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    My Own Way

    Kikyō sat along a tree branch with a smile on her face, her legs swinging back and forth. Her strawberry blonde hair gently flowed in the wind as she stares out at the blue sky above her. A piercing ringing sound could be heard as she digs in her pocket and pulls out a bright pink phone. “What’s up Jin? You want me to do what? How much we talking? Deal. I’ll find him.” Yusei sped down the streets of Karakura Town on his motorcycle without a sense of worry, picking off the occasional Hollow. He might not have shown it, but inwardly he couldn't have been happier. He had felt like he'd finally found a purpose and a way to finally protect those that he cared about. As he grips the throttle, he glances down at the Wandenreich emblem emblazoned on his gloves and thinks back to when he received them. It was shortly after Jin had told him of the existence of the Quincy Emperor. “Emperor of...all Quincy?” Yusei muttered as he grabs Jin's extended hand. Jin pulls him up and pats him on the shoulder before turning his gaze towards the center of the room. “As I mentioned, his name is Haschwald. His Majesty was acquainted with the Father of the Quincy before he...passed on. Once he did, the title of Emperor was transferred to him. He is now the leader of the Wandenreich which is a collection of us Quincy. I am the head of his Imperial Guard. Before you say anything, you are correct. His Majesty was not in the books I gave you to study on. That was deliberate on my part. His Majesty and the Wandenreich are not something to be read about but rather experienced. At any rate, its about time you meet him.” With a sudden increase in reiatsu, Jin manifests his shadow in front of him which quickly expands outward. “Come...” Jin replies as he walks through the shadow. Yusei, still taken aback by the display, pauses for a moment before entering as well. The two walk through the darkness in silence as Yusei's mind races with all of this information. If this Emperor was as important as Jin says, why would he meet someone like him? There was something off but for the life of him, he could not put his finger on it. As he continues to ponder these thoughts, a frigid chill stirs him. Yusei glances around as the two step out of the shadow in front of an ice-encrusted building in the middle of an ice-encrusted city. Yusei stands in awe of the building in front of him as Jin beckons him forward. “Welcome to Wandenreich City. His Majesty is inside.” Stepping inside the massive building, Yusei could see multiple soldiers in white marching down the hall. Rhythmically, their footsteps echoed throughout the area, drowning out all thoughts. Yusei could only follow the departing Jin who navigated the area with startling familiarity. “I see you finally brought him...” a voice rings out behind them. Yusei turns around to see a blonde woman clad in white standing behind them. Her piercing red eyes stuck out as Yusei continued to stare. “Where have I seen her before?” Yusei thinks as the woman and Jin begin to converse. “Hey Frieda. Yeah, I think he's finally ready to learn. Crazy that it took even this long given that he's ready stronger than half the Sternritter here, you included. He hasn't even unlocked his true powers yet.” “Not my fault he's a prodigy. That's just Mr. Kinoshita for you.” “Mr. Kinoshita...Oh its you!” Yusei shouts as the two turn to face him. “You...you work at Noir! You work with Ayumi. Why the hell are you here?” The woman flashes a quick smile before following the rest of the marching soldiers. “It's about time you noticed me sir. We'll talk later!” Jin's snickering could be heard as an enraged Yusei turns to face him. “Why is she here? Have you been using her to spy on me?” “Nah. I'm much too lazy for that. Yeah, Frieda is a friend of mine but her working for your company is purely coincidental. She probably could tell you were a Quincy and likely just wanted to be around those like her. That's why she joined the Wandenreich. Come on, its almost time.” He grumbled but resigned to keep following for the moment. Folding his arms, he slowly follows as the two make their way into a large ballroom. The soldiers split off and line up alongside a long black rug that leads to an ivory throne at the back of the ballroom. Atop the throne, a lone figure dressed in gray sits. The figure's blonde hair hid his facial features as he lazily dangles his right arm off the side of the throne. Each soldier takes a knee as the room gradually darkens. Jin, walking up the base of the throne, kneels down as well. “Your Majesty...I bring to you the one I spoke of earlier, Yusei Kinoshita.” Jin beckons Yusei to come forward as Yusei awkwardly moves beside him. As he glances up towards the Quincy Emperor, he could feel an overwhelming sense of power radiating from him. The power felt as if it had no beginning and no end but radiated a warm and calming sensation. “God...” Yusei mutters as he stands bewildered at the majestic presence before him. The Emperor flashes a small smile as he shifts his position, his three pupils focusing on Yusei. “How familiar. You are of the old blood. Of his Blood. The Left and the Right.... To think they would both be within you. That they would find their way back home.” He snaps his fingers as one of the soldiers quickly rush to his side and present him with a small rectangular box. The soldier opens the box and reveals a pair of black gloves with a symbol emblazoned on them. “You want the power to protect those you care about? The power to discover your way? I can grant you that. We can grant you that. You are very special Yusei, more so than what you can possibly imagine. If you join us, join me, I can grant you what you desire and more. I will not lead you astray. All you'll have to do is accept my gift.” WC: 1,064 [1,064 / 2,000]
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  5. The long deep breaths continued for Sibylle as she prepared to draw another Heilig Pfeil with her Heilig Bogen. The crimson red veins on her forearms felt like fire as she was trying to keep what little reishi in the area that she had gathered together if she was going to need to make another attack. This hollow was so much different than the Fishbone D type that Frieda had destroyed the first day that she ever saw a hollow. Since that day the teenager had been put through trial after trial with the realization that she was a pure-blooded Quincy known as an Echt. The trails were not limited to her awakened blood or spiritual power, but also the abilities and weapons that Quincies used to fight these demonic souls. “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” The screams of agony from the now-broken masked hollowed before her punched the ground two times cracking the ground with the force. Turning around the full visage of the half-humanoid half-snake-like hollow that had no right arm, eye, or shoulder. Additionally half of its mask was destroyed from the onslaught from the teenager, but the evil spirit was still standing. Almost refusing to yield as it defiantly roared at her once again before pulling back while closing its mouth. Using the Hirenkyaku platforms under her feet once again she shot to her left so that when the hollow lunged forward with the mouth open once again letting out a stream of dark green acid she would be out of its line of sight. The acid landed on the ground where she previously was ruining the track. The rained beating out on her head and shoulders soaking Sibylle more in the progress as she slid to a stop with the holy longbow still prepared. She was only going to get one more shot on this hollow with Blut Arterie active, she could not risk staying in the offensive form of Blut for much longer if this hollow was going to continue to give her such fits. She only had three more gintos prepared today so another Heizen was out of the question. There was the option for Wolke or Gritz, but she did not want to use them unless she absolutely needed to make an escape. Which was not an option really in her mind, that would only further prove her teacher and her grandmother right. She wanted, no needed to take back a sliver of pride and independence back. That started today with this hollow. The raw power even a just transformed hollow possessed was insane to think about for Sibylle as she steadied herself with her left arm up pointing in the direction of the hollow as it spun and slithered around until it saw her once again. “To think there are those that are stronger than this and feed on the weaker souls such as you,” She spoke out this realization as if she was feigning pity for the creature though in reality she had no symbol for the soul that had turned into this abomination. “With most of your right side gone your range of vision and the balance is off,” she stated as she jumped once again sliding through the water to her left to keep the aim on the larger creature’s head as she let the holy arrow go. The Heilig Pfeil created a small shockwave as it impacted with the exposed right side of the head. Following that the hollow face planted into the ground before turning to dust and disappearing. Letting out several quick breaths the teenager tries to gather her composure in the rain. Blood dripped off her right hand from the fingers creating the holy arrows. She dropped down to her knees palms on the ground just in front of her trying not to dry heave as she released both the Blut Arterie and Heilig Bogen. Leaning back on her heels she brought her bloody right hand up first to her stomach, placing her left hand over that as she winced in pain. “Winning was the only option,” the silver-eyed teenager stated as the blue in her eyes faded away at the same time as the last of the hollow’s body dissolved to ashes, “I had to prove to myself that I could do this. You were not the first hollow that I encountered, nor will you be the last. You were my first kill however. And you know what? Removing your existence was oddly freeing.” A few chuckles escaped Sibylle as she slowly stood up before walking over to pick up her ruined jacket. “She is not going to be happy at all,” the damp white-haired teenager mused to herself as she used a small reishi blade to cut away the acid pieces, “And I could not care less about that. I wonder what other types of hollows exist?” Slinging the remains of the jacket over her head the teenager content with how her day had gone so far decided that it was best to head back home as she did not want to push her luck more today. [WC: 851] [Exit Thread] OCC: ------------------------------------ SO#4 [Super Sibylle (2): [Sibylle Opie Exclusive] - Obliterate a Hollow in Karakura (Minimum 2,000 WC/2011). [Expires: 05/01/2020][ACHIEVED]
  6. The sounds of shattered glass echoes throughout the halls of Las Noches as shards of black reiatsu rain down. Tsukishima emerges from within the Garganta with an annoyed expression on his face. Methodically, he moves towards his throne and slams his staff against the base of it. With a low growl, he sits upon his throne and clasps his hands together. Even here, he could feel it. From all the way at the Forest of Menos, he could feel that man's power as if he were standing right in front of him. “That damned hermit. He knew of that Shinigami's power and willingly led me there. Outplayed me at my own game... ” he mutters as he stares out in the darkness. What the remnants whispered about was true after all. That man...that Death God...that abomination was more powerful than anything he could have imagined. His own magnificent power paled in comparison against him. For the first time, he felt as if he were an pebble compared to a mountain. For the first time in his existence, his strength failed him. His body trembled in anger before he lets out a primal roar, slamming his fists against the throne. His spiritual pressure increases as the entirety of Las Noches begins to shake. His reiatsu, in the form of black miasma, begins to leak outward as the room is quickly engulfed in the miasma. Slowly, everything in the room begins to erode and decay as the miasma threatens to consume the entirety of Las Noches. “It is as if you were a child. Naive and too full of yourself.” The building stops shaking as Tsukishima's spiritual pressure levels off. The miasma recedes as Tsukishima glances up and sees a black mass of energy in front of him. “Remnants...I see you have amassed enough power to take a form outside of my subconscious. Have you come to gloat? Patronize me on how I should have listened to your words. Or have you decided to use someone else from Kuwabara's line and no longer have any use for me?” “What purpose would that serve? We are not creatures who indulge in such petty affairs. We knew that you would arrive at this outcome regardless of what was said. It was inevitable. And as we have mentioned this before. Only you, Tsukishima Higurashi, can bring about the Great Campaign.” Tsukishima sneers at their words, easing himself back in what remained of his throne. His body still trembled...his anger still boiling over. “Then what do I owe the pleasure?” “The Shinigami you encountered, Oriru Ryūka Kushō, is one of the beings we warned you about. There are three others who have power comparable to or greater than he; the Soul Society's current Head Captain and two humans who have obtained powers similar to that of hollows via fragments of the Soul King. Each of their individual power is rapidly closing in on the power the Soul King once possessed. Among them, Oriru Ryūka Kushō is the one who is closest to that plateau. If you allow him to challenge you within Las Noches as you are currently, you will die. The gap in power, as you've already experienced, is much too great. However, there is a way you can overcome them all. The Hogyoku. If you were to find the Hogyoku and fuse it with your being, you will gain the power necessary to defeat them all and bring the Great Campaign to fruition.” The Primera sighs as he clutches his staff, irritated by the words spoken to him. Though he no longer held the delusions of grandeur he had during his younger years, he still thought of himself a powerful being in his own right. To realize that even after all he's done that he would still be in the shadow of at least four other beings, two of which were Shinigami, was both humbling and maddening. He did, however, come to the same conclusion the Remnants did regarding the Hogyoku. The only downside was he did not know of its location nor if it even still remained in his dimension. The object was always surrounded by mystery and the last Tsukishima heard of it was shortly before his death. During that time, he heard that the object was in the hands of the one who owned the Uchuu Chousei. Given the time that has passed since then, it would be nearly impossible to track it down. As the Primera Espada ponders his next step, the sudden surge of an all too familiar source of spiritual pressure stirs him. “So he's defeated Akira and made his way here...” “The one named Oriru Ryūka Kushō has arrived. Send him back to the World of the Living and finish your dealings with the progeny of Kazuma Kuwabara. When you have completed the trials, find a way to the Soul Society. The Death Gods you've collected should be able to provide insight.” The black mass of energy fades as Tsukishima rises from his seat. It was time to deal with this. As he walks forward, the black miasma begins to seep out once more as a puddle of blackened liquid forms with each step he takes. The puddles curdle as they rise in the air, the formless creatures from before taking shape. They numbered near one hundred strong with six of them taking the characteristics of Kazuma Kuwabara's progeny albeit cloaked. With his darkened army behind him, Tsukishima lightly taps his finger on the wall in front of him as it crumbles and reveals the world outside of Las Noches. He walks through his makeshift doorway and glances down at the Shinigami below him. “I see you've begun to cut loose. Did you enjoy the game I laid out for you?” The Primera was met with no response but a cold almost uninterested stare. That smug overconfidence angered the Primera to no end. The six cloaked figures emerged beside the Primera, weapons drawn and hands down to their sides. One, revealed as Akira, removes its hood and aims its bow at the man's head. “It's time for our rematch Death God.” “Go...” Tsukishima mutters as he waves his hand, Akira and the other cloaked creatures diving towards the Shinigami. Their formless counterparts exit from the opening in droves, a sea of pitch black moving towards the Shinigami. The man, much like their skirmish within the World of the living, dealt with the incoming volley with the greatest of precision. As the horde closes in on the man, his form takes on the same appearance it did towards the end of their clash. From there, two attacks were dealt with via his golden orbs while the other four were dispersed with a simple wave of his spiritual pressure. With powerful strikes and masterful displays of Kidō, he easily bats them away. As he deals with the horde, a Garganta opens behind him. Akira runs towards the Shinigami as its body begins to glow a bright blue. As it reaches the Shinigami, it leaps on him and pushes him inside. “Tsukishima leaves you with a message. The game is over for now but next time, you'll play for keeps. The Great Campaign is coming.” As the Garganta closes, an explosion rockets outward sending Akira's severed head flying out. The head rolls towards the horde as it turns back into the black liquid that comprised it. The Garganta disappears as the horde liquefy and recede back towards Tsukishima who stares at where the man once stood. “Oriru Ryūka Kushō...I promise you this. Your life will end by my hand. Whatever it takes, whatever the consequences, I eagerly await the day I see the light drain from your eyes.” WC: 1,288
  7. This weekend had brought her on a very long walk by the Karakura Town High School. Her teacher and roommate Frieda Thoumeaux had told her a lot of the hollows had appeared near here in the past. The teenager was told to steer clear of this area while she was still in trainee status. So naturally she wanted to do the opposite as she was in a new country, found out that she belonged to a superior race of humans known as Quincy, and she was quite tired of feeling helpless. There was so much new in her life now that she was in Japan and she did not want to lose this rush that she was feeling. Recalling what Frieda had told her the other day about the dark spirits known as hollows she just had to keep an eye out for any soul that clung to their previous life and the trauma that came with having lived at all. Any soul that becomes a Hollow is driven by an unrelenting hunger to devour other souls. This was regardless of the living or dead as they were in a way trying to fill the void that drove them to becoming this demonic creature in the first place. The descent into a mindless beast is fairly quick for most hollows. However, Frieda did warn of those that were crafier as they were strong hollows trying to rise in the ranks often by feeding on their own kind to reach this mountain top. This was a weekend plus the added fact that there was a dreary rain coming down around her. Sibylle walked along the sidewalk near Karakura High School. This school was located in the Gakuenchō area of Karakura Town surrounded by trees. The school complex consists of several buildings and open areas. Some of these buildings vary from one to four stories with flat rooftops encircled railings. The track out back has six lanes circling a court-like area. This was a pretty typical Japanese high school from what the teenager could tell. Pulling her hood down slightly as she stepped through the bushes Sibylle looked over to her left where the buildings were located. Even in the rain she could tell that they were structurally sound and well designed for a modern building. This whole town was a hotbed for high spiritual pressure people, the teenagers that attended this high school were no exception. Most of them had no idea that the Hollows would be coming for them if they were not careful, but Frieda explained that the Shinigami and Quincy while opposing forces did have one goal in common; to protect souls from being devoured. Their methods were the main difference; Quincies preferred to destroy the hollow’s soul outright, while the Shinigami tried to purify them so that something called the balance of souls could be maintained. Looking across the track Sibylle notices a ghost of a child walking across and stops in the middle to look into the sky. A chill soon followed as the sinister aura of a hollow could be felt nearby. Acting quickly the silver-eyed teenager activates her defensive Blut ability known as Blut Vene. Blood Vein technique, granted her inhuman durability as long as the faint dull blue pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of her skin. Looking around she did not see any hollows coming, but the presence felt like it was nearby. She was struggling to match up to the spiritual power that the creature was putting out as the air felt like weighed down gravity. The boy soon drops to his knees in pain crying out in indistinguishable words. She goes to step forward, but stops immediately as the boy turns revealing a hole in his chest. In the next moment the boy’s body morphs into a hollow with a humanoid upper body with red arms, red eyes, a white mask, long black hair, and a snake-like lower body. “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” The creature screams out in rage as he recoils his body after the scream. Reaching forward with her left hand into the light rain Sibylle summons forth her Heilig Bogen from her mother’s Quincy cross necklace that was wrapped around her left wrist. The activation of the bright blue holy bow burning away the wetness on her hands as she shifted her body so that she could brace for firing one of her holy arrows. Drawing the bowstring back she creates a Heilig Pfeil aimed directly at the hollow’s mask. The holy arrow snaps from her figure bursting forward bashing the hollow directly in the forehead. An explosion follows launching the upper half of the hollow backwards into the ground. A sly smirk crosses Sibylle’s face as she thinks about how easy her first hollow after training was to fall so easily. That confidence soon wavered as she noticed the tail twitch then the upper half snapped back to being upright once again. The air was forceful enough to knock the creature backwards, but the white mask only had a scuff mark without any cracks at all. “Well that sucks,” the American teenager muttered to herself as she held the Heilig Bogen ready to draw another holy arrow. However, the hollow leaned back and spat out a stream of dark green liquid in her directly that she was only able to partially dodge out of the way thanks to Hirenkyaku. This liquid was like an acid burning away at the right side of her clothes so she quickly rips the hoodie off tossing it to the ground near her. Thanks to the Blut Vene she was unharmed by this attack, but she could tell that a strong dose or continued exposure could be detrimental to her health. “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” The creature yells once again as he launches towards her only for her to use the reishi platforms under her feet to use Hirenkyaku once again. Sliding to a stop she speaks out the incantation through the rain as she reaches for a silver tube on her right belt, "Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke!" Spiking the ginto down in between them she creates a large blast. "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!" She speaks out another incantation as soon as the creature rips through the smoke tossing four more ginto into the air. This time she creates a transparent rectangular cube that slices through the right shoulder of the hollow. This destroys half the mask and removes the right arm as well. “Sorry for your luck,” Sibylle speaks aloud as she switches to Blut Arterie so that she can amplify the power of her Heilig Bogen, “But I am not going to lose to another fucking hollow.” The red veins appear on her forearms as she draws back another Heilig Pfeil firing it directly into the hollow’s right eye. Screeching back for a moment and wiggling around the creature lets out another scream, “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” [WC: 1160] OCC: ------------------------------------ SO#4 [Super Sibylle (2): [Sibylle Opie Exclusive] - Obliterate a Hollow in Karakura (Minimum 2,000 WC/1160). [Expires: 05/01/2020]
  8. Walking around the area Sibylle questioned herself internally while really thinking about all of the two ginto techniques she had learned so far in Wolke and Heizen. One was more of a support style and the other was an offensive style. Whatever was next she could tell would be along the same lines. Silver tubes with liquid reiryoku stored in them so that they can transform into powerful techniques capable of helping a Quincy take down a hollow. Between the techniques here and the other day she was starting to understand better how the Quincy race was able to survive against such terrifying foes. “Gritz, or Five-Pronged Restraint is the next Gintō technique I will be teaching you,” Frieda speaks up once again as she turns back to face the teenager that had walked away from where she was last standing. Using Hirenkyaku she closed the gap between the two of them while at the same time tossing out one of the silver tubes from her right hand towards Sibylle. "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Gritz!" The red-eyed woman speaks the incantation as she pulls her left hand forward with some reishi and then her right hand with reishi. This caused the silver tube to pause just before the teenager's heart transforming into a pentagonal Quincy cross which envelops Sibylle whole. “As you can tell Gritz creates a film of Reishi emitting from a thrown Ginto. This surrounds your intended target in a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross,” Frieda explains through the restraining technique to the now-immobilized teenager, “Using this against other humans or smaller hollows is an effective way to separate your opponents if you run into more than one. Also, if you weaken them enough you are able to trap them with this providing you time to plan an attack or wait for backup. Of course like any other ginto technique the more you put into this the more powerful the restraint becomes. So keep that in mind when you are fighting stronger opponents.” Touching the inside of the Gritz walling Sibylle could feel a slight chill from the reiryoku used to create this ginto technique. First she pressed against the walls of the trap trying to test for any defenses that would harm her or react to her intentions from within. There were no reactions to her attempts to get free, other than the steel like barricading her within. She knew that she was being tested once again, to understand that which they were using. Knowing that she would not have been directly used as the target unless there was something to learn here. So she would raise up her left hand to let the necklace of her mother now working as a wrist bracelet dangling with the Quincy cross. Gathering enough reishi she is able to form a Heilig Bogen into her left hand. This also lights up the area within so that she can study the warped blades that entrap her. Drawing the bowstring back on her Heilig Bogen Sibylle creates a Heilig Pfeil that zips from her fingers with a snap towards one of the creases of the Quincy cross that formed the entrapment. A loud explosion can be heard within, followed by a bunch of coughing. “Come now,” The voice of Frieda can be heard dryly making claims about the Gritz walling, “Did you honestly think I was going to make a trap so weak that you could just blast your way out in one attack? We use this technique to seal away and trap our opponents. If simply using your spiritual power or techniques to blast your way out would not be a very effective snare now would they?” Holding the Heilig Bogen still in her left hand, Sibylle waved around her right arm to clear the smoke enough so that she could see the burn mark from where her holy arrow hit. Reaching down to grab another four ginto from her right jacket pocket while she walked to the far side of the dome like structure. This was not a lot of space, but she was just going to have to be fast with her movements. "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!" She called out as she tossed the four ginto forward making a cross with her left arm horizontal and her right arm vertical just in front immediately afterwards. Shifting her left hand up to the bridge of her nose, the four ginto activate altering themselves into a rectangular translucent cube of energy that crashes into the exact same spot dissolving the barrier from around her so that she can move around again. "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Gritz!" Sibylle states as he throws the last ginto she has on her person towards Frieda laced with reishi. Bringing her left hand forward and then her right hand forward both fused with reishi she activates the ginto to form a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross enveloping the older woman right where she stood. Breathing heavily the teenager smirked for a moment looking back at the Gritz she just escaped that was still disappearing, while the one she just used had trapped her teacher for the moment. The smirk soon faded once she could hear what sounded like laughter from within the plated dome trap. Taking a step forward only for the ringing of a fierce bright blue blade stabbed through the front like butter before moving downward. Then, in a single-slashing motion cut through the dome’s bottom left side upward to the top right side. “Oh Opie-Chan,” Frieda spoke calmly after the upper half slid off opening up so that she could step out of the dissolving Gritz, “You just do not understand the difference in power between us. I can show you all of these techniques because I have mastered them. If I get caught by one of your slow techniques, that is because I wanted to teach you something.” In the woman’s right hand was one of the silver-colored thin weapons that she had seen on the table but now was activated showing off a glowing blue blade made of gathered reishi. “Anything you can use right now? So can I. Not to mention, I have mastered everything that I am showing you,” Frieda speaks with an increased chill to the area as she steps towards the teenager with the energy blade in hand. "Funny," Sibylle chirps back as the Quincy cross necklace activates into another Heilig Bogen over her left hand, "You keep having to use new tricks every time I am able to use the technique you are showing me. I do not know if you are really trying to show me our power differences or just trying to feed your superiority complex? From where I am standing, you must have taken a much longer amount of time to learn each one of these gintos and here I am seeing them down to the very movements you make, the energy you use, and the words you speak. Dissecting each moment and new piece of information without a blink of my eye. I wonder how strong that new toy of yours is?" Without another word the teenager draws back a Heilig Pfeil on the bowstring preparing to launch at the woman across from her at the first sign of movement. [WC: 1231/1150][Learned Gintō: Gritz][TWC: 4833]
  9. They each had their eyes fixed on the other, neither making the initial move as the Hollow remained cautious based on the previous actions that it watched the Reaper perform not too long ago despite the urge to pound. The Reaper, however, had not held the same reservations about holding back for his reasoning was to give the creates a chance to consider their options. His spiritual energy flared once more as a final warning for any of the creatures to make their final escape and a few took the opportunity as their instinct to survive was greater than the feral nature of hunting. With those final creatures out of the way, the reaper gave a smile as he appeared to vanish from the spot he stood in only to appear directly in front of the hollow with his hand literally an inch from the forehead of the creature with his middle finger bent over and tucked by his thumb. He released his middle finger with his thumb and delivered a flick that, despite the soft gesture, cause a shockwave on his location and caused the hollow to shatter. "Shall we continue." WC: 205
  10. Having received a message about a Hollow, Arthur headed out into the night to hunt his target. On the rooftops of Karakura he reached for his phone and opened a new app that as recently been installed. As part of intel gathering update of Duality, they have set up Bluetooth cameras throughout various rooftops which allowed them to see the streets. Granted they still didn’t have a wide area covered due to money and time limitations, but it was definitely and upgrade from what they had before as now everyone had access to it. These cameras were specially made to detect spiritual beings though it was more tailored for Hollows than any other race. Once a Hollow appeared in view of the camera it’s appearance would be scanned and could then be viewed separately from a catalogue, almost like a gadget from a monster catching game. Unfortunately, it still didn’t tell them much about the abilities of the individual Hollows as there was just a too large variety. However, by getting to see the bodies of their enemies the Fullbringers were able to look for any weak points and naturally they also know what the Hollow looked like making it much easier to find. Arthur looked through the camera feed and indeed found the culprit; another Adjuchas level Hollow in the shape of a wolfy kind of creature which had a black body which seemed to be really short fur with red markings on it but it also had long white fur on its head which also stretched down its back and in other places though in smaller quantities. Furthermore, its front paws were heavily armoured almost until the leg joint and he was certain that he would not be able to pierce through this thick armour. It also seemed to have red protruding appendages coming out of its head and tail where it looked more crystal-like, but Arthur couldn’t deduce its purpose. Despite it being an Adjuchas this one was still 3 times bigger than him so brute force wouldn’t work either. That was the result of his analysis so next he checked which cameras detected him and where they were located so that he could follow the trail. He shortly found it tormenting a lost soul, so Arthur jumped down from the rooftop and while still in mid-air he summoned his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. Immediately, he changed it into rifle form and shot a few times at the Adjuchas to get its attention before his landing. It turned out to be a success as the wolf Hollow turned away from the soul and faced its new attacker while growling,’I’ll take care of it, so you get out of here,’ Arthur called out to the soul. The Adjuchas charged at him so he turned back the rifle into its standard umbrella form and side stepped to the right and slashed at its left hind leg. The attack connected though the wolf sent out a kick with the same leg which Arthur avoided with a roll and then the Adjuchas turned around before slamming its right armoured paw into the ground and wrecking the asphalt where he was just a moment before if he hadn’t used Bringer Light. Arthur pointed his left index finger at the wolf’s right leg joint and gathered reiryoku in his finger before launching a gold beam out of it which pierced right through its flesh and bone causing the Adjuchas to limp on that leg as it let out a roar of pain. In its anger it suddenly began gathering red energy at its mouth which turned into a ball and fired a beam of reiryoku at him. Arthur quickly opened his umbrella into shield form to block the Cero and walked away unscathed. Before the wolf could make its next move, he turned the shield form into spear form by pushing the runner even further as 4 reiryoku spears appeared by his back. Arthur used Bringer Light on the soles of his shoes which enhanced his leap and allowed him to cover the distance between the two even faster. He put forward the spear for a stab attack but he wouldn’t make it as simple as that as the 4 reiryoku spears joined the physical spear at the tip and began spinning which made it look as though there was a vortex of golden reiryoku surrounding his spear. The spear hit its mark and the enhancement caused it to completely destroy the bone joint making the leg unusable. With both its legs out of commission, Arthur sought to finish this battle quickly in case it the Hollow had strong regenerative powers. The Fullbringer sent the 4 reiryoku spears into the sky and made them stab in the Adjuchas’ back while he would slash at its neck but before he was able to, the Hollow began gathering energy at its mouth for another Cero again but this time the red appendages began to glow which made Arthur back away from the unknown danger. Flames rose up the wolf’s throat but when it breathed them out, they combined with the reiryoku for the Cero causing it to become a destructive Cero flame. Once again, he turned the umbrella back to its shield form, but the attack looked a bit too strong for the shield to handle so he reinforced it with his Ironclad ability allowing him to tank the ability. When he lowered the shield, the asphalt was heavily damaged with reiryoku flames everywhere and luckily no cars were caught up in the attack. Arthur changed the umbrella into the gun form and fired a charged shot at the Hollow’s head to stun it so that it couldn’t continue its destruction. The Fullbringer used this time to leap above it and slashed at its neck though due to it’s thickness he was not able to cut through it in one attack. He slashed once again as this time the head separated from the body which lifelessly fell to the ground and began to disintegrate. He let out a sigh of relief now that the fight was over and inspected his Fullbring. It looked just like it did the day he first learned how to use it. Despite some time passing by and his current strength level he was still not able to achieve its complete form. What was he doing wrong? He didn’t know. The others at Duality encouraged him that everybody’s time will come but it just made it feel slow. Compared to the other members who got theirs much earlier before his current level it just felt like there was something missing. Since each Fullbring was different even after asking them what he should do he was no closer than he was before. Unfortunately, the umbrella didn’t talk to him either so he couldn’t directly ask it what it needed. It definitely was a tough predicament as fighting stronger enemies would require stronger abilities which he did not currently have. For now, it proved to be enough and if he got creative about how he used the abilities it helped to push its limits. However, he knew that with the threat of Tsukishima petty tricks like this wouldn’t be enough. He hoped that it wouldn’t prove to be a liability in the battles to come as he didn’t want to have to be protected by others. In the worst-case scenario, it was also possible that he would be excluded from fighting due to his weakness which he did not want as he knew there were still things that he was able to do. With no clear solution in sight, he had no choice but to keep fighting and hope for the best. Word Count: 1,288 Learned Fudesaki: 700/700
  11. "A Famers market? What is the farmers market?" Yuki wondered while walking with Yoake away from the spot under the bridge happily as she made a new friend. After a little while, Yoake turns around to tell her directions to get to the market, noting that following the water would lead towards town and the market. She would reply with a nod to let him know that she listened to him. "A treat?" Yuki would watch as Yoake would take 3 different kinds of candies out of the package he was holding and they looked colourful and unusual than anything she had seen let alone ate before. One of them looked like a shiny rock almost gem-like in appearance. Another one looked smooth to touch and wasn't see-through like the last one was but had more bold colour too it. The last one was a dark brown colour with little bits of bright brown sticking out in small spots which looked interesting. Yuki was interested in this apple and chocolate flavours Yoake was talking about and carefully reached out with her claws and pick up each one gently putting them into her hand, giving them a closer inspection. "Thank you Yoake, I'd love to try them." She would then first chose to consume the smooth deep coloured one as they were walking following the water. It was super chewy, unlike anything she had tried before. Souls were like water and just slid down her throat while hollow flesh usually was chewy, but this was on a whole different level. Every bite would cause it to become chewier to the point where her jaws started to get tired and slightly sore. She eventually swallowed it and laughed. "That tasted really nice and sweet~ I loved it! Now to try the gem candy~." She would next take the gem-like candy and put it in her mouth and would instinctively suck instead of outright chewing on it. An intense sweet apple flavour would coat the inside of her mouth as the candy would slowly dissolve in her mouth. Her eyes would light up with enjoyment from how amazing it tasted. Next up was the Almond and Dark Chocolate, Yuki would slowly put it in her mouth but shortly took it out again as it was too bitter for her to keep within her mouth. "I don't like that one. It's too bitter sorry." Yuki and Yoake would eventually reach the town and would walk past casually though the streets with none of the humans noticing them and them till a kid saw Yuki and pointed. "Look, mommy, It's a monster." Yuki looked toward the young child and waved at him in a non-scary manner causing the child to laugh before the mother drag the young child away, telling him he had a big imagination. Yuki would look slightly saddened as the child left being called a monster but quickly shook her head and smiled as there was much more to see today. Looking into the distance, she noticed an area filled with people walking around in an area filled with small buildings in straight columns close to one another. There were many colourful items on display which people would put into little bags before leaving the area. Yuki would look down to Yoake and softly tap on his shoulder to get his attention before pointing to the area she was looking at. "Is that the market over there? It looks super pretty with all the colours." She was looking at it bight eyed as she was waiting for a response from Yoake before they would head down there. OOC|| Sorry for the wait ;w; WC|| 605
  12. Climbing up slowly and exhausted, Yuki was having issues staying awake, let alone keeping her footing. Every step felt like her legs would give way, and she would fall and never get up again. It was like the whole world was above her pushing down upon her. But through pure shear will she kept walking up the 'Mountain' in hopes to see her goal though. As she was walking up, she noticed there was no more sand, not even a speck. Under her foot felt rough but yet smooth almost like scales, it was unusual. This helped solidify her notion that this mountain wasn't a mountain but something else but what? Surely a hollow like herself couldn't be this large. The scales were more comfortable to climb than the sand-covered areas as there was more grip to hold onto with her claws making it easier to take small breaks to gain her energy without falling over and losing her battle. "Just watch. I'm going to do this." Regaining her energy with the small breaks she was taking after every few steps began to run again, her claws slightly scraping the scales she was climbing on causing her to gain grip to push off from causing her to pick up more speed then when she was on the sandy portion of the mountain. The higher she climbed up, the windier it became she would often have to use her wings as a counter to the strong winds to help her keep right as she was running. Flying was out of the question for her with how recently she grew them. Her exhaustion was too much even to lift her off the ground. This indeed was a deathly journey for her one wrong step; she would tumble to her death down the mountain as the sides were becoming steeper and she was miles above the base of the mountain she has been climbing for weeks now. However, Yuki was finally able to see the top of the mountain in her view and the sight of it was the only thing that was now keeping her going. As Yuki was climbing higher, the weight of the world was getting heavier on her legs; this was no longer just mere exhaustion she felt there was something more unnatural about it. Yuki would walk slightly to one of the "dorsal fins" that still look like mini mountains to her and feels the weight increasing heaps on her body as she got closer and decided it was best to keep to the middle ground she was climbing from as it as the lighter of the paths. If she were to continue walking closer to the fins, she would surely be unable to make it to the top. The weight alone would cause her to spend her energy before reaching her end goal. After a deathly journey, she had finally reached the summit she had hope to see with full determination. Her tired and broken gave way underneath her, and she would fall face first. Her vision became blurry and would start panting like her body was gasping for air from how Exhausted she was. Her body was having a hard time staying alive from the loss of energy she had pushed her self to the brink. If she didn't find some food and fast, she would surely die. She would then look up at what looked like a pile of broken rocks that seem to have been gathered from the mini-mountains below and slowly crawled her way towards them as she feels strong reiatsu radiating from them. Yuki would munch of these rocks they were surprisingly delightful. They definitely tasted sweet like most hollows she ate in the past which helped confirmed her theory that this mountain was, in fact, a hollow. She would then hear footsteps behind her and looked at the slowly imposing hollow that would dare walk up to her while she was eating after such a long journey. With annoyance within her eyes, she would speak with a raspy and angry tone towards hollow near her. "What trouble have you bought for me? You're obviously here because of me. Gasp! Don't tell me? Were these yours?" Yuki would have a sarcastic look in her eyes as if her true wrathful nature that was hiding behind her mask was showing due to the lack of energy to hold it back. OOC|| Sorry for the long wait <3 WC|| 737
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  14. The songs of insets and birds complemented Masato’s humming as he stood knee deep in the rocky, shallow river of the forest. In his right hand was a durable yet flexible twig, which he picked from one of the many trees he passed on his way. With it, he intended to catch some fish, in quite the unorthodox way. His aching bones and growling stomach hadn’t the patience to fish conventionally, rather, he planned to use the twig as a whip to swat any aquatic creature he deemed appetizing. It didn’t take long for his prey to present itself; a pike feeding close to the creek’s bank. With the twig raised over his left shoulder, readied to strike, Masato would walk diligently and cease his humming as to not scare off his breakfast. With a concentrated swing of the twig, he struck the pike just near its gills. Ideally, the fish’s meat would remain intact from the hit, but with a gross miscalculation of his own strength, Masato would accidentally whip his prey’s head clean off. His eyes halved with disappointment from his lack of control. “Of course.” He muttered before picking up what remained of his pike. He would resume his humming as he left the river and walked closer to his campsite. With each of Masato’s barefoot steps into the wet mossy ground, his new catch dangled slightly. Despite the toughness of Masato soles, there was still a painful discomfort of stepping onto the wrong object, perhaps a splinter or some thorns, so the majority of his attention was placed on the ground just ahead of him. “Hmm.” Masato would temporarily halt his humming again, as he noticed the sudden silence of the forest he sung with. He paused to observe his surroundings. And after a brief period of complete silence, the forest’s songs returned, and so too did his walking, At his new chosen campsite which, as of now, was merely some flatten dirt, Masato made a fire using the Ferro rod he brought in his backpack. He couldn’t find his father’s large bag with all their shared cooking tools, so he resorted to simple grill after filleting his pike. As he ate his breakfast, he contemplated the type of shelter he’d make. The thought of returning to Karakura had crossed his mind the moment he woke up, but if Azami and his father left him in here, he assumed there was at least a decent reason why. With that in mind, he prepared and planned for the long term, with the possibility that he might be staying in this forest for weeks, if not months. Despite the myriad of tasks he mentally listed for himself, Masato was of clear mind to break things into smaller manageable bites. This meant starting with a simple shelter, then building upon it later, as he saw fit. Masato tidied his campsite by clearing more of the debris in the flat areas he intended to sleep on. Then he ventured for wooden logs to serve as poles, rolled up bundles of moos, and dead tree branches nearby. The pole would make up the framing to his Wicki-up. The moos blocked the wind and rain, and formed a bedding. And the branches prevented the moos from sliding down the poles. By digging a hole nearby the river, the earth would naturally filter the water to make it drinkable, Though Masato still decided to boil the water and let it cool before consuming it. With those basic necessities covered, Masato could rest easy, and focus on the true reason he came to the forest. He resumed the consistent training regimen of his father, by steadily releasing a concentrated stream of his own Reiatsu to practice control. Meditating, working out, or hunting, he was always practicing control of his strength, rather than increasing it. To Be Continued WC: 640
  15. Hindoe stood across from the person who was currently running some of his cardio warm ups in order to keep himself active and prepared for any of his training but stopped for a moment when his eyes took note of the person across from him. "Aye Doctor, yo decided to follow through wit the offer!" He gave a confident smile with a thumbs up as he started to stretch a bit. "Hopefully you don't expect me to take it easy on you. I plan to use the new found powers given to me since the initiation." The doctor took a moment to stare at the moment and take in the image of the man and determined what it was that he was feeling from him, as it became clear to him that the being had been infused with a familiar spiritual energy meaning that he was heavily induced with the essence of a Bount. For the most part he thought that Bounts were a random occurrence from a situation that occurred out of their control but he wondered if there was a method to create Bounts in some manner. "Do you have a Servant as well?" The man smirked at the response, potentially bewildered by the question. "Nah, we don't get servants. Just the natural power boost from initiation. Only those that want to become acolytes can make the effort to earn a servant from the Lord." Hinode had so many questions, curious to what it was that Gahdrazzar was capable of that he might be capable of creating more of their kind. "I assume that you are, or at least were at some point, an initiate?" Hinode gave a slow head shake as he stretched a bit, "Not at all, just a friend of the Covenant." The man gave an approval nod, "Makes sense to have a doctor as a friend, helps in the dire situations." He finally took a few steps forward as a flow of deep dark orange spiritual energy would radiate from his body in a small burst and the man rushed forward. "Oh, you are a physical fighter." The man continued forward and Hinode considered how many soul fragments that he had consumed recently and decided that he held an abundance that would not prove to problematic to expend a few dozen fragments just to see how capable he would be. Just as the man got close to him he raised his right hand as deep blue energy would flow from his palm as the man swung a punch. The fist made contact with the hand of Hinode with a small impact shock wave with a draft of wind that blew back before the deep blue energy shifted to a red color and was unleashed from his hand in a small explosive blast that sent the man flying backwards into the padded wall. "Oh, you are strong." The man got up from the ground and prepared to rush again as a golden ball of energy could be seen flying through the air and made impact on the ground in front of the man before it bounced and exploded just shy of two meters from his chest. The force was enough to send him back into the wall and tatter a bit of his clothes. "Alright, alright." The man slowly got up dusting himself up with a clear sign of some bruising, "You are more capable than I thought, but this was just a light training." He laughed as Hinode shyly smirked scratching the back of his head with an awkward expression, "My bad." The man approached and extended his hand out, "No worries, taught me a thing or two. Heard about natural born bounts have access to those techniques, but thought the Counts were capable of those." Hinode chuckled, "Yeah, well Gahdrazzar taught me a few of the techniques just in case." "Taught by the Covenant Lord himself? Well look at you, learning from royalty." The large man laughed as he put his hand on the shoulder of Hinode, who took a moment to really acknowledge the height difference between the two, "You earned this." Suddenly Hinode watched as the man started to glow with his orange energy again before it would flow and envelope himself before his body would consume the energy. "You won, you get a fragment from me." "Wait, I have been around and thought only that the Lord could exchange fragments." "Yeah, and being initiated by him we are capable of sharing fragments among one another or pass them to a natural born." With another shocked expression, Hinode took note of that detail. "Well, I might go finish my exploration." "Go for it, if you ever need a training buddy, just asked for Saigo!" Saigo turned and walked away to potentially work out some more as Hinode picked up his protein mixture and took another drink before being on his way, "Well, that was pretty good." Word Count: 858Weekly Thread Word Count: 3468Soul Charge Acquired: 1 SoulSoul Charges Available: 5 SoulsAdditional Soul Charge: 450 Words
  16. The day then arrives when the final meeting of this specific nature would ensue. Marked by a large cart that was usually used to transport crates of supplies like food or toiletries and now empty, carried the Lieutenant of the Restoration Corps, accompanied by 4 officers of division seven from the units which had been contracted to him by his ally and fellow Vice Captain, San Salvatore. The destination of the horse drawn vehicle was district 48. So far they had successfully expanded into district 47,49 and soon 50 of south Rukognai but had camps in the areas between districts from a location by district 46 all the way to near district 53. District 48 was strictly governed by Elder Zarrow who was more akin to a dictator in the time after the great disaster. The Elder had used the camps services and supplies to rid his district of a growing problem with bandits taking over their streets in exchange for a camp to be set up in one of his larger towns but after slowly hunting down multiple militia style groups and destroying the newer forming camps in the forest and by the lake the Lieutenant had been informed that it appeared the Elder would attempt to back out of his end of the agreement… and that was the purpose of the journey today. Yuroshima’s gaze sways over the Division Seven Officers who accompanied him on this important endeavor. He sees there cut side eye glances and knows that not all of them respect him fully considering the division that they knew him to be affiliated with. Yuro however while slightly irritated by this simple social fact, understood that it was merely due to the culture that has developed in the Seireitei over the countless millennia of its existence and instead of act belligerently or foolish he resolved to simply change that culture at its foundation one day. His focus then moves to the scenery of rolling plains and dotting forests easily visible off the side of the cart considering the canvas portion had been removed after the initial unloading of the camps. “And that all starts here.” He thinks watching the clusters of trees pass by. The officers around him hold conversation with each other and each thinks to speak with their new commanding officer for the time being but they can think of nothing to ask him. Finally one of the troops leans in toward Yuro, “How long have you been out here in Rukognai?” She asks, head tilting. The Commander of the Restoration Corps draws his attention from the nature scene and reasserts his gaze to the woman who had asked the question. He could tell she was a much newer officer. “Im not sure to tell you truthfully.” He replies, “Its felt like one endless day since being out here..but I know it’s been many months.” Another of the four lower ranked Shinigami then speaks up as well, “Has it been hard out here?” He questions, considering this would indeed now be his home.. his horrid long day. “Yes and no.” Yuroshima replies, “Its difficult working with and around the strange Rukognai politics and state of the districts after the disaster… and its tough having so many under my command to take care of and keep an eye on.” He pauses a moment, attempting to find the best way to articulate his next statement, “But it’s been very fulfilling and rewarding to launch my own project and see it come to fruition.. and to know without a doubt that it is for a truly good cause.” The Division 7 Officers like this answer, the one who had posed the question nodding thoughtfully.. able to picture himself feeling similar to the situation for his heart like many of the Shinigami always belonged to the Rukognai districts, their true ancestral homelands. The cart rides on a while longer before at last the call from the officer acting as Coachmen arrives, “Nearing District 48!” He exclaims, right arm forming to a 90 degree angle briefly. Yuroshima had informed to officials of the District that he would be coming today in the interest of not giving the Village Head any time to think of crafty answers and misdirections as he usually did. Slowly the cart pulls up to the large mansion like building which housed the offices of the political officials of the district including the Elder himself. The Coachmen brings the horse drawn vehicle to a stop and the Lieutenant then leaps over the side and onto the ground, followed shortly by the Shinigami who he had brought not only as a projection of militant authority but also as a tactical measure for the purpose of securing the building for the duration of time he would be within it. Yuroshima and the four Shinigami officers march toward the building, the guards on duty unsure of whether or not they were allowed to be here or if it even mattered .. for surely attacking would mean certain death for any showing hostile behavior. One of the four Shinigami officers stays at the front entrance, hand gripping the hilt of their sheathed Zanpakuto as return angered and deathly stares from the two guards who do nothing as the Restoration Corps Commander and remaining three Shinigami enter the building. The next officer continues across the first floor to stand at the back door. As she approaches however, one of the guards grips his weapon tightly and begins to yell to her. “You can’t just waltz in here! What do you think you are doing.” She knows she cannot subdue him immediately and so she begins to try and calmly explain what is happening, and why they are there. Many citizens and workers of the building stare in a worried and antsy fashion at the dangerous situation unfolding. Meanwhile Yuro continues on, up two flights of stairs and one of three long hallways collecting stairs of fascination and fear alike until finally they come to the door they were looking for. Two armed and more specially trained guards stand at the elders office door and observe the shinigami approaching. They are confused at first as they had not been briefed f any sort of meeting or special visit yet at the same time they didn’t feel the party would be up this far if they weren’t allowed to be. None the less one of them feels that something is off, “Stop right there.” He states sternly, shortly noticing the gleaming bronze Lieutenants patch on the arm of the Veiled Shinigami in front. He was trained to keep his composure however and does not show his intimidation, unlike his partner who hatred of Shinigami prevented intimidation of any kind towards any of them. Instantly the remaining two shinigami stand in front of them, as if standing over them in intimidation and the four remain licked in gaze. Finally the Lieutenant opens the door to the elders office.. much to the surprise of a young and unfamiliar face. The young Olive Skinned woman’s eyes widen slightly at the intrusion. “I’m sorry.” Yuroshima states dryly..rather surprised himself, “But where would Elder Zarrow happen to be at this moment?” He walks behind one of the chairs on the other side of the desk she was standing behind and grips the back of it in a fidgeting manner and the girl could tell the matter was important from this gesture. There is something extremely disarming and peaceful about the Veiled man’s aura, it makes her feel well rested and even joyous in light ways however there was a sinister undertone lacing the feeling, coming from a hidden anger and desperate desire to speak with the Elder at once. “He was visiting one f the schools still standing but that was some time ago, he should be back soon.” She explains. The Restoration Corps Commander nods, “Indeed.” He replies, “Then I will wait for him” And with that he pulls the chair he had been gripping toward him and takes a seat, “Who are you anyhow?” He asks. The woman was still surprised and slightly fearful at the random intrusion and borderline invasion of the capital building and so has not yet took her seat or even thought to, she continues nervously standing behind the desk with her hands together before answering, “I am Emiko Zarrow, Daughter of the Village Elder.” She admits to the Shinigami before her. This peaks the vice Captains interest as District 48 was governed in a way that leadership indeed was passed down through the family. Yuroshima is now especially careful to not come off dangerous or intimidating, “Oh wow.” He says in a friendly tone, “That sure is a lot of responsibility to placed on someone.” To this the Woman frowns, “It is.” She says in a half defeated tone, “It is hard to provide for the people when what it is that they want and need is so divided.” She explains, now taking a seat of her own. The Lieutenant nods, “Now that’s definitely something I can understand.” He confides, “Running and expanding the camps has been a trial in strength all its own.. and I must say politics ended being a lot more soul crushing than I had originally expected.” He tells her, clearly then piquing her own interest. “Who are you exactly?” She finally asks, then evoking the man across from her to turn his upper body to place emphasis on the badge he wore over his right shoulder, “I’m the Lieutenant of Division Four, and Commander of the Restoration Corps.” He answers, “I’m the one who has been spear pointing the medical tents operation.” He finishes proudly. Emiko’s expression however turns back to one of slight dismay, regret even, “Is something the matter?” He asks her. She frowns and shrugs, “I suppose you are then here because of how difficult my father is being on the deal he had made with what he called an extension of the Seireitei out here in the districts?” She asks. Yuroshimas expression turns to one of sorrow and empathy although fully obscured by the veil as he nods, “Unfortunately yes.. we risked the lives of many soldiers to fulfill our part of the bargain and now I worry he will attempt to back out of his end and make that all work and risk for nothing.. and not even just on our end, many of the bandits suffered causalities.. one even lost a leg.” He would now learn what kind of person she was, for no matter what her very position in life made her a piece in his plans. “Damn him!” She says in a slightly raised and irritated voice. “He is always so stubborn.. always wanting things to be how they were in his ‘Good Ol’ Days.” She begins to rant, to blow off steam and the Lieutenant certainly wouldn’t stop her.. if anything this is the reaction he had hoped for. “Im sorry.” She apologizes, voice becoming more and more distraught. “No no.” he comforts, “Im sure it will all get sorted out..” He pauses and stares at her, “What would you like for your people? If it was all up to you no restrictions?” This question clearly revitalizes a spark to her eyes and she lights up. “There’s a lot I would differently.” She states before the two go into a long and deep conversation about political philosophies finding that they had many ideological similarities. She talks of welfare programs and new ideas to get crops and farming restored to these dryer parts of the districts. She talks of the relationships she has built with other officials of other districts and it becomes clear that she’s always been ready to take her father’s place when the time came. In fact, although Yuroshima would not say it out loud it seemed all would be fixed in their parts if she had taken over. They talk longer about the medical programs and Emiko is shaken with disappointment, “How could Father not want to accept that into our district… it would help so many.” She admits. “What in the name of god is happening here?” The ragged and angered voice of the Elder finally erupts in the hallway as the Old Village Head enters the room furiously. “You have Shinigami soldiers intimidating my staff? You come unannounced?” Yuroshima stands up, raising his hands in a calming manner, “Easy..easy.” He coos, “You had left me no option my friend, I was receiving word that you were going to back out on our deal and I simply cannot let that happen.” Yuroshima explains, evoking the Elder to snort in his direction, “We aren’t Friends lieutenant.” He Retorts. “Father!” Emiko cries to him in shock. “No Emiko!” He yells to her, “Leave this room at once, this conversation is above your understanding.” And with that she storms out of the room ,embarrassed to have been scolded in front of their guests who commanded respect and importance in their own rights and who were being berated by her raving father. The Elder turns to the Lieutenant, “And yes, the deal is off!” He yells out of anger, “It sounds good on paper but I refuse to be one o the village heads that bends at his knee to the Seireitei now that they want to come back and govern the districts.. I won’t sacrifice the soul..culture and integrity of my people like that… and clearly im not wrong in my decision making!” He strolls behind his desk and takes his seat. “Break into the damn Capital Building.. come in here and talk to my daughter? Grooming her to go against me or something?” Yuroshima shakes his head, “Elder Zarrow... we were only making conversation. I must insist that you not close your end of the deal however.” He states sternly. “Why?” The elder asks in return, “Would you use force against us mere citizens if I did?” There is a long uncomfortable pause and Yuroshimas eyes glare at the man from behind the veil for only a moment, and in that moment the Edler could feel the chemical rage bubbling with in the Lieutenant and then disappear in a moment. The old man was intimidated for that brief moment and they both knew it. “Of course not..” The Lieutenant finally says, tone soft. “Good, then get the hell out of this district.” Yuroshima sees Emiko on the way out and she waves to him sorrowfully. “Its not over yet…” The lieutenant thinks to himself, pleased that an even greater opportunity had presented itself on this day.. yet stayed in his decision making by what the opportunity would soon cost. WC – 2,454
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  18. Hinode continued to consume his pie happily enjoying each bite with a focused enthusiasm, almost forgetting entirely that he was in the room with another person. "I could only assume that it measure's up to your standards?" There was a moment that Hinode was caught off guard as he was in the middle of enjoying the savory explosion of flavors that was in his mouth and left him to preoccupied to focus on the question, let alone generate a response and instead left himself to his own thoughts of the food for a few more seconds. Then, with an obvious smile, "This might have been one of the greatest apple pies that I have ever enjoyed. Who did you gather to create this one?" He inquired as he set his utensil down on the plate and slide it an inch or so away from him as a sign that he was done, as if the spotless plate was not enough of an indication, "Still not the best though?" He humorously inquired with a sly smile as he lifted himself up from the seat, "Well I might have to try a little harder on my baking skills or gather better ingredients still." The response was a bit shocking at first as he gathered the words and digested them with his pie, "Wait, you made this? Yourself? Lord Gahdrazzar actually entered the kitchen himself and produced a pie?" Hinode was quite impressed if one could see the tone beneath his obvious mocking, "Jest all you want at my expense, you think I would not gather a skill or two in the kitchen at least within the last few decades?" There was a silent pause before Hinode brought both of his hands up in front of him and provided a collection of claps towards Gahdrazzar, "Well done. You have truly gone above and beyond yourself this time." They smiled at one another as Gahdrazzar proceeded to bow, "Thank you, thank you. I would like to thank my parents for buying me my first easy bake oven." He proceed with his facetious response as they both put on a show for one another, "But honestly, thank you for coming." He took a few steps towards Hinode, his apparent height difference now clear by more than six inches, and extended his right hand out towards his friend who reached out in response, "Of course, you spend all of your time keeping the Covenant in order every so often you need to take a break and just relax." Gahdrazzer chuckled, "Is that Hinode or Dr. Yoake talking?" "Both, you old man." They pulled each other by the arm for a quick embrace before stepping away. "Sadly I have other matters to tend to and-" "No worries, such is the life of a Lord. I will enjoy my peasant status and roam the great castle halls and see what trouble I can get into." With a friendly wave as a secondary signal of them going separate ways, Gahdrazzar made his way out of the room and left Hinode by himself. "Well, time to explore once more." With that, he made his way out of the room eventually finding himself in the fitness center. Several workout machines, devices, tools, and equipment was scattered throughout the room, although in a clearly organized manner, with several individuals in the room taking the time to focus on their own fitness. One of the larger individuals was talking to their friend as they continued walking backwards, "Just saying, if you aren't pushing yourself then you're just-" He was interrupted when he backed into Hinode who was observing the rest of the room. "My bad kid." He acknowledge Hinode with a quick glance taking only his small frame and young appearance as a sign of youth which has never played to the Doctor's favor. "Not a kid, but no worries." "Oh, you're that Doctor that runs the clinic in Karakura." He shrugged, "Yeah, that's me." "I was about to hit the mats for some light training. I am assuming that you come here for a workout." Once more Hinode responded with a shrug, "Why not, fitness of the body ensures fitness of the mind." The larger individual looked at him for a moment, "Sure, whatever Doc. See you on the mat!" Not a single word could be given as a response as the larger man was already walking away at a quick pace and Hinode wondered if that was his natural pace or if the man was overwhelmed with his own adrenaline. Another individual approached drinking from his blender bottle, "He gets pretty ampped when he gets to train with someone different, says it keeps him on his toes." Hinode kept a focus on that man, certain that there was something medically wrong with the way he was but pushed the thought form his mind. "You a new initiate?" The man inquired but Hinode simply shook his head, "Nah, just visiting for a little bit." "A visitor? I didn't even know that a initiates were allowed visitors. Who are you visiting?" "Gahdrazzar." The man froze, stunned by what he heard, "Wait you came to visit the Covenant Lord?" Undisturbed, "Yeah, we just finished having drinks and apple pie so it would make sense to get a little cardio in for the day. It is important to keep the body healthy, maintains a good metabolism too." He proceeded to walk away, towards the mats, leaving the man in awe of what just transpired. As he prepared to enter the mat area, which was an open space with padded floors and walls, the man from early stopped him. "Hey Doc, I am all for some training but stay hydrated." He tossed a dark purple blender bottle towards Hinode who caught it just before it hit the ground. "Comes with protein boost; Fuel for the Soul." He took a moment to open it and look it over through the top but could not see a reason not to partake. Protein boosts do no harm to the body when controlled and a sample effort holds no damage to his own system. So he secured the top and started to drink from the straw intake at the top and had a smile, "Apple flavor, had a few packs in my bag." With a smirk he walked off as Hinode sealed the bottle and stepped on the mat across from the larger individual, "This is gonna be good." Word Count: 1,102Weekly Thread Word Count: 2610Soul Charge Acquired: 1 SoulSoul Charges Available: 4 SoulsAdditional Soul Charge: 450 Words
  19. "I would imagine, being one of the oldest members of the Covenant she has spent quite some time refining her methods of careful extraction." The Lord made a few steps into the room as Hinode continued to drink from his glass enjoying the sweet taste of the drink. Although he found a sufficient way to satisfy himself by sampling portions of a person's soul, so much so that the person would easily recover the spiritual energy within a few hours, and it allowed him to maintain his power so that he could remain such a capable healer. That was the trade off that he was acceptable dealing with, immortality by way of consuming souls and in return his life is devoted to helping others recover from the frailty of mortality of the flesh or of the soul. "So tell me Doctor Yoake, when will I expect you to make residence in the Manor." Hinode nearly choked on the sip that he just took from the sharp turn of the inquiry as he gathered himself with a humored chuckle. "We went over this Gahrazzar, my services will always be available to the covenant much like any patron of the PanZer clinic but I have no interests in the politics." There was a sigh as Gahdrazzar made his way towards the small wet bar and shuffling bottles around, "I try to pretend that I never heard any of that and keep assuming you mean you need more time to think about it." With a large gulp Hinode finished the rest of his drink as Gahdrazzar pulled on a small string that was located above the wet bar, "I honestly appreciate everything that you have done for me since I got out of that forest, and I am in your debt, but I promise you that there is no amount of charm or persuasion to change my desire to avoid the politics of the many houses," He paused for a moment as he shifted to a more properly seated position, "You do understand that I don't even run my own clinic? I have a standard human who is both my business partner as well as my manager." Gahdrazzar pulled away from the wet bar and turned around with a case that held several cigars to which he extended out in an offer. Hinode shook his head as he continued on with Gahdrazzar approached the seat next to him, "Truth be told, between her and Teien, they could run the clinic themselves and have no need for me. She is a capable Medical Doctor who made a few too many enemies and Teien is on the tail end of completing his Medical Degree." Gahdrazzar snapped his fingers as a bit of flame sparked from his thumb as he held it up to the end of the cigar, "Those aren't good for your lungs or overall health." The Lord could not help but smile as he took a decent drag on the cigar and faced Hinode. "I have lived more than a millennia through plagues, wars, and famine; I am sure that a little lung damage will amount to a scratch in comparison." Hinode gave a shrug as a young man and woman enter the room each with a silver plate covered with an ornate chrome case. A third individual, an older female, entered the room with another young gentleman and set up trays in front of the two Bounts just as the first young man and woman set the plates down. "I had the staff make this special for you." They removed the chrome covers from the plates to reveal slices of apple pie with the most alluring aroma that Hinode got lost in a trance. "You know that bribery is not going to work." Hinode turned a sharp gaze towards his friend, "I understand which is why this is not a bribery but a treat for a friend, I know how much you love apples and these are fresh from the garden and made by only the best quality bakers infused with prime soul fragments for optimal flavor." With a smile he raised his fork as the servants all departed from the room, "To friendship." With a chuckle and a smile Hinode responded, "To friendship." With that he dug into the first bite with such excitement and an overwhelming sense of wonder, "This right here, this is good." Word Count: 758 Weekly Thread Word Count: 1508 Soul Charge Acquired: 1 Soul Soul Charges Available: 3 Souls Additional Soul Charge: 450 Words
  20. Hinode continued to sip from his glass enjoying the flavor of the refreshment and, although he was not one to agree with Madam Rachels method's of acquiring her soul supply, he could not deny the astounding work that she put into her refinery. She made a name for herself creating some of the most premier wine and spirits for most of the American Humans but there was also the supply of Soul Satisfying Wine's that was made for particularly bounts, however other humans and a few unique beings had grown quite fond of the unique taste that she created. He had finished his last sip when he noticed a young girl, couldn't be more than fourteen (14) years of age with long dirty blond hair and piercing red eyes dressed in old Victorian fashion staring him down with a rather stoic yet excited expression. "Oh, Rachel. When do you-" "So, what did you think?" "What did I think? You mean-" "Yes I mean the wine, what are your thoughts?" He paused for a moment, "I found it remarkably satisfying both for a general flavor and sustenance." As he finished his sentence, Therion gently removed the drinking glass from his hand and placed it upon the silver tray he held and departed the room. "I hate how he does that." "He is particular good at being where he is needed and never lingering a second longer than necessary." Hinode gave a smile, "Well, you trained him pretty well kid." Immediately her demeanor shifted and became heavier as her spiritual pressure flared. "What did you say?" Lounging in the chair he shrugged as he turned and set his legs over the arm rest, turning sideways and leaning comfortably. "I said, 'you trained him pretty well kid' since you missed it the first time." She took a step forward, "You insolent child, I lived several centuries before you were even conceived and as the Count of the Second I expect you to show a modicum of respect." Only seconds later would a man in a deep red trench coat slide into the room with a large buster sword held in his right hand as his silver hair shined by the light of the room. He turned his gaze towards Hinode who saw the emerald green left eye and the deep red right eye staring at him. "Are you alright Lady Rachel?" "Wow Ragnor, record time." Slowly Ragnor placed his weapon on his back along his waist and with a scowl directed at Hinode. "Mr. Yoake causing problems again?" "It is 'Doctor' Yoake, I know that the idea of intelligence is too much for you to wrap your brain around-" "What are you even doing here? You don't belong here." Hinode release a chuckle, "Careful, I can see the smoke coming from your ears. Besides, I am a Bount, like the residents of this Manor. Unlike you who is a glorified lapdog, a full bring slave chasing after Rachel." "I think that might be enough for today." From the other end of the room entered a man with darker skin and jet black hair of a modest length enter wearing a more traditional set of clothes as his red button down shirt has a few buttons undone to reveal his tattooed chest and a series of rings decorate either hand. "Thank you so much for the visit Rachel, but we did run a bit over the time we planned and Hinode is an expected guest." He gave a friendly smile, "So I would rather avoid a brawl in the midst of my Manor, if you would be so kind." "My apologies, my Lord." Rachel responded as Ragnor dropped to the ground on a knee in respect bowing his head. "Ragnor, it is time we depart." "The vehicle is out front waiting for you Madam Rachel." Once more Therion appeared as if on cue with a glass on a platter being lowered to Hinode. "A departing gift, a sample of a more complete human comprised of hollow nature." Rachel and her group made their way out, "Learn to be grateful you pitiful creature." She left without another response from Hinode who glanced across the room towards the Lord with a smile. He took another drink from this new glass and with a smile and focused on his dear friend with an elated expression, "This is really good stuff.." Word Count: 750 Soul Charge Acquired: 1 Soul Soul Charges Available: 2 Souls Additional Soul Charge: 450 Words
  21. will look into it again. this has been an ongoing issue for a long time, it'll work then it'll stop working.. so weird
  22. Almost 10 months have passed since his battle with the Adjuchas. This meant that a year has already passed since he met Iris and even more than that since he became a Fullbringer. Though maybe ‘became’ wasn’t the right word as that wasn’t something you can become by trying. It was determined even before his birth. Until that night over a year ago he was completely oblivious to this and any other spiritual matters. To Arthur this time has passed in the blink of an eye as he was juggling his normal and Fullbringer life as well as public and private. It was something that everyone probably struggled with just like he did though he couldn’t say he got used to it. If he said he was used to getting involved in all of these crazy events he himself would definitely have become crazy. Luckily, he had important people by his side like Iris and Alice as well as the whole of Duality who supported him throughout the hard times. It was safe that he had built up a tolerance to these spiritual matters. Following the fight, Iris moved in with him just like they discussed, and they were living together before the month was over. She successfully passed her exams with high marks and graduated right on schedule in the middle of July. After this the two of them decided to go on a month-long holiday to England like they first mentioned. There was much more to it than London after all. They went to amusement parks like Thorpe Park and Alton Towers for excitement filled joy from the fast and high rides which got both of their adrenalines pumping. They visited smaller towns that were mainly situated on the coat like Hastings where they got to see the ruins of Hastings Castle, Blackpool where they went to see attractions like the zoo, Blackpool Tower Dungeon and the Sandcastle Waterpark where they had a refreshing time. The two of them also went to Bognor Regis which at first sight had much less than the other two places but it had a holiday camp known as Butlins which they spent some time in. Having constantly been on the coast the thought came to them,’Why stop there?’ And so, they went to Dublin in Ireland and took in the sights of the city like the Guinness Factory. Once they finished there, their next destination was Scotland where they got to see another castle in Edinburgh but wanting to experience new things they went to the mountains where they went hiking and then visited a skiing resort while they were still in a mountainy mood. Lastly, they visited a few national parks for a change of scenery to something that was serene and breath taking. Having done so, they returned to London from where they returned to Karakura Town after a brief rest from all the travelling they have done. Since their return, Iris put her medical degree to good use as she became a general practitioner at a local clinic which may seem like a small start, but her true aim was Karakura Hospital where she would be able to save a great many lives. Arthur continued his normal job as an IT technician, but he stopped helping out at Alice’s café which was understandable as he had more responsibilities now but the two of them still visited often so it wasn’t like their relationship with Alice was any worse. Needless to say, he was also killing Hollows throughout this time. He became much stronger and started getting sent on missions just by himself as proof of that. Even though he may have struggled against that Adjuchas he was now at a level where he was mostly confident of taking them on. Arthur’s most recent mission was to kill a Hollow which turned out to be a perverted parasite whom was hard to locate but thanks to the help of a fellow Fullbringer called Masato Hizorashi made it possible. The duo of Fullbringers combined their strengths and were able to solve the ‘problem’ which also led to them finding about a certain Espada which will certainly become a threat in the near future. Now, Arthur’s story continues. Word Count: 706
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  24. "Oh my god is that a lion?!" Ah yes, that old statement. At first it never bothered Mototada as naturally some of the denizens of Rukongai have never encountered or even believed in such things as therianthropy. The ones who have entertained the idea usually only ever heard of lycanthropy as well, often never considering there being other types of such a thing. Weregorillas, weresharks and, in Mototada's specific case, werelions. This alongside his family's self-induced exile for their "shameful display" had originally rendered the young soul as being more patient and understanding to reactions concerning him. While he still is to an extent, even he had his limits with hearing the same exclamations over and over and over again. 'Oh my god is that a lion?! Is that a lion-man over there? Is that dude mixed with a lion?' It's always the same thing! Every. Single. Time. Honestly, would it kill to at least think of something different to say? Like 'Oh shit, a lion!' or 'Good god look at him!' or something along those lines. Anything but those same, tired lines he keeps hearing every time someone who has never seen a werelion says. Didn't help that the frequency of them increases to every "better" district he goes to. With his meager residence belonging to District 72, Mototada noted that only a few people there actually commented on his appearance. Sure many still stared and spoke about him with his back-turned, but the grand majority primarily didn't care. More than likely stemming from how downright terrible it is to even live there. Mototada, musing to himself regarding this, remembered where he was. He was currently traversing District 50 of all places, thanks to his growing curiosity of the other districts and generally just being rather bored. He had heard at the all the districts become progressively less impoverished the smaller their number is and just wanted to see if it was true. So far, it seemed, what Mototada heard was just about right. So many people wore actual clothes rather than the dirty rags and patched-up garbage he was so used to seeing his home district. Not to mention, so many people wore shoes. Big sandals, little sandals, new, worn-out. Not even Mototada, who managed to acquire actually decent clothing by himself, wore any sort of footwear. To say that the tall lion-man was jealous would be a bit of an understatement. Regardless, Mototada want his exploring to go to waste. He was in an entirely new district for crying out loud! So many services that aren't available in 72 and so many new faces that lacked scars or looks of complete and utter despair! It was refreshing, to say the least. The question is, though, what to do? He didn't have much kan on him and pretty much everything here was vastly more expensive than anything that could found in any district over 65. He let out a sigh as he took off his glasses, using his haori to clean their lens as he continued to walk down the dirt road of district 50. With his eyes cast down and ignoring the looks some gave him, Mototada simply pondered to himself as to what could be there for him here. WC: 543
  25. Dr. Eggman --> 800 / 2,000 WC The sun was still quite sometime from rising over the horizon as the rest of the time still belonged to the moon and the stars, although some were already departing from the sky with the shades of the sun breaking through the horizon shifting the dark night sky to shades of purple and a hint of orange. A collection of people were up at this time, as some were working through the night for their job as others were getting ready and / or making their way to their work. Others were taking advantage of the low population of the early morning to get some time for a workout or some errands without the complication of dealing with other people. Within the members of these people included one who was fond of the sun breaking the horizon, be it the elevation of the dawn or the descent of dusk, and that was Doctor Hinode Yoake. His steps were relaxed as he continued down the path of the street that lead from the mansion he was visiting in order to get to his clinic. There was an enjoyment of the sights of the people about as he carried the bag full of items that he collected from his friend, Gahdrazzar, who had such a delightful plethora of ingredients for various tasks. He eventually made it to his clinic and made his way through the front entrance with a smile taking note that no one had made their way in yet. He typically would be the first one to make it into the office almost every single time and, much like each of the times he came in before, he locked the door and secured the building so that Teien would have the chance to open up and set up the office. That was the benefit of hiring him, since this place was terribly managed before having a Nurse Attendant who was so optimistic and focused on his job. Not to mention having Dr. Nikoli assist with the coordination and development of the clinic since the business side of opening and operating a clinic was a bit out of his wheel house when it came to his specific skill set. So as he entered the building and made his way through the main floor, he got through the second door and entered the back staging area and approached his office. He got the key in hand and unlocked the door revealing his small little office space that was honestly just his desk and a bookshelf. A few more items decorated the room, but it was sparcely filled with nearly anything as he closed the door behind him and made his way to the book shelf. There he paused for a moment, "If you would be so kind." Suddenly, with a soft sound of air exploding, appeared a white raven perched on the shoulder of the Doctor with a curious gaze at the book shelf. "If you could just open it, then I would be able to spare a snack once I store everything else." His head was turned slightly with his eyes on the Raven who looked away from the shelf and the doctor, "Seriously?" The Raven the proceeded to leap from the shoulder of Hinode and land on the desk lamp and focused intently on the doctor. "Fine." He set the bag down on the desk and reached around for a moment before he pulled out a small cracker like substance and held it out, "The fact that I had to set everything down to get this for you meant I could have just opened it myself." The Raven jumped from the perched location, snatched the cracker in its beak, and hovered in front of the book shelf as the Doctor gathered his items just in time to see the shelf start to open outward revealing a spiraling staircase that lead both upstairs and downstairs. "Thank you. Was that so hard?" With those words the Raven seemed to explode into a small cloud of white smoke and black ash as he made his way up the staircase. Eventually he reached the top of the staircase and revealed the landing to be a simple domicile, the place that he personally called home despite the best efforts of his friend to have him relocate to the Mansion. He made his way to the kitchen space which, compared to the rest of the living situation, was well above the standards with a premier level professional grade kitchen equipment. He started to remove the various meats and snacks from the bag and stored them either in the pantry or fridge. Once he got everything set away, he pondered the items that he had and held an excellent idea for what h was going to do today.
  26. Character Name: Dr. Hinode Yoake Race: Human (Bount) Desired Release Approval: All Character Application Link: The Doctor is In
  27. “Perfect,” Frieda complimented Sibylle as the black panels near the teenager created a grid lining while the smoke cleared, “Wolke can get you out of a few sticky situations that you might find yourself in from time to time. However, a more effective use of these Ginto during combat specifically is the technique known as Heizen, or Heating.” Reaching down to the right side of her hip she removes four more silver tubes from her belt. With the smoke is gone and the black panels returned to their normal state she would walk over to the north wall near the younger woman. “Heizen destroys whatever passes within the four tossed ginto space as they create a rectangular transparent beam of spiritual energy. This is especially effective against larger hollows," Frieda adds as she fishes for something in her left pocket. Pressing a button on a remote she had just pulled from her pocket Frieda waits as the floor opens up near the southern wall giving way to a large doll-like figure. Putting the remote back in her pocket, she splits the four silver tubes so that two are in each hand. “Another Noir prototype?” Sibylle inquires as she rubs her hands together and looks at the new toy in the room. “Puppe Zerlegen, or Dismantling Dolls, are prototype targeting dummies. The purpose of them is to allow us to use our ginto techniques on them without the worry of mass destruction following the attacks. This prototype absorbs spiritual energy in the same way the black panels, or Schwarze Wanddue, do but their body structures do not allow for the same level of absorption. Instead the padding and internal engineering allow for impact resistance. Because this prototype is designed with the intent of being stationary and being used for target practice, we were back to remove any thoughts on mobility and focus that space on more material. Not the most glamorous of prototypes, but the effectiveness as a targeting dummy and repair after use is greatly reduced,” Frieda explains how the prototypes work in slightly greater details. Frieda then tosses the ginto into the air as she crosses her arms in front of her, left arm horizontally and the right arm just in front of that vertically. "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!" The older Quincy speaks the incantation as she switches her arms so that she can raise her left hand up with the index and middle fingers touching the bridge of her nose. The four tossed silver tubes light up blue before switching to a dull translucent gray as a rectangular cube jettisons over blasting off the left side of the doll’s body. The left arm and other fragments of the doll fall to the ground. “The destructive nature of this ginto is one to use with caution as the resources that you use are quickly depleted. Wolke uses one Ginto, while Heizen uses four. While in the middle of battle you will need to be constantly aware of how many ginto you have in your arsenal and the effectiveness at which you will want to use them,” Frieda explains while the black panels on the south wall block the continuing force of the ginto by the lighting grids appearing before the rectangular cube disappears and the reiryoku-less silver tubes fall to the ground. The grid eventually disappears, giving way to the black panel’s normal state once again. “As you use these techniques and further develop your skills, your speed will increase as well. The more you create the Ginto, the greater your control over spiritual particles and your own endurance will improve,” Frieda explains while pulling out the remote from her left pocket once again. She then presses the button again to lower the doll down into the ground leaving the left arm on the floor nearby. Pressing a different button the sounds of a conveyor belt could be heard moving something around below. Once the sounds stopped she pressed the first button again and another doll-like figure rose up from the ground. “Your turn to hit the Puppe Zerlegen,” the woman states as she makes a gesture with her free right hand in the direction of the large doll. Drawing in a deep breath Sibylle obliged by walking over to grab four more silver tubes from the table that she had filled earlier. Splitting the four into two groups of two in either hand, she walked back over by where Frieda was standing, spinning on her left heel to face the doll once again. Giving the silver tubes a jolt of energy she would toss them in the air before her in the direction of the doll while reciting the incantation, "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!" Instantaneously creates a rectangular translucent cube of energy from the thrown silver tubes which then slices through the doll midsection causing it to fold forward crashing to the floor. “Look at you go,” Frieda whistles out as she brings her right hand up to her forehead to make it look like she was trying to see at a great distance, “Quite the display of power and form for your first time using Heizen. You seem to be a natural with these ginto techniques.” The dust settles and the black panels dim after the grids absorb the remains of the Heizen that made it through the doll. Walking around the table the messy blonde-haired woman used her right foot to kick the upper half of the doll on the ground into the opening that the doll was standing up through with relative ease. She then walked over and kicked the previous doll’s arm into the hole as well. [WC: 957/850][Learned Gintō: Heizen][TWC: 3602]
  28. Hindoe continued speaking on his thoughts when the presence of something, or someone, could be felt within their immediate vicinity. It was paired with the sound of something tearing much like fabric which was the way that his ears registered the opening of a portal between the World of the Living and any other realm. However, the presence was one with a sense of dread which meant that it lead to the white desert of Hueco Mundo as opposed to the supposed land of paradise that has been considered the Soul Society. Though it was small enough in spiritual energy that it meant little to the Doctor to bring any attention to and instead kept his focus on his associate before him. Though it appeared that Yuki had noticed the presence as well but she took a small action towards the disturbance with her hand which seemed to close around the disturbance. Not too longer after the doctor differed the question to Yuki had her visible frustration manifest in the form of her spiritual pressure suddenly spiking which was a daunting sign. Not so much that he was concerned for his own well being but the honest concern for Yuki and her feelings as it appeared that she was experiencing some sort of emotional disruption for some reason or another. There was not a physical component that he could asses and there was a constant flow of the spiritual pressure in the rhythm of a heart beat. He could see and sense the energy relative to life force and could not determine any part of it that was altered by signs of fatigue or injury, no, Yuki was simply experiencing an expression of emotion. The shock waves even began to flow from her showing that she was starting to push towards a higher threshold and the Doctor continued to grow worried for the condition of Yuki until the sound of something cracking could be heard and sharply the distortion that had formed dispersed entirely. He gave a smile at the action paired with the words she spoke, because the act of searching for freedom is typically one that remains centered and balanced between the pursuit for the good of people by the same method of delivery while the other half of the spectrum is forced freedom for a select individuals. The case would be neither of those two for Yuki because her drive was freedom from herself. To escape the voices and the constant flow of essences that consume and entail her being, and it became clear that the nature of the adjuchas is a race in which they are escaping from the history of the Gillian that they once were before it repeats itself and they are essentially consumed by their own spiritual contamination. He listened intently keeping his smile and positive energy full as she spoke up until she finally lifted herself from the seated position and stood up. With a nod he responded in kind, standing before her, and performed a few stretches of his own. "Indeed, I was planning on heading to the farmers market a few blocks away." With a full smile and a hearty nod he turned around, "We could follow the water a short distance and then turn into town and we should end up at one side of the market." He stopped and shook his head, "And I completely forgot, although a hollow shares my appetite for souls I am curious as to if you might wish to delight in a treat?" He turned back towards Yuki and set his package on the ground and reached in with both hands pulling out a piece of hard candy, a piece of soft candy, and a piece of chocolate that he had gathered early back from his clinic. "I am a fan of apple flavored treats, so this hard candy is sweet to enjoy the flavor; this soft candy is enjoyable to chew down a bit like taffy - which I will promise to explain about later - and this is dark chocolate with almonds in it." He got back to his feet and held out the treats, "Here, you are welcome to take each of them or just the one you'd prefer." He would gather his package and prepare to make the walk along the water with Yuki after she made the decision which of the three, none, or all of the one's that she decided upon. It was a beautiful day indeed and there were some ingredients that he needed to gather before heading back to the clinic. WC: 765
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