, he managed to keep to his feet and turned away from the table and took a step back. He saw that two of the guys nearby pulled out knives followed by the snapping sound of a switchblade engaging behind him. "Wait a second." He put his hands up, "Look, with the amount of you in this room you can definitely beat me but I would probably kill at least three of you before you get me on the ground." Jeremiah shrugged, "But I would rather fight the minimal amount of you and then get the bathroom or maybe just leave pretending this was all a weird dream from drinking too much." Shortly after the last of the words left his mouth he saw the guy in front of him move his eyes from a different part of the room behind him and back to him. It was a subtle move but enough for him to slip to the side and avoid the knife the slide through the air as he rotated around dipped underneath the swinging arm of the bladed goon. The dip was enough to give him the chance to move forward and bringing his right arm up for an upward swing following the body line as his fist connected with the bottom of the man's chin. The force was greater than expected, and even his speed was so rapid that many only caught the point of contact as the body of the goon flew back through he door and knocking it off the hinges. He postured up, looked behind him and shrugged, "Sorry about that." With a rush he moved forward, jumped over the body, and dashed down the hallway. Bang. A sound he was not prepared for as he attempted to get out of the door leading out of the hallway with the consuming sounds of the music. He rushed through the crowd as the goons attempted to keep an eye on him. Jeremiah made his way at the end of the building and stumbled out of the door before tripping over the the stanchion rope and colliding with the ground hard. He attempted to get up and noticed that there was some blood where he hit the ground. He was concerned that he hit the ground too hard but noticed the red stain on his shirt. "Brandon?" He heard the voice of someone he did not expect to hear but waived her off as he rushed down the street. He continued rushing away from the club as a few people clamored as Kara attempted to follow losing him at the end of a dead end alleyway. WC: 1550 Naruki City: 1100 + 1550 = 1650Kagamino City: 3120A Walk in the Park: 1950Overall Word Count: 7720
  22. Yamashiro started to laugh knowing that this soul reaper had more in him then what he looked like which was a relief. " Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, i take it that is a kido spell, well its not one i have ever seen before so i take it there are a lot of those blasted things. Oh well just cause you know how to use those little parlor tricks dose little for your chances to beat me so how about coming at me for real this time." Yamashiro said as he pulled out his sword which was his way of saying to the soul reaper that he was ready to take this battle for real. The soul reaper got mad at the espada yamashiro and with his hands already raised up in front of him he would fire out a beam of yellow energy so yamashiro used his webbinng to form a shield that managed to block the attack, tho what he did not know at first was that this attack that the shinigami hit his shield with caused his web to crack all over from the spot of impact then it shattered into small pieces like it was made if glass. Just then the soul reaper was in yamashiro face as he brought his weapon down towards the espada, but even tho the shinigami had some speed to him yamashiro could still see every movement the soul reaper did so as he swung his weapon at yamashiro the arrancar just raised his sword up and clashed the guys sword. The clash of metal meeting metal caused sparks to go flying all around like fireworks was being seen coming off of there blades. " Damn you hollow, why wont you just die already. Your all the same, no matter how strong we gods of death get its like there you are you do not even have to try you just eat one another like savages and some how you can grow in power. I hate you so much, that is why here today if i can not kill you i will die trying." Once the soul reaper spoke his little speech like all of his kind liked doing the soul reaper sliced again with his sword but once again yamashiro blocked it before he raised his hand with his fist balled up. " Oh stop your wining already trash and just fight already, if this is the best you can come at me with then this battle will not last to much longer so i advise upping your game unless you really do wish to die a senseless death." With that said yamashiro hit the soul reaper in the chest with three blasts from his bala. The attacks from the bala had enough force behind it to cause him to fly back ten feet before he was smashed into the ground once again, for some god of death yamashiro thought that the shinigami liked to see the ground. Slinging his arm out in front of him yamashiro shot a web string from his hand as it reached out and suddenly spread out looking like a spider thread as it stuck to the soul reaper. Yanking on the string yamashiro brought the shinigami up into the air before he slammed him back down into the ground very impact-full as he left a crater in the ground where he was smashed at, after a few times of doing this yamashiro swung the soul reaper around by the string before he released the hold of it which sent the young looking soul reaper flying into a near by building but cause the attack hit a beam holding the building up the small shop building came crashing down on top of the soul reaper. As yamashiro stood there waiting for the captain to stand back up he noticed some spiritual pressure of decent portion start to head towards him and this soul reaper which meant that they must be other soul reapers coming to this shinigami aide. " I see you have company coming to save you little soul reaper, i wonder if you would get serious if those souls was put into deaths clutches. Lets see shall we, if you do not wish for this city block and those soul reapers coming this way to be Destroyed then i advise you to pull your panties up and get your ass in gear. " Raising his arm towards where the spiritual pressure was coming from he charged up a massive cero and then fired it towards the spiritual pressure of the in coming soul reapers. But just then the soul reaper jumped in front of his attack and yamashiro could feel a immense surge of spiritual pressure and his cero was cut into small pieces as they suddenly exploded behind the soul reaper and it was like watching a light show going off. " Damn you hollow how dear you try to attack my fiends that is coming this way. I also can not fathom it but some how you have caused me to activate my Bankai which i have sworn to never use. Well i guess the only thing left to do is to just take you out quickly so that my comrades will not have to see me looking like this." The soul reaper was now donning a black jacket that had a long tail which was jagged like it was ripped some, he where a hood so it was hard to see the soul reapers face, his weapons had changed from being small scythes to being full fledged scythes as they had black and red blades and on the top of the scythes it had a spike, the scythe blades was also three blades to each scythe. " Now that is what i am talking about, maybe now i can finally get a challenge from you, or are you still gonna be that same old weakling i was fighting with before, we shall see seen i hope." Just as soon as yamashiro finished speaking he used sonido and appeared behind the soul reaper and brought his sword down onto the shinigami trying to cut right into the soul reapers shoulder blade and taking out his ability to use his scythes but the soul reaper raised his scythe up and blocked the attack but it was not as easy to do as the soul reaper would think cause as yamashiro blade came down onto the handle of the scythes the power behind the attack caused the soul reaper to be pushed down onto the ground. Yamashiro would not stop with his assuilt as he kept swinging his sword down not giving the soul reaper time to think about a counter attack or what his next move would be cause at the moment all he would be able to think of was to not let up his guard cause if he dd tthen he would be dead. wc: 1,163 total wc: 1,861
  23. “Everyone! Take your wooden swords and line up against the wall.” With a clatter, the door of the large practice hall was thrown back and a woman emerged from within. She was dressed in all black, with an oversize wooden sword slung lazily over her shoulder. With a certain flair of confidence, she strode towards the front of the room and stood on a metal platform before placing the sword down in front of her. All of the students jumped in surprised and stared at the sight before them. It was the start of the sixth week of academy life and things were moving at a snail’s pace. Lecture after lecture, exam after exam. The twins, each obtaining high marks in their classes, had different approaches to it. For Matsuri, some things came natural to her. She was incredibly gifted and rarely struggled. Daisuke, on the other hand, struggled greatly. He would save his studying until the last minute, often staying up overnight the night before a big exam in a mad scramble to get things done. However crude his methods were, they yielded results. Today would be the first time all of the students would practice their swordsmanship. Daisuke, of course, relished the opportunity as this would be the first time he’d be able to show what he learned during his father’s training. Out of the two, he had more of a penchant for the more physical things. "I gave you all an instruction. I expect it to be obeyed at once!" the woman’s voice booms as she slams her wooden sword on the ground. The ground trembles and the metal platform bows upon contact, scaring the class who quickly scramble to carry out her orders. As he hurried to take his pace in the line of students near the wall, Daisuke noticed that Raito had also turned up for the class. The two exchange glances before shooting one another a brief smile. It was already decided. Should their class turn into a sparring session, the two of them would meet. This would be the first time that they’d be able to test their brawn against one another. As the last student slipped into place, the woman moved from atop the platform to examine each student. Every single student was met with a menacing glance from top to bottom, one by one as she made her way from one end of the line to the other. At the end of the line, a young girl looked as if she were about to cry at the sheer intensity of her stares. Daisuke bit his lip, silently sympathizing with his classmate. It was at this moment, Daisuke realized that whoever the woman was, and with her terrifyingly strong aura, Matsuri had nothing on her. After a few tense moments of silence, she began to speak. "Saya Fukamachi." She said brusquely. "That's my name. You will all address me as teacher and nothing else. I'll make it clear from the start that you are not here to play. You're here to learn how to fight and kill effectively so that you don't get killed when you are faced with an enemy who wants nothing more than to see the remaining speck of light slowly drain from your eyes." Most of the class swallowed hard at this brusque assessment of the lessons to come. In a flash, she disappeared only to reappear with the tip of her oversize sword mere inches away from Daisuke’s face. The class gasped and stood frozen in place. Like most of the class before him, he took a large swallow as sweat began to bead down his face. His body was frozen. “Name?” she demanded as Daisuke struggled to find the words. “Dai…Daisuke. Daisuke Sato ma’am.” She slowly lowered her sword, letting the serrated edge scrape along the floor as she pulled it back. “Move to the center of the room.” She barked as the shaken Daisuke hurriedly moves. Saya quickly disappears again, this time reappearing with her face mere inches away from Raito’s. The tip of her sword was stabbed in the wall next to his face. The look of sheer terror on his face spelled it all. “Name?” she muttered as she slowly moved back. “Raito Yukimura.” He says as his hands tremble. “Move to the center of the room.” She moves back some more as she allows him to quickly head to the desired location. Removing the sword from the wall, her form disappears once more and reappears atop the platform once more. “Does anyone know why these two were chosen?” her voice booms. A still silence blankets the room. “Because their marks are high?” a sheepish voice says. “Incorrect. Every Shinigami should be able to perceive their opponents reiatsu. Perceiving reiatsu should come as natural breathing. Among this group, the two of them have the highest reiatsu. One is refined and controlled. The other, while controlled, leaks out constantly.” Daisuke’s cheeks turned red at the statement as he knew that comment was directed towards him. “I can tell that some of you already know this technique. In time, you’ll all learn how to accomplish this but for right now, I want to see a display of what the two strongest can do. It’s obvious you two have had some sort of formal training. Fight for real, no holding back. If it gets too out of hand, I’ll make sure it is stopped.” She moves back and allows the two to compose themselves as they each grip their wooden swords. “I’ve been waiting on this since we met.” Daisuke says with a confident smile on his face. “As have I. Show me what you can do…” “Begin!” she yells as the two spring to life. Daisuke darts forward with a rapid sequence of thrusts which Raito, showing his skill, dodged to perfection. He slams his own sword firmly against his opponent and pushes him away. His own superior strength now revealed, he shifts his weight from his left to his right foot and begins an offensive of his own. Daisuke, unmoved by the display, dodges with impressive skill. If Raito or anyone from the class thought that this level of strength would be enough to defeat him, they were sorely mistaken. He was deft and quick, dodging Raito's second set of swings and leaping at him once more. Raito took a half-step back, only just judging the swing in time, and as there was the cracking sound of wood on wood once more. The class was on edge. The two combatants were fast and furious, yet entirely committed to the match. As both slipped into their normal combat rhythm, it became staggeringly apparent to everyone watching that there was genuine, ingrown skill in both of their movements. Daisuke’s chosen mode of attack was quick and deft, using several stabbing swings in one advance as he slipped almost seamlessly from toe to toe, able to change his angle at a moment's notice. Raito, in contrast, put greater faith in his strength of attack. Using his superior strength to deliver staggering strikes. For fifteen minutes, the match continued with neither side completely gaining the upper hand. Suddenly, Daisuke launched himself into the air as his reiatsu began to spike. Searing heat began to bristle from him as he lands a solid blow on his opponent. Raito, struck off guard for the first time, lost his footing and stumbled back as his sword scatters across the floor. Daisuke lands on the floor out of breath with sweat beading off his face. He glances towards his wooden sword which was split in two by the resulting clash. Raito steadied himself, shooting a humbled grin as he extends his hand towards Daisuke. "Well fought. It seems you’ve won this round." He said frankly. "You’re not bad yourself. Seems you weren’t all talk after all." Daisuke managed, raising his head with a look of triumph in his golden eyes. "Sato. Yukimura." Saya’s booming voice interrupts their conversation. At the sound, the two stand straight and bow to each other properly. "Good." She said at length, turning to face the rest of the group, all of whom were standing staring at the two combatants in awe. "Sato and Yukimura have given you all a taste of the kind of commitment I expect from you. To give your opponent no quarter. Exploit any and all weaknesses and be mindful of what you can do. By the time I’m through with you, you all will be able to do much more than what you’ve seen today.” She places a hand on each of the boys’ shoulders, scaring them even more. "That's not a reason for either of you to become complacent. You have skill, but you also both had openings. If I was to challenge either of you in your current state, you would not last thirty seconds." The two of them swallowed hard as her grip tightened. “All of you will pair off in two and begin with the basics. Before today’s class is over, each of you need to perform five thousand strikes. As for the two of you. You need to retrieve new wooden swords and pair off with other people. It will give you both room to grow. If I decide you worthy, you will leave class today with an Asauchi.” She lets go of the boys’ shoulders and takes Daisuke’s weapon as she watches them scurry off before moving to Raito’s discarded sword. She examines both swords and sees slight burn marks on the handle of Daisuke’s sword, more burn marks on the serrated edges of both weapons, and small yet deep indentations on Daisuke’s. “So I wasn’t hallucinating. The Sato boy unconsciously wrapped himself in reiatsu that manifested like flames while the Yukimura boy unconsciously defended himself with wind that created these deep cuts. These boys… They are going to be something else, I’m sure of it.” WC: 1,660
  24. Daisuke finds himself stranded in a barren wasteland running for his life. There is a light wound on his chest in the shape of a claw that burns more and more with each passing second. The pitch black sky started to loom over him as he runs away from the piercing red eyes glaring at him from within the clouds. "Daisuke... Daisuke, you can run … but you know you can't hide. Not from me." The booming disembodied voice behind the clouds reverberates. As he continues to run, he begins to see small light red crystals fall from the sky. He stops dead in his tracks, amazed by such a beautiful sight. Almost as if he were in a trance, he slowly reaches out his right hand, letting a few of the crystals fall into his palm. The crystals disappeared as soon as they touched his hand like water hitting a hot pan. Suddenly, a searing hot sensation spreads across his bone. The heat burns to his very core as he tries to scream but finds that he is unable to. As the crystals fall at a quickened pace, they land on Daisuke's body and no longer disappear. Instead they begin to encase him entirely. As the crystals spread, Daisuke begins to lose control of his body. His arms are the first to go as it gradually makes its way down. Realizing how dangerous the situation was, he attempts to run away once more but finds that it is too late. He was trapped and completely paralyzed with nowhere to go. Just then, the crystals stopped and the clouds parted. A ball of fire of immense proportions appeared as an equally large black figure flew around it. The figure, now revealed as a black dragon, slowly descends from the heavens as its red eyes stares directly at his soul. "I told you Daisuke … you are not worthy to wield me." The dragon spoke, revealing it to be the source of the voice Daisuke heard prior. “What the hell are you?” Daisuke manages to etch out as the dragon nears towards him. He comes face to face with the dragon’s snot, feeling the searing heat escape from it. “My name is….” The sound cuts out with Daisuke unable to hear the rest. “Until you say my name, you are not worthy!” The dragon says as Daisuke is once again able to hear. As he was trying to make out just what exactly the dragon meant, it lunged at him. A piercing scream escapes Daisuke's mouth as his eyes dart open. In a cold sweat, he looks around, finding himself back within his dormitory. “This damned dream again?” “Do you always flail around and yell in your sleep?” a voice says. Daisuke looks up towards the doorway to see a young raven haired man staring at him. “Yo! Looks like I’m your roommate. Raito Yukimura is the name!” he announces. The man, wearing the same hakama as him, smiled warmly before waving his hand to greet him. His skin was dark, yet his eyes were a vivid golden, glittering with life and intelligence, yet Daisuke soon saw a stubborn pride reflected in their depths. His raven hair was held back from his face by a single white tie adorned with a gold band. With a mixture of surprise and fear, Daisuke slowly returns the greeting. “….Hi. I’m Daisuke Sato.” “Nice to meet you. And sorry for startling you. You left the door open and I could hear you down the hall. Wait a minute…Daisuke? You wouldn’t be the Daisuke that cute blue-eyed girl was looking for would you?” Returning to his normal nature, Daisuke sighs and lays back in the bed. He was not surprised that she was still looking for him. That was just a testament to how determined she was. She’d definitely hurt him when she found him. “Blue eyes and blue hair? Yeah, that’s probably my sister. I saw her running around earlier looking for me.” Raito chuckled as he fully entered the room and sits on the chair Daisuke sat at earlier. “She seemed pretty upset as she moved through the campus. She has a fiery temper.” Daisuke waves him off, chuckling as he sits on the side of the bed. He motions towards the glass of water he left on the windowsill which Raito quickly hands to him. Taking a sip to quench his parched throat, he begins to speak once more. “She seems that way now but back when we were younger, she was incredibly shy. Terrified of her own shadow. Still has glimpses of her old self. Hell, just this morning she was pacing around terrified of her first day. I suppose I’ll go and find her at some point. Enough babbling about me. What brings you here?” Raito eases back in the chair and chuckles darkly, staring out at the sun setting in the distance. “Bit of a loaded question from someone I just met a few minutes ago. Since we’ll be roommates, there isn’t any harm in telling you. I’m indebted to the Shinigami. One saved my life during a hollow attack years ago. Ever since that moment, I wanted to be just like them. I worked hard and molded my dedicated my entire life to achieve it. This is just a precursor to it. But I’ll graduate top of the class and take my place among the Shinigami. What about you? What brings you and your sister here?” “Very similar reasons as you believe it or not. Our father…well adopted father. He’s the former lieutenant of the Eighth Division. He saw something in us and took us in when we had nothing. We idolized him and wanted to maintain his legacy. We plan to be the best. Better than everyone here, you included. No one will look down on us again.” The two stare at one another, the tension between them obvious. Both of them strove to be the best. It was fitting that the two of them would one day become rivals. “It seems we are more similar than what I originally thought. These next six years will be interesting.” As the two continue to converse, a loud creaking noise stirs them. Footsteps echo in a hall as a young man appears. At first, he appeared to walk past the door but suddenly stopped and moved back towards the entrance once he realized there were other occupants. “Oh hello! I didn’t think there was anyone else here. My name is Shotaro Sonozaki. Pleased to meet you both.” The three exchange pleasantries before another set of booming footsteps interrupt them. “I hope you guys don’t mind but I let the girl who has been looking for someone come and check the place out. I thought it was empty so I didn’t see the harm in it. Wait…didn’t you say your name was Daisuke?” Daisuke’s eyes widen as the booming footsteps come to a stop when Shotaro says his name before returning at a quickened pace. “Oh shit…” Daisuke mutters as Shotaro is pushed out of the way, Matsuri glaring at him from the doorway. “Daisuke….” she growls as she slowly draws closer to her intended victim. Raito quickly gets up, hugging the wall of the room as he makes his way past her. “I’ll catch you later Daisuke.” He says hastily as he exits the room, quickly helping Shotaro up before they both depart. “You left me all day. Had me looking around this entire campus. Just to sleep?” She cracks her knuckles as she draws closer towards her brother, his cries of pain echoing throughout the halls. WC: 1,277
  25. A few hours had passed and Daisuke found himself sitting alongside the window of his dormitory, slowly fighting the urge to sleep. For the time being, he had escaped the hustle and bustle of the academy. As soon as the twins stepped foot into the academy, they were caught up in the whirlwind. Ten minutes after arriving, they were ushered into the Grand Ballroom along with the rest of the first year students. The Head Teacher of the first year students, Gengorō Ōnabara, greeted them all with a welcoming speech. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to the Shin'ō Academy. I wish to congratulate each of you, first on having secured your place at the Academy and second, for the prosperous futures I know you all will have. The Shin'ō Academy puts the students at the forefront of everything it does; your experience here and your success is important to each and every member of staff. Your arrival here marks a new chapter in the story of your life. But this chapter is a bit different. The preceding chapters were largely written by others – your families, your upbringings, and your nobility for those that this applies to. But none of that matters because as soon as you stepped through those doors, you are all equal and are now you will be the principal author of the next chapter. This can seem as daunting as it is exciting, as challenging as it is empowering. But the great thing is that you are doing something that you have chosen to do, something that arguably you were born to do. And while you are here, you will have the opportunity to learn new things, acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, and enhance your personal attributes in profound ways that will equip for life after the Academy. Over the first few days of your time here, you are likely to be bombarded with information and I am conscious of the danger of adding to information overload. Nevertheless, I wish to share a small piece of advice with you. Make the most of your time here and absorb all the knowledge that you can. Your time here will define you. Make the most of it.” With those words still ringing in their ears, the twins were whisked away to their classes and meetings with their teachers before being placed within the dorms. Matsuri wanted to meet up and go over things but Daisuke, as usual, just wanted to rest. He glances out of the window of the dormitory, resting his elbows on the sill as a faint smile spread across his face. Outside, on the ground below, he could just make out the distinctive blue trails of hair and red and white clad body of his sister as she quickly moved from point to point. Daisuke knew only too well that it was him she had been seeking, and he cupped his chin in his hands, amusement in his expression as he registered her frustration. “She’ll probably hit me for it later but that’s fine.” He lazily mutters. He sighs and gets to his feet, stretching his arms over his head as he lets out a loud yawn. The room was long and somewhat narrow, about what you would expect from a traditional standpoint. This was the smallest of the three rooms within this block and Daisuke chose it without hesitation. Although he would sleep alone in this room, he didn’t mind it being cramped. Its tight enclosure faintly reminded him of the time he spent in the hut with his sister. Daisuke sank down on his bed, running his fingers absently over the blankets that had been neatly placed there. These were identical from bed to bed, in a shade of blue, just like the hakama the male students all wore. His eyes narrowed as the Head Teacher's words ring in his head. “We are all equal… That’s the message. All the same no matter where we come from.” He flopped back onto the thin, flat pillow, closing his eyes as he digested this fact and allowed sleep to overcome him. WC: 694
  26. 500 Years before the present At long last, the day had arrived. Daisuke ran his fingers excitedly over the white and blue of his student's hakama, his gaze straying across the grounds of what was possibly the biggest building he had ever seen. His long silver hair flowed in the wind as he tightly grasped at the sash around his chest. In the years that had passed since Daisuke and Matsuri were adopted by the Sato’s, they never ventured far from their estate. They had food, warmth, and most importantly a loving home. That’s all they needed and all they wanted. Over time, with training from Jun, they managed to gain some sort of control over their reiatsu. While it still leaked out violently, it no longer caused intense heat or frigid cold unless they wished it. While this enabled them to potentially gain a sense of a normal life over the years, they longed for something more. With that, it was decided. "Well?" A voice from behind him said as a firm hand is placed on his shoulder. Daisuke glances back to see Jun smile at him warmly, his eyes full of pride. Jun had retired from his Shinigami duties a few years before, citing old age as his reason. He’d held the position of third seat of the Eighth Division for many centuries eventually becoming its lieutenant for the last four. He had become a valued and highly respected asset of the Gotei 13. So much so that both the former and current Captain of the division still keep in contact with him. Now he longed for the quiet life to sit back and enjoy the successes of his children. "I was wondering if you were going to stand and stare all day." Jun said teasingly as he ruffled Daisuke’s hair. “Sorry father. I’m just jittery. We’ve waited for so long for the opportunity to join the academy. Now the day is finally here and….” “You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” Jun said as he cut him off. His words, much like they were during their first meeting, eased his fears and erased his doubts. “Regardless, I’m glad you are excited about this. After this, I’ll no longer be your teacher. I’ve taught you both all the basics and even a few things here and there that I probably shouldn’t have shown you. You’ve done exceptionally well to this point. The two of you will be onto bigger and brighter things. Have better instructors than I could ever be. Don’t let me down.” “We’ll always cherish your guidance and wisdom. I'm pretty sure I can speak for Matsuri when I say that we’ll do everything in our power to honor your name, position and all of your teachings. We are where we are now because of you and mother. I promise, we will not let you down.” A lone tear rolled down his eye as he quickly adjusted and stares out at the horizon. "That's enough for me, then." Jun smiled with sadness in his eyes. “You worry too much Dai. It’s just a school.” Matsuri said as she walked up behind the two. Her light blue hair rests upon her shoulders as she moved beside her taller brother. She casually handed him a small bag with the lunch he absentmindedly forgot at home. “Mom knew you’d forget the lunch so she had me bring it. All this trouble over the first day at the academy.” “Oh! Says the one who frantically paced around last night terrified about how the first day will go. ‘I don’t know about this Dai. I’m worried.’ And you have the nerve to pick at me.” “Shut it. It was a momentary lapse.” The two siblings bickered between one another as Jun watched on. "I’m eternally grateful to you both. You’ve given our lives purpose…” he whispered as he beams at the two with pride. Jun sighed deeply, he places a hand on each of their backs and gently pushes forward as he steps back. “This is where we part. I’m incredibly proud of you both. Listen to your instructors and do your best. If you happen to see Captain Kaeru, Captain Zikrud, my old friend Jinno, or any of the other Captains or lieutenants, be on your best behavior. Haruka and I expect a letter whenever you are able. Come back home in one piece and as full-fledged Shinigami.” The twins bid their farewells and watched as the man they’ve identified as their father walked into the distance. As his figure slowly fades from view, the two stood in silence. After a few moments, Matsuri broke the silence that lingered between the two. “This is it huh? We’re back on our own trying carve on own path in this world we’ve found ourselves in.” “Not quite. It’s different this time. This time, we aren’t alone.” WC: 807
  27. 900 Years before the present The Soul Society. The land of the Soul Reapers. The land where the spirits of those who have passed come to begin anew. Most souls that find themselves in the Soul Society come together to form families. There are some, unfortunately, who are not as fortunate to find a family. The twins, Daisuke and Matsuri, are prime examples of this. The two children arrived in the Soul Society alone, a tragic fate in their human lives sending them there. Given that they arrived within the first district of Rukongai, Junrinan, it was expected that they would be integrated in the makeshift families that the district was comprised of. However, many of the citizens in the Rukongai were wary of them. Not because of their actions or their heritage, but because of their immense power and frightening potential. The two of them subconsciously leaked their reiatsu every passing moment. For Daisuke, the leaked reiatsu would manifest as searing heat. Matsuri, on the other hand generated, extremely cold and near sub-zero temperatures. Oddly enough, their powers never affected the other. Along with the varying temperatures, the leaked reiatsu would attract the attention of hollows. The fear of being attacked lead people to stay away from them. Children were forbade to play with them. So, the twins fought to survive; stealing and doing whatever they could to make ends meet. It was a harsh way of life but, for the time being, it was all they had. Thunder roared in the distance as rain drizzled down from the heavens. It was the first day in a few weeks that they didn’t experience the near torrential rains. Matsuri sat underneath a small hut of scrap metal and discarded paper with a thin dirty blanket covering her. She shivered as she rubbed her hands together to keep warm. Daisuke made his way underneath the hut with her, quickly making his way underneath the shared blanket. His leaking reiatsu made the inside of the blanket just a tad warmer. It was just enough for Matsuri stop her shivering. “Here sis. Eat up.” He said as he handed her the apple he swiped from the market down the road. Nodding, she quickly bit into the apple as she let the juices flow freely down the side of her mouth. “I wish this rain would end.” She mumbles between bites. Upon finishing her apple, the two sat in silence as they watched people scurry into their homes. The same warm, safe abodes the two of them longed to have. The pangs of being wanted tore at their hearts. As the two of them watched the people pass, they saw them. A man and a woman out on a night’s stroll. The woman wore elegant clothing, an oddity given the current weather they were experiencing. She had a light pink umbrella dangling over her shoulder with a warm smile on her face. The man next to her was a soul reaper. He was dressed in the standard soul reaper clothing with a badge tied around his right arm. The two of them had never seen a soul reaper before; having only heard about them and their exploits from rumors and small talk. Typically, soul reapers meant something bad was about to happen. “I’m scared.” Matsuri whispered as she moved closer towards her brother. He instinctively put his arm around her and moved to the back of the hut in an attempt to avoid the couple's attention. As the two walked by the hut, the siblings could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. Idle chatter about the peace and serenity the Soul Society was currently experiencing. Suddenly, the woman stopped dead in her tracks and glanced at the hut behind her. She motioned towards her male companion before heading back over towards the hut. Matsuri squeezed her brother’s arm as the woman knelt down and peeked inside. “Hello there. Why are you two sitting in the rain?” Matsuri slumped underneath the blanket as Daisuke instinctively moved to cover her. “We don’t have anywhere else to go.” Daisuke said angrily. “You two don’t have a family here?” “No. No one wants to take care of us. They're all scared. They say we are curses and bring evil monsters because we can’t control these stupid powers. We didn't ask for this and we get treated like shit for it. Just go away like everyone else!” A searing wave of heat radiated out from within the hut, forcing the woman to take a quick step back. “I see… That explains what I felt” The soul reaper said as he knelt down towards the woman. His smile was just as warm as hers with a sense of compassion. “I could sense someone was leaking out reiatsu. I thought it might be a few Shinigami in the area but this... I would have never expected it to come from you two. Such incredible power." Matsuri peaked out from underneath the blanket, never keeping her eyes off of the two in front of them. “They are so young..." the woman said as she began to trail off from her words. Her eyes reflected deep sadness and understanding. "My name is Haruka…Haruka Sato. And this is my husband Jun. Would you two like to come with us? You can live with us. Right, Jun?" The soul reaper chuckled and extended his hand inside the small hut. "She's right. You both can live with us. You can even learn how to control those powers of yours. If you want to of course." Hearing this, Daisuke looked down towards his sister whose face was full of hope. For so long she's wanted to be free from this situation they found themselves in. To have a home. A family. A family who would care for them. Daisuke could see the look in her eyes. He knew what her answer was. With his sister holding on tightly, the two reached towards the soul reaper. WC: 994
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