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    Seigland would hunch over as she walked visibly tired from all her walkimg , she hated the streets of the outer rukon their was always a corpse to found or some dead child or if you where lucky you could witness another man butcher his fellow man for a scrap of bread ; or simply for the thrill of it she hadnt used her gun yet , but she was ready to put a hole in anyone that tryed to attack her or mug her. Children included. Seigland would walk a bit more untill she came across a sight that shook her soul. Thete in the intersection ahead soul reapers where piling dead quincy and shinigami in one pile and other walking around it , in life they where on opposite sides but in death they have become equeals , Seigland drew piece from this thought as she slipped a reishi difuser the only one that was made out her waist band. "may you find peace in death" she would say as she dropped it and kept walking she would soon be entering the middle class area. Back with the bodies the pile had begun to glow and slowly and dramaticly breakdown into reishi with each body , but the reishi difuser would also breakdown with the bodys leaving this as an anomaly. She was hoping to spread the word of that happening since soul reapers where present along with citzens. But somthing was nagging her if a human dies in soul society in their body...wouldnt they just respawn in soul society with no memory.
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    “I know mom your right,” Yoshirou said teasing the Commander. He understood it was all in good intentions and wish it was that simple. With everything that has happening recently it was getting further and further from possible. “Seriously though I know and I will try to take your advice,” he replies with a smile. He knew what lack of sleep could do and it would only another hindrance that they did not need. Metabee went on to agree that boring equals good and reassured him that the chances of something happening to the relief team was minuscule. “Thanks Meta I thought as much but it is still good to hear someone else say it.” Arriving at their destination they exchanged greetings. “Yes and thankfully so. It’ll be while before I touch the stuff again,” JDan says as if he was dealing with something a little less legal. From his point of view yesterday it should most definitely be illegal. Yoshirou couldn’t help but chuckle at the way JDan responded. After a brief hello the noble wastes no time getting down to business. Metabee confirms Yoshirou’s thoughts and reiterates what they need to do. It was in the next moment that the atmosphere around the Commander changes. It was unlike him to be so serious but it only served to drive the point home. He had taken initiative and gave the trio a deadline. With that they all knew what was required and expected of them. “I couldn’t have said it better myself,” states Yoshirou. “That’s a tall order, neigh impossible,” says JDan as he begins to smile. “Only serves to make it that much more fun, right!” he states enthusiastically. “Haha, I like your perspective,” replies Yoshirou. “I will start by meditating. I think it will help reveal my preferred element.” Or so he hopes. In their previous training he was able to manifest lightning but not without the use of a kido as a jump starter. Before he progressed any further he thought it best to confirm whether that was the best choice or if another element resonated better with him. It wasn’t the only way to figure it out nor did he know if it was even correct at all but it was a place to start. “I’ll practice on gathering and manifesting the energy as Metabee suggested, as I’m pretty confident mine is earth. Honestly its not that surprising,” says JDan. "Nope not at all," Yoshirou remarks.
  5. Home of Jasmine L. Duman

    Jasmin L. Duman was and is still not a quincy of great wealth this cabin in russia is where she grew up , the place is hidden by a dense forest covered in dense snow wild bears wander the area though freindly they scare away locals ,naturally all her close family so its soley her home alone. She chose to live a simple life after the reich had been disbanded. The trees give ample firewood amd the deers and stags are abundant so pleanty of food as well. She can also grow beats as well.
  6. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee sighed as Yoshirou replied saying that he fights it to make it to bed,'That's because you give yourself too much work. You need just as much rest as any other person.' The Noble then stated that he likes the 'boring' days which they experience to which the Captain nodded,'Mm, boring is nice.' How many boring days did they have left? Not even they knew but surely after this battle nothing will be the same. This will be the biggest scaled battle that Soul Society would experience and it's effects will be even bigger. While they walked, Yoshirou mentioned that the emergency team probably reached the Rukongai village right about now,'I doubt anything bad will happen. They won't be making a move this soon. Both sides have to prepare. Also it's hard for a Hollow to come here too so I doubt there will be any incident like yesterday.' It was very likely that their preparation's still weren't complete because yesterday they had the biggest opportunity to invade with the Hell's Gate being open and the two of them being tired and the only Shinigami around, and yet they didn't. Therefore, they definitely still had time but how much, they will never be able to find out. Soon enough, they reached the training grounds where they saw JDan training with his Zanpakuto,'Oh look, he's actually sober!' Metabee hasn't seen JDan's state personally the previous morning but it was quite clear but now he was already back to training and probably eagerly waiting for them. The man as big as a tree approached them and greeted them while adding that everyone was worried about them. The Captain nodded,'You too, sorry for worrying you.' Without further delay, Yoshirou asked if they should continue from where they left off and he nodded,'That's right. First, master being able to quickly gather the energy quickly enough and then you can start by experimenting using it in attacks.' The Captain then turned his back to them and took a few steps forward. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. Metabee then spun on his heels to quickly face them again causing his coat to flutter about and he put his right arm forward as he raised his voice,'The time is nigh! A large scale battle approaches us! We must strengthen our forces to prevent the destruction of our homes once again! Our deadline to create this Kido is two weeks!' Mastering a Kido that they just created would take too long so their goal was to create something that will be somewhat usable in combat and teach those able ones to use it. They had a lot of work ahead of them and even less time. With that declaration a race against time begins.
  7. Kyouraku Mansion

    Seigland would sigh as she rumaged through the garbage of the outer rukon district , "this is as low as i could be right now" she would say as she grabbed a dead child by his leg and him to the side "such savages" no burial just in the trash they go huh? Seigland would cringe as she would pull out a flithy stinky worn old cloak it didnt have any stains , just dirt patches and an odor that could kill god himself. Seigland would gag a little , 'the things i do for this order!' she would think as she put it on checking to see if it covered her feet as well which it did effectively covering her uniform from view. And her face she hated the smell but she would bear it. Seigland would then begin walking aroumd rukon dead quincy amd rukon citzens littered the streets , is this what she fought for? A world where the shores of innocence were drowned in blood? This was disgraceful. As seigland walked around she would see more and more poverty and death.....such injustice mucst be payed for in full , no one will ever move past the terror the magor inspired and breathed. "Now how do i get over there" she would say slowly walking twoard the seireite
  8. Kyouraku Mansion

    With the “happy go lucky” atmosphere returning Yoshirou joked around as well. “That’s funny. I fight to make it to bed,” he replies with a big grin. Taking a second Metabee briefly responds to Yoshi’s next comment, which might have been taken the wrong way. “I think you misunderstand. I long for those boring days. Boring equals safe, things running and operating properly perhaps even growth. I like boring." The Noble chuckled after hearing his own words and how cliché and ridiculous they sound. He hoped the Commander wouldn’t call him out on this, as he didn’t mean it word for word, just trying to get his pervious point across. The pair exited the garden as Metabee rejected the idea of a day off. Even with everything he’s been through recently, not to mention his plate full of new responsibilities, he refused to slack off. As they walked towards the training grounds from before Yoshirou thinks back on yesterday. “Well the team of emergency workers should arriving at the demolished village anytime now. I hope there are no more incidents out there; things in that department are not going as I had planned” he says. He had hoped to bring those in the outer Rukon area prosperity and change but instead they might view him as the herald of destruction; the complete and utter opposite of what he wanted. At this point it was almost better if he wasn’t so ambitions and determined to help. Yoshirou quickly cleared his mind of such thoughts. There was no point in giving the dead a victory now. Yoshi listened if Metabee responded but before he knew it they were at the training grounds. Like previously it was reserve just for them. Waving from the middle of the sparring area was JDan. He was already sweaty and his clothes a little dusty. From the looks of it, it appeared as he was doing some zanjutsu training while he waited on them. Wiping the sweat off his face with a hand towel JDan approaches the others. “Its great to see you doing well today Lord Yoshirou, Lord Metabee. I can confidently say everyone here was worried about you all yesterday,” he says greeting them. “Its good to see you again. A lot happened yesterday but the road ahead of us is even longer so lets not dwell on it for now,” Yoshirou responds. Yoshirou gave Meta time to respond before continuing. “So Metabee, I guess JDan and I should just start with what you showed us the other day right?”
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  10. The House Of Lange

    Seigland sat at her desk in her in her new uniform but not of the it was not white and blue but black and blue with a military esqe air to it , she may have lost her powers but temporarily , and been excommunicated from the already dieing reich for her disservice which could be argued since she was told it was an honors match , but she would deal her vengeance on the in due time. she had spent nine hundred billion dollars which is all of her inheritance and she sold what little she had in stocks to put a few million back in her pocket for her dream to come true , a simplicitic organization that would go back to what Quincy were born to do kill hollows in the human world to protect them. But she would need to go make the soul reapers sighn a peace treaty. Seigland would pull out her iphone and begin dialing her supplier. You young wouman would get up from her desk as she was greeted by a pleasnt young voice "hello Ms.Lange to what do we owe this call from our hishest paying customer" as Seigland reached the back door to her manor overlooking what use to be her garden now just flat barren earth she couldnt stand the sight of it anymore "id like to inquire the cost of adding 10 satellites to the outer atmosphere that are linked with my base and are cloaked , id also like them to have lasers fitted to them with a 30 mile blast radius so how muc--" Seigland was quickly cut off buy the young man on the phone "because your a great customer we wont charge you the 90 million price range but we will reduce it to 5 million for you and as a side note your base with reinforced steel , training simulator room , dimension warper, barracks , various labs , a medical bay , a nature room so they dont miss earth, a bakery/deli, a whine storage unit , a meeting hall, 4 POWER CELLS AND 5 BACKUP SECURED AND HIDDEN EMERGENCY GENERTAERS!....there is so much more....miss lange the point is we are finished and your interplanetary jet is ready for you" Seigland would smile a happy and delighted smile "you are a true blessing sir may the great god shine down upon you, ill wire you the money upon my weapon completion" she would say chiperly as she hung up
  11. Kyouraku Mansion

    It seems that after his initial comment Yoshirou was quite surprised which meant that it was quite effective. However, Metabee knew that he would be told when the time is due since if teh mystery plan is to be successful then he probably had some kind of role to play in it too. But for now it was decided that they should continue the training. The Noble said that every day is a fight which made Metabee chuckle,'Yea, a fight to get out of bed.' Yoshirou then mentioned something concerning peace or a curse,'While it is true that long times of peace may get boring but only once your peace is taken away that you miss those 'boring' days and wish for it once more. Either way, we are beings that are never satisfied and will want something more.' The two of them then began walking to their destination while the Noble suggested that Metabee take the day off instead of wasting time with them. The Captain simply smiled,'True, that does sound quite tempting but maybe later. Even though I showed you the basics you might still need my advice and besides I need to keep watch over you so that you don't hurt yourself.'
  12. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou was taken back by Metabee’s initial reaction, as he felt in entirely uncalled for. He had been forthright with everything he could including informing him of the mission he sent Jessica on. The only information he hadn’t divulged yet was how he planned on using the mercenary group but honestly he didn’t know entirely himself. He knew what he wanted to accomplished but was unsure if he could follow through with such drastic plans or if a better way might reveal itself... Truthfully Yoshi knew what he had to do but was still in denial after all it was a decision once made there was no return; but when it came down to it ‘there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his Clan!’ Perhaps Metabee could sense there was more, hence his frustration, which while blunt was well deserved. Before Yoshirou could respond Metabee continued stating his distaste for fighting today. The Kido Commander has been through a lot recently, some being, the destruction and reconstruction of his Division, his new role as Advisor to a Clan he was unfamiliar with, visiting the grave of his beloved and taking on her family name. And finally encountering an Espada level Arrancar as well as Sama’el himself just to name a few… “You know as well as I do that every day is a fight nowadays. But even still it does get tiresome,” says Yoshirou who then turns and looks Metabee directly in his eyes. “Peace, complatency, hell even boring. Is it fate that wills for to something we cannot have? Or is it our curse, atoning for our sins that we disguise as righteousness.” Yoshi smiles if he knew Metabee at all he knew his interest was peaked and he certainly had an opinion on the topic. The Noble turned and resumed their short stroll. “Lets leave it at that for now and discuss it further later. How about you take the day and relax? As you’ve stated JDan and I have some practicing to do before we are ready for the next phase. You can take the day to rest or explore around the Manor’s property. I’m sure you have more than a few fans that would love to give you a more in depth tour,” he replied teasing the Commander a little. The Clan had plenty of libraries, shops, restaurants and bars, there was even a pool that was hard to compare too. There were many forms of entertainment that Meta could surely find something to do.
  13. Jessica's Point of View & Thoughts (First person) “It was great to finally receive word on the status of the caravan. Not only was Lord Kyoraku on that convoy but also his newly appointed Advisor Metabee. Had they both gone missing it would have been a blow that we probably couldn’t recover from. Of course there was no way they could lose, right?” Or so I pondered while awaiting their return. Looking around it’s easy to tell that I’m not the only one concerned. JDan and a few others are also here waiting. Earlier we expressed our curiosity and discussed what on earth could have happened. But at this hour the room was pretty quiet as most had fallen asleep. It couldn’t have been but a few more minutes when Lord Yoshirou walked in to the staff’s break room, livening up the place once again. Us worried bunch wasted no time in greeting him, relieved that beside the tattered clothes and the occasional bruise they were all ok. Well at least everyone that was part of the convoy. Unfortunately the same could not be said for the people of the Rukon. Lord Kyoraku told us what happened but I got the feeling that he was leaving out some details. Whether it was because it was late or there was another reason I did not know; but as his subordinate no comrade for many of years now, I have complete faith in him and no reason to question it. It was now just the three of us and until the Advisor was appointed we were the top of the hierarchy. Lord Metabee seems like a genuine person and is having no troubles fitting in. In fact there was a lot of clansmen asking about his safety once the rumors started spreading, especially the women; seems he made quite the impression on them already. I mean with his looks and talent what women wouldn’t be enticed by him… It was JDan’s goodbye that snapped me back to reality allowing me to regain my thoughts. Just as I too was about to take my leave Lord Kyoraku inquires about my wellbeing informing me that he had an important mission he needed carried out. Without a second thought I bowed ready to accept whatever task Lord Yoshirou would need completed. While we walked back to his room to discuss the details in private I couldn’t help but wonder about the timing of this mission. It had been a while since he has had a mission he needed me to accept. Was the encounter with the Arrancar that concerning or was it something else? My curiosity on the matter only grew once hearing about the mission’s details and peaked once he handed over the Clan’s seal. That alone told me the grave importance of this task; never have I gone on a mission requiring such an extravagant item. Knowing all I needed to know I left with great haste. If I’m only to take one person then I need to make a smart decision. This is not a subjugation mission so muscles aren’t needed. No what would be useful this time is someone who is either smart, can track, or has connections that could provide useful information. I immediately thought of a few names but the problem was that none of them stood out over the others… That’s it I remember one of the newcomers stated he was an ex-mercenary, what was his name though? As I appeared at my post some of my fellow comrades jumped back taken by surprise. “You guys are lucky I’m not an intruder,” I reply as I caught nearly everyone off guard. After exchanging a few words I make my way over to the files on the new recruits. There were many that applied but luckily the stack I needed to go threw were the ones that were accepted, which was a much smaller stack in comparison. Awe here it is, a 183 years old, former mercenary, Shikai achieved but not Bankai, and he’s a Vizard. Seems I’ve found my partner… Nolan. (to be continued)
  14. Yo, Kia!

    Seen the newest KH3 trailer?

  15. Kyouraku Mansion

    After his speech, Yoshirou looked like he wanted to say something but ultimately he gave up on it and simply let out a laugh. He found this disappointed as he wanted to hear the answer the Noble would have given him. This particular topic was always interesting to discuss because while everyone believed in something different, all version contained some kind of truth in them. However, with that the topic seemed to come to a close for now as they moved onto matters that actually could be solved. Metabee denied the fact that he had ever heard about the mercenary group that Yoshirou asked him about but instead of continuing the topic he also seemed to kill this one off too saying that it wasn't the right time to talk about it which he was definitely going to call him out for,'Wow, what a way to be an ass. You make a person curious and then just end it there. Do you just leave the room too after you turn on a woman?' The Noble had also mentioned continuing training so the Captain let out a sigh,'Didn't you have enough fighting yesterday? Even if you say training there isn't much for me to actually do. I showed you the basics so for now you two need to practice before we can do anything else.' Though that didn't change the fact that he had to watch over them so either way he got up and was ready to move to the training grounds.
  16. Kyouraku Mansion

    It was obvious the two Shinigami had apposing views on this subject. Yoshirou raised his hand with his finger point upward as if he was about to say something. “…” Instead he lowers his hand and simply laughs. “Hahaha.” Friends were aloud to disagree and furthermore Metabee was his Advisor. If he didn’t want to hear other opinions or apposing ideas he wouldn’t have filled the position. Without addressing the topic any further they continued on to the nitty-gritty or more serious stuff. It wasn’t odd that Meta hadn’t heard of them before, at their peak they still only numbered ten. The only reason Yoshirou though the Kido Commander might have heard of them was because they were also Vizards, perhaps that was a bit of a stretch. To Metabee’s comment of something more Yoshirou couldn’t help but grin. “That’s enough of that for now. I will tell you more with the time comes,” he replies. “I’m not sure if I will divulge it all but if I do you will be the only person that knows the full truth my friend…” he thinks not uttering a word. “I know its mysterious but that time will be soon. Now, shall we resume our training, I can attest that JDan will be able to join us.”
  17. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee listened to Yoshirou response who was very passionate about this sort of stuff. Discussions with him were always very interesting but as his Advisor he had to also show him different viewpoints. Although, their current discussion probably wouldn't affect any of their decisions it was also something to think about. However, thinking too much could become dangerous too so everything had to be done in moderation. The Captain chuckled at the response,'Garbage? That's nonsense right there. You are missing a key concept here. They do actually make a pretty good point. Let's say there is a good and evil side and the evil one wins. If there is no one that can overthrow them, who will say that they are wrong? It is the strongest side that decides the future. Of course, methods and morals aside a victory is a victory, as much as we hate to admit it when we are on the losing side. How about that? Also let me give you something to think about. Even if you say that Shinigami strive for the greater good we also have blood on our hands, by definition doesn't that also make us Sinners? Then why is it that we are here in 'Heaven' and the Sinners are in Hell? Surely, if we are talking right or wrong it shouldn't matter when a sin was committed, it is a sin nonetheless. So, why are we excluded from this judgement? Is it for the sake of this so called 'Balance'? Who gets to decide this?' Metabee said this with a mischevious smile but it was the painful truth that many of those who have reached the peak have realised by now. Who gets to decide? The Spirit King? God? The will of the Universe? Whatever it was, did it matter? In the end, living beings will always make the choice that benefits them and their closest ones the most, even if it means completely wiping out the opposition. Metabee was also like that. He believed in Fate and Destiny but as soon as it became unfavourable to him he would rebel against it without a second thought. He wanted to make sure that Yoshirou understood this but he also didn't want him to lose hope because of it. After his remark on Yoshirou saying he should make a will he also said that he wasn't planning to die any time soon. With nothing more to say on the matter they moved on to the crucial talks. Soul Society's current position didn't seem good but it seemed that the Noble had planned something. He began by asking about a mercenary group called Odd's n' Ends which was supposedly a mercenary group composed of Vizards. It seemed that behind the scenes Jessica was sent to find one of them here although since it was his second day here Metabee couldn't have noticed her absence,'I haven't heard of them. I don't really put too much focus on smaller factions while the much bigger ones threaten us. Having more Vizards with us would definitely boost our strength but it wouldn't prove a significant difference in the grand scheme of things. So there must be something more to it on why you want them.' It didn't require someone smart to see that there must have been some sort of secret plan behind this since having ten or twenty more Vizards wouldn't change the outcome of such a big battle.
  18. Ryu,s first day in squad 3

    Ryu and niomi walked up as the teacher was finishing up his speech and from the look that he gave the two of them as they arrived told him that he had no intention of repeating him self. " It's nice to see that some around here could find the time to show up on time, but as I was saying you shall all be tested in four different categories. Shunpo,hand to hand combat,kido and lastly zanjutsu the way of the sword. Now you should all be familiar with each class since you learned them all while in the academy. So when I call your name you shall step up and demonstrate the appropriate skill in which we are testing in. First shall be hand to hand, after kido after that zanjutsu and lastly shunpo." One after another the Shinigami was paird up to spar and wouldn't you know it Ryu was unlucky to to have to go up against a gaint. " Do not worry little man I will not hurt you at least I shall try not to but when my opponent is as small as you I some times get carried away hahahah."
  19. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou remained quiet as he listened to Metabee state his disapproval on his choice of words. Meta had a point though; good an evil is not something that you can easily define. What’s good for one person doesn’t mean it is good for another; so does that make them evil? Unfortunately good can vary depending on the circumstances. Yoshirou has spent a lot of time in the World of the Living and has come to fully understand this through the time his has spent there. And if you think the same can’t be said for evil then you are sorely mistaken. Take maintaining the balances of the 3 realms for example. Although its extremely rare and kept hush, hush when preformed sometimes there are purges. A necessary evil to keep the balance and preventing further catastrophe… but in killing a few to save the masses truly classify you as evil? It’s easy for one to sit there and categorize good and evil. The hard part was to look beyond ones self and at the bigger picture, or the greater good. Something that’s often sought after yet rarely achieved; though Yoshirou strives for it constantly yet struggles everyday. “I’ve heard countless times from multiple races that ‘Might equals Right,’ which I say is complete garbage. Good and evil can vary vastly but it’s the greater good that we Shinigami strive for, is it not? And I can promise you this. There are plenty of Quincys in Hell. Furthermore, if they could not see that the ‘demons’ are the evil ones then truly all hope is lost on a lasting peace between our two races,” says Yoshirou in response. He sincerely believes he was right and it was hard to argue with him when Hell is the realm were those that have committed horrible sins reside. Thus, obviously making them the evil ones right??? The conversation continued but when Yoshirou spoke of creating a ‘will’ it really seemed to tick Metabee off. If he only knew the things Yoshi was planning he would understand his reasoning for a ‘will.’ Meta would also do everything in his power to stop him hence why he hasn’t told him yet, but he would know soon enough. “Calm down I don’t plan on dying today,” Yoshirou says smiling. It warmed his soul seeing how much his friend cared for him, only making the things he needed to do in the future that much harder… In typical Metabee fashion he lightens the mood by stating his desires for Sama’el’s cloak. It was very intriguing and frightening the way it seemed to absorb light; the pitch-black darkness was incomparable and those spikes protruding outward were insidious to say the least. The Commander further goes to state his opinion and he doesn’t hold back. All in all its not good for the Soul Society but this was often the case though perhaps this time really was the worse. “You’re right it seems hopeless but is that not often the situation; it’s what the Gotei 13 ravels in,” says the Noble with a wry grin on his face. “Though on a more serious note I should tell you that I’ve already begun to put things into motion. Before I retired for the night I sent Jessica on a mission.” He pauses for a second, switching topics, before mentioning more. “I’m not sure if you would have received any reports on them or not but have you ever heard of the mercenary group called Odd’s n’ Ends? I know it might seem strange that I ask but they are not an ordinary merc group. In fact they are composed entirely of Vizards… and I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now but Jessica’s mission was to bring them or a representative here.“ Stopping there Yoshirou waited to see how Metabee responded and whether or not he knew of them. He was also curious as how he would react to this information; and to be honest it was only tip of the iceberg; none could image the daring plan Yoshirou Kyoraku was setting into motion.
  20. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou was surprised to be slapped by Metabee but he listened nonetheless. Both of them weren't very confident about the future but they couldn't give up now just because they were threatened. However, Metabee was a bit bothered about how the Noble kept mentioning that good will always prevail and stuff like that,'You know you keep saying that good will always triumph but to begin with, what is good and what is evil? How do we define them? What if there was a person that had done many evil things in his life but he could still be called a good person? That's why I think that life is full of gray areas instead. Neither the demons nor the Gotei are innocent. From our perspective it might look like we are the good ones but lets say a Quincy would overlook this conflict, which side would they deem as the evil one?' Obviously, the Captain believed in the statement too but he couldn't fully agree with it. It was just another case of 'life just isn't that simple' but discussing philosophy wouldn't get them anywhere. Yoshirou then went quiet and mentioned that he should start planning a will,'You won't get far with an attitude like that. You want me to beat your ass?' The Noble got up and asked him his opinion about the Gates of Hell and Sama'el,'Well the Gates of Hell are nothing new, they've been around forever but damn I want a cloak like that.' It was really hard to judge such a comples demon from just a single meeting but he was definitely strong and apparently there was someone even stronger than him. It would take at least 3 Captains and full strength to take on Sama'el so an even greater threat was quite problematic,'With our current lack of Captains in the Gotei it is quite problematic but it's not like we have anyone to turn to considering all the other races are at war with us. We are at a very big numbers disadvantage. Even among the Squads there are many inexperienced Shinigami who would struggle against a single Togabito, not to say a whole army of them. Furthermore, we have no definite way of killing them adn even with their time limit it wouldn't be impossible to destroy Seiretei. Our situation doesn't look very good.'
  21. The Last Movie You Watched?

    Baywatch. Django Pitch black Ridick Baby driver Tekken.
  22. Ryu,s first day in squad 3

    It was Ryu first day in squad three along with his friend niomi shinada who was a year ahead of Ryu in the soul reaper academy, but he was smart enough to graduate early. He was supposed to head over to the large hall to listen to some entrance speech but he did not feel up to it for it was just a drag. He already knew what they was gonna say and he was not to excited like most to know what his rank would be, if they wanted to put him in a high possession then he would rather earn it. So climbing up into a tree he laid down on a branch while he read his latest issue of monthly jump as he listened to what was being said inside the hall. It was about thirty minutes into the meeting when he heard a girl's voice from the bottom of the tree so looking down he noticed that it was his friend niomi tho she did not look very happy. " You idiot how can you be missing the big speech on your first day, I know your all smart and stuff Ryu but come on at least behive today of all days. So let's go and we should be able to make it to the tests where they put us in our proper ranks." With a large sigh Ryu got down from the tree as he brushed the pine needles off his kimono. " I'm only doing this to shut you up so let's get going niomi." The two of them made there way over to the squad 3 training field where other members was already lined up in a military line.
  23. The House Of Lange

    Seigland would sigh as she sat on her favorite couch with a bottle of whine , she had somehow shorted her powers out due to overuseage what a cruel world they lived in. She couldn't even summon a bow anymore it was as if she had somehow reset back to her days as a soldat trainee , Seigland would take a long swig of her whine as she wiggled her fingers on her free hand small reishi particles accumulating and then dispersing. "Oh how the mighty have fallen woop de doo" she would say as she began to down the whole whine bottle. Ever since Seigland lost her powers and was excommunicated from the reich she had turned to alcohol to numb her soul. Once the bottle was empty our slightly buzzed heiress to the Lange family name would toss her empty glass bottle on the white marble floor , "SOMEBODY COME CLEAN THIS UP IMMEDEATLY!!" She would demmand screaming at the top of her lungs. Servants throughout the compound scrambled to her location to be greeted with a drunken master who was simply pointing to the shattered green glass on the floor , they would simply nod as a servant girl began to pick up the shards with her bare hands. Ms.Lange would make herself scarce wobbling out to her garden where she would sit on a stone bench. The garden had fallen to shambles a once beatiful place was now littered with dead folliage , Seigland had to let many servants go to fund her side projects she had going she had plans for true peace so the quincy could prosper once again. Seigland would stumble back inside after a quick nap looking like a depraved maniac "my people need a leader in these times and a light to follow" she would say to herself as she retreated to her personal chambers , she had some calls that needed to be made.
  24. First name: Ryu Middle name(s): Surname: takanuchi Age: 10'000 but looks 23 Date of birth: December 10th Race: Shinigami Gender: Male. Sexuality: Straight Current residence: the squad 3 barracks Relationship status: single Social status: squad 3 member Physical Appearance Height: 5"11 Weight: 195 Eye color: silver Skin color: lightly tanned Shape of face: hansome Distinguishing features: has a band-aid on the bridge of his nose. He has a small scar over his right eye. Build of body:skinny but not to muscled tho he is not weak. Hair color: black Hair style: short,slicked back tho spiked back. Typical clothing: the Shinigami black robes. He has a necklace which looks like two dragon twisting around each other. Personality Likes: rainy nights. snow.cats.dogs.training. Dislikes: spicy foods. Being looked down on. Senseless fighting. Bully's. Education: the soul reaper academy. . Fears: spiders. Hollows. Not being able to prove his self. Personal goals: to protect the soul society. To one day reach the rank of captain. General attitude: Easy going most of the time. A little self adsorbed. He is smart but some times can miss what's right in front of him. General intelligence: Good Ryu knows he is smart and some times dose not know when to stop bragging General sociability: decent Health: great Illnesses (if any): nope Allergies (if any): to bullshit Sleeping habits: decent Energy level: High Eating habits: above normal Memory: decent Any unhealthy habits: will at times use a Ally as a test idea. Relationships Parents: dead Siblings: sister( dead) Nemesis: nope Children: nope Friends: 1 Niomi shinada Best friend(s): Important friends/relatives (explain): no Love interest (if there is one):none Combat Peaceful or violent: peaceful Weapon :Zanpakuto Style of fighting: one handed with kido Flash step: he might not be physically strong but he has a faster shunpo then most vice captains. Kido master: in the academy Ryu got top marks in all his kido classes so he trained to become a kido master. Hakuda: he is not the best at fighting up close unless he has no choice. Spiritual power: Ryu was pushed hard to raise his spiritual power so to use the higher level kido. His spiritual power equal that of a vice captain. Barrier expert: not liking to fight hand to hand Ryu like to use barrier for blocking trapping or conseling. Others Occupation:Shinigami, squad 3 member. Current home: squad 3 barracks Favorite food: ramen soba noodles with three slices of pork. Favorite drink: Dr pepper Hobbies/past times: Reading and collecting manga. Practice his kido. Loves to cook. Pets: a hairless Chinese cat. Talents: Kido arts. Quick learner. Cooking Favorite colours: silver, blue and black. Favorite type of music: All kinds it's all got to do with how he is feeling at the time. Shikai name Rinjoku Realease command: Clash When Ryu enters shikai his sword transforms into a pair of elbow length armor gaunlets. In shikai his zanpakto helps to strengthen his kido arts as well as allows him to make energy barrier. Not only do they increase his kido power but if used the right way he can even boost his physical attacks by using his spiritual power. Bankai Name: Oni Rinjoku Appearance: not achived yet Element: enhancement. Zanpakto spirit In shikai his spirit takes on the form of a fighting monk and is the complete opposite of Ryu. He stands six feet tall and wears the same black kimono that the Shinigami have. Around his neck there is a necklace that consese of large wooden beads. He has short black hair that comes down to his eyes and he Carry's a long staff. Inner world. The inner world of the spirit was that of a large Forrest, there was a monks building in the center of the woods where a lake surrounded the building. Reiatsu appearance: silver with hints of red.
  25. Kyouraku Mansion

    “Hey what was that for?” Yoshirou asked surprised. Metabee quickly replied explaining his thoughts. “Ah, you misunderstand. I know what you say is true and I have fully confidence in your words but what gets me is something different. I truly believe what I said earlier and that good will always find away but… Everything will to start changing again and after yesterday’s events and it will happen at a much faster pace.” Pausing for a moment, Yoshirou gazes back at the flowers. “I should probably even start planning a “will” so that the Clan has a clear direction and leadership just incase. Things I’ve put off for far to long. Ah, but anyways…” Yoshi stands up, facing Metabee. Right now they were alone so it was the best time to talk about things they didn't want others to hear. Not because they were being secretive but there was no need to cause a panic or needless worry over things they didn't fully understand yet. “So what do you think about him and the gates of Hell appearing?” He was referring to Sama’el. Its not often you get to witness the gates of Hell as close as they did nor meet such a Sinner.
  26. Kyouraku Mansion

    The first location that Metabee decided to check was the dining room. Both his and the Noble's hunger was at the same level and both of them needed a good breakfast to be able to do their duties. However, upon turning up at the dining room he was greeted by Scarlett and Olivia while there was no sign of Yoshirou. When asked about this the two maids said that Yoshirou was so busy with his duties that he took his breakfast on the go. On the contrary, Metabee was not in a rush so he decided to sit down and eat calmly and at his own pace. The maids checked on his from time to time and even made small talk about his first impressions of the previous day. Metabee avoided mentioning anything negative to them and managed to keep it positive all the way through. Like Harold said they had their own battle to fight in the mansion so they shouldn't be worried about unneccesary things. However, that wasn't fully possible. They would worry about them either way. There was nothing worse than feeling powerless and being able to wait for the result but nonetheless the Captain wanted to ease their burdens. Everyone did. After he was done eating, he thanked the maids and continued on his search for Yoshirou. In this massive mansion it was very hard to find a specific person so in the end he decided to ask one of the guards. They directed him to a garden so now that he knew where to go heading there was no big problem. When Metabee arrived there he found the Noble by himself sitting on the bench. The garden was empty save for all the different kinds of flowers and the two Shinigami. The Captain approached him and sat on the bench. He raised his right foot to his left knee and rested his elbows on the back support of the bench before letting out a sigh. Surely both of them had a lot on their mind following the previous day but this mood will not do. Metabee then slapped the Noble in the back of the head,'No sulking! Seiretei has been invaded countless times but each time we prevailed. Of course there was a lot of damage done but each time it was rebuilt. Our two squads were destroyed but here we are, with everything as normal. If Seiretei falls, as long as there is Shinigami we will rebuild and if not we will simply find a new place to reside. The Quincies were meant to be on the brink of extinction but they seem to be doing fine, just in smaller numbers.' It was not the end of the world and it wouldn't be. They would always find a way, no matter which race it was.
  27. Kyouraku Mansion

    It had only been about an hour and a half since Yoshirou woke up but it felt longer. Since washing up this morning and leaving his room he’s been going none stop. So much so that he had to eat his breakfast on the going despite not having a proper meal the night before. Under different circumstances these conditions might warrant a union meeting or strike perhaps… Among the many tasks Yoshirou has already checked off his “to do list” was speak with JDan. As head of security he needed to know about Jessica’s whereabouts though he would not be informed of the missions details; for now Yoshi wished to keep it under wraps. By the way Jessica chose to take Gemma with her, which was a splendid choice. Not only have they been on missions before in the past but Gemma also has a brother that’s a Vizard. With no concrete leads on their whereabouts it’s certainly a good start to assume that a Vizard might know or heard about a Vizard Merc group. Perhaps her mission wont take nearly as long as he assumed it might. There was also a mound of paperwork that needed to get sorted through, but more importantly the Noble had to create an official document of approval for Kenlaw. Although any supplies, manpower, and money would come from the Clan they still handled all business matters, even volunteer work, with the proper procedures; documenting and logging all the required info. Although there was still more papers and documents to sift through Yoshirou needed a break. With the events of yesterday still heavy on his mind he headed to one of his favorite places to simply sit and ponder; the main gardens that the upper rooms over looked. Besides its peacefulness the other reason he liked this garden so much was that the guards knew not to disturb him there unless its an emergency, although Metabee was a different story. He sat on a bench while thinking over things, staring off into the vast assortment of colors in front of him. It was his favorite sections of the garden that he called the wild flower garden, which was very misleading. It wasn’t wild flowers at all but numerous different plant species living together side by side creating this beautiful canvas of color you see now. Something that should be almost impossible but there’s no denying the facts before you; only if the world was really like this...
  28. Chapter Two: The Second Blade A young girl travelled though the villages of room and the lands in between. Her silver hair flowing behind her in a single ponytail. Heiwana Ketsumatsu and for a long time she had been on the same quest. Searching for a single man, but for all her time, she had never found him. But she refused to give up the search. That man was her older brother and he had been missing from her side for a long time. She remembered the last time she had seen him, only because she saw it in her nightmares. Consumed by a beast that here in soul society was known as a hollow as for her she had been saved a seconds after she had watched her brother eaten a shinigami saved her life and she would forever be grateful to them and if it came to it. She would extend her search to Seritei. She had search the areas of Rukon for almost two years and it had been a long time, not a lonely two years. Heiwana was always making friends where ever she went, admittedly maybe not always the right friends as she had often help kids steal from others so they could eat, but she couldn’t bare to watch them starve, when she could though she paid and took whatever she had purchased with grace. One of her first purchases in her life in Rukon had been a foolish one and a lesson well learned. A sliver silk ribbon was what held her hair in its form. However the mistake she had made was the fact she needed food to sustain her power, power she only realised she had as her stomach started eating at her reserves to survive. But it was a lesson well learned and now food was always on her mind and where it would be coming from. Money certainly isn’t easy to come by in Rukon, in fact most bartering is done with valuables alone. Tools, fabric, food, clean water. Whatever one could trade. In the outer district Heiwana had discovered people forced to sell themselves just so they could have a meal or a roof over there head for a night, but sometimes even that wasn’t enough. Not everyone was kind out in the rough end of Rukon. Thieves and murders and worst roamed streets looking out for now one but themselves. This had lead to one of Heiwana’s most regrettable purchases a small kitchen knife she kept wrapped in a blanket underneath her shirt. However technically she had no need for such a weapon as she had something far more valuable. Something that swung gently around her hips, but not something she flaunted. A curved crystal blue sheath gently swayed. The guard of the blade depicted two waves rushing away from one another and the hilt a darker shade of blue to then sheath. This was Heiwana’s Zanpakuto, but although she was proud to have such a gift, she feared it. Strangers in districts whispered when she past by and some shops refused to serve her. Which is why she attempted to stay closer to Seritei in the richer districts, closer to where the Shinigami’s live. Her Zanpakuto had appeared after several reoccurring dreams... no nightmares. A four legged creature made of rushing water approached her, giant in form and whenever it drew close it threatened to drown her, forcing Heiwana to back away. After a few of these dreams, Heiwana had discovered that the being meant no ill will and instead held the beast at arms length so it would not drown her, but close enough so she could feel the soft flow of the water that acted as the creatures skin. It often tried to lead her, but Heiwana refused, she felt she couldn’t trust the beast and follow it into the depths of her dream. However it was much more welcome than the other nightmare that clouded her mind. At night she would remember the last time she saw her brother. Ghosts chained to their home refusing to say goodbye to the world they had come to love and the parents that could never see them again, both of them had spent days moaning. It was after a week that they had been found by hollow. Her brother had instantly taken action, he could do very little, but he acted as bait for as long as he could. Heiwana’s brother had always been protective of her, if not a little over protective sometimes, she could never scold him though, his heart was always in the right place. The saddest thing about the day though wasn’t only the fact she’d lost her brother to hollow. It was that a Shinigami was seconds away and was capable of saving Heiwana. If her brother had chosen to wait he might have joined her in Rukon. But every time this dream came to mind, the thought of becoming a Shinigami came more appealing. Perhaps her brother was trapped as a hollow and she would be the one to save him. Such thoughts filled her with hope and a smile was brought to her face as she came to the next village and found refuge for the night. The next morning came with a rumble. But only from Heiwana’s stomach, she had dreamt last night, of her water beast. It had once again tried to lead her away, today far more aggressively as usual, trying to force her out of her comfort zone and into the depths of who knows what. But she couldn’t understand the spirit so there was no point in prying to much. So instead Heiwana made her way out of the shabby porch she had slept under and began to search for food. Already the market stalls where out and about and the civilians of Rukon were trying to make their living. Heiwana couldn’t afford much, so she bought herself some bread, that by the feel had begun to grow stale. But it was all she could afford and she needed to eat. So she found somewhere quiet to eat and tore of a healthy chunk. Then while in the middle of breakfast Heiwana heard footsteps of the creaky boards of the hut she was hiding inside, so peering though a rotten plank of wood she saw a large man, gross in appearance and clearly drive by instinct rather than his brain. Heiwana decided it would be best to sneak out quietly than cause a ruckus, with a Zanpakuto she would be portrayed as the guilty one. Especially in Rukon. So she hopped out of the window and as soon as she felt she was out of the mans ear shot she rushed into a sprint into the woods. The next village was quite a walk away, but it would give her more time to think on what to do. She clearly had the power to become a Shinigami, her Zanpakuto was proof of that. Whether she’d be a good Shinigami was a whole other story, the very occupation had Shinigami’s dancing with death each day. Could she really risk her own life. However her cowardice was pushed aside by shame as she remembered her brother fearlessly running towards the hollow. He wouldn’t have hesitated for a second if it was him, he would have become a Shinigami to save her. So now she will for him. Gripping her Zanpakuto handle for the first time with pride filling her veins, she walk towards her new destination. Seritei and the Gotei. She wouldn’t rest until she had become a Shinigami. She figured it would be a long road. But at the end was a prize unlike any other. Soon it would be several hours after Heiwana left the village she had rested in for the night. She had also know the direction to the next village or at least the general direction. When she got close enough she often tried to follow the sounds of voices as even though it was a few hours after lunch, it should still be busy in the village, but it was completely silent. After some time, Heiwana smelt burning, a crisp stench came though the trees and made her hold her nose. What could be going on? She had thought as she followed her nose towards the village and the stench got worse with each step. When she came to the edge of the trees. She saw the first culprit of the smell, many of the houses, shacks and building had at one point being alight with flame and now were black and smoking embers. But it wasn’t just burning. Heiwana ventured further into the village to her horror. A mountain of corpses stood before her. One could nearly call them bodies as they were ripped into pieces. “What manner of monster co-“ Heiwana begins but it caught up by the smell that she now knows is bodied and goes behind a building to release her breakfast from her stomach. After a while of gasping and trying to regain her composure Heiwana notices something else. Something beyond her burning of the building, the smell of corpses and the blood, soaking into the sand. It was something she had never noticed before as it had never caught her attention. Walking over to the mountains of bodies again, totally oblivious to the smell. She holds out her hand and a warm feeling travels up her arm. Spiritual pressure or remains of it. She could sense it. But Heiwana couldn’t understand why this had caught her attention. For a second Heiwana closes her eyes and the final memory of her brother flashes before her eyes and the spiritual pressure grows in nostalgia and her eyes well up with tears as she looks at the bodies. “No...” she moans though tears and she pushes them away from her eyes. She didn’t want to believe that one of these bodies could be..... behind her! Heiwana rushes over to a crater in the ground. Mixed with other spiritual pressure, the nostalgic one was still present, in fact if she concentrated she noticed it all around the village. There must have been a hollow attack. ‘Could my brother already be a Shinigami?’ Heiwana dares to imagine only increasing the want to become a Shinigami herself. Her goal was undoubtedly set in her mind.
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