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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the exact stats needed to become a Vaizard/Arrancar/Quincy?
This is one of the most annoying questions I hear. For the record I never wanted the exact statistical formula to be publicized, I always wanted there to be the ever-looming chance of failure. But as it stands right now there is indeed an exact set of parameters that will get you those transformations.. But I'm not going to tell you what it is. You can ask someone in the game or forum, but don't be a pest about it. Part of the point of the game is just to play it and see what happens.. you cannot go through life expecting to know the outcome of every decision you make before you make it. Just know that in the future I plan to have the process far more randomized for things like Vaizard/Arrancar then they are now, so predicting the formula won't be possible.

Why are there links in the site that go nowhere/don't work?
Those links are a sneak peek at things to come in the game. We are trending towards a reset. Yes I know that's a magical and scary word around here. Sometimes referred to as a myth, but that is the case and when the reset does come those items that link to nothing will indeed function.

When is the Reset?
Honestly don't ask me when the game reset will be. I'm a busy guy, and this site is a hobby, always has been. If I was making a thousand dollars + a month here from advertisements and donations then yeah I'd probably think it a priority to focus a lot more time here. The reset will definitely happen, the when remains to be determined. Rest assured the site will be made aware prior to it happening.

I can't seem to log into the game, my information isn't working, what's the deal?
A couple of things could be at play here.. Firstly you may have honestly just forgot your info, I can help to get that for you if your account resides in the database, just send me a message and I'll see what I can do. Secondly should your data not be in the database, there's a chance that you haven't logged into the game in a long time and your account has been purged due to inactivity. No offense or anything, it's honestly just a matter of housekeeping and trying to keep the site running efficiently. In doing so purging data that serves no purpose because it's not actively being accessed is just a fact of life here. So be sure to log in monthly, I'll never delete an account that has logged in at least every 30 days.